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January 9th, 2008, 7:56 PM
I recently made an RP in the roleplay section called Lancaster: School of Battle. This role play was based off of a story that I dreamed up based off of popular anime fictions with a little twist of my own. I figured I should post the origin story so that maybe I could receive some feed back on how to improve my writings and what might be good already.

Things to know
Because I don't like novel style writing, its written in somewhat of a script format. I'm aware at some of the capitalization errors, but I chose to ignore them until I know there are other readers aside from myself...The characters themselves are based off of people I know in real life, along with characters that I created in my head. The story is long from completed, with many twists and turns still in the future.

please enjoy my writing... its just a small time hobby of mine and I chose to post it to see if people liked it....tell me what you think :)

Its not really as long as it looks