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Minos Yewman
January 12th, 2008, 8:01 AM
I have retarted this RP as the previous thread recieved no response. The storyline is basically the same with a few alterations.

Five years after Cipher was finally defeated and XD001 aka Lugia was purified. Master Greevil was confined within a Maximum security prison and the data about creating shadow pokemon was finally destroyed. Or so we thought......

Cipher has emerged once again on the peaceful island region of Audis. Under their new leader-known only as 'X', they have created Elite Shadow Pokemon. Their Aura is so powerful it can transform even normal pokemon into shadow pokemon. However the ESs broke free of all confines, even pokeballs! Now they are spread across the region, corrupting innocent pokemon wherever they go. Worse still Cipher had chosen only powerful legendary pokemon to be ES. So far we know that Latias, Raikou and Ho-oh have been transformed. Cipher agents have set out across the region looking for something, we do not know what however.

At the same time, Giratina emerged from a parrallel Universe followed by the Utgar, an ancient civilisation who fled into a seperate dimension to hide from an evil being known by them as 'The Dark Nightbringer' who will end the world according to Utgar Mythology. Very few of them remain, those that do command powerful and mighty pokemon. Some have sided with Cipher and some have decided to help any who oppose Cipher's plans.

Six trainers have been chosen. They will enter the region of Audis and try to stop Cipher from creating more shadow pokemon.

Let the adventure begin......



Follow all the Roleplay rules as shown in the forum.
Your team may not be super powerful.*
Minimal character control is allowed but not much.*
If someone does not post for 7 days (one week) then someone else may post for them, providing they keep to the personality of the character.
No legendary Pokemon are allowed. (Phione is allowed but PM me first)
No excessive swearing
No double posting
Posts MUST be at least 4 SENTENCES long.The points system:

1 point for: Disobeying the rules (If you break a rule marked with a * then I will notify you and give you 2 days to change it.

2 points for: Disobeying rule 1. These rules are mandatory.

3 points for: Diobeying the rules twice.

Get four points and you will be kicked out.


Sign-ups: Currently OPEN

Sign-ups should look like this:

Name:<Bit obvious what to put here>
Personality: <What you are like>
History: <Your Backgroud info>
Description:<What you look like>
OTHER: <Optional, leave it out if not needed>
Pokemon: <Up to 3, 2 maximum fully evolved>
Nickname: <The Pokemons nickname, Optional>
Species: <your pokemon's species, put ~ marks on either side to show it is shiny>
History: <Where you got it>
Personality: <What it is like>

Character list:

Minos Yewman: Metagross, Pi-pi (Togepi), Zapper (Pichu)


My sign-up:

Name: Minos Yewman
Personality: Minos is not a very social person. He prefers to be alone due to his 'split' personality. He is a genius at fixing machines and modifying equipment, especially his pokegear which now includes everything you could possibly need and several things you will not need. He often refuses to explain things to the rest of the group.

History: Minos was born an orphan, his father died before he was born and his mother in childbirth. All efforts to trace his family have failed. He was eventually sent to live with his godfather in a small house on Mt. Silver. Minos was trained in pokemon battling from an early age. His whole life was blown apart when his godfather went missing presumed dead after a Tyranitar rampage. He set off with his Metagross and eventually came to the Orre region at the time of the first shadow pokemon outbreak. He attacked the shadow pokemon lab and came to the machine used to create shadow pokemon. Having seen what they became after this was used, he plunged through throwing the togepi out. As the process was not designed for humans, Minos ended up with a 'shadow self' this takes over sometimes. Because of this, Minos left Orre taking the Togepi with him, he also took the gift of a time flute which he uses to keep his shadow self at bay.

Species: ~Metagross~
History: Beldum was given to Minos by his godfather when he first began to train. It is now fully evolved and has been with Minos wherever he goes.
Personality: Although it was his first pokemon Minos has not bonded with Metagross. It leads his team and prefers to destroy everything inits path rather than form a stratagy.

Nickname: Pi-pi
Species: Togepi
History: Saved from becoming shadow (see history)
Personality: Pi-pi acts as if its only attack is Metronome, much to Minos' annoyance. Pi-pi has the bond with Minos that Metagross should.

Nickname: Zapper
Species: Pichu
History: Zapper was left to starve when her family was killed by a Mightyena pack. Minos nursed him back to health and took her with him.
Personality: Zapper is very shy and will Zap anything that comes near her that she does not like. This causes Minos to have to wear rubber gloves when handling Zapper.


Hope there is a better response this time.