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January 12th, 2008, 7:18 PM
Hey this is something that actually happened in my life. I didnt use real names I just picked random ones. So yea. Enjoy.

Emily walked through the crowded halls of the elementary school. It was her last day at this school and she was unsure of how she felt. Was she nervous? Was she excited? Was she going to lose it? No, she was unsure. She was happy to be graduating elementary school but felt sick to her stomach. Why? Because after 5 long years she never thought it would happen but it did. She was moving. She wasnt just moving to the other side of town, she was moving to a different city, a different state.

Emily was welcomed back to reality when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see it was her best friend in the world, Melissa. Emily new it would be extremely hard for her to leave Melissa. Emily smiled at Melissa, but Melissa new Emily was sad. Melissa returned the smile. When Melissa returned that smile Emily thought she was going to die. The tears came into Emily's eyes but they stayed unshed. Melissa and Emily walked to their classroom and found their seats.

Just 1 more hour Emily told herself. 1 more hour. 1 more hour till I leave this place I call home. 1 more hour till I begin my 2 day trip. Emily remained dead silent in her seat. All her classmates new she was sad, nervous, and even a little excited. Their teacher told them to follow her outside for a 1/2 hour recess, the last recess they'll ever have. Emily and all her friends followed their teacher outside. 1 by 1 everyone dashed to somewhere on the recess field to enjoy this last recess. As for Emily she slowly walked over to the swings. She sat their thinking about all sorts of things.

After Emily was done wondering all these questions she had she looked up and was suprised to see her best friends standing before her. Melissa, Carrie, Lisa, and Jason all standing before her. She looked up at them and gave them all a genuine smile. She now knew she was never going to tell them goodbye no matter how far apart. They would always be best friends. Emily stood up and poked Jason in the arm. "Tag your it". Then they all made a dash for it. Emily knew she would return one day and when she did she wanted to be welcomed back by these 4 friends. Her best friends.

3 years later**************************************************

Emily sat in the same swing she had sat in 3 years ago on her last day of recess. She looked up and gave a huge grin. Standing before her was Melissa, Carrie, Lisa and Jason. Just like on the last day of recess she stood up, poked Jason in the arm and said "tag your it". And with that everyone was going to enjoy these couple of days when Emily was back.

Well thats it. Tell me if you think it was good or not. If you didnt get what the hardest word to say was it was "goodbye". Anyway please reply if you liked it or not.

January 12th, 2008, 7:24 PM
i like it, detailed but kinda gloomy and sad

January 13th, 2008, 8:57 AM
thnx for saying u liked it. i really appreciate it. i know its kinda gloomy and sad.