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January 12th, 2008, 9:26 PM
All right, here it is; the discussion thread. We have our interesting mix of angst-ridden characters, so who's up for just starting now, instead of waiting for others to join?

January 12th, 2008, 9:35 PM
I would be OVERJOYED to start right now! I'm very psyched to get going. I'm sure Brad wouldn't object either, i know he's around haha.

January 12th, 2008, 9:40 PM
I'm all for it as well, this should be fun.

January 12th, 2008, 9:55 PM
Your RP seems really intresting and that is saying a lot (To no offense of the other RP creators) since it caught my attention. I think I will enjoy this RP to a good degree.

Still to the reason why I am really here. I am not sure if you saw but I place a sign up there before your last post and I just want to know if I was accepted or not. Thanks in advance.

January 13th, 2008, 3:27 AM
Oh yesh, i'm ready to go =3 And kick some Shade behind xD
Or well... The lack of legs will probably make it a psychic kick xD

Although the time differences are killing me xD

January 13th, 2008, 4:47 AM
Hope my profile is good enough, I really like this idea, and even more so because it lets me play as my favorite pokemorph. =D

January 13th, 2008, 6:44 AM
Yep- sitting on my spinning chair, already watched anime, I'll be ready to post anytime. Although I mqay be slowed this week, I have semseter exams, except on Wednesday and Friday. On Friday, at, like, 4:30, I leave for Disney World for teh entire weekend. So if we do start, my actions may be a bit erratic... but i'd still love to start.

January 13th, 2008, 8:14 AM
Yes, Charizard_Maa, she saw it, and you're accepted. *smiles*

Trainer Kat and Thalen, you two are in as well!

Woooo, Disney World! Syn lives close to Disney World. Epcot is amazing, too, foo's. xD Oh, and Space Mountain, whoo-boy. If you ride on Space Mountain, Brad, go on the roller coaster to the left; it's faster and more intense that the one on the right, if you like crazy rides. (Syn thinks so, at least.)

All right. Starting in three. . . two. . . one. . . *types furiously*

January 13th, 2008, 8:57 AM
Oi, I wish I could draw as well as Kat or someone, =/
Chishio could fully be pictured! T-T

January 13th, 2008, 9:22 AM
Oi, I wish I could draw as well as Kat or someone, =/
Chishio could fully be pictured! T-T

Syn could draw him! She drew Myste, and she loves to draw, so it Thalen wanted Syn to, she could. *hopeful smile*

All right, it's started. >:D OH YEAH! *is excited that people actually like her RP*

January 13th, 2008, 9:25 AM
Yes draw him! =D

If you need more info, let me know <3

January 13th, 2008, 9:32 AM
lol Thalen i'm in the same boat... i was quite jealous that Syn can draw so well. Time to start though! lets have fun everyone

January 13th, 2008, 9:39 AM
lol Thalen i'm in the same boat... i was quite jealous that Syn can draw so well. Time to start though! lets have fun everyone

*blushes* Oh, Syn isn't that great, especially compared to some people. . . she'll draw Evkay's too, if Evkay wants.

Hell, she'll just draw them all. xD

January 13th, 2008, 10:09 AM
i just joined the RPG i hoe im welcome anyway.. so wats on discussion

January 13th, 2008, 10:18 AM
You still need to be accepted.

January 13th, 2008, 10:51 AM
i just joined the RPG i hoe im welcome anyway.. so wats on discussion

On discussion is where we choose what course of action to take, and generally chat with each other.

And, Syn's deepest apologies, but you were not accepted, N-Xige. . . However, Syn will give you chance to improve and then improve yourself. Practice RPing for as long as you'd like, keep up with the story if your'd like, or don't, if you're angry, then PM Syn a sample RP, and Syn will decide if she should let you in.

Actually, on second thought, we'll take vote. Send it here after you send it to Syn through PM, and all the RPers will decide.

January 13th, 2008, 11:11 AM
Question, because I am obviously slightly confused as to the layout of the base. I assumed all rooms are on a hall that has two communal bathrooms is this incorrect?

January 13th, 2008, 11:20 AM

<3 thalen

Question, because I am obviously slightly confused as to the layout of the base. I assumed all rooms are on a hall that has two communal bathrooms is this incorrect?

Bathrooms are not connected I guess. Each dorm has beds and a table
And two bathrooms

Dorms are across the hall from each other.

January 13th, 2008, 11:42 AM
All right, here's how is goes.

There are a lot of 'Morphs, so a system was devised for them.


Basically, every dorm has three beds, since people ended up in rooms together (as opposed to having their own room like Syn planned,) a table, a screen and speaker on the wall across from the door to the hallway, and a door that leads to the bathrooms. She's sorry for the confusion! It seems that people wanted to board together, so she tried to accomedate that fact.

This clear everything up?


Also, no more sign-ups will be accepted. The Flight is full. Sorry to anyone else out there!

January 13th, 2008, 9:24 PM
Yes, Charizard_Maa, she saw it, and you're accepted. *smiles*

Trainer Kat and Thalen, you two are in as well!

Woooo, Disney World! Syn lives close to Disney World. Epcot is amazing, too, foo's. xD Oh, and Space Mountain, whoo-boy. If you ride on Space Mountain, Brad, go on the roller coaster to the left; it's faster and more intense that the one on the right, if you like crazy rides. (Syn thinks so, at least.)

All right. Starting in three. . . two. . . one. . . *types furiously*

Thanks for letting me in. Feels good to be part of a RP again. haha

Man, you guys work fast. haha Guess I chose the wrong day to go out. haha

I don't mind being drawn. haha

January 14th, 2008, 2:09 AM
-Was the one who made the overview of the area- =D
Paint = Your best friend for simple jobs xD
Photoshop CS3 = Your best friend for more advanced jobs =3

January 14th, 2008, 10:34 AM
very nice, Capalex. Thats how i was picturing it as well so that works out haha and Charizard Maa, don't worry about it haha. I went to work and came back missing a bunch, i was quite upset lol.

how goes the drawings, Syn? no hurry though haha.

So question... when do you all propose we start making our escape? soon? :D

January 14th, 2008, 2:40 PM
Well, Brad made his propostion- I stay, you go, I eventually catch up- cuz I ain't gonna die unless I write so. It would just write me out of the RP.... so maybe we'll keep going, have a few meetings during mealtimes, and then, finally, make our escape. Each of us takes a cell block, and then, when all teh Shades are out, you guys make a run for it, and I face death in the face. Will I punch the face of death? Or cower and wither away. You'll have to wait and see.

Title Match: Brad Matthews vs. Generic Shade Minion Army
Teh Fight of The Century!!!!

Heh heh heh. Oh, Syn- I've been to DW about 20 times, and I still don't notice a difference on Space. The one in Cali is much better- they revamped it. And I heard the one in Paris has a loop-de-loop. Yeah, Epcot is awesome. My family is a bunch of Disney fanatics- my dad has been on the local Fox news giving vacation advice. For the holidays, my family makes Mickey symbols and we put 'em up on the facade. The whol interior, save my abode, is plastered with Disney memorabilia from back when my Dad worked for ABC Radio (before they got sold to Citadel Broadcasting that is). He had 35% discount. We got to see cool stuff. Ah, but I'm ranting. I shall stop now.

In addition, I, Brad Matthews, comission Psychotic Demon for a picture of my character. THX in advance. You are a great artist, PD. Great job.

January 16th, 2008, 1:33 AM
Brad, you're kinda overpowered as it is >_>
I mean.. You just "happen" to find a vial of "liquid nuke" and after that "accidently" gets injected with a vial that was mislabeled as Power Limiter but instead makes you immune to diseases <_<
Slight godmodding issue here? Or is it just me being fuzzy? ._.

January 16th, 2008, 3:32 AM
I'm willing to stand for Denmark on this issue, and hoist their flag for victory!
Brad your character is massively overpowered. And if your body had been injected with "liquid nuke" (Molten uranium and other post Plutonium elements" You would be laying on the ground as a puddle with the sheer heat of these elements, in molten state.

Boiling point of Uranuim, Too high for human means.

January 16th, 2008, 7:40 AM
No, no... it is a chemical that unlocks more DNA. PArt steel, part rock (uranium is a mineral). Therefore, he forms nukes at a high cost to his energy (near collapse, cough up blood...) anyways, I haven't done all of my plot yet. He'll get knocked down a few ladders.


Hey... why has nobody seen my guy collapse in the hallway in the poll of blood yet. It's been like three posts after I posted that. Ye-ahhhh...

In other news, Brad is gone for a few days in a place w/o teh Net. Disney World. (Woohoo!)

I'll be back after MLK Weekend.

January 19th, 2008, 4:04 PM
(Brad, Syn tried to incorporate you! D:)

But still, he is massively overpowered. He definately needs to go down quite a bit, maybe losing some of his abilities in the escape and thus putting him on a level similar to ours? The Shade wouldn't create something too powerful for them, they're not like Rocket, Magma, Aqua, or Galatic.

And, another note for all RPers; when we have escaped, it will be a common occurence to see other Pokemorphs outside of the Shade's control. Remember, the Shade has been raising, training, and selling them for about thirty years. Some might be specialized to guard a certain place, be used for battles, or perhaps be companions and 'nannies' for small children. Some might take to liking us (or at least not bothering us) and other may hate us right off the bat. Syn's debating between bringing a character in later on, actually. . . *ponderponder*

And, Syn's going to post, but she's going to include a time lapse of about two weeks, just a day before the breakout. Our characters will have gotten to know each other (not very well, in some cases, but. . . ) and have come up with a plan whilst dining at the cantine and in the hall between the showers (and anywhere else the have managed to have a few moments without the Shade breathing down their necks) over the past few weeks. The plan will be to escape when the rain starts, as the rainy season has come. And, as we all know, rain + desert = flood. It's dangerous, but the rainy season is the only time when the Shade is not in it's top condition.

After that, we'll wander around in the desert for a few days. We'll find a border of low mountains and arid plains, and after making it through a ravine/pass, we'll be on our way to the North.

Once we are our of the desert, however, the Condemned will have their first wonderful encouter with the Special Retrival Forces, which we will lovingly call 'the Bastards', and other such names.

Syn should draw a map of this place. And she's never told you whst her world is called, has she? Well, it's--drumroll, please. . . Deymnh (pronounced, day-em.)

Welcome to Deymnh, please have a nice day, and we hope you enjoyed your flight. :D

Oh, and Brad, you'll be worked into this. Syn'll try to draw out the day before until you get back. So, uh, everyone type with a lot of descriptions and whatnot. xD Remember, three paragraphs minimum!

Is this okay with everyone? *doesn't want to post without everyone finishing up whatever they've got going on, but is extremely excited*

P.S. Syn tried out for her school play, so she'll be on a weird schedual for the next six weeks if she gets a part.

P.S.S. You people are awesome!!

January 19th, 2008, 4:06 PM
i'm game for whatever. lets do it

January 19th, 2008, 4:13 PM
*punches the air* YES! We'll just wait for a few of the others to consent, then we'll go for it.

January 19th, 2008, 4:25 PM
Of course i'm in, what do you think i am? xD Stupid? (Don't answer that, it was rhetorical)

Scarlet Weather
January 20th, 2008, 6:38 PM

Okay... now that I've got your attention, Syn asked me to post this RP sample so that you guys can vote on whether or not I should get into the RP even though I have a late sign-up. Just as a point: I've always had a secret love of Pokemorph RPs, even though the concept of Pokemorphs pretty much breaks quite a few logic barriers even in a fandom as varied as Pokemon, but I've never done one before. Anyway, starting off~



That was what the humans called him. "Montressor". He'd heard that the name came from a story about a murder, and a few months ago it would have suited him just fine. In fact, he still felt that it was kind of appropriate considering that he was a ghost. Technically, of course, the scientists termed him as a "Conscious gas-based entity", but everyone knew what he was. Or what he had been in any case. Ghost types weren't all that uncommon in areas where people had died, it was easy enough to find them. That was how they had caught him. The blonde human in the leather jacket had found him floating around a local graveyard as he attempted to feed off the dreams of a young girl sleeping near her father's grave. Oh, he had fought back when the man had ordered his Sceptile to attack, of course, but the enormous lizard was too fast, too experienced, and above all he knew a dark-type move. If there was one power that all ghost types were vulnerable to, it was the dark power wielded by Pokemon whose elemental affinity was closely related to the experience of death. Even getting too close to a dark-type caused a ghost to experience a painful flashback to his time spent in what many called the "afterlife", that strange land where Montressor suspected that those who had committed sins went to before they were condemned to wander the earth, trapped in the bodies of Pokemon, a thought-provoking punishment. It was funny. Before they had changed him, he had never been that much of a philosopher.

The change had been strange. They had locked him in a small room, airtight of course to ensure that the gasses that formed his physical body didn't leak out and allow him to escape. Then they had opened a vent and filled the chamber with some kind of powder. He didn't know what it was, but it made him sleepy. What happened next, Montressor didn't remember. What he did remember was waking up and staring at his new body. It wasn't so much the fact that his clawed hands which had previously floated freely, detached from his main body, were now linked to a large, purple, humanoid torso extending from the head that had once composed the better part of his mass that caused his newfound stomach to churn. Nor were the long, purple legs ending in clawed, almost reptilian feet particularly disturbing to the ghost. After all, such things were trivial when he considered that his body still bore relatively little resemblance to a true human and was still composed of the same spirit-supporting gas as it was before. No, what caused him to shudder in revulsion was the fact that he was registering emotions, emotions long absent from his soul. First there was shock. Then rage. Anger in itself was not foreign to him, but the reasons that his body now quivered with it were. These humans had no right to transform him in this way without his consent! How dare they! Thoughts like those were supposed to be completely outside the scope of a ghost. Ghosts fed off of human emotions and dreams! They played pranks out of spite and led people to their deaths for the fun of it! How could he, a ghost, be morally outraged?

The humans had been kind enough to explain the process. He had been transported to a chamber, they wouldn't tell him where in the facilities it was, where he had been subjected to some kind of machine that had somehow attached a human conscience to his own mind. Somehow the conscience had blended with him, and become a part of his conscious mind. Then they had wheeled him back to the chamber, and had pumped extra gas into the room. His subconscious mind had registered his new human nature and had gathered the gas into itself and used it to form these new arms and legs, as well as the squat torso that now served as a central hub. Later he had changed the shape of the gas slightly, lengthening the arms and adjusting his elbow and knee joints slightly in order to give the appearance of them being predatory limbs, in an effort to make himself look less human. It had helped, but only slightly. He was still having thoughts that no ghost should have been subjected to. If humans were capable of torture such as this, perhaps these humans had even less of a conscience then ghosts.

It was for this reason that he spent his nights crawling the hallways, entering the nightmares of fellow inmates and absorbing nutrients from them. Once upon a time, Montressor had hated the taste of nightmares. He had preferred sweet, innocent, happy dreams and nothing had given him more pleasure than to take a bite out of the landscape and watch as the unfortunate victim's psyche supplemented other pieces instead, in some cases transforming someone's peaceful slumber into a tortuous sleep plagued by horrid nightmares. Now that he had these feelings of guilt, he couldn't even consider performing such an action. Instead he walked among those whose dreams were hellholes without his brand of assistance and absorbed their suffering in order to sustain his own life force, watching as their psyche repaired the "Damage" by replacing it with nonsense or the rare fragment of a happy memory. Worst of all, he felt pleasure as he watched this process, pleasure that by far equaled and in some cases surpassed the enjoyment he had once received by performing the opposite process. It was enough to cause the deformed beast to want to rip his gaseous throat out. Not that it would do him any good, of course. Anything that was purely phsyical passed straight through his body.

Those experiences were horrible in their own right, but one thing about his new life caused Montressor more pain by far. It was when he lay awake at night and in pondering his new attitude towards life wondered if he was better off then before. Whenever this thought occurred to him, he attempted to stifle it and was crushed by wave after wave of guilt. A ghost wasn't allowed to think such traitorous thoughts, after all. But the thought stayed, and it grew larger. He knew this because as the days went by it became harder and harder to squash the impudent idea and, as if sensing Montressor's weakness, it became more and more daring to the point that it would sometimes occur when he was engaged in conversation with another one of the "Condemned", as they called themselves, or when he was taking orders from one of those Shade thugs. This little idea hurt Montressor worse then anything else he had to endure in this new life. Physical abuse wasn't an effective method of punishment because of his ability to control how solid his body remained at will. Insults were equally ineffective, since the ghost's newfound emotions had not dimmed his snarky wit in the least and he was easily able to shrug off and parry the paltry verbal abuse that the humans hurled at him. No, when the humans wished to punish Montressor they locked him in an airtight room for fifteen minutes or so. When they came in, he would always be crying. Always. And all because of these stupid emotions.

These humans were shrewd ones. Even the keen wit that had apparently followed Montressor across two lifespans was no match for the devious devices their scientists had put in place to handle him. Special vaccuums were available to trap him if he attempted to escape. If physical clout was needed, guard Absol patrolled the outside, each one armed with a particularly painful dark-type attack of some variety. He was routinely subjected to interrogation while a psychic type attempted to discern the truthfulness of his statements to make sure that he wasn't planning to break free. If ever he attempted to attack his handler, they would respond by releasing a few thousand volts worth of electricity into his system by means of a handheld taser. Montressor couldn't escape on his own, and wouldn't. Nothing could be kept secret, and no part of the facility was safe even if you followed orders all the time. His conversations, he knew, were monitored by hidden cameras and bugging devices. The ghost knew that this moral outrage thing was neither desirable nor enjoyable, but even without his new conscience he suspected that he would at least be uncomfortable with the fact that there was nothing he could call his own.

Until now, that is.

Reaching towards the ceiling, Montressor breathed into a cupped hand. The clawlike appendage glowed for a moment as the entirety of the former ghost's body tensed and relaxed. Slowly, dark energy congealed into the palm of his hand until it had formed a sphere about two inches thick covered with silver sparks. He had forgotten long ago how forming a shadow ball worked. Now that he remembered, maybe things would be different. Maybe he'd be able to stop being this half-human thing, and start being a ghost again.

The one thing more annoying if less painful then a moral sense that had resulted from receiving a conscience was the fact that Montressor now had a healthy dose of what humans called "common sense". And whatever this common sense was, exactly, it knew wishful thinking when it saw it.


So.... how was that? Oh, and in case it wasn't quite clear to you all, Montressor is a Haunter. Yah, special favorite of mine. :3

January 20th, 2008, 6:39 PM
i don't even have to read it. LET HIM IN!

P.S. ....i did read it =X

January 23rd, 2008, 9:32 AM
HIM IN!!!!

ACC-M is... a great Rp'er. He posts often. He has detailed posts. He is literate. LET HIM IN!!! FOR TEH SAKE OF GOD...

January 23rd, 2008, 4:10 PM
Sounds good, easily outclasses me.

January 26th, 2008, 5:52 PM
Ok. Not to be pushy here but what is the stats of the RP? Kind of been down for a while is it?

January 26th, 2008, 6:14 PM
my chars stuck in a reaction spot and Thalen + Capalex refuse to post until Syn posts is my current situation

January 26th, 2008, 6:34 PM
Ok. I thought it was something like that. So we are all waiting then. Ok.

January 27th, 2008, 10:44 AM
Yeah... my guy... is bascially a mannequin now for the shade... no one reacted to the collapse on the floor, so I went ahead and basically made my guy a robot. I will still post for him, but the fact that the Shade control him makes this very peculiar indeed.

February 20th, 2008, 4:52 PM
Is it safe to say this RPG is dead?????