View Full Version : STEAL THIS POEM! (a satirical piece.)

January 13th, 2008, 3:49 PM
so i tend to be a poet from time to time. this piece is essentially takes a stab at poetic cliches youthful poets tend to take on. enjoy.

This is not an honest poem.
Nor even a truthful piece of prose.
I, however, implore you, O reader,
to halt, take heed,
To my petty slurs, a mass of words, a grayscale, mindless speech.

This parchment tells of fairytales, of witches,
Dragons, kings- and how a damsel in distress is rescued by her
Prince of might, his great and noble steed.

It tells of “unrequited love”, an ode to cliché “miseries”
and “sorrow”,
of how I bask in “bloody tears”,
and cry out to darkened heavens;
The “charcoal void of mystery”.
My “pain”,
My “loss”,
My (in)sanity.

I’ll read you words of a Shakespearian tone,
Fresh from the dictionary, a lugubrious thesaurus,
Eloquently drones of historical theses,
Quantum theory, leaden legacy of the phantasmagoric genius.

Perhaps I’ll foretell our “inevitable demise”,
Where propaganda and lies drown out Democracy’s pitiful cries.
Where the politicians dictate how to live our daily lives,
But we all know,
Oh don’t we all know,
That the people united will never be overthrown?

And last but not least, I speak of the throne,
Upon which is seated the one “white as snow”;
The masses bow, the hordes scream out,
Throngs of maniacal banshees tear her down.
All out of love, all out of love,
Devout zeal and passion,
Just to share her tattered crown.
(Yet her phoenix rises, above the battle ground,
Soars above the freak show, safe and sound.)

It is here I end
my satirical upheaval,
my attempt to debunk teenage angst and so-called “evils”.
Of unique ideas turned upside down,
Smiles posing as frowns,
a simple jest for a spark of flattery.
Where, might I ask, has our poetry gone?
BringOutYourDead, BringOutYourDead.