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Trainer Kat
January 13th, 2008, 7:33 PM

The world of Pokemon. A vast, expansive land full of mysterious creatures with awesome powers. These are the Pokemon. Humans raise these creatures not only as companions, but also for battle. Worldwide tournaments are held so trainers can test their strength and abilities.

However, the world is changing. Trainers are becoming more and more competitive. Radio contests are held in order to weed out the rookies from those with innate skill. Only these individuals are eligible to receive their first Pokemon from Professor Oak in Pallet Town. Others are allowed to become Pokemon trainers, but they must acquire their Pokemon on their own. Because of this, thievery is more prevalent than ever. Pokemon are sold on the Black Market. The Elite Four are no more, and instead have become contestants in the Grand Tournament.

Everyone’s one dream is to enter the Grand Tournament held in the summer. A huge tourist attraction for inhabitants of all four regions, the Grand Tournament is the largest tournament a trainer could enter. It is jam-packed with food and rides, as well as tournaments for both trainers and coordinators. In order to be part of this prestigious contest, you must obtain all eight badges from each region.

You are an up-and-coming trainer who has won a radio contest, and thus, are to be given a brand new Pokemon today. You, along with the other winners, may choose to travel in a group, or to go off on your own. Based on the responses you gave in your winning entry, your Pokemon has been pre-selected.

”Alright, boys and girls, it’s finally time to announce the winners…”

1) No god-modding. This is the biggest. If you make yourself exceptionally powerful or start controlling other’s characters, you will receive a warning. One more and I kick you out.
2) I will select your starter Pokemon based on your “contest entry” (aka your Sign-up). If there is a Pokemon you absolutely do not want, please tell me. I’m not going to give you something you’re not going to enjoy working with. However, I won’t take requests for a Pokemon you DO want.
3) If you’ve never RP’d before, that’s okay! Everyone has to start somewhere! As long as you’re literate, you have as good a shot as anyone else!
4) If you’re going to be inactive for a period of time, please tell me.
5) It's PG-14 to PG-16, kiddies.
All other common-knowledge rules apply.

Age: (13-16, please)
Appearance: (a picture is suitable here)
Personality: (Please be detailed here. I would imagine that your personality is multi-faceted as well, and you aren’t just “hot-headed”)
History: (You don’t have to be quite as detailed here.)
RP Sample: (If you’re new to roleplaying, please give me a small sample that you’ve made up on the spot)

I’ll post mine later! Thanks for looking!

Bulbasaur: maRik
Charmander: Trainer Kat
Cyndaquil: Degenerate
Totodile: Jim
Treecko: Evkay
Torchic: Marilyn
Mudkip: yazio
Chimchar: Oni Raichu
Piplup: Phanima
Pikachu: Lash


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Sharpedochu Reason: Huge hiatus after a single post with no forewarning.

January 14th, 2008, 6:48 PM
Might as well.

Name: Marcus Sturro

Age: 14

Gender: ♂

Appearance: I guess I will just use a picture, since I haven't roleplayed for a good amount of time.
Might as well add some description-
Being at the teen-age of 14, Marcus doesn't tower at too tall of a height, somewhere around 4'11" and 5'6". However, he is not short, so he doesn't have any visible extra fat, most assuming at first glance a weight of 109IBS. Guess being near his exact weight of 111IBS. Making him thin/skinny, he has no muscle buildup. As for the color of his hair, he is a blond, styled to be free, with few spikes near the front of his hair- Not sticking up however. As for clothing style: Red and gray shoes, tied, unlike other people his age who have their shoe laces loose. The top of the shoe tongue is covered by the cuffs of his light blue pants, not styled at all. Just normal, light blue Levi jeans. He wears a gray shirt with no sleeves. Over that, he wears a black jacket, neither button up or zip. The jacket also has a collar at the neck. Pockets are visible on this jacket. His skin color is Caucasian, and his eye color shades from a light red to black.

Personality: Multi-personalities, like anyone else his age, are all charged by his welled up, growing mind. Most of the time, Marcus is a rather kind person, with a smile on his face. He does have a tendency to goof off from time to time, always wanting to be a part of the current action. He does sound like the kind of person that would have an abundance of friends, he doesn't have many. If they are in danger however, he steps out to defend them. Out of the three friends he has, he is the only one who entered the Radio Contest, the three encouraging him to take it on, like any other challenge that has come his way in life.

History: Living in the outskirts/outfields of Viridian City and Pallet Town, Marcus does have too much technological advances, mainly those used for entertainment: Such as a home computer, and a television. Other than that, he only has a house phone, a cell phone, and a radio. He often listens to music on his cell phone or the radio. If he is not on either of those, he still has the radio with him to listen to music, or for anything interesting on the air while hanging out with his friends. He got the radio on his 12th birthday, and has never let it go since. He enjoys looking up into the sky/night sky laying down in the grass, often thinking of Pokemon, watching the Butterfree fly in the sky. He wanted to go out and train with Pokemon when he was 11, but he was not ready. He did not want to leave home.

RP Sample:
Already written RP Sample:
Waves of Darkness: Sinnohs Engulfment

Upon seeing the three opposing attacks coming quickly, the three dark Pokemon braces for whatever supposed impact they might get. Darkrai blocked, being quickly in a small amount of pain due to the speed of the attack. Giratina stood still, not taking on much damage, as it is a rather large Pokemon. By the power of Charizard's Fire Blast, Spiritomb was slightly overwhelmed. Seeing this predicament, Pat orders a Razor Wind and a Blizzard from Absol. Razor Wind slashes into the Fire Blast, increasing the power of the fire by the wind, increasing its mass as well, which pushes Spiritomb back further. As for the icy cold winds of the Blizzard attack, it added the power to Ice Shards with speed. \\Darkrai, who is blocking the attack, is pushed back was well. Giratina flaps its wings once; releasing a mass amount of Dark Energy, downwards towards the flames and ice. This cancels the attacks out, stopping all damage. Giratina then descends to the
ground, in between Darkrai and Spiritomb. It is ready to truly join this intense fight. Right before Darkrai and Spiritomb's area, shadows gather, quickly forming a ball of energy; Shadow Ball. They were fired, as Giratina fired off a wave of dark aura, Dark Pulse, all aimed for the heroes fighting the darkness, however it hits the ground, causing an explosion, most likely knocking everyone back and onto the ground, and obviously getting a little dirty from the ground. Smoke engulfs the battle field. Giratina begins to float into the air, to blow away the dust, Cyrus remarking, Thats what you kids get for messing around with the adults.. Now you have been finished off with ease., Obviously assuming he won the battle. Pat explained a plan to Jake while getting up, obviously being pushed to the ground from the explosion.

"Alright.. You release that supposed beast you have in the Pokeball to fight Giratina, Spiritomb, and Darkrai. It apparently seems to be a strong Pokemon from what I have heard from how you demanded it earlier. Our Pokemon may be powerful, but with Cyrus's power boost for them. With your Pokemon's supposed power, it will be of great help. I will have Absol use Razor wind on me to get me up towards Cyrus so I can get that book. Understood? Luckily the smoke is still here.. Now here we go.."

Luckily, there was so much dust in the air, that it was impossible to see, and Pat spoke quietly, so quiet that only those near him could hear him, and thankfully not Cyrus hearing in on the plan. Absol stood behind Pat, ready to use Razor Wind, but waiting for Jake to release his Pokemon. Once Jake does release it, Absol fires off the attack, sending Pat flying towards Cyrus. Upon getting there, Pat aims a punch across Cyrus's face. Though it may seem a little rude, punching someone out of the blue, but he must make an attempt to get the book.

One I thought up of now:

Kouki, was travelling around mountainous areas of the Sinnoh Region, around the wondrous Mt.Coronet. He was travelling around there since it seemed like a Trainers hotspot to train, one of the only thoughts on his mind for the moment. Another of his few thoughts were if any other Pokemon trainers were in the area he was in. Other than that, he seemed oblivious to his surroundings.

Not watching out, he trips over a rock near his feet. Kouki gets up, not shaken from the fall, but a little mad.

"Stupid rock."

The young trainer kicks the rock, and continues walking. Totally unknown to him, the rock was actually a Geodude. It grunts after being kicked, and propels itself in a tackle attack towards the one who kicked it. Kouki turned around after hearing a small sound. He sees the attacker Geodude. Fearing for his life, he ducks to dodge it, fearing for his life. But, it was out of the frying pan and into the fire. The Geodude hit a sleeping Golem, who was not so sound anymore. It woke up from being knocked over a bit, the first sight it was seeing, Kouki. It goes on the attack, in a raging Rollout. It quickly speeds after him, Kouki jumping to dodge literally for his life. Like a game of pinball, the rock Rollout keeps going, non stop, till it hits a boulder.

The impact of the Rollout causes the boulder to break and slide down a hill at a fast pace. It stops, on a horn attached to a gray rocks head. This being was an Onix, also sleeping, rudely woken up by the boulder. It rises in a rage, and sends out a huge growl. It begins speeding for Kouki.

"Ah! Can this day get any worse!?"

He yells out, as he keeps running. Now, running from his previous attacker and Onix. Kouki comes to a dead end however, not watching where he is running, bumping into a rock wall. The two attackers stop, seeing Kouki's position, ready to strike.

'This is great..' He thought. 'Only option now is to fight..' Once again, as he slowly reaches his right hand into his pocket, ready to reach for a Pokeball.

Slow moving turns into fast motion, as he grabs out an enlarged Pokeball out of his pocket. Pokeballs aren't automatically enlargened, as the button in the center has to be pressed. This process probably happened while Kouki was thrusting the ball out of his pocket, and outside into his hand. He throws it out infront of him, before the Golem and Onix go on the attack. The ball is tossed into the air, opening in midair. With an emerging flash, infront of Kouki forms a miniature sized mountain with luscious green color. This, was a Torterra.

"Alright Torterra, lets go! Use Razor Leaf and Frenzy Plant!"

Taking no time to think, the Torterra launched a flurry of leaves, followed by an enormous amount of vines, crushing through the ground with growing green energy. Due to the speed of the attacks, Golem and Onix are hit by the grass type attacks. Torterra seems to be at a high level to know a powerful attack like Frenzy Plant. The two Pokemon are quickly knocked out. Kouki runs up beside Torterra, throwing out two empty Pokeballs at the knocked out Pokemon. The two Pokeballs hit dead on to the knocked out Pokemon, sucking them in by a red light.

The two Pokeballs shake side to side with a blinking center button. The two stop at the same time, meaning that Kouki had caught two new Pokemon. He runs over to pick them up in pride. He holds both Pokeballs in each hand. He smiles, as he climbs upon Torterra's back. The mountain-like Pokemon begins walking down the part of the mountain there were at, to the nearest town, wanting to get to a PokeCenter as fast as possible.

Phew. Hope it was good enough. If there is anything wrong, let me know.

Super Smash Kid
January 14th, 2008, 7:03 PM
Name: Tony
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Personality: Tony is a aragont teen. He is even worse then Paul and Gary. But the only differnce from Paul and Tony is, Tony shows passion to his pokemon when no one watches. In battle Tony will be dominate and hates to lose. With that attitude Tony's got he has never lost, and doesn't plan on it. Tony won't put to much presser on the battle field with his pokemon, he likes to take it nice and easy. (All of this is when he was a ranger)

History:Tony was a former pokemon ranger, but then Tony wanted to be a trainer instead.Tony was a former member of Team Snagem until he realized what they where doing to pokemon were wrong, and had to become a ranger. Tony took down Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Snagem and the Go Rock Squad.

RP Sample: I participated in Waves of Darkness. I haven't written one yet.

January 14th, 2008, 7:50 PM
dName: W.
Age: 16
Gender: M

Appearance: Sorry, hard to describe.http://www.pokecommunity.com/customprofilepics/profilepic70891_2.gif(This is my actual appearance. Also I have a optical aid in my left eye)
Personality: Shy but reckless person. He always likes to study in his free time. In his free time, he would train with his pokemon. He is patient in battles but watch out, he could be sensitive. A very humble person but afraid to interact with people, but in battles he is known for his cold heartedness.

History:Born in Snowpoint City, he is very well known for his knowledge about pokemons. At first he disliked poemons, but as he was studying near a steam he saw a hurt Absol. He had no other choice but to help him. That provoked him to help all pokemons, by becoming a trainer himself and a scientist. A very powerful trainer known for his signature moves. Currently studying Astronomy, he continually searching for a comet. He usually wake up in the dawn, and devote himself finding his dream comet.

RP Sample:
Walking back and forth across the room, W. pondered on how that Darkrai got in there.

As he was thinking, he heard muffling sounds. It was the bouncer, still frozen.

"Will you keep quiet!! I was thinking on how..." he paused. 'Maybe he could be of help, but can we take the risk?'. "Eric we need your assistance!" The Lucario said(through telepathy of course)'What can I do now?'

"Break that ice that keep that man frozen"

'But master, will you take the risk?'

"Nah... we might able to get some imformation out of him" W. said defiantly. After a few seconds the blue sphere Eric charged hit the ice. W. suddendly grab hold of the pale bouncer, sneering at them.
"What's going on? " Horo shouted as the team heard a explosion inside. The bouncer still sneered at them. "You can't get near that thing near at you? Heh, heh, heh..."

"Tell me now, is there another way to access to the next floor without encountering that, that thing?! Answer me!" Horo shouted. "Why should I?! Huh?????!!!!!!" the bouncer shouted back, still pale as ever.

"Because you have to... Ceryl hypnotize him" Celia said slowly.

In the matter of seconds, the bouncer is in hypnosis.

"Now tell me, how to access the next floor without endangering ourselves" W. said.

"Uh... uh?? What? Oh, there is a secret entrance, right next with the door with the, the codes. Just unlock the right combinations and your done..." the bouncer droned. Then he fell asleep.

W. shook him, "What is the combinations?" The bouncer droned on the combinations then he fell into deep sleep again.

After Johannes tied him up, W. unlocked the combinations, and then a secret door appeared next to the door in which W. unlocked. "It leads to a Spiral staircase, a small one." W. observed.

"Right then! Let's go!" Horo said.

January 14th, 2008, 9:37 PM

January 15th, 2008, 3:43 AM
Patrick Pitter





(Is the picture a must, or an option? I wouldn't be able to find a picture of him as this guy comes straight from my head. I can draw no better than a chicken can; I couldn't draw Patrick if I wanted to. I hope you don't mind if I just make the appearance more detailed to make up for a lack of a picture?)

Patrick Pitter is of a dark, caramel complexion. A lane of tall green spikes of hair runs down the centre of his head, dividing his scalp into two equal samples, utterly bald on either side. His bony face bears not an ounce of fat, leaving his cheeks undefined and flat. He wears lime green contacts over his naturally brown eyes. A thin neck connects his head to his upper body, which is relatively large in build, high muscle mass apparent on his chest and his bulky arms. In spite of his somewhat bigger torso, Patrick’s lower half is anything but. Long skinny legs extend from his beltline, while not very strong looking, they’ve proved to be great accessories when he needs to get around on foot fast or leap impressive heights.

For clothing, Patrick takes a liking to tight fitting muscle shirts, preferably white in colour, with a green grasshopper design stitched onto the back. Black armbands are wrapped around both of his muscular biceps. He tapes up his wrists and hands with material that resembles white bandages. His emerald boxing shorts sparkle under certain light sources, white stripes running down the outer sides. The same grasshopper emblem sits on the belt of his shorts. He wears a pair of matching boots. Other notable accessories include six earrings (three on either ear) and a velvet choker adorned in sequins.


More often than not, Patrick is a very gruff and outspoken individual, hardly ever biting his tongue on any issue. That said, it’s not surprising he often draws attention to himself. He can be quite verbally aggressive without even realising it, taking great pride in his rugged personality and fearlessness. Amongst his friends, he can be a bit of a show-off, flexing his muscles simply for the sake of flexing his muscles. However, he does treat his friends with a fair amount of respect and even takes to protecting them with his own body. Patrick usually treats strangers with a condescending attitude, almost as if they have to prove themselves worthy of his respect before he gives it to them. He considers himself a very manly man.

However, that is only one side of Patrick Pitter’s personality. Little is known about what exactly triggers it, but on occasional instances, his hard-headed and brash personality flips to a complete opposite. Patrick becomes timid and considerably less self-absorbed. Even his walk changes, to something more elegant, rivalling a supermodel on the catwalk. He becomes a lot more friendly to anybody he sets eyes on, especially guys. The deepness in his voice is replaced with a higher pitched tone. He gives out hugs at random. These episodes may last anywhere between mere seconds to several hours. As is with the case for its beginning, little is actually known about what triggers it stop.


Patrick was a people’s person with many friends. He would do anything to please those he cared about as it granted him a great deal of satisfaction like nothing else could. This was not always possible however, as a critical event in his childhood proved. He had two best friends. He cared very much for both of them. One was a boy he enjoyed wrestling with and the other a girl he took up ballet with. Everything was perfect at first, the three of them got along without incident. But then, his two best friends had a falling out. One day at the local playground, they both asked him to make a choice because he couldn’t hang out with both of them any more.

Naturally, Patrick couldn’t make such a hard decision; he loved them both. One of his best friends decided he’d make the choice for him and grabbed him by the arm, beginning to pull him away when his other best friend grabbed him by the other hand, tugging him in the opposite direction. And that’s when it happened. Nobody saw it coming. A stray Alakazm teleported into existence out of nowhere and zapped poor Patrick with a physic wave, unable to avoid it as he was still stuck in the game of tug of war for his friendship. It was this event that prompted his double personality, one being the more masculine side his male friend appreciated and the other being a more feminine version of him that his female friend preferred. Ever since then, random unknown things would trigger his personality switch.

Now, Patrick has dedicated his life to searching for that Alakazm, desperate to learn where it had come from and why it zapped him at that precise moment.


Patrick Pitter’s nickname “Grasshopper” was given to him for two reasons; he could jump the highest out of all the students in elementary school, and he had a peculiar habit of eating grasshoppers.

RP Sample

The sudden appearance of Darkrai had come unexpected even to Vega, but more surprising, was that the defiant gang of young trainers had succeeded in disabling such a formidable force, quite a pointy thorn in the side they were turning out to be. Nonetheless, Darkrai was going to pay for the consequences of its failure, and the same judgement was to be passed on to all the bouncers that proved useless. He would see to that personally if need be. It still got passed him how an extremely wealthy company like Pristine Eclipse could recruit so much inadequate help. He sighed.

Vega had no time to worry about those things however. There should’ve been only one thing at the top of his priority list - obtaining all the data they needed from the company’s database, then making a swift exit. Remembering the main objective of the mission, the blond-haired man turned to one of the scientists still typing away at the keyboard furiously. “Becker, how much longer?”

“A little more than five minutes, sir.” As expected, his response came with a hefty dose of hesitance.

“Sir!” Another employee suddenly jumped from his seat, an urgent sense of desperation spilling into his voice. “I think you need to come and take a look at this.”

What now? Vega grumbled. He was directed to the events playing out on one of the monitors. His eyes widened at what he was seeing on the screen. “But how did they…” The question trailed off into silence. It appeared the delinquents had somehow found their way to the spiral staircase. This unexpected chain of events had the potential of jeopardizing the success of the mission. Vega balled a fist in one hand, grunting irritably.

“What do we do, sir?”

It was time to think quickly, something he was fortunate enough to be able to accomplish. According to Becker, all they needed was five more minutes, in essence, what they needed was something to delay the intruders for that long. Vega surveyed the room, pointing out five of the employees at random. “You, you, you, you, and you! Get out there and keep those brats busy.”

The men nodded in response simultaneously. Armed with their pokéballs, they made their way down the staircase to intercept the kids. “Hopefully, you can actually do something right for once!” Vega spat. There was one more thing he needed to set into place. He picked out one more employee. “Hey you, whatever your name is, I’ve got a really important mission for you…”

January 15th, 2008, 4:41 AM
Name: Kamada Kozue

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kozue's appearance is one that resembles a kid that is way over his head, regardless of the situation. He has an innocence that invariably makes him appear much younger than he really is, which can at times, work in his favour...or not. Despite this, he is almost always seen with a smile on his face and has an aura that just exuberates optimism.

In respect to his already beaming and happy-go-lucky persona, Kozue's tastes in clothes tend to also reflect a brighter and positive attitude that he harbours, despite how obscure. His usual attire consists of three simple articles of clothing, the first being a tight black tank-top with an outline of a Pokeball design imprinted across the chest and in grey. The second includes a pair of black leg-hugging jeans that cover his legs from the waist down and is supported by a black silver-buckle belt. The final article of clothing is a simple pair of white high-top sneakers with a black and white diamond pattern. He also adorns a number of other accessories that he likes to add to complete his look, his main ones including a matching black silver-buckle collar-belt and a single silver bangle on each arm.

Altogether, along with his bleach blonde mop-top hair, bright ocean blue eyes and soft olive skin, Kozue looks little to no different from a...girl.

Personality: Much like how he dresses, Kozue's personality is one of optimism and positiveness. He has an innate desire to look on the brighter side of situations regardless of how grave they might actually be, and this can be seen as one of his better but also one of his worst assets. Always being able to see the positive through the negative isn't always the best outlook to have and incidently, causes Kozue to become somewhat oblivious to future problems and conflicts. But in most situations, he can always be counted on for support and a sympathetic ear if needed.

History: Kozue grew up with his surrogate mother and sister after being adopted from an orphanage when he was five years old. His mother worked as a government employee who worked closely with the military, science and technological departments. She held quite a high position in the government and had a lot of responsibilites to take care of, some more important than others. This however, had little to no effect on Kozue and his sister, since from a young age, they learnt to appreciate their mother's hard work in providing for them and didn't take her for granted. It was a little disappointing, but also understandable.

Despite this, Kozue grew up to be a caring and kind-hearted person who loved all his family and friends. In actuality, one of his first friends was a Pokemon; a Mawhile his mother had brought home, from one of the government's research departments. He and his sister spent the majority of their childhood and junior years in school with their first friend by their sides, but after a number of years since being relieved from the government's care, Mawhile was called back for further analysis involving comparison tests and certain gene enhancing experiments. All of this was of course kept confidential and Kozue was told little to nothing about his first friend and Pokemon's sudden leave. His mother did what she could to comfort him and taught him to be strong in such scenarios and that he shouldn't dwell on what has already happened, but to look forward to what the future might hold instead. This was the main catalyst in his now over enthusiastic and optimistic demeanor.

This small plot also started his love and interest in Pokemon and what inspired him to part-take in a radio contest where, if he won, would receive his first very own Pokemon.

RP Sample: (taken from Pokemon: Neo Genesis by Alter Ego, post by Phanima): Whatever the two older coots were rambling about didn't concern her, but the mere notion that she was apart of their conversation kept her from completely losing control. Their accompanying Pokemon wasn't helping her recently awoken mood either and she had half a mind to join in the continuing fray. Seeing the old man known as L.A. standing firmly in his place as he instructed his partner's attacks however, she found herself watching the scene in very subdued admiration.
Despite his appearance, the old man could actually hold his own, but she was certain that all he was good for was barking orders at overgrown hippos to do his dirty work for him, although it was impressive nonetheless. In the opposing coot's case, although younger in appearance and clad in black, since they had never met he held no relevance to Plum's attention, so she did what she did best, became oblivious to his existence.

It was then that the L.A. geezer directed her attention towards a fairly large suitcase, sitting atop of what was left of the grand table that had previously filled the room, its upper case propped open, its contents sitting in full view. Three eggs sat in the case's holding and just as her suspicious gaze fell upon them, L.A. continued explaining that they were in reality, Pokemon eggs, as in, there were actually real Pokemon inside each of the remaining shells.

"That's just stupid!" the samurai chick cut in, waving her arms frantically as if the man’ statement was deeply insulting. "Even I know that Pokemon can't fit in eggs this small! What are you trying to pull, bastard-chan?!" Her waving motions ceased and with a finger pointing at the oversized suitcase, she glared down her target who continued with his explanation, unfazed by her sudden objection.

Ignoring someone when they were talking to you was just rude, but in this case, it just pissed her off, more so than usual. Surprisingly however, she found herself forgetting her rage when the subject of the whereabouts of the others was brought to light, in conjunction with L.A.'s previous request of secluding the eggs somewhere safe and out of reach from this, Garland Gang. It was also then that bastard-chan directed her attention once again to another exit, one that apparently led to such whereabouts.

Finishing his brief briefing, L.A. returned his full attention to the ensuing battle that had been playing out in the background. Seeing the current situation, the chic samurai finally breathed a frustrated sigh but nodded in agreement as if everyone could see such a subtle gesture.

"Alright, I'll do it! But only because I care more about finding Jade-san than kicking your old ass for answers!” she exclaimed with a wicked smile as she dashed under the charging Steelix, gripping the open case under her arms, and made her way towards the appointed exit. "But don't forget that I'm coming back for you bastard-chan, so I don't want to come back and find you gone, alright?!" With that, she bashed the semi-open door and bolted down the cavernous decor tunnel.


It had only been five minutes before she found herself propped up against the cold rocky wall, her head hung and her breathing staggered. During those five minutes, she had run nonstop and despite covering quite a bit of ground, she realised that doing such a thing was exceedingly difficult in an enclosed area with very narrow ventilation and with a pair of getas nonetheless.

Looking over at the case from which she had kept open in order to maintain a suspicious watch over, she again found herself debating what her next step should be. It was another one of those situations in which she had rushed into, without thinking about the consequences. For now she was lost, tired and susceptibly grumpy, and not just at L.A. but at the others too, for running away in the first place. If it were her, she would've stayed and fought, regardless how precious these stupid eggs were.

"Ugh...what’s the big deal with these things anyway?” she huffed, adjusting her slipping top as she bent over the open case. "Stupid bastard-san, Pokemon can't fit inside eggs...but I guess they are pretty looking..."

It was then that the destined pale yellow braised and biggest of the remaining eggs caught her attention, and not because she had acknowledged L.A.'s explanation of them harbouring genetically altered Pokemon, but because of the simple fact that she had not eaten since she had arrived on this cursed island.

Her stomach growled as she surveyed the egg and recognised it as the largest of the lot. The bigger the egg, the more it would satisfy her hunger, and that was all she cared about right now. So without hesitation or any moral objection, she gripped her bamboo sword in hand and with a reckless yet powerful blow, she struck the capsule encasing the yellow egg. What followed such an action knocked her clean off of her feet and back against the rocky wall as any hopes of filling her growling gut disappeared.

Shattered glass and egg shell littered the dirt ground as a suspicious fluid spilled from what remained of the capsule. In place of what the teen samurai had hoped for, which was an already boiled egg, a petite fuzzy yet dangerously armed creature appeared.

Swearing under her breath as she rubbed the back of her head, the teen quickly got to her feet as the newly hatched creature struggled to do the same. It was no taller than her waist, what stood in place of her desired meal, but it did have two abnormally sized...

"Wait, what the hell is this thing?" she exclaimed, staring at the green creature that had finally gotten onto its clawed feet, its arms piercing the ground in an effort to support its weight. In addition to its overly green colour scheme, bug hinge limbs and clear bee-like wings, what drew the most attention to the creature were the two clean arch blades that hung from its arms. They were very much like scythes that the farmers back in her village used to use for harvesting. They made quite good tools for farming back home, but in this case, it was as if the creature had been born with two swords in place of hands, as if it was designed to use them as weapons.

The Bug Pokemon growled as it steadied itself into a full standing position, its blade-like hands waving dangerously in front of it. Just what had that old bastard done? Prodding the creature's blades, the teen samurai watched as it fell to the ground after attempting to resist its unknowingly new partner's pushing. It was then that the bladed bug's wings began to beat, an instinctive reflex that inevitably allowed the monster to maintain its balance.

"Whoa! You can fly?" she exclaimed as she watched the Pokemon hover awkwardly onto its feet.

The Scyther barked in response to its new partner's comment, as if attempting to communicate with the scarcely covered samurai, who suddenly seemed uncharacteristically pleased in discovering such a creature.

Despite her earlier thoughts and disappointment of not having anything to eat for hours, hatching the green bug with blades turned out to be more fun then she could have expected, despite not expecting it at all. Her sudden change of interest in the creature was quickly overshadowed by the realisation of her mission in safeguarding the eggs as well as finding the others.

So without hesitation, the chic teen samurai wrapped the remaining two eggs and case under one arm while grasping her getas and sword in the other before turning to who was to be her new partner.

"Let's beat it Sharpy," she said with a furrowed smile, pulling out the first nickname she could think of, "we've got some asses to kick!"

January 15th, 2008, 4:42 AM
Name: Drazen Hayato
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Personality: His strong, unshakable confidence, analytical skill, and cautious nature. He is sadistic when some is trying to attack his friends and family. He never gives up and he is alway training, because he wants to be the clan leader one day. He is always looking out for his friends and family. He is always in a good mood unless you mess with him or his friends and family. Some people think he is a monster, because the way he gets in combat sometimes he takes things to far.
Appearance: Drazen has long blone hair. It pass his chin, but for most part it is under his black bandana. He has the japanese courage symbol is located at the front of his bandana. He wears a faded green jacket. It was his fathers so thats why it is faded. He wears a black shirt underneath the jacket, there is also a silver piece located at his neck.

His shirt is long sleeve, which goes well with the jacket. He wears white bandages that wrap around his wrist, that go to his elbow. He has faded green gloves that have silver pieces on them. He has black paint under his eyes. He wears black pants, that go to his ankle. He weres white bangages over them, that go up to his knees. Drazen ususally has he black peice of cloth that covers his face, but sometimes leaves it down.

History: He was born on cinnabar island always watching the fire pokemon play and battle. Then his was going family move, but nowing how much he cared about the fire pokemon they stayed. He went to vist the fire pokemon every day taking them food.
RP Sample: Sweat poured from his brow as he forced his gems upon the different target marks surrouding him. His breaths were heavy and long winded as he stood in a defensive stance, watching and waiting for the marks to begin there movements once again. I have to get stronger. I have to become the best. He had never been one to just settle for anything less then perfect and he wasnt going to start now. It was a saturday morning and unlike others he had been up since five practing and training both mind and body to reach a new level of power and strength.

With his Kunai in hand, and others hidden from physical sight the dark haired ten year old lifted it before his face. 3, 2, 1. Now. He flicked his wrist and the first Kunai went soaring through the hot summer air, striking the first target dead in the center. Moving witihn seconds both hands were throwing more Kunai towards the moving targets, hitting them though not all perfect shots. He kept moving at a steady pace as he turned, jumped, and flipped releasing the sharp weapons upon the lifeless marks.

With a barcade of Kunai soaring through the air he put his hands together forming different hand signs. With the last sign forming hisrose his hands to his lips as he perfromed the Kamaitachi no Jutsu . With a small puff of air from his mouth through his fingers the air exploded forward flowing after the soaring Kunai, adding more speed to them that they seemed to become nearly invisiable to the naked eye.

Naoki stood in dead silence as the swift blade cut right through the different marks, tearing a few into pieces from such speed. As the last one struck its market he flipped around and landed upon his feet, with his hands still in formation of the jutsu he just finishing performing. "I still need to practice on pin pointing the wind currents to make the blade faster and more accurate." As his hands lowered he felt someone presence approaching. Without saying a word his hand extended releasing another kunai towards his left.

"I know your there", he said as he repositioned himself ready for the unknown warrior to reveal themselves. The Sutekh heir wasn't sure how long this mystery person had been watching him or even why they were out here this early. Most people should be in the village just now waking up or starting there day. He thought as he kept his hues locked on the spot his blade had flown.

January 15th, 2008, 10:04 AM
Name: Fenra (Fen) Kurai
Gender: Male

Appearance: An average height kid, about 5'7 and 130 pounds with lightly tanned skin. A very lean and slender boy. He has deep green, yet bright eyes. They have a light, gentle appearance to them yet at the same time give him the appearance of always being tired. He has shaggy, Olive Green hair that appears to never be properly brushed or combed, so it sticks out in almost every direction. He wears a simple, slim fitting Gray 3/4 sleeve baseball t-shirt and a pair of tight, dark blue jeans. Slightly covered by his jeans are his shoes which are simple black converse with white tips. *points to trainer card*

Personality: As one might have guessed from looking into his eyes for merely a matter of seconds. Fen is a very calm and carefree kid. He can frequently be found sleeping or napping alone under a tree on a nice day, or just simply watching the clouds go by. Despite the "no ones home" look that he gives off on a first impression, Fen is actually a very smart tactician. He originally had high marks in school in every subject, before leaving on his adventure. Fen prefers to think of his moves 3 steps in advance before executing. His battle style can be put very simply. He does not believe in directly over powering his opponents. But much rather, he relies on the basic strategy of deception which he read in many books, works better than a straight forward approach. He uses his basic knowledge of outwitting in order to make long drawn out battles and trick his opponent into thinking they had control of the match the whole time until Fen decides to deal the final blow, finishing the opponent before they even realize what happens. After a match, he wont celebrate, he wont gloat, and he wont explain his strategy. He'll simply find the nearest comfortable place to sit and enjoy the rest of the day.

History: Born in Dewford Island in the Hoenn Region. Fen's parents were actually quite upset when Fen finally made his decision to be a pokemon trainer. Fen had just finished his first year at a very prestigious private high school that he had worked hard to get into. Over the course of the year, Fen got into the habit of sneaking downtown and watching the amateur pokemon matches in the battle arena. The different varieties of pokemon and many different ways to use them, amazed Fen to no end whenever he watched a battle. Each trainer with their different style... different wave lengths of thought. And both focused for one purpose. To win. Fen finally couldn't handle it anymore. He had finally been hit by the competitive spirit. What good were his studies if he was keeping all that he learned bottled up inside of him? The decision as made at the end of the school year. He was going to become a Pokemon Trainer.

RP Sample: If you need, the link in my profile leads to an RP i created.

Trainer Kat
January 15th, 2008, 10:28 AM
Thanks for taking the time to apply!

Lash: Well-written, detailed sign-up. You've given me everything I've asked for, and then some. It's an excellent sign-up. Your character isn't generic, and I like that. Your starter is Pikachu. Accepted.

Super Smash Kid: Your sign-up contains some rather glaring grammatical errors. No one in this RP has caught any Pokemon, let alone legendaries. Also, I did ask that those who haven't participated in a roleplay before provide a small sample of their writing abilities that they made up on the spot. I'll give you another chance to change your sign-up, but for now, you are denied.

Quasar99: Interesting character! However, you cannot be a trainer yet. Give me just a tiny bit more detail so that it'll be easier to assign you a starter (as well as a RP sample), and then you'll be accepted. Right now, you're pending.

commander1: Not even going to go into this one. Denied.

Degenerate: A picture's not necessary. I just know some people prefer to supply a picture, rather than type out a description. Either way is fine with me. Now, on to the commentary. Your character is perhaps the most interesting I've seen. Your sign-up is exceptional. Your starter is Cyndaquil. Accepted.

Phanima: Your sign-ups are always phenomenal. Very detailed, long (which tells me you won't be posting one-liners!). Your character seems adorable. I'm giving you Piplup as a starter. Accepted.

DrazenHayato: I'd like a little more history from you, as well as an RP sample. Once you do that, you'll more than likely be in. Pending.

Evkay: Very good, very good. I like your character a lot. Interesting history. Your carefree nature has earned you a Treecko. Accepted.

January 15th, 2008, 1:28 PM
i will finsh my histroy real quick

January 15th, 2008, 2:02 PM
can i reserve i spot? im working on my sign up now

January 15th, 2008, 2:10 PM
Name: Noah Fowl.
Age: Thirteen.
Gender: Male.


He normally wears a white polo shirt and jeans.

Personality: Noah is a very quirky, quick thinking boy. He has a twisted sense of humour and isn't scared to say what he thinks. He believes that trust is the way forward and would sacrifice himself in order to save his friends if he had to. When in a crisis he will never talk, just think. He likes to think a lot by himself, musing over random ideas and things that have happened and will happen.

History: Noah was found on the outskirts of Ecruteak City when he was two years old, alone. An elderly couple took him in and raised him as their own. As he grew older, he became interested in Lugia and Ho-oh, who were said to have lived in Ecruteak before the two towers collapsed. He became fanatical about them and it is his dream to see them in real life one day. He went to school and did well in his exams and is now anxiously awaiting his starter Pokemon.

RP Sample:

Quint gazed around in fascination at the hundreds of people all covered in red kneeling down or talking to each other. "This is like a Bloody cult group." He whispered back to Onikami. Then again, Quint supposed it was. The boy decided he wasn't being careful enough and drew his hood up around his head. Is this where the book of secrets was hidden? Quint doubted it, there was no way it would be that easy, would there?

Onikami lead the two of them down a corridor, which brought them to what seemed like a grand hall. It took Quint a couple of minutes of walking aimlessly with Onikami that the boy didn't know where he was going. Quint grabbed Onakami's arm and pulled him back. "If you don't know where we are going, just tell me. All of this walking around his begininning to annoy me."

Quint surveyed the room; a table, about forty metres in legnth and ten in width was in the center of the room. Red robed people were sitting at them, whispering. Quint diverted his attention from them and saw a painting on the wall opposite the table; it portrayed an old, gold book. Quint needed to get closer to that painting without gaining attention from the Ebon Order.

"Cover for me." He muttered to Onikami before slipping away.


If you want more RPing sample, check Lash's RP sign up thread, where my sign up was a lot better than this one.

Trainer Kat
January 15th, 2008, 2:23 PM
DrazenHayato: I still need an RP sample.

Sharpay_Is_Fabulous: Yes.

Oni Raichu: No need. The provided sample is more than enough. I like the idea of a character with a twisted sense of humor. Initially, I had trouble selecting a starter, but after careful consideration, I've decided to give you Torchic. Accepted.

January 15th, 2008, 2:30 PM
i don't have any i made two Naruto: crystal wars and pokemon Emblaze acedamy

Trainer Kat
January 15th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Could you possibly write me a small paragraph? It doesn't have to be big, 10 sentences will do. :]

January 15th, 2008, 2:41 PM
I want to join....

Name: Balanki Fonoto
Gender: Male
Age: 13

Apperance: He has a tan shirt with a camoflauge lion head and faded, baggy jeans. He carrys around a small bag, to hold his supplies. Around his neck is a silver whale tail on a black string. He is 4'7" and very athletic. His skin is a tan color and he has dark brown hair.

Personality: Balanki is a very shy boy. He doesn't like very deep details. He just want to get everything done as fast as possible. The only exeption is battling. He thinks logically and thinks things through. When he can't find the answer to something, he starts to panic and break down. He loves to swim.

History: Balanki was born in Pacifidlog Town to a wealthy family. He didn't grow up selfish and did very well in school. He had dreamed to become the next Pokemon Professor. balanki has grew up around water Pokemon and hopes to get one of his own.

RP Sample: Balanki proceeded down the hall to the stage. He was very nervous because he has never preformed on stage before. He used different ways to calm himself, but they all didn't work. Soon he was called on stage. He stood in the middle, took deep breaths, and began.
He pressed the button on the Poke Ball and it got bigger. He decided to do a little something before the Pokemon came out, so he threw the pokeball up in the air, spun around, grabbed the ball from the air and spun it on his finger. The crowd cheered and Balanki was ready to send out his Pokemon.

Trainer Kat
January 15th, 2008, 4:48 PM
Mr. Mystery: A tad skimpy, but ultimately, I feel you have potential. Your starter will be Mudkip. Accepted.

As soon as one more person joins, I'll start it and post my sign-up. However, sign-ups will remain open until all starters have been taken.

No one in this RP has caught any Pokemon, let alone legendaries. Also, I did ask that those who haven't participated in a roleplay before provide a small sample of their writing abilities that they made up on the spot.

Super Smash Kid: Please refer to the above quote. I cannot accept you.

Quasar99: And now you are accepted. I'll give you Squirtle. Hopefully that will do. :]

Sharpay_Is_Fabulous: Could you be a little more detailed, as well as provide a RP sample? Pending.

Name: Katrina Lee
Nickname: Kat
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g26/RenoOfDaTurks/l_b0ead65552bd71e736e5d80a86462b38.jpg

Kat is small, weighing a mere 90 pounds. Her blonde hair is cut in a choppy style, bangs hovering tentatively over her left eye. The front has been streaked with black, and dark blue hair extensions have been added to make her hair appear longer. A butterfly barrette sits on the right. Heavy makeup cakes her blue-green eyes. Almost no makeup is worn on the rest of the face, save a bit of lip gloss from time to time. Her nails are almost always manicured. A deep blue tube top adorns her upper half, blending in perfectly with her hair extensions. Her lower half is covered by jeans--blue of course, though a much lighter shade than her top. The two pieces of clothing that aren't blue are her Ugg boots that she wears over her jeans, as well as the typical female trainer bag that is slung low around her hips--both of which are a light tan hue.

Personality: Though Kat appears to be a prissy young thing, she is far from it. She's quite abrasive and fiery, often flinging hidden insults. She generally feels she can do things on her own, however, that often leaves others to rescue her when she figures out that she can't. Kat gets discouraged easily, She takes a while to warm up to people, but when she does, she is an invaluable ally. She loves both strong and cute Pokemon. Fortunately, in her mind, all Pokemon fall into one category or the other. Despite her age, she smokes, always having her trusty Camel 9's and aqua blue lighter in the pocket of her trainer bag. She is a vegetarian.

History: The lovely Kat is from Goldenrod, the radio city. She grew up around Pokemon, visiting the breeder occasionally. She always wanted to be a trainer, and everyone knew it. What they didn't know was whether or not she had the will to make it. When the dream didn't come immediately on her 11th birthday, the girl turned to a more glamorous lifestyle--modeling. Had she stayed in the profession, she would still have a job, but the rash blonde quit her job the second she found out about the radio contest, before she even entered.

RP Sample: The blonde swept her cornflower-and-magenta hair into a low ponytail. Her deep blue eyes fixated on the sign before her. At 5'3", she was exactly eye-level with the letters carved deep into the wood. Though the sign was clearly weather-beaten, and had seen better days, there was no mistaking those five letters scrawled across the chipped surface: KANTO. An arrow below pointed the way to a place called Viridian City.

This... she thought. This is the place where I'm to get my first Pokemon. The corners of her mouth turned up into a smile, the sun dancing on her vanilla flavored lip gloss. She could feel the heat on her back, pressing on her shoulder blades like a good massage. Her lips parted as a sigh escaped her. If she was going to be in weather like this throughout her journey, it would be well worth the turmoil.

Deciding she had lingered long enough, she continued along the path. It wasn't far now. Based on the map, she determined it was maybe a fifteen minute walk, at the most. Putting one foot in front of the other, she walked briskly towards her destination. Pidgey flew overhead, soaring through the ocean blue skies. A group of Caterpie poked around in the tall grass, hiding from any predators while foraging for food.

What do Caterpie eat? the blonde asked herself. Maybe I do have a little more to learn about Pokemon. Another wooden sign could be seen ahead, loosely nailed onto a sad post. 'Watch out for wild Beedril' the sign commanded. Someone had lightly crossed off 'Beedril' and scribbled 'Brad the Great' in boyish, blocky letters under the name of the Bug Pokemon. A shudder ran down her spine. She wrinkled her nose. She'd always thought that bees, along with insects of any kind, were absolutely disgusting.

A little further, and she could see the outlines of buildings among the trees, their shadowy silhouettes making the structures appear to be playing a game of hide and seek, and she was the seeker. When she neared the city, her smile faded.

"How...quaint." She was obviously expecting something a bit more..elegant. Glancing around, she noticed quite a few people around. "Guess they're into that...unrefined sort of life." She giggled to herself. "Well, my photographer did say 'Natural is the new black!' He's been here, I'll bet."

Unable to locate the lab, she flagged down a boy around her age, perhaps a year or two older. His jet black hair fell over his face, and he carried a look of defiance. "Excuse me...commoner...could you direct me to Professor Willow's lab?" She pulled her white sunglasses down the bridge of her nose, the plastic frame resting neatly on the perky tip of her button nose.

He shot her a look, but once her eyes met his, he melted into the pools of deep blue. "Y-yeah..." he stammered. "That way..." The boy pointed to his left.

The blonde smiled. "Thanks, you're a doll." Though she was sure the boy expected a kiss as payment, she turned her back before he could further defile her with his presence. As if I'd even look at a commoner, she thought to herself. Upon reaching the lab, she banged on the door, as if her intent was to break it down, not to gain entrance.

"Ugh. She should be waiting for me. I shouldn't be the one looking for her." She opened the door and let herself in, crossing the threshold into a dark lab. "Great...just like out of those creepy zombie movies..." she muttered under her breath.

"It's me!" She yelled. "Kat!" No answer. A sigh of annoyance escaped her parted lips. Giving up, she went searching for the woman who was supposed to be standing at the door with a selection of perfect Pokemon.

Granted, I realize that a RP sample isn't required for me, seeing as how I'm the creator, but I feel it's only fair to show you all my style, as you've all gotten a taste of each other's.

Kat's Pokemon is Charmander.

January 15th, 2008, 5:18 PM
Finished! (I hope to get Treeko but, never mind. Any pokemon will do EXCEPT Totodile)

January 15th, 2008, 5:27 PM
I made mine

Name: Ken ’Kenny” Werens
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://photobucket.com/mediadetail/?media=http%3A%2F%2Fi31.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fc375%2Fpar_darkness%2FPokemon%2FTrainer%2520oC%2Funtitled.jpg&searchTerm=pokemon%20trainer&pageOffset=2
Personality: Ken is an open-minded person. Never afraid to stand up for what he believes in. he loves his friends and will do anything to help out. Though don't judge him at first glance, he can be very greedy as well.
History: He was born into a middle class family in Lavaridge, Hoenn. He was abused and beaten by his parents. So he ran away then sneaked on a boat to Sinnoh where he was adopted by a nice family in Jublife City. On his 12th birthday he decided as soon as the time was right, he would become an trainer.
RP Sample: (If yoere.)u’re new to role-playing, please give me a small sample that you’ve made up on the spot)
i want chimchar as a starter, but if any not squrtle

Super Smash Kid
January 15th, 2008, 6:23 PM
I edited my sign up Trainer Kat.

Trainer Kat
January 15th, 2008, 8:19 PM
OOC: Cool. We have enough. I edited my last post to include my sign-up information, as well as who has been accepted. :]
For your first post, I'd like you all to make your way to Pallet Town. Once everyone has made it there, you will receive your starter Pokemon. Feel free to mingle with each other until then. That will allow you to decide whether or not you want to travel with each other, or travel alone.
Also, for everyone who had hoped to get a certain starter and didn't (sorry! I tried to match everyone with their partner based on their sign-up!), never fear! You can catch them! But...make sure it's believable. I don't want anyone finding a Piplup in Viridian forest. It is, however, plausible that a Turtwig would take up residence in the forest.
"Pidgey! Pidgey!" The alarm clock emitted a loud screech in the ear of a rather moody blonde. The girl simply pulled her comforter over her face, curling up into the fetal position. It was her sorry attempt to ignore the alarm. After a mere minute of torture, she slammed her hand down on the off button, head still buried in the rumpled sheets.

It wasn't that she didn't know what day today was. No, she was perfectly aware that she was to travel to Pallet town today. Well whoop de do. Was it worth losing sleep over? The digital clock read 8:00 on the dot. An extra three hours would be nice. Though, she would be lying if she said she wasn't excited to see which Pokemon would be hers. Her imagination wandered. Maybe she'd get the powerful Totodile! Or the cute Piplup! Just not a fire Pokemon, please, she thought. Fire Pokemon were okay and all, just not exactly what she hoped for.

Eventually, she swung her legs over the side of her bed. Her teal eyes moved to the mirror on the back of her door, taking in her disheveled appearance. She couldn't help but giggle at the sight. Her bangs had shifted position in the middle of the night--they now had taken up residence in the middle of her face. The mascara she had abstained from removing was streaked down her creamy cheeks. Oh, was she ever attractive this morning.

As the scent of pancakes wafted into her bedroom, she felt her stomach protest. She needed food. "Not until I look pretty," she mumbled softly. Stumbling into the bathroom, she washed her face with care before reapplying the heavy black makeup. The makeup, coupled with the lack of sleep, made her eyelids seem to weigh a million pounds. She stripped herself of her pajamas, replacing them with a pair of jeans, as well as the oversized tube top that fell to mid thigh. In fact, she occasionally wore the tube top on its own. The Ugg boots were the finishing touch--once those were on, she plodded down the stairs to consume her breakfast.

Once the food was in front of her, she realized she was hungrier than she initially thought. The pancakes were scarfed down in mere minutes. "Oh, Kat.." her mother chuckled. Kat smiled and kissed her mother on the cheek. They had held a goodbye party the night before so that there was no need today.

"No tears, 'kay?" Kat said, offering a small smile. "You know how long it takes me to do my makeup." Inside, the blonde was scared. She wanted to stay with her parents, with everything she knew. Her mom nodded, as did her dad. Giving them both hugs, as well as their fair share of kisses, she prepared herself to go to the station, where she would board a bullet train. The thought disgusted her. Public transportation was so beneath her.

I can't believe I'm finally leaving.. she thought, a twinge of remorse hidden behind excitement. She took her seat on the train. Though the ride lasted only one hour, it seemed to take an eternity, and then some. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. Chikorita...Squirtle...the possibilities were endless. Rumor had it, Professor Oak was even giving away a Pikachu. Pikachu would be exciting. It was one of the cutest Pokemon, after all.

Finally, the train stopped in Viridian City. A short walk, and she would be ready to receive her Pokemon! The short walk was anything but. She did, however, get a good look at some of the Pokemon she could catch. Though, the selection was decidedly unimpressive.

Of course, she was the first to arrive. That would make the wait even longer, since she had to wait for the slowpokes to arrive. The impatient Kat took a seat on the steps and crossed her arms, silently pouting. A frown caressed her face. She was not happy. She wanted her Pokemon now.

January 15th, 2008, 8:57 PM
The sun rose and shone beautifully over the region of Kanto. Reflections of the light glistened off the water. In a pond outside of an industrial town by the name of Viridian. Out of the water jumped a Pokemon by the name of Goldeen. The sunlight shone behind it- a perfect Kodak picture moment.

A small ways off from the pond was a small house, surrounded by grass and trees. This place was the Viridian City outfields. The only sound for the moment was the wind blowing softly against trees and bushes, until the sound of a guitar mixed with vocals coming from the house with an up going beat sounded.

"Make it a dirt dance floor again!
Say your prayers and stomp em' out when they bring that chorus in!
I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away! I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away,
Just to throw it away, just to throw it away, I bleed it out!"

Those lyrics were heard coming from the house, and the time was 8:04AM. The music was coming from a radio, that was turned off when a blonde boy of 14 turned a switch on the radio to stop the music. This was his wake-up alarm. He stepped out of bed, and began walking out of his room, grabbing multiple articles of clothing off of a stand near a door that leads out of the room.

This boy goes by the name of Marcus. He walks down the hall out of his room, and into a bathroom. He grabs a comb, and puts water on it. Holding the comb with his right hand, Marcus began stroking the comb through his hair, styling it to be freestyle with few spikes. In the bathroom, he was only wearing shorts, and no shirt- those being his pajamas. Once he was done styling his hair, he dropped his shorts, grabbing light blue Levi pants. He quickly puts those onto his legs. He slips his feet into two red and gray colored shoes, which are already tied and easily slipped on.

He raises his arms, putting a gray colored shirt on. Marcus slips this on quickly, dodging his hair, not to mess it up. Right after, he slips on a black jacket, leaving it open as it has no buttons or zips up. He takes one look into the mirror, saying, "You are ready for this dude."

He runs down the hall, taking one look into his room. Leaving his radio at home, not like him, Marcus's adrenaline is pumping wildly. He quickly jolts out of his empty house, but runs into his two friends named Hunter and Kris at his door. The three fall and have a laugh, but the laughing ceases as the one named Hunter speaks up.

"Dude, we brought you going away gifts. We know you are going on a long journey. Here you go man- A pair of black, fingerless gloves and a map of this region."

He says, as he hands Marcus a pair of gloves and a rolled up map. Marcus quickly slips those on, and holds the map in his right pocket. Kris speaks up,

"Same here, man. Here is a black hat, and a backpack for you."

He hands Marcus a backpack, and a black hat. Marcus smiles, fitting the hat onto his hair, and slipping the map into the backpack, and onto his back.

"I'm gonna miss you two."

He says, happy with his gifts. A few hugs are passed around between the three, as Marcus looks back at them while heading out to Viridian City, and to Pallet Town. It takes him mere minutes, due to his excitement to leave the outfields and into Viridian City. He arrives near the end of Viridian City, seeing the small, yet filled Route 1. He walks through there, looking from side to side at all the Pokemon- Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, and many others. With a smile on his face, he marches onwards.

Minutes pass by as Marcus departs the route, immediately seeing the Pokemon Research lab belonging to Professor Oak. He runs there, opening the door. He takes a look to the side, seeing an impatient looking girl already here. He walks along, taking one glance at her.

"Hey there. You here for a Pokemon too?"

Marcus said, as he sits down three or four seats away from the girl. He, too waits for the Professor to show to get his starter Pokemon.

January 15th, 2008, 8:57 PM
ooc: Kat i have to ask lol, is your trainer pic, you?

The sky was speckled with fluffy white clouds as they drifted carefree in the skies above. The wide expanse of blue sky met with its rival blue expanse, the ocean. The waves lapped gently against the front of the boat as Fen on the front point of the deck, dangling his feet carelessly over the edge. He sat with his arms resting on the railing as he looked off into the never ending body of water he was traveling through with lazy half opened eyes.

The ship he was on, the S.S. Marine, was a simple, small boat, suitable for roughly a dozen passengers. It had already been 4 days since Fen had left Dewford Island to become a pokemon trainer after leaving his prestigious high school in the forests near Fortree city. Fen sighed heavily as the flashback of his angered parents rung through his head.

"Fenra Kurai! I can't believe you're throwing your life away like this! Battling Pokemon?! this is obsurd!" His mother's voice was sharp and ear piercing.

"But mom... its what i want to do! A chance to REALLY showcase my critical thinking skills... Come on dad, tell her! Can't you guys just let me go?!" He pleaded

"Ask your mother." His dad responded while reading his newspaper, uninterested in the conversation.

Fen quickly dispelled the flashback, shaking his head quickly and blurring the scene out of his mind. He looked towards the sky, then pulled looked up to the sun, attempting to judge the time.

"Hm... roughly 8:30am... We should be arriving to Pallet Town in a matter of hours..." Fen thought to himself relieved. He smiled to himself, ignoring all the thoughts of his home back in Dewford and the stuck up school he would have normally been stuck in. He leaned back, laying on the warm wood of the deck and stared into the sky, watching the clouds float by and listening to the water.

"What kind of pokemon would be perfect for me... Theres the 3 types... fire...water... and grass...Hmm... fire is too... straight forward...water maybe? Water flows in many shapes and forms...and has many possibilities of attack and defense... but theres the problem of water getting out of control... like a raging river... no thanks. Grass...a nice gentle element of nature. Moves at its own pace, doesn't let anyone else control its movements... Grass simply grows and bends with the wind but doesn't give up its position. The ability to be flexible yet still aim towards its main goal. Perfect... a grass type... thats what I want..." Fen laid smiling. Satisfied at his deductions. He was ready to be a pokemon trainer.

"I'm ready to be a trainer... but is the world ready for a revolutionary style of battling..." Fen couldn't help but crack a bigger smile as listened to nature only to be interrupted by a loud intercom.

"We will be arriving in Pallete Town in roughly 45 minutes. Passengers would you please prepare for docking by collecting all your belongings. Thank You"

January 16th, 2008, 4:12 AM
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January 16th, 2008, 5:14 AM
"Oha, Ai-chan!" he beamed as he burst through his sister's bedroom and collapsed on top of the piling heap made up of sheets and his sister's sleeping form. "Today's the day!"

His sister's response was quick and to the point, since she was the type of person to take her sleeping seriously. "Get off Ko-chan..."

"But nee-chan, Makiko-san's already gone to work, you have to help me get ready."

"Oh alright!" his ruffled and now quite pissed off sister replied, throwing her weight against her crushing sibling. "Now get off me! Go and get changed already..."

"Roger!" he chirped as he picked himself up from the floor after being tossed away by his sister's usual morning mood. "I'll see you at breakfast!"

With that, the blonde haired mop-top gave his grumpy counterpart a small wave and a cheery smile before disappearing down the hall, where he soon began to busy himself with making his own preparations for the day.

From the still warm yet sprawled sheets and covers of her bed, his sister slowly sat up in her place, rubbed her eyes and tried to gather her thoughts. Was it really that day already? It had come so quickly that she didn't even recognise how much time had passed since her brother first made the announcement of his journey; his very first Pokemon journey. But unbeknownst to him, she had her own plans as well.


Sliding into his seat, Kozue enthusiastically surveyed the spread his sister had prepared for them for breakfast, and it was definitely a sight to behold. Two piles of buttered and jam spread toast, a couple of garnished omelets, six strips of bacon, two bowls of cereal, two glasses and a jug of orange juice, and two serves of freshly prepared fruit salad, decorated the now dwarfed dining table that occupied their kitchen.

"Wow Ai, this looks great!" he praised with utmost appreciation, his eyes glittering as they scanned the tabletop. "You've outdone yourself...all this is just for me?"

"What are you kidding?" his sister replied with an expression directly opposing her brother's as she stifled a yawn. "I have to eat too you know..."

"Well it looks great, thanks a lot Ai!"

"Yeah, yeah..."


"You know, you should really dress in the clothes I gave you last week, they look a lot cuter than what you're wearing now," his sister began, as she stepped back to take in her brother's get up. "Although I have to admit, you can still pull off one pretty looking girl."

"I thought you said you'd stop calling me a girl already," he huffed at his sister as she gave him a not-so-gentle slap on the back, "it makes me uncomfortable..."

He often tended to ignore his sister's teasing, but every once in a while she still managed to get on his nerves, especially when it concerned his appearance. Not only did he have enough trouble trying to make his natural femininity look more manly, but his sister's compulsive infatuation with making him cosplay in girl's clothes didn't exactly help him either.

"There!" she exclaimed as she backed away from her brother's scalp after grooming his morning pressed hair. "Now you look cute."

"Don't say that Ai," he said with a flush, "it's embarassing..."

"Oh calm down, you look fine," she said with a carefree wave before sliding out of the room, "now get your things ready, your ship's leaving in like fifteen minutes..."

"What?! Why didn't you tell me earlier?" he exclaimed, tripping over himself as he scurried to the corner of his room in an effort to salvage his belongings. "I have to make this trip!"


"Well, I suppose this is it..." she muttered as she stood on the edge of the wooden dock next to her fourteen year old brother as he prepared to leave. "You take care of yourself Kozue."

"I'll make sure I do," he replied with a subdued smile as he struggled between his building excitement for finally starting his journey and his leaving of everyone he loved, "and make sure you tell Makiko I said goodbye and that I'll miss her too."

"Alright," she said with a sincere smile, "good luck out there Ko-chan and stay safe."

Kozue nodded before embracing his sister in a last hug. "Watch out for me, I'll make sure I become a master!"

With a last wave, the blonde haired trainer-to-be picked up his belongings and hopped aboard the departing vessel that would take him to Kanto, where he would meet his first Pokemon Professor and find out what his prize would be.

"Look after yourself Ko-chan, don't make us worry about you or I'll have to punish you when you get back!" his sister called from the passing dock.

Stifling a giggle, Kozue leapt up against the ship's railing to wave off his sister with a final smile. "Don't worry about me nee-chan, you'll see me soon!"


With a heavy thud, Kozue dropped his single strap shoulder-bag over the ship's side before hopping over the railing and landing on solid ground. After spending three days traveling all the way from Hoenn, he had finally arrived at Pallet Town via Route 21, north of Cinnabar Island. He had finally made it, the place where he would start his very own Pokemon journey.

"Well, let's get going," he beamed as he picked up his bag and left the dock, "now, to find the Professor Oak!"

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January 16th, 2008, 7:41 AM
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Trainer Kat
January 16th, 2008, 7:56 AM
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It was as interesting to read as it was to write, Phanima. :]

Degenerate has informed me that he won't be able to start for another week or so. In that case, we will receive our Pokemon once everyone other than him has started. We'll catch him up somehow. :]

Also, one thing. If someone says something to my character, I often paste that line into my post, just because I find it's easier for others to read.

The wait was unbearable. She couldn't be the only one who decided to show up, could she? Or maybe she got the wrong day? Kat was getting antsy. She wanted her Pokemon. She wanted to catch other Pokemon with her Pokemon. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became, and the more excited she became, the less patient she was. Finally, a boy appeared. Her fears were washed away, only to be replaced with a bit of annoyance. Why couldn't he have gotten here sooner?!

"Hey there. You here for a Pokemon too?" Marcus said, as he sat down three or four seats away from the girl. He, too waited for the Professor to show to get his starter Pokemon.

The blonde resisted the urge to snap at him for being later than she. He had arrived merely a few minutes after her, and now he had to wait for the others. If nothing else, she wanted to make the time alone with him as comfortable as possible--awkward silences were not her style.

"Mmhm." She nodded, turning to face him. "I'm Kat Lee." The blonde managed a small smile. "What kind of Pokemon are you looking to get?" She asked.

January 16th, 2008, 9:41 AM
In all fairness, the day wasn't going well for a mister Noah Fowl; he had overslept, missed his mom that left for work, meaning he couldn't get a lift to his destination, the laboratory, where he would aquire his first starter Pokemon. That, in turn, lead to him sprinting through various streets in order to arrive as early as he could.

So, although he was out of breath and panting harder than he ever had in his life, he was just outside the laboratory, and he wasn't late, at least, that's what his watch told him.

He realised the door was on the latch, he pushed it open and walked inside. He was in a small enough room, there were a few seats and two people were already sitting down. A waiting room.

He had heard a blonde-haired girl say something as he entered the room; "I'm Kat Lee."

He sat down beside her and allowed his charisma to shine through; "my name's Fowl, Noah Fowl, and I'll be your guest this evening."

January 16th, 2008, 11:49 AM
The S.S. Marine gently floated into Pallete Town's shores after a long trip. Packed with his messenger bag and all his belongings, he stepped onto solid for the first time in days. A gentle breeze greeted him as he surveyed the town's layout. He squinted at the town, unimpressed.

"So this is the famous Pallete Town? hmpf" He said to himself. "Now... to find that laboratory..." Fen said with a slightly bored tone.

He wandered the town for a short while before he found the ONLY large building in the entire town. A small crowd was gathering outside of it, most likely people waiting to see the lucky trainers earning their new pokemon. There were news crews, children, and parents alike. All very eager to watch the new trainers start their adventure. Fen walked through the crowd to the gates of the lab and stepped through. The crowd gasped at the him walking in and he could hear them from behind.

"Is that one of them!" a voice called.
"Oh he's so lucky!" he heard another one say
"Excuse me! Excuse me! Young man, might we have a word for the news report?!" He heard a reporter yell from behind him.

Fen turned around and smiled at the crowd, and was immediately greeted with cameras shoved into his face. He merely gave a 'peace' sign and smiled, turning around again and heading into the lab.

Upon stepping into the lab, he instinctively yawned and stretched, quite well aware that he was running at least 20 minutes late. He looked over to see some other trainers had of course already arrived. He looked at them through half closed eyes and finally commented.

"So.... am I in the right place to get my starting pokemon...?" He asked, pretty sarcastically.

January 16th, 2008, 12:14 PM
A boy had just burst through the door before the blonde could reply, so Noah turned around and said in a cool tone; "no, this is where you order candy from Candy Mountain. Of course this is where it is; why the Hell do you think the reporters are outside?" Noah turned back to the girl that still hadn't introduced herself before turning around once more. "I am fully aware, of course, that you were being sarcastic, but I hate people that think they're cool when really they're idiots."

Noah proceeded to open his blue Adidas bag he had carried with him, so he could take out a drink of water. When his thirst was quenched he threw the bottle back inside his bag and sighed. "When is Oak going to give us our Pokemon?"

Trainer Kat
January 16th, 2008, 12:48 PM
"My name's Fowl, Noah Fowl, and I'll be your guest this evening." Kat turned to see a boy in the chair beside her. My...guest...? Before she could respond, another boy entered. A glance at the clock dangling ominously on the wall revealed that he was more than 20 minutes late.

"So.... am I in the right place to get my starting pokemon...?" He asked, pretty sarcastically.

"You're late," she said quietly, rummaging through her side bag. She had an overwhelming urge to open the pocket containing her Camel 9's. Instead, she emerged with cherry lip gloss and a pocket mirror. Carefully, she applied the lip gloss. One quick check of her heavy black mascara was done before the mirror was snapped shut, and both it and the lip gloss were deposited back in the bag.

"I'm Kat Lee." She said, glancing from Noah to Fen. "Remember it, because I'm going to beat all of you eventually." Turning her attention back to the blonde who had entered moments after she, Kat patted the seat beside her, the one that was currently not occupied by Noah, prompting him to scoot down.

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January 16th, 2008, 1:17 PM
Fen yawned while the boy talked to him. Quite rudely actually. Fen scratched his head in confusion at what he had done to spark such instant hatred from the boy. His thoughts were cut short by a girl a few seats down who interrupted.

"I'm Kat Lee. Remember it, because I'm going to beat all of you eventually." She said arrogantly towards Fen. He scratched his head again in confusion. He hadn't even been to the mainland for 15 minutes and he already had two people who housed apparent malice towards him. He cocked his head to the side and rubbed his chin, thinking for a moment.

"My names Fenra... Fenra Kurai. Good luck in your quest to defeat me, but thats a rather bold statement, considering you know nothing about my person nor my battle skills, experience, or styling. At the moment there are over 800 battle scenarios that could occur within our first match alone that I'm sure you haven't even taken the time to consider nor were you aware of. I'll be looking forward to our battle indeed." Fen said to the girl.

He yawned heavily again and shifted his gaze through tired eyes to the rude boy next to her. He spoke in an almost monotoned 'stoner' voice "And you... popular psychology author Winston Siegfriend studied a case much like you in 1983 for 10 years. He concluded that instant, unprovoked anger and rudeness directed towards a newly introduced person is a classic sign of insecurity within one's own person. Further more, your showing you have no interest in making decent conversation shows your social skills as lacking as well. The typical person with any social grace would have at least introduced themselves before proclaiming their insult, as the young lady over here did. And to complete the further inspection of your character... drinking water after saying something of great malice towards another. An instant sign that you do not possess the vocabulary or proper mental strength to put forward an argument if the person replied with their own comment of malice. So you attempt to shut down the conversation before they have a chance to respond to your rudeness. I believe my character analysis on you is finished. Proper conversation etiquette states that you have no place in the conversation to respond to me angrily. As you initially prompted the ill will in your previous statement and I was merely countering your comment in defense. "

Fen finished and reached his hands behind his head and talked back to the boy as he walked over to inspect the pokemon monitoring equipment.

"That author was Winston Siegfriend, I assume you've already forgotten the name. He released 5 books before his death, but two of those are only available in the Canalave Library. Remember, the names Fenra Kurai, just drop my name over there and they'll have no problem loaning you the books. Now if you don't mind, i'll be terminating this conversation." Fen said as he leaned over inspecting more of the pokemon equipment lining the walls of the lab.

January 16th, 2008, 1:30 PM
IC: Noah had been waiting for the girl to reply; "I'm Kat Lee." She said, glancing from Noah to Fen. "Remember it, because I'm going to beat all of you eventually."

Noah thought about the comment for a few seconds before saying; "that's quite a statement, coming from someone I've never met before. Making yourself out as an elitist is never a smart thing to do, especially not to complete strangers. That's why I like you." He grinned.

"My names Fenra... Fenra Kurai. Good luck in your quest to defeat me, but thats a rather bold statement, considering you know nothing about my person nor my battle skills, experience, or styling. At the moment there are over 800 battle scenarios that could occur within our first match alone that I'm sure you haven't even taken the time to consider nor were you aware of. I'll be looking forward to our battle indeed." Fen said as Noah listened, suddenly interested by the conversation.

So this kid thinks he knows everything about battles, hm, I wonder what his story is.

Before Noah had time to speculate the boy was talking to him; "And you... popular psychology author Winston Siegfriend studied a case much like you in 1983 for 10 years. He concluded that instant, unprovoked anger and rudeness directed towards a newly introduced person is a classic sign of insecurity within one's own person. Further more, your showing you have no interest in making decent conversation shows your social skills as lacking as well. The typical person with any social grace would have at least introduced themselves before proclaiming their insult, as the young lady over here did. And to complete the further inspection of your character... drinking water after saying something of great malice towards another. An instant sign that you do not possess the vocabulary or proper mental strength to put forward an argument if the person replied with their own comment of malice. So you attempt to shut down the conversation before they have a chance to respond to your rudeness. I believe my character analysis on you is finished. Proper conversation etiquette states that you have no place in the conversation to respond to me angrily. As you initially prompted the ill will in your previous statement and I was merely countering your comment in defense."

Noah nodded, amused by such an intellectual reply. "Ah, but trying to show that you know more than most people, and, quite obviously as well, is a sign that you have an attention problem. Coming to conclusions such as what you said above when you don't know me is extremely rude as well, and makes me think you're quite obnoxious, because, Fenra, for all you know, my dad could've died today, and I'm just in a bad mood."

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Trainer Kat
January 16th, 2008, 1:36 PM
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IC to come soon.

January 16th, 2008, 1:44 PM

The wait was unbearable. She couldn't be the only one who decided to show up, could she? Or maybe she got the wrong day? Kat was getting antsy. She wanted her Pokemon. She wanted to catch other Pokemon with her Pokemon. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became, and the more excited she became, the less patient she was. Finally, a boy appeared. Her fears were washed away, only to be replaced with a bit of annoyance. Why couldn't he have gotten here sooner?!

"Hey there. You here for a Pokemon too?" Marcus said, as he sits down three or four seats away from the girl. He, too waits for the Professor to show to get his starter Pokemon.

The blonde resisted the urge to snap at him for being later than she. He had arrived merely a few minutes after her, and now he had to wait for the others. If nothing else, she wanted to make the time alone with him as comfortable as possible--awkward silences were not her style.

"Mmhm." She nodded, turning to face him. "I'm Kat Lee." The blonde managed a small smile. "What kind of Pokemon are you looking to get?" She asked.

Yep, you switched from past tense to present tense there.

Trainer Kat
January 16th, 2008, 1:45 PM
OOC: OH. I thought you meant my actual first post (the one on the first page). haha yeah, I just took that directly from Lash's post. I'll go change that now.

IC: Noah thought about the comment for a few seconds before saying; "that's quite a statement, coming from someone I've never met before. Making yourself out as an elitist is never a smart thing to do, especially not to complete strangers. That's why I like you." He grinned.

Kat merely blinked at him. "You're certainly...er...forward..." She smirked. "Especially coming from someone I've never met before," she finished, inwardly pleased by her imitation of the boy.

"My names Fenra... Fenra Kurai. Good luck in your quest to defeat me, but thats a rather bold statement, considering you know nothing about my person nor my battle skills, experience, or styling. At the moment there are over 800 battle scenarios that could occur within our first match alone that I'm sure you haven't even taken the time to consider nor were you aware of. I'll be looking forward to our battle indeed." Fen said to the girl.

The boy then proceeded to offer Noah his rebuttal, during which he examined some of the machinery around the perimeter of the room. Kat grinned. Fen had been here for less than five minutes, and already he was proving to be a worthy adversary. "Well then, Mr. Kurai, looks like we have ourselves a challenge."

January 16th, 2008, 2:06 PM
Fen's ears almost seemed to tingle at the sound of the boy's response.

"He lacks even the simplest ability to analyze basic social order...Quite an interesting kid." Fen said to himself as he turned to the boy and walked towards him. He leaned in close, inches from his face and looked into his eyes with an almost hypnotic stare. "Hm... and yet you have no Neanderthal like qualities as I originally assumed... Interesting..." Fen said, having completely ignored the boy's attempt at a counter insult. He slipped a note pad out from his bag and began scribbling notes retaining something close to Possible Neanderthal like brain frequencies and lower than normal brain capacity. He eyed the boy up and down and scribbled a few more notes and placed the pad back into his bag and clicking his pen closed. He stood straight again, pleased with his analysis.

He remained silent for a moment while pondering the scenario once more, rubbing his chin, his head was currently a whirlwind of thoughts and calculations as he reached into the inner reaches of his mind, still trying to figure out what he had initially done to generate such anger from the boy. The earlier comment while inspecting the machiney of the lab popped back through Fen's mind.

"Ah, but trying to show that you know more than most people, and, quite obviously as well, is a sign that you have an attention problem. Coming to conclusions such as what you said above when you don't know me is extremely rude as well, and makes me think you're quite obnoxious, because, Fenra, for all you know, my dad could've died today, and I'm just in a bad mood."

"Hm... that statement... could hold more clues to his primitive nature..." Fen said to himself in a low, intrigued whisper. He was now completely immersed in thought and plopped down on the ground cross legged, looking up at the ceiling dreamily while his mind strained to generate results.

"Father could have died... the odds of that happening on this day... are minute at best... Which could possibly generate such a large level of ill intent on a certain uninvolved individual, possibly the first to enter the door, which would be me in the current scenario. Yet judging by character analysis once again, he seemed to be in a typical situation with the girl before my entrance... it just doesn't appear to line up... The Father thing continually recurs through my mind what is it what is it. Siegfriend once stated another case which commonly used over active bluffs in a 3rd response of ill will. But the behaviour was mostly noted among Primeapes and Mankeys when communicating angrily about food and shelter... intriguing. Yet this boy... it makes sense! He made the same angry assumptions and retaliation a typical Primeape or Mankey would have! The only clause-able solution is that this boy must have been raised by Primeape! Or even some sort of Primeape/Human hybrid! Interesting! very very interesting!" Fen sat contemplating hard and thinking aloud, ignoring the other members of the the room, absorbed in his own theoretical world.

He instantly pulled his notepad out upon reaching his Primeape conclusion and began to write furiously, looking to the boy, then back to his note pad, writing more. He suddenly stopped and looked at the boy again.

"Hm... I don't know his name...Mankey boy... will prove adequate for now." He said thinking to himself some more. "You just earned yourself a new traveling partner, Mankey boy. I'll study you until the ends of the earth if thats what it takes to find out what makes you tic. This is awesome. Siegfriend, i'll make you proud!" Fen exclaimed in a new found excitement.

January 16th, 2008, 2:12 PM

Looks like I have time to spare! Yay! I might as well make my first post.


The door to the laboratory burst open unexpectedly yet again as another late comer made his way into the building. He was a tanned boy, sporting a dazzling green, spiky Mohawk, perhaps the most colourful article in the room. Several other kids who appeared to be more or less of his age group were already in the lounge, exchanging words amongst themselves. Patrick rationed that they must’ve been like him, here to receive their very first pokémon, they didn’t look very experienced after all. Would they be his competition, or his companions? Much remained to be discovered. He suddenly remembered that barging into a Pokémon Laboratory and not introducing oneself was no way to make an entry, and a late entry at that.

He strode to the centre of the room confidently, swinging his arms and shoulders as if he owned the place.

“Yo guys, I’m –”

But his introduction was cut short when he realised no one was even paying attention to him. Oh, how that hurt his ego … he put a hand over his heart melodramatically as if attempting to stop it from bleeding. Someone was going to pay for stealing his limelight! He was the one who arrived fashionably late, he was the one everybody was supposed to turn their attention to, he was the one with the big guns for arms, and he was the one who was supposed to have the floor! But instead, some puny looking kid wearing a baseball shirt and rather suspicious looking tight jeans continued ranting on about some dead guy who authored a few books that nobody probably even cared about. And then something about monkeys? Was this guy serious?

When the kid’s mouth finally stopped running, Patrick tried to introduce himself once more, in a calm and natural voice. “Hey, guys. My name is Pa-”

His attempt was interrupted again when another boy, with similar colour hair to his own, responded to the kid who had been ranting on previously. No one was acknowledging his presence in the room! Infuriated, Patrick walked to the closest wall in the laboratory, gritting his teeth and balling his fists.


With a loud battle cry, he launched a devastating headbutt to the wall in front of him. His hard cranium collided against the interior with such a force that it caused incredible damage to the wall, leaving a huge hole at the point of impact. Finally, everyone seemed to be silent for a moment. The sounds of the wall’s paint crumbling to the floor were audible to every one in the room. Now, with the attention on him, hopefully, he cleared his throat and turned to the crowd, seemingly unaffected by his little attention-seeking stunt.

“My name is Patrick Pitter.” He paused, scanning the faces of the people in the room. “And that’s all I wanted to say.”

He walked away from the scene and into a secluded corner. He constantly peeked over his shoulder to make sure no one was looking. When he was confident in his isolation, he rubbed his forward gently, as tears forcefully made their way down his face.

Wow, that really hurt.

January 16th, 2008, 2:18 PM
OOC: Evkay, your post are the funniest I've seen for quite a while.

IC: Noah smiled at Kat in amusement as the boy, Fen, began to make the most over the top calculations he had ever heard.

"You just earned yourself a new traveling partner, Mankey boy. I'll study you until the ends of the earth if thats what it takes to find out what makes you tic. This is awesome. Siegfriend, i'll make you proud!" Fen exclaimed in a new found excitement.

Noah sat back in his chair. "Tell me, have you ever had an actual Pokemon battle, or have you just read the books? Because, calling me Mankey Boy, which, unfortunately for you, has affected me emotionally, and I'm taking it as an insult. You may be a child prodigy, you're certainly making yourself out to be one, but, lets see if brains can help you beat me in a Pokemon battle. They can't, because you've never battled with a Pokemon before, you may well have used your parents' Pokemonfor practice, but I'll ignore that option. So, as soon as we get our starters, do you want a battle, so I can prove that I was raised by humans, that were once asked to be the owners of a Pokemon Gym in Goldenrod City, or will you come up with some logical excuse as to why we shouldn't battle, in order to not be seen losing to someone that was apparently raised by a Mankey?"

Noah rubbed his hand through his blue hair as he waited for the pompous boy to reply.

Trainer Kat
January 16th, 2008, 2:36 PM
OOC: Personally, I am immensely amused by the majority of the posts. xD

IC: Kat's expression went blank as Fen began to ramble. "Hm... I don't know his name...Mankey boy... will prove adequate for now." He said thinking to himself some more. "You just earned yourself a new traveling partner, Mankey boy. I'll study you until the ends of the earth if thats what it takes to find out what makes you tic. This is awesome. Siegfriend, i'll make you proud!" Fen exclaimed in a new found excitement.

"Wait a minute." Kat interjected, standing up. "You're being absolutely absurd! Granted, Noah here may not be the most..." She glanced down at the boy next to her before her attention was drawn back to Fen. "...civilized human, but I'm sure he isn't a Mankey!" She sighed. It was probably hopeless. From what she could ascertain, Mr. professor-in-training was far too headstrong to listen to the words of a girl who was presumably less educated than he. Before she could sit down, she heard a loud yell.


The noise made her jump and let out a small yelp. Not only had the perpetrator screamed, he had also run his head through the wall.

“My name is Patrick Pitter.” He paused, scanning the faces of the people in the room. “And that’s all I wanted to say.”

Kat blinked, a bewildered look on her face. She couldn't believe it. He had really slammed his skull against the wall--a stunt that Kat thought was too crazy to believe. "I really can't believe it.." she moaned. "Everyone here is a total weirdo...Totally crazy..."

January 16th, 2008, 2:41 PM
ooc: Rofl thanks, i'm actually laughing as i write them.

IC: Fen's attention was averted from Mankey boy to the newest entry into the room. Somehow the boy had escaped Fen's gaze when he entered. The boy seemed aggravated but suddenly released all of his frustration into a head butt straight into the wall.

Fen's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe what he had just saw. He looked at Mankey Boy, then back to the new boy. The new boy introduced himself...Patrick Pitter. Fen couldn't believe what he was seeing, his mouth was almost salivating by this point.

"What... What is he? Another pokemon hybrid? His head is as hard as a rock! Yet.. after making such a performance, he introduced himself as a typical human being. Astounding. Such a powerful head with a quiet personality... I've definitely seen this behaviour before as well... Donald Horus' book series on the habits and understandings of Cranidos and Rampardos..." Fen thought aloud once again. Then his jaw dropped even more and he quickly pulled out his weapon of choice. His notepad.

"Amazing! Another human hybrid! An odd mixture... a Cranidos and Rampardos! They don't even exist anymore! Yet here i am, a lowly student. In front of two of the world's only human/pokemon hybrids. This is nobel prize worthy." Fen said aloud. He stood with sparkles in his eyes and a dreamy stare as he hugged his notebook and pen. He quickly snapped out and began to scribble furiously once again, but was cut short by Mankey Boy speaking to him. He couldn't pass up a chance to study more of Mankey Boy either, so he tuned in.

"Tell me, have you ever had an actual Pokemon battle, or have you just read the books? Because, calling me Mankey Boy, which, unfortunately for you, has affected me emotionally, and I'm taking it as an insult. You may be a child prodigy, you're certainly making yourself out to be one, but, lets see if brains can help you beat me in a Pokemon battle. They can't, because you've never battled with a Pokemon before, you may well have used your parents' Pokemonfor practice, but I'll ignore that option. So, as soon as we get our starters, do you want a battle, so I can prove that I was raised by humans, that were once asked to be the owners of a Pokemon Gym in Goldenrod City, or will you come up with some logical excuse as to why we shouldn't battle, in order to not be seen losing to someone that was apparently raised by a Mankey?" Mankey boy said to him, arrogantly.

Fen was not surprised at Mankey Boy's challenge. He nodded to himself, confirming an internal theory he had, then placed his notepad back in his pocket, though he would undoubtedly need it soon once more.

"A battle with Mankey Boy... this could be quite the learning experience. A chance to see the specimen's aggressive behaviour first hand. And also.. his parents were once asked to be the leaders of Goldenrod gym...intriguing. A chance to fight someone with undoubtedly great strength if the talents were passed to him...As is this a chance to test my own abilities and diagnose the weak areas of my battle strategy." Fen said as he pondered entirely TOO long about the battle challenge. "Okay Mankey Boy! Your challenge is accepted. We'll battle after receiving our pokemon. But if you'll excuse me, I must examine this other specimen... A hybrid with an extinct pokemon... a Cranidos none the less... astounding..." Fen said as he trailed off, walking towards Patrick to inspect him.

While walking across the room he pulled his notepad out again... clicking his pen open...

January 16th, 2008, 3:02 PM

@ Kat, well, you have a fairly normal RP plot here, one that is too hard to come by these days.

@EvKay: You're a comedian.

Also, I think we should all write in different font colours, it's, like, a system.


Patrick Pitter, what a terrible name. Noah thought to himself. No wonder he's so demented, although, smashing into the wall was a bit over the top... I won't question, yet.

Noah turned to Fen, "I also have one last request, can I call you Mr. Mime? It's just that call you do is copy words from a text book and say them, making you think you're all great. I'll have you know I write about mental health for the newspaper, The Daily Bugle, under the pen name Ment Ali D. Nile. In case you haven't figured that out, it's a pun on mentally denial, which, grammatically, doesn't mean anything, but I find it quite amusing. Our battle sall be very amusing too, because, trust me, books can't help you win a Pokemon battle."

Noah surveyed his surroundings, what Pokemon will I get, I wonder.

January 16th, 2008, 3:36 PM

Mhm. Loving your character very much, Evkay.


Patrick continued to massage the soreness stretched across his brow when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Sneaking a cunning peek over his shoulder, he spotted that same kid who had been ranting on and on earlier walking his way, mumbling something about a Cranidos. Small waves of panic began to ripple along his nerves. He couldn’t let anyone see him in pain! No, that would be incredibly unmanly and unbearable for him to live through. With that in consideration, he toughened up immediately, draping a convincing façade of sturdiness over his person. He whipped around and made steady eye contact with the kid.

Nothing was said for a few moments. Patrick quirked an eyebrow as he noticed the kid was in possession of a notepad and a pen, clicking it as if he were preparing to take something down. Patrick assessed the situation rather hastily.

“Argh, don’t tell me you’re another reporter! Are you guys even allowed in here? You guys already asked me why I was late, remember!? Just outside, a second ago. I thought I’d told you what happened. I only entered Pallet Town today and I got lost three times. But then, I made a startling discovery,” he explained, chuckling to himself. “Heh, did you know that if you actually follow all the road signs, it becomes a lot easier to find this place?” He winked, having just shared the secret that had assisted him greatly in discovering the location of the lab.

But something wasn’t adding up, something in the behaviour of the boy. He couldn’t be a reporter, not with that laidback nature of his, no way. Not to mention all the reporters Patrick had ever come across asked at least fifty questions at a go before taking a breath. He was forced to revert to his original assessment of the boy, that he was just another kid looking to be hooked up with a pokémon like the rest of them. Just then, another to-be trainer coined the nickname “Mr. Mime” for the kid standing in front of him. Seeing as Patrick didn’t know the boy’s name, he figured he’d borrow the nickname for the time being as well.

“Ah, well, Mr. Mime. If you’re not a reporter, then what can I help you with? Oh yes, you mentioned something about a Cranidos. Ay, I’m afraid I know very little about them. I wouldn’t be of much help.” Besides, from what he recalled earlier, the boy apparently displayed quite a bit of intelligence, just enough for Patrick to not want to deal with him at the moment. His brain was already hurting as it was, he didn’t want to aggravate it further by actually thinking. He shrugged his head towards the green-haired kid. “Why don’t you ask that guy? He seems eager enough to speak to you. And I think he just called you a … nerd. Your battle should be very interesting to witness. I can’t wait! Good luck to the both of you.”

And with that, he patted the so-called Mr. Mime on the shoulder and found another corner where he could recover.

January 16th, 2008, 3:37 PM
OOC: Okay, you guys post waaaay too fast. X3 I'm not as young or as physically able to keep up, so I'm going to have to drop out after this post. :(

IC: It had been one thing to finally arrive at his destination, the fabled Pallet Town where the legendary Professor Oak resided, but it was another to be ambushed by a news crew, journalists and photographers at the laboratory's entrance. The amount of attention he received from just being an assumed trainer-to-be was overwhelming and suprisingly reminded him of his sister's teasing, especially when she would publicly draw attention to his appearance, which never ceased to embarrass him.

"Uh, uh...heh, um, I-I'm Kamada Kozue," he stammered as several journalists prodded him for answers to the point where he was unable to back away, "I won the radio contest...I-I think..."

Fortunately, after much effort, he was able to slip through the laboratory's front gate, something the accosting mob, despite their size, were unable to do...for legal reasons. But, after escaping from one rowdy crowd of people, he soon found himself in the company of another, except this time, the people appeared more around his age...well at least he hoped so.

This hope was soon killed off and quite quickly as he approached the entrance to the laboratory. Kozue couldn't help but overhear the racket that had consumed the small waiting room inside, where he had been invited to gather with the other trainers-to-be. But from what he could hear, he wasn't sure whether he wanted to continue inside or not. Everyone seemed so much more...mature, than he was, it was a little intimidating.

After finally gathering his thoughts and pulling himself together, Kozue gently parted the front door and slipped inside, where his gaze met four of the other trainers. From a first look, they all appeared much older and prepared than he was, which was one of the main things he feared in coming to Pallet Town, but after just a second of being in their presence, he felt somewhat relaxed, as if these people had all been destined to gather for this rare once-in-a-million chance. It at least, made him feel a little more at ease.

"U-um, I'm Kamada Kozue," he began with a slight stammer and bow, despite his thoughts on making a confident introduction, "sorry for being late, I'm here to meet Professor Oak."

OOC: Oh and I was kidding about dropping out. XP

January 16th, 2008, 4:14 PM
Fen merely observed Patrick as the boy talked to Fen and exclaimed about reporters.

“Argh, don’t tell me you’re another reporter! Are you guys even allowed in here? You guys already asked me why I was late, remember!? Just outside, a second ago. I thought I’d told you what happened. I only entered Pallet Town today and I got lost three times. But then, I made a startling discovery. Heh, did you know that if you actually follow all the road signs, it becomes a lot easier to find this place?”

Fen nodded as the boy talked, staring into his eyes with learning intent. He scribbled some notes at the boy's assumption and continued to observe at an awkwardly close distance.

"Hm... very human characteristics... demonstrates paranoia of strangers..." Fen said to himself as he scribbled it down.

“Ah, well, Mr. Mime. If you’re not a reporter, then what can I help you with? Oh yes, you mentioned something about a Cranidos. Ay, I’m afraid I know very little about them. I wouldn’t be of much help.” The boy continued.

Fen was further intrigued. "*gasp* Amazing. He has quite human like characteristics, learning to recognize me through another mentioned nickname as fast as he could. Doesn't appear to know about Cranidos... a possible case of amnesia... interesting, interesting..."

Fen tuned out the rest of the conversation as he pondered his newly acquired notes and surveyed the room. Another trainer burst through the door adding to the constantly increasing number of trainers. Fen clicked his pen and put his bad away, and walked to the new arrival.

"Hows it goin there, Kozue was it? Very nice to meet you. I was beginning to think every one aside from the girl was going to be a research subject. Be careful of the blue haired one... and the other green haired boy... I'm not sure if its really safe to approach them yet... be cautious.." Fen said as he stepped away, seeming to fade into the shadows.

Fen actually merely retreated to the seats near the wall, taking the seat next to Kat. He pulled his feet up sitting in his awkward cross legged posture with his knees, more likely than not, invading her personal space. He sat thinking aloud once more as he stared into space, rubbing his chin and contemplated his notes.

"The specimens seem to have finally warmed up to me... As i have earned a nickname. This is a sure sign of acceptance. This "Mr. Mime" nickname...based on the assumption of my ability to regurgitate information in order to cite my sources and facts. An interesting choice indeed as a Mr. Mime tends to mimic physical movements as opposed to copying down mental information. A more suitable name under the given scenario would have been Metagross... or possibly Alakazam... it appears Mankey Boy's hasty nature has lead him to a preemptive, incorrect solution. This must be duly noted for later investigation." Fen said, thinking loudly once more.

"On a side note..." Fen said Kat, not informing her of his switching the focus of whom he was talking to, "I'm wondering how much longer we have to wait before we're issued our pokemon..."

January 16th, 2008, 4:24 PM
Noah felt like ruining a quality conversation. He leant over past Kat so he was eye to eye with Mr. Mime. "Well, knowing Oak, probably forever... So do you want to talk about what we might get? Personally I'd love any water or fire type, except for Piplup and Torchic, because I don't like them... No clue as to why though. Knowing you... You'd want to play it safe and have a nice, carefully laid out team, so you'd want a Treeko, a Squirtle and maybe a Charmander." Noah said all of this very fast.

Noah really wanted to annoy Mr. Mime; "say, do you play soduku? You and I will have to play against each other." Fowl spotted a mobile phone in Fen's pocket and grabbed it, "wow! A phone! Can I test it out?"

The young boy was really enjoying irritating Mr. Mime.

Trainer Kat
January 16th, 2008, 4:26 PM
OOC: Phew! Way to give me a heart attack, Phanima! D:

I'm glad you're enjoying it, Oni Raichu. I generally enjoy trainer RPGs the most, though there seem to be a lack of them these days.

Well, since Mr.Mystery and Quasar have given me no indication that that they are going to continue this, we shall proceed without them! Rejoice!

IC will come in a few minutes, just to make sure I don't post moments before someone else, nulling their post.

January 16th, 2008, 4:29 PM
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Trainer Kat
January 16th, 2008, 4:41 PM
OOC: I'll wait until Evkay responds to you before I bring out Professor Oak, then.

IC: Kat felt more than annoyed, having Fen's knee on her right thigh, and Noah leaning across her lap. Her eye twitched slightly. Both boys were in her space, and she didn't appreciate that. Not at all.

"Ugh! Will you get off of me!" she snarled, palm pressed against Noah's chest, shoving him back into his seat. With that she stood, storming over to the smaller boy who just entered. Surprisingly, she managed to leave without disrupting Fen in the slightest.

She glanced over at the boy. He too had been late. What was it with teenagers and not being able to arrive on time? She gave him a big smile. He had to be younger than her, and he was absolutely adorable. And then she did something rather unexpected. The blonde circled her arms around his neck and pulled him into a big hug.

"You're...so cute!" she exclaimed, smiling at him. "Kozue, is it? I'm Kat Lee."

January 16th, 2008, 4:53 PM
Fen sat pleasantly in the seat, still thinking to himself. His thoughts were rudely interrupted by a barrage of questions and touching from Mankey Boy. He was unusually talkative all of a sudden, which of course, prompted Fen to pull out his pen and pad.

Mankey Boy pressured his questions in rapid fire onto Fen, Well, knowing Oak, probably forever... So do you want to talk about what we might get? Personally I'd love any water or fire type, except for Piplup and Torchic, because I don't like them... No clue as to why though. Knowing you... You'd want to play it safe and have a nice, carefully laid out team, so you'd want a Treeko, a Squirtle and maybe a Charmander. Say, do you play soduku? You and I will have to play against each other. Wow! A phone! Can I test it out?"

Fen scratched his chin... then began scribbling on his pad once again. "Astounding... he exhibits more Mankey like qualities as we become closer... The subject is showing Mankey like curiosity and and a fascination for shiny objects... interesting interesting. Perhaps it would be better suited to provide him with a small bit of string, or a rubber bouncing ball as the subject seems to have a prominent case of Attention Deficits Disorder..." Fen responded as he scribbled on the paper, flipping to another page.

Suddenly, pushed Noah off of her in frustration. She then stood up, leaving to greet the other new trainer. Fen watched her leave and immersed deep in thought once again.

"I'll have to talk to the girl... her name was.. Kat? I need another pair of researching eyes...perhaps she could be recruited as an assistant... Anyone who hopes to produce a thesis has always had a lovely assistant at his side. I'll have to place the proposition to her soon then... its decided." Fen said aloud, ignoring Mankey Boy for the time being.

January 16th, 2008, 5:25 PM
His entrance seemed to have had little impact on the now rising bickering between the four trainers and his previous optimistism was slowly fading away. The tension was intimidating and he was having trouble deciding whether he should intervene to help calm the situation or to just stay out of the way and avoid any possible harm. It was then that the only girl in the room broke away from her enclosed seat and slid up to his side with a rather surprising embrace and greeting.

"You're...so cute!" she exclaimed as she wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him in closer for a hug. "Kozue, is it? I'm Kat Lee."

The sudden embrace quickly made him feel at ease and flushed away all the tension building inside of him. He had only really been close to three people in his life; his sister, his mother and his first Pokemon, Mawhile, but he soon found that he felt just as content in the new girl's arms and relaxed further into the hug.

"H-Hai, I'm Kozue," he said with a sincere smile, "it's very nice to meet you Kat. I hope I'm not intruding."

He then turned to the other boy who also acknowledged his appearance and gave him warnings about the remaining two trainers. Kozue wasn't sure how to take this, he was sure they weren't dangerous or mean, but he returned the gesture with a smile and a small wave anyway.

"It's nice to meet you too."

OOC: Remember people, in-character personalities aren't out-of-character personalities, so try not to take everything personally. :3

Trainer Kat
January 16th, 2008, 5:42 PM
Kat stood next to Kozue, who seemed to be the only normal person in the building. Well, besides herself, of course. "Intruding?" She giggled. "Of course not! I'm glad you're here. Otherwise I might be stuck with those two." She stuck her thumb behind her, pointing at the bickering couple. "It's nice to meet you." She smiled at him, one arm still draped loosely around his shoulders.


Kat's teal eyes shot to the door at the far end of the room, where a man in a stiff white lab coat stood, holding a tray containing a variety of Pokeballs. His salt and pepper hair was styled short, a few uncooperative strands falling to the side of his face. His eyes were kind, surrounded by small crow's feet. The corners of his mouth turned up into a smile as he gained the attention of everyone in the room. No doubt about it, this was the man they had been waiting for. This was Professor Oak himself!

"First, I'd like to congratulate you all on your first victory as a Pokemon trainer. Though it may not seem like you won a 'battle', you did achieve victory in that you beat out countless other applicants to receive your first Pokemon. I am Professor Oak, the authority on Pokemon, and I am here to present you with your very own partner."

At this, the professor reached down and picked up a Pokeball. The sphere fit perfectly in his hand, light glistening off the shiny red surface.

"As I'm sure you are all aware, this is a Pokeball. It is a Pokemon's home, of sorts. Should you choose to keep your Pokemon contained within it, it will provide adequate shelter for your monsters." He chuckled slightly. "Now, I know you all know this, seeing as how you all stood out from the rest, but this speech is required of me. I know you don't enjoy listening to it, but bear with me. You'll all have your Pokemon in a short while."

Kat could hardly bear the excitement. Her heart was pounding.

"You all shall receive one Pokeball containing your partner Pokemon, as well as five extras to be used for capturing wild Pokemon. I know some of you were disappointed you were unable to select your first Pokemon. We try so hard to match the personalities of the contestants to the personalities of the Pokemon. All starters are generally popular, so I feel we should have no problems! And with that...I'll hand out your Pokedex and Pokeballs."

The Professor picked up the Pokedex on top of the pile. "Marcus.." He handed the Pokedex to the blonde that arrived shortly after Kat herself had, as well as the Pokeball he initially picked up. "Fen.." Another name, followed by another, until he at last arrived at Kozue and Kat.

Kat held the Pokeball in her hands, feeling the warmth within. She tucked the hot pink Pokedex she had been given into her trainer bag. Just...not...a fire Pokemon.. she pleaded. Tentatively, she pressed the button in the center of the sphere. A flash of red light emerged. This is it!! she exclaimed. When the light dissipated, she found herself face to face with her partner. Her heart sank. Before her was a Charmander.

OOC: There you go. :] Feel free to select a color for your Pokedex (though I would ask that no two people have the same color, unless it is red.)

January 16th, 2008, 6:04 PM
Fen's eyes seemed to glaze over at the appearance of Professor Oak. At long last, such a renowned pokemon researcher was standing right before him. He gawked in amazement as he listened to the professor speak. Finally finished, the professor began handing out pokedexs and pokeballs. Fen was called second and he approached slowly. He accepted the package of items, and the pokeball containing his partner. He slipped the sleek, dark green pokedex into his back pocket for the time being and placed the pokeballs in his bag. He looked at the pokeball containing his partner and stood for a moment, then released the pokemon onto the ground.

The bright red light shot from the ball then faded to reveal a small green pokemon who sat lazily, scratching its head. Fen squatted down to eye level with the pokemon and looked into its eyes.

"Hm... a Treecko. Quite the uncharacteristic Treecko, but you seem very calm which I can appreciate. We're gonna get along fine, little friend." Fen said to the pokemon.

Of course Fen didn't realize what would have been obvious to anyone else watching the two. Fen and the Treecko both had the same, eyes half closed, bored, tired look to their faces. They sat looking at eachother with matching facial expressions, almost like twins. The Treecko stood up, then hopped onto Fen's knee then climed up to the top of head. From there, it flopped lazily onto his head where it seemed quite content to stay. Fen stood up, looking up at the small grass pokemon as it looked back down at him with the same bored look. The two were perfect for each other.

"Well...Treecko...If thats where you prefer to be... I'll let you stay. But you need a name... Treecko is too generic. The way you like to sit up high like that... reminds me of tree tops... like a forest... so how about I call you Forest?" Fen suggested to the Treecko, laying on his head.

The Treecko gave a shrug of approval and curled up, going to sleep in the comfort of Fen's scruffy hair. He looked around the room, trying to see what the other trainers received for their pokemon. This was quite an exciting time for Fen, seeing pokemon matches for all the trainers... AND his new research specimens...

January 16th, 2008, 6:41 PM
It's the crack of dawn, and the sun already shown it's first light. The snow reflected most of the light, brightening the landscape. Most people are still asleep at this time, but not W. He's already preparing his things for his long journey.
"Food, check. Extra clothing, check. Telescope, check..." he chanted groggily. After a few minutes, as he started walking toward the door, a voice said.

"Excited, aren't you?" said the voice. Startled by the voice, W. tripped something and fell to the ground.

"You don't have to surprise me!" said W. angrily. The voice was his father. "You've forgotten something.'' He handed out a galss container. Inside that container is an egg, a brown one with white stripes. "It's from your mom. He know you'll be leaving early, very early in fact"

"Oh" said W. "Sorry'' he got the egg and put it in his backpack. "Take care, son" said W's father.

"Tell mom I'll be back soon" W. shouted back as he is already walking on the main route.

Snowpoint City is Located near the mountains. Oftentimes a blizzard would occur. 'Hmmm... What kind of pokemon will I choose?" He pondered.

He took the nearest bus station in order to arrive to the Port faster. While most of the passengers slept, W. was on his books.
"Most of them are trainers, I think" he wondered. He was right. On their belts are pokeballs of various colors. Some of them are talking on how their pokemons are raised. At last he arrived at the port.

"It'll be a 2 days ride" he hypothesized. "Depending on the velocity of the ship and wind divided by the distance..."

January 16th, 2008, 7:08 PM
While a small amount of drama and noise had emerged from the other new trainers who entered the lab, Marcus preferred not to get into it. He released a small laugh or two, just to look like an innocent bystander. He waited in his seat, without much movement, other than crossing his arms while waiting and a yawn, since it did take a few minutes for all to get in, and for introductions. Though, he did look over at Kat when she hugged the other trainer, exclaiming that he is cute. For a moment, he let a bit of jealousy show in his eyes, but turned his head, to look mature.

Finally, Oak had made an entrance. He entered with a tray of Pokeballs in his hands, and a smile on his face. Marcus couldn't help but to smile with glee, since he was now ready to get a Pokemon, and start his journey for the Pokemon League. All the other trainers in the room along with Marcus stood, waiting for Oak to assign them a Pokemon and give them a Pokedex.

"Your name is, Marcus?"

The blonde haired boy nodded.

Oak handed him a spherical object, with a button in the middle, making the ball be like a capsule. Without even speaking up, Marcus was given a red Pokedex. A smile emerged, as he was now ready. In his hands were a Pokeball and a Pokedex. He pressed the button in the middle of the ball. Emerging was a small, yellow mouse Pokemon, standing at about 13 or 14 inches. With red cheeks, and being energetic as it could be, this was a Pikachu.

The Pokemon immediately jumped into Marcus's arms, and begin crawling around him, to explore its new trainer. Marcus laughed, since he was being tickled a little. He looked his right, seeing other trainers open their Pokeballs. The blonde haired girl, Kat, looked displeased with a Charmander. Marcus spoke up,

"Don't be too displeased if you didn't get the Pokemon you wanted. It is your partner- It is destiny that it was assigned to you."

Marcus said so while walking over to Kat. Looking down at Charmander with Pikachu hanging onto his shoulder, literally standing on it, they both looked at the starter. Marcus patted his hand on Charmanders head for a moment, and took one small glance at its trainer. [/IC]

OOC: Sorry if it is a little short. I have a busy schedule in real life, but I will still attempt to make a post every day.

January 16th, 2008, 10:19 PM
Noah decided he would just ignore Fen until their Pokemon Battle, because the annoying kid was irritating him to no end. The blue-haired teenager stood up to greet the elderly professor, who was hlding a white capsule, it sort of reminded Noah of a computer, but it was more like a calculator. So that's the famous Pokedex.

Noah walked up to Oak and received a Poke ball with lines running across its red part. He clenched it before saying in his head; I don't know what Pokemon you are, and I really don't care, because I don't have a choice in the matter. I want us to be friends, if we can. Noah threw the red and white sphere into the air, releasing a monkey.

"Chimchar!" The monkey started hopping around the room.

"Wow!" Noah was flabbergasted. "Thank you so much professor!"

Noah turned to Fen and saw he had received a Treeko. Noah smirked; now he had the type advantage.

January 17th, 2008, 2:30 AM
His distinct and stern voice pierced the air and caught everyone's immediate attention. Still wrapped under one of Kat's arms, Kozue turned his head towards the now approaching professor who looked every bit like his photos in the Pokemon tabloids, it was really him; Professor Oak.

He made his introduction quick and to the point and before he realised it, the professor was already handing out their prized Pokemon. He slowly began to call out each trainer for them to receive their Pokemon and assorted accessories. This was the first time he had heard each of their names and made himself remember each and everyone of them. Marcus, Fenra, Patrick, Noah and Kat were their names and he made a promise to himself to memorise them as quickly as possible. They were going to be his new travelling companions after all...well, at least he hoped so.

It was then that the professor called out his name and gently placed his desired prize in his eager hands. "Thank you professor!" he beamed as he received his ocean blue Pokedex, set of five spare Pokeballs and his very first Pokemon. "Thank you so much!"

Without hesitation, Kozue gently tossed the ball just above his head and watched as it spun and eventually burst open in a flash of white light, releasing a round shaped creature by his feet. He watched intently as the light faded away from the creature's body as he listened to the similar sounds of the other trainers' releasing their very own first Pokemon.

A plump round body and an equally round head first appeared, followed by a small budding beak, a pair of wing flippers and three-toed claws. A dark blue coat covered the majority of its bulbous head and napkin like feathers that ran across its neck, back and tail. A lighter shade of blue completed the rest of its miniature body, bar two white round patches across its front and around its eyes. Its beak and feet also matched with an impressive yellow hue. Altogether, the small newly hatched Pokemon striked a marking resemblance to a baby penguin.

Putting his recently accquired Pokedex to good use, Kozue quickly scanned the creature who had began ruffling its own feathers with its short stubby beak.

"It's a Piplup!" he announced with a bright smile as he read its biography.

Crouching down to survey the Pokemon, the blonde mop-top attempted a gentle patting session with his new partner when he was suddenly greeted with a rather stubborn and unprovoked nip on the finger.

"Ouch!" he cried out, instinctively brushing his wounded finger across his lips. "I-I'm sorry, I don't mean you any harm..."

The penguin looked relatively confused but stayed on guard as it analysed the approaching teen. "I'm not going to hurt you," Kozue continued, stretching out an open hand in an effort to make peace with the Pokemon. "I just wanted to greet you properly..."

Expecting another bite from its short yet suprisingly sharp beak, Kozue braced himself for the attack as the Pokemon widened its mouth. What he wasn't expecting was the warm sensation and rather gross feeling of the baby penguin's tongue addressing the same finger it had bitten only moments ago. For some reason unbeknownst to him, the Piplup seemed to have accepted his presence for that moment, and that was good enough for him.

With his other hand, he hesitantly began stroking the penguin's head with the hopes of relaxing the Pokemonas it tended to his small wound. "You're quite friendly, huh Piplup?" he continued, thoroughly enjoying the moment as his mind started to wonder, "but I think you need a name...something that'll suit you, like 'Poochie' or 'Pochama'..."

Looking down at the baby blue penguin, his wondering mind blanked. "Um...I don't know what to call you..." he stammered as he scratched his messy blonde hair, "maybe something simple and catchy, like 'Peanut' or 'Pocky'...wait, 'Pocky'! I love pocky!"

Piplup seemed to have heard the boy's exclamation about one of his favourite past-time snacks and retreated from its current duty to pat its flipper against his hand in an effort to grab the teen's attention. As if a piece of the puzzle had finally fallen into place, Kozue happily petted the penguin's hands and gave his new partner a nod. "From now on, you'll be known as 'Pocky'."

Rather satisfied with the amount of progress he had made with his new buddy, Kozue returned his attention to what was immediately happening around them. Seeing Kat releasing a fairly distinctive Pokemon in her hands, the blonde mop-top made his way back over to the girl with rejuvenated optimism.

"Kat-chan, what did you get?"

OOC: Sorry about the lack of detail in the initial 'getting to know each other' part of the post with Ko and Po, I tried to add a little more conflict but couldn't pull it off with Ko's positive personality and a baby penguin...oh well. XP

January 17th, 2008, 4:23 AM
After 2 days, Kanto region came into view.

"Ah, Kanto..." W. exclaimed as he admired the scenery.
The region is mountainous, rugged and full of forest. It is an unspoiled beauty. Some of the mountains have towns on them.

"I can't wait!" he said excitedly as he began descending from the ramp. Suddenly something's illuminating from inside his backpack. "What the?!" he said as he reached into his backpack. It was the egg! But the even happened for a few seconds. Then it slowly faded into normal. "False alarm" W. said dissapointingly. He thought his egg is gonna hatch. Then he headed into the main route.

3 hours of walking certainly tires out W. Finally he reachd Pallet town. "This place sure is nice" he said, as he felt the cool gentle breeze. After 4 minutes of waling(again!) he reached his destination, Proff. Oak's laboratory.

W. opened the door gently & peaked inside. 'Nobody's home," he thought "Were are the other trainers?" As he was pondering, a voice suddenly said, "Ah, you must be W.!". This startled W. "Whoa!" then he looked closely at the person. "Y-You m-must be P-Proff. Oak..." he stammered.

"Exactly! Well then , youv'e come collect your starting pokemon? asked the Proffessor. W nodded. "then what are we waiting for? Get inside." he said.

In the middle of the lab is a table with several pokeballs. "Some of the trainers have already left with their pokemons." said the proffessor.

"Also, some of them haven't arrived yet, so here's your pokemon." He handed out a pokeball. W. examined it for a minute and finally released the pokemon. It had a round shell and turqouise colored body. "It's a Squirtle..." W. said.

"Wow, you already know how to identify pokemon!" said the proff. "Squirtle the best when it comes into defence, and a good partner for quiet trainers." he added.

W. looked into his first pokemon. Squirtle looked at him too. It seemed as if they're brothers. "I like him." W. finally said. "Well then" the proff. chuckled, "Here's you..." he stopped. "What? Proff?" W. asked.

"Something shining in your backpack" he said. "Oh, no not again!" W. cried. He took the egg out of It's case and put it on the table. After 10 seconds, it's finally hatched. The pokemon is an Eevee.

"I think that's an Eevee." W. said

"Hmmm... you're right, an Eevee's rare you know." the proffessor expained, as Squirtle and Eevee began playing around the table. "Okay, now here's your pokeballs" he said as he handed out 5 pokeballs. "And here's your Pokedex. It'll help you Identify pokemons". " Ands finally your Pokenav, It'll help you locate nearby towns and cities, it's sorta like a GPS"

W. was overwhelmed with joy. 'Yes! I'm now a trainer!' he said in his mind joyfully. Then he began packing his things in his backpack. He placed his pokeballs back of his belt.

"Now Squirtle return, you too Eevee" Squirtle obeyed, but his Eevee remarkably dodged the red beam emanating from the pokeball!

"She's a quick one," the proff. observed. "Be patient, & later she'll understands you, she's still a baby you..."

"He's a she?!" W interrupted. "We'll... most active bab pokemons I've observed so far are females, so don't fret about it." replied the proff.

After a few minutes of discussing, W. finally went out of the Lab. "Bye, Proffessor and thank you! I'll come back soon!" W. said. "Any time now!" replied the proff.

"Next stop, " W. said as he checked his Pokenav while walking. "Viridian City" he said as he stretched his arms & took a deep breath."C'mon Eevee" as he reached down to his Eevee which is very tired at playing. "Better give you two a good name..."

Trainer Kat
January 17th, 2008, 9:06 AM
Kat's reaction was minimal, at best. Charmander would not have been her first choice. While certainly the cutest of the fire starters, Charmander was more of a boy's Pokemon.

"Don't be too displeased if you didn't get the Pokemon you wanted. It is your partner- It is destiny that it was assigned to you."

Kat turned to see the boy from earlier. While they hadn't been formally introduced, she had managed to catch his name when Professor Oak called it out. He bent and pet the fire lizard's head, an action that prompted the Pokemon to sigh contently. Kat's sigh, however, was one of disappointment.

"Easy for you to say...you got Pikachu." The electric mouse stood on its trainer's shoulder. Kat gave it a small smile before speaking once more. "Fire Pokemon are so...I dunno...primitive. Like their only desire is fighting. I guess I had hoped for a Pokemon with grace and beauty...like me!" She laced her fingers together, eyes glazed over as visions of her battling with a Chikorita filled her mind.

Shaking her head to dispel the daydream, Kat bent down and gave the Pokemon a quick once-over. "I guess you're just going to have to be strong, huh?" she said. She ran a hand along his back as a peace offering. His orangey-red skin was smooth and cool, sending small shivers down her spine. By this point, Charmander looked as displeased with her as she had with him. He pulled his head back and threw it forward, his skull colliding with hers.

"O-ow! That hurt!" she growled. "Listen, you. If we're gonna make this work, you're gonna hafta do what I say! And I say don't do that again!" The Pokemon gave no indication that he was going to repeat his prior action. Instead, he spun and slapped her face with his tail. The blonde looked angry. Anger quickly turned to guilt, however.

"Look, Charmander." Arms crossed, Charmander turned so his side was to Kat. He looked at her through one open eye. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said what I did. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Can we start over?"

Charmander just looked at her before turning to her and sticking out a chubby orange arm. It was his turn for a peace offering. She was meant to take the hand. Hesitantly, she wrapped her hand around his. When there seemed to be no danger left, she grinned. "Alright, then. Partners."

The two really were horrible together. Both were fiery and headstrong. It would probably cause conflict in the future, but for now, they were content to be together.

"Now, uh...Charmander. You need a name." She slid her hands into his armpits and lifted him. The lift wasn't easy, however. Charmander was heavy. "Oof, you're fat," she remarked, prompting the creature in her arms to scowl. "You need a good name. Something tough. Something like...Axel?" She vaguely remembered her dad mentioning an axel. It was a car part or...something like that. It sounded cool, though. "Axel it is," she grinned, holding him at eye-level.

"Kat-chan, what did you get?"

Kat turned. Seeing Kozue with a Piplup in his arms sent a twinge of jealousy through her, but she didn't let it show, nor did it bother her. It was merely a passing feeling. "Charmander's my partner!" she smiled at Kozue. The smile was genuine--she truly had warmed up to her Pokemon.

January 17th, 2008, 10:24 AM
ooc: ummm Quasar... you may want to check your signup... you didn't get Eevee, dude.

Fen stood studying the other trainers as they received their pokemon. As a whole, everyone seemed relatively happy with the pokemon they received. Even Kat... who at first seemed upset about the Charmander she had gotten, was beginning to get along with it after a swift headbutt. Watching the headbutt, Fen actually cracked the first laugh anyone had heard since his arrival. Professor Oak seemed to have done quite the excellent job in matching the pokemon with their partners.

Fen's gaze narrowed on Mankey Boy's pokemon and the obvious grin that spread wide across his face. He stood with his Chimchar, and an aura of arrogance.

"Interesting... Mankey Boy...by fate...ended up being a perfect match for the monkey pokemon, Chimchar... My hypothesis continually grows with more and more evidence! Oh this is exciting, I even have the expert opinion of Professor Oak to cite in my research now!" Fen exclaimed as he wrote more in his notepad about Noah's activity.

After writing down, Fen finally began thinking to himself. It was now battle time, a time for careful strategy and cunning. He looked back at Noah and his Chimchar. He began to calculate the upcoming fight, though not in numbers and predictions. A different sort of thought, one reminiscent of watching the battles at the arena in downtown Fortree.

"He's obviously grinning because he received a type advantage over my poor Treecko. This definitely will put a dent in the overall battle strategy. I don't know about Forest's skills because he appears to be more concerned with sleeping than battling at the moment." Fen thought to himself, glancing up to the sleeping Treecko on top of his head.

"Well Noah, let us begin our battle as promised. I'll meet you out front, inside the gates... lets avoid those reporters." He said to Noah as he walked casually toward the door. "Thanks again, Professor Oak."

This was a battle scenario, so for the time being. Noah was an opponent. Not a research subject.

OOC: boo... lots of other *super smart* chars trying to join :(

January 17th, 2008, 10:40 AM
Name: Rukia
Age: 13

Appearence; Rukia is a small, thin, wellspoken young girl, having attended Poke'mon school from a young age her dress type is of an upperclass persuasion, her hair flows to the small of her back in a dark blue shade, Her eye's are a dark blue inheriting from her mother, she has a very pale complextion that gives off an almost ill apearence.

Personality; Rukia is very openminded and due to this she has never been able to pass many exam's in the pokemon school in rostboruogh in which she was educated, Due to this she has never been able to select a pokemon starter of her own.
Rukia is a very even-temepered character theat lives in the shadow of success, as she has watched her rival Roxanne (renound gym leader of rostborough) progress through the school and pass with flying color's, rukia has sat back and played with the shroomish in the Petalburg woods, With this, here favorite pokemon became the grass type.
At time's Rukia is very brave and will stand up for a noble cause, with this she can become very selfish & stubborn and will continue to argue untill the opponent backs down.

History; Rukia is from an upperclass family, from the age of around 7 she was sent to Pokemon school in the town of Rostborough situated in Hoenn, Her family knew nothing much of pokemon except the pokemon snubbul, and the reason for this is that her mother had one as a family pet, Rukia always refused to associate with it due to it's sassy uncaring nature that made it hard to train or play with, Rukia on the otherhand did not begin to hate Pokemon. She played with her friend Roxanne, Roxanne showed her all the pokemon she loved and hated, Her favorite was the Rock type, Rukia was intimidated by these brute pokemon, especially the pokemon Geodude, This intrigued her more into the world of Pokemon. When she was off from school she loved to read book's, all books, she was clever for her age, and with time, she began to leave the house less and less due to books, only leaving for school in the morning and shopping with her mother. Eventually Roxanne and Rukia became less and less close, Rukai and roxanne then became rivals.

Rp sample; 'shroomish, shroomish!' the little weedballs ran towards Rukia excited by her arrival, they knew she had food for them as always. "hello there little friends" Rukia stated in a friendly voice, pulling out her pack she took a few purple pokeblocks for them to feast upon, then she would pat their heads and wait with them whilst they were eating.
a few moments later she would exclaim "hmmn.. it's pretty quiet around here guys, wheres all the poochyena and slakoth? theres always a few around here.." Although of course the shroomish wouldent, and could never reply, she would worry herself in her mind.
getting back onto her feet she would notic Roxanne training in the distance with her Geodude, she woudl hesitantly walk over with the shroomish following scarcly behind. Roxanne noticed her walking over and would flick her hair back, "hmmf.. so you still dont have a pokemon yet? How are you ever gonna' get through school without one?" The geodude flexed its muscles to indimidate Rukia.
Rukais face was red with temper, so without a good bye or a wave she rand back to the school as fast as she could past all the many other battling trainers and slumped into her desk.
She knew she was never going to be as good as Roxanne, She had graduated the school the year before with her Nosepass and had inherited the gym along with it.
Suddenly, There was an anouncement in the classroom over the school radio system
"Rukia, i have been informed, Over the radio, you have been chosen to collect a new starter pokemon, could you please come over to the office immediatly"

She was frozen in fright and disbelief, she had never won ANYTHING before.. why now?...

January 17th, 2008, 10:57 AM
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Also, Q, I believe Eevee was not selected a starter, perhaps you should check the first post and delete your latest one.

January 17th, 2008, 12:15 PM
By the way, I just love Totodile. XD

Roisin (ROW-sheen) Rinku.



The glamorous fifteen year old known as Roisin is a girl of such beauty that many boys have fell for her upon first sight. Her enchanting and dark long brunette hair falls just at the bottom of her spine. Her chocolate coloured fringe hangs freely; just above her eyebrows which she usually parts in the middle and carefully lays each of the strands of parted hair behind her ears. Her Emerald coloured eyes sparkle eyes are really bought out by her bright orange and yellow skin-tight dress which falls just below her knees. Her dress has a white collar that is pretty much always turned up; revealing her white-gold chain with an intense orange gem encrusted within. Underneath the dress she wears a pair of very dark navy blue -nearly black- cycling shorts that end just below her dress. She sports a yellow bandanna with a pale orange PokéBall emblem. Her pure white running shoes sparkle in the sun as she walks and match her white Coordinator style gloves, with black tips on the end.. She stands at a healthy 5”4' and weighs about 168 pounds. She has blinding white teeth and long black eyelashes. Also despite all Roisin does to make herself look as glamorous as she is, she resents make up and hates to wear it thus revealing her small scars on her right cheek and above her left eye. She has a light brown 'satchel' bag that hangs from her shoulder too her hip.

You'd expect a girl that looks as 'plastic' and beautiful as Roisin too be a complete snob and resent her underlings, but you couldn't be farther from the truth. Having not always been so beautiful she has a very happy and bubbly personality and will make friends with anyone and everyone and she is quick too idolize anybody she sees as a role model. Also despite her looks and 'happy go lucky' personality she is actually rather intelligent and highly gifted with a powerful brain and memory; purposely dumbing herself down and then suddenly surprising people with her genius when she needs it. But Roisin isn't a super human with nothing but good qualities; her bad qualities are less often seen than her good ones but they play a prominent role in her young life. She is a very insecure person due to experiences in her past and the slightest insult to her and she tends to become very defensive and shy which reflects on her attitude and plays on her mind for a very long time. Also her tendency to hold grudges and seek revenge on people is a bad side of Roisin that she performs discreetly, just like her worst quality. Her worst quality has got to be her Machiavellian, or manipulative side, which makes her a complete control freak -like a lot of intelligent people- and often causes arguments. Her worse sides of her personality aren't seen as often as they are almost secretly preformed in an underhanded way.

Roisin was born in the shining white metropolis known as Goldenrod City. When she was a 3 year old girl she was caught up in a horrific road accident which killed many people, including Roisins' Mother. This is where her life spun out of control. Her once warm and loving Father became very stern and angry. He blamed his daughter for the death of his wife and turned too drink. When Roisin was 5 years old her Father became very abusive and mentally unstable, he would kick her out of the house late at night where she roamed the streets alone, afraid and cold. One fateful day, at the age of 9, Roisins' Father took his own life and Roisin was finally free but know there was a problem, she had no place to live.

Running away before social services could intervene; she took refuge in Ilex Forest. Around the time she became 14 she was found by her Mother's Uncle, Pryce of Mahogany town and lived a life of luxury for the following year. At the age of 15 she won the radio contest to receive a starting Pokémon and become a trainer.

RP Sample:

From Rose Isle Royale, by Loquacity. I used the same character which has been heavily modified for this RP.

Roisin was frozen, fear consumed her, many events swooped past her in what seemed like a blink of an eye. The zombified Arcanine was resting in pieces on the cold slimy ground, it's remains slowly spreading down the hall, but considering this was technically a good thing Roisin didn't feel as sick as when it was 'alive'. Then there was the attacking of Annalyn and the boy called Langley showing that he is both wise and strategic, with what seemed like deep respect for the female doctor. Annylyn was currently lying on the floor, having temporarily put a stop in the Guardians plans. Who spoke of some sort of 'game'. Was this part of the challenge? Was all this just a game, but they surely wouldn't make attempts on peoples lives, even though they had signed the documentation. Yanma, who cowardley hid in Roisins' as all the events including Arcanine unfolded, made a triumphant return by Perching on her trainers shoulder.

"Yam... Yam..." He announced triumphantly as if he had saved them from the Fire breathing zombie tiger and seemingly omnipotent Labyrinth Guardian.

"Listen, leave me here for now. I can barely move and I would just hinder you all. I have my Pokemon to protect so I'll be fine. Just remember to come back and get me once the competition is over..."

Langley stared at Annalyn as if she was insane. "Leave you here with that psycho hanging around? Annalyn, be serious. You and your Pokémon have already brushed with death twice. There's no way you can survive this on your own." Walking over to the injured coordinator, he seated himself. "I'm staying here to help you unless you give me a good reason not to."

To be perfectly honest Roisin didn't know what to say, she would happily sprint back to the entrance of the labyrinth and her one attempt at leadership had failed. They couldn't leave Roisin and Langley alone, but she couldn't desert Tim and Aaliyah. She could see no way of actually helping Annalyn continue, let Heracross carry her? That wouldn't work. The gang had seemingly destroyed every 'zombie' in the labyrinth by now, as it had been a whole 5 minutes since the last one was destroyed. The League committee couldn't have set up real zombie Pokémon, they could make Pokémon look like zombies, but not actually dead. And the absence of any recording equipment proved that this was a big set up or a suicide mission, or both. She could send Yanma back for help but there was no guarantee she'd get there and back and the overweight woman in Pink wasn't coming to save them.

Roisin collapsed into a sitting position, her head in her hands she sighed and felt as if all hope was lost. Suddenly something moved next to her. Roisin immediately leapt back to her feet and shrieked in the process. She instinctively grabbed which ever Pokéball that was at the top of her bag at the floor. The bright flash of light temporarily illuminated the dank corridor before revealing Roisins' Crawdaunt. “CRAWDAUNT CRABHAMMER!” she shrieked. And as the huge red Lobster pounced at what seemed to be a small plump yellow Pokémon with no legs, the Pokémon dodged and curled itself up into a ball, whimpering. “Crawdaunt stop... I-it didn't fight back..” she stuttered as she slowly approached it. Pondering whether it would unleash a surprise attack and chew Roisins face off she stepped with caution. Yanma was hovering behind behind her, almost as cautious as her trainer, Yanma was ready to attack whatever it was if it did move. Suddenly the young trainer tripped over something, Yanma instinctively launched a Psybeam at whatever she has stumbled over and the light from the attack unveiled a small molehill which the Pokémon had dug up from. As Roisin knelt down she got a close look at the Pokémon. It had a plump, legless, yellow body with blue stripes and small pathetically useless wings. A stubby tail with a drill like shape at the end and it's face was perfectly round with big blue eyes. It was whimpering in the corner as if Roisin was going to hurt it.

“Hello...” Roisin tried to communicate but it hid its face. “It's aright, I didn't mean to attack you. My name's Roisin, and this is Yanma,” Roisin indicated to Yanma who had just perched on her head to get a better look.

“Dun-Spa!” cried the Pokémon in a soft voice. She indicated towards Crawdaunt.

“It's okay, he's friendly,” Roisin said softly as the Pokémon uncurled itself. “You're a Dunsparce right?” Roisin queried. The Dunsparce nodded. “What're you doing here?” she asked Dunsparce began uttering it's name seemingly randomly, to which Yanma told Roisin the basics of what the land snake was saying. Dunsparce was trying to find away out of the Labyrinth; as he had mistaking burrowed inside some time ago. The Dunsparce was obviously young as it was just over half the size of all the other of its' species that Roisin had never seen a Dunsparce that had a soft voice instead of a croaky one.

“We'll help you find away out, do you want to come with us?” Roisin asked. Roisin was expecting a yes, just like how Annalyn had gotten one from Golat the Golbat. But Dunsparce shook his head as Roisin held up a recently bought and still shining Fast Ball. But Dunsparce shook his head and instead dug back underground.

“Uh... Okay then, bye..”

But suddenly there was a rumble and the normal type Pokémon emerged underneath Crawdaunt, sending him flying!

“So you want a battle?” *Crawdaunt is way to strong for this Dunsparce, espescially if he makes Crawdaunt angry... Hmm...* “Crawdaunt! Use Bubble!” Roisin commanded. Crawdaunt looked a little confused and then unleashed about 10 medium speed bubbles at Dunsparce, nothing compared to Bubblebeam., but surprisingly Dunsparce shook it off like it was nothing. And then the yellow Pokémon started to Screech and he launched himself into the air.

“No, I hope that's not Earthqu- It'll bring down the whole Labyr-” She still had the Fast Ball in her hand, she had to stop Dunsparce, she immediately hurled it at the Pokémon and in a midst of turquoise light the PokéBall fell to the floor and started to wobble. 1~2~3~4. Dunsparce was captured. He was much stronger than Roisin originally thought, shrugging off Bubble and nearly collapsing the whole temple.

“Crawdaunt return,” Roisin whispered as the usual beam of red light whisked the crustacean Pokémon to it's home. Roisin was proud of the Pokémon she had just caught, she had been born in Johto and a Pokémon from her native region always had a special place in her heart. But now the young trainer, soon to be coordinator had finally assembled a team of 6, and looking at her team it was more of a contest than gym team. 2 water type, 2 bug types a psychic type and a normal type.

“Anyway Annalyn we can't leave you here, you may be the leader of this little gang but don't go playing the heroine, plus we'd all probably be lost without you...” Roisin smiled at Annalyn and then turned around to Langley. “Well, that impressive display you just put on, you're a lot different than I initially thought.” Roisin offered a handshake to Langley, but before he could return it (if he was going to return it) the whole corridor started to ferociously shake, a bit like an earthquake.

“What's happening?!” Roisin screamed. The floor started to slide beneath the gang and the walls were shifting directions, a huge amount of rubble was hurtling from the ceiling. The labyrinth was shifting. The wall behind them collapsed backwards reviling a new corridor and the wall to the right was nudging them into the new corridor. Rubble was still falling from the dingy roof and luckily non of it had yet hit the gang yet. Amidst all the chaos Roisin didn't know what the rest of the group were doing, (Obviously you put what you're doing in your post here >.>) they could have been crushed or be doing some super action poses for all she knew. She knew Tim, Alliyah and Langley would be able to jump into the new corridor before they get crushed, but what about Annalyn? Roisin was too far away to even attempt to grab and drag her into the new passageway.

Trainer Kat
January 17th, 2008, 12:48 PM
OOC: Sharpedochu: You had some minor spelling errors. However, your sign-up as a whole was good, so I feel I can overlook those. Your starter is Turtwig. Accepted.

Jim: ZOMG you signed up<3 Your character matches perfectly with Totodile. Plus, I like the idea of these glam girls with huge monster Pokemon. xDAccepted.

Quasar99: I'm going to be honest with you. I really don't like the idea of you getting a shiny Eevee right off the bat. It's sort of unfair to everyone else.

January 17th, 2008, 1:47 PM
The pain in Patrick’s forehead soon subsided and he was slowly beginning to feel like himself again. He joined the rest of the beginning trainers as their pokémon were delivered to them one by one. The professor had briefly explained the screening process they used to decide which trainer was assigned with which pokémon as well as some other points dully noted by Patrick. More than anything, his interest lay with what he held in his hand, a pokéball rocking gently upon his palm. With the push of a button, the sphere cracked open and a stream of red current flowed out, quickly taking the form of a Cyndaquill.

“Cyndaquill!” It announced its presence in a rather proud and happy tone.

“Hm…” Patrick squatted to get a better look at this new creature that would be his first pokémon. It didn’t appear very threatening, a tad disappointing, as he had hoped for something with an intimidating presence, something that stood out and made people turn their heads, something like … himself. Many more issues that he hadn’t previously considered surfaced in his mind. How would it fair in battle? What did it eat? Could it see despite the fact that its eyes appeared to be closed? He placed his hands beneath its tiny armpits and lifted it to his face to get an even closer look.

He stared. It stared back. Wait, he didn’t even know if it was male or female yet. His gaze took a steep turn to the south. Unexpectedly, the Cyndaquill emitted a low growling sound, apparently it didn’t appreciate this level of scrutiny. He directed his gaze back to the pokémon’s face, just in time to look it in the eye as it delivered a headbutt straight to his chin. The attack, although not powerful, caught Patrick by surprise and forced him to realise the little creature. Patrick’s reaction was not one of anger, but one of joy, as he truly interpreted the pokémon’s gesture as a sign of admiration.

“I can’t believe you headbutted me! I think I’m in love!” He squealed, securing the Cyndaquill in a watertight grip that was all too firm, so much so in fact that she (she was a girl!) escaped his embrace and proceeded to run around the room in a distinct attempt to avoid him. Between Kat and Kozue’s legs she sped, all whilst Patrick gave close chase, until he’d finally caught up to her when she took refuge on top Professor Oak’s head.

“Come down, now. Be a good girl and get off Professor Oak’s head,” he pleaded, arms spread out in anticipation of catching her when she jumped. No matter how desperate his appeals grew, the little pokémon would not budge. “Wow, good job at picking this one for me, Professor. She reminds me of myself when I was younger. So stubborn and playful.” He laughed. “I don’t quite recall being that fast though.” By now, his pursuit had fatigued him greatly, causing him to pant heavily. The perfect name for her sprung in his mind at that moment.

“That’s it. I’m calling you Speedy. From now on, your new name is Speedy.” She shrugged indifferently about it. He reached into his pocket. “And if you come down right now Speedy, I’ll give you a nice treat.” The pokémon seemed intrigued but wasn’t quite ready to buy into his offer, perhaps she believed it to be a bluff. Patrick pulled out the treat in question, some candy in a baby blue wrapper. Finally, she’d bought into his bribe and jumped back into his arms. He awarded her with the candy and this time promised to be more cautious towards her feeling. She buried her nose in his chest, falling silently asleep within seconds.

“Ay, so much for having a practise battle,” he said to himself. He was happy nonetheless that she was resting peacefully in his arms. He stroked her gently and figured he’d leave her there for a little bit before putting her back in the pokéball.

With everything calm and peaceful, he walked up to Kat and Kozue, whom seemed rather pleased themselves at the pokémon they’d received. “Aren’t they great, you guys? I didn’t think a cute pokémon like Speedy would suit such a manly man as myself but … I guess that Professor really does know what he’s doing. He’s not bad for an old guy.” He glanced down at the Cyndaquill in his arms and then back the two of them.

“Anyway, it’s almost time for that pokémon battle to go down! I must say I’m pretty psyched. That Fen kid with the weird stalking habits is about to take on Noah. We’ll find out once for and all if he really is all talk and no walk.”

He followed Fen outside and awaited said competition.

January 17th, 2008, 2:58 PM
OOC: Ph33r my British English >D

“Please, move out of the way!”

The sky above was growing darker each second as heavy, iron coloured clouds blocked the once bright and sunny day. Roisin was charging up the road to the worlds most renowned Pokémon research laboratory. She was already over twenty minutes late, and tackling her way through a gang of reporters was the very last thing she needed. Without any prior warning, one reporter stepped out into her path.

“Ted Ursa, from Kanto's Daily Chronicle, are you, a Trainer to be, young lady?”

Roisin could only just stop herself from sprinting. She was so close to the short man when she stopped that she couldn't help but think how far the both of them would of flew if she had stopped a couple of seconds later.

“I'm late,” she responded sarcastically as she gently pushed the man to one side and resumed her sprint to her destiny. “Oh for the love of-” she screamed, startled. A loud thunder clap had sent shivers down her spine and set her heart racing. The huge clouds had finally started to let off their heavy rain which would undoubtedly cause her long and straight brunette hair to become water logged when she later left the lab. Luckily she would remain mostly dry for the time being as she had just reached the huge wooden doors. She extended her arms and forcefully pushed the doors flying open. As the door finished opening, lighting flashed and thunder crashed.

I bet that looked dramatic.

Roisin took a deep breath, all eyes were on her. A mob of boys and Pokémon surrounded one girl, about her age. She could feel the girls eyes piercing her...

She took another deep breath and began to explain.

“I'm so sorry I'm late, I came here yesterday, being one day too early, then I had to walk back to Viridian to stay at the Pokémon center, and THEN this morning I woke up late, not only that.” Roisin had just spoke faster than a bullet train, she allowed herself to pause and take a breath. “Not only that but I got lost this morning, I ended up just outside Viridian Forest because I was holding my map upside down...” Roisin smiled nervously as she finished. Not usually one for liking too much attention; and also just telling a gang of people she would be traveling with for the next god knows how long, that she cannot read a map, thus letting everybody know how unorganized she was... It's not the best way to start a journey.

“Ah, Roisin I take it?” came a gruff voice from the corner of the room. A gray haired man with a tray full of PokéBalls in his hand approached her.

“P-professor Oak.” she stuttered. “It's an honor.”

“Thank you, young lady, unneeded however, here, let's waste no more time.” The Professor smiled and handed over a PokéBall. Inside the red and white device Roisin's partner for life awaited.

She pressed the button in the center, unleashing the beam of translucent red light. The light started to take shape, and within seconds, her 'partner' emerged itself.

Roisin's face drooped.

“What is it?...” she stared blankly at the azure coloured crocodilian Pokémon. It had observing red irises, sharp claws, red spikes on it's back and tail. But most distinguishably was it's huge and powerful looking jaw.

The Professor laughed at her response. “Here, use this,” he chuckled as he handed her a smooth matte device. The device was a deep crimson in colour, sleek and smooth with a black PokéBall emblem on it. Instantly recognizing it to be the infamous PokéDex, she pressed the button which opened up the high tech encyclopedia. The Pokémon's image appeared on the small screen and the PokéDex started to talk, with a cool and smooth female voice.

“Despite their small size, Totodile are very powerful, especially underwater. Immediately upon hatching, the mother will take her newborn brood down to the water to swim and hunt. Despite their strength, young Totodile stay close to their mother for quite some time. Totodile has a habit of biting anything it sees.”

“Totodile! I recognize you now, there's a famous dancing Totodile on TV!” Roisin screamed happily, as she attempted too scoop the Pokémon up in her arms. But before she could reach it, the Pokémon dodged and sank it's teeth into her tan coloured bag.

The Professor laughed once again. “It's a common misconception that all Totodiles are hyperactive little dancers, however that's not the case...”

Roisin frowned. No matter how much she flailed her bag around, Totodile would not let go. She turned around slowley. Looking at all the other trainers interacting with their new partners. Why couldn't I have that cute Penguin thing? I'm forever going to be known as the girl with a Totodile stuck to her bag.

She sighed. “Hello everyone, I'm Roisin.”

OOC: It was a bit rushed, I established no character in my Pokémon or no interaction with my fellow Rpers because it was rushed, sorry. Also I live in the central timezone so that's he last post for me today. I'll expand on characters and relationships with forthcoming posts :-/

January 17th, 2008, 3:49 PM

Noah glanced at his Chimchar, intriuged, but not sure why. "Okay, buddy, I'm going to have to give you a nickname if you want to travel with me." The blue-haired boy crouched down beside his red monkey. "What'd be good for, I wonder... How about... Espa? It's perfect!" Chimchar began to run in circles, chasing his tail, that, like a Charmander's, was on fire.

"Well Noah, let us begin our battle as promised. I'll meet you out front, inside the gates... lets avoid those reporters." Fen walked past Noah and said something to professor Oak as he left the building.

Noah hastily picked up his red and white sphere and got Espa to return. The happy boy ran up to the old professor, the Pokemon legend himself, Professor Oak. "Professor... Thank you, so much." The boy couldn't think of anything else to say, instead, he just ran out of the building and past the dozens of reporters, so he could catch up with Fen.

"So," Noah said casually. "You ready for your first battle?"

January 17th, 2008, 4:01 PM
"Charmander's my partner!" Kat happily replied in response to his previous request, despite her initial reaction upon learning the species of her new Pokemon.

"That's great," Kozue smiled as he approached her and another trainer he had learnt to be known as Marcus. The Charmander seemed to have warmed up considerably in Kat's arms and despite its initial defensive growling, he soon found the small lizard to be quite cute.

It was then that one of the other trainers, Fenra, announced his abrupt leave and began heading towards the door, followed by Patrick, who had spent the last ten minutes chasing his own Pokemon around the lab, between his own and Kat's legs and even over Professor Oak. It was an amusing sight.

What came next should have been expected, but Kozue was quite surprised nonetheless. He knew there would be more trainers coming, as he was sure that not all of the starter Pokemon had been received, so when a very pretty girl with long brunette hair appeared at the entrance of laboratory, he couldn't help but deter his attention.

It was then revealed that the new girl was indeed a Pokemon Trainer-to-be and was soon gifted a very enthusiastic crocodile Pokemon, who immediately put to use its powerful jaws by clamping onto its new partner's bag, much to her protests and attempts at flailing the blue Pokemon loose. Then with a sigh, the girl turned to the group and introduced herself.

"Hello everyone, I'm Roisin."

"Oh, I'm Kamada Kozue," he chirped rather suddenly, in an attempt to make the newcomer feel more welcome, "and this is Pocky, it's nice to meet you."

The Piplup in his hands, who had developed a rather bad habit of gnawing its partner's fingers, diverted its attention at the sound of its new name. With a slight nod, it appeared to have acknowledged the girl's presence before returning to snack on the boy's hand.

"Heh, I think he's a little shy..."

"Professor... Thank you, so much."

The sudden raised voice caught his easily distracted attention and forced him to turn towards the professor, where Noah, with his new Chimchar secured, bid farewell to Oak in a rush to catch up to Fenra outside.

"A battle already?" Kozue inquired quietly to himself. "Isn't it a little early for that?"

Glancing towards the cradled penguin Pokemon in his arms, the blonde mop-top gave a small smile before turning towards the door with a now concerned expression, where Noah had just departed.

"I hope they're going to be alright..."

January 17th, 2008, 4:07 PM
OOC: The rain wasn't my idea... just incase you missed it in Jim's post... haha

Fen had made his way outside, pushing passed the reporters with Treecko sleeping soundly on his head. It had begun to rain hard, the thunder rumbled overhead and the water poured heavily on top of them. The small Treecko somehow slept through the pounding water drops but that wasn't surprising, him being a grass type.

"Hey... Forest... wake up buddy" Fen said as he poked the Treecko in the head. "We have to battle, are you ready?" Fen said to his partner.

The Treecko yawned loudly as he surveyed his new surroundings then scurried down Fen's body and made it to the ground, and stretched big. Unfortunately, a reporter had witnessed Treecko wake up and instantly recognized Fen as a trainer. Noah had also made his way to the open field and stood before him. The two trainers stared each other down as the mass of people and reporters swarmed around their vicinity. Chatter could be heard among the crowd as reporters frantically described the situation to television cameras and people conversed with each other.

"I'm here at the official start day as two of the new trainers are already eager to test their new pokemon!" A woman could be heard yelling into the camera over the sound of the rain.

Fen stood as his cloves grew heavy with water saturation, but Treecko, actually seemed to be enjoying the rain. He was hopping around in the ground and splashing in the water.

"heh excellent... Forest is at least awake..." Fen's gaze shifted to the rival in front of him.

"I'm ready whenever you are, Noah. The first move is yours."

January 17th, 2008, 4:09 PM
"Easy for you to say. You got a Pikachu!" Said Kat, with a scowl.

Marcus stood near Kat and Charmader, as the two started to, "Get along". He wanted to take action when the Charmander went on to attack Kat, as Marcus was developing some small feelings for her, he decided not to interfere with the relationship between new trainer, and new Pokemon. He had released a small smile however, when Kat and Charmander weren't getting at each others throats. His smile faded, however, when the boy she was admiring before walked up with a Piplup. Marcus stayed cool, as he did not want any jealousy to ruin future friendships. He stayed calm while the two had a chat, releasing one smile when he realized that Kat was warming up to her Charmander. Pikachu looked at Marcus one time, barely sensing the feelings he is holding in, but stayed quiet. He then heard, that everyone was giving their Pokemon nicknames.

"Pikachu, how would you like to just be called Pika?"

The Pikachu shook its head, meaning it did not want a nickname. Marcus agreed with it, as he shall not make his Pokemon do anything it doesn't want to.

Marcus walked up to Kat, tapping her shoulder to get her attention. He began speaking:

"Hey, I know that you weren't expecting Charmander; Nor was I expecting Pikachu. Still, want to test out how our Pokemon are, in a Pokemon battle? It looks like a few of the other trainers are going to mingle it out, so how about we do so?" /IC

OOC: Once again, sorry for my delayed post. School is in the way, you know the story.

January 17th, 2008, 4:18 PM
OOC: Okay, I believe these guys are starter Pokemon... So, starter moves, yeah?


"I'm ready whenever you are, Noah. The first move is yours." As he spoke the words, Fen wasn't looking at Noah, his gaze was directed at the ground instead.

Wow, he'd rather look at soil than my face... Is that meant to be an insult or just something people that think they're cool do? Noah was amused by Fen's attitude. "Alright," Noah replied, nodding as he withdrew a white and red sphere from his pocket. "I think you now who my Pokemon is by now, go, Espa!"

A flash of red light shot out from the Poke ball, and Noah's monkey appeared beside him. "Chim?"

"I know it's early," Noah crouched down so he could speak to his Pokemon eye to eye. "But this idiot thinks that if he reads a book, he's the authority on anything, we have to prove him wrong, okay?"

Espa nodded... It was only then that Noah realised it was raining. Damn, that could have an affect on Espa's performance.

"Espa, use scratch!" Noah pointed at the Treeko and watched the monkey leap into the air.

January 17th, 2008, 4:29 PM
Fen's lazy eyes shifted into the air as the eager Chimchar leaped out at him with claws extended.

"Hm... starting off offensively as i figured... alright Forest!" Fen called to the little Treecko who had failed to see the battle beginning while jumping carelessly in the puddles on the field.

"Forest! look out for the scratch, try and dodge it!" Fen called to his little partner. Forest looked into the air in time to see the Chimchar descend on him. Forest spun away, attempting to dodge but a claw slipped across his face as he moved to avoid.

Forest rubbed his cheek through narrow eyes. Remembering Forest's drowsy, tired stare, Fen was enveloped with an idea.

"Heh... lets see how well the Chimchar deals with those eyes... Forest! use leer! stare him down and don't blink! Then follow it with a pound! right on his head!" Fen called to the Treecko

January 17th, 2008, 4:52 PM
“What? A downpour? Now? It was so sunny earlier,” Patrick gazed up at the skies in confusion. The raindrops multiplied in number and velocity, tapping on his head in an upbeat rhythm. He immediately took note to the delicate presence in his arms, curled up and defenceless against Mother Nature’s authority. Retrieving a pokéball from his pocket, he returned the young Cyndaquill to her safe haven, away from the brewing storm. It couldn’t be good, especially not for a fire-type.

The muscular teen pocketed his pokémon and returned his focus to the battle at hand. Watching the pair of amateurs attempting to outdo each other would be interesting indeed. Patrick suspected they both had bigger mouths than they had skill. But who was he to judge?

Another kid walked out into the rain, grasping his penguin-like starter in his arms. Patrick recognized him as Kozue. He’d learned his name, and everyone else’s, when Professor Oak had called them forth to accept their pokémon.

“Hey, you’re a little late. You missed a scratch attack and an attempt at leer. This isn’t the most exciting pokémon battle but I guess we can all learn something from it, you know, being beginners and all. That’s the reason I was so interested in it in the first place, well, that plus the fact that they seem to have a rivalry brewing between them. Somebody’s about to get their mouth shut and I can’t wait to see who it is!” He glanced over at Kozue in the corner of his eye. “Ay, if I’m talking too much feel free to let me know. Maybe you’d prefer to enjoy this match in silence.”

Patrick raised a fist high into the air, ignoring the rain that was pouring in abundance now.

“Come on you two! Show us what you’re made of! Get serious already! We wanna see some butt kicking! Now’s the time to put up or shut up!” He yelled out to the trainers engaged in battle. His goal was to fire them up. Hopefully, that would induce a much more intense battle. “Oh, come on, Fen! If you could battle as well as you could talk, you’d have won already! And you Noah, show us that the pokéballs Professor Oak gave you aren’t the only balls you have! Action, gentlemen! Tear each other apart already!”

He folded his arms behind his head and smiled sheepishly. “I think that should get them fired up,” he said to Kozue with a wink.

Trainer Kat
January 17th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Kat turned as she felt a small tap on her shoulder.

"Hey, I know that you weren't expecting Charmander; Nor was I expecting Pikachu. Still, want to test out how our Pokemon are, in a Pokemon battle? It looks like a few of the other trainers are going to mingle it out, so how about we do so?"

Kat rolled her eyes. "Ugh, those two?" She chuckled. "Those two are fighting because they're weird." Setting Charmander on the ground, she offered a small competitive grin. "Still, I'm not one to refuse a challenge. C'mon."

At that, she grasped Marcus' sleeve and pulled him to the doorway. Upon discovering it was raining, she frowned slightly. Getting her hair wet was not in her plans for the day. She shook her head and pulled him outside, instantly feeling her clothes dripping with moisture.

January 17th, 2008, 6:16 PM
Marcus nodded as Kat accepted the battle proposal. She pulled on his sleeve to pull him outside, wanting to get outside immediately for battle. Marcus smiled, though like previous smiles of his, it quickly faded within outsides downpour. Kat kept going, wanting a battle. Pikachu felt the rain against its fur, getting it wet. It didn't mind, however. It looked at both Charmander and Kat, then another look at its trainer. Sensing the anxiousness, a smile emerged on its face. Pikachu clung onto Marcus' head, standing on its shoulder.

Marcus ran to an empty little spot near the lab, and away from the other two battlers. He wanted his first battle to be away from others, not to get any battled mixed up or anything. The eccentric boy ran to his side of the "battle" field. Pikachu jumped down from Marcus, to infront of the trainer, possibly a few feet infront of him. The Pokemons cheeks sparked, meaning it was ready for battle.

"Well, I am ready. You? And, since this is our first match, might we quickly discuss, oh say, a battle win-loss bet?"

Marcus asked, waiting for his opponent to get on her side of the battle field.

Trainer Kat
January 17th, 2008, 6:27 PM
Kat walked over to her side of the field. No, walked was an understatement. The movement the blonde exhibited was a full-on strut. Charmander stood before her. The raindrops slid off his slick, smooth skin. He blinked as water threatened to fall in his sapphire blue eyes. Claws out and teeth bared, the lizard was ready to battle the electric Pokemon.

Though Pikachu clearly had the advantage, what with water conducting electricity and all, Kat felt certain she could pull off a victory. And if she could, the better trainer she would be.

"Hmm.." She smirked. "And the terms of this bet?"

January 17th, 2008, 6:30 PM
[ Ahem, excuse me. The Eevee is a gift from my mom. This means It's not my starter Pokemon of course. It only counts as my second pokemon. You best read my first post aside from my sign up sheet. Anyway, in case you guys wouldn't approve, I would not include Eevee in this post and probably edit my other post if you really wouldn't approve. Please reply back, I really hate ignorant persons]

"Oh, nuts. Another downpour" W. groaned. It's been 2hours since he left from the Lab. He broke to a sprint and dashed to the nearest shelter, in this case a birch tree. There he set up his telescope, and viewed the Proff. Lab. There he saw other trainers, battling each other despite of the heavy precipitation.

He was really suprised to see the other trainers. 'Why I didnt see them before?' he asked. 'I must've entered the back door.'
It's really interesting to see trainers battling each other. This makes W.'s heart burn. And finally, "Change of plans, Turquoise. We're going back" He named his Squirtle, Turquoise 30 minutes ago. He unpacked his telescope and put on his rain coat, and dashed back to the Lab.

"Finally, back again." he said, exhausted.

"Well, well, well. Back again, are we?" said the Proff.

"I want to see trainers battling..." W. said, still exausted.

"How'd you know there are still trainers?" Asked the Proff. "I've got this." W. said reaching into his backpack and put out his telescope. "I didn't know there are still trainers left, I must've entered through the backdoor. Why you didn't tell there is still trainers?"

"Because they're busy outwitting each other. Also, youre lived the farthest, I believe it's Snowpoint City? Also you came in very late." the Proff. said. "Anyway, there are the other trainers" pointing to the direction.

"Thank you, Proffessor.." W. said, very pleased.

Trainer Kat
January 17th, 2008, 6:37 PM
OOC: Yes, I know. Trust me, I read every post thoroughly. I'm committed to this thing. Essentially, I don't mind the Eevee, but rather, when it hatched. It's fine that your mom gave you the egg, it just seems that you instantly had a second Pokemon. :/

January 17th, 2008, 6:49 PM
Marcus smiled when he heard her ask the terms of the bet.

"If I win the battle, you have to give me a kiss on the cheek. I know it sounds weird, but you seem pretty confident of a win. If you are infact [victorious], I shall catch a Pokemon for you. Shall I make the first move?"

Marcus said, as he pulled out his Pokedex half way through his small speech. He opened the red device, aiming it at Pikachu to learn its moves, combat style, and data. He smiled learning one of its moves, putting away his Pokedex back into his pocket. While sliding into the pocket, it clicks against the capsule button for Pikachu's Pokeball, enlarging it, unknown to Marcus. He aimed his left arm outwards, claiming out an attack. Pikachu was down and ready for its first battle command.

"Pikachu, use Thundershock!"

Like a pro, Marcus commanded. The electric mouses body quickly became engulfed in electricity. Pikachu quickly released a bolt of electricity aimed at the Charmander. The battle is on.

January 17th, 2008, 6:52 PM
[So what I'm supposed to do now? If you approve, I won't use it our first trainer battle's. Rather, I'll just nurture it cause It's a baby and it doesn't know any attacks yet. I'll use Squirtle instead. If not....] :(

Trainer Kat
January 17th, 2008, 7:06 PM
OOC: If you don't use it until it's grown, alright. I'll let you keep it. :]

Kat blinked, teal hues locked on her opponent. "You want what..?!" She sighed. Great, another boy taken with me.. She didn't have a problem with Marcus, though. The other end of the deal sounded pretty good. And plus, there was no way she would be losing this battle, not with Axel by her side.

"Alright, boy. You have yourself a deal." She crouched down and rubbed the top of Axel's head. "You ready?" she whispered. The Charmander nodded, emitting a soft growl. "Then go," she said, urging the Pokemon forward.

Before she had time to issue a command, Pikachu sent a bolt of electricity Axel's way. He wasn't quick enough to dodge it all the way, and the jolt managed to graze his right side. He growled as it hit, psyching himself up for the fight.

Pulling out her Pokedex, she flipped open the hot pink cover to reveal the screen within. "Now let's see...what moves do you know..."

Scratch: Scratches the foe with sharp claws.

Growl: Growls cutely to reduce the foe's attack.

"Ugh, aren't you a fire Pokemon? Shouldn't you, like, know some fire moves or something?" She thought for a moment. "Well, then, Axel, how about we show that Pikachu just how strong you really are? Use a scratch attack!"

With those words, Axel darted forward, claws bared, ready to swipe at the mouse.

January 17th, 2008, 7:30 PM
The battle between Fenra and Noah was already underway as he approached the small clearing where the two trainers had set up their fight. Patrick was also present on the sidelines, eagerly egging on the two trainers to continue their starting battle. Kozue himself, wasn't too fond of the idea of fighting one another so quickly, especially after just meeting Professor Oak and receiving their very first Pokemon. The situation didn't exactly improve either, when in the distance, he could see both Marcus and Kat beginning a sparring match of their own. He supposed that teaching their Pokemon to battle early would inevitably help them throughout their journey, but it was just a little too soon for him. Personally, he was going to wait until they at least reached Viridian City, before attempting any form of battling, since his goal wasn't to make his Pokemon the strongest Pokemon it could be, but rather to get to know his Pokemon first, as a companion and a friend.

It might've been a rather rare and selfish goal, but it was what he believed to be right. Of course that didn't mean he wouldn't support the other trainers from doing what they thought was right, since he wasn't the kind of person to force his ideals onto others, but he was definitely all for supporting the group and bringing everyone together.

The rain had really started to come down by now, and despite Pocky being thoroughly pleased with the change of weather, Kozue thought it best not to get too wet before they headed out on their journey.

"Ah, sorry guys, I'm going to head back to the laboratory until the rain lightens up a bit," he said with a small wave as the falling rain continued to dampen his attire and mood. "Good luck to both of you!"

The sound of crackling electricity caught his attention as he neared the entrance of the laboratory, and feared that the storm was growing worse. However, when he realised that the only signs of thunder resonated above the clouds, he soon discovered where the initial shock had come from. Both Marcus and Kat had already engaged in their first battle and were both battling quite competently for amateur trainers. He couldn't help but be impressed.

OOC: Hokay, I kinda wanted to avoid this since it's not that big of a deal, but I thought I'd bring it up just in case it happens again. Degenerate, you kind of bunnied my character, which is fine since it wasn't that big, but I thought I'd just mention it since it's kind of a no-no. If it's okay with Kat then I'm fine with it too (cause she's the all powerful GM XP).

I also noticed that some of you are kinda mixing present and past tense a little in your posts and its getting a little bit hard to follow, but this is a learning RP, so it's a-okay once in a while. :D

Last thing, it might be better to make an OOC thread since a few of us are OOC spamming a bit. It'll just help unclutter the thread.

January 17th, 2008, 7:38 PM
Marcus was waiting for Charmanders attack, and impressed by Kate's commanding style; She too battling like a pro. Though neither of the two trainers were up at the top yet, good things awaited the two in the future. Marcus yelled out his next command, Pikachu already running towards Charmander for the attack command.

"Tail Whip, Pikachu!"

The Pikachu had already been running, so it was ready. Pikachu spun around, tail extended to whack Charmander. Though since it was raining, and Charmanders skin is soft, whatever part of the tail that hit Charmader slid right off. This miss caused it to fall, meaning that the scratch attack hit. The attack hit Pikachu dead on, causing it to slide away a few feet. It got up a few seconds right after the land, as it slid its body halfway into a mud puddle. It was dirty now, and had lost quite a few HP since the scratch looked to be a critical hit.

"Try another Thundershock, full power! I know you are hurt, but in the future, I will never ask you to do anything I know you can't do!"

Pikachu said its name once, knowing the Marcus believed in its power. It smiled, and charged power within its body. It quickly released all the energy within its body, the electricity going everywhere within, and out of the battle field. Into the trees, aimed at Charmander, random patches of grass, and even up into the sky.

Though, one of the bolts into the trees caused anger within a large, bird Pokemon, and tons of smaller bird Pokemon. Suddenly, like a swarm of bees, Spearow and Fearow were in the airspace of the battlefield, Marcus, Kat, and their Pokemon far in sight. Pikachu had used up alot of its energy, and it fell to the ground, not noticing the swarms of bird Pokemon high up in the sky. Marcus hadn't noticed the bird either. Thunder began roaring, lightning bolts streaking, wind blowing. Marcus ignored it, running over to Pikachu.

"Pikachu! Are you okay!?"

He said, picking the Pokemon up in his arms. It had been beaten, as the bolts of electricity from its body most likely missed Charmander by a long shot.


[OOC: If you are wondering, Pikachu's electricity was all around the place, causing it to most likely miss Charmander, due to the attack being all over the place.

Trainer Kat
January 17th, 2008, 7:57 PM
OOC: The official OOC thread is now up in the RP lounge! :]
I'm sure the bit of bunnying was accidental. It's possible he misunderstood your post and thought that when Kozue turned toward the door, he went outside.


"What?! This is crazy!" The blonde looked shocked by the out of control thunderstorm. "Axel, watch out!" The Pokemon dodged most of the blasts, though, on one such maneuver, he managed to get himself caught in a bolt of electricity. Though not as injured as Pikachu, Charmander had taken some damage.

As soon as she noticed Pikachu had been beaten, Kat tried to force her excitement away. She had won her first Pokemon match! The skirmish was not without casualties, however. Making her way over to the boy and his defeated Pikachu, she offered a smile to them both. Kat lightly stroked Pikachu's fur.

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January 17th, 2008, 8:35 PM
OOC: Here is an OOC for the hell of it.


Marcus knew Kat was smiling in her victory. A smile emerged on his face when she came over to stroke Pikachus fur. He also pet Pikachu, proud of what it had done, and how hard it battled. Though, the smile turned to shock when many Pokemon known as Spearow began pecking at Charmander, Kat, Marcus, and Pikachu. Pokemon hurt, and trainers not use to this, such a sudden attack, Marcus yelled out an attack.


He didn't even know he yelled it out; Just pure instinct controlling him. Something controlled over Pikachus body, its wanting to protect and fight. Its body released a mass amount of electricity, shocking all the Spearow around, unfortunately Marcus, Kat, and Charmander too. The attack and motive caused more power to be released. Marcus got up after falling from the shock, next to Pikachu, who looked good and ready, though hurt.

More Spearow began to advance, however the Fearow yelled, it being the boss, commanding all the Spearow to stop. This, was its battle now. Its beak began spinning, and launching out many strikes, Fury Attack. Pikachus cheeks sparked, as Marcus told Kat to stay back quickly, him rushing up infront of her. Pikachu was ran out of energy though, when it tried to release a Thundershock to counter the Fury Attack, but not much was released. Marcus blocked, as the Fury Beaks hit both him and Pikachu. Little blood was drawn from Marcus, but more hits were taken on Pikahcu.


Marcus ran to its side, as the Fearows beak began spinning again. This time with more power however, a drill of power launched at the trainer and Pokemon. This, was a Drill Peck. Marcus ran up infront of Pikachu, arms out to defend it, him going to take the hit head on to defend. Pikachu however, jumped up on Marcus, then jumping out infront of him to take the Drill Peck. The attack hit Pikachu, making it fall to the ground. Marcus held back tears, but Pikachu was hurt.

The Fearow was angry, as lightning bolts became more vigorous. Fearow began charging for Marcus and Pikachu. A bolt of lightning came crashing down for Marcus and Pikachu. Marcus feared for his life. He thought this was going to be the end. But it wasn't. Pikachu ran up in anger, taking the lightning bolt dead on to its body in one jump. The lightning bolt dissipated, Pikachu now sparking with power in the air, falling down.

Its body absorbed the blow. Time became slow, all was quiet. Pikachu yelled its name, as an explosion of electricity emerged from its body. Fearow and Spearow caught in the electricity, this seemed to be a premature Thunder attack. The explosion ceased, Fearow still in the air, body sparking. It was though to be supposed to knocked out, but it wasn't. Badly damaged, it was more mad. Marcus only had once choice now. He quickly gave Pikachu the enlarged Pokeball, picked it up, and threw Pikachu towards Fearow.

Fearow collided with Pikachu, but not with its body; But with the Pokeball it was holding. It was sucked in by the ball in a red and white light, as Marcus caught Pikachu. The ball shook, but not for too long. Fearow was caught. The Spearow began flying away. The clouds began clearing, as Marcus fell down to the ground, panting. He used the last of his waking energy to give the caught Fearow to Kat, throwing it in her direction.

"I.. lose the bet... There is your caught Pokemon..."

He said, as he rolled over onto his back, panting. A rainbow appeared in the sky, which barely caught his eye. As his consciousness faded out, Marcus saw a glowing, small, cat like Pokemon flying through the air, near the rainbow. It flew away from sight, as Marcus' eyes closed, panting. He was unconscious now, but still alive.

January 17th, 2008, 9:36 PM
[Thanks a lot! :) :) :)]

Here we goooooo!!

W. watched in anticipation as the 2 novice trainers battling each other. He watched for at least 5 minutes. "So they're in bet?" he asked the girl next to him. The girl, an amateur trainer, was startled. Probably because the girl doesn't know him yet or he just bargged in the question. "Oh I'm sorry, I haven't introduce myself. My name's W. from Snowpoint City. I just came in late." But before he could say anything else, the girl was gone. 'Never mind, I don't usually interact with people.."

He had watched the furious battle between the guy named Marcus and the girl named Kat. 'Imppressive, but unfair..." he thought. He knew Charmander was in a disadvantage because of the rain which weaken it a lot, plus that Pikachu, taking that advantage. But never mind, the battle's over and the Pikachu's won. There's nothing we can do.

"Squirtle, Squirtle, Squirtle!!" Turquoise cried nagging his master. W. looked down, "Oh, you're hungry?" He got some pokemon food and gave It to Turquoise. "Gale's probably hungry too." he called out his Eevee, which cried immediately. "Whoa! Whoa! here's some food..." After a few minutes of tantrum, Eevee's finally settled down, contented. 'This is harder than I thought..." he thought.

[Thank's again! I think this is the best RP ever!][I think I cannot post this weekend...:(]

January 18th, 2008, 12:07 AM
i shold go to pokemon center and heal my gotrle

Trainer Kat
January 18th, 2008, 1:07 AM
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January 18th, 2008, 8:11 AM
“Get off my bag!”

Roisin was practically spinning around trying to make the little alligator Pokémon release it's bite.

“You're-too-stubborn!” she grunted. Roisin eventually gave up and looked around her. I've made an idiot of myself in front of everyone. She thought to herself, but unbeknown to her there was only a few people in the room. There was her, the Professor and the younger boy wearing a black tank top, the boy the only person who had formally introduced himself. Kamada Kozue.

He was sitting down with his Piplup, known as Pocky.

“Hey, Kozue, was it?” Roisin smiled at the mop-haired boy as she sat down beside him. Being careful to not hurt Totodile; she placed the bag down in an awquard position that let her Pokémon stand on his feet (Still attacking her bag however) the Pokémon gave another little dominant growl and continued to gnaw her tan coloured bag.

“Looks like we both got a Water Pokémon, to be honest I was hoping for a Piplup myself,” she smiled and laughed nervously. What a pathetic attempt at conversation.

After the conversation was over, Roisin sighed pointed her PokéDex- that was still in her hand- at her Totodile. Apparently the Pokémon was male, which explained the dominant 'Alpha-male' like growls. He knew the attacks: Scratch and Leer. He'd learn Water Gun fairly soon though. Hmm, I guess you should get a nickname... Croc, nah to generic... Hmm... Rex, nah...

“Looks like I'm going to have to earn your trust before you even let go of my bag...”. Roisin smiled and petted Totodile on the head. Totodile growled and continued too chew.

“Oh, Roisin, I forgot, here's your extra five PokéBalls,” Professor Oak handed her the red and white spheres. This burdened her to have to put away a PokéDex and five PokéBalls into a bag she could barely open because of her Pokémon's jaws.

“Thanks Professor,” she uttered when she finished. Wonder if any of the battles have finished yet...?

Trainer Kat
January 18th, 2008, 9:28 AM
OOC: This is an official warning. If Mr. Mystery does not post by tomorrow, he will be kicked, and Mudkip will be available as a starter.


The clouds began clearing, as Marcus fell down to the ground, panting. He used the last of his waking energy to give the caught Fearow to Kat, throwing it in her direction. "I.. lose the bet... There is your caught Pokemon..." He said, as he rolled over onto his back, panting.

She was still in awe. Had that really just happened? Moments ago, she, along with Axel, Marcus, and Pikachu, had been attacked by wild Spearow. Yet somehow, Pikachu had summoned up the energy to attack them, and, even more impressive, to dissolve the flock.

She looked down at the Pokeball that had fallen in front of her. It stopped just short of her boots. Bending down to pick it up, she couldn't help but feel Marcus deserved the Pokemon contained inside. After all, he had protected her and Axel from the Spearow.

And so what? She thought. He promised me a Pokemon if I won, which I did. And besides, it was his own damn fault that the Spearow attacked anyway. While the blonde had her internal battle, Axel wandered over to the fallen Marcus. Gently, he picked up the wounded Pikachu and began to carry it back to the lab.

Having resolved the conflict, Kat threw one of the boy's arms over her shoulder and stood. "Awh, man.." she groaned, straining to stay upright. Having had trouble lifting Charmander, Marcus was a bit more of a challenge. Still, once she threw all 93 pounds of her weight into it, she managed to pull him towards the lab, his feet dragging through the grass, though not before tucking the Fearow snugly into his back pocket.

January 18th, 2008, 9:38 AM
Noah watched in confusement as Espa was hit by a glare from yellow eyes. The Chimchar was immediately dizzy and began to stagger around the arena. "Get out of that, Espa!" Noah shouted, but his attempts were futile, Espa was lost to the world. I never knew that Leer could be so effective. The rain was hitting against his face now, and he shivered, but he kept his attention on the battle; it'd take a tad bit more than coldness to put him off.

The reptilian Pokemon lunged at Noah's Chimchar, before clocking it over the head. Espa fell to the ground. Noah was worried, there was no way that Espa could've fainted that easily, was there?

"Get up, Espa!" Noah bellowed. "Use Scratch again!"

Noah watched the scarlett monkey sit up dizzily and face his opposition before jumping for the second time with his arms outstretched.

This is going to be a fairly good match, I can tell.

January 18th, 2008, 9:40 AM
The doors once again burst open, the rain ad apparently stopped. The girl who Roisin had felt staring at her earlier was dragging something in. Upon closer inspection, it was one of the 'gang' that went out to battle. Roisin ran over to inspect, or she ran as fast as she could considering there was a 20 pound alligator swaying helplessly, whilst chomping away on her bag.

"What happened?" Roisin asked in a sort of mild panic. "You didn't hit him did you?"

Roisin looked at the girl, she looked like the type who'd knock someone out if she lost. Then again with her make-up streaky from the rain, who wouldn't.

"Anyway," Roisin started as the other girl dropped the unconscious boy on the floor. "I'm Roisin, and this..." Roisin indicated to wards the alligator that was still refusing to let go. "...This is Totodile. Nice to meet you."

Roisin extended her hand.

January 18th, 2008, 9:49 AM
"Excellent! The pound was effective... Now whats his next move..." Fen said out loud. "Come on Fen.... see the match... and see a few steps ahead... use everything to your advantage... thats how a battle is won..." Fen said, almost sounding like he was scolding himself.

"Get up, Espa!" Noah bellowed. "Use Scratch again!"

The monkey leaped into the air at Treecko again. The Chimchar clearly still a little dazed from the leer. Fen's eyes widened at the opportunity, an ideal chance to possibly finish the match.

"Another head on attack... a hasty one at that. This move might cost him the match..." Fen said to himself quietly. "Okay, Forest! idea time! Wet your tail in that puddle!" Fen called to the little Treecko

Treecko dipped his bushy tail in the water formed by the rain's downpour.

"With Chimchar in the air.... this hit should be nearly unavoidable...Now Forest! give that Chimchar a water soaked Pound with your tail!" Fen called out

Forest jumped into the air to meet the Chimchar halfway, with its tail soaked and ready to hit.

Trainer Kat
January 18th, 2008, 10:00 AM
"What happened? You didn't hit him did you?" The only girl besides Kat herself asked.

"What?! No, of course not!" She exclaimed, depositing Marcus' limp body carefully on the floor.

Kat looked over at the girl who was attempting to introduce herself. She hadn't gotten a good look at her before this, what with all the other commotion. Upon inspection, the girl revealed herself to be...relatively pretty...though, in Kat's eyes, she was far prettier. Her hair was a chocolate color, quite a contrast to the bright colored dress she was wearing. It was plastered to the sides of her face, obvious proof that she had been out in the rain. Kat did notice one odd thing about her, being that she had no makeup smears. Finally, the blonde answered.

"I'm Kat. My partner's Axel." She gestured with her head, her hands placed firmly on her hips. With her heavy black makeup streaked down her pale white cheeks, along with her posture, she looked like she belonged with her legs straddling a motorcycle, rather than with Pokemon. "He's the Charmander over there. That Pikachu he's got? That's his." Once again, a head motion to indicate the boy she had dragged in. "He's Marcus, though I suppose I should let him introduce himself once he wakes up."

With that, she grasped Rosin's hand.

January 18th, 2008, 10:15 AM
"A Charmander, wow, I heard they're hard to raise and extremely stubborn, but pays off during their final evolutionary stage. Well, not as stubborn as my Totodile here." Roisin raced off with her motor-mouth once again after shaking Kat's hand. "A nice nickname too."

Roisin smiled. Suddenly a small thud was heard from behind her. Roisin reactively whipped around out of fright. It appeared that Totodile had finally weakened and decided to let go of the girls bag. Albeit with many leftover teeth marks.

"Finally!" Roisin yelled as she knelt down to Totodile's level. "So, are you finished attacking my poor defenseless bag?" she asked.

Totodile stood up and turned away from Roisin, his nose turned up and arms folded. The Pokemon also unleashed a cute little snort. "To-to!" it shouted smugly.

"Oh okay then. I thought I'd get to choose my Pokemon, and I wanted a Piplup. So I stocked up on Water Pokemon food and a few items for you to play with, but I guess you don't want them?" Roisin teased and rumaged through her bag. Totodile turned his head slightly so he could see out of the corner of his crimson coloured eyes.

"You don't want this then?" Roisin laughed as she threw an indigo coloured ball up into the air, ready to catch it of course. Without warning Totodile bounded up into the air, caught the ball in it's mouth and walked off with it, trying to break it with it's teeth. Roisin laughed and walked up behind him.

"I thought so."

Totodile once again snorted and carried on playing with his new toy.

I bet he loves battling too, he seems the type.

January 18th, 2008, 12:55 PM
There were so many things going on at once that Patrick struggled to stay fully focused on any of them. Two pokémon battles had already taken place simultaneously. He constantly had to switch his gaze between the two of them just to follow all the action. His neck started to hurt from all the twisting. That Marcus kid proved to have a powerful Pikachu, considering it took down a flock of Spearow on its own, and still at such a low level. Of course, Kat couldn’t be bad either if she managed to defeat a guy like that. The sight of her dragging him back into the lab did look rather silly though. Patrick wondered what happened to him in the first place. Poor guy.

Turning his attention back to the Fen/Noah match, it would’ve appeared the advantage belonged to the Treecko for the time being. Not bad for a pokémon fighting at a type disadvantage. Both competitors showed a decent amount of skill, no doubt. It didn’t even matter who won any more, they’d both earned a little of his respect. He just wished they’d hurry it up already. The rain never did any wonders for his beauty. He contemplated shouting out encouragements once more, but the last time he tried that, it turned out to be absolutely futile. Perhaps they were too engrossed in the match to notice anything else around them.

“Any time now, boys.” His eyes began to grow tired.

Then a realisation came crashing down on him like a Snorlax dropped from a parachute. “Hey, I don’t have to wait here out in the rain for you guys! I’m going back inside. Let me know who won, yeah?”

He slapped his forehead, making his way back to the lab.

Why hadn’t I thought of that before?

Plus he just remembered he’d forgotten to collect his PokéDex from Professor Oak. Some trainer he was turning out to be.

January 18th, 2008, 1:00 PM
Marcus had been knocked out, and still is. However, just because he is unconscious, doesn't mean he still can't think or dream. Which he started doing as Kat began dragging him. On his mind, was the glow he saw in the sky when the clouds cleared. A Pokemon? Possibly. This world was filled with legends. He already knew in his mind that Pikachu was okay, but hurt. Marcus felt his body being dragged to the lab, and being set on a chair. He started yelling at himself in his mind, for attempts to wake up once he heard talking.

The Pikachu who had been carried in by Axel was probably still in the Charmanders arms. It woke up, once Marcus started yelling Pikachus name in his mind. The bond shared between these two is strong, though so young. Pikachu woke up, and attempted to walk, though damaged. It walked in pain with one eye open, and began tucking at his pant leg. Marcus not waking up, it sent even the tiniest jolt of electricity, barely visible to the human eye into Marcus' body. This jolt was to make his blood flow even a little faster, to wake up up. Since this was electricity, it ran up his spine and into his brain.

Marcus is awake now, slowly opening his eyes. He quickly opens them all the way, looking at his arms, hands, Pikachu and Kat. He picked up Pikachu, and attempted to stand up. Barely possible, he still did, smiling down at Pikachu.

"Good job Pikachu.. And Kat, thanks.."

He thankingly said, with a bit of a wobble.

January 18th, 2008, 2:37 PM
Forest jumped into the air to meet the Chimchar halfway, with its tail soaked and ready to hit.

Noah thought furiously as he watched the two Pokemon fly through mid air at each other. Nothing can save Espa now... Unless! Noah pointed a finger at Forest. "Espa, kamikaze!"

Does Espa even know what the word kamikaze means? I guess it's too late now if he doesn't. Noah watched as the amazing scene unfolded.

Forest hit the Chimchar square on the chest, the water splashed into Espa's eyes, the Pokemon screamed and fell to the ground. Forest landed beside him, Espa looked up, half smiling. Espa is going to knock himself out, the only question is whether he'll knock the opposition out as well.

The Chimchar jumped and flipped his body so that his head was facing downwards; then he fell towards the earth as fast as a monkey on fire could.

Don't miss, please don't miss!

January 18th, 2008, 2:45 PM
Fen threw his fist into the air with the success of the landed Pound attack.

"Perfect! that should have done....." Fen was cut off by the Chimchar's will to battle.

The Chimchar leaped up once more but this time, there was no time to react. The move was completely unorthodox and not even an official move... Fen couldn't even think of a counter measure. Forest stood, frozen in his tracks as the monkey pokemon's massive head grew nearer and made contact with his own. The impact left stars above Forest's head as he wobbled around trying to maintain his balance and composure, but the effort was futile. Forest's eyes blanked out and the little grass pokemon fell onto his back.

"Forest's defensive skills are lacking... compared to Chimchar's obviously large head.... i can only hope that Chimchar took a fair amount of damage from that hit as well..." Fen said to himself as he watched the Chimchar closely

January 18th, 2008, 2:58 PM
The point of impact was immense, but was it enough? Noah saw his Chimchar staggger around, but it was obvious he was going to faint. That had been the plan, Noah wasn't going for a win anymore, no, the super effective pound had ended all hope. What Noah wanted was a draw... Could he make it?

The Chimchar feel to the ground, sprawled out, arms and legs in an eagle-spread position, tongue rolling out of his mouth. Noah willed Forest not to get back up, a draw would be fair, losing because of the rain would not be.

January 18th, 2008, 3:08 PM
Eager to get her pokemon Rukia rushed into the busy office, around her she saw other trainers from all around, turning to where a man in a white coat handed her a poke'ball
"here" he said in a kind voice, "you have been selected to train Turtwig, Turtwig is a very small bashful little pokemon so he needs lots of care, if you promise to care for him, he is yours"
The proffeser put the ball into her hand, Rukia blinked with excitment of seeing this new pokemon,
A smile soon light up on her face as the tiny leaf pokemon emerged from the ball,
I'ts little green face blushed, kneeling down she remembered there was a few pokeblocks left in her bag.
she took off her pack and fed one to her new pokemon,
The turtwig smiled at Rukia, Rukia would pat his head.
Rukia turned to the proffeser and exclaimed, "i love him already!"
Rukia then turned to the little pokemon and said "would you like to come with me?"
Turtwig smiled an nodded his head.
She picked him up in her arms and held him close "were going to have to give you a name.." She thought to herself.
"Oh and proffeser!, thankyou so much!"
Rukia turned to walk out of the door with turtwig in her arms.

January 18th, 2008, 3:14 PM
The two pokemon's head clash had left them both too tired to even attempt to get up. Camera flashes and loud commotion could be heard from the watching crowd as their excitement had finally been released at the climactic head butt between the two pokemon.

"Looks like they knocked each other out, Mankey boy..." Fen called across the water soaked field. He walked slowly to the two small pokemon and lifted up Forest, cradling him in his arms. Forest squinted his eyes open just enough to show he was alright.

"Forest...you're a hard fighter... We're going to get along much better than i originally thought..." Fen said calmly to his little pokemon. "All you need is a decent rest. Once you're feeling better, you can go back to your favorite spot on my head, hows that sound?" Fen said, smiling at the little grass pokemon.

Forest responded weakly with a small 'treecko...' as Fen pulled out the pokeball and recalled Forest back into the sphere. Fen looked up to Noah and scratched his head. "Your style of battle... is quite different... and reckless...but none the less, it was a good match. Your style of battling makes me look forward to studying you, Mankey Boy." Fen said with a sly grin as he turned around and headed back towards the lab.

"I'm going in to dry off... and maybe wait out this storm while Forest recovers...you may want to do the same before the poor Chimchar's tail burns out" Fen called back to Noah over his shoulder as he returned to the building.

Upon entering he saw the other trainers, waiting for the storm as well it seemed. A couple new trainers had even slipped in, escaping Fen's attention as he was battling. Fen stood for a moment while looking around, and took his original seat in the chairs against the wall without really saying anything to anyone for now, he assumed they must know he had to tend to his pokemon after it had just battled. Fen let the little Treecko out of its ball again into his arms and cradled it gently. The Treecko refused the cradle, having already gained enough strength to climb back on top of Fen's head, where it curled up and resumed its nap which was earlier interrupted by the battle.

Fen looked up to the little green pokemon and smiled then let out a heavy sigh of exhaustion. It would be time to leave Pallete Town very soon...

Trainer Kat
January 18th, 2008, 5:07 PM
"Good job Pikachu.. And Kat, thanks.."

Kat simply waved her hand in response. "Yeah, yeah..." she began. "Anyone would have done the same thing..." When he wobbled, her bony arms darted out, ready to catch him. "Hey, careful!" she chastised him. "You shouldn't be standing. Here, why don't you sit down and rest?" With that, the blonde led the other to the chairs where they had originally sat, depositing him on one of them.

At that moment, Fen entered, returning to his position on the chairs. Kat was hesitant to approach him, since last time, both he and Noah had invaded her personal space. Ultimately, her curiosity as to what had happened in his battle persuaded her to go to him.

"You stay here," she said, slowly taking her arms away, since she had no clue whether or not he was able to sit on his own, since standing looked to be a challenge. "I'm going to go talk to Fen. Plus, I think my makeup's shot. I gotta redo it." Looking to Axel, she spoke; "Make sure he doesn't fall and crack his skull or something. Get help from one of the other trainers if you need to." The Charmander responded with a simple "Char," accompanied by a sharp nod.

Making her way over to Fen, Kat sat in the seat she had occupied when she first got there--the one on Fen's left.

"Hmmph. So, little professor, who won your little skirmish?" she asked, not looking at Fen, but rather at the compact mirror she had retrieved from the bottom of her cluttered bag. Pulling out a moist towelette, she cleansed her face of any remaining makeup before beginning to cake mascara on her lashes and eyeliner on her lids. "I didn't get to see it, since I was battling at the same time."

January 19th, 2008, 9:19 AM
Most, if not all of the other Trainers had found their way back out of the rain and into the warmth of the Professor's lab. Kat had jumped up to go and speak with a boy who had messy green hair and a Treecko and the collapsed boy was sitting a few chairs away from herself, with Kat's Charmander standing guard. The brunette sighed, watching her Pokémon, who had his back turned to her, trying to destroy the solid rubber ball with it's jaws. Most of the Trainers had already established some sort of bond, some more than others and everyone more than Roisin and Totodile.

Maybe it'll earn my trust in a battle, and as soon as his rain clears I'll let it beat the stuffing out of a Ratatta or two... Nothing like the dancing Totodile squad on TV...

Roisin sighed for a second time. She jumped up, stretched her legs and arms and then decided for a walk over to Kat and the other Trainer. She starter to approach him, ready to introduce herself and ask how the battle went, but on the way she was interrupted by the Pokémon Professor.

"Excuse me, Roisin... That's your Totodile there?" The Professor smiled and nodded towards her Pokémon.

Roisin flinched.

Please say he hasn't bitten Kozue's Piplup.

As she slowly turned around too where her Pokémon was last seen she couldn't believe her eyes. In the corner of the room, where Totodile was sitting with it's new ball, there was a mass of blue, curled up and breathing steadily. Totodile's crimson eyes were hidden beneath his jet-black eye-lids -rather like Kat's-.

"Wow, he's so peaceful... I know I've known him for all of 30 minutes but, this is extremely unexpected." Roisin smiled and withdrew Totodile's PokéBall from her bag. Roisin held out the PokéBall and pointed it at Totodile. "Return," she commanded, and the translucent red light once again shot out and drew her Pokémon back with it, into the Pokémon's spherical home.

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January 19th, 2008, 12:43 PM
“Thanks again, Professor. I’m not sure what I would’ve done without this.” Patrick waved the ruby PokéDex in one hand, scratching the back of his head shyly with the other. The pokémon prodigy simply smiled at the young lad’s forgetfulness.

“Don’t worry about it. Lots of kids make that mistake,” the wise man comforted him.

Patrick questioned the reality of that statement. Really, how many to-be trainers forgot their PokéDex before heading out into the pokémon world? His name had been officially added to that fictitious list. Nonetheless, he was just glad he remembered before it was too late. Now that he had the elusive device in his possession, he decided to test it out a bit, better to have a test run in the controlled confines of the laboratory building than out there in the wild, he reasoned. After one last salute to the Professor, the brawny teen wondered around the room, PokéDex ready in hand, collecting information on all the starter pokémon he could spot in the area. The fact that most of the other trainers seemed to have a fondness for leaving their pokémon out of their pokéballs worked great for him.

A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he’d finally collected data from the last pokémon available in the room, a Charmander. He looked through the list of pokémon data recorded on the PokéDex with a grin on his face. “That’s Charmander, Squirtle, Totodile, Turtwig, Treecko, Mudkip, Chimchar, Piplup and Pikachu. Oh and Speedy, my own Cyndaquill of course,” he read out to himself gleefully. “This PokéDex thing is really nifty.”

Looking up, he found himself standing next to Kat and her friends. He couldn’t help but overhear the question she directed to Fen. Patrick too wanted to know the victor of that battle. “Yeah, I was kinda wondering the same thing,” he added. “Round about the time I left, it looked like it could’ve gone either way.”

January 19th, 2008, 2:49 PM
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Fen sat peacefully with Forest as they yawned in unison and began to doze off quietly, almost forgetting that they had an adventure to leave for soon. He was stopped by an onslaught of questions from both Kat and Patrick.

"Hmmph. So, little professor, who won your little skirmish?" Kat asked while administering her makeup.

“Yeah, I was kinda wondering the same thing,” Patrick added. “Round about the time I left, it looked like it could’ve gone either way.”

Fen looked up to the two, quite flattered that they had taken so much interest in his battle. He looked at Forest sleepily then looked back to the two trainers.

"...it ended in a draw. Mankey Boy's tactics are quite bothersome and dangerous. He forced the match into a draw using a kamikaze head butt with Chimchar...He'd rather risk hurting his partner than taking a loss...I'll be sure to mark that in my notes...But Forest appears to be fine, so I'm not too concerned about the results anymore. The battle proved to be an accurate representation of Mankey Boy's abilities and style. I wont fall to such a desperate attack next time I meet him in battle." Fen said softly to the two curious trainers. He cracked a smile to them. "And besides, Forest doesn't want that to happen again either, do you Forest?" Fen said, letting his eyes float to the top of his head to look at the little Treecko. Forest squinted an eye open from his nap at the sound of his name, the closed them again, uninterested in the conversation.

Fen pulled his legs back cross legged and crossed his arms, shivering slightly inside his soaked clothes from the rain, waiting for the warm building to dry him off a bit.

January 19th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Name: Kai Mikoro

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dptr/dptr158.png

Personality: Kai is happy sometimes but when provoked he can get very angry.He has a very short temper so he lashes out at anything that will annoy him that little bit more.He is never grumpy or laid back and he always wants to get into action.He will never back down from a battle and is always a good sport after the battle and he is really concentrated on winning and dedicates most of his concentration towards winning.

History: Kai was born in the region of Hoenn.His parents were killed in a rock-climbing accident and he now lives with his Uncle in Fortree City.He loves Pokemon and has been around Pokemon since he was born.His Uncle is a known Ruin Maniac and Kai always goes on adventures with his Uncle.He knows a lot about types of ruins and mountains which could come in handy sometime in the future.

RP Sample:

Kai stood there.His beloved Pidgeotto was getting destroyed in a battle against a Beedrill.
"Hang in there Pidgeotto!"
Kai shouted as he clenched his fists tightly.Suddenly Pidgeotto launched a huge and magnificent Aerial Ace attack on the Beedrill.The Beedrill fell to the ground like a ton of bricks.Suddenly Beedrill fainted and Pidgeotto was declared the winner.
"Well Done, Pidgeotto,You are certainly a great Pokemon."
Kai took the badge from the leader and walked triumphantly out of the gym.He immediately went to the Pokemon Center to get his Pokemon healed and to have a bite to eat.

Trainer Kat
January 19th, 2008, 3:33 PM
OOC: No worries. :] I was gone all day as well.

IC: "...it ended in a draw. Mankey Boy's tactics are quite bothersome and dangerous. He forced the match into a draw using a kamikaze head butt with Chimchar...He'd rather risk hurting his partner than taking a loss...I'll be sure to mark that in my notes..." Fen responded.

Once he finished, Kat spoke: "Is that sort of move even recognized?" She shook her head and sighed. "No, don't even bother answering that. Knowing you, I'll get an hour long explanation to a question to which I'm already fully aware of the answer."

With that she stood, makeup application complete. About to walk away, she stopped and turned back to the messy-haired boy. "Hey. I've been meaning to ask you how you expect to take notes on..." Her teal hues shot a glance in Patrick's direction before returning to Fen. "...Both of them all by yourself. You're not exactly a laboratory, y'know. No workers, no nothin'. It's just you."

When her eyes hovered on him, she quickly called Charmander over. "Turn around, Axel." The Pokemon obeyed, turning so that his tail was directly in front of Fen's seat. She looked away from Fen this time while she talked, obviously not wanting to be associated with her good deed. "You can warm up with his tail flame.."

The blonde teen glanced around the room. All the battles were over, everyone seemed to be getting along well with their Pokemon, and all of them were inside. It seemed like the perfect time to leave. A quick glance outside showed that the sudden downpour had turned into a light drizzle. Though they would still get wet, it was better than being soaked. She took a step onto a chair two seats down from Fen, pulling her body up onto in. Standing upright, she readied herself.

"Listen up!" She yelled, attempting to obtain the attention from the surrounding trainers. "Axel and I are going to go to Viridian City. If you want to accompany us, fine. If you don't, I guess we'll be seeing you around as rivals." With that, she made an effort to jump off the chair. Boots soaked from the rain, her attempt to end the speech looking cool failed when she slipped and fell right on her butt.

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January 19th, 2008, 3:41 PM
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January 19th, 2008, 3:49 PM
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Fen raised an eyebrow to the blond in curiosity as she finished her statement.

"Hey. I've been meaning to ask you how you expect to take notes on..." Her teal hues shot a glance in Patrick's direction before returning to Fen. "...Both of them all by yourself. You're not exactly a laboratory, y'know. No workers, no nothin'. It's just you."

Fen was confused for a moment. He wasn't an ugly kid... but that being said, he had never been approached by a girl outside of them wanting homework help. That being said, he immediately assumed the aforementioned. He waited patiently as she courteously allowed him to dry himself near Charmander's flame. It was a nice orange warm glow, Fen was feeling drier by the second, although Forest didn't seem to appreciate being so close to fire. The little Grass pokemon changed places, moving to Fen's lap to avoid falling near the flames and resumed his sleeping position. Suddenly Kat called out to the whole room.

"Axel and I are going to go to Viridian City. If you want to accompany us, fine. If you don't, I guess we'll be seeing you around as rivals." she called out, jumping down from her seat and falling flat on her butt.

Fen couldn't help but be slightly amused at her antics but quickly did the gentlemanly thing and stood up, letting Treecko move back to his head, and walked over to her, reaching a gracious hand down to her. He smiled at her and spoke softly

"Need some help? I couldn't help but think that you might be offering to help with my research? If thats what you're saying, I would love to travel with you. I'll even share my collected data on the two trainers and pokemon in general with you as a thank you? How does that sound, maybe? Sorry... I'm new to this talking to girls thing... my last school was an all male school..." He finished, wincing at admitting his embarrassing past, then returned to looking Kat in the eyes, waiting for an answer.

Trainer Kat
January 19th, 2008, 3:50 PM
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January 19th, 2008, 3:58 PM
"Listen up! Axel and I are going to go to Viridian City. If you want to accompany us, fine. If you don't, I guess we'll be seeing you around as rivals."

Marcus heard Kat yell to all the trainers in the area. He sat down in a chair, still a little wobbly, holding Pikachu in his arms. He turned his head towards Kat, trying to catch her attention.

"Then I guess you will be seeing Pikachu and I as rivals."

He said, then turning to his Pikachu. Both still damaged, Marcus was a-okay to go, though Pikachu still needed to be healed. He smiled down at it, still incredibly proud of it. Of the display of power that it showed. Marcus touched one of his wounds on his right arm where the Fury Attack stabbed in, but it barely hurt. Holding Pikachu in his arms, he stood up, bending down a bit to get some dirt off. Pikachu smiled, becoming hyper a little, running up to his shoulder. It started saying the first four letters of its name constantly, "Pika Pika Pika Pika Pika Pika Pika!"

"You okay bud?"

The Pokemon kept saying its name over and over again. Marcus began saying "Pika" quietly with it over and over again, examining its tone of voice.

"I may not speak Pokemon.. But it sounds like you want your nickname to be Pika?"

Pika nodded. Marcus smiles, and pats it on the head.

Marcus placed his hands in his pockets, looking for his Pokedex. He grabs it out, looking at any data he might have recorded so far, but only Fearow, Spearow, and Pikachu data were recorded. He sighed, putting the Pokedex in his left hand. He searched his back pockets for a moment, and found a Pokeball hidden. He looked into the Pokeball for a moment, to find that the Fearow he had given Kat was still in his possession. He thought for a moment, figuring out what to do with it.

January 19th, 2008, 4:00 PM
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IC: "Listen up!" Kat yelled, attempting to obtain the attention from the surrounding trainers. "Axel and I are going to go to Viridian City. If you want to accompany us, fine. If you don't, I guess we'll be seeing you around as rivals." With that, she made an effort to jump off the chair. Boots soaked from the rain, her attempt to end the speech looking cool failed when she slipped and fell right on her butt.

Noah grinned. "Yeah, I'll tag along, but only on the grounds that you'll go against Brock with me; a double battle."

With that said, he walked over to her and held out a hand to help her up.

Trainer Kat
January 19th, 2008, 4:07 PM
IC: "Need some help? I couldn't help but think that you might be offering to help with my research? If thats what you're saying, I would love to travel with you. I'll even share my collected data on the two trainers and pokemon in general with you as a thank you? How does that sound, maybe? Sorry... I'm new to this talking to girls thing... my last school was an all male school..." With that, Fen finished talking, though, he did look a tad embarrassed by his last sentence.

Noah grinned. "Yeah, I'll tag along, but only on the grounds that you'll go against Brock with me; a double battle." With that said, he walked over to her and held out a hand to help her up.

Kat couldn't help but giggle inside when Fen mentioned the all-males school. Perhaps that was why he had been so awkward. Initially, she had been ready to snap at him for assuming she wanted -or needed- help, though once he began talking, her anger dissipated. Looking from Fen to Noah, she made her decision. Reaching up with one slender, bony arm, she took Fen's hand and pulled herself off. Brushing off the backside of her jeans, she contemplated what her answer would be. Previously, she looked upon Noah and Fen with annoyance, and if she accepted his offer, she would be forced to travel with both of them. Still, it could be interesting...

"Alright, little professor, you've got yourself a deal." She shot him a full grin. "I'll help you research Mankey-boy, and you share your notes with me." She turned towards the door, indicating her eagerness to leave. She placed her hands on the back of her head, fingers laced. She slightly turned her head towards him, looking at him with one green-blue eye. "And maybe..you'll learn a little something about girls, too, while you're at it." She said, finishing her sentence with a smirk and a wink.

January 19th, 2008, 4:08 PM
The early morning from which they had all gotten up from to arrive at the laboratory on time, was finally beginning to break. It had been close to three hours since all of them had arrived and received their first Pokemon, and after two battles, a near casualty and lots of interaction between both trainers and Pokemon, it was finally time to leave.

Asserting herself, albeit not as gracefully as she would've liked, Katrina Lee immediately took the leading role of the group and ushered the others to hear her words. Her topic had also been on the young boy's mind, yet he had never put a lot of thought into the matter. Would he travel alone with just his Pokemon or would he join a group and venture together with the others? Of course, his answer was obvious; together was best and he couldn't think of anyone more suiting to take charge than Kat herself. Well, maybe Patrick, since he had a more mature vibe about him, plus he had an unfathomable resemblence to the tough-guy character in common light novels he would often read back home.

"Axel and I are going to Viridian City. If you want to accompany us, fine. If you don't, I guess we'll be seeing you around as rivals," the blonde-haired girl announced as she lifted herself off of her seat before crashing to the floor.

Kozue looked on with concern at the sight and was about to head over to help, when Fenra then came to her aid. Pulling back, the blonde-haired boy breathed a small sigh and smiled. At least everyone was getting along a little, if not quite well, he thought to himself, surveying the room where now all of the trainers had gathered. It was a pleasant sight and his mood had once again changed, except this time, in a positive way.

Stroking Piplup's feathered head, as it tried to gouge his fingers with its stubby beak, Kozue suddenly shot a hand in the air and exclaimed his decision, an effort that would hopefully deter attention away from Kat's embarrassment.

"I'll come too!" he beamed with genuine excitement.

January 19th, 2008, 4:09 PM
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January 19th, 2008, 4:17 PM
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GhastlyGuy, why didn't you just PM Kat?

January 19th, 2008, 4:19 PM
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"Axel and I are going to go to Viridian City. If you want to accompany us, fine. If you don't, I guess we'll be seeing you around as rivals." shouted Kat, in a sort of 'leaderly' motion, one thing was sure, Kat was born to lead the group. At this point in time Kat was the only person Roisin knew, that's if the term 'knew' could be used loosely, they'd spoken once. The point remained that besides speaking with a boy that gave her limited responses, Kozue.

“I'll go with you,” Roisin bawled goofily; louder than she anticipated. She wouldn't be caught dead as Kat's rival, or she and Totodile could get 'attacked by a group of Spearow'.

Damn, I was too late to meet everyone this morning and join the little introductory sequence, I'm like some sort of alien. I suppose I could try and get into the inner-circle, if so Kat and the kid with the Treecko are my primary 'targets'. Wow I'm manipulative... Don't go starting World War VII here Roisin.

Roisin walked over to the Trainer who had a Treecko on his head.

I heard he's a little scientist, nice to have a smart guy on our team.

As Roisin approached him and Kat she unwillingly absorbed a piece of conversation, rather like a Golbat at a blood bank.

“-Sorry... I'm new to this talking to girls thing... my last school was an all male school..."

Aww, cute. How can I go about this without making him uncomfortable?

“Hey,” Roisin squealed as she put her arm around the boys shoulder. “Look's like somebody's in love, what's your name?” Roisin asked the boy.

Damn, that's exactly what I didn't want to do...

Trainer Kat
January 19th, 2008, 4:21 PM
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Anyway, I edited it to include Noah.

January 19th, 2008, 4:45 PM
Noah watched Kat bound towards the door and he grinned before nudging Fenra; "I think that's her sign to tell us we should follow." He stuck his hand in his pocket to make sure that he had his Poke ball and when the fact that he did was confirmed he walked over to Kat, who was then holding the door ajar. "Lady Kat," he exclaimed in an accent that would normally be used to mock posh people. "Such a fair woman as yourself should not have to do such horrible manual labour such as holding a door open." He grabbed her hand and took it off the door frame before grabbing the red door with his other.

He winked to Fenra and waited for the two to make their next moves.

January 19th, 2008, 4:48 PM
"Maybe..you'll learn a little something about girls, too, while you're at it." Kat said, finishing her sentence with a smirk and a wink.

Fen blushed slightly at this comment as he followed Kat towards the door. While walking, he looked back to see if his specimen was coming, but his attention was immediately called to a boy across the room rushing to join them. Whom Fen had not been properly introduced.

"I'll come too!" he beamed with genuine excitement.

"Hm... he must be a friend of Kat's..." Fen thought to himself. He turned to the boy and reached out a handshake. "Hi, my name is Fe..." He was cut off by a loose arm swinging around his shoulder. He was receiving so much attention today...

“Hey,” the girl squealed as she put her arm around Fen's shoulder.“Look's like somebody's in love, what's your name?” the girl asked Fen, loudly.

Fen's face turned beet red, as all he could do was look straight forward with his eyes wider than anyone had seen thus far. He cranked his head slowly to the arm on his shoulder then up to the girl it was attached to.

"F-F-F-F-F...Furai... Kenra... i mean uhhh Fenra Kura... errr F-F-Fenra Kurai... ya..." Fen responded to the girl at a complete loss of words to her assumption towards his and Kat's relationship. Forest sat atop his head looking down at Fen, shaking his head in disgrace at his master's obvious weak point. Fen quickly regained his composure and straightened up, masking his embarassment. "*ahem* Fenra Kurai... is my name... and your name is?" He responded to the girl, still walking, leading the blond girl to the exit, trying to keep up with Kat and make his way towards the door being held open by Noah, shooting him a look of complete distress.

Trainer Kat
January 19th, 2008, 5:32 PM
"I'll come too!" Kozue exclaimed, apparently thrilled to be travelling with them.

"Kozue~!" Kat exclaimed, rushing over to the boy and wrapping her arms around his neck. "I'm so glad~!" She giggled, somewhat squishing Piplup between them. Once she noticed, she pulled back, lightly stroking Piplup's feathers. "I'm sorry, little Piplup," she said, an apologetic tone to her voice.

"Then I guess you will be seeing Pikachu and I as rivals." A voice drifted her way from the other side of the room. Kat knew the speaker was Marcus, without even swiveling her body to catch a glimpse. Abandoning Kozue for the moment, she approached Marcus.

"You're not coming with us..?" She asked, tilting her head slightly. She had to admit, she was a little surprised that he wasn't going to be joining the others. "Well then...I guess I'll see you around..." As she finished, she realized she wasn't going to be seeing him for a while. She felt a bit of remorse at this, since she was beginning to feel some sense of attachment to the others, even Mankey-boy. She circled her arms around him, pulling the other blonde into a hug before turning towards the door once more.

Her hand flat against the solid red wood doors, she gave a push, greeted with the light rain that now fell.

"Lady Kat." The voice certainly belonged to Noah. "Such a fair woman as yourself should not have to do such horrible manual labour such as holding a door open." He grabbed her hand and took it off the door frame before grabbing the red door with his other.

"Well, then, Mankey-boy. You can do all the manual labor for me." She gave him a full, sincere grin. "You can be my servant, since you were kind enough to offer!"

Looking back, she noticed Fen lagging behind, talking to the new girl. "Fe~en!" She whined. Walking over to him, she looped her arm through his. "Keep up, now!" She said, flashing him a smile.

January 19th, 2008, 5:56 PM
Marcus shook his head when Kat was asking about him not coming with the group. Pika smiled when she gave him a hug, so it patted her hair while she was still near Marcus. He hugged her back, still with the un-enlarged Pokeball containing Fearow in his hand. He got up, with less wobbles now from the event that happened before. Noah told Kat that she should not have to perform the tedious task of holding the door open for the other trainers.

After Kat looped her arm around Fens, Marcus ran towards her, grabbing her hand. He quickly places the Pokeball in her hand.

"You won the bet. This Fearow is yours, Kat."

Marcus said with a laugh. Pika also released a giggle. He began walking out the door, the raining ceased now, he could already see the clouds and sky. Quite a beautiful site. What a day to begin a Pokemon journey. Marcus began walking outside, both him and Pika having a smile on their face.

January 19th, 2008, 6:56 PM
"Hi, my name is Fen..." Fenra began, reaching out a hand before being swept away by the girl he had previously met, Roisin.

"Hehe, I guess I'll introduce myself later," he said with a quaint smile as the brunette prodded the Treecko-bearer for answers, who was having obvious yet cute complications in conversing with the only two girls present. "Oh, I almost forgot..."

Turning so that Kat, Fen, Roisin and Noah were behind him as they made their way back outside, Kozue quickly made his way back to the still idle professor who had been quietly watching the group all this time.

"U-Um, Professor Oak, most of us will be leaving now," he began awkwardly with a shuffled stance and a downward gaze. He was still somewhat intimidated yet extremely fortunate to be in the presence of such a legend. "I just wanted to thank you again for everything and that I'll...no, we'll be sure to make you proud. It was an honour to meet you..."

The blonde-haired boy then gave a steep bow in respect before returning to full height, where he was extremely relieved to see the Pokemon Professor smiling. With a small wave and a smile, Kozue retreated back towards the door, where Kat quickly embraced him in another headlock-hug after learning he would be joining them in their journey. This was of course, all much to the distress of Pocky, who had been somewhat crushed beneath the barrage but managed to recover nonetheless. Things were looking up.

So far, the new group of trainers included; Kat, Fen, Roisin, Noah and himself. He wasn't quite sure whether or not Marcus had agreed to coming along, but with high hopes, Kozue assumed he would be. Looking back over his shoulder as he headed to the door, pass Marcus handing over to Kat the recently caught Fearow, he noticed the remaining four trainers who had yet to finalise their decisions; W., Patrick, Drazen and Rukia.

"Mhmm, I wonder if they're coming too?" he asked himself quietly.

January 19th, 2008, 8:13 PM
[Thanks for the reminders Kat, but anyway can we catch Shinies on the way?. By the way, commander1 really defiant. He must be mentally retarded...]

W. watched as the other trainers left the Lab. as they headed to Viridian City. He avoid getting close to them as possible, the reason? He don't know why.

"What a relief." He said. He stayed in the Lab. until all other trainers have left. "The time has come, we have to go." he said to Turquoise. Turquoise has been playing around the garden since the rain had stopped. When Turquoise heard this, he reluctantly stopped playing and returned to his master.

He had a lot in mind when he left the Lab. Like buying some food in the City and the like. "We really need of supplies, also we might encounter some new pokemons on the way." he said to Turquoise, checking his transparent Pokedex. "And Eevee's baby food is running low.''

"Hmmm..." he droned on as he read his book. He never had a day without reading his Astronomy books. W. was reading on tips of finding a comet.

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January 20th, 2008, 7:41 AM
"I'll come too!" Kozue exclaimed, the only person besides Kat who Roisin had met prior too now.

"F-F-F-F-F...Furai... Kenra... i mean uhhh Fenra Kura... errr F-F-Fenra Kurai... ya..." replied the taller older male, an obvious nervous wreck at the thought of a girl being within a 50ft radius, never mind touching or speaking to him. Roisin smiled and giggled at the blushing teenager. The Treecko on his head shook his head, looking disgraced. Roisin pinched his cheek playfully. "*ahem* Fenra Kurai... is my name... and your name is?" He finally managed to get his words out.

Wow, that went better than I thought, I guess he doesn't hate me.

“My name's Roisin; Roisin Rinku. Pleasure to meet you,” she smiled and finally withdrew her arm, probably causing him to sigh of relief.

So far Roisin had gathered that: Kat, Fenra, Kozue, the boy with cyan coloured hair and herself were going to be traveling together along with their Pokémon: Axel, Forest, Pocky, Chimchar and Totodile respectively. She was confused about Marcus's traveling status and hadn't even heard the answers of the other Trainers.

“Hmm, yeah tis a good group,” Roisin thought out loud. She turned around to see Pocky and Kozue showing their utmost gratitude to the Professor and bidding him goodbye. Ugh, I was gonna be the nice one and do that, never mind, just keep it cool... Roisin simply waved her hand at the authority on Pokémon and started to follow the rest of the group into the mid-afternoon. She wasn't looking forward to the Routes connecting to wither side of Viridian City, and she was dreading the actual city itself even more. The main attraction at this point was the forest which served as the quickest way to their first Gym Badge. Ready to destroy the Gym Leader in a 2-on-2 battle, hopefully with a good partner, then the Boulder Badge would be hers. Do I ask Fenra and Forest or Kozue and Ponky to help me? They'd both be adequate partners, along with Totodile that'd be two type advantages. Then again, I heard the Gym leader has been using ancient Pokémon, cloned from the fossils at Mt. Moon.

“Oh Fenra~aaa!” Roisin smiled and skipped over to her newest buddy. She watched him flinch and she threw her left arm around him once again. “Fen, can I call you Fen?... Fen. How would you like to battle the Gym Leader at Pewter City, in a 2-on-2 battle with me?” Roisin asked in a slightly higher pitched voice than usual. “Me and Totodile -did you meet Totodile?- could really use your brains and Forest's brawn,” Roisin smiled once again. “So, what do ya say? No pressure.”

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January 20th, 2008, 10:35 AM
“My name's Roisin; Roisin Rinku. Pleasure to meet you,” Roisin said to Fen as she pulled her arm from around his shoulder. Fen felt as if 100 lbs had been lifted off his shoulders. He exhaled excessively with relief at being freed from his awkward situation

"I'll have to take note... that despite my previous hypothesis, being in the company of females on this journey could actually hinder my productivity..." Fen thought to himself as he adjusted his clothes and bag. He looked up to see Kat coming to retrieve him.

"Fe~en!" She whined. Walking over to him, she looped her arm through his. "Keep up, now!" She said, flashing him a smile and she pulled him away.

"not againnn..." Fen whined subconsciously as his spirits and endurance were being clearly crushed. He finally straightened up from being pulled by Kat and looked around. They were outside the lab now, and the storm had subsided to a beautiful mid afternoon. The group moved together and Fen couldn't help but see the blond girl behind them out of the corner of his eye. She was clearly submersed in thought.

"...Is she coming with us?" Fen thought to himself as he eyed her.

“Hmm, yeah tis a good group,” Fen heard her say, thinking to herself. And with that being said, Fen assumed she was joining as he watched her drift back into thought for a moment. Suddenly she perked up, which startled Fenra's gaze straight forward again.

“Oh Fenra~aaa!” Roisin smiled and skipped over to her newest buddy. Fen flinched at the awaited contact between him and Roisin as she threw her left arm around him once again. “Fen, can I call you Fen?... Fen. How would you like to battle the Gym Leader at Pewter City, in a 2-on-2 battle with me?” Roisin asked in a slightly higher pitched voice than usual. “Me and Totodile -did you meet Totodile?- could really use your brains and Forest's brawn,” Roisin smiled once again. “So, what do ya say? No pressure.”

Fen was surprised at first by her sudden proposal. Another girl wanting to talk to him solely because of his intelligence, this was the female contact he was used to. But that being said, battling alongside her for the first gym match... seemed very doable and beneficial to him as well considering that she apparently received a Totodile as her first Pokemon.

"Roisin, you're offer is tempting, the combination of Totodile and Treecko should prove ideal for the gym match. We'll be sure win in no time. I'll be sure to train plenty on my way to Pewter city as to not let you down. Poor Forest doesn't know any grass attacks yet." Forest narrowed an eye at Fen and snuffed as Fen exposed the little Treecko's obvious secret to the girl. Fen let go a small laugh at Forest and looked back to the girl. "That being said, I would love to be your partner." He finished cracking an uncomfortable smile while giving small slight glances to the arm around him still around his shoulder and sweating bullets.

Fen sped up his pace, almost dragging the poor girl to keep even with Kat, since even though he was battling partners with Roisin, Kat seemed to have the power to save him from awkward scenarios like this with her blunt attitude.

Trainer Kat
January 20th, 2008, 10:58 AM
OOC: Shinies are allowed as long as they're limited to one, at the very most two.

After Kat looped her arm around Fen's, Marcus ran towards her, grabbing her hand. He quickly placed a Pokeball in her hand. "You won the bet. This Fearow is yours, Kat." So he was returning Fearow after all. Kat had hoped that he wouldn't notice, since her win was kind of a fluke. Something about it just didn't feel right, though, since he seemed to insist she take it, she decided she would keep it...and repay him later.

"Thanks...Marcus," she said with a smile. "I'll be sure to take good care of it." Looking up and over at Noah, she realized she hadn't yet answered his proposal. "Hey Noah!" she yelled. "I'll partner up with you, but you'd better make that monkey of yours learn some worthwhile moves!" The remark came out more like a command than an acceptance, but it was finalized-she would be Noah's partner.

Slightly behind her and to her right, she noticed a rather uncomfortable looking Fen accepting Roisin's offer to partner up for the first gym, still trying to keep up as Kat continued to drag him. Still clinging to his arm, she stopped, standing up on her toes to reach his ear, softly whispering into it. "Take notes during our battle...since your lovely assistant is going to be partnered with your research subject and all..." With that she paused, only to add one more thing. "...Fen-Fen." She giggled, the only part of her conversation audible to others, obviously pleased with her new pet name for him.

January 20th, 2008, 1:59 PM
Marcus took one last look back at the other trainers, to see Kat making demands as usual. With a smile, he laughed wondering why everyone must all travel in groups. 'They could probably do better off alone, solitude and more training time. Eh.' He thought, before turning his head back to the direction he was going. He waved his hand while walking, saying, "Cya later Kat." at a volume where he could be heard. Marcus put both his hands back into his pockets, while Pikachu looked back up to speed. It still looked a little damaged, but the look on its face told it was rejuvenated, and ready for battle.

"I guess we better hurry, so we can catch some Pokemon and train!"

Marcus said looking at Pika. It nodded. Marcus began running towards Route 1. He knew that there would be no Fearow anymore, since he gave it to Kat, but he still looked out for any Spearow.

It takes this new trainer about five minutes running to get out of Pallet, and into Route 1. First sight he sees from before, is grass. Rustling around in the grass were few Pokemon, such as Rattata, Pidgey, Nidoran, and predicted Spearow. He reaches into his left pocket, finding only five empty Pokeballs. He knew what to do with them due to his first catch, Fearow. Pikachu jumped down onto the ground, walking infront of Marcus. After walking around for a few minutes in the Route, a Pidgey challenged Pikahcu. It swooped in with a Tackle, but Pikachu stopped it in its tracks with a Thundershock attack, knocking it back a few feet.

"Go, Pokeball!"

Marcus yelled, as he pressed the button in the middle of an empty Pokeball to enlarge it, then throwing it at the Pidgey. On contact, it was sucked into the ball in a red light. The ball closed, shaking side to side with a blinking red light. It stopped motion, clicking to dignify that is had been caught. Marcus picked it up, glad that he caught a new Pokemon. However, a different Pokemon came from the grass with a Tackle, a purple, small mouse Pokemon. Rattata, attacked Pikachu, scoring a hit.

"Alright Pikachu, use a Thundershock!"

Pikachu nodded, releasing another bolt of electricity at the Rattata. Right after impact, Marcus threw another Pokeball. Once again, the process of the ball shaking and clicking closed occurs. Marcus had just now caught another Pokemon, now having three Pokemon to his team, and three Pokeballs left. Marcus kept running through the Route, soon being able to see Viridian City in the horizon. Smiling, he kept searching side to side for Pokemon. He now wanted to catch a Spearow. He saw one in a tree, and began climbing up the three. The Spearow noticed him, swooping down with a Peck attack to knock him down. He held on though, while a Nidoran♂ walked out of the bushes, not watching where it was going, or upwards, it was under the tree where Marcus was. The Spearow became to much for him however, as it made him fall downwards. He opened his eyes while falling, quickly commanding Pikachu to tackle Nidoran out of the way. Nidoran looked up while Marcus commanded his attack, and Pikachu quickly ran, tackling both itself and Nidoran out of the way. Marcus landed on the ground few seconds after.

He got up, and pointed at Spearow. "Thundershock!"

Pikachu quickly got up, releasing bolts of electricity towards the Spearow. Since Spearow was still near the tree, it had to use a little more electricity to hit it. However, unfortunately, this little bit of electricity hit Nidoran too. Knocking both hit Pokemon back a little, they both began to go on the attack. Nidoran and Spearow both with a Peck attack. Marcus did not know what to do, since both the attacks were coming from both directions. Instinct took over, "Pika, jump!". The Pokemon did so. Nidoran and Spearow hit eachother with Peck, causing them both to get knocked down to the ground.

"This is probably the average day, but... Pokeballs, go!"

Marcus threw out two empty Pokeballs at the two beaten Pokemon on the ground. Both sucked in, both shook, both clicked. Marcus had now caught two new Pokemon. He picked up both of his Pokeballs and began running for Viridian City, Pika on his shoulder.

January 20th, 2008, 2:29 PM
Noah nodded curtly when Kat agreed to battle against the leader of Pewter Gym with him. He watched the group around him for a few minutes; Roisin, Kat, Fena and Kozue, all of them were talking to each other, hyper after receiving their Pokemon. So these are the people that I'll be travelling with? Hm... I wonder if they know how much we'll bond during our adventure... After all, we will bond, at least, that's what always happens in the movies.

"I'll partner up with you, but you'd better make that monkey of yours learn some worthwhile moves!" Kat added on to her statement.

He grinned and replied; "Well, if you're sure you want to pair up with the blue-haired maniac and his equally crazy suicidal monkey, by my guest."

He felt oddly out of place with these kids, it was as if they didn't like him, or was he just imagining that?

January 20th, 2008, 2:45 PM
"Roisin, you're offer is tempting, the combination of Totodile and Treecko should prove ideal for the gym match. We'll be sure win in no time. I'll be sure to train plenty on my way to Pewter city as to not let you down. Poor Forest doesn't know any grass attacks yet." Forest narrowed an eye at Fen and snuffed as Fen exposed the little Treecko's obvious secret to the girl. Fen let go a small laugh at Forest and looked back at Roisin. "That being said, I would love to be your partner."

Roisin looked at him blankly. She completely understood what he was saying but why couldn't he just say the words 'yeah, Ok then.'

"Thanks, and as your reward, I'll relieve you of the weight of my arm," she announced as she once again withdrew her arm from Fen.

Too bad Totodile's sleeping, he could meet his new battle partner... The four of us will have to train together before the big match.

OOC: Worst post ever... I'm not making a big post until we're on Route 1 XD. I just needed to reply too Fen.

January 20th, 2008, 3:56 PM
Patrick slapped the sides of his head repeatedly, bringing himself back to full consciousness. All it took was one second’s worth of daydreaming and more than half the trainers in the lab had already up and left. Stepping outside the lab, he spotted four trainers heading off in one direction and then Marcus in another. The huge group must have taken Kat up on her offer to travel together. Apparently Marcus had his own agenda. Patrick realised that it was about time for him to set off on his journey too, the choice between which path to travel on being his first decision.

He considered going with Marcus, the kid looked like he could do with company, or could he? Anyone who chose to travel alone with the option of a team available to them probably preferred to be on their own. By following Marcus, he’d probably only be making a nuisance of himself. Nah, he didn’t want that. He’d rather go with Kat’s group, at least she’d offered, so even if he did end up making a nuisance of himself, part of the blame could be placed on her.

“Hey, wait up for me, guys!” He shouted out, as he broke out in a sprint to catch up to them.

January 20th, 2008, 3:57 PM
Roisin lifted her arm from around Fen's shoulders, finally releasing him from what felt to him like what Krabby's vice grip would feel like. He let out a sigh of relief as he walked. His awkward girl situation was finally over for the time being. Or so he thought. He noticed that Kat had spotted him lagging and she swept back to join him

"dear lord when will the torture end..." Fen thought to himself as Kat turned her head to him and slowed down to resume walking along side him with a devilish grin on her face. He had only known her for roughly an hour and already knew the very familiar look spread across her face. She leaned in uncomfortably close to his ear...

"Take notes during our battle...since your lovely assistant is going to be partnered with your research subject and all..." With that she paused, only to add one more thing. "...Fen-Fen." She giggled, the only part of her conversation audible to others, obviously pleased with her new pet name for him.

The last part was audible. Quite audible. Fen froze in his tracks and it felt like his insides had turned into a soggy bowl of cereal.

"She called HERSELF lovely... calm yourself Fen... she's just interested in research data. thats all..." Fen thought to himself, and immediately calmed down after consoling himself. He smiled slightly, pleased with the rationale he applied to the situation.


realization struck Fen stiff like a bolt of lightning. He stood unmoving in the road like a totem pole. His eyes shifted to the sides of his head, checking to see if anyone heard the new name she had for him. He could feel his legs getting rubbery at the thought of a pet name from his 'beautiful assistant'. He wasn't exactly opposed but... how would he handle the situation?

Fen looked to Kat helplessly, barely being able to comprehend that he was attempting to consult the problem for a solution...

Trainer Kat
January 20th, 2008, 4:48 PM
“Hey, wait up for me, guys!” He shouted out, as he broke out in a sprint to catch up to them.

Kat momentarily stopped torturing Fen to turn to the running Patrick. Eh. He'll catch up. she thought, turning her attention back to Fen.

"WAIT! WHAT THE?! FEN-FEN?!" Apparently, the pet name hadn't gone unnoticed. Fen looked to Kat helplessly, barely being able to comprehend that he was attempting to consult the problem for a solution... Kat simply flashed him a bright smile.

"Mhm!" She hugged his arm, gently rubbing her cheek against it. "You're...Fen-Fen." She looked up at him, eyes meeting his. "And...you shouldn't let anyone else call you that...I want it to be an assistant benefit...okay?" She gave him her most innocent look, an attempt to persuade him.

By this point, they were already heading out of Pallet town. The route to Viridian City looked considerably different from the area in which they had just been. It was much grassier, perfect for wild Pokemon to dwell. Though not as dense as a forest, it was certainly a change.

January 20th, 2008, 11:00 PM
Marcus kept running out of the route. Quickly passing by any wild Pokemon, there wasn't many. Two Rattata looked at him curiously, wondering why he was running. Since the boy was running so fast, he barely noticed them when he ran past them. Pika kept looking out towards Viridian, since it had never been there before, most likely. As Marcus began exiting the route, after spending about five minutes of running. He took four Pokeballs out, containing Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow and Nidoran♂. As he rushed for the Pokemon Center, he wondered what these four would be like if they evolved. He looked up wondering again, the light of day aglow. The time of day now being around 2:30, Marcus still has the rest of the day to get into Viridian Forest, or spend the night in the Pokemon Center.

While looking up and wondering this, he was running for the Pokemon Center, but head in the clouds, he didn't notice the door infront of him at the PokeCenter. Running right into it, he fell to the ground. Marcus got up to open the door, saying, "I need to be more attentive.."

The building was quite big, and there was a few trainers. All a bit younger, looking to be around 12 or 13, they all looked like they wanted a battle once they get their Pokemon healed.

"This oughtta be a night."

Marcus walked up to the front desk. A nurse and a Chansey walked up with a Pokeball tray. Pika jumps onto the desk, while Marcus places the four Pokeballs into the tray. The nurse took the tray, telling Marcus that the wait for the healing will be at least an hour. He nodded happily, and began walking over to a vending machine. He got a soda, and a chocolate bar from the machine. He sat down around the other trainers, and began eating his food. The trainers were already in chat, one holding a Geodude in his arms, talking about battles. Marcus decided not to but in.

30 minutes pass, and Marcus is bored out of his mind. He exits the Pokecenter, without his Pokemon to explore the town a bit. Towering buildings, alleys, this was a normal city. Marcus walked into an alley, wondering if there would be any Pokemon in it. There was, a Gastly and a Meowth appeared. They didn't go on the attack, so he just backed out, slowly while grabbing his Pokedex to get Data. The Pokedex is aimed at the two Pokemon, and their data quickly entered into his Pokedex. Since he got what he wanted, he began looking through other areas. He found a Voltorb, and quickly got its data, though it was not too friendly. It attempted to shock Marcus, so he ran out of the area, and back to the Pokemon Center, since a good 25 minutes had passed.

He walked through the doors once more, and ran up to the desk.

"Are my Pokemon ready and all healed up?"

He asked the nurse. She nodded, and with a smile on her face, she handed him the tray, and Pika. Pika jumped on his shoulder, while Marcus put all the Pokeballs in his pockets. He then quickly ran over to the other trainers, who were still there, talking. Butting into the conversation now, he asked,

"Hey, who wants to battle for a few?"

The boy holding a Geodude stepped up.

"I will battle you with my Geodude. Go ahead and use as many Pokemon you want."

Replied the trainer with the Geodude. Marcus looked confused for a moment when he heard the words, "As many Pokemon as you want", meaning five Pokemon against one, but he decided not to ponder on it. There is enough space in the Pokemon center, so the two stood on a fair amount of space in the building for battle.

The Geodude sat on the floor infront of its trainer, while Marcus released his Spearow out into the battle field. The two were now ready for battle.

http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa277/Pokemon_Trainer123/spearow.gif vs http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q23/Kitsunegami/Geodude.gif

Spearow flew in with a Peck attack, but the Geodude grabbed the bird with both hands, stopping it in its tracks. The Geodude then threw Spearow a few feet away from it, and quickly propelled itself forwards in a Tackle attack. Spearow slid right infront of Marcus at his feet, fainted.

"That thing is strong.. Return Spearow, come on out, Pidgey!"

Marcus said, returning Spearow into its Pokeball, and dropping another. Emerging, was a Pidgey. It floated in the air, ready for attack.

http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd293/Rat12345/Pidgey.gif vs http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q23/Kitsunegami/Geodude.gif

The Pidgey, like Spearow swooped in for attack, this time with a Tackle. The Pokemon was slightly faster than Spearow, so it scored a hit when Geodude tried to grab it. It did not look like it took much damage though, when it started hopping towards Pidgey. Pidgey swooped down with another Tackle, but the Geodude punched Pidgey, knocking it back to Marcus' feet. Another quick knockout.

"Again? Well, return Pidgey. Rattata, do your best!"

Once again returning, and dropping a Pokeball at his feet.

http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b10/gfroggy87/characters/mini_rattata.jpg vs http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q23/Kitsunegami/Geodude.gif

Rattata ran for Geodude in a Tackle, but Geodude jumped out of the way. It punched downward right after the dodge, but missed by an inch. Rattata jumped upwards with a Tackle, but Geodude used its other hand to grab it. It quickly threw it down to the ground beneath it, and slammed downwards in a Tackle. When it removed itself from the spot, Rattata was on the ground, fainted.

"Eek.. Return Rattata.. I need to figure out some data on this Geodude.."

He grabbed out his Pokedex while returning Rattata. Discovering that is was a Rock/Ground type, he knew that Pikachu wouldn't be able to harm it much, and its fate would end up like its comrades. Marcus kept Pika out of battle, sending out his final Pokemon, Nidoran♂.

http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t74/Shiba_Inu_/Icons%20and%20Avvies/nidoran-b.gif vs http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q23/Kitsunegami/Geodude.gif

The Pokeball was dropped, Nidoran♂ emerging for battle. Geodude began with a Tackle, but Nidoran♂ jumped up at it with a Horn Attack. This knocked Geodude back a little. It sent its fists in now, but Nidoran♂ jumped through the punches with a Peck attack, hitting Geodude dead center. Geodude began getting angry, so it began recklessly attacking with Tackle. Nidoran♂ jumped right into Geodude, with a Tackle. A Horn Attack slightly stabbing into Geodude, Nidoran♂ was now stuck for a moment, till it began shaking its head alot, side to side to get Geodude off. After a small moment, it slid off. Geodude incapacitated, Nidoran♂ kicked it with both of its legs [Double Kick] for the winning hit. Geodude slid to its trainers feet, and Marcus had won the battle.

Marcus picked up Nidoran♂ and jumped for joy. Such a strong Pokemon. He smiled at the boy with the Geodude, "Good battle." but the boy sneered at Marcus. Pika, too was happy. The trainer and Pokemon rushed out of the Pokemon Center, Pika on shoulder, Nidoran♂ in arms. Happy, Marcus sat up against the side wall outside of the Pokemon Center. He grabbed out his three Pokeballs containing Pidgey, Spearow, and Rattata. He tossed all three into the air, and the three Pokemon emerged in a blue light. Marcus was releasing them back to the wild.

"I hope no one takes his personally, but I am releasing you three. Not because you lost the battle against Geodude.. I just don't think I am the right trainer for you. You will find the trainer for you one day, but as of now, I am no longer yours. You three, are free."

The three Pokemon began for Route 1, not at all questioning Marcus' methods. The time of day being 4:00PM. Marcus smiled, petting his two Pokemon, Pika and Nidoran♂.

January 21st, 2008, 9:08 AM
“Best name ever, Fen-Fe-” Roisn stopped in mid sentence as she heard the blond haired girl make sure that Fen only let Kat herself, call him by that pet name; and not wanting to be the object of Kat's affliction she kept quiet.


The gang of new Trainers had finally left the confines of Pallet Town. The change was dramatical. Pallet was known for being a rural area but it was nothing compared to the countryside that was Route one. The grass was nearly ankle height and the trees were illuminated by the orange hue that was the late afternoon sky. A Pidgey and a Spearow seemed to be patrolling the perimeter around a large tree and there were a few Rattata gnawing on the tree's branches. It must have been over an hour -or longer- since the gang left Professor Oak's lab. Roisin herself was expecting a lift to Viridian, imagining the Professor charging through the woods in a huge Jeep. The thought of it made her laugh and she pressed onwards.

A few minutes later Roisin had decided to lean on the huge tree that the bird Pokémon were protecting. She felt like procrastinating her journey to Viridian city until the morning, but ring-leader Kat had plans of being at Viridian forest by nightfall, something that takes most Trainers a few days, never mind hours, Kat was slightly too optimistic and extremely challenging to say the least. Roisin continued to lean against the tree. Suddenly there was a a slight weight n her head, spread out over six different points. She reached her hand up to find out what it was. What Roisin found made her shriek so loud that every bird Pokémon in the tree darted off in different directions. She threw what ever it was on the floor in front of her.

“Oh my god, I spider... It was on my hea.!!” Roisin yelled as fast as she could, disregarding the English language. Suddenly the tiny green spider Pokémon leaped forward and unleashed a silky spiderweb from it's mouth between two small purple tusks. Roisin only just managed to dodge the web. Wait, I'm a Trainer now.

Roisin seized the PokéBall from inside her bag and threw it in the direction the the small spider Pokémon. “Totodile, Go!” she shouted. In a flash of bright white light her Pokémon emerged. Still sleeping.

“Totodile wake up!” she yelled. Totodile carried on sleeping. “Damn you!” out of anger she grabbed her Pokémon's newest toy, the rubber ball, and chucked it at the sleeping beauty. `”Wake-up-now!” she shouted, luckily for her the ball hit Totodile on the head, snapping him out of his unconsciousness.

A startled Totodile yelled:“To-to?!!” as if to say 'who threw that?!!'

“Totodile, that Spinarak, it's time for my first battle!

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb158.png vs http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb167.png

(Stolen! xP)

“Totodile, use scratch attack!” Roisin commanded. Before she had finished talking, Totodile had already bounded into the air and was hastily descending upon Spinarak with it's claws bared. Spinarak didn't move until Totodile was extremely close. Just before the scratch made contact, Spinarak unleashed another Spider web, negating the attack.

“Totodile!” Roisin shouted as the Pokémon struggled to break free. Wait, the PokéDex may help. The brunette whipped out her PokéDex and pointed it at Spinarak. It displayed it's picture and read it's content.

“It sets a trap by spinning a web with thin but strong silk. It waits motionlessly for prey to arrive.” the smooth female voice announced.

Spinarak waits for it's prey... If I can free Totodile he's close enough to make a full on collision with his attack and considering the Pokémon's frail defense it would weaken it enough for a capture...

Roisin smirked.

“Totodile, free yourself with scratch and then use scratch again on Spinarak!”

Totodile did exactly what it was told, freeing itself perfectly. The crocodile Pokémon was a competent battler. Totodile delivered the final scratch to Spinarak and the Pokémon was sent a fair distance by the powerful attack.

“PokéBall, Go!” Roisin yelled as she threw her PokéBall at Spinarak. My first capture! The PokéBall was mere inches from Spinarak when suddenly the bug Pokémon launched it's spider web attack once again leaving the thread covered PokéBall to fall in front of it. As if to rub it in the Spinarak scurried off as if nothing had happened.

Roisin sighed and groaned exhaustedly. She picked up the silky PokéBall and plodded over to Totodile; who was already gnawing on the toy ball again.

“Come on Totodile... I just hope non of the others saw that...”

Then Totodile and Roisin plodded along glumly back to the rest of the group.

January 21st, 2008, 10:13 AM
The sun’s presence grew more profound as the skies rapidly cleared. Patrick enjoyed the humid air that was the aftermath of the morning rain. Blades of grass glistened, the silvery shine a combination of sunlight and water coating the meadow. Squishy sounds were produced every time his shoes made contact with the wet surface. He appreciated the fresh atmosphere, a pleasant contrast to that of the noisy laboratory. However, he did not let himself get too comfortable with his surroundings, it was still a forest after all, riddled with all sorts of wild pokémon, some of which he suspected were hostile. He watched with a tint of humour as Roisin did exactly the opposite to that.

For some reason, she had decided resting casually against one of the forest’s huge trees was a good idea. It came as no surprise to him when a stray Spinarak webbed its way on to her head. Patrick crossed his arms above his chest and laughed audibly at the girl’s panic.

“Oh my god, I spider... It was on my head!!”

How silly. Her temporary lack of the ability to speak English coherently must have been a consequence of the fear that had struck her. Patrick didn’t pay much attention to whatever happened after that. A pokémon battle soon ensued as she pitted her Totodile against the invading spider. He may have stayed and became a spectator to the battle if he had not spotted something of more interest in another part of the woods.

A flock of Spearow were pecking away at something in the grass a little distance away. This was his chance to catch him his first pokémon. He sprinted passed all the trainers to said location. Such a reckless tactic had its pitfalls however. The rash decision stripped him of the element of surprise. His noisy approach was detected well before he could act, and all of the Spearow flew to safety, finding refuge on high tree branches.

“Damn it!” He kicked the ground in frustration. Looking down however, it would seem that not all of his efforts had gone to waste. There, partially hidden in the ankle-high grass, one Spearow lingered behind. “Yes!”

He reached for the pokéball containing Speedy, his Cyndaquill, but froze in place when he noticed something peculiar about the pokémon. It was limping, struggling to remain in the air for longer than two seconds whenever it tried to fly. “All the better for me. You look injured there, little buddy. Well, in that case, weakening you even further wont be necessary.” He exchanged the pokéball holding Speedy for an empty pokéball.

He knelt down and looked the Spearow in the eye. He stretched an arm out but it threatened to peck him. He sighed. “I don’t blame you for not trusting me but I’m really only trying to help you. I’m going to take you to a Pokémon Centre and see if we can’t get all those wounds healed up. Then you can decide if you want to come back here or travel alongside me, okay?”

He must have been insane. What was he doing bargaining with a pokémon? He wondered if it even understood anything he said. Apparently not, as it hadn’t stopped trying to peck him throughout his speech. He shrugged. “Just trust me, this is for the best!”

The empty pokéball snapped open as it made contact with the injured Spearow. The tiny bird was sucked into the sphere’s confines, and after three shakes, the ball settled to a motionless position. Patrick picked it up and pocketed it. He looked up at the trees, where the other Spearow had fled to upon his arrival. “Don’t worry about your friend. He’s in good hands.” He winked.

January 21st, 2008, 11:07 AM
“Oh my god, I spider... It was on my hea.!!” Fen heard Roisin yell from a ways away. He shifted his head to see what she was doing but was quickly met with his own little predicament. Kat was still pulling him but a pokemon in another tree caught his eye. He looked up into a tree to see a tiny white puff ball bouncing happily in the upper branches. A few seconds passed until he finally realized what he was looking at.

His head turned slowly with an evil glare towards Noah, his mouth began to salivate.

"Excellent. The pig-monkey Pokemon, Mankey. A prime chance to study one in its habitat and compare it to my own subject... I just need to... get up there." Fen said sneakily to himself.

He gently slipped his arm out of Kat's grasp and tip toed to the tree, hoping the Mankey wouldn't leave the confines of the tree. Fen struggled to climb, shimmying awkwardly up its trunk until he reached a branch. He grabbed the large branch and pulled himself up. Forest of course was providing no help by just sitting there. Fen straightened up and looked around, the Mankey seemed to have disappeared. He scanned the branches silently, looking for his target. Suddenly out of no where, the Mankey dropped upside in front of him, nearly scaring him out of his skin and sending him tumbling off the branch. He tipped over the side, getting his foot caught between a fork in the branch and hung upside down helplessly. Forest had gotten a rude awakening and was now dangling by a tuft of Fen's hair he had grabbed on to. The Mankey flipped around and hopped happily at the trick he had played. Fen, aside from hanging upside down, seemed to not be phased. He immediately pulled out his notebook and scribbled as he watched the Mankey upside down.

"demonstrates similar 'Noah' like obnoxious qualities..."

The mankey danced on the branch, taunting Fen and Forest as they dangled helplessly from the tree. Although Fen's head was only about 5 feet from the ground, Forest was still upset that he had been woken up from his nap. While the mankey danced and taunted, Forest finally acted, looking like he was about to burp, he fired a barrage of seeds at the Mankey, knocking him off the branch.

"Forest... was that... Bullet Seed?" Fen asked the little Treecko astounded.

The mankey wasn't too happy about being knocked from his perch. He began to charge at the dangling victims as all they could do was watch.

"Forest, use Bullet Seed again!" Fen commanded to the hanging Treecko.

He fired another barrage, sending the Mankey tumbling end over end a distance away. The Mankey looked to them in anger and scampered away quickly into the distance.

"Aw....I wanted to catch it... Now.... to try and get down. Okay, Forest I need you to aim a...." Fen was cut off by Forest's sudden movement.

Forest let go of Fen's hair and nestled itself on Fen's hanging bag like a hammock and resumed its lazy nap.

"You have got to be kidding me...sigh" Fen sat stuck in the tree, pondering. "OH! they can't have gotten too far! This is what i have an assistant for! Kat!!! I need help..." Fen called to her but realizing what he was doing he stopped immediately, knowing she would somehow make the situation awkward for him. Hoping she didn't hear, he frantically struggled to free his foot from the branch, while Forest napped happily.

Trainer Kat
January 21st, 2008, 1:12 PM
OOC: I'm shooing us into Viridian soon. If you haven't gotten a chance to catch a Pokemon and you wanted to, go ahead, and I'll assume it's occurring during the time Kat is tormenting Fen. xD

IC: "Wha- hey!" Kat yelled as Fen pulled out of her vicegrip. Crossing her arms, she stuck her tongue out at the retreating boy. Of course, he was busy with his "research", but that didn't prevent her from getting huffy. "Ooh, I'll remember this the next time you need something!" She yelled, though he was too far to hear her.

Kat continued to lead them, turning her attention to Kozue, once again trapping him in another headlock-hug. She was sure he was sick of them by now, but he was just so adorable that she couldn't keep her hands off of him.


Kat looked around. She could have sworn she heard her name. Though no one appeared to have called it...Looking around still, she spotted a Shinx in the bushes. Whipping out her pink Pokedex, she pointed it at the Shinx, who appeared to have gotten into a recent fight, as a small chunk was missing from its right ear.

Shinx. The Flash Pokemon. All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded. Its forelegs have a muscle-based system of generating electricity.

"Awesome!" Kat squealed. "It's so cute! I'm going to catch you, little Shinx!" As soon as the Shinx realized it was spotted, it fled. "Oh, no. Wait, come back!" she yelled, letting go of Kozue and giving chase. Upon reaching a muddy area, she noticed little Shinx footprints in the mud. Kicking off her boots to reveal perfectly manicured bare feet, she ran through the mud, the bottoms of her jeans becoming saturated with the brown substance. It was no use. She had lost the Pokemon.

"Ohh, no..." she whined. "I so wanted it too..." She sighed and looked down. "Muddy jeans and nothing to show for them..." Sitting down in the grass, she removed her jeans, thankful her tank top was long enough. Reaching just to mid thigh, the top was still dangerously short, but functional. The whole chase had lasted all of a minute and a half max, but Kat still had no clue where she was. The only clue was a barely audible rustling. Hesitantly, Kat followed the noise, emerging in the area where they had lost Fen.

"Fen-Fen?!" She exclaimed, noticing the boy struggling to get free from the tree he had chased the Mankey up. At five feet off the ground, she could look directly into his eyes without having to bend her neck one way or the other. Sometimes, being only 5'3" came in handy. "Mmm...you want down?" She purred. "It's gonna cost ya..."

Great, and I bet the first thing that comes out of his mouth is "Where are your pants, Kat?!" she thought. Of course, she had safely tucked them into her hip bag, but still. She shot him a stern glare. "Don't look," she said, her pale cheeks turning a light crimson. She vowed that this was the last time anyone would see her flustered. Wrapping her creamy white legs around the tree, she climbed it, perching on the branch Fen was hanging from. Gently, she helped his foot get loose, releasing him from the grip of the tree.

January 21st, 2008, 3:54 PM
Patrick was treading down a narrow footpath littered with dead foliage when he heard the sound of two very familiar voices. One was female, the other, male, undeniably belonging to Kat and Fen respectively. He crept into their sights coolly so as not to prevent his sudden presence from startling them. What a sight. He chuckled.

“Well, what do we have here?” The pair apparently had a fondness for playing in trees. Their timing could have been better however, what, with all the pokémon out there waiting to be caught, not to mention the original plan to reach Viridian City by nightfall. Patrick leaned back against a tree in the opposite direction, arms crossed and one foot resting on the rough surface.

“Why, you guys seem to be having fun over there. I knew there was a quirkiness about you the first time we met, Fen. But this? You like climbing trees, huh? Who’s Mankey boy now? Hm, perhaps not you, seeing as the average Mankey at least has some experience. Ay, looks like your IQ couldn’t getcha out of this one, mate. But who knows, perhaps your little girl friend can.”

His teal eyes slid to Kat’s direction. He noticed an emerging shade of crimson on her cheeks. “Eh, you guys weren’t busy with something were you? I really hope I’m not interrupting anything serious.” Although, having learned about Fen’s naivety when it came to girls back at the lab, Patrick sincerely doubted anything serious could have been going on in the first place.

In the near distance, Patrick heard some bushes rustling. Glancing over in that direction, he spotted another opportunity he simply could not turn down.

“It’s a Mankey!” He celebrated. He paid a quick glance to his companions still trying to work themselves out of the tree. “Sorry guys! I’d help but it would appear I’ve got some official business to attend to. I gotta catch me that Mankey! Eh, good luck!”

He sped off, leaving the pair to their comic struggle. Within moments, he was closing in on the monkey pokémon, a steady hand hovering over Speedy’s pokéball. Despite his approach, the Mankey maintained its composure, irritation brewing in its dark eyes. The pokémon was clearly in a bad mood about something. Patrick had caught a break with the injured Spearow, but he knew this time, there was no way around a battle if he wanted to catch the monkey.

“Hope you’re ready for a battle, Speedy!” The pokéball climbed high into the air before popping open and releasing the Cyndaquill in a dazzling display of red current. Speedy chirped happily. “Great, you’re awake! You should have had plenty of rest by now. Look over there,” he directed her to their opponent, Mankey, which had yet to make a move. “We need to take it down.”

Speedy nodded. Flames erupted from the spores on its back. Unexpectedly, the Mankey spat a long string of seeds at the Cyndaquill, whom shut her eyes as the tiny particles pecked at her face.

“What the hell? Since when does Mankey use Bullet Seed?!” Upon closer inspection, Patrick discovered two seeds on the Mankey’s shoulder and another on its arms. A theory began to formulate in his mind. More than likely, some of Viridian Forest’s residents were grass pokémon capable of using Bullet Seed. Maybe Mankey happened to have gotten into a scuffle with one of them, and sometime during the conflict, the pokémon sprayed seeds all over it. Maybe some of those seeds inadvertently entered its mouth (hence, the seeds it spat out at Speedy). That would certainly explain why it appeared so agitated and ready to smash its fists into anything.

But Patrick could not have that. He opened his mouth, prepared to call out an instruction to his partner when the Mankey came charging at Speedy, its first signs of aggression. Patrick panicked and failed to get his command out. Speedy hesitated for a moment; by the time she realised the best plan of action was to dodge, it had been too late. The Mankey’s Scratch attack successfully hit her in the face, the impact forcing her to roll on her side like an empty barrel of wood. Speedy barely had enough time to recover. As she struggled to her feet, her eyes caught a glimpse of the relentless Mankey running towards her yet again, aggression burning up in its fire eyes.

“Come on, Speedy! Get out of the way!” It was as if her trainer’s voice pumped some sort of life-force into her. With his encouragement, the Cyndaquill narrowly managed to avoid the Mankey’s follow up attack. “Good going!” But the battle was far from over.

The Mankey continued to throw its hands about, almost recklessly, trying to catch any part of Speedy’s body, but alas, the fire pokémon was quick enough to avoid them all. Patrick realised that the battle could not go on like this forever. Although the Mankey showed little sign of slowing down, Patrick suspected Speedy was gradually losing her momentum. He had to think of a way to neutralize this threat, and quickly. The best way to do that was to take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses. At that point, it was clear the Mankey was attacking blindly, no evidence of thought being employed in its movements. Patrick had an idea.

“Hey, Speedy! Keep dodging the attacks but try to lead him towards one of the trees!”

Speedy staggered at the suddenness of her trainer’s voice. Trying to focus on his words proved to be a distraction this time ‘round, and the Mankey scored another Scratch attack straight across her face. The Cyndaquill was sent flying back towards a tree. She whimpered as she felt her back collide with the unforgiving bark. Almost lifelessly, she slid down its rough surface to meet the ground again.

A bead of sweat trailed down Patrick’s brow. Things were not looking so hot. Nonetheless, he found a good point in what had happened. Speedy was in the perfect position to execute his plan. “Speedy, listen to me! When I tell you to, I want you to move to the left as fast as you can, okay?”

The Cyndaquill struggled to her feet, exhausted and roughed up. An overwhelming wave of relief coursed through Patrick’s veins when he saw her nod. She had heard what he said. As expected, the Mankey rushed towards Speedy once again. Patrick watched carefully as it drew closer and closer with its hand raised. Almost … almost … almost…

“Now, Speedy! Move!” As instructed, the fire-type hurried out of the way. The Mankey however, had already begun swinging its arm towards the Cyndaquill. There was no changing its course of action now. Its fist crashed into the tree, hard. Patrick could have sworn he heard something crack, one of its bones perhaps. The Mankey’s behaviour changed drastically. It began dancing all over the place, holding its aching hand high up in the air, clearly attempting to rid itself of the pain, granted, in an unorthodox method.

“Let’s relieve it of its pain, Speedy. Tackle Attack, now!”

Speedy obeyed enthusiastically. The Tackle Attack hit the pokémon square in the chest, knocking it onto its back. Patrick surveyed it carefully. Its body was twitching slightly but there was no way it would be returning to its feet any time soon.

He seized the moment. Grabbing another pokéball, he tossed it at the incapacitated pokémon. The Mankey did not put up much of a fight in the spherical device either. Patrick pocketed the ball with a grin on his face. That was two pokémon in one day! He congratulated Speedy with an affectionate caress on her head, to which she purred weakly in response. She was pretty banged up. He returned her to her pokéball. “No more action for you until you’ve been to the Pokémon Centre.” He kissed the red and white sphere before placing it in his pockets.

He plopped down onto the grass, out of it. He would need a little rest period before continuing after that.

January 21st, 2008, 4:12 PM
Their journey across Route 1 was uneventful yet somewhat pleasant and devoid of any complications and conflicts. Most of the group had gotten to know one another quite well by now and despite the size of the group, they had covered fairly good ground since leaving Pallet Town only a few hours prior. Soon bypassing Route 1, they soon reached the entrance to Viridian Forest, the final detour before arriving in Viridian City, their first pit stop.

It had only been a few minutes into entering said forest when certain individuals began to break off to catch their breaths and if they were confident enough, go exploring. Luckily, the dirt path that stretched through the forest was linear, making it so that if anybody would became lost, they would only need to find the path in order to get back out, which also allowed the rest of the group to continue through without stopping everytime someone wanted to branch off. That didn't mean of course that they couldn't get lost in the foilage and shrubs, but he was content with everyone's sense of direction...mostly.

Suddenly, as if on cue, he felt the light yet firm grip of one of Kat's arms wrap around his neck. He had become somewhat used to it by now and found himself enjoying the closeness, despite not understanding her reason for doing such a thing, but everytime she would do it, a sense of safety and comfort washed over him. It was a nice thing, regardless of how insignificant it might of seemed.

When the other blonde suddenly broke away, Kozue realised just how much he had accomodated the girl's attention and how much he missed it when she deterred. Fortunately, there was another person who pined after his own attention, except this one was a little more open with what it wanted. Pocky, who had become the main victim to Kat's ambushing hugs, had quickly developed a repulsion to the other blond, despite his trainer's budding bond with her.

"Aww, I'm sorry Pocky," Kozue started with an apologetic smile and a ruffling of the baby penguin's feathers, "Kat didn't mean it, she's just a very interactive person."

Despite his trainer's quells, the blue Water-type Pokemon began waving its little flippers as it made exclamations with its own name, all in a fashion similar to a person outwardly complaining, and quite noisily at that too. Kozue could only smile and offer reassuring pats to the penguin who continued its rant with hightened emphasis on certain "pip's" and "lup's".

Looking around now, he noticed that four of the group had deterred from the path, leaving only Noah and himself behind...or in this case, in front. Three of the trainers he had seen in the lab, W., Drazen and Rukia if he remembered correctly, hadn't been seen since the group had left, meaning that they must've gone off on their own as well, just like Marcus. Thinking about them all out there on their own seemed lonely and difficult, he couldn never imagine breaking off from his party of six, despite how recently they had met. Kat, Fen, Noah, Pat and Roisin were now his new friends and comrades, and he was more than happy to travel with them across Kanto and beyond. Realising this, he couldn't help but admire the solo trainers' independance. They were something else.

Realigning his thoughts, Kozue remembered that the group's designated meeting point was at the exit of Viridian Forest where the path would lead them straight into the city, allowing everyone to catch up if they had decided to fall back. The afternoon sun was still fairly high in the sky, and he estimated it to be around three or four o'clock. Walking all that way took longer than he intially expected, but by now, he was sure that they were drawing nearer to the exit.

Pocky had finally calmed and had fallen into a light doze in the blonde boy's arms. It was then that a rustling across the way caught his attention. Deterring from the path, Kozue gently made his way past several shrubs where he had first heard the subdued rustling and noticed a trail of damp grass leading deeper into the forest. Glancing a quick last look over his shoulder before heading further through the branches and bushes, the teen soon reached a small pond where a sudden splash grabbed his full attention.

At the edge of the pond where the trail had led and where the soil softened, sat a small green orb, the size of a soccer ball. A single black diamond pattern stretched across the back of the ball, while a small yellow feather sprouted from its top. It looked like...well, it didn't look like anything. Then, as if an instinct he had gained from just becoming a trainer, an idea struck him.

Whipping out his ocean blue PokeDex, Kozue pointed the open device at the orb and began to scan it for details. In an instant, the screen lit up and an image of the same orb appeared, except now it had a mouth and two small slits for eyes where the black diamond appeared to be. Then, on cue, the smooth female voice that documented such data, began its explanation.

"Gulpin. Most of Gulpin's body is made up of its stomach - its heart and brain are very small in comparison.This Pokemon's stomach contains special enzymes that dizzolve anything."

"So you're a Gulpin," the blonde announced, crouching in place just as Pocky stirred from its nap. "It's so cute! Oh, but I wonder what it was doing..."

As if to answer the boy's question, the green orb now known as Gulpin, swivelled in its place until its tired looking face met the gaze of the trainer and his Pokemon. A large blue berry sat wedged between its three-shaped mouth, where as it turned, revealed a larger pile of the same fruit sitting behind it.

"So, you were foraging?" he asked with a smile, expecting the slug-like creature to understand his words. "How many have you gotten so far?"

The wild Pokemon's face remained unenthused as the trainer questioned its motives. Pocky, who had been unexpectedly quiet all this time, finally leapt out of his trainer's arms and onto the ground, where it pointed one of its flippers to the opposing creature and gave the boy a determined look.

"Oh, no Pocky," he began, waving his hands defensively, "don't attack it, I don't want to scare it away..."

The penguin Pokemon gave his trainer a bemused look before huffing a small sigh and retreating back to the boy's arms, where he happily picked up his partner and prepared to leave.

"Bye bye Gulpin," he said, slowly backing away, still unsure how to approach a wild Pokemon who seemed completely out of thought, "it was nice to meet you."

As Kozue turned to leave, Pocky shot the Gulpin a last "next time" look with a point of his flipper and a furrowed brow, as if the two of them were long time rivals. The Gulpin returned the gesture by swallowing the large Oran Berry in one gulp before slowly trudging back to the pile where its other foraged berries sat.

"Well, better get back on track, it's getting dark..."

January 21st, 2008, 4:13 PM
Noah wasn't in a hurry. He knew of the Pokemon that he could encounter in route one, and he didn't want any. He wanted a Pichu, and he was pretty certain that he could catch one in Viridian Forest. His red monkey was beside him; just in case a wild Pokemon leapt out and attacked him by surprise.

Where is everyone? I know they went off to catch some Pokemon, but why would they just leave me like that? I guess it doesn't matter; I'll catch up with them in Viridian, after all. How long have I been walking? About half an hour, probably... Why didn't I bring a watch? It doesn't matter, I'll buy one in Viridian, which I should reach any minute now.

"Spinarak!" A green Pokemon resembling a spider lowered itself down from a web made of silk and looked at Noah and Chimchar.

"Hm..." Noah thought for a second before smiling. "Okay, Espa, use scratch attack repeatedly until you knock that insect out!"

Espa nodded and lunged at the spider. It wasn't long until it fainted and was lying on the ground. "Good work." Noah said to his Pokemon gruffly.

It was about fifteen minutes later that Noah realised he was lost.

January 21st, 2008, 6:24 PM
For several hours W. watched the activities of the trainers. This includes their battling styles and techniques. Of course he had some training with the help of his Turquoise and the wild pokemon.

Today, he's battling with Elekid.


"All right! Turquoise, Water Gun!" A jet of water hit Elekid squarely on the chest. But Elekid's tough. It quickly launch a Thundershock right at Turquoise. But W. reacted quickly, "Withdraw!" Turquoise quickly withdraw into it's shell. The Thundershock had no effect at all.

"Now, Water gun again! But don't come out of your shell!" Another jet of water was released but from inside from the shell, hitting Elekid from the same spot. Elekid cannot take the attack one from another, so it fainted.

"Having advantages not always mean your advantagous, it's your strategy that matters most." W. said after the battle. "Good work Turquoise, take a rest." he added as he sat down on a stump.

Gale(Eevee's name) has been watching those 2 battling each other. It(or rather she) had never seen a battle before, which makes her excited.

"Lunch time!" W. called to his Pokemon. But as he turned his back, something just litterally grabbed their food and make a run for it. Gale has seen the whole thing and quickly alarmed W. "What? I'm making lunch" W. said, annoyed. But as he turned to the food, it dissapeared! "What the!?" he shouted. "My food! Our food!" he became very angry. Then he saw footprints on the grass. And it was wet. He knew someone had grabbed the food because of the footprints it made. "Hmmmm... this footprints will lead us to..." he observed as he followed it. "The river" he added as he saw the river.

On it's shore, a Buizel was eating something. "It's our food!" he shouted as he run toward it. The Buizel sticks out it's tongue and did a raspberry. This makes W. and his pokemon real mad. "Why you blither!" he shouted. "Then let's have a battle! Turquoise, I choose you!"


"Tackle!" W. ordered. Squirtle quickly charged at the Buizel. But its too fast! He managed to dodge it! Then Buizel launched a Aqua Jet attack, which unnoticed by W. and Turquoise had hit them both. Now W. is soaking wet. This doesn't keep W. from concentrating. 'Buizel's too fast, must thing of something quick..." he thought. "Water Gun" Turquoise launch it's own water attack, but Buizel again dodged it. Then it let out a Aqua Jet again. And finally W. got it. "Aha! I knew it! Quickly, dodge it!" Turquoise dodged it. "Counter it with Water Gun!" another water attack finally hit Buizel in the face. Buizel was now lying on the grass.

"Good job Turquoise! To catch to culprit, go..." before he finished this sentence, he tripped from an unseen hole and accidentally released 2 pokeballs. One hit Buizel and caught it, and the other one hit a brown fish pokemon which lept out of the water.

"Ouch... that hurt." he said as he examined his cut on the arm. Then he grabbed the pokeballs. He released the Buizel. "Now I'm gonna teach you some manners..." he said to his newly caught Buizel. Buizel again did a raspberry. W. shook his head. "Really..."

Then he looked unto the second pokeball and released it. Out came a Feebas.
"What in the name of...?!" he cried. He was totally surprised. "Never mind..."
Then the Feebas hopped(as fishes usually do when on the surface) to the direction of some bush. The bush had unusual, small purple berries on them.

W. tried one. "Blechhh!! Pootooie!!!" he spat, disgusted. "What is this thing anyway?!" But Feebas desperately tried to reach them. W. picked again one and gave it to Feebas. "You like it?" the Feebas jumped happily. "I don't." W. added flaty. "If this is your only diet then..." he said as he picked about 30 berries. "There!" he said as he packed the berries in a muslin. "Now, let's find some real food." he said. "After that, we'll go back to the main route..."

The taste still lingers in his tongue for 2 hours...

Trainer Kat
January 21st, 2008, 6:30 PM
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January 21st, 2008, 6:41 PM
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January 21st, 2008, 8:24 PM
Marcus watched his three former Pokemon walk off into the distance to Route 1. He was happy for them, and hoped that they would find the right trainer for them one day. Then, he looked at the three empty Pokeballs that had caught Pidgey, Rattata, and Spearow with. He pondered on what his next Pokemon would be. A bug type in Viridian Forest? Or a fighting type like Mankey? He stopped thinking to shrug, and payed attention to his two Pokemon, Nidoran♂ and Pika. He petted the two, proud of any power they will display in the future, his attention was quickly diverted as the boy with the Geodude stormed out. He walked towards Marcus, anger in his eyes.

"How are you humiliate me with those weaklings! Especially that Nidoran♂ of yours, what a disgrace."

Marcus got up in anger that his Pokemon were being insulted.

"What did you just say!? Want to battle again! Maybe this time it will change your mind."

"Why bother battling your weaklings?"

"You are just afraid to lose again."

"What did you just say! You are the one with the weaklings! Geodude, Tackle him!"


Marcus yelled, ducked the Geodude attacking him. "Thunder Shock! Double Kick!"

He yelled while falling. Pikachu released a bolt of Electricity at the Geodude, it didn't do much damage however. It was just barely stunned by the shock. Then Nidoran♂ jumped up, kicking Geodude with both of its legs. Geodude returned fire, trying to Tackle Nidoran♂, but Pikachu shocked Geodude, making it stay in its position for a moment, then Nidoran♂ jumped up at Geodude using Double Kick again. Double Kick was aimed this time, to knock Geodude back at its trainer. This event did happen, Geodude hitting its trainers body. The impact caused him to fall back a few feet. Marcus walked over to him, holding out his hand to help the fallen trainer up.

The trainer grabbed his hand, and Marcus pulled him up. "Why are you helping me? I tried to attack you.."

"I helped you up because it wouldn't be decent to let an attacked trainer lay down on the ground. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get to Pewter."

Pika jumped up onto Marcus' shoulder, while he held out Nidoran♂s Pokeball. The Pokemon was sucked in by a red beam. Marcus then put the Pokeball in his pocket, and began walking towards the North, where Viridian Forest was. He wondered what kind of Pokemon he would see, what kind of trainers he will battle, and how the Gym Leader will be in Pewter. Up for battle, Marcus begins running for the forest through the big city. The time of day is still after 4:00, the sun still shows, but is quite a ways down from when it was noon. Viridian Forest could possibly be a day or two trip, not the place to go through at night. Marcus pondered this as he stopped running near an alley.

"I guess I will spend the night at the Pokemon Center.."

He rushed back to the Pokemon Center, walking through the doors once more. This time, a couple more trainers were there, and only a couple he saw before. Marcus walked over to the vending machines once more, this time grabbing out four sodas, a bag of chips, two chocolate bars, and a water bottle. He walked over to one of the empty couches in the Pokemon Center, and spread his legs across it. Pika jumped up to the top of the couch near Marcus' head. He then let Nidoran♂ out of its Pokeball. It slept on the ground near Marcus. He gave Pikachu and Nidoran♂ each half of a chocolate bar.

"We are going to sleep here for the night. Okay guys?"

Both Pokemon nodded.

"I wonder if I will see any of those other trainers.."

January 21st, 2008, 9:45 PM
W. sighed. "I think were lost." he checked up his Pokenav. It's been two hours since the event that happened, and W. is still looking for the main route. On his way though, he teached Olie(Buizel's new name, although he reluctantly accept it.) some manners, especially not taking the food of others.

Also he had seen the boy named Marcus, battling with another trainer. He used his telescope to keep track of them. "That trainer(the other one) has a bad reputation of being a hooligan." he observed. He put down his telescope and continued on his way.

He met some other pokemons on the way, but he had no interest to them.
It's 3:30 pm, and W. able to find a Pokemon center in the middle of the forest. "Some luck, I guess..." he said. As entered the Pokemon center he was surprised to see Marcus. 'Luckily, he hadn't noticed me' he thought. Then he quietly walked toward a couch at the back and started to read his book. Then for a while, he released his pokemons(except Feebas). "Turquoise, Olie you can rest, Gale you can rest in my lap." he said quietly.
He stroked Gale's fur as he read his book. "I will buy food later."

January 21st, 2008, 11:30 PM
"Fen-Fen?!" Kat exclaimed.

Fen let out a long sigh as, much to his despair, Kat DID show up.

"Mmm...you want down?" She purred. "It's gonna cost ya..."

Fen sighed loudly as his eyes rolled to the top of his head. Kat didn't wait for a response as she immediately climbed the tree and began to wrestle his foot loose. Fen looked at her, as only frightening horrible thoughts drifted through his head as to what this "rescue" was going to cost him. Fen sat, annoyed as she pushed and tugged on his shoe. His eyes finally drifted to her legs and he had to rush to plug his nose from bleeding.

"Kat?! where are your pants?!" Fen exclaimed as another trainer, Patrick, entered the area.

“Why, you guys seem to be having fun over there. I knew there was a quirkiness about you the first time we met, Fen. But this? You like climbing trees, huh? Who’s Mankey boy now? Hm, perhaps not you, seeing as the average Mankey at least has some experience. Ay, looks like your IQ couldn’t getcha out of this one, mate. But who knows, perhaps your little girl friend can.” Fen's face turned red with anger, frustration, and a steady flow of blood to his nose from seeing Kat with no pants. More unwaranted hostility towards him.

Before Fen could react to Patrick, the boy ran off and all Fen could hear was him exclaiming in the distance about a Mankey. Kat finally wrestled Fen's foot loose from the tree and Fen fell hard onto the ground. Forest and Fen both sat up, scratching their head then immediately stood up, looking around. Forest leaped up Fen's body and resumed his favorite perch in Fen's hair.

"That... was... MY Mankey..." Fen said softly in disbelief. Fen clenched his fist in anger as thoughts of Patrick burned through his mind. He couldn't get that arrogant face out of his head. Patrick was no longer a research specimen. He was a rival to be dealt with immediately.

Fen's thoughts were disrupted by a sudden realization of Kat still being left in the tree. He looked up too her then turned his face in embarrassment, realizing that even though she was stuck in a tree, she was still half naked...He held his arms outstretched towards her in the tree and turned his head the other way.

"...come on, jump... I'll....*sigh*.... I'll catch you..." He called up to her on the tree branch. Ever since he became a trainer, his life seemed to be complicated in everything except the situations involving actual Pokemon...

January 22nd, 2008, 12:44 AM
He figured as much. The only time he ever considered wandering off after telling himself to stay on track and follow the path, he gets lost. This wasn't good and it wasn't going to get any better with dusk approaching. His main goal now, was to at least find the path and follow it to either the entrance or exit of the forest, at least that way, he would know where he was. Of course, if he found the exit or one of the trainers that would be even better.

After running into his first wild Pokemon, despite its rather lackluster and subdued presence, Kozue was feeling quite accomplished, even though he made no attempt to catch or battle it. The experience was enough though, and he was thoroughly looking forward to his encounter. This was all going through his head as he absentmindedly made his way through the crowding shrub and foilage, after failing to make his way back to the path from where he had trailed off.

"I suppose you don't know how to get back, hey Pocky?" the blonde teen asked with a heavy sigh, who was answered with a swift shake of the head from his penguin partner. "Yeah, me neither..."

Suddenly, the rustling of bushes caught his attention and with a quick look, he managed to see a familiar face rush past in the near distance.

"P-Patrick!" Kozue exclaimed, seeing the grass-toned mohawk trainer breaking through the low yet dense undergrowth. "H-Hey...I guess he didn't see me..."

Quickly approaching the bushes where the other trainer had emerged, the blonde haired boy looked all around him in an effort to see which direction his new companion had run off in. To no prevail, he couldn't see the boy with the energetic Cyndaquil anywhere, and his hopes of finding his way back fell even lower. It was then however that he realised that if Pat was running deeper into the forest, for a reason unbeknownst to fem-boy, he must of come off the path.

"So...all we need to do, is go back the way he came!" he announced as everything came together in his mind. "Alright! So, since he went that way..." Kozue continued, glancing a look over to his right where the forest extended into a small clearing, before returning his sights in the opposite direction, "then we just have to go this way."

Pocky who had become quite tired of wandering aimlessly through the forest, perked up as he heard his trainer's logic, and ushered the boy to continue with forceful squawks.

"Yeah, yeah, calm down," Kozue hushed as he brushed away the shrubs that got in his way, "we're nearly there."

With a final duck and brush past some low hanging branches, the blonde haired teen and penguin finally reached another small clearing where a rather large tree stood, surrounded by small mud puddles. Who was standing in front of the tree however, was what caught his immediate attention.

"...come on, jump... I'll..." Fen started as he let out a small sigh, his face flushed, ".... I'll catch you..."

There Fen stood, scuffed and ruffled all over, which concerned Kozue but before he could move, something else caught his eye. In the direction of Fen's raised hand, his gaze was led to a rather unusual situation, involving another one of his companions, Kat. What he saw next made himself flush as quite a bit of blood rushed to his face.

"Kat?!" he exclaimed as he realised that the lower half of her attire was missing and quickly clamped a hand over his eyes. "Ah! I'm sorry! Ero-Fen was doing something ecchi!"

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Trainer Kat
January 22nd, 2008, 7:44 AM
"Kat?! where are your pants?!" Fen exclaimed as another trainer, Patrick, entered the area.

Her cheeks quickly shifted from a light pink to a dark red. "Er...it...it's a long...story..." she stammered. "I'll...I'll tell you when we get to Viridian..." Though Kat had noticed Patrick appear, she didn't pay him much attention as he proceeded to tease Fen. At least, that is, until he said something concerning her.

"Ay, looks like your IQ couldn’t getcha out of this one, mate. But who knows, perhaps your little girl friend can.” His teal eyes slid to Kat’s direction. He noticed an emerging shade of crimson on her cheeks. “Eh, you guys weren’t busy with something were you? I really hope I’m not interrupting anything serious.”

Her eyes widened before narrowing into slits. Dainty hands balled up into fists, Kat began to frantically protest. "Patrick Pitter!" she yelled furiously. "I'm not!" With that, she removed one boot from her foot, hurling it at his mohawk-topped skull. It missed, of course. The throw left her off balance, and she clung to the trunk of the tree to avoid an unwanted spill. Patrick's attention diverted to the rustling bushes, bushes that more than likely contained a Pokemon.

“It’s a Mankey!” He celebrated. “Sorry guys! I’d help but it would appear I’ve got some official business to attend to. I gotta catch me that Mankey! Eh, good luck!”

"That's right, get out of here you...you...overly masculine buffoon!" Kat yelled once more, pulling off her last boot and flinging it at his retreating back. However, he was too far, and the boot landed short. She let out an annoyed sigh.

"That... was... MY Mankey..." Fen said softly in disbelief. He looked more than a little angry. Kat thought for a minute.

"I'll catch you another Mankey!" The words sounded a tad more spunky than she'd originally intended. "What are assistants for, after all?" Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Fen look up at her momentarily before turning his head away, clearly embarrassed by her lack of proper attire.

"...come on, jump... I'll...." He sighed. ".... I'll catch you..." he called up to her on the tree branch. As she was about to do so, she noticed another figure emerging from the bushes. Oh great. she thought. Who's going to poke fun at us this time? Roisin? Ready to yell, she paused when she noticed a familiar mop of blonde hair.

"Kozue-chan!" she exclaimed happily. Seconds later, she noticed a crimson shade rising to his cheeks.

"Kat?!" he exclaimed as he realised that the lower half of her attire was missing and quickly clamped a hand over his eyes. "Ah! I'm sorry! Ero-Fen was doing something ecchi!"

Her eyes widened and her face turned a dark shade that rivaled his. "N-no! Kozue-chan!" she began to protest. "It was...nothing like that!" Reaching into her trainer bag, she pulled out the wrinkled pile of denim. "They're muddy, so I...I..." she stopped, realizing there was nothing she could say to make this situation look any better.

Lowering herself into a sitting position on the branch of the tree, she swung her legs, throwing herself into Fen's open arms. "Thanks, Fen-Fen." She grinned and threw her arms around his neck, careful not to disturb Forest's position on the boy's messy green hair. "I don't know what I would have done without you." Well, for one, I wouldn't have been in that tree if not for him, but...best not to bring that to his attention. I'm his assistant--I have to help him. she thought, placing herself on solid ground. Quickly, she retrieved her boots, placing one on each foot, before returning to the two boys.

After giving Kozue his obligatory hug, she immediately took one of each of the boys' hands, lacing her fingers through theirs, placing herself in the middle of them. At last, she was in the company of the two people she got along best with. Despite having initially rejected Fen, she had grown sort of fond of him. Sort of. And Kozue, well, she adored him. Holding their hands tightly, she grinned at each of them.

"Well? Should we head to Viridian?"

January 22nd, 2008, 8:39 AM
Several minutes of relaxation proved to be the perfect treatment for Patrick’s fatigue. He felt he had regained the energy needed to continue his journey. Committing a long, drawn out yawn, he stretched his muscles and rose to his feet. Now that he had captured that Mankey, he contemplated going back to the spot where he had run into Fen and Kat. Perhaps they could have used a big, strong guy like him to help them out of their predicament. Or maybe not … Kat’s last words to him snapped at his mind like a poison-tipped wine whip.

‘That's right, get out of here you...you...overly masculine buffoon!’

If he had not been so preoccupied with that Mankey at the time, he certainly would have had some choice words for her too. Hm, it just went to show that even her friendliness had its limits. Patrick understood it completely. Had he been caught pant-less with another guy stuck in a tree, the last thing he would be worried about were his manners. Besides, despite that lashing tongue of hers, his opinion of her did not wither one bit, but moved in quite the opposite direction, he liked a girl who wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself. Not to mention, she did not look half-bad without any pants on. The mental image alone was enough to bring blood rushing to his cheeks as well as to other parts of his anatomy.

Thank goodness no one was around to witness his illicit moment of weakness.

He started for the path that led to the original group of trainers. Not surprisingly, the slow bunch was still more or less in the same place he had left them, with the addition of Kozue, whom had not been there earlier. A remark about Kat holding both of the boys’ hands sat at the tip of his tongue but he did his best not to let it slip.

“Well, I’m back! And with another pokémon too,” he boasted, sliding a finger under his nose cockily. “Ready to go when you are.”

He took a position behind the trio, folding his arms behind the back of his head. “By the way, whatever happened to your pants, Kat? I mean, I’m not stupid enough to complain about them missing but it’s just … strange, I guess.”

January 22nd, 2008, 9:51 AM
OOC: Kat said that one shiny was allowed in the RP. If anybody has any objections to it then I'll change it to regular, no problem. It's not like it's an extremely powerful Pokémon and I don't aim to be catching legendaries at any point...

The illuminated clearing which was once occupied by the gang of Trainers was inexplicably empty. The brunette and her Totodile didn't notice until Roisin had reached the point where she was standing before wandering off to engage in battle with 'I spider on my hea.!!' Roisin perked her head up as she finally reached her destination. Shocked at the lack of people yet relieved that everyone may not have seen her little episode.

“Hey Totodile, should we carry on? Kat said something about Viridian City before she left,” Roisin asked Totodile, as if she was expecting to get some sort of response out of the small, azure, crocodilian Pokémon. Roisin did get more of a response than usual; this time Totodile actually dropped it's heavily chewed rubber ball and the he started to sniff around her ankles. “What are you doing?” Roisin took a cautious couple of steps to the left, followed by the curious looking Pokémon. Without any prior warning, the Totodile bounded into the air, teeth bared.

“No, Stop!” Roisin yelled as she pulled her hands up to her face. She froze in that position for a few seconds before daring to look at what the Pokémon had been trying to attack with it's powerful jaws. The girl withdrew from her defensive position. Totodile was gone.

“Wh- Where? Where did you go?” she questioned, baffled at Totodile's disappearing act. Surely Totodiles cannot learn Teleport. “Oh... I see.” Roisin's face fell as she realized that the Pokémon had decided to retake his favorite position. Totodile had reattached himself back to her bag. Rather than reacting, Roisin had decided to use the same tactics that people -apparently- use for children when they seem to be attention seeking. She scooped up the Pokémon's solid playing ball and thrust it into her bag, paying no attention to her Pokémon, and walked along the only path as if Totodile was non-existent.

The girl and her 'heavily accessorized' bag turned the corner. She was walking at quite a fast pace. The rest of the gang evidently forgot about her or tried to ditch her deliberately. Fen will suffer for this one...

The scenery had completely changed from that of the clearing. There were tall trees over shadowing her and blocking out the blazing orange inferno which was the sky. On top of that, the floor of this little route was caked in swampy, slushy mud. Ugh... Damn rain, when I passed the route earlier today it wasn't so bad... Like the trooper she was, Roisin pressed forwards through the slushy earth. The duo continued to walk, however slowly, suddenly out of nowhere a small green thing pounced onto the ground in front of her. Roisin was startled by the falling green thing which caused her to scream and fall backwards into the mud.

“Oh for poo sake!” she yelled as she clutched her chest. “It's raining random green blobs!” The second after she finished speaking she realized what the 'random green blob' actually was. Her eyes narrowed, as stood in front of her, in battle position, was the exact same Spinarak she had met previously. Although it looked a little more 'beaten up' than before. It's determined.

“Totodile, get rid of it... Try not to hurt it though,” Roisin commanded unenthusiastically as she blew a random strand of hair out of her face.

“Totodile?” Roisin, once again, seemed to have lost her Pokémon. She'd also only just realized her muddy her back and bag must be as she was still on the floor. Bag... It took the girl the best part of five seconds to remember that her bag was nearly fully submerged in the mud and Totodile was latched onto said bag. She quickly stood up, her newly coloured Totodile glared through it's crimson coloured eyes.

“Sorry,” she laughed, the humor was short lived as, not unlike a dog, Totodile shook its body rapidly, flinging most of the mud onto his partner. Totodile hopped onto her head and laughed.

“YOU THINK THAT'S FUNN-” Roisin stopped mid sentence, remembering the Spinarak. “Oh yeah, Totodile, get 'im”

Totodile, not moving from Roisin's head, opted for a more of a ranged approach. He took a deep breath, filling his lungs. Then when he finally opted to breathe out a torrent of water spewed out, hitting the little spider head on. Although the attack was amazing; Roisin couldn't help but feel sorry for the Spinarak that was currently hurdling over the tree tops.

“So, water gun huh? We'll dominate the Pewter Gym with that... Now get down...”

Totodile blatantly refused to leave his perch, and used his seemingly infinite agility and versatility to dodge every attempt that Roisin tried at bating him off.

Roisin gave up and decided to sit on a conveniently placed tree stump and made an attempt to clean herself off a little bit. The process proved quite difficult considering there was an uninvited guest taking refuge upon her head.

“Totodile, get off my shoulder,” Roisin said mindlessly. “Totodile, how can you be on my head and shoulder at the same time, go away.” Roisin finally realized what she said was idiotic. There was something else on her shoulder. Roisin slowly turned her head. Half expecting another Spinarak. Yet as she saw what was on her shoulder, her heart fluttered. Whatever it was was amazingly cute. It was a small worm like Pokémon, with huge and adorable black eyes. It had one huge red 'antennae' slightly resembling a mono-brow. It's long silky body was a beautiful amber colour, nearly golden. It's under-body, circle markings and the tip on the end of it's tail were a lighter colour, albeit still a beautiful golden colour.

Roisin was amazed that the beautiful Pokémon picked her shoulder as a place to rest. This Pokémon's mine...

She carefully dipped her hand into her bag (which was caked with solid, dried, mud) and pulled out her PokéDex. She pointed it at the Pokémon and as usual, the data showed up along with a picture.

“Caterpie has a voracious appetite. It can devour leaves bigger than its body right before your eyes. From its antenna, this Pokémon releases a terrifically strong odor.”

The image that showed up was nearly as cute as the Pokémon itself, except the colour in the image was wrong. Yay for uniqueness!She slowly swapped her PokéDex for a PokéBall. She let the Pokémon sniff it. Okay, I'll just tap it's forehead with the PokéBall... She carefully drew the PokéBall closer and closer. Caterpie didn't look anxious at all. As if it got bored of waiting, the Caterpie frowned and tackled the PokéBall itself. The PokéBall opened and pulled the Caterpie inside, after which it closed and the white button started to glow red. Roisin nearly dropped it in surprise as the red button reverted back to white.

“I caught a Caterpie!” yelled the girl triumphantly. With that she stood up and started to sprint through the mud. After about two minutes she finally found the group. Well four of them. There was Patrick. Kozue and Fenra, both holding hands with a half-naked Kat.... A half-naked Kat!! The cow, flaunting her legs while holding hands with two boys, not to mention another boy, ogling her from behind!

Roisin carried on sprinting. Thinking up a thousand and two insults.

“Hey, Kat yo-” her speech was cut short. As she was in earshot of Kat a random rock appeared out of nowhere causing Roisin to soar majestically through the air and land in the godforsaken mud. The resulting splash not only caked Roisin and Totodile in mud, again, the slush was sent hurtling at the other four. Only a few splashes reached Patrick, Kozue and Fen, barely any at all hit them. However. Kat on the other hand was practically drowned in the stagnant swampy earth. She's had enough 'punishment' now I don't have to shout and look like a total cow.

“Oh, clumsy me, sorry,” Roisin laughed and unleashed a cheesy smile at the not to happy Kat.

Roisin caught a Caterpie. http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffsb/dpffsb010.png

January 22nd, 2008, 3:10 PM
"Ooooh, so that's what happened," he chirped as he learnt about what had really happened between Kat and Fen, "well that's okay then! It was just a misunderstanding, hehe, silly me!"

At that, Pocky gave a small nod with his flippers crossed over his chest and with his eyes closed, as he sat in the boy's remaining free hand, the other being interlaced between one of Kat's hand, much to the penguin's initial protest. The baby Piplup still hadn't gotten over the girl's obsession with glomping his trainer and crushing him in the process, as a matter of fact, she had done it again just after they had discovered the situation with her and the other boy, Fen. And despite the reassuring quells from his human counterpart, Pocky still didn't like or trusted her.

Quickly following their small gathering, the mohawk trainer who Kozue had seen prior, reappeared and joined on tail. Patrick appeared somewhat scuffed as well, but he wasn't too sure what had happened. Maybe a wild Pokemon battle? But he seemed okay and fully functional, maybe he just got lost. Regardless, the fem-boy decided not to question the boy's motives and continued along with the three back to the route's path.

"Hey, Kat yo-" came a familiar voice in the distance, where a slightly muddy and worn yet still pretty Roisin appeared, as she started running up to them, before striking a single rock on the ground, causing her to soar into the many mud puddles that surrounded the group.

"Ro-Roisin! Are you okay?" Kozue instinctively exclaimed, fortunate enough to only be sprayed with a few specs of the projectile mud that launched due to the brunette's fall. As his already muddy shoes caked on with another healthy layer of the soggy dirt, the blonde haired teen rushed to the girl's side, releasing Pocky from his grip.

"Oh, clumsy me, sorry," Roisin laughed as she flashed a cheesy smile at the group.

"Uwah..." Kozue sighed as he crouched down beside her with his hands outstretched, after seeing her slightly recover, "you should be more careful...it'd be bad if you got hurt..."

January 22nd, 2008, 7:19 PM
The sloppy wet earth sprinkled across Fen's chest and onto Forest's head, though the lazy pokemon barely noticed. Fen brushed the mud off his clean gray shirt and looked to his lovely assistant... who unfortunately at this point was looking anything BUT lovely.

"Um...Kat... you've got some... uhhh mud......right here" Fen said, opening his palm and circling his entire body, showing her where the mud was like she didn't know. "You're just having terrible luck today Kat... helping you is going to end up being the death of me..." Fen said, exhausted at Kat's constant misfortune. Luckily though, Fen was prepared as usual, he shifted his messenger bag around to the front and dug through it for a bit, pulling out a small hand towel. He pulled her aside and wiped off her face and hands before laying his extra change of clothes, the usual 3/4 sleeve gray shirt and a pair of tight jeans. He led her to a tree and nudged her behind it, turning his back and waiting.

"You know...If this kind of stuff happens to you often, you should tell me now. I need to make the proper corrections to my travel itinerary and adjust my supplies to account for your misfortune..." Fen said to her with a slightly annoyed tone.

Fen looked up, seeing Viridian City in the distance, gently glowing under the sunset.

"When we get to Viridian, i'm sure the pokemon center will allow you to clean your clothes...until then you'll just have to wear mine i guess." Fen said calmly to her from the other side of the tree. He leaned against it with folded arms and looked at the ground.

"Everyone has started catching pokemon...yet the one I was in pursuit of was snatched up by that knuckle headed freak job Cranidos hybrid...I need to seriously attempt to catch something. The forest pokemon will be near the other side of Viridian. I'll go out tonight... and catch one while everyones asleep. It should give me the edge against them if they don't see my new catch until later." Fen whispered quietly to himself as he fiddled with his green pokedex which was uncharacteristically skimpy with pokemon data for a researcher of his level of dedication.

Fen continued to stare at the ground waiting for Kat... He was definitely becoming fond of her, but hated to admit it to himself. The problems she caused him really weren't a burden but he just didn't know how to react to the girl's ridiculous personality... He stopped thinking about girls and focused on Forest.

"Don't worry buddy. We'll get you a partner soon enough" Fen thought to himself as he reached up and rubbed the little Treecko's head

Trainer Kat
January 22nd, 2008, 8:41 PM
“By the way, whatever happened to your pants, Kat? I mean, I’m not stupid enough to complain about them missing but it’s just … strange, I guess.”

At this, Kat turned, briefly releasing Kozue's hand, to slam her foot down on Patrick's. "Jerk.." she mumbled. At this point, she turned, taking Kozue's hand in hers once more. The silence was broken when a familiar female voice could be heard.

“Hey, Kat yo-” The girl was interrupted as she did a faceplant in a puddle of mud, sending a wave of sludge towards the four others. Patrick, Kozue, and Fen were only splashed a little, but Kat took the full blow. Drenched in dirt, the blonde's jaw dropped. How dare that little pig splash mud on her?! About to scream at Roisin, her oncoming rant was interrupted by a male voice.

"Um...Kat... you've got some... uhhh mud......right here" Fen said, opening his palm and circling his entire body, showing her where the mud was like she didn't know. "You're just having terrible luck today Kat... helping you is going to end up being the death of me..."

Kat looked up at him pathetically, teal eyes widened, the only color visible in a sea of mud and makeup. He began to rummage through his bag, eventually emerging with a hand towel, as well as a fresh pair of clothes...ones that matched those he had on, down to the thread count. He took the hand towel and began wiping her face and hands as the blood rose to her cheeks. Once finished, she found herself taken behind a tree and handed the clothes he had removed from his bag.

"You know...If this kind of stuff happens to you often, you should tell me now. I need to make the proper corrections to my travel itinerary and adjust my supplies to account for your misfortune..." Fen said to her with a slightly annoyed tone.

"Nope..." she said, removing her top quickly, placing his shirt on. She pulled on the jeans. "It's...just not my day..." With that, she pulled her hair back in a loose ponytail before emerging from the tree. The sleeves, which were three quarter length on Fen, covered Kat's hands, revealing just her middle three fingers. The jeans, though tight on Fen, hung loosely from Kat's tiny legs. Her Uggs, which were covered in mud, had been placed haphazardly on her feet, the pant legs only half-tucked into the boots. She looked sloppy, yet still managed to be cute.

"Oh, hey..." she noticed Fen with his Pokedex, and quickly pulled out her own, eager to show him. "Look at this." Pulling up Shinx's data, she thrust the device near Fen's nose. "I saw a Shinx!" she exclaimed with excitement. "Yeah, I chased it through the woods, and that's how my pants got all muddy! So I took them off. And somehow, I found you!" The blonde grinned at her green-haired companion, obviously quite pleased with herself.

Placing one finger over her slightly pursed lips, she whispered to him. "I'm gonna sneak out of the Pokemon center tonight to try and catch it, but don't say anything." Kat grinned devilishly. "I want to use it against that horrible Roisin!" She giggled and wrapped both her arms around Fen's left one, long sleeves getting somewhat tangled.

"Oh!" She exlaimed, snapping her fingers before re-entwining her arms around Fen's. "Remember when I said freeing you from the tree was gonna cost you?" She looked up at him as a smile spread across her face. "Partner up with me in Cerulean City. I know we have a ways to go, but I wanted to...claim...you before someone else does." At this, she shot a glare at Roisin. After all, Kat would have the type disadvantage yet again, and Fen's Treecko would be perfect against water Pokemon.

January 22nd, 2008, 9:25 PM
So... even Kat had a pokemon she was planning to catch... and a new entry in her pokedex... and still as much as he knew about pokemon... Fen had nothing except the little Treecko.

"I'm gonna sneak out of the Pokemon center tonight to try and catch it, but don't say anything." Kat grinned devilishly. "I want to use it against that horrible Roisin!" Kat said to him with a secretive tone.

"Oh really? I was actually going to go out tonight and catch a Pokemon for myself as well. One near Viridian Forest... Maybe we can go out together? As uhh Researcher and Assistant... of course..." Fen said, quickly covering his conversational slip up. Kat immediately jumped up before answering.

"Oh!" Kat exlaimed, snapping her fingers before re-entwining her arms around Fen's. "Remember when I said freeing you from the tree was gonna cost you?" She looked up at him as a smile spread across her face. "Partner up with me in Cerulean City. I know we have a ways to go, but I wanted to...claim...you before someone else does."

Fen looked down at the girl, unsurprised at the comment as the two rejoined the group and moved on towards Viridian.

"Oh? Is that all? ....sure..." Fen responded to her with a slightly melancholy tone.

"I should have known better than to even begin to think her intentions were anything other than battling and personal gain." Fen thought to himself as he turned his head the opposite direction, staring at the ground depressing, as they walked.

Fen grew quiet for the rest of the trip, looking blankly at the tall grass as the young trainers moved closer and closer to Viridian. The sign hung above the path, displaying itself in a grand fashion above the city. Easily visible from the city gates were many houses and the pokemon center just ahead of them to the right. A path to the left reached far off in the distance towards the mountains and Viridian Forest was just barely visible on the far north side of town.

Fen needed a break from the ridiculous day he had been having. He broke off from the group and slipped out of Kat's grip once again. He was good at being un detected when he needed to be. He drifted away from the group and headed for a small tree next to the road outside the pokemon center. He sat under it and watched pedestrians walk by, continuing their daily lives. This was Fen's favorite pass time. Not reading books or studying, but just sitting back and enjoying the life he had been given. He sat, not thinking about girls, rivals, or battling. All he thought about was him and his new friend, Forest, sitting together watching the beautiful sunset as it lowered gently below the mountains. Fen pulled Forest off of his head and set him in his lap, waking up the little pokemon and facing him towards the sunset.

"See, Forest? This is what the real joys in life are about. The natural things that can't be controlled by anyone. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the great mountains, and the sun that floats carefree providing life to this planet along with sharing its beauty with us... After every fight we get in... this is what matters. Not winning or losing... but the things we'll always have every day that no one can take from us..." Fen said calmly to the Treecko as he petted its head gently. Forest then curled up into Fen's shirt and made itself comfortable as both Fen and Forest began to fall asleep against the tree outside the center.

Trainer Kat
January 22nd, 2008, 9:56 PM
OOC: Normally...I wait a while before I post again, but I promised Ev. a post by the time he wakes up. xD So I'ma do it tonight, even though it'll be short. <3 It gives a little insight into Kat's character, though.


Kat's cyan eyes locked on Fenra's as he responded. "Oh? Is that all? ....sure..." His tone was less than enthusiastic, to say the least. Kat bit her bottom lip. Maybe he didn't want to partner with her? She had been rather clingy...maybe he was sick of her.

"Um..." She paused, trying to find words. "S-Sorry. I didn't answer your question before." Discreetly, she nodded, her only words being "I'd love to." After all, they had now rejoined the group, and the last thing she needed was Roisin catching wind of their plan.

She was silent the rest of the walk, though still clutching Fen's arm. His words weighed heavily on her mind. She didn't even notice when he slipped out of her grasp. He was probably off, trying to get away from her. It was weird, feeling almost unwanted. She didn't even throw herself at Kozue, as his Piplup had been shooting her dirty looks as of late. Letting out one more sigh, she remained quiet, pausing only to dig a cigarette out of her purse. Lighting it, she took a drag. It was something she did when she was on edge. Luckily, these trainers hadn't been around her long enough to know her habits--to them, she was probably just in dire need of a smoke.

January 23rd, 2008, 5:14 AM
Luckily W. hadn't seen the whole thing! He was peering through his telescope looking for the main route up in the balcony of the Pokemon Center. He had been doing this for 30 minutes or so.

"No sign of the route and man! This forest's huge!" he said as he admired the view. The Viridian Forest majestic size is really immense. "I think..." he calculated in his mind. "We can get the hell out of HERE for about 2 days." he said to Turquoise. "Squirtle..." Turquoise said in a downhearted kind of voice. "Don't worry, we can get out of here in no time." W. assured Turquoise.

After 30 minutes or so, he bought some food for himself and his pokemon. "Luckily there's some store in this Center." W. said. Then he gave some to his pokemon, which happily ate it all up. Then he gave some of the wierd berries to Feebas. "I don't really know why do you need this berries." he shuddered as he thought of them. He'd never forget the brutish taste of it. "And I don't have a name for you" he paused. "Yet"
"Also, I've heard that the Pewter Gym's leader speciallty is Rock type pokemons, so I've a advantage." he said. "But remember advantage's are not always an advantage." he added.

He sighed. "Wondered where the other trainers are?"

January 23rd, 2008, 5:22 AM
"That was really nice," Kozue began timidly, after overhearing the teen professor's speech to his gecko-like Pokemon, "may I sit down?"

Without waiting for a reply, a rather rash decision on his behalf, the blonde gently took a seat a few feet beside the other boy in one of the few grooves that surrounded the tree's roots. He wasn't sure if Fen wanted some alone time, since he did wander off from the group without saying anything, but knowing himself, Kozue wanted to make sure everyone stuck together. Of course, he wouldn't want to impose on the other boy's privacy but he thought that if he was going to be travelling with these people, getting to know them was his best bet to maintain good relations. Besides, he wouldn't stay for too long and if it came to it, he wouldn't speak either, but this moment seemed like a unmissable opportunity to share something with a new companion.

"Excuse me," he chirped nervously as he settled into a comfortable position, Pocky also readjusting his place in his trainer's arms. "The view...is really nice here..."

Quitening down, Kozue gently settled back against the firm yet warm trunk of the tree as he watched the sun fall over the mountains in the distance. Pocky had also settled down and sat peacefully in the comfort of his new partner's hold. It was truly a peaceful and pleasant moment that made him think about how fortunate he really was.

Thinking about everything that had happened that day; arriving in Pallet Town and meeting the great Professor Oak, finally receiving his very first Pokemon, meeting and accompanying a new group of trainers and friends, and the starting of his very own and first Pokemon journey, Kozue couldn't help but smile and feel truly happy.

OOC: Sorry for crashing Evkay, I know Fen broke away rather stealthily, but it just seemed like such a good opportunity. :) Anyway, don't respond if you don't want to, I did leave it open ended. I did promise Kozue I'd let him share the love as well, so after this scenic moment, it's Noah and W. next. X3

January 23rd, 2008, 9:33 AM
Fen was startled out of his half dozed state by Kozue suddenly placing himself under the tree alongside Fen. He looked over to the boy as he proceeded to make small talk.

"Excuse me," Kozue chirped nervously as he settled into a comfortable position, Pocky also readjusting his place in his trainer's arms. "The view...is really nice here..."

Fen was still a bit confused about Kozue's arrival. Fen finally responded quietly after shaping the words he wanted to say.

"So you heard that aye?" Fen responded quietly, still looking down at Forest and petting it gently. "This was my favorite thing to do... back at my old academy in Fortree. Since there were so many trees surrounding my school, I always found my favorite tree and watched the sun set whenever at all possible...After all my science, history, and psychology classes, it was always nice to sit back and just enjoy nature...It lets me forget about the things that are troubling me..." Fen explained to Kozue, unprovoked. "I just needed some time to think today... there's so much that has happened, and so many new things to try and get used to. I'm in female company for the first time ever and I had no idea women seemed so manipulative and innocent at the same time..." Fen finished, sighing as he explained his Kat situation.

He glanced at Kozue who appeared to just be enduring Fen's ranting as he went on. The sun had finally almost completely lowered below the mountains, casting a dark shadow over Viridian City.

"Hey... Kozue. Thanks a lot. I know you weren't expecting me to pour my problems like that but its nice to have someone who will listen to me when i'm not spouting some new thesis. But... if you'll excuse me, I'm going to set up for bed..." Fen said, standing up and climbing high into the tree.

Fen propped himself against the trunk of the tree and hung his bag on a limb above his head. He snuggled against the bark as he picked a new target to sit and wonder at, the moon. Fen looked at the ground to make sure Kozue was either gone or couldn't hear him talking aloud to Forest.

"well buddy...we're gonna go out and find a partner for you tonight." Fen said to the little Treecko who had resumed his preferred spot atop Fen's head. "Kat will be joining us as well I think. I still don't want to believe she's just talking to me for my research and battle skills...what do ya say... we give her one more chance? See how she acts tonight maybe?" Fen said aloud to the his tiny buddy. Forest looked down to him, completely uninterested in what Fen had to say after he had finished talking about catching a new partner. Forest was absolutely no help with Fen's girl troubles.

Trainer Kat
January 23rd, 2008, 10:19 AM
OOC: I'm so eager to catch my first Pokemon. >.<


Kat held the Camel 9 between her middle and forefinger, sticking it roughly into her mouth and inhaling. It felt good, after a day of not smoking. Her clothes were jammed into her trainer bag. She knew she had to wash them, she just wasn't in the mood to do much of anything. Walking around, she could do. It was a melancholy, lonely activity she was willing to participate in. She soon found herself at the outskirts of Viridian Forest. In her fist was the Pokeball containing Axel. With him, she would catch the Shinx. But first...she needed to get Fen.

Do I really want to do that? She thought, shaking her head. She was sure he was fed up with her. Absolutely certain. Her hand returned to the trainer bag slung low around her hips, slipping Axel's pokeball inside it. She'd get him, but only after she finished her walk.

Kat sat silently, her back against the gym wall. She still had half a cigarette left. Still, she figured it was probably time to retrieve Fen. Standing, she walked back to the Pokemon center. Knowing Fen, he was probably off taking notes on some Pokemon. She rolled her eyes and sighed. Of course, he had to be near impossible to find. The sun had long since set, so it would be even more difficult with the decreased visibility.

Teal hues scanned the area. As she walked, she was greeted with a rather rude smack on the forehead. "Wha-ow..." she whined, looking around to see what had collided with her cranium. As she looked up, she recognized a rather familiar messenger bag hanging from the tree branch above her head. Her head turned to the trunk it was attached to. On another branch, she could see shoes. Putting two and two together, she figured it was her researcher.

"Fen-Fen~!" She waved up at him, both hands flailing. "You ready to go?" She flashed him a smile, cigarette hanging loosely from her pink lips.

January 23rd, 2008, 12:27 PM
It had taken Noah two hours and forty five minutes to find the place known as Viridian City. His Chimchar was absolutely worn out, which is why Noah sprinted all the way to the Pokemon Center so he could heal Espa before anything serious could happen to the little monkey.

He arrived into the hospital and the nurses were quick to act. They scooped his Pokè ball from his hand and took it to heal.

Noah looked around, he presumed his group were sleeping where the beds were. So where were they?

OoC: Sorry for such a short post, I'll make a better one next time once something happens.

January 23rd, 2008, 1:17 PM
Patrick reserved a quiet moment to admire Viridian City’s subtle infrastructure before he entered the town for exploration. People bustled up and down the streets, more people than he had seen in a long while, what with the long trek through the dense forest, populated predominantly by pokémon as oppose to people. All the happy faces did a great job at making him feel welcome, a sentiment he hadn’t quite felt since leaving his hometown, not even in the presence of the new trainers he had met at Professor Oak’s lab. Still, he couldn’t let his spirits fall, not with all the adventure that awaited him out there. He grinned to no one in particular and pressed on.

The splashes of mud dirtying his shorts, although small, were rather distracting. That Roisin girl could have been more careful where she had landed. Patrick felt an ounce of sympathy for Kat, whom had taken the brunt of the girl’s clumsiness. As soon as he took care of his pokémon, he’d have to find a way to get his clothing cleaned, or perhaps purchase a whole fresh set, Viridian’s shops looked rather promising after all.

Patrick looked up at the building in front of him, puzzled at how he had reached the Pokémon Centre so quickly; his chain of thoughts must have diverted him from the reality of his surroundings. The lounge was mildly populated with few kids he assumed to be trainers, engaging in conversation, using the computer at the corner, admiring the paintings on the wall, or simply lazing around on the couch. He turned away for the slightest of moments before whipping his gaze back to the couch. He recognized the trainer as none other than Marcus, the kid who had decided to go on his own. The Pikachu and Nidoran resting at the foot of the couch confirmed his identity.

The muscular teen considered saying something to the kid, but was unsure of how he would respond. “Hm. He looks kinda cosy over there. Better not to interrupt him just yet.” He must have arrived in Viridian City a lot sooner than the rest of them. Travelling alone did have its perks.

Patrick made his way to the counter, where he entrusted his three pokémon to Nurse Joy. She told him his pokémon would have to wait in a queue, as there were several trainers who had arrived before him. Patrick didn’t mind. Day had turned to dusk, and dusk to night. Seeing as he operated at his poorest during nightfall, it suited him just fine to resign for the day.

He occupied a vacant seat and began to doze off when he spotted Noah. The last time he saw the green-haired trainer was somewhere on Route 1.

“What the hell happened to you, man? You got lost or something?” He stifled a laugh. “I hope you at least got yourself some pokémon. Me, I caught myself a Spearow and a Mankey. I’m not sure about the others. We kinda parted ways before we reached the city. Fen and Kat seem to be getting more comfortable with each other. Roisin freaked out at the sight of Spinarak. You should’ve seen her, it was hilarious. Kozue’s kinda been quiet around me. I don’t know much about what’s been going on with him. And me, I’m as great as ever.”

He leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on the table. His stomach began to grumble all of a sudden. Patrick realised he had not eaten anything all day, with the exception of a very light breakfast. Thankfully, he carried a few snacks just in case something like this ended up happening. He pulled out a small plastic bag filled with a dozen dead grasshoppers from his pocket. His tongue slid between his lips in anticipation as he dangled one before him. He tossed it in his mouth and crunched and crunched and crunched…

The treat moved down his throat ever so smoothly. He shook his head rapidly, enjoying the tasty delicacy very enthusiastically, and then he laid back and relaxed in his chair once more. “Oh, pardon my rudeness,” he apologized, realising Noah was still standing there. He pulled out another grasshopper and offered it to the boy. “Here, this one’s on me. Might be a little dry and a little bland due to the lack of salt but it’s definitely worth it.” He tossed it at the boy.

January 23rd, 2008, 1:31 PM
"Uwah..." Kozue sighed as he crouched down beside her with his hands outstretched, after seeing her slightly recover, "you should be more careful...it'd be bad if you got hurt..."

Roisin, although having only knowing him for a matter of hours and with their conversations being limited, had always seen the shorter boy as an extremely helpful and all around kind person behind that mop of cute blond hair.

“Thanks, thanks a lot,” Roisin chirped from the swampy floor. “But I'll get myself up, so you don't get as any muddier.” Roisin started to heave herself up from the floor, gallons of ooze and slimy muck dripped slowly off the girls clothes and face as she finally managed to achieve standing position. Totodile, however, had managed to escape at the last minute by skilfully leaping from her head when she fell, and then landing again when his Trainer did. “I suppose I'll just follow you then,” she told the only helpful one out of the four. Suddenly, Fen and Kat retreated behind a nearby tree, looking highly suspicious, the male reached into his bag just as the disappeared. “I wonder what they're up too?”she thought allowed.

Within the next minute or so of standing around the duo retreaded back to the trio. Kat had become garbed in some of Fen's spare clothes. Roisin thought about making a joke about Kat 'getting into' Fen's pants but her she went along with her better judgment and kept her mouth shout; the rest of them were probably thinking it anyway. After a few seconds of awquard silence, the gang had started off again, en route to Viridian City.

It didn't take more than maybe ten or twenty minutes for the gang to finally reach the heavenly sign which would separate them from the disgusting, sludgy, smelly bog like path -induced by the prior rain- that welcomed the gang to Viridian City: 'The Eternally Green Paradise ' according to the sign.

Most of the group dispersed without any warning or conversation, all obviously tired from their first day as a Pokémon Trainer. The day had been eventful to say the least, full of mud, arguments, mud, Totodile's arrogance, mud, the cuteness of Caterpie, new friends and mud. But as most of the gang were opting for a chance at reflection -or in Kat's case a craft cigarette-, Roisin was dedicated to finding herself some new clothes. Coincidentally, there was a clothes shop situated just North of the Pokémon center. Roisin charged at full speed and slammed open the front door.

“Excuse me, we're closing, sorry” came a snobby voice from the corner of the shop. “And we do not allow such filthy urchins and their pet lizards in,” she snarled. The girl was about just over five foot tall and looked extremely narrow for her stature. She had waist length, charcoal black hair and smooth, yet piercing, chocolaty eyes. She looked way to rich to be working in a store.

“Please... Just five minutes, can't you see how muddy I am?” Roisin pleaded.

“No, go away!” she bawled at Roisin.

“I need some clothes!!” she yelled equally as loud as the store worker.

“Ugh, Pokémon battle! Your lizard thingy against my Snubbull!” she yelled, her anger obviously getting the better of her. “If you win you get things in the store for free, if not then you work my shift tomorrow!” the overconfident and over-angered girl yelled.

“Seems fair,” Roisin smiled enthusiastically. She was in no mood to lose at this moment in time and what's so bad about working one measly she if she did lose to the girl. The duo stepped outside.

“My name is Ayukat Tajiri and this shall be a 1-on-1 Pokémon battle!” the girl shouted formally.

“There's no need to sound so formal!” Roisin bawled “What are you Gym Leader or something?!”

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa158.png vs http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa209.png

Ayukat (or Aya as she prefers to be known) threw her first Pokéball containing a small little puppy Pokémon wearing an extraordinary and beautiful diamond encrusted collar.

“Totodile, Water Gu~” Roisin started. She was interrupted by a huge woman wearing the same uniform as Aya; standing at the door to the shop. Her opponent flinched at the sight of her.

“Ayukat! How dare you! Being extremely rude to a customer and street battling! You should be ashamed, no wonder your Father cut you off from his fortune!” she bawled in a rather manly voice. “Listen deary,” she looked at Roisin, her voice was much sweeter this time. “You can pick any clothes you want, don't worry about the cost, it'll come out of Miss Tajiri's paycheck,”

20 Minutes later

“~Thank you so much, again!!” Roisin yelled as she piled out of the shop in her new outfit. She was wearing a very short, dark blue dress that reached to the top of her thighs. The dress (more like a long shirt) had a white collar and three buttons at the top. This was accompanied by a cream 'dress-belt' around her stomach with a weirdly shaped silver buckle. Complete with a pair of slim fitting black denim jeans, shiny white running and a new hip bag. The one strap of the bag itself had six slots for PokéBalls which she had already attached Totodile's and Caterpie's PokéBalls too. She had ditched the bandanna and let her smooth brown hair flow freely. She retained her white-gold bracelet and necklace from before. All in all, Aya wouldn't be getting payed for a long time.

The sky had rapidly darkened in the time she spent in the shop, like a blanket, the dark covered Viridian light by the illuminating moonlight and the less beautiful street lights.

“Oh, poo, I haven't seen seen Caterpie since the capture because we've been so busy, and it was so enthusiastic too!” she thought to herself, she removed it's PokéBall from her bag strap and pressed the button to enlarge it.

“Caterpie, come on out!” she yelled as she threw the PokéBall. In the usual flash of white light the small caterpillar Pokémon emerged and with it's alternate colours that a regular Caterpie it emitted a beautiful glitter in the moonlight. Caterpie twitched it's nose as Roisin shrank the PokéBall that she picked up and reattached it to her bag. Caterpie ushered a few little squeaks as it hyperactivity darted back to its new master's side. Roisin offered her arm to the Pokémon to which he happily climbed, taking rest on her left shoulder.

Just to the north, a rather Fen looking Kat stealthily headed north, obviously up to something. ”We'll see about that,” the brunette thought as she made chase, however quietly. Her mission was to remain undetected, as such she withdrew a reluctant, yet extremely Totodile to his PokéBall and departed with Caterpie on her shoulder.

OoC: well there you have it, todays post. Next post I plan to build character in my two Pokémon, which they both lack. (As with my post quality as of late ;_;)

January 23rd, 2008, 3:15 PM
“What the hell happened to you, man? You got lost or something?” Patrick stifled a laugh. “I hope you at least got yourself some pokémon. Me, I caught myself a Spearow and a Mankey. I’m not sure about the others. We kinda parted ways before we reached the city. Fen and Kat seem to be getting more comfortable with each other. Roisin freaked out at the sight of Spinarak. You should’ve seen her, it was hilarious. Kozue’s kinda been quiet around me. I don’t know much about what’s been going on with him. And me, I’m as great as ever.”

Noah hadn't even realised that Patrick had sat down beside him. "Yeah, I got lost. Long story." He nodded. "Nope, I'm hoping to capture a Pichu in Viridian Forest if I see one though, although I doubt I'd ever be lucky enough to. A Spearow and a Mankey? Wow, you certainly do get around. Yeah, Fen and Kat certainly seem to be..." Noah broke off, looking glum. "Roisin is scared of Spinaraks? Espa (my Chimchar) knocked one out a few hours ago. Kozue, if you ask me, is extremely shy, from what I've gathered. Yep, I'm in perfect health as well, wish I could say the same for Espa."

“Oh, pardon my rudeness,” Patrick apologized out of nowhere, realising Noah was still sitting beside him. He pulled out another grasshopper and offered it to the boy. “Here, this one’s on me. Might be a little dry and a little bland due to the lack of salt but it’s definitely worth it.” He tossed it at the Noah.

Noah caught it with a look of shock on his face. He regained his emotions as quickly as possible before saying; "Thanks, but I've already had enough spiders to last me a lifetime today." Noah enjoyed lying.

Where is everyone? I need, no, I want to speak to Kat.

OoC: I'm back in the RPing mood again.

January 23rd, 2008, 3:53 PM
“Suit yourself.” Patrick shrugged indifferently. He retrieved the grasshopper from Noah and crunched it down for himself. “They’re good for muscle you know. You don’t get as manly looking as me by just eating junk food.” He flexed his impressive biceps, branding a kiss on each arm. Something about Noah told him he wasn’t exactly the type who took pride in physical appearance. Perhaps, a change of subject was in order.

“Anyway, you seem kinda … preoccupied. You okay?” He remembered the boy’s unenthusiastic response when he updated him on Fen and Kat’s status. “Don’t tell me you’ve got an eye for her too. I wonder how Fen would react to that, or how she would for that matter. Poor Kat,” he laughed. “She’s got all these guys gunning for her. Marcus, Fen, Kozue I think, and now you too. Boy, you guys are lucky I don’t have interest in her in that sort of way. I woulda totally snagged her from all of you.” He seemed rather confident about that, despite having little reason to be. The truth was, he was simply in the mood to show off.

His poor sense of humour did not seem to be doing much to elevate Noah’s frame of mind. He thought carefully, a finger tapping gently on his chin. “Hm, tell you what. You said something about catching a Pichu? What do you think the chances are of them coming out at night? Seeing as it’s not yet too dark, I figured you could go back into the forest and try your luck. Of course, I’ll come with you, just to make sure you don’t get lost again. Who knows, we may even run into the others. It might also help you clear your mind. What do you say?”

January 23rd, 2008, 4:00 PM
“Anyway, you seem kinda … preoccupied. You okay?” Patrick remembered Noah's unenthusiastic response when he updated him on Fen and Kat’s status. “Don’t tell me you’ve got an eye for her too. I wonder how Fen would react to that, or how she would for that matter. Poor Kat,” he laughed. “She’s got all these guys gunning for her. Marcus, Fen, Kozue I think, and now you too. Boy, you guys are lucky I don’t have interest in her in that sort of way. I woulda totally snagged her from all of you.” He seemed rather confident about that, despite having little reason to be. The truth was, Patrick was simply in the mood to show off.

"Oh, you know, just tired." Noah yawned. "Kat's nice, alright, but she likes Fenra, so there's nothing I can do, really." Noah laughed at Patrick's next comment. "You think she could possible like you? Oh, you..." Noah's voice trailed off and he stared into space; imagining different realities.

Patrick's poor sense of humour did not seem to be doing much to elevate Noah’s frame of mind. He thought carefully, a finger tapping gently on his chin. “Hm, tell you what. You said something about a catching a Pichu? What do you think the chances are of them coming out at night? Seeing as it’s not yet too dark, I figured you could go back into the forest and try your luck. Of course, I’ll come with you, just to make sure you don’t get lost again. Who knows, we may even run into the others. It might also help you clear your mind. What do you say?”

"You'd come with me? Seriously?" Noah's dampened face transformed into a broad smile. "Alright, when do you want to go?

January 23rd, 2008, 4:22 PM
A huge anime sweatdrop trailed down Patrick’s brow when Noah implied there was no possible way Kat would like him. He could only respond by mumbling senseless words beneath his breath. He knew it was probably true but he wasn’t about to admit that. “Anyway, let’s leave me out of this love triangle, or love pentagon as it would appear to be. Kat might like dear Fen-Fen right now but I reckon you still got a shot.” He winked. “As for the spur-of-the-moment hunt for a Pichu, yeah I’ll come. Not like I’m doing anything vaguely important here anyway.”

Patrick enquired about the status of his pokémon at the front desk. Nurse Joy retreated for a moment, walked over to the huge machine thingy (Patrick never really knew what they were called), collected three pokéballs and brought them back to the desk with her. “All done!” She wished him and his pokémon off with a bright smile, to which Patrick returned out of courtesy.

He pocketed the spheres as he re-approached Noah. “Okay. All set. Ready when you are. Lead the way, mister.”

(OOC: lol gtg now. I'll post tomorrow.)

January 23rd, 2008, 6:00 PM
Well, W.'s calculation's wrong and they're able to arrive to the main route for about an hour and another hour to Viridian City! "Oh man..." he groaned as he was pondering his mistakes. He asked the Nurse joy that he'll leave right away because of no reason.

Viridian City's a sight to behold. Modern buildings, lot's of hi-tech gadgets adorn the city. He had no interest in them, nor the girls. He is the type of guy that's aiming to become a single or shall we say will never get married. After a few minutes of strolling in the city, some guy approached him and asked him to have a battle. W shrugged,"Well I could use a warmup for my gym battle..."

"This is no warmup! This is serious battle!" the trainer exclaimed.

"Suit yourself..." W. said calmly.

"Come out, Machoke!" the trainer said. The Machoke began flexing it's muscular arms as if it were training.

"Then come out, Olie!" W. shouted. Well as you can see, Olie is still very naughty, he even did a raspberry to the Machoke. This causes the Machoke to become angry. "Why you! Don't insult my pokemon! Machoke, Karate Chop!" Machoke launches a powerful attack, but Olie dodged it! "It's my turn!" W. said. "Aqua Jet!" Olie launches it's counter attack, hitting Machoke right in the face! This angers Machoke. This happens for about 4 times, and the trainer said, "Use Strength! Bulk up your power into Maximum!" The Machoke began charging it's energy unto it's fist. This worries W.

"Uh oh... Strength's powerful attack." he observed. Then Machoke's power slams toward Olie. "Olie dodge it!" he shouted. But Olie stayed put!

January 23rd, 2008, 7:49 PM
Fen began to doze off in the calmness of the night when he was startled awake by a familiar voice.

"Fen-Fen~!" Kat waved up at him, both hands flailing. "You ready to go?"

Fen slowly rolled to the side to see Kat standing below him, she flashed him a smile, cigarette hanging loosely from her pink lips. Fen looked up at Forest, sleeping soundly on his head and poked him in the side, waking him up.

"Hey... Forest... get up, we've got some work to do." Fen said to the little gecko. Forest immediately complied and scampered down the tree quickly, awaiting Fen to join him.

Fen swung his leg over the side of the branch and leaped down, landing softly in the grass. He reached up and pulled his bag off the tree limb and slung it around his neck and let it hang loosely behind him. He patted his shoulder, instructing Forest to resume his original spot until it was time for the pokemon to leap into action. As the little green pokemon scampered up Fen's back, Fen looked at Kat and turned a small grin.

"Hm... so you smoke?" Fen questioned, cocking his head slightly to the side. "You know...that isn't good for you in the slightest... many diseases and side effects come as a result of smoking cigarettes such as emphysema or lung cancer...I don't want my lovely assistant hacking up her lungs... " Fen said, teasingly as he plucked the cigarette from her lips and smashed it out on the ground with his foot. He smiled bigger at her and turned away not waiting for a reaction, and began walking down the path towards Viridian Forest.

"Well? you still coming along?" Fen called back to her

January 23rd, 2008, 8:07 PM
Woo. Time for my sign up.

Name: Yaz

Age: 16

Gender: M

Appearance: The first thing you notice when you take sight of Yaz is his powerful eyes and thick eyebrows, his most distinguished features. Above his eyes, however, sits a mane of thick, dark-brown, slightly curly hair which even he cannot tame. The rest of his face seems to form around the centrepoint of his eyes; his long and only slightly less distinguished nose, his ears which seems to droop slightly off the side of his head and a pair of uninteresting lips. All this placed on a pallette of naturally-tanned olive skin, the largest sign of his Middle-Eastern heritage.

His head resides on a long, thin neck that joins onto an equally thin and lanky body. He is fairly tall with not much muscle mass so he often wears baggy clothes to hide this. He can normally be seen in something simple, such as a large, white T-shirt and blue jeans that he chooses sag dangerously low. On his bony feet; he wears sneakers, no matter the occasion. This dress sense gives him a permanent sense of "casual" that reflects his personality.

Personality: In all levels of his personality, no matter the circumstance, Yaz is a ladies man. While he acts cool and casual around his (mostly male) friends, among females he is a completely diferent character. This leads most to girls to either love or loathe him. Apart from that aspect of his personality, Yaz is mostly laid back, rarely resulting to violence to solve problems. This, however, is most likely due to his lack of athleticism. In fact, the only time he's gotten into a fight is when he got a little "too" close with the biggest guy in school's sister. Well, really, it wasn't much a fight, more a beating. Furthermore, he is quite intelligent but also lazy which has led him to not reach his full potential when it comes to school, well, that and the fact that he'd rather be partying or smoking weed with mates in the bathrooms rather than go to class.

History: Yaz was born into a middle-class family in the city of Olivine in Johto. He has 2 hard-working and loving parents and an older brother who always outshon him. He never enjoyed school, simply because he never took the effort to concentrate and study. In fact, the only subject which he used to ace every time was Pokemon studies, which he claimed to be easy. This natural talent for pokemon is what led him to enter the radio competition for four years in a row. Since the age of 13, he tried every year but always failed, At the age of 16 (the last year it would be open for him), however, he managed to make it, despite low expectations from both him and his family. His parents were originally reluctant to let him go but he convinced them, after much arguing, that it was the only thing he was good at.

RP Sample: I'll use a post I made in another RPG

"We can get it this time Fox! ...Now!" Yaz ferociously ordered. The tired ninetales instantly responded. It jumped up and used safeguard - with a protective veil forming around it - before engulfing itself into ball of fire with it's impressive overheat attack and finally releasing an extremely powerful solar beam into the sky, despite the cloudy weather. It did this perfectly and all while being pelted with a heavy snowstorm.

"Yes! You did it!" Yaz joyfully exclaimed, his voice hoarse from all the time spent on the harsh Route 217. He ran up to the loyal Ninetales who appeared exceedingly proud and wrapped his arms around its neck. Yaz could feel the warm fire Pokemon's breath on his neck as it panted. Suddenly, it collapsed on him.

"I've overworked you, haven’t I?" Yaz said quietly to Fox, even though he knew it couldn't hear him, as he pulled out it's Pokeball and recalled it. Almost immediately, Yaz heard a voice in his head.

"Mewthree is taking. The world needs you. Go to Sunyshore City, now. I will explain the rest once you get there..." It said. The voice was soft and caring, and it sounded female. Yaz did not know how or why, but he trusted it. Silently, he stood up, his clothes now soaked with ice-cold water from sitting in the snow, and began to make the two hour trek to Snowpoint City. He had to be fast though, the sun was setting and the nights of Northern Sinnoh were even more brutal than the days.

Two difficult hours passed and Yaz had no idea how far he was from Snowpoint. The snowstorm was as strong as ever and he could barely see a few metres in front of him with the only light coming from the moon and stars. Cold, numb and almost blinded, Yaz tried his best to keep on the main road although it was proving more and more difficult with every step.

Another hour passed and Yaz was now getting desperate. He was sure he had to be getting close, and yet it felt like he was going backwards. Finally, his body gave in to fatigue and he collapsed...

EDIT: Oh by the way, if it's possible could I not get torchic, I don't like it :P

Trainer Kat
January 23rd, 2008, 10:02 PM
OOC: Accepted. You get Mudkip. :]
BTW, I got permish from Ev to go straight to the forest. xD I'm not doing senseless bunnying.


"Hm... so you smoke?" Fen questioned, cocking his head slightly to the side. "You know...that isn't good for you in the slightest... many diseases and side effects come as a result of smoking cigarettes such as emphysema or lung cancer...I don't want my lovely assistant hacking up her lungs... " Fen said, teasingly as he plucked the cigarette from her lips and smashed it out on the ground with his foot. He smiled bigger at her and turned away not waiting for a reaction, and began walking down the path towards Viridian Forest. "Well? you still coming along?" Fen called back to her

Kat glared at Fen's back, silently shooting daggers with her eyes. The cyan hues shifted down to the death stick which now lay smashed into the dirt. "Fen-Feeen~!" she whined, mourning the loss of the Camel 9. "I liked that cigarette too!" She frowned and sped up to keep pace with him, something that was no easy task in the clothes she was wearing. The second she caught up to the boy, she grasped his arm, as per usual.

Within minutes, they were at the entrance to the forest. There were plenty of Pokemon to be caught here, Pokemon of all types. Kat's eyes scanned the woods, looking for any sign of interesting Pokemon.

"Fen-Fen, where should we start?" She looked up at him momentarily before her attention was diverted to the bushes. A tiny Shinx face was protruding from the shrubbery. The most noticeable detail was a small chunk out of its right ear. "Oh, little-" her sentence was cut short as the small lion cub turned and fled. Frantic, Kat turned to Fen, taking his hands in hers. "Fen-Fen, stay right here! I needa catch that Shinx! I'll be back soon!"

With that, she turned and ran after the Shinx, looking very much like a girl at that particular moment with the way she was running. "Come baaack!" she whined. She could feel her legs tiring as she ran through more mud and hopped over fallen tree branches as she gave chase to the Shinx. Before long, the electric Pokemon had shaken her, and she was far more lost than she'd like.

Her eyes scanned the area, looking for some sort of indication as to where she was supposed to go. She hadn't been gone for more than a few minutes, but she felt an anxious feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had the sinking feeling that she was going to be stuck in this place for days. And to top it all off, she couldn't help but feel like she was being watched.

She began to wander aimlessly along the twisting paths. There was no sign of anyone, and she was scared. Her fear only elevated when a ball of purple gas appeared behind her. Letting out a loud scream, she whipped out her Pokedex and pointed it at the Pokemon, almost as if she was going to shoot it rather than scan it.

#93, Gastly, the Gas Pokemon. Gastly's body is 95% made up of poisonous gases, which are blown away by strong gusts of wind. It defeats even the largest foes by enveloping them in gas.

The Pokemon hovered around her, its tongue hanging out of a fang-laden mouth, obviously ready to use Lick on her. She squealed and threw Axel's Pokeball in a state of panic. The Charmander popped out, taking the full Lick attack. The attack sent chills down the lizard's spine as sticky saliva covered his front. He turned to Kat helplessly.


“Alright, Axel!” she said in a commanding voice. “Use scratch!” The Charmander’s claws glistened in the moonlight as his short legs propelled him towards the Gastly. With one swipe, he made an instant connection with the Pokemon…or so it seemed at first. Instead, the attack went through the Gastly, who merely released a menacing laugh. With that, it swooped down and gave Axel another lick. Lick after lick ensued as Axel was left with no means to attack.

“Axel, no..” Kat looked at the vulnerable Pokemon. There was nothing she could do to remedy the situation. Gastly would keep attacking them, whether Axel was out or not. “Axel…” She was helpless as the Pokemon kept getting battered around. He tried to fight back, but every attack went right through the Gastly’s gaseous body. The little Charmander was knocked to the ground, body badly beaten.

“Axel!” Kat yelled this time. Axel’s eyes shot open, as did his mouth, as he released a steady stream of flames from his jaw. It was an ember attack. “Yes!” Kat jumped up into the air, her fist stretched upwards as the fire connected. The one solid hit was all it took to bring Gastly down momentarily. Sensing the opportunity, Kat pulled a Pokeball out of her bag and threw it. It hit the Gastly dead on. The seconds seemed like hours as the Pokeball quivered, red light illuminated. After three quick shakes, the light faded. Gastly was caught.

Kat’s stomach felt all shaky inside. She had caught a Pokemon…on her own. Walking over to the Pokeball, she stooped down to retrieve it. Depositing it gently into her bag, she began to wander once more.

Before long, she spotted a Mankey high in the tree. “Oh, oh Mankey!” she exclaimed, giving chase. “Mankey, come back! I need you for Fen!” Occupied with the Mankey, she ran smack into a tree branch, leaving a fine cut along her cheek. Barely noticing, she continued to run after the pig monkey, stopping only when she noticed a familiar figure.

“Fen-Fen!” she squealed. He was more or less in the same place she had left him. Running to him, she wrapped her arms around his midsection, making sure she didn’t get blood on his shirt.

“I got lost..and I thought I’d never make it back!” She gave him her normal pathetic look. “And then I caught a Pokemon…and Axel learned Ember! Oh! And I found a Mankey for you, and I ran after it, but then I got distracted.” She smiled. “But I tried to catch it, I really did!”

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa004.pngAxel learned Ember!
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa092.pngKat caught a Gastly!

January 24th, 2008, 3:21 AM
Yaz inserted his username and password into the instant messenger program. It was the afternoon on the day before he would leave and he was fully prepared. Instantly, he received a message from his friend Dan.

Dan says: hey yaz u comin to the party 2nite?
Yaz says: party?
Dan says: yeah theres gonna be party at the beach
Dan says: my cuz is bringing his van with sweet speakers, insane bass
Yaz says: nice. im going to kanto tomoro tho
Yaz says: gotta wake up early
Dan says: just come, u can leave early if u want
Dan says: like half of olivine is coming lol
Yaz says: lol ok ill come, ill check it out

That night...
“Let’s get retarded,
Let’s get retarded,
In here!”
Music was blasting as Yaz skulled down a bottle of malt-liquor followed by 3 shot glasses of vodka. People were swimming in the ocean, girls were dancing in bikinis and all in all everyone was pissed of their brains. Yaz sat down for a second to catch his breath and checked the time on his phone "3:04am".

"Damn I better get going." He grunted to himself under his breath. He got up and said his goodyes before stumbling the 10 minute walk home. He made it home alright and managed to not wake anyone up. Before falling asleep, he realized he would have to start his journey with only 3 hours sleep...

"Yaz its 6:30", Yaz heard a distant voice say. "Wake up" He slowly opened his eyes, only to be greeted by his always busy mother and a head-splitting hangover. "I'm going to work now. Don't forget, the ferry for Kanto leaves at 7:30." She then quickly dashed out.

Within no more than a few seconds, Yaz drifted back into the land of sleep. He dreamt 6 of girls, each more beautiful than the last, in a hot tub. He joined them, putting his leg into the tub. The water was ice-cold! He woke with a jolt and turned over onto his aching side. He, once again, slowly opened his eyes and stared at the digital clock flashing next to his bed. "12:32PM" He fixed his eyes on the flashing numbers for a few seconds before making his shocking realization. He missed the boat to Kanto!

"Oh god!" He angrilly yelled as he sprung out of bed, threw on his clothes, grabbed his bag and sprinted outside, without showering. He sprinted all the way to the Olivine docks only to see that the next ferry which would be stopping at Pallet leaves at 1:00. "I'm probably too late to get a Pokemon but it's worth a try. I'm not letting this one go." He whispered under his breath as he bought a ticket from the machine. He made it this the large ship in time and was on his way to Pallet. "Hurry up!" He yelled alloud as the ferry slowly began to accelerate to leave, attracting the attention of the people around him.

Yaz could have sworn that it took more than the 3 hours his watch told him it took to arrive in Pallet but alas he got there in the end. As soon as the boat docked, Yaz grabbed his bag and sprinted off the boat. He had studied a map of kanto while on the ship and knew exactly how to get to Professor Oak's lab, it took him less than a minute. Even if he hadn't used the map though, he would have found it easily. It was the biggest building in the town by a long shot and easy to spot next to all the small single-story houses.

He walked inside and found himself inside a waiting room with a large amount of chairs. The was some strange machinery in the far corner and there didn't appear to be anyone else here. "Hello?" He called out, convinced he ruined his last chance to become a trainer. Extremely frusted with himself, he swore loudly.

"Excuse me, who are you?" A voice said from behind him. It was the world famous Professor Oak, he had just come in through the front door. He had charcoal-grey hair and piercing eyes as well as a long, white lab coat which hung of Oak's body, all the way to the ground.

"Um, I'm Yaz. I got, kinda... delayed." Yaz nervously said, unsure what would happen. "I came from Johto."

"Oh yes, Yaz. You're awfully late." He replied, fairly distantly. "Yes, come with me." He then added, stronger. Oak walked into a back room, Yaz followed. This room was smaller and less glamorous than the room he entered in. There was a desk covered with papers and files and a smaller table with a box on it. Oak opened the box which contained a list of names and some Pokeballs. He picked up the paper and glanced at it, before glancing at Yaz. He then pulled out a single Pokeball and handed it to the trainer-to-be. "This is your starter. Get to know it, you will become very close friends over your journey." Before Yaz could reply, he pulled out a small bag from table which held the starters and emptied it onto the desk covered in paper. 5 pokeballs rolled out as well as what looked like a small red book. "Here are 5 empty Pokeballs and your Pokedex. Use them well."

"Tha-thankyou." Yaz finally inputted, amazed at his incredible luck.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some research to do. I sugest you head up to Veridian city. You may see some of your peers there." And without any more speech, Yaz left the lab. As soon as stepped outside, he remembered that he didn't even know what his starter was. And so cautiously, he released the Pokemon from the first ball he was handed. A red beam of light emerged from the ball and a small blue creature materialised.

"Mud." It said.

"Kip." Yaz replied, smiling. He got down on his knees and brought his face closer to its and noticed it was a boy. "So what should I name you, I can't just call you mudkip." He asked it, not sure what to expect in reply. Its idea of a reply was to put its 2 front feet on Yaz's face and climb up onto his head, giving him what looked like a blue afro. "Ok then, I'll call you Afro." He told it.

"Kip." It casually said in reply, crawling down his neck and onto his back, eventually finding comfort curled up on Yaz's shoulder.

He looked at his watch, "4:31PM". "Alright, we've wasted too much time Afro, let's head on to Viridian city!" and with that he began walking onto the road that was Route 1. His Pokemon journey had just officially begun. His feet squelched as he stepped onto the muddy route, it appeared to have been raining earlier in the day. "Keep an eye out for any wild Pokemon Afro, see if we can win us a battle." Yaz told his new friend. Just then, the duo heard the rustle of grass. Yaz paused. "Kip, Kip!" Afro exclaimed, jumping off Yaz's shoulders and running into a patch of grass. He then saw the source of the sound, it looked like a yellow acorn moving through the grass. He could keep track of mudkips fin as it chased what looked like the acorn, "Tackle it!" He called out. The loyal pokemon did as told and which led to both Afro and a Surskit jumping out of the grass and onto the dirt path.

"Nice, a sirskit!" Yaz exclaimed. "It was probably attracted by the wet ground. Well go afro, water gun!" Afro simply stood there though. "You don't know water gun?" He asked it. Sirskit saw its opportunity and ran away back into the grass. "Nevermind." He then told the upset looking Afro. "Next time."

At this, Afro climbed back up Yaz's back and onto his shoulders, leaving muddy prints all over his previously white shirt. One uneventful hour of walking later, the sun was begining to set and Yaz determined that it wouldn't be possible to get to Viridian before nightfall. "You alright back there Afro?" Yaz asked, turning his head. He hadn't heard from it in a while.

"Mud." It quietly replied. It sounded tired.

"Do you want to return to your ball?" He then asked in reply. It nodded and Yaz got on his knees to get Afro's ball out of its bag. He put his hand on a small patch of grass and felt the ground move under him. "Whey what was that?" He quickly got up and faced the ground, Afro did the same.

After some twitching, something round, dark, muddy and with grass on top of it emerged from the dirt. An oddish. It make a groaning sound. Without any command, Afro ran at it and threw a full bodied tackle at the small onion look-alike. Oddish didn't stand a chance. "Nice work 'fro!" Yaz yelled, before pulling an empty pokeball out of his bag and softly throwing it at the grass-type. The ball captured it without even shaking. "Great!" He roared, "My first capture!" He then got down and petted Afro on the head, before returning it to it's ball for a well-deserved rest. It took another full hour to reach Viridian; tired, hungry and at eight o' clock at night.

The city was bustling, this being the end of the evening rush. Taxis, bikes and cars alike were zooming around, there were people walking on the footpaths and the occasional rattata or meowth showing itself from the sidestreets. "I made it." Yaz breathed a sigh of relief, enjoying the sight.

OOC: Long post to squeeze 7 pages for you guys into a post so I can catch up :P

January 24th, 2008, 11:43 AM
Roisin returned her Totodile to it's PokéBall without any warning whatsoever when his hastiness nearly give their location away.

“He just doesn't quite get the concept of being quiet, cute and adorable. Unlike you my little cutey” Roisin chirped when she had confirmed that the two she was following where out of earshot. She scratched Caterpie on the underside of his face, where its chin would be if it had one. Caterpie smiled and started wriggling around. “Heh, you're ticklish,” Roisn laughed as she carried on petting the adorable little Pokémon.

The extremely dark road that led out of Viridian city looked ominous when lit up by the mysterious looking glow of the almost enchanting full moon. Fen and a rather Fen looking Kat had managed to loose Roisin without knowing it, probably through the small gatehouse in the distance and then into Viridian Forest itself. The girl with her Caterpie infested shoulder was obviously not destined to be a spy, or at least not a good one, however Roisin decided to carry on stalking her prey.

Roisin herself had no idea why she decided to follow Kat in the first place. Probably out of he jealousy that every boy in the group seemed to have crushes on her; whether they be small crushes like Fen seemed to have or huge ones like Patrick, either way Roisin had none. But rather than going as emotional and depressing as some of the group seemed to be, especially Noah, she considered the benefits. Like been able to pick things up off the floor without being ogled etc.

Roisin and her newest friend Caterpie continued to travel north towards the gatehouse, using the light from its windows as a guide when the streetlights ended. She approached the grass outside the lit-up rest stop; as she reached the grass she could hear a peculiar sort of hissing. The hissing was extremely high-pitched and strange, and in the current sinister looking surroundings it was also extremely frightening.

“H-hello? Wh-who's there?!” Roisin inquired, not a hint of confidence in her voice as she tried to sound tough. “I'm warning you, I have Pokémon!” she yelled. It was only then that it hit her that her Pokémon bodyguards were a Totodile that ignores most commands and a puny, defenseless Caterpie.

Within a matter of seconds another hissing sound came from nowhere, however this one seemed to be extremely close to the girl. Roisin couldn't believer her eyes when she turned to her shoulder to see Caterpie attempting pull the most 'evil-and-sinister' face possible; the face was a lot more cute and adorable then threatening and scary. Suddenly, and without any warning, Caterpie leaped from her shoulder and landed a full ten feet away from Roisin and landed in the grass.

“Caterpie, what are you doing? Get back here!” she whispered, however commandingly, to her Pokémon. As Roisin approached the grass to try and coax Caterpie into re-taking its seat on her shoulder, the source of the first hissing became clear. There was another Caterpillar like Pokémon. The Pokémon's segmented body was a yellow-beige colour. It had a huge pink nose and may little legs of the same colour. Above his beady little eyes was the main feature of the Pokémon, it's large horn, about two times the size of the similar horn at the end of it's body.

“Caterpie get away from it,” Roisin urged her Pokémon as she cautiously approached the hissing bug Pokémon. Caterpie blatantly refused Roisin's request and stayed put. “Okay, you want to battle it, sure.” Roisin said, rising above a whisper for the first time since the hissing started. She immediately drew her PokéDex from her new bag and pointed it towards the opponent.

“#013, Weedle. Often found in forests, eating leaves. It has a sharp stinger on its head that injects poison. It eats its weight in leaves every day,” the same smooth female voice announced. The image of the Pokémon was extremely cute and cuddly compared to the Pokémon that was braced for battle she could see before her.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffsb/dpffsb010.png VS http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa013.png

“Okay, let's see what moves you know Caterpie,” Roisin said to herself, luckily the Pokémon were still staring each other down and both waiting for the other to make the first move. The PokéDex showed that Roisn's Caterpie was a female and knew only the moves String Shot and Tackle.

“Okay, Caterpie, use String Shot!” Roisin commanded. Caterpie's attack hit successfully despite how prepared the enemy Weedle was and the apposing Pokémon was wrapped up in a smooth silky spray that Caterpie fired from her mouth stopping the enemy Weedle from moving. “Great now finish it off with a Tackle!” she yelled. Caterpie started to build up speed as she darted forwards. Before the Attack could connect, Weelde's horn -which was not constrained by the String Shot- started to glow a very pale purple, although highly visible in the current light. The Weedle seemed to wait a few seconds for Caterpie, then just as Roisin's Pokémon jumped to deliver the Tackle, Weedle through itself forwards, injecting its violet, glowing horn Into Caterpie's nose. Caterpie was sent flying backwards. As she landed the Pokédex in Roisin's hand beeped a little.

“Caterpie has been poisoned,” the smooth female voice announced.

“Caterpie, return!” Roisin yelled as she whipped out Caterpie's PokéBall and pressed the button to enlarge it. As the Red beam was fired at Caterpie, she jumped out of the way and started to run at full speed towards her opponent. As she ran she unleashed another String Shot from her mouth, which Weedle jumped to avoid. Caterpie had seemingly planned the whole move; she jumped into the air, tackling the Weedle with her whole body. The impact was so immense that Weedle was sent flying over the gatehouse and into Viridian Forest.

“Caterpie, th-that was amazing!” Roisin applauded as she ran over to congratulated her Pokémon. However as she reached Caterpie, the Pokémon flinched with pain and fell to the floor. “Caterpie, you fought valiantly, return,” she told her Pokémon smoothly as she returned the Pokémon to the PokéBall she was still holding, shrank it, and attached it to the second her bag strap.

She slipped her PokéDex into her bag. ”Now, do I go back to Viridian Pokémon Center or go through to Pewter Pokémon Center. Either way, Caterpie needs it,”

January 24th, 2008, 2:43 PM
Fen stood alone in the forest leaning against the tree, waiting for Kat to return from her very sudden departure.

“Fen-Fen!” he heard a voice call from inside the dark trees. Kat emerged with her un-returned partner, Axel from a bush and was abuzz with information.

“I got lost..and I thought I’d never make it back!” She gave him her normal pathetic look. “And then I caught a Pokemon…and Axel learned Ember! Oh! And I found a Mankey for you, and I ran after it, but then I got distracted.” She smiled. “But I tried to catch it, I really did!” she finished, almost looking out of breath.

"You know, i'm capable of catching my own pokemon..." Fen said to her sternly, almost insulted that she tried to catch a pokemon for him. He looked away for a sec, then looked back to her through the corner of his eye. "But... thanks for trying." he finished calmly.

After speaking to her for the short time, he noticed something dangling behind Kat's head. He spun around, standing back defensively. Two bright half circles were dangling behind Kat's head, but she hadn't seemed to notice. Fen leaned closer to and closer to Kat's face, it looked like he was looking right into her eyes. Soon enough their faces were inches apart. Then Fen reached over his head and pushed Kat's head down and out of the way so he would be face to face with the two hovering circles. He stepped out of the way, letting Axel's tail flame light up the small area, revealing the circles to be the drowsy eyes of a Slakoth. Fen jumped back with excitement.

"Hah! you ARE a pokemon!" Fen exclaimed. "Forest! wake up! Its battle time!"

Forest opened his eyes lazily and crawled slowly down to the forest floor and prepared to battle.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa252.png vs. http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa287.png

"Okay Forest! give it a pound attack!" Fen called out.

Forest leaped into the air, swinging its bushy tail, only to be denied his chance to hit by the Slakoth as it suddenly swung around, knocking the little Treecko away and down hard to the ground.

"Well... i guess we aren't going to get anywhere close to it...how about you try a Bullet Seed?" Fen said looking to the little grass pokemon.

Forest stood up and fired the barrage of seeds at Slakoth but the Sloth pokemon didn't even budge. It was almost as if it was ignoring the presence of Forest.

"Hold on Forest... I don't even think this guy wants to fight right now..." Fen said aloud as he walked over to the Slakoth hanging from the tree. He leaned forward face to face, looking into its eyes. Fen and Slakoth's eyes were perfect matches as they stared each other down.

http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/EvanK311/Fen.png vs. http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa287.png???

Fen and Slakoth stared at each other through lazy eyes for what seemed like an eternity, as they both didn't move an inch. Fen finally reached slowly into his messenger bag, pulling out a pokeball and gently tapping the Slakoth on the head with it. The Slakoth retreated into the little red and white ball and it didn't even shake as the center turned white.

"looks like i caught a pokemon?" Fen said aloud, happily but a little surprised. Forest looked puzzled at the catch but quickly shrugged it off as he climbed back onto Fen's head, content that he didn't have to put up much of a fight. Fen finally turned to Kat with a somewhat concerned look on his face.

"Hey... did you by chance keep track of where we are? Because...Because uhhh I don't want to be a pessimist but, think we're lost." Fen said as his eyes scanned the newly realized unfamiliar surroundings

Fen caught a Slakoth!

January 24th, 2008, 3:25 PM
A huge anime sweatdrop trailed down Patrick’s brow when Noah implied there was no possible way Kat would like him. He could only respond by mumbling senseless words beneath his breath. He knew it was probably true but he wasn’t about to admit that. “Anyway, let’s leave me out of this love triangle, or love pentagon as it would appear to be. Kat might like dear Fen-Fen right now but I reckon you still got a shot.” He winked. “As for the spur-of-the-moment hunt for a Pichu, yeah I’ll come. Not like I’m doing anything vaguely important here anyway.”

"Alright!" Noah leapt up from his seat. "Let's go!"

Patrick enquired about the status of his pokémon at the front desk. Nurse Joy retreated for a moment, walked over to the huge machine thingy (Patrick never really knew what they were called), collected three pokéballs and brought them back to the desk with her. “All done!” She wished him and his pokémon off with a bright smile, to which Patrick returned out of courtesy.

Noah followed Patrick and received his Poke ball before walking back to his seat, waiting for Patrick to stop thanking the nurse.

He pocketed the spheres as he re-approached Noah. “Okay. All set. Ready when you are. Lead the way, mister.”

Noah nodded and they left the Pokemon Center. "Pass the Gym and it's just to the North, correct?" Noah asked Patrick.

January 24th, 2008, 4:12 PM
"Pass the Gym and it's just to the North, correct?" Noah asked.

“Yup,” Patrick nodded. “Let’s get a move on.”

Together, they walked the long pavement that connected to most of the other paths in the city. If not for the distant croaks and hoots of surrounding wildlife, the night would have been dead quiet. Patrick sucked in the cool night air, relishing the serene atmosphere while it lasted. A few steps later, the Viridian City Gym entered their sights, confirmation that they were indeed heading in the right direction. Not long after, they arrived at the north exit of the small city, where a wooden sign cautioned travellers planning to continue onto Route 2 of the wild pokémon that lay ahead. Patrick shrugged, rolling the pokéballs in his pockets to reassure himself he had backup.

“Well, we’re now officially on Route 2,” he said, putting a hand on Noah’s shoulder. He pointed to the roof of a building in the far distance. “We’re probably going to have to go through that Guard House to get into Viridian Forest.” He sighed. “Looks pretty far doesn’t it? The good news is that, if we’re careful and avoid the tall grass around us, I’m sure we could get there in half the time. Unless, they’re any pokémon you’re hoping to catch in this area?”

Patrick stopped, just in case. “Your call.”

(OOC: I hope you don't mind me bunnying Noah a little. Just to get us moving faster. You can take us into Viridian Forest.)

January 24th, 2008, 5:30 PM
Olie was hit smack dab in the face by that strength attack, flinging him from the ground and landed with a dull thud. W. rushed to Olie. W. knew right away the battle was over because of the "swirlies" in his eye. "I told you so... that's what you get from disobeying my orders..." he scolded. W. shook his head, "Return." he said flatly.

The Machoke trainer shouted, "Ha! Some warm up eh? See yah later, lowlife!!" he teased. However, W. did not react to any way. He just went on his way to the main route. "Better not waste time here." he said. Later, he spotted two familiar people along the route. He quickly set up his telescope and looked. One is Noah, the other one he didn't familiarize yet. He made up his mind quickly and said "I'll better follow them and maybe get some ispiration from those two... It is Ok with you, Gale?"


[I know what your thinking, It's too short!!!]

Trainer Kat
January 24th, 2008, 5:32 PM
"You know, i'm capable of catching my own pokemon..." Fen said to her sternly, almost insulted that she tried to catch a pokemon for him. He looked away for a sec, then looked back to her through the corner of his eye. "But... thanks for trying." he finished calmly.

"Oh...erm...yeah." She laughed and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "I guess you can..." The girl felt undeniably stupid. Of course Fen could catch his own Pokemon, she knew that. Quickly, she tried to cover up her foolishness. "But, uh...you know, I am your assistant and all, so...I figure it's kinda my job to help you out and all that..."

As her voice trailed off, she noticed Fen's face drawing closer and closer to hers. She blinked, a bewildered look gracing her features. Slowly, she leaned her neck back, a light crimson brushed across her cheeks. Before she could react, Fen reached up and pressed down on the top of her skull, peering over her head.

Dipping out from under his hand, Kat stood off to the side. As Axel illuminated the area, a Slakoth appeared, obviously what Fen was looking at. Eyes shifting from Fen to Slakoth, then finally back to Fen, Kat couldn't help but let out a laugh at the similarities between the two.

"Fen-Fen, you look exactly like that Slakoth!" She continued to laugh quietly, watching as Fen attempted to battle (and eventually caught) the Slakoth. When the battle was over, Fen turned to Kat.

"Hey... did you by chance keep track of where we are? Because...Because uhhh I don't want to be a pessimist but, think we're lost." Fen said as his eyes scanned the newly realized unfamiliar surroundings.

"What?!" Kat's eyes widened and her hands curled up into fists, which she promptly lifted over her head before bringing down on Fen's chest. "You mean you weren't paying attention?!" Her face was a deep red, more so out of anger than anything else. "That's your job, Fen! You're the smart one!" Her lack of the extra "Fen" proved that she was less than happy. It was true--she wasn't happy. But she wasn't mad. Kat was afraid of being lost--not like anyone else knew that. Anyone else would just take it as anger.

Miss Raichu
January 24th, 2008, 6:39 PM
Name: Kassandra
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Kassandra is a very smart girl for her age. Her father was a scientist and she was sent to one of the best boarding schools in Kanto. And on top of all that she graduated top of her class. In her opinion there is nothing about Pokemon that she does not know. But, she's never owned a Pokemon herself. She'd prefer to keep her head buried in a book or out alone with a Pokemon then socialize with anyone. Because of a very unfortunate accident in school, she's never been able to really trust anyone since, and is always suspicious. But that's just her personal feelings, she's still capable of making friends if she tires, she's just very selective about the friends she makes. If Kassandra really puts her mind to something, she can achieve it. The powerful drive that burns in her soul when she comities to something will always pull her through. (I hate writing personality >_> So is this enough?)

History: Kassandra's mother died from birth complications and was left in the care of her Father. She was born and raised on Mandarin Island South, the largest Island in the Orange Archipelago. Her father was a scientist who worked for some obscure little company that she can't even remember the name of. He never spoke of his work, Kassandra found this very strange but never questioned it. She had a great relationship with her father, and instead of going to a regular public school, her father felt that she should be taught about Pokemon. So he taught her the fundamentals of Pokemon training and breeding. This was what truly sparked her interest, she loved the idea of having lots and lots of Pokemon, helping them grow, training them to be wonderful, strong Pokemon and capturing rare and unusual Pokemon. The entire concept captivated her. Despite the fact that Kassandra knew that being home schooled had caused her social skills to crumble, she never regretted it.

She loved everyday she spent being taught by her father, she'd even spend her nights reading his old research books. She loved Pokemon, but she rarely ever had a chance to see one in real life. Her father always told her that she wasn't ready to own a Pokemon, Kassandra would protest until her face turned blue but he'd never budge. He always told her "One day, you'll have a Pokemon. But right now you're not ready." Still to this day Kassandra is mad about that

When she was ten he had to move away for work, some big shot company hired him. He told her that if he left, he could make so much money, and she'd always have enough to make her happy. Before he sent her off to a Pokemon Boarding school, he promised that one day he'd come back, and they'd buy a farm and just raise Pokemon. Kassandra would always think about this, she couldn't wait for his return.

School was terrible for her, she never made any real friends because she'd never really had a chance to socialize and grow with people. When she was thirteen one of her classmate pushed her off the balcony of the second floor, she broke her nose and ever since it's been just slightly bent to the left side. Since then she's always felt as if she could never truly trust any humans. When she was fifteen she graduated top of her class, she figured her father would have been very, very proud. But since the day her father left she was never able to have any contact with him. Whatever work he was doing was so secretive and so important that he wasn't even allowed to send a letter to his own daughter. However her father would send her money, and she had a lot of it. After graduation Kassandra felt it was time she got a Pokemon. She packed up what little she owned and left on a boat for Pallet town.

RP Sample:

Silky white hair tightly strung up, orange, bows decorated the head of a young female. A set of pigtails rest on her shoulders, which where covered by a thick matching orange hooded sweater. Written across her face was a look of fear and just a tinge of sickness. Her pale hands clung tightly to the metal fencing at her backside. The bars where the only thing separating her and the ocean. The water at her back was nothing but soft, tranquil waves and the blue sky was at peace with the sun, but not even this could calm her worried mind.

A salty breeze blew over the deck of the boat as it sliced through the water. The wind gently lifted the frills on the girl's elegant skirt, she only wished that she had the courage to remove her grip from the bar behind her so that she may adjust her skirt.

"I...hate...the...ocean." she muttered under her breath while trying to swallow back the sickness that boiled in her stomach. She had spent her entire trip, 12 hours, clutching to that bar. Despite living on an Island her entire life, she was terrified of the ocean.

In the distant horizon the poor girl saw what may have been the most happiest sight she'd ever seen. Land.

"Kanto!" She proclaimed as she jumped to her feet, releasing the deathly grip she had on the safety bar. Nothing could be a more reassuring sight.

"Finnaly, my own Pokemon" this consumed her mind, and her fear instantly slipped away. "My own journey."

(As far as Pokemon go; please, please, please! Not Torchic. I hate Torchic >_<)

Trainer Kat
January 24th, 2008, 6:44 PM
OOC: I'm gonna need a more detailed history and personality. And yeah, I need a sample, sorry. xD

Miss Raichu
January 24th, 2008, 6:46 PM
((Right right, sorry. I'm always so bad at explaining personality. One of my Rolepalying flaws TT__TT
Okay can you give me an idea of how I'd be placed into the story, because I started so late. Would I already have my Pokemon or what?
This will help me right a better background story ;3))

Trainer Kat
January 24th, 2008, 7:11 PM
OOC: I'm gonna post it in the OOC thread, ok? xD It's in the RP lounge.

January 24th, 2008, 7:45 PM
Fen's excitement over catching his new Pokemon was VERY quickly over shadowed by Kat's anger at his inattentiveness.

"You mean you weren't paying attention?!" Her face was a deep red, more so out of anger than anything else. "That's your job, Fen! You're the smart one!"

The two stared at each other under the dim glow of Axel's tail flame for quite a while as even the forest seemed to have silenced itself. Kat's face was definitely full of anger. She... actually yelled at him. He had only known her for the span of barely a day but even then... she snapped without warning. Fen's face slumped as the awkward silence continued to carry on. Even Forest had an eye peeked open to see what would unfold. What she said ricocheted through his mind over and over.

"That's your job, Fen! You're the smart one!"

Fen sat for a moment trying to summon something to say but nothing came forth. He looked up at Forest and finally broke the silence, not talking to Kat... but to Forest.

"Hey, Forest, break down some tree branches with Bullet Seed." He said in a low monotone voice.

The little Treecko stood up on Fen's head and inhaled deeply and spit out, spewing a spray of seeds into the tree canopy above them. A bundle of branches fell to the forest floor to Fen's right. He cleared out a space on the ground and piled the branches on top of each other, holding one of the branches near Axel's tail. Igniting the stick he tossed it on the pile and in short time it was at full height. He inspected his campfire work and nodded with satisfaction. He looked at Kat, she hadn't said a word the whole time. Fen fished in his pocket, pulling out Forest's pokeball and returned him to it for only the second time since they had met. Fen really wasn't in the best of moods anymore. He looked at Kat through not so pleasant eyes and walked away, propping himself against a far tree. Her words still haunting his thoughts.

"That's your job, Fen! You're the smart one!"

"Ya... i'm just the smart kid... whatever..." Fen thought to himself as he made himself comfortable against the base of the tree, crossing his arms in front of him. He finally looked up, speaking to Kat.

"We'll just camp here tonight. I'll send Forest to the top of the trees in the morning... He should be able to see the exit. Goodnight, Katrina." Fen said calmly to her as he looked up into the starry sky which could barely scrape through the tree tops.

Trainer Kat
January 24th, 2008, 8:28 PM
While Fen busied himself with camping preparations, Kat made her way over to a tree opposite from Fen.

"We'll just camp here tonight. I'll send Forest to the top of the trees in the morning... He should be able to see the exit. Goodnight, Katrina." Fen said calmly to her as he looked up into the starry sky which could barely scrape through the tree tops.

Hearing her full name escape Fen's mouth made the blonde flinch, visibly wounded. She placed her hands on the ground, pushing herself up. Moving around to the other side of the tree, she removed her muddy clothes from her trainer bag. She changed into her own clothes, cringing slightly at the feel of the caked-on mud. Once fully clothed, she stormed around to the front of the tree, throwing the clothes in Fen's face.

"Here...Fenra. I don't need them." With that, she reached in her bag and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it. "And I don't need your advice either." Recalling Axel, she called out Gastly, who responded with an enthusiastic lick to her cheek, though not laced with paralyzing venom as per usual.

"Gastly, can you...lead me somewhere?" Her voice was shaking as she placed her hands on either side of the black ball, fingers deep in the purple gas. The Pokemon gave a sharp nod and began to drift away from the campsite. Kat hesitated, momentarily removing the cigarette from her lips to say one final sentence. "There, now you get to see my new Pokemon. Maybe you can research him or something later." Her voice still quivered as she spoke.

With that, she let Gastly lead her to a secluded region of the forest. She released Axel without hesitation to ward off the pitch black. Kat sat against a tree trunk, knees hugged tightly to her chest, silently smoking. Had she wanted to, she would not have been able to find words to speak, as her voice had seemingly left her. Instead, she cradled her knees in one arm and smoked with the other, Gastly rubbing comfortingly against her cheek.

January 24th, 2008, 9:02 PM
"Gastly, can you...lead me somewhere?" Kat said, clearly flustered as she walked aimlessly into the forest. Fen could obviously guess he hit a nerve calling her by her full name. He folded the clothes over his arm and laid them gently over his lap. He pulled out Forest's pokeball once again and released the little guy into the clearing in front of him once more.

"Well Forest... Kat ditched us and went off by herself." He said to the Treecko as it stared back to him blankly. "What?! Don't give me that look! She started it!" He said defensively to the little green Pokemon who hadn't really changed facial expressions.

The two stared at each other through lazy eyes for a few minutes before Fen finally broke the silence again. "No I'm not going after her, are you nuts? I'd just get lost too, and I KNOW she's lost." He said to Forest sternly. Forest continued to stare back into Fen's eyes blankly.

"Fine. We'll go find her, but you better be sure you know where she went." Fen said aggrivated to the little Pokemon as he kicked dirt over the fire, putting it out. "Well, she went this way, so lets go... we probably outta move fast, it wouldn't be right to leave a lady alone in a dark forest, aye?"

Forest rolled his eyes at Fen's worry over Kat and leaped ahead of Fen into the trees, following the trail of broken twigs and smashed leaves she had carelessly left. Fen followed the tiny pokemon who was barely visible through the moonlight for what seemed like hours until they saw a faint orange glow breaking through the forest's darkness. Forest resumed his perch on Fen's head and Fen emerged in front of Kat, looking at her with the more accustomed, annoyed face she was probably used to. He tossed the clothes back on her and stepped over her, sitting on the other side of the tree. There was no room to start another camp fire.

After a while, he spoke to her through the silence calmly. "You know...smoking isn't good for you in the slightest... I don't want my lovely assistant hacking up her lungs...but I'll let it slide...this time." The night seemed to press all around them with the moonlight reflecting off the leaves and dew. Forest was especially much happier, having returned to his favorite spot.

"and those gross muddy clothes aren't even dry... you're gonna catch a cold sitting on that wet grass with wet clothes...hurry and change... please?" Fen said to Kat, not sure if she was even listening to what he had to say.

Worn out from the day's excitement, Fen couldn't even stay awake long enough to wait for Kat's answer. He immediately slumped off to the side, laying in the grass using his bag as a pillow. His faint but heavy breathing could faintly be heard through the night air.

Trainer Kat
January 24th, 2008, 9:50 PM
Kat’s tiny body shook as she sat in the grass. Even lifting the cigarette to her lips was no easy task, at least not when her hands were shaking as much as they were. Even with Axel’s tiny tail flame, she was freezing. Gastly, who had quickly grown fond of his trainer, nervously floated near her. His porous form held no warmth, however, and did little to heat her body. As if on command, Fen and his Treecko emerged from the shrubbery.

“…What do you want?” she mumbled, turning her head away from the boy as he tossed his clothes into her lap before moving around to the other side of the tree. They sat like that for awhile, until Fen finally spoke.

"You know...smoking isn't good for you in the slightest... I don't want my lovely assistant hacking up her lungs...but I'll let it slide...this time." Kat looked down at the cigarette in her hands as Fen continued. "And those gross muddy clothes aren't even dry... you're gonna catch a cold sitting on that wet grass with wet clothes...hurry and change... please?" He said to Kat, not sure if she was even listening to what he had to say.

Kat clutched the clothes. She didn’t want to. She wanted to take the clothes and wrap them around Fen’s scrawny neck and strangle him with them. She hadn’t been this angry in a while. Still…

“Yeah alright.” She slowly changed into the clothes, clothes that she had almost become accustomed to. The loose, dry fabric instantly brought her a little warmth. Her clothes were wadded up and deposited back in her bag. She sat there, back against the tree for quite some time. Eventually, she slyly poked her head around to look at Fen. He was curled up, head on his messenger bag. She sighed. There was no way she could stay mad at him, especially when the argument was her fault in the first place. Of course, he probably was still angry with her.

“Axel…” She didn’t even have to finish the sentence. Axel went right over to Fen and curled up by his abdomen. Kat simply stayed with her knees near her chest, sitting up against the tree. Gastly rested lightly in her lap, and she curled her arms around him like a stuffed animal, gently setting her head against him and falling asleep.

January 24th, 2008, 9:56 PM
The city was bustling, this being the end of the evening rush. Taxis, bikes and cars alike were zooming around, there were people walking on the footpaths and the occasional rattata or meowth showing itself from the sidestreets. "I made it." Yaz breathed a sigh of relief, enjoying the sight.

Yaz's first objective was to find the Pokemon centre. He was tired, hungry and his Pokemon needed healing. However, this was much easier than the previous sentence tried to make it seem. He was standing right in front of it. Peering up, he spotted the collosal building. With its oversized Pokeball on the roof, a constant flow of what were presumably trainers walking in and out and large neon letters reading "POKEMON CENTRE", there was no mistaking it. He stepped through the glass doors, to be swept up by a refreshing blast of air conditioning. It was quite a sight inside, packed to the brim with trainers and pokemon, people eating, a few playing cards, some talking to the nurses at the counter. The nurses at the counter... Yaz looked over to the counter. "Time to heal my Pokemon," He mumbled, grinning as he stared at the working nurses.

He casually strolled over and waited in line and within a few mintues it was his turn. He handed his 2 pokeballs one of the nurses and upon their return, decided to throw in the seediest comment he could think of at the time. "So, nurse, you enjoyed handling my balls?". He was promptly 'escorted' out, by 2 large men in suits. "Crap." He told himself alloud as he stood outside again, back in the same position as half an hour ago. 'Crap' was entirely correct, he was now out of a meal and out of a free bed for the night. And on top of this, he was still hungry as hell!

His stomach growled in protest as he walked away from the Pokemon centre and down the road. He had to find something to eat. Yaz scanned every square metre of the road, looking for any restaurant still open at this time. No luck. He sighed as he sat himself down on a bench near a bus stop. Turning his head, he noticed a large banner on the bus stop.

"Ludicolo's Pizzas
24 Hour Pizza Delivery
Call 985-866-866!"

"Pizza." Yaz plainly stated. "Pizza." He repeated in much the same fashion. After grinning his widest grin for the day, he pulled out his phone and smashed in the number.

20 minutes later, a man came in a red van and delivered the night's dinner. After paying him, Yaz reached into his bag and pulled out the balls containing his 2 traveling companions, Afro and Oddish to set them free to join him for dinner. "Hey guys, let's eat!" He excitedly told them. As he began to feast, Yaz watched the two try and eat pizza. Afro and Oddish pulled one peice out of the pizza to share and stood on it. They then began to lick off the topping before starting to chew into the top of the crust. By the end of the meal, the two were covered in sauce and their trainer enjoyed a never before seen show. Tired and with nowhere else to go, he stretched out and slepped on the bench, Afro sleeping on his chest and Oddish under the bench.

January 24th, 2008, 10:28 PM
[Is it evening? I've lost track of the time again...]

"Darn it! We lost em'!" W. said dissapointingly. He had been following them for 30 min. and he had lost sight of them. "Never mind, we can find them anyway..." he said. This time W. is preparing dinner for his pokemon. They ate quickly, afraid that hungry wild pokemon might grab his loot. For a few minutes or so, W's most feared of came true. His extra food dissapeared out of thin air! W. was on his temper again.

"OOOOOOOLLLLIEEEE!!" he screamed. "Didn't I tell you not to gobble up food without my permission!?"

"Bui! Bui! Bui!" Olie cried, shaking his head. "So, your'e telling me that you did'nt stole the food?" W. asked. Olie nodded. "Then who did it then?" W. asked. Olie shrugged, but as he saw footprints, he pointed it."Bui! Bui!" Olie said. W examined it, which in his opinion, likens that of a fox or jackal, then said. "I'm tired of playing 'detective and catching the culprit game', but I will think of a better plan." he said. Then he rounded up his pokemons(except Feebas who was sleeping.) and planned their trap.

"OK? then let's do it!" W. said.

Miss Raichu
January 24th, 2008, 11:50 PM
Silky white hair tightly strung up with orange bows decorated the head of a young female. A set of pigtails rest on her shoulders, which where covered by a thick matching orange hooded sweater. Written across her face was a look of fear and just a tinge of sickness. Her pale hands clung tightly to the metal fencing at her backside. The bars where the only thing separating her and the ocean. The water at her back was nothing but soft, tranquil waves and the blue sky was at peace with the sun, but not even this could calm her worried mind.

A salty breeze blew over the deck of the boat as it sliced through the water. The wind gently lifted the frills on the girl's elegant skirt, she only wished that she had the courage to remove her grip from the bar behind her so that she may adjust her skirt.

"I...hate...the...ocean." she muttered under her breath while trying to swallow back the sickness that boiled in her stomach. She had spent her entire trip, 12 hours, clutching to that bar. Despite living on an Island her entire life, she was terrified of the ocean.

In the distant horizon the poor girl saw what may have been the most happiest sight she'd ever seen. Land.

"Kanto!" She proclaimed as she jumped to her feet, releasing the deathly grip she had on the safety bar. Nothing could be a more reassuring sight.

"Finnaly, my own Pokemon" this consumed her mind, and her fear instantly slipped away. "My own journey."

The closer she came to the land the happier she got, the fact that she was in the middle of a giant body of water slipped away. Having her own Pokemon was so exciting, so happy that she was able to completely overcome one of her greatest fears.

The boat slowly pulled up to the dock, it was an incredible tease.

"Hurry it up! I'm already so very late!" she demanded as the incredible pressure of the wait started to become unbearable. The moment the wooden docks were in view she leaped from the boat and gracefully landed on her feet. Without even a second glance she took off at full speed.

"I can't wait! I wonder which one I'll get..." the girls thoughts drifted away to all of her possibilities, lost in this wonderland it only felt as if she had been walking for mere seconds when she finally reached the lab.

She took a deep breath and gazed up at the doors to Professor Oak's lab. A smile, which is a very rare thing to see from her, stretched across her face. This was it, sixteen years she waited for the day she could have a Pokemon to call her own. Sixteen long years. And now, it's finally happening.

"This is it." she thought to herself as she placed her hands up against the doors and gave them a firm push. All the anticipation bouncing through her head made it feel as if it was about to explode.

Unfortunately for her the doors wouldn't budge. She sighed sharply, with her passing exhale she lifted her foot in the air and with a blunt kick her shinny, black dollie shoe slammed into the door. The entrance to the lab swung open violently. Everyone inside the lab rested their eyes on her. Normally this would completely embarrass her, but no not today not now.

From the back of the room extended an aged voice of a male. "So you must be Kassandra, you're pretty late."

Kassandra's eyes shifted around the room the rested on the face of the man who was speaking to her. She knew who it was instantly; Professor Oak.

"I'm so sorry Professor, but the boat ride took forever. Not much I could have done about that." she explained.

"Oh not to worry, I still have your Pokemon, let me get your stuff." Oak smiled and walked off out of Kassandra's view. The tension was killing her, which Pokemon would she get? She readily unzipped her backpack, once she had her Pokemon she was heading straight for Viridian city.

"Alright, here you go." Oak walked down the hallway leading towards Kassandra. Six PokeBalls and a PokeDex. Noticing her anxiousness Oak simply dropped the spare Pokeballs into Kassandra's backpack and then held out his hands open, holding a Pokeball in one hand and a PokeDex in the other.

"This is finally happening." she whispered under her breath while taking hold of her new Pokemon and PokeDex.

She turned to the door and took off at fullspeed. "Thanks!" she screamed back to Oak as the lab faded into the distance.

With Pallet town out of view Kassandra finally slowed down. She had made her way to a gently forested area, with a small lake just up ahead.

"Well, certanily this is a good of a place as any to find out what my first Pokemon is." Kassandra decided and nodded to herself. She skidded down the small grassy slope that lead to the shores of the lake. The sun was setting and the sky looked as if it was lit a blaze. Kassandra held the Pokeball containing her new Pokemon tightly.

"Here we go!" She cheered. Kassandra placed the Pokeball down in the grass in front of her and she tapped the small button in the center of it. The instant it took for the ball to open felt like it lasted a life time.

"Chhikaa" it whinnied as the little creature's eyes meet Kassandra; it's new master's eyes. Kassandra scanned it over. A small, bright green beast with big bright eyes and a huge leaf on it's head. Kassandra instantly knew what it was.

"A Chikorita? Wow..." Kassandra was speechless. She was frozen, just gazing off at her new Pokemon. And a smile, a truely blissful smile. A way that Kassandra haven't smiled since she'd been with her father.

((OOC: This is getting boring XD. Time to fast forward ;3))

The two quickly made haste to Viridian.

Kassandra reached the city with Chikorita close by her side. The two instantly hit it off, but Kassandra knew this would happen. She's so much better with Pokemon then she is with people.

Lack of sleep for the past 16 hours really tires some out, so Kassandra decided to rest at the local Pokecenter.

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January 25th, 2008, 4:12 PM
It was already getting late and from the looks of it, everyone seemed to have either settled in the Pokemon Center, which was weird since he hadn't seen anyone go to sleep yet, or were still outside roaming the streets of Viridian. It wasn't that he was worried about them, it was just that from the moment they reached the city, the group seemed to have split up, which was odd, since they had all gotten pretty close to one another, despite only knowing each other for a little less than a day, and he would've thought they would've said something if they were going to leave. But as it was now, all he could do was wait and hope that everyone would show up sooner or later, besides, if they at least stuck together, they'd be alright.

The center's double glass doors slid apart as one of the few late night customers staggered inside. It was already late and the usual crowd of trainers that occupied the center had either left on their own or had taken refuge in the center's public bunkers, so it was a rare sight that a trainer would come in so late, despite the center being opened all night.

"Mhmm?" Kozue chirped as he prized open his heavy eyes at the sound of the opening automatic doors. "Oh, it's a trainer...oh, wait-"

After sitting up and waiting in the center's lobby for over an hour, the blonde's internal clock was finally slowing down. He was tired and was having trouble keeping himself awake in an effort to greet anyone from the group who might return. Seeing the new trainer however, he could tell she seemed fairly beat as well and decided to offer her a hand. Besides, it would be a good chance to meet new people, as well as a great way to pass the time.

The girl who was accompanied by a small green leaf-headed creature slumped onto a nearby seat where the two took a chance to catch their breathes. She looked young and around his age, and although she and her Pokemon appeared slightly scuffed and ruffled, she didn't seem to need any immediate attention from the nurses. Seeing this as a good opportunity, Kozue gently sidled over to the girl and held out a small hand towel from his shoulder strap backpack.

"Here," he said with a tired smile, "you look tired."

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January 25th, 2008, 11:25 PM
It was night time now in Viridian City, possibly around 11:00PM. Late it was, Marcus was still awake on the couch. His Pokemon were sleeping, Pika and Nidoran♂ near the floor next to the couch. Marcus began wondering what kind of Pokemon he will encounter in the Viridian Forest, and what kind of trainers he will face. Also on his mind, is his next capture. Maybe a bug Pokemon like Butterfree, or a Beedrill. Maybe a wild Pidgeotto? To much to decide, too much on his mind. He closes his eyes to sleep to free his mind of such thoughts. Especially since the young trainers mind needs to be free so he can concentrate on battling and training for his first gym battle.

However, only two hours pass. He wakes up after dreaming of Pokemon, and sits straight up in the couch. The time now is 1:00AM. It is still dark out, but Marcus wanted to get to his destination. He wakes up the sleeping Pokemon, both them jumping upwards. Pika onto his shoulder, and Nidoran♂ to be held in his arms. He exits the Pokemon Center, and most of the city lights are out. Marcus begins getting chills in his spine since he does not know what is lurking around the night. He turns his head at every sound, but eventually he leaves the city. No time for anti-courage. The time it takes to leave the city is about 20mins. Another 10 it takes to reach the forest from the route infront of the city, and before the forest. Marcus rushed into the forest after this 30min walk. First sight he sees, a Caterpie.

The Caterpie quickly noticed Marcus as he ran in, so the Caterpie began running away. Marcus chased after it, but stopped in his tracks as a Pokeball was thrown at the Caterpie. It was sucked into the ball, meaning it was caught. A young boy walked out, picking up the ball. He looked to be a bug catcher, with a net and a straw hat.

"Hey, thanks for scaring it. Now lets battle!"

"Forcing me into a battle, kid? Eh. Okay, bring it!"

http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa191/Bambi1790/Caterpie.gif - http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa217/Rox_Kinoske/dpmfa013.png - http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e11/Snowl/pkfrlg011.png


http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z124/satoshi_19/Pikachu.gif - http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc211/jd7035/Pokemon/032.png

"Come on out, Caterpie, Metapod, and Weedle!" Yelled the bug trainer.

He threw out three Pokeballs, landing near his feet. A Caterpie, Metapod, and Weedle appeared, and looked ready for battle.

"Pika, Nidoran♂, ready!?" Marcus asked.

http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z124/satoshi_19/Pikachu.gif vs http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e11/Snowl/pkfrlg011.png

Metapod advanced forward, as did Pikachu. Metapod attacked with Tackle, but Pika released an amount of electricity. The attack hit dead on, the electricity crackled around Metapod's body, paralyzing it. Pika then jumped forwards towards the immobilized Metapod with speed. The impact knocked back the Metapod. When it landed, it couldn't move. It was fainted. Caterpie and Weedle advanced forward in Metapod's place. Nidoran♂ stepped up, making this now a 2 on 2 battle.

http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z124/satoshi_19/Pikachu.gif - http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc211/jd7035/Pokemon/032.png


http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa191/Bambi1790/Caterpie.gif - http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa217/Rox_Kinoske/dpmfa013.png

Caterpie and Weedle both attack with a String Shot. Nidoran♂'s horn got caught by Weedle's String Shot. Weedle after launched a Poison Sting. The String Shot fired from Caterpie missed Pika by a long shot. Pika then jumped before Nidoran♂, using Thundershock to blow back the Poison Sting attacks, attempting to cut the string with its tail. Its tail got caught,so Caterpie ran up and used a Tackle Attack. This knocked Pika off, leaving both it and Nidoran♂ open for attack. Weedle fired off a Poison Sting. The attack hit both Pokemon head on, damaging them. "Come on guys, we got to fight harder!"

Marcus yelled. Both Pokemon got up, Nidoran♂ shaking its head to get the String Shot off. Pika launched out a Thundershock, which quickly hit the Weedle and Caterpie dead on. Nidoran♂ then ran out, quickly kicking the opposing Pokemon with both of its legs. This knocked the two back. Pika and Nidoran♂ both lunged their bodies forward, Nidoran♂ in a Horn Attack, and Pikachu in a Quick Attack. Both attacks impact with the bug Pokemon, knocking them out. The bug catcher returned them to their Pokeballs, "Ah dang!"

"Good match kid. Certainly gave me a run for my money. Thanks."

Marcus said, before turning around to continue walking around the dense forest.

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Miss Raichu
January 26th, 2008, 11:55 AM
Kassandra was completely exhausted, so much so that she didn't even notice the boy who came to sit near her. She was far to distracted by Chikorita, who was passed out in her lap, snuggled tightly against her, reviving a few comforting strokes from Kassandra as she slowly nodded off to sleep.

Delicatly stroking the over sized leaf which was mounted to the little things head, Kassandra pondered "What a strange little creature. I wonder how well it does it battle?"

"Here, you look tired." the boy beside her smiled and offered a small hand towel to Kassandra. She looked up and smiled, purely out of politeness. People made Kassandra uncomfortable, especially when they come bearing gifts she had no idea how to use. To avoid looking like a total idiot she took the hand towel from him and nodded.

"A 12 hour boat ride will do that to you." As Kassandra spoke her mind drifted back to that most terrifying experience. Oh how she hated the ocean. "You look pretty tired yourself." She awkwardly tried to break away from eye contact, focusing back down on her Pokemon. "Why is this guy talking to me? I have no idea what to say." she thought to herself.

She offered the towel back to the mysterious boy, praying he would not notice she never used it and had no idea how to.

January 26th, 2008, 12:33 PM
“I've already walked this far and it'd be pointless to walk back, just to walk back here tomorrow and be behind Kat and Fenra. Also, although I know very little about him, and have barely spoken to him, I know Fen the most and we need to train for our upcoming match. Plus there's a Pokémon Center in Pewter... But how far is it...?”

Roisin silently contemplated the choices at hand. Both of the options ended with a Pokémon Center which Caterpie desperately needed after it's battle with Weedle. ”Back to Viridian or onwards to Pewter?” The latter seemed like the best choice as all the Trainers would have to get their eventually. Kozue and the others would be unaware but they could be called using Pewter Pokémon Center's phone and telling them to start their journey to Pewter where they would meet with Kat, Fen and herself. However there was no guarantee that the duo had made it to the end of the forest yet, they could be in some sort of danger.

“Pewter it is then.” Roisin thought allowed. She seized the first PokéBall on her bag strap and threw it into the air. The red and white spherical device exploded open in contact with the floor, creating flash of extremely bright white light which took solid form as the blue and red crocodilian Pokémon, Totodile. Upon exit from the PokéBall, Totodile turned to his Trainer and started to shout. The angered Pokémon flailed it's arms and jumped up and down with an extremely frustrated face. Although the Pokémon only yelled the syllables of it's on name, Roisin understood that it was obviously angry from being withdrawn to his PokéBall without any prior notice.

“Sorry Totodile,” she announced sarcastically. “But you were about to give us away, you got about an inch from Fen and nearly bit him!!”

Totodile turned away and folded his arms and pointed his nose into the air in disgust -again- and started to walk away.

“Ugh! Totodile! Stop being difficult!” Roisin yelled. “Get here!” she stormed off after the Pokémon. Totodile continued to ignore his trainer and continued to walk in the direction of the gatehouse. “Totodile if you don't stop there you'll be sent to your PokéBall and no playing with your toy for a week!” she screamed in a very motherly voice. Totodile stopped in an instant and stomped back over to Roisin. “Ugh, why can't you be like Kozue's Piplup?!”

Totodile flinched and stopped dead in his tracks.

“I'm s-” Roisin started as she knelt down to pat Totodile on the head. She was cut off when Totodile lightly nipped her finger and ran off. He dived under a hole in the fence near the gatehouse and ran into the forest. Roisin jumped up and charged forwards. She ran straight through the rest-stop without even taking note of its inside.

“TOTODILE!” she yelled as she started to sprint through the only path there was. It was extremely hard to see the path but the full moon illuminated the floor slightly. Luckily she had started running instantly so Totodile couldn't be far, especially for a bipedal Pokémon with stubby legs. ”I must be the worst Trainer ever,” she thought to herself as she arrived into a small clearing. Two paths led to either the left or right. Luckily a small azure coloured tail whipped around the corner as she arrived at the clearing giving her the location of her Pokémon. “Left!”

As Roisin threw herself round the corner she was relived to find a dead end and a Totodile. The Pokémon was sitting down facing the thick wall of trees that stopped him from escaping. As Roisin approached him she heard a sniffling noise. As she knelt down by Totodile's side she was even more startled that he was crying. “Totodile, are you crying?!” she asked in as much surprise as when he fell asleep on Prof. Oak's floor. In an instant Totodile turned around and started to flail his arms again in an attempt to hide the crying. “I wonder if there's anything about this in the Pokédex?” the baffled Roisin thought to herself as she pulled the red, matte, device out which was imprinted with a huge black PokéBall emblem.

“Now let me see... Totodile... errrm... Behavioral Observations... Emotional problems?” Roisin scrolled few the many menus until she found what she was looking for.

“Totodile, especially males, have a habit of showing off in front of people and Pokémon alike. This is due to it's territorial behavior. But when trust is earned, when the Totodile is alone or just by age, Totodile are known to be fun-loving, caring and happy creatures.” came a recording. However the voice was male and sounded remarkably like Professor Oak's voice. ”He probably recorded it from his research results.”

“Listen, Totodile, you don't need to impress me with your 'macho-alpha-male' appeal you're my Pokémon, my friend and my partner for li-”Rosin was interrupted by a slight growling noise from the entrance to the clearing.

The duo turned around to find a small, lion-like cub Pokémon. Aqua and black in colour with huge ears. However one of the ears had a corner missing.

Roisin pointed the PokéDex, which was still in her hand, at the growling Pokémon.

“Its forelegs have a muscle-based system of generating electricity. All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded.” the regular female voice informed her.

The Pokémon was emitting sparks and baring it's teeth ready for battle.

“So, Totodile, are you going to battle?”

Suddenly Totodile jumped up and assumed Battle position in front of, a now standing, Roisin.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb158.png vs http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb403.png

“Okay, Totodile, use scratch!” yelled the now blazingly happy and hyped Roisin. Totodile seemed to share the same happiness and threw himself at the Shinx with it's claws bared, however Shinx made no effort to dodge. Totodile swiped this claws across the enemy Pokémon's face, but just as they made contact, Shinx's aura of blue electricity shot into Totodile for a super effective hit.

The PokéDex beeped and recognized the Attack as Thunder Shock.

”I've got it now, this Pokémon isn't afraid to take damage in order to return greater damage, probably how it got that chunk of ear ripped out,”

“Totodile, hang in there, Shinx Pokémon waits for you to attack and counters it! Let's try a ranged attack. Retreat and use Water Gun!” Roisin yelled confidently. After Totodile recuperated he launched himself back to his original position anf took in an extremely deep breath, filling his small lungs and then shot out a forceful torrent of water. Once again Shinx didn't move. He used the exact same attack as before only this time the electricity shot straight through the torrent of water, converting it into a huge beam of electricity which shot back to Totodile. Luckily Totodile only took some of the shock as it ended the Water gun almost instantly and dived out of the way, however he still took substantial damage, but it stood straight back up as if not to let Roisin down.

“To-to!” he yelled confidently, ready to resume the battle, no matter how damaged he was.

”How could I be so stupid?!! It's Rookie mistakes like this that could cost me battles and cause my Pokémon pain,”

OOC: I didn't finish the battle so Kat could cut in.

January 26th, 2008, 3:33 PM
He was happy to see the girl return the smile, although she seemed somewhat distracted by the green Pokemon in her lap, which was understandable since the majority of trainers around this area were starting trainers, so he assumed that she was one as well.

"A 12 hour boat ride will do that to you," she spoke with the slightest quiver, as she returned her attention to her Pokemon, "you look pretty tired yourself."

Accepting the still clean hand towel from the girl, Kozue watched as the girl attended to her new partner, occasionally glancing up at the door in case one of his companions returned.

Holding back a small laugh, the blonde nodded at the girl's statement. "It's been a long day," he started, stifling a yawn, small tears forming at the corners of his eyes. "But I'm waiting for some friends of mine."

It was then that something miraculously clicked in the boy's tired mind. Clapping a small fist in his hand, Kozue turned to the girl, who seemed a little withdrawn, and gave her a bright yet tired smile.

"Oh, oh, are you a new trainer?" he chirped, slightly invigorated. "There are a lot of new ones around this area, like me and my friends, we're all starting out as well. I'm not to sure if the others are willing, since they're not here," he added with a small huff, before returning to his previous disposition, "but I'm sure they won't mind if you join us, I mean, I'm super fine with it! Oh...but that is, if you want to join us of course..."

Retreating slightly, Kozue caught his breath and tried to survey the girl's expression before concluding his offer. "Um, yeah, well, it was just something I was thinking about," he admitted with a small laugh, scratching the back of his head, "but if you do want to come along, just tell me and we'll go, it'll be fun!"

Pocky, who had been stirring restlessly in his trainer's arms, finally awoke to the commotion and analysed the situation. Seeing the new girl and the Grass Pokemon in her lap, the baby penguin let out a small squawk and started tugging at his partner's sleeve.

"It's okay Pocky," Kozue started with a tired smile, attempting to relax the Piplup by stroking its top feathers, something he had become accustomed to whenever he became excited. "Try to go back to sleep, I'll explain everything in the morning."

With a wary look on his face, the small penguin shot the new couple a 'don't try anything funny' look, before retreating to his trainer's arms. Such looks were common gestures the Water Pokemon adopted when meeting new people and Pokemon, or Kat in some cases, but were all simply apart of the penguin's protective nature over his trainer. Something that had surprisingly developed quite quickly over their one day of travelling. Kozue of course, had little to no knowledge of such acts and saw Pocky's attitude as mere banter, petting him occassionally to quell his more disruptive outbursts.

"Oh, my name's Kozue by the way, Kamada Kozue," the blonde suddenly continued, his attention diverting back to the girl. "So, how about it?"

Trainer Kat
January 26th, 2008, 3:58 PM
OOC: I know I said I wouldn't post. Jim set it up so I could catch Shinx though. xD

Kat couldn't help but stir. She could feel tension and anxiety, though she couldn't place it. Glancing over, she noticed Fen still sleeping. Axel, whom she had sent over earlier to keep the boy warm, had pressed firmly against Fen's chest, tail flame curled to avoid burning him and Forest, while still providing heat. The tension wasn't coming from Fen...so what did she feel? Gastly slowly rolled his eyes up to look into Kat's face.

"Do you feel it too, Gastly?" Kat asked, lightly petting his solid black center. "Or did I just wake you?" At that, she giggled. He responded with a gentle lick to her hand. She stood, Gastly shooting immediately to her side. Maybe she would get lost. But Fen had her Charmander, so he would know. He would know that she intended to return.

"Well, let's go check it out, huh?" Gastly simply licked her cheek. Now that she was covered in a generous helping of Gastly spit, she began to make her way through the forest. It was a combination of luck and Gastly's ghost senses that led Kat to Roisin's Totodile.

"Oh...ew...it's just you." Kat rolled her eyes and turned. "Well, 'scuse me, but I've got to find my way back to Fen." She didn't feel it was quite appropriate to tack on another "Fen", as he was still angry at her.

"Shinx!" Kat's eyes widened as she heard the familiar squeaky voice.

"It's...you're...that Shinx!" Kat exclaimed as the Pokemon looked at her through wide eyes. She turned to Roisin. "Were you trying to capture my Shinx?!" she demanded. Shinx gave Kat an innocent look. "Well, Shinx, you're gonna be mine!" She pulled a Pokeball out of her pouch, pulling her arm back before pitching it at the lion cub. The ball didn't even shake. Shinx was captured.

"Well, Roisin, that's how it's done." Her cerulean hues shifted down to Totodile before returning to Roisin. "You might want to get that little idiotic crocodile fixed up. My Shinx did a number on him!" she giggled, one hand raised to her mouth, though only three fingertips were visible through the arm of Fen's sleeve.

She turned and began walking back through the trees, hoping she was headed the right way. "Oh, and don't bother following me, Roisin," she said, looking at the brunette out of the corner of her eye. "Fen and I have important research to do." With that she turned, cheeks burning at the blatant lie.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb403.png Kat caught her Shinx!

Miss Raichu
January 26th, 2008, 3:58 PM
"Oh, oh, are you a new trainer? There are a lot of new ones around this area, like me and my friends, we're all starting out as well. I'm not to sure if the others are willing, since they're not here," the boy added with a small huff, before returning to his previous disposition, "but I'm sure they won't mind if you join us, I mean, I'm super fine with it! Oh...but that is, if you want to join us of course..."

Kassandra was conflicted. "Umm, I'm not too sure..." she slowly trailed off, not moving her eye sight from Chikorita.

Retreating slightly, Kozue caught his breath and tried to survey the girl's expression before concluding his offer. "Um, yeah, well, it was just something I was thinking about," he admitted with a small laugh, scratching the back of his head, "but if you do want to come along, just tell me and we'll go, it'll be fun!"

Kassandra slowly lifted her exhausted gaze up to the boys face. "I really should try and make friends..." she thought. After a few moments of arguing it over with herself she decided and spoke with her usual soft voice "That sounds great, I'm sure if anything it will be a lot safer with more people."

The little bird-Pokemon that the boy had been holding in his lap let out a ear-piercing squawk that was left ringing in Kassandra's ears. A bit turned off by the noise she tried to force a smile. It was after all still a Pokemon. Chikorita was still fast asleep, and seemed like the bird's chirp didn't even faze the little gal. Kassandra giggled just slightly while looking over at the baby penguin's fearful warning glare.

"Oh, my name's Kozue by the way, Kamada Kozue," the blonde suddenly continued, his attention diverting back to the girl. "So, how about it?"

"My name is Kassandra" she replied. "And I'd be thankful to travel with you and your friends. But first, I really need to sleep. Just meet me back out here in the morning okay?" she smirked. Kassandra gently cradled her sleeping Pokemon into her arms and began to walk towards the public bedrooms. Before leaving his view, Kassandra spun back around to meet the eyes of the stranger who she'd just accepted to travel with. "I must be crazy" she thought with a small giggle.

She continued into the rooms and searched down the rows untill she found a free bunk. Being as silent as possible, she placed Chikorita gracefully onto the pillow, then slumped down into the bed.

((OOC: Pretty short, but it's mostly just conversation.))

January 26th, 2008, 6:06 PM
"Kassandra..." he repeated to himself as the girl turned to leave.

It had worked out great, she had actually agreed to join him. Kassandra and her leaf headed Pokemon would undoubtedly be a great asset to their already diverse team, he just hoped that she would be able to get along with everyone, since there had been some inevitable conflict between certain members already.

"Mhmm, so that makes..." he muttered as he started to count the group on his fingers, "...six. Wait, seven...mhmm, there's Kat, Pat, Roisin, Fen, Noah, Kassandra and me...yeah seven! There's seven of us!"

Pocky who had been rudely awoken only a few moments before, was now pushing his trainer to follow the new girl to the center's bunkers, where a soft and fluffy bed was surely awaiting them. Kozue however, had decided to continue waiting in the lobby in case anyone from his group returned from wherever they had gotten off to.

Ushering the baby penguin to follow the new girl if he was indeed sleepy, the blonde returned to his previous seat against the wall where he was given a clear view of the entrance. Pocky however, decided to remain loyal to his new partner and quickly scurried back into the boy's arms, where the teen happily accepted him. He had no intentions of warming up to the new girl, since she was another potential gal pal to keep away from his trainer, so getting closer to Kozue wasn't getting any easier. The shaggy mop of blonde hair and the body that went with it was his, and only his.

Of course, the boys didn't pose much of a threat and the only other girl who didn't trigger Pocky's warning glares was Roisin. Something about her didn't threaten the baby penguin and actually made him feel quite comfortable in her presence, so he thought it best not to look into it. Because right now was Kozue and Pocky time.

Feeling the delicate fingers of the boy stroke his feathers, the penguin looked up to see his trainer with his eyes closed and head tilted. He had finally fallen asleep. A little irritated at how things had turned out, Pocky decided that sleeping in his trainer's arms would be enough for the night and crouched into the boy's waist.

January 27th, 2008, 4:15 PM
"You two did great! We should go find more battles!"

Marcus said to his two Pokemon. They both smiled up at the trainer, both Pokemon at his feet, walking with him. The three continues walking, searching around bushes and trees for more Pokemon. Turning side to side, in every direction, there is no sign of other trainers in the forest, only few weaker wild Pokemon. He sighs, his two Pokemon near him trying to sniff around. The three turn around quickly however, when a rustle in the bushes catches their attention. The bushes leaves are seen moving again. Marcus takes no time to react.

"Alright! Pika, use Thundershock!"

Pika nodded, quickly releasing a bolt of electricity into the bushes. Among contact, another trainer jumped up literally in shock. Pika ceased its shock, and the other trainer stood still. "Oops.. You okay?" Marcus asked.

"You just shocked me! Come on out, Butterfree! Beedrill!"

The trainer threw out two Pokeballs into the air. Released, were two Pokemon in flight. One a bee, one a butterfly.

"Sp a battle, eh? Ready you two?"

Marcus said, then asked his Pokemon. Both nodded, and jumped infront of him, ready for battle. Beedrill advanced, as did Pika.

http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb116/dahalo/Beedrill.gif vs http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/025-1.gif

Beedrill fried off a Twin Needle, followed by a Poison Sting. Pika quickly fired off a Thundershock to counter. Both attacks collided, but no damage was dealt. Beedrill fired off String Shot attacks at Pika, which made contact. The attack was at its feet, sticking it to the ground, immobilizing it. "Pika!" Marcus yelled.

Beedrill quickly flew forwards, and began striking Pikachu constantly with Fury Attack. Poison Stings and Twin Needle attacks were too thrown into the attack. Pika was getting damaged, badly and quickly, losing health each hit. It began getting angry, cheeks sparking. Beedrill moved back a little. Pika took advantage of this moment, releasing a large mass Thundershock at Beedrill. It was hit head on with the shocks. Now fried, it fainted, falling down to the ground. Pika escaped the String Shot.

"Ah! Return! Go, Butterfree!"

The trainer yelled. Butterfree advanced out into the field, as Beedrill was sucked into the Pokeball by a red beam.

http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb116/dahalo/Butterfree.gif vs http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/025-1.gif

Pikachu attacked first, firing off a powerful bolt of electricity. Butterfree dodged it, however, with speed. It then fired off a purple-shock attack, which hit Pikachu dead on. A Confusion attack, this was. Pika stood its ground through. Butterfree then flapped its wings quickly, stirring up a powerful Gust attack at Pikachu. The winds were too hard for Pikachu to move around in, but it still stood, trying to not get knocked back.

"Pika." Marcus said, nodding. Pika stood up, quickly jumping backwards in the Gust. Nidoran♂ stepped forward, ready for battle. The Gust attack had come to a stop.

http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb116/dahalo/Butterfree.gif vs http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/032.gif

Nidoran♂ jumped forward towards Butterfree, horn aglow with Horn Attack. Butterfree collided with it in a Tackle attack. Both Pokemon damaged, Butterfree more so. Butterfree fired off a Confusion attack, Nidoran♂ barely dodged the attack. In dodging however, it left itself vulnerable for a Tackle. Butterfree took advantage of the dodge, Tackling Nidoran♂ head on to knock it back. Butterfree after fired off a Gust, knocking Nidoran♂ back even further. Finally, it fired off a Confusion attack to finish it off. Nidoran♂ took on immense damage, due to the fact that that Psychic attacks like Confusion were super effective on Poison types like Nidoran♂. The Pokemon was badly damaged, nearly fainted.

'Pika is too beat to battle.. And Nidoran♂ looks like its had enough..' Marcus thought to himself. "Retur--- wha?"

Marcus held out Nidoran♂s Pokeball, about to return it. His sentence was interrupted as Nidoran♂ got up slowly, wanting more fight. It yelled out. Its body glowed, and it gained mass in size, literally changing form. The change stopped, as the glow disappeared. Nidoran♂ had evolved into Nidorino.

http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/033.gif vs http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb116/dahalo/Butterfree.gif

Nidirino jumped forward, now with more power and speed. Butterfree tried to counter with Tackle. The two attacks collided, but Butterfree fell to the ground, Nidirino being more powerful. Nidirino advanced forwards quickly, attacking Butterfree with a Fury Attack. Butterfree fainted from too many hits. It landed at its trainers feet.

"Ah! Return!" Said the trainer. He returned Butterfree, and ran off.

Pika approached Nidirino with Marcus. They bent town, looking at Nidorino. Marcus pet it, to see if it was still normal, which it was. Playfully, it tackled Pika and Marcus with a laugh. All three laughed, but quickly got up to keep going through Viridian Forest.

January 28th, 2008, 1:26 PM
OOC: A Nidorino already o.O Not even Caterpie has evolved and it evolves extremely early.

"Oh...ew...it's just you," came a voice from the entrance to the dead-end clearing. Roisin whipped around to see the blond haired female version of Fen -due to the fact she was still wearing his clothes. She was accompanied by a black blob with a purple aura, obviously her new Pokémon. Roisin's PokéDex identified it as Gastly, the Ghost/Poison type.

“What is your probl?!-” Roisin started, she was however interrupted by the rude and snobby trainer.

"Well, 'scuse me, but I've got to find my way back to Fen." the Teal eyed girl started, ready to shun Roisin. Suddenly the aforementioned eyes light up and the blonde squealed the name: "Shinx!"

"It's...you're...that Shinx!" Kat exclaimed as the Pokemon looked at her through wide eyes. She turned to Roisin. "Were you trying to capture my Shinx?!" she demanded.

“No, it ambush-!” Roisin was interrupted a second time by the arrogant girl.

"Well, Shinx, you're gonna be mine!" Kat pulled a PokéBall out of her pouch, pulling her arm back before pitching it at the lion cub. The ball didn't even shake. Shinx was captured.

"Well, Roisin, that's how it's done." Her cerulean hues shifted down to Totodile before returning to Roisin. "You might want to get that little idiotic crocodile fixed up. My Shinx did a number on him!" she giggled, one hand raised to her mouth, though only three fingertips were visible through the arm of Fen's sleeve.

She turned and began walking back through the trees, hoping she was headed the right way. "Oh, and don't bother following me, Roisin," she said, looking at the brunette out of the corner of her eye. "Fen and I have important research to do." With that she turned around and started to walk back the way she came, Gastly right behind her.

“Oh, your Shinx? I feel sorry for the poor thing! You've been nothing but a cow since I splashed you with a bit of mud! And you weren't the only one either, I was practically swimming in it! If this team is ever going to work we need to get on!” Roisin screamed at the only other girl -she was aware of- in her group. She scooped up Totodile in her arms -for once he put up no struggle, which surprised her- and pursued the golden haired girl.

“I didn't want to capture the Shinx, nor did I aim to splash you with mud! We were fine before that, you shook my hand in Oak's lab, I have no interest in becoming enemies with you!” Roisin continued to shout as the quadruple arrived at the area in which Kat and Fen had obviously decided to camp for the night. The big heap on the floor was Fen and Forest, who were both sound asleep on the ground, reminiscent of rocks.

Roisin sat down near Kat.

“Please, can we just be friends?” she asked a final time.

OOC: Kat gave permission for me to make Kat walk back here and sit down. I hated this post but if it means we get to progress to the morning then WHOOPEE.

Trainer Kat
January 28th, 2008, 3:47 PM
“Oh, your Shinx? I feel sorry for the poor thing! You've been nothing but a cow since I splashed you with a bit of mud! And you weren't the only one either, I was practically swimming in it! If this team is ever going to work we need to get on!” Roisin screamed at the only other girl -she was aware of- in her group. She scooped up Totodile in her arms -for once he put up no struggle, which surprised her- and pursued the golden haired girl.

"Oh, I've been a cow?!" Kat turned and yelled in Roisin's face. "What about you?! You're the clumsy oaf who fell in it, and, correct me if I'm mistaken, but don't cows play in the mud? Or is that pigs? Pick your poison, Roisin, cow or pig, because you're one of the two!" She sized Roisin up and down. The blonde hadn't seen the brunette since the mud incident, and it appeared she had acquired a new outfit.

"Oh, that's nice, Roisin. Bargain bin? Or department store? Either way, it's tacky as hell," she scoffed.

“I didn't want to capture the Shinx, nor did I aim to splash you with mud! We were fine before that, you shook my hand in Oak's lab, I have no interest in becoming enemies with you!” Roisin continued to shout as the quadruple arrived at the area in which Kat and Fen had obviously decided to camp for the night.

"I shook your hand because I was being polite. Don't mistake it for kindness or acceptance, Roisin, because I intended neither of those." At that, she sat down at the base of a tree, a bit of distance between her and Fen, but close enough so that he was in view. Roisin sat down near Kat.

“Please, can we just be friends?” she asked a final time.

"...Goodnight, Roisin," Kat answered, standing and moving to a tree opposite the brunette. "Night, Fen..." she mumbled under her breath. Gastly settled gently in her lap, allowing her to use him as a pillow as she drifted off to sleep.


The blonde yawned and stretched as the day hit her like a ton of bricks. "Morning, Gastly," she moaned as the Pokemon in her lap stirred. A long tongue poked out and licked her hand, an action the blonde had quickly become accustomed to. Teal eyes slid over to Fen, who seemed to still be asleep, Axel and Forest by his side.

I'll let him sleep... she thought. He'll hate me if I wake him... She looked up. The sunlight pressed against her cheeks. She could climb a tree and save Fen's Treecko the trouble. Maybe that would win her some points. Carefully, she hoisted herself up onto a tree branch just barely in her reach. She stood on the branch. There was no way she'd be able to climb any higher. Instead, the blonde resigned herself to the branch, taking a seat against to the trunk, her legs straddling the branch as Gastly hovered tentatively by her shoulder.

OOC: Ouch, Jim. Sorry. I love you. Kat just doesn't have love for Roisin, that's all. ._. The majority of this post was just getting to the next day. xD Feel free to add what happened at night into your post, but since it had gotten to be like, 1 AM RP time, I thought it best to continue. xD

January 28th, 2008, 4:28 PM
Fen slept soundly in his curled position on the ground. He could be seen smiling slightly as the warm sun hit his face and he gently woke up.

"What a nice day...The sun is so soothing in the morning" He thought before opening his eyes. He opened them slowly, revealing a blurry orange image. Upon opening them farther, Fen's eyes instantly focused on the tiny little fire that was dangerously close to his face that wasn't there when he went to bed. Forest also squinted his eyes open at the same time but both their eyes widened in fear at the same time when they realized there was a fire next to their faces.

"WHAT THE HECK?!" Fen yelped as he leaped into the air and hugged the tree trunk. Forest followed suit and scampered up the tree above him. Fen's eyes slowly turned back down to see the fire was attached to Axel, who was still sleeping on the ground. Fen let out a sign of relief and climbed off of the tree trunk. He stretched a bit and looked at the ground to see another unfamiliar object, Roisin, sleeping on the ground.

"Hm.... when did she get here....and wheres Kat?" Fen said aloud, scratching his head. He looked up the tree to Forest who was still trembling, hugging the tree trunk.

"Oh good! you're already almost up there! Can you go to the top and look for the exit?" Fen called to the terrified Treecko. It didn't move. "...Thats okay, just look when you're ready." He said in a monotone. Fen couldn't help but also notice a dangling foot on a branch above his head on the other side of the tree.

He stepped over Roisin, careful not to wake her and inspected the foot's owner to see Kat, sitting in the tree day dreaming.

"....good morning" He said to her, still unsure if she was still angry. "Once Forest calms down, he can show us the way out...I can't imagine it will take long. And... uh... sorry for getting us lost last night..." He said scratching his head and stretching, he obviously wasn't a morning person.

Trainer Kat
January 28th, 2008, 5:25 PM
"....good morning" Kat looked down to see that Fen had awaken, albeit loudly. Axel had apparently startled him. Though half-expecting the cold treatment from Fen after what had happened the night before, she would be lying if she said she wasn't a tad disappointed.

"Good morning..." she offered, half-sighing. Gastly glanced down at Fen angrily. The two hadn't been properly introduced, so Gastly knew the boy only as the one who had hurt Kat.

"Once Forest calms down, he can show us the way out...I can't imagine it will take long. And... uh... sorry for getting us lost last night..." Fen continued, scratching his head and stretching, obviously not a morning person.

"Oh...um..." Kat muttered. She swung her legs around so rather than straddling the branch, she was dangling off it. Fen was below her slightly, so she could look down rather than having to crane her neck to the side. "About that..." She sighed. "I...I wasn't mad. I was just scared, that's all. I've been lost before and...well, I never wanted it to happen again. I'm...I'm sorry for yelling at you, Fen..." She glanced over at Axel before returning her gaze to Fen.

"And...I'm sorry for Axel...I...well...I thought...you looked cold, so I thought..." She looked uncomfortable, giving him a small smile. "I'm not really good at apologizing...mainly because...I think think this is the first time I've done it..." She laughed weakly. "So, I guess...I'm sorry, Fen." She gave another weak laugh. "If you can't forgive me, that's fine...I wouldn't forgive me."

OOC: Short post. Kat had to apologize sooner or later. Who knows when the poor thing will start calling him Fen-Fen again, though? D:

January 28th, 2008, 5:39 PM
"C'mon!" Noah shouted joyfully to Patrick, who was struggling to keep up with the blue-haired boy. They had been running for the past half an hour, as soon as Noah caught his Pichu, he demanded that the two of them make it to Pewter City before sunrise. Why? He had no clue, it just seemed like the right thing to do... But then again, everything seems like the right thing to do when it's the middle of the night, you've just caught a Pokemon and your hyper thanks to the various bottles of Diet Coke you've had to drink in order to not fall asleep.

Catching Oni was nearly too easy. Noah thought back as he sprinted towards the edge of the forest. Sending Espa out, and using a scratch attack, and the Pokemon falls to the ground, dazed? The yellow mouse surely isn't that weak, is it? Evidence begs to differ. Not that it mattered, of course, Noah told himself. The Pichu was now locked up in a maximum security center known as a Poke ball.

Noah turned around to see Patrick long behind him, walking, while panting. Whatever, I think I'll just camp here for tonight. As the young boy lay down his stuff so he could set up a bed, he heard shouting... It sounded like Kat's voice, and Fenra was definitely there too. They were fighting, Noah could tell himself that much.

He walked a few metres and he could see the two of them, not talking to each other. Kat was now asleep, against a tree. I won't bother causing a commotion, I'll catch them when I wake up. And with that, Noah set up a tent for him to sleep in.

January 28th, 2008, 8:19 PM
[hey! Someone's pokemon already evolves!]

While waiting for the thief to come out, W. decided to make most of his time searching for his comet than waiting. It has been 2 hours since that incident had happened. His pokemon had already slept. W. however continued on his business until 11:00. Then he tucked his sheets and dozed off for the night.

W. yawned. "It has been a busy night..." he said. So far, the thief didn't fall into their trap. He must've heard them last night, or that pokemon has psychic powers enabling it to read minds. W. had thought them over. 'Whatever it is we must keep an eye out' he thought. After breakfast, he packed his things and went on his journey.

For the past few hours, W. constantly on the lookout on his fellow trainers, but he must've overlooked them. W. also trained his pokemon, today he's battling with an unkown pokemon.

Shuppet,the Puppet pokemon. Shuppet feeds on dark emotions such as vengefulness, in the hearts of people. It searches throughout the cities for grudges that taint people...
his Pokedex said.

"Shuppet? Hmmm..." he was thinking on what pokemon will be effective against a ghost pokemon. "Since it is a ghost pokemon, I'll choose Turquoise!'' he said.

January 28th, 2008, 11:00 PM
The first sunlight of the day peirced through Yaz's closed eyes, awaking the lazy trainer. It was only 5am but he was up and ready. He let out a low groan as his back ached from sleeping on the hard wooden bench. Glancing down his chest, he noticed Afro, his Mudkip, sleeping peacefully on his chest. It slowly opened its eyes and stared at its trainer. "Morning." Yaz grunted, slightly smiling. At this, Afro jumped off Yaz's chest and walked under the bench. In no more than a few seconds, a beautiful aroma arose from under the brench. It smelt sweet and floral with a hint of cinnamon and was slightly spicy.

"Odd. Oddish." It must have been Oddish's sweet scent. And true to the name, the scent was very sweet. Both Afro and Oddish then emerged from under the bench, well rested and ready go to.

Yaz stumbled off the bench and stretched his back. "A'ight guys, you ready to go?" He asked them. Recieving positive replies of approval, picked up his bag and got his things together. Just then he noticed something, he hadn't showered since before he left home and probably smelt of sweat. This gave him an idea for a makeshift shower before they would get to Pewter. "Hey Afro, you don't know water gun yet do you?" He asked. Afro stood still for a moment, before nodding happily.

"Alright then, when I say go, hit me with a water gun." He told it. Afro smiled and nodded while Yaz took off his shirt, closed his eyes and got on his knees next to his Mudkip. "Ok. Go!" He commanded. Almost instantly, he felt a cold shot of liquid hit his face and run down his torso. He wiped the water off his face only to feel that the consitancy of this liquid was much thicker than water. "What the...?" He opened his eyes to see thick brown mud on his arm. "Mud slap." He said, without emotion as Oddish and Afro burst into laugher. "I guess you still havn't learnt water gun then." He told Afro, before shooting a grin.

Yaz used his T-shirt to wipe the mud off his face and body before stuffing it into his bag. He pulled out a can of deoderant, only to notice that it was empty. He then turned to Oddish, "Well could you at least use some sweet scent on me?" Oddish did as told and sprayed Yaz with its fragrance from the grass on its head. However, this did not work as he planned. This aroma, which smelt great in the air, had a diferent effect on the body. It made him smell like an old lady wearing too much cheap perfume.

Slightly annoyed, Yaz finally took control. "We're going through Viridian forest to get to in Pewter City. Let's go." And with that, the young shirtless man with dirt all over his face and body who smelt like your grandmother walked across the city and into the forrest, an Oddish and Mudkip waddling right behind him.

January 29th, 2008, 2:39 AM
Patrick was amazed at the sudden burst of energy that coursed through Noah’s system. Not only had he spotted and captured a Pichu within an hour, he stressed that they pressed on in the dead of the night, in order to arrive at Pewter City before sunrise. Patrick doubted they could cover so much ground in such a short time period, especially now that fatigue had begun to wear his muscles down. Unlike his hyperactive green-haired counterpart, Patrick advanced at a steady pace, reserving what little energy he had left.

Why is he in such a hurry anyway?

One word, Patrick thought . . . Kat.

All that extra energy must have been pumping from the boy’s heart. It was a sad and a sweet thing. Noah had already faced Fen in a pokémon battle back at the lab but no victor was decided then. Patrick could not help but feel the two teens were going to engage in another battle, a different kind of battle, with a lot more to gain than bragging rights to the better trainer, and a lot more to lose too. Mhm, the impending battle would be the battle for love!

“Aw,” Patrick sighed to himself, holding his heart melodramatically. May the better man win.

When he finally caught up to Noah, the boy had already completed setting up his tent. “Ah, good work, good work. You got a fine tent there.” He practically gawked at the perfectly erected structure. He could hear it calling out to him in his head, enticing him to enter its confines and put his hard-worked muscles to rest. This would be the perfect place to spend the rest of his evening. He pulled his muscle shirt over his head and hung it on a nearby tree branch. The next article of clothing to go was his long shorts, and then his boots, then his socks, his earrings . . . until nothing but a pair of boxers kept him from nakedness. For a moment, he just stood there, admiring his physical prowess (and probably making Noah wish he had a body like his). Once satisfied, he placed his boots beneath the branch holding his other articles of clothing.

“Well, good night, Noah. Don’t mind if I do,” he yawned, pressing passed Noah and making himself comfortable in the boy’s tent. Seconds later, he was out like a baby. When Patrick slept, he slept. Nothing earthly could awaken him from his deep slumber. And so the snoring began. . .


Something smelt delicious in the near proximity. Nostrils twitched in excitement.

What is that?

While the rest of Patrick’s body may have been subconscious, his sense of smell and taste worked in full force. With closed eyes and arms stretched out straight in front of him, the brawny teenager sleepwalked to the enticing destination, led there wholly by his nose. His nostrils twitched again, relentlessly this time, as the object of his desire was right beneath him. Without so much as a second thought, Patrick tossed the treat in his mouth. The sensation was unmistakable and the flavour, absolutely irresistible. It was a desert grasshopper, quite a fine one too, if he did say so himself. He crunched and crunched and crunched. . .

Then he picked up another attractive scent. This one smelt nothing like a grasshopper however. Nonetheless, his body decided it was worth seeking after. Steered by his impeccable nose, he came within munching distance of said treat. Whatever it was, it dangled above his head, thus forcing him to crane his neck to look up. His mouth opened, saliva stirring in anticipation. And then he jumped and caught a mouthful of the treat, like a dolphin leaping out of the water to retrieve food from a human hand. However, this meal was a lot bigger than his half-asleep mind had estimated.

Patrick fell down to the ground, bringing the huge treat crashing down on top of him, all the whilst his teeth gripping it tight. The weight of the crushing object was enough to bring him to full consciousness. His eyes gradually evolved the blurry surroundings to clear images. A look of shock struck his features as he discovered the treat, still in his mouth, was non-other than Kat’s bare foot. He looked up at the tree above them and realised he had somehow managed to fish her out of it.

Spitting the girl’s foot out of his mouth, he came to another less-than-ideal realisation. He was only skimpily dressed in his boxers. Despite the potentially embarrassing situation, he stood up confidently, as if nothing peculiar at all had taken place.

“Good morning, Kat. Fen,” he nodded in the boy’s direction courteously. “Excuse me, please.”

He left the pair to go find the rest of his clothes.

January 29th, 2008, 4:20 AM
OOC: Rushed post...sorry for dragging it out. For those who can't be bothered reading, in short, Ko caught Gulpin and is currently waiting for Kass while also wondering why everyone has abandoned him. XP Just kidding, I'll have him catch up soon.

IC: "Excuse me, excuse me, please wake up..."

The voice echoed in his ears as he saw nothing but blackness around him. Was it morning already? How long was he asleep? And who was prodding him awake?

With a small growl the teen stirred and sat up to come face to face with a very pretty woman. She had a curly fringe and looping pig-tails, all hot pink in colour, while also adorning a cute pink nurses' costume, with the standard white apron and hat, as well as a pom-pom sleeved dress with frills. A familiar face that said "Pokemon Center" like no other, it was Nurse Joy, of Viridian.

"Mhmm?" Kozue mumbled as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, before stifling a small yawn as he identified his waker. "Oh, good morning Nurse Joy," he started with a small sitting bow, as his conciousness returned, "I'm sorry, am I getting in the way of something?"

"Oh no, nothing like that," the nurse replied sweetly, giving him a small smile, "well, you did fall asleep in the lobby, but that's alright. I just thought I'd wake you since, I'm not too sure if he belonged to you, but a small Piplup just ran out of the center a few minutes ago..."

"P-Pocky?" the blonde stammered as his mind finally started to build some momentum, inspecting his lap where it was clear that his first Pokemon was not sitting. "Did you see which direction he went in Nurse Joy?" he continued, leaping to his feet, hair still a mess and clothes askew.

"Ah yes. Chansey happened to spot him heading towards Route 1. I think he was also carrying an Oran Berry...I mean, there is an Oran Berry tree outside the center..."

"Thank you!" Kozue suddenly exclaimed as he finished gathering his things. "Excuse me!"

Sliding out of the center, the blonde peered into the distance that surrounded the path heading back to Route 1, where he was extremely relieved to see a small blue penguin waddling towards the entrance of the city. Breaking into a quick jog, Kozue soon caught up to the penguin and curled him up into his arms.

"Oha Pocky, where were going so early in the morning?" he enquired of his baby partner, who flipped in the boy's arms so that they came face to beak. "And why are you holding an Oran Berry?"

Despite his attempts at trying to understand the chirps from the water penguin Pokemon, Kozue was having a hard time interpreting Pocky's array of "pip"'s and "lup"'s, that was however, until a familiar green blob emerged from the surrounding shrub that occupied the end of Route 1 and the beginning of Viridian City.

"G-Gulpin-chan?" the boy stammered in surprise as the placid expression of the stomach Pokemon appeared. "What're you doing all the way out here?"

It was then that Pocky's initial attempts at communication began to make sense. Leaping from his trainer's arms, the baby penguin quickly waddled over to the green blob and enthusiastically handed over the giant blue berry in his flippers, into the wild Pokemon's 3-shaped mouth. With a triumphant chirp, Pocky brought himself up to his full height and patted its chest with a flipper, just as the Gulpin swallowed the Oran Berry wedged between its lips.

Watching the two Pokemon cooperating, Kozue couldn't help but question the situation. Why was Pocky helping the wild Gulpin they had met on Route 1? And why was the Gulpin all the way out here in Viridian City? Most Gulpins lived in grassy plains and near marshes, so why was this particular type tredding the streets of urban Pokemon territory? They were all very interesting questions, but seeing the two getting along so suddenly, made the boy feel more at ease. At least it wasn't aggressive and seemed quite docile among other Pokemon and humans, which would prove to be quite an easy catch, that is, if someone were actually planning to catch it.

It was then when a brilliant idea struck the blonde. Reaching into his shoulder bag where his hands met the cool surfaces of five miniature spheres, Kozue quickly retrieved a spare Pokeball and turned to face the wild Pokemon who appeared unconcerned with the happenings around him.

"Okay..." he started as he squared off against the feasting blob, his penguin partner looking on in simple confusion. This was it, his first wild Pokemon encounter, bar his previous rendezvous with the same Gulpin on Route 1. But now, with his thoughts aside, the blonde carefully cradled the enlarged Pokemon capturing and potential-home-providing device in his delicate hand as he observed his target.

Gulpin, who had remained completely indifferent to what was happening immediately around it, shifted slightly as another Oran Berry was fed to it by the boy's partner. "Good work Pocky," he muttered as a beaming determination crossed his face, "now it's my turn! Go Pokeball!"

The rise in the trainer's voice and the sight of the projectile being thrown finally caught the wild Gulpin's attention, where it abandoned its quest for breakfast and faced the flying ball head on. With a small hop, the green squishy blob that was its body, raised itself into the air, its head making contact with the red and white device as it split and engulfed the Pokemon in a bright red light. In less than two shakes, the ball relaxed and the sound of Pocky's squawks throughout the ordeal finally softened.

"I-I did it..." the boy started as he carefully approached the stationary device, taking extra precaution as if it would suddenly reopen and release the prize he had just spent two minutes fighting for. "I really caught it..."

Pocky, who had just witnessed the battle, of sorts, crept over to the grounded Pokeball and pecked the release mechanism across its front before his trainer could retrieve it. In an instant, the ball burst open and in a brilliant flash of white light, Gulpin reappeared. With a rather irritated look, as if the blonde had impended his efforts in making relations with new Pokemon, Pocky quickly returned to feeding his new partner berries from the shrubs, who appeared completely indifferent to what had happened only seconds ago.

It was as if a giant mountain of snaky happiness erupted inside of him. His very first captured Pokemon was a success and nothing could bring him down. With a swift hug, Kozue grabbed the two Pokemon in his arms and started running towards the Pokemon Center, where he was going to tell Kat and-

"Wait..." he suddenly thought as he came to an abrupt halt in front of the center's doors, "no one came back last night. Where are they?"

Glancing a swift look over both shoulders, Kozue gently released Pocky and Gulpin from his embrace and stepped inside. Browsing the lobby, he found that the only other occupants were Nurse Joy and an assisting Chansey, who both greeted him with broad smiles and greeting chit chat. After returning the gesture and detailing his recent capture, much to the praise of the two nurses, the blonde soon retreated to a nearby seat where he laid comfortably against the cushioning, his two Pokemon partners conversing at his feet.

"Mhmm, I hope they're alright, but I wonder where they are..." he sighed, before suddenly remembering his appointment from the previous night. "Oh, I guess I can just wait for Kassandra and then we can go look for the others. I just hope she hasn't left already, I was outside for a while..."

http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h46/Phanima/pkrs095.gifKozue caught a wild Gulpin!

January 29th, 2008, 8:47 AM
It's not too late to sign up, I hope.

Name: Olive Pather

Nickname: Oli (which she is mostly called by her older brother)

Age: 13 ½

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii285/StardustPD/LookingUpSymbol.jpg?t=1201571837

Personality: Dreamy. Olive just lives in her own fantasy world. Always imagining, always hoping, she would rather exist in a world of her own creation, where magic was simply in the air. No, Olive did not believe magic existed, she only wished it did. And yet, at times, a girl’s hopes are always a powerful thing in the wheels of destiny……

At times, the pure joy of literature, melody was an emotion that spurred a wild recklessness, of actions some might consider suicidal- Jumping off a building, for instance, just to feel the rush of the wind through her short blonde hair.

Olive has a passion for singing, and is always singing when she is alone. Her voice carries a soft, fairylike tone to it, making people who hear it think she is some sort of angel. Willow would have done very well in her school choir, but has decided not to join since she is shy of being in the spotlight.

Olive is an extremely fast runner, so fast that she is forced to join her school’s track and field team, against her will. She runs in many races, and often comes out first without even breaking a sweat. Her skinny body does contribute to this speed within her, since she weighs a mere eighty pounds, and has long graceful legs. Her overall height is 5’6, which is taller than at least half of her school population.

Regal in her stance and speech, Olive does not speak often, since she is most commonly silent. There are those few times in which she gets into strong debates over subjects she strongly believes in. She will stand up for what she thinks is right, and is not afraid to express her various opinions in many ways.

Olive has a light that burns brightly in her. She is strong in body and mind, she is Fire.

History: Olive has lived in Lavender Town for her whole life, and has been raised by her older brother. Her parents died when she was a wee small girl, about the age of three. Her brother, being over twenty years older has taught her many great values which she will one day use in her future.
Olive’s brother has taught her many things, her most favorite being martial arts. She is a very good fighter, and has in fact beaten her brother in a fight on many occasions.

She has stood alone for many years, but hopes this status will change if she gets the priviledge of receiving her very own pokemon. She knows that if she puts her heart into it, she will be able to win it all.

RP sample: (this might be a bit short)

Seproth lounged in her chair comfortably, spreading her long legs over the table in front of her. Her purple-red eyes scranned across the street over the top of her book, focusing on the tall building just opposite of her apartment. From her position, she could see everything that occurred, right down to the scrawny boy that was currently loitering around outside. Lazily, she got up and stretched, walking across the opulent carpet to the full length window. It seemed that some people had beat her to it. After all, her intention for moving into this pathetic neighbourhood was not for pleasure purposes- It was solely for the museum there, or more specifically, the new exhibit there. Every rumour that had ever emerged about the exclusive treasure map, she had tracked down, even those that had been obviously fake. Finally, she had come to this place, only to be outdone by some amateurs that would get caught in a millisecond, ruining the chances of the serious players after the prize. Still, there was no need to get worked up over it. In fact, the idea of someone getting the map before her suited her perfectly. All she would need to do was to steal it from them. One person was easier to breaker than a dozen security guards.

Strolling out of the room down the stairs, Seproth went out of the big double doors and crossed the street. Now that some thieves were finally taking action, she had to be in the correct place if the loot was to be hers.

Trainer Kat
January 29th, 2008, 9:04 AM
OOC: Your sign up is fantastic, so it's hard for me to tell you this. We are a bit far in to have any sign ups at this point.
HOWEVER. I would LOVE to RP with you, so if you'd like, you could take this sign-up over to Team Havoc. I'm positive you'd be accepted.
I hope you do decide to do that, as you seem like an excellent roleplayer. I hope to see you sign up! :]

January 29th, 2008, 9:11 AM
Well, that's too bad. I was actually looking forward to RPing in this, but it's probably too late for me to catch up. :(

As for the Team Havoc thing, I don't think I want to use this character there. I'll just make a new one. I'll save this sign up for something different, I guess.

But maybe I could catch up, somehow. I could probably think up something clever..... sorry to sound so persistent, but this RP is the greatest one I've seen in a long, long time.

January 29th, 2008, 2:59 PM
"uhm... don't worry about... It wasn't really a big deal..." Fen said in response to Kat's apology. He raised his hands up to her once again. "Come on, jump, i'll catch you ---" Fen was cut off by a sudden rustling in the bushes

Fen stared in question as a delirious looking Patrick, wandered from the bushes behind them, muttering about food with saliva dripping down his mouth.

"What on earth..." Fen said to himself as he watched the scene unfold.

He wrapped his massive mouth around her foot and tugged her all the way down off the branch. Fen could only cringe as he watched the scene unfold and they came tumbling down. Patrick immediately shot up bidding the two a good morning and left as suddenly as he came. Fen stood staring at the space where he once stood then back to Kat on the ground. He scratched his head, still very tired and very confused... Fen reached down to Kat, lifting her to her feet and looked at Roisin who was still sound asleep on the ground through all the commotion.

"That was... odd... So what are we going to do about her?" Fen asked Kat, motioning down towards the slumbering girl. Before Fen could receive an answer, Forest, with newly restored happiness, leaped down from the heights of the tree, landing roughly on Fen's head, swinging around and taking his place in the scruff of Fen's hair.

"So... which way, buddy?" Fen said to Forest, looking up at him.

The Treecko pointed in a direction through the forest which was apparently north and the way out. "Nice work, Forest" Fen said, complimenting the little Pokemon.

"Well..." Fen said, shifting his attention back to Kat. "We should get going, maybe Mankey Boy is already in Pewter and we can see you battle soon and i can get some notes on my specimen...Once we wake her up, that is..." Fen said motioning to Roisin again. "We can't just leave her sleeping here, she's my battle partner after all..."

Trainer Kat
January 29th, 2008, 4:43 PM
"uhm... don't worry about... It wasn't really a big deal..." Fen said in response to Kat's apology. He raised his hands up to her once again. "Come on, jump, i'll catch you ---" Fen was cut off by a sudden rustling in the bushes. Unfortunately for the blonde, she didn't seem to notice.

"Yeah, but I...I...it is to me..." Her apology was cut short by a sharp pain in her foot, followed by an unexpected tumble out of the tree. She found herself on the ground, on top of one very tired, very unclothed Patrick. A look of disgust, accompanied by a deep crimson shade, spread across her face as she searched for words.

Despite the potentially embarrassing situation, he stood up confidently, as if nothing peculiar at all had taken place.

“Good morning, Kat. Fen,” he nodded in the boy’s direction courteously. “Excuse me, please.” Kat balled up her fists, fuming on the inside. Before she could attack him, Fen reached down to Kat, lifting her to her feet and looked at Roisin who was still sound asleep on the ground through all the commotion.

"That was... odd... So what are we going to do about her?" Fen asked Kat, motioning down towards the slumbering girl. Kat glanced down in Roisin's direction. Oh. she thought, less than enthusiastic. I had...nearly forgotten about that pig. She sighed. She probably had to wake up Roisin...

"Well..." Fen said, shifting his attention back to Kat. "We should get going, maybe Mankey Boy is already in Pewter and we can see you battle soon and I can get some notes on my specimen...Once we wake her up, that is..." Fen said motioning to Roisin again. "We can't just leave her sleeping here, she's my battle partner after all..."

"Your...battle...partner...right..." Kat said, a twinge of annoyance in her voice. "Well...can't leave your BATTLE PARTNER asleep, can I?" She threw Shinx's Pokeball. The lion cub emerged in a flash of crimson light. "Shinx...Thundershock." The Shinx's fur bristled as he sent a jolt of electricity throughout Roisin's body...the perfect rude awakening.

Kat picked up Shinx and turned to Fen, depositing the cub in the boy's arms. "I caught that Shinx last night!" She giggled, obviously pleased with herself.

OOC: Sorry Jim. :x Evan set it up. I couldn't help it. Kat had intended on simply waking Roisin, but...
Oh, and since Shinx used Thundershock, I'm going with....he's a special Shinx that knows Thundershock instead of Spark... O.o
DISCLAIMER: Jim gave Kat permission to wake Roisin up. Methods were not specified.

January 29th, 2008, 5:51 PM
name: Kikami Yui

age: 15

gender: female

appearence: Kikami has a cute facial expression with sky blue eyes, pink blush, and a normal anime look. She has violet colored hair with a red bow tied to the back of her head. She has fair/tan skin and has a has a pair of red goggles just below her bangs. She has a long, skinny neck with a beautiful ruby necklace dangling from it. She wears a long brown coat with red designs on the sleeves and torso area. She wears blue jeans tucked into her brown boots.

personality: She acts like any cheerful pokemon trainer would. Clever, persistant, skilled, good at creating strategies, and is always ready to battle! She IS just a beginner though, and she still does have a lot to learn. But she's very nice, very friendly, and can be VERY annoing...

history: she was raised by a wealthy family, in a mansion, rich life... You would think that it would be the best life in the world! Well, not for Kikami. Since she was an only child of a rich family, her parents did not allow her to go outside a lot and kept her HIGHLY secured by guards. They wouldn't even let her make any real friends. At age 11 she got sick of her captive life and wanted to live her own free life. She finally spoke to her parents about it one night and, they did agree with her. She felt that her calling was to be a great pokemon master one day. So for the next 2 years, she attended a pokemon trainer boarding school. She studied well every night and was highly educated. After she graduated, she returned home and started working with a pokemon scientist in her town. Now she has hopes of entering The Grand Tournament to follow her dreams of becoming a pokemon master.

Sorry, but I don't really have an RP sample to share...

Trainer Kat
January 29th, 2008, 5:58 PM
OOC: -_- Skitty, that sign up is way too skimpy.
That's forgivable. However, right on the front page, it says that we will not be accepting any more sign ups. Not to mention it says it on this page, which tells me you haven't read the RP.
I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to deny you.

January 29th, 2008, 6:51 PM

[I've sworn myself to use pics. as many as possible.]

Without warning, wild Shuppet used some kind of attack. To him, it virtually lowers the temp. of the surroundings. But mysteriously, Turquoise appears to be in hysteria. Thinking quickly, he opened his pokedex. He searched for the attack and it says it is a Curse attack, has random effects on foe and user. W. then said. "Turquoise, don't just stand there! Use your Water Gun!"

But Turquoise is still in his hysteria, he can't really hear what his master says. To Turquoise point of view, the world is full of chaos and despair. Now W. really understand his state.He slapped himself, and to his surprise he was back again. He dashed up to Turquoise and slapped his face, "Turquoise snap out of it! "

Turquoise is now back on his normal state again. He faced the Shuppet agrily, though the Shuppet just laughed. "Do you think that's funny? " he pointed at Shuppet. "Now things ganna be a lot more serious this time..." W. said.

Then he looked down at Turquoise, "When Shuppet will use that attack again, withdraw back into your shell." W. advised Turquoise.

[I 'll continue this later, I have classes to attend to.]

January 30th, 2008, 12:12 AM
The trees began to get thicker as Yaz walked further down the path and into what was known as Viridian Forest. The early morning sun was yet to penetrate through the thick canopy above the trainer's head. The soil made a light crunching noise under his feet as he tredded on, step by step. After no more than a few minutes, he was truly 'inside' the forest - low ferns hung to the left and right of the increasingly thin track, the ground was littered with leaves & the occasional Pokemon dropping and massive trees, aging hundreds of years, closed in the delicate ecosystem.

Suddenly breaking the peaceful tranquility of the forest, Afro yelled out "Kip! Kip!" And bolted into a large mass of native grasses, the small blue Pokemon now invisible to its trainer.

"Wait!" Yaz called out, picking up oddish and running behind it. He pushed his partially unclothed body through the tough grasses and emerged on the other side, unharmed. What he saw on the other side was truly a thing of beauty. A small creek flowed slowly past a massive plant with one fully blossomed flower, bright red and large with yellow spots as well as a few green bulbs, still not ready to open. The grass here was green and lush and as he looked over, Yaz could see a moderately sized shrub with a few ripe-looking, blue coloured berries hanging off it. He then spotted Afro drinking from the river and put Oddish down so it could join him. He got down and put his hands through the clear, fresh water before splashing over his face and torso.

As Yaz washed the dirt off his body, a low grumbling noise could be heard coming from the direction of the flowered plant. He turned his head to see the petals of the flower blowing in the wind. Wait... there's no wind in a forest. At this, Yaz got up on his feet and faced the plant. The base of the plant then began to move, a large section split from two smaller sections to reveal not one plant but two Bulbasaur and a large, angry looking Venusaur. One of the two wild Bulbasaur began to slowly approach Yaz's Pokemon, looking curious.

"VAHN!" The largest Pokemon present roared, sending the Bulbasaur who was going astray back to it. The large Plant pokemon then stomped it's feet heavily and violently, shaking the ground around them.

"Hey, calm down. We're not here to hurt you." Yaz said calmly at the potential threat. "Afro, Oddish. We're leaving." He added, backing away as his two Pokemon followed him. The Venusaur replied with a low growl, before stamping its foot once more. He continued slowly backing away before commanding to his Pokemon, "Go through the grass back onto the path, I'm coming right behind you." and at that Oddish and Mudkip ran away back through the way they came as their trainer continued to retreat slowly without making any sudden movements, not wanting to be attacked by a fully evolved wild Pokemon. He stumbled back through the grass, keeping eye contact the whole time and making sure to only break it once he was sure the powerful Pokemon could no longer see him.

"Whew." Yaz breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped back onto the dirt path with his two partners. "We've gotta be more careful guys. That could've been a lot worse." He put his hand on his exposed chest and felt his heart beat at an amazing rate, gradually slowing down. Without any further distractions, the party continued down the dirt path. Eventually, slightly out of breath, the small group reached a tree with a Metapod hanging off it. "Hey, look there you two." Yaz whispered, pointing to the cocoon Pokemon. "Oddish." He then added strongly. "Why don't you try your absorb attack on it."

The small onion-like pokemon followed the command and waved its leaves in the direction of the wild Metapod. The leaves glowed slightly and Metapod appeared to be in pain for a short moment. "Odd, dish!" Oddish proudly called at the successful attack. It then shook its head and leaves, launching a small amount of purple liquid on the tough hide of the Metapod - an acid attack. It squealed as it fell of the tree and onto the ground, before it's shell split open and out emerged a beautiful butterfly Pokemon - a butterfree.

"Oh damn I've gotta catch this!" Yaz exclaimed, pulling an empty Pokeball out of his bag and throwing at the newly evolved bug-type. The ball captured and contained the Butterfree while it violently shook for a few seconds. Then, in a flash, the ball gave way and released the wild Pokemon, before it flew away - retreating. "Damn." Yaz simply claimed, staring at it as it flew away. "Oh well, good work anyway. Oddish." He then added cheerfully.

As Yaz and his Pokemon walked forward, some voices could be heard ahead. 'There are other people here?' He thought to himself, starting to walk a bit faster. Soon, he could see the figures of a few people past some trees. "Hey!" He called out as he approached the group which now appeared to be comprised of both people and Pokemon.

January 30th, 2008, 10:39 AM
OOC: Remember, Patrick scuttled off to get his clothes before Roisin woke up so she didn't see him. He and Noah are nearby though so this post will affect him. And I have permission to control Kat, however I'm never controlling her again -as it's an excuse which makes Kat not have to post D<


Roisin had just endured the rudest, most cruel awakening ever. Her hair was standing up and she herself was sizzling. The smoke rising off of Roisin subdued a little before the sensation and pain of being shocked, albeit weakly, finally subsided.

“WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?!!” she screeched as she pulled out a hair brush and violently attacked the spiky and frizzy mess that was previously long and straight; dark brown hair. “I'd better not call her a name, or retaliate at all for that matter, if I want to be friends with her.”

“Hey!” came a voice, just south of the gangs current location. Suddenly a topless boy emerged from into the clearing. He had tanned olive skin and huge prominent eyebrows. His curly and messy thick brown hair complemented the mud he was coated in. he was accompanied by a Mudkip and an Oddish, which Roisin immediately scanned with her PokéDex.

“Hi, Roisin said amidst her bushy, bad hair. “I see by your Mudkip that you are another beginning trainer,” Roisin tried to make conversation. She stood up, still trying to tame her hair, and walked over to the boy. She held out her hand, “My name is Roisin, ROW-SHEEN,” she emphasized the pronunciation. “What's your name?” Roisin didn't think it was her place to invite him to the group. Kat, the self appointed team leader who Roisin once admired, could have that honor.

Speaking of Kat. The prissy girl who had just made her Pokémon viciously attack Roisin was sitting in her tree laughing as hard as she possibly could. During the hysterics, Kat did not notice that the tree she was sitting in had an unwanted guest. It was a Pokémon, about two foot tall, it was bright yellow and had no visible arms or legs. It's most distinguished feature was it's huge deep black eyes with small white pupils. The Pokémon was attached to the tree via a silky like thread, rather like string shot. Kat was madly flailing her arms around, laughing like a maniac. Suddenly her fist collided with the yellow Pokémon, sending it flying towards Roisin, Fen, Patrick and the new guy.

Roisin scanned the helpless Pokémon who stopped rolling at her feet.

“Kakuna, the pre-evolved form of Beedrill, this Poké-”

Roisin slammed the PokéDex shut when she heard the word 'Beedrill'. As if on cue, the Kakuna started to roll again, so its' eyes would face upwards towards the sky. All eyes were on the Pokémon, the seconds felt like hours as a huge split appeared in the shell, emitting a warm and radiant light. Like a zombie-hand bursting through a grave, a huge needle shot through the shell. The light served as a beacon, as suddenly a huge buzzing sound could be heard from nearby trees. More Beedrill were coming.

Roisin scooped up her belongings and yelled as loud as she could. “RUUUN!” she shrieked. Everything was a blur after that, Roisin knew nothing of the fates of the nearby trainers, she was too focused on finding her way out of the godforsaken forest. Sprinting north as fast as she could. After about five minutes of running the buzzing grew fainter but was still evident. “Hopefully they all followed Kat,” she thought to herself. “It's her fault anyway!” Roisin had separated from the group, she may have been the only one who ran for all she knew. She started to jog north as the sound became louder again. There was a building in the distance, it was another gatehouse “Whew! Finally I'll wait for everyone in there,”[.i]

Roisin opened the door, there wasn't much inside. It was decorated with cream wall paper and a regular laminate floor with a few seats here and there. Nobody was behind the counter yet and none of Roisin's 'friends' had arrived yet.

[i]“looks like I'm the first one here,”

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb015.png The gang were chased by lots of Beedrill!

OOC: I hated this post, I seriously hated typing it, I can't believe how much it suxx0red

Message from Kat: Don't fight, just run so we can get to Pewter faster >o

Trainer Kat
January 30th, 2008, 11:11 AM
“KAT WHAT THE HELL?!” It seemed Roisin had waken up. “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?!!” she screeched as she pulled out a hair brush and violently attacked the spiky and frizzy mess that was previously long and straight; dark brown hair.

While Roisin had been fuming over Kat's wake-up method, the blonde had found her way back into the tree. She'd be damned if she was going to be there to be the object of the brunette's wrath. The prissy girl was practically in hysterics as Roisin frantically tried to straighten out her once-sleek brown hair. It wasn't working.

"Why...did I...do it..?" she gasped between laughs. "You're the one who couldn't wake up on time. Don't blame it on me!" She returned to her laughing fit, flailing her fists. Roisin looked less than happy.

"Hey!" Kat blinked and sat up straight, the laughter slowing to a giggle as she wiped tears from her eyes. A boy who looked to be somewhere around Fen and Patrick's age had emerged from the shrubbery, a Mudkip and Oddish in tow. Everything was settling down until Roisin opened her mouth. This led to another string of laughs as Kat's eyes settled on the brunette's accidental afro.

"You...look...so...dumb!" She pointed at Roisin with one hand, the other clutching her stomach. Before long, her hands were back in motion. What she had failed to notice amidst the commotion was a small yellow Pokemon. It had descended down from the branches above, and was peering at Kat through beady black eyes. The blonde's fists didn't hit air for very long. In one second, her palm collided with the hard yellow object, sending it flying to the ground below. In a flash, Roisin whipped her Pokedex open. The only word Kat caught was "Beedrill".

"What?! Beedrill?!" Kat yelped. A giant needle shot out of the yellow cocoon. Without hesitation, Kat jumped out of the tree, landing on the ground using only both feet (and not her bum). It appeared that when bugs were involved, she had no qualms about leaping without Fen's assistance. A red light shot out of Axel's Pokeball as Kat sucked the Charmander back into its home. There was no more time. More Beedrill were coming. It was too risky to fumble around with the Pokeballs. Kat circled her arms around Shinx, who was still resting calmly in Fen's arms. Now that Fen's hands were free, Kat tucked the lion cub under her right arm, grabbing Fen's hand with her left.

"We need to go," she gasped. "Now!" She took off running, pulling Fen and Forest along, with Shinx under her arm and Gastly by her shoulder. A thought suddenly struck her like a ton of bricks--a thought that made her stomach drop.

Kozue...I really hope you're not in this forest...

January 30th, 2008, 4:06 PM
okay, I'll just look for another RP.

January 31st, 2008, 3:59 AM
As Yaz got closer to the group, he managed to get a good look at them. He saw a teenaged boy with shaggy, olive hair and a grey shirt and a teenaged girl with very fuzzy hair wearing a blue dress and black pants. He also spotted someone sitting in a tree, although he couldn't make out any of that person's features. Following his call, the fuzzy haired girl pulled out a Pokedex and pointed it at him. 'I'm not a Pokemon' he thought to himself as he continued closer to the three-man gang.

Finally, the same girl opened her mouth with a friendly greeting "Hi", she said. Before Yaz could reply, she spoke again, "I see by your Mudkip that you are another beginning trainer,”.

"Yeah, hello." Yaz replied, noticing the girl was quite pretty, prompting him to turn on his 'cool'. "Well yeah I just started. Afro, uh Mudkip, was my starter." He shot her a smile.

She then held out her hand, Yaz took it and shook it. "My name is Roisin, ROW-SHEEN," She then inputted, rather pedantically. "What's your name?"

"I'm Ya-..." Yaz started, before being distracted by the person in the tree. He could now identify her as a very attractive girl with blonde hair. This girl, however, was laughing and waving her arms around, apparently unaware of a Kakuna hanging quite close to her head. As he expected, one of her waving arms made contact with the cocoon Pokemon, throwing it upon the ground. The shell cracked and split, as a glowing light emerged from the opening. A large, sharp needle sprung out of the empty shell and a spectacularly loud buzzing sound surrounded them. "Holy sh!t is that what I think it is?!" Yaz half-asked-half-yelled, picking up Afro in one arm and Mudkip in the other.

"RUUUN!" Roisin shrieked, picking up her things and bolting without any consultation.

"What?! Beedrill?!" The girl in the tree yelled, before jumping out, grabbing the other boy and bolting in much the same fashion. After a few seconds of freezing, Yaz followed suit and blindly ran, not taking note of where he was headed. After what was probably a few minutes of running, he could no longer hear any more buzzing.

"You alright guys?" He asked as he let his two Pokemon down onto the ground. Looking around, the noticed that the trees were becoming less dense. "We must be nearly out." He added, continuing onwards.

OOC: This post is probably not very good, I'll admit that. Its 11pm and ive gotta put this in before I go to bed or I wont be able to put a post in til after school tomorow. The ending is a little rushed so my apologies.

January 31st, 2008, 5:02 PM
The events seemed to happen in a blur of light. First Kat knocked down the Kakuna... then one Beedrill...then many Beedrill... the next thing Fen knew he was being dragged through bushes and undergrowth through Viridian forest. Fen's body dangled behind Kat's like a rag doll as he flew helplessly through the air, bouncing off of trees, rocks, and logs like a rag doll as Kat pulled him. Finally they slowed to a stop in a thinning area of the forest.

"You alright guys?" a tanned boy asked them.

Fen looked up, barely conscious with twigs and leaves riddled through out his hair and Forest still clutching his head, wide-eyed in surprise. Fen straightened himself out, and brushed the debris from his clothes and looked at the boy.

"Yeah... i'm alright... but who are you?" He asked the boy in a curious but slightly sarcastic tone.

Fen looked down and pulled his arm from Kat's grip, quick to try not to leave the wrong impression on the new trainer.

"My names Fenra Kurai... but please just call me Fenra..." Fen said, immediately following. Without skipping a beat he squinted through the trees and spoke once more.

"I can see the Pewter City limits from here... we should keep going" He said calmly after the other boy introduced himself.

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February 1st, 2008, 5:56 PM
Where the Hell did they come from? Noah didn't wait for an answer from himself, he just sprinted. The boy heard someone scream, but he didn't bother turning around. His face hit off loads of low tree branches that were swaying in the trees as he made his legs edge after one another, which resulted in cuts all along his forehead. The Beedril were behind him, he could here the buzz that he had heard when he went to that movie; Zombie Beedril - He hadn't liked that movie, as he had only been five when he watched what was meant to be the third scariest Pokemon movie of all time.

He felt his foot hit something solid, a rock, more than likely, but that didn't matter; what mattered was that he was sailing through the air at quite a speed, and he didn't know where he'd land and what the bug Pokemon would do to him when he hit the surface.

He collided with the gravel head first, had he cracked his head? He wasn't sure. What he did realise was that the Pokemon he was trying to evade were getting closer. Noah scrambled to his feet and slipped again, the Beedril towered over him.

"Come on!" Noah heard a girl's voice yell before a hand grabbed his arm and pulled him through a bush.

Trainer Kat
February 1st, 2008, 8:13 PM
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Kat finally slowed down. The Beedrill swarm seemed to have subsided...at least for now. She was out of breath, and Fen didn't look all that happy at the thrill ride she had just put him through. Panting, she squatted on the ground, arms draped over her knees. Shinx licked her hand gently while Gastly caught his breath. Suddenly, she heard a voice.

"You alright guys?" a tanned boy asked them.

Kat looked up, still panting. It was the boy from earlier. The boy who Roisin had talked to before the Beedrill attack. She hadn't gotten a good look at him before, but now she could see him fully. He had lovely olive skin, curly hair, and prominent eyebrows. She was almost at eye level with the Mudkip and Oddish by his feet. Mudkip...that meant he most likely...

"Are you a new trainer too?" Kat blurted out. "Oh, and I'm Kat Lee." She smiled once at him before drawing her attention back to Oddish and Mudkip. "Aren't you two cute?" she cooed, lightly rubbing Oddish with her index finger. Standing, she returned to her usual place on Fen's arm. Fen looked down and pulled his arm from Kat's grip, quick to try not to leave the wrong impression on the new trainer. Kat shot a huffy glare his way before emitting a sigh.

"My names Fenra Kurai... but please just call me Fenra..." Fen said, immediately following. Without skipping a beat he squinted through the trees and spoke once more. "I can see the Pewter City limits from here... we should keep going" He said calmly after the other boy introduced himself.

Kat nodded. "Yeah, we totally should get out of here. I don't want to think of those Beedrill coming with us..." A chill passed down her spine. Her eyes locked with the new boy's. "You should come too. After all, it's my fault they attacked in the first place..." She rubbed the back of her head with one long, sleeved hand. Shinx bounded up onto the top of her head, Gastly in tow.

Kat immediately wrapped her arms around Fen's once more. No way he was getting away this time. Dressed identically, the two certainly were a strange pair. "Well..?" She looked up at Fen, giving him a grin. "Shall we go...Fen-Fen..?" A small giggle escaped her lips as his pet name returned after hours of not being uttered.

Omega Saikon
February 2nd, 2008, 7:57 AM
Is it too late to join, Trainer Kat?

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EDIT2: To the kindness of Trainer Kat, I'm in! =]

Name: Autumn "Auto" Hues
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance:Not tall or short. Medium in height and thin, though he's far from being stick thin like you'd think. Thin, with a lightly tan face. His hair is absolutely lovely. Although he has nice, smooth, and suave long hair that reaches his shoulder, he looks quite the gentlemen. Light brown eyes, hazel in a way, but mostly that light autumn brown that brings out his hair even more than he'd like it to. He has that charm in such a gentlemen as well.

Mentioned previously, descent but in good shape. Wearing only a large baggy hoodie with one pocket in the middle of the bottom-- like most sweaters designed in that way-- and a hood that he almost never brings above his ears, which is blue, but the sleeves are white. He would mostly wear that, but he prefers to wear a regular white t-shirt any day if the weather suits it. For the bottom part of his normal attire, he would wear jeans, slightly faded and baggy. Auto also wears some blue and white Nike’s.

Personality: Cool, calm, casual, solemn, and occasionally forward with a lot of things. Unafraid to speak his mind, and he rarely makes a big deal out of anything; whatever happens is pretty much cool with him, he never argues. Not depressed, he never hangs his head in sorrow, and he tends to stick out in a crowd from the things he does, say, and the way he presents himself.

Sensitive to his physical appearance, namely his freckles, hair, and height, he tries not to take crap from anyone even though it looks like he would. He'd fight back, but in the most calm and mature way, you wouldn't even know that he gets angry. He does though, occasionally, but mostly only in fights with his parents or older and younger siblings. He doesn't try to be 'cool' or 'popular', in fact he'd rather not be those things, and simply prefers to be himself.

History: Auto was born into a family of all girls, excluding his dad of course, but it resulted in him receiving a somewhat 'girly' name. He hated it. He really hated the name Autumn. On several occasions he considered going by his last name, but came to the conclusion of "Auto" for a nickname. Not many know his full name, and if they find out Auto makes them swear secrecy to it-- his sisters always spill the beans when he has friend over though, he hates them too.

He was also born into a family of girly Pokemon trainers, even though his sisters were all Photographers or Researchers, Auto would be the only Pokemon Trainer officially. Even his Dad, who had ended up a Pokemon Ranger, and his Mom a Breeder. What a name he had to live down, and he couldn't stand it in that God-forsaken house any longer. Believe it or not, he ran away, but it wasn't like he had no where to go, he had the Pokemon Journey to look forward to. He returned home later on, but his family didn’t even recognize he was gone. What parents he had.

A while after he turned 15, he decided he finally wanted a Pokemon, but he hadn't decided which one. He never even bothered trying to get one, because he was lazy. But then he heard of this Pokemon Contest over the radio. He had entered, and had been luckily chosen as a winner.

RP Sample: I don't have enough time right now to write something up, so I'll post something that I wrote before. If you want me to edit it and write one now, just PM me and I'll do it when I can. But for now:

The silent symphony of the lake was rudely interrupted by the futility of the trainer that had come to me and this new ‘friend’, if I can even deem him one. This trainer, bearing an eye piece and gray hair, had said, "You there. How dare you occupy this territory. This is 9:00, not whatever time you make it out to be!" with a slight chuck and smirk.

Who does this guy think he is, the FBI on donuts with some coffee asking us what we’re doing out by this lake this late stunning night. Some nerve this guy has…

“And what are you doing here, may I ask? We have the right to be out here as much as you do, I assume. What are you, some Rocket? Hah…” I said, trying this guys patience, while Sceptile started to growl, and he seemed to get mad at something. This sudden act had now suppressed me, being that so many things had happened, in so little time.

Again, another interruption had occurred, being that a shadowy figure had simultaneously emerged out of the thin woods that were beside the lake. I quickly squinted to see if I had recognized the figure, and I noticed it was a female, dressed in some weird attire, and she seemed to have some weapon in her hand. I heard Sceptile behind me, wet and all, breathing hard.

“Who are all of these people Auto?”, the grass Pokémon whispered into my ear.

“I don’t know, but I’m about to find out. Sceptile, can you battle or no? Actually, no, it’s a better idea if you don’t.” I simply and calmly replied.

“What are you all doing here?” said the shadowy figure, that was still blurry to my eyes hence it was all dark, with no light, while we’re entwined only with only the brusque moonlight. Again, I was attacked with suppression, this is all beginning to blur again.

No, not again. The smoke might still be getting to me, I hope the fire doesn’t broaden to this thin forest. Well I can always use Sceptile and help me clear it all out. Oww, my head, I think I have a headache. Migrains hurt…

I turned my head swiftly, a blank expression on my face, and looked at the trainer with the Erureido and he simply looked at me. I turned back and replied to the question, “I need help and shelter from the fire in the near village. Any chance you can help me and my injured Pokémon?”

Trainer Kat
February 2nd, 2008, 12:25 PM
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February 2nd, 2008, 1:17 PM
OOC: Oh, goodness, your sample doesn't have to be about your character. It's just so I can see if you're good enough. Which you are. Bulbasaur for your starter.

Marilyn-I PMed you. Basically, just so everyone's aware, Marilyn's in if she chooses to wait until Lavender to begin. xD


I thought Bulbasaur was off-limits ;_;

Nevermind... Eggs ;D

Also Roisin is kind of lonely...

February 3rd, 2008, 3:12 AM
"You alright guys?" Yaz asked as he let his two Pokemon down onto the ground.

The two trainers which he made the great escape with looked up at him, slightly dazed. There was the boy from before, upon his head, grapsing for dear life, was a young looking Treeko. The boy's arm was attached to the pretty girl who was sitting in the tree prior to the beedrill incident. With the girl was a cute little Shinx and a sinister looking Gastly. Yaz then noticed something he didn't notice before, they were both wearing the same thing. Was it some sort of uniform? Or were they extreme lovers or honeymooners or something? It was strange though, because the clothes, consiting of a grey shirt and black jeans, fit very loosely on the girl while the on the boy they were quite tight. It was as if they decided to buy one size, disregarding the fact that diferent bodies required diferent sizes.

The boy broke Yaz's observeration, "Yeah... i'm alright... but who are you?" he said, answering Yaz's initial question while disconnecting himself from his female traveling partner.

"I'm Ya-" Yaz started, before being interupted by the girl.

"Are you a new trainer too?" She eagerly asked, eyeing his Mudkip and Oddish. "Oh, and I'm Kat Lee." She then added almost immediately. He decided to give her a few seconds of silence before he chose to reply, for the sake of being able to fully answer a question. Opening his mouth to reply, Kat interjected once more very sweetly, "Aren't you two cute?" . His heart jumped, before realising she was talking about his two Pokemon as she lowered herself down and stroked Oddish, much to its amusement.

Attempting to input once more, he was, one more, cut off. "My names Fenra Kurai... but please just call me Fenra..." The boy, now known as Fenra, introduced. He then squinted through the trees ahead as Yaz began to get quite frustrated, seeing an opportunity to introduce himself once more, he opened his mouth. "I can see the Pewter City limits from here... we should keep going" Fenra slotted in, right on time.

Finally, Yaz blurted out, "I'M YAZ!", before smiling and putting his hand through his hair, satisfied.

The two paused for a moment before continuing as if nothing had happened. Nodding, Kat said "Yeah, we totally should get out of here. I don't want to think of those Beedrill coming with us..." She shivered for a moment before looking directly into Yaz's eyes, "You should come too. After all, it's my fault they attacked in the first place..."

Unsure if it was safe to reply, Yaz was silent for a moment before realising the two were staring at him. "Yeah, sure. I'll come with you." he replied, amazed that he was able to get it in on his first try. At this the female of the group reattached herself to Fenra with a large amount of affection, causing Yaz to force himself not to laugh. "Well..?" She cutely said with a grin, while looking up at her partner. "Shall we go...Fen-Fen..?" And at that, the group consisting of what from a distance would appear to be a man and a pair of conjoined twins trekked the rest of the forest.

They were silent for the rest of the trip, Yaz emerged in deep thought about the odd couple. I've never seen such a clingy girl in all my time of chasing girls he thought to himself. Shame, cause shes a fine bit of work. She seems to be firmly set on the other guy, 'Fen-Fen' anyway. More trouble than what its worth. With this, he felt a load come off his chest and released a grin, knowing that he wasn't interesting in impressing this girl. Say, what happened to that brunette chick from before? Hell yeah, Roisin wasn't bad at all., his mind quickly shifting to a new task.

Finally, at the end of the forest, the group arrived at a gate house. With a sigh of relief, Yaz entered through the door.

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February 3rd, 2008, 6:21 PM
To make the long story short, Turquoise got beaten up by that Shuppet, due to the lack of concentration. This makes W. agitated and to make matters worse, that Shuppet chased them around the Forest, firing Night shade after another. It must've take the liking of chasing them, which continued for some time. W. finally found a place to hide, under a damp cave in the edge of the forest.

Peering through it's edge, he saw that mad Shuppet still looking for him. He waited until that Shuppet is out of sight. He came out of the cave exhausted. The take a swig from his canteen and sighed. "That Shuppet's really mad, is'nt it?" he said to Turquoise, who is still badgering about their last battle. "Don't worry! You'll get the hang of it, I promise." he said, wiping his optical aid.

"We need to train on how to battle with ghost types, which is a nuisance..." he added.
He assembled his telescope and looked around. He saw some bunch of people in the northern edge of the Forest. He recognized them, they were his fellow trainers. He wiped again his optical aid. "Hmmmm.... we should follow them." he said.

"But keep an eye out for Shuppet, it may be sneaking around..." he advised Turquoise.

February 3rd, 2008, 6:25 PM
Marilyn-I PMed you. Basically, just so everyone's aware, Marilyn's in if she chooses to wait until Lavender to begin. xD

OOC: Of course I'm in. Which pokemon do I get?

Trainer Kat
February 3rd, 2008, 7:13 PM
OOC: Of course I'm in. Which pokemon do I get?

Torchic. I'll PM you when we get to Lavender. :]

February 4th, 2008, 8:37 PM
"I'M YAZ" the boy blurted out from seemingly no where.

Fen stood staring at him, wide eyed with his arm still pointing through the forest towards the exit. He lowered his hand slowly, forgetting for a moment he had introduced himself to the boy. Fen shook his head out of his confused trance, finally acknowledging the boy's name. The conversation progressed as Kat expressed interest in leaving before the Beedrill caught up to them.

"Yeah, we totally should get out of here. I don't want to think of those Beedrill coming with us..." She said seemingly still a little shook up, with good reason.

With all of them agreeing, the group set off towards Pewter city and the guard tower separating them from it. Fen took a step then heard something moving on the ground. He froze for a moment and looked down at the ground to see a rather tired out and beaten Noah.

"Hey there, Mankey boy.... when did you get here?" Fen said curiously, looking down at Noah.

before he could get an answer, Kat had looped her arm around his again and darted off towards the tower, pulling him and Forest along behind her. They eventually arrived at the guard tower, safe from Viridian Forest and the Beedrill. Fen immediately began to think about what lay ahead of him. An important match... him and that girl Roisin against the leader, Brock...Fen walked to the wall, and plopped against it and slid down slowly to the floor to take a rest, forgetting Kat was still looped around him, he pulled her along with him. Fen let out an exhausted sigh and rested his head between his knees for a moment.

"A gym match coming up so soon and i haven't even battled with my new Slakoth....I need to train...." He said quietly to himself.

Omega Saikon
February 5th, 2008, 1:47 PM
A young man with silky long brown hair gasped for breath as he was seen coming out of a long walkway called Route 1 and into PalletTown. He knelt down and put his hands on his knees as he tried to calm himself and catch his breath. It seemed that he had run for miles without stopping and was rushing for something. This boy's name was Autumn Hues, Auto for short. He finally got up, and began to keenly look around as if he was lost. He walked and walked, until a large facility caught his eye. He jumped slightly as if he had been scared from a horror movie, and began to run towards this building. As he got closer, he read what said on the sign next to this building and he read "Pokemon Laboratory," out loud.

Once he got in front of the door, he knocked hastily until a man in a snow white coat covering a blue polo shirt stepped outside.

"You’re late, Auto." He said with a grin.

"Yeah, sorry about that, Professor Oak." Replied Auto.

"Well, here's your Pokemon,” he said as he walked inside and motioned for Auto to follow him inside and through a door until they reached to what seemed to look like a lab with many computers. "I've left you with a Pokemon that has a personality corresponding to yours from that Radio Contest, son. It"s a Bulbasaur, a grass-type Pokemon." Said Oak, handing Auto a red and white Pokeball. "Also, your mom sent me things that she wanted to give you as gifts but forgot." Oak handed Auto a pair of black gloves that were cut halfway up each finger, as well with a blue and silver watch, a blue, white and silver fitted hat that had a Pokeball which had blue substituted for the red in a standard Pokeball, and a black Pokebelt. Auto had taken everything with such surprise. He immediately put on his brand new Poketch, his new hat which he put on backwards and his gloves along with his Pokebelt.

"And this, is from me of course." Said Oak as he handed Auto a royal blue colored Pokedex and 5 Pokeballs. "It's blue because I saw all that blue your mother was giving you, so I concluded that you must like that color." Said Oak with a chuckle.

"Thank you so much Professor… I can't explain how much I appreciate this, really." Retorted Auto, as he clipped the 5 empty Pokeballs to his Pokebelt.

"Abra, come out!" said Professor Oak as he reached into his lab coat and pulled out a Pokeball and released a Pokemon that was many shades of brown and gold. "This Pokemon will teleport you to the entrance of PewterCity. All you've got to do is touch him on his head. Abra, teleport."

"Like this-" said Auto as he had been cut off from Abra's teleport, he had seen a flash of light and felt his body being squished together from all dimensions of his physical self.

Auto opened his eyes and was dazzled by gold and green; he had no idea what had happened, he only knew that he was lying on what seemed to be leaves and twigs. Struggling to draw breathe into his lungs that felt flattened, he blinked, trying to rid the blur off his eyes and realized something had moved in front of him. He closed his eyes hard once more and let his eyes fully open; a small green creature with dark green spots on it had appeared in front of him; he was startled so he jumped and got back, the Pokemon also taking a few steps backwards. Both Auto and Bulbasaur were staring at each other and making faces as if they had never seen anything like the two before.


"Are you… my Pokemon?"

"Saur bulba saur saur!" said the creature, nodding his head and sprinting towards Auto with happiness.

"I'm auto," said the trainer as he began to pet his Pokemon with caution. Bulbasaur seemed to be loving the head massage because it started to growl softly.


Something twitched to the right of both Auto and Bulbasaur as both turned their heads to see what it was. It was another Pokemon, one that looked like turtle because of it’s shell. The Pokemon peeked out of it's shell, and slowly came out and revealed it's blue, wet skin. Its body came out completely and the Pokemon stood. Auto quickly reached into his black bag next to him and pulled out his blue Pokedex, scanning the Pokemon in front of him.

"Squirtle, the tortoise Pokemon-"

Before the Pokedex finished speaking about the Pokemon, the Squirtle dashed away in a tremendous amount of speed, obviously scared or startled by the Pokedex blurting out words. It seemed to be like a blue of blue in front of Auto and Bulbasaur's eyes as they both felt the wind and was hit with the golden, crispy leaves that embedded the ground. Bulbasaur growled in anger as he turned his head back the way it was and Auto commenced the head massage once again, still startled about the Pokemon he just saw.

How did I get here… oh yeah, the Pokemon Professor Oak told me to touch. I wonder, how did that get me over here? I do remember him saying something about teleport, but geez, how is that possible?

Auto took his hand off of Bulbasaur’s head and stood up, grabbing his backpack and throwing it on his back once more. He also put the Pokedex in the white pocket in front of his blue and white sweater he was wearing. He turned to his right, and then to his left, examining exactly which way to go, but he had no clue. He looked towards where Squirtle fled to, seeing as it was the way which seemed to show more light and began walking, Bulbasaur following his now master, Pokemon trainer Autumn Hues, an aspiring Pokemon Champion.

February 5th, 2008, 5:42 PM
Olive trudged down the path, her head hanging low under the hot sun. She was not tired, but it was just so warm. Too warm for her taste. She wished she was home in Lavender, relaxing under the shade of all the trees. Her back was really hurting her now, for she carried a big bag on it. Her brother had specifically asked her to deliver a parcel to Professor Oak immediately. What was inside the parcel? She had no idea, since she was not exactly paying attention to her brother. All she remembered that he said something like “pokemon discovery”.

She had been traveling for quite a few days now. From Lavender, she had run a long way, and now she was here, nearing Pewter City. She knew her way through the forests really well, which is the reason why she got to where she was now so fast. Now, her fifth day of travel, all Olive could think about was a rest in the shade and a nice cool shower. She was not too far off; Professor Oak certainly could wait. Olive walked off the path, and deeper into the surrounding trees. She sat down under a particularly large one, and just let all the exhaustion she was hiding inside her out. She sighed heavily, and decided that Professor Oak could wait just a bit longer, while she took a short nap. Seriously, what if she collapsed out of exhaustion? Her health was way more important than him getting his parcel within the hour.

The beam’s of sunlight which entered through the leaves shined on her hair, making it look lighter than it even was. She closed her dark olive eyes, and silently dozed off. After what seemed like at least half an hour, Olive woke up with a start. She heard a man yelling, deeper in the forest. She thought of all the possibilities of what those yells were for; a man yelling at his friend or pokemon, maybe a pokemon too. She grunted as she got up, and stretched out her thin legs. She lifted her bag onto her shoulder, and quickly followed the sound. She was not running, just walking at a pace a bit faster than usual. Even if there was trouble, how was she going to help? Wrestle whatever it was with her bare hands? Still, now that she heard it, she HAD to know what it was.

Finally, Olive found the source. An elderly man was desperately trying to climb up a tree, since a bunch of pokemon were attacking his feet. He had grey hair, and dark eyebrows, and was wearing a lab coat. At some point, he must have turned his head, because when he saw Olive, his the corner of his lips turned up, forming a great, big smile.

“Hello!” he called over to her, as if she were deaf. “Please, can you help me? No, you must help me. See that bag over there?” He pointed to a briefcase a few feet away from the tree. Olive nodded slightly, now very interested in the situation. “Well, inside there’s a pokeball.”

Okay, a pokeball…. What exactly was she supposed to do? “Sorry, but I have no idea what you want me to do….” Her voice trailed off.

“Take the pokeball, release the pokemon inside, and scare off these little guys! Hurry!!!” He yelped as one of the pokemon nipped his feet.

Olive casually walked over to the bag, and opened it up. Boy, this sure was entertaining! She found the pokeball, exactly where it was supposed to be. She grabbed it, and walked closer to the upset pokemon. She had never battled with a pokemon, so she did the first thing that came to her mind. She threw the pokeball at one of the pokemon, and it hit him straight in the chest. Now she was really in for it.
A red beam flashed as the pokemon who were once attacking the old man were now wanting to kill her. The red beam was probably all their fury, and they were probably preparing for an attack. They had surrounded her, leaving her nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. She had nothing to do, but yell.

“ Torchic, use Ember!” the man had jumped out of the tree, and was now yelling out the attacks he wanted the pokemon to perform. It was a little red bird, which stood on two feet. It had no wings, but anyone could make out how fierce it was. It’s attack hit the other pokemon, scaring them away. They quickly left the scene, leaving Olive alone with the old man and red bird.

“You see, you aren’t supposed to actually throw the ball at the pokemon and hit them. You throw it into the air, which releases it. But still, thank you very much for saving me. Now tell me, what did you say your name was?” The old man asked kindly, gently petting the pokemon’s head.

“I didn’t. But it’s Olive.” Olive got the sudden urge to start petting the bird, no she wanted the bird. The battle was the best thing she had ever seen in her life, and now, she just wanted to do that. She had never seen pokemon from this perspective before.

“Olive? Oh, you had to deliver a parcel from Robby! You’re his sister which he talks about so much! I am Samuel Oak, and it’s nice to meet you. Come with me, I’ll bring you to the Pokemon Center. You look famished!” He gently grabbed her hand, and walked with her out of the wood, and into the city. Ah, Pewter City it was.

While at the Pokemon Center, Professor Oak explained her the importance of the package; not that she was actually listening. The pokemon, Torchic, was now seated in her lap, and all her real attention was focused on him. His feathers were so soft, and Olive couldn’t help but stroke them longingly. She wanted to keep this pokemon now.

Professor Oak wiped his mouth on his kerchief. “I must be getting along now. There’s a whole lot of work left for me at the lab. Thanks again for saving me. I really don’t know what I would’ve done without you. Come along Torchic. We have to go.” Then, the most incredible thing happened. Torchic didn’t go. He stayed on Olive’s lap, a firm look on his face, as to say I’m Staying and You Can’t Stop Me.

“Um…..” was all Olive could think of saying.

Instead of getting upset, Professor Oak laughed. “That little guy isn’t planning on leaving with me. I can’t force him to come, so it can only mean one thing. Olive, are you ready to own and work with a pokemon? To keep it as a friend and never hurt it? To train hard and travel?”

Olive was puzzled. What was happening? Train hard, travel? Keep Torchic as her companion? Suddenly, she understood. Professor Oak wanted her to start a pokemon journey with Torchic. “Yes sir! I’ll do anything and everything, and I will come out on top!” She was now standing, with a courageous look on her face.

“Hehe, you are ready for this. As my thanks for saving me earlier today, I’d like you to have this.” He opened his bag and placed a white electronic object in her hand. He didn’t even have to explain; Olive knew what it was.
“A pokedex? Thanks! I better call Robby and tell him the news. I’m going to need money and a whole bunch of things now. Thank you so much Professor. You just made my life a thousand times better!” For the first time in her life, Olive smiled a big, genuine smile. Yes, this was the real thing. Nothing fake.

Professor Oak left soon after that, leaving Olive alone with Torchic. She called her brother, who said he would send all the things she needed to Pewter City right away. A friend of his was leaving soon, and would arrive here no later than the next day.

After everything was sorted out, Torchic and Olive went up to their room in the Center, where they would be spending the night. All was just as she had dreamed, and snuggling up to Torchic while she slept, she had never felt happier.

Omega Saikon
February 6th, 2008, 4:06 PM
Auto and his Bulbasaur began walking towards nowhere, probably to wherever the most light came from. Bulbasaur had been quiet the whole and and Auto had just been examining his surroundings, not sure where he was or how to get to somewhere with some sort of civilization. That was probably all he could do for now. Auto turned right after a tree had blocked the pathway and then flipped forward as his hat fell off and Bulbasaur avoided Auto's fall.

He had tripped as his foot rolled forward. After rubbing his head and putting his cap back on, he began searching for exactly what he tripped on. He rummaged through some golden and green leaves on the floor, but nothing, until he spotted a big pile of them. He crawled over to it and carefully uncovered the hidden thing.


Auto screamed in terror when the same Squirtle Pokemon he had spotted earlier was hiding in it's shell until he popped out quickly and jumped back. Auto was embarrassed of himself for screaming like a girl, something his sisters would make fun of, even though nobody was there. For a 17 year old, that was pretty embarrassing. Auto then stood up, and faced the Squirtle, they were about 10 feet apart from each other. Auto then looked at Bulbasaur, and his Pokemon nodded.

"Alright, umm... Bulbasaur Tackle?" said Auto, obviously not knowing what attacks that the Bulbasaur was capable of or exactly how to battle at all. After Bulbasaur heard Tackle, he immediately started charging and Squirtle was anger, looking like an angered football player running for the touchdown in Pokemon form. Squirtle easily dodged this attack as it jumped into the air and blasted Bulbasaur with a powerful stream of water coming from its mouth.

"A Water Gun I'm guessing, right? Bulbasaur use Vine Whip!" said Auto as the green Pokemon expanded two vines from under his un-blossomed seed-like thing amongst its back, and threw them at Squirtle with speed. Now the Squirtle had been wrapped up by many layers, and Bulbasaur threw the foe Pokemon against the tree. Squirtle shrieked a bit and fell on a dark green bush. A sudden burst of cries was heard, and Auto began to run towards the cry.

It was Squirtle was crying, holding tight to an Egg which seemed to be encripted with red flames at the bottom of it.

"An Egg? Squirtle, did you find this?"

The blue tortoise-like Pokemon nodded and hugged the Egg even tighter, rubbing the side of it's head on the Egg in affection. Auto felt sorry for the Pokemon and the Egg itself, whatever there was in it.

"Squirtle, I want you to be on my Pokemon team... Want to come and travel with me?" asked Auto as the Squirtle nodded slightly and stopped tearing up. Bulbasaur had now wrapped the egg with its vines and rocked it in the air like a baby, growling softly.

"Alrighty!" said Autp as he unclipped a Pokeball from his Pokebelt and softly tapped it on Squirtle's head. The Pokeball opened and the red stream of light absorbed the Pokemon and the Pokeball dropped out of Auto's hand. The Pokeball began to twitch, but only twice before making a noise of a captured confirmation.

"Bulbasaur, would you carry that for me?" said Auto as he released Squirtle from it's Pokeball. Bulbasaur nodded in agreement and let out a paw to Squirlte. Auto's new Pokemon greeted Bulbasaur back, as Auto asked a question.

"Where is the nearest way to get out of here?"

"Squirt!" retorted Squirtle, pointing to the left.

February 6th, 2008, 7:47 PM
NAME: Dex Geary

AGE: 13


APPEARENCE: sorry. couldnt get a picture on. Spiky, shaggy black hair. Cargo pants, t-shirt with hand painted squirtle. Fingerless gloves, headband with pokeball symbol and trainer belt. Star shaped gyrados around left eye. Bulging backpack.

PERSONALITY: NOT hotheaded. Always makes strategically smart decisions and is not angered easily. When and if angered is a ferocius fighter and will even attack himself if angered sufficiently. Is withdrawn and does not make friends easily or willingly. Is not content to sit still and do nothing. Has an adventorous way about him.

HISTORY: Was born and raised in Lilycove, Hoenn. Member of pokemon Fan Club. Had only one friend Ciela Or "Celly" - a friend of fighting pokemon. Often stared out at ocean. Father worked at Safari Zone. Mother worked at art museum.

RPG SAMPLE: Again, sorry not sure what you mean but this is my first time.

* please: i dont want blaziken or sceptile

Trainer Kat
February 6th, 2008, 8:06 PM
Excuse me, I've stated multiple times that sign-ups are closed.

February 6th, 2008, 8:57 PM
Trainer Kat; I reccomend you to put in big red letters at the top of your first post that sign-ups are closed. ^^ This is the most effective way to keep people from signing up.

February 7th, 2008, 5:44 AM
It had been almost an hour since he had first awoken, gone out chasing after Pocky and returned with a new Pokemon by his side. Despite the amount of time that had passed, it was still quite early in the morning and the only signs of life in the center were himself, Pocky and Gulpin as well as Nurse Joy, who had also been quite busy with making preparations for the day. Glancing a quick look towards the trainers' bunkers and then over to the entrance, Kozue finally decided on what he was going to do, when there was no sign of the other trainers or Kassandra.

Letting Pocky and his to-be-named Gulpin on the seat, the blonde haired fem approached the counter where he was greeted by Nurse Joy.

"Ah, good morning Nurse Joy," he started with a tired smile, stifling a yawn in the process, "did a group of trainers come in at all last night?"

"I'm sorry Kozue, the last trainer to come into the center and book a room was a girl named Kassandra," the pink-haired nurse replied sweetly, "oh! I remember she left a message for you very early this morning. She said that she wanted to thank you for inviting her to join you, but decided that going on alone would be best for her."

"No way!" the blonde suddenly exclaimed in surprise, before realising how loud he was being, especially in the early morning. "Mhmm, I guess that's alright...but, what should I do now?" he asked after composing himself.

"I'm sure wherever your friends are, they're safe," Nurse Joy then continued comfortingly, "is there anyway you can contact them?"

"Um, not that I know of..."

"Well, I have a suggestion, how about you give me your Pokedex number, and if I get a call from another center who have seen your friends, I'll page you?"

Things suddenly started looking up. This was perfect!

"Wow, you can do that Nurse Joy?"

"Sure," she replied with a bright smile, quite pleased with how happy the previously distrought Kozue had become.

After a quick scan, the pink-haired nurse returned the ocean blue Pokedex to its owner who had finally come to a decision. He was going to head to Pewter, since according to the map, was the closest home to an official Gym of the Kanto Pokemon League. Hopefully, if Kat and the others were somewhere nearby, he would run into them, and if they passed through any Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy would page him. He was set.

"Pocky, Gulpin, let's go!" he called as he swung his shoulderbag across his back with renewed enthusiasm. "We're going to Pewter!"

The baby blue penguin and the small green blob gave each other puzzled looks before quickly trotting after their trainer, who was already bidding farewell to Joy and was heading out the door.

"If the others are ahead, we better hurry if we want to catch up!" Kozue beamed, jogging on the spot right outside the center as he waited for his partners to follow his lead. "Oh and Gulpin, I'll need to give you a name...mhmm, I was thinking "Berry" or "Oran" since you seem to like those, heheh, but I guess right now we need to go! Oh that's it, I'll call you "Go"! And now that that's settled, Pewter City, here we come!"

With a final wave and a rather loud thank you over his shoulder, the blonde started to jog through the emerald city and towards Viridian Forest, with his two sweat-dropping Pokemon in tail.

Trainer Kat
February 7th, 2008, 6:48 AM
OOC: Xenocrates: Done and done. :] Thanks for the advice.


Yaz blurted out, "I'M YAZ!", before smiling and putting his hand through his hair, satisfied. Kat offered up a grin.

"Ohh, you don't hear that name too often, do you?" She put one finger up. "I'm Kat. Oh, but I already said that, didn't I..." She giggled. "Well, I guess I'd better drive it into your head, because when it comes to Pokemon, I'm much better than you, and I always will be!"

It didn't take long for the group to reach the gatehouse after that. Kat pulled her day-long companions along, right arm looped around Fen's, left hand clasped around Noah's, dragging them both behind her. Yaz, who had found his way to the front of the pack, pushed the door to the gatehouse open. It was there that Kat found herself being dragged by one of the two she was currently attached to. It was Fen, who was currently making his way over to the gatehouse wall, seemingly forgetting he was currently hooked onto Kat. He sat down, pulling Kat to the floor with him.

"Ow, Fen-Fe~en!" She whined, rubbing her bum with her free hand. She wasn't going to say anything else. She knew what had happened last time she had complained.

"What?! You mean you weren't paying attention?! That's your job, Fen! You're the smart one!"

Kat sighed to herself. She still felt bad about that. Above all else, though, she hoped Kozue was alright. Shinx and Gastly bounded towards Kat through the gatehouse doors, Shinx standing on his hind legs, front legs up against Kat's bent knees. The blonde reached down and scratched behind the Pokemon's bitten ear. Shinx responded by climbing up into his owner's lap, passing the hill that her knees had created. Kat smiled as he curled up into her lap, purring softly. The girl looked up to see a figure who had gone previously unnoticed.

"Roisin..." Kat mumbled to the only other girl in the group, eyes rolling somewhat. "When did you get here?" She giggled. "Hope that fat butt of yours didn't get stung too bad!"

OOC: This post was short. Sorry. -_- I just had to interact with Roisin so that Jim could post. Now, let's get out of here!

February 7th, 2008, 8:38 AM
Roisin had been sitting in the deserted gatehouse/ex-café for atleast fifteen minutes; the latter five were filled with throwing Totodile's ball against the wall and catching it. She sat with her head in her hands.

“Ugh, I'm going to have to leave soon... Caterpie needs the Pokémon Center. If I leave they may wait here for me, thinking I'm in the forest... Well, Kat wouldn't.” Roisin thought to herself. Her thoughts were ended by a long sigh that left her lips. She'd lost her PokéGear somewhere between boarding the Magnet Train at Goldenrod, arriving at Pewter Station, leaving Pewter Pokémon and arriving at Viridian Pokémon Center. She'd probably be studying a map of Kanto, listening to the Radio or playing a game on the device exclusive to the Johto region.

“Ugh, they'll find me,” Roisin thought to herself as she staggered to her feet. She approached the northern door. Suddenly there was a noise behind her, followed by footsteps. The brunette wheeled herself around to find the rest of the Trainers had finally arrived. Fen, Kat, Yaz and Noah all piled through the door. Fen didn't seem to notice Roisin's existence as he slid to the floor. And mumbled something about slacking off or something.

"Roisin..." the blonde mumbled to the brunette, eyes rolling somewhat. "When did you get here?" She giggled. "Hope that fat butt of yours didn't get stung too bad!"

“No, my fat-ass is fine, luckily you managed to scare them off in time,” Roisin smiled. “Anyway, Kat me-dear, should we get going?”

Ahh!... Sucky post ;_;

February 10th, 2008, 4:30 AM

The three had been walking for quite some time, when the sudden sigh caught their attention. Ushering for Pocky and Go to slow down as they passed one of the few bus terminals heading back towards Viridian City, Kozue approached the young and obviously perspiring brunette, who was siting with her head against the butt of the terminal seat.

Her next statement came suddenly and caused the blonde to slightly step back, just when he was about to approach her in an effort to offer his assistance, since she obviously looked like she was in need of some relief.

"Maybe I shouldn't of overdressed..."

The fem reddened slightly as the brunette's words caused him to take in more than he had expected, especially when he noticed her rather flattering get up. Then, just as he realised his hand was still outstretched with the same hand towel he had offered Kassandra the night before, which was still surprisingly clean, Kozue suddenly felt a strong gust of wind above him that swept through the terminal causing him to falter mid speech. Coincidently, a flock of Pidgey had just flown overhead when at the same time, the next bus going by the station rocked up. In an instant, the girl leapt up from her sweating seat and into the cool air conditioning of the shuttle.

With a quick bang, the bus shook off and launched down the street before he could move from where he was standing. Both Pocky and Go had sidled up to the boy's side where he quickly regained his composure and gave the two an apologetic smile.

"Guess she didn't see me, heh," he mumbled as his two Pokemon gave each other tired looks, cause despite their loyalty to one another, they all shared quite differing personalities.

Kozue was more of the kind, bubbly and oblivious type of trainer, whereas Pocky held the real metal of the group, and often took charge. Go on the other hand, was more of the laid back, watch-from-the-sidelines kind of Pokemon, who also shared a more subdued but similar impatience to his penguin partner.

"Well guys, let's get going," the blonde suddenly chirped, returning to the path heading further into Viridian Forest, "it's already getting late into the morning and we still haven't seen any sign of the others. I was hoping that girl might've spotted them somewhere...but I guess we'll just have to keep looking."

With an approving squawk, Pocky beat his chest and marched forward with Go slowly trailing behind him, another Oran Berry wedged between his lips. Where the small green blob stored such a supply of berries was a mystery, but it seemed to make him happy, so Kozue didn't question it.

OOC: Bah, I didn't really want to post until after you guys have at least met Brocky (or whoever's running Pewter Gym) since Ko's technically a day behind, but I couldn't wait. And hooray for a crossover reference, although I made it kind of vague and I'm sure only Kat and Jim would even remember it... o30

Trainer Kat
February 10th, 2008, 1:54 PM
OOC: It's CHELSEA! :O Nice reference, Phanima~<3. Oh, so Jim and I were talking about the RP and we decided that this would be a nifty little filler post, and it would give us a chance to go to Pewter quickly, since one of my Pokemon will get super hurt. Ok? OK! :D


“No, my fat-ass is fine, luckily you managed to scare them off in time,” Roisin smiled. “Anyway, Kat me-dear, should we get going?” Kat giggled once more.

"Well, Roisin, are you sure it was I who scared them? Your hair is rather frightful!" With that, Kat stood, Shinx tucked under her arm. She reached out to Roisin with one hand and lifted a strand of Roisin's bushy hair, a look of disgust smeared across her face. She dropped the lock and shook her head.

"Really, dear, you should learn to take better care of yourself!" She turned to the rest of the group, hands balled into fists and placed firmly on her hips. "Well, then. Let's head to Pewter," she began. "Then we can start to train, and maybe then we can hook back up with Kozue!" She offered up a sweet smile, though anyone in the room could tell it was fake.

The blonde was struck by a sudden chill, starting in her neck before traveling all the way down her spine, ending in her lower back. She turned to the door. A light blue color seeped through the cracks, spreading throughout the gatehouse. Where the color had begun to emanate, small ice shards began to form. As the small girl approached the doors through which they had entered, she began to shiver, even through the abundance of clothing that was draped around her body.

"Does anyone else feel that..?" She asked, her voice quivering. When the words escaped her lips, her breath was visible for one brief moment. She vigorously rubbed her arms, trying to stay warm.

Ugh, she thought. Maybe this is what it feels like to be on drugs. I seriously hope I'm not hallucinating.

Peering out the window, Kat noticed even the foliage begin to crystallize. There was no way she was imagining something this big. She had to investigate. She placed her hand on the door handle. Immediately, she withdrew her fingers. The handle was freezing. She retracted her hand into Fen's shirt, clutching the handle once more. It was cold, but she didn't run the risk of freezing her fingers off. She gave the handle a swift yank, an action which yielded zero results. The door was frozen firmly to its hinge.

"Gastly, Shinx, return," she said, pulling out their Pokeballs and hitting them with the beams of red light that shot out of the spheres. "Axel, hunnie, it's your turn." The small Charmander appeared obediently.

"Use Ember, Axel!" The blonde commanded. "Melt that ice!" The orange lizard nodded and turned towards the door. He shot a single flame at the door. The ice melted, though it re-crystallized almost immediately.

"Axel, try again! This time, more firepower!" Kat yelled. Axel readied himself. A steady stream of flames burst from his fang-laden mouth. The ice slowly melted away.

"Now's our chance!" Kat grabbed the door in her bare hand, pulling it open and ducking outside before the door had a chance to refreeze. Axel, however, was left inside. Her hand ached now. She was going to have to treat the burn when they got to Pewter. The outside was just as cold, if not even more frigid. The girl scanned the area. As she did so, small flakes of ice fell on her nose. She looked up, only to see a blue Pokemon flying gracefully through the sky. She wasted no time, whipping out her Pokedex and pointing it upwards.

"Information unknown."

"What do you mean, you don't know?! Junk!" The blonde scowled. "Well, I guess I'll just have to catch it and find out for myself." The Pokemon choice was a no brainer.

"Fearow!" She yelled, pointing his Pokeball upwards. "Go get that Pokemon!" The bird burst forth, flying straight upwards to reach the high-flying Pokemon. He didn't stand a chance. As he came within ten feet of it, his whole body began to crystallize. Fearow plummeted towards the earth, unable to do anything. The bird crashed, hitting the ground with such great force.

"No, Fearow!" Kat whimpered, rushing over to the fallen Pokemon. He was in bad shape. "Good job," she smiled, small tears coming to her eyes. "Now, come back." She touched the frozen bird with the button in the center of the Pokeball, sending it back in. By now, the ice had gone. The girl stood and raced back to the gatehouse, pulling open the door.

"You guys," she exclaimed, looking terrified. "Fearow's in bad shape. I have...I have to get it to a Pokemon Center...now..."

She didn't even wait for the others. She recalled Axel, whom had been waiting patiently for her return, before dashing over to the other door, pulling it open and darting towards Pewter.

OOC: HOMG WHO WAS THAT?! I'm sure you all could tell it was Arti. No legends this early, remember. So...don't go catching it. -_- It's gone anyway.

February 10th, 2008, 4:58 PM
Despite their minor detour, the three were making fairly good time, well at least Kozue thought they were. It had been about an hour since they had left Viridian and they were already trudging through the entrance of Viridian Forest. An overgrown dirt path was the only thing that led them through the jungle of teetering trees and thickening shrubs.

Waddling ahead, Pocky scouted ahead as he primed himself up for anything that might oppose them in the suddenly darkening forest, while Go remained by his trainer's side as the two slowly followed in tail. Taking in the somewhat eerie yet calming atmosphere, Kozue took some time to admire the environment that was now surrounding him.

"You know, even with the lack of light, it's still pretty nice here, neh?" he chirped as he walked with his hands behind his back, his nose up in the air and with his eyes closed. "It's...peaceful."

Pocky who was still busily scouting ahead of the group, paid little attention to his trainer's statement, when one of his small flippers struck something cold and hard. Reeling in surprise, the baby penguin stumbled backwards into an unsuspecting Go, who accidently swallowed another Oran Berry whole, although this wasn't so much of a problem for the creature, but was a surprise nonetheless.

"Huh? What is it Pocky?"

With a hurried wave and a determined frown, the infant Piplup led the other two back to the scene. Surprisingly, as the teen followed his Pokemon, a sudden chill came over him. Pocky however, continued ahead without hesitation, although being a penguin, he doubted any cool weather would be noticable anyway. And Go's expression was always the same, so he had no idea whether or not the stomach Pokemon was affected at all.

As the three approached the small clearing, the sudden chill he had felt before grew more intense, as if the weather had suddenly decided to switch seasons. It was even stranger since he distinctly remembered the girl at the bus station complaining about the heat, and now for some reason, it had become extremely cold, cold enough to crystalise and freeze the surrounding plants.

Finally catching up to the small penguin, Kozue was at last able to catch his breath before taking in the scene before him. A small cluster of frozen golden pods, the size of computer monitors, littered the overgrown ground.

"U-Uh, what are those?" the blonde inquired as he retreated slightly, obviously repulsed by the bug-like appearance of the fallen cocoons. "And w-why are they all f-frozen?"

It was then that Pocky noticed that the shells were already cracked, meaning that the frozen Kakunas had already become Beedrill, where these Beedrill were however, was a mystery.

"Pocky! Let's keep moving," the fem stammered with a nervous smile as he crept around the split cocoons. "They might be nearby if the shells are still in colour..."

Go who remained nonplused by the situation, slid through the frozen grass without a worry, tailing his chilled trainer, who had small tears in the corners of his eyes as he struggled not to think about being anywhere near or in the vicinity of bugs.

After a short walk, the three continued along like they were before, except now, they were becoming increasingly cold. Even Pocky was hugging himself to keep warm. Kozue had opted for a Gulpin hot bag, and snuggled Go in his arms as they walked.

His breath now turning to mist each time he exhaled, the blonde quickly trudged through the cold damp grass and ice littered treetops, as he focused on getting out of the forest and hopefully into some place warm. It was then that the three noticed that ice was actually beginning to fall. Looking up, the fem saw something that he could never have even been able to comprehend as being real.

Obscured by the covering treetops, the boy ran into a nearby clearing to get a better look, just as the cause of the sudden change in weather, glided gracefully through the sky. Its blue body soared gently through the air, a trail of glittering ice and snow falling behind it.

"W-Wow..." he gasped as he watched the giant bird dissappear into the distance, "w-what was that?"

EDIT: Oh bugger, I just read my post over and I made it seem like morning had turned to night. >3< It's still morning people, I was just trying to describe the shade inside the forest, since it's overgrown and whatnot. Gomen!

February 11th, 2008, 3:19 AM
Upon entering the gatehouse, Yaz instantly spotted Roisin, the bushy haired girl, with her blue crocodile Pokemon. He considered talking to her but very soon decided against it, remembering how he looked. He had no shirt on, his chest was covered in a delicate cocktail of dirt and dried mud and worst of all, he smelt like sweat with a hint of Oddish's 'old lady' sweet scent. All in all, he was in no position to woo a lady right now. In fact, unless he got himself a shower and a shave first, most girls would probably think Yaz was more likely to stab them than anything. At that point, Fen found himself a seat, dragging Kat down with him. Attached to Kat, however, was more than just Fen. Oddly enough, there was another boy who he had never seen before, joined onto the small chain.

"This is messed up." Yaz muttered under his breath, having never seen such an oddity before. The three-man train disconnected and Kat began to talk Roisin. Yaz had never understood one thing about girls, well that was a lie, there was many things he didn't understand, but one thing in particular really got to him. Girls could say whatever they wanted to each other, no matter how mean, cruel or nasty and as long as they put a cute little tone to it, followed by a giggle, it would sound completely innocent. Finding himself a seat, Yaz sighed as he watched Afro and Oddish play with each other, all the while trying to tune out the sound of the girls 'playfully' attacking each other.

Just then, Yaz felt an extremely cold burst of air hit his partially unclothed body. He gasped as the room became colder and colder. His body protested to the change in temperatures, violenty shivering until he pulled out an extremely wrinkled, navy-blue jumper from the bottom of his bag and threw it on. He didn't even realise, or care for that matter, that he had put it on backwards.

"Mud!" Afro squeeled, climbing onto Yaz and under his newly retrieved clothing. Oddish soon followed. Looking up, he noticed a blue light peircing the windows, coming from outside. Eventually, the whole room was at least partially lit up by this strange light. Apparently noticing the light too, Kat made her way towards the window and peered outside. The cold becoming too much for him, he curled himself into a ball and concentrated on the warmth emitting from his two Pokemon's bodies. He looked back up and noticed Kat was gone, a Charmander standing in her place.

"What the...?" He started, the first thought being that Kat had transformed into a Charmander. "This cold's gettin' to my head." he decided, putting his head into his lap and allowing Afro and Oddish to squirm around under his jumper. Eventually, enduring this position, the freezing temperature began to subside and eventually room temperature was restored. Feeling this change, Yaz raised his head once more, peering towards the exit. Yes, everything was right now. The Charmander was gone and Kat had returned. As soon as he looked up however, she opened the door and left. At this, his two companions exited from his jumper and looked up at him, eager to continue.

Yaz stumbled up and to the door, he put his hand on the handle before realising there was still other people here. He quickly turned his head towards them, not really taking anything in and mumbled, "Aye I've gotta get the hell outta this house before I go crazy. I'm going to Pewter". Still slightly dazed, he pushed the door open, allowing his Pokemon out before stepping outside himself.

February 11th, 2008, 9:29 AM
Noah had seen it, he just didn't know what he had seen. A beam, or something, hit Kat's Fearow. At least, that was what Noah had gathered. It all happened way too quickly to understand, really.

But Kat's Fearow was in trouble. She was cradling it's head in her arms and whispering to it. Or, that's what Noah figured anyway, it was sort of hard to see what was going on three hundred metres away from him.

The Fearow seemed to be hurt, and from what Noah could remember, hurt Pokemon go to the Pokemon Center. Instead of being at the Pokemon hospital they needed to be at, they were still idiotically stuck inside Viridian Forest. Great.

Noah took one last look at the gatehouse before sprinting back to Kat and the Fearow. Kat, had she been crying? Her eyes were red and her face was sort of scarlett. She looks so much prettier when she cries, Noah thought. Shut up, he scolded himself. Her Fearow is the priority here. Not my freaking love life.

"Come on," he grabbed Kat's arms and pulled her up, "Now return Fearow." He instructed lightly. When she had done that he grabbed her hand and ran. "I'm sure you'll agree that what your Pokemon needs most is to be healed." He looked back, some of the people from the group was following them, but in the darkness he was unable to see who.

OoC: I know, I sort of changed your last post, but Noah had to get involved somehow.

February 12th, 2008, 6:36 PM
The peculiar events that should have sparked Fen's interest, for some reason barely phased him. At the sight of the ice, Forest leaped off Fen's head and crawled under his shirt, peeking his head out of the neck of Fen's shirt. Fen watched Kat try valiantly to battle back the ice then attempt to catch a large blue bird outside...it was definitely intriguing him but he had other things on his mind, like his upcoming gym match. Fen stood up slowly as Kat cradled her poor injured Fearow.

"Articuno... the mythological bird of ice. Carter Horing, one of the most known in the study of mythical or "legendary" Pokemon, dedicated his life to studying Articuno and is the leading expert. He described multiple phenomena similar to what we just went through. Seeing as snow isn't specific to this area at all, I would calmly say thats the only explanation. The reports also described its incredible power in vivid detail, at times demolishing plant life just in passing." Fen explained out loud to no one in particular, mainly himself.

Fen walked slowly towards Kat to help her and her pokemon but was interrupted by Noah who had hurried over at the sight of Fen's despaired assistant.

"Come on," he grabbed Kat's arms and pulled her up, "Now return Fearow." He instructed lightly.

Fen looked at him through narrow eyes in complete disgust. Noah had completely turned around from his journey to come back and help a person who clearly had readily available assistance. As Noah grabbed Kat's hand, Fen spoke through bitter tone.

"For someone who was heartless enough to force their pokemon into a Kamikaze attack just to win a minor pokemon battle, you sure seem quite concerned about my assistant's well being, Mankey Boy. You aren't fooling anyone, you should be more concerned about training and less concerned about getting laid." Fen hissed at the boy, glaring at him.

Noah got up and pulled Kat down the road hurridly towards the pokemon center. Fen scoffed at the boy's ignorance and turned to Roisin and spoke to her calmly.

"I'd like to challenge the gym today if you don't mind, Roisin. Could you meet me near the outskirts of town to train together a bit before then, please?" Fen said, returning to his proper bookworm tone of voice. A clear sign of his frustration.

He pushed the door open and Forest climbed back around his body and onto his usual perch in the scruffs of Fen's hair. He walked out slowly without waiting for an answer and made his way to the pokemon center.

February 13th, 2008, 3:09 AM
It was still quite chilly, but at least it wasn't getting any colder. The weather was probably returning to normal due to the leaving of the giant blue bird, which somehow and coincidently, appeared just as snow and ice started to fall. What it left behind however, was a frozen trail right through and over the forest.

Falling down against the snow, Kozue and his two Pokemon partners took their first chance to catch their breaths since the weather nosedived in the oppoosite direction.

"Haah...it finally stopped snowing..." the blonde huffed as he sat back into the cool snow covered grass, "are you two okay?"

Pocky the Piplup and Go the Gulpin, who had both settled on the opposite side of the path, nodded in response at their trainer's question. They had been trudging non stop for about half an hour through the snow to get to some sort of shelter, hoping not get stuck in the middle of the sudden storm. Luckily for them, it had ended by itself and the weather was quickly starting to heat up once again.

Finally composing himself, the shaggy blonde mop-top cocked his head towards the sky and tried to remember the creature he had seen only moments ago. "Mhmm...I really wonder what that big bird was...it looked like a Pokemon, cept it was way huge. Oh wait! Maybe the others saw it too, I guess I'll ask them about it when I see them again."

Pocky suddenly chirped up and waddled over to a nearby tree, where the bark was soaked from the ice and snow. With an indignant "pip", Pocky pointed to a specific spot underneath a branch that was still covered in a thin layer of ice.

"What do you have there, Pocky?" Kozue started as he brushed himself off before inspecting the tree, where he soon discovered an iced over beehive with a small chunk of it missing. "Oh, it must belong to some Combees, but I guess they left when it started snowing...mhmm, and there's a piece of the hive missing..."

It was then that Go came sliding up with his lips pressed against another Oran Berry, at least that was what the blonde thought when he saw the stomach Pokemon appear. On closer inspection however, he noticed that instead of a berry, Go was swallowing down the snow covered hive piece, where some excess honey was still sitting within.

"W-Wait, Go! Don't eat that!" the boy exclaimed as he pried the frozen hive from the blob's mouth. "If you want some honey, don't eat the hive as well...here..."

Scooping a hand full of the remaining honey, he licked some of it off the back of his hand before holding some out for Go to sample. Expecting an untainted and raw sweetness, he tasted exactly that. It was...nice.

"Mmm, I'll save some of this for later," he chirped happily as he savoured the taste, before pocketing the chunk into his bag, "here Pocky..."

Popping his hand from Go's mouth who was considerably enjoying the taste, he offered what was left to the baby penguin, who had been somewhat well behaved since first meeting his trainer and hadn't nibbled on the boy's fingers since Pallet Town. After breaking the habit, Pocky decided against the temptation and waved off the blonde's offer.

Giving the penguin a puzzled look, Kozue shrugged it off before wiping his hand with his still untouched hand towel.

"Well, I guess it's time to get moving again, don't want to stay out til it gets too hot..." he started as he secured his belongings, "come on, let's go guys."

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February 13th, 2008, 8:03 PM
"Well, Roisin, are you sure it was I who scared them? Your hair is rather frightful!" With that, Kat stood, Shinx tucked under her arm. She reached out to Roisin with one hand and lifted a strand of Roisin's bushy hair, a look of disgust smeared across her face. She dropped the lock and shook her head.

"Really, dear, you should learn to take better care of yourself!" She turned to the rest of the group, hands balled into fists and placed firmly on her hips. "Well, then. Let's head to Pewter," she began. "Then we can start to train, and maybe then we can hook back up with Kozue!" She offered up a sweet smile, though anyone in the room could tell it was fake.

As much as Roisin tried, Kat's taunts finally broke through to her self-conscious side and she became aware of her appearance.

“It was that Thunderbolt she woke me up with,” Roisin reminded herself. Her hair was usually too straight and flat. Not to draw attention to herself she waited until nobody was looking at her before reaching in her new bag for a hair brush and violently attacking the mess. The result wasn't as great as she'd like but it wasn't such a bushy mess. As Roisin stowed her brush back in her bag, the Pokéball at the top of her bag strap unexpectedly exploded open; the evanescent light quickly formed into Totodile. The crocodilian yawned and started stretching his limbs; however cute it was Roisin was baffled over how he managed to escape from his Pokéball by himself.

Before Roisin could question the azure Pokémon she was interrupted by a huge shiver down her spine. The temperature had been decreasing over the past ten minutes, however it suddenly plummeted down into the sub-zeros. As Roisin exhaled her breath was clearly visible and her body was shivering uncontrollably. She wouldn't be surprised if she had icicles sprouting from her nose; the edges of the windows and doors were becoming cased in ice.

"Use Ember, Axel!" Kat's voice commanded. "Melt that ice!" Roisin whipped around to see the orange shoot a single flame at the door. The ice melted, though it re-crystallized almost immediately.

"Axel, try again! This time, more firepower!" Kat yelled. A steady stream of flames burst from the Charmander's fang-laden mouth. The ice slowly melted away.

"Now's our chance!" Kat grabbed the door in her bare hand, pulling it open and ducking outside before the door had a chance to refreeze. Axel, however, was left inside.

“Totodile, use Water Gun on the window!” Roisin blurted out of nowhere. Totodile opened his mouth wide and unleashed a spiral of water at the window. “What was I thinking, Totodile's Water is freezing and couldn't break glass that's frozen solid,” Roisin was right, the second the torrent of water touched the window it crystallized causing Totodile to abandon the attack at risk of being frozen internally. “I wonder if that's what Ice Beam looks like?” Roisin asked herself as she examined the large beam of ice randomly sticking out a whole three feet from the window. Totodile hopped onto her bag and climbed up her arm before hanging off her shoulder, probably to get a better view out of the window, or compare himself too Pocky -which had caused the Pokémon upset earlier- but knowing Totodile it was to hitch a free ride.

“What's THAT?!” Roisin yelled in amazement, she jumped backwards. There was a huge bird outside of the window, flying through the air gracefully yet majestically. The royal-blue bird seemed to be causing the sudden temperature drop, this was proven when Kat's Fearow “When did she get a Fearow?” got frozen solid by entering a five meter radius of the Pokémon. Roisin was about to pull out her trusty Pokédex but there was no need with Fenra being in her presence, he continently started to mumble about the mysterious Pokémon.

"Articuno... the mythological bird of ice. Carter Horing, one of the most known in the study of mythical or "legendary" Pokemon, dedicated his life to studying Articuno and is the leading expert. He described multiple phenomena similar to what we just went through. Seeing as snow isn't specific to this area at all, I would calmly say thats the only explanation. The reports also described its incredible power in vivid detail, at times demolishing plant life just in passing.”

Fen approached Kat, obviously wanting to help. Roisin followed “This could be a chance to get into Kat's good-books, at least I'M trying,” Fen and Roisin were beaten to it by Noah.

"Come on," he grabbed Kat's arms and pulled her up, "Now return Fearow." He instructed lightly. Fen stopped dead in his tracks and glared at the blue-haired-boy.

"For someone who was heartless enough to force their Pokémon into a Kamikaze attack just to win a minor pokemon battle, you sure seem quite concerned about my assistant's well being, Mankey Boy. You aren't fooling anyone, you should be more concerned about training and less concerned about getting laid." Fen hissed.

Noah and Kat ran off ahead.

“Fen can be mean when he needs to be, there was a reason for it though, I'll give him that.” Roisin thought to herself “Mental note, don't get on Fen's bad side”. The temperature started to increase rapidly, Totodile had stopped using Roisin's hair for a pillow-scarf combo, which seemed to be the reason he was up there, and jumped down to the floor.

"I'd like to challenge the gym today if you don't mind, Roisin. Could you meet me near the outskirts of town to train together a bit before then, please?" Fen said, returning to his regular tone of voice.

“Sure I would, I need to go to the Pokémon center first. I need to heal- you've never met my other Pokémon have you?” Roisin paused. “Let's get going to the Pokémon center and we can train nearby until the afternoon if you wa-” Roisin was cut off. Something had caught her eye. A green arachnid Pokémon scuttled in between Fen and Roisin and carried on north to Pewter. “Totodile, it's that Spinarak, again! Get it!” Totodile leaped off her shoulder and the two gave chase. “Come on Fen!” she yelled back to the green haired boy and his Treecko.

Within about two minutes the Pokémon center was visible, however Spinarak was not.