View Full Version : Oh My Gosh!!!! My virusscan got....

Sakura and Espeon
July 8th, 2004, 12:28 PM
TAMPERED????? Why????

Now I am at risk now. :-/..... I want to know what made it happen...

July 8th, 2004, 1:06 PM
*sends Alyssa the Amish computer virus*
lol j/k

I never had anything like that happen. Try reinstalling it.

Sakura and Espeon
July 8th, 2004, 1:18 PM
Got it fixed, but I don't know how this would happen... I had the firewall on... so? ^_^

July 8th, 2004, 1:20 PM
O.K. I just looked it up. NAV 2004 shows the TAMPERED after running
SpeedDisk. And apparently if you ignore it, it will eventually fix itself. Even after rebooting it says Tampered, but it will heal eventually.

July 8th, 2004, 1:25 PM
I thought software was supposed to get less buggy and better as it went along? =\ *Sticks with 2002*

Sakura and Espeon
July 8th, 2004, 1:35 PM
I don't have speed disk on my computer, when I restarted, it stayed the same.

July 8th, 2004, 5:39 PM
It sometimes does funny stuff if you disable those 3 or so services on startup. Go check if they're on, but I doubt it would be the problem for ALL of them bieng tampered. I would say re-install it. Or use that "repair" feature if it has it.

Sakura and Espeon
July 8th, 2004, 5:42 PM
Norton Anti-Virus doesn't come with a repair feature. >_>..

anyway, it's all fixed.... maybe I need to download a another firewall program...

July 8th, 2004, 5:44 PM
I don't think so. For anti-Virus, Norton has always been the best. But if you need a firewall, get a new one. Symentec are only good with Anti-Virus security.

Sakura and Espeon
July 8th, 2004, 5:45 PM
I already have a firewall, probally I disabled it. o.O...

July 8th, 2004, 6:10 PM
Tampered to me seems to indicate that a virus has altered Nortons Program Files to avoid detection.
But then, a reinstall fixed it.
So..I dunno.
So it may have just been a program error.
Norton is full of crap like that.

July 8th, 2004, 6:22 PM
heh, I know. It catches and slaughters Virii though, so it evens it out. Norton is good, but I hate how they've tried to make it all fancy n' sh.t. It screws itup more often, and unless you have a powerfull computer, It's gonna take 80 seconds to open up. It takes me at least 5 seconds with y current computer. These symantect people are full of themselves..

Sakura and Espeon
July 8th, 2004, 6:27 PM
lol... and AOL takes even more memory after my parents upgraded my memory..


July 11th, 2004, 3:46 AM
I have AOL *hate AOL hate AOL crashes all the time hate AOL* XD... Um, "virii" would only apply for "virius"... and for a firewall, I like ZoneAlarm XD