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January 20th, 2008, 3:10 AM
Welcome to Magvel, a continent living in the dark age(medieval]. It will be my honour to take you back in time, a few centuries ago in Magvel and for fans...this will just be reminder of the prologue in sacred stones, the time known as the campaign for The Sacred Stones...
Almost a millinia ago
Almost a millinium ago the shadow of evil was over magvel,upon the surface of thecontinentcrept the most uncertainties of the world, monsters far beyond humanity or control, monsters craving for thesorrow of men...Minions of the DemonKing Formotis. Magvel had almost been turned u pside down to the netherrealm until one day...the Great Dragon had heard their woes enough, he came down into the sight of the hero( veteran warrior] Grado and his companions, amongst which were, Rausten, Jehanna, Renais and Frelia. The Great One gave them gave them the sacred stones inwhich they were to seal The DemonKing with he also gave them the sacred weapons for battle with the monster. The hero Grado was the main protagonist in this journey so they were commonly referred to as hero Grado and his crew. They sealed the monsters power into the stones as well as his soul, his bones were subdued to the ground inwhich they battled, Darkling woods. They returned victorious, and were highly glorified, though they confessed they were greatly helped by the dragon the people exalted them, They neglected the Great Dragon. And so this peace would not last...

Only Ten years ago...
Then Magvel had been divided into 5 countries according to the heroes descendants, Rausten Court, Castle Frelia, Jehanna Hall, Fort Renais and Grado Keep all of which inside the kigdoms lay one of the five sacred stones. They savoured their harmony while it lasted...
Deep within Grado was prince lyon son of Emperor Vigarde of Grado, he was a necromancer, from his star gazing and reseach he found out that Grado would be hit with an earthquake, immediately as compassionate as Lyon was for his kinsmen, he started more research, inorder to evade this attack...as far as we know he discovered the darkstone we do not know if it was his invention but we were sure that it was linked to the demon king at it indeed influenced Lyons acts, we know he himself destroyed the sacred stone of grado...at this time his father was sick very sick which had a death threat, lyonwent to see him it was in his presence his father died...not willng to take all responsiblity for grado yet, he harnessed formitises energy and revived his father. Now his father always questioned his acts as he was well, whole and hearthy...but this would disturb lyons research, so he stabbed his father, but it then dawned on him thathis fathers elite generals would find out who comminted such bloody murder. He had to bring his dad back to life, as a puppet it was then he appointed his own elite generals through the puppet king...he then found out that to evade this attack he had to release the demonking and it would be all over, he was deceived. He ignied the attack on all the kingdoms since Grado was the largest...it was the prince and princess ephraim and eirika campaigned with the help of later met allies. The Great dragon knew and came in the form of a girl, a manakete who could transform into the great dragon.
In this campaign, the queen of jehanna was beheaded, Renais king fado father of ephraim and eirika was killed. They followed Lyon too darkling woods were he was defeated and he died inorder to release the demon. There were no stones to seal the monster and so they used the sacred weapons to destroy the beast.In the end Grado was hit by the earthquake, lyon had lost everything, perhaps not everything...

Now monsters of greater strenghts are appearing, what could this mean...

when signing up you have to file in like this...
class, ( you choose from
myrmidon, fast, swift and equips blades high speed and attack
mercenary, steady with balanced status and equips blades
cavalier, mounted on horseback and equips lances and swords
pirate, good at swimming with good defences and equips axes
fighter, balanced status and equips axes
priest, heals, equips staves
monk, uses light magic quite fast at spell casting
shaman, uses dark magic but slow generally
mage, uses anima magic
knight, with heavy armor and defence, wields lances
wyvern ride, swift and rides wyverns, similar to dragons, wields lances weak against magic
pegasus knight, rides pegasuses wield lances, good against magic

i have to go now but i will edit it within 2o minutes