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January 21st, 2008, 7:09 PM
A long time ago, before a large civilization founded by humanity was even thought of, Pokemon were more powerful than ever. They are majestic, magical creatures now, but let's take a look about the history of a time when there were differnet breeds of Pokemon that could be classified as an "Experiment" that slowly evolved into humans...

Johto and Sinnoh were once one large nation, connected by several islands and penninsulas that could be thought of as literally touching. Though they were split into two different major clans of Pokemon with humanoid characteristics (the more anthro-type of Pokemorphs) at war with each other. The center contained a rich mineral called "Nezitine" that could literally increase the power of any pokemon enough to level an entire city, and it formed into crystals underground that would work as a home. Not only would it allow people to save money as the crystal would grow into a system of caves which could be edited to work out as an entire apartment complex (orientally styled. This is the earliest period of the Pokemon world, when Arceus and Mew were still complemating the thought of humanity but never actually done it), but they could enhance the strength of each nation's army and could crush opposing opponents.

However greed conquered both of the clan leaders who gained power over the nations. Eventually, they battled on and on, bringing an apocalyptic phase as the entire Earth was changed from four new legendaries appearing and capturing a section of the Nezitine.

The branch of islands were flooded as the area around them began to terraform into a desert wasteland. These four legendaries appeared to end the world, yet it never phased the clan leaders. They kept on battling, as refugees from the war joined the four legendaries who promised peace.

The few who survived long enough to ally with the four legendaries and go to another continent of people waiting for the "Crimson Moon," disappeared and the war raged on.


3XXX A.D., Johto

With the rise of the Crimson Moon, brought destruction. On 2999 AD, December 31, 11:59 PM, the moon shifted to a bright red. Soon after, a new nation appeared, and crystals appeared on the shores of Sinnoh and Johto which old textbooks state that Pokemorphs from before labeled it as "Nezitine." The nation contained entire new species of Pokemon, and people could only state it as an occurence brought by Arceus and Mew.

The next day, the terraforming began at a much faster rate than the last time. Part of Kanto began to become infested with fungi and plants and trees. Johto became a desert wasteland much like Orre. Sinnoh froze over as it began to turn into an area covered by an eternal blizzard. In Hoenn, it began to flood and cities were forced to be rebuilt to accomidate with the water that slowly consumed Hoenn.

The new region was a technologically deprived nation except for basic computers, radio, and monorails. Some searched for this new nation and dubbed it "Izaku," yet never returned intact. If they did return, they warned others to not return with bite marks on the neck. They began to become mentally unstable and frightened at Pokemon, worried it might be what they called a Pokemorph.

Soon enough, the thought of Nezitine overpowered the clans in this new region as war between the other nations began. The four main clans and their many branches began to fight for the Nezitine, even against the four legendaries that saved them from destruction, for a price...

You are one of these... Morphs. The Nezitine and the Crimson Moon are somehow related according to how this all happened at once. Yet when the Crimson Moon that protects you in a red darkness of flames disappears, what will happen? You don't want that to happen do you?

If you're not one of those Morphs, what will you do? That is the only unharmed continent and is inhabited by dangerious creatures? Will you try to survive in a untamed wasteland or relocate to that new region.


+ No Godmodding, please.
+ Mary Sues and Gary Sues aren't allowed.
+ Please keep the names Japanese. Use this for Romaji stuff.


+ No bunnyhopping. The most you can do is call someone and they come over, but that's it.
+ The PokeMorphs have somewhat vampric traits. You do feast on blood to gain more energy, but it isn't needed. There are fangs and such. You are also immune to common disease and old age. The day you went to the legendary's side, was when you would appear the same as before.
+ Don't have everything cliche. We don't want 50 of the dark and mysterious emo dudes or 75 of the happy-go-lucky doesn't want to hurt anybody girls.
+ You can have up to two different characters to role-play as. If you do, I recommend using a differnet color or font so others don't get confused if they just skim the RP.
+ This is a two part RP. The next one, Azure Sun, will possibly be a new thread.
+ You CAN use Nintendo's existing PokeMon, but you can use original ones. The species list is all of the current custom ones from sign-ups.


The Four Clans

Soume Clan: This clan specializes in tactical espeonage, and speed. Those who are apart of this clan and are part of this war will spend their time scouting or spying. In battle, they're efficient with their speed and can finish it before it even begins if the opponent is slow enough.

Aoko Clan: Special long-range attacks are this clan's speciality. They can bend the elements to their will and are an important part of any war. Allies from other clans will use them to strengthen their weaponry, or as a back-up often.

Nogitsune Clan: Manipulative engineers, they will be designing new minerals and small machines to synthesize into new weaponry. The Nogitsune clan normally will steal from others and treat others cruelly to get things done. In the four main clans, they are the most looked down apon.

Bezarui Clan: The Bezarui are heavy hitters that spend their time fortifying and preparing defences. Often the large amount of time they use to conquer areas will pay off in the long run with the materials they accumilate and the soldiers they end up training and bringing with them. The most powerful just due to this.

The Four Legends

Soume: A grey wolf standing at 5'3", it specialized in ice and dark. This trait soon spread to the Soume clan, though it seperated. This being is cold and has no mercy for others. Survival of the fittest is how he would describe life. Very fast, Soume knows how to avoid being overpowered by avoiding enemies unless required.

Aoko: A witch-like humanoid plant at 3'5" that dons a green cloak. She will easily conquer others from afar by manipulating things around her with special attacks. Each vine or branch acts as a limb that will strangle enemies slowly.

Nogitsune: A nine-tailed black fox with snarling teeth standing at 10'5". Very cruel and manipulative, he'll kill others for fun and specializes in darkness, spirtual, and psychic attacks. Each tail grants a special ability, making him nearly invincible.

Bezarui: Specializing in fire, electricity, and water, Bezarui is a dargon coated in steel plates standing at 30'10". He has wings that are large enough to cover an entire field. The creature also has two tails covered in spikes. A tactician, he will gather forces and spread them out wisely, conquering many lands slowly if needed. He can breath fire, ice, electricity, or water.

PokeMorph Character Sign-Up Sheet

Gender: (Even those who select a species that is normally asexual like a legendary will select one)
Clan Rank: (100th Seat to Clan Leader. 100th seat is the least important and does the handiwork and is a medic basically.)
Species: (The species your morph is. You can make up a new species, but you must explain how it looks.)
Description: (The character is an anthro-type morph, not the human-type morph).
Tsuki Henka/Moon Transformation: (When enough blood is gained from enemies, you can use a special ability and your appearence will change slightly)

Non-PokeMorph Sign-Up Sheet

Pokemon: (a lot of the pokemon relocated. Ice types live in Sinnoh, water, bug, posion, and grass in Kanto, water, psychic, dark, and flying in Hoenn, ground, steel, fighting, rock, and dragon in Johto)


MY Sign-up Sheet

Name: Ikazuichi "Ika" Soume

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Clan Rank: Soume Clan 5th Seat

Species: Terakai (Dark/Ice). A Terakai is a small three-tailed fox in the region standing at 2'3" with grey fur. It's eyes are a bright blue and two of the three tails are made with ice. There are lines made with ice on the Terakai's skin linking to the spine. The ears are more cat-like though.

Description: Ikazuichi is of a light, agile build (weighing about 110 pounds) and stands at 5"8. He has black, ruffled hair that goes to his neck, and it doesn't hide the cat-like ears on his forehead. It has a few strands that covers part of the front of his face and the sides, though it doesn't bother him much. He has blue-azure eyes and his face is often displayed in a "bored" pose that manages to intimidate someone regardless of the patches of fur.. Ika wears a black T-shirt over a black hakama (with holes for the three tails) which he often digs his hands into the pockets of unless there's notes to take or a battle going underway. He also wears straw sandals. On his side there is a katana. Due to the Terakai DNA, he gained black fur and the ice tails. He is adjusted to the cold and has claw-like hands.

Personality: Ikazuichi is calm and collected to the point of being cruel often. Due to this, he can easily allocate his thoughts properly and think well enough for battles to win unless his opponent has an advantage that cannot be helped. He will follow directions from higher-uppers without question unless it will interfer with his deepest preferences and beliefs which are locked away. He will gladly battle any opponent long as he has enough energy to fight. This passion for battling is what taught him that to get stronger, he needed to keep most of his emotions from taking control unless neccessary.

Tsuki Henka: Kusari no Shukkyo (The Chain of Death) ~ Ikazuichi gains the ability to see lines and dots on everything. If they are pierced and seperated, bones can be fractured, organs disrupted, and limbs cut off. However he loses a meaning for life as he uses those lines and the blood to create chains to restrain or pierce someone. His eyes become red slits and his fangs become sharper.



Some species you could use. Some are my idea, others are in people's sign up. If you don't wanna make your own, just use a pre-existing pokemon from the games.

1. Terakai (Dark/Ice). A Terakai is a small three-tailed fox in the region standing at 2'3" with grey fur. It's eyes are a bright blue and two of the three tails are made with ice. There are lines made with ice on the Terakai's skin linking to the spine. The ears are more cat-like though.

2. Ryoko (Dragon/Fire) A Ryoko is a mixture of a tiger and a dragon. It was nemd Ryoko because it is supposed to mean "dragon and tiger." Often it seems to be an agile thin dragon-based body colored orange and with black stripes swirling around the body. This feature seems tor eflect on most Pokemorphs with the Ryoko gene, while some of the others might not do so. They are quite loyal to those that treat them with respect, and focuses on the goal instead of side-objectives.

3. Sharkumo (Water/Ground) Sharkumo is basically a large water-bound shark made out of stone. It is colored a brown and has fins made from refined minerals and ores such as mithril and steel. Easily angered, this one thinks for itself and itself only. An expert fighter in water as well. Outside it's weaker even though it's part ground. This creature resides mostly in caverns.

4. Seika (Fire/Wolf) - Seika meaning Sacred Fire is a large Fire Dog or Wolf, similar to Arcanine in looks and attitude. It has a red hot coat with a faint yellow mane that runs down its spine to the end of its tail.


Some may be approved regardless of their sign-up to give them a chance at RPing. However I have the right to remove anyone who does not follow this RP's rules and the basic RP rules in the stickied thread. Those that I'm a bit cautious about, I will check their previous RP posts just so we don't have this thread locked.

Charley Silent - Ryu Shinto
starfighter4892 - Kyoshi Itou


Charley Silent
January 28th, 2008, 5:04 AM
Ill try this rp for now.

Name:Ryu Shinto
Clan Rank: Soume Clan 2nd Seat
Species: Ryoko- (Dragon/Fire) The Ryoko species is a mix of a dragon and a tiger (Cause the species name means dragon and tiger). A basic type of the Ryoko clan has the agile body of a dragon with an orange body and black stripes swirling around the body.
Description: The body itself has been thought to be originated from Rayquaza, because the body flies without real wings and twists like Rayquaza's body. Based on this design, the height is about 3'5'' at normal position. Ryu has a weight of 146 lbs and has yellow eyes.
Personality: Ryu is calm and collected most of the time, so nothing phases him. Charley dosent really care about other people, he does what's best for the clan.
Tsuki Henka/Moon Transformation: Tatsunokoku- The transformation makes Ryu turn red and his black stripes turn blue. The transformation makes Ryu powerful and fast for about an hour.
Other:Nothing else...

January 29th, 2008, 2:24 PM
OOC: Due to a lack of attention, I guess it would be reasonable if we just start the RP now. Maybe people will join throughout the RP.

Autumn leaves met the hard surface of stone as a three-tailed male figure sat on a branch, waiting for something to do. He was currently off-duty, and the closest meeting was in a hour. Under closer inspection, it was noticable that this figure had black fur and the middle tail was made out of ice. The figure also worn a black t-shirt and hakamas of the same color. Ruffled black hair, a bit spiky at the back; covered his face and the sides, though feline-like ears were protrouding out of it. He was busy staring at the red moon and the night sky, lost in thought.

As a member of the Soume clan, he was assigned to deal with the invaders from Sinnoh, Kanto, and Hoenn. They were humans, and a threat assuming the majority of them were trainers. However none were coming for a while from what he could tell. So Ikazuichi thought he could rethink his strategy. Before Ika just had to worry about the other clans. But now there was these new species of people never seen in the region and a large variety of Pokemon from those regions. It was even more annoying considering some of the more ignorant and stubborn members of them were rather accustomed to throwing a red and white sphere at whatever wasn't human.

It was strange, but Ikazuichi had to deal with these humans until the four main clans of the Izaku region found a solution. There were a variety of talking and a lot of clatter from horse-like pokemon dragging carrages across the cobblestone, wooden, or dirt streets making up most of the residential and commercial sections of the Izaku region. Most metal and electronics were reserved for those who could afford a lot of money or those in the clans or the industrial section.

Broken away from his train of thought, he found himself staring down at the main plaza of the Toku District. Some people were harassing each other and stalling the carrages for a while. He ignored them; feeling it'd be better if another clan member dealt with them.

Charley Silent
January 29th, 2008, 7:15 PM
As Ryoko came flying in, he stopped to check on Ika. As he noticed that a conflict was taking a place in the Toku District, he decided to fly over and reslove the problem to prrserve peace. As Ryu flyed in, some people watched in awe as a high ranking Soume member came there."Alright, all of yall, I don't care how you got into this mess, but I'm sorting it out and going on my way, understand?" The group nodded. "Good" said Ryu as he moved the carriages safely on the road to get going. "Now, don't don't this again, unless you have a REAL problem." siad Ryu as he flied on top of a tree, not knowing that Ika was on that tree.

January 30th, 2008, 1:01 AM
Can I please join?, If so I will put my information in now just in case.


Name: Kiyoshi Itou
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Clan Rank:Bezarui Clan, 4th Seat
Species: Seika (Fire/Wolf) - Seika meaning Sacred Fire is a large Fire Dog or Wolf, similar to Arcanine in looks and attitude. It has a red hot coat with a faint yellow mane that runs down its spine to the end of its tail.
Description: Identical looks to Arcanine but has a more of a temper and can hurt people giving serious burns. It is 6'6'' at normal height, it also has dark brown to blackish eyes.
Personality: Kiyoshi is calm at times but also very bad tempered. He likes to only work with his clan and himself. Usually has a tenancy to betray anybody who befriend him.
怒りの変形/Anger Transformation: When Filled With Rage, Kiyoshi falls to all fours. He Then fur breaks to the surface of his skin, he gets larger and his whole skeletal structure completely changes to suit the wolf form. His body temperature increases rapidly and can emit fire from his mouth.
Other: -None-

January 30th, 2008, 3:48 PM
Ikazuichi focused on the figure who landed on the longer branch of the sakura blossom tree he was on. The figure was a dragon and Ikazuichi noticed instantly when there was a distinct.

"Shinto-san, Second Seat I presume?" Ikazuichi asked the figure. Being an actual member of the clan (to the most literal extent), Ika would often be able to get extra free time from the missions. It was a bit of the bonus no one noticed, except those who knew him well enough. A calm area to rethink strategy was the best area to do so. While the more oreintal and sadly more annoying Toku Disirict wasn't the best, it would do for now. So Ikazuichi focused back in on his thoughts waiting until the figure would answer.

Charley Silent
January 30th, 2008, 5:21 PM
"So you finally had time to notice me, huh?" asked Ryu as he started to unwind. He had noticed Ika at certain clan meetings, but didnt really see him that often afterwards. As a high ranking member of the Soume Clan, it was Ryu's responsibility to check up on certain members to make sure they do their missions and that they do it correctly. It was also his responsibility to see that members attend a clan meeting whenever it takes place. As Ryu started to get back to his conversation, he added "Just came to check in on one of our higher ranking members. And next time, don't just wait for someone else to resolve the problems that happen between civilians. You have a good position in the clan, don't get it taken away." said Ryu as he started to fly away.

January 30th, 2008, 5:23 PM
The Anger felt the rage building up in him. He fell to his hand and knees, than the skeletal structure began to change. His legs warped to suit his wolf form as his wrists suited to the form also.

He looked out of his rage filled eyes and crying in rage. Red and black fur emerged to the surface of his skin. The tail bone broke out of the skin and developed rapidly into a large fiery tale. It seemed like minutes, Kiyoshi had become Seika, a fiery wolf. He growled and pounced on a rival clan member.

"Get off me, freak!" cried the rival clan member, trying to swipe at Seika. Seika picked the guy up with his teeth and hurled him into a cool calm river.

Charley Silent
January 30th, 2008, 5:45 PM
"Is there a problem here?" asked Ryu as he suddenly noticed the rival clan member. "Itou..." said Ryu as he started to work his way over to Kiyoshi. "Now apparently you didnt realize that he was a member of MY clan. Now I suggest you get him out of there, before you start a clan battle between us..." said Ryu as he took his place on the cherry blossom tree.

~Man, this job can get really tough.~ thought Ryu as the blossoms began to fall.

January 31st, 2008, 12:21 AM
Seika retrieved the rival clan member, he wasn't done with him yet. He slapped him a bit with his paws and them threw him into the ground. With that Seika fled back to his home in a nearby village.

The anger died out and the process of returning back to human occurred behind a tree near the village. Kiyoshi returned and weakly stood on his two feet and shuffled his way back into the village. Suddenly Kenji, Kiyoshi's landlord walked to him and struck him to the ground.

"Kiyoshi where is the money?"

"Wh...wh....what money?"

"The tax money"

"I don't have any money, you won't let me get a job"

"Your a Bezarui, your tough get up and say it to my face" finished Kenji who stood back, cracking his large knuckles. Kiyoshi began to fill angry but not angry enough to transform. He got to his feet and glared at Kenji who was about to attack.