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January 22nd, 2008, 2:27 AM
I have started a group that breeds Pokemon that may be hard to find or obtain in the game, or just ones they want to breed, and give them to others through the GTS for pretty much anything ;]
If you wanna check out what there is, or be a member of the alliance, go to here:
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Or post here if you wanna join!

January 22nd, 2008, 3:03 AM
Hello I wouldnt mind helping out being a breeder. I have about 250 pokemon, In cluding the completed first generation pokedex.

January 22nd, 2008, 4:00 AM
Sure, help is loved, tell me what pokemon you will breed at first, and where people can contact you at

January 22nd, 2008, 4:55 PM
You can't advertise your site in your post. Feel free to just "create" or run a breeding alliance here or put the link in your sig. Thanks.

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January 22nd, 2008, 5:56 PM
Im a Reasonably good breeder and am willing to help as long as you help with my future PC events.Just need help with breeding the pokemon needed for he events.

February 3rd, 2008, 2:06 AM
Im a reasonably good breeder, PM me if u need me