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January 24th, 2008, 11:15 AM
Final Fantasy Tactics - The Magitek War
Being made with RMXP

Just before the happenings of Final Fantasy Tactics - The war of the lions.

When airships still ruled the air and Magitek soldiers walked the streats Ivalance was at peace at last... or was it... Unknown to the kingdom a rebel bagan creating stronger Magitek Soilders so he himself could rule over Ivalance. Soon a great war of powers broke out between the kingdom and this rebel... peace was no more... Are you ready Young squire the fate of Ivalance rests in your hands. Ready your sword and prepare for a battle.

We Need

Tile Spriter \ Ripper - Open

Char Spriter \ Ripper - Open

Graphic Designer - Open

Scripter - Open

Researcher - Open

Tactical Battle System - Gubid

Game Status - 5%
Map Status - 0%
Sprite Status - 0%
Database Status - 40%

January 24th, 2008, 11:54 AM
Pretty good storyline, but it would have been much better to keep the game consistant with the Final Fantasy series. Magitek is used in VI, not in any of the games that have Ivalice as the setting (The Ivalice Alliance), and VI doesn't have a named region/world/etc. The world is definitely not Ivalice, though. Also, where are the characters? It wouldn't be a Final Fantasy game without memorable characters (And remember to include Cid). Well, so far, all you really have is a basic outline of a Final Fantasy game, but once you build upon the basic idea, it could become pretty good.