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July 10th, 2004, 8:23 AM
I decided to yet again make a Art thread (My old one- I just sort of forgot about it), though this time it's not based on all chibis. Okay, maybe 3/4's of it is, but who cares! XD

This is a thread were I post completly random art of mine, yet I do not take requests yet, for I don't have a scanner (Yet), and if I did, I'd post my real work, not my 'mouse-work', etc.

You can suggest Pokmon (Seeing as I'll devote most of my time to Pokmon chibis), however.
Enjoy! ^__^
The Smoochum Chibi-No exact name- One of my oldies. Though has a better, newer, cuter, background, which makes it better than before.

The Meowth Chibi-Part of Every Meowth's Day-Another one of my old ones. Keh heh, a little Meowth!

The Mew Chibi-The Delivery- I made this a couple hours ago. Yep. I love it! It's one of my favorites! (Heh, sorry, had to add that.)

July 10th, 2004, 8:24 AM
Theyre soooooo cute! ^ ^
Great Job, Andra! ^ ^

July 10th, 2004, 8:37 AM
I love them Andra! ^_^ I especially like your meowth!

July 10th, 2004, 9:03 AM
Thanks Casty! Thanks Karli!
Hopefully, more *new* ones will be up soon! Suggestions please!

July 10th, 2004, 9:05 AM
Yar welcome XD
Make a Clefairy! =3

July 10th, 2004, 9:34 AM
Okay... I'll try to start it on Monday.
Raven: Why Monday?
Because my parents only let me use the computer for a limited time.
Week days, however, I can go on as long as my heart desires! XD
Raven: Which is all day, and night. _;

July 10th, 2004, 9:38 AM
Okaye! I can wait ^ ^
Yesh! I saty in the computer all day and night too =P

July 10th, 2004, 10:27 AM
Yay!! I'm so happy you started an art thread!! ^^ Can you do a chibi Spearow? They're kind of hard to make them look cute...they always look so mean! ^^ I still like the Smoochum the best!

July 10th, 2004, 1:07 PM
Okay! I can try to do one...
And since you did my two requests on your art thread, I'll start on it today. ^~

Jesus Freak Josh
July 10th, 2004, 1:25 PM
Nice work Andra! :)
Can't wait for your next ones! Or until you're doing requests! :)

July 10th, 2004, 5:31 PM
Thanks yet again!
Skye, I finished the Spearow chibi you suggested... Here it is! ^^
I call it.. Er... Day at the Beach? ^^;

July 10th, 2004, 5:32 PM
Thats so cute Andra! ^^ Are you planning on doing more?

July 10th, 2004, 5:38 PM
Heh heh, yes I am! Don't worry, more to come!
Now, if only I could find the next Pokmon to draw... Hmm...

July 10th, 2004, 5:40 PM
What about a Dratini or something? Or some more baby pokemon?

July 10th, 2004, 5:43 PM
Andra, it's so cute!! And on the beach too! I love it! Can't wait to see what you make next! ^^

July 10th, 2004, 5:46 PM
Thanks, Skye! Glad ya guys like it! =p
Hmm... A Dratini? Maybe...
Oh, yes, a baby Pokmon! Yep! Next one will be a suprise...

Jesus Freak Josh
July 10th, 2004, 6:04 PM
Cool! Can't wait! How about Zapdos after?

July 10th, 2004, 6:10 PM
A Zapados one?
[Clicks tounge]
Maybe sometime next week, if I have time. ^^

July 10th, 2004, 6:14 PM
w00t! The Spearow is zoo zoomed cute ^ ^
Keepy the good work!

July 10th, 2004, 6:25 PM
Okay, thanks Casty! =D
Well... Actaully.... I'm not going to draw a baby one, after all. ^^;
But it's still a secret! =3

Jesus Freak Josh
July 10th, 2004, 6:26 PM
Stop keeping me in suspense! *Cries*

July 10th, 2004, 6:35 PM
Weeell, let's just say it's a Electric ty- Oops! Wasn't supposed to say that! ^^;
And it's well underway.... Sorta. XD

July 10th, 2004, 6:38 PM
So its either an Elekid or a Pichu ^ ^
Gawh! I cant wait to see more!

July 10th, 2004, 6:46 PM
Nope, Casty! I said that I wasn't going to do a baby one, after all. :P
Heh heh... You'll never guess it! X3

Jesus Freak Josh
July 10th, 2004, 6:47 PM
Let's see. It can only be:

Am I right?

July 10th, 2004, 6:52 PM
Erp... It's one of them. XP
Okay, but still, all I'm going to say is that this is a sort of un-appreciated Pokmon, well, maybe not, but overlooked...

July 10th, 2004, 6:57 PM
XD I created'em...
*they picture are in my DeviantART ^ ^*

July 11th, 2004, 9:04 AM
OOOH! They're so cute! MAKE MORE!

July 11th, 2004, 11:08 AM
I will, don't worry SPon! ^^
Now let's see... Just a few dabs of paint here and there, and I'll be done! =P

Jesus Freak Josh
July 11th, 2004, 1:17 PM
Hey Scarlet, you can draw WAY better than me IMO. But Skye thinks it's good especially considering I used paint!

Anyways, can't wait for your next art! It will be great!

July 11th, 2004, 4:22 PM
Ooh, thank you! I feel... Fuzzy inside. XD
Hopefully, I'll be done with it tommorrow.

[Sings] Oh scanner, I wish you were miiiine, you're reallly deviiiine! The hero who scaaaaans picturesss!

July 17th, 2004, 4:53 PM
Can you make me one? Please big sis? A Vulpix?

Jesus Freak Josh
July 17th, 2004, 5:32 PM
A brother begging a sister. How nice!
Anyways, Andra, you said you'd be done soon!

July 17th, 2004, 8:11 PM
Tada! Here it is!
Suprised you, eh? Not too good but, what the heck! I call it Underwater: Tranquility..

Jesus Freak Josh
July 17th, 2004, 8:19 PM
It's so cute!
So are you going to make one for UC?

July 17th, 2004, 8:22 PM
Well, seeing as he is my little brother, I might give it a shot. Maybe. =P

Thankies! [Bows]

Jesus Freak Josh
July 17th, 2004, 8:22 PM
Can you make me a Pichu one? *Does Puss In Boots eyes*

July 17th, 2004, 8:23 PM
Aw, okay. I'll try to do it sometime next week, and the Vulpix one as well...

Jesus Freak Josh
July 17th, 2004, 8:24 PM
YAY!!!!!!!!!!! *Hugs*
I'm going to try and do a MaH comic.

July 17th, 2004, 8:25 PM
Really? That's neat! I'm working on a picture, sorta manga style, of Terra... Heh.

Can't wait to see your comic! ^^;

July 18th, 2004, 8:44 AM
:) All those pictures are really cute! ^^ Can you do me one of Jirachi?

July 25th, 2004, 3:53 PM
Er.... Okay, I decided to try my hand at sprites... Here are some!

The obviously made from a Charmander one is called Glacandar, and the other I call Rage Rapidash. Heh. Not very good, I'm afraid.

July 25th, 2004, 3:56 PM
Nah, why Afraid?
Those are really cool! The Glacander one is very well done ^.^
And the Rage Rapidesh is Evilnish! XD
Great job on those! ^_^

Jesus Freak Josh
July 25th, 2004, 10:00 PM
Those are GREAT Andra! Can't wait for more!

Dark Cloud
July 26th, 2004, 1:45 AM
I like them the cool and cute you know XDD.

July 26th, 2004, 3:58 AM
Well done on the sprites, Andra! Don't be so hard on yourself! ^^

July 26th, 2004, 6:26 AM
Well, alright. ^^;
Thank you, guys! 'Preciate it! {coughnow,ifonlymystory'sthreadwaslikethis....cough}

Er, no chibis this week, 'cause I'm in a spriting mood... Anyways, back to the drawing board! {Goes off to conjure more}

July 26th, 2004, 7:53 AM
Nyah! We want to see more of yar work! ^__^