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January 25th, 2008, 8:30 PM
10 years after Naruto and the gangs time, everything is peaceful until several countries ancient and powerful clans turn up dead, usually dismemebered and body parts missing. It appears that a group of Ninjas are killing off powerful clans(usually with a Kekkei genkai) of different Hidden Villages. That means that The Hidden Village in the Leaves is one of the biggest targets, for it has some of the most powerful clans in the world: The Hyuuga and the revived Uchiha clans.

Part the story follows the path of Wulfric Karibi, as he discovers what he truly is an experiement to revive a dead clans Kekkei Genkai, the Karibi's were Firestarters. Wulfric begins to train for revenge against the man who did it to him, Dr. Hakumei. He is being trained by the man who helped him escape from being used as a weapon, Kyuukon, who has an alter ego know as Syiaba who was the Leak Killer.

Syiaba who after helping Wulfric escape was tortued and genetically altered by Dr. Hakumei to be used as a weapon for his organiztion that steals Kekkei Genkai, Dusk. He forced the personality of Syiaba into Kyuukon in hopes of using him as a weapon. But Syiaba hated Dr. Hakumei and escaped.

Later Syiaba learned that he was after a powerful Kekkei Genkai, he attacked that village with the assitance of the Root, a secret organiztion within Konoha Village's Anbu. He killed all but two, a young boy named Ark who was rescued by Adolphian Shiniga who was a friend and protector of the boys parents. He took the boy to Konoha. The other survior was a girl who was older than Ark at the time, she was kept as a trump card for Syiaba to use against Dr. Hakumei.

Exactly one month after the conclusion of the previous Arc, part two will feature new twists, new enemies, and new characters in general. Everyone has spent the last month training, sleeping, or learning. The Jonin are preparing to make their move, and the Chuunin and Genin have grown accustomed to their new and improved skills.

The fight has just begun how will you help decide the outcome?

All regular rules and keep it pg plz or get reported

Birth Country:
Secondary Weapons:
Primary Weapon:
Curse Seal or Demon:
NinJutsu: list only five of many jutsus and don't include basics
GenJutsu: Same as Ninjutsu
TaiJutsu: Same as Ninjutsu

January 26th, 2008, 11:41 AM
Name: Koumei Hyuuga
NickName: The Windcutter
Height: 5ft 18
Weight: 114
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birth Country: Fire
Village: village hidden in leaves
Rank Missing Ninja
Secondary Weapons::senbon and transarent glass shuriken
Primary Weapon: An axe head attached with a chain held in the left hand to a handle(extends with chakra] he uses it to shred wind with wind cutting chi.
Personality:very calm and cool headed, but is really sly...likes to follow orders except in dire conditions, uses more actions than words. He likes to hide his motives
Appearance: wear a black mouth protector for gases(most ninjas do] black ninja suit for assasination with signs on them, his hair is brown and uncovered...has silver guards and bearings on his suit.
Curse Seal or Demon: Sanbi
Bloodlimit: Byakoogan
NinJutsu: Kamikaze divebomb (head first], feng tengokyu no jutsu, dragon clouds,
GenJutsu: ascending dragon, spiral torture wave
TaiJutsu: zantetsu assault with feet that shred air, axe chain assault(he uses his rimary weapon to wrap round foe, raises him with the weaon and releases with speed in the sky resulting to wicked injuries.
History: Originally, he was born as an older descendant to Neji, and when born, Sanbi was hidden in him by a kazekage from the village hidden in sand using shiki fuugin no jutsu, this was done to hide the creature from being caught again by akatsuki...he grew without anybody knowing of it even himself, he found this out from an old man... but when he found out that his clan was under threat he fled the village to save his own skin...thats the most known about him.

January 26th, 2008, 4:00 PM
(So when you say new characters....We can't be any from the anime,right?)

January 26th, 2008, 5:08 PM
yes, you can be a character from the show and all hokages were resureccted

January 27th, 2008, 4:27 AM
Hey am i in or not...and if guys can be from the show then would it mean that i am the weakest

January 30th, 2008, 3:01 PM
Name: Cou (Cuu) Askigi
NickName: N/A
Height: 156.7 cm
Weight: 87.4 lbs
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Birth Country: Konohagure
Village: Konohagure
Secondary Weapons: Paper Bomb, Flash Bomb, Explosive Kunai
Primary Weapon: Kunai Knives
Personality: Cou is more of a loner and somewhat pessimistic. Though he vaguely looks at the bright side of things, Cou is extremely cocky, and is never one to quickly give up a fight. Cou doesn't exactly like to smile alot, mostly because he's never actually in a good mood, and when he is actually happy, you can barely ever tell.
Appearance: Cou has a very basic appearance. He wears a long shirt with sleeves which surpass his arms greatly. He has your tall stereotypic anime style brown hair. He has long grey pants and your average blue ninja sandals. He wears a bandana over his eyes, for his Kekkei Genkai forbids him to ever see the world for what it is...
Curse Seal or Demon: Cou's Kekkei Genkai is actually a demon which slips within the whoom of a pregnant women of the Askigi every 1000 years, presenting the child with the Kekkei Genkai, the Onikuro. If the child is to every see the world with clear eyes, then it'll be the end of the world, because of that the day he was born he blindfolded. He was never to remove this blindfold until the day he dies. Though he's blindfolded he can still see, just not clearly.
Bloodlimit: Onikuro. Read Curse seal of demon.
NinJutsu: N/A
GenJutsu: N/A
TaiJutsu: N/A
History: The day Cou was born he was blindfolded for life. He was somewhat feared by his own clan and all who surrounded him, and because of it, his father didn't want him to enter the ninja academy. Never the less he did, and graduated. Cou is capable of learning, ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu, but isn't interested in advanced techniques.