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January 27th, 2008, 10:38 AM
Note to all- This is a completely original RPG, with no franchise. The stuff in the plot that is "ironic" shall be explained later... Anyways, here is Titans.


In the Xorirox Galaxy, on the peaceful planet Skrygas… a new age is dawning.

The world is about the size of Earth, and has a good atmosphere- 75% oxygen, 20 percent nitrogen, and 5% other. The two poles are covered in frozen land masses, covered in icy mountain peaks and snowy plateaus. Then, we have two continents. One, in the north, is covered in coniferous forests, leading into lush river valleys, great plains, and a gigantic mountainous rainforest to the south. It is known as Reiuka. It does not have many cities, but has many, many natural resources, and most of the 4 industrialized, technological nations, 3, to be exact, live there. The other continent, to the south, has desert riddled with faults and volcanoes at the top of the continent, and then some barren tundra. It also has a lush mountain grassland on one patch of the eastern side, covered in deciduous trees, and a jungle on the west. It is a smaller continent, and other than the industrial country on the eastern side, the continent is a cobbling of insecure dictatorships with starving masses and a dissentful population. Some other habitable areas in the north and south also exist. This continent is aptly named Hell. Well, aptly named by our standards. They don’t know about our “Hell” edgewise.

The oceans are deep, and are a deep dark blue in color. Skies are red, and clouds are black and gold. Storm clouds are green. One species rules these countries: a creature known to itself as Man. Ironic, ain’t it. Well, they look completely different. They are much taller, and are also much more muscular. Their bodies have no hair, except on the head, and they have three eyes. On their backs are wings. Depending on genetics, there can be two to twelve wings on each Man. Females are called Women. Also quite ironic. This species has the ability to fly, withstand incredible pressure, and breath underwater. Their body structure is humanoid. In addition, their senses of sight and hearing are incredible. They also used to have magic… in the old days.

You see, the world of Skrygas once had deities, known as Titans. There weren’t a lot of them- just enough to represent each facet of nature. They helped early men, and brought civilization to the creatures. They also blessed certain individuals with magic like theirs- in a smaller scale. However, once the tribulations of one man named Lucifer came and passed, his disciples spread false lies about his life, and quickly converted the population, which caused the titans to flee. Now, however, the northern continent believes in no god, but the south is ardent in its fundamentalist ways. Now, people, both men and women, are being given random powers as the magic emanations of the Titans grow stronger. They are known as Disciples. This comes at a bad time- the two continents are tense with each other, and war could break out. Each civilized northern country, as well as the eastern country on the southern continent, uses advanced robot soldiers to fight. The 3rd World countries use human infantry and technology seen by us in modern countries today. Anyways, these people are persecuted and hunted by the southern continent. They strive to strike down Lucifer’s religion. However, they have no support from Reiuka either. You are one of these magic people. You will have a lot of power, but not all of it. Your job is to destroy the false religion so that the Titans may return to the world. Below is some essential info.

Countries of Reiuka: Note: All Democracies.
Yaokonus- This country takes the extreme eastern 3/8 of the northern forests, about half of the river valley, none of the plains, and 1/3 of the rainforest in the south. It is a leading producer of metal products, as well as bradium, a resource that powers all modern technology. They have the best army, and Yaokonus is a medium populated country. It is renowned for its waterfalls, and snorkeling on the eastern beaches.

Memnox- They take ¼ of the upper forest, 1/8 of the river valley, the eastern half of the plains, and 1/3 of the rainforest. They have the most cities, the largest population, and they grow the most food. However, their military is the weakest on Reiuka- without a lot of bradium or metal, they can’t really get a good army going. However, they are leaders in agricultural production.

Sinophi- This country takes 3/8 of the northern forests, 3/8 of the river valleys, the western half of the plains, and 1/3 of the southern rainforest. They specialize in luxury goods- spices, dye, incense, furs, ivory, gems, and gold- making them a rich country. The least populated of the countries, it has the 2nd best army from its powerful trade networks with Yaokonus.

Countries of Hell:
Naigian- This country is the one in the eastern grasslands. It has no real cash crop, but rather a bit of everything. They, being an isolationist democracy, do not trade. They have many citizens, mostly atheist. The fundamentalist hold on Naigian dropped after many centuries of increasing isolation. They do not contact other countries, but they may have to if war breaks out.

Jiwo- This small country is on the western rainforest. Constantly plagued by storms and swarms, they are a sparsely populated country. Over many years, government rule has switched from fascism to communism to anarchy to anything other than democracy or republic. Right now, it is ruled by an oligarchy of the rich, educated people. It has the second strongest army on Hell, behind the robot forces of Naigian. They are fundamentalist, but atheists have a tiny resurgence in some small isolated pockets of Jiwo. They also do not trade- a lot of fruit trees as well as a few sources of special oil (no greenhouse gas produced) and simple steel give them plenty of self sufficience.

Nyahu- This country occupies the center of the northern desert. It is a habitable pocket, filled with flat plains, barren of wood. With the plains, there grain production is high. However, they do not have a lot of people- the few trees make up the few houses of the land. Most of the food and other resources needed are traded for money. They have a happier population than the other countries- a small grouping of the very rich. Any others suffer- communist rule has destroyed many people, who opposed the rich industries joining the government to escape sharing wealth.

Tartarus. This large country borders Nyahu and Jiwo. It is filled with starving, diseased masses, and is filled with conflict. The two resident tribes always fight, and government switches between the two. Due to their fighting, a lot of land is either reservations or death camps for whichever tribe isn’t ruling. Wracked by genocide and civil war, most of their former resources are gone, and millions often die of starvation. Their government always changes- right now, it is a fascist government ruled by the eastern tribe. Their fascism makes Nyahu and Jiwo tense towards them. They are the weakest country, and the most fundamentalist.

Bonng- This country takes up the rest of Hell. It is filled with a ton of citizens, and has no natural resources. Ruled by monarchy. They often trade with Nyahu for food. Their citizenship is somewhat happy, but not completely satisfied. They are second weakest, and their lack of resources will come back to haunt them in case of a civil war.

Races: None. If from Tartarus, say which tribe. People can be any color, but white and black people are rare, so only one black (pitch black, brown is fine) and one white. In Tartarus, the eastern tribe is brown, while the western tribe is yellow.

Titans: Duh.
Titan of The Cosmos- Vader
Yeah, yeah SW reference. Well, this titan is about the height of Olympus Mans. Pitch black in color, his pattern is a hexagram on his head, and lines and circles like those on Groudons armor everywhere else. They glow white, as do his massive eyes. He is like a gigantic human. He is slender, but has some muscle. His whole body is like starry armor, except his head. He is fast, and can create vortexes into time and space whenever he pleases. He is a calm, wise Titan, and thinks before he acts. He is also a loner, but will socialize when he feels like it. He has red hair in a spiked style.

Titan of Metals- Samus
Metroid Reference!!! Anyways, she is as tall as Vader. She is golden in color, and made of metal completely. She has silvery gray eyes. Her pattern is a swirling pattern of curves all over her body. It is symmetrical. Her chest is noticeable, to say the least. Her hair is orange, molten metal, in a style that falls to her breasts in the front, and to the end of her neck in the back. She is very muscular and active, and does think before she acts. However, she is not as calm as Vader. She can summon and use metal for any purpose. Like all the Titans, she is nude- no private parts though.

Titan of Inferno- Dante
This male titan is shorter than Vader, about 1 ft shorter. He is white in color, and made completely of lava. He has blue eyes, made of flame. Due to his lava, his pattern is a plate of rocks, in a three row system. First, there are 7 small black rocks covered in a glowing red fiery pattern. Then, there are 3 medium sized black rocks, with more of the same red fire pattern. Then, there is one large rock, with a lot of the red fire pattern. The largest rock covers his heart. He is energetic, and has a short temper. He is also very, very violent- and loves to destroy any men in his path of fiery rage. He, however, is also charming- that is why the others tolerate him. He is extremely brawny, and values his fiery muscles. He has no hair.

Titan of Lightning- Kumorai
This female titan is the same height as Dante. Her main body is made of black clouds, charged with electricity. She is quite muscular, but also slim. She has a noticeable chest. Her pattern is squares within squares in the center, with lines going out from each corner. It is the same on her back. Her arms, and head, have lightning symbols all over them, in pairs of the symbol in opposite directions. Her hair is lightning, and it flows down to her chest, and all the way down her neck.

Titan of Ice- Endross
This male titan is the same height as his counterpart, Dante. He is ice blue in color, and made out of ice. And a bit of snow and wind. He is slim, and has no visible muscle. His limbs are jagged icicles, with his chevron pattern carved into them. In the center of his chest is circles within circles, and the chevrons spread from there. His hands are swirling snow, as are his feet. His eyes are deep blue, and look glossed over… like ice. His torso is transparent ice, but his innards are blocked by snow. He is calm, cool, and cautious- and quiet. He barely talks, and he disappears whenever he wants. The others almost ignore him, but they don’t really mind him. They know of his drifting, vagabond life. His hair is avalanches in the back, continuously going, and the snow pile ends at his forehead.

Titan of Earth- Renela
This female titan is about 6 ft shorter than Dante, Kumorai and Endross. She is made of various rock components. Her pattern is that of a triangle in the center, with triangles spreading in a straight line from all three vertices. She is muscular, very muscular, and has a husky, big build, with a medium chest size. Her eyes are green sand. Her main body is made of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, mixed with marble, obsidian, and granite in a random assortment. Her arms are made of swirling rusty red sands with the aforementioned jewels mixed in. Her hair is made of obsidian and the red sand. She is energetic, but not that smart. She believes that force is power, and uses over-the top tactics to win. She also has a short temper, but not around the fellow Titans- she is generally nice to them, and well liked.

Titan of Sky- Erozeph
This male titan, the same height as Renela, is made of winds. He is slim, and has no muscle. His body is made of swirling breezes, all of it. It is high density, though, so Erozeph doesn’t dissipate. His curly hair is made of tornadoes. He is a nice, charismatic Titan, and enjoys visiting people. He also enjoys travel. His pattern is a counterclockwise current of blue air, which has lines going out, curving around the arms, and going straight down the back. In the center of his palms are circles.

Titan of Water- Nami
This female titan is about 3 ft shorter than Renela and Erozeph. She is made of pristine blue water, in a calm state. She has a smaller chest than most of the female Titans, save Renela, and is not muscular- she is slim. Her personality is calm and happy- rarely is she angered. She is very nice to most people, and is well liked among her comrades. Her pattern is an upside down triangle in the center, with curving rivers raging out from the triangle. Her hair is a white waterfall, starting as a river in the front, and raging at her back.

Titan of Plants- Gaia
This female titan is as tall as Nami. She is extremely thin, and has no muscle. Her chest is the same size as Nami’s. She is made of vines, with thorns, trees with fruit, and various types of flowers. Her pattern is a tree top in the center, with flowers going out from it across her body. It would be a black circle with lotus symbols on a man or woman. She is quiet, but can be angered if provoked. She is also solitary, and everyone leaves her alone.

Los Rules:
1) All Pokecommunity RPG Rules apply.
2) No Bunnying
3) No God-Mode
4) No Flaming
6) Be literate.
7) My sign-up shall be posted later, or edited into this. As a note, I am the disciple of Vader.
8) Obey sign-ups.
9) You Can be a fundamentalist or an atheist. No preference. Or you can be moderate. Either or.
10) Obey rules
11) Call me Brad
12) Have Fun!

Sign Ups-

Home Country
Tribe (Only for those of Tartarus)
Description- How they look and dress. 5+ lines por favor
Personality- How they act, their demeanor, and how they react. Also include hobbies, etc.
History: Duh.

Pyronic- White skin, Dante
Brad- Dante Xavier Matthews VI (Vader)

January 31st, 2008, 11:58 AM
Brad, i say this as a friend: i think this idea is crazy(lol)

ahh what the heck, it could be fun, reserve a spot for me and ill make my character tomorrow.

January 31st, 2008, 5:29 PM
I'm sorry Brad, but Atheism has nothing to do with Hell or demons. Actually a proper Atheist wouldn't believe in either of those things. Please don't toss the term around so loosely. As an Atheist, I'm more than a little offended by the rule "everyone is an atheist no matter where they are from", you're only promoting the stereo types and making it rough for the real atheists who already have enough trouble being misunderstood in the real world.

Please educate yourself before saying something so ridiculous.

January 31st, 2008, 5:35 PM
Alright- I meant to change that. Anyways, I mean that the atheists don't believe in the religion of the other countries, but also don't believe the Disciples. Besides, this ain't Earth- completely different world, cultures, etc. This egregious error will be changed, sir. Thank you for pointing it out.

February 4th, 2008, 5:47 PM
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