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January 28th, 2008, 4:38 PM
Reserved spot for the banner

Notes: This is an RP I co-designed with a friend of mine another forum, who is known as Eeveeking929 or Galacdragon, alternatively. If you're wondering why the name Nocturne is in the banner, it was my original username on PokeDream forums, my main forum. On the topic of the banner, credit to LSUKid of PE2K. Also, there are few things from this that have been taken from Oblivion, World of Warcraft, or various other fantasy games.

Revision to the Notes: Since I cannot yet post a URL, I'll upload the banner once I can. Thanks.

The world has just exploded. Exploded with excitement. Finally, after 5 years of promises and hype, a new video game, no, the new video game, Real Fiction, has come out. What's more, due to some of the lovely qualities of the game, it's completely free, and there are billions in stock. This game is
incredible, an enormous world, with a thousand different servers, different ways to play, different things to do, everything. And whats more is that
everyone plays it because it's the most advanced game there is. A thousand years ahead of our time, it's an entire virtual world in there, with real variables, real characters and an ever changing cast of NPCs, with an ever-changing array of quests. Very little of them is ever scripted, their voices are all synthesized. The world has a full history, from the dawn of time to the games modern day which is real life's fantasy world. The rulers of the land are also always changing, as some may be killed, others dead of old age, the occasional usurper, etc. I bet you're dying to know the plot of the game, aren't you? Well, this is it.

You start out the game molding your character. It can be one of 5 (upgradeable online) different races, and can be molded in any way possible. The way this works is by using a feature the game comes with. It's a new kind of controller called the mind scanner. It's a small circular pad that goes on a surface in front of you. The rim is metal, but the inside is just large enough to fit your hand (multiple sizes available), and is in the form of a gel pad. You rest your hand on the gel pad, and it sinks in gently, and then sends a sort of shock wave through your body that leaves it temporarily paralyzed, until you choose to leave the game of course. All of your bodies signals are still going though, because they are being re-routed into the hand, allowing you to move your character's body at will, i any way you choose. It also allows you to see through the characters eyes. But in the first part, it merely lets you re-form your character in any way you choose. Next your character wakes up in some place, and where that is determines your first quest, the tutorial quest. Once that is completed, you have free roam over the virtual world. You can do anything, buy a horse, go on quests for random people you don't know, anything. There are even a few jobs that you could take, but don't worry, they're interesting and exciting jobs. What's even more is, as your character is doing this stuff, your body is still receiving the exercise that your character is getting, so the running you do has no physical downside in the game, i.e. you won't get tired or sore.


All right, that's what's going on in the game world. Now, here's what the Roleplayers will be doing, and that's also what makes it interesting. You will be average people in the real world who are rising to the top in this MMO called Real Fiction. You will not only play the game, but you must also live your everyday teenage life as well, taking in inspiration for problems you're having in the game from real life, or planning battle strategies and tactics with your friends. Make grudges and enemies, fight monsters and warriors, and please, try to remember the difference between reality and fiction.


Races: Note: A few of these stolen from Oblivion, but only two names are stolen

Human: This is a duh. Humans in game are the same as they are now, and if you choose the human class, you're abilities will be exactly the same. Same strength, same speed, same skill. On the other hand, the virtual world is more than 50% humans, and they take more kindly to their own species.
+0 in all stats
+2 in People Relations (Human)

Argonian: A race of amphibious lizard people. They stand like humans, walk like humans, talk like humans, but they have lizard-like bodies except that those bodies are bipedal, they have tails, they have scales, usually in red for males and green for females, and they stand somewhat taller than the average humans. Not noted for being able to get along with other species, but they are able to breathe underwater, and are resilient to most poisons, as well as being fast, able-bodied swimmers and excellent magic wielders.
+3 Swimming
+1 Magic
-1 People Relations

Avialan: Bird people. Well, not really bird people. They look the most like humans out of any of the other species except fro humans themselves, but they have wings (making them looks somewhat like angels except the wings aren't always white), and their heads are much more pointed horizontally. They're wings aren't powerful enough to fly, but they can hover for a short while, and they can glide from high heights. They happen to be very good with arrows, and don't usually have any problems with any other races except for Wilren.
+2 Speed (hovering)
+2 Arrows
-1 People Relations (Wilren)

Wilren: The somewhat savage cat people of the North. Wilren, like all races, are humanoid, except that they have claws instead of hands and feet, are really fast on all fours, and their faces look like a cross between a cat an a human, with cat-like eyes and nose. They excel in swordplay, and pride themselves on being the fastest race around, except for the Avialan, which they hate because it's only their wings that let them be so fast.
+2 Speed (all fours)
+2 Swords
-1 People relations (Avialan)

Shadow: A form of demon that is well known for their sneaking skills, and receive much prejudice from others for it. Whereas in this world a black person would be automatically suspected in a murder case in a bad area, when it comes to a robbery no matter where you are, most of the time the main suspect will be a shadow. Their forms are exactly like humans, except in silhouette form, so it would look almost like a shadow of a man. They are able to blend in with shadows, and their hands are very soft, almost like putty, so they serve as instant lock-picks, so you never run out. Unfortunately, their fighting skills are sub-par.
-2 all weapon stats and Strength
+5 Sneaking

Orcs: Not exactly what you'd call the brightest in the bunch... in fact, you might go so far as to call them the dullest, but their brute strength more than makes up for it. They tend to be large and burly, with green skin and bad breath. The males are mostly bald, but those few who do have hair and for females as well, their hair generally tends to come in red or black shades.
-5 Intelligence
+5 Strength

Bretons: These little creatures are short little guys, not so good with the physical stuff, but they are incredible when it comes to magic, and they're super intelligent. They tend to look for the most part like humans, except for their unusually bright colored hair and bright eyes.
+5 Intelligence
+5 Magic
-3 everything else

Elves: The most powerful magical force there is. These guys can live for centuries, giving them plenty of time to master their mystical powers. They come in three different types, each of whom study a different form of magic. Elves are usually much taller than humans, about 6 and a half feet on average, and generally have very fair skin. They also look like humans for the most part, excluding their tapered ears.
+3 Magic


High Elves: A form of elf whose powers lie in the day. They are very pompous about their place in the world, and consider most races barbarian. Out of all the elves, they make the best close combat warriors.
+2 Light Magic
-2 Dark Magic
+2 Swordsman

Dark Elves: A form of elf whose powers lie in darkness. They are creatures of the night, and as such, bright day-light can harm them if the proper equipment is not kept in place. They are, however, the supreme race of the Underdark. They make excellent assassins and dark mages as well.
+2 Dark Magic
-2 Light Magic
+2 Sneak

Wood Elves: A form of elf who is one with nature. Whereas Dark Elves align with the night and High Elves with the brightness of day, Wood Elves are generally neutral on that, choosing no particular stance on war or ethics.. To that end, they are one with nature, and can use elemental and natural magic quite easily.
+2 Nature Magic
+2 Marksmanship
-2 Leadership

Rosewinds: Rosewinds are a race of floral women. Ye, they are all women. Get the exciting thoughts through your heads boys. Done yet? Good. Rosewinds are beautiful women who are incredibly skilled in nature magic and healing. The look very much like human women, with the exception of having green skin, and their heads. Their heads are floral. Excluding the cheeks, mouth, and chin, the entire head is a flower. They also have eyes, but those are hidden within the petals, and can see easily, but are not easily seen. Because of their female only race, they reproduce in two ways. They can cross with a Willow, creating a Rosewillow, or, more likely, they place one hand against the ground and plant a small seed. For thirteen years that seed will grow into a giant flower bud, and, on the thirteenth anniversary of it's planting, will blossom. In the center of that blossom will be a thirteen year old girl, looking completely human. The girl will have all of the knowledge that one would expect a thirteen year old to have, and within a few years, her skin will become green and her flower will grow. (Notice: If you select Rosewind and your Rosewind is thirteen years old (can not be younger), and only if your RW character is a thirteen year old girl, then you are allowed to put Same as your appearance, except you must include a type of flower, which will become the girl's life flower, sort of like how each state has it's own state flower. Because of the nature of this, you are also exempt from history if you make her just being born. However, for both of these you must A. Be Tier Three, B. have a kickass (well written and very interesting) Real World sign-up, and C. I don't have a C, but still, A. and B. both apply)

Willow: Willows, like Rosewinds, are people of plants, except that they are all male. Because they are male, they are incapable of reproducing as Rosewinds do, making them a dying race. They appear similar to humans, except that their skin is brown and they have leaves and branches in the place of hair. Their inevitable extinction is a shame, as aside from their inability to reproduce they were nature's greatest accomplishment. Able to live for thousands of years on end, strong, fast, skilled in all forms of close range weaponry, skilled at magic, and more in tune with nature then any other creature in the world. They are nature's elite warriors, but they are slowly dying off, one after another. (Note: Willows are not playable species. They are noted here because they are sentient creatures who can not be counted under random enemies as those are, for the most part, savage beasts.

Griffen: Most of the time Avialans and Wilren hate each other, but sometimes it's the opposite, instead they fall in love. And when a man and a woman love each other very very much... well in this case you get a Griffen. Griffen have the furry bodies of Wilren, but the wings and occasional talon hands of an Avialan, but instead of getting an avian or feline face, they usually have human faces. They have the speed of both of their races, and even a little bit more, but unfortunately because of the racism between the two races Avialans and Wilren both hate them.
+3 Speed
+2 arrows
-2 People Relations (Avialan, Wilren, and Gargoyles)

Gargoyles: The unholy spawn of a bird and a lizard. No, but seriously, Gargoyles are, for the most part, evil. The hybrid children of Argonians and Avialans, Gargoyles are basically Argonians with scaly leathery wings, a bit shorter, with grey skin and scales. While they don't have much weaponry ability, they can handle themselves with spears. However, they are greatly disliked by all due to their savage pillaging ways. They have some ability with alchemy, able to make good poisons, and those poisons almost always adorn their spears instead of in the enemies cups where they belong. Because Avialans are always fighting Wilren for supremacy when it comes to speed, that leaves the two flying races, Gargoyles and Griffen, to fight it out amongst themselves for dominance of the air.
+1 Speed
+2 all close-to-medium combat weapons
+2 Alchemy (poisons)
-2 People relations (-3 Wilren and Griffen)

Rosewillows: The scary stuff of legends. Because Rosewinds are comfortable with their current way of evading extinction and the recent squabbles between them and Willows, few Rosewillows are incredibly rare, but those that do exist are incredibly scary. They are the ultimate seductresses. A Rosewillow can live for thousands of years, retaining their beauty for all of it. From the moment they are born approximately half of them lose their souls, and that half grow to full size, gaining the knowledge that comes with age as they grow, within half an hour. Those who don't live rich fulfilling lives. Those who do travel the world, stopping in every town they come across, seducing some poor unsuspecting young man, and convincing him t take her backto his home. After what follows, she kills him. The other thing is Rosewillows can not be told from Rosewinds, as they look and act exactly the same up until the point of death. Because they are so rare few men will believe in it when they meet one, a fatal mistake always.


Guilds (open to updating)


Mage: Magical skills required. In the Mages Guild you take on quests designed to enhance your magical skills and give you special spells. One benefit to being in the Mages Guild is the Book of Spells. It is taboo to use another person's spell, but by writing a spell in there with the way the spell would work in mind (you MUST be very advanced in magic as well as with your operation of the controller to use this feature) will create the spells existence.

Thief: Get tossed in the slammer enough times for stealing and someone may just give you an invitation to join the Thieves Guild. The big thing about he Thieves Guild is the big money in it. Ordinarily you can't sell anything stolen, but through the Thieves Guild you can find out where there are some excellent people to sell to. Additionally, everyone will occasionally pull a big job together, and those who do choose to do this get a BIG slice of the pie.

Mercenary: Oh, you'll love the Mercenaries Guild. Like the Thieves Guild, you work for a lot of money. Unlike in the Thieves Guild, getting caught won't get you arrested. The downside? As a mercenary, you can't commit any crimes. At all. Ever. So, if you're into money and you're in to the good guy routine, enjoy. Otherwise, don't even come near their offices.

Brotherhood: No, not by blood. Let's say you kill some random person. Not anyone who's attacked you, not someone who got in your way while stealing, it has to be cold murder. Someone will approach you some time later, telling you about the Brotherhood, an elite Assassin's Guild. He will give you a task to kill someone. Should you succeed, you will be brought in as a Brother. Then, you will be tasked to kill people in certain ways. Should you succeed, you are given a special reward, a valuable knife, an enchanted jewel, something like that.

Bounty Hunter: Fun. I'll break it down. When someone commits a crime, then a bounty comes up on their head, and that bounty is put up on the bounty board in the offices of the Bounty Hunter's Guild everywhere. If you're a Bounty Hunter, you will be allowed to look at this board and take on these tasks. If you accept and go to find the bounty, then they will have to be taken in alive. You CAN'T KILL THEM, or else you don't get the bounty. It's as simple as that.

Gladiator Guild: Yeah, you guessed it. In the heart of the capital lies an coliseum known as the Imperial Arena. By joining the Gladiators Guild, you can compete in fight s for money. Not only do you get a standard fee, but for every win you make in the Arena, you get half of what people lost on official bets. It also grants you access to the Imperial Training Center, a place where you can improve your strength, speed, and agility. One downside is that you aren't allowed to use magic in Arena fights, so if you're a magic wielder and not a fighter, don't even try.

Bishop's Guild: A group of Paladins, Monks, and the like, wielders of powerful light magics, dedicated to eradicating the world of evil. They teach powerful light magics to those who join, but look down on all forms of crime. Therefore, the killing of anyone, thievery in any form, and just about anything that would get you sent to jail will get you kicked out of the Guild.

The "Sailing" Guild: Any idea why it's in quotations? Under false identification, the Sailing Guild actually called the Pirate's Guild, an exclusive invite-only Guild that takes crews of sailors on "diving expeditions" when in fact they go out and be what they are: pirates. As a pirate, you get yourself a lot of booty, and if you play your cards right, you may just be able to become captain of your own ship, with a full crew behind you.

Imperial Guard: Yes, come join the army. At this point in time the Imperial Guard serves as the police as well, taking in prisoners to the city's jail. The more people you bring in, the higher your rank goes. Just remember, any crime and you find yourself locked away and stripped of your rank, regiment, and any chance of re-joining for quite some time.

Necromancer's Guild: Join the Necromancer's Guild! No, seriously, one way or the other if you get the offer to join the necromancer's Guild you join the Necromancer's Guild. You can decline, and get killed, then brought back to life in the service. It's easier just to accept and work for them as a living person and not a zombie. That way you get to learn all of the fun of bringing dead stuff back to life. Soon, you'll have a small army of minions to work for you, all of them mindless zombies. Won't that be fun? Arch-enemy of Mages' Guild

The Ninja's Guild: Ninja. The silent killers. Funny, I thought that was what the broccoli I ate last night did to me. The Ninja's Guild is basically a fancier version of the Mercenaries' Guild. Actually, it's pretty much the same, but with more interesting jobs. Think a legitimate Assassin's Guild, but with crummier pay. Make a really big name for yourself as a speedy fighter, and they'll invite you to join, giving you access to a variety of new weapons including ranged weapons like shuriken and kunai. You will also gain access to a new kind of spell that is cast with hands instead of words, called a jutsu. They drain mor energy from you and are harder to remember, but they are also much more powerful and more useful in non-combat situations. If you make a name for yourself as a fast fighter, then a representative of the Ninja's Guild will approach you with an offer. Either refuse it, thus losing your chance to join forever, or accept, and become a full-fledged ninja, establishing your own ninja way and following the path you walk on. (Notice: The Real Fiction company has bought out the rights to Naruto as a franchise, and are not held liable to being sued. Don't believe us Naruto company? Check your stock total and compare it against ours. We have fifty-three percent. You have forty-seven.)


Rule the First: My word is LAW
Rule the Second: Momentarily I will be creating a discussion thread for people to make suggestions. If you don't like something, tell me there, not here. Anyone is free to post there.
Rule the Third: This is one RP where you're allowed to kill each other without permission, because the characters will just be respawned in their homes.
Rule the Fourth: Codes of conduct, rules of battle, they don't exist in the game. Rob anyone you want, pickpocket from people, break into homes and steal their stuff, do anything and everything you can to get other people's money and protect your own.
Rule the Fifth: When you kill an opponent, just because they are respawned doesn't mean their bodies just disappear. When you kill an enemy, feel free to search their bodies and take what they've got, and remember, if you kill a random person, you may just get a special invitation.
Rule the Sixth: Just because in-game there are no regular rules doesn't mean there aren't any rules. If you are caught committing a crime, a guard will catch you, and give you an option. You can either come to jail, or pay a fine, which will be the same as your current bounty. Pay it off, and you can go free. Don't, and you'll have to do time proportional to your bounty.
Rule the Seventh: Minor Romance is allowed, but please keep it PG, or I will have to hit you with this large wet noodle. *slaps giant noodle on ground like a whip*
Rule the Eighth: HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! or I will beat you with this large wet noodle. *slaps giant noodle on ground like a whip*


Sign-up sheet

Real World

Name: I'm happy with anything but Bob.

Age: 11-17 please

Gender: Go to the potty and find out first.

Appearance: A good sized paragraph

Personality: Do your best, this is one of the most important categories.

History: Do it as best you can, as this is one of the more important sections.

Real Fiction

RF Username: Not necessarily your PD Username. Have fun with it. This is just used to log in though, or to make sure your server is the same as a friends, or visit a friend's server.

RF Name: Not necessarily your real world name.

RF Age: whateva

RF Species: One of the many in this thread. You join a Guild as you go along.

RF Gender: I'm only going to say this once. You are allowed to pick a different gender than your Real World character, HOWEVER they are to be mature about it. No guys being girls for obvious reasons, because this game is specially censored. You can only change clothes in the menu screen, and you must directly change clothes, i.e. no just taking them off and not putting any others on.

RF Appearance: You are only allowed to say Same if your character is a human, and even then the rest of the entire sign up had better be REALLY good.

RF History: Since your character will have some history, Real Fiction's central processor, home to all of the servers and certified AI, will create an interesting back story for your character, but not too long.

January 28th, 2008, 11:23 PM
Still tinkering around with this. I have a question about the RP. What kinds of weapons can we use?

Real World

Name: Cain Ritham

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: Cain has dark black hair that is cut down quite short. He has cerulean eyes and a thin face. The rest of his body is thin shaped and scrawny. His clothing consists of a black hoody with no logo-s or markings. The hoody wears baggily on his frame. He wears dark jeans and white sneakers with black laces.

Personality: Cain feels outwards and inward. He has a reasonable group of friends. His school marks are reasonably well. He plays a lot of video games after school which sometimes conflicts with school. He always does favor's for people and usually expects nothing in return. He feels like an everyman around strangers. The rock, the person who unites everyone.

History: Cain has played many games in his youth. By the age of 13 he was hooked on game playing. He went on various forums every day just to speak about it. He played the games with his friends and constantly beat them. Cain's gaming usually got in the way of his school work. When Cain heard about Real World he couldn't stand not having a copy. So he got it before anyone else in his neighborhood.

Real Fiction

RF Username: Templar

RF Name: Four-Soul

RF Age: 25

RF Species: Argonian

RF Gender: Male

RF Appearance: Four-Soul wears a dark brown trench coat. Underneath the coat is a dark garb complete with various buckles and body armor. He wears dark cargo pants with his tail sticking out the end. Four-Soul has dark red scales and a short nose. He is quite tall compared to various humans.

RF History: Four-Soul was abandoned at an early age. His family were all accomplished thieves. After being abandoned the Argonian traveled wherever he was able to go. Learning of whatever thieving ability he had. He managed to get a small pocket knife in the process. Four-Soul has a reputation for assasination and being an accomplished theif. He has mentored many humans and avians in the art of stealing

January 29th, 2008, 4:27 AM
I'm going to deny that on the basis that just about everything is way too short. As for weapons, anything you would be able to find in a standard fantasy RPG is fair game in this.

January 29th, 2008, 8:43 AM
Real World

Name: Haru Takanami

Age: 15

Gender: Male....wait....lemme check again...(runs off to the bathroom to check, coming back a minute later) yup, definatly male.

Appearance: Not the most athletic, or approchable, kid in school. Sure, the dark soul-patch on his maw might glimpse you as attractive, but the fang hanging just above it would scare away even the bravest of girls. He has long, dark red-brown hair that hangs over his left eye, parting aroud his right eye so he can see, and revealing it to be a golden-amber in color. His hair continues down his back to his waist, small locks of hair jutting up here and there, making it look unkempt. He usually wears one of his trademark "Demon" shirts. The shirt, or should I say, shirts, are halloween themed, the inner shirt being a long-sleeved orange shirt that sticks out from under the outer, black t-shirt, which has a diaganally sloping waist and a demonic looking jack-o-lantern on the chest. His pants are black, with thick, orange cuffs, keeping true to his love for the scariest time of year. His shoes, ah, his shoes. He crafted them himself, and did a darn good job on them too. They're orange(of course) with a smaller version of his demonic pumpkin on the sides, along with black-and-orange soles. Zipper tops with buckles holding it together also adorn them. Oh, yeah, and he wears black fingerless gloves too. cant forget those! He stands at a freakishly intimidating 5'11".

Personality: Dark. VERY dark. Like, "You'll-never-see-the-light-of-day-again-if-I-get-away-with-it" dark. 'Why so dark' you might ask? Well, theres a few reasons. Lets look at them, shall we? Ah, Wait, you'll have to wait for the reasons...this is the Personality part! So I guess that means you'll learn the "why" next, for now, just remember. He's DARK. Yeah, he has a friend or two that he's not mean to, and if he's never met you he probably wont bite your head off as soon as look at you(figuratively and litterally) but he wont be that warm twords you either. Cross him just once though. SMACK! Right into the bad-books. Err...book...'Black Book' to be exact. So yeah, don't do anything bad to him, you're ok until ya' warm up to him! Make him snap and consider your days numbered. Oh, and he also has an obsession with sharp and pointy objects....is that bad?

History: Yay! Now we get to find out just why Haru is a spawn of darkness incarnate!(well, when he wants to be atleast) You see, Haru is the oldest of 4 brothers(including himself) and 3 sisters, meaning, yeah, HE gets all the responcebility, HE gets all the worst treatment, and ALL he gets is a lousy $5.50 a week. For lunch money. His siblings however, they get all the best clothing, toys, et cetera. He's lucky if his parents remember his birthday. Luckily he got a computer from one of his few friends last year. Bad enough for ya? Well, it gets worse. An average day at school for him is no walk in the park. The day starts out with his brothers and sisters screaming their little heads off about not wanting to go to school, while he gets ready and stands outside in the(usually freezing and snow/ice coated) driveway, waiting 15 minutes longer than he should have to, just for his stupid bus to show up. When the bus dose get there, he manages to find a seat, glance at whoever is sitting in it(he's too tired and cold to glare, but this alone usually makes the person dart out of the seat in fear alone) and sits down, waiting for his friend to get on the bus. Once at school, he goes to his locker, kicks it open(one swift THWACK at the right point would open it) drops his stuff in, and goes on with the day, glaring at random passerby as they mutter behind their hands and glance at him with fear in their eyes. The braver ones actually manage to force out the words "monster" or "freak" loud enough so he can hear. He meets up with his other friend, and tries to relax as they day starts up. Once it ends, he returns to the hell-hole he calls home. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat.

Real Fiction

RF Username: Haru_of_the_Dark_Shade

RF Name: Haru

RF Age: 16

RF Species: Wilren

RF Gender: Male, He's never had a preference for being a girl. That and he dosn't really like to be around them.(due to past experiences)

RF Appearance: The usual Wilren appearance, but with long fur that covers his left eye. Unsurprisingly, there's no real difference in the color of his, or his character's eyes. RF Haru usually has a pair of baggy cloth pants, held up by a belt with multiple pouches and bags srapped to it. Across his back he has a short sword, a very perculiar short sword. The sword itself actually has two blades, rather than being double bladed in the sense of the blades being back to back, the blades are side by side, much like a razor edged tuning fork. He wears a leather chestplate adorned with, of couce, his demonic looking pumpkin at the center. He carries a scar on his right shoulder from a childhood accident.(generated by AI history)

RF History: Haru was an outcast when he was younger, he never knew why, and was left alone, no parents to fend for him, so he left, traveling the world at a young age. Training himself to become stronger. While training he gained several scars, but also a love for the blade, and for the darkness in which he trained. He is on relativly good terms with a portion the shadow population, infact he has actually lived with some, and continues to now.


Hope thats not too bad man. Oh, and yea, I had to add some humor to a dark entry xD and yeah, think of it as a points system with haru liking you or not. online - ya start at 0, and go up or down from there, snaping point is about a -3, teh 'eh, you're ok' point is about a +5

January 29th, 2008, 10:15 AM
Sign-up sheet

Real World

Name: Nick Aren

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has dark hair with brown eyes and might have be actualy one tooth behind because of candy. He likes to wear designer shirts with drawings on them and trousers but better yet shorts. He has curly and not straight hair. He seems to be very fair but yet classified dark in skin colour because of the fact that he is not white and He seems to always smile ironically when in agony.

Personality: Very cool headed and calm, almost never gets angry. He is very generous and quite

History: Has always had the tota

Real Fiction

RF Username: N-XIGE

RF Name: Lucio Vanhaart

RF Age: 29

RF Species: Gargoyle

RF Gender: Male. Very obvious

RF Appearance: He looks like an athlete with muscular legs and arms but not too muscular, with red eyes he is grey in skin colour with black hair that falls from his back. He has a long and fit tail due to his age and his wings are very broad with a two horns coming out of each end of the wings. His feet are big with razor edged claws. He has well edged canine coming from the two major ends in his mouth though all of his teeth are somewhat edged too. He often wears a grey sleeveless shirt on grey trousers so that when he flies in the night he looks like a giant ash coloured bat. On his trousers are slots were he hides his elixirs, antidotes, viruses, and healing medicines. He also has a long cross bow inwhich he uses for hunting. His arrows are usually dressed with his poisons for more effect.

RF History: He had lived as a gargoyle as long as he had known...infact he was a fresh gargoyle, he wasnt born of two gargoyles like mediocre are...he was infact the start of a new generation, a child from the immediate breeding of an avian and an argonian...he was to start his own gargoyle lineage. He is an alchemist who is assisted by another gargoyle who goes by the name Goliath vanhaart, who is about 12, and is often mistaken for a little brother, but in actual reality is his son. He also is clealy noted for his *King garments* or better yet known as wings.

ill edit somethings soon

January 29th, 2008, 12:37 PM
N-XIGE, denied for obvious reasons.

SilverTail, pending. You have quite a few grammatical and spelling errors present, but if you fix those and promise to work on it in the RP, I'll accept you.

January 29th, 2008, 2:22 PM
Notes: This is an RP I co-designed with a friend of mine another forum, who is known as Eeveeking929 or Galacdragon, alternatively.

Eeveeking929=Galacdragon=KHAJMER BABY!

Anyways LZ, I'll cast in my reservation now, and get back to you by tomorrow with the completed SU.

Khajmer out

January 29th, 2008, 3:29 PM

This is fricking genius! :DD



Real World

Name: Davis Ryan Lee

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Davis has shaggy, dark red hair, which, at the tips, curls out. He has darkish green eyes, a pale face, and a collection of very light freckles around his slightly pronounced cheek bones and across his nose. He also has a slight problem with acne and the like, but the majority of it is hidden under his hair, which covers his forehead and a bit of his eyebrows. He wears a green polo with dark green stripes and a white shirt underneath. Over top he wears a black jacket. He almost always wears blue jeans, with a pair of beat up tennis shoes on his feet. He's slightly underweight, and is a little short for his age, standing at 5' 5".

Personality: Davis comes off as sarcastic, but he really is a cheerful person... Most of the time. If he isn't a good mood, he tends to be disrespectful and mouths off to people. If he is, he attempts to be genuinely cheerful and or nice, but the sarcasm tends to get in the way. He also likes to think he's a ladie's man, but that really isn't true. At all. He's pretty witty, at least.

History: Davis grew up as a single child for the majority of his life, with perfect straight A's, large amounts of talent in everything he attempted, and just about anything he could ever want in the way of videogames and clothes. However, his crazy nurse-mom and contractor-dad decided they wanted another child when he was nine. And then ANOTHER when he was eleven. And yet ANOTHER when he was fourteen. All the while, Davis attempted to go about his usual extra-curriculars, but that didn't work out too well what with two full time-working parents and three small children to look after. And then, of course, that death trap they call highschool started, which resulted in a mass amount of homework and cynicism. And so, the Davis we have today was born. Luckily, his sibilings have grown up a little, and he just recently got a copy of Real Fiction, so he's getting a little better about that.

Real Fiction

RF Username: ThatCynicalKid.

RF Name: Tamian Vyrgun

RF Age: 17

RF Species: Brenton

RF Gender: Male

RF Appearance: Tamian stands at an even five feet tall, although he still retains Davis's build. He has firey red hair, and piercing green eyes. He wears a forest green tunic, and a pair of khaki pants, which he has tucked into his brown boots. He also wears a pair of gloves on each hand, with pads over his forearms. He also wears two brown belts on his waist, both of which are slightly askew. To top it all off, he wears a cloak a few shades darker than his hair around his shoulders, pinned in place by an ornate gold broach. He also carries around a black tome everywhere he goes, and a dagger hangs off of one of his belts, held in a brown sheath.

RF History: Not much has happened in Tamian's life. His parents were both very skilled members of the Mage's Guild, and learnt most, if not all, of his skills from them. He had a falling out with his parents a few years ago, which included a great deal of yelling, fire, and the occasional bolt of lightning. Unfortunately, only a few months later, both his mother and father were killed by a group of bandits, resulting in a slight amount of guilt on Tamian's part, and since then he has been traveling on his own, doing quests once every few weeks or so, training as much as possible so he can join the Mage's Guild himself.



January 29th, 2008, 5:02 PM
That better? I'm slightly dislexic(or however its spelled..) and rush when I type, so I'll miss a few things every now and then. But atleast I try! (unlike some of your entrees...)

ja ne!

January 29th, 2008, 6:47 PM
Hmm, more on RL Appearance and RF History and you'll be in.

Silvertail, if you'd like, I could run your stuff through Word for you before you post it, if it would help you out.

Nate, sup. You can opt to have co-owner status at any time you'd like, if you so wish.

January 30th, 2008, 8:13 AM
Would be much appreciated. Mostly because this PoS thing me and my dad slapped together dosn't and wont run word. (even when I don't have internet or any other things running it wont...) It REALLY sucks.

Again, thanks. Ja Ne!

January 30th, 2008, 5:52 PM
Hmm, more on RL Appearance and RF History and you'll be in.

Is that directed towards me? If so, I'll get right on it...

*starts sorting through creativity files*

January 30th, 2008, 7:02 PM
Well you were the only one who I didn't call by name who posted something that I had yet to respond to, so it had to be you.

January 30th, 2008, 7:55 PM
Real World

Name: Cole Keiren

Age: 15

Gender: Male (my best joke for this was already taken, can you believe that?)

Appearance: A good sized paragraph

Personality: Do your best, this is one of the most important categories.

History: Do it as best you can, as this is one of the more important sections.

Real Fiction

RF Username: Silent_Lord_C

RF Name: Sharten the Silent

RF Age: 16

RF Species: Dark Elf

RF Gender: I'm only going to say this once. You are allowed to pick a different gender than your Real World character, HOWEVER they are to be mature about it. No guys being girls for obvious reasons, because this game is specially censored. You can only change clothes in the menu screen, and you must directly change clothes, i.e. no just taking them off and not putting any others on.

RF Appearance: You are only allowed to say Same if your character is a human, and even then the rest of the entire sign up had better be REALLY good.

Obviously it's not done yet, but this is what I have so far (I'm a busy guy, what can I say?). the lack of a history section is due to improperly copying the sign-up sheet into Word and me being too lazy to rectify it. don't worry though, when it's finished it will have the history. Also, I'd be glad to take you up on the offer of co-owner, especially since I still have the deed.

January 31st, 2008, 2:46 PM
Urk. I hate feeling dumb...

But anyway.

Fixed up my sign up a bit in the requested areas. :x

February 25th, 2008, 2:11 PM
Sooo.....LZ, when can we start? We've got quite a few people, surely this is enough to start the RP?