View Full Version : All-time favorite animal?

January 29th, 2008, 6:19 AM
what is ur all time favorite animal!? i love dogs they're so cool.

January 29th, 2008, 6:22 AM
Topics like this are better suited in Other Voting Polls, so...


January 29th, 2008, 7:13 AM
with the cool horn and stuff.....


January 29th, 2008, 9:03 AM
Since reading Watership Down when I was younger, rabbits.
I don't remember having a definite favourite before that, so it's probably always been rabbits. xD

Edit: If you're including humans in this, then humans are my favourite animal. xD

January 29th, 2008, 9:21 AM
Geckos... Are you surprised?

Rebellious Treecko
January 29th, 2008, 9:22 AM
I mainly like cats and geckos, and some other reptiles.
I just find them cute.

I've had cats as pets as far as I remember.

January 29th, 2008, 9:28 AM
Dogs, I can't wait to buy my puppy =3

January 29th, 2008, 11:22 AM
my favorite animal is ducks I love ducks

January 29th, 2008, 12:17 PM
Monkies hands down. They're going to take over the world.

January 29th, 2008, 12:34 PM
Well...I've always loved horses. I ride them.

But I also adore manatees, orcas, chimps and sharks.

January 29th, 2008, 2:00 PM
That would have to be cats/kittens.

Burgers Rule
January 29th, 2008, 3:15 PM
Dogs, cats, and lizards. Why, I have no idea.
I have a dog, love cats, and abot lizards, I have no clue.

January 29th, 2008, 3:19 PM
The beaver - intelligent, industrious, cute, amphibious, one of the best examples of adaptation in the animal kingdom and a funny slang word. In my opinion, an amazing creature XD

January 29th, 2008, 3:23 PM
Definetly a Hippopotamus!

They are awesome!

January 29th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Dogs and squirrels, only because they are the best animals on the planet, in my opinion.

January 29th, 2008, 4:21 PM
Mmm I like the Lions, They 're strong and so beautiful XD

January 29th, 2008, 6:09 PM
I like stags. I just find them to be very appealing animals, and I'm always glad to see them out and about in my town.

January 29th, 2008, 8:58 PM
bunnys. they will become king and eat you.

Lucy Lu
January 29th, 2008, 9:02 PM
My favorite animals are sheep, seals, cats, squirrels, monkeys, dogs, birds..etc. But to pick only one it would be sheep because they are so cute. That is just me. XD

January 29th, 2008, 9:42 PM
Whales here, they have captivated me for a long, long time now.


January 30th, 2008, 7:43 AM
Ok Cats, Tigers and Turtles.

January 30th, 2008, 7:45 AM
Well, I like Dogs ^^ But the Manette Is great!

January 30th, 2008, 8:28 AM
I have a huge love for Manta Ray... I want to scuba dive with them, so peaceful, graceful just pure tranquility. :D

January 30th, 2008, 9:30 AM
I love all animals, but if I had to pick a favorite it'd have to be either the fox or the wolf. I've just always found them to be beautiful creatures and I've loved them for as far back as I remember. Although I'd want to say something more, I just can't think of any way to describe my love for them - they're simply that awesome.

January 30th, 2008, 9:51 AM
I love hens and any other birds^^ They're so cute and they all have something in common although you wouldn't expect when you see a duck and a swallow for example xD
And hens... yea, we had two and they were very confiding. You could sit with them outside in the sun and pet them XD
But they were killed by a fox 2 years ago *cry* T_T

January 30th, 2008, 2:58 PM
I'd say it would be between a White Tiger and a Fox.
They both appear to be so graceful to me. <3

January 30th, 2008, 3:45 PM
Penguins lol. Penguins are beast.

January 30th, 2008, 4:02 PM
Dolphins and ferrets. i have loved dolphins since going to seaworld when i was 4 or 5

January 31st, 2008, 9:51 PM
Cats overall. They're quiet, cute, funny, and loveable.
I wanted one til I was four and now they're just part of the family.

February 1st, 2008, 4:41 PM
I like Cats and Dogs.. and Lions ^_^ lol I am a animal lover tho, so i like alot of animals..

Sweet Smoochum
February 1st, 2008, 4:47 PM
Dolphins and ferrets. i have loved dolphins since going to seaworld when i was 4 or 5

Me, too. I just love dolphins. :) *high fives* (Ever since I saw the Little Mermaid movie, I've loved dolphins. Also, because the elementary school that I went to had the dolphin as its mascot. :)) I've always wanted to swim with a dolphin or meet one in person. :)

February 1st, 2008, 7:56 PM
I have a fondness for hawks and eagles. Both are so free and in control.

February 2nd, 2008, 4:24 AM
Mine would have to be rats.
I use to have to pet rats a couple of years ago.
Next its dog's. I currently have two dogs

First dog is Revaux (girl) and the second is Riply (boy).

I like Riply better.

February 3rd, 2008, 3:46 AM
CATS :D I love cats, they are cute. I have two atm (: After cats it's dogs :3

February 3rd, 2008, 8:11 PM
Emerald Tree Boa's, Manta Ray's, Ribbon Seal's, Longnose ButterFly fish, Copperband ButterFly fish, White Lipped snails, Meller's Chameleon, Jackson's Chameleon, Viel Chameleon, Corn Snake's, King Snake's, False Water Cobra's, Common Dolphin's, Orca's, Gold Dust Day Gecko, Crimson Mormon Swallowtail and a hell lot more, but if I list all of them, it would take PAGES to write them.

Gerri Shin
February 3rd, 2008, 8:18 PM
Cats and Penguins all the way! (but not together hehe) I currently have about 3 cats, I can't move when all 3 are on my lap!

February 3rd, 2008, 8:37 PM
um. I like kangaroos the most. :> And whales.
But I guess I should mention the horse, seeing as I live on a horse farm and everything. But they just seem so plain and.. ordinary now. I guess I can't really call them a favourite. D:

Lady Nicole
February 4th, 2008, 10:09 AM
I love every animal. But I have to say I love dogs a lot. They're so cute! I just love their shiny black noses =3

February 7th, 2008, 11:54 PM
its a 3 way tie: Cats, Racoons & Foxes

February 8th, 2008, 1:04 PM
I love Tigers! Theyre so interesting to look at and theyre so...orangy..0.0....:D

February 10th, 2008, 4:46 PM
Yeah, my favourite all-time animal are dogs. The puppy ones are so cute xD

February 11th, 2008, 8:37 PM
It's pretty are to narrow it down to one animal...
Um, I guess I'd have to go with cats. Though in my one experience at having one.. it was a very whiny monster. :(

But, after cats.. it'd have to be dogs.

February 11th, 2008, 8:43 PM
I'm going to have to go with Dolphins. Orcas are a close second, though.

Dolphins have their own language and are the most intelligent marine animals, so I respect them for that. They're also just so dang cool.

Tater Tot
February 12th, 2008, 6:35 AM
Cats are adorable, I love em' so much, I have two kittens! ^_^
Cats rule, dogs drule.

February 12th, 2008, 3:58 PM
My favorite animal is now a fox. There just really pretty creatures.

Foxes rule! =D

February 13th, 2008, 2:27 PM
I have a few. One of them is definitely rabbits...there's a reason I've been called things like "rabbit girl" by some of my friends. :B I have a thing for rabbits of any kind. Why I do, I have no idea...I just think they're adorable, especially ones with lop ears.

I like parrots as well, mostly for their intelligence and for their variety of colors. My favorites include sun conures, for their colors (*_* love them so much), and kakapos, for...some reason. Maybe it's because they're unique compared to other parrots (look them up).

Other favorites include animals like weasels, ferrets, otters, armadillos (really random, I know), and cats...specifically house cats. After living with 4+ cats for the past ten years, house cats have actually become one of the few special animals to me.

Virtual Chatot
February 13th, 2008, 2:31 PM
Oh this one is a toughy, because I'm an animal lover

Probably either Eagles or Wolves

February 13th, 2008, 2:31 PM
I like turtles. I've always wanted a turtle, but I've never had the room for one. I'm also fond of dogs, and I like cats to a certain degree, but I'm allergic to them.

Soul Eater
February 13th, 2008, 2:37 PM
I have tons I could chose from but one of my most FAVORITEST animals ever has to be cats.

I also cant help thinking how adorable they are and I even feel bad thinking all of the stray cats that are around here, how they get hit, eaten by coyotes or die from lack of food...it's so sad and I wish I could find every cat in the world and make a zoo for them because I love them so much. XD

Sweet Candace
February 13th, 2008, 3:07 PM
Cats. They're so cute, and fluffy. Almost like a pillow, that's alive. And when they purr, it's so cute

February 17th, 2008, 2:03 AM
Pandas & puppies because pandas are adorable & also because I have a pet dog. But don`t get me wrong, puppies are also adorable. =]

February 17th, 2008, 3:01 AM
Wolves and Tigers.

Can I say dragons too?

February 17th, 2008, 3:43 AM
I love pands, they're so cute & cuddly ^^

February 17th, 2008, 9:20 AM
I like squirrels the most <3 Rabbits come as a close alternate choice.

February 17th, 2008, 9:29 AM
Polar Bears♥ They are adorable. I started liking them when my aunt gave me a beanie baby of one of them. it was so cute and instantly became my favorite :>

Spaekle Oddberry
February 17th, 2008, 10:29 AM
Ribbit! *hop*

Frogs! :D They're aesthetically pleasing, they make cool sounds, they hop, they're amphibians, and the prettiest are poisonous. They're in ur ponds, ur trees, and ur rainforests, eatin ur bugs. What's not to like?

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
February 21st, 2008, 8:43 AM
My favorite animal of all time is a snake and I have 3 of them at home. My eldest snake is 4 years old


February 21st, 2008, 10:54 PM
-Points to own username-

Yeah, frogs... and birds and dogs. <3
I have at least one of all three too. XD

February 23rd, 2008, 5:59 AM
My all time fave animal is a dog. Especially a Labrador breed. Its really kawaii!

March 16th, 2008, 9:10 AM
Any type of cat, I love! ^_^
I have three of them also!

March 16th, 2008, 4:28 PM
Id have to say ferrit as a pet, or dolphin as all time favorite

March 16th, 2008, 4:46 PM
Birds. <3 My pet birds are pretty awesome. XD Even if they get their food everywhere..

Oh, and monkeys. ^_^ I'm a huge fan of those too.

March 16th, 2008, 7:07 PM
Any cat, big or small, from tigers to the kitten on my bed. <3

March 17th, 2008, 12:13 AM
I have five favourite animals--they make up a part of my spirit called the Faunar Pentacle. ^_^

Those five are the: (in no particular order)
Cat--Ah, so there are several cat lovers here. I have two cats of my own, and of course if I wrote a song called "The Pink Kitten" and created a group of RP characters called the Black Cat Bandits... The way they can cuddle up softly in your arms or stealthily sneak around in the night... Anyways, whenever I doodle an animal of some sort, about 60% of the time it's a cat.
Rabbit--Okay, so this animal is definitely fifth place--I don't know about the others. Cute and cuddly, and at the same time rather crazy and comical as well. Or dare I say... deranged? A few characters I created and even a song I wrote are devoted to this lovable bunny...
Snake--Ah, so we have one other snake lover at least. They explain my affinity for anything sinister or magical in nature... Hehheh, the Harry Potter series helped bring this animal to the top of my list... among one or two other things.
Raven--I find the symbolism revolving around the raven rather interesting... enchanting even. Dark and somber, yet at the same time one who tried to fly to the sun... regarded as a trickster and a symbol of magic... I think my personal logo would consist of a raven holding a rose in its beak.
Wolf--Wait, what's this doing here, after a few of my past criticisms of dogs? And why isn't there a fox on this list?!? *looks at username* Like with the raven, I find the symbolism and legends revolving around this creature rather fascinating. Ah, are wolves bloodthirsty hunters or the most intelligent and spiritual type of dog in existence? There is that special connection to the moon... Oh! Oh! I know what helped the wolf on its way into this list to replace the fox! That pesky character of my creation that I occasionally use in RPG's and have been in love with for at least a year. The one named Lupin. XD

And the fox stands at number six...

March 17th, 2008, 8:17 AM
My favourite animals are Wolves. I watch living with wolves and ever since then I have loved them. I watch the show whenever it is on. It is the best animal show I have ever seen. Well other than any Steve Irwin shows.

March 17th, 2008, 2:10 PM
Dogs. I look forward to becoming a K-9 Officer as a career one day so I can work with them.

March 17th, 2008, 2:16 PM
My most favorite animal?

I'm going to have to go with the fox

♪Felix the Cat♪

March 18th, 2008, 3:37 PM
id be an arowanas (look ogoogle) theyre awsome and can jump three times their length

Joey the Cockroach
March 19th, 2008, 2:01 PM
i would say Meerkats. they look so cute, and the pups sound and look cute also.

other favourite animals are cats, squirrels, dolphins and birds.

March 20th, 2008, 7:32 PM
Wolves are my favorite animals,
and have been for a long time.
wolves are awesome and I hope to study them.


March 21st, 2008, 12:12 AM
I prefer birds. Such as the bald Eagle or the Falcon. I have for a very long time and its no coincidence that I have some sort of bird pokemon in my party. Usually a Pigeott

March 23rd, 2008, 11:34 PM
Three-Toed Sloths are the only animal I will truly, truly love. They speak to me. I think they're wonderfully fascinating. I want to adopt a few some day before their habitats are all destroyed.

March 25th, 2008, 2:54 AM
I don't really have a favourite but I love dogs. Butterflies are beautiful too.

March 25th, 2008, 5:04 AM
I don't think really i have a favorite at all i only like all kinds of animal <3
I most likes Cats, Wolf, Dog and foxes their are so cute, i also like Monkies and Frogs

March 25th, 2008, 7:47 AM
I like dogs. They are great companions and man's best friend. The most loyal animal around.

March 25th, 2008, 12:16 PM
I love all animals and don't really have a favorite.

March 26th, 2008, 8:25 AM
my fave animal is the cougar..i could sit here all day explaining why, but i'll just simply say that its my favorite ^^;

March 26th, 2008, 9:26 PM
I like birds of prey. They're so cunning and brave(except vultures, they're cowards.). I like eagles because of their speed and manuevaribilty, owls for their stealthyness and will swoop down a barn mice in seconds.

March 28th, 2008, 4:20 PM
My all time favorite animal is the Cheetah, I really love the "speed" attribute so I find the Cheetah to more than represent it. ^^

March 29th, 2008, 9:46 AM
I love all cats, but my favorites would have to be the snow leopard and the white tiger.