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January 30th, 2008, 8:13 PM
Okay, so this is an RP Loquacity and I are concocting. I don't think many people have played and beaten Radiant Dawn, so beware of spoilers if you dare venture to read. I'm pretty sure it'll just be me and him RPing anyways, but ah well. Thought I'd throw it out there anyways. XD

Fire Emblem: Radiating Moon
A sequel to a sequel.

This RP takes place a year after the events of Radiant Dawn. For the purpose of trying to stay completely canon, any marriages that may have taken place at the end of the game thanks to support relationships will be disregarded for now.

Following the defeat of the Goddess Ashera at the hands of the great hero Ike, the land of Tellius was left an unfortunate mess for a short while. Daein, while now free of the blood pact that had sealed it's loyalty to the Begnion Empire, was still left with few supplies and had no king, queen, or even prince to lead them. The Begnion Empire was also left in disarray as the Goddess had made use of many of it's soldiers, and the Senate was in shambles. Of course, those were just minor issues when compared to the announcement made by the Empress, Sanaki, who was once thought to be Begnion's great apostle, renouncing her title as such. Crimea, under the leadership of Queen Elincia, was the best off of all the beorc nations. Having taken little involvement in the war between the laguz nations and the Begnion Empire, received little damage to the country overall, although a little resistance against the Queen still remained.

The laguz nations weren't much better off. Even after an apology for the slaughter of Phoenicis was given by the King of Kilvas, Naesala, relationships between the raven and hawk laguz tribes were very unstable. With the knowledge that Naesala had no choice but to order the massacre because of a blood pact, the Pheonicis King, Tibarn, along with Prince Reyson of the Heron Tribe, made powerful attempts to break the barrier down. Gallia, of the beast tribe, had no other task to accomplish other than deal with the comrades that had fallen during the great war. Even so, Goldoa was one of the heaviest hit laguz countries. A majority of the population had sided with the Goddess Ashera, and had been annihilated in the battles at the Tower of Guidance. Therefore, the country was now very much undermanned.

As time went on over the following year, however, things improved. Daein was graced with a new Queen as the population brought the "Priestess of Dawn", Micaiah, into power. Micaiah, being the sister of Begnion's Empress, brought the two countries to a newfound peace, which was willingly joined by Crimea as per Elincia's request. After supplying food and supplies to the two countries for the whole year, it was a position the country deserved. It was the first time since before the reign of the Mad King Ashnard that all of the beorc countries had found peace with one another.

The laguz nations, as well, had also improved significantly. The three bird laguz tribes began to unite under the rule of Tibarn as one nation, as Naesala had made himself a diplomat for all of Tellius. Skrmir took the throne of Gallia, and despite a shaky beginning, was shaping up to be a strong king. Goldoa, in the meantime, while still in rough shape population wise, finally opened it's doors to the rest of the world under the guidance of Kurthnaga.

Yes, all was well, and a temporary peace was found across all of Tellius. Thought, this was only a political peace. Discrimination was still present against laguz, although it wasn't nearly as severe as times prior. In fact, discrimination against laguz was on the fast track to disappearing. However, events began to unfold that lead another group to start suffering violent discrimination.

Out of nowhere, a group calling itself ASHERA appeared. Claiming to deliver the will of Ashera unto the world, the group began to target the branded, the offspring of both beorc and laguz. Branded do not fit into the order Ashera represents, which makes them threats to the group. Through various methods, including widespread publications and making use of political roles, ASHERA began to make it's intentions known, and using twisted logic made more and more people aware and agreeable to their cause. Slowly at first, but increasingly more often, branded began to disappear, only to be found weeks later, dead or worse. Queen Micaiah of Daein, being a branded herself, went into hiding, and the surrounding nations became concerned with the threat. Taking advantage of the Queen's scarcity, all of ASHERA's forces took control of the capital of Daein, Nevassa, as the city was essentially a fortress. Branded everywhere began to go into hiding, with no clue as to when they could return from the state apparent.

It was soon discovered by an assassin known as Volke, under the employment of Queen Elincia, that ASHERA intended on restoring the goddess to her former glory. Although the means were unknown, it apparently had something to do with the branded themselves.

Our story begins on the stormy night of Nevassa's capture, within the city itself. ASHERA's soldiers came across a sanctuary intended for branded citizens, and this is where thirty of thirty five branded were slaughtered at once. However, upon realizing that five were missing, they sealed the fortress city, not allowing for anyone to escape.

Aka, your character will be starting in Nevassa. XD

General Information



Crimea: A beorc kingdom that is home to many stories. During the reign of Mad King Ashnard, the country was taken over by Daein, and the king slaughtered. Elincia, a princess that was unknown to the public eye, enlisted the help of Begnion and defeated the Mad King. Elincia then became Queen, although her ability was doubted by most until shortly before Ashera's judgment.
Daein: A beorc kingdom that had become antagonistic ever since King Ashnard ascended the throne, that view was altered after it's defeat at the hands of Crimea and Begnion. After this defeat, Daein was left in Begnion's hands, and the country became ruined as a result of the Begnion soldiers pushing and abusing the citizens. The citizens found hope in the "Silver Haired Maiden" of the Dawn Brigade, who eventually brought the rightful Prince Pelleas into power. After the laguz went to war with Begnion, Pelleas was tricked into signing a blood pact, which would kill his citizens if he refused to aid Begnion. In an attempt to break the pact, Pelleas had the "Silver Haired Maiden", Micaiah, take his life. However, the curse was only passed on to the murderer. In the Tower of Guidance, Micaiah defeated the owner of the blood pact, which in turn destroyed it. Micaiah became the queen a few months after these events, with her dearest friend Sothe at her side.
Begnion: A beorc theocracy worshiping the goddess Ashera. The figurehead is Apostle Sanaki. While it was true that Begnion was surpressing Daein, the empress was unaware of it, as the Senate made sure to keep her unaware. When Begnion and the laguz went to war, Sanaki was imprisoned by the senate so that she would not interfere. She eventually broke away from her prison and contacted the hero Ike. It was eventually revealed that the goddess Ashera that Begnion worshipped had decided to pass judgement on the world, turning almost all of its inhabitants to stone. Sanaki eventually finds out that she is not the true apostle, and that Micaiah is her sister and the true apostle. As such, she is just referred to as Begnion's Empress now,a nd her influence is just as strong as it once was.
Gallia: Home to the beast laguz; it had recently improved relations with all nations. Ruled by King Skrimir.
Goldoa: Home of the dragons; it isolates itself from the rest of Tellius until recently, after most of its citizens were massacred in the Ashera conflict. Ruled by the Black Dragon King Kurthnaga.
Bird Tribe Alliance: Ruled by King Tibarn. It is composed of hawks, ravens, and the remaining few Heron tribe laguz. As it is a new country, the citizens are still a little uncomfortable about the new alliance, especially as so many hawks fell at the hands of ravens.
Hatari: Hatari is a small forgotten region that is home to the wolf tribe. Ruled by Queen Nailah.




Beorc are what we in the real world would call humans. There's nothing really special about them. But beware, "human" is a racist term for beorc. If you meet a laguz that refers to beorc in that manner, beware of hostility.



Laguz are humanoid creatures that transform into powerful animals. When in animal form, laguz use the natural weapons of their species—claws for beasts, beaks for birds, and breath attacks for dragons. The natural weapons of a laguz will never break with use, unlike normal beorc weaponry, but laguz do not use manmade weapons and are thus unable to attack when not in animal form. There are three species of laguz—beasts, birds, and dragons. These species are further divided into three classes each. Beast laguz are divided into cats, tigers, and lions; birds into ravens, hawks, and herons; and dragons are divided into red, white, and black dragons. Each laguz species has an elemental weakness: fire for beasts, wind for birds, and thunder for dragons. Birds can fly in either form, but also have the weakness to bows associated with flying units. When in a humanoid form, laguz retain a feature relevant to their species. Beast retain ears and tail, birds retain wings, and dragons have pointed ears.



Branded are the offspring of a laguz and beorc relationship. They appear to be beorc at first glance, but they have a longer lifespan, and in turn like longer than your average beorc. They are called branded because of a marking they have on their skin, called a brand. Although the brand is different from person to person, it is still obvious. As they don't fit in with either beorc or laguz, they are often discriminated against by both sides. Because of this, most branded cover up their brand so that it can't be seen. However, laguz senses are able to detect something strange when around a branded thanks to their instincts, but they can't identify what.

Myrmidon / Swordmaster / Trueblade Swords
Thief / Rogue / Whisper Daggers
Fighter / Warrior / Reaver Axes
Mercenary / Hero / Vanguard Swords
Archer / Sniper / Marksman Bows
Mage / Sage / Archsage Fire, Thunder, Wind Magic
Light Mage / Light Sage / Light Priest Light
Priest / Bishop / Saint Staves
Cleric / Valkyrie Staves
Troubadour / Mage Knight Staves
Shaman / Druid / Summoner Dark
Pegasus Knight / Falcoknight / Seraphknight Lances
Dragon Rider / Dragonmaster / Dragon Lord Lances
Knight / General / Marshall Lances, Swords, Axes
Bow/Sword/Lance/Axe Cavalier / Paladin / Knight
Soldier / Halberdier / Sentinel Lances
Dancer or Bard None
Cat Claws
Tiger Claws
Lion Claws
Raven Beak
Hawk Beak
Heron None
Dragon Breath

Character List - Bolded characters hold important roles, italicised are NPCs. Also stated will be class, allegiance, and to whom they belong. Most characters are controlled by me unless stated otherwise. Most of this list will make up the traveling party, as we all know FE games are famous for having a million characters.

Ren (Lord) [???]
Flys (Fire Sage) [???]
Lita (Cat) [???]
Ilyana (Archsage) [Traveling Caravan]
Lento (Raven) [???] - Xenocrates
Blu (Knight) [???] - Loquacity
Pryce (Myrmidon) [???] - Loquacity
Audrey (Soldier) [???] - Loquacity
Zihark (Trueblade) [Queen Micaiah]
Quelle (Thief) [???]
Tiren (Archer) [???]
Azlya (Fighter) [???]
Lucine (Shaman) [???]
Areggeto (Dragonmaster) [ASHERA]


Weapon (No Higher than Steel for Now Please…):
Country of Origin:
Allegiance: Mercenary; Soldier; ASHERA; Drifter; Villager; Etc.
RP Sample (Will Ask If I Feel it’s Necessary):

January 30th, 2008, 10:03 PM
Name: Blu
Age: 21
Race: Beorc
Class: Knight
Weapon: Steel Ax
Country of Origin: Daein
Allegiance: Former Daein Soldier / Resident Protector
One word that would fail to describe Blu is 'petite.' While far from being overweight, Blu is a very muscular woman. She stands at an incredible 6'02", often towering over many of her male peers. Despite her name, neither her hair or eyes are a shade of blue. Blu's reddish-chestnut hair is always fashioned in a tidy ponytail. She seems lack an any form of an iris, instead having her eyes dominated by her large pupils. Blu's skin is rough to the touch and is marred by several acne scars. However, they fail to fully mask the beauty she has managed to hide behind her armor. Blu's posture is ever-perfect, and her arms are always at her side except for when she is in battle. Her armor is light shade of pink with golden trimming. She wears a layer of chain mail under armor, which can be seen on her legs and in the small areas where different pieces of armor are connected. When not wearing her armor, she wears a brown tunic with dirty brown pants and black slip-on shoes.
Brusk, quiet, quick-to-anger, and prone to fighting. This is what everyone had always described Blu as. Being from a military family, this was expected. However, few failed to see the compassion, intelligence, and insight Blu carried with her. She is jealous of the fact she can't be a normal woman sometimes and prefers to keep company with men. She is very protective of those around her.

She was destined for glory that only one can find in the military...

From the day she was born, Blu has basked in the militaristic atmosphere that has dominated Daein. According to her mother, Blu's first word was "war." At the age of three, instead of reading books, she was studying maps of Tellius. Her mother also said Blu was destined for militaristic glory for on the night she was born, the moon shone red. In Daein mythology, this was the sign of courage in those born on that night.

For Blu's sixth birthday, all she asked for was her own set of armor and an ax to practice with. Her father, Colonel Hans, an emigrant from Begnion, quickly ordered a set of pink armor and a toy ax for his daughter to be made. Blu's dream was to be an officer in the Daein military. However, it was extremely difficult for women to even join the military, much less become a ranking officer. However, due to her father influence and her mother's relation to the Daein Royal Family, Blu entered the Daein Academy for Future Officers, three years younger than the normal limit. Once at the academy, which was occupied by the children of numerous affluent Daein nobles, Blu was discriminated against for both her age and her gender. However, she had only goal in mind, and she wouldn't let any 'stupid boy' get in her way. Almost instantaneously, she exceeded the others in her classes. Because of her four years experience with an ax, she defeated any challenger that stood in her way in Weapon Training. In Blu's Military Tactics class, she used the knowledge her father had bestowed upon her and managed to win every game of War she played. However, all was not perfect for Blu at the academy. Her horse riding skills were miserable and she was deathly afraid of the Wyverns that called the Academy their home. Blu's shot with the bow & arrow was described by her teacher as "so terrible, a man with no arms could fire with more accuracy." However, Blu failed to let this phase her. She continued to strive, peaking the interest of the Academy's Headmaster. Seeing as she was experienced with using an ax and wearing heavy armor, he moved her from the Recruit's class and into the General Classes. Here she was forced to wear weighted clothing and was pushed into rigorous weight training. At this point, she was a twelve year old girl working out with sixteen and seventeen year old boys. For the first time in her life, she was intimidated and even attempted to pretend to be sick to miss a training session. When her instructor found out, she was forced to stand in the middle of a pool, having water constantly poured on her, and move a large stone from one side of the pool to the other. Humiliated and angry, she pushed herself harder, and soon found her body stronger than it had ever been before. While still not as strong as her classmates, she surpassed them in agility and wit, something Knights and Generals failed to be recognized for. Time continued to pass and Blu & her classmates continued to grow. When she was sixteen, she had completed all of the training required at the school and graduated into the military with the ranking of Lieutenant, the first female Knight the school had ever graduated.

At the time of her graduation, King Ashnard was in the process of beginning what came to be called the "Mad King's War." Blu was assigned to a small unit of Calvary, Knights, and Archers that were stationed on the Hatari-Daein Border. There, she assigned to further train her unit, which consisted of mostly farmers pulled into military service. Inexperienced with the military life, Blu was almost instantly irritated by their nonchalant attitude about the military life. Blu soon became impatient and resorted to threats, sleep deprivation, and all-night training. Her brutal tactics at first created tension amongst the soldiers and Blu. However, with the coming of the invasion of Crimea impending, the rural areas of Daein began to grow restless. With the military focused on the western border, bandits began to ravage small Daein towns. Being the only military unit in the immediate area, Blu took her own initiative and ordered her unit into action. They crisscrossed the area and raided bandit camps, massacring numerous bandits. Through her actions in the battle, the soldiers began to respect Blu as a leader. It was here Blu gained the nickname the "Pink Hammer" in honor of her pink armor and brute strength in battle.

Several months passed and the unit had heard no news regarding the invasion of Crimea. Blu had wondered why Daein invaded their neighboring country. She had heard nothing of a dispute or any other reason for invasion. Eventually a messenger appeared, ordering Blu to move her unit to the Daein capital of Nevassa. When Blu asked why, she was told she would be informed upon her arrival. So she quickly packed up her unit and they set out for Nevassa. They moved with great haste and reached the capitol in two days. Upon arrival, they found the city in great disarray. A group of fighters had apparently routed the rest of the Daein army and was led by a Crimean princess and a blue-haired boy. All they could find in the apparently empty city was an abandoned military camp. She removed her helmet and began to search the encampment, looking for any sign of life. Blu then heard a strange "swoosh" sound and then a searing pain shot through her neck. She reached to her neck and felt a large dart protruding from it. She violently removed it from her neck. However, her body began to grow numb and her vision blurry. She lost consciousness and fell to the ground, with her armor clanging against the hard, cold ground.

When Blu woke up, she found herself not in the camp, but a house of some sort. She attempted to stand up, but found that she was tied down. The only other person in the room was a young boy who had dozed off in the chair next to the bed she was tied down to. Blu let out a scream, which woke the sleeping boy. Startled, he scurried out of the room, screaming for a man named Gent. Blu sighed, wondering how she had gotten into this position. A man came in, who stood around six feel tall, had long white hair, and pointed ears: he was a laguz. Blu had never had real experience with a laguz before, so this was her first time meeting one. When he spoke, his voice carried with a gentle tone. He explained to her that they thought she was another female knight who had been attacking random villagers. He also expressed amazement that Blu hadn't died from the poison that had seeped into her body from the dart. He then went on to explain that she was in a safe haven for laguz and other outcasts of the Daein empire. Gent also went on to tell her that a massive battle was happening in the palace and the king had gone completely mad. Blu listened in amazement and pondered the possibility of what had happened to the rest of her unit. Gent explained they walked into the town after she hadn't returned for a while and were probably fighting as they spoke. He then untied Blu and asked her what she wished to do. Feeling faint, Blu decided to stay in the house and wait out the battle on the outside. For the first time in her life, she had no desire to fight.

The day passed on and the many residents waited to hear of what was happening in the castle. Then, much like a voice from heaven, people began to run through the town, announcing King Ashnard was dead. Blu sighed, knowing the war was done. Gent approached her and asked her if she was going to return to the military now. Blu paused for a second, and then said she was going to stay a while longer.

Time passed on and there was a short peace. However, Daein seemed to be cursed to a war. Begnion soon invaded the country and made Daein one of its protectorate nations. Blu, angered by an intruder in her country, was tempted to rejoin the military. However, her once militaristic tendencies had faded and she felt content her as the protector of the house and the orphanage they had reopened next door for branded children that had closed during the war. Blu trusted no one and let few strangers enter the house. Then, in the blink of the eye, Blu had been turned to stone like most of Tellius' population. Upon returning to her normal state, it felt as if time hadn't passed. She entered the town and had learned that the Goddess Ashera had turned everyone to stone and the ones who defeated King Ashnard had defeated the Goddess. A new queen was also pronounced, a girl named Micaiah.

Once again, some time passed and Daein was in turmoil again. A group was trekking the continent and murdering anyone who was a branded. Knowing those whom she had now dedicated her life to protecting were in danger, she entered her militaristic mindset once again. She put many of the young branded people under rigorous training, preparing them so they could protect themselves in case they were ever attacked. She wouldn't let anything happen to them.

RP Sample: ---

January 31st, 2008, 12:36 PM
I'll posthold for my sign-up. I can't say I've ever played the Fire Emblem games, since I'm a Microsoft man, but they do look interesting. And I have a question. Do we need to choose from the list of characters there, or do we make our own in addition to that list?

January 31st, 2008, 1:00 PM
Nah, the list of characters are just ones that I'm aware of. Unless it has a username beside it, it's a character I'll be assuming control of for plot related reasons. So feel free to make your own. ^^;

January 31st, 2008, 1:00 PM
Thanks for the info. I'll have my sign-up by tomorrow, probably, since I have a busy night tonight.

February 1st, 2008, 6:17 PM
(You guys... are awesome. I've played and beaten both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, so I'm pretty up-to-date on the story and everything. If it's fine with you guys, I'll post my sign-up tomorrow. I like the story, better then any ideas that I had been throwing around in my head after I beat Radiant Dawn. XD)

Name: Kayne Phairden
Age: 19
Race: Beorc
Class: Thunder Mage
Weapon (No Higher than Steel for Now Please…): Thunder Tome
Country of Origin: Begnion
Allegiance: Drifter


Kayne is scrawny, and does not try to hide it. He is almost laughably weak, but makes up for it in terms of his magic. He wears small robes that cling to his frail frame and twist down around his body and almost trail along the ground. The robes are mostly black, but sometimes he opts for a dark, crystal blue color along with shoes to match. He usually goes without any armor on, due to his small stature, but in dangerous situations sometimes he will throw a thin breastplate over his chest. A silver and gold tome can almost always be found tucked under his right arm, because Kayne almost always lives in fear of being ambushed.

His hair is a dark, golden yellow that streaks down the side of his face and hangs around his shoulders. He is somewhat pale, but he tries to catch some sun every once in a while. His eyes are a piercing forest green, and always look as if they are staring right through into your soul. He sometimes keeps some of his face hidden by a cover, but usually just walks around normally. His voice is laced with a hidden depression, but he tries to appear calm and cheerful.


Kayne holds a split personality… at times, he will be very outspoken and voicing his opinion, but sometimes he is quiet and thoughtful. He is quick to think things out before rushing in, but often finds himself in impossible situations where only a quick mouth and speedy actions will help him. Often, he finds himself being cast out… nobody tends to really care what he has to say because most view him as a failure with no real hope of ever achieving much of anything. It’s because of this he holds no real self-confidence, and instead mostly relies on others to get the job done while just trying to pitch in as little as possible, for fear he will screw up and be held in even more contempt.

But Kayne can open up when he finds someone who can see past the withdrawn exterior and find the real person inside. He really likes to make friends, but never keeps many because he is scared of rejection. He really wants to be likeable, and is constantly trying to change his actions or thoughts to whatever the people around him are like in hopes he can somehow identify with them. He never really has one set personality, always changing to adapt to the situation. He really… just wants to be accepted.


Kayne was born into a noble family of Begnion. His father was just another senator working tirelessly under the Empress, and is wife stayed at home and ran the household. Kayne has an older sister who went on to join the ranks of the famed Pegasus Knights of Begnion, but Kayne held a different interest then just becoming a faceless soldier of the great empire. He took a liking to magic.
During school while all his chums were learning sword fighting and how to ride horses, Kayne was in a corner, pouring over books and trying to figure out the ancient language of the Herons, the language in which the magic was written. Magic wasn’t a normal thing at the school he attended, but he did find one teacher who he could identify with, Mr. Langden. The man had taken a liking to Kayne, and so a couple nights a week Kayne would sneak off to meet with the teacher and he would help the young boy learn and grow in the special field of magical arts.

Kayne was a quick learner, memorizing every spell or incantation he could get his hands on. But it was the actual spell performing process that he lacked in. He could recite the words and perform the hand motions word for word, but the magic just… wasn’t there. But with months and months of more practice, Kayne’s spells began to take effect and he had successfully accomplished what he had set out to do. He was a mage, a practitioner of the secret arts.

After he left school, Kayne, knowing nothing else that he could do, simply joined a small group that worked for the government researching new methods to aid in the wars; new potions or spells that would help in the fights. But Kayne found no real satisfaction here, and he held no interest in fueling the killing of others. One day, he just left without a word and completely disappeared from the capital and left Begnion altogether. This was when the Mad King's war broke out. Seeing that neither Crimea nor Daein were safe places to currently be, Kayne swiftly returned to his home country of Begnion and hid out for awhile. He had eventually gotten mixed up with a small band of mercenaries that had been hired by King Ashnard to fight for Daein, but after seeing the emotionless bloodshed and senseless death that the nation caused he quit and disappeared once more again.

Then, years later [Can't remember how many exactly], more fighting began to break out. Daein was trying to free itself from Begnion's stranglehold, and eventually a flat-out war between the Laguz and Begnion Beorc began to flare. Kayne actually feared for his life during these times, because he was scared of meeting a stray Laguz while traveling across Begnion. He just randomly searched across Tellius for a place to stay. By this time, the war with Ashera had died down and the continent had returned to a state of "peace." Kayne entered into Daein and settled into Nevassa, hoping to spend a few quiet years in the prospering city. He now spent his days honing his magic skills in hopes he would one day be great. But sitting there all by himself... something inside him yearned for the life on the road.

RP Sample (Will Ask If I Feel it’s Necessary):

February 1st, 2008, 7:40 PM
Ooh yay. Non-stat based FE RPG FTW.


Name: Ruroen
Age: 19
Race: Beorc
Class: Thief
Weapon: Iron Dagger
Country of Origin: Daein
Allegiance: Mercenary

Appearance: Ruroen is a lightly built, although still slightly muscular, hazel eyed young man with light brown hair. His facial features are soft, making him look slightly childish, despite his age and height, which is around 5' 11". His hair covers the tips of his ears and is slightly messy, despite his efforts to keep it nice and tidy. His eyes are slightly almond shaped.

Ruroen wears a red colored, short sleeved tunic, and a pair of black pants. Over his tunic he has a black cloak. His lower arms are covered by black gloves, tightened to his arms by leather straps, in an attempt to conceal a long scar along his right forearm, though the tip of it can still be seen on his elbow He has numerous black belts with silver buckles on his waist. He also wears a pair of black boots that go up to his knees. His weapon is constantly strapped to his waist, in addition to any other thief-ly accessories of his.

Personality: Ruroen is very anti-social, hence his preffered role as a thief. As a general rule, he hates being around people, aside from the occasional woman he takes a liking to, or perhaps when he gets drunk. He tends to be overly sarcastic when he does speak, and hates working with other people unless in charge. Ruroen also, as a general rule, acts on the spur of the moment, which usually gets him into trouble, despite the fact that he really does have some intelligence. Although he's anti-social, rash, and moderately selfish, he does feel very strongly about ASHERA's persecution of the Branded, for personal reasons.

History: Ruroen grew up in the slums of Nevassa, having been abandoned by his parents. As a result, he lived most of his life stealing from the Daein nobles, running into several close encounters with assorted police forces. During The Mad King's War, he used the chaos as a cover to go about stealing, which, much to his amazement, produced moderately large results. During the latest war, he employed the same tactics, although towards the end he joined a mercenary force as a spy among Begnion's ranks. After staying hidden for several months, Ruroen was ousted, and fled back to Daein after a small skirmish, resulting in the scar on his right arm. He stayed with the mercenary group in the end, relocating his various possesions to the organization's headquarters on the outskirts of the nation's capital. Just a few days ago, he came unto the understanding that his mother was a Branded, after having been sought out by her, but she was killed in ASHERA's capture of Nevassa.

RP Sample: ((Taken from Defeating a Mirage, even though it hasn't been asked for yet... Might as well. :\))

Dansei rotated his torso to the left, sending out an enhanced amount of chakra from his sleeves while still accumulating chakra in his chest, the Tiger seal still in place. Much to his surprise, every single wave that had been emitted from his left sleeve had bounced back within seconds. "Leeches are catching up to us!" he shouted, turning his torso back to normal position. "Approximately 100 meters and counting, traveling at an average speed one point five times our own!" He tightened his seal, the chakra which he had been collecting moving up towards his throat. He grimaced at the large amount of chakra moving up through such a tiny passage way, his "vision" wavering slightly as he lost focus.

50 meters...

The chakra kept on moving up to his mouth.

25 meters...

Dansei stopped, pulling an immediate 180 degree rotation.

10 meters...

"Fire Release! Great Fireball Technique!"

Dansei held his fist up to his mouth, inhaling deeply. Upon exhaling, a monumental wall of fire burst forth from his mouth, incinerating the leeches as they approached. The shinobi held it as long as possible, until the tiny shrieking noise of the leeches faded completely. The stream of fire stopped at that point, leaving Dansei with minor burns around his cheeks as he put his hands on his knees, breathing heavily.

Executing another 180 degree turn, the shinobi leapt from tree branch to tree branch, catching up with his comrades in about thirty seconds. "Let's move," he said, wiping his mouth tenderly. "That jutsu probably revealed our position to the majority of the ninja in this half of the forest." He pulled out a few kunai, holding them between his knuckles. "If we're lucky, the ambush waiting for us at the tower will head over to that position in hope of an easy kill."


Phew. That took quite some time. :o

February 3rd, 2008, 2:53 PM
Rajaion, accepted. Although, I would like to see a bit in your history about what occured to your character during the Mad King's War and the war between the laguz and beorc.

ThatInsaneKid, reserved. I'd like to see more meat added to your character's personality and history.

Thought I'd get the skeletons for my characters out there. I'll work on them as often as I can.

Name: Ren
Age: 20
Race: Beorc
Class: Lord
Weapon: Steel Sword
Country of Origin: Daien
Allegiance: Anti-ASHERA Alliance

Name: Flys
Age: 20; appears 16
Race: Branded
Class: Fire Mage
Weapon: Fire Tomb
Country of Origin: Bird Laguz Alliance - specifically Kilvas
Allegiance: Anti-ASHERA Alliance



Flys' mother and father, Elia and Daran, were a raven and a beorc respectively. Her mother had been taken in as a slave to a noble Begnion house. There, she met Flys' father, the noble's son, and they fell in love despite the difference in race and social status. This relationship went on in secret for some time, but eventually the Daran's father caught on to what was taking place. He took little restraint in keeping them apart. One night, Daran managed to sneak into Elia's quarters, where he revealed his intentions to set the raven woman free. She resisted at first, not wanting to leave or endanger her dear lover, but he insisted. Daran managed to get Elia to a shoreline boat that night, destined for Kilvan shores, but at the cost of his life, as Begnion soldier had caught up to him at the last moment. He was slain right in front of her eyes as she made her escape. Days later, she was rescued from her boat by a group of raven laguz, and was rushed to a hospital for her condition was bad. There, she realized she was pregnant with Daran's child. Because of this, she was confined until she had the child, as the people were aware that the baby would most likely be a branded. As expected, Elia gave birth to a pink haired branded girl that she named "Flys" after the flower that Daran gave to her when they first met. Alas, despite her best attempts, she still had the newborn taken away from her and shipped away in a little boat. Psycologically fragile since birth, this was the final straw that made her snap. That night, she flew to the highest point she could find, and fell backwards, head first off of the structure, her eyes already lifeless from the surfaced insanity. She died instantly upon making contact with the ground.

The parentless, abandoned child drifted aimlessly across the ocean for an entire day, only to be found by the King of Pheonicis, Tibarn. Against his better judgment, the hawk king moved the branded girl to the shores of Daein, where he assumed she would at least have a chance of living a normal life. This proved to be false, however, as after being found, Flys drifted from orphanage to orphanage. If it wasn't because of the branded mark on her stomach, it was because she aged at a much slower rate than the other children, which everyone saw as a bad omen. Eventually, she was taken in by a branded run orphanage in Nevassa where her identity was kept a secret alongside many other branded orphans.

As she grew older, her knack for magic began to become apparent. The owner of the orphanage, a sage himself, took careful note of her abilities and began to train her accordingly, until she was an expert at using fire tomes. It was around this time that her branded status was revealed to her, which explained to her why she aged so slowly, why the public hated her orphanage, and why nobody could see the markings on her stomach.

During the Mad King's War, Flys, along with the rest of the orphanage, was forced to go into hiding, only to return to their home after Crimea won the war. Begnion occupied Daein shortly after, and further surpressed the actions of the orphanage for a short time. The Dawn Brigade, at one point, came to their rescue, but it only angered the occupying soldiers and provoked them into harassing the orphans, including Flys. She wasn't too effected by Pelleas reclaiming Daien, or the laguz vs beorc war to follow, as she was happy just being at the orphanage. She was one of the few not effected by Ashera's judgment, as well.

It isn't until recently that she is thrown into the midst of battle, when ASHERA invades the capital with the intention of slaughtering all branded.

Name: Lita
Age: Unknown; appears late teens
Race: Laguz
Class: Cat
Weapon: Claws
Country of Origin: Gallia
Allegiance: Anti-ASHERA Alliance

Name: Ilyana
Age: Approximately 20
Race: Beorc
Class: Archsage
Weapon: Elthunder Tome, Heal Tome
Country of Origin: Daien
Allegiance: Traveling Caravan
Appearance: click (http://serenesforest.net/media/fe10illust/e/ilyana_en.png)

February 3rd, 2008, 3:34 PM
Name: Pryce
Age: 19
Race: Branded
Class: Soldier
Weapon: Iron Lance
Country of Origin: Begnion
Allegiance: Orphan

Name: Audrey
Age: 16
Race: Branded
Class: Myrmidon
Weapon: Slim Sword
Country of Origin: Begnion
Allegiance: Orphan

Name: Gent
Age: 80
Race: Laguz
Class: White Dragon
Weapon: Breath
Country of Origin: Goldoa
Allegiance: Unknown

Name: Rhys
Age: Approximately 22
Race: Beorc
Class: Saint
Weapon: Mend Staff
Country of Origin: Crimea
Allegiance: Formally Ike's Mercenaries
Appearance: Pwetty (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v338/silverhawk79/Fire%20Emblem/rhys.jpg)

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Name: Flaryn

Age: 35

Race: Beorc

Class: Mage - Wind

Weapon: Wind Tomb

Country of Origin: Crimea

Allegiance: Anti-ASHERA

Appearance: Flaryn stands tall at six feet five inches. His broad shoulders, wide stance, and coarse, weathered skin are uncharacteristic for a mage. He also has a firm strong build, which easily hides his magical capabilities. He has short jet-black hair that he keeps well groomed, though age is beginning to set in and turn parts of his charming hair silver. Flaryn as an unusual scare, in the shape of a deep cut, that runs across his forehead and down the left side of his face, just missing his eye.

Flaryn wears a simple light brown tunic, and gray trousers. Instead of a mage's robes, he wears a simple worn travelers cloak. His feet generally go uncovered, and are hard and callused from his long travels.

Personality: Once a fiery young lad with more interest in brawling than in talking, Flaryn is now quiet, subdued and hard to anger. Having grown up in harsh times had made him spontaneous, fighting for change, wanting to better himself. After participating in war, this has changed his personality entirely. He now spends more of his time listening than talking, he is quicker to want to resolve conflict peacefully through talking then a show of strength. Flaryn has a quick wit, yet chooses to keep it to himself. This mage, who is past his youth, is a gentle soul, who always has a calm smile on his face and has a habit of turning harsh words aside with a soft response.

History: Flaryn grew up as a farmboy on the border between Daein and Crimea. He lived a relatively simple life, even into adulthood. As mentioned before, he was unhappy with this simple life for two reasons a) his low status, and b) times were often tight and struggled to make ends meat. He lived with his mother, father and two young siblings, and was the reckless one of the lot. He did not like being looked down upon for being a farmboy, and would often retaliate with a fist in the face. When he reached his late teens, he drank heavily, and was quicker to anger than every before.

Then war hit and it changed his life forever. At first he didn't get involved, and chose to stay out of it, after all he was a simple farmboy from the outskirts of Crimea. Then a force rose up against Ashera and then Flaryn decided he was going to make something of himself and enlisted to stop the Goddess. Only after the war was he aware of his abilities that had stayed dorment throughout his childhood. When he learned discipline and when his personality simmered down, his natural magic chose to rise up within him. Shocked, the young man was hesitant to tell anyone, and he denied it until a wise sage came to him when he returned home from a hard fought war.

The man was looking for an apprentice and sense the magic inside Flaryn. Stubbornly, Flaryn denied him three times, but after debate after debate, the wise sage was able to convince him that his powers needed to be honed. Which brought him to Daein. How? He was sent to the fortress city to spy on the whereabouts of the Branded. Though he was anti-Branded, his alliance from the past war made him weary of anyone allying themselves with Ashera. His age, and discipline made him a quick study in controlling his powers so his master felt that he could be trusted with his current task.

RP Sample (Will Ask If I Feel it’s Necessary):

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