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January 31st, 2008, 4:28 PM
*for those of you who don’t play metroid, google anything you don’t understand. Hopefully it will give you a better understanding of this rpg.*
Six months ago, the G.F.S. Valhalla was attacked by space pirate forces. It was on a training mission, and only a handful of experienced marines were present. Of this handful, there was a squad of five P.E.D. marines. When the ship was attacked, they were able to fend off the space pirates… that is, until they ran out of phazon to power their weapons. Without this precious energy source, their weapons were only as powerful as those of a normal marine. The ship was quickly taken. When the prisoners, which included the P.E.D. squad, were loaded onto a transport, they were to be terminated on the phazon home world, Phaaze. The leader of the P.E.D. group had been outfitted with special demolition trooper armor, which was in the prototype stage. It was enhanced with a P.E.D. unit as an experiment. By using his demolition equipment, he was able to damage the ship that held the prisoners, dropping them all into a pit of the ultra-rare red phazon found only on Tallon IV. Our story begins on Tallon IV, two months after the fabled bounty hunter; Samus Aran vanquished the space pirate leader, Dark Samus. The five man P.E.D. squad awakens to find that they are in a cavern lit by the red glow of the phazon present, and also that their armor has been completely corrupted by the substance.

And so they set out to find a way home, and also to learn the side-effects of this red phazon corruption.

First off, you have to give your character a name, then you must choose a rank in the group. The five ranks are as follows:

Commander (demolition P.E.D. suit) - claimed by Pyronic
General- reserved for sharpay
First Lieutenant- claimed by Johny
Second Lieutenant-

*all ranks below commander have regular P.E.D. marine armor

non marine characters: (you can choose one of these instead of being a marine. give them a name and history/personality description)

Pirate defector: (standard pirate militia unit, sympathizes with Jack and dislikes his species' ideals. wears standard yellow phazite armor, capable of hypermode, but his is weaker then that of those in the P.E.D. unit, since his is powered by the common blue phazon.)

Phyrgis native: (wont show up till later in the story, corrupted by red phazon and capable of hypermode. has the same power over ice as the now deceased Rundas.)( google Rundas so u no wat he looks like)

Next give a brief explanation of his/her personality and history(age is between 18 and 25). If I like the description you give, then I’ll accept it. If not, I may say no altogether, or I may ask you to revise a bit.

Hope you have fun, game starts when we have all 5 marines

Note that I may decide to open more character spaces later on.

Pretty simple really, just obey all forum rules, and have fun. Also, since I made all players have the same armor (except for mine, which is actually slightly weaker), god mode is not possible. the non marine characters all have armor equal in strength to the regular marine armor. 1 more thing, hypermode(ill explain later if you don’t know) only lasts 25 seconds.

My sign up:
Name: Jack Anderson
Rank: commander
Age: 18
History: not much is known about his past, but Jack is a ferocious fighter. He was raised to look up to the galactic federation, and when his family was killed in a pirate raid, he began training to join G.F. immediately. He looks up to Samus, who saved him, and does his best to protect everyone. He feels that all the deaths aboard the Valhalla were his fault. His compensation for this being that he was able to save the Valhalla’s aurora unit, 313, from being totally destroyed, since he cloned it into an A.I. program in his suit before it was removed from the Valhalla. 313 no longer has a body to return to.
Personality: Jack is a kind-hearted and caring person, with an extreme hatred of the space pirates. He is wise beyond his years, but also short tempered, so he tends to jump into battle without planning, although it is still rare for him to be injured. Wise and highly skilled in combat, he is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. When responding to a pirate raid, he loves nothing more than saving as many people as possible while killing as many pirates he can point his gun at. He wishes to one day accompany Samus on a mission, and make a name for himself as a bounty hunter.

There ya go, just follow that format, and have fun.

January 31st, 2008, 5:27 PM
may i reserve a spot as general. I will finish tonight or tommorow or the next day

February 1st, 2008, 11:59 AM
sure sharpay, spot reserved

February 6th, 2008, 4:49 AM
Name: Marcus Corben

Rank: First Lieutenant

Age: 23

History: At first he was very unsure of what he wanted to do for a long time, then one day it dawned on him. He loves war, but hates the government, and he saw the only way to go into war and shot a weapon is to try and join the G.F. He began training at about the age of 15, and went for inlistment at the age of 18. After he was enlisted he went up the ranks quickly, for his surperior knowledge in wartime tatics, and strategies, but not enough known to go past First Lieutenant. While on the Vahala during the attack he tried all he could but it proved useless, he felt greatly appreciative of what Samus has done for years, but she wasn't exacly his hero. He had no hero, he just wanted to further better himself so people can look up to himself. This was one of the main reasons he joined the G.F. to start a legend that would never die down, and to be looked up to.

Personality: A very self aware guy, w/ much intelligence. He loves battle, and has the tendancy to get lost in it. He dosent have much hate, but can be very cold at times. Some can say who know him, he is a very loving guy, but others who don't know him well enough can say, he is very cold, and has no humor. He has much confidence in himself, and knows how to keep calm in almost any situation, and can act very quickly and efficently under pressure.

I have only a few questions though, weapons and what not, what kind of equipment do we exactly have, sence we dont have equipment like the commander?

February 13th, 2008, 12:02 PM
hey guys, sry i havent replied, i havent been able to get on in a while. to answer you question, we all have the same gun, which is a corrupted phazon blaster arm cannon. my armor is lighter/weaker, whatever u wanna call it, and demolition armor lets me use bombs(like to blow thru walls). otherwise i hav the same wepons as all of u

also, johny i accept ur sign up, but i may have to close this if no1 else joins(sry)

February 18th, 2008, 7:06 PM
-closed upon thread creator's request-