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February 1st, 2008, 1:27 AM
-Chapter One: No Pokemon-

--Pallet Town--

Ricky awoke with a loud noise outside his small home in Pallet Town. Pallet Town a small and peaceful town. Ricky grew to love his town and never wanted to leave it but would have to someday to become a pokemon trainer.

Ricky slid out of the covers and stood up to stretch. He yawned lightly and changed his clothes into his future trainer outfit. His clothing was similar to Pallet Town's Hero, Ash Ketchum when he was in the Kanto Region many years ago. Ricky looked up to Ash as a role-model and hoped to be as good as him. Ash who was now 32 years old had left his home to live in the Sinnoh Region with his Wife, Dawn, also 32 years old.

Ricky jumped down the stairs and skipped happily over to the pantry to get his breakfast.

"What are you so happy about?" laughed his Mom, who was already sitting at the small redwood table.

"Mom, I am getting my first pokemon today" replied Ricky who was holding onto a small energy bar. He opened the wrapper, popped into his mouth and threw the rubbish into the bin.



"Don't forget your bag" reminded his Mom, who was finishing up her tea. Ricky almost choked on the bar as he forgot to get his bag. So he rushed back up stairs to pack his stuff. He packed a sleeping bag, spare clothes, food, water and other accessories. Finally the bag was packed, zipped and on Ricky's back.

Ricky, slid down the banister of the staircase and ran out of the door, without fare welling his Mom. He entered the fresh outside air, the golden sun glaring down onto him, the wind gently blowing in his face. Ricky ran up into the hills where Professor Oak was waiting for him.

--Professor Oak's Laboratory--

Ricky puffed hard and slowed to a power-walk as he stepped up the concrete steps to Professor Oak's Laboratory. The Laboratory, to Ricky was awesome. Pokemon frolicking in the open plains behind the large building, to Ricky it was a beautiful sight. He finally made it to the top, standing in front of the glass doors, he saw his reflection. He noticed that his cap was loose. So he adjusted his cap and walked into the building.

"Ricky, so glad you can be here" welcomed Professor Oak who shook hand with Ricky.

"Wheres my pokemon" blurted out Ricky, looking about the lab. Oak had a dismal look on his face but had a weak smile on his face.

"Uh...Ricky...Now I don't have any more pokemon" muttered Oak.

"There is no more pokemon, hahaha, thats funny....WHAT!" cried Ricky who felt shocked.

"Well my son took one of the pokemon, so did Ash for him and his wife Dawn" said Oak who was feeling very sorry for Ricky. He got his hopes up for nothing and began to walk away.

"Ricky come back next month for another chance, I am very sorry" whispered Oak leaving the room. Ricky had tears rolling down his cheeks as he ran off and left the lab, upset.

-Chapter Two : Ricky Meets Ash-

--Pallet Town--

As Ricky ran for his home, he bumped into Ash.

"Hey kid, what are you doing?" scolded Ash, who looked down at Ricky with fiery eyes.

"I *sob* am sorry" sobbed Ricky, wiping the salty tears from his eyes.

"Sorry, to yell at you but what is wrong?" asked Ash, who got down onto his knees.

"Ash, I haven't got my first pokemon because there are none left" stuttered Ricky who stop crying. Ash, feeling upset, pulled out a pokeball.

"Here, take this kid, Its a Charmander" whispered Ash, who dropped the red and white orb into Ricky's pale hand. Ricky smiled and hugged Ash tightly.

"Okay, kid just go out and enjoy yourself" smiled Ash, who helped Ricky to his feet. Ricky slipped the ball into his pocket and headed off to the land beyond Pallet Town.


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