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February 1st, 2008, 3:17 PM
Nine thousand years prior to the tale which shall soon be told, a great warrior of light waged a titanic battle against the forces of darkness. The battle seemed grim for the warrior, but with the power of light he sealed the darkness away forever... or so it seemed.
Now Present day the King of Jump World has gone missing and has sent letters to all reincarnations of the warrior of light. It is now their missions to travel from world to world in an attempt to reach the World Which was Never Meant to be and keep the seal which cages the darkness from fully opening! The darkness plans on destroying the world and impowering their power by stealing innocent souls. Will you fight them, represting the light? Or will you join them, fight for evil? The battle begins...

Story Plot P2/ Your Mission:
When christ was crucified to save us from sin, the seal on the door holding back the darkness was cracked. Ever since it's been secretly pouring out into the worlds. It's now made itself known, and the door will soon be opened fully, and that means the end. If you choose to fight for the light, your mission will be to weild a power Jump-blade and to seal the doors on all the Jump worlds to save them. If you fight for the dark your mission will be to defeat the reincarnations of light and to make sure the doors to darkness are opened. Anyone can win this fight. Everyone will be presented with Jumpy Ships to fly across space to different Jump worlds (DBZ, Naruto, ect.)
*You can travel in a group as long as you're on the same side, and it can't be bigger than 3)
*If not enough people on one side they'll be com controlled (as in me controlled)
*There can also be more than 1 person (group) on one world

Character Sign-Up:
Other: (Optional)
Type of Jumpblade: (picture is reccomended, but not neccesary)
Spells: (Start with level 1 spells first. You can create original spells, but leave description)
Catchphrase: (Optional)

There's not exactly an exclusive rules for this RP. I'll inform you later, but ALWAYS obey the PC rules. 3 strikes and you're out.

Worlds: (Since Shonen Jump works with Viz as well, there will be some Viz worlds)
Earth (The real world): Your starting place
Dragon World (DBZ): Takes place in Majin Buu saga
Land of Fire (Naruto): Takes place in Sasuke Retrieval arc
Battle City (Yu-Gi-Oh): Takes place in Battle City arc
Arlong Park (One Piece): Takes place in the Arlong arc
Soul Society (Bleach): Takes place in The rescue arc
Feudal Japan (Inuyasha): Takes place in Band of Seven arc
Mamodo World (Zatch Bell): Takes place in Milordo Z/Zophis arc
Jump World: Unlocked later...
Dark Cynical: Unlocked later (Unless you work for the darkness, then it's available from the start).

Summoning Charms: (Used to summon allies in combat. Lasts for 5 posts only, and time until next summon depends on charm.)
Soul Cany Charm: Summons Kon (Bleach), who then leaps high into the air and jump kicks enemies. Lasts for 5 turns, and can't be re-summoned for another five. Given only to those who participated in the progression of the Bleach story after its completion.
Kuriboh charm: Summons Kuriboh (Yu-Gi-Oh), who flys around dropping HP balls, and occasionally MP balls. Lasts for 3 posts, and can't be summond again for another 6. Given only to those who participated in the progression of the Yu-Gi-Oh story after its completion.
Mamodo Charm: Summons Porygon (Zatch Bell), who then goes on a rampage ramming into enemies. Lasts for 6 posts, and can't be summoned again for another 7. Given only to those who participated in the progression of the Zatch Bell story after its completion.
Death Charm: Summons Ryuk (Death Note), who subtracts half of the summoners health, but destroys all enemies (excluding special enemies and bosses) around. Lasts for 1turn, and can't be summoned again for another 9. Given to those who have posted at least 30 times.
Alchemy Charm: Summons Alphonse (Full Metal Alchemist), who can make shields of earth, make earthquakes, or just simply pummel enemies to a pulp. Given to runner-ups of the World tournament. Lasts for 5 posts and can't be summoned again for another 7.

World Tournament:
Found only in Dragon World, the world tournament is as the name tells, a tournament. After Dragon World's completion it opens to all competitors. Tournaments are single-elimination and there are no teams. Jump forms are prohibited.