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February 3rd, 2008, 6:20 AM
Since all my chapters are 10 pages long, I will divide them into small sections for reading ease.

Sinnoh Now! Section 1
The boat moved forward. The silver colored railing crashed against the raging sea. A new region, far north in the world, was ready for exploration by a few trainers. Some new, some experienced. Two experienced trainers looked out at the seashore. They were Jack and Juile. They had ended much of the Team Rocket threat that had endangered the Sevvi Isles and had become good friends.

Along their journey through the islands, they caught Pokemon, met trainers, entered contests, and won gym battles. Juile had 3 contest ribbons secure in her pocket, in a badge case. You needed 5 ribbons to advance to the grand festival, but she didn’t succeed. In both of their cases, they had 7 badges. On each island there was a gym. They had fought perilously through the gyms and their Pokemon leveled up plenty of times before they had succeeded.

Of course, Team Rocket. These trouble makers had tried taking over plenty of islands and warehouses. But Jack and Juile had stopped them all, except one. On their last journey, the boss, Giovanni, had finally wiped out all of their Pokemon. Gary, both of their rivals whom had humiliated both of them several times had saved the day. He was always good inside. Gary’s Feraligator, from Totodile as a starter, had defeated Giovanni’s last Pokemon and that man too escaped. Now, it seemed as the three of them had become unstoppable.

However, when Jack and Juile asked, Gary refused to join their group. He said that he knew that he was plenty better than they were. This enraged the fire spirit in the two. Gary then said that he had better things to do than talk with those two wimps and left. As Jack and Juile began to leave the warehouse too, Jack stumbled on something. They uncovered a plate. The coloring was a dark heavy red color. Neither one was too sure what the small plate did. They left the warehouse and walked to the boat depot.

That was it. All of the islands had been finished. Where to now? They bought a random boat ticket to a new, barren land. That land had been Sinnoh. Jack hoped that the people there would know what the plate was for.

But, not only they had a story on this boat. Another kid was from Pallet town. The town had a large bank that was recently robbed. The criminals remained at large. At first police suspected it to be Team Rocket but they were stopped by the two partners from the Sevvi Islands. The police could think of no other organization with enough money and quality to rob $50 grand from a bank.

Edward, the kid from Pallet town had known about the robbery soon after it happened. His parents’ present to him was to be a trip to the Pokemon world but his parents’ bank account was stolen from so they had to wait for them money to be recovered. Saddened, he told them he needed to leave. He took a small amount of money, $50. That was all that they could give. To Edward, it was enough. He was walking along the river one day before he left when he saw a man offering free rides on a boat.

Edward decided to get a trip to an entirely new region. He was whisked away to an island where they camped for the day. Edward liked the sun on his chest and fell asleep on the beach. When he woke up, he was on this large express boat and 10 dollars had vanished. He checked his book bag and all the other items were gone, except his sleeping bag and pillow.

Soon the boat would stop and he could have a Pokemon. Maybe this time it really will be free of charge this time, Edward thought.

-I know there isn't much action, but this can also be thought of as a prologue

February 3rd, 2008, 7:30 AM
It has a pretty good storyline but there are a few grammatical errors


Of course, Team Rocket- Fragment

Trouble makers is troublemakers.

There are a few more but they're more in the terms on not sounding right.

Get a little more description and it shall be a great story.

Can't wait for another chapter, good luck

February 3rd, 2008, 11:30 AM
Some fragments are there for emphasis or suspense.

Sinnoh Now! Section 2
The boat began to land on the shore of the region of Sinnoh. The boat pulled into the harbor and then the door began to open. For each trainer, there was a different goal. Maybe they wanted to know what a strange metal was for, or maybe they wanted to find out who some crooks were.

When the okay was given to exit the boat in an orderly-fashioned manner, everyone screamed and yelled and pushed their way out of the boat. A few didn’t. When the boat stopped, Jack looked up from the sea to the sun and let out Aipom. This Pokemon had been in his possession for only a little while and wasn’t as strong as his other team members were. As some of the early places were a little weak, Aipom would do good there.

Juile waited till the last screaming person got off the boat and then ran off the boat. When she got off, she waited for Jack to come off. Jack said, “Come on Aipom let’s go.” Jack then ran off. Aipom began to chase after him. Jack paid attention to Aipom and didn’t notice a kid getting out of a room inside the boat. Jack hit the kid and they both fell. Aipom looked over the wreck like a traffic reporter.

Jack got up and helped the kid get up. “Sorry for that,” he said. “The name’s Jack,” he continued. Edward said back to Jack, “Its okay, you don’t have to apologize. I’m Edward. So, are you new to Pokemon?” Edward asked eager to know.

“No, I’m a champion in the arts of Pokemon.” Jack said confidently. Jack then picked up Aipom who then rested on Jack’s shoulder. Edward looked at Jack, “Oh,” was all to say. Edward slumped and got off the boat. Jack didn’t want to depress the kid further so he was speechless until he got off the boat to Juile.

The first place to head for training was Route 201. So far they were in Twinleaf town, the home of Professor Rowan’s laboratory. He could give out new Pokemon to starting trainers, but they had Pokemon already. So they had to move on.

Jack had made a new region resolution. He wanted to catch a lot more Pokemon this time around. His Pokemon had become well trained the last time but it soon became boring because he only had the same Pokemon. Now he would catch a few from the beginning. He thought about which Pokemon to put away, which ones to use now. Of course he would keep Aipom, that one was new.

Juile also made a new resolution, to enter more contests. By the time she had learned enough about contests to win one, the grand festival was over. Now she had a full year to train. Certainly she would battle in gyms, but she needed something else to do in her time. She could use contest attacks in the gyms.

After their resolutions were made, they began to walk together, side by side. When they entered the first route, Jack saw Edward looking at a strange brown briefcase that was near a large lake. The briefcase seemed to be laying there. Then, when a tree passed him, Jack saw that a strange gray bird was attacking him. The briefcase then opened. Edward through out a pokeball. A small blue penguin pokemon came out. Jack wasn’t sure what this Pokemon was. He took out his red pokedex. The pokedex opened and read, “Piplup, the penguin Pokemon.” Piplup, interesting.

Juile was proceding along the route as normal but then noticed Jack’s pokedex. She leaned over to see what was in it and she saw a cute penguin. That penguin was pounding away as hard as it could on this gray bird. She took out her pokedex to see what was harming that precious Piplup. “Starly, the gray starling Pokemon.” She was mad that Starly was fighting Piplup. “I’ll show it.” She mumbled. She took out a pokeball and sent out Peliper.