View Full Version : Pokemon (Still working on the title)

February 3rd, 2008, 4:45 PM
The story begins as the male twin wakes up to the call of his mother, who asks him to accompany her to the nearby woods for her pokemon research. While they prepare to make they're way there, in the woods, a mysterious teenage trainer battles the leaders from Team Aqua, Magma and Rocket with ease. The weather begins to change as a legendary pokemon arrives...

Back at the house, the female twin rushes to the kitchen as the male twin and their mother prepare to head to the woods. She tells them about the sighting of a rare pokemon coming down from the sky heading towards the lake in the middle of the woods. Their mother rushes off to the woods as the twins wonder what's happening. The female twin goes up to their room and then returns with two pokeballs, she hands one to her brother and then the two rush off to the woods to find their mother.

When they arrive at the woods they are confronted by members of Team Aqua, Magma and Rocket. The local police are handling most of the gang members leaving only a few of them to attack the twins, as they prevail, they find their mother conversing with the teenager as they are interrupted by the roar of the still unknown legendary pokemon.

A bright light suddenly envelops the lake and the surrounding area, by the time the light dims and disappears, the only people left are the twins. There is no trace of the gang members, police or their mother. The two leave the woods and check their house and the town but no one is there. The two decide to take their mother's boat to start exploring the nearby isles and the mainland in search of their mother and the other people who dissappeared...