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February 6th, 2008, 1:27 PM
My new fic.

Pokémon: Schwarzwind

Schwarzwind is “Black wind” in German. We are a group Trainers who don’t find leagues interesting anymore, nor don’t we like malevolent teams such as the Rockets. We battle each other to get stronger to reach the rank of Schwarz hurricane. After that we screw up operations of any evil team that is in progress at the time. That is how we get the rank of Schwarz cyclone. Then we can try to take on the Master of Schwarzwind to gain his spot. Oh, who am I. My name is Mickey and I’m a part of Schwarzwind. Of the ranks of Schwarz breeze, Schwarz gust, Schwarz tornado, Schwarz hurricane, Schwarz cyclone and The Master of Schwarzwind. I am a Schwarz hurricane.

Chapter 1: Old feelings

“All Schwarz gusts please meet in the Conference room.” I heard the intercom state. I was leaning back on a wall in a hallway, the hallway leading to the auditorium. I walked away from the area not to get trampled by any gusts. I walked down the wall of our base. The walls were grey and they had plenty of lights to illuminate Pallet Town. Most corridors lead to the rank rooms, some lead to cafeterias, but my favorite was the gym. Its force was hypnotizing. It made me reminisce about my days traveling with my pokemon. Every time I thought about it I had to shake my head. Journeying was not me anymore. I had a commitment to Schwarzwind. I passed the gym without giving it a second look. I decided to leave the clan base and check in to a hotel. When I opened the door I emerged into a city that is very close to me, Viridian City, this where my family lived before they moved away. They moved because of my decision to stop journeying. My mom told me that I was destroying my dad’s dream of me becoming more powerful than him. I thought me joining this clan was the best choice for me, to get stronger. Or was it the wrong choice? I didn’t know but it didn’t matter anymore. I made my own decision to join Schwarzwind. I opened the door to the hotel and entered the lobby.

“Hello welcome to Viridian Inn.” The cheerful green-eyed receptionist greeted me.

“Hi umm I would like a room.” I told the receptionist.

“Okay sure he’s your key card and how long do you plan on staying.” She asked with wide smile.

“Umm about that it might be a while.” I replied with a slight smirk.
“That’s okay; call me if you need anything.” She said as I walked off. I walked towards the elevator and walked in. My room was on the third floor so I pressed 3F. The elevator opened and I proceeded to my room. I slipped the key through the slot and the door opened. The room was small. One bed, a desk, T.V, two lamps was all that was in there. I looked towards the right to see a bath room. I checked my shoulder length, raven black hair. I took one look at my sky blue eyes and was drawn in to them, almost hypnotizing me. I shook my head and took one more look around the bummed out room.

“This is it,” I complained. “Well, I got to get used to it.” It was then I noticed I didn’t have my clothes. I looked at my Poketch, 7:00. It was getting dark. I rushed out of the hotel and headed straight to our sister base as opposed to our headquarters in Ecruteak City. I ran through hundreds of corridors to reach the Schwarz hurricane quarters.

“Mickey,” I heard a peaceful voice say behind me. I turned around to see a boy who has just hit his teens. He had long, spiky, brown hair with a few bangs in the front. He wore a red long sleeve shirt with khaki pants and tan sandals. “I want a battle.”

“First of all,” I started to state firmly. “Akira, you’re a gust and second you don’t even have on your uniform.”

“So,” Akira started to reply to my comment with an annoyed look on his face. “I want to rise in rank and I don’t want to wear the uniform twenty-four seven like you do.” He finished referencing our uniform that included a black vest, grey shirt with a SW on the front, and black jeans.

“So, you’re weak.” I said with a cocky tone. He looked more annoyed. I picked up my bag of clothes and was about to leave until he grabbed my arm.

“I’m serious Mickey.” Akira said with determined look.

“Okay, are you sure about this?” I asked Akira to be sure.

“Sure as I’ll ever be.” He stated with a strong look on his face.
“Okay.” I accepted. I grabbed my clothes bag and proceeded to the gym. I turned the lights on and lights from left to right began to flicker on. I walked to the left side a placed my bag down. He went opposite side agave me a cocky smile. I grabbed my pokeball containing my loyal starter, Typhlosion. It has been with him since the beginning of my journey. His power has helped me get out of the stickiest spots and got me in the final eight in Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh, and Kanto leagues. I released my powerhouse Pokémon in a red beam of light.

“Typhlooooo!” It roared with tremendous volume and the flame on his navy back erupted furiously. Typhlosion made a couple of warm up gestures to get its self ready for the oncoming battle.

“Oh really,” Akira yelled from a distance. He got a pokeball from his belt and threw it towards the ground. As it opened the Pokémon came out in the same fashion, except it was of course different. This Pokémon was brown and sported spikes on its back; it had a semi long nose and black beady eyes. It had very sharp claws and the ends of all its limbs.

“Sandslash!” It said now in a fighting stance. The two Pokémon stared at each other as if they were mortal enemies. I usually let my opponents attack first but that time I wanted to go back to my hotel as quickly as possible.

“Typhlosion fire a flamethrower!” I commanded Typhlosion. It reared its head back and loosed flames out of its gaping mouth.

“Doge it now Sandslash,” Akira commanded his Pokémon. “Then hit it with a slash.” Sandslash gracefully dodged my Typhlosion’s flamethrower, and then it rushed towards it with blinding speed. Without telling Typhlosion to act, it jumped back successfully dodging the slash attack and repeated the earlier command I gave it. More flames came out of its mouth. Instinctively Sandslash curled into a ball with its spikes pointed up. After Typhlosion’s fire onslaught was over, Sandslash reverted itself back into its regular form with a few minor burns on its spikes.

“Whew, that was close,” Akira sighed. “Sandslash, take it down with a rollout!” Once again it rolled up into a ball and began spinning in place as if it were charging up power. That move felt very familiar. In a burst of speed it rolled off towards Typhlosion.

“Jump over it now!” I commanded. As soon as the command was given it leapt up over the Pokémon and landed on the opposite side of Sandslash. This didn’t stop the Sandslash though. It turned around and blind-sided Typhlosion creating a few scratches on its back. Making it’s navy coat of fur mix with crimson.

“Hehe didn’t see that coming now did you?” He asked trying to patronize me.
“I didn’t have to,” I responded. “Because this was going to happen, full power flamethrower!” Typhlosion reared its head back even farther to unleash a wide, long, and even deadlier flamethrower. This move caught Sandslash and its trainer off guard. Sandslash tried its hardest to hold on but couldn’t and was pushed towards the wall of the gym getting burnt severely. After the flames ceased, Sandslash was still standing.

It had a lot of perseverance to even stand up to an attack like that but I could tell it was on its last leg. The bond between pokemon and trainer is great. If a Sandslash could stand up to a full powered flamethrower from such an experienced pokemon then it must be committed to always helping out its trainer no matter what.

“Try another slash!” Akira yelled.

“Thunderpunch Typhlosion now!” I also yelled. The two pokemon charged at each other. Typhlosion with its fist clenched with thunderbolts surrounding it and Sandslash with its left claw running towards each other. Typhlosion quickly dodged the poorly aimed slash and punched Sandslash with the electricity of the punch dissolving on contact. The punch sent Sandslash spiraling towards its trainer’s feet.

“How the heck did you…..” Akira said shocked as he fell on the ground.
“Just because the electricity of the attack is gone doesn’t mean that the punch is gone also.” I replied to his incomplete question. I grabbed my bag and left him there in shock. Typhlosion followed. I walked out and reached my hotel. I returned Typhlosion and laid my bag down. I jumped in bed and fell asleep on the spot.


“Master Mitsuhide.” A man in the magma grunt uniform bean to request.
“Yes,” A calm and deep voice said in the said in the shadows. “What is it that you want?”

“Maxie was wondering if Entei was going to be used against Team Rocket’s attempt to capture Raikou.” The grunt asked.

“Maybe,” The voice stared to say again. “If I’m going to beat Giovanni’s Mewtwo I guess I’ll need to fight fire with fire.”

“Yes sir.” The grunt left out of the office. The 17 year old stood up. He had long spiky black hair and a few spiky bangs in the front. His red eyes were mixed with calmness and fury .His magma uniform was the same uniform except with a longer hooded jacket, covering the undershirt and a belt that was hanging off of his waist. He walked out his office and turned into another room.

“Lucario, is it…..” Mitsuhide began to ask.

“It’s well.” Nurse Joy reassured Mitsuhide.

“Good,” Mitsuhide said in relief. “He will pay!” Mitsuhide grabbed Lucario’s pokeball and ran out of the room. His mind was merely focused on one thing. Giovanni’s death.


I woke up about 7:00 A.M. I took a bath and put on another uniform. I walked out of the building with a heavy mind. My mission today was to stop Team Rocket’s latest operation in Viridian Forest. I made my way towards the Schwarzwind clan base. I opened door and came upon pandemonium.

“What happened here?” I asked a gust.

“Akira has made to Schwarz Hurricane woooo!” The gust responded.

“Ok…,” I said feeling awkward. I walked down the hall passing many cheering gusts. I could care less. I had to get promoted myself. I kept walking the hall ways to the clan leader’s room. “Umm Master Sieg…”

“What is it Mickey?” My master interrupted. He was twenty years old. Kind of young to be a leader of such an ancient clan. He had slicked sky blue hair, with hazel eyes and a slight mustache. He wore an updated version of the uniform that had no vest but had a black dress shirt and black slacks and white pearl shoes. He always made himself look classy.

“My mission objectives,” I requested. He was in his own little world. “Sir my mission objectives!”

“Oh yeah here.” He gave me a dossier full of my objectives and who I’m working with. To my surprise I was working with the new Schwarz Hurricane, Akira.

“Sigh,” I took a glance at my odd leader. “I guess I should be going now.” I shook my head and left out the. I looked over my dossier and looked at the location of my latest mission. It took place somewhere in Viridian Forest. Team Rocket was attempting to catch the legendary Raikou. My eyes widened at this prospect. I had never seen a legendary pokemon before. I felt excited. I wanted to go immediately. I looked around for Akira and found him nearing the exit.

“Mickey, I almost forgot about you.” He said to me as soon as he turned around.

“Yeah let’s go now!” I yelled pushing him out of the door.

We continued to walk down to path down to Viridian Forest. The greenery made the walk calm and peaceful. Akira was surprisingly not talking. That was not in his nature to just shut up. I looked over at him and noticed that he was talking to himself. Maybe thinking about the battle we had on yesterday. I thought he would have more sense to stop thinking about a lost especially during a life threatening mission.

“Hey stop thinking about our battle.” I said trying to comfort him.

“Oh I wasn’t thinking about that,” He began to say. “It’s this dream I had. It had Three eyes swirling around me. All three the primary colors.”

“Primary colors?” I said confused.

“You know Red, Blue, Yellow.” He said looking at me like I’m stupid.

“Okay….” I wondered off. I ignored his previous comment and we kept walking until we reached the entrance to the forest. We entered the forest with our eyes opened wide for anything unusual.

“Let’s split up.” He quietly suggested. I nodded and looked around the now familiar forest. It was deep and dark but calm. I suddenly heard a calm voice to my right a proceeded to look toward that direction. Mitsuhide, an old rival and childhood friend. I was shocked to see him in a magma uniform. I started to run towards him until something hit me pushing me to unknown areas. I hit a tree. It hurt like hell but I had to get up. I shook off the hit and looked up, it was a Lucario. I recognized this Lucario. It was like I’ve seen it before. I grabbed Typhlosion’s pokeball and released it.

“Typhloooooo!” its flame exploded on its back as it yelled. The flames started to spread around the forest. Then, Lucario must have used its extremespeed to disappear in a flash. Doing this it blew away all of the flames ceasing the fire before it increased. It returned to the spot it was once before. It gave my Typhlosion a arrogant smirk.

“Typhlosion I’m sure you can keep it busy.” It nodded and gave a hateful glare towards Lucario. I ran off. There so many questions I needed to ask him. Where has he been and why he joined Team Magma? I rushed past the Team Rocket activity.