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February 7th, 2008, 8:59 PM
This is a story for my English class, but I wanted to post it here. It's a naturalism story, so the outcome may startle some people.

By the way, the title is metaphorical. Don't get pissed because there are no lions in the story.


Frank sat, hands folded, in the hospital. The hurricane outside pounded onto the windows. Frank’s wife and son sat next to him, both asleep. He hadn’t slept since the hurricane had started four hours ago. They had just barely made it to the hospital when the first wave hit. The doors to the hospital had closed just as the wave crashed over the seawall. The city was 2 feet under. Getting up, he walked to the coffee maker and poured himself a cup. He walked to the window and looked out onto the wrecked city street. Debris lay in the street as the wind flung more down the street. Frank sipped his coffee, then turned to look at his wife and son. They were still asleep. The wind rattled the glass window. Frank turned around and saw a parking meter flying fast towards the window. It crashed through the glass and sent glass shards into Frank’s face and chest. The parking meter struck Frank in the head, sending him flying backwards. He hit the carpeted floor with a thud, then opened his eyes to see rain coming through the broken window. His wife ran and crouched next to him, but he had blacked out before he could hear what she said.

Frank opened his eyes. He was lying in a bed in the hospital. A pan was next to him and he lifted it to find several bloodied shards of glass tinkling around in it. A doctor stood at the front of the bed and wrote things onto a notepad he was holding.

“Excuse me.” said Frank, gingerly. “What happened?”

The doctor looked up. He seemed surprised. “I’m actually stunned you’re awake, Mr. Bontiel. With these injuries, you were expected to be unconscious for the next twelve hours.” He walked to Frank and unwrapped the bandages around his head. “Where is my family?” Frank asked, sitting up.

“Gone.” said the doctor. He pulled out a needle full of purple liquid. “Let me see your arm, sir.”
Frank stuck out his arm. “Where’d my family go?”

“Somewhere else.” said the doctor. He pushed the needle into Frank’s arm. The liquid felt numbing, but it faded once the doctor pulled the needle out. “There you go, Mr. Bontiel. You’re free to go.”

“Free to go? There’s a hurricane out there! I’m not leaving.” said Frank, angrily. “Now tell me where my family is.” He stood up and put his coat back on. It had blood stains and holes on it.

“They’re safe.” said the doctor, apathetically. “I have no concern for you or your family. I’m simply doing my jo-” The doctor was unable to finish his sentence for Frank had just punched him in the face. The doctor stumbled backwards, lobbing a tray full of needles and surgical tools straight at Frank. Frank ducked, but three needles and a scalpel found their way into Frank’s abdomen. He screamed in pain and fell to the floor, yanking the projectiles off. The doctor chuckled, but lifted Frank onto the bed by himself. His nose was bleeding slightly, but he didn’t seem to care. “As I was saying. I’m doing my job.”

The doctor had two burly men escort Frank outside. The hurricane was still fierce and thunder roared when Frank stepped outside. “Where are they?” he screamed. The wind made it hard to hear. The doctor yelled back, “Ridgeview Street and 5th! I told you they were safe!”

Frank walked off. He hadn't answered back. He felt ashamed at having hit the doctor. He walked for 20 minutes before making a left onto 5th Street. He saw a woman running through the street. Debris flung itself at her. The wind roared with laughter every time she was hit. When it missed, the wind blew fiercer and more went after her. Frank ran towards her and grabbed her arm. He dragged her into an alleyway, but she ran off without thanking him.

“You’re welcome!” he screamed in her direction. He turned around to see that the wind was getting worse. It howled at him for taking its fun away. He made to walk out to keep moving towards his destination when a trashcan flew from the alleyway and crashed into Frank’s head. He collapsed, knocked unconscious by the blow.

He awoke to find himself floating upside down in water. It was in his mouth and he gasped for air. He scrambled up to find the water was three feet high and rising. It looked to be mid-day, even though the sky was dark and cloudy. His head throbbed where the can hit him. He saw it floating nearby and lifted it up to find that it had been shredded and jagged edges were on nearly every edge. One spot looked to be unharmed, aside from the blood that had dried on it. Frank threw it away and trudged through the water towards his destination.

The wind picked up twenty minutes into the next leg of his journey and the rain poured harder than before. He zipped up his coat and walked on, but found his legs were getting weaker every step. The water was about four feet deep now and made it hard to walk through. It was dark and murky which caused Frank to trip several times on underwater secrets. He had also cut a deep gouge into his right leg from a broken parking meter. “Meters…” he mumbled as his leg throbbed with pain.

He struggled through deeper water, finally seeing the hospital where his wife and son were. It looked safe and the steps leading up to it had yet to be flooded. As the water deepened, he saw, with excitement, his wife and son ran out of the hospital and stood waiting for him. He attempted to run to them, but his leg and the deep water slowed him down.

As he shuffled on in the rising water, the wind began to reach critical highs. Cars flew in the air, crashing and creating deep splashes in the water. The rain poured more heavily on Frank, but the water seemed to be receding. He had reached higher ground and it continued to climb as Frank was now able to run towards his wife and child, who waited for him mere yards from where he ran.

The hurricane became fierce again and Frank was lifted off the ground. He flew towards a parked ambulance and hit it. His leg snapped in two and he screamed. The hurricane was angry and it would do everything to stop Frank from getting to his wife and son. Frank lifted himself off the ground and continued to run to his family. He wouldn’t let this monster beat him. His leg burned with pain. He finally reached the walkway leading to the steps of the hospital. As he shuffled along, two cars flew past him, one crashing into the ambulance he had just been at. The two vehicles flew off into the distance.

Frank turned around to find nothing but darkness. It was following him and it roared and laughed as he tried to get away from it. It wanted to drag him under and devour him. It wouldn’t let him get away. Two more cars flew past him, along with the bodies of the hurricane’s other victims. Frank screamed and ran faster towards the steps. His leg throbbed. The pain was agonizing.

Frank heard a screech of metal on concrete and looked left. A van was flying towards him. He closed his eyes, the howls of wind piercing his ears. He heard his wife scream and the triumphant roar of the hurricane. Then there was nothing.


February 9th, 2008, 2:24 PM
Wow, dude..reading that just now made me really depressed o_O

You're a good writer, you know that..but maybe you should try to pull away from writing such..morbid crap all the time? ._.

February 9th, 2008, 5:44 PM
It was for school. XD;

He had to die. It's Naturalism.

The Infinite Devil Machine
February 9th, 2008, 9:34 PM
Like I told you over MSN dude, I love this story. Just the right amount of violence to appease the reader. Nice work.

February 9th, 2008, 10:53 PM
Like I told you over MSN dude, I love this story. Just the right amount of violence to appease the reader. Nice work.

Thanks a lot, again! I'm thinking of writing another, so look forward to that.

Tater Tot
February 11th, 2008, 3:48 PM
Wow, uh.. I might have bad dreams tonight! XD

February 11th, 2008, 4:20 PM
XD; Glad I could help you, Tater Tot.