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February 8th, 2008, 7:33 PM
Please comment. This sin't my best work but I still do like it. This is my very first post too so please give me some advise on how to improve it.

A Shinning Light

Asuka gazes deeply at the TV screen as a male teenage trainer called Reo dressed in a black tuxedo commands his Gallade to strike with Psycho Cut. On a huge screen in a stadium, it shows the boy with already five pokemon wiped out and his opponent Cynthia the Shinou region’s champion yet to lose any. The only pokemon she had used for the whole battle is Garchomp.

The boy’s injured Gallade charges in with its Psycho Cut but Garchomp dodges the attack before striking Gallade down with its signature Giga Impact attack. A large groan comes from the crowd as the Gallade falls to the ground. The referee deems it unable to battle before announcing Cynthia as the winner. Cynthia compliments her pokemon, calling it back and walking away silently. Reo falls it his feet speechless at his Gallade and his crushing 6-0 loss to Cynthia. The day he’s worked so hard to reach, the obstacles he’s climbed, the challenges he’s overcomed had all vanished within the instant he lost the match.

The crowd instantly show’s no mercy and starts to boo and insult Reo at his lousy performance. Police had even had be called in to calm the crowd down. Reo gets back up to his feet before also walking out of the stadium as tears drip down his eyes. He starts to wonder how something he’s worked so hard for can just slip away from him so easily. Reflecting on his humiliating loss, the boy wipes away his tears and starts running off into the night.

Meanwhile, Asuka is also speechless. Her parents say to her that a career with pokemon can only get you as far as the boy got. If lucky maybe further to become great but that’s highly unlikely. Asuka however doesn’t respond to these comments and slowly walks up to her room.

Apparently it’s was Asuka’s older brother, Reo that was just thrashed by Cynthia. He had left home a few years ago and had worked endlessly to the position he reached and had earned a match to decide if there was going to be a new champion of the Shinou region. Although confident, Asuka’s brother lost his confidence during the match and as his pokemon fell one by one, so did his hopes. Eventually he lost not the match but also his confidence. Her parents’ words then starting motioning through her and all her dreams of being like her brother had started to disappear. With this she creeps up to her bed, teary.

In the morning, Asuka wakes up to her usual room filled with posters of May, a famous coordinator from the region of Houen. Ever since she was a young girl she had wanted to be a pokemon coordinator just like her role model but seeing how her big brother lost last night, she wasn’t too sure. There was also the fact of her parents having a huge grip in her life, holding her back.

Asuka’s parents had disapproved her older brother’s decision to become a pokemon trainer but despite that, he still went on his journey. Her parents now are more desperate than ever to stop their daughter Asuka from going since she’s now at the official age to become a pokemon trainer of coordinator. And now seeing her brother’s lost, their more than confident that she won’t become one.

Asuka slowly walks down to her breakfast just as her big brother trots through the door with a glum face. He immediately sees Asuka and rushes over to her. As soon as Asuka sees him, her face lights up. Even after seeing her brother’s loss, she still manages to put on a small yet cheery smile. Reo picks her up and starts to swing Asuka around. At this point, their parents walk into the room. They don’t bother to greet their son at all but instead say to him, “I hope you realize the terrible mistake you made to become a pokemon trainer. This is only as far one can go when they choose this.” Reo then puts Asuka down and says that he will continue to train and train until he is good enough to defeat Cynthia. When his parents her this, they turn to Asuka, shaking their heads signaling that they want her to not follow in her older brother’s footsteps. They then leave the room leaving Asuka confused with many questions and Leo speechless.

Taking this opportunity, Reo breaks the silence and starts saying, “Don’t give up on reaching your dreams of becoming a famous pokemon coordinator no matter how much our parents disagree to it. Being a pokemon trainer or coordinator isn’t easy. You’ll have to face many different obstacles and that’s the true test of ones skill. If you fall at this point, get back up and try again because you should always chase after your dreams. After all, being with pokemon makes it all worthwhile. Asuka, whatever you want to be, always remember that I believe in you.”

After saying this, Reo walks back out the door to train his pokemon. Asuka simply stands there amazed at what her brother said before realizing that she had overslept and is late for school. She quickly packs her things and rushes out the door and into the vast urban jungle of a city called Jubilife.

When she arrives at her school, she sees that classes have already started. She quickly rushes into her classroom but to her amazement, no one is there. She starts to wonder for a moment before realizing that her class if taking a field trip to the pokemon trainers’ school on the other side of town.

As she’s walking out of the school, Asuka starts thinking that the trainers’ school is too far for her to run there, being on the other side of town. She starts to think about what her brother said to her earlier how not to give up. The inspirational talk echoed through her head before someone starts screaming to her. Asuka looks about confused but can’t see anyone.

Suddenly an Arcanine appears right in front of her with Reo riding on it. Seemingly Reo had known about Asuka’s field trip and had come to pick her up. Asuka quickly hops onto Arcanine as the dog quickly speeds off. Reo then explains that he initially didn’t know about Asuka’s field trip until he saw her class heading there. Reo’s actually going there to see a dear friend of his. As Asuka tries to think of who it could be, she almost losing her grip on Arcanine.

For a nervous moment Asuka struggles to grab onto Arcanine but Reo reaches down to her. He brings Asuka back onto his pokemon before smiling, saying that he’ll always look over her. With this, the two speed over to the trainer’s school.

Meanwhile back at the stadium where Reo had battled, another battle is going on between a mysterious trainer and Cynthia. Cynthia is using her Garchomp while her opponent is using an unidentifiable pokemon. The pokemon quickly finishes off Garchomp with what appears to be two simultaneous Ice Beam attacks. Cynthia gasps in shock, watching her best pokemon fall helplessly to the ground. Immediately the mysterious trainer throws out an oddly coloured pokeball at the fallen Garchomp. Cynthia tries to stop him but her opponent’s mystery pokemon jumps in the way and wraps her up with a Spider Web attack.

The mystery trainer quickly disappears with Garchomp, leaving Cynthia struggling to get free on the ground. A new villian of the Shinou region has arrived...

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February 13th, 2008, 3:28 AM
2. Learning the Hard Way

After a long ride on Arcanine, Reo and Asuka finally arrive at the Trainer’s School. Asuka gasps at the size of the school and Reo starts to explain that the school is also a boarding school where trainer’s from other regions can come and study. Everywhere Asuka looks; there are battles being fought, classes being taught and trainers training with their pokemon. Flowers with all the colours of the rainbow line up a pathway to the school as a dazzling aroma surrounds the area, welcoming the two. Trees decorate the entrance of the school with images of many pokemon painted on the building. The building itself is in a large dome shape with an occasional opening of glass windows.

Reo takes Asuka into the school as he starts to explain that this is where he learned how to battle. He continues on saying that Asuka should enroll here but she’s too caught up in amazement over the school. Inside is no different to the outside, full of battles and classes. In the school, there are different environments such as jungles, plains and pools to give trainers the opportunities to practice battling on different surfaces, each unique in some way. The various lush environments give the school and vivid and calming aura to it. The latest gadgets and gizmoes help beginners who are learning to battle as well as train. (They will be explained about later in the series) This is the first stepping-stone for trainers everywhere.

Suddenly, a lady about the same age as Reo walks up to him and greets him. Asuka watches on confused and Reo introduces the girl as Mika, a teacher at the school. Asuka then introduces herself before seeing her class in the distance. She excuses herself before quickly rushing over to join everyone.

A while later, Asuka’s class is being shown around the school by one of the teachers. As they tour around, many more trainers are shown battling, some against pokemon and some surprisingly up against machines. The tour heads into the jungle area of the school where many trees sprout up from the ground, creating a large canopy of shade of protection from the sunlight. There are small random ponds also located here where some pokemon can take an advantage and launch an attack. The trees simulate an area that requires the pokemon to really concentrate and to focus on their opponent’s movements, as there are so many places to hide and so many ways they can attack.

The water area is next. It contains many small pools each with their very own obstacles. Some with icebergs while others contain simply one small platform. As water is quite a popular terrain to battle of, the water area of the school is the largest and also one the most challenging of areas to battle in. The challenge here is to make use of the limited space, as the pools are quite small.

The rocky and mountainous areas are then shown next. In this area there aren’t that many places for pokemon to hide and really require to pokemon to have good agility as anything can happen. The strange thing about this field is that there isn’t really a boundary; you can battle as far as the field stretches. There are various cliffs to simulate a bumpy and mountainous environment.

Finally probably to most famous and futuristic area of the school is shown next. The students are brought into the simulated battling arenas. Here students may battle against the machines and other simulated contraptions shown before.. A true test of the trainer’s skill lies here.

As the tour ends, the guide leaves to fetch the next teacher to tell the class a bit about pokemon battling. When the teacher’s gone, some of Asuka’s classmates start to mumble quietly. However this doesn’t last long as some of her classmates start to tease Asuka over her brother’s loss last night. Asuka tries to ignore them at first but can’t and retaliates and the ringleader, a red haired boy much taller than she is. However one of her classmates sends out a Golduck and threatens to attack her. Asuka backs off just as the bullies continue to tease on. The rest of her classmates walk away, some laughing, seemingly enjoying Asuka being teased. Watching this from afar is Reo. He decides not to let this continue and tries to call out his pokemon but is quickly stopped by Mika. She tells him not to get involved and Reo calms down saying that he doesn’t want what happened when he was younger to happen again.

A short time later, Mika arrives with Reo as the new teaches much to the relief of Asuka. Mika gives a quick glance at Asuka before quickly introducing the class herself and Reo. Thy start explaining about the basics of battling. Everybody however is bored with this lecture, as they all know how to battle except Asuka who is the only one actually paying any attention to the talk. After finishing, Mika leads everybody outside to show the class a high level battle between two of the school’s best trainers. On the left is a girl wearing a white top and blue shorts with pink braids. Her opponent is actually going to be Reo.

Surprising the class groans silently when they notice that Reo is going to be battling. Asuka is still upset about what happened before and that there are people disappointed to see her brother battle. In her mind she pictures how she’s the only person in her class not to own any pokemon. Everybody teased her about it and now that her brother lost so badly, things are just going to become worse as now her brother will be the punch line to everybody’s jokes, not just her. Asuka then remembers what her parents told her about never becoming a pokemon trainer or traveling with pokemon. She tries to conjure up a reason why her parents won’t allow her to have pokemon but eventually gives up.

The battle quickly begins with the female trainer sending out her Aggron while Reo chooses Arcanine. The kids who were openly teasing Asuka before exclaim that Reo’s got the advantage because he’s using a fire pokemon up against a steel pokemon. Then the leader of the group, a tall, red haired boy from before called Narumi interrupts saying that because Aggron is also part rock, that gives it the advantage, protecting it from fire attacks while giving it the chance to do more damage against Arcanine. His friends all marvel at this, hearing such a great wealth of knowledge coming out of Narumi.

With this, Aggron makes the first move with Water Pulse but Arcanine easily dodges. It quickly strikes back with Flamethrower, hitting Aggron hard. Arcanine then charges in with Fire Fang but Aggron is just barely able to block the attack. However up close, Arcanine launches another Flamethrower right in Aggron’s face, knocking it out. Everybody except Narumi gasp at how quickly and easily Aggron was knocked out.

Suddenly, Narumi stands up saying that he could’ve done better before giving Reo a cold stare with his dark eyes. Everybody turns to him as he continues going on exclaiming that Reo and Asuka are worthless losers. Hearing this, Reo immediately tells his Arcanine to attack but is held back by Mika. At this sight, Narumi simply laughs before challenging Reo to a battle. Mika tells him to back off but Reo accepts and the two trainers face off.

Before the battle begins, Reo questions Narumi why he has to bring Asuka into every single one of his jokes. Narumi simply smiles, angering Reo even more. Reo asks again and Narumi this time gives an answer. He says that anybody at her age without a pokemon is useless and should just be exiled. The world of pokemon is tough and a weakling like her or Reo shouldn’t be in it. Reo grunts and Narumi finishes up by making a gesture with his hand, calling him to battle.

Reo sends out his best pokemon, Gallade while Narumi uses his Electivire. The battle starts as Gallade uses Psycho Cut but Electivire dodges with ease causing Narumi to insult Reo even more. Reo tells him to just focus on the match as Gallade attacks with another Psycho Blade. Several swipes are swung but they all miss Electivire by a large margin too. Narumi grins seeing that Reo is getting more and more frustrated with every miss. Taking this opportunity, Electivire strikes with Thunderpunch, hitting Gallade hard.

Electivire continues to batter Gallade with a barrage of Thunder Punch attacks. Seeing that he’s winning so easily, Narumi takes some time out to make another joke about Reo, saying that he’s not surprised that he lost last night to Cynthia before making one about Asuka, calling her pathetic all because she’s never had a pokemon or battled before. Tears start to flow down Asuka’s eyes as she scrambles back into the classrooms with Mika chasing after her. However Mika glances back at Reo with a worrying look on her face. Hearing the joke, the whole class laughs as Reo bursts out in rage and tells his Gallade to attack with its most lethal attack, Overburst.

Everybody starts questioning each other, wondering what the attack could possibly be. Gallade fends off Electivire, knocking it back. It then starts to glow with a bright gold aura as its swords light up. Reo smiles and explains that Overburst is one of the special maneuvers he’s taught his Gallade. Narumi tries to brace Electivire for the worst but its too late. Gallade rushes up to Electivire before striking it with a lethal combination of Night Slash and Psycho Cut with its swords, Close Combat with its hands and with its feet, Earthquake all at once in a seemingly never-ending combo. After a few heart pounding seconds, Electivire falls to the ground, unable to battle.

Narumi calls his pokemon back, sarcastically congratulating Reo on his victory. Everybody else is stunned at what just happened, the best trainer in the class losing and the vicious attack just performed. However Reo starts walking over to Narumi with Gallade who is still glowing.

Meanwhile, Mika catches up to Asuka and calms her down before wiping a tear away from her eyes. Suddenly, screams are heard from outside as Reo commands Gallade to unleash its full power. Asuka and Mika quickly take a glance outside and see Gallade powering itself up before charging at Narumi with another Overburst. This time with nothing to protect Narumi, the attack is aimed directly at him.

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February 17th, 2008, 2:35 AM
Unpleasant Rose

As Gallade speeds towards Narumi, sweat starts to drip down Reo. However Narumi isn’t even bothering to move out of the way of the out of control Gallade. Everybody watches on nervously as Gallade charges closer and closer to Narumi, swiping its blades. Suddenly, Gallade stops straight in its tracks, right in front of Narumi before randomly falling to the ground, surprising everyone. While some of the class are just glad that Narumi’s safe, others are demanding justice to be served against Reo. However Narumi smiles and sarcastically congratulates Reo on his victory, saying to the rest of the class that he’s fine and that nothing more should be done.

Back inside the school, Asuka and Mika have just witnessed the events that just took place outside. Mika has a relieved but also a confused look on her face but Asuka is still confused at what just happened. Mika hesitantly opens her mouth to speak but quickly closes it, deciding not to. Suddenly outside, Reo and Narumi fall to the ground just like Gallade did a few moments. All of Asuka’s class are baffled at what could’ve caused this when one by one, they too all fall to the ground like the three before. Asuka and Mika sprint outside to investigate this mystery.

Asuka quickly rushes towards Reo who is seemingly sleeping for some reason. Suddenly Asuka notices something dark floating swiftly along the ground, an ominous shadow. She takes a peak up onto the roof of the school and to her surprise, she sees a pokemon. However she doesn’t know what the pokemon is and quickly informs Mika. The mysterious pokemon then darts at a lightning speed around treetops and the battlefield that was just used by Narumi and Reo, avoiding Mika and Asuka completely.

Mika then has an idea and sends out her Starmie. The Starmie appears from its ball, sparkling and gleaming with beauty. Its dressed with a few flowers and bows, all hanging from its arms, each a different colour. A purple and white ribbon is hanging from its vivid red center. Asuka is surprised but also amazed to see a Starmie for the first time, especially one that is so beautiful. Mika explains that she was once a pokemon coordinator and had dressed up her Starmie in contests. The ribbon Starmie has on is actually one that she had won. Asuka glances at her even more surprised, since she also watches pokemon contests on TV a lot and has never seen Mika compete in one.

Mika smiles and says that she’ll fill in the details later and tells Starmie to use Confuse Ray. Starmie does so, creating a blinding flash of light around the area. Eventually the mysterious pokemon appears and falls to the ground shocking both Asuka and Mika at the site of the creature. The pokemon happens to be a Roserade but with some surprising extra features. It has the horn of a Seaking, a tail of an Ampharos and the wings of a Beautifly. Mika gasps horrified at the atrocious creature standing before her and Asuka. However the Roserade isn’t too happy about being disturbed and stares at the two with a fiendish look. The aggressive natured Roserade points one of its arms with a flower on the end of it towards Starmie, indicating that it could strike at any time.

Mika freaks out for a moment, having never seen such a hideous sight. Asuka is also shocked, but with delight, excited since she’s never even seen a Roserade in real life before. Mika tells her to calm down as the Roserade is different to normal ones, like if someone had done something to it. Its much more hostile and agile than ones she’s seen before.

Wasting no time, Starmie fires an Ice Beam attack but Roserade responds with an Ice Beam of its own. Even Asuka knows now that something is wrong with Roserade since it obviously shouldn’t know Ice Beam. Starmie tries a Thunderbolt but Roserade also strikes back with a Thunderbolt. Its tries again this with Hydro Pump but once again, Roserade mimics it and fires a Hydro Pump of its own.

Stunned by the quality of attacks, Mika pauses for a moment to think of something that might stop Roserade. She decides that she has to capture it no matter what simply because of the strange features and personality it has. She tells Starmie to start spinning around with Rapid Spin. Starmie turns onto its side so that the red gem in the center of it is facing towards the sky and starts to rotate at a high speed. Roserade in the mean time begins to take in some sunlight. Starmie though also seems to be charging up for something of its own.

After a nervous few moments, Roserade fires a Solarbeam attack but by using its stored energy, Starmie darts away from the attack with ease and smashes into Roserade, sending it flying high into the sky. Starmie then freezes it in mid-air with Psychic before spinning around it continuously in circles with Rapid Spin while firing off multiple Ice Beam and Thunderbolt attacks all at once. The attacks strike Roserade hard who is still suspended in the air by Starmie’s Psychic. Finally Starmie finishes off the award winning combination with Gyro Ball, smashing Roserade hard into the ground, covering the field in a massive cloud of smoke.

Mika gets ready a pokeball to catch Roserade in. When the smoke clears, both Asuka and Mika notice that Roserade has vanished. Mika drops the pokeball surprised and quickly calls upon a frantic search for the lethal pokemon. But after a few agonizing minutes Roserade is still nowhere to be found. However while they can’t see Roserade, Roserade is perfectly able to see the two from mid-air.

By now the sun had started to set and soon it would be night. Suddenly, a loud screeching cry of pain is heard. Mika and Asuka quickly turn around but still can’t see Roserade. All that they can see though is a sickening sight of Mika’s injured Starmie lying on the ground, its crimson center flashing rapidly. Mika bursts into tears, seeing her beloved pokemon hurt so badly by a sneak attack from Roserade.

Asuka looks up at the gleaming sunset, trying not to look at the frail Starmie. The sunset is lit up by beautiful sparkles falling like snow. Asuka then realizes where Roserade is. She remembers that Roserade had a pair of wings, Beautifly wings to be exact. This means that Roserade could’ve been in the sky flying somewhere. However she figures this out too late as Roserade swoops down without warning and wraps Mika up in acocoon with String Shot.

Mika falls helplessly to the ground as Roserade lands right beside her with a grin. Mika for some reason is asleep and Asuka figures out that Roserade must have used its Sleep Powder attack on Mika, just like it did on the other students in her class and her brother. But figuring this out isn’t going to help Asuka too much, as she has no idea how to beat Roserade and is open to any attack it launches.

February 17th, 2008, 1:41 PM
I love it! Continue, continue, continue!

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February 20th, 2008, 2:27 AM
Begin My Double Life

Asuka continues to stare at Roserade straight in the eye. A light breeze blows through as Roserade edges closer and closer to Asuka with every step. Wondering what to do, Asuka nervously stumbles back but doesn’t notice something behind her and tumbles over it. As Asuka picks herself up, Roserade leaps into the air before disappearing with its fantastic speed. Now that she can’t see Roserade, Asuka is now even more vulnerable.

Suddenly she picks up the thing she tripped over, a pokeball. She then remembers that Mika had dropped it from before however having never even touched one before, Asuka has no idea how to use the devise. Like magic, Roserade appears from behind and picks the girl up with its special thorn whips, strangling the girl. Asuka desperately tries to breathe but knows that she can’t hold on for much longer. With no other option, Asuka thrusts out her already enlarged pokeball but Roserade easily swats it away before throwing Asuka at a tree. The girl lands with a thud; right next to the pokeball she threw before and quickly picks up the device again, wondering why her attempt to catch Roserade didn’t work.

Suddenly Asuka remembers something her brother had told her before, to catch a wild pokemon, you need to weaken it first. However having no pokemon of her on, Asuka can’t weaken Roserade. By now the sun has almost completely set, turning the battlefield into a plain of eerie darkness. Roserade’s Ampharos tail begins to light up as a beacon and fires a Magical Leaf attack. Asuka quickly ducks the attack and doges it but to her dismay, realizes that the attack is heading right back at her. She quickly jumps to her feet and starts to run for her life as Roserade continues the barrage.

Asuka quickly jumps behind a couple of bins, using them to block the attack. Now unable to see Asuka, Roserade desperately tries to search about for her using the beacon on its tail. From behind the bins, Asuka realizes that Roserade doesn’t seem have to ability to see through the dark and the beacon on its tail makes it stand out. Asuka quickly tiptoes about, trying to not the alert the still agile Roserade.

She stealthily sneaks up on Roserade and quickly grabs it from behind. She tries to point the pokeball to it but to her surprise, Roserade starts taking off into the air with its Beautifly wings. Still determined, Asuka gains control of her pokeball and pins it hard onto Roserade, sending it into the ball. With nothing to grab onto, Asuka falls to the ground after being taken up to a high height by Roserade. Because she hit the ground hard from the fall, Asuka loses consciousness as the pokeball containing Roserade begins to roll about.

A while later, Asuka opens her eyes to a familiar sight, her brother. Asuka quickly sits up on her bed and looks about before realizing she’s back in her room. Reo puts on a smile and places something right in front of her face, a pokeball. Asuka nervously stretches her hand out and as soon as she does, something starts to emerge from it, a Roserade. Still confused Asuka questions her brother over everything, wondering why she’s in her room and why there’s a Roserade standing next to her.

Reo looks at her confused, thinking that she would’ve known. However Reo explains that Asuka had caught the Roserade in the epic battle she had with it. Surprised, Asuka quickly turns to Roserade but notices something different with it. It has seemingly lost its wings, tail and horn and that Roserade is a lot friendlier now than before.

Reo then explains that he had heard about the uniqueness of Roserade from Mika, how it had all the strange features and irregular personality. However Reo begins to shake his head saying that he has no idea how and why Roserade was turned into the monster it once was. It further baffles him how Roserade reverted back to its normal self again. Disappointed yet still puzzled, Asuka turns to Roserade, looking at her pokemon. Her eyes are full of tears, her head full of questions and her heart filled with all sorts of various emotions. Roserade though simply smiles before putting her tired and curious trainer to sleep with Sleep Powder.

The next morning, Asuka wakes up and realizes that she has once again overslept and is late for school. As she rushes downstairs to eat her breakfast but notices that everyone is gone. On the table is a letter as well as a pokeball with Roserade inside. Still baffled and a bit unbelieving of the events that happened yesterday, Asuka decides that she best not worry about everything and should be glad that she now has a pokemon. She grabs the letter and pokeball and stuffs them into her bag before dashing off to school.

A while later, Asuka arrives at her school just in time. She looks about and sees that her classmates are all okay and breathes a sigh of relief. Suddenly the bell rings indicating the start of school as her classmates quickly rush off to their lessons. Thinking that she should go as well, Asuka takes a few steps towards her classroom before feeling something tapping her on her back. She quickly turns around to see her Roserade with a big grin on its face. Asuka however immediately remembers that pokemon aren’t allowed to be brought to school and quickly tries to call her Roserade into its pokeball. However Roserade jumps into some of the trees surrounding the school causing Asuka to chase after it.

Asuka then has another thought and reasons with herself thinking that if she was Roserade, she wouldn’t like to be kept in a pokeball at the bottom of ones bag. Trusting her pokemon, Asuka quickly rushes off to her lessons as Roserade watches its new trainer, with some new found trust.

Later, the school bell rings again, this time to signal the start of recess. Kids excitedly pour out of the school, eager to get outside and enjoy their break from the stress of school. Asuka though begins to walk about, looking for her Roserade as in her head hopes that it hasn’t done anything stupid to show itself. Suddenly a Golduck jumps in front of her path, swiping its claws about. Asuka takes a step back from the pokemon but runs into something.

She nervously turns around to see a group of her classmates. They begin to form a ring around Asuka, saying that they want revenge for what her brother did to Narumi yesterday. Asuka quickly looks about but surprisingly is unable to spot Narumi and she deducts that it wasn’t Narumi who started this. However with her classmates blocking her, Asuka has nowhere to run. One of them commands a Confusion attack from the Golduck as Asuka is immediately lifted up into the air.

All her classmates then begin to laugh and taunt Asuka as she’s thrown around in the air by Golduck’s powers. A tear begins to flow down from her eyes as Golduck drops Asuka down in a nearby bush. Golduck even begins to laugh at the poor girl along with its trainer not knowing that something has been watching them for the whole time.

Asuka fretfully crawls out from the bush with a twigs and leaves in her hair causing her classmates to laugh even more. By now Asuka’s eyes are pouring tears out, much to the delight of everyone else. Golduck then starts using its power once again and Asuka is embarrassingly lifted into the air once more. The trainer of the Golduck whose name is Bryan, tells his pokemon to send its victim flying into a nearby bin, saying that Asuka belong in there.

Suddenly a shadow begins to dart along the ground, causing everybody to look up. However nothing is seen and the bullies go the back to taunting Asuka. Golduck then prepares to toss Asuka away into the bin like Bryan said but for some reason it can’t. Bryan angrily begins shouting at his pokemon, telling it once again to throw Asuka into the bin. Golduck tries again but ends up dropping Asuka before falling to the ground helplessly.

Bryan looks at his fallen pokemon before calling it back and sending out another one, a Vigoroth. Filled with rage, Bryan tells his pokemon to do what Golduck couldn’t and throw Asuka into the bin as revenge for Narumi, much to the delight of her classmates. Vigoroth begins charging forward but a shadow jumps in its way and strikes back with a flurry of leaves. Asuka takes a peak and sees that Roserade has saved her.

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February 24th, 2008, 3:59 AM
A True Hero Always Shines Through

A surprised Bryan continues to watch in disbelief, seeing that Asuka actually has a pokemon. However despite this, he puts on a smile and says that she has no experience in battle and quickly commands his Vigoroth to use Crush Claw. The ape pokemon charges at Roserade but surprisingly, Asuka is simply standing still, seemingly unable to give any commands. Soon Roserade is struck to the ground, causing Asuka to rush over to it and help it back to its feet.

Her classmates all begin to laugh at Asuka that she can’t even battle with her pokemon. Even with all the taunting, Roserade is determined to fight and begins to charge forward at Vigoroth. Asuka though is still standing motionless after helping her pokemon get up. With ease, Vigoroth swipes Roserade away with another Crush Claw as Asuka looks on horrified. She quickly shuts her eyes from the battle, pleading with Bryan to stop the assaults. However none of her desperate cries work and Roserade is battered with a barrage of Crush Claw attacks again and again. Eventually the rose pokemon falls to its knees, groaning in pain.

Bryan decides to have Vigoroth finish Roserade off with one final Shadow Claw and the ape pokemon immediately charges in. Roserade’s body remains still on the ground as its cries out in throbbing hurt to its trainer. Hearing it, Asuka opens her eyes only to see her severely bruised pokemon lying on the ground. Asuka suddenly remembers back to her childhood when her brother Reo told her something that she would never forget. “Asuka, no matter how strong and skilled your pokemon are, they’re only as strong and skilled as the trainer themselves.”

As this runs through the mind, heart and soul of Asuka, Roserade begins to glow with a special sort of light green aura. Bryan exclaims in shock as Asuka gathers herself up and commands her Roserade to unleash its strongest attack. Roserade gets back to its feet before dodging Vigoroth. Suddenly, leaves start to fly about, surrounding Roserade in a twister of leaves as it gathers more and more power for the attack. With all its power, Roserade unleashes its signature attack, Leaf Storm.

The assemblage of leaves fire themselves at Vigoroth, knocking the pokemon right back at Bryan. Stunned, Bryan calls his pokemon back as all his friends watch on speechless. Asuka quickly rushes to Roserade as her pokemon tumbles over in exhaustion. Bryan grunts for a moment before fleeing like a coward with the bullies leaving Asuka alone to tend to her injured pokemon. However in the midst of all that pain, Roserade grins to Asuka, indicating that it was the girl’s strength that allowed it to win. With that, the green aura surrounding Roserade disappears as several people watch on, amused by the events that have just unfolded.

As Asuka looks around for help, a teacher walks out to offer assistance. He slowly pulls out a Super Potion and starts to heal Roserade. When he finishes, the bouquet pokemon leaps into Asuka’s arms but the teacher then asks for Asuka to come with him. A swift sense of nostalgia, Asuka begins to wonder what it had done wrong.

As she’s led into the school building and to the principal’s office, Asuka finally realizes what rule she broke. Her school has strict guidelines about bringing pokemon to school and no matter how much she tries, there’s no way she could get herself out of this mess. Following on very confused is Roserade who is still wondering what’s going on.

A while later, Asuka slowly slumps out of the principal’s office with a depressed look on her face. In her hand is a note of explosion, a consequence to be befouled of any student who brings pokemon to school. Inside the office, no matter how much she argued, Asuka had no chance of convincing the principal that Bryan was the one who started the dispute. As Asuka prepares to leave the school, she notices that the bell has already rung and all the kids have left. Seeing that it’s safe, Asuka starts looking about for her Roserade but has no luck in locating it. Eventually she begins trotting home down the busy late afternoon streets of Jubilife.

As the sun sets, a crimson light is broadcasted upon the town, as the sky shines with a vivid pink and orange pattern. Everybody turns to stare at the unique display however Asuka is too miserable to even lift her head. Thinking of how fuming her parents will be after hearing she got expelled for bringing a pokemon to school, Asuka’s eyes begin to once again are overwhelmed by tears, slowly pouring down her face. Watching from afar is Roserade, trailing after its trainer with a deep feeling of guilt, gradually building up. But it knows now that there’s nothing it can do.

Soon she arrives at her house, bearing the terrible news of her explosion. As she steps through the front door, Reo appears to greet her with a smile. However not even her brother’s broad smile could wipe off the frown from Asuka’s face as she silently trots up to her room. Reo though isn’t too concerned as the puzzle pieces in his elaborate plan are coming together.

Upon entering her room, Asuka finds an unexpected visitor waiting for her. Roserade has surprisingly been waiting for the girl. Holding in its hand is a bouquet of darling flowers. Stunned speechless, Asuka hesitantly reaches her hand out to accept the gift when suddenly, her door swings open. Asuka quickly turns around only to see her brother, standing at the doorway with a confused look on his face.

Reo slowly begins to talk, asking Asuka about a suspicious phone call he’d received from her principal, saying she got expelled from her school. Asuka puts on a worried place before explaining the whole thing to her brother. Eventually the two decide not to tell their parents and with that, Reo and Asuka ditch all the evidence showing Asuka’s explosion. As Reo leaves the room, Roserade eagerly throws up its arms, holding in them the bouquet of flowers it had picked for Asuka. This time Asuka accepts the gift before hugging her pokemon.

That night Asuka is watching her Roserade happily eat some of the food she had snuck away from dinner. Watching her Roserade, Asuka lets out a sigh before imaging something in her mind. She begins to daydream about her being a pokemon coordinator, just like her hero, amusing the crowds speechless with her award winning performances. Waves of thoughts run through her mind of vivid and glittering appeals she’d make with her Roserade, each one better the previous.

This goes on for a few moments, even grabbing the attention of her Roserade. Embarrassed, Roserade continues to eat its dinner but eventually, it lightly smacks Asuka on the back of her head, to snap her out of her trend. Asuka looks about confused before explaining her dream to Roserade, her dream to become a talented and famous pokemon coordinator. Roserade looks up at its trainer, seeing the momentary determination in her eyes. With this, Roserade randomly points out towards the city of Jubilife. Asuka wonders for a moment what her pokemon is trying to tell her but it suddenly makes sense.

Asuka pauses for an instant, knowing that her pokemon is only trying to help and in her mind secretly thanks it. However she knows that she couldn’t leave home to explore the world, could she? She continues to wonder about these questions, guzzling them around before finally giving up in search of an answer. Her dreams once again begin to flash about; almost daring Asuka to leave but the constant lectures from her parents continue to hold her back.

Tired, Asuka searches through her bag for Roserade’s pokeball to call her pokemon back into when she discovers something intriguing. Hidden at the bottom of her bag is the letter addressed to her she had stuffed in earlier that day. An excited Asuka quickly grabs to letter and pulls it out but what she reads next will almost make her dreams a really. There in her hand is an exclusive invitation to her inedible destiny…

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February 28th, 2008, 3:31 AM
6. Enter the Stray Totodile

Asuka gasps her mouth wide open, staring at her new invitation. Apparently it’s an invite to the Pokemon Trainer’s School where she had just recently caught her Roserade. A feeling of nostalgia begins to rush through her as she relives the terrifying yet exhilarating moments in her mind when she was battling against Roserade. Deep within her, Asuka from that moment had always had a wish to experience that kind of thrill again, the thrill of being with pokemon and seeing their power. And with this invitation, that wish might just become a reality.

However Asuka was still doubtful, split in decisions. Her heart told her to follow her dreams to the Trainer’s School but her head told her not to. Exhausted, Asuka falls back to her bed, unable to get that one question out of her head, “Should I follow my dreams?” Lying on the bed, Asuka quickly falls asleep despite the pressure she’s under, leaving Roserade at her bedside. The bouquet pokemon tucks Asuka in before calling itself back to its own pokeball for the night’s rest.

The next morning, Asuka wakes up with an alarming look, the look she has when she’s late. As usual, Asuka rushes out of bed but soon realizes that she has no school to rush to. With a rather calmed face, Asuka takes a sigh of relief and slowly begins to wonder what she should do for the rest of the day. She suddenly remembers about what Roserade had pointed to last night, the city. With that, Asuka quickly makes up her mind to explore Jubilife City and hastily hurries to get dressed.

A while later, Asuka comes out wearing a fancy blue short sleeved top with white and pink lace beautifully arranged to make various patterns. Around her neck is a white scarf; matching the white trousers she has on. Hanging around her shoulder is a pricey pink purse filled with a camera, money, a bit of jewelry and most important of all her pokeball containing Roserade. Seeing that she’s got everything, Asuka excitedly runs off into the bustling city, eager to explore it for the first time.

Meanwhile however the bay of the city, wild Magikarp are leaping rapidly out of the water everywhere, trying to escape from something. Below the surface a fierce battle is commencing between a Gyarados and Totodile. With the Gyarados already weakened, the Totodile mysteriously unleashes a Thunderbolt attack, taking out the Gyarados with no problems. As the battle ends, the defeated Gyarados lifelessly floats up to the surface, attracting the attention of many people wandering by from a bridge overlooking the harbor. Watching from below is the Totodile with a menacing grin.

A few hours later and wandering out of a food outlet is Asuka having just had lunch. In both of her hands are many bags of bits and pieces she’s bought such as clothes, electronics and a bit of food. Having had such a great day, Asuka decides to roam Jubilife some more when she suddenly notices a strange clown walking up to her. A bit freaked out, Asuka tries to walk away but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t ditch the clown, making her feel even more insecure. Eventually the clown catches up to her before asking hrt an unusual question about pokemon.

The clowns begins to ask, “What type of pokemon are…” when he suddenly forgets the next part to the question. Asuka sweatdrops in embarrassment as she watches the clown struggle to remember the rest of the question. Taking this chance to escape, Asuka begins to sneak away when the clown finally remembers the rest of the question. Seeing this, Asuka dashes away but again the clowns begins to tail after her. Desperate to lose her pursuer, Asuka gets an idea and sends out her Roserade. The rose pokemon appears in a flash and unleashes a Sleep Powder attack. The moves immediately sends the clown to sleep, allowing Asuka to make a quick getaway.

Meanwhile, police have been alerted to the mysterious pokemon roaming in bay. They begin to dispatch divers into the harbor to search for the bizarre being but soon have no luck and give up. This however is too late as the mysterious pokemon begins to swim rapidly up to the several policemen still in the water, gapping its jaws wide open.

Panting hard with her head down, Asuka sighs a breathe of relief seeing that she’s escaped from the clown. However she takes a peak up and sees another one of those clowns, standing right in front of her smiling. Getting ready to run again with Roserade, she suddenly hears a cry of pain in the distance. A look of worry begins to lurk on Roserade’s face as it starts to pull on Asuka’s top, calling it over. Asuka nods her head before bidding farewell to the strange clown and rushing off to where the scream of hurt was coming from. With a look of bewilderment, the clown decides not to chase after Asuka but begins to put a smile on his face.

At the bay, the rampant Totodile is still causing havoc, attacking all the policemen. On shore, several Growlithe are firing Flamethrower attacks at the strange Totodile but none of the attacks make contact with the slick pokemon. The mysterious Totodile then leaps out of the water with a grin on its face before launching a fury of Sonicboom attacks, knocking out each one of the Growlithe, alarming everybody watching. By now a large crowd of people have flocked to the bay to see all the commotion, shocked to see what’s been causing the problems.

Asuka soon arrives on the bridge overlooking the bay with Roserade, not believing the current situation. Roserade is busy watching the Totodile, its eyes tightly fixed on the pokemon, sensing some kind of pain within it. Suddenly the Totodile leaps into the air and fires another Sonicboom attack right at Asuka. Panicking, Asuka stumbles around trying to dodge the attack but can’t and helplessly falls off the bridge, tumbling into the water below.

The crowd groans in worry, some frantically searching for a way to save to girl, others simply hoping for Asuka’s survival. However after a few nerve-racking moments, there’s no sign of Asuka, indicating that the girl is still underwater. Back on the bridge, Roserade is still watching the Totodile intently, seemingly uncaring of its trainer. Suddenly the bouquet pokemon fires a Magical Leaf attack, striking the Totodile with powerful force. Totodile struggles to stay above the water due to the barrage of Magical Leaf attacks. With this, Roserade leaps into the air before launching Leaf Storm, blasting the Totodile sinking underwater.

Meanwhile underwater, Asuka is beginning to lose her vision. The dark murky waters are first taking her breath, vision and consciousness. Struggling to breathe, Asuka tries with one last effort to do the impossible for her but is only forced down into the depths of the water even more. In her last moments, she sees something falling down towards her. Asuka quickly reaches her arms out at this one lifeline as she loses consciousness.

That sunset, Asuka is lying on the bridge overlooking the bay as the crowd of people still have worried faces on them. However that all soon changes when they see Asuka’s eyes opening, slowing waking up. Asuka sits up with a fright before seeing her Roserade, smiling. Beside it is the weird Totodile that had caused all of this in the first place. Asuka immediately realizes the strange features on it, the Floatzel tail and Electabuzz antennae. Confused, Asuka begins to look around, still unable to come to terms the events she’s been through today.

Wondering who saved her, Asuka takes a look at Roserade before realizing. Roserade had blasted the Totodile with force under the water to reach her. When Asuka had wrapped her arms around Totodile with her last moment on consciousness, Roserade dragged them both up with the special poison wines. Seeing the whole story, Asuka begins to freak out when she suddenly remembers something. All the stuff that’s she’s bought earlier is all at the bottom of the bay. She begins to run around in circles much to the embarrassment of the crowd.

She soon stops though when Roserade points her towards Totodile. Seeing how injured it is, Asuka decides that she’d better take the Totodile with her since it was her pokemon that did hurt it. With this, Asuka lifts the strange Totodile onto her back before walking away with the crowd cheering her away. As she leaves, Asuka begins to have some thoughts on the strange features on the Totodile, sensing something sinister going on.

Later that night while walking home, Asuka thanks Roserade for saving her life. However the pokemon simply nods back with a smile. Asuka grins too but soon stops walking. She turns to her left, looking at a large familiar dome shape building. Roserade gets a feeling of nostalgia from it, seeing the very place where it had met Asuka. In front of the two is the Pokemon Trainer’s School. Remember the invitation she had received earlier, Asuka begins to shutter for a moment, turning to Roserade. The rose pokemon nods its head as Asuka starts wondering into the school, with something on her mind, something she can’t stop thinking of.

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March 3rd, 2008, 2:02 AM
7. A Bittersweet Start

As Asuka continues walking down the path to the Trainer’s School, a sense of doubt begins to arouse in her mind. Suddenly the doors to the school open out, showing Asuka’s big brother Reo. A look of bewilderment appears on Asuka’s face, seeing her brother waiting for her. Reo shouts out to his little sister, inviting her inside the Trainer’s School.

A while later inside the Trainer’s School, Asuka and Reo are in a special lounge adjacent to some of the classrooms. Asuka begins questioning Reo on why he’s at the Trainer’s School and how did he know that she would be coming. After a while without giving a response, Reo changes the topic of discussion and asks Asuka about the strange Totodile she was carrying. Asuka begins explaining all the details before turning to the Totodile who is lying motionlessly on a bed in another room not far from where she is. Reo nods his head in some sort of understanding and asks Asuka if Totodile could stay at the Trainer’s School, for safety reasons. Asuka nods her head with no arguments before trying to question Reo again for being at the Trainer’s School.

However Reo quickly cuts her off before turning on a TV in the room. Immediately the television screen lights up to a news report, strangely enough about the champion of the Shinou region Cynthia. Apparently she’s been missing for the last few days and that no one has been able to locate her ever since the match she had with Reo. Reo’s face turns into one of worry and concern as he starts to speak to Asuka in a serious tone. He starts explaining that even though Cynthia did pretty much humiliate him, she was only doing what she needed to.

“I greatly respect Cynthia as not only a rival but also as a friend. I have great admiration for her, having become the professional trainer she in now. In either pokemon battling or in contests, one of the most important things to have is respect for your opponents. Without it, you would not be a true champion. That is what every trainer must learn and know”

After finishing his short speech, Reo begins walking out of the room with a look of determination in his eyes. As Asuka watches her big brother leave, she suddenly remembers about the invitation to the Trainer’s School she had received. Quickly pulling the still-soaked piece of paper out, she begins to read it again but because of her accident earlier, that ink’s gone all smuggy and the invitation’s become illegible.

With that, the injured Totodile begins to show signs of life, twitching its jaw. Without much warning, the little crocodile suddenly bursts up in a ball of rage, turning to Roserade. Having remembered that pain Roserade had inflicted on it earlier, Totodile begins to attack with a Thunderbolt from its Electabuzz antennae. Roserade dodges the attack as Asuka looks around for something that can stop the combat.

Totodile then launches an Aqua Jet attack, knocking Roserade back with its incredible speed. Asuka suddenly remembers about the time when she had caught her Roserade. Back then Roserade also had strange features like Beautifly wings and an Ampharos tail but after she had caught it, those features all disappeared. Thinking that catching Totodile is the way to calm it down, Asuka quickly looks around for a pokeball but to her dismay is unable to find one.

By now Roserade is close to being worn out by Totodile after taking all those attacks. With no other choice, Asuka would have to abandon her Roserade to search the school for an empty pokeball she could use to catch Totodile in. With that, Asuka warns her Roserade of her plan before running off in search of a pokeball.

Meanwhile in another room across the school, Reo is sitting down writing a note. After finishing, Reo leaves behind a pokeball before walking off with a thought of regret and sorrow. Calling out his Arcanine, Reo jumps onto the firedog and sprints off out of the school and into the night.

Back at the battle, Totodile is using the advantage of knowing unique moves to wear down Roserade who is still just blocking for some reason. Having no other choice, Roserade quickly strikes back with a Sleep Power but the Totodile blocks the attack with a Safeguard somehow. Suddenly spikes begin to show on its back in a similar shape as a Lapras, explaining the usage of Safeguard. Seeing its attempt failed, Roserade begins to grit its teeth in frustration as Totodile launches another one of its Sonicboom attacks from its Buizel tail. Watching all this is a security camera tucked away in a deep corner of the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Asuka is still desperately searching for a pokeball she could use to capture Totodile in for a possibility of reversing the strange features it has. However she’s had no luck and with every passing moment, Asuka knows that Roserade is suffering in its battle. Using this as motivation, Asuka surges on, passing room by room by room with no success. The Pokemon’s Trainer School was also a boarding school for learner trainers from other regions. However the only thing Asuka could think of is to save the Totodile and her Roserade. Without looking, she accidentally runs into someone, someone familiar.

Back at the battle, Totodile is still hammering Roserade with attacks, this time with an Ice Beam. The only thing Roserade is seemingly doing is just dodging the attacks and not fighting back with any force at all. A glimmer of reminiscence runs through Roserade’s eyes, getting some sort of painful feeling. Suddenly Totodile quickly leaps in with a Dragon Claw, swiping Roserade of its feet. With no other option, Roserade aims up its flowers and fires a Magical Leaf attack, pushing Totodile back.

With the small blue crocodile struck back, Roserade tries to break out of the room but it suddenly remembers what her trainer Asuka had told her, to say in the room. Not wanting to go back on its trainer’s words, Roserade dims its head down, closing its eyes to think of a solution out of the battle with the Totodile. With no other choice, Roserade tries to calm the Totodile down with another Magical Leaf attack but this time Totodile is able to freeze the leaves before slapping them straight back at Roserade with its tail.

Meanwhile, Asuka is only just recovering from her accident earlier. To her delight Asuka had accidentally run into Mika, a teacher at the Pokemon Trainer’s School. After quickly explaining her situation to her, Asuka begs Mika to help her find another pokeball to calm Totodile down in. Mika agrees and begins to lead Asuka to a special room where there usually are some spare pokeballs.

After being led through the winding corridors of the school, Asuka gasps out in delight at the room she and Mika had just arrived at. Ahead on them is a room with a plain simple wooden table and a chair. On the table was a spare pokeball. Upon retrieving the pokeball, Asuka notices a note left on the table. However Asuka only stuffs it into her pocket before running off with Mika back to where Roserade and Totodile are fighting.

Back at the battle, both Totodile and Roserade are tired out from all the battling. With this, Totodile takes this opportunity and launches an Ice Beam attack, delivering a powerful, icy cold beam straight to Roserade. Roserade takes the attack and as a result, is frozen up solid in a block of ice. Totodile puts on a satisfying grin and smirks for a moment before noticing something, To its horror, Roserade had actually fooled it with a Double Team attack, a secret talent of Roserade that not even Asuka knows about.

Roserade soon reveals itself right beside Asuka and Mika who have just run into the room. Placing the pokeball in front of her, Asuka tosses the pokeball at Totodile, striking the blue lizard in the head and causing it to flow straight into the capturing device. After a few nervous moments, the pokeball signals a red flash to indicate that that capture of Totodile has been successful. Asuka rejoices but Roserade just has a look of relief for itself and for Totodile.

Mika walks over to congratulate Asuka on her successful capture, saying that she’s impressed at how far the girl’s come since she had last saw her. Asuka blushes in embarrassment before remembering about the note she’d picked up earlier. Deciding that it’s best not to read the note as it is possibly for someone else, Asuka decides that she’d best put the note back where she had found it. However Mika quickly buts in saying that she wants Asuka to join the Pokemon Trainer’s School as a student.

After hearing this, Asuka begins once again to go into a serious mood, thinking about whether she should join or not. Not wanting to rush her, Mika offers to bring the note back as well as give Asuka a room to stay for the night. Asuka gladly accepts her offer before looking down at her pokeball with her newly caught pokemon, Totodile. Seeing this, Mika also offers to help Totodile recover for the night but this time with a sly look on her face. Asuka gladly accepts her offer before handing the pokeball containing Totodile over. Mika bows in gratitude before showing Asuka to he room for the night and possibly for the rest of her time at the trainer’s school.

The next morning, Asuka awakes from her slumber at the Pokemon Trainer’s School. Still tired, she begins walking around the school, search for Mika and her Totodile that she gave to her to take care of. However only after walking past a few rooms, she sees someone whom she’d wished would never see again. Peeking into the room, Asuka gapes her mouth wide open after inspecting the figure she saw. Standing there was Narumi.

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This is very cool, and... ZOMGORIGIONALITY <3

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8. Begin the First Test

Asuka shuts her eyes in complete disbelief. It seems like that Narumi; a boy whom she really disliked for many reasons is studying at the school. Narumi suddenly turns towards Asuka, somehow sensing her presence. He quickly steals a glance of shock from her before smiling with a rather sly look.

Asuka tries to seem like she didn’t see Narumi but in her mind she knew that she had saw him and that he had saw her. With this, Asuka suddenly remembers about her Totodile and quickly runs off in search of Mika for it.

The school had begun to become flooded by students, eager to continue learning how to become a skillful trainer. As Asuka continues to search for her Totodile, a surprised look appears on her face when she sees all the people so early in the morning. However she figures out that she had probably slept in and that classes are just about to start. While on this trace of thought, Asuka gets a sudden chill through her spine as she passes through one of the training rooms.

She quickly takes a peek into the room to see a fierce battle between a Walrein and Weavile. Seeing how the two pokemon are ice types, Asuka figures out that the cold chill from before must have come from the battle. The Weavile quickly uses its incredible speed and knocks out the Walrein with a Night Slash. Asuka gasps in shock at such a powerful pokemon as the owner of the Weavile calls it back. The owner is a boy about the same height and age as Asuka. He’s wearing the school’s traditional uniform, a dark green blazer with a while shirt on the inside. Black pants run down his legs as his blue hair flutters charmingly with every action he makes.

Mesmerized, Asuka begins taking a few steps to the boy. However the boy quickly calls out to Asuka, telling her to watch her step. It’s too late though as Asuka begins to slip and slide around everywhere on the icy floor of the room. The boy quickly rushes over to her with a sliding action, catching Asuka just before she falls to the ground. The boy gives off a smile of relief causing Asuka to blush for a moment before sneezing due to the cold room. The boy introduces himself as Mihorro before explaining that they’re in a ice battlefield, a room completely frozen up, even the floor.

However Asuka only continues to blush causing Mihorro to worry about the girl’s safety. Asuka soon snaps out of the trance and introduces herself before thanking Mihorro for saving her. The two share a silent moment with each other before Asuka breaks the silence, asking Mihorro if he’s seen Mika around.

A while later, Asuka and Mihorro are walking around the school searching for Mika. While doing so, Asuka compliments Mihorro on his well-trained Weavile but Mihorro quickly declines the compliment saying that it was actually Reo himself, someone that he really admires that helped Weavile become so strong. Asuka gasps in shock before telling him that Reo is in fact her older brother, causing Mihorro to also give a surprised look. The two soon begin to laugh, having become friends in the strangest of ways. In Mihorro, a secret thought of gratitude surges through him, having met the daughter of Reo. However in Asuka, a strange emotion that she had never felt before arouses inside her. Watching them is another secret security camera.

After the talk, they finally spot Mika teaching a class of what it appears to be a group of senior students. Asuka takes a peak around the room but to her surprise sees Narumi in the class. Mika soon spots her and with no hesitation, welcomes Asuka and Mihorro to the class, seemingly accepting them as students. For a moment Asuka thinks Mika is just joking and begins to laugh but soon stops, having realized that Mika was actually being serious. A worried look appears on Asuka face, shocked and concerned that she’s in such a high level class.

Mihorro, in a moment of disbelief introduces both him and Asuka to the group of older teenage students and Narumi before quickly pulling on Asuka’s arm, urging her to take a seat along with him. Asuka though remains speechless, still standing motionlessly in front of the class, who has started to become restless. Mika soon tries to calm them down and suddenly, Narumi starts to speak. The whole class turns quiet, eager to hear what the boy has to hear. Narumi suggests a battle between Asuka and Mihorro, to see the two trainers’ abilities. The whole class begins to clap in agreement but the only thing Asuka could think of is how she had got herself into this situation and how Narumi had won the respect of the class.

Hearing the suggestion, Mika decides that they should hold a battle to test both trainers. After coming back to earth, the realization of her having to battle her new friend Mihorro finally sinks in which causes Asuka to protest. However Mika doesn’t bother listen and the whole class along with Asuka and Mihorro who has somehow accepted his current situation.

The group is taken to one of the school’s ice battlefield. However unlike the one Asuka was in before, this one seems a whole lot tougher. The floor is only partially covered in ice with small pools of freezing water situated randomly on the field, all connected by a channel. Ice pillars stand ominously overlooking the field. The class position themselves in a place where they could all see to the battle and Asuka and Mihorro both nervously head to opposite ends of the battlefield.

Mihorro sends out his pokemon Weavile. Asuka though is still hesitant on whether or not see should even battle. The class watching on begins to get restless at Asuka and they begin to taunt her. Watching on, a concerned face appears on Mika as she pulls out a note from her pocket. She then shuts her eyes, hoping that Asuka would make a move soon or else she wouldn’t be able to keep her promise.

After a good few minutes, Asuka finally decides that she’ll battle and with that, she sends out her Roserade. Shocked faces appear on everybody in the class, surprised that she chose a pokemon that doesn’t at all suit the pokemon its battling and the battlefield itself. However Narumi only gives off a grin, seeing that this battle won’t be totally boring.

The battle begins with Roserade launching a Magical Leaf attack. However Weavile simply knocks the leaves out of the way with its claws before charging at Roserade with Ice Shard. The speed pokemon easily slams Roserade into one of the ice pillars before following the assault up with a Night Slash. Roserade quickly retaliates with a Magical Leaf but like before, the attack is brushed aside with ease and Roserade gets drilled through the ice pillar and into one of the cold pools of water.

The class watching on gasp in shock, seeing the power and speed of Mihorro’s Weavile. Asuka desperately tries to call out to her Roserade but its no use. After a few agonizing moments, Roserade fails to resurface and Mika is about to declare Mihorro the winner. However as she’s about to do this, the icy floor begins to crackle with noise and suddenly, Roserade leaps out from right behind Weavile and batters it with a barrage of Magical Leaf attacks, sending it tumbling back.

However the attack is seemingly useless, as Weavile gets straight back up to its feet. Mihorro compliments Asuka on the attempt but says that Weavile had used Metal Claw to block the attack, thus reducing the power since grass attacks aren’t strong against steel. Asuka glances over to Mika who has mysteriously left the room. This proves to be a costly mistake as Weavile quickly charges in with another Ice Shard, giving no time for Asuka and Roserade to prepare to dodge the attack.

Meanwhile, Reo is stumbling through the thick parts of a jungle leading up to some ancient ruins. As he passes tree by tree, something catches the corner of his eye. Turning over to what caught his attention, Reo hisses out a voice of distress. In front of him, lying on the ground is Cynthia.

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hm.... this keeps getting more and more interesting. Keep up the good skills!

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9. The Shadow Fusion

As the battle rages on, Roserade falls helplessly to the icy, desolate floor due to Weavile’s powerful Ice Shard attack. Struggling to get back up, Roserade sneaks a look over to one of the ice pillars, at something that had caught its attention. Seeing how there’s no time to investigate now, Roserade quickly leaps back onto its feet to finish the battle but to its dismay, Weavile had disappeared. Asuka desperately searches around the room for the ice pokemon before suddenly getting an idea.

Roserade prepares to fire the never missing attack of Magical Leaf, causing Mihorro to sweat. A barrage of Magical Leaf attacks instantly fly out, each flying behind the same pillar revealing Weavile’s hiding spot. As Weavile begins fending off the leaves, Roserade launches a dominant Leaf Strom attack, breaking through the ice pillar that Weavile was hiding behind and hitting its target. Weavile tumbles to the ground but is still able to battle.

Mihorro compliments Asuka on her job before calling out to Weavile to use Night Slash. Weaviles begins to dart around the room at a high speed, perplexing Roserade. Asuka decides that Roserade should attack again with Magical Leaf but then gets a second idea. She tells Roserade to start charging up a Solarbeam attack causing everyone in the room to gasp in shock. Despite having a bit of doubt, Roserade does what its trainer says and begins to power up a Solarbeam attack.

Thinking that it’s obviously a trap, Weavile continues to run around the field, encircling Roserade. Asuka smiles for a moment as Roserade launches the Solarbeam attack but surprisingly at the icy field. Mihorro suddenly sees Asuka’s plan but it’s too late as the icy field begins to break up into pieces because of the Solarbeam attack. The ice floor has cracked into many little pieces, floating freely on the water below it. As Weavile continues to run around on the newly created mini icebergs, it stumbles over due to the unstableness of the field.

Taking this opportunity, Roserade fires another Solarbeam but again Weavile is able to just avoid the attack. Without the field to run around on, Weavile’s only way to attack is to jump about using the pillars. As it leaps about, the pillars all begin to give way due to the ice field being broken up. The pillars have lost all support and can’t be planted with stability anywhere. With this, Weavile falls to the ground, opening itself up to a Solarbeam attack from Roserade. This time, it is unable to escape as Roserade fires its Solarbeam attack, taking out Weavile. Stunned, the class watching on all begin to clap for the wonderful battle both trainers just had as Mihorro calls back his Weavile before congratulating Asuka on her victory. Asuka shows him a relieved smile but Roserade is now focusing on the pillar it stared at so intently before, which is floating motionless in the water.

Back at the ruins, Reo watches over Cynthia with his Gallade, stunned over how he somehow randomly managed to find her. A nasty cut runs down her left cheek as her right one is completely covered in dirt. Her hair is completely ruffled up and her arms and legs are all badly bruised. Reo begins to ask himself how such a strong trainer like Cynthia could get herself hurt so badly. However he losses his trace of thought when Cynthia’s eyes start twitching.

Reo’s face lights up with relief seeing Cynthia okay. The Champion opens her eyes but as soon as she does, she begins clutching around her waist, checking all her pokeballs. To her dismay, she lets a discouraged look as she notices that her Garchomp is still missing. She oblivious to Reo’s presence, Cynthia begins to swing her arms around rapidly in frustration but soon stops after hitting something. That something happens to be Reo’s Gallade who is more than a bit confused at Cynthia. Slightly taken back, Cynthia apologizes for her behaviour before seeing Reo walking off into the ruins.

Seeing him, Cynthia shouts out to Reo, calling him back. Reo decides that it’s best to head back and check up on Cynthia. Pleased to see Reo heed her call, Cynthia immediately begins to explain about how the mysterious scoundrel stole away her Garchomp and that she’s been trying to search around Shinou for clues. Eventually her search led her to some strange ruins that seemingly aren’t labeled on the map of Shinou. As she finishes, she thanks Reo for the assistance as he begins to head back into the strange ruins. He starts walking off but still Cynthia is worried about the challenges he might face.

Cynthia tries to run over to him but can’t due to the bad condition her legs are in. Reo suddenly turns around and gives a small grin to Cynthia, telling her not to worry and that she has to rest. Still hesitant on Reo heading into the ruins, Cynthia gives one last warning to Reo about a strange powerful trainer with a mysterious pokemon as he walks off into the dark caves awaiting him.

A while later, Reo is still wandering through the seemingly never-ending maze inside the ruins. Fog had started to build up, making it somewhat hard to see. A strange thought of nostalgia started running through Reo as he begins to think that some of the chambers he’s entering he had entered before. The chambers all looked the same, each filled with either a mysterious pillar with a number engraved on it or some rocks positioned in a perplexing pattern. The walls are all be scribed with strange symbols and letters, seemingly in no particular order. While wondering about these facts, a deafening roar suddenly begins to echo out from one of the tunnels stretching to another chamber up ahead.

However, the roar coming out of the chamber ahead seems like a roar of pain and despair. Confusion begins to arouse in Reo as a human voice also begins to echo out from the same chamber. Deciding that it’s best to check out all the commotion, Reo quickly rushes over to where the racket is coming from, following the lit up hallway. Upon entering the chamber, Reo is greeted with a giant dragon like beast. Dark black wings sprout out from its back as its stomach is marked with a menacing pattern of red and black stripes. The colossal monster begins to howl in pain as it leaps off its six legs and begins to fly around the room.

Suddenly, a streamline figure races past Reo like a jet and towards the injured beast. The streamline figure somehow fires a combination of Dragon Pulse and Flamethrower, stinging the already injured monster and bringing it to the ground. Howling in pain, the injured beast reluctantly manages to disappear into thin air, completely dumbfounding it’s opponent. Reo gasps in shock as someone starts walking up behind him with a snicker, exclaiming how the shadow pokemon plan is getting closer and closer to being revived.

Reo quickly shifts his body around to see a tall slender man wearing a white blazer like lab coat with a blue stripe running around the collar. Dark grey pants extend down his legs as he strokes his hair with the tips of his fingers. His eyes are covered with sunglasses and right beside it is a titanic sized slash mark running right down his face.

The man introduces himself as Nie before commanding his beast to charge after the creature that had just disappeared. Surprisingly, the streamline creature also vanishes, supposedly chasing after its target from before. In a matter of seconds, a loud defending howl is heard as the dark winged beast reappears, plummeting lifelessly to the ground…