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Boss Salamence
February 9th, 2008, 4:32 PM
This includes made up characters along with characters from Pokemon, Yugioh, Yugioh GX and Naruto. The reason is even though I really don't like Pokemon anymore, I just felt like doing this. I incluled yugioh, GX, and Naruto characters because Yugioh, GX and Naruto are my favorite shows(I have more but they're not anime and they're about real stuff like criminal investagations). Also some Yugioh monsters have been transormed into pokemon. Finally, I got my fisrt season storyline from Coliseium and XD Gale of Darkness along with Yugioh's Battle City season.
Main Characters
Tryce Crawford
Age 17
Mother: Lucy Crawford
Father: Jason Crawford
Sblings: Joey Crawford Age 17, Gary Crawford Age 11, Steven Crawford Age 8
Girlfriend: Susan Cordack
Status: Number 1 trainer in the world known as King of Trainers
Bio: The son of the president of the Pokemon League Inc. He grew up in a luxurious lifestyle. Other than Kaiba and his dad, he's the only known person to catch a legendary pokemon, let alone 4. 4 of his six pokemon are on LV 100
Pokemon are...
Palkia LV 100
Mewtwo LV 100
Mew LV 100
Lugia LV 100
Charizard LV 99
Salamence LV 99

Susan Cordack
Age 17
Mother: ???
Father: William Cordack
Sblings: Mark Cordack Age 9
Boyfriend: Tryce Crawford
Status: Queen of Trainers
Bio: Susan has been arrested many times until she met Tryce. Since then, she has not had any problems. She had a very bad mother who hurt her until she was caught and now in a federal prison serving a life setence.
Pokemon are...
Blastoise LV 100
Feraligater LV 99
Electivire LV 99
Gardevior LV 93
Luxray LV 90
Swampert LV 88

Joey Crawford
Mother: Lucy Crawford
Father: Jason Cawford
Sblings: Tryce, Gary and Steven.
Status: ???
Bio: Tryce's brother. He doesn't have a girlfriend because he is too lasy(somtimes)
Pokemon are...
Rhyperior LV 100
Garchomp LV 100
Gengar LV 100
Typhlosion LV 99
Camerupt LV 95
Aerodactyl LV 89
If anyone wants to see the remainig main characters, I'll PM them.

Episode 1: Pokemon corruption
KC arena... The International Pokemon Leauge finals
Tryce: Lugia, Hyper Beam!!!
Kaiba: He's champion again... It's a shame he has a brother who doesn't have a brain.
Marik: I don't have anything to worry. Anyone who stands in my way will drown in the darkness.
Odion: Master Marik, shall I send someone to pay Kaiba a visit?
Marik: No, with Heatran on his side, I'll need to face him. Just make sure nobody challenges Tryce. The last thing we need is a trainer with 4 legendaries on his side and they're are on level 100 and have been well trained. Anyway, now my Ghouls, spread out!!!
Odion: What if they find you?
Marik: It doesn't matter. I can't be beat because I have 6 cloned legendaries are on my side and they're have been corrupted by the shadows making them twice as powerful. Soon the 3 most powerful pokemon will be corrupted.The ones who have been sealed away for centuries. Obelisk, Slifer and Ra, the ones who created the pokemon will be corrupted by shadows and I will be unstoppable(evil laugh).
Odion: Now we have enough energy to revive Obelisk.
Marik: Very well. God of pokemon who created the land, hear me as I call you from your slumber!!!!!!
A giant pokemon appeared out of nowhere
Marik: Obelisk is too weak now. Now we need enough energy to revive Slifer and Ra and now to give Obelisk his power so he can battle.
Joey: Those guys are idiots.
Tryce: They'll never guess that we already revived Ra.
Ra: Actually I awakened myself.
Joey: IT TALKS?!
Ra: Obelisk has already been corrupted by the shadows. We need to call Slifer before they do.
Tryce: Who?
Ra: The Trainers of Darkness. Who are you?
Tryce: I'm Tryce
Ra: From now on, I'll be your partner.
Tryce: I already carry 6 pokemon...
Ra: Don't worry. I don't count and I don't need a pokeball.
Joey: Um... We got a problem
Ra: It's a whole army of Dark Dragonite. I'll handle this.
Tryce: I'll help(pulls out a Master Ball and a Ultra Ball). Go get them, Mewtwo and Lugia, use Ice Beam and Shadow Ball!!!
Joey: It's not working!
Ra: My turn( uses a powerful blast)
The Dark Dragonites fled
Tryce: That is one powerful Hyper Beam...
Ra: Together, we'll stop the darkness!
Tryce: I agree...
Susan: Tryce!!! WHAT IS THAT??!!
Tryce: One of the 3 pokemon gods. Ra created the sun. Obelisk created the land and Slifer created the sky. This one is Ra.
Susan: So where's Obelisk and Slifer?
Tryce: Obelisk has been corrupted while Slifer has yet to be revived.
Marik: NOOOO!!! Ra has already been revived!!!!
Odion: It's worse than that. The rockets have figured out our plan.
Marik: It doesn't matter. They can't stop me.
Somwhere around the world, Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza have sensed the awakening of the gods. Dexoys had also sensed it.
Also at a lab in Iceland...
Scincetist: W-What is going on?
In Florida...
Kid: Woah cool!
In Indiana...
??? What is happening
At Kaibacorp HQ
Kaiba: What the...?!
Tryce, Joey, Susan and Tryce's friends don't relaize that the fate of all pokemon are in their hands.
End of Episode 1

February 10th, 2008, 4:03 PM
I'm sorry to say I don't think this is a fan-fic. If it is it's one of the worst I have read:<

It requires a lot of work and a good story line. No Yu-gi-oh Pokemon cross overs.
I couldn't vote really bad but I would of if I had the choice. But it can be improved with lots of work. I mean lots.

Boss Salamence
February 11th, 2008, 12:39 PM
It's been a while since I've done somthing like this and I'm having trouble with my storyline so I could use some help.

February 11th, 2008, 12:44 PM
Well, first of all, NEVER EVER EVER write in script formay. Have you ever read novels? Are they in script format? No. The are either in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd perosn.