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February 10th, 2008, 6:47 PM

Imagine a world....a world that anything could happen...a world that is almost completely unexplored. A world, connected to any other world in existance, all you have to do is find the doors. The world around you is and island, surrounded by water, evergreen forests to the north, beaches and a lake to the west, mountains and valleys to the east, and more forests, with tall trees to the south. At the center of the island is "The Mansion" where you will be staying. Equipped with everything you'd ever need to survive, and more, bolth above ground in the actuall mansion, and underground in the complex, along with supplies to fend off...disasters.

You see, Mindscape, the world where you are, is that of your dreams, given an actual physical form, where you are now. Your dreams, and the dreams of others that join you, strong enough to physically alter the world, creating "Mindscape." But....like all worlds of dreams, certain events are bound to happen. These events, are nightmares. Distortions that allow things to happen that aren't supposed to happen. These disasters are what forced the last creators and inhabitants of "Mindscape" to abandon it, and return to where they came from. You are a new inhabitant of Mindscape.

Because mindscape is a place where your dreams are real, and can take form, you can take the form you most desire, having abilities that you wouldn't have naturally, such as the ability to fly, or to shoot a lightningbolt from your fingertip. hopefully these abilities will help protect from the coming storm....

It's not all doom and destruction in Mindscape however, as these 'nightmares' rarely occur, as long as the one where they came from is strong in heart. Mindscape is much like a collage back on earth, a place for you to meet others and talk, but without the studying and tests. Living on the island may actually be fun once you get past the disasters, who knows? you may even forget how you got here.....

Minscape Signup and rules.

(more info on the world of mindscape: http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=126184 )

Owner: Me, Silvertail
Co-Owner: Takanushi

1: no godmodding
2: Keep it PG17 or atleast PG13
3: you CAN have a love intrest/rivalry, but dont take it too far.
4: NO KILLING OFF OTHERS! if they want their character dead, fine by me, go ahead, but if they wanna keep going, LET THEM LIVE!
5: only 1 character per person at one time.
6: NO CHANGING YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES AFTER THE RP HAS STARTED! Status thingies such as health status(infected, healthy, zombie, vampire) and appearance can change, ok? but NOT abilities.
7: you have untill the end of page 2 to sign up, any later than that and dont even try!
8: When you find your situation happening in the RP, DONT have your characther know what exactly is going to happen, because it wont. i'm gonna take the general idea, and twist and turn it to my own advantage, while having my character remain blissfully ignorant.
9: no "bunnying" or "Piggybacking" I just remembered something about this, no, its the exact same as godmodding, and if you dont have permission, its agaisnt the rules. and I need PROOF that you've got permission. Really dont want someone ruining the RP by taking control of everyone's characters and making them do something stupid and out of character.
10: you may only have a certain ammount of influences from outside sources(four catagories, manga/comic, TV/movie, videogames, and other, but if you choose other for one it takes up the space of one of your other choices) this will be explained on the signup sheet.(also, you cant have invinceble for an ability)
11: follow PC's rules and regulations
12: You have to give me a suggestion for a 'natural disaster' to occur in the RP, send this via PM to myself to check if its ok, if it is, you wont recieve a conformation, if you do, its too cliche or something of the like. these events will happen at random times in the RP, and will keep it interesting.
13: have fun! this RP is all about making new friends, meeting new people, and getting out of tricky situations!

ok, time for the signup!

Signup Sheet

Name: (b'duh, if you don't know this one, dont even bother)
Nickname: (what do you want others to call you?)
Gender: (go check if you need to, take your time)
Status/Race: (human? infected? zombie? what are you?)
Relationship: (single? in a relationship? looking? we want to know!)
Age: (teen? mid twenties? granny/grandad? well, well, well?)
Favourite rooms in '"The Mansion": (where do you hang out?)
Favourite places on "The Island": (where do you like to go?)
Appearance: (well, what do you look like? I certainly hope you're not butt-ugly...[/joking])
Personality: (well, what are you like? tell me about yourself)

Sources: (2 of each people, Tv/Movies, Manga/Comics, and Video Games, so thats 6 total incase you cant count.)

Abilities: (ok, theres a limit on these! from the Four catagories above, you get 2 from each source[such as Kingdom hearts and Megaman from videogames, and Naruto and Bleach from manga] and from each of those catagories you only get 1 ability or change in your appearance[like if you were to choose +Anima for manga/comics, you'd probably get an animal change ability, which would also alter your appearance.])

( I dont ask for a history because you really dont need one.


Heres my signup:

Name: Takami Haru
Nickname: Dark
Gender: Male
Status/Race: Human/Housecat
Relationship: Single
Age: 15
Favourite rooms in "The Mansion": Kitchens, Bedroom, Forge, and Gameroom
Favourite places on "The Island": Pleatues, valleys, Southern Forest

Appearance: Haru stands at a freakish 5'11" and weighs a mere 110lbs. He has long, red-brown hair that hangs down to his waist, tied back into a ponytail with his bangs draped around his amber-gold eyes. He wears two shirts, the first being a black t-shirt with a wide neck, and looks as though it is a belly shirt. The second being a long sleeved orange shirt that comes down over his pants pockets. His pants are bluejeans, multiple drawings adorning the legs, as they widen out into almost bell-bottoms, over his shoes, which are orange and black and covered in pumpkin designs. His shadow seems to be able to move independantly, lifting off the ground to form a seperate entity of sorts, although still connected at the feet. When this happens, his shadow seems to get a face of its own, pointed teeth and glowing yellow eyes. Haru has an alternate form where he appears to be a small black housecat with a bright orange tip of his tail and a small orange "V" on his chest. His shadow will also take on a cat-like shape when he dose this.

Personality: Haru is laid back and care free most of the time, simply wishing to find a quiet place and draw. He often heads down to the kitchen when he needs to let out some physical creativity, as he sees cooking as an artform rather than a science, the same going for the underground forge. He can get serious at times, usually when he's playing a game. But other than that, he's level headed and calm, not wanting to get on anyones bad sides. His shadow on the other hand, able to manifest iteslf physically and having a form of conciousness(although no voice to speak of, using signs much like wiley cyote to convey speach) usually is more nefarious and likes to prank others, when not playing against Haru on a videogame, or messing with haru's room.

Tv/movies: Naruto
Manga/Comics: Bleach
Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, "Super Mario" game series
Other: Me and my Shadow (small comic series I have yet to scan) Half Animal (can change into an small house cat)

Tv/Movies: Naruto - Chakra control (allows user to stick to trees/walk on water and preform minor jutsu)
Manga/Comics: Bleach (can see spirits, believe me, it might come in handy)
Video Games: Kingdom Hearts(keyblade. 'nuff said), "Super Mario" game series (fireballs, minus fireflower)
Other: Me and my Shadow(his shadow's ability to lift off the ground) Half Animal(ability to turn into a small house cat for as long as he wants before turning back)

Signups are now open. You have till the end of page 2 to sign up.

February 12th, 2008, 1:58 PM
Name: Dart
Status/Race: Vampire
Relationship: Looking
Age: 14

Favourite rooms in '"The Mansion": Game Room,Forge,kitchen and Bedroom.

Favourite places on "The Island": Mostly Mountian and Forest.

Appearance: Mid-sized Black Hair (hangs just past his jaw), Red eyes but when he gets angry they turn completly white, he wears a black trench coat with 2 inside pockets wich hold two pistols from 2 other pockets small ammo packs hang down ( Like Lara Crafts ammo packs). Inside he wears a black long sleeve t-shirt with a Red Skull on it. Also wears black pants with pockets on the side he usaully he keeps knives or other things to throw. Our just ammo. He also keeps a Wakizashi (short Samurai sword).

Personality: He usauly keeps to himself, but talks to his friends alot. He dosen't like other vampires that much because they killed his family.
all but his sister. They died right in front of him. So know he fights Vampires. He also kills any thing like Werewolves and Zombies. Our anything damned. He has a big thing for Halloween because he can go out and not scare anyone for being a vampire. The only time he talks to his friends is at night because he can't go to school. His friends bring him his homework.

Abilities: He only has one ability besides his vampire powers and that is to go Onimusha.

Sources: TV/Movies- Moonlight and Blade. Games-Onimusha 1-3.

February 13th, 2008, 5:07 AM
Sorry dude, but you've got to work on your spelling a bit first before you're accepted, even if you are co-owner.

February 13th, 2008, 1:05 PM
Hey, quick question.

Is the sources part absolutely mandatory? Because I've got several characters who are completely original and don't take anything from the media whatsoever, and I was thinking of using them.


February 13th, 2008, 1:34 PM
yes they are, and if thats the case you simply put all your sources as "Other"

February 13th, 2008, 2:47 PM

I'll probably edit this post with a sign up tomorrow after four-ish...


February 13th, 2008, 6:53 PM
ok, then I'll edit this one with if you're accepted or not.

Takanushi is Accepted

February 13th, 2008, 7:06 PM
Name: Kei Harukana
Nickname: Kei is fine
Gender: Male
Status/Race: Human
Relationship: single...
Age: 18
Favourite rooms in '"The Mansion": Bedroom, Bell Tower, Foyer, Game room
Favourite places on "The Island": beach-side cliff, northern mountains
Appearance: http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w69/tttink5454/anime/1163017166949.jpg
As seen, Kei wears a green bomber jacket and orange t-shirt underneath and dog tags around his neck. His hair is a soft mint green with matching narrow green eyes. He wears a pair of slim fitting dark blue jeans that go down to cover a pair of dark green converse tennis shoes. He is of average height, about 5'7-5'8 and roughly 130 pounds. He isn't very strong at all, showing through his skinny figure. His muscles aren't the biggest ever, completely his lanky, scrawny appearance.

Mani Katti appearance: As you will read in a moment, Kei's powers revolve around calling forth the power of his "alter" power, the Mani Katti. The Mani Katti itself is about a 3 ft. blade with a jagged handle and hilt. The katana has a dark maroon stripe down the center of the broad part of the blade. It curves to a fang like sharp tip, its sheath is solid black. When the Mani Katti is called forth, Kei's appearance changes. A black cloak with a hood appears around his neck, which completely wraps around his body. The cloak for the most part, conceals everything underneath it when Kei isn't moving quickly. But during battle or escape, the Mani Katti's resting place on his left hip is made visible. His clothes underneath the black cloak still remain the same as normal. He keeps his 5 spell cards in a pouch on his waist.

Personality: Kei is a relatively nice person at heart. In social situations he is very overly friendly, he likes to joke around and laugh with other people and meet new friends. That being said, when he goes away for his solitude, he doesn't like being bothered. Kei feels theres a time and a place for everything and when he doesn't want to socialize, he'll find the farthest, hardest to reach area he can, usually one also containing a relaxing view. Kei is a strategist of swords when in action, he doesn't like to make uneducated moves and would much rather think before he acts. Because of this, he tends to try and take control of a situation on his own and give directions without regarding what anyone else wants to do and gets quite frustrated when people do things that aren't the best possible solution. Kei absolutely hates people who act carelessly and irrationally, doing whatever they want with no regard to anyone else. Even though Kei is friendly, he can't be pushed very far before he draws his sword...

Tv/Movies: Card Captor Sakura, s-CRY-ed
Manga/Comics: One Piece, Bleach
Video Games: Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy 9

Abilities: Kei's abilities are all summed up into one basic power in his sword...

Tv/Moves: S-cry-ed - Kei's summons the power and his subconscious emotions manifest into a visible weapon, taking the shape of a Katana with a blade that resembles a fang called the Mani Katti. It hangs loosely at his side, on his waist. The sword itself is the secret to using his other powers. When Kei runs out of magic/strength, the sword will shatter and disappear.

Card Captor: Kei carries 5 cards with him in a pouch that hangs from his right side, their powers can ONLY be unleashed using the magic of the Mani Katti. Using the cards requires magic from the owner and can tire him out quickly. They aren't to be used carelessly. The cards are...
The Windy - Summons the wind spirit, harnessing the power of wind
The Firey - Summons the fire spirit, harnessing the power of fire
The Mist - creates a dense fog which lowers visibility
The Power - increase the caster's strength
The Dash - increases the caster's speed

One Piece: Kei has excellent swordsmanship, similar to the fast strikes of Zolo
Bleach: Kei's has spiritual pressure (Reiatsu) and uses that to battle. He also must say his swords name in order to summon it forth.

Video Games:
Fire Emblem: The sword, the Mani Katti, comes directly from Fire Emblem. Its a sacred blade only usable by a chosen one.

Final Fantasy 9: When Kei calls for the Mani Katti, his skills are quite similar to a Dragoon and gains the skill to jump incredibly high.

(It looks like a lot but it really all sums up to just be... summon a mystic sword sword...)

*PHEW!* hope you like it

Trainer Kat
February 13th, 2008, 8:11 PM
Name: Blake Langridge
Nickname: Blake
Gender: Female
Status/Race: Human/Fairly Healthy
Relationship: In a relationship with boyfriend Peter Pedley (though she’s looking for a new relationship, unbeknownst to Peter.)
Age: 17
Favourite rooms in '"The Mansion": Blake can often be found in the mansion kitchen. She tends to rummage around for food, though doesn’t actually consume any half the time. She also goes to her bedroom a lot. If she isn’t in one of those two places, it is almost guaranteed that she will be in the lounge.
Favourite places on "The Island": If Blake isn’t in the mansion, she will surely be on the beach, working on a tan. Since she isn’t one for the outdoors, it’s rare to see her in the forest.

Appearance: uno (http://i29.tinypic.com/21nr328.jpg) dos (http://i30.tinypic.com/doxwtz.jpg)

Blake is petite, to say the least. She’s 5’5”, and 103 lbs. Her silky brown hair is fashioned in a typical scene fashion, though she isn’t a scene girl at all. Heavy eyeliner surrounds her green eyes. She's got pale skin, though that doesn't last very long, as she works everyday on a dark tan. Blake's fingernails are always perfectly manicured, with a substantial coating of clear nail polish. She wears a variety of clothes, though when she’s going clubbing, she puts on her favorite orange polka-dot dress. On the left side of her lip is a small hole, the result of a dare from a night on the town. She rarely, if ever, wears the piercing that fits into it.

Personality: Blake is your typical party girl. She's flirty and outgoing. As a result, she's never short of boys who wants to date her. Because she can get a new boyfriend at the snap of a finger, she tends to hop from boy to boy. She hasn't been single in five years. Blake also drinks quite heavily, which is why she's not 100% healthy. Blake believes that you should always live for the moment, and do things for pleasure. At least then, if you have regrets, they won't be for missing out. She is a bit stuck up, and thinks she is better than most people. More than half the time, she is a total ass. However, she has her nice moments. Blake is extremely manipulative, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She refuses to go anywhere without her cell phone. Oftentimes, it has her attention. She doesn't play video games or read. Instead, she prefers more social activities. Occasionally, however, she will flip on the television, but only when she's extremely bored. Even then, she's more likely to go find some alcohol and entertain herself, rather than rely on technology to do it for her. Currently, Peter is her boyfriend, though he doesn’t reside at the mansion. Blake can often be seen taking his calls (or ignoring them).


-Digimon Frontier

-Fullmetal Alchemist

Video Games:
-Persona 3
-Chrono Cross


Digimon Frontier: Blake can transform into Kazemon, and, as such, can manipulate wind. Unlike most Kazemon, Blake retains her choppy brown haircut.
Heroes: Blake can manipulate technology. She can do a variety of things, from repairing broken machines, to causing ATMs to spit out wads of cash.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Blake has alchemic abilities. She is skilled at drawing transmutation circles.
Deathnote: Blake owns a notebook, where she can write down someone's name to cause them harm. However, she cannot kill anyone. By writing someone's name down (and visualizing their face), she can cause them momentary discomfort, cut them, or bruise them. She rarely, if ever, uses this.
Persona 3: By shooting herself in the head with her evoker, which has the shape of a gun, Blake can summon Succubus and cast fire spells. Her evoker is usually strapped to her thigh.
Chrono Cross: Blake can freeze time. It goes along with her personality, as she always wants to live in the moment.

February 13th, 2008, 8:11 PM
Evkay: whoa o.o that's one of the best signups i've seen in a while. ACCEPTED!

Kat: pretty good, welcome to Minscape! Accepted

can't wait to see the 'nightmare' you think up for the RP.

February 15th, 2008, 11:04 AM
I edited my abilities a small bit, nothing that wasn't already implied though. You should make an OOC thread, Silvertail.

February 15th, 2008, 1:28 PM
Name: Trevor
Nickname: Sneak (the Freak)
Gender: Male
Status/Race: Human
Relationship: Single
Age: 17
Favourite rooms in '"The Mansion": Kitchen, Pool
Favourite places on "The Island": The beach, any open place he can play soccer at.

Appearance: Trevor is an all-around average sized young man. He stands at about 5'9", weighs 135 pounds, and the only noticable thing about his build is that his leg muscles are strangely well developed in porportion to the rest of his body. He has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, although closer to his pupils they're more of a green-ish color. His hair is parted on his left, with his bangs obscuring his forehead, and he has a few random cow-licks in the back. He generally wears hoodie of some sort from the various sports teams he's on at his school and a pair of blue jeans, with a pair of beat up old Converse on his abnormally large feet, but occasionally he does wear khaki shorts. He has a slight tan from playing sports just about year round. He also carries a black bookbag around on one shoulder, where he keeps various items, although mostly books.

Personality: Trevor's personality, quite frankly, is a mess. He is easily scared, and very paranoid and jumpy. He often talks to himself (loudly, too), and if there are people around and it isn't during a sports game, he generally stays in the corner of the room, preferably in the shadows, or in the branches of a tree if there are any nearby, and pull some form of self entertainment out of his pocket (generally a book because he despises TV programs, but occasionally a hend held video game of some sort). He also likes to randomly appear in places, seemingly out of nowhere (hence the nickname, "Sneak"). He is very claustrophobic, especially when he's around women (he freaks out if anyone of the female persuasion comes even within of foot of him, for various reasons). However, he is abnormally cheery, and if he actually becomes friends with someone, generally very agreeable. However, this doesn't usually happen, due to most of the kids his age taking his nickname and adding "the Freak" to it.

-Other (x2)

-Extreme Agility (Soccer, Cross Country, Track)
-Use of Wind Magic (Various fantasy books)

EDIT: Done. Sorry for the wait.

February 15th, 2008, 2:05 PM
ok, for now your signup is ACCEPTED. after you finish we'll start teh RP(and once you give me an idea for a 'nightmare')

Takanushi, please dont ruin things by giving away your nightmare.

EDIT: ok, the OOC(it means 'out of character', takanushi, and is where you'll post when your not in character and taking place in the RP) thread is up, just go here http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3337457#post3337457 to post OOC things

February 15th, 2008, 3:57 PM
Thank you for the info and sorry didnt know about the nightmare thing being a secret.

February 16th, 2008, 11:22 AM
Name: Kenji Todesu
Nickname: Kenji, Jii, Ken
Gender: Male
Status/Race: Human
Relationship: Single, looking.
Age: 19
Favorite rooms in '"The Mansion": Kitchen, making food.
Favorite places on "The Island": The cliffs and the Southern Forest. Places to find solitude and talk with the spirits.
Appearance: [x] (http://i25.tinypic.com/ofn9s0.jpg)[x] (http://i25.tinypic.com/2e0nrso.gif)[x] (http://i31.tinypic.com/rjf76g.jpg)

Kenji wears a green shirt most of the time. Occasionally seen shirtless, but it is a rare occurrence. For pants, he has blue jeans and that is all he wears. Always barefoot; his feet are callused and dirty. He wears his hair messy and lets it hang loosely in front of his face. Eyes are black, but in the sunlight, they appear to be a dark shade of piercing red. Carries three die with him at all times. Looks glum most of the time, but smiles when in the company of an attractive girl or someone he looks up to/respects.

Personality: Quiet, but funny. Can be lazy at times. If needed, he works hard and follows orders through and through. Dedicated to his leader (if there is one) or any leader figure. Tries his best to not disappoint the leader and if he does fail, he becomes mildly depressed. Loving and caring. Respectful and sweet. Easily angered. Always hungry for something. Can be seen eating almost constantly, unless told not to by his superior.

TV/Movies - Heroes
Anime/Manga - Samurai Champloo
Comics - X-Men

Mind Reading - Matt Parkman (Heroes)/Professor Xavier (X-Men)
Shapeshifting - Candice (Heroes)/Mystique (X-Men)
Invisibility - Claude (Heroes)/Peter Patrelli (Heroes)
Swordsmanship - Mugen (Samurai Champloo)/Jin (Samurai Champloo)

February 16th, 2008, 11:25 AM
Klippy is Accepted.

As soon as TIK edits, I'll start the RP.

also, remember to post future OoC things in the OoC thread!

YES! This means YOU Takanushi!

February 17th, 2008, 11:38 AM
OOC: Ok, I know, double post. But still, this is to Start the RP, so give me some slack!

Oh, and i'll use a little bit of G-Ming here, but its purely for the purpose of starting the RP, ok? its nothing your character wouldn't do if this happened, I think atleast, because I know I would.

RPT: (role play text)

You awake to a new day, groggy-eyed, yet well rested. As you shake off sleep you come to realise....this is not where you had let the darkness of slumber take you...It is a new world, a bedroom to be exact, in that new world. A tirade of questions run through your mind.."Where am I?" .... "How did I get here?" .... "What am I WEARING?" As these questions bounce around in your mind, an alarm clock goes off next to you. Annoying, yes, but not so much that you'd be foreced to smash the alarm clock, even on the verge of rest. You shut off the alarm clock and decide to look around the world you find yourself in....wondering what lies ahead for you.


OOC: ok, hope that gets you guys started. I'll wait for someone else to post before I go in myself.

Also, TIK, it's not too late to edit your signup and get accepted. you've got a while, because you reserved a spot before the RP started.


February 17th, 2008, 6:48 PM
Kei awoke from his deep sleep without parting his eyes quite yet. The pillow, soft sheets, and warm blankets... he just couldn't bring himself to awaken yet. The sun light continued to pester him through the window's thin curtains. He moaned loudly in frustration as he rolled over to avoid the sunlight and pull the covers over his head.

"Its too freakin early... what time is it anyway?" Kei thought to himself, still aggrivated.

He reached above his head, feeling around for his cell phone that would have in any other situation, been on a shelf above his pillow. Kei's hand whiffed through nothingness, grasping thin air. The curious absence of his cell phone caused him to squint one eye open and inspect his surroundings. The room his eye surveyed was definitely not his own. All his posters and pictures had vanished and been replaced with blank hard wood walls. A single body length mirror stood in the corner next to a closet and a dresser next to that. Across the room was the door and near the foot of his bed was the window that caused him so much discomfort. For the moment, it didn't register to Kei that he wasn't in familiar surroundings, then it suddenly hit him. His body bolted straight up in the bed as he scanned more closely. The silence was finally cleared somewhat by an unfamiliar sound.

"Is that.... waves? An ocean? what the..." Kei said out loud into the silence as he stepped out of bed and crossed his bedroom to the window which he now realized was a walk out window to a large balcony that stretched around the massive house in which he was apparently in. What he encountered upon stepping outside was truly a sight to behold.

Kei was greeted with a vast 2nd story view of a gorgeous front yard which stretched and merged with a sandy beach. The sky shown a gorgeous midnight blue mixed with a symphony of other colors streaked across the sky, similar to the Aurora Borealis. The colors in the sky danced around each other but oddly enough, even with the amount of light, there was no sun, Only two large moons hung in the sky, one half one full. The sky dropped to meet a vast dark blue ocean which lapped gently against the sandy shores of the beach. In the distance Kei could see a rocky cliff over hang.

"What the.... where am I?" Kei said to himself in wonder. "Its a dream.. duh, this place is too trippy." he said aloud, reassuring himself. He began pinching himself as he paced up and down the balcony, passing many other windows.

"ouch...ouch...ouch...ouch..." He seemed to chant as he tried to pinch himself awake. He finally gave up... realizing he was wearing different clothes than he had been when he when he went to bed. One thing that particularly caught his attention was the dog tag around his neck and the pouch on his waist. He first inspected the tag, reading the inscription aloud.

"Ma...Mani... Katti" He said, sounding out the words slowly.

Upon finishing the words, a bright light shown in front of him. Kei instinctively reached out, grabbing the ball of light. It instantly diminished, revealing a long katana in his hand. Kei was definitely more confused now. His clothes had even changed once more, giving him a long flowing black cloak instead of his original green jacket. He immediately checked the pouch to see what other wonders he had obtained. Kei immediately pulled out 5 rather large cards and looked at their artistically drawn pictures. He eyed the card on top and separated it from the rest, returning the other 4 to his pouch. He inspected the card closely and finally read its name aloud.

"The.... Windy...."

Upon finishing the name, a gust of wind immediately whipped up around him, sending the windows lining the balcony flying open and rattling violently as the curtains of the room twisted and flailed helplessly. Kei's cloak whipped around him as Kei held onto the sword and card tight. The winds subsided and and calmed, leaving the destruction quite visible. No window had been left shut and even some shattered glass lay around the stone balcony. If anyone else was in this huge mansion, Kei had definitely let them know he was here. Suddenly, a noise caught his attention. Movement inside one of the rooms. He quickly returned the card to his pouch and clicked the sword out of its sheath, letting the metal gleam in the light from under his cloak. Even though Kei was quite frightened of whoever was there, he was quite oblivious to how dark and sinister he probably looked being a hooded cloak figure preparing to draw a sword.

"wh...who's there?! Come out!" Kei called into the dark room as he slid the sword a little farther out of its sheath. The moment remained silent as the only thing that could be heard was the sliding metal of the sword.

OOC: Kat wanted to be the first person i met... so thats who the mystery person is, just for reference

Trainer Kat
February 17th, 2008, 7:19 PM
Blake's eyes fluttered open, meeting with a rude ray of sunshine. She groaned and turned over, burying her face in the soft rose colored sheets, sliding her hand under her pillow to feel the familiar metal belonging to her cell phone. As if by magic, it began to vibrate in her hand. She groaned once more. Of course, it was most definitely Peter. Squinting, she read the text.

"Hey, babes!" it read. "I miss you! Where'd you go last night?"

The brunette furrowed her brow. She should still be in her bed. But then...why was Peter texting her? She threw the covers off her slender form. Aside from the pink sheets, the room was devoid of color. This room was most definitely not her own. She began to breathe heavily. This was just like one of those horror stories where a girl wakes up in someone else's bed. Without even looking out the window, she rushed straight to the door. It was unlocked.

"Well, obviously I haven't been kidnapped," she scoffed. "What kind of kidnapper would leave his captive's door unlocked?" Quickly she made her way downstairs. She marveled at the grandiose living area. It was spectacular, to say the least. She immediately walked over to the giant TV, picking up the remote.

"Now, this is the life!" she cooed as she clicked the on button. Nothing. Blake stared at the TV blankly. "Well, what good is the thing if it doesn't even work?" She rolled her eyes and got up, walking over to the TV. Reaching out with one hand, she pressed her palm against the flat surface and closed her eyes. It almost felt like electricity was coursing through her veins. When she opened her eyes, the TV was on.

"Wonderful!" she exclaimed. Suddenly, the house began to be whipped by the winds. Terrified, Blake ran up to the room she had woken up in to hide under the covers. It was an instinct that she had had since she was small. Tornadoes and the like terrified her, so she always hid in her bed when strong winds emerged. As she opened the door to her room, she noticed that her window connected to a balcony. Ignoring her want for comfort, she crossed over to the balcony.

"wh...who's there?! Come out!" A voice called from the balcony. It was shaky, yet firm at the same time. The moment remained silent as the only thing that could be heard was the sliding metal of the sword. Blake shuddered.

"A-Alright. I-I'll come out, just...please, don't kill me..." she whimpered, stepping out onto the warm balcony.

OOC: xD; Wow, sorry for the terribly short post. Blake's used to waking up and not knowing where she is though, so there's not much room for panicking.

February 17th, 2008, 7:20 PM
OOC: my room is on the opposite side of the front of the mansion where Kei currently is, also, the 2nd floor is mostly reserved for sleeping quarters

Light poked through my window, hitting my sleeping form as I continued to saw logs loudly, as if using the rustiest, most jagged saw in existance to cut said logs, which were petrified. As an alarm clock started to go off, my arm swung over instinctively, hitting the 'snooze' button firmly down, or rather, would have. had the alarm been on my left.

Reproachfully, I opened my eyes slightly, looking for the fractured, and repaired frame of my brutally abused alarm clock.(it had been thrown out of windows and across the room several times, along with stepped on, thrown to the floor, and had things dropped on it) Realising it was not where it had always been, on top of the radio next to my matress(no bed frame) did I notice that...mysteriously, my radio wasn't playing...nor was it in the room.

Thinking my mom finnally got tired of the midnight airings of "Move Along" and "Girlfriend" on my favourite radio station, she took the radio and simply moved my alarm clock, I sat up, sighing and rubbing my eyes. It was now that I realised that the weight from my blankets on my legs was much less than it normally was....my usual 5 blankets were mysteriously missing, being replaced instaid by one, thin, grey set of covers. this drew my attention more.

Fully awake now, I looked around my room, not finding myself my comfortable 4 inches off the ground, but a good two feet from said floor. which was carpeted the same grey as my blanket, pillows, and walls. "The fek?" I muttered to myself, noticing my clothing had changed also, my usual 'here-I-am-come-and-find-me' orange nightshirt and black sweatpants were replaced by a black belly-shirt over an orange long-sleeved shirt, a grinning demonic looking pumpkin adorning the black shirt, as I pulled the covers off me and swung my legs over the edge of the bed, I noticed I was wearing a pair of black jeans, much like the ones I wore normally, only with orange cuffs, and a pair of orange socks. I DID NOT own orange socks. black socks, sure, white socks were rare, but I owned those too. ORANGE socks were completely different.

As I rested my feet on the floor, or what I thought would be floor, they slipped into a pair of tennis shoes, along the same designs as my outfit, rather than having laces however, there was a zipper running along the top of each shoe, a single black strap holding it in place after it would be zipped up. Suspiciously, I zipped and buckled the shoes, my alarm-clock long forgotten, and not even audible, as though it was never there.

As I looked around the plain room, something else caught my eye, my shadow. which was streatching as though IT had just woken up.

ok, waking up in a room that wasn't mine. That I could deal with. Wearing something that I didn't remember even OWNING. That I could deal with. But my shadow, acting of its own accord, and completely ignoring bolth my movements, and the direction the sun was facing? THAT I couldn't deal with! So, I did what any self-respecting fifteen year old would do when experiencing something paranormal.

I screamed. Like a little girl. And I ran, from my room, through an open door with a cracked pane of glass, out onto a balcony. the sight here however....completely blew my mind.

Mountains, an ocean visible in the distance, and the moons, yes, plural, two of them, shining in what appeared to be a morning sky. although no sun was presant on the horizon...

"whoa....where AM I?"

February 17th, 2008, 8:52 PM
" ughh that stupid sun. Wait sun I thought that I blocked the window?" He said to myself groggly pulling the curtains closed. "wait this isn't my room. I don't have curtains." "I must be dreaming yes thats it i'm dreaming" He thought hiting myself in the leg ".....Ok that hurt.im not dreaming, so where am I? I guess I will look around."

As he turned from the window it got blown open by a gust of wind. so he turned and looked out onto the belcony. He saw a kid with a sword. "Whoa" he said to himself jeting back into the room.

"I guess I am not the only one here." " I wonder if any one else is here." Thats when he heard the kid say. "wh...who's there?! Come out!". "Whats he talking about i dont hear anything." Thats when I heared "A-Alright. I-I'll come out, just...please, don't kill me...".

So I looked out of the window again to see a girl 5’5”, and about 103 to 106 lbs. Silky brown hair,green eyes, and pale skin.

February 17th, 2008, 8:58 PM
Kei stood in the silence, clutching the handle of his blade tightly as his hand trembled in anticipation. His eyes narrowed at the window opening as he watched in complete focus. The moments seemed like hours as the footsteps could be heard. Suddenly, an uncharacteristic voice cut the silence.

"A-Alright. I-I'll come out, just...please, don't kill me..." a girl's voice sounded from inside. A cute girl, near Kei's age, stepped out onto the balcony looking more scared than Kei was. Upon seeing her look of complete terror, Kei's mood instantly changed. His eyes softened into a wide look of surprise. The sudden retraction of emotion seemed to trigger the release of the sword's power. In a flash of light, the sword and cloak vanished from his hands, revealing Kei's true appearance. He looked at his hands and inspected his clothes for a moment, looking for any trace of the previous transformation, but nothing was even left. Just the pouch of cards on his hip. Kei immediately remembered he was in the presence of a girl and returned his attention to her.

"um... hey...my names Kei...Kei Harukana. I've got a lot of questions to ask. I have to wonder... do you live here? How does this world even exist?" He immediately began to ramble off. Kei knew he was talking to much for a proper introduction to a young woman. He paused a while after his short ramble. He was just so happy to see someone after waking up in such a strange world... he completely forgot his manners.

As if something had been listening to his thoughts, another person came screaming through the broken window a bit farther down, a young boy. He was screaming as if being frightened almost half to death. Kei's eyes widened more from being startled, he attempted to summon the sword again in defense, holding his hand out in front of him but nothing appeared. Though it didn't appear he needed the sword's aid... Kei's eyes narrowed again but this time in confusion as the boy who had just appeared seemed to completely ignore their presence, gawking at the scenery.

"whoa....where AM I?" he said to himself in awe.

This sentence was almost music to Kei's ears. Someone else who didn't know where he was, but this couldn't really be described as good or bad.

"....hey you? Did you get here without knowing as well?" Kei called down the balcony to the boy.

February 17th, 2008, 9:02 PM
Kenji yawned and rolled over. He hadn't slept this well in years. The sheets felt different. Better. But, different. He opened his eyes to a different ceiling than his bedroom had usually had. A voice echoed in his head as he sat bolt up: "whoa....where AM I?" said the voice. It wasn't someone speaking, but sounded as though it came from a deep cavern.

"Hello?" said Kenji, loudly. "Who's there?" No one answered, so he threw his legs over the side of the bed. He stood up and felt a chill around his feet. He looked down and found that his socks, that he had been wearing the night before, were gone. Looking up again, confused, he turned and searched the bed covers for his socks. He was startled to find that his room was completely different. Brown walls, an expensive looking clock, and a bed that was not his greeted his tired eyes. He walked around the carpeted bedroom and yawned again. His hair was a mess, but he was more interested in the fact that his arm was missing.

He grabbed the air that his arm would have occupied and grabbed hold on it. It was invisible. He panicked, but it came back into view instantly. He looked at it and moved his fingers around. They felt real enough. He thought hard-- Make my arm invisible. It disappeared upon request. He closed his eyes and thought-- Make my head invisible. Opening them, he found nothing to be in direct view. His body stood, headless, but his arm came back into view. "Weird..." he muttered.

He walked to his glass windowed door and gazed out. He wasn't home. He was looking out onto cliffs and ocean. The sun gleamed over the horizon, still barely visible as it rose. He chuckled. He wasn't afraid nor worried. If this wasn't a dream, then he could start a brand new life wherever he was. He wasn't the greatest of people where he had been. He wasn't a criminal. But, he certainly wasn't a saint.

A knock at the door snapped him back into reality or...what seemed to be reality. "Who is it?" he asked, walking to the door to listen. No one answered, but he could hear a very faint breathing. He thought once more-- Make me invisible.

He grabbed the door handle and thought, "I'm invisible. I'm invisible." He listened once more and heard the breathing getting heavier and heavier. He twisted the knob and flung the door open.

OOC: When I read this, it seems like I speed-posted. I'm gunna have to work on that. XD;

February 17th, 2008, 9:14 PM
"....hey you? Did you get here without knowing as well?" came a voice from my right.

"Nani?" my head snapped around at the voice, looking at a guy, who looked older, but was about my height, maybe a little shorter, who had his hand out like he was holding a sword, although no blade was there. "Err...no...I woke up and I was in this weird room...wearing this...and when I looked around...." my speech was cut short as the memory suddenly hit me.

I whipped around, pressing myself against the banister of the balcony, still trying to push myself back as I watched my shadow seem to 'lift' off the ground inside the room, if it was possible, and start to slide twords me, still connected to my feet.

I screamed again, although, not as highly pitched or loud, but I screamed none the less, running twords the guy that had appeared. "What the FEK is that thing?" I questioned, as my shadow made itself known, 'walking' onto the balcony and looking around, noticing the small croud of people to it's right and waving breifly, before leaning on the balcony and looking around.

February 17th, 2008, 9:34 PM
Name: Michael Alan Smith
Nickname: Smithy, Smiggz
Gender: Male
Status/Race: Vampire
Relationship: Single
Age: 15
Favourite rooms in '"The Mansion": The Bar, The Gameroom, The Bedroom
Favourite places on "The Island": The Forest, The Mountains
Appearance: Michael is quite small for his age, infact he is only 5 foot 5, which not only makes him quite small for his age, but also quite small for his Race which makes him get ridiculed by the other Vampire. Michael has blood red eyes, and they are slit like the eyes of a cat. He has pearl white fangs which sometimes penetrate his gums cutting his mouth which can be very painful. Another strange thing is that he in tanned, which goes agaisnt the steriotypic pale white Vampire. He has very short black hair and has a fade hairstyle (Which is a real hairstyle), He has some freckles and a scar which travels down from the left of his left eye down to the cornor of his mouth. Michael also likes to wear white shirts and blue jeans. He also wears white trainers.
Personality: Michael is a generally depressing person to be around and very shy. But once you get to know him he is actually a very jolly person with a huge sense of humour. He likes to dance and sing. Michael also has a habit which annoys people as he bites his nails bad. Michael loves joking around and likes to listen to Hip-Hop music, he hates people who think they're great and vein people, he also likes to give bullies a little bite and turn them into vampires when they annoy him.

Tv/Movies: Other
Manga/Comics: Other
Video Games: Other

Abilities: I put other above, I will just write here, Michael has the basic vampire ability to turn other people into a vampire by biting them and infecting them with his venom, he can also shapeshift and turn into a Bat, which helps him when he needs to get somewhere fast or fit into a large crowd (It is hard to fit into a human crowd with blood red eyes that are cat like slits lol.)

February 17th, 2008, 9:38 PM
OOC: good overall, ok, Charchic is ACCEPTED Read my opening post(where I officially start the RP) and you can start posting right away.

February 17th, 2008, 9:52 PM
Michael woke up abruptly, to the sound of other people in their rooms chatting excitedly. He decided not to open his eyes, hoping that sleep would take hold of him again. Before realising, "Wait! This isn't right! What the hell is all that noise!" Michael lived in a small house before he entered Mindscape, a house in your average street, alone with his mother. So why could he hear talking, this wasn't right was it? He opened his eyes and looked around. "Huh? Where am I!" he thought, now panicking.

Michael was not in his normal Electric Blue painted bedroom, he was in another room. A chocolate brown painted bedroom with light brown drawers and a large bookcase in the corner of it. He rubbed his eyes, this couldn't be right. He must of been seeing things. He then threw his light brown covers onto the floor before standing up and panicking. He ran over the the bedroom window and spread the curtains apart before jumping back in shock. He was on an island. Somewhere, in the middle of an island. He paused. Terrified. And stared out to the violent sea. "What's going on?" he thought to himself.

February 18th, 2008, 3:24 PM
"um... hey...my names Kei...Kei Harukana. I've got a lot of questions to ask. I have to wonder... do you live here? How does this world even exist?" He ramble when she went onto the belcony.

Thats when I heared a scream and another boy about my age come running onto the deck. "whoa....where AM I?" he said to himself not noticing Kei and the girl.

He was wearing a black belly-shirt over an orange long-sleeved shirt, a grinning demonic looking pumpkin adorning the black shirt, a pair of black jeans with orange cuffs, and a pair of orange socks.

Kei then asked "....hey you? Did you get here without knowing as well?" The Boy answered with "Err...no...I woke up and I was in this weird room...wearing this...and when I looked around...." he was cut short when he screamed not loud but enough to be heard. "What the FEK is that thing?" the boy asked as a shodow like figure slid out and waved at every one.

"OK i've seen vampires, werewolves and other creepy things but what the Hek is that?" I said loud enough that every one could hear.

February 18th, 2008, 7:35 PM
Kenji stared into the open doorway, expecting some crazed butler to be standing there wielding a weapon, ready to strike whoever he saw. But no such butler was there. No one stood before the invisible Kenji. He sighed a breath of relief, but was still troubled at the bodiless breathing. He stepped out into the hall to see what lay beyond his room.

A decorative hallway with tapestries and vases. Fancy carpet strewn the floor and walls colored maroon created an old mansion feel to the hall. Kenji walked further down the hall, until he walked by a mirror. No reflection still. He didn't mind being invisible. Especially if some crazy butler was searching for him. An echoing voice came screeching into Kenji's mind, "It's a shadow monster!"

Kenji yelled, "Hello? Who's there?" Once again, no one answered. Frustrated, he jogged down the hall, but stopped right before hitting the corner. A voice echoed, this time, from around the corner, "What the heck is that thing?" Kenji smiled to himself. He wasn't sure why he was hiding. He was invisible.

Turning the corner, he came into view of the scene. Two boys and a beautiful, young woman stood before him. They were out on the balcony staring at a black figure. Kenji stared blankly at it also. It was rather creepy, but didn't seem harmful.

Moments after, he suddenly became aware that all three had now turned their attention to where Kenji stood. Looking down, he found that he was no longer invisible.

February 19th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Michael looked around the brown painted room, his eyes red. He sighed as he tried to come to terms with the fact that he was lost, in the middle of nowhere. Then he began to think scary thoughts, "What if I've been kidnapped! What's happened to my mother! Is she dead! Will I ever get home! Am I the only person on the whole island!" He then rubbed his eyes and a tear ran down the side of his face. He wiped the tear from his face as a sweet female voice began to talk.

"Don't worry...You'll be okay. I had the same problem to. It will go soon. You will come to terms with the fact that you ain't going anywhere, well not anytime soon anyway. But I am guessing your family are fine. You have to think positive now." Michael screamed and jumped back at the sound of this voice, although he didn't feel like he was hearing it through his ears. It felt as though somebody was communicating with him in his mind. Michael was confused. He was fully aware he did not have the powers to read minds. So what the hell was going on! He looked around the room and thought.

"If who ever is talking to me, is communicating with me telepathicly. Then maybe I may be able to communicate with her back! Hello! Can you hear me!" There was no reply. Michael then sat on his bed and saw that next to him was a dark oak door. He got up, jumped over his bed and pulled on the golden handle. He found himself in a long hall with a few people all also coming out of their rooms. Michael paused and looked around.

OOC: Can I create another character, like can we have two people?

Trainer Kat
February 19th, 2008, 6:02 PM
OOC: SilverTail, I apologize in advance for the disruption this OOC post will create.

Charchic, I'd just like to direct your attention to the OOC thread located in the RP lounge. A few members have some concerns about your latest post.

OH. And before I forget, I believe it was stated somewhere that cell phones wouldn't work? I could be mistaken. But as for Blake's cell, she has the ability to manipulate technology [Thanks, Micah<3], hence why she's still able to be in contact with Peter.


"um... hey...my names Kei...Kei Harukana. I've got a lot of questions to ask. I have to wonder... do you live here? How does this world even exist?" He immediately began to ramble off. Before Blake could respond, she was interrupted by a boy rushing onto the balcony, awe-struck by this new scenery.

"....hey you? Did you get here without knowing as well?" The boy who had introduced himself as Kei called down the balcony to the newcomer. Blake put her hands on her hips, leaning towards the previously hooded boy, obviously annoyed slightly.

"Um, hello? Pay attention to me?" She furrowed her brow, as she was once more interrupted by the new boy. It appeared that his shadow had somehow detached itself from the floor, and now stood over the balcony, greeting the group of teens. Blake stared at it, wrinkling her nose as she hesitantly waved back. Suddenly, she heard another voice.

"Okay," it began. "I've seen vampires, werewolves, and other creepy things, but what the heck is that?" The male voice asked, obviously referencing the shadow that had seemingly developed a life of it's own. Blake rolled her eyes.

I dunno where you come from, creepy boy, she thought, hands on her hips, weight shifted onto one leg. But where I come from, fairytale monsters don't exist.

Blake balled her hands up into fists, closing her eyes. How could they be speculating about the means by which they came to be in this world, when they were in the presence of the most beautiful girl this world, or any other, for that matter, had ever seen? They should have all rushed to her side, gotten down on one knee, and asked her if she'd like a firm back massage or a nice turkey sandwich. But no, they had all talked amongst each other. Perhaps she was in a house full of gay men. When there was a break in the conversation, Blake seized the opportunity as best she could.

"I'm Blake!" she screamed, her voice cutting through the silence. Turning on her heel, she jabbed Kei in the chest with her index finger. "And as far as I'm concerned, you probably just kidnapped all of us! You, Mister Suspicious, were the one waltzing around outside my room with a sword, and cloaked, no less!" She nodded, turning and pointing at the two other boys, her cell phone clutched tightly in one fist. "And in case you were unaware," she concluded. "My opinion's the only one that matters!" Huffing, her speech came to a close. No sooner had she finished her small rant, a dark haired boy appeared out of seemingly nowhere. Blake let out a small yell, latching herself tightly onto Kei's arm, inadvertently flinging her cell phone off the side of the balcony. As soon as she realized what she had done, she turned to the new boy.

"You," she growled, voice laced with malice. She pressed her index finger into his chest, as she had done to Kei. "Go get that," she commanded. "And you'd better hope for your sake, it isn't broken."

OOC: OUCH Blake's mean. xD; Okay, her cell phone ISN'T broken, because that would ruin the whole Peter/Blake substory, so if/when you go get it, Klippy, make sure it's not shattered. kthx. <3

February 19th, 2008, 6:35 PM
OOC: It's broken. :D Kidding<3

IC: Kenji stood, frozen. He wasn't sure whether to listen or to throw something at her. "Erm...who are you three?" he asked. Suddenly, the girl's voice echoed in his head, "I dunno where you come from, creepy boy. But where I come from, fairytale monsters don't exist."

"I believe in fairy tales, actually," he said to her. "Not sure if this is one though." He smiled. This girl was beautiful, but apparently couldn't read minds like himself. He walked out to the balcony and looked down. The phone lay unbroken on the green grass. Kenji turned to her and said, "Anything for a girl as beautiful as you."

Kenji took several steps away from the group. "Be back soon," he said, directing his speech at her mainly. He walked off, leaving the group to whatever business they had been having before. As he walked down the decorative hall, a candelabra stood erect on a nearby stand. It had sharp, dagger-like points on it.

Kenji stopped and stared at it. Something inside him told him that pain wasn't a factor here. He looked around to check that the others weren't looking to see if he had gone. No one returned his gaze, so he flipped back around. He lifted his hand, counted to three, then slammed it down onto the candelabra.

The pain was unbearably ticklish. He chuckled. Either he had another power or all of them were insusceptible to pain. He strode back to the group and looked at the girl. This would be highly amusing.

"No...I don't think I'll get your phone," he said. "I think I'll end it all now. I'm not going to live like this. It's all a dream." He climbed onto the balcony and stood up. "Perhaps I'm an acrobat," he yelled. "Maybe it's time for something daring."

He did a back flip and landed, perfectly. He smiled at the girl. "You're quite the beauty. It's a shame I can't give you the back massage or the turkey sandwich you want." He laughed.

"Goodbye." he said, as he help up the peace sign with his fingers. He leaned back, arms spread eagle, then fell. The air felt extremely cool on his back. The two story drop seemed to take longer than he thought, but when he hit, the tickling ensued.

Joker Knight
February 19th, 2008, 6:42 PM
Name: Alexis Tunai
Nickname: Alex, Violet, Rose.(the last two also being the names of her favourite flowers, especially when it is a violet colored rose)
Gender: Female
Status/Race: Human
Relationship: Single, usually uninterested
Age: 17
Favourite rooms in '"The Mansion": The Complex (mechanics shop) Game Room, Library, bedroom
Favourite places on "The Island": Underground caves in the western plains, western beach, and the southern forest.

Appearance: Alex has short, dark violet hair, which turns pink near the ends at the sides of her neck, while her bangs remain that strange purple color being the only color in her bangs, which part just so you can see her eyes, yet still covers the upper portion of her nose. Her eyes are an unusual, the left being turquoise in color, while the right is charcoal grey. Her right ear is covered by her hair, while the left is revealed, showing off 3 peircings along it's edge, 2 smaller ones at the top, with a larger one on her ear lobe in the shape of a silver skull with glistening stone eyes. She usually wears black eye-liner and a dark purple lipstick. Her outfit consists of a Black t-shirt, with the sleeves, apparently ripped quite violently off, and having the neck ripped wider in the same fassion, while the bottom hem of the shirt is cut at a slant, revealing her waist and belly button. She wears a chain-link belt that hangs loosely around her waist, only being held up by her belt loop, while a studded belt goes through it also, firmly holding her black cargo pants up. The cargo pants themselves have a larger number of pockets than most, and lots and lots of shiny, silver buckles. She usually wears a pair of black-to-violet tennis shoes, along with violet socks that, unseen to the rest of you, go up to mid-calf. She can usually be seen wearing a fishnet glove on her right hand, and studded braclets on her left wrist, along with a studded collar. She has a violet rose with overly-sharp thorns tattooed on her right shoulder.

Personality: Alex is very quiet most of the time, not liking large crouds, despite her appearance she isn't goth or emo, despite what others would say. She just loves they way they dress, along with the color violet. Unbeknown to most at a first glance, she can actually, and is actually, kind and caring, Which she will deny the first opportunity she gets. She also likes girls more than guys apparently, as she reacts violently when some random guy would just walk up and ask her out, but when talking to girls she'll make slight innuendos and such, often making the girls blush and giggle, only to smile at her handy work. When in normal convorsation however, she can talk normally with guys, as long as they dont try to make a move. That happens and they can consider their future children history. Yeah, she gets extremely violent when boys flirt with her, otherwise she's nice to be around.


Tv/Movies: Catwoman, Spiderman
Video Games: The Incredibles
Manga/Comics: Naruto, Supergirl


Catwoman: Heigntened reflexes and balance/flexability

Spiderman: 'Spider sence" and web slinging

The Incredibles: Violet's forcefield and invisibility abilities

Naruto: (although she dosn't have it, it is like it) the sharingan's ability to copy other's actions down to the last detail (she cant predict movements, think of it as a level 2 sharingan)

Supergirl: heightened hearing abilities

So, will that do?

February 19th, 2008, 6:50 PM
OOC: Hmm....a little risky on the abilities...but as long as you dont use them TOO much I guess you'll be Accepted. Welcome to the RP I guess.

Joker Knight
February 19th, 2008, 7:36 PM
Alex was sleeping quietly in her bed, mumbilng as the morning rays landed on her face. as she turned over away from them, something tugged her right ear, painfully, might l add. This forced her eyes open as she yelped slightly, sitting up. ~I didn't fall asleep with my earrings in...~ she thought to herself, rubbing her throbbing earlobe. It was then that she realised that there wasn't a friendly warmth next to her, the warmth she was sure she had been snuggling against the night before...

Alex sat up, still holding her ear as she looked around the room slowly, being greeted by blank white walls that hurt her eyes. It looked like something you'd see in an asylum. Metal bedframe, with a thin, barely comfortable matress, with white sheets and covers. Cabinets and closet doors covered the wall ahead of her. All that was missing was the padding on the walls....

As she continued to look around, she noticed that she was wearing something on her hand, mainly because it snagged on the earring that had caused her so much pain just minutes ago. Wincing again, she looked down at her hand, noticing a black fishnet glove on her hand, held there by a velcro strap at her wrist. Thinking this odd she looked at the rest of herself...and was quite shocked to say the least.

The shirt looked like it had been expencive. Had being the key word, as it was now ripped and cut to make it more comfortable, especially for her developing bust size. The studded bracelets on her other wrist were a welcome addition to...wait...was that a collar on her neck? It was. It was a studded collar, with a small rose charm on it. "Fitting..." she muttered, having to remember to thank whoever had gotten it for her, probably her best and oldest friend Bell.

She swung the thin covers from her legs, being greeted by a pair of baggy black jeans, with silver buckles and more pockets than she could count, all lined with purple in one place or another. She was also wearing purple socks the same color as the details on her pants. As she swung her feet off the bed, she noticed a bit of color a few feet away, sitting next to the end of the bed, which had previously been out of sight from her angle. There was a pair of blakc-to violet tennis shoes, just like the ones she had been saving up for! Squeeling quietly with delight she jumped from the bed, slipping them on and lacing them up.

Now that she was fully awake and dressed, the full impact of what was happening hit her. She was wearing clothes she didn't own, in a room that wasnt hers, and that loving warmth next to her, the warmth that had kissed her cheek and helped her off into la-la-land, was missing. If she had been kidnapped, surely that ment something had happened to that warmth...wether she had been drugged or not she could not say, mainly because she was well rested, just like any other night. She began searching her many pockets for any trace of her cell phone, unfortunatly, not finding it. "Damn...." she muttered, starting to get worried.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew the windows open, rather large ones, that seemed to lead to a balcony. Holding her hands up to sheild her eyes from the whipping winds, she turned away, eyes still closed. Shortly after that, there was a girlish scream, followed by the sounds of footsteps. However near these footsteps were, she couldn't tell, as they sounded as if they were in that room with her. A coversation erupted, along with talk of farytail creatures such as vampires and werewolves...just what they were talking about Alex couldn't tell. She suddenly clamped her hands over her ears as someone, a girl, yelled as loud as they could.

"I'm Blake!"

To say she had a headache would be an understatement now, first the girl yelling at them all, then yelling at a boy, alex guessed, then rambling on about how she was 'so beautiful'....oh, when alex got her hands on that girl...well, maybe nothing too bad would happen, if she was half as pretty as she made out to be. Gathering up her courage, and trying to force the pain in her splitting head down, she walked out onto the balcony, witnessing the boy jumping.

Alex's mind stopped short, the pain vanishing as her mind went numb. She had just watched this boy jump, from what appeared to be the second story of this building they were in. And people said SHE had issues?

She rushed to the balcony, just to the left of the group, not even noticing the shadow being standing next to her, watching the boy fall with an evil smirk on his face, looking over the edge just in time to see him hit the ground with a loud "Crunch!"

Every bone snapping, every creak, every sound from that one boy hitting the ground seemed to be amplified, as though she was right underneith him when he landed. Now, being the tomboy she was, she had developed a strong stomach. But that sight did it. she hurled forcefully over the banister.

February 19th, 2008, 7:41 PM
As more and more people began to appear, the girl in front of him appeared to be getting increasingly aggravated that no one was paying anymore attention to her.

"I'm Blake!" she screamed, her voice cutting through the silence. Turning on her heel, she jabbed Kei in the chest with her index finger. "And as far as I'm concerned, you probably just kidnapped all of us! You, Mister Suspicious, were the one waltzing around outside my room with a sword, and cloaked, no less!" Her voice was obnoxious... definitely not what Kei felt like dealing with. "And in case you were unaware," she concluded. "My opinion's the only one that matters!" She finished.

Kei stood awe-struck at the girl's bold accusations and declaration of importance.

"...is she serious? She can't be serious. wow... what a ridiculous girl...maybe I really should have killed her earlier...." Kei thought to himself, eying her through skeptical eyes.

All Kei wanted was answers, and everyone seemed to just be flailing around spouting nonsense. A new boy entered... he definitely had a creepy feel about him. Blake jumped and clutched tightly onto Kei's arm in a powerful vice grip. The boy proceeded to adhere to the girl's ridiculous commands without a second thought. Kei watched the whole scene as the boy continued to show off and attempt to court Blake through cheesy lines and approaches. He left for a moment but returned only to show that he was ready to jump off the balcony for this girl's cell phone.

"Wow, cut the crap already. If i have to deal with anymore of this cheesy bull crap i'm gonna vomit." Kei said with an annoyed tone of voice. He looked up to the boy on the balcony. "If you're gonna jump, do it already... and put you out of my misery." Kei finished angrily.

"Any you." he said shifting his glance to Blake, "Get off of me..."

Kei pulled his arm out of the girl's grip and walked back towards the room he came from. As he was leaving, the boy leaned backwards off the edge of the balcony. He heard the boy's body hit the ground with a dull thud. Kei ignored the boy's drop and continued walking, calling back to the others.

"Hmpf good riddance, I'm going to see where the hell we are. If anyone else is coming, then come on." Kei called back to the group, painfully flustered with the disorganization

February 19th, 2008, 7:58 PM

Name: Juliet Bloodthorn
Nickname: Blood, Thorn, Julie, Etta.
Gender: Female
Status/Race: Vampire
Relationship: Single
Age: 15
Favourite rooms in '"The Mansion": The Libary, The Gameroom.
Favourite places on "The Island": The Caves and The Beaches.

Appearance: Juliette has long dark brown hair with a purple streak running down it from the back left, to the front right. She has cat like slits in her eyes which is similar to Michael but her eyes are very unique. Instead of one colour her eye colour seems to be made of different layers, it goes from a black ring to a blood red ring to a black ring etc. Her eyes are hard to look at without getting a migrain. Her face is clear and she has no spots. She has pearl white teeth and her skin is tanned. She is mixed race. Being a distant cousin of Michael she is also one quater human making her a different skin colour from the rest of the pale Vampires, which sometimes gets her ridiculed. Her fangs are like pearls and are very sharp like the claws of a cat. She dresses in a plain pink shirt and has a light blue bow in her hair. She also wears a white skirt and white trainers, which look silly with the rest of her clothes but she doesn't care.

Personality: Juliet is a very happy and random Vampire, which contrast to the normal dull and emotional Vampires. She generally likes to talk...alot, to the distaste of her few friends. Juliet is sometimes fun to be around as when people are upset she can lighten the mood. But also, sometimes, agaisnt her will...her nature kicks in. And she must feed. Juliet has been very violent in various times and has commited the act of actually biting another Vampire, which is not allowed. Juliet, when needing to feed, usually preys on evil people for example, Muggers and Murderers. She kills them and drinks their blood.


Tv/Movies: Other
Video Games: Other
Manga/Comics: Other
Other: My Original Character


Like alot of Vampires she has the power to shapeshift into a common bat. But she can also communicate telepathically with other beings, she sometimes uses this to torture people who bully her, by screaming in their mind and they cannot stop it.

Hope she is accepted because I have some ideas :D

February 19th, 2008, 8:12 PM
OOC: Literally, I have nothing better to do than post here. XD; So, I'll post again.

Kenji chuckled again. His bones seemed to be reforming and fixing themselves as he lay there. He rolled onto his back and waved up at the group, who had been joined by a new girl. He sat up and cracked his neck. More tickling.

"It seems I fell!" yelled Kenji to the group. He grabbed the phone and flipped it open. Not even a scratch or dent. He clicked through a few menus and chuckled as he found the text messages-- Hey, babes! I miss you! Where'd you go last night?

"Damn, so she is taken," thought Kenji. "Unfortunate." He flipped the phone shut and looked up at her. He waved it in the air for her to see, but noticed the little boy had left. There had been two boys, the girl, and the shadow before. Now there was two girls, a boy, and the shadow. "Chump," muttered Kenji.

"What's that in the sky?" he yelled to them as he pointed in the sky. They turned to look and he thought-- I'm invisible. Looking down, he found nothing. He quickly dashed away to find the front door and get the fair maiden her phone back.

The door was open when he reached it seconds later. He thought of the boy with the sword and the cloak and began to ponder his intentions. It was highly likely this boy was, in fact, the one that had brought them all here. Kenji walked up the spiral staircase and down the hall. His invisibility wore off as he continued to think of what was going on.

He finally reached the group and handed the girl her cellphone. He wasn't sure whether she was going to thank him or throw him off the balcony again, but he chose to ask her what her name was. "And...what might your name be?"

OOC: Eh, really short. D: I don't want to type too much and end up screwing with the story. :/

February 19th, 2008, 8:30 PM
OOC: Charchic, read the rules. ONLY ONE CHARACTER



Covering my ears as the girl yelled, I turned to her, blinking. I hadn't noticed her before, what with the events that took place occuring before me, such as my shadow moving around on its own, waving at us....and watching evilly as the boy..wait...did he just? My fekking gods he just did...he jumped! What the fek would drive someone to jump off of a two story balcony? I couldn't even watch as he hit the ground...instaid, turning my attention to the guy that was now quickly leaving. "H-hey! Wait up!" I called after him, my shadow seeming to sigh and follow after me as I walked after the mint-haired boy.

I breifly looked over the gothic looking girl who had just appeared, and was now spilling her guts over the edge of the balcony. I thought to myself "Whoa...she must have had a big breakfast..." As I followed the guy, I decided to speak up, not sure what would happen, while my shadow was seemingly watching something move down the hallway, although nothing appeared to be there.

"er...My name is Haru..Takami Haru...May I ask your name?" I said to him, catching up and walking in stride with him, not that hard when he was a good few inches shorter than myself. "and...Are you really the one that brought us here? I mean...if you did, i'm not complaining..this place is paradice...but still...why?"

Joker Knight
February 19th, 2008, 8:53 PM
Alex closed her eyes as vomit streamed down onto the ground below. She could hear him tell the others to look up, but was too buzy wiping her mouth with a tissue she found in one of her pockets to do so,tossing it over the banister after she was done. Eyes still closed, she wobbled for a second, leaning on the banister and slowly opening her eyes. ~wh..wha? he...he's gone? but...he was just there...was it a trick? no....I heard his bones snap....or was that all just special effects....no..yes? I don't know.....~

The sound of the boy's voice behind her snapped her from her mental ramblings, as she whipped around, eyeing the 'dead' boy with shock on her face, along with a small ammount of smudged violet lipstick. She then noticed the girl, Blake, adn saw that she was, actually, relatively good looking. Although nowhere as near as beautiful as she claimed herself to be, she did catch Alex's eye.

Her attention quickly snapped back to the boy who had jumped, asking for blake's name. ~well, sherlock. She only yelled it loud enough to let this whole freaking place know who she was...~ she thought to herself, rolling her eyes at the boy's either stupidity, or overall bluntness. Yeah, she was going to have a Wonderful time here.

Trainer Kat
February 19th, 2008, 9:32 PM
"Anything for a girl as beautiful as you."

These words sent a shiver of excitement down Blake's spine. This boy had the right idea. He left momentarily, only to return, spouting insane words.

"No...I don't think I'll get your phone," he said. "I think I'll end it all now. I'm not going to live like this. It's all a dream." He climbed onto the balcony and stood up. "Perhaps I'm an acrobat," he yelled. "Maybe it's time for something daring."

He did a back flip and landed, perfectly. He smiled at the girl. "You're quite the beauty. It's a shame I can't give you the back massage or the turkey sandwich you want." He laughed. With those parting words, he fell backwards, hitting the ground with a crash. Blake gagged, sinking to the floor, still clutching Kei's arm tightly. He looked at her with disgust.

"And you. Get off of me..." The boy with the mint-green hair said, yanking his arm out of the brunette's grasp. Under normal circumstances, Blake would have yelled at him, giving him an insane amount of lip for abandoning a gorgeous girl such as herself. He probably was gay. However, Blake merely trembled at the sight of the other flinging himself off the balcony. After a moment of sitting on the wood floor, knees held tightly to her chest, she gathered up the courage to peer over the balcony. The corpse was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, she found herself reunited with her phone.

"And...what might your name be?" The seemingly suicidal boy asked her. Blake gave him a sly grin.

"It's Blake," she purred. At that instant, her cell phone went off. Before she bothered to check caller ID, she would be able to confirm it was Peter. Like always, it was. Picking up the phone, she turned and began to follow Kei and the group.

“Peter!” she squealed, feigning an enthusiastic tone for her overly obsessed boyfriend. “How are you, ba~by?” The last word was drawn out in the middle as Blake acted like a normal, caring girlfriend. Those drama lessons freshman year had sure paid off.

“I’m fine,” came the response. “I miss you, snookums.”

Snookums? Blake grimaced. Blech. Turning her head to the side, she looked over her shoulder at the ebony-haired boy, slowly flexing her finger, bidding him to follow her.

Faux-giggling like a crazy schoolgirl whilst on the phone, she quickly caught up to the others, not waiting to see if Kenji had decided to follow her or not. No, at the moment, she was preoccupied with Peter.

February 19th, 2008, 10:04 PM
"Well, Sherlock. She only yelled it loud enough to let this whole freaking place know who she was..." The words echoed through Kenji's head. But her thoughts were lost in the back of his mind when the beautiful girl grinned. It radiated the scene. Kenji was stunned.

"It's Blake," she said. Kenji's heart flared with excitement. This was what a woman was supposed to be like. Her phone rang as they walked off in the rude boy's wake. "Peter!" she shouted, flipping the phone open. She began talking to someone, who Kenji assumed was her boyfriend.

Thoughts echoed into his head loudly and angered-- "Snookums? Blech." Kenji's face brightened as he stared at her. "Trouble in paradise? How I hope so." She turned and beckoned for him to follow.

He grinned and began walking. She ran forward, but never looked back. Either to focus on her boyfriend or to avoid Kenji. Kenji chose to first, seeing as the second would be rather unfortunate for himself. He continued on behind her, listening to her thoughts.

He grabbed the candelabra again as they walked on and began pricking each finger. Every prick healed instantly and after every finger had been tested, he moved on to deeper wounds. Blake giggled nearly every moment whilst speaking to this boyfriend called Peter. He sighed. This girl wouldn't notice him while Peter was in the way. "If only I could see what she sees in him," thought Kenji, while he trailed behind Blake. Her aura was brilliant. "She must have a charming ability," thought Kenji. "No woman is this perfect." He put the candelabra down on another table and sped up to walk next to Blake.

She talked on with her boyfriend, but her thoughts didn't match her words. Kenji wouldn't say anything about this. Mind reading certainly wasn't common, nor did they all need to know he could tap into their thoughts. While he so foolishly told Blake what she had been thinking earlier, he swore to never make the same mistake again.

He turned to the other girl, "What's your name, then? I noticed you didn't seem quite happy when the attention wasn't focused on you." He smiled. This would be quite a brilliant adventure.

Joker Knight
February 19th, 2008, 10:11 PM
Alex glared at the boy as he oogled Blake. ~Typical guy....~ she thought to herself, leaning back against the banister as she sighed, watching the 'sun' rise, although it was nothing more than the sky seeming to get brighter as the day went on.

And just how could this wonderful day get any better? He started talking to her! As in Alex. "What's your name, then? I noticed you didn't seem quite happy when the attention wasn't focused on you." said the jumper, although she didn't truely know if he did jump or not. ~I know your type...~ she thought to herself before she answered, mentally rolling her eyes ~just getting to know the girl till you can get into her pants....atleast I dont fake when l'm getting to know them...~ she continued on, before answering. "It's Alex"

~if he even THINKS l'll be as easy to get to as her, he's wrong, dead wrong...~

February 19th, 2008, 11:00 PM
Kei continued to walk through the mansion, not paying attention to who had followed, a voice cut through the silence from behind him. Kei didn't turn around to speak as he walked.

"er...My name is Haru..Takami Haru...May I ask your name?" The kid called while running up, and and walking in stride with him. The kid had clearly never heard of personal space. "and...Are you really the one that brought us here? I mean...if you did, i'm not complaining..this place is paradice...but still...why?"

"Listen, I didn't bring anyone here, i don't even know where we are. I just went to sleep last night and woke up in this crazy ass place. You all can get these ridiculous thoughts out of your heads right now..." Kei said to Haru as he walked. ".......and my name is Kei... Kei Harukana"

Kei thought deeply as he walked the halls, looking around at the marvelous interiors. He listened to the sounds of the people behind him. "Hm... so looks like the loud chick...that new girl... and.. oh wonderful.. the creepy suicidal moron survived...I guess the fact that he survived proves that theres something up with this island. That magic sword that disappeared when i lost concentration... and the cards in this pouch that randomly just went off. Maybe it was linked to this dog tag around my neck, everything that happened seemed to appear when i said the name out loud... None of this adds up at all, it seems the others have some sort of mysterious abilities as well...Maybe I should attempt to summon it again... or use a different card...no that would be too weird. And that chick already thinks I kidnapped her... god forbid...bleh... i might as well see if the others have strange abilities..." Kei concluded his thoughts and turned around to the group upon entering the center room of the mansion.

"So uhh... my name is Kei Harukana... I don't know about you all but i just woke up here... with these strange powers. Since it looks like we're all in the same boat... why don't we share what we can do... I think if we're all here, and given these abilities... then they were most likely given to use for a reason. I for one don't want to be caught off guard if something dangerous DOES dwell here. How about we introduce ourselves to the group and show what we've learned about our new selves since we came here?" Kei said to the whole group, as he looked over increasingly skeptical looking faces.

"bleh...maybe I just have to go first... some of them may not even HAVE powers like I do...God let this work..." Kei thought to himself in disappointment as he looked over the group.

"Well... here goes nothing..." Kei closed his eyes and recited the words that summoned the blade before.


The dog tags lifted off of his chest and floated in front of him momentarily before turning into a ball of white light and floating in front of him. Kei reached out and grabbed the ball from the air. It instantly formed into the sword from before in his hand as the black cloak appeared and wrapped itself around Kei's shouldersl Kei lowered the blade to his side and sheathed it, then pulled the 5 cards from the pouch at his hips.

"Somehow i've gained control over this blade.... and the magic contained inside of these 5 cards. I can't say their names out loud.. for thats how i accidentally blew out some of the windows on the bedroom balconies...Now... if anyone wants to say these powers are for something else besides saving our lives from an unknown danger than i'm all ears...If not... i'd like to at least see what the you all can do if i'm not the only one...." Kei said, with his voice finally turning to its gentle and soothing voice

"Phew... the sword... it came back...at least i didn't look like an idiot in front of the girls...." Kei thought to himself, breathing a sigh of relief as he looked directly at Blake but turned his head quickly when their eyes met for a moment. Kei nervously clicked the sword in and out of its sheath, waiting for someone to step up and say something

Joker Knight
February 20th, 2008, 3:26 AM
Alex turned away from that flirt and stopped as the apparent 'leader' of this rag-tag group of people stopped asnd spoke. "So uhh... my name is Kei Harukana... I don't know about you all but i just woke up here... with these strange powers. Since it looks like we're all in the same boat..." ~No du-Wait..strange powers? What's he getting at?~ She continued to consider what he could mean, but was soon cut from her train of thought by the boy's speach starting up again.


She watched in surprise as an actual sword, sheath and all, appeared in his hand, and that strange cloak appeared around him. So THIS is what Blake had ment when she said he was sneaking around with a sword...

~uh oh, problem....no powers....oh crap.er...fireball! erm...super strong?~ she tapped her toes as hard as she could in her shoe, nothing. ~well just great....I'm going to look like an idiot because l'm the only one here without powers! Even in some backwards-fairytail land, I'm STILL an outcast!~ Little did she know that during her mental conversation with herself, what appeared to be a thin violet mist appeared about four or so inches infront of her, as her mind reached the highest point in it's convorsation, the mist solidified into a glowing violet energy sheild around her, pushing outwards and actually breaking one of the small tables on the wall, while pushing everyone else away from her a good five feet before dispersing.

It took her a few seconds to realise what she had done, and when she did, she blushed slightly, mentally scorning herself, why she didn't know, considering she didn't even know how she had done that in the first place, but it didn't stop her mind from yelling at itself. ~guess it's time to speak up....~ she thought finnally, sighing aloud.

"My name is alex...Alexis Tunai, but just call me alex, alright?" She sighed, looking away from everyone, finding the only wall without people to be the one with the crushed table/shelf, a candelabra now lying on the floor, apparently knocked from it's resting place when her 'powers' went off. "Apparently, I've got some sort of force field abilities...and I can hear things alot better than usuall...if that counts.." She sighed, turning to look back at the faces of those around her, hoping they didn't find her 'abilities' completely stupid.

February 20th, 2008, 4:58 AM
Trevor yawned, walking downstairs towards the kitchen -- he had just woken up, he was hungry, and he was not very pleasant when he was hungry. Mind you, Trevor's very unpleasant was several times happier than most's. After searching the fridge and finding no solid food that was actually of interest, he subsequently grabbed an energy drink and walked away, wrenching at the cap unsuccessfully.

"Why am I so wimpy?" Trevor asked himself, still trying to open the beverage as he walked around the mansion. "I really need to start focusing on developing my upper body strength rather then my lower body strength." He stopped by his room, grabbed a soccer ball, then went back downstairs and towards the front door, juggling the soccerball on his knees as he walked.

"It's hot out here," Trevor said, wiping off a wave of sweat after jogging around the mansion once. "And I'm awfully fast today. Normally I can only jog that distance in three minutes. Today I did it in no more than thirty seconds." The young man brushed his hair out of his eyes and started juggling his soccerball again, contemplating what could've kicked him in the butt that would cause such a speed increase other than that energy drink he had for breakfast.

Trainer Kat
February 20th, 2008, 8:33 AM
Before long, the group reached what appeared to be the central room on the mansion. Blake had not shut up the whole way, talking to Peter whilst attempting to hide her unenthusiastic tone. Kei, whom had seemingly taken up the role of leader, turned on his heel to face the others, beginning to talk. Blake rolled her eyes.

"Peter, I'm gonna have to call you back," she said, snapping the phone shut without waiting for a response.

"So uhh... my name is Kei Harukana... I don't know about you all but i just woke up here... with these strange powers. Since it looks like we're all in the same boat... why don't we share what we can do... I think if we're all here, and given these abilities... then they were most likely given to use for a reason. I for one don't want to be caught off guard if something dangerous DOES dwell here. How about we introduce ourselves to the group and show what we've learned about our new selves since we came here?"

"Uh, boy?" Blake demanded impatiently. "What the hell are you talking about? Powers? I thought we'd already concluded that stuff like that only happens in...like...that anime crap." She crossed her arms and stared him down. Blake received no response as Kei proceeded to summon his sword out of thin air. Blake simply blinked, dumbfounded. They had to be dreaming. Crap like this didn't happen in the real world. As she tried to make sense of it all, the boy had begun to speak once more. She caught the final sentence.

"I'd like to at least see what you all can do if i'm not the only one...." At that, he made eye contact with Blake before turning his head nervously away. The brunette rolled her eyes.

Oh great, she thought. Another love struck puppy. She giggled silently. Well, this makes two! As it should be. After all, who wants that gothic broad? As she became lost in thought once more, a purple aura began to form around the other female, gradually growing larger before exploding into a barrier, which crushed a shelf tacked to the wall, as well as throwing Blake and the others a good five feet away. When the shield dispersed, the girl spoke.

"My name is Alex...Alexis Tunai, but just call me Alex, alright? Apparently, I've got some sort of force field abilities...and I can hear things alot better than usual...if that counts.." Then she was silent. Blake sat up, having been thrown to the ground. She simply stared at the other girl with disbelief. She violently pulled her body into a standing position, swiftly walking towards the girl whom had just assaulted her.

"WHAT. THE. HELL?" She shouted, still quickly approaching Alex. "What was that?! How dare you?!" She was seized by something and, without realizing what she was doing, reached under her skirt, emerging with a gun, which she immediately pressed to Alex's forehead.

Woah... she thought, hiding her disbelief with anger. Where did that gun come from? I could swear that wasn't there earlier. She had found the gun strapped to her outer thigh, but how it got there, and how she knew it was there, she hadn't a clue.

"I oughtta pull this trigger and kill you where you stand," Blake growled, still keeping the gun against the violet-haired girl's forehead. Something else took hold of her, driven by her desires. Her hand found its way up to her own head. She grinned maniacally as she pointed the gun at her own head.

"Or maybe I should shoot myself!" With that, she pulled the trigger. By the shock written all over her face, it appeared to be an accident. Her eyes widened as they went blank, very much appearing to be the eyes of a dead person. Had she slumped to the floor, the others no doubt would have thought her dead. Instead, a cloud of smoke forced its way out of her skull, opposite the gun. It slowly took the form of a blonde woman, dressed as a demon. Blake's eyes stayed blank, as if she had lost consciousness. The woman clenched her fist. When she opened it, a ball of fire materialized in her palm. Once more, she closed her hand before retreating into Blake's skull. The girl slumped to the floor, breathing heavily.

"I don't...I...what just happened?" She shook her head. "I'm really tired all of a sudden..."

February 20th, 2008, 9:18 AM
The reaction Kei received was exactly what he was expecting. Blake was the first to pipe up, trying to tell him how wrong he was. He looked at her again, rolling his eyes at how loud she was. Soon after, the girl began to seemingly panic about not having powers, causing a purple sphere to appear in front of her, pushing the group away. Kei was actually very pleased to see another with powers had already stepped forward.

"My name is alex...Alexis Tunai, but just call me alex, alright?" she said quietly as she walked to the wall and sat down.

"Hm... interesting display... anyone el---" Kei started to say, but was cut off by Blake's irrational anger once again. he let out a heavy sigh...

"WHAT. THE. HELL?" She shouted, still quickly approaching Alex. "What was that?! How dare you?!" She reached at her side, gun pulling out a gun and pointing it to Alex's face.

"WHOA WHOA!" Kei yelled, attempting some amount of control. "I know she took your attention but jesus, thats no reason to shoot her!"

Blake proceeded to point the gun at her own head then fire. Kei rushed to her to stop as she pulled the trigger. Her body seemed to fall in slow motion as Kei's eyes widened with fear at seeing the girl shoot herself. but soon after, smoke began to pour out of her skull, taking the form of a blond woman. It displayed a small bit of power then retreated to its home, which was apparently Blake's skull. The girl's eyes cleared as she looked around and sat up.

"I don't...I...what just happened?" She shook her head. "I'm really tired all of a sudden..."

"You scared the hell out of me... But it looks like you discovered your power... some woman controlling fire came out after you did that." Kei explained. "Here, you look weak... come on upsy daisy." Kei slung her arm around his shoulder then wrapped his around her waist, and helped stand her up, letting her lean against him for support.

"Welp..." Kei said uneasily after seeing such an extreme way to release their powers, now knowing that ANYTHING was possible from everyone here. "Who wants to go next?" he finished, brightening his tone of voice at the remaining people.

Joker Knight
February 20th, 2008, 2:16 PM
Alex was startled to see the furious look on the other girl's face as she walked twords her, all the while screaming "WHAT. THE. HELL?" and proceeding to press a gun to alex's forhead, just. She blinked, trying to get a forcefield up and hoping it could stop a speeding bullet at point blank range, or atleast absorb most of the impact, hopefully reducing the fatal shot to a mere bruise or even a fractured skull. Either was better than the third option Blake was suggesting.

To her even greater suprise, Blake moved the gun to her own head, and pulled the trigger, shocking the gothic looking girl numb. "did...did she just..." she managed to get out, before taking a step back, looking horrified down at the seemingly dead girl before her. It was then she noticed the smoke rising from the girl's head, and forming into the shape of a girl as Alex stared, dumbfounded, before the blond melted back into smoke and returned to summoner's skull. Just then, Blake proceeded to get up, helped by Kei, who explained what had happened to her.

The shock wore off as Alex heard the tone Kei used to speak to the possibly homicidal girl, and anger started bubbling up in the pit of her stomach as she could see, strangely from the angle she was at, the smirk forming on her face as he did this. She didn't get angry very often, but this seemed to do it. ~That...that freaking....that freaking SLUT!~ she yelled in her mind, hey left eye starting to twitch. Honestly, this chick had some nerve, putting every boy in this place into the palm of her hand, AND having a boyfriend back wherever she came from? She wanted to puke again.

Remembering just why she puked, she looked around to see the black-haired kid's reaction to the girl he had been flirting with, flirting with someone else.

February 20th, 2008, 3:09 PM
OOC: ok, this is official. Since we have reached the end of the second page, All other signups are officially CLOSED now, back to the RP!


I watched as Kei showed his powers, blinking at the sword he summoned, along with the dark cloak now hiding his features. "sweet..." I muttered to myself, my shadow nodding in agreement, eying the sword with envy. I quietly chuckled inwardly at the image of my shadow turning slightly greenish with envy. Hopefully this being wouldn't cause me any greif...so far it had seemed innocent, but I'd learned never to judge a book by it's cover.

after Kei showed his abilities, A new girl I hadn't seen before send us all flying a few good feet, well, all but shadow. My shadow had simply flattened itself back to the ground, whlie I, along with everyone but the girl, flew back. When I hit the ground I'm not sure what happened, I seemed to watch the world get bigger, and I bounced. Bounced. As in, something small people do, not freakishly tall people.

My world was suddenly dark, As I found myself under something. Blinking in the dim light, I noticed that I could actually see very well. "what is this? Alice in Wonderland? How did I get under a couch?" I thought to myself as I noticed the legs, spaced too far apart to be a chair. I heard screaming from under the couch, followed by the shot of a gun, blinking, I ran out, not noticing I was on all fours as I bounded back out into the room, to find Kei helping that girl, Blake back up. Looking around he offered if anyone would go next, I spoke up, or rather, I would have, had it not been for the loud yowl that escaped my lips.

I blinked, trying to talk again and getting the same result, a loud yowl. "crap! what happened?" I thought as I looked at myself, not seeing my regular body, but that of a cat. A black cat with an orange "V" on my chest, and an orange tip to my tail. Beginning to freak out, I looked around at the others, wondering if they'd recognise me.

February 20th, 2008, 4:41 PM
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"If he even THINKS I'll be as easy to get to as her, he's wrong, dead wrong..."

Kenji held his fist in his mouth to keep from laughing. He wasn't interested in Alex. Although he could admit she was quite attractive. But, Keni had other plans. His mind had wrapped around Kei's thoughts now--

"Hm... so looks like the loud chick...that new girl... and.. oh wonderful.. the creepy suicidal moron survived..." Kenji ignored the comment, but continued listening to the thoughts. "I guess the fact that he survived proves that theres something up with this island."

"Damn, he knows I have powers. Or maybe he's only suspicious of the island," thought Kenji. "This guy was going to be a problem."

"That magic sword that disappeared when I lost concentration... Maybe it was linked to this dog tag around my neck, everything that happened seemed to appear when i said the name out loud... None of this adds up at all, it seems the others have some sort of mysterious abilities as well...Maybe I should attempt to summon it again... or use a different card...no that would be too weird. And that chick already thinks I kidnapped her... god forbid...bleh..."

Kenji smirked. "Pathetic. I already can control the abilities I know I have. I might have more, but we'll test that out later. For now, all I have is acrobatic abilities. Fake ones, of course. But, I can't reveal my real powers."

"So uhh... my name is Kei Harukana... I don't know about you all but i just woke up here... with these strange powers. Since it looks like we're all in the same boat... why don't we share what we can do... I think if we're all here, and given these abilities... then they were most likely given to use for a reason. I for one don't want to be caught off guard if something dangerous DOES dwell here. How about we introduce ourselves to the group and show what we've learned about our new selves since we came here?"

The others introduced themselves. Alex seemed to have telekinetic abilities. "Those are fairly useful powers," thought Kenji. His thought process went ridged as Blake's thoughts flew into his mind.

"Oh great, she thought. Another love struck puppy. Well, this makes two! As it should be. After all, who wants that gothic broad?" Kenji felt sick. This Blake was beautiful, but she was only going to use these boys until they ran dry. He wouldn't fall for that crap anymore. Not that he really cared to begin with. She was another pawn.

Kenji could feel her eyes on him. Alex was staring at him. He turned to her and gave a sincere grin. "Real beauty. None of this fake crap Blake's pulling." But when this happaned, Blake ran at Alex and pulled a gun from nowhere. Kenji stared, blankly.

"What was that?! How dare you?!" yelled Blake. Kenji was sure it was for Blake's sudden thrust to the ground from the energy field. "Where did that gun come from? I could swear that wasn't there earlier." Kenji suddenly became interested in the scene.

Blake had gone off her rocker. Unless this weapon was her ability. Kenji was readying himself to take the bullet for Alex. He couldn't die. She could. But, his preparation was fruitless for Blake aimed at herself and shot.

The scene that followed was rather odd. Kenji was interested, but didn't feel it was extremely troublesome. He had fallen two stories, ripped through his hand and gone invisible. This was nothing different. Kei rushed and helped Blake back to her feet. "Pathetic. Simply pathetic. He's already opened his heart to her."

"That...that freaking....that freaking SLUT!" screamed Alex in her mind. Kenji stared at her. She returned his gaze. He smiled at her. She really was...quite beautiful. He turned from her and noticed a black cat sitting where the other boy had previously been standing.

"I believe this boy can become a cat. And obviously, that shadow creature as evidenced earlier," said Kenji, sounding bored and uninterested. "I, on the other hand, only have the ability to perform great feats of acrobatics. Yes yes...lame. Don't hate me for it."

He chuckled, then looked back at Alex. He smiled and winked at her. Kenji had chosen.

Trainer Kat
February 20th, 2008, 5:21 PM
"You scared the hell out of me... But it looks like you discovered your power... some woman controlling fire came out after you did that." Kei explained. "Here, you look weak... come on upsy daisy." Kei slung her arm around his shoulder then wrapped his around her waist, and helped stand her up, letting her lean against him for support.

"Don't touch me," Blake growled, swatting his arm away. The instant she forced him to release her, her knees became weak, and she fell to the floor with a thud. Looking up at him, she allowed him to hold her once more, her arm slung around his shoulders.

"Well..." she sighed. "Maybe for just a little bit." She paused, looking down at the hand that was clamped around her waist, shooting him a death glare. "But don't get any ideas." Worn out from her unexpected burst of energy, the brunette leaned her head against Kei's shoulder, still breathing somewhat heavily. She was so worn out, she barely noticed that one of the group was missing, and a cat had mysteriously appeared.

"I believe this boy can become a cat. And obviously, that shadow creature as evidenced earlier," said Kenji, sounding bored and uninterested. "I, on the other hand, only have the ability to perform great feats of acrobatics. Yes yes...lame. Don't hate me for it."

Blake rolled her eyes at the comment from Kenji, which came off as somewhat egotistical. She stayed annoyed with him, that is, until she noticed the wink he offered to the violet-haired girl. Her position was threatened...this simply wouldn't do. Breaking free from Kei's grasp, she crossed the room to get to Kenji. Palm flat against his chest, she pushed him towards the closest wall, pinning him against it.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name," she purred, lightly stroking the underside of his chin with her index finger. "Earlier you mentioned something about giving me a back massage? I think I'm gonna cash in on that." Blake giggled and winked, putting on her most charming act for the ebony-haired boy.

It's funny, she thought. I had just been thinking of a back massage and a turkey sandwich, and then this joker comes along and mentions both to me in the same sentence. I wonder how he knew...

It would certainly be a challenge to keep both boys interested at once, Blake knew that. But the competitive brunette was never one to turn down a challenge.

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Joker Knight
February 20th, 2008, 5:50 PM
Alex groaned as the boy winked at her, sighing and looking away. She completely ignored the boy-turned-cat and looked away, hearing rapid footsteps however, along with a slight tingling in the back of her neck. Without realising it she whipped around, an almost invisible field of the violet energy infront of her face defensively. The sight that greeted her however was of Blake pinning the so-called acrobat, she could spot a lie a mile away, to the nearest wall.

Her heigtened sences of hearing picked up what she said. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name," she heard Blake say, along with the added motion of her stroking his chin, followed by her saying "Earlier you mentioned something about giving me a back massage? I think I'm gonna cash in on that." ~She's shameless, isnt she?~ Alex thought to herself, hey eye twitching. ~alright....time to have a word with mister "acrobat" then....~ she decided, walking over to blake and pulling her off slightly.

"That will have to wait I'm afraid, I need to have a word with our little acrobatic friend here..." she muttered, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him off, her ears pricked to hear the sound of her drawing the gun and react with a forcefield around her and this boy. She seemed to be getting the hang of this power...she hoped as she pulled him around a corner, opening a door and pulling him inside, it seeming to lead to a large kitchen.

"Alright, talk. I know you aren't really just an acrobat. Tell, now, before I make a force field inside your head and crush that tiny little speck of dust you call a brain." she threatened, a purple mist coating her hands for added effect.

February 20th, 2008, 6:08 PM
As Blake shoved Kei away from her and ran towards Kenji, he prepared for either a kiss or a punch to his face. Neither could hurt him, but the prospect was rather unnerving. But when she reached him, she clasped her palm onto his chest and said, gently and seductively, "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

"Kenji" he said. She rubbed his chin. It sent shivers down his spine. Either from disgust or that he simply liked it. "Earlier you mentioned something about giving me a back massage? I think I'm gonna cash in on that." She winked at him. He smiled at her. "Pathetic. This foolishness can't actually trick men."

He looked to Alex and rolled his eyes. As Blake held onto him, her thoughts screeched like a crashing train into his mind-- "It's funny. I had just been thinking of a back massage and a turkey sandwich, and then this joker comes along and mentions both to me in the same sentence. I wonder how he knew..."

Nervously, Kenji glanced down at Blake. "This is not good. I've got to end her suspicion."

"Yes. I'll take you up on it. Anything for a woman as beautiful as yourself." he said, smiling at her. He shot a quick glance at Alex. He flashed a smile at her, then looked at Blake and mouthed vomiting to Alex. He smiled again. But, she brushed him off.

"Ready to cash it in?" he said, suavely. But, they was interrupted by Alex, ""That will have to wait I'm afraid, I need to have a word with our little acrobatic friend here..." Kenji looked shocked, but didn't mind.

Shoving him and herself into an apparent kitchen, she asked, "Alright, talk. I know you aren't really just an acrobat. Tell, now, before I make a force field inside your head and crush that tiny little speck of dust you call a brain."

He smiled. "Do it. I won't die. Funny thing is...I could kill you before you could even think up your little field." He disappeared. A knife disappeared off the rack along with him and he moved close behind her. He grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth. Upon his touch, she also turned invisible and was thus able to see him again. "Surprise!" he whispered. He gently slid the invisible knife against her throat.

"I won't hurt you. Nor will you. Well, actually...you can't technically hurt me at all," he said, chuckling. "Now. We can work together. Or you can die here and no one will know where you went. I prefer the second option, seeing as you're an asset to everyone outside and others. Please don't make a foolish mistake."

February 20th, 2008, 6:14 PM
Blake resisted the help at first but allowed Kei to help her up but proceeded to move with jealousy towards the creepy guy and the other girl, asking to cash on a back massage.

"...what a self centered *****.... if she's gonna think of guys as cashing in, I wont even bother with the common courtesy, she'll figure it out on her own hopefully. Ugh what a nuisance." Kei thought as he watched Blake walk to flirt with Kenji.

Kei's glance shifted to the boy who had momentarily disappeared, which Kenji had pointed out... was now a cat. Kei leaned down looking at the little cat at eye level, curiously.

"Hm...that you, Haru?" He questioned, only receiving a meow in return. Kei laughed slightly at the poor kid who had accidentally morphed. "I don't really know what to tell ya, buddy... try thinking of being human? or... something..." Kei said unsure to the little cat.

He stood back up, looking to the front door of the mansion. He turned back to see Kenji get dragged away from Blake by the new girl, but he couldn't bother to be concerned with those two. His mind pricked with an idea, and an easy excuse to find some solitude among these people, and maybe find out more about these powers.

"I'm gonna go take a look outside and test out these skills some more...Since it appears we're stuck here, i'm sure i'll be seeing you all around."


Upon making it outside, Kei walked out of the garden, and down to the sandy beach where the water lapped at the shore. Kei reached down to the pouch at his side and pulled the 5 cards from inside it. He inspected each closely and choose the same card as before.

"Hm... this was the one I chose before... But now... it feels like this sword is actually guiding my body... telling me how to use it..." Kei tossed the card into the air and quickly drew his sword, pressing the broad side against the card.

"Okay! now! WINDY! RELEASE!" Kei yelled, pressing the blade into the card.

Instantly upon hearing its name, the winds began to swarm and blast from the card, parting the waters until it finally calmed down and the card returned to Kei's hand.

"So thats how it works...using the sword to release the power actually amplifies the power of the spell..." Kei said to himself, eying the card. "So judging by the other ones.... Fire...Dash...Power.. and Mist...the names pretty much explain them. I'll need to see about how i can distribute these powers... a fire sword would be pretty cool...." Kei said to himself aloud. "well... might as well give Firey a chance... see how powerful it really is..."

Kei fished in the pocket, exchanging Windy for Firey. He held up the card and took a small gulp, anxious to release the powers for the first time.

"Here goes nothing...FIREY! RELEASE!" Kei yelled as he tossed the card into air, following the same ritual as with Windy. Instantly a column of fire erupted from the card, sending a large stream sailing into the ocean. The power of the card dissipated and the card slid back into his hand. Kei stood in awe as he watched the ocean hiss with steam from the heat of the flames.

"So those are obviously my two strongest cards....." Fen was cut off by sudden exhaustion sweeping over him. The cloak and sword quickly vanished from his body in a burst of light as he dropped to one knee in the sand. He quickly let himself fall to the sand on his back, resting and staring at the star and moon filled afternoon.

"What a strange place... I wonder why we're even here...."

Joker Knight
February 20th, 2008, 6:31 PM
Alex lsitened to his responce, slightly shocked at his reply. "Do it. I won't die. Funny thing is...I could kill you before you could even think up your little field." she blinked as he dissapeared, a tingling at the back of her neck seeming to alert her to danger, but not fast enough. He grabbed her from behind and pressed a knife to her throat, luckily, the thin layer of energy around her focusing on her neck as to protect her from its sharp edge.

His next words shocked her again, although only slightly more. "I won't hurt you. Nor will you. Well, actually...you can't technically hurt me at all," he chuckled darkly adn continued "Now. We can work together. Or you can die here and no one will know where you went. I prefer the second option, seeing as you're an asset to everyone outside and others. Please don't make a foolish mistake."

She contemplated his words breifly, before something came to her mind, a snippet of convorsation from his talk with Blake. "How did you know what that slu - what Blake wanted?" she asked wryly, turning her head slightly and keeping the barrier against the sharp instrument. She looked into his eyes, narrowing her own charcoal one. "I want to know exactly who i'd be working with."

Trainer Kat
February 20th, 2008, 6:51 PM
"I'm gonna go take a look outside and test out these skills some more...Since it appears we're stuck here, i'm sure i'll be seeing you all around."

Blake stood there in disbelief. Had she just...gotten...ditched? Her left eye twitched. Her hand automatically reached for her gun, but she thought better of it, since the only one left was Haru, who seemed to have turned into a cat, and who knew how tired she would be after a second go.

Oh well, she thought. I can always get ahold of Peter! Quickly, she punched in his number, texting him to ask if he was available to talk. Within seconds, she got a reply.

"No, babe, I'm sorry," it read. "I mean, I would, but my mum's sick, and I have to take care of her. I love you. I'll call you later." Furious, Blake snapped the phone shut. She was even ditched by Peter! Her overly-obsessed, clingy boyfriend was ditching her! She cursed under her breath.

"Idiot," she growled. "I'm supposed to be your first priority!" Blake turned her attention back towards the cat, crossing the room to lay down before him. For once, she wasn't even worried that her orange strapless dress would wrinkle. Gently, she reached out to him, scratching behind his ears. With her stomach pressed against the floor, she was at eye-level with the feline.

"Well," she sighed. "I guess it's just you and me, little buddy." Blake liked cats. A lot. When Haru turned back into a human, she would probably return to detesting him, as she did everyone else. But for now, she thought he was cute as a button. She stood, scooping the cat into her arms, turning on her heel and walking through the kitchen. Blake made her way to the refrigerator, opening the door and squatting in front of it. The cool air slammed her in the face. The sensation was wonderful. A grin painted its way across her face as she pulled out a plate of cold turkey, tucking Haru under her arm. The brunette set both the plate and the cat down on the counter and looked out the window.

I'll get him away from her yet, she thought as she unwrapped the turkey and tore off a small piece, pressing it to her lips and depositing it in her mouth. It had been a long time since she had eaten, and she was hungry. Looking down at the cat, she fed him a piece, smiling brightly at him.

"You're cute," Blake said with a grin. As she stared out the window, she noticed a burst of wind, followed by an eruption of fire. Thinking back, she remembered Kei saying something about magical Pokémon cards. Or something. She sighed with disbelief. So, Kei had stood her up to play card games.

"Boys and their trading cards..." she huffed, feeding Haru another piece of turkey.

February 20th, 2008, 8:18 PM
I was watching from my less-than-a-foot-high point of view as the scene unfurled before me. Suddenly, Kei's face was at my level, and he spoke to me, every word still understandable, but as I tried to reply "Yes" to his question, a loud mew was all that came out. Hopefully I'd get used to this body....if not, I'd probably be a sitting duck....

Kei got up and left, leaving me sitting on the floor all by my lonesome, minus Blake. Who was currently cussing out her cell phone. After finishing with whoever was supposedly on the other end, she came over and layed infront of him, scratching behind her ear and earning a loud, involontary thrumming purr from his throat.

"Well," she sighed, still scratching behind his ear. "I guess it's just you and me, little buddy." She then proceded to get up, picking me up as well and holding my lithe feline body to her feminine one. Had I been human I probably would have passed out from a rapidly decreasing supply of blood by means of a nose bleed, but thankfully, no matter how embarrased I felt, this feline body seemed to be immune to such human problems.

Blake carried me to the kitchen, walking through to a large fridge at the other end, opening it and pulling out a container of cold turkey. Seeing as none of us in the mansion had probably eaten yet, I was hungry also. I blinked up at her with my feline-ly charmed eyes, earning a piece of turkey as a reply. Were I human i'd be grinning ear to ear to being fed by such a beautiful girl. However, in my current form, all I could do was purr loudly and rub my side against her arm, as I had seen my cat do when giving affection.

"who knows...maybe it wont be so bad in this place" I thought to myself, not noticing the pitch black cat with glowing yellow eyes hidden behind a large pitcher, a thin, black, thread-like shadow connecting our forms as he seemed to watch one corner of the room.

February 20th, 2008, 9:30 PM
Kenji grinned. "Meet me here at midnight tonight. That one," he whispered in Alex's ear. "will hear us if we continue now." He let go of Alex and she reappeared instantly. The knife was replaced several seconds afterwards. He swung the door open and let it slam behind him.

Kenji was rather disappointed that Blake had interrupted. He sighed and continued walking. Still invisible, he looked out the window to see Kei practicing something with cards. Flames erupted through the air. "Such useless powers."

Kenji walked on. He passed hallways and doors leading to who-knows-what. He didn't care really. He sighed as the cool breeze flowed through his lungs like chilling water. The windows were open and Kenji still heard Kei playing his kiddy games.

"I've got more important things to do than this childish crap that they're up to," thought Kenji. "If only I could look like Kei and get in good with the others." As he thought this, he imagined Kei's face in his mind. A sudden lurch in his stomach told him something was different. He looked at his hands and found ones unlike his own. His clothes had also changed.

Kenji rushed to his room and made to open the door. It was still locked from earlier, but when Kenji placed his hand upon the knob, it clicked and unlocked. Running inside, he ran to the mirror and gazed upon a face that wasn't his.

"Kei." said Kenji. But this wasn't his voice either. He was really Kei. He sat on his bed, closed his eyes, and thought-- "I'm Blake." Opening them, he was shocked to find Blake staring back at him in the mirror.

"What favor have the gods had on me?" said Kenji in Blake's voice. He thought again and became Kei once more. "Time for some fun."

Trainer Kat
February 20th, 2008, 9:59 PM
Blake's grin widened as the feline Haru rubbed against her lower arm. She responded by rubbing under his chin, much in the same fashion she had rubbed Kenji's. She took the cat in her arms once more. She, too, failed to notice the imitation feline that had manifested itself in the corner. Re-wrapping the turkey, she shoved it back in the fridge, cradling the small animal in her arms.

"Well, little guy, you wanna go see that guy play cards?" She didn't let the cat respond. She simply left the mansion and started towards the beach. It was even bigger outside than inside. The scenery seemed to stretch on forever. The brunette could barely wrap her mind around it. When they finally reached the sandy shore, Blake spotted the boy sprawled out on the beach. Reaching under her skirt, she removed the gun she had pulled on Alex earlier. Pointing it down at Kei, she mimicked a gunshot, recoil and all.

"Bang," was the only word that escaped her lips, followed by a small giggle, after which she was silent, preparing to switch tones.

"Well," she began sarcastically, transferring Haru to her left arm, placing her right hand on her hip and shifting her weight to her right leg. "All worn out from playing with your trading cards?" She grinned, placing the cat down on the beach and sitting on her knees, as the short dress she currently had on was much too indecent to sit any other way.

"Good," Blake said, an even wider grin painting its way across her face. She leaned forward, pressing her elbows into Kei's chest and resting her chin in her hands. "Now, since Kenji failed to deliver...I think this pretty girl is far overdue for a backrub, wouldn't you say?"

Sucker, she thought through her grin. There's no way he can resist this one.

February 20th, 2008, 10:27 PM
Kei rested comfortably in the warm sand with his eyes shut. He could already feel his strength returning to his body. The moment was absolutely blissful until a voice cut his attention.


Kei opened his eyes to see a familiar pistol pointed at his forehead. He looked unsurprised as the pistol's owner. It was Blake, holding poor Haru who was still in cat form.

"Oh, its you. Hey Haru, still stuck as a cat I see... don't worry, we'll find a way to turn you back..." Kei said happily to the small cat formed Haru as Blake positioned herself in the sand next to him. Kei began to sit up but was pinned to the sand by the girl's bony elbows.

"Good," Blake said, an even wider grin painting its way across her face. She leaned forward, pressing her elbows into Kei's chest and resting her chin in her hands. "Now, since Kenji failed to deliver...I think this pretty girl is far overdue for a backrub, wouldn't you say?"

Kei cocked an eyebrow at her after she finished asking, then a small grin spread across his face. He looked at her through love struck eyes and reached up, running his hand through her hair and stroking her face a bit.

"Ya... i'd say this pretty girl is way overdue for a back rub..." he said in a calm soothing and hypnotic voice

He reached down with his other hand, slipping a card from his pocket. He thought in his head. "Dash... Release!" In an instant he vanished from underneath her elbows, letting her drop into the sand and appeared in front of her standing up, holding the card between his index and middle fingers with the grin and look gone from his face.

"way overdue indeed, you'd probably better go find him." Kei said, sternly. "I'm busy 'playing with my trading cards'..." Kei said sarcastically. "I'm not gonna get used by some manipulative girl who thinks she can control any guy she wants. I've seen your type." He said, walking back towards the house.

"I challenge you to try and prove me wrong though..." He said in a suggestive tone as he waved back to her, returning to the mansion. "Come on... lets see what else this mansion has inside"

February 20th, 2008, 11:14 PM
Kenji saw his opportunity and took it. He had been watching Kei and Blake talk and waited for this exact thing to happen. Kei had made it to the door and closed it behind him, while Blake lay on the beach, relatively unhurt by Kei's sudden departure.

He jumped from his balcony and landed with a crunch. The tickling sensation was wonderful. Kenji let his bones reform before moving again. Standing straight, he brushed dirt from Kei's clothing. "This guy could not handle what I'm doing to him," said Kenji, smirking. He took a few strides, then his walking changed to match Kei's.

Blake lay, looking beautiful as ever, on the soft, warm sand, hair blowing in the breeze. Her eyes were closed, but her hand stroked the cat Haru who lay on her stomach, pleased at the attention his feline self was getting. Kenji spoke, but Kei’s voice, once again, erupted from his mouth, “I changed my mind. I think I will give you that back massage, Blake, and I think a little more.” He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers.

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Joker Knight
February 21st, 2008, 3:35 AM
Alex waited for an answer, only to be greeted by that strange tingling in the back of her neck again...~what in hell's good name is that annoying tingling?~ her mental question was answered as blake and that boy, haru, still in the form of a cat, walked into the kitchen, and proceeded to the fridge for food.

"Meet me here at midnight tonight. That one," he whispered in Alex's ear. "will hear us if we continue now." His voice sent a shiver up her spine. It wasn't seductive...but the pure malice she could hear in his undertones. Malice. And yet it still sent that farmilliar shiver down her spine as being in the company of a certain bleach blond girl back home... ~enough of that! thoughts like that will only get you into trouble here...~ she thought to her self, mentally slapping herself.

She then blinked, seeing she was the only one left in the room. "good lord...what is up with these people? He ditched me, and she completely ignored me! Okay, so that last one wasn't so bad..but still. He didn't have to ditch her, he only needed to quietly sneak them into another room.

The forcefield at her neck was still up protectively and unconciously, realising this she let it down, sighing as cold air greeted her neck. Whatever made up her forcefield it made up for a great insulation. Enough so that there was a cold sweat on her neck. Grabbing a handrag that looked to be used for washing dishes when wet, even though there was a large dishwasher not four feet away, she wiped the sweat from her neck, sighing and walking out of the kitchen. "Might as well see what's around" she muttered to herself, her ears picking up that farmiliar "Crunch" and guessing acrobat boy had tried another failed attempt at a double backspring.

Heh, a double backspring, that was the only gymnastics move she knew. She had never been interested in gymnastics or cheerleading while in school, but now she had a sudden urge to try out her own acrobatic skills....well, now was a good time as ever.

Heading to what was obviously a staircase that they hadn't noticed they had gone down on their way to the room, she looked at the banister and jumped, flipping in mid-air and landing, on her hands, perfectly on the beautifully decorated railing. "well...." she commented "this is interesting..." And so, up the banister she went, never losing her balance even. Why, if she had this kind of skills when she was in school, she probably could have gone out for the gymnastics team, or cheerleaders! heh, a gothic cheerleader. The thought almost made her giggle. Almost.

Reaching the top of the banister in almost no time, she smiled, one hand holding her up on the sphere at the end of the railing, as she was about to push and jump off, that tingling in the back of her neck made her stop, and drop the other hand to the railing, she lowered herself onto the floor and lifted her hand from the sphere, only to watch it roll down the railing and collide with the one at the other end. "whoa...." was all she could say as she saw marble collide with marble with a brilliant "Crack!"

February 21st, 2008, 3:45 AM
I blinked as she put the food away, meowing in question, before I was picked up. My shadow, still unseen to the four previously in the room, returned to it's 'normal' state as a regular shadow. Just as Blake picked me up, and carried me out of the kitchen. "Well, little guy, you wanna go see that guy play cards?"

She headed off before he could even mew in concent, and he saw the downside of this cute, 'luffable', fuzzy little body. He was a ragdol. Yep, he could do nothing of power untill he finnally turned back to his 'real' self. Which he had almost completely forgotten how to do. He looked around as almost in no time, they seemed to be on a beach, where, sure enough, Kei lay down. I was sat upon the ground and left alone for a little, while Blake began flirting. That is, untill Kei dissapeared in a flash I could barely make out.

He said something I didn't catch, and left just as quickly as he had dissapeared, leaving me and Blake sitting on the beach, untill he returned however....although something was different about him, was he...happier? “I changed my mind. I think I will give you that back massage, Blake, and I think a little more.” he said, causing me nearly to vomit the turkey I had just eaten back up. If these two were planning on doing 'the deed' right here, I wasn't going to stick around and watch.

As I went to get up, something stopped me, looking down I saw my shadow, in cat form also, shaking it's head as it held my paws in the sand. What was on that crazy shadow's mind?

February 21st, 2008, 3:58 AM
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Hey guys Im just testing here.. yeah!!!

Okay I see what happened...No I have to wait several times just to get a high score!!!

Trainer Kat
February 21st, 2008, 6:34 AM
Seconds after Blake had finished her sentence, Kei looked up at her, totally mesmerized. Reaching up with one hand, he ran his fingers through her short, choppy hair, occasionally returning to her smooth, pale cheek, sliding his hand across it gently. The brunette grinned.

Now this is more like it, she thought. I knew I'd get to him eventually. Without warning, Kei disappeared from under her, causing her to do a rather painful face-plant, recieving a healthy mouthful of sand granules. Blake whipped her head up, eyes narrowed dangerously. With her nose wrinkled, and cheeks turning increasingly red out of anger, she looked homicidal. Her eyes met with Kei's, who now stood over her, a card clamped between his index and middle face as he spoke, an apathetic look now plastered across his face.

"way overdue indeed, you'd probably better go find him." Kei said, sternly. "I'm busy 'playing with my trading cards'..." Kei said sarcastically. "I'm not gonna get used by some manipulative girl who thinks she can control any guy she wants. I've seen your type." He said, walking back towards the house. "I challenge you to try and prove me wrong though..." He said in a suggestive tone as he waved back to her, returning to the mansion. "Come on... lets see what else this mansion has inside"

Blake stood for a moment, though not before reaching down and scooping a fistful of sand into her lovely, soft hands. As she sped towards Kei's back, it seemed she had forgotten Haru. This was clarified, however, when she put her free hand on Kei's shoulder, hoisting herself up onto his back, wrapping her legs around his waist for support, and to free both hands. Encircling his neck in her arm, her elbow at the front of his throat, she put him in a headlock. While she had him incapacitated, she brought her sand-filled hand up to his mouth, pressing the sand tightly against it. The brunette roughly forced two fingers into his mouth, parting his lips and forcing a minute amount of sand inside. When all the sand had fallen from her palm, she released his head and unwrapped her legs, standing back on solid ground. With both hands, she pulled the top portion of her strapless dress back up, paranoid that it had come down during the scuffle.

"You deserved that, you...you egotistical fool!" she growled. "And if you think I'd waste my time with you after what you did, you're wrong. Until you show me the respect one such as myself deserves, you can forget this!" With that, she turned and slapped her ass, strolling back to where she had left Haru and her cell phone. As she lay back down on her stomach and returned to stroking the feline's fur, a smile returned to her face. Forget dogs, cats could put Blake in a good mood in a heartbeat. Reaching for her cell phone, she grasped it in the hand that wasn't occupied with Haru. Her eyes glanced up for one brief instant. Kei was gone.

Hopefully to brush his teeth, she thought with a grin. Otherwise, he's gonna taste like sand for the next week. Which reminds me... With that, she turned her head and spit a bit more sand out of her mouth. Damn that Kei.

It didn't take long before Kei returned. Admittedly, Blake was a bit surprised that he returned this quickly. Though, when she remembered how beautiful she was, she realized it really wasn't much of a surprise.

This one must be masochistic. I'll have to remember that, she thought, giggling silently.

“I changed my mind. I think I will give you that back massage, Blake, and I think a little more.” With that, 'Kei' leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. Blake's eyes widened momentarily. When they returned to normal, she rolled them back out of annoyance.

Forward, much? She thought, still neglecting to return the kiss. I never gave any indication of wanting to kiss him. This thought was interrupted by another. Though, whatever, if he'll be my dog now, I'm game.

It wasn't like she hadn't kissed her puppies before. Oftentimes, she was forced to put on the affectionate act in order to manipulate them. It was at this point that she began to kiss him back, bringing her hand off Haru in order to place her palm on the back of Kei's head. There, in her fist, her phone, which was now turned on silent, began to ring. The caller ID read Peter.

February 21st, 2008, 8:55 AM
Not soon after Kei had dismissed himself from Blake's company, she proceeded to leap on him wrapping herself around him and giving him a face full of sand.

"eh... i guess i had that one coming..." Kei thought to himself as he continued walking, ignoring Blake's taunts as he left, spitting sand onto the ground and rubbing his mouth with his sleeve.

"You deserved that, you...you egotistical fool!" she growled. "And if you think I'd waste my time with you after what you did, you're wrong. Until you show me the respect one such as myself deserves, you can forget this!"

"oh GET OVER yourself!" Kei yelled back to her as he approached the door, slipping inside and slamming it shut.

once inside he immediately let out a heavy sigh. "I need to find out how to get out of here." he said to himself out loud, scanning the area. *ACHOO!* Kei let out a big sneeze...

"Hm...someone must be thinking of me..."

He shrugged it off, and proceeded to his right, following a hallway on the first floor as his shoes echoed down the hallway until he came to another grand door. Without hesitating he pushed it open, walking into a grand library.

"This is huge... it has to be at least 1/4 of the mansion..." Kei thought to himself as he took some steps in. He looked around, wandering through the shelves and shelves of books until he found himself in the very center. In the center, there were books placed in a circular pattern around one big black dusty looking book. Kei scanned the outer books first, reading their names off as he went.

"What the...Takami Haru....Blake Langridge....KEI HARUKANA?! what the..." Kei instantly grabbed for the book and flipped it open. "This is.... a biography... about me?" Kei said to himself curiously as he continued to flip through pages of his childhood.

He flipped back to the beginning of the book looking at the table of contents, he made his way down to almost the end of the chapter list to see the chapters he had been hoping to find.

"hah! they are here! lets see... chapter 39... The Cards of Clow... and Chapter 40... the Mani Katti..." Kei rejoiced. He instantly flipped to the pages, reading about the abilities and learning as much as he could. But as he read, one thing continued to catch his eye. The large black book in the center of the table, entitled 'Nightmares'. Kei began to place his own book back and reach for the fiendish looking text in the middle but something was holding him back.

"I...I had better just tell the others about that one..." Kei thought to himself as he flipped to the back of his own book. Upon reaching the back, he found many blank pages. He went back until he found text, only to see the book writing what he was doing. Kei jumped back startled, almost dropping the book, but the book only recorded his movements.

'Kei inspected the book, jumping back in surprise at what he was seeing'

It wrote onto the pages of its own will.

"What the hell... I'd better hold onto this and tell the others...It would be kinda rude to look at theirs...but maybe just a peek....no...i gotta go tell them, if it tells all about their abilities like mine did...and maybe we can all take a look at that big black book together..." Kei thought to himself as he rushed out the library to try and find the others.

February 21st, 2008, 1:52 PM
OOC: Alright guys....It, is time. Let the nightmares, BEGIN!


----As Kei discovered the tome of nightmares, the second he opened his own books' seemilingly ancient pages, the binding circle around the tome at the center flashed, its' powers were released. One nightmare from each resident of Mindscape were chosen. What these nightmares were, only time could tell. But as you all know, A dream can become a nightmare at the worst possible moments....----

NT(Nightmare Text, NPC):

A dark figure entered a cavernous room, wearing a cloak of Black and Deep Royal Purple, a pointed hood casting a shadow over the top half of his face, revealing only an evil smile. Finnally released from his ancient prison within that cursed book, it was time to reap his vengence on those who imprisoned him. Calling forth the slected nightmares from each memory, he discovered eacn to belong to a different person than those of the ones who imprisoned him...and two of these seemed almost as dark as himself...He would have to investigate this further. Storing away the nightmares of the two chosen ones, and instaid selected the nightmare of a girl. Grinning below the pointed hood as the earth outside the room began to shake violently, soon causing the entire Island to shake with massive tremmors. He knew his mansion at the center of the island would survive, damaged maybe, but it would survive. Those others, they would not be so lucky. As he finished working his dark magic, he erupted into a fit of violent coughs, apparently the tome in which he had been sealed held some ability that robbed him of his strength, and made it so he could not regain it.

"My time here is nearly up...I must...I must bring those two to me...to take my place and bring my vengance upon this world!"

OOC: Ok, I know I kind of broke my own rule, but I'm the RP owner/creater and I needed this NPC to kickstart the action. The two will be revealed later, if they survive the earthquake. Note he will die after passing on his legacy, so he isn't a perminant character.

I hope you have enjoyed this breif description of Nightmare(no, not from soul caliber) his full appearance will be revealed soon, so no worries!

After someone else posts i'll post my responce to the earthquake.

February 21st, 2008, 4:56 PM
"OHMIGOSHOHMIGOSHOHMIGOSHOHMIGOSH!" Trevor screamed, kicking his soccerball into the air one more time, then leaping up after it and grabbing it as he landed. The sudden earthquake did not sit well with him -- he was jumpy enough already, who knew how screwed up he would be now? The young man darted to a tree, tossed his soccer ball into opening in the branches, then jumped up, grabbed a branch, then swung in a 180 degree arc, let go of the branch, then did a 180 degree flip and landed on top of the same branch. Although it was still very shaky, he definitely felt safer up in the tree.

"This place is crazy already, and I've only been here for like, twenty minutes!" Trevor shouted to himself over the roar of the earthquake. "And where is everybody else? Not that I want to be around anybody else..." He trailed off, scooting closer to the tree trunk and clutching his soccer ball. "I wish I knew what was going on here..."

February 21st, 2008, 5:18 PM
"This one must be masochistic. I'll have to remember that."

Kenji took his lips from Blake's. He looked at her once, then kissed her quickly once more. Another of Blake's thoughts fell into Kenji's mind-- "Forward, much? I never gave any indication of wanting to kiss him. Though, whatever, if he'll be my dog now, I'm game."

Kenji lifted away and wiped his lips off. "Pretty good," he said, still in Kei's voice. "But, I've kissed better." He flashed her a smirk, then leaned down and pet Haru. Haru purred. Kenji began walking away, but a sharp pain surged through his body.

"What the hell?!" This wasn't possible. He couldn't feel pain. But there it was, so clearly burning and announcing its arrival. He moaned and turned to look at Blake. He hoped he was still Kei. He got up and ran as best he could while the pain surged and spread through more of his body.

He ran up the steps and opened the front door. Slamming it behind him, he morphed back into himself, but the pain remained. He searched for a minute or two for the kitchen. He finally found it. Rushing inside, he found it as it had previously been. He ran towards the knife rack, but the pain shot through his legs. He fell and hit his head on the corner of the tiled table top.

Pain shot through his head. "This can't be happening," he thought. "Right when my powers were getting good! Damn!" He lifted himself off the ground, blood trickling like a tiny fountain from his forehead. He reached the pile of knives and yanked. They came tumbling down onto him, most hitting his abdomen. One lay next to his arm, which he picked up.

"Here goes nothing. This better work." He stabbed it through his heart. Nothing. He didn't feel pain from it, but felt it inside him. He picked another up and stabbed it through his temple. The blade tip reached his brain. He dug it in deeper, finally piercing the brain. Mind going numb, body shutting down, Kenji slumped against the counter cabinets. Eyes closing, his body disappeared along with the blood.

Trainer Kat
February 21st, 2008, 5:56 PM
Blake kissed the boy for a while. After some time had elapsed, he removed his lips from hers, giving her a strange look. This lasted only a second, however, and soon he had ducked his head, going in for yet another kiss. Finally, he pulled away, sliding the back of his hand across his lips.

"Pretty good," he said, still in Kei's voice. "But, I've kissed better." Blake's jaw dropped before shooting back her retort.

"Like hell you have, Kei!" She shouted. "I'm probably the only girl you've kissed, period." She rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Kei. Get out of here before I give you another mouthful of sand." He was one step ahead of her, as he had begun to walk away long before she insisted he did. Halfway back to the mansion, he collapsed, turning to face Blake. Quickly, he lifted his body into a standing position, running the rest of the way back to the mansion. Once more, Blake's eyes found their way to the top of her head, rolling back.

How weird, she thought. She sprawled out on her back, scratching Haru's chin, her cell phone sliding out of her other hand. Closing her eyes, she began to slowly drift off. Her dreams were shattered as the earth beneath her began to shake. The brunette shot into a sitting position, looking to Haru as the ground continued to shake, increasing its intensity with each second.

"H-Haru! Earthquake!" She stammered. Ordinarily, she would just sit and wait the earthquake out, but something else caught her attention. A giant tidal wave, at least 50 feet, if not taller, began to form in the ocean, threatening to crash down on both she and the small feline beside her. Blake managed no noise. She simply raised one finger, pointing at the giant wall of water. There was no way they were going to outrun this. Her thoughts were interrupted by a faint beeping near her. Looking down, she noticed her cell phone had begun to glow. Picking it up, she felt a surge of energy overcome her as a stream of data encircled her hand.

"It is time," her cell phone spoke to her. At that point, Blake didn't know what came over her. She pointed her cell phone to the stream of data.

"Execute!" she yelled, scanning the data. "Spirit evolution!" She became surrounded in evanescent light. When the particles dissipated, Blake had taken on the form of a fairy, complete with wings and ultra-skimpy clothing. There was no time.

Please let these wings work, she thought, scooping Haru-kitty into her arms and taking flight, soaring away from the oncoming tidal wave. Just as it looked like they were going to make it, Blake felt her energy drain. Her wings ceased to work as she fell to the ground, landing straight on her back, taking the fall for the cat, who was still clutched tightly to her chest, something she wouldn't have done had he been in human form. Her eyes fluttered open, just in time to see the tidal wave looming over them.

OOC: HOMG CELL PHONE IS DIGIVICE. Click here for picture of Kazemon. (http://www.veloz_loko.blogger.com.br/FairymonHumanHybrid.jpg) Except Blake keeps her brown hair.

February 21st, 2008, 6:22 PM
As Kei jogged down the hall, a wave of energy seemed to rush passed him in a sweep, sending chills down his spine.

"What was tha..." he was cut off by the sudden arrival of a massive earthquake, shaking the land around them. Pictures in the mansion began to fall off the walls and furniture moved around effortlessly. Kei struggled to retain his balance while he attempted to think of what to do.

"ugh i don't know where everyone is... i hope they can keep themselves safe... *sigh* I need to at least make sure Blake is okay... He thought, clutching the wall for support.

He began sprinting towards the main foyer of the mansion. Upon his arrival, it was already thrown into chaos. He saw a figure sprint around the corner, but only a glimpse of a green jacket.

"Hm... that kinda looked like....nah it couldn't be..." he thought to himself, before glancing out the now busted open front doors. What he saw was truly horrifying, a massive tidal wave was looming over the beach, completely blotting out the sky. Down on the beach, he saw a female figure, clutching a black fuzzball. It must be Blake... but it didn't appear to actually be Blake...but there was no time to think about it. No matter which way you sliced it, they were in danger. Kei quickly spun into action, whipping a card from his waist.

"NOW! DASH! RELEASE!" Kei yelled. His body surged with power as he vanished with extreme speed, appearing in front of the fallen girl, skidding to a stop. "okay, lets do this... Mani Katti!" he yelled, summoning the sword and following cloak which trailed behind him, blowing in the wind. He HAD to have looked cool.

He quickly put The Dash away, pulling out his now familiar card. He looked at the girl with a serious, cool guy look before turning back to the wave and tossing the card out in front of him. It spiraled in the air momentarily as he pressed the broad side of his sword against the back of the card.

"Now... great power of the wind, i summon thee.... WINDY! RELEASE!" Kei yelled over the roar of the quake and ocean water. The wind erupted violently from the base front of the card, instantly stopping the wall of water in its tracks but it still pushed downward. Kei struggled at the wave with all his might, trying to at least hold it at bay as the recoil wind pushed his feet backwards in the sand, and sending his cloak flailing behind him. He squinted through the blast, hoping to see the wave give way but there seemed to be no progress. He looked down at the girl on the beach and yelled to her over the sound of the wind, water, and earth.

"Hey! If you have anyway to help.... NOW would be the time!" He called, struggling with the intense magic

February 21st, 2008, 6:43 PM
My mind went into overdrive as the earthquake started, and my shadow let go of my paws, just as Blale scooped me up, well, only her scent told me it was her, the wings, and revealing outfit were definatly not hers. "this is insane!" I thought to myself, as she flew upwards, trying to outrun the wall of water that was quickly advancing.

Suddenly, her wings gave out, sending the two of us sprawling to the ground, where she took the fall, as my small, feline body would have easily been crushed by impact. Just as she hit the ground, Kei appeared again, his katana in hand as he pressed it to a card, summoning a large wall of wind to defend us.

When we hit the ground, Blake's grip on me slipped, and I bounced, triggering my transformation as I landed, shakily, on my feet, although my ears and tail were still visible, along with long wiskers and slit-like pupils. Apparently I had gotten stuck in mid-transformation. "Hey! If you have anyway to help.... NOW would be the time!" Kei shouted over the roar of wind. So far, my only abilities had been a shadow and my transformation. As I looked down at blake, my hands caught blaze, the smell of smoke reaching my nostrils, even though nothing was burning.

Looking down, I noticed the fire at my hands, gapsing I held them up infront of me, a small burst of fire extending from my palms from my sudden movement. It was then it hit me, fire and water canceled eachother out, right? well what happened when wind FED the flames? I had to give it a go, pulling my hands back and balling them into fists, I stood next to Kei. "Looks like i'm back, with a new trick up my sleeve!" I yelled, bringing my hands forwards, opening my palms as I did, thrusting bolth at the torrent of water.

A stream of searing hot flames burst forth, mingling with the wind created by Kei's card and magnifying it tenfold, following the wind wherever it went, as a loud hissing sound filled the air when the fire met the oncoming tsunami. It worked rather quickly actually, managing to evaporate most of the wave before I collapsed to my knees, a small, two foot high wave crashed over the shore infront of myself and kei, splashing over us as the water receded back to the ocean from which it spawned.

The earthquake no longer seemed to be as violent here at the beach, but I wondered just how strong it was everywhere else, particularly at the mansion.

Trainer Kat
February 21st, 2008, 10:01 PM
"Mmm..." Blake awoke, propping herself up onto her elbows. To her surprise she was still alive.

I must have fainted when I saw that tidal wave... she thought, looking at her hands. They were still the hands of Kazemon. But if she was still alive, where did the tidal wave go? She looked up. The giant wall of water was still there, though its advances were thwarted by a spiral of wind. There before her stood Kei, valiantly holding off the wave. At that moment, he looked her way.

"Hey! If you have anyway to help.... NOW would be the time!" He called, struggling with the intense magic. She looked at him, a shocked expression adorning her face.

"Are you nuts?!" she shouted. "You honestly think I know what to do?! I don't even know why I look like this!" During her mini tirade, Haru had shifted into some odd cat-human hybrid, retaining both his ears and tail, as well as whiskers. Within seconds, he was up and next to Kei, a stream of fire emerging from his palms. Blake blinked several times rapidly, looking rather irritated.

He looks like someone from that cartoon Peter watches...oh damn, what was it...? Dragonballs or something retarded like that. She rolled her eyes at this thought. As the two boys combined forces, the wave evaporated, sending water splashing all over the three of them. Blake shot Kei a small glare as she got to her feet.

"You don't think I could have handled that?" She crossed her arms, emitting a small sigh. Well, it was probably best to give the puppy a small bone for a good deed. "Although...that was very brave." She approached him, standing mere inches from him, index finger running up and down his chest. "I suppose I should thank you, hm?" With that, she stood on her tiptoes, lightly touching her lips to the corner of his mouth. There was no way he was getting lip-to-lip contact until he made up for his previous comments on the beach...specifically the one about her being a bad kisser. With that, she turned away from him.

"Hope it wasn't as bad as last time," she said sarcastically, throwing one arm up in the air as she headed inside the mansion, briefly enveloped in the same white light as before, her form shifting from Kazemon back to Blake. The earthquake was not over, she could still feel the tremors beneath her, but she needed a break. Her cell phone firmly clenched in her fist, as always, she found the kitchen once more. Searching around, she found the cupboard where the alcohol was kept, briefly noting that all the knives were gone. After a fair amount of rummaging about, she emerged with a full bottle of gin. The brunette carried it into the living room, sitting on the floor in front of the TV with her back pressed against the couch. Lazily, she clicked on the TV and took a swig.

Hopefully this stupid earthquake will be over soon, she thought, clenching the neck of the bottle in her fist, bringing it to her lips and taking another gulp. All this shaking is going to make me puke. I can't drink like this.

Joker Knight
February 22nd, 2008, 3:26 AM
Just after the loud "Crack!" of the marble orb hitting its twin at the bottom of the banister, the mansion began to shake. "oh crap...what did I DO?" She asked herself remorsefully, running down the stairs as quick as the shaking ground would let her. Once she reached the bottom, she noticed that bolth sphears were cracked clean in half, picking one up she carefully placed it ontop of the banister, reaching down for the other, only to have the first half wobble off its' perch and shatter on the floor, again. Sighing she hoped that this really wasn't what had started the earthquake, and headed outside, into the courtyard, where she knew nothing would be able to fall on her.

When she reached the outdoors, the shaking seemed to magnify, as though the building had shock absorbers built into its' foundation. The sudden increase in shaking instantly knocked her to the ground, only to have a forcefield catch her in mid-fall. Blinking as she was lifted just off the ground, she blinked, sighing and flipping onto her back as the violet energy protected her from the tremmors still running through the island.

It wasn't long before they started to die down, and so, she let her forcefield drop, after standing of cource, onto the ground, just as Blake walked past, looking like she had something on her mind. "best let sleeping dogs lie I guess..."Alex mutterd to herself, sighing and looking around, wondering just what had happened to the others who had chosen to go outside before the quake.

February 22nd, 2008, 4:24 AM
"Dammit..." Trevor sighed. The tree he was perched on was being uprooted, and he did not like that. He ran to the end of the branch he was on as it was slowly tilting backwards towards the ground, and just before the branch became completely vertical, he leapt off, his leg muscles sending him signals of discomfort, and thus telling him that they were not going to be happy campers when he landed.

But he never did. Instead, gusts of wind blew up from under him, keeping up in the air. Trevor instantly started listing off any possible ways that would enable him to do this, but lost his train of thought as Kei exited the mansion, running towards the beach. "A PERSON!" Trevor shouted, running as fast as the wind allowed him to in order to stay in the air while still following Kei. Within a matter of seconds, Trevor was running to only a few feet behind Kei, and slightly to the left, having dropped down low enough so it seemed he was actually walking on the ground, but still maintaining his flight.

"Hi, my name is Tre-" he started to say, but was cut off as soon as he realized what was coming their way. He skidded to a stop right behind Haru and Blake, mouth wide open as Haru transformed into a human (almost), and assisted Kei in stopping the tidal wave's progression. "Holy moses," he muttered, ignoring the tiny bit of water that had gotten on his hoodie as a result of the wave's dissipation. After standing there for a minute, he turned around and started back towards the mansion, although his progress was slightly slowed because for some reason, he couldn't quite access those wind powers of his at the moment.

"Why did I freeze up?" he asked himself, scratching his chin in thought. "I never freeze up. I mean, that girl WAS pretty skimpy with the clothing, but I don't get nervous around girls. Especially girls dressed like strip-club sluts. Do I? It must've been the tidal wave... No, that can't be it. I love to swim. What could it be...?" He trailed off again, suddenly remembering that he had left his soccer ball back around the tree. "Well that sucks. That was my favorite soccer ball," he muttered, shoving his hands in his short pockets.

February 22nd, 2008, 5:14 AM
He left every one on the on the deck to go to the 2nd floor kitchen. On his way there he looked at the paintings. "This is like most of the other mansion I have been to" ( you know he hunt's the damned spooky old mansions)so when he gets there he started raiding the fridge. "No, not here lets try the cubboards. Nope, not here. I guess i'll just go back to my room" he sighed to himself exiting the kitchen.

When he got to his room. "HOLY CRAP!" his room had changed. there was a couple diffrent wakizashi mounted on one wall, and on the other there was a mounted gun case filled with a shotgun,sniper and two pistols. The last wall there was a coffin, but not an ordanary coffin for it was refridgerated. Next to that was a minifridge in said minifridge was a # of blood packets. "That what I was looking for." He said, taking a drink. "now time to sleep." He said sliping into the coffin and closing the lid.

~~some time latah~~(corny spongebob reference...)

The violently shaking earth below the mansion startled Dart from his deep slumber, and forcing him to open his coffin in alarm. "The hell is going on here?" He questioned no-one in particular, looking around as one of the blades on the wall fell from its mount and clattered to the ground, followed by its twin. Quickly reacting to the quake he sprang from his sleeping place, his departure seemingly activating something that automaticly closed the lid of the coffin-shaped refridgerator, as he made a mad dash for the door, unconciously grabbing the two fallen blades from the floor as he went.

He exited into the hall, noticing another door which lead to the balcony. Running at it opened due to the violent shaking of the surrounding area, allowing him to keep going without stopping. Once he was close to the banister, he jumped, flipping several times before straigtening out, his trenchcoat billowing behind him in the wind as he fell down to the ground. Rolling on impact he sprang back up, shakily due to the increased force of the quake, he watched a tree fall in the surrounding forest, a boy jumping out of it, along with the guy from before, Kei, right? Running across the yard twords the beach, quickly followed by the new boy Dart hadn't seen before.

Bolth ran off twords the beach, and it was then that he noticed the 50 foot wave heading for them. "are they crazy?" he thought to himself, watching two kids rush a natural disaster head on. Dart followed quickly, although not quickly enough it seemed, as when he arrived he saw an exausted boy with ears an a tail, Kei, who had blake clinging to him before walking away past him, and that boy from before who had complained about his soccer ball.

"What the heck happened?" he wondered aloud, scratching his head.

(Silvertail helped me out a bit, I wrote what happened, he edited it for me.)

February 22nd, 2008, 10:58 PM
Kei hunched over in exhaustion as the steam and water rushed over him harmlessly. His chest was heaving and his heart was pounding as he tried to catch his breath.

"That was great, Haru...good thinking. I didn't know you could even do that" Kei said in between breaths. He definitely felt like his body was about to quit on him.

"You don't think I could have handled that?" The winged girl said crossing her arms.

"well... obviously not..." Kei responded bitterly under his breath.

"Although...that was very brave." she finished. She proceeded to flirt slightly and kiss him gently on the cheek, saying "I hope that wasn't as bad as last time..."

"Last time? What on earth is she talking about..." Kei thought to himself as he watched her walk away. A bright flash of light consumed her, turning her back into her much more recognizable original form, revealing herself as Blake, which confused Kei even more.

"That girl is so weird..." Kei thought, touching his hand to his cheek and watching her leave through very confused eyes. He finally looked around as the ground continued to shake a shift around him, seeing two newcomers to the scene. He recognized one, with the two swords, but had never spoken to him, and another was entirely new to the group... he seemed to not even be paying attention.

"When did you two get here?" Kei said aloud not directing to either two. He looked at the one who appeared to be lost in thought, whom he had never seen, and patted him on the shoulder. "Theres no time for proper introductions, i'm Kei, welcome to the group." He turned to the other two and finished speaking, "Listen... i found something in the Library that we should all see... its big, it might have something to do with this sudden strange Earthquake...actually i'm almost positive it does. Gather everyone as fast as you can, I'll go get Blake before she goes too far, Haru.... can you go find Kenji? And uhh...vampire..sword guy... you find Alex. All of us can meet in the library in no less than 15 minutes... go fast. Its on the east wing of the mansion. New kid, you're coming too." Kei finished with his instructions then pulled out another card, knowing he was going to be dead tired after this day.

"sigh.... one more time cards.... Dash... release!" He called to the card as it glowed slightly, then he vanished with a spiral of wind, off to find Blake before she got into too much trouble.

He darted in and out of rooms looking for her until he finally skidded to a stop in the living room. Kei stared jaw dropped for a moment at the scene of a girl attempting to drink alcohol while enduring a violent earthquake.

".......you're kidding right?" Kei said aloud with one hand on his hip, looking down at Blake. He flicked his hair from his eyes and pulled the bottle from her hands, setting it on the floor near the couch and lifted her up to standing position.

"Dealing with you drunk in an earthquake doesn't seem too appealing at the moment...so you'll have to excuse me." Kei said to her, sounding almost apologetic. "Dash... release!" he called out once more.

He leaned over and scooped at her from her legs, cradling her in his arms before vanishing at break neck speed, heading towards the library, ready to find some answers.

Upon arrival he skidded to a stop, and placed her in a chair.

"Now before you start complaining. Look at this." Kei said to her quickly as he walked to the table in the middle of the huge library, grabbing the book with her name on it. He dropped it in her lap with a thud. "If yours is anything like mine was... it has your entire life written in it... and continues to write exactly what you do and think. I'm more concerned about THAT book though." Kei said, pointing towards the gigantic, ominous, black book in the center of the table.

Trainer Kat
February 23rd, 2008, 8:08 AM
".......you're kidding right?" Kei said aloud with one hand on his hip, looking down at Blake. He flicked his hair from his eyes and pulled the bottle from her hands, setting it on the floor near the couch and lifted her up to standing position.

"Oh, no..." Blake moaned, reaching for the bottle with both arms, flexing her hands, much like a small child would when reaching for its milk bottle. The container of gin was only a quarter empty, and here he was, removing it from her grasp. "I wanted that..." she continued, pouting. Her words were only slightly slurred.

Dealing with you drunk in an earthquake doesn't seem too appealing at the moment...so you'll have to excuse me." Kei said to her, sounding almost apologetic. "Dash... release!" he called out once more. He leaned over and scooped at her from her legs, cradling her in his arms before vanishing at break neck speed, heading towards the library, ready to find some answers. Upon arrival he skidded to a stop, and placed her in a chair.

"Now before you start complaining. Look at this." Kei said to her quickly as he walked to the table in the middle of the huge library, grabbing the book with her name on it. He dropped it in her lap with a thud. "If yours is anything like mine was... it has your entire life written in it... and continues to write exactly what you do and think. I'm more concerned about THAT book though." Kei said, pointing towards the gigantic, ominous, black book in the center of the table.

Blake crossed her arms, looking down angrily at the book that was placed in her lap. She glanced back up at Kei.

"You expect me to read this..?" She pointed down at her book. Despite the buzz, she still retained the harsh tone she usually carried. "That's funny. Books are for nerds." She emitted a small giggle, plucking the book from her lap. Still cradling it in her arms, she turned to leave the library.

"But if it does have stuff 'bout me in it, I don't wanna leave it here with you." She pulled out her cell phone and blinked a few times, trying to focus on the numbers before her. "I'm gonna go...take a nap. Or something." She stretched, holding the book in one hand before turning and leaving, making her way slowly to her room. Once there, she threw the book on the floor by her bed, making a heavy thud. Without even looking, she flopped down on the bed she had awoken on, only to be greeted with something cool and smooth against her back.

"Hmm..?" Blake rolled over and looked at the intruder. A black notebook. The girl groaned. "More books?!" Her discontent was disturbed, however, when the title of the book caught her eye.

"Deathnote..." she mumbled, lifting the cover of the book. The front page appeared similar to the cover, and was also ebony in color.

"How to use it:
1) The being whose name is written in this note shall be harmed.
2) This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.
3) If the manner in which they are to be harmed is written within 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen.
4) If the manner is not specified, they will simply receive a black eye.
5) After writing the manner, details of the manner should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds."

Blake grinned and lifted the pencil which lay next to the notebook, bringing it up to her face and lightly tapping it on her lips. Names ran through her mind. There was Kenji...but she hadn't a clue what his last name was. Kei certainly deserved it for dumping her in the sand...but it was better not to harm someone she was trying to manipulate. Suddenly, an imaginary lightbulb went off in her head. She lowered the pencil to the first line on the notebook and scrawled one name, grinning evilly.

"Alexis Tunai" she wrote, picturing the goth girl in her mind.

Joker Knight
February 25th, 2008, 3:37 AM
Alex sighed, watching all the others head back into the building, as the earthquake started to subside. "Figures, something big happens and I'm not there..." She muttered to herself quietly. "I've really got to find a better way to get around this island...."

With her advanced hearing, she could hear bits of conversation over the rumbling of the quake, making out small snippets of speach from...Kei, right?

"Listen...Library that we should...its big...something...strange Earthquake...almost positive...Gather everyone....uhh...vampire..sword guy...you find Alex...meet in the library...no less than 15 minutes...fast...east wing of the mansion. New kid..."

Alex blinked at this news. A library? He wanted to show them something in the library? Well...it had better be important. Alex might as well give this...'Vampire Boy' the satisfaction of finding her.

She felt a sudden breeze, along with a blur of color. "well..that's something you don't see every day..." she muttered, arching her brow. She put it from her mind and continued twords the place where they all had been, seeing a half-cat version of that boy that had accidentally turned into a cat, some kid in running clothes, and a guy with swords on his back. ~looks like that's that vampire-sword-guy our 'fearless leader' was talking about~ she thought to herself, sighing. "Alright found me, lets go." she said, making an abrupt U-Turn and walking back twords the mansion.

~Whatever was in that library had better be important~ she thought, not even bothering to see if the supposedly-vampiric boy was following or not. It was then that, of cource, that all-too farmilliar tingling in the back of her neck alerted her to some form of danger. Not realising what kind of danger, she tripped, falling flat on her face, as her eye hit a rock. "You've GOT to be kidding me!" she screamed, forcing herself back to her feet. Grumbling quietly she headed off twords the mansion, holding a hand over her throbbing eye.

~atleast my eye-shadow will cover the buise...~

February 25th, 2008, 1:05 PM
"Alright found me, lets go." Said Alex walking up to me making an instant u-turn back to the mansion. So I decide I mys well fallow her. Then all of a sudden she trips and hits a rock. "You've GOT to be kidding me!" she screamed getting back up rubbing her face. I run up to her " Are you all right." I said concerned.

February 25th, 2008, 2:11 PM
sorry im asking this, but i just joined the forum and this rp sounds like so much fun and i know its after page 2 but do u think maybe i could sign up?

February 25th, 2008, 2:59 PM
OoC: ok, first of all, you should put this in the OoC thread, second, I think I actually can allow this, mainly because charchic seems to have quit this RP. Post it on the OoC thread, PM me a nightmare, and we'll see from there.

Also, I'm gonna wait for a few more people to go on. and again, I'm afraid i'll have to say this....


February 25th, 2008, 4:43 PM
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February 26th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Trevor panted heavily, skidding to a stop in the kitchen. He had been just a hair behind Kei the whole way because of his new-found Extreme Speed, but it still wore him out. He took a deep breath, and started, "My name is," but was cut off once again as Kei and Blake moved to the Library. "MY NAME IS TREVOR!" he shouted after a minute of leaning against a bookshelf. "Good god, you move fast!" he panted, moving to a free chair. "Sorry, I'm a bit jumpy," he added. He looked at the massive book with a cocked eyebrow, then switched his gaze over to Blake as she left, and THEN over to Kei.

"She doesn't seem very friendly," he said, rotating in a 90 degree angle and putting his legs on the arm rest. "And by the way, isn't she the one that was dressed like a prossy back on the beach?" He folded his arms across his chest, his eyebrow still cocked in Kei's direction.

Joker Knight
February 26th, 2008, 6:16 PM
OoC: A crappy post dosn't deserve an answer, I hope you take this to heart Takanushi, I hope others make it a habit to ignore you're posts when they absolutely SUCK. That shouldn't even be CALLED a post, i'ts a block of obscure pixels that just happens to look like text. ThatInsaneKid dose better than you, He atleast made it LOOK like he put some effort into it! You on the otherhand, look like you took five minutes to write something up on yahoo instant messanger and copied and posted it here. If you honestly think you'll get by in the Roleplaying world with skills like that, you're sadly mistaken.

IC: Alex sighed, still walking twords the mansion door continuing to hold a hand over her eye. She walked through the doors and looked around, trying to find some trace of where that idiot of a flash-remake had gone, only to have her eardrums close to bursting as her amplified hearing caught someone yelling "MY NAME IS TREVOR!" at the top of their lungs. Obviously, this 'Trevor' would be in for a serious ammount of pain for his actions. Following the sound of his voice, she discovrered him to be in the library Kei had no doubt been talking about. Continuing to follow his voice, she heard him admit the fact he was jump, and...call someone a 'prossy?'

Seeing the chair with a boy's rather muscular looking legs hanging over it's arm, his body facing away from her, and looking unmistakably at either Kei or Blake. She desided to see just how jumpy this boy was. Grinning evilly and sneaking up behind him, she failed to notice her body slowly becoming less and less visible, untill it dissapeared completely. As she snuck around behind him, heading twords him and standing silently behind him. Lowering her face next to his, still invisible, she grinned, taking a slow, silent breath.

"so, who's jumpy now?" she grinned, speaking the words right next to his ear, while still invisible.

February 26th, 2008, 7:38 PM
Kei watched Blake snatch up her book and leave, but this time he wasn't going to go after her

"Whatever... if she dies, its not my fault anymore... i already saved her ungrateful ass once..." Kei thought bitterly as she walked away.

It took him a while to tune in, but the boy from earlier had started talking to him again. The name rung into his head as something he had heard while sprinting through the mansion. 'Trevor'

"She doesn't seem very friendly," he said, rotating in a 90 degree angle and putting his legs on the arm rest. "And by the way, isn't she the one that was dressed like a prossy back on the beach?"

"ya....as far as I know they're the same person, but theres no way to find out unless we read her book or she tells us. But it doesn't look like either is going to happen..." Kei said to Trevor not really aiming his voice at him. "And no... she's not very nice... and thats putting it mildly"

Kei proceeded to pace impatiently around the library as Alex fooled around with Trevor, sitting in the chair.

"What could be taking Haru so long..." Kei thought to himself. "Hey, Alex... you and Kenji seemed to be getting along... have you seen him? I'm starting to get worried about him AND Haru" Kei questioned

Before she could answer, Kei realized he was still cloaked with his sword visible. He thought closed his eyes, relaxing his body and letting the sword and cloak vanish with a cloud of sparkling dust. He reached over pulling a chair beneath him and looked towards Alex waiting for an answer. While doing so he pulled out the book entitled "Kei Harukana" and began studying more on the properties of his sword and cards.

Trainer Kat
February 26th, 2008, 7:55 PM
Blake giggled with glee, much like a small child would, as she clutched the notebook tightly to her chest. Perhaps the thing wouldn't work, but at this point, she didn't care. It certainly made her happy to be able to relieve her frustrations. Slowly, her eyes drifted towards the book Kei had deposited in her lap. She didn't believe it, but it couldn't hurt to take a look. The brunette cracked the cover of the book with care, taking in each word. It was too much to digest at once.

"How can someone know this much about me..?" she mumbled, flipping through the pages more rapidly now. Everything was true. She looked to the back of the book, opening the section in which her powers were listed. 'Spirit Evolution', as the book referred to it, was described in detail here. It even told of the transformation her cell phone would undergo. Along with this form change were three other powers she seemed to have noticed. One was the DeathNote, she knew about that one, as well as the summoning. The other was technology manipulation--a power she had used unintentionally when the TV was broken. Among the powers were two abilities she had yet to use. The words were lost on her. She quickly slammed the cover down, scooping the DeathNote into her arms. The brunette hurried to the room in which she had left Kei, only to find him seated with his book.

"Kei!" Blake squealed, plopping down into his lap. She unveiled the book, laying it gently on her thighs as she sat on his knee. "Look at this! I can write in this, and like, it hurts people!" She giggled and showed him the rules. "I mean, there's all these rules and crap, but like...wow, this thing is cool! I wrote down Alex's name...but I don't know if it worked at all." She shrugged, giving him a big grin as she awaited his response.

February 27th, 2008, 5:07 AM
(Uh... Kansas, Alex is still invisible.

And on another note, I feel I've just been slammed. >>;;;;))

Trevor screamed. He did NOT like this place -- that was for sure. The young man jumped from his chair and dashed over to a nearby bookshelf, leaping onto the top of it. As soon as he was sure of his footing, he turned around and crouched down, gazing in the general direction of Alex. He was definitely very confused now. He didn't like that, either.

"I really need to leave this stupid place," he stated to himself. "But what just happened?" he added, scratching his forehead. "People can't be invisible, and ghosts do not exist. Maybe someone from school is here and they threw their voice or something. Yeah." He shifted his gaze to the Library entrance. "I know you're there, Jared!" he shouted at the door. "Come on out, you jerk!"

Then, he noticed Blake come in. "So it was you!" he shouted at her as she sat down in Kei's lap. "Why'd you do that to me?" He furrowed his brow and crossed his arms across his chest. "I don't really appreciate that, miss."

February 27th, 2008, 1:44 PM
I fallowed Alex into the mansion and as we steped into the mansion I heared someone yell "MY NAME IS TREVOR!". I think Alex heared it to because she started to walk into the direction that the voice came in. So I fallowed her into this big library. In the library every one was seated. She all of a sudden started turning invisible and crept up on a boy siting in a chair with his legs on the arms. He then jumped and lept onto a bookshelf. He yelled out some crap like he was going crazy.

Then Kei asked Alex if she had seen Kenji and Haru. "Hey guys" I finaly anounced finaly getting a chance to speak up. "I want to intoduce my self as I have noticed everyone else knows each other." "My name is Dart. I am a vampire and I hunt other vampire and the damned my powers are the regular vampire powers.Oh and don't worry I wont suck anyones blood I have some in a fidge up in my room." " Oh and I was going to ask what was with the earthquak and us meeting in the library?"

Joker Knight
February 27th, 2008, 1:58 PM
Alex grinned and smiled, resuming visiblity and laughing hard, falling back into the previously occupied chair. "you should have....you should have seen...oh! the look on your FACE!" she laughed again, harder than before. Apparently, this new trick of hers might come in very handy...especially with tormenting blake.

And speak of the devil herself, there she was, giggly and hyperactive as a japanese schoolgirl. Still laughing, the she-devil sat down on Kei's lap, a small notebook in her hands. It was then she decided to tell him about it, still giggling, while Trevor accused her of scaring him.

"Look at this! I can write in this, and like, it hurts people!" She giggled again and held the book open to show him something. "I mean, there's all these rules and crap, but like...wow, this thing is cool! I wrote down Alex's name...but I don't know if it worked at all." Now THIS caught alex's attention.

"YOU made me trip? YOU are the reason I've got a black eye brewing? and you think its FUNNY? What did I ever do to YOU?" she yelled, her laughter forgotten as she got up quickly, advancing twords the stuck up, snobbish entity that would put any highschool cheerleader to shame.

Alex's force field abilities had invoulentarily activated in her rage, causing a vase on one wall to shatter from within, as her eyes glowed slightly. Deep coal and shining turquoise burned into brilliant emerald as Alex stared blake down, still furious as she waited for a responce.

Trainer Kat
February 27th, 2008, 5:03 PM
"So it was you!" Trevor shouted at her as she sat down in Kei's lap. "Why'd you do that to me?" He furrowed his brow and crossed his arms across his chest. "I don't really appreciate that, miss." Blake furrowed her brow in response, noting that she had seen this boy once before, on the beach. Giggling, she stood, crossing the room to approach him.

"Do what?" She grinned, placing her hands atop one shelf of the bookcase on which he was currently perched, standing on her tiptoes to get closer to him. "Did I do something?" Before she could further harass Trevor, a voice wafted over to her, diverting her attention away from her next victim.

"YOU made me trip? YOU are the reason I've got a black eye brewing? And you think it's FUNNY? What did I ever do to YOU?" Alex yelled, her laughter forgotten as she got up quickly, advancing twords the stuck up, snobbish entity that would put any highschool cheerleader to shame. Blake merely grinned.

"Oh, so it does work!" With her index finger outstretched, Blake pressed Alex's cheekbone, an area to which the bruise was already spreading to. "What did you ever do to me...let's see..." Condescendingly tapping the same finger she had jammed into Alex's cheek against her chin, Blake began to pace, making circles around Trevor's old chair.

"How about we start with the fact that YOU TRIED TO STEAL ATTENTION FROM ME?!" Her eye twitching, the brunette quickly regained her cool. "Not like you could. I'm stunning," she added.

OOC: Ew, short post. It's sorta half-assed, but it gets the ball rolling.

Joker Knight
February 27th, 2008, 5:20 PM
As Blake touched her finger to the sore skin beneath Alex's eye, she slapped Blake's hand away, her eyes dancing flames as she saw the girl tap her chin, then reply, How about we start with the fact that YOU TRIED TO STEAL ATTENTION FROM ME?!" all the while circling the chair previously occupied by trevor, and herself during her fit of laughter.

Alex stood there, gawking at the attention seeker. "Who honestly CARES?" she yelled, throwing her arms into the air. "I mean, HONESTLY! The entire world dosn't revolve around YOU, and it's a glad thing it DOSN'T! If it did, the smartest person on the planet would only have an IQ of about fourty!" her arms had lowered, but her temper hadn't. Well, it hadn't lowered much. The reason this person, yeah, person, not 'girl', not 'woman' just 'person', wanted her out of here, was because she stole her ATTENTION? Good Goddesses! If there ever was a stupid reason to hate someone, that one took first place in every contest across the planet. Earth and this one.

"Seriously, if you want attention, post naked pictures of yourself on the net, threaten to jump off a skyscraper, or blow up a bank. Don't just go around and think it will come to you naturally." She turned twords Kei now, frowning darkly. A frown that promised a great deal of pain should the answer be wrong.

"Am I right?"

Trainer Kat
February 28th, 2008, 6:21 AM
"I mean, HONESTLY! The entire world dosn't revolve around YOU, and it's a glad thing it DOSN'T! If it did, the smartest person on the planet would only have an IQ of about fourty!" Alex yelled in response to Blake's accusation. The brunette balled up her fists, readying herself for her retort.

"I'll have you know I have an IQ of 98!" Flipping her short hair with one bent wrist, she continued. "And besides. Boys don't find intelligence particularly attractive." She grinned at this, showing off her vocabulary. As if she needed to give Alex proof that she was smart anyway. It's not like idiots could manipulate boys the way she could, regardless of whether their bodies were as attractive as hers or not. At that, Alex turned to Kei, asking for confirmation that what she spoke was the truth. The brunette narrowed her eyes to slits.

"You think you're cute?" she hissed, voice laced with venom. At that, she left the bookcase and stumbled back over to the boy she had been sitting on earlier, crossing around to the side of his chair. Gently, she ran her fingers across his shoulders, lightly nuzzling his cheek.

"You know she's wrong, right?" She looked at him through puppy-dog eyes, sticking her bottom lip out in a faux pout. "Are you going to let her say all those mean things about me?"

February 28th, 2008, 1:10 PM
"I can't take this any more." I said to myself rubbing the bidge of my nose. " Just call me when this is all over." I anounced walking out of the library.

I started to walk out of the mansion when I thought about what Kei said earlyer about Haru and Kenji. "Haru huh thats the kid that looked like a cat isn't it.I guess I could go look for him, by then the cat fight should be over."

So I took of into the mansion. I thought I should start with the upstairs kitchen. Thats when I felt my throut start to burn. "I guess its about that time." So I started to run upstairs to my room.

February 28th, 2008, 1:17 PM
At every shout, scream, or other loud noise that emitted from the pair of arguing girls, Trevor jumped about an inch forward and into the air, falling on his butt, then got back to his feet and crouched down. Of course, preoccupied with covering his ears, closing his eyes and attempting to block out the excess noise, the young man failed to notice he was on the very edge of the bookshelf, and this time, after jumping an inch forward and into the air, he landed flat on his face, right on the hardwood floor.

With a very large, pronounced groan, Trevor took his hands off his ears and planted them on the ground, pushing himself up tenderly. "Five bruises around my rib cage," he predicted, slowly moving onto his feet. He gingerly applied pressure around his torso, looking down at his feet. "And I was right... I hate it when I'm right like that." The young man glanced at Blake as she attempted to seduce Kei, an eyebrow cocked.

"For the record, I have an IQ of 129," he said, finding another chair to sit down in. "And men don't like whores." He bit his lip at the last statement, inwardly cursing himself. "That was supposed to be an inside the head statement," he muttered to himself, running his fingers through his hair.

February 28th, 2008, 5:40 PM
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So either delete your post, post it in the OoC, or edit in an IC.

February 28th, 2008, 7:40 PM
Kei sat reading over his book while the vampire kid came in, displaying his powers. At this point, Kei didn't really care what everyone could do, everyone in the place seemed to have some sort of mental disorder. Kei's attention was diverted from his reading as Blake entered the room at the mention of 'disorder' in his thoughts, as if on que.

"Kei!" Blake squealed, plopping down into his lap. She unveiled the book, laying it gently on her thighs as she sat on his knee. "Look at this! I can write in this, and like, it hurts people!" She giggled and showed him the rules. "I mean, there's all these rules and crap, but like...wow, this thing is cool! I wrote down Alex's name...but I don't know if it worked at all."

This seemed to be another que for the other girl, Alex, to come out of hiding and confront Blake head on. The two girls argued furiously as all Kei could do was watch the cat fight. The soccer kid... Trevor... attempted to put in his 2 cents but it was no use. The girls were on a rampage. He watched in slight amusement until both of the girls turned to him, expecting him to defend their position.

Kei looked to each girl through pitiful eyes then to Trevor with a look glazing his eyes that screamed 'help me'.

a multitude of thoughts paraded through his head, any side he chose would result in certain death for poor Kei. He looked between the two nervously and finally decided on the best choice for the situation.

"Hey... I see you read your book, Blake... why don't we all read whats in the big black book... maybe it has a clue to why theres no one here..." Kei said aloud, quickly changing the subject and avoiding the two girls.

"Just gotta avoid answering one of them until its safe to pull out my sword..." Kei thought to himself, wishing he was joking but still slightly serious.

He walked over to the big book, looking at it carefully. something about it gave him chills as he reached for it. He continued to reach his hand closer but something was keeping him from doing it. Finally remembering, he drew his hand back and looked to the others, mostly Alex.

"hey... wheres Kenji and Haru? They should have been here by now...maybe we should find them, i hope nothing happened..."

March 14th, 2008, 3:54 PM
Dart had reached his room his throut still burning from the thirst.He dropped his trench coat on the floor with a *clang* ,from the swords,clenching his throut. He opened up the mini-fridge grabbing one of manypackets of blood terring the top off of it.

" Aah, now that hit the spot. Just what I needed to clench my thirst."he said to himself tossing the packet into the garbage next to the door. " I don't know realy were to look for Haru and Kenji so I guess I should look around the mansion more, because this place seems to have everything that I think up, like what I whant in my room, or what I whant in a fridge."

So he picked up his trench coat and took off the swords from his back and placed them back on the mount. He looked over to the two 9mm pistolshanging on the right wall. He took them of the wall and studyed them because they didn't look like normal 9mm. The back of one of them didn't look normal for one its back looked like the it folded down and the others tip looked like the barrel clicked onto something.

So he folded down the back of the pistol and took the other and clicked them together. He folded up the handle of the first one to its barrel.They had made a Shotgun. "Wow now these are my type of weapon. I guess I'll hold on to these you never know when you will need these. Like my dad always said you should hold on to one because you'd rather have it and not need it rather than not having one and need it."

So he took of out the door and ran down the stairs into the area with front door."Well then lets gets started." he said to himself looking at a door to his right that he hadn't noticed befor. " Lets start of with this room right here." he said opening the door to see a stair case that led to a basement of some sort.

He walked down the stairs and flipped a switch that was at the bottom of the stairs.*click* " Holy Crap" what he saw was a giant basement with a bunch of doors. He opened the door to his
right wich ended up to be a door that led to a forge.

It had: swords, sheilds, sludge hammers, but one thing cought his eye. A javalin that was double ended that the tips were spade shaped with two curved blades that came for the handle.
The other end looked the same.

" Nice, I guess I'll take it juust in case" he said to himself
picking up the javlen. But when he picked it up it retracted to
make it carryable. But another thing he had noticed was something on the handle. It looked like the handle could turn.
When he turned it it came apart to make two ax like weapons.

" Could this day get any better." he said leaving the forge.
"I guess I should go back to my room and put this back in my room befor I get cought with it just in case it belongs to someone." So he climbs up the stairs back into the area with the front door and up the stairs back to the rooms.

He gets back to his room and lays the javalin on one of the mounts by the swords. " I guess I should check on the others to
see if they have found Haru and Kenji" He said leaving his room once more heading to the library.

March 19th, 2008, 3:54 PM
OOC: ok, looksl like i'm finnally gettin' 'round to re-posting this xD took me a while to remember what I said(short term memory problems of cource) so it's not as good as the origional! enjoy, and lets hope the RP dosn't die...

also note i'll start posting in 3rd person, as to stop the nagging of certain others *hackcoughkatcoughhack*

Haru blinked as he searched for the acrobatic boy, looking as normal as when he had arrived in this strange place, save the cat-like eyes he now sported. "Hey! Kenji!" he called in vain, moving from room while searching. He passed through what appeared to be a large theater, a normal-sized living room, and a bathroom, before coming on to an apparently empty kitchen. "Yo, kenji, you in here?" he called again, his stomach growling rather loudly.

"man...I need food...." he muttered to himself, rubbing his aching stomach and realising the whole ordeal with the earthquake had increased his appetite by bounds. "Kei won't mind if I eat a little on the job..right? Right..." he reassured himself, making his way over to the large refridgerator, not noticing the small 'shlap' his shoes began to make as he gripped the sterling silver handles, pulling the door open and looking inside.

"veggies...fish...blech...I'm a cat and I still dont like fish..." he chuckled to himself, searching through the many shelves, before coming across a fully-cooked steak wrapped in plastic wrap. "just my kind of snack!" he cheered triumphantly, pulling the large lump of cold meat from the fridge and unwrapping it, noticing a plate sitting on the counter. Once the slight shock subsided he sighed. "you know, this lace keeps feeling more and more haunted as I look around...you know, if you're alive and can hear me..." he called to the walls and celing "you can stop doing stuff like this, seriously, just fill the next cubbord I look in with plates or things like that and i'll be fine....and don't forget the raw stuff too! I like to cook..." he muttered, wondering just how stupid he must sound talking to an empty room like it could hear him.

He put the steak on the plate and turned to the microwave, as a fork sat in a small tray next to it. "subtle..." he muttered, pulling the fork from the tray and seeing all the other utensels in the tray, spoons and knives and spatulas. "man....just hurry up so I can eat..." he muttered, closing the microwave on his food and reaching for a number button, although all he noticed was a single button that merely said 'Cook' in smooth white letters against the black button. "odd...if this thing overcooks it i'm smashing the damn thing..." he said, also to noone in particular, pressing the button where the time switched to the word "Cooking" turning and putting the fork to his lips in thought at the strange room he noticed something he had failed to earlier.


Bloody footprints.

HIS bloody footprints.

For the second time today he did the only thing a self-respecting teenage boy would do, and screamed like a little girl, dropping the fork to the floor as the microwave beeped behind him, the word "Done" where it had previously said cooking.

Shadow merely put his fingers where his ears would be, had he any, apparently rolling his eyes by the way the glowing yellow ovals moved.

Nightmare watched the events happening before him on a glowing crystal sphere. His will, weak as it was now, was the only think keeping the young man from touching his book of shadowed nightmares. "I must....keep them....from reading it...." he wheezed, the glowing eyes in the shadow of his hood were half-lidded, allowing anyone that would be there, if not for the fact he was alone in the cave, to see the emerald blue color fading slowly into grey every time he exhaled, returning to their strange color as he took another breath. "My heirs must be brought to me soon....now where is the boy..." he muttered, waving a feeble, wrinkled hand that had hours ago been firm and young over the sphere, it switching to a scene of the shadow-accompanied boy screaming at the strange footprints on the ground, while half the image remained watching the majorety of the inhabitants of his mansion in the library, to make sure they did not read his book.

His brow furrowed, unseen by anyone as he watched the scene unfold, all the while thinking ~if they read that book...my entire plan will be stopped...my council must arrive soon if they are to take this world in my name....~

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April 9th, 2008, 12:41 PM
When he was walking to the library he stop a few times to
admire the paintings hanging on the wall. They were not like the ones
in the creepy mansions he usualy went to when he was hunting a whatever
he was hunting that day. They seemed to be places on the island because he hasn't seen any of these places before. Hes been every were in the world. Hes been to Paris, Romania, Transalvania basicly any were there were vapires, werewolves ect.

Some of the pictures showed forests, the ocean, mountians. But one of the picture that was sitting on the stand under one of the pictures showed the mansion, but something on it realy cought his eye that he hadn't noticed on the picture before when he went down this hall. There were people in the picture standing on the steps to the mansion. He picked up the picture and was studying it when something broke his concentration.

Someone in the mansion screamed. It sounded like a guy screaming like a little girl, but he recinized the scream from earlier.
It was Haru ,the cat kid, so he took the picture out of the frame and put in his pocket and ran towards the kitchen because thats the direction the
scream came from.

When he got there he saw Haru and his creepy shadow thing
Staring at a set of bloody foot prints that looked kind of like his, but
he didn't notice any wounds on him that could of mad enough blood for
the prints. He also smelt steak in the air which came from the microwave behind Haru. " Sooo...what happened here Haru to make this much blood?"

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