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February 10th, 2008, 8:57 PM
I'm aware there is a KH and Pokemon hybrid RP currently. But the literacy levels are below standard and the plot drive is vague. This will be a very literate and competent RP.

Also as another disclaimer. Even though this is Kingdom Hearts, there will be no Disney elements to the RP. The Disney elements will be replaced with a mixture between Final Fantasy and Pokemon.

Strange happenings have been amidst lately in the world of Pokemon. Strange creatures have started appearing and the world seems to be splitting apart at the seams. The regions have split apart and some towns are beginning to float into empty voids. From the voids, strange monsters have appeared which can not quite be described as people nor Pokemon. Even stranger, people seem to be able to see other buildings merge with their homes, in the streets and every where they look. New people are starting to appear as well, dressed in a strange fashion and almost seeming to talk about a completely different world...

The strange monsters appearing seem to attack with regard to the people of neither world and nothing seems to be strong enough to attack them. People have shut themselves in their homes and only leave through necessity of food or water in fear of the dark shadow monsters that lurk the streets. The Heartless.

With the world in complete chaos, it seems that things have begun to change in an effort to destroy the Heartless and fix the twisting dimensions of the worlds and bring them back together. Strange items have appeared to select individuals; weapons; seemingly there to fix the world that is falling into chaos.

The Key Blades, Shield, and Wand. Along with these weapons, legendary pokemon have been making attempts to show themselves to stop the crisis but had their powers limited and were sealed away into various orbs around the continents. Upon retrieval, they may be able to be used as summons for a short amount of time....

This is where you come in!

Side of Good
Your goal is to use your newly acquired weapon and journey from world to world in an attempt to find the keyholes and seal the worlds, bringing the worlds back together to connect the continents and set the worlds back how they should be. You will be fighting hoards of Heartless. Heartless bosses and you will be aided by the Protagonist Characters of the Final Fantasy worlds that you visit in each town.

Side of Evil
You will be under the leadership of Nasai Copland. An evil individual who discovered the ancient scripts of Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus. Nasai and his followers are responsible for tearing the worlds apart. Their goal is to capture all 3 of the legends to have control over all Space, Time, and Creation. At the current, the group already has control over Palkia which has caused the dimensional tears which combine are combining the two worlds. Once he combines the worlds, he aims to control the time and creation and rule both worlds at once with an iron fist.

Dewford Island / Besaid Island - FF10
Celadon City / Balamb Garden - FF8
Mauville City / Midgar - FF7
Mossdeep City / Rocket Town - FF7
Ecruteak City / Wutai - FF7
Sootopolis / Espar - FF8
Olivine City / Alexandria Castle - FF9
Viridian City / Luca - FF10
Pacifidlog town / Fisherman's Horizon (FH) - FF8
Mt. Silver / Memoria Castle - FF9 *Final Area*

1. Basic PC rules apply. Not 4 sentences minimum. 4 LINES MINIMUM. Do not insult the other RPers by responding with half effort posts.
2. No god modding
3. Control of NPC's is allowed but be tactful with it, do it within character.
4. Drive Forms and Summons will become available through the course of the RP. The only one starting off with a Drive form will be Nasai since he's the main enemy. (give the heroes something to fight hard against!). Summons will also be obtained through out the RP.
5. If you continually demonstrate lack of being able to present an adequate post, i reserve the right to kick you from this RP.

Sign Ups! *finally!*
Description: (A picture will suffice if you can get one)
Personality: (Be descriptive, no generics please. 4 line minimum)
History: (Same as Personality. 4 lines)
Side: Good/Evil
Pokemon: (2 Max, theres a reason for it and no repeats of already accepted RPers.)
Weapon: (Keyblade, Shield, Wand)

RP Sample: (A sample of your writing! show it to me <3)

*My Sign Up*
Name: Nasai Copland (goes by Sai)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Sai is a very quiet, soft spoken boy when it comes to a typical social situation, that being said, he's also quite arrogant when it comes to facing an opponent. His good looks and calm face expression only bely his true malicious intent. He fights without mercy and without emotion. He gives the appearance of a typical high school student in order to complete his ideals with less resistance. Sai will never make a mis calculated move, and he will always retreat from a fight that isn't particularly in his favor. Although Sai is quiet, he is always silently plotting and thinking. Just waiting for his chance to make his move towards greatness.

History: Sai joined up with the side of evil after discovering his ability to wield the keyblade. The shape his blade takes comes from a small ornament his mother gave him as a child before she passed away. The ornament is simply a small premier ball replica. Before she passed away from a sickness, she made Sai promise that he would never be pushed around in the world and that he would do his best to succeed and claim whatever he wants. Those words became twisted and distorted through denial and sorrow as he watched his mother pass. Sai's mind began to change in unthinkable ways, all he could think of was dominating and taking what he wanted by force. He left home in the dead of night and set off on his plan for domination. Sai's intentions now are currently unclear but it is known that he's up to no good. The blade he carries takes the shape of a Black Oath Keeper.

Alignment: Evil
Pokemon: Glaceon and Scyther
Weapon: Black Oath Keeper Key Blade

RP Sample: I wrote it

Accepted RPers

1. Trainer Kat - Akihiko Ikeda
2. Umanouski - John Frawling
3. Marilyn - Raine Mancuno

1. Evkay - Nasai Copland
2. Citrus Boy - Ryusuke Takanaka
3. Jim - Ayukat Tajiri

Trainer Kat
February 11th, 2008, 3:32 AM
Name: Akihiko Ikeda [goes by Aki]
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: Akihiko (http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g26/RenoOfDaTurks/coolhat.jpg?t=1201902680)
Personality: Akihiko is secretly a sweetie. He’s awkward in social situations, and usually very quiet. Aki is shy, and it usually takes a while to break through the barrier he has created for himself. Despite this, he is actually quite popular with girls, though he seems oblivious to the fact. He can be apathetic, though he is usually on the emotional level of a girl. He cries without hesitation, and is seen by most to be a weakling. He takes many insults to heart, and will get upset by the smallest little thing. However, occasionally, something in Aki’s brain will snap, and he’ll go berserk. Akihiko is good-hearted, and will do anything to protect the few people he cares about.

History: Akihiko is a native of Ecruteak City. He was a mistake, to say the least. His mother had him when she was merely 13. Shortly after his birth, his father abandoned he and his mother, leaving them to fend for themselves. His mother had always wanted a girl, so she raised him as she would a daughter. Since he had no male role model in his life, he lacks the typical masculine qualities most young men possess. He always enjoyed school, applying himself wherever he could. Akihiko was burdened with most of the housework, as his mother was busy working two jobs to help pay for food and housing. Despite this, he always found time to do something productive. Recently, strange rifts have been appearing, and people have been walking around in strange clothes, almost as if they are cosplaying ninjas. Creatures have been appearing as well, and people have been staying inside. However, Aki feels drawn to all this commotion somehow…

Side: Good…for now.

Pokemon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb229.png, http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb227.png
Weapon: Pumpkin Head Keyblade

RP Sample:

“No, my fat-ass is fine, luckily you managed to scare them off in time,” Roisin smiled. “Anyway, Kat me-dear, should we get going?” Kat giggled once more.

"Well, Roisin, are you sure it was I who scared them? Your hair is rather frightful!" With that, Kat stood, Shinx tucked under her arm. She reached out to Roisin with one hand and lifted a strand of Roisin's bushy hair, a look of disgust smeared across her face. She dropped the lock and shook her head.

"Really, dear, you should learn to take better care of yourself!" She turned to the rest of the group, hands balled into fists and placed firmly on her hips. "Well, then. Let's head to Pewter," she began. "Then we can start to train, and maybe then we can hook back up with Kozue!" She offered up a sweet smile, though anyone in the room could tell it was fake.

The blonde was struck by a sudden chill, starting in her neck before traveling all the way down her spine, ending in her lower back. She turned to the door. A light blue color seeped through the cracks, spreading throughout the gatehouse. Where the color had begun to emanate, small ice shards began to form. As the small girl approached the doors through which they had entered, she began to shiver, even through the abundance of clothing that was draped around her body.

"Does anyone else feel that..?" She asked, her voice quivering. When the words escaped her lips, her breath was visible for one brief moment. She vigorously rubbed her arms, trying to stay warm.

Ugh, she thought. Maybe this is what it feels like to be on drugs. I seriously hope I'm not hallucinating.

Peering out the window, Kat noticed even the foliage begin to crystallize. There was no way she was imagining something this big. She had to investigate. She placed her hand on the door handle. Immediately, she withdrew her fingers. The handle was freezing. She retracted her hand into Fen's shirt, clutching the handle once more. It was cold, but she didn't run the risk of freezing her fingers off. She gave the handle a swift yank, an action which yielded zero results. The door was frozen firmly to its hinge.

"Gastly, Shinx, return," she said, pulling out their Pokeballs and hitting them with the beams of red light that shot out of the spheres. "Axel, hunnie, it's your turn." The small Charmander appeared obediently.

"Use Ember, Axel!" The blonde commanded. "Melt that ice!" The orange lizard nodded and turned towards the door. He shot a single flame at the door. The ice melted, though it re-crystallized almost immediately.

"Axel, try again! This time, more firepower!" Kat yelled. Axel readied himself. A steady stream of flames burst from his fang-laden mouth. The ice slowly melted away.

"Now's our chance!" Kat grabbed the door in her bare hand, pulling it open and ducking outside before the door had a chance to refreeze. Axel, however, was left inside. Her hand ached now. She was going to have to treat the burn when they got to Pewter. The outside was just as cold, if not even more frigid. The girl scanned the area. As she did so, small flakes of ice fell on her nose. She looked up, only to see a blue Pokemon flying gracefully through the sky. She wasted no time, whipping out her Pokedex and pointing it upwards.

"Information unknown."

"What do you mean, you don't know?! Junk!" The blonde scowled. "Well, I guess I'll just have to catch it and find out for myself." The Pokemon choice was a no brainer.

"Fearow!" She yelled, pointing his Pokeball upwards. "Go get that Pokemon!" The bird burst forth, flying straight upwards to reach the high-flying Pokemon. He didn't stand a chance. As he came within ten feet of it, his whole body began to crystallize. Fearow plummeted towards the earth, unable to do anything. The bird crashed, hitting the ground with such great force.

"No, Fearow!" Kat whimpered, rushing over to the fallen Pokemon. He was in bad shape. "Good job," she smiled, small tears coming to her eyes. "Now, come back." She touched the frozen bird with the button in the center of the Pokeball, sending it back in. By now, the ice had gone. The girl stood and raced back to the gatehouse, pulling open the door.

"You guys," she exclaimed, looking terrified. "Fearow's in bad shape. I have...I have to get it to a Pokemon Center...now..."

She didn't even wait for the others. She recalled Axel, whom had been waiting patiently for her return, before dashing over to the other door, pulling it open and darting towards Pewter.

Edit Oh, and, *cough* my Summon Orb = Darkrai. I'm officially reserving him.

February 11th, 2008, 8:44 AM
of course you're accepted, Kat. but we need more... MORE I TELL YOU!!! mwahahahaha!!..*cough* scuse me...

February 11th, 2008, 6:23 PM
Ayukat "Aya" Tajiri



Aya Tajiri is as classy as her name sounds.

The girl hails from a hugely rich family which reflects exponentially on the way she looks. The girl has pale skin like that of a porcelain china doll although it's usually hidden beneath a thick crust of highly expensive make-up and clothing. Her eyes are like a pool of dark chocolate, perfect in every way. Aya stands at about 5”2 and weighs a tiny bit over 100 pounds. Her hair is long -waist length- , straight, thin and most importantly the perfect. extremely jet black colour is so dark that light cannot escape it's surface.

She is usually expected to dress formal for every occasion but as she is away from the great house of Taijiri she garbs herself in a black, long sleeved, shirt with monochrome (black and white), striped sleeves. She wears equally as black, slim fit, denim jeans -which are retained by her Trainer's PokéBall belt- and to finish it off she wears a pair of high heeled black boots that elevate her a couple of inches.

When asked to define Aya in one word it's too difficult. When asked to define her in many the words that pop up the most are 'snob', 'soulless' and many profanities that are too unsuitable to be listed. She has utter contempt for people she views as unworthy, which tends to be most people in general. However as she was bought up she has utmost respect for anybody superior or at her level in the social ladder.

She's vicious and sarcastic when needs to be and is cruel to people almost all of the time, usually digging at their weak-points. Her personality is inspired by the way she was bought up. Coming from a very rich family makes her feel superior to everybody else and is partial to turn her nose up at people whenever. Aya always gets her own way, no matter what and is quick to drop names to impress people. Finally she can manipulate most people -especially boys- to do whatever she wants.

Besides 'superior' people she only shows respect and compassion for her best -and only- friends, her Pokémon.

She can pretend alter her personality completely depending on the situation.

Being the only daughter of Otomayim Tajiri Jr., Aya was one day expected to take over the hugely successful family business that was founded by her Grandfather, and as such she's very valuable and led a life of solitude; her only real human contact was that of family and extremely strict tutors. Ayukat was to be the best. At the age of ten Aya was allowed to finally -legally- own a Pokémon and leave on a journey, however her family was reluctant to let her discover into the huge outside world. Here she met her only two Pokémon; Furret and Banette.

To stay on the good side of the evil side; Aya's father -one of the richest men in the world- offered to fund Nasai's project. He rejected the funding and instead recruited Aya who was then trained to become a powerful wielder of the Dark Arts.


http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa162.png http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa354.png
Fine, you don't request personality, you don't get it D:

Hmmm... Nothing o.-

RP Sample:
Do I have to find one, we do RP together quite a lot D:

Edit: I'm officially claiming Magikarp Arceus Raikou for to summon, if anybody touches it I shall incinerate them :D

February 11th, 2008, 7:13 PM
Name: Raine Mancuno

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb7/Ayka06/1fa3a3cb.jpg

Personality: Adventurous. Anything that may seem exciting to her has to be done. She can't ever live a day without having gotten into some trouble or had some crazy experience. She usually gets in trouble at school, since she tries many of her daredevil stunts there.

She's jumped out of windows, climbed on the roof, painted herself pink, and began many of the best cafeteria food fights ever. You can say she is pretty popular, since everyone just loves her enthusiasm, and how she can make things like translating into french exciting. Raine is the class clown, and can make just about anyone bright and happy. She is pretty and smart, and thinks up clever things all the time.

When it comes to pokemon, here comes the serious attitude. She trains intensively, resulting in her winning quite a few contests and battles. She has travelled through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, the Orange Islands, and has made a visit to Fiore, to see Pokemon Rangers. She is very intent on keeping her pokemon healthy, and extremely strong, which they obviously are.

Although it may seem as though she is very strict and harsh towards her pokemon when she trains, she has a very strong bond with each of them, and loves them dearly. When she does not train with them, she likes to make them have fun, and often plays games with them.

History: Raine was raised in Pallett town with her three younger sisters and by her widow mother. Her father died a few months before her younger sister, Polly was born, leaving them in quite a shock. They of course regained their composure, and now love to remember their great father.

Raine has travelled a lot, and has not been home much lately, returning after long trips for just a few weeks at a time. But of course, we all now this is the life of a Pokemon Trainer.

Allignement: Good

Pokemon: Umbreon, Ninetails

Weapon: Staff

February 11th, 2008, 7:26 PM
woot! accepted and accepted.

Jim: Since you're evil and wont be fighting against the heartless and using magic... i'll allow the no weapon

We'll need a few more before we can start though. invite your friends....well other friends

February 13th, 2008, 5:21 PM
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February 15th, 2008, 4:02 AM
hey evkay if you want to change your identity change your picture...will you accept my form cause i dont want to waste my time...and well you always have something against me...atleast if it is good enough

February 15th, 2008, 8:31 AM
1. the name change isn't to hide my identity...if i wanted to do that, i definitely wouldn't have kept the same signature quotes, forum title, avatar, and profile. It was just name preference.

2. I have no personal bias against you, I treat every sign up the same, i'm just very picky about who i allow in. I enjoy RPing and i don't want to RP if i put a lot of effort into my posts and get half assed, 4 line, minimal responses in return. So if your sign up is descriptive, interesting, and not over powered, I would be more than happy to let you into the RP

February 16th, 2008, 11:37 AM
Name: Ryusuke Takanaka.

Age: 18.

Gender: Male.

Description: Ryusuke has shoulder length black hair that hangs in front of his eyes a bit, gray eyes, and has a slight tan. He is tall and slim, standing at 6'4, and weighing 143 pounds. He wears a white t-shirt, dark gray snug fitting pants, a black thin jacket, and a pair of black boots.

Personality: Ryusuke is cynical. He is cold hearted and ruthless, doing whatever it takes to get what he wants. He is cold and uncaring when he talks to people, and when he does talk to them, he usually does so in a sarcastic manner, getting under his enemies skin.

History: Born is Mossdeep, Ryusuke has always been cruel. When he was little he always laughed when he saw a kid fall down or somebody get hurt, and never showed any remorse. As he grew older he also became very cynical, not talking to people usually, but when he did, it was usually to say something mean. He lived like this until the night he mysteriously received his keyblade.

At first, Ryusuke didn't know what to do with this mysterious weapon, but eventually he was seeked out by Nasai Copland. They wanted his power as he was able to weild a keyblade. At first he wasn't interested, but then he learned of their dark plan involving legendary pokemon. Being the cold hearted guy he is, Ryusuke gladly decided to help, simply just to help cause trouble. Since then he has disapeared from his home and has devoted his life to the cause.

Side: Evil. (I like that we get to choose sides. :D )

Pokemon: Golbat, Persian.

Weapon: Keyblade: Deadly Evening. (I made it up, it has a black "blade" and it has a white blade at the end of it that curves towards the bottom of the sword, forming a hook like shape.)

RP Sample:
"Guh..." Herbert groaned and put his hand to his forehead. He was groggy and didn't remember what happened. He opened his eyes and looked down and say the bandage around his hand. Now he remembered: He had gotten into a fight with Gregory Smith, the annoying clerk at the local department store. He was at his friends part and began running his mouth, forcing Herbert to knock him out. He hit him a little to hard, spraining his hand in the process.

Herbert sat up in his bed and stood up slowly. He cracked his back and stretched. He was worn out from last night. He yawned and put on his red t-shirt that was laying on the ground. He then made his way to the kitchen, opening the fridge and taking out the eggs. He then bent down and pulled a frying pan out of the cabinent, along with the vegetable oil. He then began cooking two fried eggs. Once the eggs were done, he put the carton back in the fridge and fixed a glass of orange juice, and then grabbed a plate and took his eggs to the table.

As he sat there and ate, Herbert read the paper. He needed to get a new job, since he lost his job three days ago. He skimmed the want ads until he noticed an interesting one. "Security guard needed for department store night shift." It read. Herbert grinned and circled it. He then finished his meal and got up and washed his dishes. He then called the department store. In less than 7 minutes, Herbert had an interview at 10:00am. He got up, put on his coat, and grabbed his car keys. Things were looking up.

(Heh, sorry, that was kind of weird, but it all just flowed out.)

February 16th, 2008, 6:52 PM
Name: John Frawling
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Discription: http://www.gundams.net/files/pictures/char/duo1.jpg
Personality: Fun guy to be around. Loves to party and is a very likable guy. Somewhat immature around friends and others. Although he may have some life experience, he shows none of it during social hours. He is the life of the party. However, when there is business to be done, he makes sure he gets it done, with seriousness and maturity. He also has a minor alcohol problem that sometimes interferes with his ability to take care of what he needs to get done. He has however been trying to stay sober and has not had a drink in over a year but is always on the verge, especially at parties.

History: Although getting acceptance letters to tons of colleges throughout the Pokemon world, he did not continue with school after graduation. He immediatly embarked on the pokemon gym challenge without his parents blessing. As a matter of fact, they disowned him when he left. His parents are staunch "Pokemon Rights" activists and detest pokemon breeding and training in any shape or form.

Alighnment: Good
Pokemon: Gallade and Salamence
Weapon: Fairy Harp Keyblade. http://kingdomhearts.rpgplanet.gamespy.com/kingdomhearts1/media/keyblades/fairyharp.jpg

February 16th, 2008, 8:13 PM
alright, both of you will be Accepted

Although in future signups....I would like for the later applicants to try to pick something aside from a Keyblade.... i knew that i'd run into this problem

February 17th, 2008, 6:48 AM
(ooc: Sorry. I just figured a keyblade would be the best weapon for my character, and I saw the 4 spaces on the evil side, so I figured two keyblade users, a staff user, and a shield user.)

Trainer Kat
February 17th, 2008, 8:08 AM
Just a heads up, you need to put Jim and Marilyn on the accepted list. :]

February 17th, 2008, 3:56 PM
Name: Elliot Baker

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: (it won't let me post a picture yet, I just joined, I'll edit it in when I'm able.)

Personality: He's a pretty nice guy at heart, a little bit shy and pretty compassionate for the most part. He's courageous and chivalrous as well. Those things don't stop him from being brutal and cold in battle. He gets easily annoyed when someone says he looks feminine or if someone makes fun of his choice of Pokemon. He hates the world and wants to help reshape it. The death of the people, who he has nothing against, would just be a needed sacrifice.

History: He lived the sort of boring, normal life that many do until he was given his first Pokemon at 12. It was a playful little Spoink which, though he didn't ever get along with it, taught him to get out of his shy shell and learn to love the world like it did. That all changed when, as they were traveling, a small earthquake broke a dam and flooded the area. He and the Spoink were drawn under. Another pokemon he had caught, a Lotad, was able to pull only him up. The first pokemon he had ever gotten was dead thanks to a natural disaster.
After that he started to hate the world and wished he could do something about it. He was nowhere near able to control the pokemon like Kyogre and Groudon or Dialga and Palkia, so he decided he couldn't do anything about it. He was still the happy kid he was before with a little bit taken away, that little bit replaced by determination to somehow change the world.
When everything started, he knew that someone else found a way, so he set out to find that someone, Nasai Copland. He joined forces in hopes that he could help reshape the world.

Side: Evil

Pokemon: Ludicolo, Zangoose

Weapon: Shield

RP Sample:

"Well that's just... God... We're lost, aren't we?" Elliot sighed to the Ludicolo standing behind him and sat on the ground. There was just a flat, grassy expense all around them. The boy closed his eyes and sent out his Zangoose, then looking up to the sky.
"Well, this sucks." The Zangoose shot him a look that screamed 'Thank you, Captain Obvious' and looked around.
Why this day was so boring was what got Elliot the most. There were no Pokemon around, in the sky or in the tall grass. It was so quiet it was almost scary.
'You two can do what you want. Let me know if something happens, ok?" Elliot yawned and stretched back. The Ludicolo bounced happily and hopped over to the Zangoose, who backhanded it in response. It seemed to have no effect on the Ludicolo as it danced in circles around the Zangoose. The overly happy and quite ridiculous looking out of the two danced off into the grass and the other chased with an angry look and opened claws. Odd that these two were really the best of friends. The Zangoose treated its partner as if it was a Seviper.

Elliot felt his mind drifting off into sleep. The grass was soft and the air was crisp. The silence was actually a great luxury. No wild Pokemon always trying to jump him was nice. Right as the sleep was pouring over his eyeballs, he heard his Ludicolo crying out and something coming out of the grass. As he jumped up, for that second, time seemed to slow and the air rippled around him. His Pokemon reached his sides and he reached for his other Poke balls. They weren't there! He looked around on the ground, they weren't there either. What seemed like miniature black holes were opening up in the air. Little black creatures with beady yellow eyes - he almost mistook them for Sableye at first - were jumping out of them.

"Ludicolo, surf! Zangoose, use Crush Claw on that little group over there!"
Elliot had no time to think at all. He had never seen these before. They didn't even seem like Pokemon. There were so many, too. One appeared in front of him, it was a little bigger than the rest and had a little bit of armor on. It looked like a soldier. The soldier jumped at him and all he could do was hold up his arms. There was a flash of light and a red shield appeared over one of his arms, blocking the attack. Next thing he knew, his Zangoose took it out.
"Something's wrong here..." Elliot breathed, and his Zangoose shot him that look again.

February 17th, 2008, 5:41 PM
wonderful sign up, Supaso is definitely Accepted

I didn't expect the evil side to fill before the good side haha. I'd like 1 more on the side of good before we start, at LEAST. But of course signups will remain open until all spots are filled. heroes are born every day!