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Raichu Master
February 10th, 2008, 9:02 PM
Ol' RM is back and better than ever (actually probably not...but I got the old part right. XD)

Pokemon Evolution: Re-Loaded

Before I let you into what exactly makes this "Re-Loaded", you must understand the history of this RP, because you can't know what is new and improved, if you don't know what it was before hand. Thus I bring you *cue dramatic announcer voice* "The History of Pokemon Evolution"!!!!!


In all three rps, (yes, count 'em. Not one, not two, but yes, I said, three!) you were a character who could take on the power and characteristics of a Pokemon, though you could only mutate halfway, so that you were half-human half-Pokemon. You were placed in a modern day world, trying to do the best you could to be "normal". All of these humans were labeled as "mutants" by the outside world and forced to enroll in the Academy, which helped train these humans to control their powers and help them fit into society.

The gist is: think X-men Evolution, but instead of mutants you have pokemorph like character.

Now you may say, "RM, it all sounds good and all...but why is this called Pokemon Evolution: Re-Loaded? What makes it "Re-loaded?" You ask very good questions, did anyone tell you this? Well here's the answer to this one!


The problem with these rps (after going back and evaluating the plot), I found that there really was no plot, no goal for which they were to strive. There wasn't even any explanation as to how they got their powers in the first place. Well, now there is:

An organization known only as "Enigma" started preforming experiments on Pokemon and humans. This experiment introduced pokemon genes into a human specimen. After many years of underground research, Enigma came up with a way to genetically alter the human DNA, creating a new race. The project was called "Project Clone". In order to have the highest rate of success, the organization took babies from an orphanage. They would then re-insert these babies back into society.

Now these "experiments" are teenagers, living in the world of Pokemon. They have been rejected by the very culture that they were born into, and labeled as "freaks". In response to these accusations a group of compassionate citizens founded a University, where these humans could feel comfortable and cared for. This university also helped each of it's members control their powers and also helped them cope with the world.

Now you take on the role of one of these humans altered by the evil experiments of Enigma. Your path is yours alone. You can try to find out why this organization wanted to experiment on you and what they are trying to do, you can try to live your life as normal as possible, or you can even go out of your way to demonstrate to those who are "normal" exactly how abnormal you are.

Things to Remember:

1. You live in the world of Pokemon. So you will not only have trouble with coping in the human world but also among Pokemon should you choose to try to interact with them.

2. Instead of just being able to half-transform, you will be given the ability to transform completely into the Pokemon of your choice.

3. You can only transform into one Pokemon, so choose carefully, and from that Pokemon you can only have the powers of that Pokemon.

4. You cannot transform into a Legendary Pokemon, other than that, you can choose from the whole wide world of diverse Pokemon, so be creative!!!

5. I reserve the right to modify and add anything to this list, so be aware of what is to be done at all times!

Yay! Now that you know a little more about what is to be expected, you are probably saying, "I want to sign up! Sign me up! How do I sign up!? Where is the sign-up forms!?" Hold your horses there, my friend. Your wish is my command!


Name:This here is your name. Please don't forget it.
Nickname: This is your alias, what you go by at the University and what the others will refer to you as.
Age: 13-18, I like to keep this rp in the teens.
Gender: Are you male or female?
Pokemon: The Pokemon you want to be as well as the powers that you will have. (Please just have two or three)
Description: Tell me what your character looks like. (Please note that there has to be one feature or marking that makes him easy prey for harassment by those who are normal)
Half Description: What your character looks like when he or he is half-Pokemon, half-Human (Where you become a "freak" to others, like the tail of a Pokemon, or feet, or whatever you would like.
Pokemon Description: What your character looks like when he or she is a Pokemon (yes, keep in mind that your character is an outcast among Pokemon as well, so please be sure to list a distinguishing marking or feature when you are a Pokemon)

Ok, it's getting to be a pain for me to describe what I'm looking for. To be honest, I don't go through and knit pick through every single sign-up. But there are things that I look for. If you disagree with the way I do things, feel free to PM me. Well here it is, I'm making it's own little section so what does that mean? You READ it! Good, we have an understanding! :)

List of Things I Look for

1. There has to look like you've put time into it. Meaning that there are large paragraphs instead of a sentence or two.

2. I am looking for a good paragraph for the physical description and personality. If you don't do that, then it forces me to read it to see why you aren't putting more time into it. Look at mine and the others that have been accepted for what I deem as "appropriate paragraph length"

3. The half stage must have at least three sentences or more, it has to be pretty impressive for me to take anything less than that. The pokemon stage you can get away with just telling me what is different.

4. After I go through and size up the length your sign-up, I then look at the power to make sure it's not duplicated from anyone else and that you have a different pokemon than everyone else.

5. Next I look for what makes your human different. If it seems to much I make note of it. If it seems not enough I make note of that as well, and inform the individual.

6. After that I look at the half stage and the pokemon stage to see what your character looks like when he mutates, and then what makes him different from other pokemon in his pokemon form.

That's it. 6 things that you have to make sure you do in order to be accepted. I really can't make it any easier for you guys. So please read this.

Here is mine:

Name: Andrew McGracin

Nickname: Rai

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Raichu. Andrew can manipulate and generate electricity. He also inherited the speed and agility of his Pokemon counterpart.

Description: Andrew is a medium height for his age, though slightly shorter than average. He is slender, and naturally quick without his abilities. He is a rather pale young man, though he tries desperately to get a tan (it only works partially most of the time). He has short blond hair that is normally neatly combed and generally washed well. He is a neat fellow, and when I say neat, I mean clean. He has hazel eyes (green and gray), and takes great pride at how piercing they can be. His distinguishing mark is the rosy tint he has to his cheeks, though subtle, it can still be noticed when standing close to him, these are his hidden sacks of electricity.

As for clothes, he wears a simple light green t-shirt most of the time which is accompanied by a pair of blue jeans. His favorite article of clothing, however, is his running shoes, though they are old hand-me-downs, Andrew thinks highly of them. He can also be seen wearing a gray tee with a blue button-down shirt over it.

Half Description: When Andrew transforms his ears grow into those of a Raichu, which he finds least attractive, and rather bothersome, though they are pretty good at hearing. The rosy tint to his cheeks become more full and prominent, which signifies that they are ready to be used and ready to store any electricity that he may need. His combed here spikes up, which does nothing but show the electricity running through his veins and the static that is gathering on the top of his head. He also grows the tail of a Raichu, which he finds probably the coolest part of his abilities, he likes to tell people that this is where he gets his power to manipulate free flowing electricity.

Pokemon Description: Andrew appears to be a normal Raichu but when anyone, be it human or Pokemon, looks at his feet, he very clearly has five toes on each foot. He also has very human eyes, which makes him an odd sight to see only if you're a Pokemon, humans don't normally see the eye differences.

Personality: Andrew has a quick wit, and over-reactive brain, caused by the excessive about of electricity running through him. Because of all this, it normally makes him rash and quick to respond to stimulants. He has quick reaction times, and often responds before anyone can finish an explanation. He is generally fun-loving, and carefree. Andrew likes to think of himself as mature and grown up, he especially thinks he's a know it all, which gets on everyone's nerves rather quickly. Despite all these flaws, he is very by the book, and loyal to the University. He has deep concerns and questions about how he got his powers and what he has them, so he often goes out of his way to try and figure it out. He's a strict rule follower despite being reckless, but often finds loopholes within the rules to carry out his pranks, which hints at him being every so slightly manipulative.

February 10th, 2008, 10:29 PM
Name: Tyler (Ty) Kraft
Nickname: Blitz
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Pokemon: Charizard. Tyler can create flames at a whim, considering the proper environmental conditions are available. He also has the slightly above average strength of a Charizard and the obvious flight from the wings

Description: Tyler is a gentle looking boy with an average height of 5'7. He is very thin and weighs about 130 pounds. Tyler has brown shaggy hair which slightly covers his soft narrow blue eyes. He has deeply tanned skin and wears tightly fitting clothes. He has deep blue jeans that fringe at the bottom and cover a pair of brown boots. He wears a slim fitting black t-shirt with an ironic flame symbol on the center of it and a slim bomber jacket over it which he leaves unbuttoned. Tyler's defining feature is the fact that he actually he has very long fangs that tend to protrude from his upper lips when he's not careful. He always keeps them hidden whenever possible but can accidentally pop out when he starts laughing. Most kids at school are afraid of him, dubbing him "Vampire Kid"

Half Description: Tyler's half form, as opposed to the minor transformation of his teeth in normal form, is undeniably obvious. Tyler sprouts massive wings from his back and grows a long tail from behind him which always sports the typical Charizard tail flame. Tyler actually has small slits cut into his clothes to allow transformation without too much difficulty.

Pokemon Description: In his full Charizard form, Tyler has very obvious differences from a typical Charizard. Although the main features are the same, the coloration of his human skin does not change. Instead of the Red or Black color on a normal Charizard, Tyler has the same brown skin tone that he has as a human. Also, a human wouldn't notice, but Tyler's Charizard form actually does still has 5 fingers. A normal human would even notice this after watching him closely. Humans think of him as just a rare Pokemon when they see him in full form, but the fingers are a source of mockery and disgrace among the other Charizard.

Personality: Tyler is quite confident in his abilities as a Charizard and is slowly learning to embrace what he is. That being said, Tyler hasn't fully accepted the fact that he's different from every one else. He is always trying to date normal girls and hide his hands from them but something always happens to reveal his identity. Tyler usually attempts to be quite the ladies man through chivalrous acts and courtship. He's a very kind and generous person and rarely loses his cool. Very much different from the usual 'hot head' persona (pun intended). Although Tyler doesn't lose his cool, he is not opposed to fighting. He will always take a stand for his friends and fellow altered friends regardless of the danger to himself. As a side note, his wings are his most prized feature about him. He's always grooming them and making sure they're in prime flight form.

February 11th, 2008, 3:36 AM
Name:Daniel Raiyen

Nickname: Marina

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Gyarados. Her lungs had been specially designed to take oxygen from both air and water, granting her the ability to breathe and talk underwater. She has unimaginable strength for her size, but it can betray her as it cannot be fully controlled. She had accidentally crushed the bones in the hands she shook, she might try to move heavy objects but found herself using human strength because she was unable to unleash the sea monster strength at the moment.

Description: Daniel is average height for a fifteen year old girl, but weighs more than twice as much. Her well developed muscles are the main reason for the abnormal weight. Her short black hair barely touches her shoulders. Daniel has purple eyes, a result of adding Gyarados red eye genes to her original blue eye genes. There are white fins lining the sides of her legs, from the knees right down to the ankles. To conceal the fins, Daniel wears trousers most of the time. Usually, she wears a blue T-shirt, green sneakers and cargo trousers. Daniel doesn't bother looking good as she thinks it's pretty pointless.

Half Description: Three dark blue horns poke out of her head. The rage of Gyarados becomes prominent in her eyes when they turn red. Daniel's limbs becomes blue with yellow spots. White fins appear at the sides of her forearms. It's not clear why she could not move at all in this form.

Pokemon Description: Her tail splits into two at the end. True Gyarados treat long whiskers as a sign of power. Daniel has no whiskers and she is only 5 meters long. That is about 10/13 of average length for Gyarados, or, her 17 feet compared to the average 21 feet. Therefore, she is considered rather weak by other Gyarados.

Personality: She tries to be laid back and relaxed, but the outrageous albeit natural amount of adrenaline her body produces prevents her from feeling peaceful most of the time. Daniel has worries about her genetic structure. She thought she must be treated as a joke by the scientists when her DNA was altered. She's given a boy's name: Daniel and Raiyen (which sounds like Ryan), and paired with Gyarados DNA, not Milotic, not Bellossom, not Blissey. Highly curious, Daniel looks at everything as if it's the last thing she sees, examining every little detail closely. She is one of those people who cannot sleep properly if one of their questions are left unanswered. She is hyperactive as well, it's torture for her to sit still.

Like Gyarados, she has a dynamic personality. Daniel can be highly competitive if she wants to. She hates losing, but hates cheating even more. More often than not, Daniel leaps before she looks. Daniel does not like to be forced, and prefers to follow her own pace and style. She truly appreciates herself as the only thing she doesn't like is her unpredictable power. And for the same reason, she avoids physical contact with anyone as much as possible. Daniel lets everyone else perceive her as they like. She can be lazy, smart, nice, mean, stupid, crazy, and she doesn't care.

February 11th, 2008, 4:02 AM
Reserve me- I'm going to be a Salamence hybrid.

Trainer Kat
February 11th, 2008, 4:04 AM
:x I'm doing this right before school...would it be possible to stop here and reserve? I'll finish in three hours.

Name: Ashleigh Deveaux
Nickname: Cyclo [as in Cyclomancy. xD]
Age: 16
Gender: Female.
Pokemon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa282.png Gardevoir. Ashleigh has the power to read minds and, thus, sense feelings. However, since it's a newly acquired power, she doesn't have much control over it, and can hear multiple voices in her head at one time. As a result, she often suffers from severe headaches that cause her to stay in bed. Ashleigh also can mildly heal wounds, though she doesn't yet have the skill to fully heal someone who's been injured, unless they only have a few scrapes. She has the ability to temporarily erect a barrier as well.

Description: Ashleigh (http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g26/RenoOfDaTurks/631386947_l.jpg?t=1202750022)
Ashleigh Deveaux is a beautiful girl, to say the least. Medium length blonde hair adorns her head, spilling down over her shoulders. It is extremely shiny and soft. Her pale skin sharply contrasts with her lovely pink lips. She wears a white tank top with spaghetti strap sleeves, showing off her white shoulders. She wears a camouflage mini skirt that reaches just barely to mid-thigh. Under that is a pair of black leggings, over top of which, she wears sand colored Ugg boots. She's small, weighing approximately 90 pounds. At only 5'1", Ashleigh looks extremely delicate. She would be your typical, beautiful girl if not for one thing: her eyes. Ashleigh has deep, crimson eyes, accompanied by severe markings on either side, almost appearing to be thunderbolts. The marks are dark, though she can cover them up with makeup and claim them to be scars. Often no one notices, but when they do, they begin to shy away from her.

Half Description: When Ashleigh is only half Pokemon, she is easily in her most frightening state. Her legs become enveloped in a flowing white cloth. This gives her the appearance that she is levitating. To top it all off, a giant red spike is jammed through her ribcage, just short of actually knocking any ribs out. Though her upper body hasn't changed at all, people become terrified, claiming she is possessed by a ghost.

Pokemon Description: Ashleigh doesn't differ much from your average Gardevoir. She does have one major difference, that being that the short, green hair that Gardevoir normally possess has stayed Ashleigh's natural platinum blonde color. Other than that, she appears to be a normal Gardevoir. Despite that, even the Pokemon don't accept her, since her hair isn't a shade of green or blue.

Personality: Ashleigh is a kind-hearted individual. She cares deeply for those around her, and she has a great sympathy for the people who have had any form of hardship in her life. Ashleigh used to be quite popular. She was on the cheerleading squad, and everything seemed to be going as she wanted it. However, she soon entrusted her then-best-friend with her darkest secret--she could become Gardevoir. Her friend freaked, and soon the rumor spread like wildfire. Ashleigh was cast as a freak. Even though she was mistreated horribly, she still cares for those who hurt her. She seems to lack the capacity to hate. Because of the way she was treated, she can be very shy, and doesn't feel she can completely trust anybody ever again.


I kind of wrapped history into personality as well. Ordinarily I would have only given her two powers, but since she has no way to fight, I gave her the barrier as well. That way she can help in battle.

Raichu Master
February 11th, 2008, 8:11 AM
I will reserve spots for you guys. Though let it be known (and I should have posted this on the intro) that even when the rp starts people can feel free to join, because it is completely acceptable that new "students" in the university will appear. So please don't feel the need to have to reserve a spot, because there really isn't a due day.

That having been said the rp will begin most likely at the end of this week, conveniently (hopefully conveniently at least) on a saturday. But it may start earlier or later at my discretion.

Kat and Ev you both are accepted. :)

Trainer Kat
February 11th, 2008, 8:20 AM
I just thought of something--should there be a rule that says only one person per Pokemon?

It'd be boring to have half the RPers being Lucario morphs. xD

February 11th, 2008, 9:00 AM
i edited my appearance a little bit, i didn't like the 3 fingers at all. But uhhmmm Raichu can you make an OOC thread for this? :D that'd be wondrous

Minos Yewman
February 11th, 2008, 10:11 AM
Name: Matt Arcon
Nickname: Malon
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Metagross, along with the physical stregth and a small amount of psychic power.
Description: Malon is slightly taller than average for his age. He has short untidy brown hair. He wears casual clothes: a green T-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of rather worn white trainers. Even when human he has the red eyes of Metagross.
Half Description: Malon keeps his general body structure but his skin takes on the texture of Metagross.
Pokemon Description: As a pokemon, Malon has the rather obvious fault of still possesing a small patch of hair on his head.
Personality: Malon enjoyes the company of neither people nor pokemon. He prefers to be alone to perfect his skills. He accepts that he is what he is and simply wishes to get the best he can out of it.

Star Girl
February 11th, 2008, 10:49 AM
Name:Dana Dragona

Nickname: Draga

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Dragonite. She has the ability to fly through the air along with the power to release energy beams and shields. Both of her energy powers are still unstable but she is slowly gaining control of both. She mostly ends up erecting the barrier when she is in danger. Along with slowly learning how to fly while conquering her slight fear of heights in secret away from the eyes of curious people.

Description: Dana is a fairly average looking girl. She has red hair that reaches her waist that is usually worn loose to cover her ears and bright green eyes. Her skin is slightly tanned but not enough to really stand out. The tan mostly comes as a result of healed sunburns since she is pretty sensitive to the sun. She stands about 5'10 and weighs about 180. She normally prefers to wear a white t-shirt with a picture of a blue dragon on it along with a pair of blue jeans with white running shoes. She would look like most people if it weren't for a few things. Her nails are constantly pointed to the point where they can easily scratch people and no amount of filing can get them unpointed. If the fingernails are clipped they return to their normal form by the next morning at the latest. Also her ears are sharply pointed to the point where it is noticeable unless her hair is uncovering it up as it usually it is which is the reason why she always wears her hair loose (think of a typical elve ear). The nails and ears usually cause her to be teased alot and causes other to shun her which makes her extremely cautious of appearance and contact with other humans.

Half Description: The most notable thing of her half-way form is the fact that she gains a pair of wings, compared to other wings they are small yet large enough to easily be noticed. The wings are powerful enough to allow her to fly through the air for a good distance. Also her skin becomes a yellowish color and gains a small horn around the same color in the middle of her forehead along with a pair of anteanneas.

Pokemon Description: While her skin color is the same yellow color of most Dragonites as are the antennaes and the horn, similarities end after that. Her wings are a red color that matches her hair color as a human where a Dragonite's wings are normally a greenish blue. Also her eyes are a bright green. Her belly is also the same color as her wings.

Personality: When she was young she told a really close friend of hers about her secret. Said friend freaked and told alot of people about it before overall abandoning her. This traumatized her for life transforming a once outgoing friendly little girl into the girl she is today. She is now extremely shy and is reluctant to let others get close to her. The few that do manage do get close to her find a friend in her for life. She also has a major lack of confidence problem. She is an extremely intelligent girl but due to her lack of confidence in herself rarely answers questions prefering to simply perform through her work. Despite her shyness she is a kind girl who does like to help others when she is having her more brave moments. On a strange note she tends to make a sound similar to a squeak when she is startled or scared by someone.

Note: No I didn't get the idea from the Gardevoir application for her personality it just turned out similar.

Raichu Master
February 11th, 2008, 12:07 PM
Star, you are accepted.

MY, look at the profiles of those who have been accepted. It is that kind of detail that I am looking for. Please edit your post

Charley Silent
February 11th, 2008, 4:02 PM
This rp looks great!

Name:Ippiki Ookami


Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pokemon: http://www.legendarypokemon.net/images/rs/376.pngAbsol
Ippiki has the speed and stealth of his Pokemon but he also inherits his quiet nature so not many people talk to him as much. As for physical features, Ippiki has the blade that comes from Absol's head and sometimes it pokes people in the head. He has Absol's black dot on his forehead and a black curved tail like Absol's.

Description: http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs18/300W/i/2007/213/3/b/Absol_and_Mightyena_by_DarkEchoes.png
My character is the boy on the left. The form shown is his half description. Ippiki has black hair as shown in the picture and blue eyes, which turn red like Absol's when he gets mad. In his human form, Ippiki usually sports a black hoodie with a wolf head near his shoulder, vibrant blue jeans that have near his knees and stylish vintage crawlers in brown. On his face, Ippiki has a nose with a little bump on it's left side, lips that are sometimes suffering from chapped lips and unfortunately has Absol's black dot on his forehead. Normally, he can hide it through his black hair but in certain instances he can't hide it and it comes out.
Half Description: As shown in the picture, Ippiki has Absol's blade coming out of his head, but his black dot is covered by his black hair. He has Absol's white mane coming from his neck and sonce he doesn't want to look abnormal, wears a white suit over his clothes. On his hands and feet, there are black spikes as if they were Absol's feet and Ippiki still has Absol's tail on his back.

Pokemon Description: As an Absol, Ippiki dosen't have that much differences, but the ones that he does have are BIG. Unlike his other forms, Ippiki dosen't have Absol's black dot on his head and his blade is shorter than other Absol's blades from their head. Also, he has 5 spiked toes instead of the regular 3 that other Absol's have.

Personality: Since he inherits Absol's quiet nature, Ippiki dosen't talk much to others. Because of this, he's not friends with many people in the university and does many things in his spare time. During important times, he can focus on the main concepts and get things done. Though some people may not like it, Ippiki is a follower of the rules by most of the details. But if they have flaws that don't go with him, then he won't follow. And at certain times, if he sees that other mutants such as himself are being picked on, then he does his best to protect them. He does NOT like to see other mutants get bullied. Finally, Ippiki has problems with other mutants being close to him, which is why not many mutants approach him. If he lets anyone in close to him, then that proves that they've earned his trust.

February 11th, 2008, 5:18 PM
Name: John Mandrake

Nickname: None

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Vaporeon. John can control water. He has the speed and agility of a Vaporeon, but only when he is in the water.

Description: John is 5'4" and is 132 pounds with a normal build. He has long blue hair that goes to his eyes which usually hangs in his face, dark sapphire eyes, and normal Caucasian skin.When his whole body touches water he gets webbed hands and feet which makes him an easy target, because even though he changes when he touches water, he can't stay away from it. Even though he has this dilemma, he joined the swim team and takes 1st place every time. Some judges are still debating if he can stay on the team because of his "changes".

John's clothes normally consist of a ruined blue shirt, tattered dark blue Carpenter pants, and sometimes he wears a torn blue bandanna to keep his hair out of his face. His shoes could pass as rags themselves and they too, are blue

Half Description: When John transforms, he can control water and even water molecules in the air (He is trying to find a way to control the water in human blood). His skin turns blue and he grows scales all over his body. He also gets gills on his neck and fins on his arms, head, and legs. He also gets small fanged teeth in place of his canines, and grows a long blue fined tail. Down his spine is a small blue fin (like on a normal Vaporeon). His 5 senses are slightly amplified and his eyes turn completely blue when he is trying to control any form of water.

Pokemon Description: John is a normal Vaporeon in every possible way except that he has two fins on the middle of his head, instead of one, and his scales are very dark blue, so Pokémon think he's strange and ugly.

Personality: John never had any friends expert for teachers (who still are on edge when they talk to him), so he never experiences any type of bond with any person, boy or girl. He also is very intelligent, and likes to think about things before doing them. He spends tons of time in the library and reads books, and they replace his need for any friends. He keeps to himself almost all of the time due to the mocking of the normals. John is careful, and is very precocious. He hates people that judge others without knowing them, which is what happened to him. He likes to think of himself as a mature young "mutant" adult, but other people say otherwise, just because he flips out because he can't handle the mocking. John desperately wanted parents, but as always no one will except him in their life, so he steals just to eat, or to obtain items. Most times he has to eat trash, and get his clothes out of the city dumpsters. He sleeps wherever he can, but he usually finds a nice quiet alley next to the dumpsters of the restaurants where he scavenges for his food.

Raichu Master
February 11th, 2008, 5:57 PM
*le sigh* Ok. Before I can take either of your post, I need several things done to them.

Silent, I'll start with you since you were the first one. I'll just make a list:

1. I don't like pictures, sorry I'm completely old school traditional, and pictures in a sign up for is considered blasphemy. However, I'll let it slide and pretend to ignore it seeing as how you followed up with what i deem adequate detail for the rest of the description.
2. For the pokemon description, the whole idea was to make the deformity almost unnoticeable to the human eye, but make it stick out in the pokemon realm, so that the pokemon reject him. So maybe give him back his absol feet and hands. The rest is fine with me.
3. For the human deformity, I only wanted one mark or something distinguishable. Something subtle but appears out of place. So could you just choose one of them for your character? Preferably the black dot on the forehead, but this is your sign-up sheet.

Now Kaishin:

1. More detail on your personality. I'm a little bit more lenient on physical descriptions. Just give more detail to his personality is all I ask.
2. Well it wasn't all I asked but as far as commenting on personality is what i meant. Add more detail to your half description.
3. I'm still deciding on whether I like the length and depth of your physical description for the human side. Since I feel like I'm being too anal, how about this. You fix up the half stage, and the personality and I'll accept it.

K? Good! :)

February 11th, 2008, 7:45 PM
Name:Vonndorff Blitzkrieg Sykorscki
Nickname: Vonn
Age: 18
Gender: male
Pokemon: Milotic. He can suppress anger on humans. He swims gracefully underwater and emits an eerie glow.
Description: Wears the usual Lab coat, with black undercoat and tie. He usually wears balck slocks and black leather shoes. Wears his hair in a funky fashion with blue bangs(untypical for a scientist). Vonn stands 5.4 feet and weighs about 45 kilos. Often looks serious because of his outlook. He always carries a red backpack with lots of pockets for latter use and also a large black attache case that's presumely his telescope. He wears a black army watch in his left arm. He never wears any other accessories because he said it will look ridiculous on him. He has an unusual optical aid on his left eye(which looks like a cyborg eye). He also has a pair of Milotic antennae on each of his eye, which he finds annoying and troublesome. This was the result of a freak experiment when he was a child.

Half Description: When he transforms, his whole body become rubbery and colored peach. He developed a beautiful tail and a face like that of Milotic. He retains his limbs except the hands became fins, the remains of the fingers are below it. He retains his optical aid and has longer side fins. He develops dorsal fins and gills. And surprisingly, he emits an eerie glow at night. His clothes will just dissapear when he transorms and reappears when he change back.
Pokemon Description: He looks like any other Milotics except for his O. A and a skyblue colored eye. He has 8 tailfins instead of 4.
Personality:Vonn is a timid person. In fact he rarely interacts with all sorts of people. He's intelligent and quickly decides what decision he makes. He is also adventurous and likes to go to wild places like Mt. Coronet and the like. He is curious about oddities and usually investigate and experiment them. He is very coldhearted in arguing. Although he's like this, he is quiet humble and never gloats like most people do. He thinks nothing but himself his pokemon, and his studies.

February 11th, 2008, 8:37 PM
Name: Ace Affinity
Nickname: Ace
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Scyther, Speed, Agility, and stamina are the main parts of Ace. Although he can not hit hard, his speed makes up for it. Ace's father always said that alot of smaller hits are better than one big hit.
Description: Ace, He wears the color green alot. He usually wears a Camoflauge Army Uniform, without the cap or badges. His shoes are gray and red. His hair is spiked and is jet black. He is really tan and is 5'8" tall. His eye color is yellow and often changes to red during battles. He has an unsual scar on his left palm left there from when he was little and attacked by a flock of birds. Ace is mostly noticed by how his eyes are larger than the average human eye.
Half Description: His right arm becomes a scythe and he grows wings strong enough to ride on the wings. His Legs both change into a pair of legs that Scyther normally has.
Pokemon Description: He is a Scyther that has failed to evolve during evolution. He has slightly red-tinted exoskeleton, often shunned by both society of Scyther and Scizor. Other than the color of his exoskeleton, he is smaller, has smaller wings, and larger scythes.
Personality: Ace isn't much of a social type. Although he becomes really social when he is the leader of a group. He loves to fight, abused as a child by older children when they found out he was a "Freak", he often fights to be noticed and for people to think of the positives of his gift instead of the negatives. As a child, he was attacked by a flock of raging Fearow almost killing him, just as he was about to die by a shiny fearow, his father stepped in and sacrificed his life for Ace. As Ace saw this happen before him each time he is about to make a major descision, he often wonders if he will ever sacrifice his life for another person he respected.

Woot! finally got that done.

Raichu Master
February 11th, 2008, 9:45 PM
It's late, I don't even know why I'm even up. I should be in bed because I have a morning class tomorrow. Well anyway, neither of you, with your forms the way they are, will be accepted. I have added another section to the first post. Read it carefully and then resubmit your form if you'd like.

February 12th, 2008, 12:00 AM
I'm done editing..........

February 12th, 2008, 12:30 AM
My sign up = done

Anything unacceptable, tell me. I'll fix it as well as I can.

Charley Silent
February 12th, 2008, 3:51 AM
I've edited my post the way you wanted it. If there's anyhting else, just ask.

Raichu Master
February 12th, 2008, 9:46 AM
StarLatias, you are accepted congrats! :)

Charley, thanks for editing your sign-up. Two thumbs up for you.

Quasar. More detail on the half stage...and then you'll be good to go.

February 12th, 2008, 3:10 PM
And now to do something I don't do often: create a completely new character!
Name: Florita Hawkeye
Nickname: Violet
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Roserade. Violet's oddly-coloured fingernails secrete poison, much like the poison Roserade has. Also, her middle fingers are capable of sprouting short thorny vines, which secrete the same poison.
Description: Violet calls herself Violet because of the straight, dark purple hair that runs down to her shoulders and tapers off in places near the front. This is accentuated by her striking blue eyes, which in fact look very similar to Roserade's eyes--shape-wise, at least. (Not to mention her eyebrows and eyelashes are both dark green--maybe this is a standout feature.) Anyways, Violet's skin tone matches that of the inside of an almond. Violet herself is just about five feet tall, somewhat thin in figure, and... Well, that's it, unless you want me to go into one or two makeup details. ^_^

Violet's usual outfit consists of a little short-sleeved shirt with a certain pattern of green and black that suggests the appearance of looking through trees in a moonlit forest. Over that, a denim jacket with sleeves that are almost too long for her; under that, tight-fitting jeans that flare out on the bottom, a shiny purple belt with silver hearts on it, and black shoes with green laces. Oh, and there's a rose design on one of the pockets of her jacket--is this a giveaway...?

If it isn't, one other thing might be: her fingernails. Violet doesn't need to paint them--the ones on her left hand are naturally blue, and the ones on her right hand are naturally red. Oh, and also, for some reason, her hair feels much like flower petals when touches, and always smells like roses--even without perfume or shampoo or anything.

Half Description: When Violet's in her half form, her hands become Roserade's red and blue flowers, and the rest of her arms turn green. Her jacket somehow disappears and is replaced with Roserade's cape. A small pink rose sprouts out of her head--but it doesn't completely cover her head nor replace her hair.

Pokemon Description: As a full Roserade, Violet is quite a bit taller than average (3'7", specifically). Her eyelids, neck, and feet are black instead of yellow, her eyes are still blue, and her cape is wider, so that she can wrap herself up in it, but not trip over it. Also, the rose on ehr head is a deep purple rather than white--it is that feature that makes her especially stand out against other Roserade. Let's see, if there's a large group of Roserade... Violet's the tall one with the purple rose on top. Bingo.

Personality: Violet is not afraid to express herself, especially in the way of appearance and speech. She really could care less if someone thinks she looks a bit like a Roserade--she still thinks she looks pretty anyways. Other people occasionally think the same way, although it seems to her that 80% of those other people are men. Maybe scent does it... Anyways, Violet is otherwise a rather quirky, individualistic individual (whoa, that was redundant), and has hardly any problems with talking to people.

Violet certainly doesn't see why other people would make fun of her, but perhaps the problem is that she seems to be unaware that people even do make fun of her. Often times she'll still try to make friends with someone who constantly bombards her with name calling. On the same note, she'll most likely keep talking to someone, even when they tell her to shut up. Violet certainly can be annoying at times, but at least she's, erm, interesting to talk to...? Well anyway, if someone makes fun of her enough that it really becomes threatening, Violet might finally get the point that she's being teased, and then become frustrated for a short while. She doesn't have a huge anger outburst--the most she'll do is glare or growl at the person, or a slap in the face for the really unfortunate ones... or *transforms into Roserade* if it gets to the point where her life or integrity is in total danger.

Let's see, what else is important to know about Violet...? Oh, whenever she feels attracted to someone, she tends to gaze at, smile at, or even wink at him. Let's see, what else... Oh, Violet is a vegetarian. And... Oh, Violet has always wanted to be a fashion designer, but there's a fat chance that'll ever happen...

OOC: I hope I included enough there!

Digimon Kaiser
February 12th, 2008, 3:20 PM
Name: Takuya Motomiya
Nickname: X-Grey
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Rhyperior. He has the brute strength of a Rhyperior, along with the abilities to control earthquakes and shoot rocks from his hands.
Description: He had dark brown hair, greenish eyes, and decently tanned skin. He wears a brown shirt with gray sleeves, and red orange pants. His shoes are a strange off-white color. The feature/marking that sets him off is a mysterious scar that is cut in half by his right eye. He seems to have a large build.
Half Description: He grows Rhyperior horns, and Protector parts on him, with his elbows sticking out and holes appear in his palms. His skin becomed much darker, his teeth sharper, and his body becomes rock hard, and his eyes crimson.
Pokemon Description: He is like a normal Rhyperior pretty much, only with numerous battle scars, the most notable being the one on his right eye.
Personality: He is honest, never lying. However, he may be a nice guy, but NEVER get him angry. He may end up killing you. He will kick your ass hard if you mock him, if not kill you. He's like the Hulk, only becomes more Rhyperior like. He also happens to have a soft side, and is a loyal ally.

Raichu Master
February 12th, 2008, 3:23 PM
OOC: You are accepted, Ninetales. Welcome to the rp! :)

OWA, if you aren't going to read the whole first post, please don't sign up. If you haven't any questions use the the OOC thread or pm me.

It is time to begin! But let me re-iterate that this rp is always open to people joining! So feel free to jump in when you are accepted!!! :)

IC:Andrew McGracin, stepped into the University expecting an insane asylum, instead he found a well-furnished mansion. Walking past its elaborate gate to the lawn, Andrew took in his surroundings. There was a beautiful flower garden on the front lawn, which captivated his attention the whole way to the front door. It was truly a work of art, and whoever constructed this place spared no expense making it the most beautiful place the young lad had ever been. What touched his heart most was that someone would have put this much time into making a place such as this for a person such as him. It was truly beyond Andrew’s wildest dreams.

“You must be Andrew McGracin,” said a calm soothing voice as the boy entered into the University. Stunted by the richness of the facility, Andrew nearly forgot that he had been spoken to. Looking at the man who had addressed him, the boy quickly sized him up. In front of him was a very stout man, old by his wrinkles but his eyes told of a youth that would never burn out. He was a charming old man, and seemed a kind soul just by the gentleness of how he said the boy’s name.

“Yes, sir,” was all that the poor boy could get out. What else was he suppose to say? How could he say anything else? He was completely overwhelmed, and it was completely the opposite of what he was expecting. He was still nervous how he would be accepted in the new place, since he hadn’t been accepted anywhere else. “You can call me, Rai,” Andrew said at length, still forcing out every word.

“Rai, eh? Very good, my boy!” the man said with a warm welcoming smile. Patting Rai on the back he ushered the youngster to the living room, which had a nice warm fire lit and comfortable armchairs and couches positioned around the fireplace. “You’re just on time to help me welcome the others. My name is Dr. James Vinton, you may call me what you like, however. I am head of this University, and I’ve been waiting patiently for you. While we wait for the others, why don’t you show me what makes you special,” Dr. Vinton explained in his soft tender voice. Andrew was beginning to like this old man.

Looking him over one more time, now that Rai had a chance to adjust to his surroundings, he found that Dr. Vinton wore a very rich red robe with the initials JV embroidered in big gold letters. He also seemed to walk on a cane, though the man seemed healthy enough not really to need it, but Rai wasn’t sure since he just met this man. Forcing himself to focus on the request of Dr. Vinton, Andrew hesitated to do as the man asked.

“Er…ok…” Andrew said shyly as he slowly got off the armchair that he was loathe to give up. With one last calming breathe, Rai clinched his fist has he began to focus. Slowly a wiry tail began to grow from behind, and out through the already made hole from his last transformation. His ears began to grow, and his hair to stand up on end as the rosy color in his cheeks brightened intensely. After it was done, Andrew couldn’t help but be ashamed of what he was.

“Brilliant, my boy! Very go-“ Dr. Vinton was about to continue to compliment the boy in hopes of alleviating some stress but just as he was about to form a word things began to grow out of control.

Rai let go of his concentration at the compliments and the reservoir of electricity let out. Static jumped from one finger to the next and began to jump into the air and onto furniture, threatening to set the place ablaze. “Alakazam!” Dr. Vinton said in a rushed and hurried tone, yet seemingly not surprised, “You know what to do!”

Alakazam appeared out of a pokeball and soon his eyes started to glow. Andrew could feel himself calming down and that he was slowly turning back into his normal self with the help of this pokemon. “Not to worry, Rai. No harm no foul. Now, let us wait for the others!” Dr. Vinton said in a pleasant voice as he returned his pokemon to its pokeball.

Sir Aaron1017
February 12th, 2008, 5:34 PM
Name: Sophie Blake

Nickname: Jewel

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Espeon. Sophie can use psychic powers when she transforms, and her speed is greatly enhanced.

Description: Sophie is 5'6 and weighs... well, she doesn't know, but she is skinny, somewhere around 110 pounds. She has long white hair, and is usually hanging in her face, but she puts it behind her ear to be able to see. She wears long blue jeans with holes randomly placed throughout them. Her black shirt is ripped on the bottom, so it shows her stomach on the right side. Her vision is very poor, and she wants glasses.Her skin is naturally tan, which makes the off set of her hair seem vastly different. Her eyes are violet which seem to belong to someone older and wiser.Her voice is very soft, and it sounds like she is almost singing all the time like it is almost enchanting. The thing that sets her off is that no matter how much she tries to hide it, all her teeth are very sharp, like those of a cat, and she usually licks her lips. Her fingernails are also sharp.

Half Description: When she is half, her hair turns black which seems to be held back by lots of hair spray, and she gets a green gem on her forehead. Her eyes change to green to match her gem. She is shorter, and is hunched over. Her front hands turn into paws, and when she moves she crawls on all four, which seem very natural to her. Her muscles get stronger, so she uses her nails to climb up walls, which help her when she needs something to eat. Her vision is also greatly enhanced so she can see things that are farther away than most people can see.

Pokemon Description: When she fully transforms, her fur is black and shimmers in the light. Her eyes are completely green, and the gem on her forehead is green. She is normal size. She communicates through telepathy, and is often mistaken for an umbreon. The reason that other Pokémon hate her is mostly due to how she looks, although she has tried to use purple berries to hide her fur, they can still tell. She prefers to be fully transformed because she is warmer, and she has more power.

Personality: She is shy and is very quiet, and is the one that is picked out last in a room full of people. She never wants to participate in anything that involves talking, so she usually reads to increase her intelligence. When she is confronted by bullies, she turns her head, hides behind her hair, and cries, which happens a lot. Most teachers or adults try to help her, but that makes her feel like she needs the help, so she usually yells at them and refuses to ever speak to them again. Her true friend is the librarian at the library, but she always tries to avoid Sophie because her eyes give her the creeps. She hides in the back of the library when it is closing time, and reads all night. When she sleeps, she goes into the employee break room and into a dark corner, where she covers herself with anything she can find. When the Librarian comes in, she sneaks out while she is buying a candy bar in the break room, and then runs off to find something to eat, which she usually steals, or begs for, and more than often, a man at a restaurant leaves her food on a bench in the park, and after he leaves, she runs and grabs it, and eats it behind a bush.

Raichu Master
February 12th, 2008, 5:58 PM
Kaishin and Aaron, you are both accepted. you both are welcomed into this rp! YAYNESS! :)

February 12th, 2008, 6:04 PM
Hey RM I'd like to join but I'm having some difficulty in choosing the pokemon I want. >< But I definitely want to be apart of this RP...it sounds like it's going to be extremely awesome!

February 12th, 2008, 6:10 PM
Tyler walked slowly through the front gate of the university with a bag of his belongings slung loosely over one shoulder. It was a beautiful day out; the clouds were floating gently overhead and a soft breeze blew through the air. It was a perfect day to be starting a new life. His steps thomped softly on the paved walkway leading to the door. He looked around as he walked, looking towards the garden at his side, which brought back slightly humorous memories of learning to control and manipulate fire. He chuckled to himself as he stepped up to the large doors of the building. He took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh before entering.

He stepped inside and scanned the room momentarily as he entered. After a satisfactory glance around, his eyes finally settled on the two people in the room already. An elderly man, and a boy with a long thin tail and long ears that were slowly receding back into his body, clearly returning from a transformed state. Upon seeing the boy's tail, let slip a wide fang filled grin. At the sight of the grin, the elder man let out a loud belly laugh.

"HAHAHAHAHA those fangs! Young lad, you must be Tyler Kraft! Welcome, welcome!" He said in a warm welcoming voice. "Dr. James Vinton here, the man who invited you to my wonderful university!"

Tyler instantly straightened up at the mention of that name. He had the feeling of needing to present himself well in front of the man who had offered to take him in. "Um... please sir, just Blitz will be fine." Tyler squeaked out softly.

"hahaha very well then. No need for such formalities, Blitz. Please, follow suit, please show me your abilities!" The Dr. requested, excitedly.

Tyler twitched at the thought of releasing his power. He looked around cautiously as a bad habit, then hesitantly, hunched over and clenched his eyes shut and fists into a ball.

First things to appear was a thick tail that shot out and landed with a thud on the ground behind him. After that, bulges on his back began to appear, that folded out into an expansive set of wings. Finally the tip of his tail sparked into a small ball of fire. Tyler sighed in relief at a successful transformation, then stretched his arms over his head, showing his incredible wing span. He held out his palm and concentrated, forming a tiny sphere of fire in his palm.

"oh very nice, Blitz! i see you have some control over your abilities already! Excellent Excellent!" the Dr. exclaimed.

"thanks doc... i had to learn or else i'd burn my home down..." Tyler said looking at the ground. He instantly perked up again and shifted his eyes to the other boy in the room. Tyler gave his wings a mighty flap, sending a gust of air through the room. Another bad habit he had picked up from when he gets excited. "Hi there, looks like we're going to be seeing a lot of each other, whats your name?" He said to the boy with another fang filled smile.

Trainer Kat
February 12th, 2008, 7:08 PM
Ashleigh let out a sigh as she stopped outside the University. Clenched tightly in her fists was a duffel bag, containing whatever possessions she had decided to bring. Her green eyes took in her surroundings. The University was beautiful. A lot of money had obviously been put into its creation. The ornate front gate loomed before her. The University was flanked with small gardens. A cool breeze misted through the air, causing the blonde to withdraw her hands into the small grey hoodie she had thrown over her tank top. Certainly, Ashleigh didn't deserve to attend.

Slowly, she lugged the duffel bag up the paved walkway. It was heavy, and put a lot of strain on her tiny arms. Eventually, she made her way to the monstrous doors. They were just as heavy as they looked. Throwing all her body weight into the action, she managed to push open the doors, gaining entrance into her destination.

The inside was just as beautiful as the outside. Tables were even decorated with flowerpots. It was a small detail, but nonetheless, it brought a smile to Ashleigh's face.

"Hello, young lady," a voice called from the other side of the room, seemingly directed at the newcomer. The elderly man who was now approaching her radiated kindness. As the corners of his mouth turned up into a smile, the corners of his eyes followed suit. "I'm Dr. James Vinten, and I run this fine establishment." At this, he chuckled slightly before adding, "I'm the one who invited you to attend." He opened his eyes to take in her appearance. Instantly, his eyes locked on hers.

"Oh?" He exclaimed quizzically. "What interesting markings you have." He brought his hand up to her face in order to examine the small zigzag pattern that graced the corners of her eyes. Ashleigh flinched, squeezing her eyes shut as his fingers drew near. "Don't worry, dear, I don't intend to harm you. Judging by these markings, I'm guessing you are Ashleigh Deveaux, correct?"

"Y-yes, sir," Ashleigh stammered.

"Well, Ashleigh, I've heard that people call you Cyclo. Would you like me to continue using the name?"

"I-If you want." Truth be told, Ashleigh hated the name. It only served as a reminder of what she was.

"Well, if you wouldn't mind, would you demonstrate your abilities for me?"

Ashleigh looked around the room. Two others, both boys, were standing in the room with her. She didn't want to reveal her form to anyone, least of all strange boys who would go on to do god knows what with the information. She merely nodded. The blonde closed her eyes and focused. Her chest burst forward as a spike emerged from her ribcage. It hurt every time, a sharp, stabbing pain that made its way from her back, all the way down to her toes. Her lower body became encased in a flowing white cloth that hid her legs. When the transformation was seemingly complete, Ashleigh looked at the head of the University nervously.

"I...I can't do anything physical...but I..." She bit her bottom lip, creating a small cut, out of which a droplet of blood emerged. At this, a small gasp of pain escaped her lips. Bringing her slender fingers to the open wound, the tip of her fingers glowing, she closed the wound effortlessly.

Ahh, I see! She's a cleric of sorts! These thoughts were obviously coming from the old man.

Healing. Pretty cool. She pinpointed this voice as coming from the brunette with the fangs.

"I-I suppose...I've never thought it was very cool..." She said timidly. At that she shut her mouth. Slowly, she transformed back into the small blonde before retreating into a corner on the opposite side of the room from the two boys. Already, she could feel a headache coming on.

OOC: I had permish to give Evkay's character a thought Ash could read. :]

February 12th, 2008, 7:44 PM
As the bell rang, releasing the students from school, John hurried and jumped to his feet and was the first out the door. He ran through the halls to his locker, shoved in all his books, and then bolted out the front doors. He traveled down the sidewalk, looking at the ground, until he reached the entrance to the alley in which he slept in.

When he sat down to rummage through the new trash to find something to eat, the first thing he saw was a newspaper announcing the opening of a new school for people with "gifts". He sat back and read the whole column, and was interested in the prospect of a place where he could be accepted, for once in his life, for who he was.

His heart was pounding as he ran around the corner back to the school to get his stuff, when he ran into the principal. "Hello John, I hope I could catch you before you went home. Here, this came for you" she said, and handed him a letter with his name on it in fancy handwriting, and the address of the school he was in. "Huh," he said, puzzled, "I wonder who this could have come from, I have no relative." "I don't know, but it looks important, so I will leave you alone so you can read it." and with that, she walked away.

While he walked to his locker, he opened the letter that was so mysterious. When he finally got it open, he read:

John Mandrake,
I have been watching you and I would like for you to come to my Academy.
I hope that you will accept this application and come. There will be classes
that will teach you how to control your powers so you can achieve the most
potential possible.
Dr. James Vinton

"Wow!" He thought to himself. "I guess I'll go," He said out loud. He re-read the letter to make sure that he didn't miss anything, and he didn't. He checked the front of the letter, and read the return address. "Well, here goes nothing!" He mumbled, and without another thought, he walked over to the principals office and knocked. When she finally got to the door, he said, "Here, I wont be needing these anymore," and handed her his books. "Why not?" She said quizzically. "I am going to an academy that is perfect for someone like me" he said, and motioned toward the in-between of his fingers, as to say his "gift", which, of course, she knew of because she went to all the swim meets. "Oh, I will miss having you on our swim team, but I guess that this is for the best," and she reached down and gave him a hug before taking the books from him, and then she did something that he never expected she would do.

She grabbed his hand, and pressed some money into it, then closed her hand around his. "In case you need anything. New clothes, or a train ticket" and then she shut the door. He opened his hand, and when he saw how much the bills were worth, he almost dropped them. Some adults aren't too bad he decided. If he ever returned, he would find a way to repay her.

He ran to the train station after stopping to get something to eat, and buy new clothes. "One ticket to the Academy please," he said to the person behind the counter, and slid some money across to him. "Okay," and passed him back a ticket, and some exchange money. He hoped on the train, and rode silently there.

When the train stopped, John finally got off the train, and ran the rest of the way to the address of the Academy. When he stood in front of the gates, he walked slowly through, admiring the lay of the ground. He walked up the path, up the steps, and through the front door.

When his eyes finally adjusted to the light, he saw three kids, two boys, and a girl, and an old adult. The girl was losing the last trace of her half-form, which had lots of white. "Uhh, Hi!" He said, "Is this the Academy where I got this letter from?" He held up the letter, and a look of recognition swept across the old man's face, who he assumed was Dr. Vinton. "Why, yes it is. You must be John Mandrake. Why dont you show us your powers?" He said to him.

John looked uncertain, but did what he asked. He focused, his clothes dissapeared somehow, and the dark blue scales appeared all over him, also a tail, and blue fin that ran along his spine. "Amazing!" Dr Vinton said astonished. John slowly looked around the room, and saw a glass of water sitting on the cofee table in the center of the room. He focused on it, and his eyes turned completley blue, and the water slowly rose out of the glass, and started to swirl in an intricate design around the room. He slowed it down, and set it to rest in the cup again, and began to turn back into human again.

"Very good!" Dr Vinton said, impressed. "Thanks" John said meekley, and walked away towards the the back of the near a bookshelf, picked up a book, and then sat on the floor, where he started to read.

February 12th, 2008, 8:12 PM
Finished again, I hope...

Sir Aaron1017
February 13th, 2008, 6:32 AM
((OOC: I forgot to mention that she had a tail in Half-mode. Sorry!))

As a sound disturbed her slumber, Sophie woke up quickly and hid behind the chair that was behind the table in employee room of the library. A woman with orange hair walked in, and headed over to the vending machine, where she proceeded to buy a candy bar. The door is always left open, so she was able to sneak out without making a sound. She walked quickly through the rows of shelves that were bursting with books, and threw the front door open, and ran out into the sunlight.

When she tired out, she slowed to a walk, and found herself near the park where she usually found the food. On the bench was the elderly man that brought the food, and on his lap was a new pair of clothes, and a big jacket that was white like her hair. She walked slowly to him, and sat down, but on the other end, as far away as she could. "I got these for you," he said, sliding the items across the bench. She slowly reached down and picked them up slowly. "My wife bought them for you. I was hoping that you would move in with us. We never had kids, and we hope that you would say yes" He said quietly. "I... I don't know," she said in the whispering voice that few ever heard. "We understand if you don't want to. You can still have the clothes, though" he said smiling. "By the way, my name is Henry Wiggins," he said, and extended his hand toward her. She just stared at it, so he gently lowered it back onto his lap. " OK, but I get to stay out as long as I want, is that alright?" She whispered again. "Of course!" He said with much excitement, it was almost a yell.

Ten minutes later she was sitting in a house with the elderly couple, watching T.V. A news program came on, and the anchor started talking about a new academy that just opened for people with "gifts". Both of the adults looked at her, and then the man spoke again. "We know about your gifts, and we would like for you to go to that school" He said in a steady voice. "How did you find out?" She stammered. "We have been watching you. The owner of the Academy is a friend of ours, and we told him about you. If you hadn't said that you would come live with us, I would have told you there in the park," He said. "Oh..." was all she said.

One hour later, she was on a train to the academy. A car was waiting for her, sent by the Wiggins, which drove her the rest of the way. When the car finally came to a halt at the big golden gate, she stepped out, and walked carefully up the path to make sure that there were no traps or holes that would make her fall. Without any trouble, she reached the steps, and quickly opened the doors, slipping between them, and then quietly shutting them behind her. The room was filled with more luxuries that she had ever seen in her life. She was going to walk over to a painting to get a better view, when she head voices coming from a room off to the side of the main entrance. She began to creep forward to a doorway where the voices were coming from, and peered around the corner.

A man was staring straight at her, and smiling. "Hello, I am Doctor James Vinton, owner of this fine establishment. I have been expecting you. The Wiggins just called and told me you were coming right before I heard the front door open. I take it you are Sophie Blake?" the man said. "Yes, I am. Pleased to meet you," She said, turning on the charm. "Would you please show us you abilities?" He said. When he said "us" she finally noticed he wasn't alone in the room. There were three boys, and a girl. She started getting nervous, and turned to go, but something stopped her. A voice inside her head that she had heard earlier. It was Mr. Wiggins telling her that he was their friend, so she turned back toward him, and walked the rest of the way into the room. She focused, and instantly her hair changed to black, and her eyes turned green. A large green gem appeared on her forehead. Her hands turned to black paws, and a twin-tipped black tail shot out from behind. Finally, she started to crouch over. Her transformation was complete. "Do you have any powers?" Dr. Vinton asked. "Of course" she said through telepathy. She focused on anything that could be lifted, and sure enough, things started to rise off the floor, including some of the people in the room. After a few rotations around the room, she gently set them back on the floor where they had originally sat, and changed back into a human, her white hair all over her face. She reached up, careful not to scratch herself with her nails, and pushed it behind her ears. "Wonderful! Is there something we can call you?" the Dr. asked. "Yes, Jewel," she whispered, and gently started to walk forward with feline grace, and sat on the couch.

February 13th, 2008, 7:24 AM
OOC: So far, this is what the accepted list should look like:

Andrew McGracin "Rai" Raichu - Raichu Master
Tyler (Ty) Kraft "Blitz" Charizard - Evkay
Daniel Raiyen "Marina" Gyarados - StarLatias
Ashleigh Deveaux "Cyclo" Gardevoir - Trainer Kat
Dana Dragona "Draga" Dragonite - Star Girl
Ippiki Ookami "Wolf" Absol - Charley Silent
Florita Hawkeye "Violet" Roserade - Ninetales
John Mandrake "" Vaporeon - Kaishin
Sophie Blake "Jewel" Espeon - Sir Aaron1017

The bolded ones had posted here IC.

IC: Daniel stared at the grand building. It's going to rebuild her life, and she already liked the look of the place. At least it doesn't look like hell or prison. She's promised a bright future here, so she excitedly packed her belongings into her backpack, unable to wait for the day. The bag contained a lot of items, but its weight cannot be entirely felt by her muscular shoulders and strong back. Here she was now. So what was she going to wait for? Daniel took a quick walk outside, admiring at the flower-filled garden, the majestic statues, the beautiful fountain. Finally, she walked in and followed the pathway.

Daniel wandered around aimlessly, as she had no real idea where to go. There was a room, doors wide opened. Daniel walked slowly towards it, not knowing what to expect. She stood beside the door and looked into the room. There was a big fireplace, and even that was fancy. Some armchairs. A few couches. One old man. Five teenagers. Three guys and two girls.

The old man had noticed her. "Hey, Daniel Raiyen! Come in."

"Call me Marina." Daniel walked in. Her feet were taking uneven steps now as the mischievious part of her physical energy released itself. A lot of pressure in the left step, completely human step on the right. She was wondering how he knew her name.

"I am the founder of this great academy, Dr James Vinton." The old man held out his right hand, like he was offering a handshake. Daniel ignored it. No way was she going to do physical contact, especially when she didn't see the need to, even if it others are going to perceive her as rude.

"Doesn't that bag look too heavy for you?" Dr Vinton set his soulful eyes at Daniel's bag. He had probably also noticed she hadn't broke a sweat.

"Not really." Daniel muttered.

"So, Marina, would you like show us anything special about you?" He must have noticed her unique purple eyes as well. By that Daniel wondered did the old man meant special powers. Daniel lifted her trousers a little. They had been hiding the white fins that lined her legs. Now everyone can see them.

"That's all?"

Daniel knew by now he definitely meant special powers. Without thinking, she stomped once with her left foot. She knew the sea monster energy was at her feet right now, and she felt a stronger presence at the left than the right. Whether it wanted to help her or humiliate her, Daniel had no control over that. The floor had a small crack. Daniel waited for anything to happen. Dr Vinton can snap at her. At least she'll never be forced to demonstrate her powers again.

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February 13th, 2008, 7:27 AM
Decided to start from scratch. I probably won't be accepted but its worth a try.

Name: Matt Arcon
Nickname: Aeron
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Aerodactyl, with a small amount of power over winds and the obvious ability to fly in half and pokemon forms.
Description: Aeron is slightly taller than average for his age. He has short untidy brown hair. He wears casual clothes: a green T-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of rather worn white trainers. Even when human he has grey skin of Aerodactyl which is slightly harder than normal skin. This tends to freak most people out so he has come up with the cover story that it is a 'rare skin disease'.
Half Description: Aeron keeps his general body structure and wings develop down from his arms as well as his mouth changing to resemble Aerodactyl's. The grey of his skin also becomes more obvious. Aeron does not like this form because it is not fit for long distance flying or practical for everyday use.
Pokemon Description: Aeron is shunned by pokemon not only because Aerodactyl died out millions of years ago, but also because he has no front legs, instead having enlarged back legs.
Personality: Aeron enjoyes the company of neither people nor pokemon. He prefers to be alone to perfect his skills. He accepts that he is what he is and simply wishes to get the best he can out of it. He sometimes abuses his powers to scare people for fun. His favourite activity is flying as it is the one time he feels free of all the pressures of life. He is also slightly nocturnal, prefering to sleep during the day to escape from any teasing that might go on.

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February 13th, 2008, 10:33 AM
Dana sighed as she arrived back at the apartment that she shared with her "grandmother". Her "grandmother" was in actuality an elderly woman that everyone referred to as "Grandma Lucy" who had taken pity on her a couple of months back allowing her to move in with her. They were not related at all Dana had simply lucked out on her part on meeting the woman.

The apartment was located on the poorer part of town meaning the rent was low which was good for Grandma Lucy since no one would ever take Dana as an employee. The apartment itself was a small apartment only two rooms and the two usually took turns sleeping on the old mattress in the bedroom with the other sleeping on the couch. Most of the time Dana slept on the couch not wanting to be a bother to the kind elderly woman who had some health problems of her own. Living with her had been hard at first and Dana had freaked when Grandma Lucy had caught her using her powers by accident but the woman had not spoken of it and thus she didn't speak of it either. In fact it was almost like it never had happened

"Welcome back, Dana. How was school today?" Grandma Lucy greeted as she walked in.

"Okay I guess. How was work today?" Dana asked. Grandma Lucy worked at the local dry cleaners only a couple of blocks away from where they lived.

"It was good. Dana I need to talk to you about something," Grandma Lucy.

"Uh sure I guess," Dana replied while thinking, 'Oh no, she must want me to move out.'

"I am friends with a man by the name of Dr. James Vinton. He recently opened an Academy for kids like yourself. I am actually a scout for the academy, looking for people like yourself who are "gifted". He just recently opened the academy to the students and he wants to extend an application to you," she explained.

"A school for kids like myself? You mean like other kids who can fly?" Dana asked.

"Not fly perse not all have a Dragon type in their blood. So not all of them will have the same powers as you. But they will have powers," Grandma Lucy.

"All right I'll go," she said after thinking for a few seconds.

"Good. Now I all ready bought your train ticket. It leaves in an hour and a half so that should give us enough time to get you packed and down to the station. From there you will have to walk to the academy but its a short walk from your destination so it shouldn't take so long," Grandma Lucy explained with a slight smile.

Dana nodded as the two began to pack her stuff that she was taking with her into a spare bag that was large enough to hold her belongings.


3 hours later Dana was stepping out of the train at the station near the academy. Shifting the bag that she was carrying the bag with one strap on her shoulder. She broke into a nervous jog as she made the remaining way to the gates of the school. She paused at the doors for a second before opening the doors and slipping into the building. The first she noticed was the extravagent designs of the building before she noticed the other people that were in there. There were six teenagers and an old man. With the teenagers there were three girls and three boys individually.

"Ah, Dana Dragona I presume! Lucy told me you would be arriving around now. Welcome to the Academy. I am Dr. Vinton I am sure Lucy mentioned me," the man greeted her.

Dana slowly nodded her head shifiting nervously watching the other teenagers out of the corner of her eyes.

"Would you care to show me your powers, Dana," Dr. Vinton asked her bringing her attention back to him.

Dana slowly nodded her head before concentrating on her half-form. Her skin turned from a slight tan to a yellow color all over her body. On her head formed a horn and two anteanneas that showed up. Out of her back grew two wings that were similar to a Dragonite's wings except for the fact they were slightly larger and were a reddish color that macthed her hair where there was normally a blue-green color. She sighed slightly staring back at the man before saying, "I might be able to show you one of my powers but the other I don't feel comftorable showing because it is kind of hard to control."

"All right then show me the first one and then will discuss the possibly showing of the second one, okay?" He said.

Dana nodded slowly as she closed her eyes she tried to focus energy on her hand to form a shield like she had done against the bullies back home. After several minutes of trying she managed to concentrate enough energy to form an energy shield. Big enough to be noticed but too small to do any good against enemies. Dana sighed when she saw the size of the shield. It was one of the better ones she had been able to make without being in danger but it was still smaller compared to the ones she had used before when bullies were picking on her. Dr Vinton eyed the shield for a second before, "So energy shields then? I am going to guess that you can usually construct shields that are bigger when you are in a different environment?"

Dana nodded her head slowly before saying, "That was actually one of the bigger shields I have been able to construct in a calm environment."

"Aw now about the other power," Dr. Vinton began to say.

"Its energy beams," Dana said simply.

"Ah, yes those would be unstable if one doesn't know how to properly control them. But I think I have an idea to rectify the situation. I can release Alakazam to create barriers so you can give a small demonstration without causing her damage," Dr. Vinton suggested.

Dana thought for a second before nodding her head. Dr. Vinton released the Alakazam who quickly put up the barriers around her and after a few seconds she was ready for the demonstration. Once again she closed her eyes and placed her two hands on top of each other several inches apart and began to concentrate again. After a few minutes a small ball of energy had formed in her hand and she reopened her eyes before letting the beam loose. The barriers prevented it from doing any damage but it could easily be teld that even for something that small it was fairly powerfull.

"Ah wonderful demonstration," Dr. Vinton as the barriers went down and Alakazam was returned to his Pokeball before adding, "Now is there something you wish to be called?"

"Draga," Dana said.

"Well then welcome Draga. Go join the others while we wait for the remaining people to arrive," Dr. Vinton said. Dana nodded again before going to sit down with the other teenagers that were in the room.

February 13th, 2008, 4:40 PM
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Violet was sitting in the classroom in school--she was in the middle of a math exam. The classroom held about thirty people--roughly four rows of six or seven desks each. Violet sat in the very front row, next to a nerdy girl wearing glasses and a grey jacket on her right, and a handsome-looking boy with fairly long black hair to her left. Two desks over to her left was a girl who hated Violet more than anybody else, because she had a crush on this boy, who happened to be Violet's boyfriend. Whenever the teacher wasn't looking, the girl looked at Violet and stuck her tongue out. At least it was better than the finger, which she occasionally did outside of class. Good old--or should I say bad young--Mary Chan. Violet always called her by her full name when talking about her ("Aww, it's Mary-chan again!")--that prissy redhead who always wore too much makeup. Outside of class, Violet often sang to her as she passed by: "Mary had a little Lam, little Lam, little Lam" because the boy's name was Lam. But obviously she could not continue the song, because Lam did not have "fleece as white as snow"--black hair and light tan skin and the fact that he looked goofy in white certainly did not fit. But Violet did occasionally continue the song with "Mary had a little Lam, but now that Lam is mine".

That song was in Violet's head as she worked on the last math problem on the test, where she had to find the integral of a certain function. (This was specifically a calculus class, one open to high school juniors and seniors who wanted college credit.) Violet couldn't help but snicker at the fact that the first part of the equation was e to the power of x, not to mention that an integral sign looked like an S. Apparently Lam had gotten this joke, and was smiling at her. Ahh Lam, the little Prince Charming who looked like he could be a goth, but was rejected by all goths because of an "unfitting personality". Lam looked very awkward to practically everyone except Mary and Violet. Okay, so the black trenchcoat was okay, but the shiny purple pants and a necklace with a circle of purple roses on it? Since when did boys wear jewellery?!?

After the class was over, there was still a history class left before the day was done. However, the previous day, Violet had told her history teacher that she would not be able to make it to class, because she had to leave for a meeting at another academy. Anyways, she and Lam walked out towards the parking lot where Violet's flashy purple motorcycle sat in the shade of an oak tree.The motorcycle had two seats so Lam could ride with her, and there were roses on the sides of the handlebars. But Lam did not ride with her this time--he had a class to go to, and later had to endure the burden of taking the bus home with the other kids. But he was happy for Violet--he always knew she was special. Both of them were little outcasts in this rowdy and quirky little school--Lam because he just didn't seem to fit anywhere except with two eccentric girls (both of which were quite popular), and Violet because she was technically a Roserade hybrid.

As the two walked by a group of other students, they waved at Violet and laughed. Violet occasionally hung out with these seven girls, these seven popular girls of the school. You had to some outstanding things in this school to be with this group--and Violet's outstanding performance in talent shows, special bond with grass-type and poison-type Pokemon, supposedly "hot" appearance (especially with the purple sunglasses she sometimes wore for fun), and the fact that she always smelled like roses just asked for initiation into it. Lam really wasn't seen as one of the more popular guys, but he wasn't marked a loser or a freak at least, like Violet was by some of the less popular students. No matter how pretty she might be otherwise, one would have to admit that those fingernails were kind of creepy... and no matter how handsome Lam might be otherwise, one would have to admit that that necklace was going too far...

"Bye Blackjack," Violet called to Lam as she put on her purple sunglasses and rode away. She sometimes called him "Blackjack" as a cute little nickname. Perhaps it was because she was really lucky to have him. Anyways, Violet zoomed down the city streets, so excited that she went way above the speed limit and ran two red lights, sneaking away from one or two cops in the process. It wasn't very long before she found herself at a small airport. Parking the motorcycle in a dark garage, she entered a small building near a bunch of Drifloon-shaped blimps.

"Ah, Miss Hawkeye," the ticket collector greeted as he received Violet's ticket. "This way please."
The ticket collector led Violet to one of the colourful blimps--this particular one looked like a yellow Drifloon with red tape across its mouth. Anyways, soon Violet entered the small car that was attached to the balloon-ish blimp, and the pilot got it into the air...

It was a pretty long ride--the Drifloon-shaped blimp floated over a large forest, next to a flock of migrating Wingull, over the ocean, around a thunderhead that hovered over the ocean, over a crowded beach, over a large city, over a few smaller towns and the plains, and eventually landed in another city. It was here that Violet took a taxi to the academy. She got out, walked through the garden... Wow, it was a very beautiful and lavish garden. Nearly every type of flower imaginable bloomed here, from the exotic birds of paradise to several types of the more common poppies. There was also one section devoted to roses, Violet's favourite flower. Well, if she was a Roserade hybrid, she had better like roses! After literally "stopping to smell the roses", Violet proceeded through the front doors of the mansion-like academy, where several other teenagers, an Alakazam, and an older man stood. The man, who was wearing an elegant robe with the initials "JV" on it, stepped forwards to greet the new entry at once.

"Welcome to my academy, Miss Hawkeye," he said as he shook hands with her, immediately recognising the bright red fingernails on her hand.
"Apparently 80% of adults call me 'Miss Hawkeye' nowadays, while thank goodness nobody calls me Florita. (I hate that name.) Practically everyone else that knows me calls me Violet."
Many of the other people in the room were surprised at this denim-clad girl's enthusiasm and energy, and the stylish way in which she folded up her sunglasses (with erh fingers barely peeking out from her overly long sleeves) and put them in her little shiny lavender backpack.
"Ah, Violet, eh? Welcome Violet--I am Dr. James Vinton. Now, how about showing me what you can do?"
Violet raised her eyebrows at this statement.
"You mean show you my powers?" Violet asked. "I don't think you'd want to see both of my abilities--otherwise I might end up killing someone in this room. Buuut..."

Violet took a step back and knelt down onto one knee, crossing ehr arms in front of her chest in an elegant fashion. Her jacket seemed to recede into the back of her neck, but after it did, a long, dark green cape erupted from the back of her neck, falling gracefully on her back. Meanwhile, a little pink rosebud crept out from the very top of her head and bloomed. After this was done, Violet stood up--when she did, her arms turned green. Then she held her arms out with her fingertips facing upward--and a bouquet of bright red roses sprouted from her right wrist and replaced her hand. Meanwhile, a thin, snakelike vine covered in thorns erupted from her left middle finger, twisted around a bit in the air, and then receded back into her finger. Then, a bouquet of blue flowers sprouted of her wrist to replace her left hand.

Violet smiled after that little demonstration, and Dr. Vinton clapped his hands in approval.
"My my, that certainly was a showy little demonstration."
Then Violet crossed her arms again, her hands replacing the bouquets that had been there before. The pink rose on her head opened further and became a shorter part of her dark purple hair that stuck up a bit. Her cape wrapped itself around her arms and became a denim jacket again. Finally, Violet turned around and walked towards the other teens, a bounce in her step. She made her way over to the couch, where a white-haired girl was sitting.
"Hello there," Violet greeted, extending a hand to shake. "I'm Violet. What's your name? And what Pokemon are you fused with?"
Violet wasn't sure how to word the Pokemon transformation thingy, but she figured this would suffice.

February 14th, 2008, 1:06 PM
Name:Whesker Dregab

Nickname: Wes

Age: 16.

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Linoone. Whesker has the ability to run incredibly fast...when running in a straight line, when he tries to turn however he normally tends to go flying into a wall but he often knows to time his turns perfectly because of his great sense of smell.

Description: Whesker looks like your regular, medium length black haired, blue eyed, sixteen year old teenager, well, weight wise anyway, his height however is another story, he stands at exactly 6 foot 3 inches which he classes as overly tall for his age. He usually wears a normal pair of blue denim jeans which are slightly baggy so they are held up by a black belt. He also wears a brown T-shirt with a strange white pattern that makes him wonder if the makers of the shirt know what the pattern means as it seems to be just a big mess. The pattern is usually covered by his brown jacket . His most distinguishing feature that sets him apart from others is his fingernails which have grown to quite a length and have grown sharp and always seem to be the same length all the time, no matter how many times he cuts them. He also has incredibly pale skin due to the fact that he doesn't like the sun; possibly due to his Pokémon counterpart being nocturnal. He will brave the sun if he has to.

Half Description: When he turns “Half” his hair grows down to his hips and they join onto a tail which grows out over his trousers unlike what people would think as what happens on television shows where the tail rips out of the trousers. His nails also grow longer and become sharper in his half form and his hair/fur becomes striped, half black and half white.

Pokemon Description: The overall shape and figure is the same as a normal Linoone, only one feature is different, and it seems to be a big enough reason for the other Pokemon to class him as an outcast and that is one stripe stays black in contrast to the usual brown and the other stripe stays white in contrast to the usual creamy colour.

Personality: Wes is an overall kind and gentle person but is mostly timid because of the fact that he only ever goes outside when it's dark and he is never allowed to go to any parties as his parents are afraid that his “special” features come out by accident and he embarrass his parents. The lack of social activity causes him to sometimes get unintentionally violent when he meets somebody and tries to impress them. He never means to hurt anyone but can do it accidentally when trying to show his affection as he often forgets that he has claws.

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February 14th, 2008, 4:58 PM
As Wolf got off from his train, he noticed the prestigous University building in sight. As he left the train station, he pondered. Why should I go here in the first place? ...,Well, there are gonna be other people with powers, like me. Plus, my old life sucked at my old place. thought Wolf as he approached the massive building. Outside the University, he saw some people waiting for him. As he got closer, he could see that there were 3 boys, 4 girls and a old guy. The old guy approached Wolf. "You must be Ippiki Ookami." said the old guy. "What if I am?" answered Wolf in a stern tone. "Let me explain." siad the old guy. "I am Dr.James Vinton and I am the one who sent you the letter inviting you to this haven for people like yourself." explained Dr.Vinton. "Oh ya, I remember that letter." said Wolf, recalling the letter.

Ippiki Ookami,

You have been cordally invited to an Academy for people with "gifts" such as yours, known as the University. At this facilility, you will not be exiled for having such powers, but accepted for your gift. The building offers fair meals, areas for your enjoyment and a room for yourself. (Just like everyone else here.) Should you choose to accept this offer, come to this adress to see the University for yourself and have a life of normalcy with other "gifted people".

"Practically forced me to come here." "What was that?" "Nothing!" Wolf exclaimed as he let out a sigh. "Well, Ippiki-" "Call me Wolf." Wolf interrupted. "Alright then, Wolf, let's see your gifted abilities." said Dr. Vinton. "Alright, you asked for it." said Wolf as his eyes started to glow red. Then, he got down on all fours as a coat of white fur formed over Wolf's clothes. An extra layer of fur made a mane on his neck. On his head, a black blade in the shape of a cresent had formed out from his hair. From his forehead, a big black dot had sprouted. On his lower back, a black tail curved, almost in the form of a sword grew. Right above his hands and feet, on each side, three black spikes had been formed. Wolf howled as his transformation had finished."Owooooooo!" howled Wolf.

"Well, I can see why you're called Wolf. Is there anything else to your powers?" asked the Doctor. "Just watch me." said Wolf and with lightning speed, ran around the University on all fours. "I see, super speed as well. Very impressive, Wolf." said Dr.Vinton. "Thank you, said Wolf as he reverted to his human form. "Now, why don't you go wait with the other students, alright?" asked the Doctor. "Might as well." answered Wolf as he went with the other kids.

February 15th, 2008, 4:38 AM
Name: James Stone

Nickname: jak

Age: 16

Gender: male

Pokemon: Snorlax. Has the ability to put others to sleep with just a yawn and cant be hurt fire, ice, or be poisoned.

Description: Jak is 5ft 1in tall weighs in at a whooping 220. Dont be confused by is weight he isnt fat its all muscle though he is a bit pudgy though. Jak has short black fuzzy hair it looks the same when dry or wet, no one knows the real color of his eye's bcuz he is alway's squinting just like the way snorlax is but what really makes jak stick out is the shape of his head it has more of a roundness to it then normal people and this is what makes others tease him. Beyond that jak wears a black t-shirt with a giant white circle in the middle , khaki cargo shorts, and black sandals instead of shoe's. Jak's shirt and shorts are often dirty because he sleeps outside under trees and on the dirt you can also find crums and stains on his shirt cause he is a messy eater. Jak is also found carrying a brown duffle bag around with him which contains and extra change of clothes or a helping of food.

Half Description: When Jak is in his half form gains the shape of a snorlax but doesn't grow in height, his body becomes round his hands and feet also become round. His stomach expands and engulf's his arms and legs until it reaches his hands and feet. His weight changes dramatically and though he is big he moves around pretty swiftly the only problem is sitting down when he tries to sit he leans back and just falls back. His skin is also changed to a blackish grey smooth type of rubber, the only thing that stays the same are his toes that go around his round feet.

Pokemon Description: Again Jak is transformed into a snorlax but this time he grows in height as well as in size and weight. Though he is slightly shorter than other snorlax's wat really seperate's him from the others is that he keeps his nose and eyebrow's and his skin is a darker color then the others.

Personality: Jak is an outdoors kind of guy he travels from town to town by himself sleeps under trees and looks up at the sky most of the time he doesnt really like to converse with others he keeps to himself unless he see's some one hurt or being picked on and then he'll come in and use his size to intimidate the bully but he ends up scary both the bully and the bullied. Jak is very kind and funny if you give him a chance to get to know you. though he travels alot and is outdoorsy he is very lazy so dont come and ask him to help out in any project's unless you offer some food, yes just like snorlax jak like's to eat and he has quite the appetite.

yes i finished so is it good enough.

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February 15th, 2008, 5:01 PM
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IC:One by one the others filed in. It almost appeared like it was all planned out, because whenever one teen as finished showing Dr. Vinton his or her abilities the next person came in. Andrew found that he didn’t have to wait too long before everyone had made an appearance. The lad looked over each one of them again; trying to see if he could remember which one had which power. When he thought he had everyone’s name remembered and everyone’s power sorted out he sat back in his chair content with himself. A flashback hit Andrew there. Slowly the current scene started to fade out before his mind and he was back in the orphanage that he had grown up in.

“What is that!?” came a shrill voice as the scene before him became more apparent. There was a long narrow room with beds on either side, and he happened to be on the farthest end. Something was wrong, because there was a woman staring in horror at him. Was there something wrong with him?

He watched at the woman grew more and more panicked and confused as she tried to race toward him, but then backed away and ran out of the room shouting, “Help!” Yet, poor Andrew couldn’t put his finger on what was wrong. What could have made that woman so scared? Then it hit him. He looked down and discovered that his tail and ears were out. Rai, then a boy who was just coming into puberty, had lost control of his powers for what seemed the thousandth time; however, this time was worse.

Smoke quickly filled the air, and to Rai’s horror he found that he had been shooting bolts of electricity through the air, igniting the beds on fire. As the scene faded, Andrew could hear the screams of adults and children as they tried to escape from the blaze.

“Well, now that we all seem to be here, why don’t I show you all to your rooms?” Dr. Vinton told the group, his voice penetrating through Andrew’s thoughts. At that the boy snapped out of his horrible daydream and shook his head violently, as if that would clear his head. Looking over, Rai realized that the doctor was already on his feet and moving up the elaborate staircase that was positioned in the entrance. Jumping to his feet, Andrew made haste to follow him.

Dr. Vinton reached the first room on the right side of the hallway. Turning around, he waited for everyone to catch up before stating, “Girls on the left which are the evens, boys on the right which are the odds. This room, room 101 will be John and Tyler’s.” Walking over to the next room, which was on the left, the Doctor announced, “Sophie, this is where you and Dana will be, room 102.” He then came to the right side of the hallway again and said, "Ippiki and Andrew, this will be in room 103.” Dr. Vinton moved to the girls’ side again and told everyone, “Room 104, this will be Ashleigh and Florita’s room." Skipping over the next boys dorm, Dr. Vinton came to room 106. "Daniel this will be your room. I must apologize, but since there is an odd number of people, you'll be dorming by yourself for the time being. I hope this isn't a bother."

Turning to the group, Dr. Vinton smiled softly at the group. He couldn’t help but fondly think of them as his children, and they had only been there for a few minutes. “Please join me in the dining room. I have a meal waiting for all of us, and it will give us a time to socialize. Your stuff will be moved to your rooms while we talk, so please, don’t worry about what you’ve brought. Now, we don’t want to let the food get cold now do we? So let’s be off!” After that, Dr. Vinton headed down to the dining room.

By this time, Andrew was feeling more comfortable with this group, and being a sixteen-year-old boy, he looked for the nearest girl to attach himself as he followed Dr. Vinton. Looking around, the first girl Andrew saw, and remembered the name of was Ashleigh. Rai introduced himself, “My name is Andrew McGracin, you can call me Rai though. Everyone does, though I must admit that that “everyone” is only a few people. You must be Ashleigh, right?”

Reaching the dining room, Andrew realized that this was more of a banquet hall than a dining room. There was a long table that, to Rai’s amazed mind, seemed to stretch on forever. Rai offered Ashleigh a seat, before taking his, obviously thinking how smooth he must be.

Trainer Kat
February 15th, 2008, 9:29 PM
Ashleigh watched intently as the other hybrids demonstrated their abilities, each more unique than the last. Thankfully, no one had made an attempt to talk to her--they had all gone straight over to the group and allowed her to stand peacefully in her corner. Her attention drifted back to the others as Dr. Vinton began to make an announcement.

“Well, now that we all seem to be here, why don’t I show you all to your rooms?” At this, he began to make his way up the ornate staircase. Ashleigh was quick to follow, and soon found herself in the middle of the pack, a place where she was not quite comfortable. Her cheeks flushed, and she walked silently, stair by stair. Soon, they had reached the first room.

“Girls on the left which are the evens, boys on the right which are the odds.” He rattled off the names, pairing them with a roommate and room number. It wasn't long before he came to Ashleigh. “Room 104, this will be Ashleigh and Florita’s room.” Ashleigh turned, shyly giving the Roserade hybrid a sideways glance. So, that was her roommate.

I...I hope we get along... she thought nervously.

“Please join me in the dining room. I have a meal waiting for all of us, and it will give us a time to socialize. Your stuff will be moved to your rooms while we talk, so please, don’t worry about what you’ve brought. Now, we don’t want to let the food get cold now do we? So let’s be off!” After that, Dr. Vinton headed down to the dining room. Ashleigh followed behind him, her head hung low as she stared at the floor. She was far too insecure to make eye contact. Her thoughts were broken by a male voice, this one obviously not belonging to an adult.

“My name is Andrew McGracin, you can call me Rai though. Everyone does, though I must admit that that “everyone” is only a few people. You must be Ashleigh, right?” Ashleigh hadn't seen this boy's powers, but she knew he was there when she entered the room. Since he had already reverted to his human form, while the Charizard had still been in the process, she figured he had been the first to arrive.

"Y-yes, I'm Ashleigh Deveaux...I-it's nice to meet you, Andrew..." she stuttered nervously. Her shyness became amplified as he pulled out a chair for her, in which she quickly sat, hands pressed into her lap, head down.

February 15th, 2008, 9:41 PM
Name: Michael Platinum (His real second name is unknown.)
Nickname: Platinum.
Age: 15.
Gender: Male.
Pokemon: Espeon. He has the powers to sense things and can make people flinch with a bite.
Description: Michael is a good looking fifteen year old boy, he is small for his age, only standing five foot tall, and he has bright grass green eyes and pearl white teeth. His skin his tanned and his hair is short and black. He has a scar down the left of his eye just to below his mouth and has freckles. Other than that Michael just looks like your average boy and likes to wear blue jeans and white hoodies with a masterball picture on it.
Half Description: When Michael becomes half Pokemon his eyes go red and his face turns into the face of an Umbreon, also his ears grow into the ears of an Umbreon, he also grows a tail which makes it hard to stand and also gets very uncomfetable in his jeans and causes him alot of pain making him have to crawl. His nails also grow longer and his teeth get sharp and pointy.
Pokemon Description: When Michael is a Pokemon he looks like your average Umbreon, except he stills has grass green eyes which make him differ from the others and his teeth are much whiter than the other Umbreons, this may to you see like nothing but it causes him to be the center of many Umbreon jokes, he also has a scar on his face and wears a sideswards white baseball cap with a Picture of a Greatball on it. For an Umbreon he also pulls strange facial expressions including smiling which other Umbreon don't do.
Personality: Michael used to be a very bright and jolly young boy, until he started getting bullied because he was half Pokemon, he is very lonely and does not like to be round people incase they notice some strange things about him. He has a big sence of humour and is very nice to be around once you get to know him but he is very shy. He is more comfortable when he is an Umbreon.

I hope am accepted XD

February 15th, 2008, 10:23 PM
Tyler watched as more and more others filed through the door. He quickly retracted his wings and tail as to not cause inconvenience to the others. As each showcased their powers, he felt more and more comfortable around them, it seemed like an interesting group of people, though he was obviously apprehensive about some of them.

Dr. Vinton began assigning the rooms to them all which they would be sleeping. “Girls on the left which are the evens, boys on the right which are the odds. This room, room 101 will be John and Tyler’s.” Tyler picked out from the conversation. Tyler scanned the crowd, searching for the one that had introduced himself as John.

"John...John... which ones John....wait.... no...." Ty thought to himself. "I'm rooming with the water manipulator? That can't be true... didn't he see my power?! Doesn't he even remember? I can't room with someone who uses water..." Tyler thought to himself in a complete panic.

Tyler has a clearly understandable fear of water, freezing at the mere thought of it coming close to it. He eyed John cautiously, keeping a fair distance away from the boy as he tried to size him up. Even the smallest amount of water was enough to throw Tyler off his guard. He backed up slowly, trying to put more distance in between him and John.

To Ty's relief, Dr. Vinton mentioned food. As soon as the sound rang through his ears, Tyler scurried into the dining hall, taking a quick seat next to the first 2 he saw in there as to minimize his chances of sitting next to the Vaporeon. He slipped into the seat next to the Gardevoir girl and craned his head as high up as he could, while searching the dining hall, on a paranoid look out for John.

"Phew... I don't think he's going to sit next to me....what if i get wet?!" Tyler thought to himself, panicked, as he nearly had an anxiety attack sitting at the table.

February 17th, 2008, 3:26 AM
OOC: I changed a little of Dr Vinton's speech. I see a few typo errors.

IC: Daniel looked at everyone closely. She assumed the nine teenagers are her peers. This white-haired girl also has purple eyes. Good, she's not alone in one way. Daniel couldn't help feeling a little jealous of Violet, Draga and that speedy boy - what's his name? Oh yes, Ipikki. Because they can at least choose when to reveal their powers. But then, Daniel comforted herself, none of them seemed to have the advantage of using powers without transforming.

Dr Vinton was leading everyone up a staircase. He was introducing everyone to their rooms. Daniel listened carefully.

“Girls on the left which are the evens, boys on the right which are the odds. This room, Room 101 will be John and Tyler’s.” Walking over to the next room, which was on the left, the Doctor announced, “Sophie, this is where you and Dana will be, Room 102.” He then came to the right side of the hallway again and said, "Ippiki and Andrew, you will be in Room 103.” Dr. Vinton moved to the girls’ side again and told everyone, “Room 104 will be Ashleigh and Florita’s room." Dr. Vinton came to room 106. "Daniel, this will be your room. I must apologize, but since there is an odd number of people, you'll be dorming by yourself for the time being. I hope this isn't a bother."

Good, I am alone. Daniel thought. She's so happy that she's sharing her room with no one, she forgot Dr Vinton just called her Daniel and not Marina.

Dr Vinton continued talking. He was talking about food, but Daniel didn't fully catch what he said as she analysed at the crowd of teenagers again, wondering who was who, what powers do they possess and so on. Daniel formed many questions in her mind.

Daniel snapped back into reality. Dr Vinton was heading going downstairs. She traced his steps into a dining hall of some sort. By some weird coincidence, a blonde-haired boy with rosy cheeks was offering a seat to a blonde-haired girl with eerie red eyes. A brown haired boy sat next to her. Daniel considered the situation not surprising, because the girl had attractive looks. Daniel chose a seat with a reasonable distance away from the occupied ones. She shuddered as she reached out for the chair, hoping the monster strength within would allow her human strength to do the simple task. She sighed with relief when she pulled the chair out like any normal human would. Daniel sat down.

February 17th, 2008, 10:33 AM
Violet didn't have much time to converse with Jewel, but she did kind of figure out that she was an Espeon hybrid. It was pretty obvious, especially due to the red dot on her head. Hmmm, being a psychic hybrid sure was interesting... but it still sparked a little jealousy in Violet. If any of these psychic hybrids could read minds or use telekinesis, they would surely draw envious stares from Violet... so it's a good thing someone else spoke before Violet got a chance to stare.
“Well, now that we all seem to be here, why don’t I show you all to your rooms?”
This announcement by Dr. Vinton nearly caused Violet to jump to her feet. Well, she did get up straight away, immediately turning her attention away from the Espeon hybrid.

As Violet listened to the rest of Dr. Vinton's announcement, she heard him mentioning rooms, each of which had two rooms.
Hmm... Violet thought. There are nine people here--that means somebody either shares a room with two others or has a room to him or herself. Roommate, eh? Oh please please please, don't put me in the same room as Sophie... Ah well, there's a one-in-four chance of that...
Violet began glancing around at the other girls. There was Marina, a black-haired, muscular girl who seemed a bit hyper. Well, Violet was kind of hyper as well, so there was a little chance that the two would get along, although she seemed to give off kind of a creepy vibe. Maybe she was a Machamp hybrid...? Then there was Cyclo, the lovely little blonde with odd-looking red eyes. Hmm, those two features probably indicated either a Misdreavus or Kirlia hybrid, or hybrids of their evolutions. Cyclo also seemed a bit on the shy side... Anyways, then there was Draga, a red-haired girl who would have looked just like an elf if she had been a foot or two shorter. The dragon on her shirt... did that mean she was some sort of draconic hybrid? But Violet couldn't tell which one she was--it could be anyone from the graceful Dragonair to the bulky Salamence. Lastly, there was Sophie, the white-haired girl with violet eyes, who was probably an Espeon hybrid. After looking at the other girls, Violet half-wished that she would get a room to herself, but then she woudn't have a chance to talk to anyone before going to bed. Hmm...

Then Dr. Vinton announced, “Room 104, this will be Ashleigh and Florita’s room," and gestured to a room on the left side. Violet really did jump this time, glaring at Dr. Vinton.
"How DARE you call me Florita!" Violet growled softly. "My name is VIOLET! If you say that name one more time, I just might get violent!"
Whoops, one or two people standing next to her might have heard her and got the joke.
Although, Violet had to admit, if it weren't for my first name, I might have become a Staraptor hybrid instead. Haha, then I'd look like either an angel or a harpy in half form. Which of course I am neither.

Then Dr. Vinton made another announcement.
“Please join me in the dining room. I have a meal waiting for all of us, and it will give us a time to socialize. Your stuff will be moved to your rooms while we talk, so please, don’t worry about what you’ve brought. Now, we don’t want to let the food get cold now do we? So let’s be off!”
Good--Violet was starting to feel hungry anyways. Sitting for three hours on a blimp doing nothing didn't do it, but sitting for ten minutes on a motorcycle speeding and dodging the police surely did. Apparently anything that involved breaking the law took a lot of energy--maybe it was the adrenaline that had to keep her alert at such times. But anyways, Violet started to walk towards the dining room, and on the way, she saw a brown-haired boy up ahead, looking a bit nervous. When she reached the dining room, she saw Cyclo and Rai sitting next to each other, and soon after, the other boy sat on the other side of Cyclo.
Darn, I was going to sit next to her. Oh well, time for Plan B.
So Violet instead sat in the chair directly across from Cyclo. Good--this was better. That way, the two girls wouldn't be too close to each other, and could talk more easily because they were facing each other.

And talk they did--well, Violet started the conversation anyways.
"Hello there," Violet greeted. "Are you excited about the academy? It really is okay if you're not--believe me, I was just as shy as you at one point. But now there's practically no chance of anyone teasing you for being a hybrid, eh? Anyways... what's your name?"
Phew, I finally stopped myself from rambling on before asking someone's name.

February 17th, 2008, 7:01 PM
Early this morning, Vonn aroused from his slumber. He had been dreaming about his past, according to him is his worst. He had forgetten for many years, and he would never like to think about it again. Anyway, he hurriedly packed his things and placed them in a backpack. As he was searching on his binoculars, he came across with a pair of roller skates. It's been a while that he used them. Without thinking, he put them on and headed for the Academy.

On his way, people look at him as if he is a monster. It's probably the antenae on his eyebrows, or the robotic eye he had. He ignored them. He knew his eye and the antenae had their own story to tell.
"No! I won't let you!" said a 10 year old boy.

"Stand aside, silly boy!" shouted a stumpy looking man, who is with a Pokemon.

"I said I won't!" said the boy. He glanced at his shoulder, "I will protect you no matter what..." he said to a Milotic.

"You have given me no choice, boy... Sandslash, poison sting!" A shower of lethal needles hit the boy in the eye, blinding him.

"Sorry..." he said to the Milotic.

The next thing he knew, he had grown antennaes and his left eye has replaced with something else.

He arrived at the Academy an hour later, he was expecting the place to be friendly. The massive building overshadowed some of the trees near it. 'Man, this place's wierd...' he said in his mind. He put off his skates and cautiously walked toward the front door. He peeked inside, and he saw no one. He sneeked quietly until he reached the main hall. Suddenly, a ringing sound echoed throughout the hall, along with the rushing of students from inside the building. Then some old guy rushed toward him. "Ah, you must be Vonn!" he looked at his antennae. "I'm Dr. Vinton and as all other students, you must show me your powers"

"What!? In here!?" Vonn exclaimed.

"Is there a problem?" said the doctor.

"Well, it's too embarrassing..." he said.

"I that a problem? All of us are like that!" the doctor excliamed.

"But-but... I..." Vonn stammered

At the end, Vonn was convinced. "All right..." he sighed. He began concentrate his power. He began tranforming his face into something unimaginable. He grew fins in his arms and 2 veils in his face. His hair was worn off except his blue bangs. His whole body became sleeker. And he grew a magnificent tail. "Huh...." he gasped as he fell to his knees.

"Magnifcent!" Dr. Vinton exclaimed. "Never seen anything like it! Now show me your powers"

Vonn got up and released his power. He let out a green glowing sphere. Safeguard.
"Wow! Nice!" said the doctor. "Well then let's proceed to the diner."

Vonn sighed. "At last..." He got his backpack and attache and watched as the others entered the hall. He gradually transformed into his original state before he joined them.

Star Girl
February 17th, 2008, 9:24 PM
Dana shifted nervously in her seat as she watched the remaining two kids arrive after her. The first one a girl that apparently was named Violet appeared to be a hybrid of a Pokemon from the Roselia family. Judging from the cape probably a Roserade hybrid. The other one was a boy that apparently went by his nickname Wolf versus his real name Ippikki. He appeared to be a possible Absol hybrid which would explain his nickname.

It wasn't long before Dr. Vinton instructed them to follow him as he was going to show them where their rooms were. She took this chance to take a look around at the other kids while they were walking.

The girl with the white hair, purple eyes, and the gem in the middle of her forehead was most likely a Espeon hybrid. They weren't that many pokemon that had jewels in their foreheads like Espeons do so it was the most logical conclusion. The black haired girl who seemed to be muscular was harder to tell. She was obviously of a hybrid with something that was very powerful so probably a fighting type pokemon.

Dana winced thinking, 'Please, please, please don't let me be rooming with her!' She had a lot of bad experiences with bullies growing up. So even with the knowledge that these kids were just like her she was still terrified of the thought of staying with the black-haired girl.

The final girl appeared to be a nice-looking blond with odd looking red eyes that reminded her of a Gardevoir which was mostly likely what her hybrid was. On the boy's side there was a boy that was about her age that had blond hair and rosy cheecks that made her think of someone from the Pikachu family. Another boy that seemed to be a couple years older than her had shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. She wasn't able to tell which Pokmeon he was a hybrid with though judging by the flame on his shirt it was a fire-type. The third boy and the last of the kids had blue hair and eyes and she couldn't really tell what he was a hybrid.

She turned her attention back to Dr. Vinton as he began to announce their room assignments, “Girls on the left which are the evens, boys on the right which are the odds. This room, room 101 will be John and Tyler’s.” Walking over to the next room, which was on the left, the Doctor announced, “Sophie, this is where you and Dana will be, room 102.” He then came to the right side of the hallway again and said, "Ippiki and Andrew, this will be in room 103.” Dr. Vinton moved to the girls’ side again and told everyone, “Room 104, this will be Ashleigh and Florita’s room." Skipping over the next boys dorm, Dr. Vinton came to room 106. "Daniel this will be your room. I must apologize, but since there is an odd number of people, you'll be dorming by yourself for the time being. I hope this isn't a bother."

She glanced around the group nervously after he had finished his speech at the other girls thinking to herself, 'Okay lets keep calm I all ready know I am not rooming with Violet which is good considering her reaction to her nickname. I am not rooming with the Gardevoir girl since that boy Andrew was calling her Ashley and that's Violet's roomate. Also I am definitely not rooming with a boy so that leaves either the white haired or the black haired girl as my roommate.' She paused for a second going through the other kids reactions to their rooms assignments when Dr. Vinton had announced that a girl named Daniel was currently rooming by herself Dana noticed that the black haired girl had seemed pretty happy so that was most likely Daniel. Dana let out a sigh of relief thinking, 'So Sophie must be the white haired girl. I hope that we get along well.' She glanced over at said girl as they made their way to the dining room.

When Sophie turned her head an gave her a look that clearly said, "What are you looking at!" she let out a small squeak in suprise before quickly diverting her attention to the floor suddenly finding the carpet very interesting. Upon arriving in the room she paused to consider the seat options. Finally deciding to take a seat next to Violet who was apparently trying to strike up a conversation with her roommate Ashley. She shoved her hands in her lap and sat their waiting for more instructions noticing out of the corner of her eye that Sophie had taken the seat on the other side of Violet.

February 18th, 2008, 8:45 AM
"Damn! I think i'm late! Why do things like this always seem to happen to me!" Whesker thought to himself as he ran at full speed down a road that he was hoping, perhap even praying to himself was the road that lead to the Academy. "Stupid train, stupid bus, stupid me! I have GOT to stop relying on my running speed to get me places on time. Ah, could this be it? Please be it...YES! Finally, now to turn into the gate." He thought, however, he did not manage to time his turn right as he ran straight into a pole. "Yep, really need to stop relying on my speed..."

After recovering from the"crash", he walked up to the gate, opening it and walked swiftly towards the main building. Looking around the main hall he noticed something, there was nobody there! "Heh, maybe I am the only one that's "special"...heh" He joked to himself. Then, deciding to have a look around the Academy, he opened a nearby door and found himself in what appeared to be a dining room, this time the room was actually populated.

"Uh...hi? Sorry i'm late, I got a bit...delayed" He said seeming a little nervous after realising that there was so many people in the room.

"Ah, hello! Come in, we were just about to start eating" A man announced standing up and walking over to Whesker, putting out his hand, obviously expecting Whesker to shake it. Not wanting to dissapoint the man, Whesker did just that, shaking the mans hand. "I am Dr. James Vinton. And from the sudden pain in my hand, I can tell that you must be Whesker Dregab?"

"Sorry!" Whesker said quickly taking his hand back "Yes, I am Whesker, but please, call me Wes. And it's an honor to meet you, thank you for inviting me here."

"Haha, don't worry. Anyway, seeing as you were late, would you mind showing the rest of us your powers?

"Powers? Oh! Yeah, sure, just don't treat me like a freak like my parents did" He said laughing a little sadly at the end. "Ok, here goes" He closed his eyes, obviously concentrating, as his Black hair began to grow longer and joined onto a tail that had just started to grow out over his trousers. Both the tail and his hair became striped, part black, part white. His already long and sharp nails began to grow longer, and sharper. "How's this doc?"

"Ah, interesting, so, no actual powers then? Ah well, you can turn back now thank you." James said watching the transformation with some interest.

"Ok." Wes said as his hair started to shrink back to normal length and his tail dissapeared behind his trousers again. His nails shrunk back to normal length also as the transformation back was complete. "That all? Cuz you said that you were about to eat and i'm starving."

"Yes, that is all thank you, you may sit down now" James said lightly chuckling.

"Thanks doc" Wes hurriedly said as he started to move quickly towards an empty chair next to someone who was on their own. "Hi! You were on your own so I decided to sit here and keep you company! I'm Wes, what's your name?" He asked the girl, thinking that he was being nice.

OOC: Wow, my first RP post, sorry if it isn't that good.

Sir Aaron1017
February 19th, 2008, 6:10 PM
Sophie was lost in thought, reliving a deep, dark past. She never actually heard anyone ask her a question, although she did feel a conciousness near her, and focused on her, although for a brief moment...

She was six, lying on the floor under her bed, hiding from the adults, when she saw a pair of feet walk around the end of the bed, then bend down, and suddenly a face appeared, and it was one that she knew really well. It was Harvey, her best and only friend at the orphanage. The look in his eyes told her that he had an idea, and they usually got him, and occasionally her, in trouble. " So... I am all of a sudden hungry.." He said. " And your point is? You are a boy, you are always hungry!" She retorted. " I bet you are hungry too... They never feed us enough. Lets sneak down to the kitchen, and find something to eat," He stated, very mischievously. " Will we get in trouble?" She said, unsure of what he was asking. " Not if we don't get caught..." He whispered, smiling all the while. "Okay, let's go," She said, praying that they didn't get caught.

When they were just about to leave the kitchen after eating what seemed like thirty rolls, they turned to go, when a huge crash behind them scared them to death. When they whipped around, they saw that a Mightyena had broke though the door from outside, and it looked like it was angry. "What should we do?" Sophie asked Harvey. "Run!" He yelled, and that is just what she did. When she was at the bottom of the stairs, she looked back to say something to Harvey, but he wasn't there. Before she could even think about it, she was springing back to the kitchen.

She kicked the door open, and saw the Mightyena standing over a bloody Harvey. He had a large gash in his cheek that ran down the side of his face, down his neck, and stopped at his collar bone, and he was bleeding profusely. The sight made her sick, and very scared, but most of all, it made her mad. She transformed for the first time, and it hurt so much. She used her psychic energy to throw anything and everything at the beast. A large pot hit it square in the face, and startled, it turned tail, and ran. She walked over to him, and bent down, examining him. Just then the head lady walked in, saw him, then her, and assumed the worst. She screamed, ran from the room, and first called Officer Jenny, then Nurse Joy. She was hauled off, handcuffed. It was the worst thing she had ever experienced. That night, she snuck out of the cell, and fled to another town. She now has a record for murder, because Harvey died that night in the hospital.

When Dr. Vinten started talking, it snapped her out of her memories, and made her focus on what was being said. He was saying somthing about rooms. "Girls on the left which are the evens, boys on the right which are the odds. This room, Room 101 will be John and Tyler’s." Walking over to the next room, which was on the left, the Doctor announced, "Sophie, this is where you and Dana will be, Room 102." He then came to the right side of the hallway again and said, "Ippiki and Andrew, you will be in Room 103." Dr. Vinton moved to the girls’ side again and told everyone, "Room 104 will be Ashleigh and Florita’s room." Dr. Vinton came to room 106. "Daniel, this will be your room. I must apologize, but since there is an odd number of people, you'll be dorming by yourself for the time being. I hope this isn't a bother."

Okay, she was sharing with Dana. She looked quiet, but she couldn't really tell. When she walked off to follow the doctor to dinner, she felt, and saw out of the corner of her eye, Dana looking at her. She couldn't help it. She turned her head, staring her straight in the eyes, and gave her a look that said, "What are you looking at!" When they finally arrived in the dining room, she saw some of the kids had already taken their seats, so she chose to sit near the girl with the purple hair. Violet, was it? She asked herself. She sat and waited for something to happen. While waiting, she looked across the table, and looked at the girl with the most lovely shade of red eyes that she had ever seen. Jelousy took over when she saw how nice her hair was. She unconciously patted her hair down, trying to mimmic the style of the blonde girl's. She couldn't remember her name though.

February 22nd, 2008, 7:14 PM
Standing up off the floor, still reading the book he grabbed off the shelf, John followed everyone down the hall waiting to find out find which kids had to share rooms with the other kids while they were in the academy, not paying much if any attention to what the Doctor was saying at the moment until Dr. Vinten said "Room 101 will be John and Tyler’s."

Catching John totally off guard he sightly looking up from his book, John started thinking to himself "Who's Tyler...who is Tyler." After thinking about it awhile longer he remembered who he was, "Tyler's a Charizard hybrid which meant his roommate was most likely going to be afraid of him, well I would be if my worst fear was going to be in the same room as me." He thought feeling a bit sad for Tyler.

Now paying attention to Dr. Vinten, John closed his book and heard him say "Sophie and Dana will be in Room 102, Ippiki and Andrew will be in Room 103, Ashleigh and Florita will be in Room 104, and Daniel will be by herself in Room 106. Now if you kids would please go to the Dining Room you can go eat." After walking into the Dining Room John looked around the room for Tyler but unluckily couldn't find him so he sat down far away from everyone else opened his book and began reading yet again.

Raichu Master
February 24th, 2008, 3:23 PM
Rai watched as the others came in and found their spots. They all seemed to be hesitant with who they were rooming with. The young lad thought nothing of it though. He was willing to room with whomever Dr. Vinton paired him up with. He was very flexible, and he felt it would be interesting to see how everything turned out. At first it seemed like a folly, and it still did to Andrew, however, it would seem that the doctor was wiser than he appeared, or he certainly had hoped so.

The girl that he was currently in a conversation with (if it could be called that), seemed to be on the sigh side. Rai thought it odd, but then again girls were odd. He couldn't help but notice all the girls that were around him, and thought that this whole experience was going to be more enjoyable for him than he originally thought. Turning his attention back to the girl he had been talking to, he noticed that she seemed rather uncomfortable. He wasn't sure what to do, should he leave her alone, or should he continue talking to her?

As he was thinking, Andrew forgot totally about all the food on the table. Well, almost forgot about it, until his eyes wandered from all the girls to the food. Grabbing some mashed potatoes and ham, Rai made himself content with the meal. To tell the truth, he wasn't really sure what to do; he fancied himself a ladies' man, but this was a strange situation for him.

"Um..." Andrew said awkwardly, "would you like some ham?" It came out all funny, and he wished he hadn't opened his mouth, but what was done was done so he sat patiently waiting to see what Ashleigh would say.

Trainer Kat
February 26th, 2008, 2:08 PM
"Hello there," Ashleigh heard a voice drift across the table to where she sat. Lifting her head, her crimson eyes locked on a girl with dark violet hair. She assumed this was her roommate. "Are you excited about the academy? It really is okay if you're not--believe me, I was just as shy as you at one point. But now there's practically no chance of anyone teasing you for being a hybrid, eh? Anyways... what's your name?" The girl finished.

"I-I suppose I'm excited..." Ashleigh brought one balled-up hand to her mouth out of nervousness. "I-I'm Ashleigh...wh-what's your name?" They were the only words she could manage before feeling all too much like a bother. Lightly tousling her blonde hair with her raised hand, she dropped her arm back into her lap, her eyes swiftly following. She didn't feel comfortable with eye contact...her eyes were far too different. Her attention was diverted to the boy that had spoken to her previously. He, too, seemed nervous in his own way.

"Um..." Andrew said awkwardly, "would you like some ham?" It came out all funny, causing Ashleigh to emit a small giggle. The faint laugh was more out of nervousness than anything else, but she would be the first to admit that his tone struck her. Giving him a light smile, she responded;

"S-sure. I'd love some." With that she looked down once more, though not before meeting his eyes. Well...perhaps this place wouldn't be as bad as she'd thought.

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February 26th, 2008, 5:49 PM
Full name: Eden Rayne Firewing
Nickname: None
Age: Sixteen

Pokemon: Umbreon. For as long as she can remember, back to the times of early childhood, Eden has been able to manipulate and control darkness. Sometimes for this reason alone, she has been scowled upon and isolated by normal people, they being stuck up in their traditional religions and values and believing that since she posesses such a strange and extremely rare power, she could be nothing other than evil. Eden still has trouble completely transforming herself into her Pokemon form, and in fact the only way she seems to be able to do so is when people taunt her to the point of despair, or when somone does something to set her off. Though Eden can transform halfway at will, and use those attacks she has been gifted with whenever she likes, for some reason or another, her attacks are only effective when she is incredibly upset or enraged. If she is in a happy or neutral mood, they will most likely be light little taps on the opponent she is battling. For this reason, she is considered one of the failures of the Enigma experiment, and so far, seems to have virtually been abondoned by them too. Her last hope of being accepted is at the University, where she hopes to find others she can relate to.

Decription: Eden seems to be average enough in height for her age, being around 5'4'-ish, with seemingly short yet slender, muscled legs, and a somewhat longer torso, her torso very thin and delicate as well. Her skin color is very fair, and pale, and incredibly sensitive to the sun. If she stays outside in the sun for too long, she later becomes badly burned, painful blisters even occasionally forming along her arms and neck. She is rarely even found outside in bright, sunny weather, preferring dim, sheltered rooms, and more often than not will hardly even venture out during the day, preferring to make her trips out at night where the darkness will hide her eyes, one being a normal pale blue iris, a Human eye, the other being the eye of a Pokemon, an Umbreon's bright red eye. She seems to be rather ashamed of her strange "deformity" as so many have referred to it, therefore when interacting with normal people does so at night where the color of her eyes can be unseen, or with sunglasses even during the greyest of days, preferring people to think her blind rather than have to stare into her odd eyes. Besides the unnatural color, when Eden makes intense eye contact with anything, her red eye seems to have a strange effect upon people and Pokemon alike, locking them into a fascinated gaze, and luring them somewhat into a trance where they stand frozen to the spot.

Half Description: When Eden transforms halfway, little physical Pokemon detail can be noticed about her, the most significant part of her transformation being that she can now use the two attacks naturally granted to her: Dark Pulse and Toxic. A long, slender black tail extends from her lower torso, more often than not erect just as an Umbreon's normally is, and her ears undergo a curious transformation, forming more at the back of her head and perking upward as a Fox's might, and both her tail and her ears forming strange yellow glowing rings around them. Her eyes remain the same, but her two Canine teeth become sharper and extend just the tiniest bit, becoming slightly visable even as she closes her mouth. Yellow rings also occasionally appear on her body.

Pokemon description: Eden's appearance isn't so different from any other normal Umbreon, but the distinctive glowing yellow rings on her body are oddly shaped, being more heart-shaped than a normal Umbreon's oval rings. Though this doesn't affect her powers or abilites in the least bit, it looks strange to others of her kind, and though she isn't completely ridiculed by them, she is looked down upon, and thought of as "lesser". She can also be distinguished by her one red eye and one blue eye.

Personality: Eden has a kind and loving heart, and deep down, is compassionate for all beings, even those "normal" people who cruelly taunted her and even beat her at times. Yet she hides this warm interior, acting very timid and shy around others, and only showing her loving compassion through simple, small acts of kindness. She wishes to be friends with everyone, but has learned that the world doesn't always work that way, so she usually says very little to anyone at all thinking that there is nothing others would like about her. Strangely enough, she prefers to be in a group, but usually isn't the life of the party, preferring to just be around people and participate occasionally. Her biggest goal in life at the moment is to learn control of her strange powers, and come to accept herself, which right now she finds impossible to do. She is slow to trust others, and once betrayed by someone close never forgets it. When she likes someone, if she is in her halfway or Pokemon form, they can tell by if her rings glow unusually when they are around her.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 26th, 2008, 9:50 PM
Name: Solana Striker

Nickname: Blazer

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Ninetails. Blazer Has The Ability To Control The Fire. When Blazer Spreads Out Her Nine Tails,She Can Summon A Dragon Made Out Of Blue Fire. She Can Also Summon A Cerberus By Howling.

Description: Blazer Has A Black Flame-Like Marking On Her Forhead And Has Orange And Gold Hair Like A Ninetails. Her Right Eye Is A Dark Emerald Color And Her Left Eye Is A Dark Red Color. She Wears A Blue Tanktop With A Red Flame On It And Orange Shorts.

Half Description: When Blazer Is A Half Pokemon,She Has The Nine Tails Of A Ninetails,A Long Snout And Long,Sharp Teeth.

Pokemon Description: Blazer Looks Like A Regular Ninetails Only She Has Black Fire-Like Markings All Over Her Body. Even Though Blazer Is Blind In Her Ninetails Form,She Still Knows Where She Is Going Because She Can Feel And Hear Where She Is Going.

Personality: Blazer Is Very Brave And Would Do Anything To Protect Her Friends. She Loves To Fight But Can Get A Little Out Of Hand Sometimes. Blazer Will Sometimes Get Out Of Control With Her Fire Power While In Her Ninetails Form.

February 27th, 2008, 2:40 PM
ima try to do a female RP....hmm....

Name: Monica Livingston
Nickname: Gigi
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Pokemon: Jynx. Monica has access to all of Jynx's Ice and Psychic abilities. She is also capable of human speech while in pokémon form.

Description: Monica is about average height, standing at 5'4". She's not necessarily skinny, but she is in shape. She hasn't been keeping track of her weight and she doesn't feel as though she has to. Monica has fair skin and has dirty blonde silky smooth hair which she wears down. She has big green eyes and a smooth, acne free, pretty face. Her attire consists of a light pink tank top with a denim miniskirt. Her fingernails and toenails are painted a deep red and she wears one golden chain necklace and half a dozen bead bracelets. She alternates between wearing sneakers and sandals. Aside from the nail polish, Monica doesn't wear a severe amount of makeup and she especially does not use lipstick.

Half Description: There are a few key things that happen to Monica in her half form to cope with her transformation into Jynx. First of all her skin will turn purple and her lips turn bright red. Also, she inexplicably gains a bit of weight and becomes slightly more top heavy to conform to Jynx's short and wide physique. This is a problem because she has trouble moving because she is not used to having extra weight. Her voice also gets a little deeper and she gets an inch shorter.

Pokemon Description: Monica has a very bizarre full pokémon form. While most Jynx are around 3 feet in height, Monica only shrinks to 5 feet; already making her stand out dramatically from other Jynx. Also, the average Jynx is around 70 lbs and Monica is about 130 lbs at this point. Also, her eyes maintain the form they have while she is human, her hair is darker than most Jynx, she still has a nose, and her body is more or less in proportion for a human rather than a Jynx. Also, she is still capable of human speech.

Personality: Despite what some may believe to be desirable traits, she is very modest and very shy. She couldn't care less about normal people, but rather than be enraged by them, she feels slight depression. She will be sad and frightened if and when people see her in her half form. She will loose control of her ice powers and subconsciously make the air colder and more depressing around her. She has never gotten angry so she has not even put her combination ice/psychic abilities to use.

February 28th, 2008, 12:38 AM
Application time!

Name: Clarimonde Gidney

Nickname: Clarrie

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Lopunny; abilities include healing and a limited-duration physical charge that increases strength for five to ten minutes.

Description: Clarimonde is incredibly small and physically weak in her normal state, barely reaching five feet tall. Her eyes are a slight shade of violet, the red Lopunny color mingling with a natural human blue. She attempts to cover this by wearing sunglasses at all times, even indoors. Long fawn-colored hair reaches to the middle of her back, covering her abnormally elongated ears as best she can. Unfortunately life is rarely that simple and the slightest movement can expose them. Clarrie's skin is a deep brown, typically covered by long-sleeved shirts and pants that hide the tufts of hair beneath them.

Half Description: When in her natural form her front teeth fuse into the buck teeth of a normal Lopunny, but the rest remain distinctly human. The tufts of fur at her ankles and wrists sprout noticeably and the thin hair of a human thickens and sprouts into fur. Her ears are not quite as long as those of her Pokemon form, standing up much like those of a rabbit do in our world. The once-violet eyes take on a distinctly red tint when she shifts, her lapine muzzle incapable of supporting the sunglasses any longer.

Pokemon Description: Her height remains largely the same as it does in her human and half forms, but her ears are quite a bit longer--in fact, too long. They trail behind her like a bridal train, the sound of them on the ground as she walks downright painful to other Lopunny and Buneary. Their keen senses, once piqued by this abnormality, soon sniff out her unique odor and observe her strange mannerisms. This and this alone is enough for them to shun her, and she is never welcome in their communities. Unfortunately, other than this simple and glaring fact she is to the eyes a normal Lopunny.

Personality: Clarimonde's forced solitude sharply contrasts with her natural personality. Although she is loathe to let others know, she's extremely social and fiercely loyal to her close friends. While rabbits are known for their timidity, Lopunnies are Fighting-types and strongly territorial. Normal humans fail to understand her aggressive and protective instincts so to combat this she has carefully cultivated an aloof facade that most don't care to explore beyond. Deep down, she yearns for close companionship.

February 28th, 2008, 9:12 PM
OOC: Time to keep this RPG going, and to place a new entree or two on the table.
To Violet's slight dismay, Ashleigh didn't seem to be too interested in her, judging by how she talked to her just now. In fact, Violet barely got the chance to say "My name's Violet" before Asheligh turned to Andrew instead, accepting some ham from him. Ham. HAM, of all things. This Kirlia/Gardevoir/whatever girl had just avoided her, and appeared to show more interest in a slice of ham. Pathetic... especially considering the fact that Violet was a vegetarian. Maybe she was one of those vegetarian haters...
Ohh, those make me mad, Violet thought. Not to mention a sign I saw in a restaurant that said "Vegetarian is another word for "lousy hunter'".

For a while, Violet scanned the table for some sort of dish that did not contain any meat. Unfortunately, the large platter of ham was right in front of her. There were some mashed potatoes next to it though. There was also a delicious-looking green bean dish, and even a bowl of miso soup, among other things. But the last two were located on dishes to Violet's left, too far for her to reach.

Speaking of Violet's left, Violet saw that Sophie, the white-haired girl she had tried to talk to earlier, was sitting right next to her. Dana was also right next to her, except on her right. There were two boys sitting on each side of Ashleigh: Andrew and Tyler. Of all these people, Violet was mainly interested in Sophie--there was just something about her that seemed quite interesting. Maybe it was her enchanting nature or something about being individualistic and wild, no matter how shy she otherwise seemed to be. But what to say to her...?

Violet bided her time for a while by puring herself a cup of tea, which happened to be a green tea with rose petals. Hahaha, how appropriate. Not to mention its aroma would distract Violet from the more savoury aroma from the ham, which she knew she would never eat. After sitting a while and taking one delicious sip of her tea, Violet looked back at Sophie. Sophie was apparently looking at Asheligh, seeming a bit jealous. It looked as if she was trying to arrange her hair to look a bit like Asheligh's. This gave Violet an idea...
"Hello... Sophie, is it?" Violet asked. She thought she had heard her name when Dr. Vinton announced the room arrangements. "I'm Violet in case you didn't already know. But anyways..."
Violet glanced at Ashleigh for a while.
"I guess it's a good thing you two are not roommates," Violet continued. "I don't know why I have to be stuck with her, but... Oh, your hair's fine, by the way. Not to mention it looks so good on you, with those... ah... lovely violet eyes."
Violet smiled at Sophie as she said this, glancing at the hair that threatened to fall into Sophie's face.
OOC: Ah well, if Asheligh refuses to talk to Violet, time to try someone else...

Sir Aaron1017
February 29th, 2008, 5:24 PM
((OOC: Sorry for not posting lately, I have been really busy...))

Sophie was sitting at the table, looking at the food, when she realized that she hadn't eaten since yesterday in the park. With that incentive, she looked at the rest of food. Right in the middle of Violet, and the blonde haired girl who she was thought was named Ashleigh. She really liked her hair, and began trying to imitate her hair once again.

She looked at Violet again, and saw a look of disgust, maybe it was hatred. She followed her gaze, and saw that it was the piece of ham that was being offered to... Ashleigh. Either she hated ham because she was either a vegetarian, or she just hated ham, or pig in general. She looked back, and saw that she was drinking some tea. Her eyes were darting back and forth following the steam that floated towards the ceiling. Her cat-like instincts were at it's highest point, although she couldn't see the steam very well because her eyes were so bad.

She looked back down to Violet's face, and she was looking at her. She opened her mouth, and started talking."Hello... Sophie, is it?" She said, bringing her total attention on her. "I'm Violet in case you didn't already know. But anyways..." Sophie stopped looking at her and stared at Ashleigh again, and started to unconciously play with her hair. "I guess it's a good thing you two are not roommates," The words brought her attention back. "I don't know why I have to be stuck with her, but... Oh, your hair's fine, by the way. Not to mention it looks so good on you, with those... ah... lovely violet eyes." So, she is trying to flatter me. Well, two can play that game, she thought with a smile.

"Hi, Nice to meet you!" she said, still sitting there. She didn't know whether to shake her hand, or what, so more out of comfusion than anything, she did nothing. " I noticed you were talking to Ashleigh. Do you two get along well? I dont know my roommate other than the fact that her name is Dana. She looks alright," and looked over at Dana, then returned to talking to Violet, when she noticed her nails. "Oh, Wow! I just love you nails! Do you think that we could hang out after all the events today? I have never had my nails done, and it seems like it would be fun. Oh! Before I forget, what is your powers? I am an espeon-hybrid, incase you never saw..." She stopped talking out of fear of embarising herself more.

Her stomach growled quietly, so she looked around, and saw a nice green bean soup sitting in front of her. She grabbed it, and dished herself some, and then offered it to Violet, all the while, she saw the potatoes. " Would you please pass the potatoes?" she said as politley as she could.

Today was going to be very interesting, and she couldn't take how long it was going to be before she could have some fun, and hang out with Violet, if she wanted to.

March 1st, 2008, 3:31 PM
OOC: Success! ^_^
Wow... wow! Sophie, who Violet thought seemed even more shy than Ashleigh, actually talked to her! Now that really was something. Usually in conversations with people in the past, Violet did most of the talking, while the other person didn't say much of anything at all, or just lost interest and turned away.

"Hi, Nice to meet you!" Sophie said. "I noticed you were talking to Ashleigh. Do you two get along well? I dont know my roommate other than the fact that her name is Dana. She looks alright," With that, she looked past Violet over at Dana, and then back to Violet. "Oh, Wow! I just love you nails! Do you think that we could hang out after all the events today? I have never had my nails done, and it seems like it would be fun."
Okay... Violet had to admit this was an awkward comment, but Violet decided it wasn't best to make fun of it. Violet was just about to say something to this when Sophie continued talking...
"Oh! Before I forget, what is your powers? I am an espeon-hybrid, incase you never saw..."

Pssht, I came in after her, so it's a wonder she didn't see me come in, Violet thought.
"An Espeon hybrid, eh? Yes, I figured as much. Of course, I came in after you, so I didn't get to see your powers yet. Can you read minds, perhaps? Or use telekinesis? I'm just taking wild guesses, but... Anyways, I'm a Roserade hybrid, hence the nails... My nails aren't painted by the way--they're just coloured like that. I don't even know how to paint nails..." Violet said the last sentence kind of nervously. "As for the powers, pretty much all I can do is sprout thorny vines and poison people. Unless there's some other ability I don't know about yet. I surmise that this academy will help all of us discover some abilities we didn't even know we had before. Sound exciting, don't you think? Oh, and about hanging out later... sure!"

A few seconds later, Sophie helped herself to some of the green bean dish Violet was eyeing earlier, and then passed it to Violet.
"Would you please pass the potatoes?" Sophie asked.
Hastily Violet stood up, reached around the ham, and picked up the mashed potato dish on the other side of it. Then she placed it in front of Sophie, while dragging the green bean dish in front of her.
"Why, surely," Violet replied. "If you'll kindly hand me one of those miso soup bowls. Oh by the way, the gravy's right... here... if you need it." Violet pulled the gravy out to the side of the ham so Sophie could see it better. All the while she was careful not to let her sleeve touch the ham. Ohh, what a nightmare that would be.

After Violet took some of the green beans, she passed the dish on to Dana.
"Here you are--you can take some and pass it around if you want. You're quite the dragon-lover, aren't you?"

As Violet ate and looked around the room a bit, she wondered when classes and such were going to start. Or, more specifically, what the classes were going to be about. Or, when they were going to end. Was she going to attend this academy in place of her regular school? If so, would she ever see her dear Lam again?

March 2nd, 2008, 4:03 AM
Ham in the Pokémon world...?


Daniel looked at everyone. Many seemed to be scared of her, which isn't surprising as her hybrid suggested. After all, who in their right minds would approach a Gyarados? Not even she would. She had always hated her powers. They had a will of their own, as Daniel preferred to say, choosing to reveal themselves whenever and with whichever muscles they like. They were not always strong. Her powers was even weaker than she was before part of Daniel's genetics evolved from Magikarp to Gyarados.

Daniel was surprised when someone sat beside her. She wasn't used to having someone near her at all. From the corner of her eyes, she can see this boy had black hair too, and nails that people probably describe as horrible. And he started to talk. "Hi! You were on your own so I decided to sit here and keep you company! I'm Wes, what's your name?"

Without even looking at his direction, Daniel replied with one word, "Marina." She wasn't in the mood for a converstaion. Daniel poured herself a glass of what she hoped was melon juice. Then, in respect for Wes, she poured some for him as well. Never mind if he doesn't like it. We all have different interests. Daniel thought. For her, action speaks louder than words. Daniel looked around for a straw. She wouldn't want to risk breaking anything. But there wasn't any, not that she could see. Either Dr Vinton was very sure nothing can go wrong, or he didn't make preparations for this sort of hybrid, or he was making this place as torturing as possible for her.

Daniel made up her mind to trust herself. She helped herself to some seaweed.

Star Girl
March 2nd, 2008, 3:56 PM
Dana listened to the conversation going on between Sophie and Violet on the other side of her as she began to put some food on her plate. Listening allowed her to confirm some thing she had all ready though. Her roommate was indeed an Espeon hybrid and Violet was a Roserade hybrid. She listened to Violet tell Sophie about her nails and curiously glanced over out of the corner out of her eyes. When she saw them she couldn't help but think, 'Wish my nails were like that.' She glanced down briefly at her own unnaturally sharp nails before returning her attention to the two girls. Watching as the two exchanged some plates of food between the two. She also noticed that Violet was going out of her way to avoid contact with the ham. 'Well she is a Roserade hybrid, it would make sense that she would be a vegetarian.'

Dana squeaked slightly when Violet turned and chose to address her. She stared at the bowl of gree beans that Violet was holding out before deciding to take them. After plopping some down on her plate and passing it down to the boy on the other side of her, Wes she thought him say his name was, before turning her attention back to Violet. Working up some courage she said, "Thank you. Violet right? I'm Dana and um yeah I do like dragons. Fitting seeing as I am a Dragonite hybrid."

She sheepishly scratched the back of her head wincing slightly when she felt one of her nails scratch her a bit too deep. In a rare moment for her she spoke again this time speaking her opinion, "I like your nails. At least they look natural. My nails are another story." She held up her other free hand to show Violet her unnaturally pointy nails as an explanation for what she meant.

Just as she put her hand up to show Violet she then put her hand back down looking at the food on the table. Looking for something to offer Violet that wouldn't possibly offend the girl. She then spyied a plate of what looked to besome sweet potatoes, seemed harmless enough. She picked it up serving herself before holding it out to Violet and asking, "Do you want some?"