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Cosmic Tyrant
February 11th, 2008, 3:35 PM
The world of Pokemon is truly one of many wonders and adventures. All Pokemon are special in their unique way, but there are four Pokemon who are seperated from all of the others. Of course the Pokemon I speak of are Arceus, Cressilia, Giratina, & Darkrai. These four made their home in the high heavens, in the Hall of Origin. Now each of the four Pokemon had a specific task. Arceus watched over the Pokemon that still inhabited the earth, Giratina acted as the Poke Reaper for those Pokemon whose time had come, Cressilia watched over the souls of all the good pokemon, and Darkrai watched over the souls of all the bad pokemon. Now this trade has been going on for many years, so the four Pokemon in the Hall of Origin thought everything was running smoothly...

However, the truth was that there was one Pokemon who was disatisfied. Darkrai. While it liked being in the Hall of Origin with an important role, it overall had a grudge against Arceus. It grew envious that Arceus was getting all of the credit while Darkrai, as well as Cressilia and Giratina, weren't even known by humans yet. Now the truth is that Arceus honored and respected it's fellow Pokemon that it had to share it's duty with, but Darkrai diddn't see it that way. It saw Arceus as a gloryhog, and wanted to put a stop to Arceus once and for all. There was just one problem...Darkrai, being as hot headed as it is, automatically assumed that Cressilia and Giratina were going to help it achieve it's goal. When this plan of Darkrai's backfired, it was too late for Darkrai. Arceus quickly vanquished Darkrai, and sent it to a realm of eternal darkness...

This plan of Arceus' was good, but Arceus underestimated Darkrai's shrewdness. Darkrai escaped the rift that Arceus encased it in and landed on an uncharted island. New Moon Island. The island had a very eerie setting to it. No normal Pokemon could live on it. There was no greenery, the trees all dead, the water was murcky , and it was foggy constantly. The fog was terribly thick. Coincidentally, even Arceus couldn't see the Ghost type Pokemon in the immense fog from way up in the Hall of Origin. It took Darkrai a little time to figure this out. Once Darkrai did, however, it instantly thought of a plan...

Darkrai used it's great power to track Giratina the next time he needed to fulfill his grim duties. Darkrai only needed to wait for a few minutes. Once Darkrai got a lock on Giratina's location, Darkrai sprung into action. It began charging energy. Since Arceus failed to strip Darkrai of it's god-like powers, Darkrai diddn't have to put in too much effort in order to make it's plan a reality. Darkrai transported Giratina to it's location, then imprisoned him in a shadow barrier. Darkrai had done the seemingly impossible. Without Giratina to fulfill it's duties on Pokemon who are supposed to decease, Pokemon can no longer die. They can still, however, feel pain and suffering. Once humans catch on to this, they'll only have one Pokemon to blame: Arceus. Darkrai wasn't at all worried of Arceus or Cressilia doing anything, since it had knowledge that Giratina was the only one who could enter and leave the Hall of Origin. This is a plan that couldn't possibly fail...Or could it?

Your role: You are one of the few trainers who have answered a distress call being held in Canalava city in order to try and solve this mystery. You can start from any city or region you want, as you'll just end up in Canalava city anyways.

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And that's pretty much it. I hope more people join!