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February 11th, 2008, 4:11 PM
Times comes and goes, and leaves change colour to make ready for winter. Anything can be compared to this scenario. Things change, people change, it's the undeniable truth of our world, and it didn't hold any differently for the all mighty SOS Brigade. Well... I suppose it would really only be considered "all mighty" by the brigade leader herself, but I digress. Eventually, the few members of the SOS Brigade were forced to graduate from highschool to move on to a higher education, leaving a dead brigade at North High. Three years passed since the graduation of Haruhi Suzumiya, and yet not one person had risen to the challenge of reviving the club. Perhaps it was related to the name. Most people would argue that the "Spreading Excitement All Over the World with the Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade", while probably a stupid name in the first place, was even stupider without the inclusion of Haruhi Suzumiya. She was, of course, in the name. Or maybe it was just the pure nature of the club. The club name was pretty vague after all. Anyways, I digress once again. Even with Haruhi Suzumiya having gone from North High for three years now, and the groups monitoring her following, speculation began to form in these groups that some sort of activity may begin at the school once more. That's why I, Amaya, along with many others, found ourselves stationed there. In order to conceive any truth out of this speculation, we all found ourselves in unlikely circumstances at this school...

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First Post

Current point of view: Murakami Yuudai
Lunch. Thank god. It had been an incredibly long morning, and being a 12th year student was a real pain in the butt. Who invented school again? I mean, I like the sports aspect of it all, but I've never once enjoyed the academic portion. Why was I out in the hall again? Oh, right. I was meeting Momo. That girl was probably off lost somewhere in her own world, she really was annoying that way. Though, I guess those peculiarities are why I was drawn to the young fortune teller. I noticed the water fountain nearby, and hesitantly bent over to take a drink. It was of my own personal opinion that the water fountain was cursed. After all, I tended to find myself injured somehow shortly after drinking from it. I mean, there was the stair incident of my 10th year, the basketball incident last year, and now...

"WAH~! Sorry! Sorry! I'm so sorry!" The culprit shouted from behind me, after running into me and sending me to the ground. See? Cursed. "I didn't see you! I was in such a hurry! I'm sorry!" The culprit's voice boomed into my now groggy mind. I slowly got to my feet, and brought my left hand to my head, shaken up slightly by the sudden impact although I should have expected it. I brushed off my uniform, before proceeding to look for the culprit. Was she to the left? No. The right? Nope. "DOWN HERE, OB-KUN!" Ob-kun? I glanced down at the source of the voice. There was a red haired girl, probably no older than twelve or thirteen standing below me, dressed in my school's girl uniform.

"Oi, kid. Aren't you in the wrong school? This is high school, you know." I spoke, obviously forgetting at this point that there was a rumor of a child prodigy arriving at our school recently. "Now, more importantly. What are you going to do about knocking me down?" I looked angrily at the girl with a look that would most likely make other girls her age scared. But instead, her look of interest seemed to intensify, before it broke out into an uncanny smirk.

"Insolent Ob-kun."

"Yeah, about that. What's an Ob-kun?"

"Ob. It's short for 'oblivious', which is what you are. So thus I will call you Ob-kun." This girl... she was really annoying. Even moreso then my own younger sister.

"My name is Murakami Yuudai. It is not Ob-kun." I retaliated. Little good that would do with this person.

"And I'm Maeda Amaya, age 12, year 10. Thanks for introducing yourself, Ob-kun." She grinned a little bit before turning her back to me. So she had tricked me into introducing myself... "Apparently you were unaware that I transferred to this school last week as a child genius. On top of that, you couldn't see me at first. That's why you're an Ob-kun. And you can call me Amaya-chan if you wish. Well, I better go! See you, Ob-kun!" And off she was, with the immeasurable speed of a child. Huh? Wait a second...


"Huh? Yuudai-kun, who were you talking to?" I turned around to find Momo standing behind me. Her blonde hair curled in like usual at her shoulder, and her purples eyes on me, she really was a cute girl. A weird one, though. Her family practices all forms of divination and fortune telling, and she is no different. She was an innocent girl nonetheless. It's just, her practices tended to get her into trouble. She wasn't very verbal, either. Being raised in a large family almost all of her life had left an effect on her mental state. She was often neglected, so that's why I've been by her side all of this time.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "She called herself Maeda Amaya or something. Little brat. And, why are you so late? I thought we were going to go find an empty room to eat lunch in, since you don't like loud places."

Momo reached into her pocket and removed a red crystal tied to a chain. She placed it in her hands and just stared down at it. "She is that little girl in the 10th year, right?" I nodded. "Yes, I've encountered her before. There is something strange about that girl..."

"I'll say."

"No," Here we go, I was about to get a long spew about how there was probably something inhuman about her, "It's not that kind of strange. I felt weird like I met her, and this crystal began to glow?" Let me explain. The crystal Momo carried around was a sort of divination tool. It was strange. One day we couldn't find her little sister, and the crystal lead us to her. Another time, I lost my shoes. The crystal lead us to them. There was something strange about it. But it also glowed around some people for some reason.

"So it's now glowed around whom? This Maeda Amaya girl, and that weird Kazumi Mayumi chick in 11th year, right?" It was no Momo's turn to nod. "So? What does that mean?"

"I don't know... But I feel as if something big is going to happen soon." Something big... great. All I wanted was a normal 12th year. Is that too much to ask for?

Soul Eater
February 11th, 2008, 4:27 PM
I hated high school. Of course it wasn't just high school I hated but mostly the men in this world, I mean they were so stupid sometimes, always asking me to go out with them. I mean what do I care about men anyway? I don't have time for relationships at all. I don't even want to be a normal girl. I need something to keep me occupied for once and nothing in this damn school does that anymore and I've been in every club but none of them ever suited my needs.

It was around lunchtime, I was making my way to a quiet place, away from the world and all of these stupid humans getting in my way. I wanted piece and quiet and the only way to get that was to eat in the old literary club room.

I've heard a lot of this room. People even brought up stupid rooms about it being haunted by a girl named Haruhi Suzumiya, now, normally, I would believe that but I think she's off in college or something but she isn't dead. Some humans are just idiots and have to start dumb rumors.

It didn't take long to reach the old literary clubroom. I just had to pass the water fountain and it was the room right after it.

February 11th, 2008, 5:50 PM
I sat and stared blankly while sitting under a tree in the school courtyard, as I did everyday around this time. I would usually read a manga while nervously glancing over my shoulder to make sure no one was watching, or reading the book I had paid good money for, but today was different. Today was Tuesday. Music day. My MP3 player was as loud as it could go, and I watched with a smile as people passed by looking at me strangely. I can't help the fact that all I like is anime music. It's just the way I am.

I checked my watch. I had only sat there for 3 minutes of my free period. a breeze went by and blew one of my papers away. I sat forward and watched it go. I didn't have the patience to wonder what it was, watching it fly, or rather glide away was entertainment enough. "Honaka, you ADD-tastic idiot, you..." I thought.

School was boring me. As it always has, but this time it was worse. Being a time traveler, the only class that remained the same was History and math. Literature was basically the same, but we always read classical books, those being new books in this time period. From time to time, though, we read recent books, those being books from the this time periods future.

This time frames manga was a let down as well. All oldies. Ew. I sighed, and just continued to watch my paper fl-- glide away.

Jack O'Neill
February 11th, 2008, 8:50 PM
Current POV: Takanori Kamiya

When I first found out I was an ESPer, I was obviously overjoyed. Consider for a moment the sheer scope of psychic powers. Being able to teleport, throw stuff around with the mind, and conjure energy from nowhere sounds pretty awesome, right? There was a significant catch, however: I could only use these powers in special areas called Closed Spaces. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a Closed Space near where I live in three years. Without my powers, I'm just a 17-year-old Japanese high school kid. I'm in my final year here at North High, and it's been a unique experience, to say the least. I won't go into all the dirty details, however; it's lunch time, and I'm fricking starving.

After fetching my lunch from the cafeteria, I almost always eat in the old Literary Club room. It's a nice, quiet, out-of-the-way spot in one of the older buildings on campus. Nobody ever drops by to visit, and that's the way I like things; even I need a sanctuary of sorts. My friends love to tell me stories about how the club room is haunted, supposedly by none other than the spirit of Haruhi Suzumiya herself. Of course, I know better; Haruhi's still alive and off attending university, and she hasn't been back to Nishinomiya ever since graduation. I let them have their fun, though; their tall tales, idiotic as they are, are actually quite amusing, and it's nice to play along with them.

Needless to say, I was surprised when I bumped into a girl headed for the Literary Club room. I'd never seen her up close on campus before, but she matched the Agency description of Kazumi Mayumi to a T. Could this really be her? Only one way to find out. "Hey there, beautiful," I greeted this stranger. "So, another person who doesn't believe those stories about the Literary Club? That makes two of us. My name's Takanori Kamiya. What's yours?"

Soul Eater
February 11th, 2008, 8:56 PM
I totally hated strangers and I couldnt stand talking to humans, especially men but for some reason, this particular guy had caught my interest. I couldnt put my finger on it but he seemed different from the rest...Oh hell, what am I saying? I better not be losing my mind.

I still couldnt understand why Taka was so special, he really didnt seem like the other guys, and to be honest, the only thing that seemed the same was the pervertedness, just about every guy I met hit on me like I was some super model straight from a magazine.

"My name is Kazumi Mayumi, I dont have time for men right now. If you dont mind I'm going into the old Literary club to eat and before you say anything about being haunted...you should know damn well its not, only a true idiot believes in that stuff." Like I'm one to talk, but he didnt have to know about that.

Jack O'Neill
February 12th, 2008, 7:03 PM
Current POV: Takanori Kamiya

So she was Kazumi Mayumi after all. Excellent. "So, you're headed for the Literary Club room too?" I asked her. "Awesome. Anyway, who said I believed in those stupid stories? Hell, I'm always telling my friends that they're not true, but they still persist."

It was just a simple matter of walking up to the club room door and opening it. "Please go on ahead, milady," I said, bowing my head and smiling politely. I had to make as good a first impression as possible. It's obviously a bad idea to make enemies of reality-warpers; just slip up even slightly, and the world as you know it is now a thing of the past. I'm not going to let that happen. That's why I'm trying so hard to be genuinely smooth and debonair; simple lechery won't get me anywhere with her, especially considering her misandrist leanings.

She doesn't have time for men, huh? Maybe she'll find or make some time for me by the time I'm done with her. "Not to be rude or anything, but just what brings you here to this neck of the woods? I thought I was the only person on campus who ate lunch here."

Soul Eater
February 12th, 2008, 7:31 PM
I took a seat at the only table there. I always brought my lunch because the cafeteria food was too normal for me. I still couldnt get this guy off my mind, something really bugged me about him and I wouldnt say that is a bad thing.

"I guess I've just been fascinated by this room. I mean its almost like you can feel what really went on here on Haruhi and her friends were still around, you know?" I couldnt believe I was being so nice to him but I guess he was being nice to me, I didnt feel like being rude at all, "So, may I ask you the same question, Takky?" I had the worst habit of calling people nicknames, all to make them really mad but I got my fun out of it, that's for sure. Besides, they got used to the nicknames after a while.

February 13th, 2008, 12:07 PM
Current POV: Murakami Yuudai
With the duo of Momo and myself complete, we set out on our usual lunch quest. Momo didn't like loud and busy places you see, so more often than not she wanted to eat somewhere quiet. Usually, that wasn't a problem, since a lot of the club rooms were usually left unlocked. But, apparently a faculty member caught on to the intrusions of other students, and now all clubs were required to lock their door while the room wasn't in use. This, of course, was problematic. We had to find the room of a club that wasn't really active this year... The rock club? No, Enomoto Rita, the younger sister of Enomoto Miyuki from the band ENOZ was attempting to start up a band there. Ah, Rita. She really was perfection, and better yet she had a thing for me. But Momo didn't seem to like her very much, so I hadn't bothered going on a date with her just yet. Oh, that's right. The problem at hand. "So... can you think of any club rooms that would be empty, Momo?"

"The literary club of course, Ob-kun. I've only been here a week, and even I know that."

"Yeah, I suppose you're right-" Hey, wait a second. That wasn't Momo's voice. It had to be... "Oh look, it's Amaya. Here to injure me even further?" I glared down at the red haired girl, but her focus had shifted slightly.

"Momo-chan! How are you today!?" Wait, why does she call Momo by her real name? Stupid brat.

Of course, Momo replied. "Very good, Amaya-chan. What about you?" As of recently, Momo had become more talkative, but at one point she kept to herself almost all of the time. Still, she spoke very quietly, which indicated that she didn't like to socialize very much. Also, why the heck was she addressing this brat with honorifics? Since she was only part Japanese, she rarely partaked in using them, and when she did they were only on people special to her.

The brat stopped in front of the door to the literary club, before spinning around to look at us. I looked back at her with a blank stare, mostly because she looked as if she was about to cry. "Some kids in my class took my bentou this morning and hid it... I only just found out it's in the literary club room..."

I threw my right index finger into the air. "Ah, I see! So because of your age, you've been getting picked on and had your lunch stolen! So you were too afraid to go into the literary club by yourself, so you came and found us!" My declaration of discovery turned into a declaration of pain after getting Amaya's foot to my shin. She spun around, and puffed her right cheek. Geez, what a kid she was. But, I guess that meant I was right.

"Shut up, Ob-kun! I have lots of friends! And I wasn't scared of running into people in there!" Aw, how cute. The big tough child genius had an emotional side after all. At least, the bright red face indicated as such.

I smirked. She was in my trap. "Really? I don't recall mentioning what you could possibly afraid of. Brighter red she goes. I noticed Momo watching closely with the utmost interest on her face. The gem was quite obviously glowing in her pocket, but thankfully Amaya was too distracted to notice the glowing object. "But..." I wandered over to the club door, which was only a short distance from the young girl. "Since you're not scared..." I turned the doornob. "I guess you can just go in then...!" In one motion I threw the door open and grabbed her hand, flinging her into the room. I heard a loud thud, followed by her cries of pain. I glanced inside, and found her on her stomach before a table in the center of the room. At the table, while chances were thing, were two people.

"Stupid Ob-kun... you're gonna pay for-" Amaya slowly got to her feet, wincing, but she also caught sight of the two people. She stared in awe for a moment, as if she had seen a ghost or something.

Well, I guess I had to take responsibility. It was my fault after all. "Heh... Sorry about that." I bowed, and Momo did the same as she came in behind me, although she didn't speak. My eye caught her crystal for a moment, and noticed it was glowing even brighter than usual. Hopefully these people didn't notice. "I didn't really think there would be anyone in this old room..." I looked up at the two, and realized I knew who they were. The first one, the male, was in our year, but he was in a different class than Momo and myself. The other one, a girl, was Kazumi Mayumi, which explained the extra strong glow.

"Ah! My bentou!" Amaya exclaimed. Apparently she had taken the opportunity to snoop around for her meal, having found it behind a clothing rack.

"Sorry about her... she's just a little brat."

"Shut it, Ob-kun!"

"I told you my name is Murakami Yuudai!"

"And my name is Maeda Amaya, but you still call me brat!"

"Since we're introducing ourselves..." Momo spoke, bringing her hands up to her more than modest chest. "I'm Nakano Momo, 12th year." Her voice was still soft, but it was full of kindness. Why did I have a bad feeling about all this?

Soul Eater
February 13th, 2008, 1:44 PM
I couldnt believe so many weird humans were coming into the old literary club room; I wasnt one for attention so i really had to get up and leave, as if I was escaping the wonderful conversation with me and Taka, oh please, I know damn well it wasnt pleasent...he was just...never mind.

I hated small crowds as much as I did big ones and I preferred quiet time as well. I hated talking to worthless humans because I just couldnt deal with there dumb nonsense.

I made way down the stairs and into the courtyard, finding a nice comforting spot where no one else would just wake over and bother me. I was starving and I hadnt even began to eat.

My food was made from my own creation; I still ate human food but I never ate whatever they would prepare and whatever was available to me.

So today, I made a Peanut butter and ranch sandwich, its kind of tangy and sweet at the same time but I really hadnt minded it at all and I also had Celery sticks with strawberry jelly. I liked anything sweet to be with anything that tasted either sour or just had a tang to it. Call me weird but I dont like being normal, and I even mentioned that before.

February 13th, 2008, 2:08 PM
Staring into space put me at an disadvantage. I hadn't noticed it at first, but my eyes were crossed. I shook my head, and shoved my MP3 player back into my pocket.

It might not seem like it, but I'm actually on a mission of sorts. My job is to watch and keep track of what happens with some girl named Kazumi Mayumi. Something about her being the next "Haruhi Suzumiya". Hah. We'll see.

I fixed my hat, and gathered my books. The courtyard was more of a large alley between two classroom buildings. I stood up and reached into my pocket to turn off my MP3, but I stopped halfway through doing this. Right then, about twenty... no, fifteen feet in front of me, I saw her.

"Uh... oh..." I stammered. I suddenly got a rush of shyness, and ran for the club room building, that one being the closest one to me. One I got in, I leaned against the wall with my hand over my mouth. "Crap, crap, crap, crap..." I muttered to myself. I hadn't expected the person who I was in the time period to be found so easily, and to show up in front of me like that.

Slowly, I realized I was over reacting a little, and took a deep breath. Taking my hat off, I began to wander around the place without any real reason. Maybe because Literature was my next class. Should I skip? I laughed as I continued walking down the hall aimlessly.

Soul Eater
February 13th, 2008, 2:29 PM
After a good lunch, I decided to go into the library; I wanted to look up Haruhi Suzumiya but the stupid librarian wouldnt let me look at any of her records. That's when I needed to have someone who could hack into the schools file system and look her up for me. Yeah, like that was going to happen.

Instead, I looked up a few books on her and once I noticed the librarians leave for lunch, I hid in the shadows when they looked the library to go eat...that was my chance to look up this odd girl.

All I had to do was type in her name and I got a bunch of leads for her.

"Active in every club. Peh, She sounds like a normal student. It's almost as if those were just-wait...what is this?" I noticed at the bottom it said something about her special club she created, "The SOS Brigade, huh? That sounds pretty interesting. It even says here that she got into trouble a few times for running around in a bunny costume with some girl and they passed out fliers...and here, it also says she forced her club members to participate in school sports and miraculously beat them to a pulp...she was quite the odd girl." That gave me the best idea yet but for now, it was better if I logged off the computer. I didnt want to get caught for looking at someone's record.

Still, all that information had stuck in my head, I decided that I would need to find Takky, considering that he seemed like such a nice guy, I needed to make him help me with this great idea.

I wish I thought of it sooner and I have this odd feeling that's its just want Haruhi Suzumiya would want...and I'm sure she wouldnt mind it at all. It might be just what this school needs and I hope this year, I can maybe do better than she did.

I guess we'll wait and see what happens first.

For now, the lunch bell had gone off, meaning it was over and I had to head back to class again listening to some boring teacher lecture about complete nonsense about the history of Japan. At least I zipped through my homework but that was never a problem for me...being a straight A Student. I hoped that I would see Takky and tell him about my best idea yet...

Jack O'Neill
February 13th, 2008, 8:50 PM
Current POV: Takanori Kamiya

Bento in hand, I took a seat across from Kazumi and started digging into my lunch. I'm a very rapid eater; I practically inhale my food, and today's lunch was no exception to the rule. I paid attention to everything Kazumi had to say, but just as I was about to voice my reply to her query (and my objection to that stupid nickname she decided to give me), the door swung open, and a twelve-year-old girl was flung onto the table with all the sublety of a howitzer blast; after taking a few moments to regain her composure, the girl stared at me and Kazumi with wide eyes. It was the slider my Agency overseers had told me about, the girl who called herself Amaya Maeda. "What are you glaring at, space cadet?" I shot forth as I picked up my bento and stood up from my seat.

Momo Nakano and her slave boy entered the room, the boy bowing in apology as he walked in. "Yeah, you'd better be sorry," I retorted. "Throwing prepubescent girls into occupied club rooms doesn't go over well with people. Why can't you just knock the door like a civilized human being?" My words most likely fell on deaf ears, as a brief argument broke out between Amaya and the slave boy; apparently, his given name was Yuudai Murakami, but the slider preferred to call him "Ob-kun" for some reason. Kazumi departed the room without a word during the chaos; after she left and the argument ceased, Momo felt that it was an appropriate moment to introduce herself.

"I know all too well who you are, Miss Nakano," I shot back. "You better learn how to keep your slave boy and his underage companion in line. This conversation never took place. I was never here."

With that, I departed the Literary Club room. With nothing better to do, I made a beeline for the library, only to find out that it was closed. All I could do at that point was go back to my classroom, loiter in front, and wait for the bell to ring again.

When classes were called back in session, I was one of the first to be seated. As the teacher settled in to prepare for today's lecture, I glanced over at my friend Kotonoha, who was seated directly to my right. "What are you looking at?" she asked in her usual brusque monotone.

"Nothing," I murmured nonchalantly as I turned around to face forward towards the blackboard. Yet another boring presentation on Japanese government. Terrific. As the teacher started to drone, I set my head down onto the desk. As lazy and inattentive as I am, I've still managed to pass all of my classes with straight As so far; let's just hope my luck holds up this year.

Soul Eater
February 13th, 2008, 9:04 PM
I walked into the classroom and took my seat behind Takky; I really wanted to tell him about my idea, but something made me feel a bit nervous. I told him anyway, I wanted to get it out of my system.

"I was reading Haruhi Suzumiya's file at the library today," I started to say, "She was quite the girl and I was thinking, wouldnt it be awesome if we took over the old literary clubroom and used it for the Neo SOS brigade?" I was smiling at the time, a rather shy but excited smile really.

"We could be just like her...and find Espers, time-travelers and all that! Wouldnt that be better than all the clubs here? I mean they're so boring its like...a total yawnfest. I was actaully thinking, we could add that little brat and those other two she was with too...I cant think of anyone else to join, can you?" I swear, I was amazed I could talk so much but hey, I was so damn hyper today. I couldnt help it and I know I could count on Takky, he seemed like a nice guy in my opinion.

Jack O'Neill
February 14th, 2008, 7:23 PM
Current POV: Takanori Kamiya

I was directly on the verge of falling asleep when I heard Kazumi talking from behind me. She was sitting right behind me all this time, and I never noticed. I only paid partial attention to what she had to say at first; she just had to go and interrupt my nap time, didn't she? "What are you on, Miss Mayumi?" I asked her tiredly.

My query fell on deaf ears, as Kazumi went on to state why she wanted to reestablish the SOS Brigade here at North High. "Sure, why not?" I shot back nonchalantly. "However, if you really want to be like the old SOS Brigade, you'll be needing a mascot. The girl sitting right next to me should do just fine for that role." I gestured accordingly towards Kotonoha. "Her name's Kotonoha Yamada. I'll try to bring her by the Literary Club room after school. Meet us there at that time, okay?"

Soul Eater
February 14th, 2008, 8:20 PM
"Yeah, whatever. As long as we get members." I didnt even look at the girl next to Takky. I was way to hyper to start the club.

Afterschool, I had gone to the old Literary clubroom to meet Takky and Koto. I was running just a few minutes late due to the mad rush of students going every direction to go home or for some other bogus reason to block my way.

I hoped I wouldnt get yelled at for it. It's not like it would make a difference, I'm the type of person that would yell right back. So I'm pretty much cool about getting yelled at.

I finally opened up the door to the old Literary club and I met Takky and Koto just like they said they would meet me.

"Um, good afternoon Miss Koto. It's a pleasure to meet you." I bowed in a polite greeting manner.

Jack O'Neill
February 17th, 2008, 10:28 PM
Current POV: Kotonoha Yamada

I overheard Mister Kamiya suggesting to Miss Mayumi that I join up with her new SOS Brigade. The man actually thinks I have the physical assets to be a brigade mascot, just like Mikuru Asahina was back in the day. Well, he is somewhat justified; I do have the breasts for it, after all. However, unlike Mikuru, I'm the stereotypical huge schoolgirl; I've come to terms with my height, but I'm not sure if everyone else has. I mean, guys tell me that I'm pretty, but at the same time, they're turned off by the fact that I can actually look them in the eye.

Miss Mayumi's reply to Mister Kamiya: "Yeah, whatever. As long as we get members." That was all I needed to hear. With my membership in the brigade all but guaranteed, I met up with Mister Kamiya after class, and we made our way to the Literary Club room together. We encountered little resistance on the way there; Miss Mayumi wasn't so lucky, however, and we had to wait in the club room for her while she fought her way through the throngs of people clogging the halls.

"Um, good afternoon, Miss Koto. It's a pleasure to meet you," Miss Mayumi greeted me upon entering, bowing as she did so. As per standard etiquette, I stood up and greeted her back. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, ma'am, but do you really have to call me that? Do I look like a bloodsucking bug to you?" [NOTE: Miss Mayumi's nickname for me sounds quite similar to the terms used in Tagalog, Malay, and various other Austronesian languages to describe lice, ticks, and other such bloodsucking invertebrates. I'll have to explain it to her in detail later.] "For now, just call me Kotonoha. I'll have to think of a less demeaning nickname for you to call me later."

February 17th, 2008, 11:17 PM
Current POV: Maeda Amaya
"Um... sorry. I think I forgot something here at lunch..." I murmured koily as I stuck my head through the crack of the door of the literary club, before slowly slinking in. I had originally planned on coming in order to exact revenge on that esper punk who called me prepubescent earlier... even if it was true. It was manditory for me to sneak my way in after learning the SOS Brigade was being reformed, however. But, to my surprise, another abnormalty was present in the room. One of those Data Entity something or other aliens. I could tell because of the strange aura she possessed. It seemed only people from my world could sense auras, as I'd witnessed no such abilities from anyone of this world yet. Damn, she was stacked. Lucky... wait, since when did I care? ARGH. This form came with strange thought processes as well. "But... um... um..." I was honestly scared of that esper. Another childlike quality. I hated myself. I WAS going to turn around, but after a rush of wind and the sound of the door colliding against the wall from being opened, I decided not to.

"THERE YOU ARE, TAKANORI KAMIYA." Oh great, Ob-kun. I could sense Momo's unique aura as well. It was very similar to the aura of a regular person, but it was somehow different. The same went for that Kazumi girl. "YOU MAY HAVE RUN OFF EARLIER, BUT I WON'T FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU SAI-" He cut off abruptly as Momo placed her hand on his shoulder, before holding out that strange crystal she carried around everywhere. She held it by the chain and let it drop, revealing that it was glowing brighter than I had ever seen. That gem... was it something like my people? Capable of sensing unusual auras? Or was it something more?

Finally, Momo spoke. "I have become on behalf of the paper. I'm to monitor this club for the next few days and decide whether it is worthy of gaining it's own column. I hope I am not intruding." She spoke, as usual, very quietly. I just looked up at them curiously. Just what kind of lives did those two leave. It was obvious Ob-kun was very protective of Momo. Childhood friends perhaps? Even so, I moved off to the side to cower. Chances were, stupid Ob-kun just pissed off Spaz. Yeah, that's what I'd call him. Spaz.

Soul Eater
February 18th, 2008, 8:44 AM
"Hey, you little brat, and friends I say you join our club!" I had advised them, "You wont regret it if you ask me. Isn't that right Takky and Tono?" I gave them both a wink.

"We can come up with a name later, I wonder if this computer still works by the way." I wasnt planning on listening to what they said. I didnt care about there objections.

"Oh look, there are some pictures of that Mikuru girl on here!" I clicked the folder and a small but large breasted girl, was shown in sexy poses with a maid outfit. I decided to give Tono a good eye as well. Maybe takky was right, she did have sort of a Mikuru figure and her breasts were a little bigger than mine.

"Tono, you are going to be my mascot!" I ordered her.

I looked at the old SOS Brigade website even after years of being a club, it looked as if Haruhi didnt get one single visitor.

"I think we should make a lot of changes for this club. We should try to include more things that would attract more members. Who here believes in ghosts? I know I do!" I piped up, "It's settled we can include Unidentified flying objects and ghosts to our list of unordinary." Like I said, I never liked second opinions. I was there leader and they had to follow my lead.

(OOC: I will have Jack help me come up with a new motto for the club later, it might be more interesting if we twisted it a little more so it wasnt the same as haruhi's and if we figure it out, well tell you and Teresa about it.)

Jack O'Neill
February 18th, 2008, 7:49 PM
Current POV: Takanori Kamiya

Apparently, the freaks come out in broad daylight, too. Yet another intrusion by Momo, Yuudai, and Amaya. There's just something about our presence in this room that causes them to gravitate here. That might warrant further investigation, but I think that can wait. Kazumi seemed to be taking the whole thing in stride; instead of storming out like she did at lunch, she just retreated to the computer. Kotonoha, on the other hand, just sat there in silence, staring out into space and listening to her MP3 player.

Yuudai was having a dramatic outburst. "Wow, Mr. Murakami, you're starting to sound like all of my old girlfriends," I retorted. I was just about to burn him even more badly when Momo interrupted his tirade by holding up her pendant, which was glowing rather brightly. I had seen it glow before a few times in the past, but its light was only dim at best. There really is something about us, all right. Perhaps that's why Momo wants to write about us in the school paper. My response to her mission statement? "Of course you aren't intruding, but if you want to keep an eye on us, we'll have to keep an eye on you. We don't want you writing anything bad about our little organization, understood?"

It was good to see that Kazumi was making good use of the computer. She was quick to bump into the stash of Mikuru pics, and she was even quicker to declare Kotonoha the official brigade mascot. Just as planned...for the most part. We still need to work on those nicknames. I didn't pay much attention to her other proclamations after that.

Soul Eater
February 18th, 2008, 8:02 PM
I stood up from the computer desk, "I have finally decided a name for our club, we can call it, "Spreading the Better Exictement All Over the World with the Kazumi Mayumi!" I put up my thumb to our new members with a gentle wink.

"We still need a mission statement, though." I hadnt really put alot of thought into it because I didnt even know the original mission statement, "Eh, we can deal with one later when i do more research at the library. For now, I want to give you guys homework! You need to find something that is so out of ordinary it can fit perfectly on our website which Takky here, will be in charge of, right Takky?" I had ordered him.

February 18th, 2008, 10:58 PM
Current POV: Maeda Amaya
"My intent is not to soil anyone's name, nor is it to impair the nature of this club." Momo said in response to Spazz's remark. I, personally, had started zoning out Kazumi the moment she called me a brat. I didn't care if she could possibly be linked with Haruhi Suzumiya in any way, I was just plain ticked off at being called a brat by that witch. Hey, Witch. Maybe that's how I should refer to her from now on. It never occurred to me that these nicknames would get me hurt or worse. I'm sure Ob-kun would have said something to Spazz in response to the girlfriend comment if Momo hadn't been around. Was Ob-kun whipped, or was it some other driving force that lead him to follow Momo's will? And that crystal... Kazumi and Momo both warranted further investigation, albeit for different reasons. It seemed quite likely that Ob-kun was the only normal person here, although he was oblivious to the fact.

Eventually, after looking through what I could imagine were inappropriate images on the nearby computer, Kazumi announced the revised name for the "Spreading Excitement All Over the World with the Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade". It would now go by the nonsensical name of the "Spreading the Better Exictement All Over the World with the Kazumi Mayumi Brigade". My eye twitched a little at how little sense both made names. "Apparently Witch can't name things well either..." I murmured. Before raising my voice. "Oi, Witch and Spazz." I glanced at Kazumi and the esper as I said their nicknames. "What about the roles for Momo-chan, Ob-kun, and me? If you can't find a role worthy of myself, then I'll leave right now." Ever the arrogant child, I was.

"Wait, wait. Who said we were joining?" Ob-kun rebuttled predictably. "Momo is only hear to observe, which is why I'm here. Don't go calling us members."

Soul Eater
February 19th, 2008, 6:46 AM
That little brat who liked to hang around Mo and Mura was starting to get real annoying, real fast. "You know something? You really are an obnoxious little brat!" I called out to her as I grabbed a notebook, rolled it up, and started walking towards her as she cowered off to one side of the room. "Don't you EVER call me a witch!" I bonked her on the head as hard as I could with the notebook.

I turned around to face the other Brigadiers. "Anyway, you guys are now under my leadership, understood? If you don't do what I say, you will immediately be sentenced to death!" I ordered all of them, gesturing towards them with the notebook for emphasis. "Don't even THINK that I won't do it, because I won't hesitate to kill any of you if you fall out of line."

Okay, I know I might have been a bit harsh, but it's not like I really cared. After all, I'm sure Takky and Tono knew the risks involved when they volunteered for the organization. Also, it was Mo, Mura, and the brat's fault for wandering in here; they were now mine to control, whether they liked it or not.

"Don't forget your homework either, okay?" I said, grinning widely. If all went well, perhaps we could indeed make names for ourselves as paranormal investigators and such.

Jack O'Neill
February 19th, 2008, 4:54 PM
Current POV: Takanori Kamiya

I was pretty much neutral towards Kazumi's decision to make me the webmaster of the new SOS Brigade website. All of the stuff Haruhi had used to make the old website was still there on the computer. All I needed to do was make the proper adjustments, and if I needed assistance with coding, I could just call on Kotonoha to help me out; she was cool like that.

But...that name that Kazumi had picked out for our organization. It was just plain atrocious. If the original SOS Brigade's full name was hard to understand, this one was just plain nonsensical. "You can't name the club that, Ms. Mayumi," I told her emphatically. "The name needs to fit the acronym, and the last time I checked, your name doesn't start with an S." A brief pause to gather my thoughts. "Uh, how about this? We'll name it the 'Spreading More Excitement Across the World with Kazumi Mayumi and the Haruhi Suzumiya's Successors' Brigade.'" Okay, maybe the name I just made up wasn't that much better, but anything was better than nothing.

With that piece of business out of the way, I turned in my seat to face the trinity of freaks. "Ah yes, your positions in this organization," I said to them. "The only way Ms. Nakano here can keep an eye on us is if she joins our organization, so consider her drafted. She can be our liason to the school paper, and she can probably help out with the website as well." I looked over at Yuudai. "Of course, seeing as how Ms. Nakano likes to keep you on a leash, Mr. Murakami, you'll have to enlist as well. Don't worry, you'll still get to be her slave boy. However, I think Ms. Mayumi and Ms. Yamada may want your mistress to share your services with them, so don't be surprised if your work load suddenly increases exponentially."

I stood up from my seat and walked over to Amaya, who was still off to the side, recovering from the beating Kazumi had given her. "So, I'm Spazz now, huh?" I asked her, looking down on her as I did so. "Cute. Anyway, I haven't exactly decided on a role for you just yet, Ms. Maeda. Perhaps you could be an assistant mascot alongside Ms. Yamada. I honestly don't know what else you can do. We'll just have to wait and see."

Soul Eater
February 19th, 2008, 5:12 PM
I hadn't even realized that Takky had been ordering everyone around and when I did, that's when I couldnt help but snap.

"Who the hell died and made you the leader of this brigade, Takky? Anyway, I guess we can stick with naming it Spreading More Excitement Across the World with Kazumi Mayumi and the Haruhi Suzumiya's Successors' Brigade." I figured it was better than nothing, after all, he did have a point and it really wouldnt have made much since to call it what I wanted.

"Why the hell would I want that stupid whiny little brat a mascot? She's too little and she'll just get in the way." I didnt really like Child prodigies because they always seemed so stuck up and bratty, "Eh, we'll keep her and I'm sure we can make her do some kind of clean-up duty, I don't know."

I looked at Tono and tried to picture her in some cute but sexy looking outfits; I didnt think it would be any fun using the same ones that Haruhi had made Mikuru wear so maybe something even better.

"I think I can put Tono in a sexy cat outfit. It will equipped with a long black tail, red panties, a red strapless bra and long black tights with little red heels...what do you think?" I winked as I pictured how cute she would have looked, "Eh, whatever I can think of something later, Takky, you better have that website done by tomorrow, you got it? And as I have said before, do not forget to do your homework! I'll be leaving now, I'm already late for work." I rushed out the door before I ended up even more late, since I already been about five minutes late.

Ugh, stupid idiots had to keep bickering.

Jack O'Neill
February 19th, 2008, 8:47 PM
Current POV: Takanori Kamiya

Just a few minutes in, and I didn't even realize that I was leading a coup attempt by barking orders to the new recruits. Kazumi didn't object to my suggestions regarding Momo and Yuudai, so I assume that they're okay with her. I noted her suggestion regarding Amaya, however. "Okay, so you won't be an assistant mascot, Ms. Maeda," I told her. "Until Ms. Mayumi says otherwise, it looks like you're our new cleaning girl."

It was then that Kazumi told me about her suggestions for Kotonoha's attire and ordered that the website had to be done by tomorrow. Looks like my plate's full. "Okay, Brigadiers, you heard the woman!" I called out to the recruits right after Kazumi left the room to go to work. "You have your orders! Now carry them out! Dismissed!"

With that out of the way, I sat back down at the table, right next to Kotonoha. "So, Kotonoha," I said to her, "do you think you can help me out with the website?" In response, she took out her earbuds and nodded curtly. In other words, she agreed. With that, we went off to the computer and began our work on the website.

It really was a trivial matter of typing up and editing the necessary files. The site should have been up in an hour at most...if it wasn't for the stash of Mikuru pics that Kotonoha and I kept going back to every now and then. "She was a beautiful woman, wasn't she?" Kotonoha asked me.

"Mikuru Asahina? Most definitely. She was indeed quite beautiful, if these pictures are to be believed."

A brief moment of silence. "...Do you think I'm as beautiful as Miss Asahina?" Kotonoha suddenly asked.

"Of course you are," I reassured her. "You should quit being so hard on yourself." To drive home the point, I gave Kotonoha a kiss on the cheek. "Let's just get back to work, okay?"

Kotonoha nodded in response. I could have sworn I saw her blushing, but my eyes were probably deceiving me.

Despite those distractions, with some help from Kotonoha, I had a slick-looking website up by sunset. It was still very much incomplete, of course, but I hoped that what we had managed to cobble together would be sufficient enough to impress our great leader. Right after I turned off the computer and stood up to leave, Kotonoha asked me, "You did mean what you said earlier, right?"

My sincere reply: "Of course I did, Kotonoha. I meant every word. You are indeed a lovely young woman, one of the finest looking I have ever had the honor of laying my gaze upon. As I said before, you shouldn't be so self-conscious. Not everyone in this school is terrified of you."

With that, I left the Literary Club room, walked all the way over to my car, started it up, and drove home. Upon entering my apartment, I set down my book bag, hung my coat, loosened my tie, and plopped down on the couch. So many thoughts dancing through my head right now. I'll sort them out after dinner.

Soul Eater
February 19th, 2008, 9:24 PM
I was so glad to get home after working at the pet shop for about four hours. I know its weird but I guess I do have a little soft heart the cute fluffy pets.

Okay, whatever, we're moving and I havent really found anything interesting to report on. My laptop is so damn slow at times that I cant get any information on the school records for Haruhi.

So maybe I was able to hack through using my computer, I may not be the best hacker but I know the basic skills and plus, the school system isnt that hard to crack these days.

From what I've read so far, Haruhi had taken different sports to help gain members, even though she never got them. She always wanted attention and to win these games, somehow she managed to win, even when her team sucked.

I was jotting this all down in a notebook and even adding notes on my own as well.

I think we can make alot of changes and make this club even more popular and I'm sure Haruhi would love that.

February 22nd, 2008, 11:43 PM
I had been sitting on my bed for a while now, poking at the American Calendar on my wall. "2008... 2008..." I thought while humming quietly to myself. I had a sneaking suspicion that my lack of friends would drive me insane.

I took out my cell phone and scrolled through my address book. Headquarters... Mom... Nagisa... and that was it. THAT-WAS-IT. I threw it across my bed, and layed down in a fit of boredom. I almost wished I had old what's-her-name new Haruhi lady in there. Anyone would have been fine with me...

As I stared up at my ceiling, I began to think about my friend, Nagisa. My best friend ever, that one was. It hadn't really sunk in until now that... She was the only one that fully understood me and my being a coomplete utter 100% otaku. I never really told her I was leaving... For a second I was tempted to call her, just for some emotional support, but then realized that was impossible.

She's in the future form this time frame. Her number doesn't exist yet.