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February 12th, 2008, 6:20 PM
This is just a short story I've begun. I know I'll be writing two but I've hit writers block on Cstorm's Story. This is just something I want to test out and see what replies I get. Hope you enjoy


Maxi was out on his usual walk to check his small town’s forest scenery. He passed by the tall, leafless trees, on his way to the small lake in the center of the forest. The rocks crumbled as he walked along the dirt path that he had used many times before. Today however was different to him. He felt different and the air that had usually felt so calm, now felt tense.

The wind gently blew his out of control, brown hair into his face. He just brushed it aside and out of his line of sight. He kept eyeing the tree line for its usual sunlight but it was dark and black storm clouds covered the sky. Faint thunder could be heard in the distance but it had no effect on Maxi.

Rain began to fall and a few droplets ran down his face. He passed the final few trees to a small clearing and saw the familiar sight of the lake. Small ripples, from the falling precipitation, were seen on the surface. Maxi walked up to the edge and peered into the clear depths of the lake. Everything was calm besides the small gusts of wind and the falling rain. Everything else was silent.

He glanced up to see a few of the normal Pokémon that resided near the lake looking at something in the center. The Furret and Linoone all looked curious yet fascinated. He too looked down and saw a small light beginning to grow from deep below the surface. This grabbed his interest and he just stared into the blinding light. The light grew even larger and brighter. It shot out of the water, sending gallons of water everywhere and disappeared into the distant stormy skies.

"What in the world of Pokémon was that," he asked himself. I’d better go tell the professor."

He then turned running back in the direction that he had been walking upon a little while earlier. He didn't stop until he reached the exit. He then pushed himself to get back to his small little town to report his sightings just as the rain began to fall.

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February 13th, 2008, 3:18 PM
i like it, but you should tell us what the normal pokemon are.

February 13th, 2008, 7:56 PM
Alright, I will. Again, I was just seeing who would read. Thank you!

February 14th, 2008, 6:02 AM
This is just a short story I've begun. I know I'll be writing two but I've hit writers block on Cstorm's Story. This is just something I want to test out and see what replies I get. Hope you enjoy


Maxi was out on his usual walk to check his small towns forest scenery. He passed by the tall, leaveless trees, on his way to the small lake in the center of the forest. The rocks crumbled as he walked along the dirt path that he had used many times before. Today, however was diffrent to him. He felt diffrent and the air that had usually felt so calm, now felt tense.

The wind gently blew his out of control, brown hair into his face. He just brushed it aside and out of his line of sight. He kept eyeing the tree line for its usual sunlight, but it was dark and black storm clouds covered the sky. Faint thunder could be heard in the distance but it had no effect on Maxi.

Rain began to fall and a few droplets ran down his face. He passed the final few trees to a small clearing and saw the familar sight of the lake. Small ripples, from the falling precipitation, were seen on the surface. Maxi walked up to the edge and peered into the clear depths of he lake. Everything was calm besides the small gusts of wind and the falling rain. Everything else was silent.

He glanced up to see a few of the normal pokemon that resided near the lake looking at something in the center. He too looked down and saw a small light begininning to grow from deep below the surface. This grabbed his interest and he just stared into the blinding light. Then The light grew even more larger and brighter. It then shot out of the water, sending gallons of water everywhere and dissapered into the stormy sky.

"What in the world of pokemon was that?" he asked himself." I'd better go tell the professor."

Maxi then turned, running back in the direction that he had just walked, upon a little while earlier. Maxi didn't stop until he'd reached the exit. He then pushed himself to get back to his small little town to report his sightings.

This is good, I've made a few corrections, the words I've added are in bold, the words I've got rid of have been underlined and coloured red, the main word i crossed out was then ( it's used quiet a lot and it would sound better if it wasn't sometimes).

Also a little more description would be cool because i'd like to know what Maxi looked like and the shape of the Pokemon that jumped from the lake so i can have a better picture in my head.

Nice prologue, can't wait for the next chapter =)

February 14th, 2008, 7:34 PM
Thank you and I will surely make changes. Work is killing me though so it'll probably be tomorrow.

February 17th, 2008, 7:46 AM
First chapter and i think its a pretty good one. I hope you enjoy and remember, constructive criticism is welcomed.

Chapter 1
Starting Out on the Wrong Foot

Maxi barged into the double doors of Prof. Elm’s lab and they slammed shut with a thud.

“Professor,” he yelled. “Where are you?” “I saw…I saw something extraordinary,” Maxi continued gasping for breath after my run. The tall and skinny professor walked into the main room and looked over at the worn out teen.

“Yes Maxi, what did you see this time?” he asked looking back down at a pokeball.

“A shining Pokémon jumped from out of the lake in the middle of the forest,” Maxi said catching his breath finally.

“Well I’m not going to believe you until you have some full proof evidence of these findings,” he said turning around to go look at some of his research.

“I saw the tail professor,” Maxi exclaimed. “It looked like a lightning bolt.”

Professor Elm stopped, raised his head and asked, “are you sure you saw the tail, Maxi?”

“Yes professor, I am positive,” he answered proudly.

“The legendary dogs have returned, Maxi, this is astounding, the professor finally said, jumping from his lab chair. I must tell the Mr. Pokemon and the other professors.”

“Professor, I think I’m ready to take our studies on the road, Maxi said with a smile. I’m ready to travel and see the world of pokemon.”

“Very well Maxi, you need to get your starter,” the professor said turning to a machine in the center of the room. He then pressed a button and the glass on the top of the machine opened. It revealed three pokeball’s and the professor grabbed them and brought them over to a table.

“Maxi, you know what to do, Professor Elm started. You’ve seen it time and time again.”

“Yes professor and I want Chikorita,” Maxi said with a grin on his face.

“Very well Maxi, here is your Chikorita,” the professor said handing him the pokeball that Chikorita resided in. Just then the double doors were forced open and a young girl with long blonde hair walked through them.

“Professor, I’m sorry I’m late,” the girl said in a worried tone. She had crystal blue eyes and looked about thirteen but Maxi couldn’t tell.

“You must be Rebecca, the professor said with a smile. Professor Oak said you found some pretty good discoveries over in Kanto. He also said that you were his finest student and I’m happy you are here to join Maxi in researching for me.”

“Aw, thanks professor,” she said as her cheeks turned a little red.

“Huh…what…professor, what’s going on?” Maxi said surprised. “I thought I was going alone.”

“No, no, Maxi, I need at least two of you out there and Rebecca here is marvelous, the professor said going back to the table with the other two starters. Plus, it’s no fun traveling alone.”

“But…but…ah never mind,” Maxi said lowering his head. Maxi was a little annoyed at the fact that this girl comes in and already has a better reputation with Professor Elm.

“What did she do that was so great and she now is this marvelous trainer,” Maxi thought to himself.

"Very well, Rebecca, do you want Totodile or Cyndaquil?” Elm asked quickly.

“Hmm…I want Totodile,” she finally said after a few moments passed.

“Ok, you two, I need you to research the three legendary dogs and how they tie in with the legendary bird, Ho-Oh,” he said as a serious look crossed his face. We have never been able to study them and before an hour ago, we thought they had left the continent.”

“I’m ready professor, Maxi said turning towards the door. We’ll find the three and see how they act in the wild, he continued boldly.

“We won’t let you down,” Rebecca said with a smile.

“Ok you two, here are your pokedex’s and just remember to send me data from your PokeNav’s, the professor said walking them towards the door. When you reach Cherrygrove, please make sure to stop at Mr. Pokemon’s house, I need him to hear your story Maxi.”

“Yes sir,” Maxi said walking past the professor and onto the dirt path that led out of the small town.

“Hey, wait up Maxi, Rebecca said feeling a little hurt from Maxi’s cold shoulder. We should get to know each other better.”

“Good luck you two!” Professor Elm shouted.

Maxi continued at his quick pace and was about to reach the towns limits when he was grabbed and forced backwards.

“What was that for?” he asked giving Rebecca an evil look.

“Why are you acting like this Maxi? She asked, tears beginning to form in her eyes. I didn’t do a thing to you to be treated this way. I just want to be friends.”

“Why do you want to be friends with a loser like me? Maxi responded, his face looking towards the ground and he kicked a small rock of the road. I don’t have any friends besides the professor but he seems to have fallen in love with you.”

“No, I’m just a research aid, coming to help you out," she answered with as a grin formed on her face. I want to be your friend and journey to find these legendary dogs.”

“You’re not so bad Rebecca, and I’m sorry for acting like a jerk, I just have never been around the nicest of people, Maxi said look towards Rebecca and grinning. Friendship is just new to me but I’m willing to be friends and I will be honored to have you travel with me.”

Rebecca smiled and gave him a hug and called out Totodile. Maxi did the same by calling out his newly received Chikorita. Red light burst from the two balls and he two pokemon looked towards there trainers. Chikorita instantly jumped into Maxi’s arms and nuzzled his chest. Totodile looked at Rebecca and started dancing around in circles.

“This looks like a new friendship for the four of us,” Maxi said rubbing Chikorita’s green head, right under the leaf that grew from it.

“It sure does,” Rebecca responded as the group began their hike towards their first destination and down the road of their glorious journey.

February 19th, 2008, 7:18 PM
Here's the second chapter. I really enjoyed writing this one and I hope you guys enjoy it too. I hope it's as good as I think it is! Enjoy!

Chapter 2
Sunrises and Sunsets

Cherrygrove City just came into view above the trees as Maxi and Rebecca continued walking along the peaceful and grassy path towards the small city. A few Pidgey flew past them and the tiny brown and tan birds landed on a branch beside the trainers. The pokemon seemed happy and carefree as they played with each other. The two walked past some berry trees and saw two trainers battling.

“Come one Cyndaquil, use tackle,” a short boy with blonde hair said.

“Dodge it Surskit and follow up with a bubble,” a girl with long brown hair yelled.

The Cyndaquil ran quickly towards the pond skater pokemon but Surskit slid to the side and then blew bubbles at Cyndaquil. The fire pokemon was thrown backwards and landed on its back, unconscious.

“Great job Surskit, the young girl said happily as she went to pick up her small pokemon. The Surskit returned the smile to her trainer. The young boy looked up, showing hurt in his eyes as he ran off in the opposite direction, away from the girl.

“Bryan, that was…, she said, her voice trailing off as she realized that the boy had run off. Why did he run away,” she said as her eyes began to tear up.

Maxi and Rebecca moved from their spot behind the trees and went up to the girl.

“It’s ok little girl, he just doesn’t take losing well, I guess,” Maxi said trying to comfort her.

“I was just going to congratulate him, she said sadly. He did a great job today.”

“I think you should go talk to him…, umm, we really never got your name,” Rebecca said politely.

“It’s Jessica,” the young girl said after a brief silence.

“Well Jessica, don’t worry about Bryan, he’ll come around,” Maxi said with a smile.

“Thanks you guys, I hope to see you two around,” Jessica said as she began to walk home.

The fiery hot sun was about halfway across the sky as the two travelers walked into Cherrygrove. Cherrygrove reminded them a lot of New Bark Town with a lot of blooming trees and beautiful flowers growing around the city. They looked around to see two smaller versions of the Pokemon Center and Mart. A few lonely houses were scattered around the landscape and the residents looked busy at their daily routines. Maxi then spotted to the west a large lake with an island in the center.

“Rebecca, come with me for a second,” Maxi said in a curious tone.

“Okay?” she replied in confusion.

Maxi ran to the edge of the water and squinted at the small island. Rebecca followed but was still confused and didn’t know what Maxi was looking at.

“It’s Suicune!” Maxi shouted as he began to jump up and down. Jessica don’t you see the mighty legend of the north wind.”

A small gust of wind blew and Maxi’s brown hair became messier, if that was possible.

“Uh, no, there’s nothing there,” she said as she looked off at the distant island.

“But…Suicune was there, I saw it,” he exclaimed as he began to get discouraged.

“Are you sure you weren’t seeing things Maxi?” Rebecca asked in disbelief.

“Yes, I am!” he replied angrily.

“Great, now see thinks I’m seeing things, but I know Suicune was there,” Maxi said to himself.

The lake was crystal clear, besides a ripple or two from the north wind. Green evergreens covered three-fourths of the surrounding area, with one facing the small but bustling Cherrygrove City. In the center was an island with a small plateau that covered most of the surface. Broken rock and moss-like plants formed the rest of the area and small waves lapped the shoreline. On top of the plateau rested one of the most un-seen legendary pokemon of Johto. Suicune traveled as the north wind took it but today was not a day for moving. The aurora pokemon was peacefully resting, its blue body glistening in the sun. Its long mane of hair floated in wisps of the wind.
“It’s Suicune!” This voice abruptly woke Suicune from its slumber and slightly angered it.
<Foolish human> Suicune muttered to itself as it launched its body into the forest and out of sight.
The wind blew as Suicune escaped being seen and just as quickly as it began, the air calmed and settled.

“Maxi, it’s okay, it was probably just a mirage,” Rebecca said, breaking the silence.

“I know I saw it” Maxi replied. He shook the thought out of his mind and began to head for the route heading to Mr. Pokemon’s house.

“I guess we should get going to give Mr. Pokemon the professor’s report,” Maxi said as he looked back at Rebecca.

“Okay Maxi, it is getting a little late,” she said as she walked in Maxi’s direction.

The sun went behind a puffy cloud and the road ahead dimmed some as the two began their trek to see Mr. Pokemon. The grass ahead of them was different than the first route and looked like it had been trampled over many times. Maxi continued to walk past the trees and boulders that cluttered his path. Rebecca however noticed something poking from the ground in her parallel vision. She faced it and saw that it looked like a weed but she had seen too many in the past and called out her Totodile.

“Totodile, come on out and use scratch,” she whispered as she tossed her pokemon towards the sleeping Oddish.

The happy pokemon ran up to the weed pokemon and brought out his claws. He then continuously slammed them into the tough skin of Oddish.

“Now grab it and toss it at that tree,” Rebecca shouted.

Totodile did as it was told and ripped Oddish out of the ground like a radish. He then easily tossed it towards the tree. Oddish’s body violently slammed into the tree and didn’t move.

“Go pokeball,” Rebecca yelled.

The ball popped open as it hit the motionless Oddish and a red beam warped around it. It then shut closed and began to shake. It then stopped moving and Rebecca ran to pick it up.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she shouted over and over again.

She heard clapping behind her and turned to see Maxi smiling.

“So you decide to abandon me, he said jokingly. I was just walking and then went to tell you that we were almost there and then I turn to see nothing.”

“I’m sorry Maxi, I just saw this opportunity and grabbed it, she said as she smiled down at her Totodile. You did great Totodile, I’m so proud of you.”

Totodile began to dance happily and smiled with his jagged, large teeth.

“Well, I do believe Mr. Pokemon is waiting for us,” Maxi said as he began walking down the path he just came from.

“Ok, this time I won’t leave you,” Rebecca said as she began to laugh.

Maxi and Totodile laughed with her as the three headed in the direction of Mr. Pokemon’s house. The sun was about to drop behind the trees, leaving a beautiful sunset of many shades of reds, pinks and purples in the background.

February 23rd, 2008, 8:34 AM
Here is chapter three. This is where the plot is beginning to form. I hope you are enjoying it.

Chapter Three
Professor's Delight

Mr. Pokemon’s house was sort of isolated off the path leading to Violet City. It was completely surrounded by evergreens, berry and apricorn trees. These apricorn trees were covered in many colors and Maxi grabbed a few black and blue ones. The house was now in their site and they went up to the iron-plated door and knocked the Dragonite knocker. The door crept open and Mr. Pokemon was at the door.

“Well you two finally made it, he said with a chuckle. His graying beard was all that could be seen in the diminishing light. We were all getting worried about you two.”

“Who else is here?” Maxi questioned in surprised.

Mr. Pokemon opened the door to allow the two teens a view of the room. The room was painted a pale blue and had many pokemon pictures on the wall. It was nicely furnished with oak chairs and tables. In those chairs sat four other men, all in white lab coats. Surrounding them were a few plotted plants and washing up the dishes in the kitchen was a Vigoroth. His white fur gently swayed in the wind.

“Professor, I didn’t know you were coming,” Maxi said, still confused.

“So, this must be Maxi,” an older gentleman said with a smile.

“Professor Oak, you’re here too, awesome!” Rebecca shouted.

“Yes Samuel, this is Maxi,” Professor Elm stated.

“So, young Maxi, you saw Raikou?” Professor Oak said calmly.

“Yes sir, I did,” Maxi answered excitingly.

“He also saw Suicune just this afternoon,” Rebecca added with a smile.

“That’s preposterous!” another older gentleman yelled, jumping up from his chair.

He had fully white hair and a full moustache that connected to his beard.

“I searched for legendary pokemon when I was younger and saw the three dogs once and it was in different years, he continued. There’s no way that this kid saw them in a matter of a few days.”

“Calm down Rowan,” Professor Oak said as he gazed over at the angered man.

“It’s amazing he even saw one, but two,” Rowan continued angrily. I just cannot believe this.”

Maxi was taken aback by Professor Rowan’s comments and shot an angry look at him. The other professor that was sitting down walked over to him. He was a little larger than the others and had short brown hair. His lab coat was short sleeved and instead of dress pants, he wore khaki shorts.

“So what was it like to see two legendary pokemon,” he whispered as the other three argued with one another.

“It was more like glimpses of them,” Maxi said, still looking down at his shoes.

“Well I think it’s amazing that you saw them, even if it was for a second, the man said in return. Any chance to see a legendary pokemon is an experience. The only reason Rowan is angry is because he thinks you’re playing us and he doesn’t want to be out did by a teen.”

“Well, I’m glad somebody believes me,” Maxi replied with a chuckle.

“By the way, I’m Professor Birch from the Hoenn region, he said as he placed his hand out for a handshake.

“I’m glad I get the chance to meet you, I heard a lot of great things about you from Professor Elm,” Maxi replied as he returned the handclasp.

The argument settled down and Professor Elm motioned for the group to sit down and prepare for the brief meeting. However, just outside the window were three figures. The black of their uniforms was a silhouette to the night and they were completely camouflaged in darkness. They had a device in the shape of a small cube that was latched to the window and they each wore tiny headsets. The three were completely silent and were zoned into the conversation inside the room in front of them.

“Now, we all agree that the legendary dogs have returned?” Professor Elm began.

He looked around and the group nodded their heads in agreement.

“Okay, well we need to protect them from harm or they’ll just flee again and probably never return,” he continued, a stern look in his eyes.

“Well I do believe we need to speak to Morty and Eusine about this, since they are experts on these legendaries,” Professor Oak mentioned.

“Yes, we do need to do that, Professor Elm said in agreement. Do we also agree that Maxi and Rebecca need to continue to travel and search for their locations.”

Again, the professors and Mr. Pokemon nodded in agreement.

“I think Maxi is very capable for this assignment, and it shows that he was your aide,” Birch said, pointing to comment to Professor Elm.

“I agree on this matter as well,” Professor Oak added.

“Can I ask one thing?” Maxi asked to the group.

“Go ahead Maxi,” Elm replied.

“Well, I think if someone is trying to hurt or capture these three legendaries, does Rebecca and I need to get stronger?” Maxi pointed out.

“That’s a very good point and I think you two should try as much battling as possible,” Professor Birch answered for the others.

“So, I can also battle the gym leaders,” Maxi asked excitedly.

“Yes, by all means, you should definitely battle the leaders as well,” Professor Elm answered with a smile on his face.

“Yes!” Maxi exclaimed with a glint of happiness in his eyes.


The three uniformed figures moved from their spot in front of the window to a small bush a few yards away. One brought out a radio and said, “Boss, we have good news, the legends are back.”

“Very good, you three come back to base and report everything, a young but rough voice answered. My father will love to hear of this.”

“Yes sir,” the three said in unison.

They then walked into the night.


“Well then it is settled then, Maxi and Rebecca will continue the journey in search of Suicune, Raikou and Entei,” Professor Elm said looking around at the group.

“I will head to Goldenrod in the morning and broadcast my radio show and then I will head to Ecruteak City to talk to Morty,” Professor Oak added.

“I will search around Johto for any disturbances in the land and air,” Birch said with a smile.

“Okay, everything is set,” Professor Elm said happily as he raised himself out of his chair. Rebecca and Maxi, you two head to the Pokemon Center in Cherrygrove to spend the night. We’ll stay here since Mr. Pokemon has plenty of unused rooms.”

"Okay Professor Elm, I guess we’ll see you four sometime in the near future,” Maxi said as he walked towards the door.

“Don’t worry Maxi, we’ll all see each other over the course of this journey,” Professor Elm said reassuringly.

“Okay professor,” Maxi smilingly said as he walked out the door with Rebecca right on his heels.

“Goodbye everyone,” the two said together.

“Goodbye,” the gentlemen replied.

Maxi and Rebecca walked from Mr. Pokemon’s house and found the road leading to Cherrygrove in no time. They were silent most of the way probably due to their sleepiness. The travel didn’t take nearly as long as the trip to the meeting and they finally saw the lightless houses. The Pokemon Center was the only thing open and they walked inside the sliding doors. They saw the counter where a Chansey was. The pink pokemon was happy to see people and walked from behind the counter. The egg in its pouch wobbled as she took each step.

“We need a place to sleep for the night,” Rebecca said sleepily.

“Chan…sey,” she said happily.

She pointed to the red and blue couches and they looked comfortable as ever. Maxi fell straight onto the red one and passes out instantly. Chansey handed a pillow to Rebecca and put a blanket over her as she laid her head down.

“Thank you Chansey,” Rebecca whispered

“Chansey, chan,” she replied happily.

She did the same for Maxi and went to the counter. Nurse Joy walked in from double doors and saw the two teens. She looked over at Chansey and nodded and went upstairs, exhausted from the days surgeries. Chansey locked the doors and dimmed the lights before going through the doors from which Nurse Joy came. Rebecca and Maxi slept soundly, not hearing any noises, and were lost in the peacefulness of their dreams.

February 26th, 2008, 3:15 PM
It's getting pretty interesting here. A few things kind of stick out here and there, but I could only think of one that I could really point out. Things are going by a bit fast. It's all quite sudden, and there doesn't really seem to be a moment of just calm and quiet. This is a very common problem, and it is not so bad, but it's worth trying to correct. What I do is simply try to re-read the chapter and then stuff in a few extra words, lines, sentences, or even paragraphs where they could visibly help to make things seem a bit more smooth.

Other than that, it's a pretty good fanfic, and it's enjoyable. Good luck with the rest of it!

February 26th, 2008, 4:10 PM
It's wicked! Maybe a little more description wouldn't hurt and try to make it a bit more paced, other than that it's awesome

February 26th, 2008, 4:22 PM
Well thanks for the comments, finally some feedback, YEAY!!! The next chapter is getting more descriptive and I'll slow it done a bit. The chapter will be up in the next few days.

February 28th, 2008, 1:41 PM
This next chapter is a lot better description wise I think. I enjoyed this chapter and I hope you guys do too!

Chapter 4
Passion Flows in Us All

A young man sat behind a small wooden desk, pondering what his next move would turn out to be. He gazed outside through his side, glass window onto the streets below. His long, slender fingers were tapping the desk as he thought deeply. His black hair slowly stirred as a result of the circling ceiling fan above him. His clothes were iron-pressed and looked very professional. The man himself looked very professional and he liked it that way. His Honchkrow slept peacefully upon its stand next to the desk. His purple feathers moved in sync with his breathing as the air went in and out of his lungs.

The man’s gaze turned when he heard a light knock at his door.

“Come in,” he said roughly. The door slowly opened and revealed a young teenage boy. His face exposed a look of fear as he crept forward and faced the man’s gaze. The boy’s hair hung above his pale green eyes.

“What is it?” the man yelled, slamming his hands upon the desk. Honchkrow abruptly woke from his slumber at the bang. He looked over at his trainer and then at the boy and smiled.

“I…I…I’m here…t…to tell you…th…that the three have…re…returned from the field mission,” he stuttered, barely controlling his wits.

“Very good, send them in Jimmy,” the man said, calming a bit.

“Rrr…right away boss,” he muttered as he exited the room.

“That boy, if it wasn’t for his strong pokemon and his brother, I would’ve let him go weeks ago,” the man thought to himself.

It took a few minutes and he sat back in his chair and went back to his thoughts from before. His Honchkrow left his perch and landed on the man’s sturdy shoulder. He rubbed under the bird’s beak, near where his feathers were the thickest. There was another knock at the door.

“Come on in you three,” the man exclaimed aloud.

The door was pushed open and three shady figures walked in and sat themselves onto the black, leather sofa, near the west corner of the room. The three had black uniforms with a big red R placed in the center of the shirt. The right figure had straight white hair that he kept over his eyes. He was the tallest of the three and looked down upon the floor. The middle figure was average size and she had long, blue hair that went to her lower back. She was more of the brains of the three. The left figure was burlier than the others and had a lot more muscle tone. He had black, shaggy hair that was covered by a bluish, blackish beanie.

“So you three, what did you hear from the meeting?” the man at the desk inquired.

“The three legendary dogs are back, Boss Gionii,” the woman in the middle answered.

“Very good Fiona,” Gionii responded happily. “My father will love to hear of this.”

“How is Giovanni doing my lord?” the man to the right asked.

“He is going through rehab after the explosion,” Gionii replied, his hand balling in a fist from the rage of the thought of his father.

“I’m sorry boss, I wasn’t trying to hurt you,” he said reassuringly.

“No, its ok Josh, I’m fine,” Gionii retorted. “Is there any other news to report from the meeting?”

“Sir, the professors are sending out two young teens to search for the locations of the dogs,” the bulky man answered.

“Do you want us to take them out my lord?” Josh asked excitedly.

The room went quiet as Gionii pondered over a plan. The three rocket grunts stared off at the many pictures that hung on the wall. These photos marked key events in Team Rocket history.

“Not yet,” Gionii finally responded. “We still need time to pull or plan together.”

“Yes sir,” they said in unison.

“Now get out of my office, I must report this to my father at once,” he said as he motioned them to the door.

“Those three sure got a lot of work to go before I trust them to go out and take care of people,” Gionii said aloud.

“Honchkrow Honch,” his pokemon snickered as it grinned at its trainer.

“Yeah, that’ll be the day,” Gionii answered laughingly, as he picked up his video phone.


“Come on out Chikorita,” Maxi yelled. The grass pokemon happily jumped out of its ball and ran up to Maxi. She rubbed against his leg lovingly, happy to be out with her trainer.

“Speeearooooow!” a pokemon above them screamed.

“Our chance to catch up to Rebecca,” Maxi jokingly said to Chikorita.

Maxi had awoken from his slumber earlier than Rebecca and went outside to walk in the fresh, crisp air of Cherrygrove. He walked just outside of the city’s street limits and looked around at the blooming scenery. Everything was at peace, until the Spearow’s cry broke the silence.

“Chikorita, vine whip,” Maxi began.

Chikorita launched two green vines from her neck towards Spearow’s tan, black and white feathered body. They grasped his wings and slammed him to the ground. As the dust settled, the sparrow flew unnoticed and pecked at Chikorita’s soft skin.

“Use tackle,” Maxi said.

Chikorita threw her body into Spearow and slammed him into the grassy surface. With anger in her eyes, she prepared for Maxi’s next move to finish off the rather large bird.

“Finish it off with a close range razor leaf,” Maxi exclaimed happily.

Chikorita spun the green leaf upon her head and tiny leaves were thrown out. They were then propelled towards Spearow’s body. The sparrow was thrown back even more and landed with a thud.

“Go pokeball,” Maxi yelled as he tossed the sphere at Spearow’s limp body. The ball hit the bird’s body and shot open, engulfing Spearow in a ray of red light. The ball landed on the ground and shook four times before coming to a halt.

“Yes!” Maxi shouted out loud, not keeping hold of his excitement. Chikorita ran up to her trainer and jumped, landing in his arms. There was so much happiness in the atmosphere. Two Rattata were playing in the flowers and a family of Zigzagoon was casually walking in the bushes. Happiness surrounded this area.

Maxi walked up to his newly caught Spearow and called him out. The bird pokemon flew out of the ball and landed at Maxi’s feet. A normal Spearow would’ve come up just below his knew but his came up halfway up his thigh.

“You are a strong-looking Spearow, welcome to the team,” Maxi said as he cautiously went to rub the bird’s head. The Spearow allowed it and really enjoyed the gesture of friendship.

“Let’s return to the center and allow you to meet Rebecca,” Maxi said to his two pokemon. He kept Chikorita in his arms, which she really was starting to like and Spearow landed on his right shoulder as they began to walk along the dirt path. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky on this mid-morning Tuesday and the three just enjoyed the rays of the sun upon them. Chikorita especially enjoyed the sunlight since she was a grass type. Her blue eyes were shining from the sun as she delightfully looked up at Maxi.

They made it to the red-roofed building and walked through the sliding glass doors. They looked around the center and saw Rebecca sitting with her Totodile and Oddish in a lounge booth near the north section of the room. Nurse Joy walked past with two of her assistants and walked through the double doors near the entrance. Maxi casually walked over to Rebecca and sat across from her. She looked up at him after placing a pen down.

“What are you writing down?” Maxi asked curiously.

“My trainer card information,” she answered as she went back to writing. “We need a trainer card to be considered part of the Johto League and to be able to travel.

“Wow, they’re that important?” he asked in surprise.

“Yep,” she replied.

Chikorita placed herself in front of her trainer and fell asleep and Spearow remained on his shoulder as he gazed around the center. His beak showed a smile, he was happy to have someone who wanted him.

“That’s a rather large Spearow you have their Maxi,” a familiar voice said from in front of the table. “He looks strong and very healthy.”

Spearow smiled at the comment as did Maxi.

“Professor Oak?” Rebecca shouted in bewilderment.

“The reason I’m here is because I forgot to give you both something before you two left last night,” the professor said as he reached into his coat pocket. He placed two small mechanical devices onto the table. There were square shaped with a few white buttons on the top. Maxi grabbed the blue one and opened it.

“Maxi Sardonic of New Bark Town, age thirteen, beginning trainer,” an automated voice said.

He flipped the pokedex shut and placed it in his left jacket pocket. Rebecca checked hers and everything thing was correct.

“Anyways, I’m off to Goldenrod to do my radio show,” Samuel said as he began to walk away from the table. “You two enjoy the travel and I’ll see you in Goldenrod.”

He walked out of the sliding doors and they motioned back shut. Rebecca returned to her trainer card information as Maxi stared off into space. His peacefully sleeping Chikorita still lay in front of him. His thoughts turned to a conversation behind him.

“We should definitely head to the woods near Violet City,” a little boy said to his mother.

“Tonight’s the big courtship dance between the Volbeat, Illumise and Ledian, isn’t it Henry,” the woman replied to her eager son. “We will go, don’t worry son.”

“We should go see the courtship dances Rebecca,” Maxi said excitedly.

“That sounds like fun, I can’t wait,” she responded.

Totodile began dancing on the wooden table, his feet moving to his own beat. Chikorita giggled and Maxi and Rebecca joined in. Travelers around the center began to clap and smile as Totodile moved his dance to the floor. His jumps and flips impressed many a pokemon and its trainer.

“Your Totodile has such a great personality,” a young trainer stated as she watched the big jaw pokemon move.

“Thank you,” Rebecca replied as she smiled at her pokemon.

Totodile fell over from exhaustion and everyone around him laughed happily. He could just put a smile on his face as Rebecca picked him and rubbed his head.

“You have a way with performing, don’t you?” she asked pleasantly.

“Rebecca, are you ready to head outside?” Maxi asked happily.

“Yes, let me just give this to Nurse Joy and get my trainer card,” she answered.

Rebecca walked over to the pink-haired nurse and handed her the information. Maxi moved towards the exit and Rebecca followed.
The blazing sun was midway across the sky and it had become quite warm. There were a few fishermen at the lake; they all looked in complete focus. The two watched in curiosity at the men. One began hurriedly reeling in his line as water splashed all around the propelling line. He had determination written across his face and wasn’t going to let this one go. A Seaking leaped from the water, the line hooked in his mouth painfully. A bolt of electricity was launched from beside the man, coming from an Electrike, and surrounded the goldfish pokemon. It quivered as the electricity flowed through his body. A pokeball was thrown at the fish and Seaking was caught easily. The man jumped up and down in excitement, his buddies congratulated him on an excellent catch.

“Wow, that was pretty awesome,” Rebecca stated in amazement.

“He knows what he is doing,” Maxi said back. “I think we should head for Violet now,” Maxi continued.

“Alright mister impatient,” Rebecca jokingly said.

Maxi smiled at the comment and walked through the iron gates for the third time. The ground beneath him began to fell normal as the two strolled past the growing trees. It was true though, Maxi was ready to get to Violet to fight in his first ever gym battle. His anticipation was growing inside of him and his patience was growing slim. The sun slowly dragged across the afternoon sky, trailing Maxi and Rebecca as they continued to make their way to their next destination.

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Chapter 5
Courtships and Planning

“Alright Spearow, come on out!” Maxi shouted as he tossed the sphere up in the air.

“Speeearoow,” he cried.

His opponent stood opposite of him and studied Spearow for moment. He adjusted his black glasses and brought out a tiny pokeball from his pocket. He pressed the button in the center to enlarge the sphere and tossed it in front of him. A yellow-brownish figure replaced the bright light the ball emitted. It had a long nose that fell in front of its face and it didn’t look that excited to battle.

“Ok Drowsee,” the young boy began, “start off with pound

“Spearow fly up and then come back down with peck,” Maxi shouted to his pokemon.

Spearow quickly shot from the ground and in to the air. Spearow flipped his body as he reached above tree-level and aimed straight for Drowsee with his sharp beak. The boy wasn’t quick enough to respond and Spearow crashed into his pokemon and shot past him.

“Now Spearow, return and use fury attack,” Maxi said to brake the moment of silence.

The sparrow responded with a smooth turn and again flew swiftly to its target. When it drew near, he lashed out another barrage of peck with great speed and Drowsee toppled over.

“Drowsee, use poison gas,” the boy yelled at of frustration.

Drowsee stood up and opened his mouth to expel a greenish gas. The pungent fume headed straight for Spearow but Maxi wasn’t caught off guard.

“Flap your wings quickly and propel the attack back,” Maxi stated with a grin.

The gas quickly redirected its path a Drowsee was caught in the awful stench. It staggered backwards and passed out at the boy’s feet.

“Return Drowsee,” the boy said in disappointment. He pointed the pokeball at his fainted pokemon and began to fumble for another ball.
The afternoon sun was very near to setting but the two battlers were not fazed.

“Return Spearow, you did awesome,” Maxi exclaimed happily. “Now Chickorita, come on out,” Maxi continued as he tossed her ball towards the field. Chikorita joyfully looked around and smiled when she looked up at Maxi.

“Mankey, let’s try and win this, the boy expressed with sadness.

“Chikorita, start off with vine whip,” Maxi said to begin the next round.

The vines shot from Chikorita’s body and wrapped around the pig monkey’s body.

“Now, toss it up and use poisonpowder,” Maxi continued.

Chikorita flung Mankey’s body into the air and as it came back down, she calmed and a yellowish powder expelled from the beads around her neck. Mankey crashed into the ground and as it pushed itself up and breathed, the powder quickly filled up its lungs. The monkey responded by coughing and lunging its body and Chikorita. The attack surprised both Maxi and Chikorita as it knocked her backwards

“Chikorita counter with razor leaf to end this battle,” Maxi stated.

Chikorita twirled the leaf on top of its head and many leaves flew at Mankey. They reached its target and left it unconscious. The boy slowly recalled Mankey and walked up to Maxi.

“You are definitely ready to take on Falkner,” he said half-heartedly.

“You just need a little more practice and battling will just get easier from there," Maxi said, trying to cheer the boy up.

The boy grinned and continued on towards Cherrygrove just as the sun hit the tree line. Maxi and Rebecca gradually continued on the path towards Violet City. They were only about an hour away from one of the most beautiful sights a trainer can possibly watch, a courtship dance.

“You know something Maxi, I don’t believe any of the professors have anything written on the Volbeat, Illumise, and Ledian courtship dances,” Rebecca mentioned.

“You’re right, Professor Elm has never spoken of it,” Maxi responded to Rebecca’s comment.

“This may be a good opportunity to step into that field and view this dance from a professor’s point of view,” Rebecca continued.

“Well we better move a little faster, the sun has set and it should be starting soon,” Maxi said as he began to quicken his pace.

They looked up ahead to see a rather large tree in the center of a small meadow. A few other trainers surrounded the large evergreen and began to look up towards the sky. The two found a spot of to the side and Rebecca brought out a small camera and looked through the focus towards the tip of the tree. Maxi called out his two pokemon and they sat beside him just as the Volbeat and Illumise began their showing of love.

“Mommy, should I toss Volby out so he can join,” the boy from the center asked his mother.

“Only if you don’t get too emotional if he finds a partner, Roger” his mother said to her excited son.

“It’ll be good for him and I want my friend to be happy,” he said as he tossed up the pokeball he held in his hand.

It burst open and the red and black bug looked around to see many of its kind flying around. The Volbeat then began to flash the light on the tip of their tail to signal to the Illumise. They went in many patterns and circled the many girls that were scattered across the night sky. The Illumise responded by letting out a sweet scent that infatuated the Volbeat. The aroma also made the air around the many viewers calm and relaxed. It was a gorgeous sight to behold as the two sets of bug pokemon repeated the dance

Rebecca had taken many wonderful shots from different angles around Maxi and he and his pokemon were lost in awe. Just as it began to die down and the many pairings of Volbeat and Illumise began to disappear into the night, another bug pokemon came into view. The red on its back lit the sky a bit as the Ledian began to play a slow melody. The soft and simple song soothed the trainers and caused many of the young ones to drift into a dreamy slumber.

Roger’s Volbeat had found a match but didn’t leave like the many other couples. Instead it flew to its trainer and the Illumise followed. Roger now had a new pokemon and new friend. This made him smile as he drifted off to sleep in his mother’s arms. She lifted him and headed home and the bug couple followed. Rebecca took a photo of the group and it turned out to be an amazing shot.

“I like that one the best,” Maxi stated as he pointed at the family picture. “This will definitely be a step to understanding the courtship dances,” he continued.

“I just enjoyed being able to witness this rare event,” Rebecca said as she looked up into the night sky.

Maxi stretched out into the bed of flowers and Chikorita fell asleep on his chest. He too fell asleep as Rebecca put away her camera and began to go to bed. All of a sudden, a small figure flew up to her. It was a Ledian and landed a few inches in front of her. She smiled as she looked upon the five star pokemon and it responded by playing the same tune from earlier. This calmed Rebecca and she curled up into a ball next to Maxi. As she drifted off and settled onto the grassy surface, one of her pokeball fell off her belt. It rolled into the Ledian and with no struggle, the ball became still. The group looked peaceful and felt safe in their surroundings and everything was at ease.


“Fiona, what are we doing in Olivine?” Josh asked.

“We’re here to follow that Hoenn professor,” she responded in an annoyed tone. “We may find one of the dogs that Gionii is looking for,” she continued.

“But I thought we were following the kids, not the professors,” the bulkier grunt said in a confusing tone.

“Any way that can lead us to the legendary dogs is our mission, Jake,” Fiona responded, trying to keep calm.

They were behind freight near one of the many ships in port. The waves crashed the shoreline of rocks and sand and were the only sound the three heard. They had been sitting there for only a few moments, when they spotted their target.

“Fiona, how are we going to get to him, we don’t have a flying pokemon,” Jake said in a worried tone.

“But we do have an electric one,” she responded as she pulled out a pokeball.

She called out her Minun and had it use thunderbolt at the unsuspecting trainer above them. As the bolt reached him and his Swellow, they fell from the air and crashed into the waters below.

“Just what we needed to happen,” Fiona said to the group.

The three headed for the beach and began to make the trek towards the figure in the sea. Fiona’s plan was beginning to fall into place and she smiled at this notion.

“Gionii will be very pleased of me and I’ll finally get the promotion I deserve and I can get rid of these losers,” she said to herself as the group swam out towards their victim.

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This next chapter, I really enjoyed writing, mostly because it brings a lot of the storyline out and a lot fo the history of the Johto region. I really hope, whoever is reading this, enjoys it.

Chapter 6
A Song of Distant Past

There was a cool breeze in the air around the four Whirl Islands. A storm began to brew as dark clouds began to appear. Within the clouds, lightning began to pulse. Rain began to concentrate near the bottom of the clouds, ready to be dropped to the open sea below. This was normal to the inhabitants nearby the islands and they just went on with their normal, nightly routines. The many whirlpools that surrounded the small chain of land, which were gracefully churning and tossing water vapor into the air, began to quicken their cycles. There was movement in the depths below and as they intensified in speed, a shadow of a figure began to appear from below. The figure began to grow larger in size as it neared the ocean surface. It was on a mission, to make sure an agreement was still intact.

It cautiously broke the calm waves and with its piercing blue eyes, looked to see if anyone or anything was around. Its long white and slender neck continued to grow as the beast continued to move upwards, out of the pale, green water. Its massive body finally was out of the water and the waves returned to their normal, choppy flow. It looked around again to see if it would be spotted and finally made its trek upwards towards the clouds. The guardian of the sea had to make sure an agreement stayed intact.

He pushed his wings downwards and his blue and white body shot up. Ten blue flaps on his back rose up and allowed the breeze to flow through them and along its back. He was finally above the clouds and he was a white silhouette to the moonlight. As he began to make his way to the other guardian, he glanced down through the breaks in the clouds to see a man floating in the water. He also saw three more humans dressed in black heading towards the fallen man. He pondered for a moment but couldn’t stop; he had to make haste to the Tin Tower. He picked up speed and his blue gleaming eyes glanced around allowing him to dodge being spotted through the wispy puffs of precipitation.

<I can’t believe he is allowing this to happen> the guardian said to itself. <We must protect the sacredness of the Johto region>.

Through the distance haze, the tower finally came into his sight. He cringed at the sight of the neighboring tower, a past he had pushed to the back of his thoughts, for now. As he neared the tip of the sacred temple, he saw his purpose, the great sky guardian, Ho-Oh.


The rocket trio continued swimming through the crystal clear water of the Olivine Port. The waves began to pick up their pace and Jake’s size began to get the better of him. He was behind Fiona and Josh as the waves began to crash against his face. The salty water made his eyes burn and his face cringe. Fiona and Josh, however, had little trouble maneuvering through the choppiness of the water. Their target drew closer and closer as the waves began to grow in size.

“Come on Jake, you slowpoke,” Jake yelled laughingly.

“I…can’t help…that I’m…not a fast…swimmer,” he sputtered as the water kept filling his mouth.

Fiona was the first to reach the unconscious man. His body rocked with the ocean current and he had no expression on his face. His eyes were shut and his mouth hung open a bit. Fiona checked the damp coat pockets and found a few pokeballs and placed it in hers. The thing she was looking for was not there and she slapped the water beneath her.

“Fiona, it’ll be okay, you can at least bring the stolen pokemon back to Gionii,” Josh said with an evil smirk.

“He still will be disappointed in us, we didn’t find any item to lead us closer to the dogs,” Fiona yelled as she balled up her fists.

“Well, I’ll carry him back to shore and we can have Gionii question him,” Josh stated, trying to cheer her up.

“That’s not a bad idea, good thinking Josh, Fiona said with a slight grin.

The praise shocked Josh as he was never thanked for anything. He began to follow Fiona and felt happy about himself. It began to rain as the two looked up at the now dark skies. They were surprised at how fast the storm came up. Jake finally pushed himself to Fiona and Josh’s position as they began to swim back to shore. A bolt of lightning lit they sky and was followed by a burst of thunder. The professor awoke from his grogginess at the deafening explosion of sound. His vision returned for him to see a white blur shoot up into the sky. He had no recognition of blur or the world around him and quickly passed right back out just as quickly as he came to. Jake then began to slowly push himself through the water in pursuit of his two teammates just as the rain began to quicken its pace.

As they reached the sandy shore, Josh slowly pulled the professor’s limp body across the ground. The breeze slowed as did the rain. Fiona and Josh looked at each other and then at themselves. Their uniforms hung heavily from all of the moisture that they had collected. Josh’s white hair hung over his face and he wobbled his head to move it. Fiona began to contact Gionii as Jake gasped for air as he pulled his body across the warm sand.

“I…never…ever…want…to swim…again,” he muttered to say as the air began to replace the water in his lungs.

“Gionii, we have the Hoenn professor but he doesn’t have any information on him concerning the legendary dogs,” Fiona began as she hung her head.

“Very well Fiona, we have at least taken out one of the four and can continue the search in the morning,” Gionii stated, his booming voice echoing over the radio.

“Josh had the idea to allow you to question the professor and maybe find something out,” Fiona continued and motioning at Josh.

“Very good, bring the professor in and we may find out some important info on our mission,” Gionii said with a grin. “I will see you three when you arrive.”

“Yes sir,” Fiona yelled.

Fiona and Josh began to make their way to the base as Jake stumbled behind them to catch up. The storm let up and the stars reappeared in the sky, twinkling as brightly as ever.


The sea guardian gazed its eyes upon the air guardian, Ho-Oh. His feather’s glowed in a rainbow of colors through the haze that surrounded them. He was perched on the plated roof of the Tin Tower, concentrating his thoughts. He opened one of his eyes and saw Lugia, hovering a few feet in front of him.

He yawned and said <and what brings you to my lovely retreat>

<How can you just sit here as our region begins to spiral downwards?> Lugia yelled, his blue eyes glaring at his counterpart. <We must protect our sacred home, just like we agreed

<Nothing has happened and nothing will happen> Ho-Oh bellowed, easily showing his boredom.

<The beasts you resurrected so many years ago have returned and are threatened to be captured> Lugia continued, his anger starting to rise. <You are their protector and they are what keep you as powerful as you are>

<They know how to avoid being captured, don’t worry so much> Ho-Oh said closing eyes again.

<If they are captured and turned against us, you will fall in the wake of their power> Lugia stated. <I thought the same ten years ago about my legendary birds, but I was wrong and feel this is the same situation for you>

<Well I feel that this argument is a waste of time Lugia> Ho-Oh said yawning again. <My tower stands high above the streets of Ecruteak City and I feel I can withstand any attack>

<Your tower will burn just as mine did so many years ago> Lugia screamed, no longer holding back his anger. At that he launched himself back to his Whirl Islands, disgusted at Ho-Oh’s stubbornness. Ho-Oh sat there and allowed what was just said to sink in. He then drifted off into a deep slumber.


A young man walked out of a building near the foot of the Burned Tower. His blond hair blew over his blue headband as a quick breeze shot past him. His blue and orange shirt did the same. He looked up at the unusually hazy night and began to concentrate his gaze to the Tin Tower. He then heard a rage of Pokemon noises that sounded almost angry, yet delicate. He believed it to be the thing he wanted the most, to view Ho-Oh. All of a sudden, the cries stopped and another burst of wind blew past him and he looked at the glorious wooden structure that made up the Tin Tower. It made him proud to be the protector of Ecruteak City and the two towers. A black shadow appeared next to him and two red eyes began to shine.

“I have visitor?” he answered surprised as his Gengar faded again.

“I wonder who would visit me at this time of night,” he questioned himself as he began to walk back to the building he came from.

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Chapter 7
Take Flight

A flock of Pidgey flew across the red and pink colored sky as the sun began to creep over the trees. There was a slight chill in the air as Maxi began to slowly move, showing signs that he was drifting away from deep sleep. Chikorita began to whine at her trainers breathing, as his chest began to quicken a bit. She pushed herself up an off of Maxi’s chest and found a nice patch of chest right near him. Maxi’s eyes shot open as he heard a shout right next to his ear. As he pushed away the ringing in his head, his eyes darted to Rebecca, a look of pure happiness on her face.

“Look Maxi, look at what found its way into one of my pokeball’s,” she exclaimed with a smile.

Maxi just drowsily looked at the ball in her hand. Rebecca then pressed the center, and a rather large insect began to form from the light. Maxi looked at the stars on its back and knew right away it was a Ledian from last night.

“Wow, that’s awesome Rebecca,” Maxi said slowly as he yawned and rubbed his eyes. He noticed he could see his breath slightly as he spoke and began to rub his uncovered arms, trying to rub away the coolness.

“I usually enjoy the cold but not when it is unexpected,” he said moving into the sunlight.

His Spearow had woken up from Rebecca’s shout and began to stretch its wings and go on a light flight. He flapped his tan wings and launched himself from his position. As the sun began to shine on his feathers, he showed a hint of exuberance and began to fly a little faster. Ledian, usually more of a nighttime flyer, leveled off beside the sparrow and smiled. Spearow, excepting the new comer, grinned and began to return to his trainer.

“Well at least they get along,” Rebecca stated, continuing her excitement at her new pokemon.

Maxi had finally moved from his seated position and moved towards his sleeping Chikorita. He leisurely picked her up and held her in his arms. He began to scratch under her chin and she cooed softly. Rebecca smiled at the two as Maxi began to move himself into the bright and warm sunlight. As the rays landed on Chikorita’s face, her mouth shifted into a smile. Maxi felt his love for his starter grow a little more as he grinned. Spearow landed on his shoulder and Maxi began to scratch under his beak. This was the beginning of Rebecca’s true respect for her friend and travel mate.

“You ready to head out to Violet,” Maxi said to Rebecca, after they finished picking up their gear. “I see Sprout Tower from here so we must be close.
Indeed, the ancient tower that was structured for the flower pokemon Bellsprout could be seen from where they stood.

Maxi began to head towards a small opening in the trees with Chikorita in his arms and Spearow hovering a few feet above his head. Rebecca followed with her camera and began to snap photos along the way. The grassy path continued on ahead and began and the towering trees began to lessen.

“I can’t wait to meet and battle Falkner, Maxi exclaimed anxiously.

“Well just remember are true mission is to spot the three legendary dogs and learn more about them,” Rebecca stated looking forward at Maxi.

Maxi turned slightly but continued walking and said, “I know that’s our main mission but I’ve never experienced a gym battle.” “I enjoy feeling the intensity of battle along with the focus of strategy but I cannot imagine what this will feel like.”

Rebecca smiled and continued to follow behind Maxi, wondering how focused he truly was on the mission. The two finally made it into the opening that led to a rather large close to the right and a dirt road to the left. The dirt path was the road leading into Violet city and was surrounded by wild grass on both sides. A wooden sign that was erected above the entrance had the city’s name on it with pictures of Bellsprout and a Pidgeotto on it. The cave, however, was Maxi’s destination. Even though he eagerly wanted to get into Violet City, he wanted to get a little stronger before his gym match. The cave looked promising as Maxi walked into total darkness, with Rebecca close on his heels.

The black that surrounded them almost seemed to smother them. Rebecca couldn’t help but stay right behind Maxi, mainly because she didn’t want to get lost. Maxi felt around and his hand brushed many course rocks and boulders. There were many sounds that filled the air, mostly the tiny squeaks of Zubat as they echoed their way around the cavern. Then a fluttering sound began to move its way towards the two. It crept forward very slowly and the sound grew louder. Maxi reached for his pokedex and flipped it open, revealing a small screen that illuminated the area around Maxi.

“Dunsparce, the land snake pokemon,” an electronic voice announced. “It mostly lives in caves and deep underground in nests of complex design. It has wings so it can hover above the ground slightly,” the voice continued.

Maxi closed his pokedex and placed it in his pant pocket. He then whispered in Chikorita’s ear, “listen for the flap of its wings and then aim a swift razor leaf towards it.”

He then sat her down and Chikorita followed his command. She walked forward, deeper into the darkness and began to spin the leaf on her head. A sound of rocks falling was heard and then a sharp cry in front of them. Then Maxi heard Chikorita cry for another attack.

“Use tackle,” Maxi shouted.

Chikorita focused again and heard slight movement to her right. She launched her body in that direction but ran into a pile of tiny rocks. She softly cried out but shook it off and launched her body again. Her determination paid off and she ran into course skin and called out to Maxi. He grabbed one of the pokeballs from his belt and tossed it in Chikorita’s direction.

“Chika,” she yelled, the ball hitting her in the head. She slapped the ball downwards at the now struggling body below her.

“Sorry Chikorita,” Maxi said apologetically.

He then saw a flash of light and then a cheer from her direction. Chikorita nudged against Maxi’s leg and dropped the ball containing his new capture, Dunsparce. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed, since not many trainers actually capture this pokemon.

“Maxi, can we please leave now, I’m getting scared by this looming silence,” Rebecca pleaded as she touched his shoulder.

“But I was just starting to enjoy this cave,” Maxi jokingly said as he turned to face his friend. “Alright, just stand close to me; I see the entrance up ahead.

They began their trek to leave and Chikorita walked closely to Maxi’s pant leg. She felt proud of what she had done and smiled as she walked next to her trainer. She began to feel her confidence rise inside her and with Maxi; she knew she could always come through in any situation. Even though it had only been a few days, she had full trust in her trainer and that was important for any pokemon team.

Finally out of the cave, Rebecca’s cheerfulness returned and she embraced the warm air happily. Maxi tossed the pokeball that he held in his hand into the air. The land snake appeared in front of him and shrieked at the sunlight. It searched for shadow and found some under a nearby tree. Maxi walked up to it and Dunsparce cautiously crept backwards.

“It's okay Dunsparce, I’m not going to hurt you,” Maxi stated in a calm voice.
He slowly went to place his hand on the pokemon’s yellow head but it cowered further, almost into a bush. Maxi guessed he was just not use to a new person and a new place at one time.

“It must be a big shock to be outside of the cave,” Maxi said turning back towards Chikorita and Rebecca. “Chikorita, you did excellent in there and I’m really glad you trust your other senses the way you did in there. You did excellent,” he happily said as Chikorita jumped into his arms.

“She really likes you Maxi,” Rebecca said with a smile.

Dunsparce slowly slithered over the craggy surface towards Maxi’s feet. He nudged Maxi’s shoe with his head and looked up at his new trainer. Maxi looked down at the yellow and blue-striped pokemon and crouched down to his level. He attempted again to rub Dunsparce’s head and succeeded. This made Maxi grin as he turned his gaze to the sign outside of Violet City.

“That’s where we will battle our first gym leader,” Maxi exclaimed, determination showing on his face.

He then returned Dunsparce and Chikorita to their pokeballs and began to walk on the nicely constructed dirt road into the city. Rebecca hurried to catch up and that thought returned to her head, “I really wonder if he is truly focused on the mission.”

Maxi glanced up at Sprout Tower, now looming over him, and saw many vines growing along from top to bottom. At the top stood a large statue of Bellsprout and it began to slowly tilt to the right and then to the left. Maxi watched this for a few moments before returning his view towards the gym. Above him and Rebecca was a rather large bird and riding him was a figure in a greenish robe. He went unnoticed as he glared down at the two newcomers. He couldn’t tell their motive and from earlier visitors, wasn’t ready to give them a warm welcome.

“Pidegot, down,” the figure said in an icy voice. The red and tan bird listened and sharply shot downwards towards the two unsuspecting strangers.

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Chapter 8

In the dark, desolate room, not much could be seen. A door to the right allowed the only light through its tiny glass pane in the middle. A slouched figure sat, tied up onto a wooden chair, in the center of the room. He had passed in and out of consciousness for the past few hours and every time his thoughts could never retrieve information on where he was and how he got there. His body, a little more bulky than an average man, was larger than the chair he sat upon. With his mind regained consciousness, his eyes responded by opening slowly. As he peered around the dark room, he couldn’t make out anything. He attempted to move his hands but felt they had been bound to the chair. The door slowly opened and a switch was pressed. The lights responded with a blinding glow that lit the area around his position. The man turned his view to the door and a person was standing, arms crossed in the shadows.

“So Professor Birch, you’ve finally awoken,” the man in the doorway said. “I thought you would never come to but then again patience is something I lack.”

“Who…who are you and h…how do you know my name?” the professor asked in a startled tone.

“Well, I believe I am the one to be asking questions, since I’m the one not tied up,” the man stated with a smirk. “I know who you are because you are such a famous professor”, he continued sarcastically. “And for who I am, I’ll keep that secret for now,” he said as he walked into the light.

Birch looked at the man’s wrinkle-free suit and well kept black hair. The man slightly grinned when he noticed the professor had spotted the red “R” on the pocket of his jacket.

“Team Rocket,” Birch yelled, “you must be Giovanni.” “What do you need with me?” he asked.

The man reared back and slapped the professor across the face. The professor’s face jerked to the right in response to the hit leaving a red mark on his cheek.

“Don’t you dare speak that name,” the man shouted in frustration. “I am not or ever will be my father,” his eyes showing anger as he said those words. “You, tell me professor, where are those legendaries,” he said after slamming his fist on the nearby desk.

“How should I know, I’m not the one in search for them,” the professor stated nonchalantly.

“Imbecile, don’t dare lie to me,” the man yelled.

“So, even if I did know where they were, what would you do with that information?” Birch asked in wonderment. He had shifted his eyes to look up at the man. “You trying to take over the world, following in your father’s footsteps since he did so well the first time,” he continued with a snicker.

Gionii screamed and forcefully grabbed the professor coat collar. He moved his head only inches from Birch’s. His face showed frustration and anger as he glared at him.

“Don’t ever speak of my father that way,” Gionii bellowed infuriated. “His actions set up for our future plans.” “We will succeed and Team Rocket will have its revenge.”

“Well, tell me Giovanni’s son, how do you suppose to catch the dogs because they have eluded humans for years?” Birch asked suspiciously.

Gionii’s face cringed and responded by cracking his neck. The pop made a slight echo in the utter silence. Gionii didn’t think the professor would act this way and he was fed up with waiting.

“You have done nothing but irritated me and you and your fellow comrade’s better watch you’re back because the Rockets are back with a vengeance,” Gionii exclaimed, turning around to leave the room. “Nothing will stop our plan, nothing,” he finished turning his head back to Birch and grinned. He then left the room and slammed the door.

“Boss, what should we do with him?” a buff guard asked.

“Throw him out, he is no longer needed,” Gionii answered, his face nothing but a shadow in the dimly lit hallway. He then continued walking back to his office, his footsteps leaving small echoes as he walked across the tile floor.


“What is your purpose in coming to Violet City?” the figure asked in a rough voice after landing a few feet away from where Maxi and Rebecca were standing.

Maxi and Rebecca jumped at the man’s landing. They both looked at each other and then back at the man.

“Umm, we just entered the city and were on our way to the gym,” Maxi answered somewhat intimidated by the man.

His blue hair fell over his right eye and his green training robe fluttered in the wind. He stared down the two visitors not knowing if he could trust them or not.

“Rebecca then said, “Yeah, we can come back if it’s a problem.” “We are just two trainers in search of the legendary dogs.”

“The legendary dogs you say,” the man said in return, his expression changing. “The name’s Falkner and I am the protector of this city and the gym leader, he continued with a grin.

“So you are the leader, can we please have a battle?” Maxi asked, happiness bursting from his determined smile.

“Of course, but first I need to show you two something,” he answered and motioned them to follow him.

After Maxi and Rebecca introduced themselves the three walked along the dusty roads of Violet. They passed a few of the houses along the path and noticed that they resembled pagodas. The city itself had an ancient feel to it and the houses matched nicely. The group then walked into the heart of the city. Maxi saw both the gym, which rose into the sky, and the Bellsprout Tower which towered the gym. They each had that pagoda look but looked much older than the many houses that lined the streets.

“The Bellsprout Tower has stood for ages and is our landmark in this great city,” Falkner stated with a hint of pride in his voice.

“Yeah, me and Rebecca saw the tower from the outskirts, but it is nothing compared to standing right outside of it,” Maxi said in awe.

“The even more amazing thing about it is how it slowly sways, side to side, similar to a Bellsprout,” Falkner added.

Falkner then moved on to the gym and walked inside with Maxi and Rebecca following. When they entered, they saw many papers lined on the walls. A few pictures hung on the walls and were of the three dogs, the three legendary birds, and the guardians of Johto. Most of the papers had writing on it. The room looked cluttered and highly unorganized as Falkner looked through them.

“I’ve been in search of the three birds but not with much luck,” Falkner said with a twisted expression on his face. “Bird pokemon have always been my fancy and just to see them in person would be an experience.”

“Well Maxi has seen Suicune and Raikou,” Rebecca chimed in with a smile.

“Really and how was that?” Falkner asked in interest.

“You actually believe me?” Maxi asked in disbelief.

“Well of course, a traveler like yourself, we have similar qualities,” Falkner answered happily.

“It was amazing, even if it wasn’t for long both times,” Maxi explained as he looked at the ceiling, remembering both accounts.

“The professor’s have requested that we search and detail their personalities, since much is not known about them,” Rebecca said. “We are sort of like their aides,” she added.

Falkner walked over to a particular scroll and looked it over. He then waved the two trainers over. The three viewed the scroll as Falkner read it aloud:

The legendary trio,

The dogs of the wind

When tragedy struck

The land guardian did descend

Bringing life, breath and purpose

After their tower did Burn

They left the region

To never return

“This was written after the great Brass Tower fell in that horrible fire and the legendary dogs had never returned until now,” Falkner said. “I wonder what has caused them to come back.”

“Well it must be something big and that’s another reason we are searching for them, to see why they have returned,” Maxi stated confidently.

“I like your determination Maxi,” Falkner happily said. “Now for that battle I promised you.”

Falkner walked towards a flight of stairs and began the trek upwards. Maxi and Rebecca followed. Maxi was finally going to have his first major battle and his eagerness was gleaming. He couldn’t wait for the thrill.


“So Professor Oak, you believe that the dogs have returned?” the young man said pondering the professor’s recent statement.

“Yes, I do Morty,” the professor answered.

“Well, I did hear movement and sounds from the Tin Tower when you arrived,” Morty exclaimed. “Maybe there is a disturbance, and the two guardians feel it.”

“Well you are the expert, and that is why I have come to you,” Professor Oak started. “I have two trainers traveling in search of the legendary dogs.” “The young man has seen both Suicune and Raikou and I believe he will begin to figure out that something is wrong.” “I would like you to do keep a check on both towers and when the two trainers arrive here, I need you to guide them.”

“For you professor, I’ll do it,” Morty said, with a smile. “I’ll keep you posted on any new happenings and talk to Celio, even though he will be tougher to persuade.

“Just try you best Morty,” Oak said as he began to collect his things to return to Goldenrod. “This could turn out to be just as devastating as the events ten years ago in Shamouti Island.”

“Yes professor, I know, and I will not let this happen to the sacred lands of Johto,” Morty exclaimed with enthusiasm.

“Very good and good luck,” Professor Oak finished and walked out the door.

“Watch over him Gengar, and make sure he makes it back alright,” Morty said to his trusty ghost pokemon and watched the two as they made their way to the route to Goldenrod.