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February 14th, 2008, 7:27 AM
~ A Legends' Journey ~

Chapter 1 - The Day Of Friends
The sky was slowly sheding light. The dark clouds are fading to white. Beams of light came out from the horizon, that it's soft rays touches the closed eyes of a sleeping POKéMON named Pixy...

"Uh... Hmm..?"

She cried after she felt the rays waking her up. From a sleepy little Eevee, turned up-side-down and became a jolly and happy little cutie. Pixy rose up and greeted the sun with a smile.

"Finally! It's morning!"

She said to herself and soon after, Pidgeys flew above her towards the rising sun. She went out from her nest under an Oran Berry Tree and strenched her body and said...

"A fine day it is! Finally! It's time for me to meet up with them again! Yahoo!"

She exclaimed as she run off towards somewhere she knows best. Near her nest, a Furret and a Chansey looked at her rushing off again.

"There she goes, Chei..."
"I am not surprised. Since those two came, the lonely Eevee we onced knew suddenly turned unto a new leaf."
"It is a great sight to see her so happy."
"Yes, you are right, Lyn... I wouldn't agree more."

Along the short-grass valley, Pixy runs towards somewhere with excitement. Later on, she reached a pond and after seeing it, she slowly slowed down and became happier everytime she came close to the pond. And after arriving, she sat down in front of the pond and turned her head around, looking for someone. Then later, a Bulbasaur and a Charmander jumped out from the bushes and rushed towards her.

"AHAHAHAH! better watch out, Pixy!"
"We're playing tag and John's it! RUN!"
"Get back here you cowardly Charmander you!"
"Like that's gonna happen! Can't catch me!"
"Then I better run too! Nyeh-nyeh! Can't catch us!"
"(Man, those two are fast!)"

The three played and plaed with very happy faces. And later that afternoon, they sat side-by-side on a big rock where they always sat down to see the golden circle diving in the ocean. Pixy, the Eevee, Mark, the Charmander and John, the Bulbasaur watched the sunset with amazement in their faces.

"I wonder if it's flare will be gone..."
"Huh? Why'd ya said that, Mark..?"
"Well, It gives light.., right?"
"Yeah..." "Yes it does, mark."
"Then if so, then maybe it has fire..."
"Oh... I se what you mean, Mark..."
"What does he mean, Pixy..?"
"Well John, look at it..."
"Huh? Yeah, so..?"
"It's diving down the ocean, right..?"
"Oh! I get it now. Yeah, that's a big mystery."

And for a while, silence took place and then Pixy jumps off the rock and said,

"I should go now. I hate to go home through the dark..."
"Yeah, me too."
"Hey! I got an idea!"
"Huh?" "Huh..?"
"Hey Mark, why don't we walk Pixy home?"
"Oh no! I'll be fine!"
"I think that's a goo idea John! After all, we never walked you home before."
"Yeah. You were always with us when we go home. I thnk it's our turn!"
"Well... Okay, if you want."

The three POKéMON agreed and sets off to Pixy's home. Along the valley, the sky was nearing darkness... And they saw Sunkerns started to hide under the grasses. But then suddenly, Pixy saw a shining light in the forest just near where her nest is.

"What's that?"
"What's what?" "Huh?"

Mark and John looked at where Pixy was looking and the two were confused...

"That's a bright light..."
"Man, if I was in there, I would have been blinded by now..."
"Hmm... Come on guys! Let's check it out!"

Pixy shouted as she ran towards the light.

"Ah? Hey! Wait up!"
"Oh boy...... Comin'!"

And when they finally reached the border of trees, the light vanished.

"Ah? It's gone..."
"Okay, it's gone and now let's be gone!"
"Don't be scared guys! Let's go in!"
"Man... She's brave and fearless..."
"More like a pain in the neck, Mark... Pixy!"
"We're comin', Pixy!"

And the two POKéMON decided to follow her inside. And when they finally saw her...

"Guys, look over there!"

Pixy pointed at something in the open space of the forest. The two POKéMON then went near her and saw an Eevee which is shining and fainted.

"It's an Eevee!"
"Yeah! it looks like Pixy!"

Pixy decided to inspect the fainted POKéMON.

"Duh! That's because they are the same species of POKéMON!"

Pixy called... The light from the Eevee then started to fade.., and after Mark and john came, the light faded. Now they're looking at an unconscious Eevee.

"Hmm... Guys, help me out here."
"Yeah, sure." "Okay."

~ End of Chapter 1 ~

February 14th, 2008, 9:36 AM
I am not a very good critic, but here I go.

"I am not surprised. Since those 2 came, the lonely Eevee we onced knew suddenly turned unto a new leaf."

Like I said, I am not a very good critic, but since its just single digits, wouldn't it be better to spell the number out? And, I am guessing that d is obviously a typo XD

"(Man, this 2 are fast!)"

Wouldn't it be, "(Man, these two are fast!)"?

Those are all I could find. Other than that, I am guessing this is a.. since I forgot what its called, I am going to say, "One of those fics where the humans turned into Pokemon"? Correct me if I am wrong.

February 14th, 2008, 3:43 PM
Thank you for pointing that out... ;)

Chapter 2 - Chains of the Past, Vanished
"Where am I..?"
"Where am I..?" "Where am I..?" "Where am I..?" "Where am I..?" "Where am I..?"

The voice echoed through the silence. Everything was black and there seems to be no one in sight.

"What is this..?"
"What is this..?" "What is this..?" "What is this..?" "What is this..?" "What is this..?"

Looking around, trying to see if there was somebody, but there was no one. But then suddenly, voices were heard, echoed silently through the silence.

"I... Co.., thi... a goo... car... here......"
"Huh..?" "Huh..?" "Huh..?" "Huh..?" "Huh..?" "Huh..?"
"Bu... hav... lone... ther... sta... dark..."
"Voices... Who are they..?" "Voices... Who are they..?" "Voices... Who are they..?" "Voices... Who are they..?" "Voices... Who are they..?" "Voices... Who are they..?"
"Guys...... He's... king..."
"...der... he's... kay..."

And finally, the darkness brightened after he finally opened his eyes after a successful recovery of his consciousness. He then saw blurry characters in front of him and so rubbed his two eyes with his right paw.

"Wow. He's awake!"
"Good thing you decided to check out the forest, Pixy."
"Uh..? Huh..?"

And after fixing his sight, he can then see three POKéMON happily facing him. He then asked...

"Where.., am I..?"
"Well, we found you..."
"Actually, 'she' found you lying in the forest over there."

Mark pointed at where they have found him and he also looked at where he was pointing.

"It's called he Dark Woods, Mark..."
"Uhmm... Why did I ended up there?"
"Eh?" "Beats me..."
"I think we are the ones who should ask that question..."
"Oh... But please forgive me..."

He said and stood up with his 4 legs and continued...

"... But I can't recall....., anything..."

The three were confused.

"You can't recall anything..?"
"Not even your name..?"
"Uh... Well..."

He tried to remember, but he can't dig up anything at all... Pixy then tried to cheer him up...

"Hey, it's okay. You'll remember those things soon. Also, are you aware that you're an Eevee like me?"

Mark and John were confused...

"Don't tell us you don't know what an Eevee is..."
"Uh... I'm afraid I don't..."

They were surprised after hearing his reply. Pixy then tried to explain... Meanwhile , in the Dark Forest, two POKéMON were searching the place together and it seems that they're looking for something, or someone. Then decided to stop in the oen space where the Eevee was found.

"Drat! That little bug got away!"

Said the Scyther angrily. His company, Lucario then clsed his eyes as he replied...

"Worry not, Claw... Remember that he's memories are now sealed, and we need not to worry too much."

And concentrated his energy trying to search the place through aura. The Scyther then tried to calm down and said...

"I guess you're right. He can't remember anthing, and if we tell him that we're his friends searching for him, well, he can't deny it, right..?"
"As long as you two don't make any suspicious acts likeyou are not really his friends."

Replied by a voice coming from around the forest. Then soon after, an Eevee came out and continued...

"And Shade..."
"Don't waste your energy with your pathetic aura---whatever you call it."

The Eevee said with a very unpleasing smile. Shade stopped searching and ignored his words and looked outside the forest. The Eevee turned his back on him and walked away after saying...

"He can bug us no more now that he's memories are sealed. Let's go."

Claw followed him and Shade looked at the part of the grassy area where a ligh from a Charmander's tail is. he then decided to follow after Claw.

"Hmm... So I'm a normal-type POKéMON, and I'm an Eevee..?"
"It is really strange for me to be an Eevee..."
"Huh..?" "What?"
"What do you mean..?"
"I mean, I don't feel like I'm an Eevee... I feel like I'm something else..."

They were silent for a while. He then looked at the evening sky which was full of sparkling stars and the silent cresent moon that just arrived at the sky. Pixy smiled and said...

"Well, I think that's what everyone feels when they forget things. Don't worry. you'll recall your memories back, and we'll be here to help."
"Er.., what?" "Why are we included..?"
"Hey, you wanna help or not..?"
"Alright-alright..." "Okay... Sheesh..."
"Thanks... I think I feel a little better now..."

Pixy gave him a smile and turned her attention to Mark and John and said,

"Why don't we spend the night in my nest?"

John looked at the valley, and the bright and peaceful image, turned unto a gloomy and a scary place to walk.

"Gulp... Yeah, I think that's a good idea, Pixy."

Pixy was happy that they accept her offer. She then puts her attention on the Eevee and asked...

"So, maybe, at least, you now remember your name..?"
"I.., don't know..."
"Man... That's some amnesia you got..."
"I thought Amnesia raises a POKéMON's stats in battle..."
"That's not what I meant, Mark..."
"So, uh... WHat do you want us to call you?"

Pixy asked. Eevee then stared at her as he thinks deeply...

"I think..."
"I know! Let's call him Jayson! That's my brother's name!"
"I never thought you had a brother..."
"Well, he went away after he became a Charizard..."
"I think 'Jayson' is a nice name... What do you think?"

Eevee then looked at the black and peaceful sead said...

"Yeah, I think that's a good name.., I guess..."
"Okay! You are now Jayson!"
"And now, we can go to sleep!"
"Oh yeah... I forgot..."
"How could she forget one of the important things to do in life?"
"Maybe she's infected by Jayson's amnesia, too..."
"What was that!?"

Jayson just smiled looking at them arguing.

"(Until I can remember my memories... Will I be okay to live without a past..?)"

~End of Chapter 2~

May 10th, 2008, 4:23 PM
Hello... It has been a while... :classic:

Chapter 3 - Shadows
"Grrr... So you say that 'he' vanished into thin air?"

A voice from the shadows asked the trio, bowing before him, who were searching for 'Eevee' in Dark Woods... Claw, the Scyther, rose up and looked at the shadows, only seeing nothing but darkness, he said with no fear,

"Yes... We've searched everywhere around where 'he' fell off from this 'castle'... Hm..."

Claw looked at Shade, the Lucario, and Shade did the same, and Claw continues...

"Even Shade's aura couldn't sense 'his' whereabouts..."
"Grrr... I see..."
"May I be so bold to state that we should continue our plan, my lord?"

The Eevee stated with an evil smile. Soon after, 6 red eyes glowed from the shadows, giving Claw and Shade cold feet, for it was their first time seeing it.

"Seems to be our perfect opportunity..."
"Indeed, it is, my lord."


"Something the matter, Jayson..?"

Asked Pixy, the Eevee, towards Jayson, the Eevee, who is having difficulty in sleeping, while Mark, the Charmander, and John, the Bulbasaur are sleeping with no care in the world...
Jayson stood up and looked at the evening horizon and said...

"I can't sleep... I can see strange things if I sleep..."

Pixy replied and stood up and said,

"It's called nightmares, Jayson..."
"Hm..? Nightmares?"
"Yup! They are dreams which are kinda scary and kinda makes us sad of what we see..."
"Hm... Well, okay..."

Jayson sat down and stared at the horizon, and Pixy yaaaaawwwwwnnnnneeeeed and then sat beside him and asked...

"So.., could you tell me what you saw?"
"I saw... I saw... White feathers.., in a bright light..."
"Which slowly turns black... Then my vision turned and I saw a weird creature which was devoured by the light.., and my vision turned towards the feathers again, and it was devoured by darkness..."
"... Then everything turned black... Then I heard cries... Soon, I saw the sky turned red for a while, and then it went back to normal afterwards..."
"Hm... Your dream is confusing, Jayson..."

Then both became silent and took a glance at the horizon...

"Hey, Pixy..."
"Hm..? What is it?"
"What... What are those things up there..."
"Oh, those glittering 'things'..? Well, they're called stars, Jayson... And do you see that white circle over there..? That's called a moon..."
"Moon, and stars..."
"You really forgot even those things?"
"(Moon and stars... It sounds.., as if...)"
"Oh! Sorry... I was.., talking in my mind..."
"Hm.., that's called thinking, Jayson..."
"Well... *yaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn*... Jayson.., it's getting late... We better go to sleep..."


Above the skies, a floating castle is located. Peaceful to see, yet evil to those who knew it... A Rayquaza flies in a distance from the castle, and it stopped and took a look at it as he thought...

"Hm... The dragon castle... I still can't believe I can do nothing to stop it from happening..."

Soon after, he felt the soft rays of the sun shining behind him... He looked at it and said...

"The sun... It's rising..."

A flock of Taillow, Pidgey, Swellow, Pidgeotto, Starly and Staravia flew by under him...

"Yet, no one seems to have noticed..."

Rayquaza said to himself as he turned his sight at the castle, and soon after, a shadow beam was released from the castle towards the ground...

"What the!?"

The beam headed straight towards the ground where Pixy and the otehrs are... Silent as it hit, clouds of darkness covered the area... Every POKéMON who inhaled the cloud suddenly woke up with darkness within them, as well as Pixy, John and Mark, yet, Jayson is unaffected by it...
After waking up, Mark used Metal Claw towards the defenseless Jayson, causing him to be thrown to a distance from the nest...


He saw them slowly approaching him, together with the POKéMON who lives nearby...

"What's going on..?"

John quickly used a Vine Whip attack, and it wrapped around Jayson and he threw him towards the ground hard...


Still having enough strength, he stood up and stared at them...

"Is this.., a nightmare..? It feels.., so real..."

Mark then used a Flamethrower attack at him, and Jayson was in shock, when suddenly...


A thundershock blocked the flamethrower attack and soon after, a Chikorita and a Torchic stood in front of him.

"Tsk... Shadow POKéMON!"
"I know, Chikorita..."
"You alright, Eevee?"

A Pikachu asked behind him... The Shadow POKéMON slowly approaches them...

"This is hopeless... We have to turn back..."
"Okay... Hey, Eevee, let's get outta here!"

Pikachu said as Torchic and Chikorita started attacking the Shadow POKéMON... Jayson just watched his friends being hit by their attacks, crushed of what he's seeing...

"No! Please, stop! They're my friends!"
"We know... But there's nothing we can do now... We have to go!"
"Tsk... Chikorita, use your Vine Whip if you may!"
"Got it."

Chikorita used her vinewhip and wrapped around the Eevee as they make an escape... Jayson just cried as he sees his friends...
Above, the Rayquaza just watched the whole event...

~End of Chapter 3~