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Lobo Diablo
February 14th, 2008, 11:45 AM
Pieces of Eight
By Lobo Diablo
Chapter One: Abracadabra and a Silver Spoon
“Eida, I’ve got a surprise for you.”
The girl looked up from her porridge, her father was standing by the door, grinning hugely. He looked a bit dishevelled with leaves in his hair and grass stains on his pants, but still rather pleased with himself. Eida blinked bemusedly at him, still half asleep.
“Hm?” she mumbled, ever eloquent. Her father laughed and came to the table, bringing two somethings from behind his back and placing them down infront of her. He beamed proudly as Eida looked at the two objects - a PokéDex and a red and white Pokéball - still looking rather bewildered.
“Surprise, I got them this morning for you.” Eida’s mother came over from the stove, and when she saw the Pokéball, she sighed and shook her head before looking at her husband.
“Harry, is that really wise?” Harry looked at his wife and smiled,
“I think she’s old enough dear, besides, it’s about time she had a Pokémon.” Though still tired, Eida managed a grateful little smile as she looked up at her parents,
“Thanks Dad, they look great.” He laughed heartily and patted her head fondly,
“Try looking inside the ball you silly goose.”
Even more perplexed, Eida reached out and delicately picked up the Pokéball. She fiddled with it a moment - having never touched one before - before pressing the little button on the side. The Pokéball increased in size and let out a stream of red light. It coalesced on the table and then, quite suddenly, there was an Abra sitting beside the jug of orange juice.
It looked just as bemused as Eida as it looked up and peered at the three humans staring down at it; the male who was grinning massively, the woman standing beside him looking rather anxious, and the younger girl who was looking at him with eyebrows raised.
“Abra?” the Pokémon squeaked curiously, “Abra abra?” It blinked innocently. Eida couldn’t help but smile. She reached out, paused, and then gently tickled the Abra’s head with a finger. The Abra squeaked a laugh and swarmed up Eida’s shirt to sniff her and chew her hair. Eida snickered softly as the Pokémon squeaked happily to itself, ‘Abra abra abra’.
“You like him?” her father asked. Eida grinned slightly at him.
“He’s adorable, thanks Dad.” Harry grinned. Eida meanwhile was tickling the Abra again, chuckling as it laughed and nuzzled her hair. “Abra abra cadabra.” She said softly. The Abra clung to her shirt with it’s little claws and peered at her, cocking it’s head;
“Abra?” Eida looked back at him, wondering what the Pokémon had suddenly found so interesting,
“Abra abra!”
“You like that? Abracadabra?”
“Abra!” the Abra squeaked cheerfully, “Abra abra!”
“You could name him that if you like.” Eida’s father put in. Eida glanced at him, then looked back at the Abra.
“Would you like that?” she asked the Pokémon, “Being called Abracadabra? It’s not really creative…” The Abra however didn’t seem to care and just babbled happily (Abra! Abraabra!) and bounced from her shoulder to scuttle across the table, poking everything curiously, all the while squeaking to itself. When it came across one of the large, silver serving spoons, it squeaked in delight and snatched it up, waving it about as it hopped back to Eida to show her his find. Eida laughed softly at his antics, “Alright then, Abracadabra.”
The Abra sat down with a soft bump and hugged the serving spoon, beaming.

Lobo Diablo
February 14th, 2008, 11:46 AM
Chapter Two: The Next Pokémon Master…or Not

“She’ll be great I tell you, the next League Champion and Pokémon Master, just you wait and see.” Gina looked up from her darning and watched her husband as he paced the front room in his enthusiasm. It was getting late, and the family Persian, laid out sphinx-like infront of the fire, stretched and yawned, also watching her master as he strode the length of the room, before closing her eyes and going into a doze.
“Are you sure, darling?” Gina ventured, “Eida might not want to be a Pokémon Master…she never really was the competitive type.” Harry turned to her and smiled,
“Our Eida is destined for greatness.” He said, utter conviction in his voice, “Why, ever since she got Abracadabra she’s being going out everyday.” He smiled proudly, “No doubt challenging all the young trainers around here. I tell you, she will be great.”
Gina smiled faintly as her husband finally dropped into his own armchair, he could be so like a little boy sometimes, and went back to her darning. Harry gently scratched the Persian’s ears when the cat-Pokémon came over and spoke to her quietly.
“You’ll see,” he said softly, in a fond tone as the Persian purred, “She’ll be great…”
Somewhere on the Benjiro Plains…
“Hey look Abracadabra, a whole herd of Rapidash and Ponyta.” Eida lay on her stomach on a grassy mound overlooking the plain, watching the Pokémon as they galloped by, their fiery manes and tails flickering in the descending twilight. Beside her, the Abra looked up briefly from attempting to levitate his spoon, first at the herd of horse-Pokémon, then at Eida who was entering data into her PokéDex, before going back to his spoon.
After some concentration it rose a few inches, hung motionless for a second, then dropped back to the grass. Eida, who had looked away from the Ponyta and Rapidash herd, smiled faintly as she watched him.
“Soon you’ll be able to lift anything you want.” She said with a smile. Abracadabra looked up at her and beamed;
Eida laughed softly and went back to the PokéDex. She’d collected quite a few entries by now and she had found she rather liked the feeling of mixed excitement and anticipation she felt whenever she found a new specimen. She hadn’t caught any yet of course, she preferred not to, filming them with the PokéDex’s little camera eye and recording their data was satisfying enough.
Of course, she had considered becoming a Pokémon Trainer, it was what all the other young people with Pokémon tended to want. But the idea didn’t really appeal to Eida at all. She preferred studying the wild Pokémon in their natural habitats to catching them… She glanced over at the Abra who was now watching a ladybird crawling along his tail. They hadn’t even been in a battle yet. In all honesty Eida wasn’t all that sure she ever wanted to be in one, besides, Abracadabra was still only a baby really, there was no hurry.
The ladybird landed on his nose, it’s little feet tickling until the Abra sneezed, making it fly away. The young Pokémon watched it go wistfully;
“Abra…abra abraabra.” Daw…it flew away…
Eida laughed softly, though she had no idea what her Pokémon had said, his tone was adorable, and the sentiment was understandable enough.
“Don’t worry,” she smiled, “You’ll find another one.” She suddenly looked up at the sky as if just noticing how dark it was. The first stars were coming out. “Oh my…” she whispered. She quickly scrambled up, tucking the PokéDex into her pocket, “It’s getting late, we have to get home. C’mon Abracadabra.” She held out her arms and the Pokémon snatched up it’s spoon before scampering over to her, crawling up her arm to sit in his customary place on her shoulders behind her head.
Eida straightened and turning, broke into a run, away from the Benjiro Plains and towards home just a little distance away.
“If we hurry, we’ll be in time for dinner.” She panted as she ran, “I hope we don’t get into too much trouble Abracadabra…”
“Abra abra…” the Pokémon agreed. They got as far as Rinji Forest on the edge of Benjiro Plain before Eida had to slow down; she wasn’t exactly in excellent physical condition…infact she was just a bit podgy. Eventually she had to stop altogether; she bent over panting and clutching the stitch in her side. It took a moment for her to regain her breath and the stitch to ease, and when it did, Eida straightened again and started walking.
“I really need to lose some weight…” Just as she said that, a wave of nausea and dizziness washed over her and Eida stumbled. She reached out with a hand to steady herself against the nearest tree and sank to the floor. Abra slid down from her shoulder and looked up at her in concern, one little paw touching her knee.
“Abra?” he peeped, “Abraabra?”
Eida took a few deep breaths before opening her eyes and looking at the worried Pokèmon, smiling reassuringly.
“I’m alright… Let’s just stop here for a while, yeah?” the Abra nodded and hopped closer, rummaging into her pocket and pulling out a half-eaten bar of chocolate. He offered it to her with a soft squeak. Eida smiled gratefully and took it. “Thanks Abracadabra.” She unwrapped the chocolate and took a bite, chewing slowly. She soon felt better as her blood sugar level rose, her mild hypoglycaemia appeased.
Eida sighed softly as the sick feeling passed and for a while she didn’t move, just sat with her back to the tree stroking the Abra as it sat in her lap.
They had been sitting there for only a short time before Abracadabra suddenly cocked his head and with a questioning ‘Abra?’, suddenly hopped from Eida’s lap and began clambering up the tree she was leaning against with surprising speed, his spoon in his mouth.
“Abracadabra?” Eida jumped to her feet, calling apprehensively to her beloved Pokémon as he climbed higher up the tree trunk. The Abra paused climbing and looked down at her, squeaking and beckoning excitedly, waving his spoon;
“Abra! Abraabra!” before he continued to swarm up the tree.
Down below, Eida made a worried, uncertain sound, and began climbing after the Abra. She was slower and far less elegant then the psychic Pokémon, but eventually she reached the tree’s canopy and joined Abracadabra at the top. Clinging to the swaying, topmost branches, Eida watched as the Abra plunked itself comfortably down and pointed solemnly at the sky with his spoon. Frowning, Eida looked to where he was pointing.
At first she saw nothing but the dark sky and the twinkling stars, like tiny diamonds scattered on midnight velvet. But then… Eida gasped as she saw it.
Something small and shining was flying through the heavens, trailing pink sparkles. Eida squinted, trying to see it better, it looked rather like a small Pokémon with a long tail. As she watched, the mysterious Pokémon altered it’s flight and spun in a little, graceful circle.
It seemed to pause and hang in the air, as if admiring the night with a kind of innocent joy, and then it disappeared in a shower of multicoloured sparkles. A tiny little voice echoed in the darkness as it disappeared; a happy joyful squeak.

Eida thought it sounded like ‘Mew!’…