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February 15th, 2008, 6:15 PM
Quest for Nightmare

So it had been twelve long years since Gold had left home to begin his Pokémon journey in the Johto region. He was about five foot eleven inches tall and weighed somewhere between 145-147 pounds. He was rather small for a 25 year old, but that was ok, he like that thought. He had silver hair, which may seem a bit weird, but is acceptable throughout Johto.

“Umbree!” said his Umbreon.

Gold had managed to amass quite a powerful team over his twelve year journey, even placing 2nd in the Johto league on his 3 participations. Professor Elm was Gold’s personal friend from childhood, but the two hadn’t spoken in years, not with all the work that Gold did. For you see, Gold had become a Pokémon detective. He was practicing for over two years now and he was doing pretty well thus far. Many feared his most powerful Pokémon because it had gained notoriety during the Johto league fights. However, Gold never unleashed such power on petty thugs, besides he thought, it would give him a chance to raise other powerful Pokémon.

The sky darkened and the rain began to hit Gold on his silver hair first. Then Umbreon’s black and gold coat of fur. “Oh boy, I know how much you hate the rain shadow, I guess I better let you rest a bit.” He said and then took out a round ball half grey and half white with special markings signifying it was a ‘great ball’.

He recalled the Pokémon and continued down the street whilst the rain beat down harder. Gold was ok with this; rain had never bothered him much during his journey as much as it did his then Eevee.

It was nearing seven o clock, but you couldn’t tell, not with the clouds covering the already dark sky. Iwas a errand to follow up the theft of some potions from a local Pokemart in Goldenrod City. The Gym leader had also asked me to follow up on this as a few challengers had mentioned being followed into town.

This made a lot of the business feel uneasy as the infamous Team Rocket had held up the Goldenrod Radio station before. Shortly after that incident was resolved by a young Pokémon trainer, the police began to monitor Goldenrod a lot more.

Therefore this incident of thievery left a lot of people stunned and worried. It was my job to bring about some peace to this entire conflict. Hopefully in time to catch the evening reality show with Pokémon.

I began to run as I realized the time. I noticed the breeding farm up ahead, but something looked off. The gate was wide open and anyone who knew this farm knew that this particular gate was never to be opened.

I ran inside and noticed that the Pokémon in the pasture were unconscious! I summoned my Poliwrath and asked him to shelter the Pokémon and make sure that they were still alive. “Poli?” he asked. I guess he never heard of a Pokémon dying before. The rain repelled itself off of his sleek body that in a way glimmered in the rain. He was a beautiful Pokémon that I had always been proud of.

“Quickly!” I retorted, for I was not in the mood to argue or explain myself.

I quickly ran inside the house of the caretakers. The door was wide open, in all of the rain. I quickly darted inside and examined the area that was the kitchen. It was ruffled as if a scuffle had occurred. I took my time and scrutinized the scene. The kitchen table was overturned, the fridge was open and the poke food was over spilled on the counter. I headed for the front room and almost fell over the body of the caretaker’s wife. She lay helplessly unconscious-or so I thought. I checked her pulse, but to my astonishment, she had no pulse-she was dead!

I ran about the house but didn’t find anything of the caretaker himself, just the ruffled scene of the kitchen repeated in every room. What the hell had happened? In the history of Goldenrod City detective work, no citizen had ever been found dead…this was going to create instant panic.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard my Poliwrath beckoning outside. I ran out of the kitchen and into the rain. It was only natural that I would be shocked to see a trainer trying to capture my Poliwrath. First off, Poliwraths are rare Pokémon that do not run wild, especially in this part of Johto. So to meet a trainer trying to capture one seemed a bit odd.

However, that was my mistake for this trainer was not trying to capture anything. He was out to kill my Pokémon! He had summoned a Ryechu and a Jolteon. Two Pokémon that would naturally have an upper hand on a Poliwrath. However, Poliwrath has traits of a fighting Pokémon and therefore, electric attacks would not do as much damage as this trainer thought it would.

He ordered a double thunder attack and asked his Pokémon to follow up with a shock wave attack. Poliwrath however, being a high level Pokémon, dodged both and instinctively followed up with an earthquake attack, leaving both Pokémon beaten.

“I like meeting strong Pokémon.” I heard him say. He was thick, but young. His face was hidden in shadow and his long black hair only enhanced his appearance as deviant. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I knew he was responsible for what happened in the house.

“You there! Stop where you are. What are you doing out here?” I bellowed.

“Just sightseeing. I love the rain, great water Pokémon come out of hiding, strong ones too.” He replied.
I detected a snicker in his face and summoned my Umbreon. He was unchanged, just laughing as if he understood my unwillingness to accept his lie.

“I work with the Pokémon police and you are under arrest!” I said

“That’s a shame, cause I was only looking for a strong Pokémon.”

I could see his face much clearer now. He had a red scar on his left cheek. He looked meancing and dangerous. He began to laugh as he took out a black Pokéball.

“I guess you like strong Pokémon too.” He said

He moved towards his wounded Pokémon and withdrew them to their red and white Pokéballs whilst holding the black one tightly.

“How about you fight this one?”

Instantly he threw his Pokéball and out of the black Pokéball came a screeching howl that I had never heard before. It was a roar attack which scared Poliwrath away into his Pokéball. Umbreon stood unchanged and walked towards the roar. A magnificent Pokémon emerged from the Pokéball, one I had never seen before.

Its fangs were sharp and white. Its coat was dark and disturbing. Its red eyes made me rethink my own safety. I immediately ordered Umbreon to shield itself using mirror coat.

“This isn’t that kind of battle.” He said. “Attack!”

Suddenly a bright beam of plasma energy shot from the Pokémon’s mouth towards Umbreon. I felt in my gut that my dear Pokémon was in danger. I shot for him, but it was only a matter of seconds before he lay unconscious on the ground with the rain beating down on his coat.

“Weak Pokémon make me mad. I want strong Pokémon. STRONG!” screeched the boy. His eyes fixed on me and that sent chills down my spine. I had other Pokémon, and I should take them out, but I’m frozen, stiff.

“Aeroblast!” shouted the boy

In my mind, I only knew of one Pokémon with command over such an attack, but this was not that Pokémon. Whatever the thought pattern was, I didn’t have time to think much longer as the blast him me directly. I only remember falling to the ground in a puddle of water near Umbreon. If this was it for me, I felt good knowing that I would be next to my dear Pokémon. Everything after that seemed hazy and eventually absent from my memory as I fell unconscious to this young boy and his devastatingly powerful and mysterious Pokémon.