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February 17th, 2008, 5:53 PM
I spent countless hours writing this story, after my last failure Fanfic. So please read and enjoy. Don't forget to post something, anything is appreciated. Yes everything, even grammar mistakes.

10 and up for mild language


"Years and years Team Galactic has been making fools of themselves in the Sinnoh region. Going for universal domination, something always dreamed of, but never accomplished. Today marks a new day for Team Galatic, this is because we stand before a new leader, a much more powerful leader. Attempted plots for legendaries proving fruitless, senseless attempts on rocket fuel that was never needed, all of this farce will be put to rest." read a Team Galactic grunt. "Can you believe this crap Derek? And what does...uhhhhh...farce mean?" asked the Grunt as he stared at the incomprehensible word in the memo scratching his beard.

Two grunts were standing in the rec room looking at the new memo on the board. The room was mostly full of virtual reality games and a pool table.
"New management always sucks." the grunt named Derek started throwing darts at a picture with the new boss's face on it.

"Sucks? I think we can have a better vocabulary than that." A menacing man had just entered the rec room, he had dark hair, his features were distinct, and he donned an impressive black designer-suit and loafers.. "I think the term 'sucks' could apply to the grunts I currently have employed. Also, farce would be a noun, it means joke, again much like my employment."

"Awww man, no disrespect Boss." Derek pleaded. "Isn't that right Josh?"

"Yeah Boss, no disrespect" Josh repeated as he started backing up.

"Well the fact that I feel disrespected is minor. Can you two grunts define the word draconian? asked the Boss with a smile on his face. The two looked dumbfounded.

"I'm sorry, where is my head? It was a rhetorical question." Looking at the two grunts still staring at him in fear and confusion, his anger started to rise. "You two must be kidding, if my mere vocabulary confuses you to this state, how do you handle missions! You two are annoying me beyond comprehension!.......However I do have a task even you two can manage" he stated, calming himself down.

"Anything boss!" The two yelled in unison, both saluting him.

"Can you guys handle a simple kidnapping?"

Chapter 1
The Kidnapping

It had been raining for days in the Resort Area of Sinnoh. Where there were once was plentiful and beautiful flowers, layed petals and soil. The sky was gray, save for the occasional lightning that lit the sky. In the middle of the Resort Area sat the Grand Hotel. It got that name for achieving five stars for four years in a row. The building stood tall and proud with a burgandy coat. In the window you can see a young boy with his parents, the boy wore a pained expression as if he would rather be anywhere else then the place he was currently at. The young boy stood at about five feet, eight inches, he had a pokeball necklace, wore brown cargo pants and a white polo shirt, his boots were squeaky clean. He had an air of being well taken care of. His parents were sophisticated looking. His father had blonde hair and chestnut eyes that seemed twinkled whenever they layed upon the young boy sitting before him. He had obviously been the one who suggested that matching outfits were a good idea. The boy's mother had long dark hair, a thick sweater, a beautiful skirt; all her clothes were the latest in fashion.

"Come on sport, just a couple of more days," pleaded the father figure. "theres no way we can leave, your mother hasn't competed in her contest yet."

"But this hotel is a drag, theres nothing to do at this stinkin' hotel!" argued the young boy. "This place may have five stars officially, but I would give it zero, and on top of all that it's been raining for days!"

"Daniel William Jacobs! How dare you talk to your father like that! I have a mind to not let you go this year either!" his mother declared. It was obvious who the disciplinarian was in this household.

Outside the window were two young men. Both had white outfits and black boots. They had been eaves-dropping for quite awhile.

"This rain is going to give me a cold, tell me why you get to be in charge? whispered Josh furiously.

"I'm the brains because that's the way it is, end of discussion. You have to shut up, or my plan will be ruined" hissed Derek. He was soaked and hearing his partner complain wasn't helping at all.

"Did you hear something outside dear? asked Daniel's mother? A potted plant broke outside the window.

"You idiot! How hard was it to sit down and shut the bloody hell up? You broke the pot, you lummox! ranted Derek as Josh struggled to get up.

"Let me go see Dad" asked Daniel.

"Absolutely not, Richard go see whats out there, I can hear people shouting, someone could be hurt." Daniel's mom looked out of the window. "Oh goodness they're two Galactic members, nevermind Richard." she giggled. "Go ahead honey, it will be good practice for your journey."

"Okay!" Daniel rushed outside, it was still pouring, however Daniel had a smile on his face. There were two Team Galactic members arguing outside his window. "You two lovebirds finished? laughed Daniel. He reached for his necklace, pressed the button and released his dragonair. He had Dratini since he was ten, when his father gave it to him. His dratini was the last of his father's pokemon, and his father could never get it to evolve, and when Dratini evolved for Daniel, it was the token of respect that showed his parents he should be allowed to go. Dragonair had a shiny coat, always kept clean due to it's Shed Skin Ability.

"It's the kid! Go Tangrowth!" out came a bush with eyes, or what it seemed to be. "Tangrowth, sleep powder! As soon as Derek commanded it a thick powder circumvented the area, knocking out Dragonair, as well as Josh. However it may not have been the powder, but just laziness to an alarmingly high extent.

"No!! Dragonair wake up, wake up!" Daniel had been getting even more drowsy the more he tried to fight it. "Return Dragonair" it was his final attempt to atleast save Dragonair from harm.

"Idiot! Wake up! You almost cost us the damn mission! I am personally going to request a new partner when we get back to HQ! said Derek in his usual rant as he wheezed. "You're carrying this kid for the rest of the way. They were carrying Daniel in a sack while he was still sleeping. "Not like you did anything else whatsoever."

"Fine, fine, I'll carry the pipsqueak. Its not far to the Galactic Chopper. The fact that we get to use it must mean something about the kid." stated Josh as he took the sack from Derek. They were trudging in deep mud, as it was still pouring.

"You see the rocks on his mother? Wish we had time to get those too, but we should be payed enough for this job." Derek, now pleased that he had the dead weight off of him, had started a conversation about what he would do with his half of the money all the way to the helicopter.

The Grand Hotel
" I think that's enough Daniel, come back in!" shouted Daniel's mother out the window. ".....Richard, he's not out there!" tears had welled up in her eyes.

"Stop joking around you two, Minerva you should know better after my last surprise birthday." Richard started looking around for Daniel. "Minerva, you aren't kidding are you?" Richard's smile made a 180 degree turn as he called Officer Jenny.

The Team Galactic HQ
A young professional-looking man entered a dark room, where the only light came from the flames of a candle.
"Mr. Draco, I have a report that the Galactic Chopper crashed into the ocean" at this precise moment the candles went out simultaneously. "Ahhh, s-sir...." hesitated the young man as he stepped backwards.

"Silence!" commanded Draco. "Robert, do you know what the draconian means?"

"Sure, it means severe or cruel, usually to do with torture and punishments." retorted the young lieutanent very quickly. He passed with flying colors on the aptitude test, and that definition was the last question it.

"Very good Mr. Johnson." as Draco let out a maniacal laugh all you could hear was the screams of a young man for what seemed to be hours. "I never liked that smart-ass anyway" Draco let out laughs until tears of joy came to his eyes.

Light Yagami
February 18th, 2008, 11:09 PM
My new chapter should be released sometime tomorrow when i get access to my laptop.

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February 20th, 2008, 2:53 PM
Any comments or corrected grammar is deeply appreciated

Chapter 2
The Galactic Chopper
"Where in the world am I?" thought Daniel to himself as he looked around. Daniel found himself to be in a cell of some sort. Everything was state of the art, lined with black interior, it had all the creature comforts and was very luxurious. Ofcourse, the cell he was in was bare, except for the small window. He looked out to the sea beneath him and he panicked. Daniel quickly looked down at his chest, his polo was very murky from being dragged through the mud he guessed. He felt so filthy, and his mother would absolutely kill him if she had ever seen him this way. As he looked around, he did a double-take on his chest area, his necklace with Dragonair's pokeball was missing!

"Hey, you stupid grunts! Give me back my necklace!" struggled Daniel, he had never been seperated from his life-long friend. His Dragonair was his only friend, since he was always moving around. He jumped up and started banging on the bars in a destructive manner.

"Derek, can't we just put the kid back to sleep?" whined Josh, who sitting in one chair with his feet up resting on the other. He was sipping a strawberry collatta he had just gotten from the flight attendant. Josh never had much enthusiasm for his job. Fact is, he never had much enthusiasm for anything in his life. His plan was to get rich and retire. He knew grunts didn't get a paycheck to cover a pokeball, he just let people underestimate him.

"No! Now that he's awake maybe we'll get this thing open." Derek was standing infront of a pokeball with a sledge hammer in his hand, his face was sweating profusely. The spherical object laid unscathed, so the sledgehammer appeared to be his last resort. "What kind of necklace is this kid?! It won't budge!" hollered Derek, his fruitless attempts had gotten the best of his temper.

"Let me out and I'll open it," snickered Daniel as he looked through his iron bars, they were shiny and Daniel could tell they had just been installed. "It won't open for just anyone, it's the latest in security technology, with fingerprint identification."

"Well let him out then Derek, I'm sure we could make him open it, catch the blue devil, and make thousands at the lottery in Mauville City. Think about that brilliant plan!" exclaimed Daniel jumping up, if nothing else, money motivated him.

"Now you wanna make plans? Well it doesn't count as a plan if it takes more time to think about it to say it." again as Derek started his usual ranting to Josh. He pulled Josh close to him by his collar and started whispering, "What we'll do is take it straight to the boss, and reap our reward with him. I don't want to cut any side deals with this new boss." as he told his partner of his worries, a chill ran down his spinal column. A monitor had just flicked on showing nothing but darkness and in the middle were milky white eyes with dark merciless pupils.

"You two! What are you doing, just sit down and shut up! hollered Draco. "You guys are fine, you have captured the child, don't worry about the pokeball." he said in a more calming and soothing manner. " I have special concerns to do with that pokemon."

"Ah, sure boss, no problem" said Derek, put at rest by his employer's tone. "You have nothing to worry about." saluted Derek to the monitor as it turned off. "See Josh, sit down, relax, you'll be sipping strawberry coolattas for the rest of your life." with that Derek fell asleep, now that he had no worries.

"Derek is the brains huh? Well how does he bloody know we won't get killed at the end of this mission?" Josh was talking to himself as he started plotting, he always spoke out his plans, as if he didn't have the memory to remember it all. "I'll get the kid's necklace, bring it to some kind of specialist, sell it and get rich quick. 'Special concerns' means someone is dying at the end of this mission, and it ain't gonna be me."

"You do remember I'm here right?" questioned Daniel with wide eyes. Anyone who wanted Dragonair was an enemy in his books.

"Kid, I don't think me bringing you to the boss is the geatest idea, the fact that your 'special' won't go over well for the both of us." confided Josh. "All I have is my dear partner Charmeleon, but I wouldn't dear show anyone at Team Galactic Charmeleon, they'd probably take him and give me a Glameow or some other bottom-of-the-barrel crap pokemon."

This had stirred something within Daniel "You can't categorize a pokemon as 'bottom-of-the-barrel crap'! Each pokemon has a potential just waiting to be released, like how Dratini was before I evolved it!" roared Daniel, his childhood friend Eric, had always told him Dratini wasn't worth anything, till Dratini beat up his Monferno with Aqua Tail, a move he had knew nothing about till he asked his dad.

"Ok, damn, if you wake up Derek, we can't get out of here" breathed Josh. "We'll take the two parachutes and swim to shore, from the looks of it we're about two miles from the Fight Area."

Daniel agreed to Josh's plans with hesitance, they both put on parashoots and jumped out of the helicopter, it was only then when the genuine plan had come into play.

"This parashoot is malfunctioning Josh! I'm going to die!" hollered Daniel over the rushing winds.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I cut the lines on your parashoot, haha!" Josh also yelled to keep his volume over the winds. "now all I gotta do is fish that necklace out of the ocean!"

"Ah!! shrieked Daniel as he looked around with deep fear within his eyes.

"Do you want to give it to me now? Think about your Dragonair!" Derek was trying to play on emotions, knowing this was the easiest plan ever to be put into work, and even more amazing that he had thought of it himself. It was a win-win situation, or so he thought.

"Oh man, I am going to die." Daniel thought to himself. "Josh won't get the satisfaction of getting Dragonair though." With adrenaline pumping through his veins he released Dragonair from his pokeball. The light blue serpent-like body appeared out of the crimson light of the pokeball, noticing it was in the air it started flapping it's minitiaure wings. However it knew it could never mantain Daniel's teenage frame. Seeing the plea in Daniel's eyes, it started to glow, coming out of the glowing cocoon was now a golden bipedal dragon with a beige underbelly that extended from the top of its neck to the tip of its tail.

Team Galactic HQ
Three young men were arm and arm with eachother traveling Route 222 from Sunnyshore City. The sun was shining brightly and it was calm. The one on the left had chestnut eyes and long blond hair with a smile across his face, he wore a vest and white t-shirt and denim shorts which were dirty, as if he'd been wrestling all day. In the middle of the trio was a another young man, shorter than both of his comrades. This young man had very trim light-blue hair, a light-blue t-shirt with the words "pokemon master" stitched into it, with blue denim shorts and blue hightops. Looking down at the middle adolescent, the taller of three silently laughed. He had a crew cut with his dark hair, a black t-shirt with dirt patches layed into every stitch, and shorts equally covered in dirt. The blond one and and the one with the blue hair were cousins, the tallest was a close friend.

"Psy, why did you wear the awful shirt? You look ridiculous with blue all the way down" laughed the tallest. He had been poking fun at the youth all day, and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

"Awww Dee, you guys have been arguing all summer. Can't you just lay off for today? pleaded the tall blond. "You know we're going to look for Azelf today, my dad was telling me all about it last night for our trip."

Both agreed it was a great way to pass the time.

The trio traveled to Lake Verity. When they got there they got into their swimming trunks and hopped in.

"You guys, I think it's at the bottom of the lake!" cried out Psy as he got back his breath, he had just ascended from the depths of the lake. His blue hair blended in perfectly with the crystal pure water.

"Yeah, I see the cavern, we'll need a water pokemon to get into it!" yelled out Dee to both of his friends."

"Ahhh sure, go Crawdaunt!" Out came an orange lobster-type being with huge pincers. Psy had caught Corfish at the bottom of this very lake, so it was very elated to be back in it's natural waters. "Crawdaunt, use Crabhammer on that tavern and make an opening!" ordered Psy. Water started intensifying around Crawdaunt's huge claw as it tore apart the rock. "Ok guys, lets go see!"

Both young men were rather apprehensive, no one actually believed they would find Azelf. They both entered the cavern to see a being with a small blue body, it had a blue cone shaped head with a jewel embedded in its forehead and also two blue dropping ears, yellow eyes, and eyelids the same dark blue as its head.

"My grandfather once told me he had touched Azelf, he became really successful." the tall blond told his two friends.

"I'm not taking that gamble, Azelf is the being of willpower, so it works both ways." announced Psy.

Both Dee and Richard sighed. "Well if you don't gamble, you'll never win." uttered Richard as he stepped over to Azelf.

"Richard! No!" yelled out Psy in protest.

"Shut up Cyrus, right now!" commanded Dee. The use of nicknames had went right out of the window when Dee had seen the power he could wield with Azelf. "Let's go Richard, on the count of three."

Both the youths counted to three and touched the legendary pokemon. Thats when both Dee and Richard blacked out wihile Psy cried out with fear. Azelf made them all leave when Dee and Richard had finally woke up.

When they all woke up from their trance, they were at the Sunnyshore Pokemon Center. "I feel great guys, I think we should touch all three, how powerful would we be!?" confided Dee, ever since he touched Azelf he had the will to get stronger and obtain more power. To his delight Richard agreed, and it never mattered what Psy protested, if Richard was agreeable.

The three traveled to Lake Verity first.They used Cyrus' Crawdaunt to open up the cavern. This time Cyrus got over his fears and had decided to touch Mesprit first.

"Usually, I'm all up for this, but I think we're pushing our luck with two legendaries." said Richard looking apprehensive at the lendary pokemon Mesprit who, like Azelf had a blue body. The only difference is that it had a pink head with a jewel embedded in its forehead, and four long ears drooping down its head. "You know you don't have to do this Psy, right?"

"I can't live my life in fear, I won't!" deciding that he wouldn't back down anymore, he touched Mesprit. He suddenly shouted out in agony, his face contorted in rage before he blacked out.

"Prof. Rowan! Can you help us!" asked Dee as he banged on the labrotory's doors. It took both Richard and Dee to carry Psy's body all the way to Twinleaf Town.

"Yes dear boy! Enough shouting, come in." Prof. Rowan exclaimed as he opened the doors. He brought them into his library, there were rows and rows of dust covered books. After the youths told Prof. Rowan what happened. "You must know that this journey isn't healthy, just look at poor Cyrus, he will never feel emotion ever again." explained the professor. He told them that Azelf had gave them the will to become succesful, however successful means different things to different people, and that Mesprit was the being of emotion, taking away all emotions and pangs of a conscience. So on that note he sent Dee back to his parents telling them what had happened. The road trip was over for him. He sent Psy and Richard to their parents in Snowpoint City. On their way out, he warned them of Uxie's power, telling him it was unknown because no one had ever recalled seeing it.

There was a blanket of snow in Snowpint city and it was still snowing. The snow was three feet high, and no one could move very fast with snow up to their waists. Inside one of the houses were two youths with blond and light blue hair conversing.

"So what do you say Psy? asked Richard, he wanted to go see Uxie, be the first one to see them all three legends, something no one had ever done to date.

"I told you already Richard, I don't care. If thats what you want to do, let's go." Psy said casually. It was as if Richard was assuring himself, because Psy no longer feared anything. It seemed as if all he did was think nowadays.

With that they both went to Lake Acuity. When they came out they were disoriented. They didn't know eachother, or their names for that matter. Psy's parents sent him to Veilstone City with his aunt and uncle, they couldn't bear to see what their son had become. He became an emotionless shell with no memories of anything. Richard's parents had him see many doctors, but they said it was a severe case of amnesia, and that he would most likely never get his memory back.

When Dee had heard about his dear friend's fates, he was pained. He tried to make contact with them, they never recalled him or any of their adventures, and with this he turned bitter. He was bitter because he lost his two bestfriends, and kind of envious that he never got to see all the legendaries.

"Sir, we have the latest portfolios of earnings from all our fronts." said Draco's new assistant, Blake.

"Thankyou very much Blake." said Draco as he slipped out of his reverie of a past he most regretted.

Internet access is shaky for me, my next chapter won't be around for a little while, I hope you enjoy this one.

March 30th, 2008, 5:11 PM
"Where in the world am I?" thought Daniel thought to himself as he looked around. you have 2 "thoughts"

He was sipping a strawberry collatta i think you meant "Calada"

The spherical object infront of him layed unscathed, in the first place it's spelled "laid" and in the second you should have said "The shereical object lay unscathed"

"Well let him out then Derek, I'm sure we could make him open it, catch the blue devil, and make thousands at the lottery in Mauville City. Think about that brilliant plan!" exclaimed Daniel jumping up, if nothing else, money motivated him. I'm not sure who's talking here. Is it Josh and you just typoed? or is it Daniel mocking Derek?

I have special concerns to do with the pokemon in that pokeball." I'd try "I have special plans for that pokemon" or "special business with that pokemon" of course it would also be fun if the admin. just said "LEAVE THE DAMN BALL ALONE!!" but that's just me.

you'll be sipping strawberry coolattas for the rest of your life. Caladas again

two parashoots "parachutes".

The blond one and and the one with the blue hair were cousins, the tallest was a close friend. "blonde"

I love how you show how Cyrus became the heartless man he is in the game, and I can't wait for more.

Light Yagami
April 1st, 2008, 12:02 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe its "blond" if its talking about a male and "blonde" if you're describing a female. Next chapter by this Saturday (I hope).