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February 17th, 2008, 10:55 PM
Wow... first time doing a Pokemon RP in a while... XD

I'm writing this journal to chronicle my escape from Team Galactic's newest base. My body captured, my form mutilated, my soul weakened. I had my old name erased from my memory, and a new one forced into my mind. Flys Blanchette. That's what I'm called now, yet all of my other memories remain. My forced stay in this place has truly been a hell. Being a base created underwater thanks to stolen documents from Team Aqua, nobody has yet to discover the truth. The truth that all of the recently kidnapped trainers had been kidnapped by a reborn Team Galactic, headed by Saturn, and forced into undersea colony was most likely unknown to anyone at all outside of Galactic, let alone the fact that these trainers were forced to undergo horrific experiments. But I'm living proof. Who would believe me on the surface, however? I got off easy compared to most of the other subjects. But, since I'm writing while navigating a respiratory tube used to provide oxygen to the colony, I won't bother going into too much detail about my awful condition. Let's just say I was given a whole new view at life. I'm close to the surface now. A bit farther and I won't have to deal with the constant pressure changes. I'm sure that will be a relief to my Pokemon. Why did I bother to write this stupid article again? I'm trying to escape, and I probably have Team Galactic grunts on my tail as I speak. "On my tail". It's sad that the phrase can probably be taken literally now... Finally, the surface. It's been weeks since I breathed real air. But... I'm on a tiny inlet in the middle of the ocean, and it's storming. Is there really anywhere to run-

I awoke not knowing where I was. I was in an unfamiliar bed, looking up at an unfamiliar roof. It turns out a wave swept me away after reaching the surface, and I was picked up by a fisherman from Canalave City, and he brought me back to his home. Thankfully, he has yet to see my abnormalties that I obscured with my clothing. Although, I fear his Pachirisu is on to me. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to stay with him for a few days, but I'll need to set out on a journey again. It could be my last journey, and it will be a long one. I do have one possible place to head. Apparently, two of Galactic's old commanders, Mars and Jupiter, deferred from the group after Saturn took control. Perhaps I could enlist them for help. I'll have to avoid Team Galactic in case they look for me, in which they undoubtedly will, but at least I managed to recover most of my companions before escaping from that place. That place they called...


http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/dpmfb483.pnghttp://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/dpmfb484.pngEver since Cyrus was defeated during his attempt to control space and time itself via Pakia and Dialga, the actions of Team Galactic have been discreet. They have been operating in secret, and have been suspected for the abduction of nearly one hundred trainers over the past year, although no real proof has been provided of such. All in the meanwhile, using plans stolen from Team Aqua of Hoenn, they constructed Galactica, a multi-purpose research facility and base. In order to realize the dreams of Cyrus, which involved rewriting the universe in Cyrus' image, the new leader of Galactic, Saturn, strayed down the path of utilising genetic mutation in order to create the perfect subjects and soldiers for the new world. By doing this, he hopes to bring Cyrus out from hiding and back to his old role as leader. As a result, Saturn has ordered the evil organization to abduct trainers and take them to this base in order to become test subjects. Here, many things could happen to them. They could perhaps be fused with a Pokemon, or had their memories erased. Really, anything could happen as long as it was permittable by science. However, Saturn overlooked the possibility of a subject escaping, which occurred in the case of Flys Blanchette.

As this girl comes into contact with more and more people, the reality behind the kidnappings will become known to more and more people, until the operation as a whole becomes endangered. As such, he wants nothing more than to recapture this girl before she has a chance to recruit any supporters. But it may be too late for those hopes to fruitate...

That's where you come in. Out of all of the people in the world, you're unluckily enough to meet up with Flys Blanchette for some reason or another, and eventually learn of her experience. But will you choose to aid her, or perhaps turn her in to Team Galactic for big rewards? The possible future of humanity is in your hands.

Occupation: (Normal trainer? Breeder? Coordinator? What?)
Pokemon: (6 only; no legendaries. Include a little personality if you can!)

RP Sample:

February 18th, 2008, 8:09 AM
Name:Jack Davis
Occupation:Gym Leader
Appearance: Tall and quite clever,he wears a fasionable Jacket with a skull Peandant round his neck, He also has Brown Hair...
Personality:Quite laid back,He is a good thinker and if in a group it will probubly be him who solves the task or Problem.
History:Born into Pokemon,his parents made sure pokemon was in his blood before he could walk,he was a Gym Leader at 16 and has been ever since.....

February 18th, 2008, 10:44 AM
Name:Jack Davis
Occupation:Gym Leader
Appearance: Tall and quite clever,he wears a fasionable Jacket with a skull Peandant round his neck, He also has Brown Hair...
Personality:Quite laid back,He is a good thinker and if in a group it will probubly be him who solves the task or Problem.
History:Born into Pokemon,his parents made sure pokemon was in his blood before he could walk,he was a Gym Leader at 16 and has been ever since.....

Er... you're going to need a lot more than that to get into ANY RP, not to mention you didn't even provide a sample. Oo;

February 18th, 2008, 11:53 AM
Kai Truestone



Professor In-Training

Kai has quite an athletic build.He stands at around 5"9.He has medium-long velvety black hair.Most of which covers his right eye.He has bright emerald-green eyes which are almost seeable in darkness.He has scars on his legs from when he was attacked by wild Bidoof.He usually wears a long white labcoat and black business-like trousers and black police-type boots.He also usually wears a white tracksuit top with a PokeBall imprinted on it in silver and he wears trousers to match with a pair of white trainers.

Kai is usually happy.Although he can become somewhat grumpy when provoked.He is also quite emotional especially when one of his Pokemon has to leave him for some reason or another.When he is grumpy he isn't angry as such but he does shout at people that annoy him by asking the same thing over and over again etc.When happy Kai is very giving and un-selfish.He wont shout at anyone either and will approach people quite peacefully.Also when he is grumpy he can be a bit un-sharing and selfish and he approached people quite un-peacefully and that is how he has many enemies and not as many friends.

Kai was born in Littleroot town.He had travelled the whole of Hoenn by the time he was 15.He adventured a lot when he travelled.He even took detours just to see some trees or rocks.He caught his first Pokemon when he was outside of Slateport and was admiring some rocks.Vulpix jumped happily onto the rock and Kai was surprised of the sudden appearance.He checked his PokeDex and found out that the Vulpix was native to Kanto but it must of travelled to Hoenn in search of something or someone.He caught his second Pokemon and also his third who were,Bulbasaur (second) and Nidoran (third).He leveled them up leaving Bulbasaur as the higher level.When he was in Mauville he was approached by an old man.The man told Kai that he looked like a budding trainer so he gave Kai an egg.Around 2-4 weeks later the egg hatched and Kai was surprised to see a small yellow mouse.He took out his PokeDex to find that it was Pichu.He leveled Pichu up and left it at level 23 after getting bored of training for the time being.He immediately thought of something else to do when adventuring.He thought very hard and then decided to take the gym challenge.He done well up to the point where he was brutally beaten at the hands of Winona and he was emotionally scarred.He then took time to rebuild his Pokemon team.Again he was brutally beaten by Winona so he then decided to settle for a less-emotional lifestyle.He then went back to Littleroot and heard that the current Professor had gone out and his aids decided to put up an advert for a replacement.Kai took the offer and became Littleroot's number one Professor.Prof. Birch then retired and Kai had to take full control despite being only 16 and still in-training.

Vulpix - Male - Nick: Blaze - LVL 27
Blaze is very energetic he will always listen to Kai's orders and is always in the mood for a battle.He usually sleeps a lot and is very very grumpy if awoken while sleeping.He isn't usually grumpy and when he is he doesn't listen to Kai's orders or is never in the mood for a battle.It's also very rare to see him grumpy because he always trots along beside Kai smiling happily while looking around at the sights.

Nidoran - Female - Nick: Suko - LVL 25
Suko is very very lazy and she is only ever awake when being fed or in a battle.She usually has fights with her younger sister Suka when she is grumpy or angry.She is usually grumpy and it is very rare to see her happy.When she is happy she runs about the lab without a care in the world and is nice to Suka.When she is grumpy however, she runs about causing distress among the Pokemon and always runs over and starts to fight with Suka over nothing.

Bulbasaur - Male - Nick: Bulba - LVL 26
Bulba is the brains of the team.He thinks strategically and uses the move Kai tells him to when he thinks it is time to use it and not when Kai says so.He is usually caught trying to read the research books that Kai reads regularly.He also aids Kai with his research when he is in a happy mood.However when he is in a grumpy mood he tries to distract Kai from his research by throwing food and his siblings around the lab with his vines.

Pichu - Female - Nick: Suka - LVL 23
Suka is very young and has no set personality.Sometimes she follows Bulba and helps him to read the books by ripping bits of the book out and poking the writing.She also fights with Suko but only when she or Suko is in a bad mood.Blaze usually helps Suka learn how to behave properly and to be nice to other people and Pokemon.Blaze usually finds it hard because Suka is very very naughty and childish.

RP Sample:
Kai fell to the ground in timing with Bulbasaur.'No, I can't have lost again!' He thought to himself.He got up and dusted himself down.He returned the injured and fainted Bulbasaur to his PokeBall.He triumphantly walked out holding his head high.He knew that it wouldn't give him much confidence but he tried anyway.He walked into the nearest Pokemon Center and he gave his Pokemon to the Nurse Joy that was on duty.As his Pokemon were being fed and healed he decided to get something to eat.He took some soup and as he ate it, he stared into the distance.Something was wrong.Kai knew it.He decided to see if it was something happening in his hometown of Litteroot.

Kai entered his home.'Hey mum!' He said as he ran over and hugged his mum.He then looked at the television and his face broke into a sign of shock.He read the text on the television to find out that Prof.Birch had dissappeared and noone had any idea where he was.He also saw the advert for a job and decided to pay the lab a little visit.About half an hour later, Kai emerged with a lab coat on and was carrying some books.He took them to his house and entered his room.He popped open a book and started to read.He was getting very excited, he would hopefully soon become a Pokemon Professor.He smiled to himself and then proceeded to read.

February 18th, 2008, 1:18 PM
Hope you don't mind me taking a few elements from another sign-up. My creativity level is low at the moment.

Name: Jake Truthbell
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Trainer

Starmie (Shuriken)
Personality: A bit too hasty, Shuriken does his own thing in battle if Jake is still thinking about the strategy to use. However it is obedient and loves to battle. A bond is apparent with Jake, Shuriken was Jake's first pokemon.

Porygon-Z (Data)
Personality: Even though Porygon-Z is a clump of data, it's AI evolves slowly and it's somewhat of a pervert. Rather lazy, the AI still is programmed to follow orders even though it acts more strategically than Jake in battles. Outside of battles, get a girl nearby, and it'll try to look up her skirt or will stare at her breasts for an extended period of time.

Riolu (No nickname)
Personality: Riolu is somewhat of a mischief maker, always curious and finding new things. Having recently hatched, it thinks of Jake as it's father, Porygon-Z and Starmie as it's siblings. Riolu is somewhat brave even though it isn't that well of a fighter yet. Often this ends up getting it and Jake in trouble, or wounded.

Appearance: http://kotaku.com/photogallery/awdorcos/1000335154 He doesn't have the sniper rifle, but a hunting knife in case of Galactic Grunts.

Personality: Jake is a quiet individual who doesn't have many words to say. He doesn't take chances for no reason unless it benefits someone else, and is somewhat a lone wolf. Still, he is easily provoked if you get on his bad side, and friendships are serious with him. Break them, and there's hell to pay. Due to this, his pokemon are just about the only people he can consider his friends. In battles and outside, Jake spends a lot of his time thinking before making a move, and he blames himself on the inside if something happens.

History: Jake was born in Hoenn where he began his journey as a Pokemon Trainer. What conflicted with this was that his parents recently had bought a house in Sandgem Town by the time he already received his third Gym Badge. Jake was forced to move, allowed to keep his Starmie and Porygon. Arriving in Sandgem, he found out there was a Pokemon League in Sinnoh and he continued his career. Soon, he found out about Team Galactic and ignored it, though it would all change now.

RP Sample: Ignoring the sound of feet splashing in puddles behind him, he ran for his life. All that mattered was that he got away, even though this chase been going on for a hour. Tripping on a rock, he fell to the muddy bank of a pond. His pursuers catching up, slowed down to a walking pace and soon were right near him.

"Bring him back to the base now," a man in a blue pirate-outfit ordered. He delivered a swift boot to the boy's head before having a Machoke hoist the boy over his shoulder. It proceeded to retrace the group's steps through the forest, soon disappearing into a large clumped together mass of trees.

"So, what next?" One person questioned, only to have several glares sent at him. The one thing he should of learned was not to ask questions, and they reminded him with that. He shut up quickly, even though the leader of the group (the one who harmed the child), responded.

"Head back to base. If we're lucky, Archie might give us a raise."

They started to walk back, regardless of the heavy rainfall that has recently been occuring with the revival of Kyogre. They were going to get used to the flooding, as that was their goal in the first place. Their footsteps were the only sound for the entire time.

February 18th, 2008, 3:24 PM
Name: Reed Stratos
Age: 19
Gender: male
Occupation: Pokemon Archaeologist and coordinator

Appearance: Reed is a fairly lanky boy who definitely does not give the appearance of having any sort of muscle mass. His height reaches roughly 5'10 and he weighs in at around 150 pounds. He has deeply tanned skin from working in the desert sun the majority of his days. Reed has short rough and shaggy brown hair which grows untamed and unruly on top of his head. A few clumps hang over his forehead, slightly covering his eyes. Reed never bothers to comb or brush his hair because of the dry, windy, arid regions he is accustomed to digging in. He has dark brown eyes that are soft, friendly and welcoming. Covering his eyes are his pair of thick black rimmed "emo" glasses which he definitely can't see without. He typically wears a plain black t-shirt which fits tightly to his torso. For pants he wears a pair of khaki colored cargo shorts that stop just below his knee caps. The pockets of his shorts are more times than not, filled with the many fine instruments involved in Archeology. He has long since gotten sick of sand and dirt getting in his shoes so Reed finally resorted to just wearing a pair of black flip flops or just going barefoot. His feet are cut up and dirty from the extensive time walking on rocks and hot desert barefoot.

Personality: Reed is a very easy going person, no matter what the scenario, which is probably the main reason he is a coordinator instead of a competitive battler. Reed is a very excitable person when it comes to...well anything. He enjoys watching other people's skills in battles and diagnosing their battle strategies and tendencies. Reed is slightly socially inept when it comes to meeting new people but he will develop a quick bond with people he is around a lot. This stems from him being around the same group of people for months on end when out on Archaeological digs. Reed has a very strong bond with his pokemon as well. He loves to show them off in contests by showcasing their talents through 'Cool' and 'Tough' move combinations. Reed believes that the best pokemon are the ones who can battle and always look good doing it.

History: Reed was born in Lavaridge town and raised there by his mother and father until age 10 when, like all trainers, Reed set out a pokemon journey. At least his parents thought he was going on a pokemon journey. Reed expressed interest in leaving but never did. He merely left for days at a time, going to the desert area to inspect and hunt for pokemon, then he would return home. He quickly befriended a Sandshrew who joined his team and aided in his research and digging. Over the process of digging for fossils and collecting, he encountered the great Professor Oak in the depths of the constant sandstorm that tore through the desert. The Professor saw Reed's great interest for Fossil Pokemon and took him along to study the pokemon of the world. While traveling and studying pokemon and fossils, Reed began to add pokemon to his small family and eventually decided to showcase how amazing Fossil pokemon are by entering them in contests around Hoenn. He didn't win at the Grand Festival but following the defeat, he made his way to Sinnoh where he took up studying with Roark in the mines, digging for fossils there and attempting to start competing in the festivals of Sinnoh.

Sandslash - This was Reed's first pokemon, encountered as a small Sandshrew in the desert west of Lavaridge town. Sandslash uses Dig in order to help Reed search for fossils that are stuck underneath large amounts of soil without disrupting the entire area. Sandslash loves Reed very much and is 100% loyal and clearly Reed's most reliable pokemon.

Onix - The second digger of Reed's Archaeological team. Onix is used for digging into the deep, harder stones in the earth in order to find much harder to get fossils. Onix has a gentle persona, despite its huge size. It doesn't fight often and tends to actually avoid confrontation.

Kabutops - The first fossil Reed ever found was a Kabuto. Kabutops is that very Kabuto and has been a valuable aid to Reed in his journeys. Kabutops actually serves no purpose digging, though there is incredible sentimental value to him. Kabutops is the exact opposite of Onix. It is very rash and quick to think, enjoying any type of battle it can get its 'hands' on.

Cranidos - The most recent discovery by Reed, the little Cranidos is actually freshly resurrected from a fossil. Reed took a liking to how the little pokemon looked with its awkwardly large head and little arms, so Reed decided to take this one with him. Cranidos hasn't actually started battling or doing contests yet, but Reed has been working with him on many combos. Cranidos is very shy and reserved when in the presence of others and often hides behind Reed's legs when meeting new people.

RP Sample: *my opening post from The Grand Tournament*
The sky was speckled with fluffy white clouds as they drifted carefree in the skies above. The wide expanse of blue sky met with its rival blue expanse, the ocean. The waves lapped gently against the front of the boat as Fen on the front point of the deck, dangling his feet carelessly over the edge. He sat with his arms resting on the railing as he looked off into the never ending body of water he was traveling through with lazy half opened eyes.

The ship he was on, the S.S. Marine, was a simple, small boat, suitable for roughly a dozen passengers. It had already been 4 days since Fen had left Dewford Island to become a pokemon trainer after leaving his prestigious high school in the forests near Fortree city. Fen sighed heavily as the flashback of his angered parents rung through his head.

"Fenra Kurai! I can't believe you're throwing your life away like this! Battling Pokemon?! this is obsurd!" His mother's voice was sharp and ear piercing.

"But mom... its what i want to do! A chance to REALLY showcase my critical thinking skills... Come on dad, tell her! Can't you guys just let me go?!" He pleaded

"Ask your mother." His dad responded while reading his newspaper, uninterested in the conversation.

Fen quickly dispelled the flashback, shaking his head quickly and blurring the scene out of his mind. He looked towards the sky, then pulled looked up to the sun, attempting to judge the time.

"Hm... roughly 8:30am... We should be arriving to Pallet Town in a matter of hours..." Fen thought to himself relieved. He smiled to himself, ignoring all the thoughts of his home back in Dewford and the stuck up school he would have normally been stuck in. He leaned back, laying on the warm wood of the deck and stared into the sky, watching the clouds float by and listening to the water.

"What kind of pokemon would be perfect for me... Theres the 3 types... fire...water... and grass...Hmm... fire is too... straight forward...water maybe? Water flows in many shapes and forms...and has many possibilities of attack and defense... but theres the problem of water getting out of control... like a raging river... no thanks. Grass...a nice gentle element of nature. Moves at its own pace, doesn't let anyone else control its movements... Grass simply grows and bends with the wind but doesn't give up its position. The ability to be flexible yet still aim towards its main goal. Perfect... a grass type... thats what I want..." Fen laid smiling. Satisfied at his deductions. He was ready to be a pokemon trainer.

"I'm ready to be a trainer... but is the world ready for a revolutionary style of battling..." Fen couldn't help but crack a bigger smile as listened to nature only to be interrupted by a loud intercom.

"We will be arriving in Pallete Town in roughly 45 minutes. Passengers would you please prepare for docking by collecting all your belongings. Thank You"

Trainer Kat
February 18th, 2008, 7:06 PM
Name: Kenji Sanada [goes by Ken]

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Occupation: Normal Trainer

Appearance: Kenji is, to put it simply, a dreamboat. He stands at approximately 6'0", weighing in at around 145 lbs. Shaggy brown hair adorns his head, hanging loosely down, ending just below his chin. The brunette parts his hair on his left side, light feather bangs gracing his right eye, obscuring his vision slightly. He has piercing blue eyes the color of the ocean, surrounded by perfectly shaped eyelashes. His eyes are always kept just barely narrowed, giving him a permanent apathetic expression. His skin is the color of pale sand, transitioning flawlessly into his pale, rose colored lips. Kenji has a slender physique, accentuated by slight muscle. He has rather obvious hipbones, protruding over the top of his tight midnight blue jeans. His abdomen is hugged by a tight-fitting black tee-shirt, atop of which he wears a white button down tee-shirt, which he leaves open and unbuttoned. On his left wrist, he wears a black sweatband, and on the right side of his hips, a single silver chain dangles. On his right thumb, he also wears a thick ring, decorated with an ornate celtic design.

Personality: Kenji’s attractive outward appearance is shadowed by his ugly personality. He does not believe that people and Pokémon can become friends, and that they are merely tools of war--a means to an end, if you will. Ken is an arrogant fool, viewing himself to be the best trainer to ever grace the earth. He is a poor winner, often resorting to talking down to his fallen opponents, or, in the worst-case scenario, publicly humiliating them. He thinks that he consumes the female population’s thoughts, and is often found attempting to pick up attractive females. Kenji is a snob, and looks down on other male trainers, even if their skill rivals his own. He pushes his Pokémon to their very limits, often working them until they can no longer stand. Many would consider Kenji to be a bad person, and a horrible trainer, but in the brunette’s eyes, he is just raising his Pokémon the way they were meant to be raised--as tools, not friends. He will do anything to make a quick buck, and has even stooped so low as to steal others' Pokémon and biding his time until a reward is posted, at which point, he will return them to collect the money.

History: Kenji grew up as the son of a world-renowned Pokémon breeder. He grew up with Pokémon, and cared for them immensely, often looking after him while his parents ran errands. His sister Alexis, two years his senior, dreamed of being a Pokémon trainer for years, and would create mock battles between the monsters on the farm. The two were terribly close, and she took care of him as she would her own child, as their parents were frequently too busy with the newborn Pokémon to care for the two siblings. Her dream was soon realized, and Kenji was forced to carry on without her. It was during her journey that she caught the Ralts twins, one of which she gave to her brother. She was a crusader for good, and she stood up to Team Galactic. Her last positive action was releasing a handful of Pokémon from a Team Galactic base. One of these Pokémon found its way into the hands of Kenji. Less than a week later, Alexis was killed in a car accident, an event which thrust Kenji into a downwards spiral. For weeks, he lay in his room, with only Jatayu and Nemesis by his side. Once he escaped from the surrounding darkness, he began to take his fears and sadness out on his Pokémon. This inward battle eventually ended with a rather angsty Kenji, who started to hate the world and everything in it. As a result, he has little to no morals. Stll after her death, her perfume lingered in the air of their home. When he could stand the scent no longer, Kenji set off on a journey with his Pokémon, gradually acquiring more companions along the way. A sudden realization hit him as he awoke one day, nearly six months after his sister's untimely death. He decided he would do whatever it took to be the greatest Pokémon trainer, living out his sister's dream. Soon after, some sort of evil desire took hold of him, warping his only desire. Now, he yearns to join Team Galactic, driven by his longing for revenge. At who, Kenji isn't sure. Until he figures it out, he will go on taking his frustrations out on the world around him, and if joining Team Galactic helps him destroy something important, he's game.

Pokemon: Blue designates a male Pokemon, red is female.

Nemesis the Gallade
Nemesis was Ken’s first Pokemon, part of a set of Ralts twins captured by his sister, Alexis. The unwanted Ralts was given to Ken, as Alexis had no use for it, though didn’t want to separate the twins. Ken put the Ralts through extensive training until it reached its Kirlia stage. After careful consideration, Ken evolved the Kirlia into a Gallade. Despite the sup-par treatment that Nemesis has received from his owner, he is very protective of Kenji, and will attack until he is on the verge of fainting to defeat any possible threat. He does have a sense of decency, however, and never goes overboard whilst attacking.

Ananta the Arbok
Ananta was Ken’s first actual capture. Unlike Ken's other Pokémon, Ananta was not caught as a base level. During one training session with Nemesis (then a Kirlia), Ken crossed into Ekans territory. Though the base level Ekans weren't much of a challenge, the pair was soon greeted by an Arbok, who attacked without hesitation. After a difficult battle, both Arbok and Kirlia were weakened to the point where they were unable to continue. Taking a risk, Kenji threw a Pokéball, successfully capturing the purple snake. Ananta is absolutely cruel, and will continue to attack even after a Pokémon is long fainted, almost as if he is aiming to kill. Unlike Gallade, Ananta doesn't fight to protect his master, but rather because he thirsts for battle.

Pixie the Happiny
Pixie was a gift for Kenji's seventeenth birthday. In the form of a pink egg, Pixie was the perfect image of cuteness. A week later, as Kenji slept, the egg hatched. As he awoke, he was greeted with a Happiny curled against his cheek. Admittedly, the pink Pokémon was darling. For two weeks after it hatched, Ken babied the newborn, holding off any form of training. This change of heart was short-lived, however, and Ken quickly resumed his intense training, now throwing Happiny into the mix. Over a year later, the Pokémon still hasn't evolved. Could it be the lack of love on Ken's part? Happiny cares deeply for Kenji, and, though a prissy Pokémon, will do anything to please him, even if that means fighting. She's not very strong, so Kenji often neglects her, though she'd love to cuddle up on his lap and be loved.

Jatayu the Absol
Jatayu is an ex-Galactic Pokémon. Before Alexis' untimely death, she managed to free several Pokémon from one of Team Galactic's bases. The Pokémon was given to Kenji as a second, and has provided to be very useful. Jatayu is very resentful of Team Galactic, and fights extra hard when going up against one of them. He prefers solitude, and is never seen associating with Ken’s other Pokémon, lest one of them hurt him. Despite his sad demeanor, he has a strong spirit, and will stop at nothing to fight for what he believes in.

Skadi the Nuzleaf
Skadi was caught as a Seedot, shortly after Ken acquired Ananta. Skadi was a difficult Pokémon to capture, as the seed Pokémon is as hard-headed as he looks. Ken quickly forced the small Seedot to evolve, after a few days of non-stop training. Skadi is no weakling. He hates losing, and will often put himself in danger, performing Kamikaze moves to take his opponents down. Ken has no qualms about doing this, and repeatedly commands his Shiftry to use Explosion. Nuzleaf is brutal and violent. His outward appearance alone is often enough to strike fear into the hearts of more timid Pokémon.

RP Sample:

Twinleaf Town. It was a quiet paradise. Enveloped in green, Twinleaf was the perfect place to relax. New trainers received one of three starting Pokemon at the lab. Every day, kids could be seen bidding farewell to their parents, who were often either sobbing hysterically or pinching the chubby cheeks of their daughter's new Piplup. Houses were quaint, usually made of wood. Despite being simple, the houses really were quite charming.

In one such house, a small-framed boy peered out the window. Blue-green eyes stared through half-closed lids. They stood out in contrast to the black eyeliner under his eyes. A black hat topped his head, transforming into spiky ebony hair as you went down his face. He wore a white tee-shirt, simple if not for the intricate black design that wrapped around his shoulder. Underneath was a tight-fitting charcoal-colored shirt with three quarter length sleeves. He wore blue jeans which fell just below the waistband of his boxers. The finishing touch was the dog tags draped around his neck. A Gengar clung to his leg. This boy was Akihiko Ikeda, a quiet teen who seemed to lack masculinity in any form. That is, until he began to fight.

"Gengar...should we go check out that Portal..?" His voice was apathetic, a tone which perfectly matched his facial expression. The Pokemon gave a swift nod, grasping Akihiko's hand in his, leading him out the door. They walked quietly for the most part, the only noises being Aki's gentle trudge, and Gengar's occasional grunt. There, in front of them, was the portal. To where, they hadn't a clue. But they would find out, together. Tightly clasping Gengar's chubby fist, Aki stepped through the portal.

The pain was immense. It felt like his body was being ripped apart. Aki gritted his teeth together, squeezing his eyes shut. His breathing grew heavier. The pressure on his skull alone was enough to cause him to cry out. Suddenly, the feeling subsided. He felt like he was going to puke. Now I know how astronauts must feel... he thought, going to press his hand against his stomach. What he found would shock him. In his hand was a giant, red and white striped key. He blinked, a blank expression on his face. Gengar was firmly attached to his other hand. But that wasn't all that had changed.

A generous helping of black eyeliner had been applied to his already heavily-lined eyes. His dog tags had been replaced in favor of black string, wrapped haphazardly around his thin, white neck. His clothes were more simple, a black tee shirt and black pants now adorning his body. His fingernails were also smothered in black fingernail polish.

Instantly, he felt violated. His face flushed red as he blinked back tears. Who had changed his clothes? Where was he? And how was he supposed to get back? All these questions swarmed his brain as he picked up Gengar in his arms and pressed his cheek against the ghost's squishy body.

"I want...to go home..." he mumbled, two tears running down his smooth cheeks. Gengar lightly patted his master's head. It wasn't long before Aki found himself in trouble. Around him were nearly a dozen shadows.

"What...are they..?" he whimpered. "They aren't Pokemon.." His breath escaped him at that point. He was far too scared to speak. One approached him slowly before leaping at him. Akihiko closed his eyes and braced himself.


He was dying. He figured he was, at least. After all, he was beginning to hear voices.


Was that his name? Was he...going to heaven..?


It was definitely his name. A smooth, male voice was speaking his name softly. This was it. Proof he was in heaven.

"Akihiko...use the Keyblade."

Akihiko's grip on the key tightened. Was this thing a Keyblade? He didn't know what else the voice could have meant. In an instant, he thrust the thing in front of him, which collided directly with the Shadow that had rushed him. It went straight through the creature to the other side of its body. The black form disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Aki blinked. He was safe. That is, until the others decided to take revenge for their fallen comrade. Instinct took over. In one fluid movement, Akihiko swept the key through three of the monsters' tiny bodies. He felt a small pang in his heart, feeling guilty for killing them. Another leapt at the back of his head. He spun around and slashed through it with his blade. Three more. Another two. Soon, the monsters that had threatened him were gone.

Akihiko panted, collapsing to his knees. It was the worst feeling, having killed small creatures. Having killed them to survive, another part of his brain added. He was so worn out, he barely felt Gengar tugging lightly at his shirt. Aki's eyes fluttered open, settling on a black sphere where the original creature once stood. He felt a warmth emanating from it. Reaching out, he wrapped his fingers around it and pulled it close to his chest. Once more, he heard the voice in his brain.

"Akihiko Ikeda...I am Darkrai. I shall help you fulfill your destiny. With that Dark Orb you now hold in your hand, you will be able to summon me. Together, we will fight. Soon, you will realize your true power."

With that, the voice ended. For some reason, Akihiko felt safe with the orb. He tucked it away, hiding it on his belt with his Pokeballs. Standing, he turned to his right, noticing a figure in the distance. Maybe...maybe he knew how to get back. With that thought, Aki began to slowly approach the figure, Gengar by his side.

Aaand, we're done. :] The sample is taken from Pokéhearts, a Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts hybrid. If you'd like me to include a strictly Pokémon sample, just tell me. I'd be more than happy to do so. xD; Feel free to tear this application to shreds.

And yes, I did name all my Pokémon after Persona 3 summons. >.>;;

February 18th, 2008, 8:20 PM
Name: Xerxes Dominov

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Occupation: Astronomer plus an advanced trainer

Apperance: Wears the usual Lab coat, with black undercoat and tie. He usually wears black slocks and black leather shoes. Wears his hair in a funky fashion with blue bangs(untypical for a scientist). He is quiet skinny for his age. Xerxes stands 5.4 feet and weighs about 45 kilos. Often looks serious because of his outlook. He always carries a red backpack with lots of pockets for latter use and also a large black attache case that's presumely his telescope. He wears a black army watch in his left arm. He never wears any other accessories because he said it will look ridiculous on him. He has an unusual optical aid on his left eye(which looks like a cyborg eye). In his free time, he wears blue T-shirt and jeans plus heavy boots.

Personality:When somebody will approach Xerxes(asking for questions for example.) he rarely responds. In fact he rarely interact with all sorts of people. He's intelligent and quickly decides what attacks his pokemon will use. He is also adventurous and likes to go to wild places like Mt. Coronet and the like. He is curious about oddities and usually investigate and experiment them. He is very coldhearted in pokemon battles and opponents find him very diificult to battle. Although he's like this, he is quiet humble and never gloats like most people do. He thinks nothing but himself his pokemon, and his studies.
He never looks down to weaklings, he instead helps them. The one thing he despise most are the "Know-nothing" type person.
He's hardy and tough and can counter almost every challenge he face.

History:Born in Snowpoint City, he is very well known for his knowledge about pokemons. At first he disliked poemons, but as he was studying near a stream he saw a hurt Absol. He had no other choice but to help him. That provoked him to help all pokemons, by becoming a trainer himself and a scientist. He managed to stick with his partner Jason, surviving every challenges nature brought to him. He travelled for 5 years, earning himself glory, new friends and awards. As decided to go to Mt. Coronet, he spotted Team Galactic congregating. Curious he was, he silently sneaked at the back and listened. Spotted by one of the Grunts, he ran for his life. One the Grunts ordered an attack(Poison Sting), which hit him on his eye. He managed to escape though he was blinded with agony. His left eye was replaced though, he stopped travelling for a while, plotting revenge on the mentioned Team.

He enrolled in an unknown University with high marks. After 2 years of studying, he decides to travell again while researching. After 6 years of being of travelling, he enrolled again in a academy in which he had finished Biology. He became a powerful trainer known for his signature moves. He is the one who helped bring down and defeat T. G's Cyrus. Unkown to him, the Team are reuniting again. Currently studying Astronomy in the an observatory, he continually searching for a comet. He usually wake up in the dawn, and devote himself finding his comet. After some time of peace, he heard some rumors of the old team rising up. So he hurriedly packed his things and went to investigate.


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffb/dpffb359.pngXander(Absol) M: Generally, Xander is a calm and quiet type. He would always roam around in the mountains scouting for danger ahead. He likes to be noticed sometimes. He would really enjoy if he won in a battle.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffb/dpffb350.pngKate(Milotic) F: Rash but not proud. Ever since she evolved he had a special liking for Cyro. She would use Safeguard whenever Cyro's in a bad mood. She preffers to swim in freshwaters than in seawaters(choosy). She hates extremes even though his master likes it.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffb/dpffb254.pngJason(Sceptile) M: This particular pokemon is timid like his master. He would always climbs trees to avoid detection. He is very loyal and brave. He's Xerxes' first pokemon.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa362.pngBlizz(Glalie): He was found as a Snorunt in Snowpoint City. He's quiet aggresive and will induce severe headaches if provoked. He can be controlled only by Xerxes. He the 2nd pokemon of Xerxes.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb447.pngZed(Riolu) M: He was given to Xerxes as an egg. He's still 3 months old and had shown was he capable of. He's still timid and shy to strangers.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffsa/dpffsa471.pngGale(Glaceon) F: Before she evolves, she's very obedient and cheerful. After she evolves she became very proud of her powers. She would often induce blizzards whatever the weather. She would usually stop this if she is given a flower. To sum it all, she is playful and naughty.

RP Sample:
After a few hours of travelling, a storm unexpectedly whipped through their paths, minimizing their visuallity. "Gah...!" as Cyro wiped the salty water from his face. The waves and wind keep getting stronger forcing them to retreat in a nearby island.

When they able to land, Cyro quickly returned Wailord. Then he dashed to the nearest cave. There he thought of what to do next, although he had nothing in mind. He absentmindedly uncovered the shield which glowed in an eerie blue light. Strangely though, the shield had lots of markings in it which he did'nt understand. Plus, there's a round large socket in the middle. He presumed that something must be attached there, probably an orb. After a few minutes of examining, Cyro finally dozed off, clutching the shield

Cyro woke up later, surprised to hear a voice, conforting and feminine. 'Must've been my imagination...' he thought, dozing off again.

But later the strange voice, stronger than before, called out again. This time Cyro woke up, holding the shield. "Who's there?!" he called.


"Who are you!?" he shouted.

Cyro... follow my voice...you shall know when you get here...

Mesmerized, he clutched his shield even tighter and followed the voice which echoed through the cave. After few minutes, he reached the end of the cave, into a clearing of some sort. In the middle, something's glowing. He approached it carefully, afraid that something might happen. It was an orb, with similiar markings with the shield.

Cyro...you know what to do... said the vioce.

Cyro picked up the orb, and gently placed the orb into the socket. Suddenly, the shield shooked voilently. But it only lasts for a few a seconds. Then the shield fired the similar beam that rescued him from the Heartless. In the end end of the beam, something began to form. Something like a bird formed out of the beams. Only, it wasn't a bird. It had a crescent shaped crown with a gem enbeded in the middle. It or rather she, had a yellow and blue body with rings encircling it, like that of Saturn.

Ahh...freedom at last... the creature.

Cyro was dazzled by the sight. He never seen anything as beautiful as this!

"Now will you answer my question?" he said frightfully.

I am Cresselia, the diety of the Full Moon... and protector of the Fullmoon Island. she said. I know you must go to Snowpoint City, then we must go...
she quickly added.

"But, but, but..." Cyro stammered.

I know you had a lot of questions in mind...but we must leave now! she said.

Her eyes illuminates in a second, then next thing he knew, he was in Snowpoint City. In front of him is the portal.

"Cresselia? were are you?" he shouted.

I am inside the orb, I must not be seen by any other except you...

Cyro looked into the shield and saw that Cresselia must've reside back into her orb.

"But why?"

I shall explain later... for now get into the portal! she commanded.

Cyro reluctantly jumped into the portal. The next thing he knew, he was in pain. Then he came out into the portal with different clothes. He looks like a Cro-Magnon, but with pokeballs in his belt.

He walked a few yards, then he spotted someting on the snow. 2 bodies were embracing each other...


February 18th, 2008, 8:51 PM
Name: Oliver Scott

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Occupation: Leader-in-training

Appearance: Oliver is short and skinny, nothing about him looks intimidating. He has dull black hair that falls over his ears and his eyes, which are of the same color. His eyes also always hold an unsure look and his mouth is usually in an almost unnoticeable frown. But one shouldn't be deceived by his stature or his expression, he or she should pay attention to how he stands strong and keeps his head up.
He wears a red beanie and T-shirt all the time, with some goggles strapped over the hat and usually resting on his forehead. He also wears a pair of old jeans that go halfway over his dirt-stained, black and white tennis shoes.
Around his torso is a little black messenger bag that holds his Poke Balls, Potions, any items he normally has. The bag has a white outline of a Meowth's grinning face on the flap.
Around his neck is a shiny blue scale on a leather strap that he wears as a necklace. It was a birthday present from his brother, apparently a scale off of Kyogre. He doesn't believe it, but it reminds him of the days back home where every night his brother would tell him a new, quite farfetched story.
Along the backs of his hands, there are scars going across. They are straight, horizontal lines, and if he puts his hands together they line up. They are from his first battle, when he was protecting his Wailmer from a Ninjask attacking.

Personality: He's not really shy or quiet, he just never knows what to do or say. This results in him doing or saying stupid things that make situations awkward or embarrasing for him. He often finds himself putting a hand to his temple and saying to himself, "That was stupid." His confidence is kind of low sometimes but his determination is always at its highest. He never gives up no matter how unsure he is. Also, he's very gullible.
Sometimes he breaks out of this shell, starting to be the one who always knows the right things to do and say. He gets like this in times of immense stress, to the point where he even gets a little physically stronger. It's almost like he becomes his brother, the person who he wants to be. After these moments, when he goes back to being himself and the threat is gone, he seems very distant for a while. Just wishful to be like that again.

History: Oliver's beginning as a Pokemon trainer was just a joke by his brother, who was a high ranking Gym Leader in another region. He gave 12 year-old Oliver a weak Wailmer that only knew Splash and told him to go out and become "one of the greats." At first, when he just got the Wailmer, the thing paid no attention to a thing he said. He thought that maybe it didn't just know Splash, that maybe it just didn't listen to anyone, so he took it out to fight despite what his brother said. He took the Pokemon out to battle and came upon a Ninjask as the first battle. The Wailmer got hit once and nearly knocked out. Luckily the Ninjask was very weak and, despite its speed, Oliver was able to jump in front of his Pokemon and block the attack with his arm. It left him with a gash across both hands. Even though this was his first real wound and he was in immense pain, he grabbed the Pokemon by the wings and took it out himself. When the Wailmer saw this, he realized that he had a trainer that cared about him and he needed to care as well. He worked hard along with Oliver to grow stronger, and soon the two were becoming a powerful pair.
The time had come to battle his brother for the title of Gym Leader. Oliver realized that one Pokemon wasn't gonna cut it, so he went out to catch another. He came upon a wild Tropius. The battle was pretty fierce, he was nearly beaten, but he managed to catch it. Now with his new Pokemon, he challenged his brother. It was a two-on-two battle that damaged the gym very much and tore the roof right off the small building in the end when Oliver's Wailmer, Cruise, evolved into a Wailord. Oliver won with only that change supporting him, and even though he did beat his brother, he didn't win the title. His brother said he wasn't good enough, not as any form of disrespect, but as constructive criticism. However, he gave Oliver his second strongest Pokemon, a Froslass, and told him to come back later on. Oliver left, discouraged as he was that he didn't get the title, he had hope. He had defeated his brother once. He knew he could do it even better when he got stronger, no matter how much stronger his brother got.
Within the year nearing his 14th birthday, he found out that his Froslass could talk to him telekenetically. At first it prevented him from using her in battle, but he let it pass. He found out that the Pokemon hated everything but him, and even came close to seeming enamored with him. This didn't prevent him from using her, especially to win a few contests, but it did prevent him from getting close to the Pokemon. Instead, he used his original two since the Froslass was much stronger anyways. With new ways to travel such as on the back of Cruise or in the air, riding on Nana, he had much more of a variety of the Pokemon he could catch. Sadly, every time he tried to catch one it always got away. Finally he came across a shiny Munchlax eating all of his food while he and his Pokemon slept under the stars one night. He couldn't wake up any of his Pokemon, and so he got a Pokeball out and hoped to get it. Surprisingly, the starving Pokemon didn't try to fight him at all. It loped over to him with a huge grin on its face and instead gave him a big hug. Oliver couldn't help but laugh as he named it Jaws and put it in a Pokeball. It was kind of weak, so he did nothing but train Jaws vigorously for a while. As that happened, the two got very close.
Now Oliver has no intention of going to beat his brother yet. He learned from his Munchlax that he needs to just enjoy life. So that's what he does for now, not trying to battle too much or catch any more Pokemon.

Pokemon: His Wailmer evolved into a Wailord. He's male and his name is Cruise. He knows Rain Dance, Surf, Dive, and Waterfall. For the main source of travel, he isn't stressed at all. Sometimes he's almost too laid back.

While Cruise was a Wailmer, right before the Gym battle, he caught a female Tropius and named her Nana. Even though she was mad at Cruise for beating her, Nana soon became good friends with him. She usually seems stolid towards everything, even Oliver, but is still loyal. She knows Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Fly, and Giga Drain.

As a present for defeating him, Oliver's brother gave him his prized Froslass named Kimona. She seems to hate everything but her trainer. She knows Hail, Blizzard, Psychic and Avalanche. She can talk to Oliver telekinetically. She sometimes appears to be jealous of the closeness between Jaws and Oliver.

The most recent Pokemon he caught was a shiny Munchlax, who got named Jaws. He seems to be the friendliest and hungriest. He's also getting closer and closer to Oliver faster than any of his other Pokemon. He's as slow mentally as he is physically. He knows Shadow Ball, Earthquake, Rollout, and Defense Curl.

RP Sample: "Kimona, Cruise, go for it!" a Poke Ball and a Great Ball soared through the air, crossing each other's paths. Out of the Poke Ball came a huge Wailord, Cruise. Out of the Great Ball came a ghostly Froslass, Kimona. This was practice. The two Pokemon would fight without their trainer to make themselves stronger.

Their trainer, a small 14 year old boy named Oliver, chopped one hand through the air in a swift vertical motion. As referee of this match, it was the signal to start. Automatically, Kimona raised her appendage like ears to the sky and hail began falling. Cruise slowly arched his back, his head to the sky, and wobbled for a second. Rain began to fall and overpowered the hail.
"What?" Oliver was puzzled. Kimona was thinking differently than usual.

Now the Froslass just waited. Oliver kept wondering, until he remembered when he fought against his brother in the gym battle. Nana, his Tropius had used Sunny Day and then Solarbeam on his commands, and Kimona had let herself take the hit so her next move would deal twice the damage. That move was Avalanche. A powerful sheet of snow blasted toward the Wailord and knocked it back, obviously causing a good chunk of damage. Without even pausing, Kimona's eyes glowed a bright blue and Cruise started to glow, too.

"Psychic, very nice. Kimona, you win. I don't need him fainting on me."
"Fine, fine." the Froslass's feminine voice sighed in Oliver's head. The Poke Ball and Great Ball glowed blue and floated back over to Oliver, one of the luxuries of his Froslass's psychic abilities.
"Thanks, Kimona."
"Anything for you." The voice matched the Froslass winking at him. Oliver shuddered a little, then returned the two Pokemon. His uncertain eyes looked onto the narrow dirt path that was one of the Routes in between towns. The sun was starting to set.
"Well, better find a place. Then tomorrow..." The uncertain pools of dull black looked down at the ground. "I'll work on my training some more. Kimona's a better tactician than me." He started to run, then stopped. He felt kind of stupid. Putting a hand to his temple, he sent out Nana, his Tropius. Climbing on her back, he put on his goggles and readied himself for the rush of air.

February 18th, 2008, 10:10 PM
I'm not done filling out Flys' Pokemon, but I'm done everything else... Anyways, acceptances!

Viper, reserved. Your signup is very lacking. You need to add more information.
AExcalibur, reserved. Same as above. You need to add more detail to your personality, and especially your history.
Kansas, accepted.
Trainer Kat, accepted. I wasn't expecting anyone to use a dark character, but I'm intrigued that you did.
Quasar99, reserved. I would like to see some more meat on your signup. It all seems a little bare.
Supaso, reserved. Same goes for you. Have a look at the two I accepted, and get an idea of how much information I want.

Name: Flys Antoinne Blanchette
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Occupation: Galactica escapee; Ex-gym trainer

Appearance: It's not the best work of art in the world, since I'm just learning to draw now, but I thought I'd use art this time. You can find my bad drawing of Flys here (http://axeld.deviantart.com/art/Character-Sheet-Flys-77797849). It's good enough to get an idea... XD

Flys is not what she once was. Although she still retains all of the memories of her past life other than her name, she was subject to many tortures while contained by Team Galactic. This has left a bit of a scar on her ego, and thus she is often shy, nervous and skittish around new people, despite the fact that she wants to get along with them. She feels like she's an unneeded threat and burden to everyone around her because she is a target of Team Galactic, and because of her special conditions. Even so, she is a sincere and innocent girl with very few impure personality traits, which causes people to either easily like her, or easily become sickened by her attitude. She is also very childlike in the regard that she is very easily amused and she finds joy in the smaller aspects of life. As far as Pokemon training goes, she relies on her bond of friendship with the critters to carry her through. Because of the experiments, she seems exceptionally adept in communicating with Pokemon. She occassionally also displays Pokemon-like behaviour as a result, although it is beyond her control. In fact, she seems to enjoy eating Pokemon food for some strange reason.

Flys was born and raised in Snowpoint City, where she was constantly surrounded by stories involving Snowpoint Temple, home of the mighty Regigigas. One day, when she was five, a friend dared her to wander into the temple for a moment. She accepted the dare, but had the misfortune of stepping on weak foundation. As I result, she fell through the ground into the deeper parts of the dark temple. Much to her surprise, she encountered a wild Snorunt down in this hole, whom protected the human girl until help arrived. The Snorunt ultimately decided to stay by the girl's side as her very first Pokemon.

As time passed by, Flys finally reached the age of ten, the age which qualified her to begin her Pokemon journey. As she traveled Sinnoh and obtained the gym badges, she captured many Pokemon. One in particular, a Glaceon, bonded with her surprisingly fast. So fast, that she decided to let it stay out of it's Pokeball like she had with her recently evolved Snorunt all of these years. Flys lost at the Sinnoh League, and decided to retire back to her home town of Snowpoint for a while. It was here that Candice, after witnessing Flys' skills, requested that the young trainer act as a trainer at her gym. Flys happily obliged, and in the process she was trained by Candice herself in the ways of ice Pokemon. All was well.

Until that one day Flys was kidnapped by Team Galactic. It all happened so suddenly. She was just training out on the Acuity Lakefront when she was knocked unconscious. She awoke in a dark cell in Galactica, Team Galactic's newest base located deep underwater. Here, she was subject to genetic experimentation. Her Glaceon was killed before her very eyes, and it's DNA fused with Flys. As a result, Flys acquired Glaceon ears, which she covers with her hat, and a tail which she wraps around her waist under her clothing. She also acquired that strange single tooth that always seems to stick out, and her eye and hair colours altered. To top it all off, she also began to act similarly to a Pokemon every so often. Eating Pokemon food, grooming herself. It was all so strange. She truly was in hell, until that faithful day she escaped...

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/dpffa478.pngFroslass (F)
Froslass was Flys' very first Pokemon, as it was the Snorunt she met amidst Snowpoint Cave. Like it's trainer, it has a very curious and playful nature, which often gets it into trouble. Despite the trouble it may cause, it is undoubtedly her closest friend and greatest ally in battle. Even now, after her metamorphasis, Froslass remains completely loyal to the girl in hopes of finding a way to return her to normal. In regards to battle, Froslass loves to play with her opponent before dealing the damage. It is just more proof of her childlike behaviour, the behaviour that so mimics her trainer.

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/dpmfa087.pngDewgong (M)

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/dpmfa456.pngFinneon (M)

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/dpffa421.pngCherrim (F)

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/dpffa176.pngTogetic (F)

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/dpffa180.pngFlaaffy (F)

Name: Soren L. Exenburgh
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Archaeologist/ Mythology Student

Soren, having an interest in ghosts, the past, as well as the myths of the world, dresses in a fashion that certainly shows off these qualities. He stands at a height of 5'8" overall, and he has blue eyes and straight, black hair that reaches down to his shoulders in a ponytail. Although he usually wears contacts, he does have a pair of reading glasses that he carries around in his pack. Usually, he wears a pair of black dress pants along with a black shirt. Over top of this shirt, he wears a dark purple vest, which matches the colour of his standard running shoes. On his left wrist lay his Poketech, and on his right wrist is a silver bracelet with various silver charms resembling legendary Pokemon on them. There are eight in total: Latias, Lugia, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Ho-oh, and Giratina. This bracelet was given to him by his mother before she was killed by Team Galactic, so he holds it very dear. Around his neck is a simple, black, thin rope necklace, with a hook on it. Attached to this hook is usually his Mismagius' Pokeball. He keeps the rest of his Pokeballs in little pockets inside the right side of his vest, while the items he carries are on the left.

Soren is a very knowledgeable individual, especially when it comes to his fields of interest. If it's related to archeology, ghosts, or myths, Soren is your boy. He is usually very enthusiastic in regards to tasks he needs to complete, and he's easy to get along with. Because of the field he takes interest in, and the type of Pokemon he prefers, he is often regarded as loony or strange by many, some even keeping their distance from him. He takes learning very seriously, and is often consumed by his studies. When an issue piques his interest, you can guarantee that Soren will try and get involved by any means necessary. For example, when the fossils of a Kabutops were obtained by a small leftover faction of Galactic, Soren caught wind. He ended up infiltrating this small groups base disguised as a Galactic member just to get a look at them. He takes his relationships with others very seriously, especially with his Pokemon, since he believes strongly in maintaining a strong bond with those he spends every day of his life with, and because they were overall his best friends in the world. In regards to people, he tries his best to befriend everyone he can, but he understands that not every completely understands him. Despite how "square" he sounds, he is actually a fun loving guy who enjoys socializing with other. He has a deep hatred for Galactic, since they took almost everything from him.

Soren was born and raised at an estate in Floaroma Town by his mother. His father was almost away at work, so he rarely saw him. The times he did see him, however, he was often brought on trips to the far reaches of Sinnoh. At age 13, his father caught him his very first Pokemon, Misdreavus, when they went to the Lost Tower to pray for those Pokemon that had been killed by the efforts of Team Galactic. It was at this point that Soren began to develop an interest in training Pokemon. Gerald Exenburgh, Soren's father, was a scientist with a passion for the past. It was thanks to him that Soren developed an interest in Pokemon archeology, and when his father started his new career involving mythology, he gained that interest as well. When he was 14, Gerald admitted something to his son. He had begun to work for Team Galactic. Soren was traumatized, and distanced himself from his father for nearly half a year. It was around this time that Gerald approached Soren with a girl, no older than ten. The way she was behaving, she didn't seem normal. She was growling, and swiping with her hands while crawling on her arms and knees. His father, leash in hand, explained that Galactic had assigned him the task of raising this feral girl who had been raised by Houndour and Houndoom, and making her a normal person. He wanted Soren to do it, since he didn't have the time. Not being able to resist the first request ever given to him by his father, he accepted. He named the girl Lyff in reference to the sound she tended to make. It took six months of hardships at the estate before Lyff began to act more like a normal human. She was able to speak, and walk properly, although some of her instincts still remained. The two had become close friends, and Lyff finally decided to show Soren where she was raised. She brought Soren all the way to the Houndoom den, and the two even received Houndoom of their own. Nearly moments after they walked through the door to the estate, Soren was grabbed by his father, he was demanding he hand Lyff over to him so he could take her back to Galactic. Apparently, Lyff was going to be used in some form of experiment that night. Soren refused, and ran off with his friend to the nearby Jubilife City. When they returned a day later, Soren found his estate in flames. He ran inside the flaming building, only to find his mother's body dead in her bedroom. He barely managed to escape the estate, and when he did, Lyff was gone. It was possible that she had fled due to her instincts, though it was more probably that Galactic had swiped her while he was distracted. Upset, angry, and distraught, he found himself wandering Sinnoh until word of Team Galactic's disbandment started floating around. After this occurred, Soren began looking for Lyff, but couldn't find her anywhere. It was at this point that he was taken in by an old man in Celestic Town. This man apparently was an ex-archaeologist, and he specialized in Pokemon myths. Soren studied under this man for a year, before setting out to explore Sinnoh himself. Soren eventually encountered Flys, and, engaged by her story, decided to help her.


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa429.pngMismagius (F)
Mismagius was originally captured at the Lost Tower as a Misdreavus. She was also Soren's first Pokemon, caught and given to him by his father when they went on an excursion to pray for those Pokemon who had lost their lives at the hands of Team Galactic. Mismagius is a very mischevious, attention seeking Pokemon, who often gets jealous of others that take away Soren's attention from her. She often tries to impress him when her spotlight is taken, and since she is a rather clumsy Pokemon, it leads to some disastrous events. When she is embarrassed or upset, she often hides in solid objects so she can mope around. Overall, she is a very hyper Pokemon with only the best intentions in regards to her trainer; even if she screws up a lot.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa471.pngGlaceon (F)
Glaceon was originally an Eevee given to Soren in the form of an egg by the well known Sinnoh Pokemon professional, Professor Rowan. He kept it as close to him as he did his Mismagius, and they formed an unbreakable bond. When he visited Snowpoint City with his father, he strayed away to train his two Pokemon, alone. He eventually got lost in the midst of a blizzard, and found himself getting attacked by a wild Sneasel. Eevee unknowingly took on the Sneasel near the ice rock and barely won. As a result of the location, Eevee evolved into Glaceon. Glaceon is a very calm and collective Pokemon, which is a personality that conflicts with Mismagius'.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa425.pngDrifloon (M)
By the time he had obtained Drifloon, Soren had already developed an interest in ghost type Pokemon. After stumbling upon the Valley Windworks near his hometown of Floaroma on a Friday afternoon, he stumbled upon this strange Pokemon. He originally thought it was an actual balloon, and pulled on the string. Drifloon took this as an implication that Soren wanted to be friends, and it tied itself to his right index finger. After finding out that it was a ghost Pokemon, Soren felt empowered to keep it as part of his team. Drifloon is a very curious, naive Pokemon, that likes everyone and everything. It has been known to drift away from Soren, and cling to some random person or Pokemon, making complicated predicaments for him.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa093.pngHaunter (M)
Shortly after he discovered his father's secret, Soren was encouraged by his Mismagius to revisit the Lost Tower so he could think properly. While they were there, Mismagius came across a Gastly she had been friends with before she was caught. Soren realized this all on his own, and asked the Gastly if it wanted to come with them. The Gastly agreed, and Soren had found a new friend. About a month later, Gastly evolved into Haunter after it was put through many battles when Soren's family's estate was assaulted by Team Galactic. Haunter, like Mismagius, is very mischevious, yet at the same time very loyal. He has shown signs of having a crush on Mismagius, although she is too dense to realize.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa022.pngFearow (M)
Soren originally discovered Fearow as an egg washed up on the lake shore during his investigation of Lake Acuity, had a specialist identify it as a Spearow egg in the nearby Snowpoint City. Since Spearow were native to Kanto, and they weren't present in Sinnoh, he was left wondering how it came to end up in such a place. Since he wasn't able to find the egg's owner in Snowpoint City nearby, he kept it for himself. Over time, it evolved into the strong, reliable, sneaky Fearow it is today. Fearow plays a crucial role in Soren's party as a scout, since Drifloon is too easily distracted to handle the task itself. Fearow is also, by far, the most serious of all Soren's Pokemon, often keeping to itself instead of messing around with the others.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa229.pngHoundoom (F)
Shortly before Team Galactic cut Soren off from Lyff, she had taken him to see the place where she was raised, and the Pokemon that raised her. The wild Houndour and Houndoom assaulted the pair when they entered the den near Veilstone City. However, they were soon called off by the Houndoom elder, who recognized Lyff's scent. It was then that the elder told two Houndoom to watch over the pair (or at least, that's what Lyff says she said). And thus, the two ended up gaining a Houndoom each. The two Pokemon represented the bond that they shared, and that bond is still shared even though they now lie on opposite sides. Houndoom is very protective, and is often blinded by this quality, albeit it's very playful.

In box: Gardevoir

Name: Lyff
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Occupation: Defected Team Galactic Member

Lyff is a very innocent looking girl with big blue eyes, and forest green hair that she wears in a ponytail that reaches entirely down her back. She is quite short, standing at 5'3", but this is obviously due to her age. Despite the fact that most Galactic members are required to dress in uniform, Lyff has special rights to dress as she wishes, as long as she sports the Galactic emblem and it is clearly visible. So, since she still clings to her life in the wild, she wears clothing that represent it. She wears what is essentially an alternately coloured version of what most female martial artists (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dptr/dptr020.png) train in. A forest green, midriff-baring tanktop with a dark brown stripe across the chest and a pair of forest green short shorts. She also has a pair of dark brown, fingerless gloves on. Thrown over her shoulders she has a long, orangey-brown cape that reaches to just above the ground. There are many holes and such torn into the cape so that it resembles a fallen leaf that has begun to decompose. The signature "G" of Team Galactic is also featured in the center of this cape. She wears no shoes, as she sees no need for them.

Lyff is a naive child with a one-track mind. Because of the way she grew up, she is still oblivious to the nature of most people, and it is almost impossible for her to detect when she is being taken advantage of, or lied to. In fact, that's the whole reason she's with Galactic in the first place! She is a very caring girl, despite the field of work she's in, and because she is the youngest member of Team Galactic, she is bullied and pushed around by other members often. She does have a great deal of respect for Commander Mars, however, since she took her in and began to train her as her pupil. She sees Mars as a very strong trainer with a very strong personality. Lyff is very reliant on others, especially her Pokemon, since she feels she can't stand for herself on her own two legs. This lack of confidence in herself often leads to extra conflict with her colleagues, especially when she is around Cyrus. Mars tries to help her as much as possible, but it's a flaw she really needs to overcome herself. When not working, Lyff is a generally bubbly and curious girl with a big heart and a love for adventuring. She is very curious, and often ends up in trouble since there is still so much about the human world that she doesn't know about.

As a baby, Lyff was supposedly abandoned by her parents, and was found by a pack of Houndoom and Houndour. These Pokemon, too afraid of humans to take her to the city, decided to raise her as one of their own. She grew up learning how to essentially act like a Houndoom, and was accepted into the pack. When she was ten, Cyrus stumbled upon the den during a mission, and found Lyff inside. His interest piqued at the possibility of a girl raised by Pokemon being able to become a formidable trainer, he attempted to capture her. When he initially tried, he ended up confronting her along with the Houndour of the pack. He made quick work of the Houndour, but when he went to grab the growling girl, she chomped down onto his arm, sending a wave of pain through his body. Cyrus, who was essentially void of any emotion, knocked her unconcious with his own two hands and dragged her motionless body all the way back to Galactic HQ. For a few days after this, she found herself chained up in a dark cell underneath the HQ, tied up like an animal. Cyrus eventually assigned someone to find a person capable of taming her, and she ended up in the hands of Soren. When Soren first set eyes on her, she was covered up in a large rag with a hole for her head to stick through. She was snarling and growling at him, and he wasn't sure what to make of her. After a bit of time together, Lyff began to warm up to him, and began to learn how to speak and such at an incredibly fast rate. It only took six months for her to learn how to walk and talk! Not being able to let go of her past, however, she often visited the Houndoom den to seek guidance. She wanted to find out who her real parents were more than anything. When Soren's estate was burned to the ground, she was abducted by Commander Mars, who made her a deal. If she would work for Galactic, they would help her find her parents. This, of course, was a lie, albeit one Mars didn't want to tell. Even after defecting from Galactic with Lyff in tow, Mars still hasn't told her the truth. Lyff still wonders about what happened to Soren, and secretly hopes that she can find a way to meet with him again.


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa153.pngBayleef (F)
Lyff was already in possession of Chikorita when she was brought to Soren's estate. Galactic had apparently provided her with the Pokemon so that she had a partner to rely on when she began to normalize. The two noticed the strong bond Soren had with his Pokemon, and began to strive for a similar relationship. The two succeeded, and they haven't been apart since. Chikorita evolved into Bayleef during Lyff's initial Galactic training. Bayleef has a very cheerful and carefree personality most of the time, but her mood is generally affected by Lyff's. Bayleef is also very loyal, and enjoys the company of others. Bayleef's biggest weakness is her overprotective nature. She sees the reality that Lyff is naive and easily used, so she attempts to protect her no matter the cost.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa049.pngVenomoth (M)
Venomoth was a Pokemon given to Lyff when she accepted the offer to join Team Galactic. Over time, the two have formed a bond that is more like a business relationship than anything. As long as Lyff keeps him happy, he'll perform his job. He has been a valuable asset to her party on many of the missions she has been assigned, since it possesses powders with various effects, including sleep, poison and paralysis. Venomoth has a very unique personality in the sense that he has mood swings, a LOT. It is unusual for this Pokemon to hold a single personality trait for more than an hour. Lyff thinks it's a quirky feature that makes Venomoth a very special Pokemon, and it also gives some form of an edge during battle since it adds to unpredictability.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa229.pngHoundoom (M)
Shortly before Team Galactic took Lyff away from Soren, she had taken him to see the place where she was raised, and the Pokemon that raised her. The wild Houndour and Houndoom assaulted the pair when they entered the den near Veilstone City. However, they were soon called off by the Houndoom elder, who recognized Lyff's scent. It was then that the elder told two Houndoom to watch over the pair (or at least, that's what Lyff says she said). And thus, the two ended up gaining a Houndoom each. The two Pokemon represented the bond that they shared, and that bond is still shared even though they now lie on opposite sides. Lyff's Houndoom is very serious, and is often blinded by this quality, albeit it's very playful.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa416.pngVespiquen (F)
Like Venomoth, Vespiquen was given to Lyff as a gift for joining Team Galactic. Vespiquen and Lyff have a very interesting relationship, since Vespiquen sees herself as a mother figure to the human. Vespiquen is often seen picking up after Lyff, and well as scolding her when she does something wrong. Since Lyff had been raised by Pokemon for most of her life anyways, she acts in kind like nothing is wrong with the situation. Like the rest of the her Pokemon, Vespiquen is fully aware that Lyff is being used, and is waiting for the perfect opportunity to execute a plan that could get Lyff away from Galactic. Due to Lyff's blind loyalty and naive persona, it will have to be a plan executed through force, or else Lyff won't go along with it.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/eggsprite.pngEgg x2
What will hatch from these is unknown. Lyff was given them by Commander Mars as a present.

February 19th, 2008, 12:18 AM
Mhmm, I'm not entirely finished yet, I still have the Pokemon profiles left, but if you can accept it without them, than I'm up for that. *shot'd for being lazy

Name: Mizuhara Kaoru

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Kaoru has the appearance of a simplistic urban girl, who dresses overtly street-wise, while also promoting an exuberant moe-ish fashion. Her main attire begins with a simple canary-yellow tank-top, patterned with thick horizontal white stripes. Its straps hang loosely from her shoulders and reach just above her abdomen, slightly exposing her stomach. Three-quarter, navy blue, denim jeans secure her waist and cover her upper thighs, strapped across with a black, silver studded belt. Finishing off her carry-on wardrobe, she adorns a short pair of black, shin-high socks as well as a pair of red high-top sneakers, deccorated with a checkered, white and red, diamond pattern.

In terms of additional accessories, Kaoru maintains a varying amount of add-ons that give her attire a somewhat healthy looking bulkiness. Two silver key-chains are tied to a single belt holster on her jeans and are hung from her left front to her left back pocket, where each ending link is clipped to the pocket's hemline. Her other main accessories include a pair of red, fingerless, black-rimmed gloves and a pair of cheap silver rings. Each ring is worn on each pinky finger and are seldom taken off.

With her physical appearance, Kaoru takes care to make herself look as innocent as possible, despite her rather noticable-for-the-wrong-reasons get-up. Her image is simplified to having short, messy, chestnut-brown hair that splits into a sharp fringe covering her forehead and reaching only around her head, to the base of her neck; typically, shoulder-length hair. Bright canary-yellow eyes match her loose top and give her a somewhat hollow gaze, reflecting her rather oblivious personality. Finishing off her appearance is the lightly tanned complexion of her skin that dominates her bare arms, face, neck and shins.

Personality: Kaoru is a girl who enjoys having fun with her friends and tends to get along well with other people fairly easily. She has a happy-go-lucky outlook for the most part and rarely gets angry or puts down others. Having said this however, he major character flaw is her attitude, one that isn't so much desired for a kid her age. For the most part, Kaoru is quite energetic and lively, and can often be counted on for bringing up irregular topics for conversations and disrupting the peace of others, but her natural talent resides in her sheer lack of will; in other words, being lazy.

Despite her almost limitless energy for matters unnecessary for a twenty-year-old trainer, Kaoru has an unfounded knack for enjoying the labours of doing nothing and having fun doing so. She can cook reasonably well and is somewhat good at sports, but more often than not, she refuses to participate in such activities. Her major flaw is such a trait that she perceives as being conservative, and follows this belief with a strong yet misguided heart.

History: It had been eight long years since she had first left for her school's graduation trip, where in which she encountered her first ever wild Pokemon and inevitably became an official Pokemon Trainer. Overcoming misfortune and mishap amongst the chaos that surrounded her and her class' efforts in returning home, Kaoru found herself living off the island for almost a year, after her school's cruise ship shipwrecked. During this time, along with her fellow classmates and accompanying teachers, she met her very first Pokemon; a wild Elekid, who had taken up residence in the island's off shore forest.

The following year, Kaoru and her class were finally able to return home, and after earning the trust of her partner Elekid, as well as a number of other island Pokemon, her new party joined her.

For the next six years, after returning home and reuniting with her wavering family, Kaoru dedicated herself to being a professional Pokemon Trainer, entering each official league competition she could find and attend, but was never successful in passing the fourth round. During her sixth year on the circuit however, she realised that being a Pokemon Trainer was more of an obsessive hobby, rather than a profession. Deciding that finding a more stable job would be in her best interests, she announced her retirement from her fairly successful hobby of seven years. But before her proclaimed quitting, she also decided that she would spend her eighth and final year on the road to just enjoy the experience of being a trainer.

So now she has once again, set off on the road, in her last chance of becoming a Pokemon Master.


http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h46/Phanima/pkrelekid.pngElekid: Kaoru's first Pokemon and most trusted partner. Elekid, much unlike his trainer, is withdrawn, timid and easily offended. His confidence is also easily shaken, but despite all this, he has proven himself more than capable in handling a situation when the time calls for it, especially when Kaoru's safety is in jeopardy. Being her first Pokemon, he can be somewhat clingy and also needy, to the point where Kaoru's tolerance becomes extremely tried. However, because of their early meeting, they share a deeper bond that allows them to overcome any flaws in each other's personalities.

http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h46/Phanima/pkrivysaur.pngIvysaur: Determined, rash and hard-headed, Ivysaur is without a doubt, one of Kaoru's strongest, if not strongest, Pokemon. Caught as a wild and michievous Bulbasaur, he immediately took to his capture with a very stubborn attitude, and gave his trainer more than a hard time. However, through a number of mishaps and confrontations during their time on the island, the plant Pokemon soon developed a respect for his new trainer and came to be one of her strongest allies. Of course, this naturally brought up a rivalry between him and Elekid, but he always looked forward to competing against the electric jungle dweller. Ivysaur was Kaoru's second Pokemon capture.





RP Sample (taken from The Grand Tournament by Trainer Kat; post by Phanima):

His distinct and stern voice pierced the air and caught everyone's immediate attention. Still wrapped under one of Kat's arms, Kozue turned his head towards the now approaching professor who looked every bit like his photos in the Pokemon tabloids, it was really him; Professor Oak.

He made his introduction quick and to the point and before he realised it, the professor was already handing out their prized Pokemon. He slowly began to call out each trainer for them to receive their Pokemon and assorted accessories. This was the first time he had heard each of their names and made himself remember each and everyone of them. Marcus, Fenra, Patrick, Noah and Kat were their names and he made a promise to himself to memorise them as quickly as possible. They were going to be his new travelling companions after all...well, at least he hoped so.

It was then that the professor called out his name and gently placed his desired prize in his eager hands. "Thank you professor!" he beamed as he received his ocean blue Pokedex, set of five spare Pokeballs and his very first Pokemon. "Thank you so much!"

Without hesitation, Kozue gently tossed the ball just above his head and watched as it spun and eventually burst open in a flash of white light, releasing a round shaped creature by his feet. He watched intently as the light faded away from the creature's body as he listened to the similar sounds of the other trainers' releasing their very own first Pokemon.

A plump round body and an equally round head first appeared, followed by a small budding beak, a pair of wing flippers and three-toed claws. A dark blue coat covered the majority of its bulbous head and napkin like feathers that ran across its neck, back and tail. A lighter shade of blue completed the rest of its miniature body, bar two white round patches across its front and around its eyes. Its beak and feet also matched with an impressive yellow hue. Altogether, the small newly hatched Pokemon striked a marking resemblance to a baby penguin.

Putting his recently accquired Pokedex to good use, Kozue quickly scanned the creature who had began ruffling its own feathers with its short stubby beak.

"It's a Piplup!" he announced with a bright smile as he read its biography.

Crouching down to survey the Pokemon, the blonde mop-top attempted a gentle patting session with his new partner when he was suddenly greeted with a rather stubborn and unprovoked nip on the finger.

"Ouch!" he cried out, instinctively brushing his wounded finger across his lips. "I-I'm sorry, I don't mean you any harm..."

The penguin looked relatively confused but stayed on guard as it analysed the approaching teen. "I'm not going to hurt you," Kozue continued, stretching out an open hand in an effort to make peace with the Pokemon. "I just wanted to greet you properly..."

Expecting another bite from its short yet suprisingly sharp beak, Kozue braced himself for the attack as the Pokemon widened its mouth. What he wasn't expecting was the warm sensation and rather gross feeling of the baby penguin's tongue addressing the same finger it had bitten only moments ago. For some reason unbeknownst to him, the Piplup seemed to have accepted his presence for that moment, and that was good enough for him.

With his other hand, he hesitantly began stroking the penguin's head with the hopes of relaxing the Pokemonas it tended to his small wound. "You're quite friendly, huh Piplup?" he continued, thoroughly enjoying the moment as his mind started to wonder, "but I think you need a name...something that'll suit you, like 'Poochie' or 'Pochama'..."

Looking down at the baby blue penguin, his wondering mind blanked. "Um...I don't know what to call you..." he stammered as he scratched his messy blonde hair, "maybe something simple and catchy, like 'Peanut' or 'Pocky'...wait, 'Pocky'! I love pocky!"

Piplup seemed to have heard the boy's exclamation about one of his favourite past-time snacks and retreated from its current duty to pat its flipper against his hand in an effort to grab the teen's attention. As if a piece of the puzzle had finally fallen into place, Kozue happily petted the penguin's hands and gave his new partner a nod. "From now on, you'll be known as 'Pocky'."

Rather satisfied with the amount of progress he had made with his new buddy, Kozue returned his attention to what was immediately happening around them. Seeing Kat releasing a fairly distinctive Pokemon in her hands, the blonde mop-top made his way back over to the girl with rejuvenated optimism.

"Kat-chan, what did you get?"

February 19th, 2008, 8:56 AM
Added more to my sign-up.I added Personalities to my pokes and upgraded my History and Appearance.I could add more to the RP-Sample if you want b/c I can post more than that b/c I wasn't feeling to thinkative when I wrote the sign-up :S

February 19th, 2008, 10:24 AM
EDIT: Signup finally done!

Name: Candace "Candy" Walters
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Occupation: Gym leader and musician/DJ
Appearance: Candy and Andy both strive to look different and stylish, but Candy does so a tad bit more modestly--at least compared to Andy. Candy is modestly tall--about 5'3". She's built on a small frame, but is otherwise in almost the exact midpoint of any imaginable body type. Thin? Not particularly. Chubby? Not particularly. Muscular? Not particularly. Erm... you get the idea. Candy's skin tone is reminiscent of the inside of an almond--but it seems lighter in colour than it is because of her otherwise dark colour scheme. Candy's straight ebony hair ends just below her chin, looks a lot more spiky than flowy (although it doesn't stick up too much), and has occasional hot pink streaks. Her eyes are a boring dull and dark brown in colour, but they're enhanced by the black eye makeup she always puts on around them. That's the only sort of makeup she wears, but it's all she needs. Who would look at her thin little lips anyways?

All right, enough about Candy's face, alluring though it may be. Let's talk about what she wears. Her short-sleeved, tight-fitting black shirt has a design with a bright pink cat on the front, and the black miniskirt she wears below it has pink streaks in it just like her hair does. A few little silver chains hang from the side of this skirt, and Candy's belly button barely shows up between it and her shirt. Fishnet stockings cover Candy's legs, just ordinary black ones so as not to distract from the rest of her outfit. Ohh, and if you thought Candy's skirt was "chainy", wait till you see those shiny black boots that go up to her knees and have more chains hanging off the sides. The heels on those boots are only two inches high--if they were higher, Candy probably wouldn't be able to walk by now!

Candy also carries a shiny black handbag with little red handles and the same pink cat design as her shirt. It's always stuffed, because Andy always asks her to hold some things (like sharp objects) for him...

Personality: When around her friends, Candy is just what her name implies--candy. She's energetic (maybe even a but hyper) and sweet, and often thinks of the sweetest things to say in a conversation. ...Or not. Sometimes those remarks she makes make fun of people she's talking to, but she means them as jokes anyways. If she really means what she says, she'll take a slightly more serious tone of speech--but that's common for most anyone anyways. Because of this, it can be pretty easy to tell when Candy's not speaking truthfully. Uh-oh, that can be hard after all the trouble she's been through so far (see History). But in a group, Candy usually talks quite a bit, and tends to have a nice sense of humour. She also makes a habit of speaking in rhymes or song lyrics.

As for when she's alone... Well, let's just say that after a sugar high, there comes a sugar low. Candy tends to be lazy and noncommittal when she doesn't have an opportunity to be with friends or even a group of strangers. Not to mention that it's very hard to get her out of bed in the morning. She tends to be a bit more relaxed when she's with Andy or someone she's known for quite a long time, like her Pokemon or former Team Rocket members. When alone with Andy, especially, she'll make lots of sweet-talking and intimate comments about him. Of course, she might occasionally do that with someone else she considers "hot"... Or just give them her special "cutesy wink".

All right people, Candy is sweet and delicious, but she's not good for you. Candy, as said before, tends to make fun of people at times, and much of what she says in a conversation is just fluff and doesn't present much of a point. It might be fun to hear her talk, but... Anyways, Candy can also be rash and jump to conclusions about things, and she does NOT like to think for hours about a plan. Also, besides that, Candy can be a vengeful and attention-craving person. If she loses a Pokemon battle, say, she'll often give the opponent a "demonic" look and stomp away, thinking, "I'll be back for REVENGE!" She also tends to be rather competitive, and she likes tormenting the opponent in battles or such. While in Team Rocket, Candy enjoyed torturing Pokemon, but now she just resorts to touching her Pokemon a lot--squeezing their cheeks, cuddling them, you get the idea.

History: (See Combined History for the rest)
Who the heck is Candace Walters? There sure wasn't one a few years ago... Actually, Candy was born as Carmen Akasaki, and lived in Vermilion City, Kanto for much of her early life. She really is a city girl... even to this day, Candy prefers urban areas to the countryside. Her family life... well, aside from having a little brother named Oki... Well, there is to say that Carmen enjoyed bullying little Oki when she was younger (but still older than Oki), and her favourite pastime was sticking her tongue out at her parents when they talked to her. Oh, and there's also the fact that Carmen's father stayed at home to take care of the kids while Mum went to work at a Pokeball factory. Talk about a switch... But there's no use boring the rest of us with Carmen's otherwise typical childhood. (Oh, but I can mention some of her episodes with Oki... Never mind.)
Role in Team Rocket
While in Team Rocket, Carmen and Diego both took lots of Pokemon from trainers, but Carmen took the extra step. Her specialty was taking wild Pokemon and killing them (or cutting off a tail or something), using various parts for certain products. Diego helped with this, but it was mainly Carmen that did all the slaughtering, so to say. She even made it to number 2 on Team Rocket's "Top Ten Most Twisted Members" list--second only to Professor Nanba (sp?), who designed a machine to make Pokemon feel angry and (supposedly) become stronger. Also, the only assignment she didn't mind doing alone was making Chinchou antenna lamps, cutting off Slowpoke's tails, carefully slicing Porygon into high-power computer discs, etc. If it had to be done outside her little laboratory space, she always insisted on doing it with Diego or at least somebody else. For some reason, she was never comfortable doing things alone...


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa134.pngAurora the Vaporeon
Aurora was Candy's first Pokemon and has always been her best. At first her nickname was Brownie, but her nickname changed to Aurora upon evolution, because Vaporeon isn't brown. Or at least she was the best back when Candy was in Team Rocket. She was the only one of Carmen's Pokemon to be souped up in a way, with certain hormones and a sort of "electrotherapy". Back then she had invisible waxy scales covering her blue fur, which provided a shield against electricity and many physical attacks. Many people said Aurora had a "body of liquid steel" back then. But, wow, I keep saying "back then", don't I? Well, when Candy left Team Rocket, one of the first things on her agenda was to try to remove these alterations so that Aurora would not look suspicious. After a month or so of itching and certain withdrawal symptoms (she didn't dare go to a Pokemon Centre), she finally got rid of her waxy scale coat, but she got quite a bit weaker in terms of defence, especially. Now she's very sensitive to electricity (or just about any type of attack, for that matter), and has little confidence in battle. Hopefully, with a little tender loving care, she'll be back to her courageous and optimistic nature...

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa040.pngUtama the Wigglytuff
Utama is Candy's top pick in a contest, and she just loves to sing. Fortunately, most of her songs do not put people to sleep, especially if she hums like she usually does. If she really does want to cause sleep, she comes prepared with the sweetest, most obnoxiously cute little lullaby around. Sometimes it makes people puke rather than fall asleep... it really depends. -.- Anyways, Utama was never "enhanced" in any way while Candy was in Team Rocket, but she did learn a pretty wide variety of attacks. She likes to use attacks that look pretty and feel good to perform, and sometimes she likes these attacks so much that she uses a weaker version of them for fun outside of battle. The most common of these are Psychic and Hyper Voice. For Psychic, it's pretty obvious why one would use it outside of battle, but she uses a weaker version of Hyper Voice to get someone's attention. She really likes attention, even more than Candy does... Oh, and she also loves candy--note the lowercase C.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb417.pngFilbert the Pachirisu
Filbert loves nuts (this includes his own, ha ha) and loves to go nuts. He's a perfect enhancement of Candy's rash nature, so he frequently heads right into places and situations without thinking. That silly little squirrel... Another thing he likes doing is finding things, like items or berries or "pointless" pieces of trash. Well, he does have the Pickup ability... Anyways, Filbert also loves to eat, although he's quite picky about what he does eat. Often times if he tastes a berry he doesn't like, he'll throw the berry at a random object or person. What a nutty little Pachirisu... There I go again with the nuts! O.o

Name: Andrew "Andy" Booker
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Occupation: Gym leader and musician/DJ
Appearance: Candy and Andy both strive to look different and stylish, but Andy especially stands out--at least when you only look at his head. Anyone who looks at Andy immediately notices his blond hair, styled in a spiked mohawk (with the exception of a piece in the front that hangs over the right side of his face). His eyes are a nice sky blue in colour, but they're usually hidden by triangular sunglasses (if they're black, you can't see his eyes that well). Add that to a skin tone that's only slightly lighter than Candy's and you got... well never mind. Andy is 5'10" tall, on a comparatively larger frame, and otherwise pretty much the same type of figure as Candy, except with just a tiny bit more muscle due to the nature of his gender, among other things. (Would a weight of about 155 pounds be a good reference? Probably not, but...) Also, you can find earrings on Andy's ears--nothing more than lime-green studs with two dark green spikes on the sides.

Apparently, Andy tries to dress rather plainly so that people will pay more attention to his face than anything else. He wears a light blue T-shirt with a white thunderbolt on it, but you really can't tell it's a thunderbolt because of the black vest he wears over it. So it looks more like a spot that got overbleached, excpet with, erm, clearly defined edges... Okay, enough talk about a hard-to-see design. A more important design is on his vest--a small group of mushrooms on the bottom left side. Add that to the leathery texture of the vest and you got the impressions of mushrooms sitting in oil. Okay, never mind about the design details... O.o Andy also wears faded, slightly baggy jeans that are torn at the knees, and glossy blue sneakers. Ooooh, talk about a gangster-ish appearance overall. You would think Andy would have to get rid of such an appearance, but oh well--it's his own personal style.

Oh, oh, don't forget his motorcycle which he feels so attached to (yet often finds himself leaving it behind in certain areas). It's big, it's blue, and it's slow (see Personality), but I think I'll wait until the RPG starts to describe it further.

Personality: Andy is a cool and calm motorcycle dude, to say the least. He also seems to be nearly opposite Candy in several ways. For one, it's very rare for him to show any sort of emotion, although there is the occasional mild frustration. He does tend to put a lot of sarcasm and harshness into his speech, although he otherwise doesn't like to talk and socialise as much as Candy does. He can't be called sweet or hyper either--he's mostly "a cold stone", as many people say. Unlike Candy, it takes a lot to get Andy angry. And sticks and stones may break his bones, but names can never hurt him. Flinching at a name is childish, so he thinks. Also, whereas Candy lies quite frequently and obviously, it's fairly hard to tell when Andy is lying. However, Andy would rather tell a black truth than a white lie, unless it's about himself. If something bothers him, he'll most likely state it directly, rather than evade the complaint like Candy might.

Also unlike Candy (gee, there are a lot of these...), Andy doesn't mind being alone so much. It seems to be that Andy is less cranky than he often is when he's by himself. It also seems that he tends to be crankier when he's around girls, even Candy to a slight extent. Whenever something bad happens to him, the first thing he'll want to do is be alone, so much that he might be especially harsh towards those that go near him. But when nothing's bothering him, he tends to be calm and carefree, and he quite often overlooks faults in those around him. (It's mostly Candy who notifies him of such a fault.)

All right, time for some likes and dislikes. Andy likes to think and plan things out, unlike Candy who jumps right into things. He can be a really patient person, so it's a good thing Candy is somewhat capable of waiting for him to come up with something. As a side effect of this, when he's riding his motorcycle, he always goes slightly below the speed limit, contrary to what many people think. (Candy: Oh, when will you ever speed up?! Ah well, keep going.) One thing he dislikes is being humiliated, and this has to go past a simple derogatory name. He also hates being bossed around--back when he was in Team Rocket, he was okay with being given assignments, but not with getting further detailed instructions or criticism afterwards. ("Okay, I got it already, leave me alone!") Also unlike Candy, he hates competition, for if he loses, that's one nonverbal way to be humiliated. Oh, and two more things he hates: paperwork and helping people.

History: (See Combined History for the rest)
Who the heck is Andrew Booker? There sure wasn't one a few years ago... Actually, Andy was born as Diego Peterburg, and lived in Vermilion City, Kanto for much of his early life. His parents were both professors in a nearby academy--Dad taught physics, and Mum taught and coached Pokemon battles. Both were fairly strict about sticking to education--they wouldn't let little Diego make too many friends, because they supposedly "distracted" him from a good education. They even punished him if he got anything less than an A- in his classes. What did this lead to? Well, he followed his parents' wishes pretty well until he was about twelve years old, when peer pressure overtook him and he started defying them. He enjoyed secretly attending parties with fellow classmates, throwing paper airplanes at girls when the teacher wasn't looking (and blaming it on somone next to him), and taking every opportunity at easy extra credit. After all, he had to keep his grades up to avoid being suspicious to his parents... Anyways, partway into school, he got his first Pokemon, etc. etc. etc...
Role in Team Rocket
In Team Rocket, Diego worked with Carmen about 85% of the time. He would go out with her to snatch Pokemon either from the wild or from other trainers, but whenever he could, he would tinker around with various Team Rocket gadgets, and with the help of other, more elite members, develop certain mechanisms said to power up Pokemon. Diego didn't believe that these mechanisms were completely safe, so he only tried them out on one of his Pokemon. The side effects from it were enough to prevent him from using them on his other two Pokemon... Anyways, Diego sometimes helped Carmen make her Pokemon-based products in her twisted little laboratory, but he took a lot of days off too. Oh well, his boss didn't mind, as long as he completed most of his assignments.


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb064.pngHarry the Kadabra
It makes sense that Harry was named after Harry Houdini, the great escape artist, because this Harry is quite the escape artist as well, especially in battles. Well, it's obvious because he can teleport, right? That's actually his favourite thing to do in battles--teleport away from the foe's attacks and only attack when the foe is resting. Anyways, back in the Team Rocket days, Harry was a subject of certain hormones and "electrotherapy" that were said to power up Pokemon--yes, the ones that Diego helped to develop. This process strengthened his psychic abilities considerably and also eliminated his need for sleep, but it had two major drawbacks: it prevented him from teleporting anyone but himself, and it prevented him from evolving to Alakazam. Just as with Candy's Vaporeon though, Andy had to try to reverse the effects of Harry's power-ups, because they showed up in the form of abnormal brainwave patterns. The supposed "withdrawal symptoms" were not as bad as they were with Aurora, but the extra power to his psychic attacks certainly was lost, and now he does need sleep. However, Harry still can only use Teleport on himself, and still can't evolve.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb395.pngTuxedo the Empoleon
Tuxedo is named Tuxedo because the normal blue feathers on an Empoleon are black on him. This has been true ever since he was a little Piplup. Anyways, Tuxedo was Andy's first Pokemon--Andy got him for use in practice battles in the academy he attended. In that particular academy, the students borrowed Pokemon from the school, but could buy them after graduation if they felt particularly attached to them. Okay, even back then, Diego wasn't too thrilled with having a Pokemon, but rather bought Tuxedo from the academy because Tuxedo begged and pleaded to go with him. Tuxedo is the sort of Pokemon that easily trusts others, which also means he's easily surprised. He also is quick to judge others, and usually expects them to act out of a narrow view of what he sees as possible for them to do.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa441.pngPolly the Chatot
Arrgh... why did Andy pick such a plain nickname for this Chatot? That saying "Polly wants a cracker" is so cliche... Anyways, Polly is another one of those Pokemon who found Andy and refused to leave him. She's really a funny little Chatot. Her favourite thing to do is imitate things people say, but she often times mispronounces something someone says. Often times this mispronounciation is intentional, just as a little joke. Sometimes Polly really does annoy Andy with her sense of humour, so it's a good thing it takes a lot to get Andy angry. Anyways, back in Team Rocket, Polly often assisted Andy in stealing things that were not Pokemon, although she's usually not very good at the job. When she's startled or excited, she usually makes noise. ("Yippee! Ha ha, I stole your wallet! I stole your... Oops.") And one last thing: Polly hates Honchkrow, based on past experiences with being made fun of by a fellow Team Rocket member's Honchkrow.

Combined History: (for both Candy and Andy)
Hmm... if you look at both of their histories, you'll find that both Candy and Andy lived in Vermilion City during their childhood. Actually, they met in the very same academy young Diego attended--Carmen was transferred to that school a year before Diego got his first Pokemon. (This was where Carmen got her first Pokemon as well.) Brownie and Tuxedo soon became good friends, which eventually led to Carmen and Diego talking to each other more. Did they fall in love? Maybe--who could tell, because no intimate feelings showed up until a little while later. But first, there's one question we must answer: why did two students from a Pokemon academy decide to join Team Rocket? It was mostly Diego's idea, since Diego wanted an excuse to be away from his parents (who wanted him to continue on to college). But this also added a spark of interest to Carmen's otherwise drab lifestyle. For some reason it was more fun to torture Pokemon than little brothers...

Yes, Team Rocket is notorious for having those dynamic boy-girl couples named after famous outlaws (real or fictional). Jessie and James, Butch and Cassidy, and now Carmen and Diego... Anyways, Carmen and Diego rarely had Giovanni breathing down their necks as the other two outlaw couples did--they were part of a small faction of Team Rocket called the Tormenter Gang. This Tormenter Gang involved making various products and even mecha that sometimes required Pokemon or rare items. It was a brilliant organisation--led by the big and brawny Kane who was in charge of assigning things, co-led by Kane's son, Gabe... This faction traveled around in a giant airship which also functioned as a small house. As for those who usually took on assignments, there was a quartet of computer hackers that were sort of allied with Team Rocket and didn't inhabit the airship like everyone else--and thus were treated less harshly--they were in charge of designing the mecha and... other things. As for stealing things like Pokemon and rare items... Another member named Lupin was in charge of the rare items and occasionally wild Pokemon, while Carmen and Diego took Pokemon from either the wild or from other trainers.

In this Tormenter Gang, Carmen and Diego were the most formidable, but that's mostly because they were the ones who took Pokemon from trainers, as many Team Rocket members did. However, they failed about 55% of the assignments they were given (well, that certainly is better than the 99.9% of assignments Jessie and James failed), and got punched by Kane when they did fail. So it goes without saying that they were jealous of anyone who had a lower failure rate than they did, or got treated unfairly well. ("Oh yeah, Gabe fails about 80% of his assignments, but it doesn't matter because he's Kane's son. Oh, and those four hackers don't get punched because they're "allies", not members. Oh, and when will Lupin ever fail an assignment?!?") But oh well, at least Carmen and Diego were seen as the most fun to be with, with the way they worked together, their love of parties, and their musical tastes.

Over time, Team Rocket got overlooked by some of the other evil organisations, and faced much opposition from other trainers. Membership started declining as members either were defeated or joined Team Galactic or something. And the little Tormenter Gang was taken down by one of its own members. So eventually a flustered Giovanni decided to disband Team Rocket and "plot revenge some other way", whatever that meant. But it doesn't matter what it meant, for it didn't affect Carmen and Diego too much. ...Oh wait, it did--that is, the disbanding of Team Rocket did. Oh no, what were Carmen and Diego to do after this? At first they thought about joining another evil organisation, but then figured that it would feel much better to be independent and free... Ohh, wonderful, brilliant idea! Oh no, maybe not. What was to be done about their criminal records, their names, their reputations?

First, they donned different and more flashy outfits that expressed themselves more than a simple Team Rocket uniform did. Then, they changed their names to Candace Walters and Andrew Booker. Then, they set up a Pokemon gym in Sinnoh--Jubilife City to be exact--one whose challenges included a dance-off, a contest battle... even a regular Pokemon battle was set to some fast-paced techno music. Ah, speaking of fast-paced techno music, the gym also doubled as a nightclub. "Candy and Andy", as they were called, were quite the musical duo, and their music cheered up and energised happy hearts everywhere. It made even Andy look cute... Ahh, Candy and Andy were completely free from their past in Team Rocket... well, except for the fact that Lupin kind of became a friend and/or mentor for them (even an "unofficial boss"). He even created the fake ID's bearing their new names. Ah well, the month or so traveling around with this talented man in black on a Pokemon journey was fun anyways. After a month after Team Rocket's disbanding, Candy and Andy returned to their gym/nightclub, and all was well. ...That is, until the two heard about this research facility called Galactica from a girl named Flys Blanchette... Now their "unofficial assignment" was to investigate this Galactica and hopefully defeat the Team Galactic behind it. ("If you can't join them, beat them!") Ahh, that's better. (Not to mention that they wouldn't get any punches from Lupin if they failed this assignment.)

RP Sample: (From "After the Apocalypse")
When the rest of Team Nova was cheering after Brad's announcement, Lupin did not join in any of the commotion--cheering simply wasn't his thing. (Not to mention that he mouthed "Hail Nova" without saying anything.) It seemed that all happiness and excitement had long since left him, leaving him with his Pokemon, his own skills and strengths, and his personal plans for Team Nova. All three were just enough to keep him occupied before his most certain early death. Anyways, while Lupin was heading towards a particular room in the operations base, he thought for a while about Glaciatrum, the Pokemon he was now after.
Yes, there was a reason I requested to try to find Glaciatrum. I must admit that so far she'e my favourite out of all the new legendaries--and she comes awfully close to Darkrai in being my favourite Pokemon overall. Naturally, if I could, I'd like to keep her for myself upon her capture. Now there's an idea...

The room Lupin came to was a sort of garage for various mechs that Team Nova occasionally used. At the far side were two doors: one large one that took up almost the entire wall, and a smaller one that led sideways into a tube that exited the base. The room itself was nearly cubic in shape, and various types of vehicles and large robots were lined up on the sides. Yes, large, manually-operated robots--smaller robots like the one assigned to capture Toxadacia were located elsewhere.

But Lupin was not concerned with most of these--his attention was focused on a small aircraft in the far left corner of the room, right next to the tunnel entrance. Of course, one couldn't tell it was an aircraft by simply looking at it--its wings were folded up on the sides. The aircraft itself was called the Darkrai Nightcraft, or just Nightcraft for short--this was because it looked similar to a Darkrai. It was a very dark purple in colour, adding a touch of class to the normally dull black colour of Darkrai, and about half the size of the average car. A round glass window with a red border (much like Darkrai's collar) covered the top, much like the top of a stereotypical UFO. Inside was a control panel consisting of several buttons and a screen, just in front of the pilot's seat. The back seat was looked like a small blue sofa and could barely squeeze in three people. In back was a storage area and a sort of outlet to plug in an electric wire (the Nightcraft ran solely on electricity), as well as a panel of some sort of reflective material that generated magnetic currents. This same material was in a round panel at the very bottom in between three small wheels, and was used to keep the Nightcraft afloat. In front were the headlights, shaped like Darkrai's hands.

Lupin entered the Nightcraft and sat down in the pilot's seat. ...Wait a minute, don't things like that need a key to open? One would think Lupin would want to keep things like the Nightcraft locked... Actually he did have a key tucked safely away under his shirt, but instead of having to take it out, the key emitted an electrical signal that caused the round glass window to slide open. After that, all it took were a few button presses, a few switches... and the Nightcraft took off. ...Well not yet. First it coasted along its wheels, making hardly a sound and providing hardly any illumination. Ah well, the tunnel had just enough lights inside so that Lupin could see where he was going. So he directed the Nightcraft through the tunnel, sped up, unfolded the Nightcraft's wings (which looked similar to Darkrai's "wings" and were the blackest possible black in colour), and...

The tunnel opened up directly to the outside world, where the sun was about to hide beneath the horizon. A few purple clouds filled the pinkish sky, and leafless trees and worn-down buildings lay below. The Nightcraft continued to glide upward, while Lupin pressed a couple more buttons on its dashboard--one activated the radar system in case any intruders or Pokemon were in range (here a Venonat icon appeared on the screen), and the other told the Nightcraft to stop rising and start gliding along in the sky (here a Jumpluff icon appeared on the screen). All the icons that ever showed up on the screen were of extinct Pokemon Lupin had heard about in his youth, out of a hidden sense of regret that these species didn't exist anymore due to that silly plague. And the Nightcraft itself looked like Darkrai, a Pokemon that probably still existed but was in a completely different and unaccessible world. How appropriate to dedicate an aircraft to one's favourite Pokemon.

Lupin headed west in the Nightcraft, wishing the sun would set soon so that he would not have to look at it all the time. But one thing that did help was a feature of the Nightcraft that caused another window to cover the existing one on top, one that was tinted so as to allow less light in. This window was often up during the bright hours of the morning, and was indicated by a Murkrow icon on the front screen. Anyways, he passed over the western border of Hoenn soon enough, and soon enough was flying over nothing but ocean. So far the coast was clear...

And the coast happened to stay clear all through the flight over the rest of the ocean and Kanto. At this point the Nightcraft was flying north towards Mt. Silver, which was shrouded in fog at the time, so the window of the Nightcraft soon retained its original clear nature. Soon after that, the Nightcraft descended into the fog at the base of Mt. Silver. The radar showed nothing so far, but it didn't hurt to see in the thick fog anyways. For a while Lupin turned on an echolocation feature of the Nightcraft, causing a Zubat icon to appear on the screen. This kept the Nightcraft from crashing into a few trees for a short while, until it landed and coasted along the grass for a while. Finally it stopped, upon which Lupin exited it and locked it back up again. Then he let all his Pokemon out of their Pokeballs, so soon an Absol, Arcanine, Umbreon, Lucario, and Sinistress were standing (or floating, in Sinistress' case) near him.

"All right, stay close so that no one hears," Lupin said to his Pokemon. After everyone was gathered a bit more closely, he was able to whisper to them. Sinistress had to float right next to Lupin's face, since she knew his whisperings were nigh impossible to hear otherwise. Yet she seemed excited about what Lupin had to say, as he had a relatively bright expression on his face. Talk about unusual.
"...Well, it turns out that Baphomet has been kind enough to let us go after Glaciatrum. Who is Glaciatrum, should you ask? An Ice/Dark-type 'Swift Claw Pokemon', she looks like the hybrid of a dragon and a wolf."
At this point, some of the Pokemon nodded in agreement. They knew Lupin had once lamented (sort of) the extinction of Mightyena, the only wolf-like Pokemon in existence at any point in time. ...That is, until Glaciatrum came along.
"...She's a rather shy and submissive Pokemon, which is why I am taking a more gentle approach here. After all, it is unwise to use force unless it is absolutely necessary, and force is just not my forte. Now, note that I said 'I'."
There was a pause--none of the Pokemon dared to say anything because they figured they had to keep just as quiet as Lupin was trying to be.
"Yes, Glaciatrum would probably think that any Pokemon trainer would try to capture a legendary Pokemon upon seeing one. So you can't accompany me just yet. But if you want, you may wander around this area for a while and try to pick up information on other legendaries. Just don't let anyone know about me or anyone else. If anyone asks, say that you are wild Pokemon living in Johto who have come up here to explore the place."

With that, Scout and Alice took off together, and soon disappeared in the fog. Sirius and Sage, however, didn't mind Pokeballs too much, so they decided to go in their Pokeballs instead. Besides, Sage hated fog, and Sirius didn't like to be alone. Sinistress started to venture out as well when Lupin stopped her.
"Sorry, but you'll have to stay in your Pokeball. Most Pokemon around here might get suspicious of a synthesised Duskull evolution, or worse, figure out you were created by Team Nova. Would that be all right?"
Sinistress hovered there for a moment, a tad upset that she did not get to participate in the mission. Lupin always had to do everything himself, didn't he...? Sinistress was beginning to think that Lupin didn't even trust his own Pokemon, but then figured that Lupin's reason for not having Pokemon around made sense, as well as the reason why she should stay out of sight.
"Sinn-is." And she went in her Pokeball.

Alone at last, Lupin walked through the fog in the direction of the actual mountain. (He knew where it was, as the Nightcraft was pointed towards it.) The area around him was becoming darker by the second, and the fog was getting gradually thinner as he walked through it. Soon enough he found himself walking up a slight slope and on rock rather than grass. Normally he wouldn't try climbing a mountain like this, but he had heard that Glaciatrum was a good mountain climber, so he figured it was best to head up the mountain a ways in the hopes of finding Glaciatrum.

OOC: *sigh* I STILL can't get away from at least mentioning my favourite RP character, even if he'll just be a voice on the phone here... So it's a petty revenge of the late Team Rocket against Team Galactic! Sort of.

February 19th, 2008, 10:43 AM
Name: Bebe Smith
Age: Doesn't like to tell people
Gender: Female
Occupation: Breeder
Appearance: If one could select a single person to represent the physical embodiment of an Ice Queen, one could easily pick Bebe. Her golden locks, porcelain skin, and transparent green eyes give her an almost delicate appearance. However, an ever-present grimace and unsightly frown lines give away her true nature. Bebe's nails are painted a fierce red color. Outfit-wise, she wears a green, v-cut tunic with a white undershirt, khaki capris, and white tennis shoes. While not overly attractive, Bebe possesses enough sex appeal to lure men into her web of deceit. Bebe is rather short standing at five feet and three inches.
Personality: Cruel, deceitful, malignant, quick to anger, violent, manipulative, coarse, psychotic - all attributes that describe Bebe's "shining" personality. Always looking to get ahead of others, she will use her unusually adept ability with breeding Pokemon to gain what she wants. Never happy with where she is, what she's doing, or who she's with, she's always thinking ahead. Aloof and callous, she often says whatever she pleases while forsaking other's feelings, Pokemon and human alike. She never hesitates to lie, often doing so many times within the same sentence. However, the one thing she feels most strongly about is her hatred of Team Galatic. Whenever a grunt is present or the mentioning of the word 'Galatic,' she will fly into an awesome rage that will indubitably result in pain for those in her vicinity.
History: Raised in Hearthome City, Bebe was surrounded by beautiful Pokemon who were painstakingly raised by their trainers for the contests and gym battles that were held in the city. She dreamed of one day entering a contest. However, Bebe's mother was raising four children on her own and with Bebe being the oldest, her dreams were dashed by her mother's need for Bebe to help around the house. While her best friends and neighbors set off on journeys of their own, Bebe was forced to do the laundry, wash the dishes, and care for her younger siblings while her mother was at work. Slowly Bebe developed the toxic personality she possesses today out of jealousy of the others. She was soon mouthing off to others, slapping her younger brothers when they made her mad, and simply ignoring the chores left for her. Bebe's mother soon grew tired of her daughter's attitude and decided to send her to Solaceon Town to live with her prudent Grandmother. With her teen angst ever growing, Bebe arrived reluctantly in what she described as "Hick Central." Bebe's Grandmother was on the verge of senility, so when Bebe was ordered to do something around the house, Bebe simply left the house and waited an hour. She'd return and tell her Grandmother that she had done what she was asked. However, while traversing the town, she chanced upon the breeding center that called Solaceon Town its home. As she watched the old man and the old lady who ran the center work with the Pokemon her interest grew. Bebe was soon working as an apprentice of sorts, learning all the techniques necessary to breed the "perfect Pokemon." Bebe struggled at first, but after a few month's work, she had the process down. During this time, she began to breed Pokemon for her own use. Around the time Bebe turned sixteen, Galatic's first plan came into fruition, and the world was subjected to strange dimensional and time disruptions. It was during one of these disruptions that a strange, faint wave passed over Bebe's body, causing her to instantly succumb to a painful nausea. Her head was rocked with a massive migraine and she vomited profusely. After a few days of intense illness, the pain disappeared. However, this "disease" would have a lasting result on Bebe. Any trace of good-heartedness she possessed before was gone. Any negative trait she had before was amplified, resulting in the Bebe everyone knows today. She left Solaceon almost immediately and began to wander Sinnoh. Bebe offered fast breeding services in every town she chanced upon. She would quickly breed numerous Pokemon and would return the weakest of the offspring to the Trainer and selling the stronger ones to other trainers for a high profit. It was about the time she passed through Eterna City that she learned of Galactic's encounter with Dialga and Palkia that had caused the numerous disruptions the year before. Incensed, she vowed at that moment (after beating the one who told her senseless) to enact revenge on Galatic. However she learned from the nearly unconscious man that they had disbanded after the Pokemon were returned to their dimension. Leaving with one final kick to the stomach, she stormed off, looking for any person who was once part of Galactic. They too felt the wrath of Bebe Smith when they were found. Some time passed and she heard of rumors of Galactic returning and the little breeding project they were holding with humans and Pokemon. Further incensed by their intrusion into her field, her drive was strengthened. While cold and callous at heart, she wished to rid Sinnoh of the viral scum that had polluted the continent.

Slowbro - [Male] - Huck - Dimwitted, fierce, and utterly loyal, he fights with such resolve and strength he has become Bebe's most trusted Pokemon.

Hariyama - [Male] - Baby - Calm, cool, and reluctant to fight, he often pushes Bebe to her limits. Has become Bebe's unofficial punching bag.

Manectric - [Female] - Poppy - Angry, vicious, and barbaric. Loves the thrill of the kill and will do whatever is possible to leave the opponent incapacitated.

Magmar - [Female] - Bridget - Nurturing, mother-like, and caring. Often left in charge of tending to the eggs and newborns. A result of Bebe's first breeding project

February 19th, 2008, 1:59 PM
Name: Jade Mitchel Rabbace

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Occupation: Normal Trainer

Appearance: In simple terms, Jade is nothing more than the average teenage Pokemon trainer. He wears a forwarded black hat. No words are on the hat, nor designs. His hair is black, but most of it is not visible due to the hat. The hair that is visible are atop his eyes on his forehead, thick black spikes that slant downwards towards the left. His ears are covered by his hair, barely leaving his earlobes visible. The height of his hair is best viewed in the back of his head, multiple downward spikes nearly reaching his black undershirt. Black, thick-rimmed glasses are too visible in his facial appearance. Behind them, are his black eyes. His skin color is Caucasian.

Jade's clothing consists of a black undershirt, noted before. No designs are on the shirt, and his over shirt is a white-button up. He leaves the white over-shirt unbuttoned and open. Both shirts overlap his blue pants. A rip in the right knee is visible, but it is not gaping at all, just a small tear. Grass stains are visible in the left knee. At his belt-line, he holds six red and white colored PokeBalls. Three are on each side, and all are in the un-enlarged state, before the pressure censor button is pressed.

Additional notes: Black wrist bands are often seen around his wrists, his height stands at 5'7", and his weight looks to be about 112ibs.

Personality: Like most teens his age, Jade has more than one personality.

Kind Personality:
This is Jade's most used personality. Obviously meaning, he is gentle a lot of the time. Though, this sweet personality has the ability to turn sour in an instant, Jade suppresses any anger that comes into his mind. He plays with his Pokemon, trains, and thinks about battling to help suppress his anger. When this does not work, he blows up.

Angry Personality:
When Jade forgets who he is, and goes all out. He does not feel liable for any actions that he makes towards other people, but he does not lay a finger on a Pokemon. He does use cuss-words when he is angry, and he yells loudly. He does even start fist fights with the person who started his anger. Though, this personality of anger barely shows. If it does, the least he tries to do is start yelling.

Goofy Personality:
Usually shows when Jade is not battling, not being serious, or angry. Usually for playtime with his Pokemon, he usually laughs a lot, uses a goofy voice, makes jokes, etc.

Serious Personality:
This personality shows when he is battling, or when he is defending another person he cares about. This can sometimes lead into anger if Jade starts losing patience.

Hearth-throb Personality:
Seeing as Jade is a teenage-male, his mind has... developed. He might notice a girls beauty, and try not to compliment, not wanting to be slapped across the face, he just remains quiet and tries not to release any giggles/smiles, or blushes.

Curious Personality:
This is his questioning side. Though it may lead into trouble, he never ceases to try and figure out what he wants to figure out.

Adventurous Spirit:
This makes Jade like the average trainer. He is always looking for something to do, to battle, new places to explore and what not.

History: Jade was born in the town of Cherrygrove in the region of Johto. Until he was about the age of four, he had no interaction with Pokemon. His age back then being four, that is when Jade's adventurous spirit began to develop. He decided to wander off to the East, after seeing a Pidgey. Curious of what it was, he ran after it till he reaches a Pokemon-filled route. He was also curious, so Jade started petting Pokemon. Eventually, he made it to a route filled with hills, trainers, and dangerous wild Pokemon. This was the route to, or away from Blackthorn City. Climbing upwards and not watching where he was going, he bumped into a wild Donphan, which was sleeping. The Pokemon was awakened by the small boy, and it was in a bad mood. Jade neared it, but it it slammed him away with its horns. Jade landed against a rock, and he began crying from being slammed. The Donpah began closing in on him, and Jade had no where to go. However, just as all hope seemed lost, a Swift attack was fired at the Donphan from above. Dirt flew up in the air, giving the Pokemon that fired off the Swift to attack. This opportunity was used, as the Pokemon spread its aglow, sharp wings. The glow was a silver light, a Steel Wing. This, was a Skarmory. The Pokemon hit the Donphan dead on with the wings, knocking it backwards. After this, the Donphan went ran away. Skarmory flew in front of Jade, as his tears stopped. Jade began smiling at his protector, looking cool shining in the sunlight. The Skarmory then turned around, implying for Jade to get on its back, which Jade did. He climbed up on the steel Pokemon's back, as it took flight. After few moments of fun in the air, Skarmory flew over to Cherrygrove. His parents looked in shock at the Pokemon, and questioned why their son was on it. Pondering ended, since they saw that Jade was having fun. Jade now had his first Pokemon.

After that, Jade stayed in Cherrygrove with Skarmory, and lived a simple life, till he learned that he was able to leave home to battle, and fight for region medals known as badges. This was when he was age 12. Jade left his safe abode out for the dangerous, yet fun world of training with Skarmory. The trainer did have a brush against evil, Team Rocket. His serious personality developed then, hating the evil that Team Rocket committed. Jade also competed in that years Pokemon League, though he came in 8th place. He headed to the Sinnoh Region right after, that time being at age 13. He has lived his entire life in Johto, but he decided to move to Sinnoh and stay there. Jade has only met the regions evil crew once, Team Galactic. He took no part in their attempt to take over Dialga and Palkia.

This year, he is taking part in the regions Pokemon League Tournament. He has been training his Pokemon since he was 13, gaining new Pokemon and facing new battle experiences. For the moment, he is in the city of Jubilife.


http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/227-m.png Skar (Skarmory) (M)

http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/330-m.png Gon (Flygon) (M)

http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/448-m.png Lulu (Lucario) (F)

http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/414.png Thim (Mothim) (M)

http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/418-m.png BuiBui (Buizel) (F)

http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/404-m.png Lux (Luxio) (M)

RP Sample: From Grand Tournament
"You two did great! We should go find more battles!"

Marcus said to his two Pokemon. They both smiled up at the trainer, both Pokemon at his feet, walking with him. The three continues walking, searching around bushes and trees for more Pokemon. Turning side to side, in every direction, there is no sign of other trainers in the forest, only few weaker wild Pokemon. He sighs, his two Pokemon near him trying to sniff around. The three turn around quickly however, when a rustle in the bushes catches their attention. The bushes leaves are seen moving again. Marcus takes no time to react.

"Alright! Pika, use Thundershock!"

Pika nodded, quickly releasing a bolt of electricity into the bushes. Among contact, another trainer jumped up literally in shock. Pika ceased its shock, and the other trainer stood still. "Oops.. You okay?" Marcus asked.

"You just shocked me! Come on out, Butterfree! Beedrill!"

The trainer threw out two Pokeballs into the air. Released, were two Pokemon in flight. One a bee, one a butterfly.

"Sp a battle, eh? Ready you two?"

Marcus said, then asked his Pokemon. Both nodded, and jumped infront of him, ready for battle. Beedrill advanced, as did Pika.

http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb116/dahalo/Beedrill.gif vs http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/025-1.gif

Beedrill fried off a Twin Needle, followed by a Poison Sting. Pika quickly fired off a Thundershock to counter. Both attacks collided, but no damage was dealt. Beedrill fired off String Shot attacks at Pika, which made contact. The attack was at its feet, sticking it to the ground, immobilizing it. "Pika!" Marcus yelled.

Beedrill quickly flew forwards, and began striking Pikachu constantly with Fury Attack. Poison Stings and Twin Needle attacks were too thrown into the attack. Pika was getting damaged, badly and quickly, losing health each hit. It began getting angry, cheeks sparking. Beedrill moved back a little. Pika took advantage of this moment, releasing a large mass Thundershock at Beedrill. It was hit head on with the shocks. Now fried, it fainted, falling down to the ground. Pika escaped the String Shot.

"Ah! Return! Go, Butterfree!"

The trainer yelled. Butterfree advanced out into the field, as Beedrill was sucked into the Pokeball by a red beam.

http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb116/dahalo/Butterfree.gif vs http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/025-1.gif

Pikachu attacked first, firing off a powerful bolt of electricity. Butterfree dodged it, however, with speed. It then fired off a purple-shock attack, which hit Pikachu dead on. A Confusion attack, this was. Pika stood its ground through. Butterfree then flapped its wings quickly, stirring up a powerful Gust attack at Pikachu. The winds were too hard for Pikachu to move around in, but it still stood, trying to not get knocked back.

"Pika." Marcus said, nodding. Pika stood up, quickly jumping backwards in the Gust. Nidoran♂ stepped forward, ready for battle. The Gust attack had come to a stop.

http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb116/dahalo/Butterfree.gif vs http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/032.gif

Nidoran♂ jumped forward towards Butterfree, horn aglow with Horn Attack. Butterfree collided with it in a Tackle attack. Both Pokemon damaged, Butterfree more so. Butterfree fired off a Confusion attack, Nidoran♂ barely dodged the attack. In dodging however, it left itself vulnerable for a Tackle. Butterfree took advantage of the dodge, Tackling Nidoran♂ head on to knock it back. Butterfree after fired off a Gust, knocking Nidoran♂ back even further. Finally, it fired off a Confusion attack to finish it off. Nidoran♂ took on immense damage, due to the fact that that Psychic attacks like Confusion were super effective on Poison types like Nidoran♂. The Pokemon was badly damaged, nearly fainted.

'Pika is too beat to battle.. And Nidoran♂ looks like its had enough..' Marcus thought to himself. "Retur--- wha?"

Marcus held out Nidoran♂s Pokeball, about to return it. His sentence was interrupted as Nidoran♂ got up slowly, wanting more fight. It yelled out. Its body glowed, and it gained mass in size, literally changing form. The change stopped, as the glow disappeared. Nidoran♂ had evolved into Nidorino.

http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/033.gif vs http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb116/dahalo/Butterfree.gif

Nidirino jumped forward, now with more power and speed. Butterfree tried to counter with Tackle. The two attacks collided, but Butterfree fell to the ground, Nidirino being more powerful. Nidirino advanced forwards quickly, attacking Butterfree with a Fury Attack. Butterfree fainted from too many hits. It landed at its trainers feet.

"Ah! Return!" Said the trainer. He returned Butterfree, and ran off.

Pika approached Nidirino with Marcus. They bent town, looking at Nidorino. Marcus pet it, to see if it was still normal, which it was. Playfully, it tackled Pika and Marcus with a laugh. All three laughed, but quickly got up to keep going through Viridian Forest.

Sorry about the run-on paragraph in the history section >:

February 19th, 2008, 7:40 PM
I dont know if i can still join but here goes...

Name: Lucas Wattson
Age: 17
Gender: male
Occupation: Gym Leader of Mauville City
Appearance: A tall 17 year old teen with short spiky hair. He is 6 foot 5 and very muscular. Wears a sleeveless blue jacketwith a long sleeve grey shirt underneath and blue denim pants.
Personality: prefers to be alone but doesn’t mind another person around. Tough trainer that takes failure pretty easily. Likes to be there for everyone, even if he doesn’t like them. Can NOT take criticism and usually fights back in defense. A stick-to-my-way of training guy who hates his pokemon not giving him their all.
History:Originally from Mauville city, it was a no brainer to figure out that Lucas loves electric type pokemon. When he was a small boy, his father, leader of the gym Wattson, acquired an eevee in a contest, thinking it was what his child wanted. To his mistake, Calum wanted the mareep in the contest, but was happy either way because he had a pokemon. He went everywhere with his eevee, and officially started his journey in kanto, where he caught a seel and evolved it into his now dewgong. In johto he caught a skarmory and a houndour(now houndoom) and finished up the gym battles there. In hoenn, he caught a absol and in shinnoh caught a hurt combee just to take it to the hospital and ended up keeping it anyway. Lucky for him it was female. On his way home from shinnoh, he learned that his father had been seriously hurt and could no longerr run the gym. so following in his fathers foot steps, he became the new leader and changed it from a 3v3 to a 1v1 between the challenger and his jolteon.
1. Jolteon
2. Dewgong
3. Skarmory
4. Houndoom
5. Absol
6. Vespiquen
RP Sample from a rp i did a while ago:
“Hurry up you guys, I think the boat might have already left the dock!” Calum, an experienced trainer, was shouting at his taruos and scyther, who were closely behind. Getting ready for the Mater Elimination Tournament he wasn’t paying attention to his pokenav watch. He was late for the boat from slateport to the island. Excited at the new trainers he’ll see and the battles that await him and hopefully the glorious trophy and the satisfaction of victory. Finally at slateport, he ducked and jumped over stand after stand and could finally see the ship. A glorious and ginormuos yacht was waiting for the finally passengers to board. A loud and booming voice could be heard even though he was in the middle of the busiest part of the market place:
Hearing the words “last call” made his heart sink, thinking he wasn’t going to make it. He turned a corner and then another and made a lightning fast dash to the ship. The sailors were just about to close the ramp when they caught sight of Calum, taruos and scyther.
“Oh wait! Let the ramp down!”
And with that Calum finally calmed down and boarded the ship. He saw lots of different trainers, short ones, tall ones, and all on the same goal as him. He saw lots of different pokemon on too. There was a honchkrow flying around the top of the huge ship. A gyrados was in the ocean next to the ship just chilling out. And a mime jr. was entertaining some of the trainers. He went to the captain to see where his room was. He got his number and went to find it. Tried from the running and thinking there would be some party or something later on, he decided to take a nap in his cramped room, just big enough to let all his pokemon out and lay down. pegeot was in a corner next to infernape, cleaning his self and next to empoleon. raichu lay next to Calum on the bed and attempted to go to sleep despite his excitement. taruos was always by the door, guarding with scyther, Calums' life as he had done the same for them and finally starmie was in the bath, sleeping under the water. Calum closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

February 19th, 2008, 7:54 PM
Allright, edited my application.

February 19th, 2008, 8:10 PM
Whooh finished :D~

Name: Hoshi Sakanusa

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Coordinator, Gondola Tour Guide

Appearance: Despite her rough profession and life, Hoshi manages to keep up a look of grace and beauty which isn’t commonly found in most women. She holds herself at an elegant 5’7” tall and weighing in just under the average for a young woman of her age. Her skin is a constant cream color, slightly tanned by her many hours out giving tours around Altomar. No noticeable bruises or scars can be found on her body, enhancing her look of grace and elegance. However, one noticeable flaw may occasionally be found on the knuckles of her hands, which by the end of a long day of rowing gondolas, are usually swollen.

Oddly, along with her look of beauty, Hoshi gives off a certain motherly vibe, which might help explain the staggering amount of customers she takes on tours. Soft, caring eyes the shade of a sandy beach seem to melt whoever’s gaze they might fall upon. Slim lips, the color of a faded rose accompany her maternal complex. Her hair falls in a long, thick sheet of sunshine-blond down her back, reaching to roughly eight centimeters above her behind. Some of the shimmering locks fall in front of her shoulders instead of along her back, which serves as a visual reminder of her youth. Though not usually visible behind her thick hair, small heart-shaped earrings pierce each of her ears.

Hoshi’s body could be described as curvy, though not much more then the average woman might be. Unfortunately, once again due to her profession, she isn’t able to adorn the nicest outfit for a body of her type. A flowing, spaghetti-strap-style white dress is the standard uniform for female gondoliers, so she must abide to the rules. The dress itself I relatively tight on the upper half of her body, but at the waist line it flows outward down to her knees. Splashed across the front of the dress is the company’s logo, a magenta pokeball silhouetted by black forms of Latias and Latios. Accompanying the ensemble is a matching pair of white athletic shoes with magenta stitching and laces.

Personality: Hoshi’s personality is one that blends perfectly with her appearance. She has little to no temper whatsoever, has an astounding amount of patients, and has never been known to be aggressive at all. Naturally, this makes her seem much easier to approach than somebody more aggressive, and thus very popular with children, which is fine by her. She loves children, or anybody who might need a helping hand or sympathetic ear. She is very extroverted in most aspects of life, but when it comes to Pokemon Coordinating, she is as relentless as any other coordinator in the arena. Being a coordinator is a way for Hoshi to escape from it all, in a sense. She’s spent a good portion of her life working as Gondola Tour Guide in the water city of Altomar, but only to make sure her parents would be comfortable in their old age. This doesn’t mean she resents having to work in her current profession however, she quite enjoys meeting new people and ensuring they have a good time.

One thing that surprises most people is Hoshi’s out-of-place clumsiness. She is constantly dropping glasses, tripping over nothing, or anything along those lines. As a result of this negative trait, she hasn’t been able to advance much in the ranking of her profession, even though she has an astounding amount of customers, one most be able to give a tour without dropping a paddle to move up in the world. Naturally, this also applies to the contest world. Although she has in fact won four of the five ribbons necessary to compete in the illustrious Grand Festival, she is well known throughout the contest industry for slipping up in her performances.

History: Hoshi wasn’t born in Altomare, but rather in Lavaridge Town to an increasingly old couple who’d been trying to have a child for the good part of their lives. She grew up accustom to helping others, and making sure her needs were on the bottom of her priority list. When Hoshi was seven years old she was told to go into the mountain surrounding the town to find some coal. Of course, Hoshi accepted the request and happily went on her way. While she was in the caves searching for coal, she came across a large cavern. Inside the cavern was an Arcanine and three Growlithes. At first, it all appeared like a normal family of canine Pokemon, but after a few minutes of watching it was apparent that not all was well in the family. The youngest Growlithe wasn’t accepted by it’s mother, and was essentially left to die. Hoshi, being the caring young girl that she was, felt sorry for the Pokemon and decided to take him home. Growlithe became grateful to her, and now they have a loyal friendship unlike many others.

A few years later, at the age of thirteen, Hoshi was told that her parents had been “let go” of their current jobs. This created a major problem, her parents had never been very wealthy to begin with, and now that they had lost their jobs they didn’t know what they were going to do. Hoshi took this chance and told her parents to leave everything to her. That night, Hoshi made the long journey to Slateport city, where she caught a ferry to Altomar the next day. And thus began her life as a Gondola guide. She was employed by a small Gondola Tour company in need of an apprentice. At first, Hoshi was quite skeptical of the job, but after hearing about how much it paid, she gladly accepted it; and thus began her carrer as a Gondola Tour Guide.

It would be two years later before Hoshi was introduced to the world of Pokemon Coordinating. The company she was working for had a staff retreat, and the location of choice was the Grand Festival. Hoshi was captivated by the marvelous displays of the coordinators and their Pokemon, and it wasn’t long after that she was entering herself and her Pokemon into a local tournament. She was thrilled when she came in first place, and from that moment forward she was determined to become a top-class Coordinator.


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa059.png Arcanine - Male
Arcanine is the evolved Growlithe that Hoshi came into contact with that faithful day in the mountain around Lavaridge. After several years of Pokemon Coordinating, it soon evolved. Arcanine is very naughty and mischievous by nature, which adds to Hoshi's somewhat "amature" reputation in the coordinating world.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa267.png Beautifly - Female

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa179.png Mareep - Female

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa281.png Kirlia - Male

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa098.png Krabby - Female

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa407.png Roserade - Male

RP Sample: From “The Land of Legends”:

The spring sun shone brightly down on the lush, green fields surrounding the small shack where Kol called home. The shack was originally meant for storage, but for a reason not know to him. It was a small shack, only two rooms and a shabby kitchen. Kol loved it. Despite being small, the shack served every need he had. But, like all things in life, the shack wasn't free.

"I guess it's time we head to town, eh Aipom?" Kol drowsily asked his purple monkey. Aipom, usually a bundle of tame less energy, sleepily looked up from its perch on Kol's shoulder and gave a faint nod. It was quite apparent that the Pokemon was exhausted.

"I know you're tired, but we've got a long day ahead of us," Kol murmured, gazing at the town off in the distance. It didn't take very long to reach the town, and the scenery on the way there was gorgeous; just another reason why Kol loved living out in here. The hardest part about getting to town, however, was getting started. There were so many ways for one to get distracted before a long sprint, and Kol often fell victim to such distractions.

Today however, he managed to take off without much delay. For some reason, energy seemed to flow into his body like the rays of the sun soaking the earth. He started off slow, but quickly picked up his pace. Before to long, he was in an all out sprint, the way he usually delivered messages.

"What a nice day..." Kol pointed out to Aipom, deciding that she had rested long enough. But in fact, it was a nice day. The sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Everything seemed to be going perfect. Kol couldn't imagine anything to ruin such a splendorous day.

After a while, Kol arrived at buildings on the far edge of town. They weren't anything impressive, mostly farming houses. Nevertheless, this was where Kol received the most business in the early hours. So as usual, he slowed to a jog and pattered between the houses waiting for a customer to flag him down. It didn't take long for a guard to wave him over.

"Ah, Kol! Just the man I was looking for. Please take this to Madam Avatar, she needs to be informed that the Western and Eastern Armies are moving." The guard barked in his rough voice. Kol was usual to such treatment, so as usual, he nodded and turned to head into town.

{That idiot, doesn't he know that Ambrose knows about the armies?} Aipom seemed to have snapped itself out of its daze.

"Well," Kol panted, "She does... but I guess it never hurts to be on the safe side." Kol had trouble speaking while he ran, as he did every morning. It was something about the morning air that made his throat simply not want to work to his control.

{But you don't get paid for messages from guards} Aipom whined, though it knew the outcome of this battle.

"That may be, but it's a public service. I should feel honored to deliver a message for the guard. And it doesn't hurt that it's to that attractive young Avatar, eh?" Kol couldn't help but grin at the thought of seeing her. Her blond hair and orange eyes were stunning, but it wasn't as if he'd seen them up close. He'd never actually met her, only seeing her from afar.

{Oi....} Aipom was obviously annoyed at this. Of course, Kol was used to such responses. Aipom was, of course, a female. He didn't expect her to drool over pretty girls like he did.

Kol made his way into the town, and began to look around for the blond girl. He noticed it was strangely empty here, and only when he stopped did here some commotion from a few buildings down. He sprinted down to the racket, where he saw a crowd huddled around to boys. And, Kol noticed happily, Madam Avatar was there! Or rather, she was walking away with another girl who looked as if she'd be blown over any moment.

"Madam Avatar!" Kol called as he took off towards her. The Avatar seemed not to have noticed, and led the other girl inside a house. Kol didn't like to intrude on people's homes, but a job was a job...

"Madam Avatar!" Kol called again as he came up to the house. He slowed down and made his way up to the door. Ambrose was standing not ten feet from him! She looked much prettier up close. Kol couldn't help but put his hand on her shoulder when he walked up, extending his fingers suggestively down her chest.

"Excuse me m'lady," Kol bowed, "But I have a message from the east post guard. He asked me to inform you that the western and eastern armies are moving." Kol spoke a little rushed, still out of breath from his run. The sun didn't feel so refreshing now, and sweat was beginning to form on his forehead. In an attempt to remove the sweat, and to get the wild curls out of his face, Kol gave his head a couple of shakes, feeling satisfied as his hair was out of his eyes.


Now that I look at it, I think the personality section is a little skimpy 8( If you want me to elaborate on anything, I'd be happy to.

February 19th, 2008, 8:53 PM
There really is a big difference between ORP and PRP in regards to the number of people that join.... I'm a little overwhelmed. Unfortunately, I'm of the opinion that too many RPers will lead to an unpleasant experience, so I'm going to have to cut quite a few people based on quality. To make things easier, I think I'll just make a list of people who are for sure accepted. If you have concerns about being declined, you can PM me. And, as of now, signup is closed.

Trainer Kat

* - pending the completion of a signup

Sorry guys, but any more than that would just be overkill, and usually when I accept a lot of people, most end up mysteriously disappearing soon after. It's easier to keep things together with less people, as well as maintain general interest.

February 20th, 2008, 9:21 AM
Aww, and my sign up was half-finished too! Well, if someone drops out early in the RP, could you PM me?

February 20th, 2008, 8:18 PM
For organizations sake, I've decided to move this thread into the lounge and make it an OOC thread. The list of accepted members will be updated shortly. For anyone who isn't done their signup, please try and do so soon. I want to get things rolling tomorrow. ^^;

Also, I added another character to my roster.

February 26th, 2008, 9:14 PM
ahhhh i'm having trouble with writing inspiration for this one.. but i WILL have a post soon i promise!

February 27th, 2008, 11:27 PM
le Gasp! I finished my sign-up [pink-haired administrator]. Will post tomorrow.

March 12th, 2008, 9:49 PM
Geez... either I have some sort of ability to give people writer's block, or... people are just ignoring this RPG for some reason. And I was really looking forward to how this RPG would turn out... *picks flowers for this RPG's funeral*