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February 18th, 2008, 8:11 PM
Book #1

It was a warm summer day when a young boy named Shaun had just turned 10 years old. Today was a big day for him. It was the day that he would get his first Pokémon and his license to become a Pokémon Trainer. He had been preparing for his whole life to be a Pokémon Trainer, and today was the day his work would all pay off. He had not decided what Pokémon he would start out with. In the Sinnoh Region, there were 3 options you had as your starter Pokémon. They were Turtwig, the grass type Pokémon, Chimchar, the fire type Pokémon, and Piplup, the water type Pokémon. Shaun went down stair to the Kitchen where his mom had made his a great breakfast. “Good morning Shaun,” Shaun’s mom said. “How is my soon-to-be Pokemon Master?” “I am great, Mom,” Shaun replied. Shaun ate his breakfast and grabbed the back-pack his mom had packed for him. Shaun’s mom had been a Pokemon Champion, and Shaun planned to carry that on to his generation. After he was ready, Shaun headed out the door, ready to start his journey.
Shaun had to get to Professor Rowan’s Pokemon Lab. That was where he would get his first Pokemon. He had to get to Sandgem Town. He got on his bike and started off. On the way there, he observed the Pokemon that lived in the wild. He saw tons of them and saw how they communicated with each other. After a couple hours, he had finally got there. After asking a few people, he found his way to the Lab. He walked inside and saw Professor Rowan turn around to him. “Welcome,” Rowan said. “You must be Shaun, the new Pokemon Trainer from Twin Leaf. “ “That’s me,” Shaun replied. “I am ready to get my first Pokemon.” Rowan said, “Very well then, let’s go to where we hold your options as your starter Pokemon. “ They walked into another room and Shaun saw that sitting upon a table, Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup were eating Pokemon food. “Have you decided which one you would like to be your partner?” Shaun said he hadn’t decided yet. Just then, a massive explosion went off as a hole blew up in the wall. Three people stepped into the opening. They wore white and black suites with a ‘G’ symbol on the shirts. “We are Team Galactic,” One of them said. “We are here to steal your three Pokemon. “ All three of them sent out a Dustox. They ordered the Dustox to get the starter Pokemon. Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig started running around the room. Turtwig hid in a closet. Then, one of the men through out a PokeBall. Out came a Weezing. “Weezing, use Smoke Screen!” The man ordered. The room became filled with smoke. Rowan sent out a Staraptor. Staraptor used Whirl Wind. The smoke cleared and everyone looked around. The Pokemon were gone.
“Oh no!” Rowan exclaimed. “How could this happen?” Just then, Turtwig walked out of the closet. “Turtwig must be the only one left!” Shaun said. “Professor, please let me go out and look for Team Galactic.” “Are you sure? What if you get hurt?” Rowan Replied. “We are talking about Pokemon that could be my future partner. You just have to let me go.” Shaun pleaded. Rowan replied, “Very well then, you may go. But take Turtwig with you. He may come in handy. “So, Shaun and Turtwig headed out on there search for Team Galactic. They did not have to go very far when they saw a parked car that had the same ‘G’ symbol. They saw no one was in it. So they snuck on. “Turtwig, we have to find Piplup and Chimchar before they get back.” Shaun said. “Wig,” Turtwig replied. They looked out and did not find anything. Just then, they heard some noises behind a closet. They opened it and Piplup and Chimchar jumped out. “We found them!” Shaun exclaimed, “Now let’s get out of here!” They ran out and managed to get back to the lab without getting caught. “Good job,” Rowan said. “You were very brave to go and get back the Pokemon.” He then asked Shaun what Pokemon he wanted to start with. Shaun then replied “Turtwig.” Rowan gave Shaun 5 PokeBalls, a PokeDex, and Turtwig. Shaun said good-bye and walked out of the lab. He then started on his way to Jubilife City, where his first stop on his journey took place.

To be continued…

In the mean time…
“So, you did not get the Pokemon.” A man said. “No, they some how got away.” Three men replied. “Very well, you three, get out of my office, you are all fired.” The man replied. “Yes sir.” They said.