View Full Version : The real Pokemon Sapphire

February 19th, 2008, 4:54 AM
The real Pokemon Sapphire-

I've only started this a month ago, and even then I haven't really worked on it till recently.
I am new to this forum unfortuntely.
Anyways features-
Will have a very different story line. (like I said only worked on it a little, but I know what I'm gonna do.)
New pokemon (A lot will be of which you reconise, but I'm not releasing that info yet)
gonna try to make a new tileset.
Oh yeah my team...well..I don't have a team..
Titlescreen- well I need something that works with Sapphire.
Secret battles- Yea
Talking pokemon no big deal meh.
Secret Story line behind the scenes.
Secret areas.
Anyways if you wanna help, it would be appreciated.