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February 20th, 2008, 1:50 PM
Raccoon City Adventures

Warning: This fan fiction is rated PG-15, it most certainly will contain some swearing and/or bloody violence. Hey, it is a story about Zombies eating people right. You must have known. If not, turn back now.

Note: This story does not contain the Alpha or Bravo team. S.T.A.R.S is not in this. Well not for now anyway. This focuses on characters not seen in the video games and movies. Alright, you ready? Good let’s start with chapter one.


July 24th 1998, Raccoon City; Michael a young boy aged 15 work up abruptly, to the sound of his alarm clock screaming. He looked around before smacking the alarm clock off the table next to him. It stopped ringing. He then opened his eyes; they where a grass green colour, but currently had a red tinge to them because he had only had 2 hours sleep. He yawned and rubbed his eyes with his tanned hands, his hands where the same colour as his skin. He got up slowly and sat on the side of his bed. His hair was short and dark brown, and his face had freckles on it. He was currently only dressed in a plain white vest and blue boxers.

He looked around his bedroom, the walls where painted brown and the floor were made of dark brown oak. On his walls was a map of the Earth. He then stood up, and walked towards his white door before pulling it open and walking out into a dark corridor. He was thirsty and needed a drink. So he walked down the stairs, his hand sliding down the light brown banister, until, he got downstairs; where he was in a small hall. To the left of the stairs were the front door, which was currently open, Michael ignored it carelessly, and a bathroom. To his right were the kitchen and the living room. He walked into the kitchen, it had black and white tiles on the floor and the walls were painted a light blue colour. He walked over to a tall white fridge and pulled it open, inside was various foods. He picked up a bottle of white semi-skimmed milk and slammed the fridge door closed; glass bottles of soda in the fridge shook and rattled. Michael then walked over to a cream coloured cupboard and opened it; he got a clear half-pint glass and put it on the worktop.

Then as he lifted up the bottle of milk him and took the top off it before placing it onto the worktop, he screamed and dropped it in horror as he looked at the glass; he could see a reflection in it. Somebody was standing behind him. Moaning, and covered in blood.


February 20th, 2008, 8:48 PM
Did you all like the last chapter? No replies, well anyhow! This is were it will start getting good :D


Michael turned around is sheer horror and looked at the thing which was behind him. Michael was only 5 foot tall, which was small for his age. And the person in front of him just of him must have been about 6 foot. Michael looked at the things face, its skin was pale, almost grey, although it was hard to see as it was covered in blood and its eyes where pure white. It had a dull expression on its face as it stared down at Michael.

“SHIT!” Michael screamed before running to the kitchen floor, he almost slipped on the milk as he grabbed the kitchen door handle and pulled it open, he was back in the small hall and noticed that the front door was open. He then pulled the kitchen door closed behind him to keep whatever it was away from him. “MUM!” He shouted his hand on his chest and he breathed heavily. Michael suffered from Asthma and found it hard to run for too long, “MUM! ANTHONY! KARL! GET DOWNSTAIRS!” Michael turned to the kitchen door, the handle was slowly turning. He screamed and ran to the front door before slamming it shut. It didn’t have a handle outside, it was open by key. He then ran upstairs, the kitchen door slowly opened and the thing stumbled out.

It was wearing a green dressing down and green pants, no shoes or socks where on its feet. And judging by its hands, it looked as though it had been bitten by a dog or something. As Michael stared at the thing he noticed a resemblance between it, and his neighbour Harold Jones. He then carried on running upstairs until he got to the dark corridor. He pushed his mother’s bedroom door open hoping that one of those, things. Wasn’t in there, but he was ok. His mother was alone lying in bed. No blood was to be seen in the room. He sighed with relieve before realising that the, thing. Might be coming upstairs!

“MUM!” He shouted as he shook her sleeping body. His mother opened her eyes and looked at Michael; she looked terrified, “MUM WE HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE, WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THE CITY! COME ON LET’S GO TO DAD’S HOUSE!”

“Michael calm down.” His mother said sleepily. Her eyes where bright blue, she had tanned skin, and long blond hair. She had no freckles like Michael, “What’s going on?” Michael then heard a loud scream, it was his brother Karl. His mother also heard this scream, she ran out the room with Michael to see what was going on, Karl was standing at the top of the stairs with blood on his face and a bloody baseball bat in his hands.

He had smacked the thing down the stairs. Karl was mixed race, but his actual skin colour was black. His eyes where a greenish grey and he has short dark brown hair like Michael. He was just wearing boxers and a vest like Michael, his mother wearing white pyjamas with pink bunnies on them.

Anthony then came out his room. He was taller than Karl who has about 5 foot 8, but his mother was only about 5 foot 1. Anthony had pale skin and bright blue eyes; his hair was blond like that of his mothers. He was wearing just plain light blue pyjamas. They all stood in the dark corridor looking at each other.

“Alright, now everyone is calm. What happened here! Karl what did you do to that man!” his mother Jacqueline said panicking. Anthony looked horrified at the sight of Karl’s bloody face.

“Mum it wasn’t a man!” Michael said with his hand on his chest again panting heavily, “It was some sort of...monster! It came in the house and was covered in blood and was standing behind me!”

“Don’t be so silly Michael, there’s no such thing as monsters. Are you sure it wasn’t just some drunken idiot?” Jacqueline said looking down the stairs at the mangled body. Deep down she knew this wasn’t true.

“Look mum! We’ve got to get out of the town now!” Michael said tears now running down his face.

“Wait, let’s just calm down! Lock all the doors and windows, and pack as much food as you can. I’m just going to check the news. See if this is anything to panic about.” Jacqueline walked into her bedroom; she had a television in the room. She then sat on the side of the bed and switched it on. Karl stood alone in the corridor while Anthony and Michael went in the bedroom with their mother to see what was going on.

“See if there is anything to panic about? Mum I think we’ve established that this is bad! I’m going to make sure this thing is dead!” Karl then jogged downstairs clutching the baseball bat firmly in his hands.