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October 17th, 2003, 1:30 PM
Okay, this RPG is pretty straight to the point, and I'm fairly sure it has been done before. The plot is just the same as in all of the Pokemon games. Capture as many Pokemon as possible, defeat the Gym Leaders, and become League Champ. You can start in Pallet Town, New Bark Town, or at Little Root. You can choose all aspects about yourself (obviously) except your Pokemon. You must choose from any one of the nine starters from any of the games, on their starting level. I suppose each trainer could meet up with each other throughout the journey. Also, people remember that trainers aren't your only choice. You can be a trainer, breeder, etc. I think that's it. I'll be playing too.

Name: Lillian Voro
Age: 15
Starting town: New Bark Town
Starting Pokemon: Charmander

October 17th, 2003, 8:18 PM
Name: Robert Sinstrife
Age: 14
Starting town: Lil root
Starting Pokemon: Torchic

October 18th, 2003, 1:00 PM
Thank you Spyke. Okay, I'll start it. I hope it doesn't sound too corny.

"Lillian, Professor Birch needs you down at the lab. The new Pokemon just came in and he has someone for you to meet."
Unknown to Mrs.Voro, Lillian is already down at the lab, waiting for Professor Birch to come to the door.
"Alright alright I'm coming!"
"Professor Birch Professor Birch! Do you have the Pokemon?!" exclaimed Lillian excitedly.
"Yes yes. Professor Oak just sent them this morning. We now have Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Bulbasaur, Chikorita, and Treecko. Choose any of them as a companion."
"Charmander of course!" Lillian had always loved dragons, so couldn't wait for Charmander to evolve into a Charizard.
Professor Birch handed her Charmander's pokeball. "Now, I have someone for you to meet."
He moved aside to reveal a teenage boy with a Torchic chirping on his shoulder.
"Hello," the young man said.

October 18th, 2003, 2:31 PM
"I cant wait till i get balziken"
"Who may you be"?

October 18th, 2003, 4:18 PM
"Hello. My name is Lillian," she replied shyly.
"This is Robert Sinstrife. He just got here from Little Root. He's had quite a long ride, coming from Hoenn. Could you show him around?" inquired Professor Birch.
"Sure. Why not?"
Later, outside.
"Do you want to have a Pokemon battle? You know, to check out our Pokemon."

You know, people can still join in this RPG. You don't have to start where everyone else is. (all two of us) Well, unless this isn't technically an RPG. I have trouble telling the difference between an RPG and fan fiction.

October 18th, 2003, 5:16 PM
"Hello. My name is Lillian," she replied shyly.
"This is Robert Sinstrife. He just got here from Little Root. He's had quite a long ride, coming from Hoenn. Could you show him around?" inquired Professor Birch.
"Sure. Why not?"
Later, outside.
"Do you want to have a Pokemon battle? You know, to check out our Pokemon."

You know, people can still join in this RPG. You don't have to start where everyone else is. (all two of us) Well, unless this isn't technically an RPG. I have trouble telling the difference between an RPG and fan fiction.
"HMMM. Ok im worried ill loose though but still ok!"

October 18th, 2003, 9:09 PM
"Alright let's start! Bahamut, I choose you!"
"Char char!"
"Bahamut, attack Torchic with scratch attack!"
Charmander goes into a frenzy, wildly slashing at Torchic, to no avail.
"Bahamut, you have to aim!"
Angrily, Torchic counter attacks.

October 18th, 2003, 9:15 PM
"Alright let's start! Charmander, I choose you!"
"Char char!"
"Charmander, attack Torchic with scratch attack!"
Charmander goes into a frenzy, wildly slashing at Torchic, to no avail.
"Charmander, you have to aim!"
Angrily, Torchic counter attacks.
Torchik flies up and jets swiftly down to drill its beak into charmander"thats it!

October 18th, 2003, 9:35 PM
"Bahamut, get up! Ember!"
"Char," came the weak reply.
"Well, I guess you win. I was a pushover. But great battle!"
"Bahamut, return!"
**Walks back to Professor Birch's lab.**
"Professor Birch, what level is my Charmander on?"
"Oh, didn't I tell you? She just hatched a few hours before being sent here. you know, you really shouldn't be battling with such a young Pokemon."
"I'll go to the Pokemon center."
**Goes to the Pokemon center with Rob.**
"So, how are you today?"

October 18th, 2003, 10:24 PM
"Bahamut, get up! Ember!"
"Char," came the weak reply.
"Well, I guess you win. I was a pushover. But great battle!"
"Bahamut, return!"
**Walks back to Professor Birch's lab.**
"Professor Birch, what level is my Charmander on?"
"Oh, didn't I tell you? She just hatched a few hours before being sent here. you know, you really shouldn't be battling with such a young Pokemon."
"I'll go to the Pokemon center."
**Goes to the Pokemon center with Rob.**
"So, how are you today?"
Could be better, im anxious to make torchy evolve into blaziken

PokeFreak Andrew
October 19th, 2003, 7:57 AM
I'll join.

Name: Andrew (PokeFreak)
Age: 11
Starting town: Little Root
Pokemon: Torchic (Pyrochikin)
An early morning in Littleroot, Andrew wakes up.

Andrew(thinking):Today's the day I get my Pokemon!

He eagerly rushes out of bed, gets dressed, grabs a donut, and runs out the door. He runs all the way up to Prof. Birch's Pokemon Lab to discover he is missing on one of his field reasearches. Andrew runs out of the town, looking for Prof.Birch.
Andrew finds Prof. Birch examinining a Wurmple, a Silcoon, and a Cascoon.

Andrew: Professor, I-
Birch: Isn't it fasinating how Wurmple evolves?
Andrew:...I guess...But I-
Birch: It can evolve into a Silcoon or a Cascoon depending on its Attack Stat.
Andrew: That's nice but-
Birch: It has annoyed many trainers when they get the wrong evolution.
(Andrew is getting pretty annoyed himself.)
Birch: The cacoon Pokemon further evolve into-
Birch: Well why didn't you say so?

Prof. Birch takes Andrew back to the lab, where he is given the choice of nine Pokemon.

Birch: We just got a shipment from Johto and Kanto. Which one would you like?
Andrew: I think I'll have to go with Torchic, Professor.
Birch: Good choice, Andrew. You'll be needing some Pokeballs.

Birch handed Andrew some red and white spheres.

Andrew: Thanks, Professor!
Outside, Andrew decides to take a look at his new partner.

Andrew: Pokeball, Go!

The Pokeball opens with a flash, and a small, red, bird pops out.

Torchic: Tor tor!

Andrew: Hmmm.... you're a Fire type, and a chicken, so I'll call you Pyrochiken!

Pyrochiken: Torchic!

October 19th, 2003, 11:05 AM
"Well Rob, I'd like to get started. Wouldn't you? I'll be taking the ferry over to Kanto in the morning. I figure I'll train in Viridian Forest then challenge Pewter City's gym leader Brock. See ya later! I gotta go stock up on supplies."

Lillian rushes back home.

"Mom, I'm getting a ride with dad to Goldenrod. Bye!

"Bye sweetie! Spend your money wisely!" was the only reply.

**An hour later, they arrive at the Goldenrod City department store.**

Lillian purchases a few potions, antidotes, and the other basic needed supplies. She also buys some soda pop for Bahamut and herself. Suddenly, her Charmander pops out of her pokeball.

"Char char!" Bahamut jumps up and down excitedly, pointing at a Magikcarp doll.

"Oh, do you want that? Okay, I'll buy it for you."

Bahamut hugs her prize possessively. You can tell that Bahamut will be near inseperable from her doll for quite some time.

"You better not still be carrying that around when you're a Charizard. You'll look pretty darn silly. Okay, now back into your pokeball."

With a scowl, Bahamut stubborly refuses. She wacks the ball out of Lillian's hand.

Bewildered, Lillian puts the pokeball away. "You can just walk beside me then."

Happily, they walk back to Mr.Voro's truck and head home. By the time they reach New Bark town, it is late at night, so Lillian goes off to bed for an early start in the morning. Snuggled up with her is little Bahamut.

PokeFreak Andrew
October 19th, 2003, 12:38 PM
The next day, Andrew wakes wth a grin. He is to start his journey today. He looks around for Pyrochiken, but there is no sign of him anywhere. Not in the closet, or under the bed, or anywhere else. Andrew decides to look in the kitchen.
Andrew: Pyrochiken? Pyrochiken! Come out now!
Suddenly, a bump comes from the pantry. Andrew opens it up and Pyrochiken falls out, along with a half-eaten box of crackers.
Pyrochiken: (burps)
Andrew: Yeah, I bet. Come on, we have to get going!
Pyrochiken: Torchic!
Andrew grabs his bag and runs out the door. Pyrochiken grabs some crackers and runs out the door. They both head to the edge of town.
Andrew:You're a Pokemon. Pokemon need to be in Pokeballs. Pyrochiken, in the Pokeball.
Pyrochiken shakes his head.
Andrew: Pyrochiken, return!
A red beam of light shoots out from the Pokeball at Pyrochiken, who uses the box of crackers as a shield.
Andrew: Wow. You must really hate Pokeballs. Fine then. You can stay outside. For now.
They continue on. It is only a short distance to Oldale, their destination. When they arrive, they stop at the Pokemon center, and head to Petalburg. Along the way they see a Zigzagoon.
Andrew: Pyrochiken, you need to fight. Defeat this Zigzagoon to become more powerful. You need to gain experience so we can defeat Gym Leaders.
Pyrochiken, who until now had been obsessed with the crackers, started to listen.
Pyrochiken: Tor tor!
Pyrochiken gets ready for battle, and then charges and Scratches the Zigzagoon.
Andrew: Good job, Pyrochiken! Now, Ember!
Pyrochiken nods, but before he can attack, the Zigzagoon kicks sand in his face! Pyrochiken uses Ember, but the Zigzagoon swiftly doges the attack.
Andrew: That Sand-Attack must have lowered Pyrochiken's accuracy. Hmm...lets try a..---Pyrochiken, WATCH OUT!
Pyrochiken is wiping sand from its eyes, and Zigzagoon is charging right at him for a Tackle attack! Pyrochiken springs into action, neatly dodging the attack. The Zigzagoon, startled, kept going.
Andrew: Pyrochiken, counterattack!
The Zigzagoon whirls around and is greeted by an Ember in the face!
Pyrochiken: Torchic tor!
They headed to Petalburg, defeating wild Pokemon on the way. They defeated three Zigzagoon and a Trainer. The Trainer told them about Surskit and Ralts, rare Pokemon that supposedly lived on this route. We rusume their journey now, almost to Petalburg.
Andrew: We're almost there, Pyrochiken.
Pyrochiken had been eating the crackers like crazy to regain his energy, and the box was almost empty.
Pyrochiken stops, listening.
It was goming from a bush. Eager for a battle, Pyrochiken burns down the bush. Out pops a Surskit.
Surskit: Skit-skit!
Andrew turns around.
Andrew: A rare Surskit! Pokeball, go!
The Surskit vanishes into the Pokeball, but then breaks out.
Andrew: I guess I have to weaken it. Pyrochiken, Ember!
Pyrochiken uses Ember, nailing the Surskit. The Surskit then drenched itself in water.
Andrew: Water Sport. Scratch!
Pyrochiken Scratches Surskit, who Bubblebeams him back.
Andrew: Pyrochiken's weak against water!
Pyrochiken ran for the box of crackers.
Andrew: Hey! This is no time for a snack break!
Surskit, seing how effective his attack was, started to use Bubblebeam.
Andrew: Pyrochiken, hurry up!
Surskits head was starting to squrt water....
Andrew: Pyrochiken?
Bubbles were coming out....
Before Surskit could use Bubblebeam, Pyrochiken threw a cracker at him.
Andrew:???Cracker Attack?
The Surskit, distracted, started eating the cracker. Pyrochiken pointed at a Pokeball.
Andrew: Huh? Oh! Pokeball, go!
The Surskit didn't know what had happened. One moment it was eating a cracker, the next it was inside some wierd, dark, space. It was so confused, it didn't even try to escape. Surskit was caught.
OOC: If that was too long, then I'm sorry. I think I got carried away on this one.

October 21st, 2003, 11:41 AM
Beep! Beep! Beep! Lillian's alarm clock goes off.

"Bahamut! The ferry will be here in only an hour and a half!" said Lillian, who had already gotten dressed and was ready to go.

Suddenly awake now, Bahamut's tail flame flares brilliantly. "Char!" says Bahamut angrily. She shoots a thin stream of flame at the alarm clock, which then explodes. Now content, Bahamut looks at Lillian questioningly.

"Was that really necesssary? Oh well, we gotta go!" Lillian then grabs her pack and dashes for the front door; Bahamut hot on her heals. Hastily tacking a note on the door for her mom, together they run outside. There they run to Mr.Voro's truck, where he is waiting.

"Ready to go?" Lillian's father asks.


"Charmander char!"

For a little over an hour they drive, until they reach Olivine City. They drive up to the docks, where Lillian and Bahamut get out.

"Have a fun journey. And stay safe!" With that, Mr.Voro drives off.

Flashing their tickets to the ticket person, trainer and Pokemon begin their journey.

"We have now reached Vermilion City, Kanto. Please have a nice day."

Bahamut and Lillian get off. Consulting a map, they decide to take a Diglett infested tunnel to Viridian City. Inside, they can hear the underground rumblings of Diglett and Dugtrio. Suddenly, a small head pokes up right in front of the partners.

"Oh, a Diglett! I just have to have it. Bahamut, go! Ember!"

"Char! Charrrrr!"

The ember attack engulfs the Diglett, taking it by surprise. Shaking off its confusion, it burrows underground. It then shoots upwards from directly below Bahamut.

"Bahamut, look out! Dodge it!" Nimbly, Bahamut jumps up straight into the air. In mip leap, she turns around and delivers a ferocious slash attack. The force of the blow knocks out the Diglett.

"Pokeball, go!" The ball shakes 3 times, then holds still. Lillian goes to retrieve her prize. "Good job Bahamut."

"Charmander char char char!"

October 23rd, 2003, 3:48 PM
*paces back and forward*
"now where should i go catch pokemin next?"
*torchic pops out of pokeball as a Combusken*
"what the?"
"Youve evolved!"

October 24th, 2003, 5:32 AM
Sorry. I meant Pewter City, not Viridian City. Spyke, you're sure creative, aintcha?

The two companions make it through the tunnel without further interuption. When they step out into the daylight, night is just beginning to fall. Lillian decides to check out her new Diglett.

"Come on out Diglett." The Diglett comes out of his pokeball. It stands at perfect attention before his new trainer.

"Well, aren't you proper?" comments Lillian. "Anyways, welcome to the gang. I think I'll call you Atmos."

With that, she summons Atmos back to his pokeball, and begins heading down the road to Pewter City with Bahamut by her side. Night has fully descended by the time they reach the Pokemon Center. Once inside, Nurse Joy immediately starts scolding them.

"What are you doing awake at this time of night? A child like you should be in bed! You need your sleep," Nurse Joy exclaims.

Indignantly, Lillian respond, "It;s only 8:30, and I'm not a child. I'm 15. And my name's Lillian Voro."

"Oh! Professor Birch just sent you something. It's in the pokeball on the couter."

What could it be? Lillian wonders. She picks it up and pushes the button to release to Pokemon.

"Taaaaa!" the Pokemon neighs.

"A Ponyta! Awesome. No more walking for us Bahamut."

"Char char." Bahamut doesn't seem too thrilled.

"Now go to sleep."

In the morning, they head to the Pokemon Gym. Inside, there is no one to be seen.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" Lillian calls out.

An answering voice replies, "This is Brianna. Have you come to challenge the Gym Leader?"

"Yes, where is Brock?

"Brock is not here. He has gone on a journey. You shall challenge me in his stead." said Brianna, stepping out of the shadows. "It will be a 2 on 2 Pokemon battle.

"Okay. Go, Ponyta!"

October 25th, 2003, 1:34 AM
*bumps into a kid named joey*
Rob:hey do u have any gym badges
Joey:yes 1
Rob:Ill battle you for your badge!
Joey:Lets Go!

October 25th, 2003, 4:06 PM
im gonna join rite :nervous:

Name:Kuja Lionsteel
Starting Town:Pallet Town
Starting Pokemon:Squirtle

......*BBBRRRIIINNNGGGG!!!!!*The alarm clock sitting on Kujas dresser breaks the early morning slumber.He hurriedly fixes himself up and heads down to Proffeser Oaks lab in hope of getting their before his rival,Shawn.He arrives at the lab and only Prif.Oak is too be seen.
Kuja:So,Shawn late.as usual..
Prof.Oak:Oh no,he was here bright and early this morning.
Kuja:Oh...well....*trying to hide his shame*..well..you asked me to come down this morning and said it was urgent.Whats up?
Prof.Oak:Well,a few of my peers and I are hoping that you and Shawn,can fulfill the lifelong dream of the acadmy here in Pallet Town,and become a Pokemon master.
Kuja:Whats a...pokemon.
Prof.Oak:Youll find that out soon enough.You see those balls on the table..Choose one.
Kuja picks up the ball furthest to the right.
Kuja:I'll take this one.
Prof.Oak:Aaah..Thats a Squirtle..from now on,he'll do all your battling.
Kuja:COOL!!I get to fight..
Kuja leaves and returns home to read up on Pokemon.He decides to take a route around the island south of Pallet town,WPC island..and meet up with his cousins who are also undergoing the same journey.

October 26th, 2003, 11:42 AM
The next few days Kuja found himself engulkfed in the phenomenon that is pokemon.One week after he was given Squirtle he was ready to set out on his journey.He had a bagfull of gear and a headful of knowledge.Unluckily,he was late for the ferry to WPC island and had to hire a boat.His neighbour,Will,worked at the docks and offered to go with him on the trip.Will too wqs given a pokemon but he warned Kuja that he wasonly going to bring him to the island,and that he had no plans of carrying on with him.

It took them at least 2 hours to reach the island and no matter how much Kuja tried to persuade Will,he stuck with his decision.It was 4 o clock when Kuja met his cousins...in the doctors office!!They had been diagnosed with the Pand Virus :) and told Kuja that they would meet up with him sometime later that week.Poor Kuja,..i mean me. :'(

October 26th, 2003, 3:55 PM
I'll join :D

Name: Zorba Green
Age: 11
Starting town: Little Root
Starting Pokemon: Treecko

October 26th, 2003, 4:22 PM
Zorba dreams of having $1,000,000,000,000 and buying every thing he wants! Then he snaps out of it and wakes up to a delicious smell. "Waffles!" Zorba quickly jumps up and starts running down the stairs to the kitchen, and trips and falls down the stairs, to wake up in bed. Zorba jumps out of bed and yells "What the-?! I thought I was awake!" He walks down the stairs slowly. "Hi mom!" "Hi, Zorba, Professor Birch has been looking for you!" "He what? OH! I'm getting a Pokemon today!!! Bye mom!" He rushes out the door to sunny skies, and runs straight to prof. Birch's lab. He knocks on the door and yells "Professor, Professor! I'm here to get my- huh?" What Zorba didn't know was that prof. Birch had been standing right behind him. "Hello, Zorba." He said with a smile as he lead the way in to the lab. It was big, and bright. "I want a Torchic!" said Zorba. "Sorry, Zorba, but I don't have any Torchic left," "A Mudkip?" "Nope" "A Cyndaquil?" "sorry" "a todadile?" "ummm, well" "a chikorita?" "not exactly" "Charmander?" "uhh" "squirtle?" "no..." "Bulbasaur???" "well, let's see... Not really." Zorba dreaded to ask for a Treecko, but he had to! "Treecko?" He uttered painfully. "Well now..." Said prof. Birch as he rubbed his chin. "I think we have one in the back!" He took Zorba to the back of the lab, and there, on a table, was a pokeball. "This is it, right?" Prof. Birch nodded. "Thank you" said Zorba, as he left the lab. After a long day of playing with his friend, he thought that he had better get home. He had an exellent dinner and went straight to bed, and had a dreamless sleep......

October 27th, 2003, 5:35 PM
"Pony, Ponyta!" neighs Ponyta as fiercely as possible.

Brianna sends out a Sandshrew. "Shrew shrewy."

"Ponyta, use fire spin!" In response, the opposing Sandshrew dives underground, causing the attack to miss. Almost immediately the Sandshrew pops up right underneath Ponyta, who is already jumping into the air.

"Now Ponyta, agility!" Ponyta becomes much faster. Brianna still hasn't siad a word. Wondering what she is doing, Lillian looks up from the battle. Brianna is staring intently into a mirror, brushing her hair! Well, this will be a synch, thinks Lillian.

The Sanshrew just sits there, obediantly awaiting its mistresses command, which never comes. Feeling sorry for the poor Pokemon, Lillian decides to end the battle quickly. "Ponyta, end it."

Ponyta uses a quick succession of ember and stomp attacks with little resistance and soons knocks out the opponent.

In a drawling voice, Brainna recalls Sandshrew.

"Why did you do that?!" cried Lillian shrilly. "How could you?"

Simply, the Gym Leader replies, "The Sandshrew is Brock's, and I hate Brock."

Okay, whatever thinks Lillian to herself. "Return Ponyta. Come on out Bahamut!"

"Charrrrr," Bahamut growls.

"Now, I will send forth my truest friend. Go, Ursaring!"

"Okay, now I know she's crazy," Lillian murmurs to Bahamut.

"Charmander char," she chars in agreement.

"Bahamut, slash attack."

Bahamut slashes the Ursaring, but right afterwards she receives a full on body slam.

"Charmander, get up!" Bahamut jumps up and retaliates with a stunning flamethrower. Now burned, the Ursaring begins to ignore Brianna. Standing by amused, Lillian watches Brianna attempt to make Ursaring pay attention.

"Ursaring, attack! Now! Right now! Now now now now now!" No matter what she did, Ursaring would not listen to her. It even began napping. Giving up, Brianna recalls Ursaring and relinquishes a Boulder Badge to Lillian.

"Good battle Brianna," Lillian says between snickers. Brianna only scowls and walks away pouting. "I wish it was more of a challenge, huh Bahamut?"

"Char char."

Lillian takes her Pokemon to the Pokemon Center for healing, then together they begin their trek to Mount Moon.

October 29th, 2003, 7:56 PM
(OK, this is fun!!)

The next morning, Zorba woke up to a fresh smell. 'I wonder what that is?' thought Zorba. He put his feet onto the floor, but instead of a spiky old carpet, he stepped onto a comfortable wood floor that looked beutiful. "wow". He stepped down the stairs, which also were now wooden, and into the kitchen to see Treecko washing dishes, each dish took him about 5 seconds, and came out completely clean... (Sorry, I have to get off now, I'll continue tomorrow!)

October 31st, 2003, 1:45 PM
**Later, at the entrance to Mount Moon.**

"Boy, it sure is dark, huh Bahamut?" comments Lillian.

"Charmander charmander," agrees the Charmander.

"Bahamut, could you flare your tail flame brighter?" Bahamut obliges.

Together the duo explore the cavernous Mount Moon. They get lost, and have to camp out in a side room type thing. The night passes without any occurances. They then get on the right track and have battles like crazy. It's as if all the Pokemon of Mount Moon banded together to slow the companions down. Exhausted, they finally reach the exit. A flock of Zubats block their path.

"One more battle Bahamut?"

"Char char char," says Bahamut, who is extremely tired. But she gets ready to battle none the less.

Before Lillian can issue any commands, Bahamut emits the most powerful fire blast attack it could. Instantly, the weak Zubats fall to the floor.

"Whoa Bahamut, I didn't know you knew fire spin."

Bahamut is unresponsive. Then she begins to glow with a mysterious white light. Then her body begins to shift. When the light diminishes, a Charmeleon stands in her place.

"Oh my gosh, you evolved! I'm so proud of you Bahamut!" cries Lillian with joy.

"Charmeleon!" respond Bahamut in a deeper voice than before.

Hand in claw, Lillian and Bahamut walk out into the fading light and start thair trek to Cerulean City and to Misty's gym.

Sorry if this sounded really corny. I'm in a hurry, cuz I lost my Ruby Version and I'm anxious to find it.

November 5th, 2003, 3:48 PM
after winning a battle rob goes home on the way a wild eevee appears"ive gotta have it!"

November 14th, 2003, 5:37 PM
Around noon Lillian and Bahamut reach Cerulean City. Lillian asks a passing woman wear the Gym was, then heads on her way. A few minutes later, they stand before the Water Gym.

"So Bahamut, are you ready?"

The Charmeleon nods, though doesn't seem to be too thrilled.

"I'm sorry, but you won't be able to battle, cuz of your type disadvantage. I'll only call you as a last resort," apologized Lillian.

Inside is a vast swimming pool. Swimmers are in it, humans and Pokemon alike. Lillian approaches one of the swimmers, who is with a Chinchou.

"'Scuse me, but could you tell me where Misty is? I'd like to challenge her."

The young boy just stared at her, as if she was an idiot. Finally, he replied, "Sure, I'll tell ya. She's not here. But you san challenge one of her sisters. Say, what Pokemon do you have? Wanna trade one for my Chinchou?"

"My, like to get off topic, dontcha? Oh well. Let me think. How about my Diglett? It's nickname is Atmos."

"That sounds great! My Chinchou's nickname is Chalupa," said the boy.

They head to the Pokemon Center to use the trading machine. When they're
done, they bid farewell and go their separate ways.

When they get back to the Gym, Lillian stops. Bahamut looks at har questioningly. As explanation, she says, "You know, I didn't get his name. Oh well."

When they get in the Gym, another trainer is already battling the sisters.