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July 15th, 2004, 4:38 AM
I'm in need of a nice logo for my site, and I can't make one. I was wondering if anyone could make one for my to use at my site.

I know I should probably put this under Requests, but you know as well as I that that thread is dead and should have been buryed looooooong ago!!!

The color scheme would be Green and black. It should have sumthing to do with a leaf, and I need it to look profesional.


July 15th, 2004, 4:56 AM
That thread's Sticked, it's Immortal. XD
Anyway, I'll try and do it if I get the time. What size? (in pixels)

July 15th, 2004, 5:04 AM
how is this http://img63.photobucket.com/albums/v192/blitzballchamp/leaf.bmp or is it too simple

or not enough mabey

July 15th, 2004, 5:05 AM

Sorry I didn't specify >_>

P.S.: The link is in my thread for those of you who didn't notice.....

July 15th, 2004, 5:07 AM
mine is right size

does it need 2 be something different

July 15th, 2004, 5:13 AM
I like it a lot!!!! but can it say PokeJungle?