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February 24th, 2008, 7:42 PM
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This is not a sequal or a prelude at all to my first volume, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20079). This is a totally different story that takes places in Eucser and still revolves around the seventeen EOC.

The main difference is that this story is set 400 years into the future, and every Pokemon in this (aside from Meowth and Persian) are all made up by me. There may be small appearances by official Pokemon, but they wont be long and there wont be many. Hardly any to say the least.

I truly hope that you guys enjoy this. I'm actually hoping to make a bunch of PMD stories revolving around what was created in the first story. And yes, I'm also thinking of some type of prelude or something that would be really short, yet explain even more about the Original Seventeen and what they did.

To find my first one, just click on the link above. The first one isn't complete, but it is on a halt due to certain matters (you can read about them in the last post I made in that topic).

So yeah, enjoy.

~:Prologue:~ [2-20-08]
I. ~:Inside:~ (coming soon)
II. ~:The Book:~ (coming later)


August 23, 2407
Vista Village, Mid-day

The region of Eucser anxiously prepared for what they called ’The Time of the Black Sun’. It was a strange event that rarely occurred. During this event, the lustrous moon would want to act as the sun. It would slowly make its way in front of the bright god-like sphere, blotting out all but a sliver of it. The end result was an all black sun.

As excited as the region was, none were more excited then a young bright orange dragon named Scorcher. He ran around in the grass fields outside of Vista Village, flapping his small wings as he jumped up and down. He would fly, but like all Fritar, his wings were too small to lift his body. On each side of his head were two pale white horns, making a total of four (all the same size). Unlike 90% of his body; the front of his neck, his stomach, and the bottom of the fatter part of his tail were a deep brick-red.

“It’s almost here! It’s almost here!” Scorcher cheered. He ran up to a blue-green puppy that had long green leaves for its ears and tail. “Just one more day Groll it comes tomorrow!”

Groll raised one of his resting eyelids and looked up at the smiling Fritar who was staring down at him. With a heavy and annoyed sigh, Groll re-closed the eyelid and responded.

“That’s nice. Now… can you leave me alone? I want to soak up light in peace.” Though annoyed, Groll’s voice kept a calm and relaxed tone to it. Like all Greeto, Groll was able to keep his innate calmness even when around a ticking time bomb like Scorcher (and any Fritar for that matter).

“Aw c’mon!” wined Scorcher, “You ALWAYS lounge! Liven up and get active would ya?!” he finished as he tugged on one of Groll’s leafy ears, pulling him forward. Groll quickly tugged back, snapping his ear from Scorcher’s claw.

“Don’t… touch… the ears,” he huffed. The tone of his voice stayed surprisingly calm, even though his red eyes showed some level of discomfort. If there was anything Groll hated, it was his ears being tugged. To get rid of the tugging feeling, Groll shook his head back and forth like he was getting off excess water.

“Well EXCUSE me for wanting to play with my best friend!” exclaimed Scorcher.

“You’re excused,” laughed Groll as he lay back down on the soft grass.

“Fine! I’ll just go explore the old abandoned rescue force building myself!” Scorcher yelled. He huffed out small flames from his nostrils, turned around, and stormed off while murmuring to himself about nothing.

“Have fun,” Groll yawned. He took in a deep breath of the cool, fresh air and slowly let it back out. For him, today was perfect. Perfect temperature, a gentle breeze, a beautiful sun not being blocked by the puffy white clouds... perfect. Groll continued to bask in the warmth of the sun until his ears flicked and his eyes bulleted open. “WAIT!” he barked as his head jolted up, “WAIT!” he howled again. He jumped to his paws and then ran after Scorcher. It wasn’t long until he caught up to the tiny dragon. He slid to a stop, his body halting right next to the Fritar as he starred blankly at the old rescue force building.

“Yes?” Scorcher said smugly.

“You can’t go in there! You know that it’s off limits!” Groll barked.

“Yeah? And?” Scorcher folded his arms, twitched his wings, and raised an eyebrow at Groll.

“And? And if we get hurt or worse, caught in this place we’ll be in serious trouble!” Groll again barked. Scorcher knew that Groll was no where near what you’d call a dare devil. He was actually closer to a pacifist, never wanting to quarrel or get into trouble. He’d rather just lay in the grass and soak up rays through the leaves on his calm little head.

“So what! At least we would have had an adventure!” proclaimed Scorcher with loud enthusiasm, “C’mon. Don’t you ever wonder what’s in there?”

Groll turned his attention to the old building. He looked at its mediocre appearance, noticing the many fallen bricks, the faded color, and the sad looking symbol that could no longer keep its grasp above the entrance. He watched as torn curtains from nearly every window of both floors danced in whatever breezes they could catch. It was a peaceful… yet disturbing sight.

Groll’s ears drooped. He couldn’t deny it. There were times where his curiosity about whatever was in there would form images in his head. Images so vast and detailed, that he had to use every ounce of strength in him to keep himself from leaping into the building head first.

He looked over to Scorcher to see he was gone! He quickly turned to the entrance of the building to see Scorcher was now trying to get inside the building! He knew that he wouldn’t be able to change Scorchers mind, so he decided to go along with him.

Before he walked to the entrance, Groll looked around in every direction to make sure that no adults were near them. If there were, Groll and Scorcher would be in even more trouble then they were getting themselves into!

“No adults,” he spoke under his warm breath, “Scorcher… wait up!” he said as he jumped forward. It was times like these that he sometimes wondered why he hung out with such a stubborn Fritar such as Scorcher. Well… all Fritar were stubborn and short tempered, but Scorcher was by far the most stubborn headed Fritar Groll had come to know.

“Dude, I’ve already told you millions upon gazzilions of times! Don’t call me Scorcher! Call me Scorch.”

“Whatever. Look, if we get into trouble for this, just remember… it’s all your fault!”

“It may be my fault, but you came along with me when you could have just stayed behind,” Scorch laughed.

“You know I can’t do that! I get all tense and sweaty when a grown-up asks me where someone is, and I know that that certain someone is in a forbidden place!” Groll growled.

“When has that ever happened?” Scorch asked.


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February 24th, 2008, 8:07 PM
This was quite good. The characters were portrayed well and the description was nice. No visible grammar/spelling mistakes to me. Good job, I'll read more of this.

February 25th, 2008, 1:43 PM
R.M?! :O

Well great to see a new story from you. Well I'll be here ready to read another chapter or so. Really I can't find any mistakes in your stories. Great job so far. =^^=


February 27th, 2008, 6:31 AM
I have two readers already! Awesome! Here is chapter 1.

I. ~:Inside:~

The two young Pokemon looked to each other and then back to the entrance. A large wooden plank had collapsed and was now lying diagonally, shrinking the entrances size. Groll and Scorch weren’t strong enough to pick it up, so they’d have to maneuver around it. Scorch went first. He figured it would be easier to go over the plank then under it. He jumped up and grabbed the top edge of the plank and struggled to pull himself up and over.

Rolling his eyes, Groll put his head under Scorch’s feet. He pushed up, allowing Scorch to get onto and over the plank.

“Come on in! The buildings fine!” laughed Scorch. Groll again rolled his eyes and walked over to the wider part of the opening below the fallen plank. He crouched down and pushed his head through. He then shifted his body back and forth while pushing so he too could get through. “Stuck?” Scorch asked.

“No… no… I got it,” Groll struggled to say. His front half was finally far enough in where he could get onto his fore paws and pull even harder. After a few attempts, he came right on through. “Phew,” he huffed. He then shook his entire body rapidly, getting off some of the tiny wood pieces that fell onto him from the plank.

“What a dump,” Groll remarked as he looked around. There were fallen planks everywhere, holes in the ceiling, cobwebs in almost every corner, and a layer of dust so thick it effected the quality of the air, worsening it. Groll looked down at the floor, noticing a yellow symbol had been painted on it. He squinted his eyes, trying to make out what it was. It was too faded though. He finally stopped trying once all the squinting started to give him a headache.

Scorch was busy looking at the walls. They too had faded from whatever their original color was, to this murky disgusting white. The state of this place was horrible. Such disrepair and… disrespect! There was even a gentle breeze coming in from the many cracks and holes in the walls, giving this place a very eerie feel.

“It’s like another world,” Groll said, “Okay we’re here. We’ve seen, lets go!” he pestered.

“No way! We only just got here and we’ve seen only this one room,” Scorch replied.

“But this place is so old! It could collapse any minute now! It’s been abandoned for over 240 years you know!” Groll said.

“240? Are you sure Groll? This place would have collapsed by that time!” Scorch questioned a bit confused. Groll thought for a minute, trying to remember if he got the age right.

“Yeah,” he said, “If you remember, we learned about it in school. The force was abandoned over 240 years ago because they weren’t getting enough rescue requests to keep the place going. Many teams got sick of waiting and either disbanded, or went on to become solo teams. This place was soon shut down because of little activity, but wasn’t torn down because it was named to be a national landmark. Same with the one down in Gateva!” Groll explained.

“For a national landmark this place is pretty crappy,” Scorch said, looking around at all the cobwebs and cracks.

“Well yeah! In 2304 they got tired of having to fix this place back up,” Groll said, feeling proud that he knew so much, “Wait… this place should have collapsed by now. It hasn’t been fixed up in nearly a century! That must mean that… that…”

“Someone has been fixing it up on their own!” Scorch finished, “But why?”

“I don’t want to find out. Lets get out of here,” Groll shook as his ears drooped again.

“No way Groll. I want to know who is fixing this dump up and why! Besides, I also still want to explore!” Scorch quickly replied. He jumped forward and looked to his left and then to his right. There were two hallways to go down. Each looked the same, but the one on the right also had a staircase that led upstairs. “TO THE RIGHT!” he roared while pointing. He then ran to the right, towards the old staircase.

“Scorch wait!” Groll barked as he ran after him. He slid on some dust, causing his nose to twitch. “Ahh-choo!”

“Bless ya,” Scorch said as he looked back.

“Thanks,” sniffed Groll as he rubbed his nose, “What are you doing?” he asked as he walked up to Scorch.

“Check out this cool staircase. I bet there’s a lot of cool stuff up there,” Scorch said as he looked at it. Groll looked up at it as well. His eyes emanated fear while his small beating heart predicted death. He looked back at Scorch who seemed engulfed by the sight of the old, decrepit stairs. “I’m gonna check out what’s up there,” he said.

“Are you mad?! Those stairs won’t hold you!” Groll desperately said, trying to coax Scorch from going through with his crazy idea. Scorch paid no mind though. Each step he took, a loud creek echoed throughout the hallway. Each creek just reminded Groll more and more of how incredibly dangerous this was.

“Don’t be such a chicken Groll! C’mon up with me!” Scorch shouted down to his grass type buddy. He turned back and continued heading upward. With each creek of the steps Groll was reminded more and more of just how dangerous this whole thing was. “C’mon Groll! Stop being such a puppy! Show some backbone would ya’?!” Scorch again yelled.

Groll starred back up at him, worry fogging his sight. He didn’t even move a single muscle.

“Suit yourself. I’m goin’ up though,” Scorch shrugged with a chuckle. Right as he took his next step, the stair beneath him gave way! His foot fell through and the rest of him collapsed.

“Scorcher!” cried Groll from shock. Almost instantaneously, Groll pulled his head back and shot it forward, extending his ears to great lengths. They were like fast growing weeds! They wrapped around Scorcher and gently pulled him up into the air.

“Dude! When did you learn Vine Whip?!” Scorch exclaimed in pure amassment. Since Groll was more a pacifist then anything else, it was hard to see him increasing his level.

“Two days ago,” relied Groll as he continued to hold Scorch up.

“Wait… if you already knew this then… then why didn’t you just lift me and yourself up to the second floor?!”

“Huh… you’re right,” responded Groll, sounding fairly clueless. He set Scorch (who was now a ticked with crossed arms) down at the top of the staircase, latched onto a torch that was nailed into the wall, and pulled himself up.

Once he was up and safely next to Scorch, he let out a couple of embarrassed chuckles as he rubbed the back of his head. He couldn’t even believe that the thought of using Vine Whip didn’t even cross his mind.

“And don’t call me Scorcher!” demanded Scorch with a stomp. Flames blared from his nostrils from rage as he lunged his body around to the upstairs hallway.

“I know I know! I was an accident! Don’t get your flames burning!”

“Humph. Better not happen again,” mumbled Scorch, his arms folded again as flames blare from his nostrils once more. He walked onto the second floor. His arms unfolded as he looked to the left and right. “Only two ways to go. Left… or right,” he obviously pointed out.

“Why not down there?” Groll asked, pointing to the left hallway with one of his ears.

“Why left?” questioned Scorch as he raised an eyebrow.

“Because. The right side is covered in fallen debris. You can hardly move around all that stuff!” Groll remarked. He wondered how Scorch didn’t notice any of that stuff.

“I thought they’d be fun obstacles!”

\ Figures… / Groll thought as he sighed.

“FINE!” roared Scorch. Groll bolted up, his ears standing tall from fright at Scorch’s explosion, “We’ll go the loungers way!” he finished. Once again, Scorch was showing just how short the fuse to a Fritar’s temper was, and how easy it was to set it off. Groll was beginning to wonder just how long it would be before Scorch would set his leafy ears and tail on fire.

The two headed down the left hallway, their attention quickly grabbed by an open door at the very end. They didn’t know what, but there was just something about this old doorway that edged them towards it.

Groll followed behind Scorch at a slow and steady pace. As the two coaxed on they passed other open rooms. Inside they were basically all the same… a dead atmosphere with layers of dust destroying the quality of the air. They even passed by a collapsed balcony that looked large enough to hold a good three to four Pokemon. So long as they were small and of little weight.

They didn’t seem to care though. They just wanted to know what was in the room ahead of them at the very end of the upstairs hallway.

Once they walked into their room, their gazes began to wander about like curious hatchlings. They starred into every nook and cranny of this room. They even noticed that the left corner near the door was covered in burn markings. They continued to admire, trying to decipher what this room was used for.

Old faded wallpaper was curling off the cracked wooden walls, bookshelves (four in total) lined with a wide range of books sat undisturbed and covered in sheets of dust. There was but one window in this room. It sat on the western side, the shelves on the northern (the door was at the southern part). Cracks lead all throughout this window from many broken parts of the dirty glass. Groll tried to peer through it, seeing if they were still safe from any suspicious adults that may be wondering about the inside of this place. He had to rely on the broken parts though, seeing as how the rest of it was dang near impossible to look through.

Scorch on the other hand had his full attention on a strange sight. Out of the four bookshelves, only three sat undisturbed and covered in dust. The middle one to the right on the other hand, did not. There wasn’t even a spec of noticeable dust on it! And all the books had been shifted around, some fallen due to a book missing from the group. It was like someone had recently looked through them for something. But the question on Scorch’s mind was… what?

“Groll come take a look at this,” he said, waving his claw in Groll’s direction.

“What is it?” asked Groll as he walked over. The coast was clear from what he could tell. No adults were coming their way.

“Look,” Scorch replied, pointing to the odd shelf. Groll looked at him, flicked one of his ears while a brow raised and looked to the shelf he was pointing to.

“Okay… I’m officially freaked,” whined Groll.

“Why?” asked Scorch after doing a double take.

“Well let’s see… the books are shifted around, someone’s recently been here or worse… STILL ARE HERE!” exclaimed Groll, “Or… or even live here by Grandee we’ve gotta get out of here!” he frantically declared while his ears stood tall and his eyes opened wide.

“Dude calm down! We’re not leaving. Not yet at least. Look,” Scorch pointed to an empty slot on the shelf. Groll looked at it and then back at Scorch, confused. “Whoever was here took a book from that shelf. That empty slot and toppled over books is proof of it! And whatever book they took was thick as all heck!”

“Why do you care?” Groll asked, still freaked.

“Why? Because I have an innate curiosity for literature!” Scorch yelled as he shook Groll back and forth. He sighed and let Groll go, “Think about it. This place is old, falling apart, and shows no signs of holding a rare treasure in it. It’s just unappealing! There had to be a good reason for someone to venture in here just for a stingy old book.”

“Well… what about that thick book right there?” Groll asked. Scorch turned around to notice Groll looking at a very low to the ground desk. It didn’t even have legs it was so low! The top of it looked scratched up, burned, but not covered in dust like the rest of this room.

“That’s gotta be it no doubt about it!” Scorch replied. The two walked over to the desk and looked at the thick book. “Archival,” Scorch read. He looked at Groll, his face expressing the question, should I open it? As if answering, Groll gave a slight nod of his head. “Here we go,” Scorch gulped. He slowly opened the book as a stream of excitement, worry, and curiosity confined him to the pages.


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March 3rd, 2008, 2:00 PM
The next chapter will be put up in a few days. I've got it written, but I need to find the time to actually put it up.

This post will be deleted when that time comes, so this thread can be pushed up and others will know that the next chapter is up.

That is, unless someone posts which I doubt they will. XD

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