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February 24th, 2008, 11:41 PM
You may not know me as poke'd, so my old name was rowan95, in case you wanted to know. well, this is an idea i came up with a few days ago, and just recently started working on it.
Hack of: Fire Red
You begin in your bed, tossing and turning as a dream eats at you. You see a man on a huge red dragon charging towards you, as you are searching for cover on what seems to be a giant fortress in the middle of a great battle. You wake up and realise it was all a dream. You slowly get out of bed and go down to wake up your brothers. Your Mother is already awake, and is having her morning coffee. On your way out to the fields to play, You see a Zangoose and Seviper fighting each other. You want to break it up, but you know that they are eternal rivals and nothing will stop them from attacking each other. Suddenly, a Great Roar fills the air, and a massive group of Tauros are stampeding. You know you have to save one of the pokemon, because you know that you cant carry both. You choose the pokemon and you realise it is more than just a horde of Tauros...
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i will be updating this hack more in the future.

February 25th, 2008, 4:41 PM
Cool intro, that is very cool. Both of those Pokémon that you have a choice of picking don't evolve though.

February 25th, 2008, 9:38 PM
ah, whoops. maybe i could fakemon.... nah, that'd be too risky. ill just change it. hmm, i might be a while...
can anyone suggest starters?

February 26th, 2008, 1:13 AM
keep them
just get PEP,edit there stats and thier attacks and there you go
a pair of strong and amazing starters
maybe add a third pokemon that just comes in and tries to stop them. then the tauros come and bladibladibla you make the pokemon up
maybe hmmmmmm like a ROSELIA but don't add it's evolutions