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February 26th, 2008, 10:02 AM
Dorm room furniture can be moved around by the students as they please. Bringing in new furniture is allowed, as long as your roommate agrees, and there are no dangerous parts. Bedsheets and pillows are not provided, and must be brought from home. Bathroom necessities are not provided. Please find further details in your student handbook, found in the upper left hand drawer of the two desks provided. Please do not wear your uniforms until tomorrow, unless you have recieved a specific notification to wear it. Seniors in uniform are here to help you find your way around should you be unable to find your destination.

Your room number is 73.

Leberecht examined himself in the mirror, silence enveloping him as he observed the bathroom he was to be using for the rest of the year in the reflection. It was clean… at least. The toilet settled in a corner separated by a wall of warped glass, the bathtub and shower looking as though it had been used by many years before him, but not in disgusting shape. Leberecht knew better though. This was a boys dorm. Sighing, the young boy, rubbed his hair as he closed his eyes from the view of the mirror. His normally perfectly brushed hair was now rumpled in the back, as though he’d woken up with a cow lick. He quickly fished through his bag of bathroom necessities, (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, gel, shampoo, conditioner, contacts,) pulling out a black comb and brushing down the hair he’d caused to stand up on end. He made for the door and bumped into the small table where one was to put a towel and change of clothes. He swallowed the curse words floating up to his mouth, letting a frustrated look cross his face before taking a deep breath, his expression registering cheerful satisfaction. Leg space in this bathroom was definitely a problem.

The bedroom itself wasn’t exactly huge. Certainly smaller than his own room at home. (And they wanted two people to live in these claustrophobic rooms.) The year before had arranged the furniture so that the bunkbed was on the very left of the room, two desks side-by-side on the other side, and a table with two chairs in the middle. The kitchen for students to use was in the lobby. A very bad choice when it came to boys dorms, Leberecht thought to himself as he sat down on the bottom bunk, already covered in his green sheets. He looked up at the bunk above him, wondering who his roommate would be this year. Last year, it was some guy who was barely scraping out his tuition fee. Hardly worth getting to know. Still, Leberecht had successfully befriended him within three hours. Unfortunately.

Well. Whoever his roommate was, it wouldn’t matter a few months later. Looking down at his silver watch, and pulling out a neatly folded piece of paper from his back pocket, he decided to give himself fifteen minutes to wait and see who his roommate was before leaving for the side of Academy that was once Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School. The students all had exactly one hour to roam campus and become acquainted with buildings and such. Leberecht, he was proud to say, had never once stepped onto Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School’s property in the past two years of his academic life at Armon Academy. Except for their track. But that was different. For the sake of competition.

Leberecht blinked. Competition? That meant that surely this year… there would be girls on the track team. He sat up straight at this disgusting idea, before lying back on the bed. Too late for that anyway. He took note that his pose right now wasn’t exactly the most dignified. He immediately retreated from his new bed and sat down at the wooden desk that was identical to the one on its left. First come, first serve. There, now he looked a little more poised. He opened the top left drawer to find the new handbook for Academy students. There would probably be some tidbits from Lahea’s in there this year. Wouldn’t hurt to read it while waiting.

His uniform hung neatly from one of the hooks on the bathroom door- Uniforms weren’t required on orientation day unless you were a senior that was chosen to help freshman and such. Still, due to his father’s need for image, he’d managed to convince his son to wear at least a pair of black pressed pants under his plain, olive green long sleeved shirt.


“Look at all these boys,” One girl whispered to the other, “What do they think they’re doing, coming onto our school property? It’s not like they can’t find their classes tomorrow or something.”

Teaching self-restraint and manners was what Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School was all about. And thus, most of the girls were choosing to loiter on ‘their’ side of the school, giving scornful glances to freshman girls who wandered freely onto what was once Armon Academy.

What. Ever.

Luce stood on the other side of Armon, looking wistfully down at the crack in the cobblestone where a fence once ran between the two schools. It was such a shame that boys would now come to ruin their sports. But at least with their addition, ‘un-feminine’ sports like baseball and football would be added. Luce grinned to herself. Dance, golf, and tennis were getting seriously overrated. She stuck one foot out over where the boundaries once were, glancing back at the girls in her year. Luce knew them from dance classes. They were all watching her with the usual repulse. She smirked and brought her foot down, planting it firmly on Armon Academy soil. Anyone passing by could practically see the lightning bolts of shock striking the group of girls as Luce laughed at them, striding onto Armon Academy grounds without hesitation. Just one glance at Luce set her apart from the other girls, who were quickly whispering amongst themselves. She wore a pair of dark blue denim capri’s. They wore flowery knee-length skirts. She wore a yellow, green, white, and red ribbed tank top and a rainbow of bracelets on her arm. They wore some sort of elegant top, scoop necks, turtlenecks, v-necks, all decent enough to hide their shoulders. The only bracelets they wore were silver charm bracelets.

Those girls were the most extreme remnants of Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School, of course. The girls who got the wrong picture from the teachings. Even the seniors, in full uniform, were kindly helping direct everyone (Even boys) around the building. Albeit, somewhat begrudgingly.

This sort of tension is the exact reason why Luce dodged the senior boys on Armon Academy campus that were looking very much confused as to what to do when freshman girls asked for directions. She looked around with interest. While Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School had a sort of Victorian architecture mixed with Elizabethian, Armon seemed to be modern and contemporary, lots of geometric shapes. She preferred this. While she’d already dumped her stuff in her dorm room, she couldn’t stay much longer than that, because it was too lacey, too frilly, too girly. She’d have to go without lunch one day and brave the depths of that room to strip it down of girliness. If she went in with a full stomach, she’d surely puke.

Luce wandered aimlessly for what seemed like forever, but was probably only half of the allocated time they had to walk around before she found what she was looking for. Staring up at the gym, she grinned. Sports tryout information would be found in the gym. She rushed inside, before sweatdropping. She saw maybe five other girls in the midst of a swarm of guys. Signs hung from the gray beams on the ceiling, marking where one was to sign up for each respective sport. Luce inched her way to one of the benches lining the wall, snatching a pamphlet from the basketball stand that listed which sports were offered in which season. Plopping herself down, Luce took a deep breath. Definitely not the smell of sweat. Ahh, well. The smell of cologne was better than perfume anyway. She flipped through the pamphlet, planning out her sports career for the next year.

February 26th, 2008, 1:51 PM
Dorm room furniture can be moved around by the students as they please. Bringing in new furniture is allowed, as long as your roommate agrees, and there are no dangerous parts. Bedsheets and pillows are not provided, and must be brought from home. Bathroom necessities are not provided. Please find further details in your student handbook, found in the upper left hand drawer of the two desks provided. Please do not wear your uniforms until tomorrow, unless you have recieved a specific notification to wear it. Seniors in uniform are here to help you find your way around should you be unable to find your destination.

Your room number is 13.

Brad strolled into his room, in the dorm building in the far right of the campus. He walked in, and hated the appearance- so drab... so he got his robots out.
"Take the coverings and the regular furniture away!!! Just... drop it at some important looking building... yeah. Other robots, load cool new room coverings....

The walls were covered in... amber. Yes, amber. Brad immediately knew the reference- an homage to the famous "Amber Room" stolen by the Nazi's in WWII. The room was large, and had a new look- seems the two campuses had expanded.

Brad was shocked when there was only one bed. On the nightstand, made of white marble, standing to the left wall (when looking out at the windows, back turned to the door) was a small note.
"Your roomie will be coming later. Please get a bedframe- we... forgot... " the note said. Seems it was scrawled crudely by a senior. The paper was torn.

Brad looked to the back of the room. Completely empty, not even a desk. The brownish walls glimmered in the sunlight, with dead bugs and amphibians strewn from the amber wall coverings. Brad immediately called in his robots. The small, industrious workers had beens Brad's pirde and joy, and he had worked on them during all of his breaks- he had no free time in the middle grades. Trained by his father, an unemployed robotics enthusiast, he had become pretty good at his father's "hobby". The robots moved the bed to the center, shut out the curtains, and set up the appliances. The air conditioner, fridge, cooking machine (to avoid fire), and other things were hardwired in. As one of the two rooms on the bottom floor, Brad was getting water first, to his obvious delight. He could've not put the aplliances in, but seeing as how he wanted to test it, he just went ahead and did it. The white appliance were put in front of the window- blokcing the sunlight which pentrated the darkness. Then, the small robots brought a cherry desk, a huge computer to control the system (if nerd, have computer), and his matress and pillows. The matress was foam- Brad loved its comfort, the pillows were made with eagle feathers, and the blanket Brad used was made of nice white tiger fur (Brad LOVES fur...). Then, the last component was set. The security. The advance system went on the door, and did not have the weapons that Brad could have hardwired in- Brad chose not to. The bathroom was left alone- it could be fiddle with later. There was still space for a roomie- Brad got another red bed frame, but that one would have his furniture. Since Brad was closest to the window on the left side (when looking at window) his appliances took up the whole window wall, and then there was a storage closet. The the other bed was on the right, closest to the door, and also had a closet next to it. The bathroom was on the left(when entering the door. It had a nice black toilet and sink, white tile, and a pretty nice bath.

Since Brad was one of the first one there (his dad is compulsively obssessed with being early), Brad went to wander around. The Armon side, or at least the FORMER Armon side, was modern and contemporary, while the FORMER Lahea side was more Victorian. His room was right on the border, in the back. He found the gym, and signed up to try out for the swim team. Then, he found the classrooms. Brad quickly joined The Modern Intellectual Society (Yeah... keeps up on everything going on in the world), Trivia Team, Technology and Robotics Club, and Debate Club. Brad was already set up for extracurriculars, and he had found the file for the GPS around the school. He also had his new chair- he'd sit, it'd go everywhere. So what if he looks ridiculous? Brad didn't care. He meandered back to his room, and sat on his large leather desk chair, looking at the Internet.

February 26th, 2008, 3:21 PM
"Illya, you need to go and socialize,"

"I am socializing!"

"No you aren't you're loitering."

"I can do what I want, jeez!" Giving a grunt of irritation, Illyabera pouted and leaned on the desk for tennis sign-ups. The whole integration thing was a bit overwhelming to her ever though she refused to admit it. The simple idea of men at her school; who could have thought! People were already congregating in little groups around the united campus. She wanted to join in on the chatter, but she'd be confronted with the avoided question, "So what are you going to do about track?" Like hell she was going into that filthy boys school! She might as well do golf or tennis or something. She glanced at her cousin. Edmund seemed to be preoccupied with what looked to be a freshman girl inquiring about tennis. With a warm smile, he handed her a pamphlet and answered her questions. After telling him her name and her dorm number, the girl soon thanked him and left with a blush. The idea made her nauseous. These girls were way too swoony. To her, Edmund was way to easy to step on; chivalry was so overrated. Yet, she did have the pride of saying her cousin was last year's junior valedictorian, that was always something to brag about. They had never interacted much before the joining of schools. Though she didn't like to admit it, it was neat to have someone like an older brother. He glanced back at her and asked her what her dorm room was.

"Oh, mine's number 27. It's actually the same dorm I had last year. I guess it's good to know that something at least will be the same as last year..." Edmund began to take out some application forms and began to fill them out.

"What a coincidence, my number's 72. Anyway, it's only a big deal if you look at it that way. Try to be a bit more mature and go join track. You're scaring off applicants." Taking her hand off as if the table had suddenly caught fire, Illyabera glared at Edmund and recomposed herself by flipping her hair with the back of her hand. He was one to talk actually, taking applications to what was now known as a feminine sport. In the girl's school. If he could do it, she could at least run in and out and sign up for track. Smoothing out her purple skirt-dress, she left the Lathea campus. The chattering girls were annoying, and the perverted staring boys seemed very punchable. To be honest, she'd rather be back in Russia, there were too many people here. English was also such a boring language. She hadn't had a conversation in Russian since forever. Even any mention of communism would have given her the evil eye of death. It wasn't really that bad was it? Anyway, speaking of people, Illya wondered who her new dorm partner would be. Last year, her partner was reserved, so it didn't bother her much. Hopefully whoever was bringing her furniture into the dorm didn't dent anything. Before she knew it, she was at the front steps of Armon. Illyabera nervously glanced around her with her, constantly pulling her hair behind her left ear. There weren't many girls going in, but when a group did approach, she merged in with them. The hall was big, modern, and a bit intimidating though she didn't dare to admit it. Over the passing of people, she noticed the track sign-up. She wasn't very athletic, so looking at other sports wasn't something she was interested in at the moment. By the table, there was another guy. This whole co-ed thing would be hell. Giving a quick mumble or her name and taking a pamphlet, Illya quickly walked out of the school. It was as if she was as if the school itself had man cooties. Once out, Illya sighed and leaned against the wall to the entranceway or Armon. Unfolding her pamphlet, she began to read about how the new track system would work.

February 26th, 2008, 3:23 PM
An exhibition match... The chestnut haired girl mused with the concept in her head as she firmly took hold of her dark green tennis racket with both hands, proceeding to bend her knees in a ready stance. ...and the best part about it, is that I'll be captain if I win~ The prospect excited Corinne LaCharme. She had already been voted as captain of the freshman / sophmore team for the term the year prior, but things became complicated with merging of the two schools. Because of it, there was a male captain and a female captain, with a co-ed team to run. So, they decided, the best way to decide the fate of the team was via a match on the tennis courts located on Lahea's campus. Corinne watched her red haired, male opponent carefully. She could already tell that he was underestimating her. Stupid boy, clad in a white shirt and blue shorts, that smug look on his face. Nobody every underestimated Corrine LaCharme at tennis and felt the same afterwards!

And unfortunately for the boy, it proved to be true and embarassing for him, as Corinne won two of the three sets in their three set match with ease. When all was over, she made her way over to the boy and shook his hand, complimenting his abilities cheerfully as she dusted off the white skirt of her casual tennis outfit. The boy, she noted, was bright red in the face. She was oblivious to the fact that he was probably wooed by her, and fell under the assumption that it was his defeat that had him such a shade. She gave him further encouragement because of this, and while confused as to why she was giving it to him, the boy scampered off all the same.

Corinne, sweating more than she would have liked from a combination of the heat and excercise, walked over to a bench on the side of the court and wiped the sweat from her face with a royal blue towel, before proceeding to drink from the green water bottle, which she held in her right hand. As she brought the bottle away from her lips, she let out a satisfied "Ahh...". She took the towel and her left hand, and went to throw it over her shoulder. Being the clutz she, in reality, was, the towel slipped from her grasp at the very last possible moment, and the sweat covered material ended up flying over her shoulder. The sound of an impact was heard, and she spun around to check if she had perhaps hit someone, sweatdropping.

"S-sorry! I'm a bit of a clutz you see!" She exclaimed with the faintest hint of a French accent, her face a cute shade of embarrassed red, as she noticed the towel hanging off a poor boy's head. The reply she got was muffled, but it sounded like it was something along the lines of 'I know'. It took the French girl a minute to comprehend who was beneath the towel, but eventually she realized she recognized the voice. "Rémi... SORRY!" She recieved another muffled reply, this time it sounded something like 'GET THIS TOWEL OFF OF ME', so she proceeded with doing so.

Rémi, Corrine's twin brother, looked blankly back at his sister, his hands in the pockets of his green hoodie. Rémi was often teased for looking too much like his sister. She didn't see the resemblence, honestly, but maybe that was because she couldn't see each other side by side all of the time. "The first day and you're already playing? Seriously, do you ever relax? Or are you trying to impress the boys by creaming them at tennis? They don't find that attractive you know," he murmured, unaware of the boy she had just met, the faint French accent present in his voice as well.

Corrine sweatdropped again, looking at her sad excuse of a brother and the irony of the words he had just spoken. "Do you ever dedicate yourself to anything? All of the clubs you could do well in, yet you choose not to participate in anything. And I haven't come across Miki or Karil yet, so I just played this game to kill time and settle my ranking with the guys team. Doesn't sharing a school with the opposite gender kind of make you nerv-" After rambling for a moment, the girl finally noticed that her brother had zoned out and was staring at her, but not really at her. He was daydreaming. "Would you snap out of it and listen to me for once?" She whipped her towel at his head, causing him to snap to it once more. "Are you even moved in?" The boy's eyes wandered over to a pile of baggage by the entrance to the court. "I guess not. Why did you come all of the way down here anyways?"

"I was bored." Rémi answered blatantly, full well knowing he could have taken the time to unpack. It was just funny to bug his sister sometimes. "What about you? Unpacked yet?"

Corrine sighed. "Obviously. My room is number 21, my lucky number! What about you? What number are you in the guys dorm?"

"73." He answered abruptly once more. Corrine brought her right index finger to her lip as she made a thoughtful look. She motioned with her hands for Rémi to stay where he was, before running over to the changing room and emerging in tight blue jeans, and a light green tanktop with a forest green circle spanning the chest area, and forest green spaghetti straps. The outfit, overall, showed her average, yet cute figure. She grabbed her brother's right hand with her left, and without saying a word began dragging him away with luggage in tow.

"This is it, right?" The female sibling said to the male one as they arrived outside a door numbered 73 some time later. Without waiting for a response, she threw the door open and shoved him in, closing the door behind him. That isn't to say she didn't leave him with some final words. "Go make some friends and stop being so lazy!"

As the door slammed behind him, Rémi stared blankly at the room in front of him. Would he really make any friends here, or would they all be uninteresting? The room, as he noted quite quickly, was very small compared to the room Corinne and himself had shared their entire lives. So he was no stranger to sharing rooms. Of course, they needed the space, they were the opposite gender after all. But, not in this case, so was that why everything, the desks, the bed, everything, was so cramped together? After putting his baggage on the floor beside the door, Rémi noticed another figure in the room. His roomate, apparently. A girl? No, the face was just feminine, much like his own.

After a silent moment of looking at the, most likely obsessively neat, roomate, blinking every so often, Rémi decided to greet. "Yo, I'm Rémi LaClaire, a 10th year."

In the meantime, Corinne had made her way back to room 21 in the girl's dorm, and had crashed on a bed covered with her pink sheets of the bottom bunk of her pink walled room on her stomach. She couldn't help but think that it would be an interesting term. And she hadn't even met her roomate yet!

February 26th, 2008, 4:44 PM

Jamal was staring at a crumpled up paper in his hands and was breathing rather hard. He was just given his schedule (which also held his room number), a student handbook, that hideous uniform, and a small map of the new Academy. His sudden outburst gained him a few questioning glares, but he paid no mind to the passing students. The young male had been hoping to be the first to sign up for basketball tryouts to show his commitment, but with only an hour to spare, there was no possible way he could check out a second gym if the first one didn’t have the sign-up sheets. Frustrated, the teen crumpled the map into a paper ball and threw it at what looked like a passing freshmen. Without waiting to see if he hit his target or not, Jamal grabbed his suitcase and made a run for what he hoped to still be the boy’s dorm. As he ran, he glanced at the sheet of paper that held his room number.

“Room 25... hey, that’s my old jersey number!” he screamed in triumph, pointing at his chest as he was wearing said jersey. Again, he was greeted by the stares of countless students.

As he thought about the coincidence of his room number and jersey number, Jamal failed to notice the young woman running in the opposite direction. With a loud— and quite painful— thud, the two slammed into each other and fell to the concrete. Jamal quickly sat upright, ready to scream at what he thought to be a male freshman. His jaw literally dropped as he saw the young girl pick herself up, along with her books, and walk off with a slight limp. Jamal had never seen a girl so close to the boy’s dorm, or on the Armon side for that matter. Realizing he’d need a few days to get used to the gender mix, the teen got to his feet, dusted himself and his suitcase off and continued his walk to his new room. The large building was in plain sight now, but fearing another unpleasant crash, Jamal paced himself. Surprisingly, the closer he got to his destination, the more females he saw walking by and a lot of them didn’t look half bad. Instead of thinking of who his new roommate would be, Jamal found himself wondering how most of the cute ones would look in their gym uniform.

Lost in his train of thought, time seemed to slip silently on by, and Jamal reached his dorm in what seemed like a couple of minutes. People were flying in an out of the building, hoping to make as much as their hour as possible. As a returning Junior, Jamal knew that tryouts sign-ups went beyond the first day of school and decided that he’d just check out the gyms whenever he was free. Rubbing the side of his head, as the pain from his run-in with the young girl had yet to pass, Jamal walked up to a security guard in the middle of the hallway. He stood infront of the man for sometime, but the guard didn’t respond. It was then that Jamal noticed the sunglasses on his face and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t very easy for the man to see indoors.

“Hello? Anyone there?” Jamal asked while pulling up his pants. His father had asked him to wear a belt for at least the first day. Naturally, he didn’t listen.

“Do you want something?” the guard replied, pulling down his shades to get a better look at Jamal.

“Yeah, I was just wondering if you could tell me where to find room 25.”

“How old are you boy? You gotta be a sophomore at the very least, and you still don’t know your way around the dorm?” he questioned with a grunt. Jamal made a small grumble of his own. He hated his sophomore year and now he was being mistaken for one.

“Forget you, then!” he shouted before staring down the security guard and storming off. Just one of those moments when he really appreciated his height.

It wasted most of his hour of roaming but Jamal finally found his room. The ‘2’ was hanging upside-down, making the room number look like a ‘55’. He had actually passed by the room a couple of times but on his third go, found it weird for 55 to be between 24 and 26. He reached up to fix the number but stopped an inch short. A sudden idea struck him and a sickly grin appeared on his face. He decided that if he was going to have trouble finding this room, so was his roommate. With a small chuckle, Jamal retrieved his room key and unlocked the door, which swung open with the lightest of pushes. Jamal stepped into his home for next school year, and was pleased with the improvement from his old dorm and former senior roommate. However, that’s a story for another day...

February 26th, 2008, 7:25 PM
"Hows it goin? Excellent... looking forward to your tryout, don't be late"

Heath had come accustomed to this phrase as he sat behind the sign up desks, checking forms the new applicants needed in order to try out for the soccer team. Having been recently appointed to Co-Captain of the team, it was now his duty to sit alongside the team captain and greet the new arrivals. How boring. Another form slid in front of him, he looked it over then shifted gaze to the new freshman applying to try out.

"Everything looks good, I'll see you at tryouts" He said shaking the nervous looking boy's hand.

Heath set down his pen, stretching his arms high over his head, tipping back in his chair a bit, showing his lanky but firm figure. He was wearing his soccer jersey, painted with a large #6 instead of his usual shirt. This was an advertisement method the coach seemed to think help attract more members for the team. But Heath couldn't help but think of WHAT kind of members he was attracting. The team would be co-ed this year, which already brought haunting thoughts into his mind of how to deal with practices as he looked at the stacks of applications. They were separated into boy's sign ups and girl's sign ups, and the girl's stack was considerably higher than the male sign ups. He looked from the stack of papers to a group of girls sitting chatting in the corner on the other side of the room, as they eyed him cautiously. Heath let go a small wave to them, recognizing them as girls who had signed up earlier for the soccer tryouts. They giggled and squealed with excitement at the fact that Heath acknowledged their presence, causing him to let out a heavy sigh as he let his chair drop fast back on all fours. He looked over to his team mate and captain, Mitchell Roman, a senior who Heath has looked up to since he joined the Armon soccer team.

"Hey Mitch... I need to get going, I'm supposed to meet Dean soon for lunch and to check out the campus a bit..." Heath said, as he stood up to leave.

"Okay, thanks for the help. Don't be late to try outs tomorrow" he responded sternly

"yeah yeah..."

Heath was used to this sort of treatment, he kind of came and went as he pleased. The soccer team didn't object due to his skill level, but he always did it politely, so most don't mind. He slid his chair in and slipped his hands into his pockets, walking casually away from the desk. He made his way out of the gymnasium, squinting into the sunlight and feeling the warmth against his face. He shielded his eyes and observed the campus for a split second, taking in the new scenery. It was definitely a change... girls every where, intermingling with the boys. This was definitely going to take some getting used to. Heath reached into his back pocket, and pulled out his cell phone. Flipping it open, he immediately went to his text messages, skimming down the a list of unopened texts from female senders, until he found the name he was searching for, a text he had received and already opened the night before. He opened it lazily and skimmed its contents reviewing his plans.

From: Dean
Txt: Yo, Heath! Guess who’s roomin with ya? Meet me in front of the main office where the cobble stone fence used to be at noon. Soccer sign ups better be over by then. Be there!

Heath flipped the phone shut, returning it to his back pocket and looked off towards the remains of the fence which were barely visible from here. His hand returned to his pocket as he continued his stroll through campus towards his meeting point. He observed the new students, wandering aimlessly as the upperclassmen teased them. He could stop them... but it wasn't of his concern, it would just be a pain. He finally made it to his meeting point, flipping his phone out again and checking the time.

"hm... 11:57... he's never late so he should be around here somewhere..." Heath said quietly to himself as he scanned his surroundings. The tennis courts were visible in the distance and he was exactly in the middle of the 4 large buildings and the cafe almost visible among the Victorian buildings of Lahea. His eyes finished wandering upon noticing noticing a group of freshman and sophomore girls behind him under the shade of the auditorium, giggling feverishly and squealing once more as Heath looked their way. He sighed heavily again, flipping his hair from his eyes and sending a quick one handed text to Dean.

To: Dean
Txt: I'm pretty sure you do this to me on purpose... you're such a pain...

February 26th, 2008, 7:56 PM
Leberecht looked up from the student handbook, halfway through the rules that had for the most part stayed the same, except for the part that girls were only allowed in the boys dorm’s lobby, and vice versa. Just how chummy did the administration think students who had brought up with such disdain for the other gender would get? He silently looked over his new roommate. Hm. He didn’t look much better than the last roommate, but who knew? His last roommate ended up being one of the three new dorm heads. Leberecht had yet to see how the sulky and anti-social Derek was holding up against his new position which required a considerable amount of socialization, but at least Derek had shown up in something a little more impressive than a hoodie. Leberecht racked through his mind. Nope. He’d never seen someone equal to his caliber wearing a hoodie. He painted on a smile regardless, resting the side of his chin on a loose fist.

“Nice to meet you Rémi.” Leberecht said, his lofty tenor voice the sheer example of kindness, “I’m Leberecht. Leberecht Pascal.” He was about to say ‘a year ahead of you’, but recounted his words. That could rub off as arrogant. Leberecht had already dropped most of the words that normally laced his speech and made it prim and proper, feeling as though that level of polite respect wasn’t needed to befriend this 10th grader who had greeted him with a casual ‘Yo’. He picked up his sentence where he’d left it, “11th grade.”

Hm. Leberecht decided this greeting was acceptable. Now to find a way to strike up conversation. Leberecht recounted last year. He’d managed to get Derek to stick his neck out of his turtle shell by mentioning track. Freshman year. He’d had a very obnoxious and annoying roommate that automatically assumed that since they were in the same year same room, they were friends.

Leberecht considered inquiring after the obviously female voice that had cut through his concentration after slamming the door open. He marveled at the daring of the girl, who would have the guts to step into the boys dorm first day back. Perhaps a freshman acquaintance? She must’ve been quick on her feet too, to avoid the seniors making sure none of the girls entered the boys dorm whilst the zoo was moving in. But, he decided against it. Inquiring after girls the first meeting was not the number one way to manage one’s reputation.

The scheming junior waved his hand cheerfully towards the beds, “I chose which desk I wanted already, because they’re essentially the same, but regarding the beds, if you want the bottom bunk, I can move my things. I’ll be heading to the gym as soon as I finish reading the new rules. If you haven’t already signed up, would you like to accompany- me?” Leberecht slightly faltered after accompany for a split second, just barely noticeable to the trained ear. He’d come to the realization that he’d forgotten about casual speech. His question was too lacy. Too frilly. This would prove difficult… he’d have to give up on the beautiful literature of the 1800’s for awhile. Just to get back in the flow of normal speech patterns.

"Unless you have something better to do." Leberecht shrugged one shoulder, pleased with this casual resolution.


Luce nodded diligently, crumpling the pamphlet in her hand as she stalked over to the baseball stand, where a group of guys eyed her warily. She noticed that while there were plenty of girls standing around the soccer stand, baseball was a little too down and dirty for them. Not a single girl in sight.


She filled in a few boxes that she’d left blank, as they applied to the sport chosen, and then held the application out to the captain of the team, who was in his baseball shirt, black with grey lettering cap, and a pair of jeans. The other members watched with the same unimpressed stare as their captain as he took the application and put it on the pile in front of him without a word. Luce raised an eyebrow and stood planted firmly where she was. There was no way she was going to give this loser a break.

“Good luck.” He finally said, after a silence worth a thousand battles.

Luce grinned. An evil, ‘your-death-is-fast-approaching’ kind of smile before whipping out another application and observing the signs hanging from the ceiling. Too many girls had applied for soccer, which had been her initial second choice. Why were they applying for that sport anyway? Luce caught sight of the captain and co-captain just as Mr. 6 was leaving. Ah. Luce’s eyes slid over to the group of giggling girls.


She shook her head, filling out the application. Twenty bucks said not a single one of those girls would make the cut. Maybe she’d go for basketball too… Luce glanced at the towering figures around the basketball stand. She wasn’t exactly the tallest girl in the room. The young athlete wrenched her gaze away with little effort. Curled up into fetal postion, those guys could probably use Luce as the ball. No thanks. Luce sighed dejectedly. She hated that she couldn’t fit all the sports she wanted to participate in into her schedule. What was the point of school anyway? Might as well just play sports all day! She looked wistfully at the soccer and track stands before reasoning with herself that baseball and karate clubs were a must. She could run on the track on her own time. She could play soccer on the field on her own time too. Ah, what a let-down.

Handing the karate captain her application with the same arrogance and silence as she’d done with the baseball captain, Luce was pleased to receive a prompt curt nod. At least they were a little less sexist. There’d be less to prove, but more time to enjoy. With that, Luce exited the gym. She’d hand in her gymnastics application later. The good thing about gymnastics was that it was solo-practice, so she could do it at whatever time, as long as the gym was open. Of course, she’d make a few enemies out of the janitors, but who cared about that? Stalking back across the entrance to Lahea, Luce proceeded to her dorm. It took her a full five minutes to buck up the courage to step into the disgusting room. She quickly rushed over to her top bunk and ripped off the hideous frilly white lining on the bed that was left-over from the people who’d stayed in the room earlier. Disgusting! She couldn’t do anything about the bottom bunk yet, but one day- one day it’d be gone too. Luce proceeded to de-frill whatever she’d claimed as her own, the desk, the nightstand, the bed, the chairs, and the bathroom, throwing the remains of lace and fabric into a pile in the middle of the room.

There was no way she was going to the bathroom knowing that right below deck was a pink toilet skirt.

Luce paused.

What if all this ugly crap was her new roommates stuff?

.... Luce'd filed for a new dorm room anyway, she decided, continuing to pull off the plastic clips that held the toilet skirt in place. Whoever had taken up residence in this dorm before had a sick mind.

Trainer Kat
February 27th, 2008, 9:58 AM

There, in room 8 of the boys’ dorm, a raven-haired boy sat on the bottom bunk of the stacked beds, lightly strumming an electric guitar. He looked down at the fingers clutching the neck of the instrument. As he did so, the choppy fringe positioned over his left eye fell into his face, though it was quickly rectified with a sharp flick of the neck. Now that warm up was over, he stood, taking the black string instrument with him. The white trim on the body of the guitar blended in with the white button down shirt he was wearing. Holding the guitar against his protruding hips, he began to play more violently, accompanied by the occasional thump as he leapt into the air, pounding his heels against the hardwood floor as gravity pulled him back to the ground. A smile grazed his lips as he became aware of the ruckus he was making.

Dean Caldwell was an obnoxious troublemaker, though he did know his limitations. He wasn’t willing to do anything that would get him removed from Academy. When he was finished contributing to the noise pollution that was not so prevalent at this institution, he lifted the shoulder strap over his head, setting his guitar down on the stand that was nestled into a corner of the room. At this point, he was ready to mess with some freshman meat. Dean was already wearing the white button-down shirt that went under his uniform jacket, an article that he promptly removed from the hanger on which it was dangling and draped it around his shoulders. Pressed black pants adorned his legs, and black dress shoes encased his feet. Around his neck, he looped his signature hot pink tie. He looked very much like a senior, and very much like someone to whom a freshman was supposed to ask questions. Giggling inwardly, he exited his room, positioning himself at the end of the hallway. It didn’t take long for him to reel in a victim.

“Excuse me, sir?” A timid looking brunette approached him, looking very out of place in Armon’s dorm. Despite Dean’s hot pink tie, at least he looked male. “Do you know where my room is?” He thrust a piece of paper towards the boy who was currently impersonating a senior. Dean grinned.

“Let me show you myself,” he cooed, placing a hand around the freshman’s bony shoulders, leading him down the hall. Of course, room number 91 was at the far end of the hall, but this boy didn’t need to know that. Instead, Dean steered him into a room marked with a 26. Before the kid could protest, he found himself shoved into the closet, the door closing tightly behind him. With that, Dean walked away, ignoring the small whimpers the boy emitted. After all, it wasn’t like he was trapped. As soon as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he would be able to locate the handle and release himself.

Crap, I’d better get changed, Dean thought. After all, he was the only male bold enough to wear a hot pink tie. If the boy had noticed that small detail about his guide’s uniform, Dean could be in big trouble. Rounding the corner, he entered his room, stripping down until he wore nothing but his boxers and the white button down he wore as a uniform top. He began to rummage through his still-packed suitcase, removing a pair of tight, dark blue jeans, pulling them up to just below his hips. After all, who wore their pants above their hips nowadays? The jeans were tight, as tight as most improper girls wore them. He pulled his long scarf out of the suitcase, wrapping it around his neck and letting it flow down his back. The crimson, forest, and grey stripes seemed to pop against the colorless shirt he wore. Sticking his feet into his black converse, he grabbed one more item--a dark green, rectangular box. With that, he strutted out of his dorm towards the main office.

Upon his arrival, he noticed one distinct difference, something that had certainly changed since last term. Girls now swarmed the campus, stumbling out of ornate buildings as they acquainted themselves with their new surroundings. A smile painted its way across Dean’s face. Finally, he would be around girls whenever he wished. Despite being the inferior gender, he was rather fond of them. They did make for excellent fun.

“Why hello,” he said smoothly, plucking a rose from his green box as he approached a girl who looked to be around fifteen or so. “What a lovely lady. Even this flower can’t compare to your beauty.” He handed her the rose, bending down to plant a kiss on her lips, eliciting a blush from the brunette. As she and her friends all sighed in unison, Dean went to work on other groups of females, taking note that Heath had arrived at their meeting place. One girl sat by herself, her blonde hair fashioned into a bob. She had to be at least three years younger than he. Approaching her, he took her hands, placing a red rose in them.

“My dear, one such as yourself shouldn’t be alone.” He kissed the backs of the small hands that were held gently in his. A blush rose to her cheeks, and she quickly got up and left, no words uttered. He grinned, figuring his charm was too much for her. In the back pocket of his jeans, he felt his phone vibrate. Pulling out the mobile, he checked the message the screen displayed.

From: Heath
Txt: I'm pretty sure you do this to me on purpose... you're such a pain...

Dean grinned, snapping the phone shut, looking over to where Heath stood idly. He snuck up behind him slowly, flinging one arm around the blonde’s neck, pulling him into a sort of headlock-hug.

“Took ya long enough,” he complained through his noticeable British accent. In his hand was the final red rose, which he brought up to his friend’s nose. “But I found ways to entertain myself.” With that, he lowered himself down on one knee, taking Heath’s hands in his, putting on a faux display of courtship. “Oh, dearest Heath,” he said dramatically, thrusting the rose into the other’s hands before nearly collapsing with laughter.

“Now, let’s go get some food. I’m starving.”


It was nearly noon, and Alina Lenoir had yet to move her possessions into her room. Nervousness had taken hold of her, and she now sat near the main office. A cool breeze swept through her hair, and she couldn't help but close her eyes and sigh at the perfect weather. Her midnight-blue outfit looked darker than usual as she sat beneath a tree, the shade cooling her off. The clothes were on the heavy side, causing the heat to affect her negatively. Now, however, everything felt perfect.

Being a lowly freshman, Alina couldn't help but be scared. That isn't to say she regretted her decision to attend the newly segregated school, but she certainly was unsure how she would get along with the other students. She lowered her gaze to the hands in her lap, biting her lip gently. She would have to face her roommate sooner or later. Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt two hands grasp hers, wrapping them around a rose. A pair of soft lips grazed the back of her hands.

“My dear, one such as yourself shouldn’t be alone.” Alina blushed at the boy's words, quickly gathering her bags and heading to the girls' "side" of the campus. She didn't mean to be rude, though it probably came out that way. Inwardly, she kicked herself. She would apologize for her actions later. That is, if she even saw the boy again, or recognized what he looked like.

Upon reaching Lahea's dorm, she made her way to the room marked on her paper. Setting her bags down, she pushed open the door to room 21. The pink walls instantly brought a smile on her face. That is, until she noticed a girl with the most lovely shade of brown hair she'd ever seen laying on the bottom bunk. Without hesitation, she bowed, prepared to apologize profusely.

"U-Um...I-I'm very sorry if I woke you! Please forgive me!" Righting herself, she looked at the girl. "I-I'm Alina Lenoir and...it appears I am your roommate." Clutching the rose to her chest, she offered a small smile as an apology.

February 27th, 2008, 5:36 PM
No sooner than Heath had flipped away his small cell phone, did the man of the minute grace him with his presence. Dean sneaked quietly, ambushing Heath and throwing his arm roughly around his neck. This was quickly followed by a typical Dean greeting.

“Took ya long enough,” He said through his heavy British accent. “But I found ways to entertain myself.”

"No doubt your entertainment was found through trouble making and womanizing that I'm going to have to cover you for later..." Heath responded in a bored tone of voice as he looked the other way, hands still in his pocket.

With that, Dean lowered himself into a false one kneed proposal pose, holding a slim red rose out to Heath and slipping it into his hand. This was another mannerism that Heath was quite accustomed too. He and Dean were definitely close friends and Dean loved to taunt the girls who could not get close to Heath by showing just how close he got to be. It would be much more of a bother to fight against Dean's ridiculous displays of affection than to just go with it, which is exactly what Heath does. Heath then lifted the rose to his nose, smelling it, then breaking the stem shorter between his fingers so that only the bud and petals were visible. He brushed the rose across Dean's nose before slipping it beneath his neck on the collar of his soccer jersey. Heath grinned to Dean as the small display of affection finished. The girls underneath the shade of the auditorium could be seen holding their breaths as they watched, finally releasing the air in huge dreamy sighs with giddy delight at the taboo display as Heath placed the rose in his jersey. Seemingly satisfied with the display, Dean finished, laughing to himself and collapsing to the ground.

“Now, let’s go get some food. I’m starving.”

Heath reached a lazy hand down to Dean, helping him up from the ground and aimed towards the Lahea's side. A somewhat unusual and mischievous grin on his face.

"So... where do you want to eat? I was thinking there..." Heath said, pointing off to the cafe in the distance on the Lahea side of campus. Assuming Dean knew there was really no changing his mind even if he WANTED to... Heath began walking towards the cafe slowly without waiting for an answer. He looked towards the main office where the track sign ups had been near and began to speak back to Dean.

"So the track team is at it again... trying to get me to run long distance for them...they don't seem to get it that no means no..." Heath said with a slight bit of annoyance.

While looking towards the sign ups, he noticed a small rather thin girl with long blond hair looking at a pamphlet of sorts against the wall. Without saying a word, Heath diverted from his previous path and approached the girl cautiously. As he grew nearer, he removed the rose from his jersey, and reached out to the girl, slipping it into her hair above her ear with swift hands. Following the flower, now that he was sure he at least had her attention, he followed up, gently speaking to the girl.

"Hi there names Heath...You know... a cute girl like you seems much more suited for soccer than something like the track team..." He said, eying the pamphlet that she was reading. "I'm the co-captain...maybe I can teach you a few pointers sometime and you can come try out?"

With that, Heath flashed the girl a smile that would cause a grown woman to faint as he turned back towards Dean, making his way towards the cafe. The girl's below the auditorium watched in horror and jealousy as the scene occurred and steam was almost visible from their ears. Heath walked casually back along side Dean with his hands returning to his pockets, a grin still spread across his face.

"Ya... I'm hungry too....lets get goin" Heath said as he lead Dean across the cobble stone boundary marker and into Lahea 'territory' towards the cafe.

February 27th, 2008, 6:03 PM
The German god, often referred to as Fabian O'Brien, sat on the bench inside the tennis courts. He was reading a book. It was one of his favorites, Then Again, Maybe I Won't. The tale of a little boy who spied on his rich, sophisticated neighbor as she changed cloths. Tennis sign ups were today so it was a perfect chance to meet some of the new residents at of the school. They went by many names, but they were all the same species. No, not freshmen, girls.

Since this year, Armon Academy has never accepted women in all its decades of education. Fabian was bewildered when he found out. How could they have came up with such a ridiculous idea, and second how could all the parents agree to it. He thought of human nature. If a person has be told that something is different and if kept away from something the item seems odd to them. All the upperclassmen were sexist. Being that most people who attended here came from a long line of family members who also came to the academy, they had to be sexist also.

Fabian didn't care, though. Girls were there. Finally some people, besides the gays, who could appreciate his deity blessed form. A pack of them giggled as they passed him while one of them whispered. It wasn't the kind of “you're such a stupid idiot and I'm making fun of you.” kind of laugh but the “You're so hot. Come and talk to me.” type. It was that “tehee” was used to getting the female variety.
He stood up and dropped his light blue book on the rubber-ish tennis court. Running to catch up with the pack of blonds he practiced his German accent in a whisper.

“Escuse me. Do you know vhere zee dorms are?” His accent was very amateur but they didn't know that, Fabian was sure. He had known where the boys rooms were located but he need something to speak about. “The boys dorm rooms are on the other side of the building. By the way, I can give you English lessons if you want.” One of the chicks with golden hair said. Her face blushed and he was sure she was nervous. Every other word she had said “like” of “um”. Painting a smile on his face he replied “Merci.” Thank was French but who gave a crap, the girls all looked American and they talked like it too. He could have called a brat and she wouldn't know it. He gave her a kiss on both cheeks and walked off in the direction to his dorm. He didn't turn around so he never got to the girls reaction. There was some screaming so the chick had either collapsed or here posy was just excited.

He arrived at the room in about ten minutes. It was extremely hot so it felt as if it were an hour. The room number read 55 instead of 25 . The two was upside down. Fabian had done that purposely to make sure his roommate would have difficultly their first day. He walked in the room, which was already unlocked, and found someone already in the room. What mainly stood out was his height. There probably was a foot difference between them. The kid was black, but Fabian was certain he came from America from his apparel. Fabian did the dance he learned from school that was in a rap video, laughing the whole time.

“What's up?” Fabian asked.

February 27th, 2008, 6:28 PM
"Ah! No! No!" Corinne exclaimed after jumping, startled by the sudden appearance of her new roommate. She pushed herself up and got into an upright position on the bed, before smiling with her cheeks tickled pink. "I wasn't sleeping, I was just thinking, that's all! You just startled me!" She went to get up to greet the girl properly, but instead ended up hitting her head off of the upper bunk and proceeding to keel over in pain as she grabbed the place that would obviously have a fresh lump later on. "Ow... ow... ow..." Tears of pain streamed from her eyes for a moment, but quickly faded as she attempted to suck it up. She stood, and this time ducked forward as to avoid the upper portion of the demon bed, before proceeding to walk up to her roomie.

Corinne then threw open her arms and hugged the stranger, a gesture that had always confused her friends. She was really just an affectionate person. After freeing Alina from the death grip of her hug, the older French girl brought her right hand up to rest her head in it as she looked over the younger one. Corinne couldn't get over how child-like Alina seemed to be in appearance, she even seemed to be wearing large, child sized clothing, but said nothing in order to not seem rude. She also thought it rude to ask about the rose just yet, so she decided against that as well. This girl didn't have the qualities most girls her age had, but Corinne had to admit, she was very cute in her own respects. Her appearance on top of her voice and method of speaking... it was just too cute! And the way she carried herself... nobility perhaps? "Ah! I'm sorry! I forgot to introduce myself!" She fumbled, teetering backwards a bit before regaining her composure. "My name is Corinne LaClaire, and I'm in the 10th grade! I'm also captain of the sophmore tennis team! Um... what else?"

She looked upwards thoughtfully for a moment, before sticking her right finger up in the air as if she had remembered something. "Please don't think of me as weird, but you needn't worry about cleaning and laundry and stuff. I'm used to picking up after my lazy, good-for-nothing, good-at-everything, twin brother, so it won't feel out of routine if I help with yours! Besides, you're a freshman, are you not? You'd be better off focusing on stuff other than cleaning!" This, of course, wasn't based on experience. In fact, she had taken on the same role in her dorm in her freshman year. "I also cook, so if you're hungry, I always have extra food prepared and lying around someone!" She reached into her large, left pocket, and pulled out a small container with a small piece of chocolate cake in it. "You can have that if you want. I made it for... someone..." She blushed. "But apparently he doesn't attend this school anymore..." Her voice was depressed. Her crush from the year before had switched schools upon the merger, or so she had recently found out. It sucked. "So it would be a good chance to test out my cooking, right? I think we could be good friends!" There was no doubt about it. Corrine talked when she met knew people, a lot. But, she was a well mannered individual, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

Realizing that she probably WAS talking too much, the brunette decided to wrap up her side of the conversation. "I was actually just going to head over to the gym to meet up with my friends, Miki and Karil, so I can help them choose which activities to join. If you'd like to come, I'm sure they'd like to meet them. Maybe if a pig flies or something, my brother will be there too..."


"Yeah, I guess I'll go." Were pigs flying? Why did Rémi ever go anywhere with anyone other than his sister? "Although, I warn you..." The boy looked at his well kept roommate blankly as he brought his right hand up to scratch his head. "My twin sister - the one who through me in here - will probably there, and she's a bit weird. A headache, really." He knew Corinne wasn't really weird. In fact, she was quite sane in all respects. Her personality was just tiringly quirky, especially for one who had spent his entire life by her side. "And, school activities don't interest me that much, so I doubt I'll join anything. But, I have nothing better to do..."

He proceeded to glance up at the top bunk that would be his own for the next couple of terms. "Nah, the top is fine with me. I'm used to it, since I had to share a bunkbed with Corinne for a few years when we were kids." Ah, childhood. Good times, good times. Yet, for some reason Rémi always did hate reflecting on the past. He wasn't sure why, but he had always felt like he was forgetting something. More importantly, Leberecht's smile. Was it fake? It seemed like he was forcing it on out of good will. "How good are you at chess?" Rémi blurted out monotonously, seemingly random. It wasn't, however. It was a test, and depending on the response, he would be able to identify at least some of the roommates character. He dropped the rest of his luggage off to the side of the door, and placed his hands back into the pockets of his hoodie. "Actually, nevermind. Let's just go."

February 27th, 2008, 8:28 PM
Leberecht wondered when he'd asked for all these details that his new roommate was giving him. Oh well. All the better to discern whether life would continue as always or not. He was interested though. Twins would certainly be double the hassle, but double the fun. He'd have to meet this Corrine. Thus, going to the gym was now something that he was looking forward to. Not that he hadn't been looking forward to going to the gym in the first place, after all, track was the only thing worth mentioning in this school. However, when Rémi mentioned that he wasn't interested in joining anything, Leberecht's pondered for a second whether he could drag the boy into joining track. But then again, he'd never seen the 10th grader run. Maybe he'd be interested once they got to the stand.

"... Chess?" Leberecht raised an inquiring eyebrow, but when Rémi pulled his statement back, he didn't press the subject. Hm, was the guy a chess enthusiast or something? Leberecht thought of mentioning the chess club that was meeting in the Club Rooms tomorrow. He personally didn't like chess at all. Too much thinking, too much strategy, and waiting for the other player to move was a pain in the butt. Dietrich liked chess. Thus, Leberecht did not. But, Rémi'd said nevermind... Well if he really wanted to join the chess club, he'd ask again, Leberecht reasoned. There was no reason to be too nosy. He seemed willing to spill a few seemingly unimportant tidbits about himself anyway, but everything he said was being carefully noted in Leberecht's head.

"Alright." Leberecht replied to Rémi's statement that they should leave. He flipped the handbook on his desk closed, adjusting the cuffs of his shirt and following his new roommate out the door. Leberecht ended up greeting at least half of his economics class from last year before they were even out of the dorms building. And at the entrance, Leberecht caught sight of his old roomie, Derek, who looked throughaly flustered as the other two, considerably more sociable dorm leaders lectured him on being more friendly. Leberecht resisted the urge to laugh at Derek's misfortune, giving his 'friend' a casual salute and recieving a nod in return as Derek threw his hands up to his shoulders in defense as Matthew demanded Derek's attention in his 'Baseball-co-captain' voice.

Upon arrival at the gym, the track guys in the corner spotted Leberecht, shrugging at his confused gaze as to why there was no sign for track and hollering over the noise that sign-ups were near the main office. Weird. Oh well, no use dwelling on it. Leberecht turned to Rémi.

"Well, I guess I have to head over to the main office...." He shrugged, and smiled, "If you have any interest in track you should come too, or if you want to look for your sister I don't mind either."

Pulling out his application papers from his back pocket, he made the short trek to the main office and promptly caught sight of Mr. Soccer-Star heading for Lahea. Naturally, the guy was friends with Dean. Though Leberecht knew the answer that was always given in response, he couldn't resist the urge to call out to Heath. Leberecht was on track, after all, and everyone knew Heath could run. Nobody really liked long-distance anyway, since it was so deteriorating, it was always good to recruit some new runners with less of a crushed spirit. Leberecht was usually pressed into long distance, since he liked both sprint and long-distance.

"You should join track this year Heath!" Leberecht called in a cheerful and joking tone, passing a girl whom had obviously been victim to either Dean or Heath as per the flower in her hair. However, Leberecht said nothing more than that suggestion, due to the fact that he honestly didn't care whether Heath joined or not. A friendly mask was good though. He handed the coach his applications, answering the slim man's questions like, 'Long-Distance again, Pascal?' and 'What's with the clothes, business man? You here to run a track or a bank?'.

Trainer Kat
February 27th, 2008, 10:35 PM
Dean felt a strong hand clasp his as Heath pulled him to his feet, saving the natural brunette from a potentially disastrous situation as he laughed uncontrollably. The ‘swipe the rose under the nose’ maneuver had elicited a grin from the womanizer, a grin that eventually erupted into a laughing fit. Now on his feet, Dean could survey the ladies’ responses to their dreamy act. Most were looking at them through glazed-over eyes, some even so lost in thought that a miniscule string of drool hung from their glossy lips. A select few looked indifferent, and a handful of males looked shocked. They were probably freshman, as the better half of the upperclassmen population had grown accustomed to Dean’s rather flamboyant displays of affection. In response to the crowd, Dean slung his arm around Heath’s neck, flashing them all the peace sign.

"So... where do you want to eat? I was thinking there..." Heath said, pointing off to the cafe in the distance on the Lahea side of campus. Dean nodded with a grin. Besides, even if he wanted to eat elsewhere, there was no changing Heath’s mind once he had it set on something. He knew that from years of friendship. Heath had proved his point by walking away before waiting for a response. It didn’t matter, though. Dean was going to suggest the café anyway.

“Sounds good, man,” he responded enthusiastically, catching up with his blonde friend without even breaking a sweat. The long scarf, which was encircling his neck, flowed behind him, giving him a slight air of elegance. In response to this, he held his head high, walking whilst holding his form completely upright.

"So the track team is at it again... trying to get me to run long distance for them...they don't seem to get it that no means no..." Heath said with a slight bit of annoyance. Dean offered a slight chuckle in response.

“Well, Heath, maybe if you cooled down on that soccer practice, you wouldn’t get hounded all the time!” He laughed and placed his hand atop the younger boy’s head, ruffling his shaggy blonde hair. “Maybe you should just join and shut them up already. It’s not like you could get any more female fans, anyway!” He shrugged, closing his eyes before opening one and directing the emerald green hue towards Heath. “Well, unless you were me, that is,” he added.

Before he could get a response, a rather attractive blonde distracted Heath, who approached her, removing the rose tucked inside his shirt and placing it in her hair. He said a line that Dean didn’t catch, as he gave his boy space whilst he was working his magic.

"You should join track this year Heath!" One boy called, catching Dean's attention. Heath had been right about the track team. Upon his friend’s return, Dean raised one eyebrow, a sly grin spreading its way across his face.

“You dog, you!” he exclaimed, balling his hand up into a fist and lightly tapping Heath’s shoulder with it. The grin still hadn’t left Heath’s face as he responded to something Dean had said nearly five minutes ago.

"Ya... I'm hungry too...lets get goin" Heath said as he lead Dean across the cobble stone boundary marker and into Lahea 'territory' towards the cafe. Dean followed obediently, raising his hands to the back of his head, lacing his fingers together as he walked apathetically. It didn’t take long before the two had reached the café. The smell of food wafted through the air, causing Dean’s stomach to growl angrily.

“Ugh, Heath, I’m starvin’!” Surveying the available food options, the boy finally decided on a rather delicious-looking sandwich, the contents of which remained unknown, but nevertheless, he purchased. This time, it was his turn to lead as he brought Heath to a table, taking a seat opposite the blonde. Carefully, he removed the lid of his sandwich, examining what was nestled within the slices. After deciding it was, indeed, edible, he repositioned the bread on top, lifting the sandwich to his mouth and biting in.

“So, Heath,” he began through his chewing. “I didn’t know which bunk you wanted, so I didn’t unpack. Last year you got bottom. Dunno which you want this year.” Once finished speaking, he resumed his meal.


“Ah, I’m so sorry for startling you!” Alina apologized once more, lowering her form into a full bow before righting herself. At that, her roommate went to get up, only to find her forehead abruptly acquainted with the upper bunk. As it was her bunk, Alina felt the need to apologize once more. Before she could get the words out, she found herself trapped in a full hug. The color quickly rose to her cheeks--she wasn’t used to being treated in this manner. Upon her release, she managed a small smile, unsure of what else to offer the girl. Her roommate, whom had just introduced herself as Corinne, quickly launched into a rather lengthy introduction, a speech to which Alina paid very close attention.

“N-No, don’t worry about moi, Miss Corinne,” the blonde responded, oblivious to the fact that she had let a French term slip. “I don’t mind cooking and cleaning! In fact, I wouldn’t mind doing it for you!” She bowed once more, emerging from the gesture with a small smile plastered onto her face. “After all, you are my elder.” She nodded in response to the brunette’s offer.

“I-I would be honored to accompany you. That is…” she paused for a moment, thinking. “…If you don’t think I’d be too much of a bother.” Bringing a balled-up fist to her chin, Alina looked at Corinne through wide blue eyes, head gently tilted to the side. She didn’t want to bother her roommate, especially if it would cause the girl to detest her. After all, the brunette was meeting her friends, and who knew where Alina fit into that equation. Her dismay was interrupted by the realization that she was still clutching the rose she had been presented with outside the main office.

“U-Um…” she stammered, lightly touching the petals with one finger. “Who was out there handing out roses?” She held the rose out slowly, biting her bottom lip. “He was giving them out just outside the main office.” Thrusting the rose towards Corinne, she added one final sentence. "You may have it, if you'd like. He sort of...made me uncomfortable. I-I apologize...that's rude of me to say..."

February 28th, 2008, 5:14 AM
What the hell was this?! Boys and girls in the SAME school? Inconceivable! And even after the merge, the new name kept that barbaric nickname that that trash of an all-boys school seemed to take so much pride in, it was disgusting! How could they do this? It was unforgivable! She was going to do something about this! Well, that’s what she initially thought before she found out that most of the parents had agreed to the absurd change…stupid parents. And once again, she had managed to bring her attention back to her parents, the two people she held the utmost hatred for, well, second most hated, her brother of course was at the top of her list. Anyway, it had already been a couple of months since the decision for change was announced, and she had begrudgingly gotten used to the new addition to the Academy’s campus, along with all the useless and insignificant people that went with it. Because, since boarding at Lahea’s, she had had to get used to a lot of things she wasn’t used to, and this was just another one of those inevitable things. Of course, this was a fairly significant change, but something she was sure she could get over…that or it would drive her insane. Regardless of her mental state, it was the first day back of the final year for the seniors, so even if the merge didn’t work out as smoothly as she would have hoped, she would only have to endure it for a year until she was gone, which was something she was extremely looking forward to.

But, the joint wasn’t a complete loss, it did bring about a healthy lot of freshmen meat for her to tear through, which she always enjoyed doing, plus there were also some new teachers she would have a chance to work her “magic” on, so the start of the first semester wasn’t all down in the dumps. She might actually manage to enjoy herself, but decided to keep her expectations low, as to not be disappointed when everything falls apart, which it undoubtedly will. Seriously, having such an incompetent person running as chairman to make a decision like this would NOT end well, period. Finally figuring that she had spent enough time reflecting on what had happened in the last few months, she decided to spruce herself up before going down to scope out orientation. Surely, she would run into some of her posse loitering around downstairs, probably picking on some “low-graders” as they called them or gossiping about some of the less repulsive guys who happened to be attending Academy, all of which she was looking forward to being apart of. But looking good came first, and seeing how it wasn’t an official school day, meant it was time for "hot Chris" to come out.

Luckily for her, she had already adorned her social attire beforehand and was now in one of the girls dormitory's bathrooms, adding the final touches to her appearance. She wasn't too fond of unnecessary accessories, but today's occasion seemed to call for an extra moe-indusive look that would undoubtedly have the boys wooing. And hey, if it worked well enough to attract some girls into the mix, the more the better. She always did appreciate a loyal following, and with each new year, her posse's posse, continued to increase.

Ringing her stubby black tie loosely around her shirt's collar, Chris unbuttoned the top two holes, allowing anyone within a metre of her to have a little "sneak peek", if they had the grapes to try. Standing back to admire the cute black tie, the brat then started to get to work on her tight navy jeans by wrapping two thick black, silver studded belts around her waist, each of them crisscrossing over the other. Following this, the ebony haired teen started to pick up the pace by roughly clipping on a small silver chain across her jean's belt holsters that extended from her front right to back right. Then, to finish off her sprucing, Chris gave a last tightening of her shirt's stylishly torn off cuffs before pulling her shirt's tail out and low-riding her jeans.

Standing back once again to face the bathroom's landscape mirror, Chris smiled at the girl now standing before her. Whoever she was, she was hot...well, at least her eyes she was. And since the girl WAS her, just made it better. Chuckling at the thought, the girl suddenly realised she had yet to fix up her hair, a sin if there ever was one. Calmly wrapping her fingers around a tuff of hair on each side, she slipped on her usual amount of bands to support each pig-tail, brushing off whatever didn't make it into a knot behind her.

There! She was finally ready to join the fray of hapless freshmen, dominating seniors and a whole new year of chaos. Now, the next thing she needed to do was get her priorities in order. Her first objective; find Plum and Chiharu, her most loyal and trusted two-woman posse, for which she shares a relationship close enough to be considered friendly. If she could find them, then she'd be set for the day.

"Alright! Time to sway the mass audience..." Chris muttered as she petted down an obscure strand of hair going against her fringe, "and there better be some cute boys down there. I mean, there has to be at least one perk in Lahea's degradation..."

Heaving a sigh, the heiress composed herself a final time, making sure everything was in order; her hair, clothes and whatever else she was carrying, before brushing through the girls' bathrooms and into the dormitory's main lobby, where she quickly found the entrance and exited the complex. And as if on cue, she heard the familiar sounds of several loud "crashes" followed by some rather undignified and unladylike curses emitting from just ahead of her, in the vicinity of Lahea's cafe. Such behavioural patterns could only mean one thing...Plum.

"Idiot...what's she doing fighting in Lahea's cafe?" Chris spat, placing both her hands on her hips as she watched the scene unfold. "If she wanted to show off, she should've gone to Armon's side...idiot. I guess I'll have to see what's going on then..."

Rena Ryuugu
February 28th, 2008, 1:16 PM
Clack clack clack.

The sound of high heels clacking on the tile floors of the hallway echoed through the now quiet dorms. Rosetta looked down at her watch again. 8:31, the face of the watch read boldly. It had only been a minute, and she had already gotten lost in this wretched place. Anger welled up inside of her, and she scrunched her nose with anger. Her glasses rose slightly, then resided on the end of her nose. She quickly pushed them back up into the proper position. Rosetta black curls looped down her back, and bounced as she picked up her pace. She swung her arms at her sides, one of which supported the three books she held in her hands.

Rosetta reached the end of the hallway, then peeked around the corner. Another empty hallway. She let out a sigh, then began down that hallway again. Her heels echoed once more as she sped up to resume the pace she had been walking at previously.

'It's no use. I'm going in circles,' she thought. With another long, drawn out sigh, she leaned against the wall and slid into sitting position. She pulled her legs into her and rested her face on her knees as she waited for someone who could help her find her room. Someone had to be coming down that hallway soon. She just knew it.

February 28th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Jamal was relaxing on the bottom bunk as he reminisced about the good old days of his freshman year, back in America. He was thinking about his first basketball game. About how the crowd was screaming at the coach for letting a freshman play in the last two minutes when the team was barely in the lead. About how they all shut up when he dunked on the opposing team’s Center, their tallest player. About how he shot that clutch three-pointer at the end of the game, winning the game for his team. About how all the ‘boo’s turned into triumphant cheers. Freshman year was such an incredible year. In that small amount of time, Jamal had managed to become the most popular freshman in the school and a true lady’s man. Only if he had stayed a bit longer, he might have had a chance to get his first kiss. Yeah, he had few pecks on the cheeks, but never a true, mind-boggling kiss. But of course, his parents ended up screwing up that aspect of his life too by choosing to move to this place. What’s worse, on Jamal’s trek to his dorm, he could count the amount of “brothers” he saw with his fingers. But this was his year! Junior year was a new start and he would make sure that it wouldn’t be like the mess of his sophomore year. A mess that began with the introduction of his roomma—


The door swung open with an ominous sound, and a young man, much shorter than Jamal, stepped into the room. Without hesitation, Jamal slipped out of the bed to get a better look at his new roommate. His sleek, beach blond hair flowed along his neck swung back and forth as the boy came to a sudden stop, also examining Jamal. His brilliant, sapphire eyes scanned Jamal’s entire frame; quite a feat for someone so small. He seemed to be perplexed by Jamal’s abnormal height. After one final inspection, Jamal concluded that the boy was merely a sophomore. “Good luck with that,” Jamal almost said, but quickly decided against it. He then began wondering about the boy’s personality. Pretty boys like him usually were hard to get along with. However, Jamal wasn’t going to let some small sophomore ruin his new start.

Jamal was about to open his mouth with a pleasant greeting but out of no where, his roommate started swinging his arms about in a weird dance. After a few seconds of the unwanted performance, Jamal recognized the rough dance style as one he had seen in a rap video not long ago. Then he got to thinking: was this kid trying to be funny, or was he the judgmental type? Not exactly the best introduction, but hey, at least he was trying. Jamal managed to rack up a false smile as the boy’s dance came to an end.

“What’s up?” the boy asked in a voice much more soothing than Jamal had guessed. There was a slight accent in his voice that sounded kind of cool, and probably adorable to the ladies.

‘Maybe he isn’t so bad. And possibly, with looks like that, he can help me in a few ways,’ Jamal thought. Of course, by this Jamal meant some help picking up girls.

“Nothing much, just waiting for you really. Well, I’m Jamal, Jamal Robinson. I’m a basketball fan, obviously, but at the moment I’m just hungry. So tell me a little about yourself and let’s head to the Café or something.”

February 28th, 2008, 4:40 PM
"AHA." Corrine blurted out after hearing Alina use a French term. "So you ARE French like me! Did you live in France? Which part? Realizing she had just lead the conversation astray, the older girl set herself back on topic by responding the the comments Alina had provided her with. She sweatdropped a little in response to the small girl's polite behaviour. She was nothing like Miki, her old roommate, who was rude and lazy. Though, she guessed those qualities were why Miki and Rémi had dated for a short few weeks after meeting over spring break. "No, no, I insist on doing the chores! And what does age have to do with it? It's just a number." To any normal person, this squabble would be bizarre. Two girls both trying to take the job of doing the chores... strange indeed.

Dwelling on the younger girl's next comment, Corinne placed her hands on Alina's shoulders, and looked down at her with a big smile. "Don't worry, the more the merrier~ Besides, you should make some friends in the older years. That way you'll have people to see when inevitable troubles pop up! It's not like Miki and Karil will be mad or anything! Okay, maybe Miki will, but she just dislikes most people." Realizing what she had just said about her best friend, she quickly rushed the topic along. "And it would be good for you to join a club or something to meet new people too! I'm captain of the 9th and 10th years in the tennis club, and while it's a much lesser know fact around campus, I'm also a pianist in the music club! So, if you feel you need to join something with someone you know, you could join one of those two with me if you want."

She gave yet another innocent smile as she let go of the girl's shoulders, only to have the rose shoved in her face. So that was it, huh? She was just randomly given one? "You... can probably just discard it." Corrine replied uncertainly to Alina's offer of giving her the rose. "With the merging of the schools, you can imagine that some idiot boys are pulling stunts like this to earn the favor of the girls. They're superficial, so if you meet another guy like that, you should probably just ignore him." This, for once, was advice coming from experience. Her brother used to have a lot of friends like that in elementary school. "So, shall we go then? Try and stay close to me. The place is pretty hectic today as a result of the school combination, so we shouldn't get separated!"


After a short, yet tedious (tedious because his new roommate seemed to greet everything that moved, while Rémi kept to himself since he had made very few friends the year before). Upon arriving at the gym, Leberecht ran off in pursuit of his track club, while encouraging Rémi to join as well. While he was quite good at running, the French boy had always hated it. It wasn't his niche. Getting the last word in his discussion with his roommate, with a casual "See ya!", Rémi was left alone and to his own devices once again.

Eventually, the boy came across the booth for the music club, which was being tended by his friend Natalia. She was, surprisingly, from Canada. She had served as an exchange student in the LaClaire household for a few weeks when they were young, and they two twins became fast friends with her. Last year, Natalia had moved to Europe for schooling, and had decided to attend Lahea's, where she met up with Corinne and was reintroduced to Rémi. She was a cute girl, with long black hair and green eyes. As of the moment he saw her in the music booth, she was wearing her standard uniform with a red ribbon, since it would be improper to endorse a club in any other attire. He chatted with her for a moment as he glanced down at those who had signed up so far. He saw his sister's name on the list, and, after much contemplation, put his own name down as well. He was a violinist, yet he played a few other instruments such as the piano as well. Natalia responded with a smile as he signed up, and she handed him a few pamphlets before he departed.

"Rémiiiii you bastard!" The boy picked at his right ear. Was he hearing things? "I'll never forgive youuuuuu!" Yeah, just a pest. Maybe a mosquito or something. He stood still, listening. The pest was coming closer. 3... 2... 1... IMPACT. The foot of Corinne's friend, and Rémi's ex, Miki, met with his arm which he had used to block the flying blow. Panting, the opponent backed away from the boy, with a meeker looking girl standing behind her. "I can't believe you saw! Everything! I feel so violated!"

"WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY? I DIDN'T MEAN TO SEE YOU IN THE SHOWER. HELL, YOU DON'T JUST LEAVE THE DAMN DOOR OPEN!" Silence overcame the gym. Crap, bad move. Miki, being the tsundere type of person she was, turned bright red, as did Rémi who had realized his mistake. Luckily Corinne had yet to arrive, or he would have been in big trouble.

As people in the gym began to talk again, the meeker girl with short red hair and blue eyes, clad in uniform, Karil, tried to restore conversation between the two. "Um... Have you seen Corinne, Rémi? We were supposed to meet her here..."

"Oh?" Miki, the long blonde haired, blue eyed tyrant chimed in after seeing Rémi's pamphlets, ignored Karil and chimed in with a topic of her own. "So you decided you're not better than everyone else and decided to join a club?"

Before he had a chance to respond, another familiar, bubbly voice spoke, this time from behind him. "So you joined music club with me, little brother?" Rémi sweatdropped. She was only older by a few minutes, dammit. Corinne ran past him before he had a chance to turn around, and embraced Miki in a hug, whom turned red, before going to Karil, who did the same. "You two, it's been two months, but it feels like forever!"

"I guess so." Miki replied blatantly. "Two months, but this damn school has changed so much. There are boys here now, so I should be happy. I mean, more people for me to beat at soccer, right? But still, I feel like I'm constantly being watched. Maybe I'm just insecure." Rémi raised his right index finger, and was probably about to say something sarcastic, before Miki cut him off. "DON'T YOU THINK ABOUT IT."

Rémi sweatdropped. "Yes ma'am..."

"Oh, so who's your friend?" Karil spoke up again, pointing to Alina whom was still behind the group in a location where Rémi had failed to notice her. "She your roommate?"

"Yup!" Corinne's reply came shockingly instantaneous. "Everyone, this is Alina Lenoir! She's a freshman!" The girl's hand gestured in Alina's direction, and Rémi looked behind him to see what she was like. He was shocked at first. She was just so... petite. But there was something about her, something about her that was beautiful... "...and this is my brother, Rémi!" He had apparently zoned out from being in awe by the girl, and had missed the introductions of Miki and Karil.

"Er... um... hey!" Was all he managed to say on an impulse. He mentally hit himself for making such an error. Corinne would know for certain now that something about this Alina girl had caught his attention.

In the meantime, Corinne raised an eyebrow at her brother's response. He barely ever fumbled with his words. This could be interesting...

February 28th, 2008, 5:42 PM
"....." Illya accepted the rose and looked blankly at the guy before her. How had she not noticed him coming? Was she that absorbed in the track team? She tried to conceal her blush of embarrassment by avoiding his gaze and looking a bit irritated. But this didn't prevent him from going on.

"Hi there names Heath...You know... a cute girl like you seems much more suited for soccer than something like the track team..." He said, eying the pamphlet that she was reading. "I'm the co-captain...maybe I can teach you a few pointers sometime and you can come try out?" With that, the blonde-haired boy flashed her a smile. There was something about that smile that made her openly blush, but he had already returned to his friend to notice. This Heath person was very gallant. What did he say she'd be good in, soccer? Illya examined herself. Did she have a soccer buil-. Wait. What the hell was she doing. She was becoming one of them. Ew. Her expression soon turned into a scowl. Who did that guy think he was? His hair was everywhere, to begin with. How very unkempt. Hopefully they wouldn't meet again. Folding the pamphlet up, she looked around the campus again. The tight groups of guys and girls now seemed a bit looser as everyone was re-acquaintancing themselves with old friends or meeting new ones. There were actually a few girls talking to other guys. Illya took her foot of the wall and dusted off her skirt. She really shouldn't be loitering. Now that track was taken care of, she deserved a time to relax in her new living space. "Those unpackers should be done by now I guess." She first looked for the closest trashcan to dump the track brochure into and returned back to her old campus.

Once inside the dorm building, it was more chaos than she had expected. There were girls running to and fro, back and forth from room to room discovering who their new neighbors were and if they should be greeted or not. There were a couple of people with boxes entering and exiting rooms, probably those who were getting their rooms relocated. Illya smirked. Been there, done that. During the beginning of the day, Illya came face to face with an old devil she had been unfortunate to know last year. It was a vicious battle for the original Dorm #111, which Illya knew for sure she would have won if it was not for the wench having already moved her hideous things into the room as well as using the all powerful 'I was in here first' tactic. After 'accidentally' knocking the witch's water filled vase over her spiffy new Blueberry, Illya had made a dash to the school office in order to change her dorm. Alas, she would have to stay in this new dorm whether she liked it or not, it was her only option. Casually opening the door Illya wal-

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH?!?!?!" She quickly put a gloved hand over her mouth. What the hell was this?! Her lace! Her beautiful satin lace! In the center of the floor! IN the center of the floor! This must have been Kaylia's revenge for her stupid Blueberry. But how did she find her dorm number? Gathering up the lace, Illya began to pile them on top of her bottom bunk along with the rose she had received earlier. The nerve! It was then that she heard a noise coming from the bathroom. Illyabera's face grew red with anger. And that wench still had the nerve to continue the rape of her items in the bathroom? A pile of lace still gathered up in her hand she stomped over to the bathroom. Before her there was someone de-clipping her pink frills. Whoever it was, it wasn't Kaylia, but that didn't matter. Even if it was the principle herself, they would not avoid her surging wrath.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, MESSING. WITH. MY. DECOR." A few frills were falling from her arms and she could swear that her hair was in a disarray, but that barely mattered now. Maybe she should have applied for soccer, she really felt like kicking something.

February 28th, 2008, 7:29 PM
Luce looked up with a disdainful stare at the person who had just addressed her, the girl who got suspended last year for a week after getting in a fight that was more like a brawl than a catfight.

The Great Destroyer of Satin and Lace stood, a handful of toilet skirt in her hand as she raised an eyebrow at who obviously seemed like her new dormmate. Good God. A switch in Luce's head turned on as she slumped all her weight on one foot, putting one hand on her hip as she examined the girl. She looked like a rich pampered girl gone wild, with slightly mussed hair. Um, ew much? Luce's expression and mindset was far from understanding of the girl's liking for the decor. There was no room for guilt regarding her taking down all the decorations without permission. There was no space for considering to apologize for ruining their relationship before it even started. That was no loss in the first place. And there was no way she was going to give a sweet response to such a crappy attitude. Luce's pride as a bully, unladylike brute, and complete witch was at stake here, and she held up the pink toilet skirt with a little shake of her hand as she brought it up to eye level.

"Sorry," Luce scoffed, pasting on her most disgusted face with little effort, "But I am not going to take a piss with this thing," She waved the fabric in her roommate's face, "under my ass. O-Kay? I'll strike you a deal. You can keep this nasty decor on anything that is yours, and yours only." Luce dropped the toilet skirt onto the floor and smiled as fakely as she could, knowing that she'd made no friends or allies. Enemies were more fun, after all. Stepping over the toilet skirt and sliding past her dormmate into the bedroom, Luce stopped in her tracks once she noticed the heap of decoration on the bottom bunk. She put her hands on her hips, jutting her jaw out a little as she tapped the toe of her puma's. There was no way in heck that would stay. Ever. Spinning around, her face reflected an expression of displeasure rather than the female-to-female taunting from before.

She pointed a hastily painted yellow nail at the pile of lace on her roomie's bed, "I honestly don't mind pink, but... let's keep things tasteful."

This, of course, was the most hypocritical statement Luce had ever uttered, due to her clashing color choices and whacky apparel. The teen who had probably given one of the worst first-impressions ever gave her new roomie two thumbs up, her plastic bracelets clanking together as she did so. Before holding out one hand and hooking her middle and index finger in her back pocket.

"So now that we've established that your lacey satin is going to turn the color of whatever I vomit up if it stays any longer, my name is Luce. I can see a very enjoyable year ahead of us, and I hope we can become great friends." Sarcasm dripped off of every word that Luce uttered. It was no wonder Luce never managed to make any friends. But the girl who'd win bully award of the year's impression of this princess- (who wore gloves indoors for your information,) was by far the reason that caused Luce to take the next step in her lack of friendliness. Usually, things ran a little bit less hostile.

February 28th, 2008, 9:06 PM
"You should join track this year Heath!" Heath heard a familiar voice call from behind him, it couldn't have been anyone but Leberecht. Heath turned to him, giving a somewhat bored look, merely responding with, "ohhhh, I'll think about it this year?" Ending with a tone that clearly said he didn't plan on thinking about it at all.

As they walked, Dean complimented Heath's sly approach to the young blond girl, but of course he didn't need Dean's telling him to know that the courtship had been somewhat of a success. He could tell just by looking at the girl's bright red face. That being said, he really had no intention of pursuing a relationship with her, or any girl for that matter. They all seemed like such a hassle, but he couldn't help but be a little curious of what it would be like to actually date one of the many groupies that followed, but none stood out in particular. Heath voided his thoughts of girls as him and Dean reached the cafe. Heath followed Dean's move in ordering a sandwhich then followed him to a table. The two boys sat opposite each other and Heath watched Dean look through his mystery sandwhich, seemingly satisfied he dug in while Heath continued to poke at his sandwhich with a toothpick. He wasn't particularly big on eating fast. Dean finally broke the pre-meal silence.

“So, Heath,” he began through his chewing. “I didn’t know which bunk you wanted, so I didn’t unpack. Last year you got bottom. Dunno which you want this year.” he said as he began to take another huge bite.

"come on Dean... why do we go through this? You know I don't care... I'll take the bottom again I suppose." Heath responded as he pulled off a piece of his sand which daintily and placed it in his mouth, chewing lightly. Dean responded with something Heath didn't quite catch as he zoned out, drifting into thought as he watched the students pass by. Him and Dean held a slightly one sided conversation as Dean continued to talk relentlessly while Heath gave small or one word answers. The afternoon grew later and later while the 2 boys caught up.

"Uhh Dean... we've got plenty of time to talk since we, um, well, live together. How bout we just head back to the dorms and call it a day? I stopped off and grabbed marshmallows and chocolate chips to snack on, waddya say?" Heath said as he stood up from the table, still with a fourth of his sand which left. He stretched high over his head and walked over to the trash can, tossing it away and waiting for Dean before heading back to the dorms together. As the two began walking, Heath asked a very out of character question.

"Hey Dean..." Heath said, pausing a moment as he phrased the uncomfortably uncharacteristic question in his mind. "What do you think? With all this stuff going on with the school merging, should we actually try and find real girlfriends? instead of just messin around all the time?" Heath said as he pursed his lips together as the thought of him actually settling with one of the giddy groupies once again haunted his mind, making him cringe a little. The two continued to walk together as the dorms came into sight.

February 28th, 2008, 10:21 PM
After making her way towards the apparent commotion erupting in the midst of Lahea’s café, Chris stood unmoved as she finally realised the extent of the situation. Staring blankly at the scene while continually sweatdropping, she watched her friend struggle against two boys who were apparently trying to restrain her, albeit not very successfully, from attacking a third boy who was on the ground, his cheek all busted and red.

It had happened again, the scene was all too familiar, well, too much for her liking. Heaving a sigh, the pigtailed girl strode over to the fallen boy and inquired as to what he was doing, to which he responded in short pathetic breaths; “S-She attacked me! Out of nowhere! Is she mental?!”

“Mental?” the captive girl exclaimed, while fighting against the two boys who were struggling to restrain her. “You want mental? Tina-chii! Show em what you got!”

The pigtailed girl facepalmed at her friend’s threat, pissed off at the fact that her friend had just called her “Tina-chii”, a nickname she didn't exactly care for, as well as the fact that the Samurai wannabe had also just called her mental. Turning huffily around, the pigtailed heiress grabbed her scantily clad friend by the collar, drew her right up close to her face so that their heads butted, while also releasing her from her restraints, who in which fell to the ground, quite relieved.

“I told you to NOT call me “Tina-chii”, you know I don’t care for that,” she started, furrowing her brow as she grinded her words through gritted teeth, “and don’t call me mental either, unlike you, I actually have a reputation to keep, got it?”

“Ehhh? Fine, whatever...” the brunette replied with a pout, swatting the girl's grip away before whipping out her bamboo sword and pointing it directly at the fallen boy’s nose, “anyway, this bastard started it! Trying to buy me lunch, the nerve of this punk! And don’t try to act all innocent either, there are witnesses!”

Silence dominated the outside café. The dining students who had been these witnesses to the incident, stared blankly at the confession of the girl. Chris, who had put up with Plum’s irrational behaviour before, hung her head, another sigh escaping her lips. Somehow, the brunette always seemed to find another way to surprise her, it was actually quite remarkable. Her level of stupidity however, never seemed to change.

“Plum, let me say this so that you’ll understand,” Chris started again, but in a much calmer yet icy tone. “You are undoubtedly the most BAKA person I have ever met. Now if you're done flashing yourself and beating up this chump, I suppose you have no reason to be hanging around here anymore, neh? And you…” she then stated, pointing at the boy with the bruised cheek, “if you think you can score with a chick by simply treating her to lunch, I'll tell you now that you won't be getting any, anytime soon. Oh, and before you start running to the teachers with your tail between your legs and start rambling to them about what just happened, I’d at least toughen up a bit, cause I have no doubt in my mind that Plum here can beat you and anyone else in this school into a pulp, including the faculty. So do us a favour and piss off, m'kay?”

To add a little insult to injury, the moe-ly dressed heiress flashed the boys a small smile as if everything had resolved itself quite smoothly, before waving them off as they retreated back onto Armon soil. It was then that Plum siddled up onto her back, where she hung her arms and head over the girl's shoulders, depite being much heavier and taller, and with a cheeky expression plastered across her face.

"Ya know Tina-kun, you talk pretty tough for a chick, but inside you're a pretty sweet lass to be looking out for me aren't ya, aren't ya?" the Samurai teen teased, rubbing her cheek playfully against the other girl's.

"Listen you...I only did it because you were making such a ruckus on Lahea turf," Chris shot back, gutting her friend in the stomach with her elbow as she pulled away to face the brunette, "our school has a reputation y'know, and so do I, so I'm not gonna have you disgracing us in public, or worse, in front of these low-graders from Armon, d'ya understand?"

"Ehh...it's all the same to me," Plum replied snootily as she scrunched her nose rand squinted her eyes, a common habit she adopted to avoid Chris' piercing eye contact for whenever she got scolded, "but you know me, I can't back down from a challenge, it's dishonourable."

"You idiot...he wasn't challenging you, he was just shouting you lunch."

"Thought you said he was hitting on me?"

"He was, but he was also looking for a way to get into your robe..." the heiress sighed, shaking her head in disbelief, "haah...it's exhausting being with you, y'know?"

At that, Plum flashed the girl a bright grin as she wrapped an arm around her neck before dragging her away from the scene, ignoring the calls from the cafe's manager, who had just found out what was going on and was more than quite upset.

Of course, wherever Plum went, chaos followed, so keeping the teen Samurai under control was one of Chris' ever important jobs. She was a hassle, yes, and also a huge pain in the ass to clean up after too, but her services were invaluable. Plum was a tank. She was a member of every sporting club available in school and was easily one of the school's best athletes. This wasn't so much of an issue for the heiress, cause she didn't mind having one of her friends being better than her in such a trivial thing as sports, and since the brunette wasn't exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch, she didn't have to worry about the being opposed academically either. The only real flaw to being associated with the brash, half naked Samurai, was the fact that she was one of the most attractive girls in the Academy, a role which Chris tried very hard in maintaining. Of course, she never told her friend this, but deep down, it always frustrated her.

Regardless, the incident had passed, and they only had a few hours left before orientation was over, meaning anymore goofing off would result in a rather uneventful year for them, which was something they wouldn't have, especially since it was their last year. Informing Plum that sign ups for clubs were soon closing, Chris parted ways with her bunk mate from last year and started to head back towards the girls' dormitory.

She had yet to locate and settle within her quarters, which was rather uncharacteristically slack of her to forget, so finding her new dorm was her next objective, and after putting up with Plum for a year, she was quite confident that whoever her new room mate was, would be a pushover. Retracing her steps from earlier in the morning, Chris ascended to the second floor where the majority of the girls' dorms were located.

Striding casually down the first hall, she acknowledged many of the younger girls who were exploring the building, with a fake smile and a cheerful wave, before spitting on ground in disgust as she turned the corner and disappeared from sight. Looking down the now quite secluded corridor that lined the south side of the complex, she noticed a single figure sitting next to one of the larger rooms used for accomodating the seniors and whoever else was lucky enough to be bunking with them.

"And who might you be?" the pigtailed heiress asked with a cute yet devilish smile. "And why are you sitting here in front of my room?"

February 29th, 2008, 5:39 PM
The dorm sucked. It really did. In the health department, at least. It was like a hotel room, clean in appearance but in actuality it was one of the most disgusting and filthy you could go. This was Fabian's view, anyway. Good thing he knew he was going to revamp it as soon as his new “pal” left.

Fabian paid more attention to these details than what “blackie” was saying.
“...Go to the cafe or something.”

“Huh?” Fabian questioned, just noticing that the other kid was trying converse. “You want to go to the cafe?” Fabian figured he was repeating what Gigantor said. “Sure, what ever. Let me get changed.” They say you your cloths tell a lot about your origin. Living on the Olympia Peninsula in upper state Washington, Fabian was used to freezing cold and cloudless days. So, of course, that is why he was dressed in a parka and corduroys, instead of shorts and kacki shorts like everyone else.

He undid his pants. Fabian knew he should take more cation about who he dressed in front of, especially in front of someone he had just met. Some day a person would take offense and he would be sorry, still until that day came he won't give a rats ass. It's kind of like how a porn star can have people watch them do porn-ish stuff.

He dug through his suitcase, which mainly contained floral patterned bathing suits and colorless tank tops. “Perfect!” Fabian said in excitement. He had found his favorite pair of swimming trunks. It was blue and pink with diagonal strips. He slid them over his jet black briefs with a smile of proudness.

“My name is Fabian. Let's go.”

((You can describe the walk there.))

March 1st, 2008, 4:06 PM
(Short post, sorry)

Jamal awaited Fabian’s answer as the sophomore simply stared back at him.

“Huh? You want to go to the Café? Sure, what ever. Let me get changed.”

“Changed?” Jamal wondered, seeing nothing wrong with Fabian’s current attire.

Then suddenly, the blonde-haired youth sped past Jamal and opened up his suitcase. Jamal continued his confused look as Fabian began to open his suitcase. To Jamal’s surprise— and disgust— Fabian unbuttoned his pants and slid them right off, revealing his jet-black briefs. The two had just met, and Fabian had already trusted him enough to get undressed in his face! OR maybe it was just that the teen was used to getting undressed in front of others... whatever it was, Jamal wasn’t okay with it. He pretended to cover his eyes with his arm, but still peaked to see what Fabian was going to put on.

“Perfect!” the German student shouted with glee. Jamal looked over to see the boy carrying a pair of swimming trunks out of his suitcase. Instead of watching Fabian finish getting dressed, Jamal glanced inside the suitcase to see what else Fabian wore. Without much surprise, he saw that his roommate had brought many colorful bathing suits and tank tops.

“Is there even a beach around here?” he thought to himself.

“My name is Fabian, by the way. Let’s go.” Jamal looked up once again and saw Fabian wearing the blue and pink swimming trunks he had pulled out of his suitcase. That was it. Jamal could be seen with a kid like this. It’d ruin his reputation before he could even get it started.

“Um... on second thought, our hour of free time is almost up. I think I’ll just unpack and take a quick nap or something. Sorry for making you get changed.”

March 1st, 2008, 8:01 PM
OOC: 9Genetic Engineering FTW!!!!- Brad's Mom does own a biotech company after all- Brad can breathe underwater... I guess I've taken spot of inhuman freak...0

"Well, that is it's for fun. I'm spent. I guess I'll go swim..." Brad thought to himself an hour later. He was bored- nothing new on his forums, nothing good in online games, and he was tired of his other "videos". So he left the room, and instructed Security to accept any person saying that they were lodging in 13. Brad meandered out of the dorm, and to the pool, it was tranquil, The guard was a brawny man, white, and when Brad asked if he could swim, the man said sure. Brad was good at swimming for a multitude of reasons- lifetime of swimming, living near the sea. Brad went into the locker rooms near the pool, got in his suit, put on his black goggles, and jumped in. He fell into the water with a SPLOOSH and began to swim laps continuously.


Brad got out of the pool, and redressed. He was tired, so he went back to his room. Still no roomie. He got a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper 4-Liter out of his fridge, and poured himself a few glasses. He was relaxed- he had gotten his work out. He also had found out, through gossip, that the Intellectual Society was easy- just reading, watching TV- but news. Brad didn’t mind. Brad had not brought a TV because he thought it was illegal- he would have to ask a superior, he surmised. Brad was still puzzled (and elated)- where in the hell of hypothetical God was his roomie????

Trainer Kat
March 1st, 2008, 9:32 PM
"Uhh Dean... we've got plenty of time to talk since we, um, well, live together. How bout we just head back to the dorms and call it a day? I stopped off and grabbed marshmallows and chocolate chips to snack on, waddya say?" At this, Heath stood, depositing the remains of his sandwich in one of the trash bins. Dean stood; throwing away the paper his sandwich had come wrapped in. Before he responded to his friend, he pushed the final bite of his meal into his mouth with his index finger.

“Hell yeah, Heath!” He brought his hand up behind Heath’s head, ruffling his blonde hair. It was no wonder he refrained from combing his hair--it would just end up messed up by nightfall anyway, what with the number of times Dean ran his fingers through it. “You always manage to pull through for me, don’t you?” His expression turned to shock as Heath spoke once more.

"Hey Dean..." Heath said, pausing a moment as he phrased the uncomfortably uncharacteristic question in his mind. "What do you think? With all this stuff going on with the school merging, should we actually try and find real girlfriends? Instead of just messin around all the time?" Dean chuckled softly.

“You’re kidding, right?” He brought his fingers to his forehead, lightly running them through his thick, ebony bangs. “Look at us, Heath! We’re the two most attractive guys at Academy. Why should we be limited to just one girl?” He shrugged. “You do what you want, man. I think it’d be a big mistake. We’ve got a good thing goin’.”

Upon their arrival back in the dorm, Dean instantly sat at the foot of Heath’s bed, though not before grabbing his guitar and strumming it lightly. He sat with his back against the wooden bedpost suspending his bed above his roommate’s, one leg dangling off the bed, the other outstretched, reaching to the middle of Heath’s bed.

“Here it is, dude!” he exclaimed, following his sentence with a dramatic chord. “Home sweet home for the rest of the year!” A grin graced Dean’s face. “And…we’re on the first floor, so no stair-climbing or waiting for the elevator.” With that, he struck a few more dramatic chords before looking to his friend and roommate, the same foolish grin plastered onto his face.


“Um…I…I grew up in Brest, but we moved to Paris a few years ago.” Alina smiled at her roommate. It was a soft smile, not one particularly enthused, but kind nonetheless. “Well…if you insist on doing chores, perhaps we should split the duty up?” She tilted her head slightly to the side. “After all, I couldn’t possibly allow you to do everything. That would be horribly rude of me!” Her face lit up at the mention of music club. “You play piano?” she asked, a twinge of enthusiasm shining through in her otherwise rigidly polite tone. “I…well, I used to play before we moved. It would be…fun to start back up!”

Placing the rose on the dresser, Alina followed Corinne as she exited the room. The gym in which they ended up was, well, huge. Throngs of people entered to examine the activities. Alina felt rather congested in here. It was like…one of those mosh pit things she had seen on TV. A small shudder ran down her spine. The last thing she wanted was to be crushed by a stampede of humans. The blonde watched as her roommate joined her friends--two females and one male. Feeling rather out of place, she remained towards the back of the pack, allowing them to get reacquainted. She busied herself with the music booth, penciling her name in the next space on the members list. Her thoughts were interrupted by a female voice.

"Oh, so who's your friend? She your roommate?"

It wasn’t hard for Alina to figure they were referring to her. Instantly, she turned, just in time for Corrine to introduce her. The girls were Miki and Karil, and the boy…he was Rémi, Corinne’s brother.

"Er... um... hey!" He stuttered.

“H-Hello,” she managed, cheeks flushing. Lowering her head, she grasped both sides of her skirt in her small hands, drawing the fabric out sideways. Extending one foot beyond the other, she bent her knees outwards, lowering her head and shoulders forward before righting her body. “I-It’s very nice to meet you.” Looking to the two girls, she quickly added; “all of you.” Alina’s attention was diverted back to Rémi momentarily. Flashing him a small smile, she continued. “You must be Miss Corinne’s twin. You look very much alike.”

March 2nd, 2008, 2:41 PM
OOC: Crappy post ftw!

Well, looks like we've found common ground. Corinne thought to herself after she learned that her new roommate lived in Paris AND was a piano player. That would make future conversation so much easier. She didn't comment on splitting the chores, to be quite frankly, Corinne intended to do them all anyways. It was nice to see she was enthusiastic, though. She wasn't anything like Miki, which might make things more relaxing. It would be a completely different. The meeting of friends seemed to be going fine, as well. Alina had introduced herself to the others, and had recieved an interesting response from her brother, let alone acting a little strange herself. Rémi, usually the type of person to be ignorant to most people, had actually said something to her roommate. Not to mention he didn't know what to say at first. He ALWAYS knew what to say. So, all signs pointed to one thing. Rémi was actually intrigued by someone.

"She looks like some troublesome brat to me." Miki rudely commented after noticing this as well. The curtsy was enough to send the tomboyish girl into the willingness to depart from the rest of the group, and so she did. Rémi ignored the girl's comment and departure. Her short fuse was the particular reason they had broken up in the first place.

Karil and Corinne, in the meantime, sweatdropped. "Please excuse her attitude!" Karil scrambled to apologize for her roommate as she bowed rapidly. "She's very... uhm... vocal!" It was funny, she couldn't think a better term to use.

When Alina proceeded to smile at Rémi, he responded in kind with a more awkward smile. She then proceeded with her observation that he really looked like his sister. Now, the problem was trying to identify if she was using it complimentary or insultingly. He had grown up being made fun of for looking like his sister, so it really was difficult to tell sometimes. But, by the tone of Alina's voice, it wasn't a hostile comment, so he responded. "Yeah, I guess we do..." He struggled for a moment with a topic, not sure what to say. "Um... If you need a tour of the Armon campus at any point, I could probably show you around." Corinne sweatdropped. THAT was the best he could come up with? Well, well. He had only just met her, and he was already asking her out... sort of. Had something changed in her brother that she had yet to notice.

After glancing at her watch, Karil made an important announcement to the others. "Guys, our free hour is almost up. We should probably be heading off to wherever we're planning on going now."

"Okay, see yas." Rémi said as he began to wave his hand in the air, turning his back at the same time. "I'm going back to my dorm to finish unpacking."

"And I've got to go find Miki before she breaks something in my dorm!" Karil said, in a very scatterbrained manner as she ran off behind the boy to the gym's exit.

"Shall we go then?" Corinne asked Alina, giving a warm smile before turning for the exit. It wasn't long after that they arrived at their dorm room. Gesturing towards the top bunk, Corinne offered her bunk to the younger girl. "I threw all of my things on the bottom bunk, but if you'd like the bottom, it's fine." She also threw in another question, simply out of curiosity. "What did you think of my brother? He's pretty lazy, but he's good at a lot of things, though you wouldn't think it by the way he presents himself..."


Back at his dorm, Rémi had just finished placing his sheets on the top bunk in which he would be residing for the next year, while unpacking his other things soon after. Having nothing better to do afterwards, he climbed back up to his bed and layed himself down on his back so that he was staring up at the cieling. That girl... she was cute. And there was something about her that caught his attention, yet he hadn't figured out what yet...

March 2nd, 2008, 6:02 PM
Brad was sitting, playing Civ IV, his American Civilization currently trying to take the Holy Roman Capital of Aachen, when suddenly... a loud noise occured. His roommate, pitch black in color, with a blonde afro and blue eyes, lanky and slim, with bulging muscles, wearing golden necklaces, sunglasses, a white tanktop and a backward baseball cap, black in hue, upon his head, burst into the room.
"Yo. Whaddup, dawg?" the kid said, in a calm, monotonous tone.
"Nothing much kid. Your bed is there. My crap is blocking the window, and takes up that wall, and the wall with my bed. I'll leave you to your wall. Don't bother me- I don't talk a lot. This computer is mine, and mine alone." Brad said coldly.
"Aight. What's that robot thing on the door?" replied the kid calmly as he set his things down. A man, obviously a senior, helped him bring in his things. A small desk, light brown in color, and a small computer were installed on his wall. Then, the senior promptly left. Brad swiveled the chair, to face the boy.
"Well... that is security. I'll register you in the system. Computer, register this man's DNA, please." said Brad calmly. A red light scanned the boy. His DNA was registered.
"Now, what is your name, kid?" Brad said coldly, a cross look emblazoned across his golden face.
"I am Xavier Moreau." said the kid in response, with a tone pathetically trying to imitate Brad's frozen demeanor.
"Alright. You're registered. Now leave me to my computer-generated genocide." said Brad, in a tone even colder than the ones before.. Xavier gave Brad a look of disgust and a feeling of "WTF???" emanated from the ebony boy. Brad just hunched over, coordinating his computer pixels into a highly evil battle plan- Aachen was his. Xavier just left- to explore, he yelled. Brad then looked through the forms he left on his nightstand- Xavier's was simpler- a cloth over a glass surface attached to a metal pole. Xavier had signed up to try out for football, basketball, and baseball- athlete, eh? Brad was a bit peeved- he had an idiotic jock for a roommate. Not that Brad wasn't athletic- he had auditioned for swimming.

Later, Xavier got back, and set up his bed. A simple white sheet, and a blanket- nothing like Brad's regal appearing bed.
"You know kid, just because I'm poorer than you doesn't mean you have to treat me like crap." Xaiver said. Brad noticed Xavier looked deep in thought. Brad quickly responded.
"My cold tone and lack of socialization are given to every one of my equal peers. Teachers get monotonous courtesy. i treat everyone to a nice helping of cold glares, biting tones, and cynicism. I know you must be incensed- oh, this kid is racist, or he thinks he is above me because he is rich- but no. I am not kid. Don't mess with me- hell has no rage like me pissed off. Besides, why should I socialize- biting tones help me avoid the 'treasured' ideals of social interaction. Alienation is a great safeguard to blackmail- letting someone know you, other than family, leads to bad things" explained Brad. Brad has anger, and cynicism in his voice. Xavier looked sheepish- his rash anger had been rebuffed by Brad's biting tones. Xavier turned away, and went to sleep.
"Well, I've alienated one kid- science only knows how many to go." Brad thought. On his computer, his tanks had taken Aachen and the good ports. Brad then ended the war, saved his game, and went to desktop. Brad then reclined, and smiled happily- he had already avoided a relationship with the brawny kid living with him- looks like he would not be bothered much this year.

March 3rd, 2008, 5:05 PM
ooc; Okay, no Luce IC. Just don't have time for it tonight. xD;


First through second period was “homeroom” for everyone. It varied from classroom to classroom, but before the days of Academy, there were only set things for Armon or Lahea to do during homeroom. Lahea would practice tea ceremony or flower arrangements, proper posture, random tidbits that would be studied further come the rest of the day. Armon students would partake in business lectures, learn to be silent when others are speaking, or maybe strike up a debate. Leberecht peered curiously at his schedule. Would there be girls in their debate now? Would he have to learn the proper way to serve tea? Sighing, he folded his paper without a single sound, pocketing the paper. A light sleeper, Leberecht had woken at the first ray of light that hit his eyes. He’d gotten good at being practically silent while getting ready in the mornings, because dorm mates weren’t always thrilled when you woke them up at the crack of dawn. Adjusting his crooked olive tie as best as he could in the mirror of the bathroom, Leberecht smoothed out his black blazer. There was nothing to do on the morning of the first day of school. His daily schedule often consisted of school during the day, track during the evenings, showering right after track, and going to bed early. If he had time before his unnaturally early bedtime, he might start his homework, but homework was usually done in the mornings for the young track-star. Running his comb through his hair one more time and sighing, Leberecht double checked everything. Hair, smooth and not a single strand out of place. Check. Skin, no blemishes, no break-outs. Check. Uniform, ironed and fitted. Check. Shoes… would be checked later. He took a deep breath. Leberecht’s breathing in the mornings was never really even. He was always too nervous that something might go wrong and ruin his perfect score of having surpassed Dietrich in everything. He bent his knees, before standing up straight again. Track try-outs wouldn’t be too horrible. He glanced at his silver watch. Well. He’d so far spent an entire hour in the bathroom checking and re-checking his appearance.

He didn’t want to go out into the room. He’d start pacing if he did, and that would wake Rémi. If he left, the closing door would surely wake him as well. And even if he did leave, the dorm doors weren’t even open yet. Where could he go? Cooking a lunch for himself would be out of the question. Eating at the Cafeteria was the way one got acquainted with new people, the way one could catch up with old friends. Leberecht had always wished that the bathrooms were bigger in size. It’d be less loud if he paced in the bathroom, if only there was room.

Shaking his head, Leberecht took another deep breath, before walking out of the bathroom as silently as he could manage. The smallest sound of the bathroom door bumping shut before he let the knob turn into place caused the overly anxious teen to flinch. He’d gotten so accustomed to the silence. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Leberecht scrapped the exhausted look off of his face, revealing a small smile and a pleasant gaze before turning around to face the room. He had a few choices. He could collect his books very slowly to save noise. He could pick up a book and read. He could sketch out a ‘To-Do’ list, or a schedule for the day. Leberecht could safely say that he was anxious to see whether the new addition of girls would disturb his academic and athletic life. Nothing about his own ability to excel at things. He might have to put in a little extra work regarding stocks and marketing, but he was confident about everything else. He picked up the stack of books on his desk and organized them into two piles: The ones he would need today, and the ones he wouldn’t. The stack of books he’d need made their way into his black messenger bag that doubled as a laptop bag, the school issued laptop already situated in the back pocket. The ones that he didn’t need found themselves placed between two marble slabs that Leberecht had used as book ends since freshman year. They were in excellent condition though, as was everything else the German native owned. He had to exceed his sibling in this aspect as well. Perhaps he’d consider joining an intellectual club this year. Chess, maybe? The silence would be a nice change in pace, and Rémi had expressed an interest in it. Still, it would mostly likely get in the way of track…

Two more hours until school started. Leberecht was tempted to bang his head down on his desk. But he didn’t, fearing that the noise would awaken his roommate, and not only that, but it would also show the easily frustrated side of him that he had so carefully hidden for the past two years. He opted to read through the new book issued to all boys.


Leberecht was quite sure that the burning smell that had reached his nostrils last night was the smell of these books, obviously issued to appease the Head Mistress of Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School, being burnt while the more extreme boys against the merge roasted marshmallows over its remnants. The book detailed on sitting posture, eye contact, listening, and manners. The basics. Leberecht skimmed the table of contents. What was he, a barbarian? He knew fully well how to eat, speak, and live with manners in mind. But the only thing that really caught Leberecht's attention as a change in pace was expectations. Before, most teachers hadn’t really cared about whether the students slouched a little in their seats during lectures. Those things lasted hours, after all. But now they wanted us to sit there in proper posture? Leberecht had cared very little for the merging earlier, when he’d received the notification at home.

Now, he wasn’t so sure that his acting skills could keep him pleasant with an aching back for three hours straight.

March 3rd, 2008, 10:50 PM
“You’re kidding, right?”

Dean answered Heath in the fashion which he had anticipated. If there was anything that seemed to annoy Heath about Dean at any time, it was his ability to make any situation seem like its nothing big.

“Look at us, Heath! We’re the two most attractive guys at Academy. Why should we be limited to just one girl?” He shrugged. “You do what you want, man. I think it’d be a big mistake. We’ve got a good thing goin’.”

"ya... i guess you're right" he responded with a solemn tone, obviously still engrossed in thought over his proposed change in life style. He didn't know himself why this would suddenly plague his mind, there was nothing to even prompt it. He sighed heavily as he walked, dragging his feet slowly as he watched the ground travel under his feet.

Before he knew it, Heath was walking into his dorm room, led by Dean.

“Here it is, dude!” he exclaimed. "Home sweet home for the rest of the year!”

Heath inspected the room as Dean talked. Same old stuff, same arrangement as last year, nothing had changed, not even the place where Dean set up to sit and play his guitar. Even though the bottom bunk was technically Heath's Dean seemed to spend more time on it than Heath did, but he didn't mind, he was used to doing everything with Dean. As Dean stretched a leg across the bed, Heath walked over to his luggage, reaching into a backpack that appeared to be for food, but upon unzipping it, revealed its contents to be at least a dozen bags of marshmallows and chocolate chips, the mutual favorite snack of Heath and Dean. Heath grabbed a couple bags and stepped over Dean's leg, plopping into the bed next to him and setting the bags between them. Heath tore open both bags, pulling out a handful of chocolate chips and mixing in a few marshmallows, and dropping them into his mouth, creating a thick chocolately mush that muffled his speech.

"...*rumpf*yup...ome schveet ome" He finally responded through a mouthful of chocolate and marshmallow. He leaned back staring at the bottom of the top bunk as he drifted into thought, awaiting the next day and the classes to come.

March 11th, 2008, 5:13 PM

Illya squeezed the pile of lace in her hands in order to channel her oncoming anger. First of all, she had a very fowl mouth; where in the world was this girl brought up? She must not be of her caliber. If she was, she must be one of those 'rebellious teen' things. The girl began to proceed in prodding at more of her things with that ugly yellow nail polish. Illya's eye twitched. This girl. She must be full of unclean, disgusting, filthy bacteria. And she was touching her stuff. Oh goodness, this wasn't sanitary at all. After the girl had finished her very brutish introduction, Illya gave a deep breath and began to formulate her own introduction in the most steady voice she could.

"My name is Illyabera Jannet Evanguard. Please do not touch my things-" As this statement was being said, she proceeded towards her bed to and gathered the pile of lace that had recently been pointed out, "If you touch my things, then I will also mess with your things, and I can't say that they'll end up what they were to begin with." She paused so that her dormmate could absorb this crucial information. "Also, if you're going to be my dormmate, could you at least act like you're at Lachea's? If you haven't noticed, this is (or used to be at least) a Ladies Finishing School. As in, refined...there's a lot you need to improve on." This said, Illya was beginning to feel less emotional. The pile of lace she had collected was now piling up in her arms over her face. Did she really bring this much? Peering over the lace heap, she addressed Luce again.

"By the way, I like things clean. We won't get anywhere if we through things about again. Especially other people's things. Oh, and I'd like to clean this place at the end of the day. So if anything of yours is lying around that you don't want cleaned, I'd either put it away or throw it out. Because if it's-" -the pile was beginning to fall over as Illya leaned to the side to catch it- "out, and I don't think it's worth anything, I'm going to throw it away myself. I also advise you to take showers if you don't already." In record time, the cleaning guidelines were now laid down. Now, it was time to do something about this soiled lace that had been touched by unknown hands. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to take this pile to the laundry room. Then I'm going to come back, get ready for school, and review my schedule. Now that you know what I'm doing, it shouldn't be a hassle for you to work your way around my schedule. Anyway, Ты меня достал~ I'll be back soon!" With a light smirk, Illya prodded the door open with her foot and left the dorm. As much as she hated her new dormmate, it could be something worth her amusement.

March 12th, 2008, 8:01 PM
Tch. What-ever. Yesterday had been such a ridiculo- gag.

Luce averted her eyes from the pink lace and made a beeline for the bathroom. Her shower took about ten minutes flat, and she didn't even bother to blowdry her hair. She toweled the blonde strands off, threw a handful of rainbow colored clips into her duffle bag along with her uniform and a towel, threw on a baseball jersey, a pair of stonewashed jean capri's, and shouldered her bag before exiting the bathroom. Once safely away from the steamy bathroom, as Luce enjoyed a searing hot shower in the morning, and a dreadfully cold one in the afternoon, she picked up her red metal Mizuno bat, pulled on a white beaten baseball cap, and headed out the dorm. Baseball tryouts were that morning, and she wasn't about to miss the chance to show up those smelly guys. Finding her way to the baseball diamond, she peered around at all the other tryouts. The trackfield was filled with soccer hopefuls, devoid of any track stars. Track was in the afternoon, because soccer would take up the morning slot. Five minutes till. Luce dropped her dufflebag and leaned on her bat, watching the soccer tryouts. Ugh. She raised an eyebrow at the girls running around. They were a disgrace to the name of sports. Tempted to shout out, ‘Go back to cheerleading’, Luce considered the comment seriously. They obviously weren’t there for soccer. Probably just to ogle at boys.

“Your pheromones are showing!” Luce taunted, earning a series of scandalized looks from the girls. Pulling her baseball hat off in salute, Luce stuck out her tongue and pulled her eyelid down before capping her bed hair away from sight. Laughing at the fuming girls, Luce kicked her bat out from under her arm and let the sweet spot sit on her shoulder, pulling up her dufflebag again to head off for baseball. It’d be endless fun if she could’ve been down there. She’d make sure to kick up a lot of mud and dirt, aim it right at those girls and wipe off those drooling expressions. But as the circumstances stood, Luce had to show up a baseball captain, who hardly glanced at her when she walked in. Luce looked around. Very few girls seemed to be willing to slide across the dirt to first base. Pathetic. So much for a shower, Luce thought as she threw and caught a baseball bat, a rather weak armed girl her partner who ‘oof’ed every time she caught one of Luce’s fastballs. She wouldn’t make the team, or Luce would eat her baseball hat. And that old rag wouldn’t taste good at all. Luce’s arrogant gaze added a tint of annoyance when the co-captain interrupted one of her pitches, punching her shoulder lightly and saying with an irritated look,

“No girly excuses this season.” He looked disgruntled, and Luce glanced up at the captain, who ignored her entirely. If it wasn’t him then… Luce looked to the pint-sized coach who was about to keel over from: “Potential! Oozing out of everyone’s ears! My goodness gracious- blah blah blah this season blah blah winning streak blah.”

“Showers!” The co-captain yelled.

Sweaty and exhausted. Ah, the best way to start a morning. Peeling off her hat and wiping off her forehead with the back of her wrist, Luce looked around. So far, she knew not a single baseball team member’s name. As usual. She’d probably have to piece the names together as the week went on, as usual. Unless the coach was the sappy, ‘let’s throw a baseball around and introduce ourselves’ type. Luce wouldn’t have been surprised at all. Judging by the handwritten roster of the baseball team members this season, there were two other girls. Luce scoffed. They didn’t need any other girl other than Luce. She was the only girl from Lahea that would’ve been worthy of the sports offered at Armon. Her life revolved around sports. She didn’t have time for petty grades. Speaking of grades… Luce smirked. It’d be fun to show up sweaty and gross to homeroom. Only a quick cold rinse, Luce decided, picking up her bat and heading off towards the clubrooms, where the men’s and ladies locker/shower rooms were located.

March 14th, 2008, 2:31 PM
((I've been in the hospital thanks to having the Flu, Bronchitis and Namonya (Crap! I can't spell it. Blame it on those damn sea monkeys.) all at once. I've been in there for about a week, so I never got time to post until now.))

Thanks to the shower roaring like thunder in a hurricane, Fabian's I-pod was cranked at maximum volume. His morning shower was over twenty minutes ago. Still he the water running, making sure that Jamal's bath would be colder than a taco in Antarctica. If only his roommate hadn't canceled their plans to eat at the cafe right after he had changed into his fancy bathing suit! Fabian was certain things would be normal between them after Jamal got a taste of ice. The steam faded enough for Fabian to inspect and vanitize. He quickly noticed his murky brown eyes.

“Ugh.” Was all he could manage to spit out. Talking while using mouth wash is like conversing while mute. He picked up his contacts. He could see perfectly, but he was like a carnivorous flower, he had to appeal to his victims. This year it was girls. Last year it was other classmen. Though they were not as important to his sexual life, looks had a good deal in popularity. Hell, you could be a demon bent on world destruction, but if you had sex-appeal, no one cared.

Fabian shook his head swiftly. Making his hair look messy and uncombed, as if he were a matted dog named Larry. He hated to see himself look like this, but again, looks are everything. He turned the shower off.


Jamal was still asleep. School Started soon, Fabian figured he had better wake him up. He heaved his heavy book bag onto his shoulder. His stomach grumbled, but it sounded more like a tiger ripping apart a walrus at Sea World, as he half dragged himself across the small, quite room. He flipped on the lights as he walked out.

March 16th, 2008, 6:00 PM
Heath awoke with a narrow squint into the room. Over top he could hear Dean's minor movements, still deep in sleep. Heath lay silently as the orange glow of the morning sun broke into their room in slits that lined the opposite wall. He rolled over lazily, picking his cell phone up from the floor and checking the time. Upon the inspection he sighed at his discovery.

"Ugh... 5:45... and I need to be at the fields at 6:30", Heath said to himself quietly into the silence. He rolled over breathing in heavily before finally dragging himself out of bed and slumping to his still unpacked bags. He tossed them open, pulling out his usual soccer practice wear of shorts and a t-shirt, then packing his uniform neatly into his soccer bag. Finishing his morning bathroom routine and of course skipping the hair brushing part, he headed out into the early morning sun.

Only a few students roamed the campus at this hour, mostly just others involved in sports since due to the afternoon heat, it was ideal to have practice in the mornings. He set on a brisk jog to the fields and upon arrival, set up the different equipment for the soon arriving potential players.


The practice went by, and it was a complete disaster. There were girls who didn't even know how to spell soccer, let alone kick a ball. Heath spent the majority of the practice with his face in his palms, shaking his head in disappointment. A girl from the baseball diamond seemed to be taunting the girls who were struggling with the try outs. Heath should have done something to stop her actions but at the same time felt they deserved it so he merely turned the other cheek. Finally at the end of practice, all of the prospect players were lined up together and given the final word. Most of them were doubled over gasping for air and sweating profusely.

"Listen up everyone. As you would have guessed... we have 11 starting positions available with a sub for each position and 3 standby positions and no lower team. If you didn't make it this time, train hard and come back next year. Theres always a chance to make it. Players who made the team will be posted at 3:30pm today on the outside of the gymnasium. You're all dismissed, hit the showers" Heath said sternly to the students.

They all began to file out of the field, breathing sighs of relief that the torment had finished. Heath looked down at a stray ball on the field then up to see the baseball team filing out as well. He popped the ball up with his foot and volleyed it towards the girl from before, hitting his target, firmly in the center of her butt. As he awaited a reaction, he gave a small smile that seemed to say 'thats for picking on my players'

Heath turned back and followed the others towards the boy's locker room, showering and changing into his uniform lazily and keeping his unkempt look. He strolled from the locker room casually, now with a slimmer school bag slung over one shoulder, heading towards homeroom across campus. The campus was now full of students hurrying to their classes. Heath reached homeroom, not speaking to anyone and walking across the room. He took a middle seat next to the window, tossing his bag on the ground and dropping into the chair, propping his chin up with his palms and staring out the window.

March 17th, 2008, 2:23 PM
Brad awoke to the obvious rumble of Xavier getting dressed. The sophomore had no regard for Brad's sleeping habits, and it was 4:00 in the morning! The sun (if Brad hadn't blocked the windows) would not even be stirring out of it's solar bed even then.
"WHAT THE HELL! I AM SLEEPING!!!" Brad said in a an angry, but quiet, tone. Brad has absolute rage in his eyes, his knuckles cracked in preparation to punch Xavier in the stomach.
"Oh. Must have missed ya, freshie. Got to go to basketball practice. Hope you're not too tired. Poor thing." Xavier mockingly said.
"Hmm... so, off to practice idiocy. At least my sport is practical. Go, waste your time, I do not care. Hope you do well, accursed sophomore. I'll be laughing as you fail." Brad bitingly responded. One thing the tan man didn't like was mockery, but his words were as sharpened as Xavier's, and cut just as deep. Xavier just walked out.

Brad entered the shower, and after about 10 minutes, emerged from it. Then, Brad got dressed. He put on his black leather jacket- alligator leather, Maltese (blue-grey) Tiger fur inside, and overall, very comfortable. He also put on his silken white dress shirt, his pants, and his black leather shoes. He also got his bag for swimming together- school issued white swimming suit, completely hydrodynamic, and his black goggles, both went in to the black tote bag. Emblazoned upon it was the Matthews Incorporated logo, a large black M with red fire inside the borders.

Brad was bored, and his eyes were too tired to play a game of Civilization, so he went outside, and saw a huge pile of books burning. He went back to his room, got some Belgian chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, and out of Brad's black cane, which he had bought, came an unsheathed foil, meant for fencing. It had a diamond knob. Anyways, Brad skewered a few marshmallows, and eagerly watched them burn. Brad had always loved fire- so destructive, so powerful, so cruel. After the marshmallows had roasted, Brad made S'mores. Brad ate them, and the sugar bolted him from his half-conscious daze. For the next few minutes, Brad did this, and a few others came. He then finished his pyromaniacal fun, and went back to his room. A new book lay on his desk- upon it lay the name "Generals". Brad read it- and saw many things he planned on disobeying. For one, Brad would slouch whenever he pleased. Brad hated women's ettiquete.
"Obsolete ideas from the Victorian Age- they clash with modernity, and therefore, with me. I mean, come on!" Brad thought.

At 5:30, Brad left for swimming tryouts. He got dressed in his suit. The short woman there, curvaceous in structure, black in skin, told him to get in. He did so, and did what was required- 10 freestyle laps, 10 butterfly laps, 5 breastroke laps, and 7 backstroke laps. Afterwards, he showered once more, got redressed, and went back to his room. Since Xavier wasn't back, Brad played Civ. Time for more computer generated genocide, Brad thought. A smile of demented glee crossed his golden face.

March 20th, 2008, 7:55 AM
Illya woke up at around six thirty. Giving a slight groan, she took off her purple silk eyemask and rubbed her eyes. Track tryouts weren't until the afternoon which was fine with her; more time to get prim and proper for school. She was hardly a morning person anyway.The room was still which could only mean that her obnoxious roommate had left already. Taking as much time as she could she entered the bathroom and took a hot shower. After this, she blowdryed, straightened, and placed her two favorite circular clips in her hair. Her clothes were neatly prepared in the closet as well as her books. Checking the time again it seemed that she still had plenty of time left before school started; she didn't have to start homeroom until 8:00. Track wasn't till the afternoon...but she could still put her stuff in her locker now. It'd save her the time from coming back here at least. With that thought in mind she picked up her dufflebag and headed to the locker rooms.

On passing the track field, she noticed that the soccer team as well as the baseball team were just starting to finish up. If the soccer team took the center of the track field, how was it that the track team didn't just use their normal course around the field? She stood for a second and thought. What if one of the soccer players kicked a ball at a track runner? Even worse, what if the ball rolled under a track runner? The thought made her rub her elbows. That wouldn't have ended out well...

She snapped out of her revere just in time to notice that one guy, -Heath?-, kick a soccer ball at someone else from the baseball team. She hadn't noticed what exactly the baseball girl had been doing, but it must have been something insulting. Well, from what she could see...the soccer team did need a bit of training. The ball seemed to hit her squarely on the butt. With further observation...was that Luce? Placing her hand over her mouth, she suppressed herself from sneering. Oh, she'd have to bring this up later. Right now though she still needed to get to the girl's locker room. But she could walk a bit slower to see the tomboy's reaction.

March 20th, 2008, 4:11 PM
At the first instance, Luce swallowed the shriek of indignancy that was bubblng up her throat. However, after catching sight of the soccer ball and the player who'd kicked it. Why that arrogant-!! Luce let out the shriek she'd held down earlier, grabbing the black and white sphere in her devil-woman hands, throwing it in the air and sending it flying back to the track field with a clean punt. Her soccer skills weren't quite as accurate as that prick, so she merely sent it back in the general direction of the field before whipping her bat off her shoulder and pointing it at the soccer star. Her message: "You-are-so-dead". She'd have to figure out what year and class he was in so she could pick a fight. Maybe he'd be too pansy to fight her. From what she could see, and it wasn't much, he certainly didn't look to burly.

A bat to the face and he'd shut up for good. Luce grumbled to herself, snapping a harsh, "Shut up!" at the other guys who were laughing merrily at her embarassment. However, they quickly shut up and were red with embarassment as she walked into the girls locker room, because she'd already pulled her shirt halfway over her head before she'd even walked in. They wouldn't have seen much anyway, since she was wearing a black sports bra. No lace for Luce. Not that she was particularly vuluptuous anyway. Wrenching open her locker with a disgruntled look, she violently threw her baseball cap off her head and into her locker, along with her capri's and plain white t-shirt. While other girls had perfume in their lockers, Luce had a can of lysol for when her clothes got too sweaty. While other girls had body lotion, Luce had various bottles and cans, all for the perfect maintenence of her glove and bat.

"He was sooooo cool." Luce overheard one girl gush. Raising her arm in the air unceremoniously to apply deoderant, she rolled her eyes before capping her deodorant off and throwing it into her locker, finishing the day's unfortunate transition from sports to school with the louder-than-necessary slam and click of the metal door.

It was just the same when she stormed into her homeroom, a slam of the door and a glare at the girls who'd gone silent at her arrival. Many of them looked disappointed to have Luce in their homeroom class. Perfect. It was entertaining to Luce, how much of the room was seperated by genders. Girls in the front, boys in the back. However, Luce wasn't about to give up her coveted spot at the very back of the classroom just because of this stupid gender division.

Letting her duffle bag drop to the ground, she was satisfied to hear the clear metal 'ping' of her baseball bat hitting the tile floor. Yes, that was right. She hadn't brought anything academically useful to class. Not even a pencil was on her person, let alone the handbook, paper, or textbooks.

The start of a wonderful term.

March 22nd, 2008, 7:14 PM
Jamal liked to sleep. In fact, Jamal loved to sleep. If sleeping was a sport, Jamal would be the world champion. And so, he was quite annoyed when a flash of light shone through his eyelids, causing him to shoot up and slam his head on the top bunk. As he slid his hand from under the covers to rub is forehead, the sheet slipped down his stomach and revealed his mesmerizing six-pack. Jamal looked down at his fit abs with a broad smile, reminiscing the days when he trained so hard to get better at basketball. Although he had long since stopped his intense work outs, the former-basketball player was never too fond of junk food and therefore never really lost his figure. His basketball skills were another question entirely, but that would soon be answered.

“Tryouts are today!” Jamal shouted. Unfortunately, he got a bit too excited and bumped his head on the top bunk once again. Biting his lip hard, and actually drawing some blood, Jamal was able to overcome the pain and he lazily slid out of the bed.

“Yo Fabian, you there?” he yelled into the desolate dormroom, not even bothering to pick himself up. He asked two more times until he was positive that his roommate was no longer in the room. Jamal was actually thinking about thanking Fabian for unintentionally waking him up until he saw the time. Tryouts were long over, and classes were about to begin.

“That little— oh when I see him, he’s gonna get it!” Jamal yelled with fire in his eyes and a fist raised high. Without a second to spare, he sprung up and darted into the bathroom. He stopped for a moment to look around, as he hadn’t checked it out before. It looked pretty plain with the white tiles, white toilet, white sink and of course, white shower. Heck, even the drapes for the shower were white! After giving his teeth a quick brush and with an unmatched curiosity, Jamal jumped in the tub to see if the soap was white as well. However, to his surprise, he landed with a big, hot, splash, wetting the boxers he had forgotten to remove.

“So Fabian just finished showering? That means he can’t be too far if I hurry, I might be able to catch him!” Jamal thought to himself, not even pondering the faults in his plan. As he swung his undergarments over the shower door, the teen subconsciously turned on the shower, expecting a nice, warm splash of water to relax him.

“HOLY SON OF A—.” Jamal screamed as the ice cold liquid ran down his back like Death’s fingers. As his back shuddered in the coldness, and his feet boiled in the hotness, it finally hit him. This was all Fabian’s doing.

“Oh, h-he’s gonna ge-get it...” Jamal muttered to himself as turned off the shower and decided to bathe in the leftover hot water.

Jamal managed to get dressed in record time, even though the effects of the cold shower were still plaguing him. If there was anything he liked more than a good sleep, it was either a good, hot shower or basketball. All of which Fabian had found some way to screw up. Like always, he made sure his shirt was not tucked in his tie was as wrinkled as ever. Even with his revenge against Fabian set, Jamal couldn’t pass up a chance to annoy the teachers on the first day. He grabbed his backpack and with a final look at his room, Jamal closed and locked the door and hurried to class.

"I guess I can't complain," he said to himself while running, "he's much more interesting than my last roomie."

Trainer Kat
March 25th, 2008, 8:53 AM
Tomorrow would be a long day. This was the conclusion Dean came to as he sat atop Heath’s bed. His guitar still sat perched on his knee, given minor attention in the form of a handful of soft strums. No, Dean had become more interested in something else, at least for the moment. Heath had stood to retrieve two plastic bags from his backpack, causing a grin to spread across Dean’s face. It was a move that the boy recognized all too well. The bags, one of marshmallows and one of chocolate chips, now sat between the two roommates. The marshmallows were tiny, the ones you would drop into a mug of cocoa. This excited Dean immensely. Though he was usually a cocky brat, he found himself occasionally taking pleasure in small, insignificant things. This was one of those times. Reaching down, he scooped up a handful of marshmallows, being sure to mix in four or five chocolate chips. This, he popped into his awaiting mouth.

“Man, Heath,” he managed through chewing. It was at this point that he swallowed. While he was often extremely rude, Dean drew the line at speaking whilst eating this heavenly concoction. It just wasn’t right. “You da man,” he finished. The junior stood, clutching his guitar with one hand. The other, he dragged through his shaggy black hair. It was still just as soft as ever. His guitar found itself seated in its usual stand in the corner of the room, while its master began to strip. Everything Dean was wearing, sans boxers, was soon heaped into a crumpled mess against the wall, leaving him clothed in only the black shorts. Never mind that the white shirt, which was growing increasingly wrinkled by the second, was part of his uniform. Dean couldn’t be bothered to deal with the fabric at this point in time. He was sure his roommate wouldn’t complain, anyway. This wasn’t the first year they had roomed together, after all.

It was obvious by the muffled creaks of the ladder that Dean was ascending the steps to his bed. Without another word, he planted his head firmly on the pillow and shut his eyes.

---Next morning---

There was no doubt about it--Dean was a restless sleeper. The sheet on his bed was now tangled around his legs, and the quilt…well, who knew where that was? As if to tell him he needed to awaken, light shone through the curtains, landing directly on Dean’s eye. At this, he furrowed his brow. Who was the sun to tell him to get out of bed? As if he, the attractive, rich Dean Caldwell, could be controlled by the sun. In one fist, he grasped the pillow beneath him and, in one swift motion, flung it at the window. He would be satisfied with himself, only now he had nothing on which to rest his head. The choice was his. He could either get up and get the pillow, at which point he would already be awake enough to get dressed, or he could try to sleep rather uncomfortably without. He decided on the former. It was already light enough in the room, to the point where he would not have to flip the light switch. As he descended the ladder, one balled-up object caught his eye.

“There you are!” he exclaimed gleefully, gathering the fallen quilt into his arms and hoisting it up onto his bed. The cover had obviously fallen in the middle of the night, most likely the result of one swift kick from Dean.

If there was one thing that Dean Caldwell was skilled at, it was quick showering. The warm water was certainly welcome after a cold night without a quilt. Into his hand, he squirted one glob of coconut-scented shampoo, letting the fragrance enter his nose before rubbing the shampoo on his hair. He could almost feel it permeate his scalp. Once he had both lathered and rinsed, he applied a conditioner, also containing the sweet smell of coconut. This was responsible for the silky smooth feeling his ebony locks carried.

This was the extent of his primping. Part of his appeal, after all, was his “I’m-too-cool-to-care” attitude. Now that he was dry, he began to dress. Momentarily, he considered substituting his black hoodie for that required sports coat, but he decided against it. It was better not to anger teachers on the first day back. They would probably chastise him for wearing a wrinkled shirt as it was, as if the pink tie didn’t anger male teachers enough.

The trek to his homeroom class was not a time consuming one. Dean was tall, and his strides were long. Upon reaching the newly segregated class, he slung his arms around two blondes, flashing them each a sparkly Dean smile.


Her only response to the girl’s apology was a dainty shake of the head. “N-No, don’t apologize…” she stammered. Her form lowered into a small bow before she stood erect once more. “I’m sorry, I-I angered her…I’m the one who was wrong…” Her eyes were lowered to the floor beneath her. Alina’s dress would certainly be wrinkled by the time she got back to the dorm, since she seemed to clench it in her fists so much. Her apology was interrupted by Rémi. Whether this was a good or bad thing, Alina had yet to find out. A crimson hue permeated her cheeks as he spoke. Her roommate’s twin…there was something about him that made her nervous. Well, more nervous than usual.

“Y-Yes…I-I would like that very much.” It was all she could manage. “Thank you.” She attempted to cover up her nervousness with a bright smile. And a genuine one, at that. It wasn’t long before the group had dwindled back down to Alina and Corrine. The blonde followed her older roommate all the way back to the dorm, where she was politely offered the bottom bunk. Alina shook her head in response.

“You may have whichever bed you’d like, Miss Corrine. I-I’m fine wherever.” She smiled gently. Her cheeks flushed once more, however, when she heard the second part of Corrine’s question…the part about her twin. “Um…He’s…he’s really nice.” Alina smiled. “I don’t think…he seems lazy. You’re lucky to have such a brother, Miss Corrine.” Of course, there was more hidden behind these words. Unsurprisingly, Alina found Rémi to be quite handsome…not like she would vocalize these feelings. Eager to change the subject, she decided to ask Corrine about the morning.

"Ah...w-will you have tennis tomorrow?" Alina smiled. "I suppose if you do, we should get to bed...I don't want you to be tired because of me..."

Jack O'Neill
March 25th, 2008, 8:32 PM
David Park was a very light sleeper. Early on, he realized that he could easily function with as little as 4-6 hours of sleep per night. Needless to say, he liked to abuse that little trait of his; it was standard procedure for him to stay up way into the wee hours of the night, either working away at assignments meant to be due the next morning or simply killing time by watching anime or playing real-time strategy games if there was nothing else left for him to do.

The time: 0700 GMT. David, fresh from a marathon StarCraft session and about four hours of sleep, languidly slid out of the bottom bunk in his dorm. Even though he needed little sleep, he was anything but a morning person. After taking a few moments to find his bearings and adjust his eyes to the bright morning light, he shuffled over to the bathroom, splashed some cold water on his face, brushed his teeth, and ran a comb through his hair several times. After a moment of deliberation, he opted against taking his usual shower; he didn't smell that bad...yet. He then shuffled over to his closet and started dressing up. At least he got good points for having a neat and orderly uniform; even the teachers who hated him admitted that he was easily one of the best-dresssed people on campus. For that special finishing touch, he took out the sunglasses lying in a case on his desk and put them on. Perfect.

With most of the preparations finished, David unceremoniously shoved his trusty laptop into his book bag, slung the thing over his shoulders, and started walking off to homeroom. It had been quite a while since he had last been in the company of female students in the same classroom as he was; he obviously liked this change of scenery, though there were quite a few of his peers who were violently opposed to the mere concept. No matter. If they said anything out of line, he'd be there to teach them a lesson or two in egalitarianism.

March 26th, 2008, 2:27 PM
Hurrying into his homeroom, Leberecht peered about himself. The classroom was not like most. In fact, it looked more like a conference room than a classroom, with ten rows of chairs arranged in a semi-circle around a podium in the very middle. The only real desk was set off to the corner, reserved for whoever was delivering a lecture that day, or perhaps the teacher who would supervise during days that a real lecturer wasn’t available, or the one special day at the beginning of the year when students were given homeroom to re-acquaint themselves with each other. It had something to do with maintaining relationships with others even over long periods of time, the first half of the class being mostly introduction, and the last half being simply… conversational time. Or perhaps, time to catch up on some summer work that one didn’t finish. Leberecht walked around, looking for his name on one of the curved wooden tables to find his new seat. Third row, right next to the middle aisle that split the rows in half right up to the podium. Excellent, maneuvering in and out would be a cinch. Putting his things down, he searched the room for people he knew.

Okay, so there wasn’t a single person he didn’t know. But people who he’d have to pick up conversation with again once or twice to ensure a good rooted relationship. Heath was the new soccer co-captain. Leberecht was not a soccer kind of person. He couldn’t clue in on what exactly could be so great about kicking a ball around. Sure, the running part was great. He understood that part. But having to stop in the middle? No, not so much understanding there.

“Hey Heath.” Leberecht said, approaching and leaning on the chair behind him, one row under the person he was conversing with, quickly putting his hands up, “Don’t worry, I’m not here to pester you about track. But I heard you got appointed as the co-captain of the soccer team- Congratulations. Hopefully the sports season’ll be great as ever. Some people don't seem too keen on teamwork this year, you know?” Leberecht laughed, glancing over at the division that was more obvious due to the fact that this was their third year, and they'd already had two years of seperation pounded into their mindsets. Now, Leberecht didn't need to ask Heath what his opinion on the merge was. He and Dean- Leberecht knew their personalities well enough. There was a magic word that could get Dean's head to shoot up like a prarie dog poking it's head out of it's home to search for predators- only, the other way around. More like the predator looking from prey.

"Hope they'll get over it soon." Leberecht shrugged a shoulder, shaking his head in amusement at their stubborn antics.

April 5th, 2008, 8:39 PM
"Aaaah, I have tennis quite a bit tomorrow. I have a meeting at lunch, and then practice after school, so I'm afraid we won't see each other much since we're in different years..." Corinne wasn't stupid. She understood the subtle hints in Alina's responses. Now, all that was left was to see if she could make this work. Rémi had technically asked Alina out, so Corinne figured she must as well make sure her brother saw the promise through. "I think I'll give my stupid brother a call in the morning and have him meet with you at lunch, since I'll be too busy to accompany you!" It was a lame excuse, but it would get the job done.

------NEXT MORNING------

As per usual, Corinne was up bright and early - as in 5am. Unlike her brother, whom she assumed had yet to unpack, she had laid everything she needed to get ready in the morning out on her desk. It wasn't long before she had quietly gotten herself prepped and ready for the day, even having time to run and grab food for Alina from the cafe, before setting it on Alina's desk. She glanced at her watch, and realized that it would be best if her roommate were to get up. She cautiously climbed the ladder to reach Alina, and shook her gently. "Psst, wake up, we have to go soon, and I'm about to call Rémi to see if he can meet you today~" Hoping her message had gotten through, she slid back down the ladder and took out a pink cellphone, before quickly using her speed dial to reach her brother.


"Gah... quiet down..." Rémi murmured in his sleep as the cellphone beside his pillow rang annoyingly. He was eventually forced to answer it, after almost being blinded by the light from outside. "Yo. Eh? Is my lunch free? Alina? Well, I suppose... But where would I- take her wherever? Fine, fine, but you couldn't have just asked me in class? We have the same homeroom? Okay, okay, see you in a bit." After hanging the phone up, he dopily climbed his way down the ladder and stumbled into the bathroom. It seemed his roommate had already gone ahead. Ah well. Out of the entire routine, he spent the longest on his hair. It was annoying to find a suitable style for shoulderlength hair on a guy, but in the end he tied the chestnut brown hair into his usual ponytail. In the end, he decided not to get breakfast either. He wasn't really a breakfast person, and he figured he should save his money to maybe buy Alina food later if she decided to come with him. Either way, he'd find out in homeroom.


"Okay, he said he'd meet you outside the girls dorms at lunch, if you'd like to go. I told him you didn't have an answer yet, so if you'd rather do it another time thats fine~ He's pretty flexible after all." Corinne wondered though. Was she being too forceful?


"Alphabetical, why did it have to be alphabetical?" Rémi sweatdropped as he realized Corinne and himself, who conveniently had been placed in seats directly beside each other, were being stared at by a majority of their class. They're relation to each other was too obvious like this! Things like "are they twins?" and "are they both girls?" were being murmured particularly amongst the female population of the class. Rémi sweatdropped again. "For the love of god, I'm obviously a guy..."

"Oh cheer up, this could be fun!" Corinne, ever the optimist, exclaimed.

"I'll give it a chance if the staring ever stops..."

April 8th, 2008, 10:59 AM
Heath sat in homeroom quietly pondering what would remain a mystery to the rest of the class until his thoughts were interrupted by Leberecht's approach to his chair. He ran his hands along the back of his seat, causing Heath to lazily crane his head backwards to look at him instead of turning around.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to pester you about track. But I heard you got appointed as the co-captain of the soccer team- Congratulations. Hopefully the sports season’ll be great as ever. Some people don't seem too keen on teamwork this year, you know?” he said casually.

Heath and Leberecht had never spoken much but they definitely knew of each other and always had casual conversation in passing.

"Thanks, Leberecht. Ya I'm hoping to finally whip this team into shape this year... and the schools combining is creating a lot of friction between male and female players. We have one or two very good female players that seem to be intimidating some of the regulars. Trixie Taurite and Robin Craig, they'll probably make Varsity and replace some people. Some of the guys aren't happy... this is just taking some adjustment is all."

The two had a moment of silence as Leberecht finally cut in once again, "Hope they'll get over it soon."

"Ya, they're going to have to. Times are changing and as upperclassmen its our job to set the example." He said with his usual lay back tone of voice.

It was strange having an intellectual conversation for once. Dean didn't really provide the deep inferences about social life that Heath sometimes enjoyed discussing. It was an interesting change, finally sitting and talking to Leberecht. It wasn't all about girls or anything. He kind of liked it.

"So how is the track team doing? You know... if it doesn't get in the way of my practices and games, maybe I'll run for you guys every now and again. It'll be a good way to keep myself in shape, heck maybe i'll send the whole team over there to do endurance training with you guys, hows that sound?" He said, grinning to Leberecht.

Heath was in a surprisingly good mood. For the first time he felt as if he was making a new friend other than Dean, although it obviously wasn't the same degree of friendship, it was nice to have someone else to talk to. But of course, Dean was Heath's best friend and after so long of not seeing him he began to wonder about his where abouts. Apparently the separation wasn't TOO good for him.

"I wonder where Dean is... I hope he didn't sleep in...

April 8th, 2008, 2:40 PM
Leberecht was highly amused at the idea of them having to set an example because they were upperclassmen. That wasn't the case at all! It was precisely because they were upperclassmen that they should've had the right to feel defensive. But Leberecht nodded at what Heath had said nonetheless.

"I wouldn't mind at all," The blonde replied with a calm smile, "The more the merrier. I'm not sure how the old team has reacted to the merge in regards of our team, but we'll know by this afternoon. There are some people who have already asked the coach to disqualify the girls from events like shotput. Endurance sounds great, we can put them on the long distance and make it seem like there's more people doing that event." Leberecht rubbed the back of his head sheepishly before waving to Matthew who had just walked through the door, turning his head again to pick up his conversation with Heath, "Sometimes it feels like there's only four or five people doing it, when our pacing differences end up putting us on other sides of the campus."

Leberecht looked up at the sound of the bell, "Ah, well, I better go back to my seat. Hopefully we get a good homeroom professor, right?" He moved back to his seat, sitting down and peering at the name tag beside him. Apparently, the set up was boy-girl-boy-girl, though they girl beside him had yet to show up. Strange, for Lahea.

"Please sit down..." Came a squeaky voice that Leberecht instantly labelled as the teacher who would be overseeing homeroom. He shuffled up to the front of the room. By god, he was ancient. A fossil! He re-aligned the smartboard, barely able to reach the dots on the top before scribbling his name across the screen in mousy scrawl. "I am Mr. Handell." Came his voice from behind his white moustache that fluttered with every word he said, "It's a pleasure to meet all you bright students."

Leberecht was dying of laughter inside his mind, but kept a composed expression as usual. What a joke. He didn't even notice the students that were late, still filtering in. He probably couldn't even see that far.


"This is my SEAT." Luce barked, facing off against her toughest adversary yet. The homeroom teacher was a tall woman, dressed professionally with sharp features and a beak-like nose. She peered down at Luce with an arrogant superior aura that Luce was ready to tear to bits.

"Please sit alphabetically, Miss..." She glanced at her roster for effect, "Fulvio."

"It's FAL-vio. Not FUL-vio, you dipwad! I'm not going to sit up in front where you can breathe down my neck everyday!" Luce snapped, folding her arms tightly across her chest, "I already picked my seat, and this is where it is, farthest away from your bird breath as I can be. You can tell mousy over there to find a new seat!" She jerked her head towards the girl who was giving her a wary gaze. Luce recognized her from last year's class, but couldn't pin a name to her. "End of story!" She sat back down with a final sort of 'ploof'.

"Miss Fulvio," Mrs. Ridley spoke the truant's name correctly this time, pushing her wire rimmed glasses up the bridge of her nose, "We aren't off to very good start this year, are we?"

Luce scoffed, crossing her legs, "Are we ever?"

"Out!" She pointed a bony finger to the door and Luce regarded her for a second. Ugly, bat-woman. She collected her baseball things and marched out the door.

"My pleasure!" Before slamming it shut behind her.

Now how was that for the number-one 'don't-mess-with-me' introduction of the year? Now that she was free, where would she go? Antagonize the cafe? Make eerie sounds outside the dance gym? Nah, she decided, heading off towards the tables behind the cafe. Maybe she'd clean her bat and oil her glove.

Trainer Kat
April 9th, 2008, 9:14 AM
As Dean sweet-talked the girls around him, he couldn’t help but wonder if soccer practice had run over. After all, he had seen no sign of Heath. It was then that the thought hit him. What if they were in different homerooms this year? Dean had thought that everyone in the same grade was in the same homeroom, but then again, he hadn't really read the rules. He had just assumed that they would still be together, but they really hadn’t talked about classes. And Dean would be mad if he didn’t have any classes with Heath.

“One moment, ladies.” At this, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a flat, silver-and-pink cell phone.

To: Heath
Txt: I don’t think we’re in the same homeroom this year. :,(

There was always the chance that he was wrong, and that Heath would come bounding through the door any second now. After all, Heath was Dean’s only real friend. He obviously didn’t know the names of three quarters of the girls he flirted with. He was popular, it was true, but he didn’t connect with anyone except Heath. When the door creaked open, he couldn’t help but feel he was right, and that his friend would enter the room. His hopes were shattered when a brunette male walked through the door, taking his seat towards the back of the class. Uninterested, Dean turned back to the throng of women. It was then that he saw the familiar mess of blonde hair overtop of one of the girls' heads.

"Hey~! Heath!" Dean grinned, immediately ignoring the girls and pushing his way over to Heath. For the second time in two days, Dean pulled Heath into a headlock-hug, ruffling his hair. "Yo, you worried me. I thought homeroom'd changed or something, and that we weren't going to be together." He realized how stupid the idea sounded as soon as the words left his mouth.

"Hey, Lebrecht. 'Sup?" he asked, offering the boy beside Heath a goofy grin.


“O-oh!” Alina’s face flushed as her roommate offered to call her twin. The thought of meeting him for lunch had never crossed her mind, nor would it have been a prospect she’d have even considered, had it not been for Corrine’s suggestion. Of course, she wasn’t opposed to it by any means, but as per usual, Alina was more worried about annoying one or both siblings. She didn’t want to force Rémi to go out of his way if he didn’t want to. The blonde didn’t say anything to that effect, merely responding with a timid “w-well, if he doesn’t mind. It would be…fun.”

After their conversation, the blonde retreated to the bathroom to change into a light blue long-sleeved nightgown that fell just about to her knees. Yawning softly, she ascended the ladder to her bed, where she immediately put her cheek against the soft feather pillow. Admittedly, she went to bed earlier than most teenagers, but it happened to be the way she was brought up. “Goodnight, Miss Corrine,” she mumbled softly before closing her eyes.

-----Next Morning-----

"Psst, wake up, we have to go soon, and I'm about to call Rémi to see if he can meet you today~" Alina was awoken by her roommate the next morning. Groggily, she rubbed her eyes.

“What time is it..?” she moaned, removing the cell phone from under her pillow. Thankfully, she still had time to take a shower while Corrine made her call, the mere thought of which sent the heat rushing back to Alina’s cheeks. Quickly, the blonde hopped into the shower before her roommate could see her red face. Alina’s showers didn’t last very long. Unlike some people she knew, she didn’t spend time lingering under the water, instead preferring to get clean in a timely fashion. When she exited the bathroom, the noticeable scent of blueberries followed her, obviously the result of her shampoo. After getting dressed and ready, she sat at her desk to eat some of the breakfast left for her by Corrine.

"Okay, he said he'd meet you outside the girls dorms at lunch, if you'd like to go. I told him you didn't have an answer yet, so if you'd rather do it another time thats fine~ He's pretty flexible after all."

“Yes, I-I’ll meet him here, then.” Alina shyly responded, a smile gracing her face. “And, thank you for the breakfast, Miss Corrine.” At this, she stood, gathering her things, ready to go to homeroom. Of course, Alina didn’t have homeroom with anyone she knew, as her roommate was a year older than she. Quickly, she took her seat, thankful that she hadn’t been late.