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March 2nd, 2008, 9:01 PM
This is based off a role-play I did. It was fun until I got banned. I hope it makes you cry tears of greatness.

The story takes place in a region called Tohea. I shall not claim it because it's not mine. It belongs to another site, I don't know the rules on advertisement here, so I won't post the link.


Ever since Adrian was five, he has loved food. What, everyone loves food you say? Foodnetwork.com was internet homepage! Now do you get how much he liked it? Every year his interest grew bigger and bigger and bigger when one day when his interest expanded to a boiling level he got an idea. “I’m going to be a food tester!” he exclaimed. The only thing he really needed was money and a place to go where nobody would expect he was there. The money wasn’t a problem they had millions in his dad’s safe. Getting in the safe was easy, too, even though his dad was a billionaire he wasn’t the brightest of people; in example, combination “000”.

Now that the money part was out of the way Adrian needed a place to go; maybe another region, maybe another town, or hell, even another planet. He just needed to make sure his parents, or the cops for that matter, wouldn’t find him. And only one region was known for keeping amber alerts alerted, and that region was Tohea.

“1,700 bucks!!!” Now Adrian was depressed. If he paid that much for a boat ticket he would only have 300 dollars left. Taking the risk of being utterly and unimaginably broke he bought the ticket.

The trip to his new home wasn’t a pleasant one. The boat smelled as if they took a can of air freshener with rotten milk and egg extract and sprayed it all over the boat. It was also rattata infested. But Adrian still has a very happy memory on that boat; the memory of getting his first Pokémon. While exploring the boat he came across a door. It was unmistakable that it led to the boiler room. Being the nosy person he is he opened it. Purple rats swarmed his feet. An excruciating pain filled his leg; he found that it was none other than a Skitty a pink little puffball like Pokémon. It was digging its claws into Adrian’s side even deeper when a horn blew. It meant the boat had docked. Adrian swatted the kitty-cat and ran to ramp.

Clutching his leg to stop the bleeding, Adrian limped off the boat. The pain was so terrible he never noticed the Skitty sneaking into his bag. The first thing he noticed was how much better it smelled than on that worn down boat.

The only way to figure out what was good to eat was to get a tour of the city. “A taxi diver would do that for a little extra money”, Adrian thought out loud. A yellow cab pulled up in front of him. Without thinking how dangerous it could be to get in a strange taxi with an even stranger taxi diver he opened the door and got in. The taxi smelled like the boat, and it was worn down like the boat too. The driver told Adrian that the tour of the city was free and didn’t have to worry about spending his last 300 dollars.

The tour was almost over when a car swerved out in front of them. They hit so hard that the other car was what you call totaled. Adrian noticed something was different about the taxi dude. He had horns and wings. This meant only one thing he was…a dentist, or a demon he always got mixed up with those things. A black flame emerged from the cab drivers hands, and Adrian, then, passed out.

Adrian woke up on the sidewalk because of the Skitty licking his face. The first thing he noticed was a food cart stocked with some cuisine he had never seen before. He bought himself some food. But something funny happened, he couldn’t taste it! It was gone and and he didn't even know how.