March 3rd, 2008, 12:24 PM
Hey people this is my new thread
This is the deal.
If a lot of people want more Darkrais
i will do my best to get more

If enough people want more darkrais I will get more somehow without using cheats
Right now send me a pm with the nature you want and why

March 3rd, 2008, 12:36 PM
Hey people this is my new thread

I have more Darkrais

This is the last of them.When these are gone,no more are left

These are the deals
2 event pkmn for Movie Darkrai [ i prefer this more]
1 Event + Shiny for Movie Darkrai

I have
Calm x2

I have:

S!Entei lv40 Quiet (Not leveled)
S!Mewtwo lv70 Modest UT
S!Latias lv50 Lonely UT
S!Ditto lv100 Careful
S!Butterfree (M) lv39 Lax
S!Eevee (M) lv16 Modest UT
S!Vaporeon (M) lv16 Modest UT
S!Jolteon (M) lv16 Modest UT
S!Leafeon (M) lv17 Modest ~No EVs~
S!Flareon (M) lv16 Modest UT (will have one tonight!)
S!Umbreon (M) lv17 Modest ~No EVs~
S!Espeon (M) lv17 Modest ~No EVs~
S!Glameow (M) lv30 Quirky UT
S!Purugly (M) lv38 Quirky ~No EVs~
S!Bellsprout (M) lv20 Careful UT
S!Weepinbell (M) lv21 Careful ~No EVs~
S!Victreebel (M) lv21 Careful ~No EVs~
S!Wingull (M) lv26 Bashful UT
S!Pelipper (M) lv27 Bashful ~No EVs~
S!Aron (F) lv36 Bashful UT
S!Lairon (F) lv37 Bashful ~No EVs~
S!Aggron (F) lv42 Bashful ~No EVs~
S!Tentacool (M) lv23 Hardy UT
S!Tentacruel (M) lv30 Hardy ~No EVs~
S!Hoothoot (F) lv35 Bashful UT
S!Noctowl (F) lv36 Bashful ~No EVs~
S!Phanpy (F) lv5 Naughty UT
S!Donphan (F) lv25 Naughty ~No EVs~
S!Pichu (F) lv16 Naughty UT
S!Pikachu (F) lv17 Naughty ~No EVs~
S!Raichu (F) lv17 Naughty ~No EVs~
S!Kecleon (M) lv20 Bashful UT
S!Tropius (M) lv26 Brave UT
S!Oddish (F) lv13 Naive UT
S!Gloom (F) lv21 Naive ~No EVs~
S!Vileplume (F) lv21 Naive ~No EVs~
S!Bellossom (F) lv21 Naive ~No EVs~
S!Larvitar (M) lv6 Serious UT
S!Pupitar (M) lv30 Serious ~No EVs~
S!Tyranitar (M) lv55 Serious ~No EVs~
S!Mime Jr. (M) lv16 Gentle UT
S!Mime Jr. (F) lv17 Jolly UT
S!Mr. Mime (M) lv19 Gentle ~No EVs~
S!Mr. Mime (F) lv19 Jolly ~No EVs~
S!Togepi (M) lv18 Brave UT
S!Togetic (M) lv19 Brave ~No EVs~
S!Togekiss (M) lv19 Brave ~No EVs~
S!Spheal (M) lv43 Careful UT
S!Sealeo (M) lv44 Careful
S!Walrein (M) lv45 Careful
S!Miltank (F) lv37 Quirky UT
S!Slowpoke (M) lv5 Naughty (Not leveled)
S!Slobro (M) lv37 Naughty
S!Sloking (M) lv5 Naughty (Ask for Slowpoke w/ King's Rock)
S!Beldum lv1 Modest UT
S!Metang lv20 Modest ~No EVs~
S!Metagross lv45 Modest ~No EVs~
S!Metagross lv100 Adamant ~EV TRAINED 301, 405, 359, 203, 185, 176~
S!Metagross lv100 Hardy ~EV TRAINED? 277, 300, 289, 220, 210, 166~
S!Absol (M) lv48 Adamant
S!Banette (M) lv83 Impish
S!Koffing (M) lv17 Hasty (Not leveled)
S!Feebas (M) lv1 Quiet (Beauty Maxed Out)
S!Doduo (M) lv28 Adamant
S!Charmander (M) lv1 Quirky UT
S!Charmander (M) lv5 Naughty UT
S!Squirtle (M) lv5 Gentle UT
S!Rosellia (F) lv50 Jolly UT
S!Rosarade (F) lv50 Jolly UT
S!Dratini (M) lv1 Adamant UT
S!Geodude (M) lv30 Modest
S!Minun (F) lv19 Gentle
S!Poliwag (M) lv16 Impish UT (nick: POLISHINY)
S!Stunky (F) lv28 Calm UT
S!Seel (M) lv38 Brave UT
S!Turtwig (M) lv1 Hasty UT
S!Murkrow (F) lv11 Clam UT
S!Pineco (M) lv34 Naughty
S!Teddiursa (M) lv34 Naughty

E!Jirachi lv5 Careful UT (WISHMKR) (Capable of taking hits.)
E!Jirachi lv36 Lax (WISHMKR)
E!Magmortar (F) lv50 Modest UT (PKTOPIA)
E!Electivire (M) lv50 Adamant UT (PKTOPIA nov22)
E!Electivire (M) lv100 Adamant (PKTOPIA sep27)
E!Manaphy lv50 Gentle UT (JBHF)
E!Manaphy lv1 Quirky UT (Pokemon Ranger)
E!Mew lv10 Hardy (Not leveled) (MYSTRY)
E!Suicune lv70 Quirky UT (10 ANIV)
E!Raikou lv70 Impish (Not leveled) (10 ANIV)
E!Umbreon lv70 Gentle UT (10 ANIV)
E!Celebi lv70 Docile (Not leveled) (10 ANIV)
E!Lugia lv70 Adamant UT (10ANNIV)
E!Ho-oh lv70 Adamant UT (10ANNIV)

How many Darkrai per person? ^_~

March 3rd, 2008, 12:48 PM
think i have one more left to post
there is no limit
you just have to have event pkmn that I LIKE
and people i am not the person that cares about natures
but all events must be ut

Golden Shaymin
March 3rd, 2008, 1:16 PM
can i take a calm and a hardy?

ill offer all pbr events, a ranger manaphy/xd gale moltres/xd gale articuno/xd gale zapdos (manaphy is raised 7 lvls by daycare center to get a phione) and a shiny lombre

all the xd birds have extrasensory

March 3rd, 2008, 2:13 PM

filter filter

Lolz turtle
March 3rd, 2008, 2:49 PM
could give you a event celebi and jirachi, or a event mew and celebi =P tho the jirachi is touched ;/
( its a 10 aniv celebi, mystry mew, and chanel jirachi)

March 3rd, 2008, 2:52 PM
TY for the Darkrais! If you want anything else from my post for more Darkrais, I'll be more than happy to trade w/ you again!
*will add to list of good traders in a few minutes*

March 3rd, 2008, 2:56 PM
celebi and mew then
my fc is in my sig

IF YOU GIVE ME TWO 10th aniv pokemon you get four darkrais
if you give me one 10th aniv pkmn you still get two darkrais

I will be back in 15-30 mins

Golden Shaymin
March 3rd, 2008, 9:39 PM
ok then i got a 10 aniv celebi you want? (sorry but its level 79) still want? (only want 1 darkrai) still want? (sorry about all the brackets and ?) still want?

March 4th, 2008, 2:00 AM
can i have the jolly 1 plz if UT and legit plz

March 4th, 2008, 3:56 AM
I'll have the quirky!