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In the modern day life, many things go unnoticed through out the world. These things are all cleverly concealed, holding secrets of the planet. Secrets that are only revealed to the ones who have the power TO reveal them. The every day world remains oblivious to the underlying society concealed by magic and mystery. This society consists of the wonder that normal humans only dream about. A world filled with wonders that seem to only exist in fairy tales. This world is inhabited by humans who have found ways to harness their life energy to do spectacular things such as magic and skills. The ways to use this life energy were categorized by the technique and ritual they were utilized. These categories of usage were Knights, Wizards, Rangers, Ninjas, Samurai, Brawler, Alchemists, and many more smaller unclassified groups. Humans who learned to harness their energy to perform the skills specific to their grouping are sent at a young age to the four schools of battle, placed all over the world. These schools are Lancaster - in the green fields of England, Darkhorn - In the frozen Tundra in Nothern Canada, Riomahri - in the dense humid jungles of South America, and Sahri - located in the dry deserts of Africa. Each of these schools pride themselves on how well they raise their students who grow up to carry covert missions which maintain the peace in the world without the knowledge of average humans. At these schools, the students learn to hone their abilities, and how to properly cover their weaknesses and amplify their strengths in order to maintain the balance of the planet. To do so, they are sent on various missions to prove team work and strength and build themselves. But the schools do not teach just to maintain peace...they teach also in order to compete. In times of peace, the four schools of battle meet for the unique competition of pitting their best students against each other in friendly fighting tournaments where high powered authoritative figures come to see which school is producing the best fighters. The students of these schools are always training and working to prove themselves to their peers and elders alike. Although lately... Darkhorn has been rather reclusive and quiet... it seems like something is astir in the cold skies over the tundra... This is where you come in!

Your Role
You are a first year student at Lancaster: School for battle. (I know your age can vary, but not everyone gains knowledge of their strength at the same age.) It is a college like atmosphere, where you attend daily classes while learning new techniques and making your current ones stronger. Missions are issued to the students in teams of 4 and usually consist of simple tasks such as monster extermination...usually... There will also be various battle exams which you will be given through the years that i will issue randomly. And of course, Final Exams which consist of fighting tournaments in the Colosseum. Aside from this being a school for battle, it is much like a typical school. The classes are on schedules and meet in specified locations or class rooms. Typical high school rules apply, such as no part time jobs and no fighting without teacher consent. There will be no uniform until the inner school championships occur between the 4 schools of battle, where each school will wear separate uniforms. The details of their appearance will be given when the time is right.


Knights call their life energy "Vitality". The knight is generally the least conservative about using life energy. Though they make up for it with the weapons they wield. Their weapons usually consist of, two hand broad swords, Lance/Spear, or shield and sword as the most common. Despite their name, knights do not appear like normal knights of mythology. Most have evolved beyond the typical appearance and wear thin armor to not hinder movements, as opposed to the clumsy clunky armor of the far past. Along with the many different kinds of weapons, knights have many different levels of 'Vitality' usage. Aside from the basic, lower magic-giant weapon wielding knights, there are other sub categories of Knight. The different classifications of a knight are Rune Knight, which are knights with VERY specific magic spells branded into their weapons. Each weapon can only hold a specific amount of Runes and more powerful Runes take up more space. There are also Dragon Knights who are bonded with a dragon at birth. The individual's battle strengths are never very strong. But once they achieve the final stage power where they combine with their dragon, their power increases exponentially. But this is a skill for advanced Dragon Knights only. Dragons grow to large sizes but the average size for a dragon our age is about shoulder high max. A dragon normally does not appear until it is summoned.

Clearly the best at utilizing their life energy which they call 'Essence'. The Wizards use their Essence to control and manipulate the forces of nature to their will. They cast these spells with long chants and verses which correlate directly to the power of the spell. Wizards' abilities can be split into the magics of healing magic, which obviously heals. Dark Magic, which is dangerously damaging magic which consume large amounts of time and chants to unleash. And Elemental Magic which is the harnessing the natures energy and having control over the elements (Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Ice) though not all elemental spells are offensively oriented. Beginning Wizards learn to use two of these at an early age, and can mix the two but learn more and more elements until they are able to combine all elements to form Dark Magic. Dark Magic cannot be safely obtained without first being able to harness all 6 elements. The Wizard always carries a catalyst which increases the power of their spells and can be considered their weapon. These catalysts consist of a large array of items, usually ones containing sentimental value towards its user.(Necklace, Ring, Wand, small dagger, etc)

The Rangers, who call their energy 'Soul' are of the few battlers who are restricted to certain weapons. These fighters tend to be mediocre at mid level magics of their element but have impeccable aim with their weapons. They use their element to amplify their choice of shooting style though their magic tends to become weaker as their shooting distance increases. There are 3 types of Ranger. Crossbow, Bow, and Sniper. Crossbow tend to have moderately powerful magic that they pack into small arrows that fire very quickly, but tend to be inaccurate. Bow have the mediocre abilities of both worlds, knowing lots but mastering none, carrying a moderately sized bow and arrow and having mediocre magic ability. They have quickly become the least popular choice among rangers. Snipers carry large over sized bows and rarely are seen in the heart of the battle field. They have small amounts of 'Sou'l at their disposal, for the majority of them spent most of their childhood learning to carefully aim their massive bow and arrow to hit targets over 300 meters away.

The ninja, who call their energy 'Chakra', are the mediocre battlers of the Lancaster community. They are not very physically powerful, and also possess weak grasp of elemental attacks. The ninja rarely has an elemental affinity and uses a very weak, wide variety of elemental techniques, and are mostly for sneaking around and gathering information. This being said, they aren't to be taken lightly in a fight. Their nimble bodies and quick thinking often give them an edge over their opponents one on one and in groups. The ninja often carries an assortment of the given tools but usually not all. Shurikens, Kunai, ninja sword, Nunchaku, Flail, smoke bombs, floor spikes, small grade explosives.

The Samurai, who know their energy as 'Aura' are people who have harnessed their energy and put it towards their swords, style, and technique. They can channel their energy into their blades and deal fast, lethal blows. The Samurai are truly feared on account of the fact that they are so hard to read in battle. No two samurai are ever alike and their techniques can range from long range to short range depending on how they manipulate their weapons. Samurai equipment always consists of a katana. The only real variable is if they decide to use two katana or just one.

Brawlers know their energy as 'Rage'. When it comes to raw strength and determination, they are second to none. They have learned to train their bodies so that their muscle mass does not bulge, giving most of them the appearance of harmless humans. They carry no weapons and do not believe in using instruments to defeat their foes. Instead, they channel different variances of 'Rage' into their blows for dealing brutal and often lethal blows to any opponent. With their movements always varying in speeds, Brawlers also have many different forms of fighting to use. Most make it a priority to learn many different types of martial arts in order to not have their movements easily read. A Brawler's battle style more often than not is reflected by their elemental affinity. They use their elements in combination with their punches and kicks, making sure no foe ever escapes without regretting having met them in the first place.

*If you have a different subclass you would like to add, PM me and ask or place it in your application for debate*

(more faculty will appear as the RP progresses)

The Dean: A slim older man, appearing to be around age 70. His hair has a grayed whispy look to it and is completely combed back. His eyes are cold and black but still have a gentle appearance to them. He wears a simple black tuxedo with bow tie, and leans most of his weight on a thin black cane in front of him. He runs the school with no questions asked. He is the absolute last word on any disagreement. It is known that he was once a great fighter, but nothing is known about his style or exactly how strong he is.

Kiki Kiribayashi (Professor Kiki): The Elemental Control teacher of any level. She is a small and busy woman, barely reaching 5 feet tall. She has deep purple hair that is drawn back into small pig tails with small strands of hair drooping over her forehead which could scarcely be called 'bangs'. She wears large thick round glasses and has fair skin with large eyes with purple irises. When teaching she wears a long drooping sorceress' gown which fits her slim figure. She has no upper body strength, but she definitely makes up for her lack of strength with her skill in the various magics. She is a master of elemental magics and very accomplished in the healing and dark arts. Her Catalyst is a small diary she carries with her at all times but she rarely taps into its power to use her spells. Professor Kiki teaches through a trial and error technique. Meaning most of her students leave class every day, bruised, beaten, or charred to a crisp. She has a firm belief that "if you want to learn to fire at a battle target. you should be battling." and "If you want to learn a defense spell, you should learn by defending against big spells" She is small but one of the roughest teachers on campus.

Bardok Stonehide (Professor Stonehide or Bardok Sensei): A large muscular man, reaching at least 6'5. He is the teacher of all Close Combat and defense courses. He has short cut spiked brown hair that leads into rugged side burns that cut down his face. To teach he always wears a green tank top with camouflage pants and black combat boots. Your typical drill sergeant look. Bardok is a Brawler and master of hand to hand combat and his particular weapon of choice is a simple pair of brass knuckles that he wears on his fists. He can expel large amounts of 'Rage' into these knuckles and punch with enough force to split the Earth. His raw strength isn't rivaled by any other faculty member. He has a tendency to pick favorites in his classes and likes to shut down cocky fighters by having them perform impossible tasks in front of the entire class, to knock them down a peg. It is sometimes said that he can repel weaponry just by punching through the air. Although he is a brawler, he is exceptionally trained in knowledge about every sort of close ranged weapon and is never to be joked with or taken lightly.

Heidi Star (Professor Star): The teacher of all the Bow and Arrow related classes. She is a well known Sniper through out the land. She is a medium height woman, reaching 5'8 and very slender with a relatively small bust. She has strawberry blond hair that reaches down to her mid back. The clothes she wears are often free flowing loose garments such as silk shirts and skirts but her elegance is always thrown off by the massive brown leather arm guard on her left arm. A very beautiful woman, *usually the male student's favorite female teacher* she is well versed in the ways of every projectile weapon possible. Her aim is accurate within 1mm of any given target from up to 400meters away. It is sometimes said that no movement can escape her eyes. Compared to other faculty members she is also the nicest teacher. She doesn't beat her students to teach them, but rather enforces their abilities and recognizes strengths about their styles and exploits them to further their abilities. Although she does carry a bow around with her, she does not fire actual arrows. She has advanced her magic to the point where she can form arrows from magic and shoot them in any element she wishes.

1. Basic PC rules
2. Basic RP rules
3. No char control/bunnying unless given permission
4. I will have majority control the faculty NPC's during most important events. But pm me if you have ideas concerning them
5. Don't godmod your char
6. Don't godmod your char
7. Be literate. Use proper grammar or else I reserve the right to boot you.
8. I know this is an RP where two RPers may fight each other, but please be reasonable about the battles. You don't always have to win.
9. If you can't stay active, don't join. :)
10. Have fun! make it entertaining

~*Sign Up*~
Age: 14-18

Profession: (Knight, Wizard/Witch, Ninja, Ranger, Samurai, Brawler)
Primary Weapon: (What your char mainly fights with... of course)

Elemental Affinity: (Element your char excels in. Fire, Water, Lightning, Ice, Earth, Wind. Wizards/Witches and Ninjas may pick two.)

Description: (How your char looks. remember this is modern times... so there are cell phones, computers, ipods, the whole works. 4 line minimum)

Personality: (How your character acts. Don't be generic about it 4 line minimum)

Techniques: (The various skills your character specializes in. Please don't make too many *4 max for now* and if your skill is exceptionally powerful, please list its weakness or downfall. Keep it interesting. Make it tangible. remember its a school, we can learn more techniques later :D)

History: (Where your char is from, family background, why they're at Lancaster instead of the other schools, things like that.)

Additional Information: (Extra curricular activities that your character may be in or hobbies that they may have. Maybe even skills outside of battle that they are accomplished in like being exceptionally skilled with technology, computers and such.... Completely optional, but it could help your application)

Roleplaying Example: (An example of your work as an RPer. You may write a sample intro or provide an example from another RP.)

*PLEASE bold the different sections of your Sign Up as i have them bolded. I'll be posting my signup once a few have been accepted*

Trainer Kat
March 4th, 2008, 9:10 AM
PLACEHOLDER. Obviously I'm going to add a text description and finish my application. But class and such, you understand, Evan. xD;

Name: Shinjiro Iori
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Profession: Brawler
Primary Weapon: Fists/Boxing gloves

Elemental Affinity: Lightning

Description: Plz click for uber sexiiness (http://www.dokuganryu.com/scans/megaten/p3/art17.jpg) | Here too (http://www.dokuganryu.com/scans/megaten/p3/art19.jpg) | And here (http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r223/Gengarr/art18-1.jpg)

Personality: (How your character acts. Don't be generic about it 4 line minimum)

Techniques: (The various skills your character specializes in. Please don't make too many *4 max for now* and if your skill is exceptionally powerful, please list its weakness or downfall. Keep it interesting. Make it tangible. remember its a school, we can learn more techniques later )

History: (Where your char is from, family background, why they're at Lancaster instead of the other schools, things like that.)

Additional Information: (Extra curricular activities that your character may be in or hobbies that they may have. Maybe even skills outside of battle that they are accomplished in. Completely optional but could help your application)

Roleplaying Example:

Twinleaf Town. It was a quiet paradise. Enveloped in green, Twinleaf was the perfect place to relax. New trainers received one of three starting Pokemon at the lab. Every day, kids could be seen bidding farewell to their parents, who were often either sobbing hysterically or pinching the chubby cheeks of their daughter's new Piplup. Houses were quaint, usually made of wood. Despite being simple, the houses really were quite charming.

In one such house, a small-framed boy peered out the window. Blue-green eyes stared through half-closed lids. They stood out in contrast to the black eyeliner under his eyes. A black hat topped his head, transforming into spiky ebony hair as you went down his face. He wore a white tee-shirt, simple if not for the intricate black design that wrapped around his shoulder. Underneath was a tight-fitting charcoal-colored shirt with three quarter length sleeves. He wore blue jeans which fell just below the waistband of his boxers. The finishing touch was the dog tags draped around his neck. A Gengar clung to his leg. This boy was Akihiko Ikeda, a quiet teen who seemed to lack masculinity in any form. That is, until he began to fight.

"Gengar...should we go check out that Portal..?" His voice was apathetic, a tone which perfectly matched his facial expression. The Pokemon gave a swift nod, grasping Akihiko's hand in his, leading him out the door. They walked quietly for the most part, the only noises being Aki's gentle trudge, and Gengar's occasional grunt. There, in front of them, was the portal. To where, they hadn't a clue. But they would find out, together. Tightly clasping Gengar's chubby fist, Aki stepped through the portal.

The pain was immense. It felt like his body was being ripped apart. Aki gritted his teeth together, squeezing his eyes shut. His breathing grew heavier. The pressure on his skull alone was enough to cause him to cry out. Suddenly, the feeling subsided. He felt like he was going to puke. Now I know how astronauts must feel... he thought, going to press his hand against his stomach. What he found would shock him. In his hand was a giant, red and white striped key. He blinked, a blank expression on his face. Gengar was firmly attached to his other hand. But that wasn't all that had changed.

A generous helping of black eyeliner had been applied to his already heavily-lined eyes. His dog tags had been replaced in favor of black string, wrapped haphazardly around his thin, white neck. His clothes were more simple, a black tee shirt and black pants now adorning his body. His fingernails were also smothered in black fingernail polish.

Instantly, he felt violated. His face flushed red as he blinked back tears. Who had changed his clothes? Where was he? And how was he supposed to get back? All these questions swarmed his brain as he picked up Gengar in his arms and pressed his cheek against the ghost's squishy body.

"I want...to go home..." he mumbled, two tears running down his smooth cheeks. Gengar lightly patted his master's head. It wasn't long before Aki found himself in trouble. Around him were nearly a dozen shadows.

"What...are they..?" he whimpered. "They aren't Pokemon.." His breath escaped him at that point. He was far too scared to speak. One approached him slowly before leaping at him. Akihiko closed his eyes and braced himself.


He was dying. He figured he was, at least. After all, he was beginning to hear voices.


Was that his name? Was he...going to heaven..?


It was definitely his name. A smooth, male voice was speaking his name softly. This was it. Proof he was in heaven.

"Akihiko...use the Keyblade."

Akihiko's grip on the key tightened. Was this thing a Keyblade? He didn't know what else the voice could have meant. In an instant, he thrust the thing in front of him, which collided directly with the Shadow that had rushed him. It went straight through the creature to the other side of its body. The black form disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Aki blinked. He was safe. That is, until the others decided to take revenge for their fallen comrade. Instinct took over. In one fluid movement, Akihiko swept the key through three of the monsters' tiny bodies. He felt a small pang in his heart, feeling guilty for killing them. Another leapt at the back of his head. He spun around and slashed through it with his blade. Three more. Another two. Soon, the monsters that had threatened him were gone.

Akihiko panted, collapsing to his knees. It was the worst feeling, having killed small creatures. Having killed them to survive, another part of his brain added. He was so worn out, he barely felt Gengar tugging lightly at his shirt. Aki's eyes fluttered open, settling on a black sphere where the original creature once stood. He felt a warmth emanating from it. Reaching out, he wrapped his fingers around it and pulled it close to his chest. Once more, he heard the voice in his brain.

"Akihiko Ikeda...I am Darkrai. I shall help you fulfill your destiny. With that Dark Orb you now hold in your hand, you will be able to summon me. Together, we will fight. Soon, you will realize your true power."

With that, the voice ended. For some reason, Akihiko felt safe with the orb. He tucked it away, hiding it on his belt with his Pokeballs. Standing, he turned to his right, noticing a figure in the distance. Maybe...maybe he knew how to get back. With that thought, Aki began to slowly approach the figure, Gengar by his side.

March 4th, 2008, 10:13 AM
Name: Zhen Kai Liang (Western format, Zhen Kai is his first name. He is usually called just ‘Kai’.)
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Profession: Samurai
Primary Weapon: Two swords, Kyoukan and Arashi. Kyoukan is the shorter blade, measuring at only 2', while Arashi measures at 4'. Their hilt, guard, and sheath are otherwise identical. On the end of the hilts of both swords are red tassle ropes.

Elemental Affinity: Water

Description: Kai (http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h88/EvileBell/ANIME-7.gif)’s strangest trait is his teal colored hair and eyes. They match is color, however, his eyes shine with curiosity, causing his hair to look dull in comparison. The lower layers that are closer to his neck reveal his original hair color, as they are still jet black. His long bangs hang in clumps between and around his sleepy, heavy lidded eyes. His hair is often left to air-dry, and thus, some tips flip up in the process, emphasizing the layered look. Kai’s attire is simple, a long, burnt orange T-shirt about his frame under a brown suede jacket. The hood of the jacket is lined in white faux fur. He wears a pair of dark, stone washed jeans, midnight blue in color. The loose fit around his legs makes it easier for him to move without any obstructions. Kai’s shoes are a pair of simple flip flops, made of nubuck leather, thick straps keeping them safely in place. However, when on missions, Kai has a tendency to change his shoes to a pair of orange converse with black rubber soles and lining, so that he doesn’t have to concentrate on keeping his shoes on. His katana are positioned diagonally across his back, strapped to him by a leather belt draped across his torso, the belt matching the pair that keeps his pants on his waist. Kai wears only one accessory other than his katana, (which can hardly be considered an accessory,) and that would be a metal dog tag with the Chinese character ‘dream’ engraved into the surface, his own name in Chinese on the back. Kai’s build is mostly muscle, but his sighs and dark whispers have gotten him out of a considerable number of work-outs. Thus, his muscle is certainly not what it could be, but it’s enough to pass his profession with ease- if only he would stop trembling enough to use his strength. He’s not particularly tall, but thankfully, he’s not as short as his father or his father’s friends, who all retain the Asian tendency to be rather petit compared to others. His hands are rather rough, though long and spindly, from past rock climbing expeditions.

Personality: Kai is quite the opposite of what he appears. His strange appearance and profession might suggest courage and arrogance, but Kai is easily labeled as a timid soul. The spotlight is avoided at all costs, and being ignored is perfectly okay with him. Though he carries himself properly, his eyes are usually fixed to the ground, and his voice is soft enough that one has to ask him to repeat things many times before it’s all pieced together. He rarely speaks above a whisper, though this isn’t to say he doesn’t speak often. Though shy, Kai isn’t horribly hard to befriend, and once he is comfortable, he is cheerful and optimistic in his own way. He smiles like the sun, and though his laugh is only as loud as his whisper, it’s genuine and honest. In battle, Kai isn’t afraid to step up, but he would much rather someone else step up first. The young samurai’s lack of confidence and leadership is what causes him to always end up a step behind everyone else. There is little that puts Kai off, as his patience and impartial attitude seems to run on endlessly. As of yet, Kai hasn’t run into anything that makes his exceptionally angry, only perhaps a tad bit irritated. However, the greatest display of emotion is the rare moment in which he’s lost one of his two swords. He overreacts, bawling to the point where he becomes a useless lump that can do little more than blubber and cower. Without his weapons, Kai is worthless, more useless than even a normal human. As such, he is very obsessive when it comes to keeping them at his side at all times- he lets no one hold it unless he is also holding it, and simply has a one-track mind. Kai’s best trait is his optimism, unable to be crushed or deterred. His worst would most certainly have to be the fact that he is horrible with insight. He can see the true move like any samurai in battle, but when faced with an emotional friend, Kai is helpless, often ending up saying or not saying things that end up making the situation worse.

Flying Rain ~ Grasping the tassle rope, Kai spins one of his two swords, to summon slashes of water that increase in speed with every complete rotation. He uses Kyoukan to produce smaller, but more controllable slashes of water, Arashi to produce larger but less accurate slashes. This is the ‘more complete’ version of this technique, but Kai can also produce very slow streaks of water when holding his sword properly. They can do little more than distract the opponent however.

Dancing Blades ~ Kai conceals one of his swords in one of many twisting pillars of water, attacking his opponent with his remaining sword while directing the other sword to burst out of the water pillars to slash at his enemy or block an attack before being swallowed by another surge of water. Kai isn’t a pro at multitasking like this technique calls for, especially since he has a hard time concentrating on his opponent to fight manually while also directing his other sword about.

History: With a colorful past of powerful samurai, Zhen Kai has been trained to become a samurai ever since his magical ability was discovered. Mostly drilled in terms of fitness and reaction, Zhen Kai’s habit of trembling in the face of those one might consider ‘higher ranked’ than him is born from his giant and intimidating uncle’s strict ways. While his father was busy with his own missions, Kai was coached day and night by his father’s oldest brother. Being the baby of the family, he was given no slack room, expected to live up to the records set by his siblings. Kai’s schedule was like a boot camp training program, situated in his family’s large estate that housed almost the entire clan, secluded from the prying eyes of the simple human. His three older brothers would often sit on the sidelines when they had no missions to attend, watching him suffer as they had once suffered, calling out their nickname for Kai, ‘Zwun Zwun’, laughing at their younger brother’s misfortune. Kai could hardly complain, because he’d done the same, before he understood just how much of a pain this training was. Sword play, foot work, speed, and power, they were just a taste of the training that Kai swallowed day after day. All four brothers were sent to different magic schools, to create four samurai that would each have their strengths and weaknesses. Lancaster is the only school of the four chosen by the head of the family that has yet to be graced with the presence of a Liang clansman. Kai’s oldest brother, Liang Ren attended Darkhorn, and is widely considered better than the second son, the only other son to have also graduated from school. It is currently Kai’s family impressed goal to surpass, or at least meet the example Ren has set.

Additional Information: Kai likes to copy poems in Chinese calligraphy and watercolor in his free time. He’s the ‘artsy’ type, but neglects to join any clubs.


Name: Locke Armon-Tacet
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Profession: Wizard
Primary Weapon: Poker Cards and his mp3 player.

Elemental Affinity: Lightning and Wind

Description: Locke (http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h88/EvileBell/music.gif), from top to bottom, looks very much like your average everyday kid. The dark coffee shade of brown that his neatly combed layered hair is perhaps the only special feature that he can attribute to himself. His build is slim and slender, even though he has a terrible habit of carrying around some kind of junk food with him at every second of the day. Not only is his diet horrible, but he dislikes exercise, preferring to spend his time in front of a computer. His skin is rather pale due to his dislike of getting out and about, and his preference of having no lights on when he's surfing the net. Along with food, Locke always has a homemade mp3 player with him, made from dismantled iPods, Zunes, and Zens. The cover is yellow in color, signifying his favorite color that matches with the rest of his outfit. It is slender, about 6” (12 cm.) long in a cylinder shape. The headphones are large, orange, black, and noise-cancelling, constantly hanging around his neck and rarely on his ears. If they are, then the bridge that's supposed to go over the head is behind his head, as Locke makes a point to never put them on more than halfway. His sharp chocolate brown eyes are usually hidden behind a pair of cyan tinted glasses, softening his severe gaze. He's blind as a bat without his glasses, and rarely wears the contacts that are collecting dust on his bathroom counter, feeling that it's a hassle to put them on and take them out. His outfit consists of a long, loose yellow T-shirt with a black collar that also lines the four small black buttons that are in the middle of his collar. The top button is the only one that is ever unbuttoned, if even. Locke wears a white hooded short sleeved jacket over this shirt, and makes a point to never zip it up. His flared jeans are pitch black in color, dragging ever so slightly on the ground and covering most of his red, black, and white puma's. There are two wrist bands on Locke's person, one on either wrist. One is black, on his right hand. The other is checker printed, black and white on his left. The third accessory he wears, not including his headphones, would be a tangerine colored belt draped across his midsection, partially hidden by his long T-shirt. The bag on the part that hangs free of belt loops holds a deck of poker cards, and multiple mini-CD's and floppy disks.

Personality: The best adjective to describe Locke’s personality is ‘Dry’. He has no sense of humor when speaking to someone face to face, whatsoever. However, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t laugh. If he finds a funny picture coupled with clever text while he’s surfing blogs or the such, he doesn’t hesitate to laugh his butt off. However, laughing to his computer screen and laughing with people are completely different to Locke. He seems like your average computer-geek recluse, enjoying holding his knowledge over others yet becoming irritated very quickly when his computer lingo is not immediately understood. Even though he does have a horrible social life, he doesn’t look it at first sight only because of his need to at least look as though he’s got some sort of semblance of what others might call ‘a life’. If you don’t catch him while he’s irritated, he’ll most certainly be one of the most pleasant people you’ve ever met, regardless of what he really thinks of you. Locke, though impatient with ignorance, is perfectly willing to fix broken things that people bring to him. Of course, depending on the parts he needs, he doesn’t hesitate to charge people for it, sometimes charging a little more than the usual price when he wants to buy something for himself. Locke is easily annoyed, true, but his temperament is rather cool and calm, as when he never shouts or yells unless someone pressing his buttons has pushed on button too far.

Electrico Zurriago ~ Using lightning magic, Locke creates a whip, the handle of this whip being the channel through which the magic is formed into it’s shape- Locke’s very own mp3 player. The whip is unlike most whips, in that it almost has a life of its own. It never curves unless it’s lashing out at an enemy, instead moving at angles.

Clamar Bala ~ Locke creates multiple wind currents and lets the metal poker cards he uses as his primary weapons ride the currents directly towards his enemy. The wind currents are flexible, and change at Locke’s will. This can also be used as a defensive technique, if he chooses to turn the wind currents into a tornado with him at the center, the cards will prevent an enemy from getting into the eye of the tornado without first getting a knife-edged metal card lodged into them.

Ciel Bombe ~ Suspended by various breezes, the poker cards become floating land mines. At Locke’s command, they will spark lightning, and can either stay as floating landmines that explode with electricity when touched, or can connect to each other, making a maze of streaks of lightning.

History: Hailing from the United States of America, Locke’s family has a very short history of magic. The discovery that magic ran in the family’s blood was only discovered during his grandfather’s time, and even then it was obvious that not everyone in the family possessed the gift. His grandfather was the first in the Armon-Tacet family to attend Lancaster, which is the very reason why Locke attends the same school; The old wizard intends to start a tradition. However, he was extremely discouraged when his daughter showed no magical traits, disappointed even further when she married an ordinary man, and gave up entirely when his own wife passed away. His luck hadn’t ended just yet however, because the magic had merely skipped a generation. Both Locke and his twin sister Locus had the ability to harness magic. Locke was beyond fascinated with this ability, almost- almost becoming more interested with it than his computers and technology. Locus, however, had no inclination towards magic. Wanting to lead a normal life, she volunteered her dear brother to attend Lancaster instead of her, letting him be the one to follow their mother’s wishes, and letting herself follow her father’s wishes. Being a man who had never prior been exposed to magic, the gist of it all was difficult for Locke’s father to swallow. The birth of his strained, almost stranger-like relationship with his father would be here, but it would grow when Locke returned home every now and then, only to shut himself up in his room with his computers and speak to no one. Locke’s father was highly disapproving of magic due to this anti-social seed that had been planted in his once outgoing son who simply had a stranger taste for technology. Locke distanced himself from his father, speaking in complete sentences only to his grandfather, and occasionally to his mother, his other relatives including his sister receiving a fragment a day, at best.

Additional Information: If there’s a club that’s been labeled ‘nerdy’, chances are, Locke’s probably in it. Or, at least, he’s probably on the member roster, but never shows up. His most useful talents outside of magic are probably his knack for hacking into computer systems, his ability to fix anything as long as it has wires and circuits, and his hobby of dismantling things and mixing parts.

Roleplaying Example: Sitting on a pile of four dead men, a boy no older than 17 watched the last bit of smoke from his cigarette waft up into the air, curling into long tendrils of gray. But from his point of view, everything was tinted yellow. Wiping off blood staining his hands on the jacket of the highest corpse, the ruby haired demon pulled what was left of the cigarette from his mouth and stubbed out out the flame on the back of the dead man's head. Blowing out a mouthful of smoke, he smacked his lips, stepping over the bodies littering the ground. He swayed to an inaudible tune, snapping his fingers every now and then with the beat. Sparks flew from his fingers whenever he snapped, and he was almost caught off guard when the clothes of one of the numerous dead men caught fire. The youth considered putting it out. But... he decided against it. They would have more fun trying to identify everyone if they were all burned to bits! Even metal plates would melt in the face of his flames. Dieter grinned.

"That's a great idea!" Dieter said to the corpse, now burning up in flames. He snapped the bones in his hand before ripping it straight off his wrist, ignoring the searing knives of pain jolting up and down his arm. He ignored the smell of burning hair and flesh. This boy was a skill, and a downright insane one at that. This was his mental condition. He hadn’t a single definite personality that one could pin down and label him with. He was here, he was there, he was happy, he was sad. Dieter was just… out there! At the moment though, he was rather pleased with himself, and the dead man. The hand he’d broken off stretched, morphing into a sky board that Dieter promptly hopped onto, replacing his stump of an arm with an open hole, lined with metal on the inside. He shot off across the dead people, fire spurting from the open hole like a giant torch. He knew he could’ve just changed his feet into the skyboard, save some pain for himself. But, that would look stupid, having a skyboard for feet. Besides, none of these soldiers could even put a hole through him without him putting a hole in himself first. He couldn’t leave the battle field without feeling at least some pain. It’d been ages since they’d let him out on the loose anyway. Pulling up his yellow sunglasses, when he reached the end of the scene of carnage, Dieter smiled at the flickering flames. It smelled pretty bad. He replaced his shades.

"Ahh, now what?" Dieter mused, opening one of the multiple cans of carbonated and caffeinated beverage he kept with him at all times and downing it all in one go. He crushed the can in his fist, stepping off of his sky board and reattaching his hand with a sick slurping sound of flesh mending itself. Tossing the can over his shoulder, Dieter sighed. He was pretty sure that Tappen had said something about the main hall. Stupid phoenix and wyvern trash. They wanted to gain independence? Hah! Yeah right. Those fools didn’t have a single Skill on ‘em. Humans could never fight on an equal level with a living, breathing weapon. And this Dieter knew. Wandering aimlessly, the Skill had ‘lost’ his group earlier. More like he’d turned himself into an empty shell of armor and they’d walked right past him. But regardless, he was hopelessly lost now. Why did these people make such annoyingly large castles? A sudden realization hit Dieter. Fear gripped him on all levels. He grabbed the smokes he had on him. Three, including the one he’d picked up from the dead soldier. Knowing his habit, it’d all be gone by tomorrow. What if he never found his way out?? Death, Dieter did not fear. As long as he had soda and smokes, he was a-okay. Finding a destination was now ten times as important to Dieter. Again, his hand suffered the fate of becoming a skyboard. He was a pro at skyboarding. Honestly, what else could he do other than practice? Locked up in that empty room all the time.

The castle’s endless mazes became less annoying and more interesting. The sudden turns and dead ends were fun. And the gas that knocked out the majority of the guards was even more fun. Today really was a good day! Whichever guard wasn’t completely out of sorts due to the gas got skewered by the knife that occasionally molded out of nothing on the front of his skyboard. But Dieter ran into the last thing he expected to see and the abrupt stop caused his to fall right off of his board. He hit his neck first on the fall, the broken bones mending themselves quickly as he let his feet, which were sticking straight up in the air, fall back to earth.

“Reporting, Lieutenant Tappen, I am most certainly not wasting time and energy!” Dieter said, saluting with a stupid grin across his face before getting to his feet. His eyes came to rest on Auricia as soon as he began to brush himself off. Switch. His cheerful gaze became wary, and he stood lazily, his weight on one leg as he snapped his fingers, the skyboard hovering in the air turning back into a hand that fell into his other hand. As his hand was reattaching itself, Dieter looked up at Tappen, “Lieutenant, is there anything you’d like me to do? Back-up at the front gate? Ambush in the main hall? Patrol for surviving guards and dispose of them?”

March 4th, 2008, 12:38 PM
Name: Meredith "Meredii" Aluto
Gender: Female
Age: 14

Profession: Sword Dancer

The Sword Dancer class shares similarities with the Samurai and Ninja classes, but there is enough of a difference to warrant giving it it's own class. Like Samurai, the Sword Dancer specializes in use of the sword – although unlike the Samurai class, it does not matter which type of blade or blades are specialized in. Like the Ninja, a Sword Dancer also possesses incredible speed and agility. So much, in fact, that when in combat, it appears they are dancing. That isn't to say the class isn't without its weaknesses. Because of the speed involved, the movements of the Sword Dancer begin to become repetitive and easy to anticipate, although this only becomes apparent after time. Users of the Sword Dances style try to end things early while the opponent is still confused. Their energy is referred to as "Tempo" – a fitting name – and it permits the class a few little quirks. Using "Tempo", they can manipulate their blades to exceed whichever affinity they possess. For example, one with a fire affinity could light their blade on fire. Since this takes up quite a bit of space, their other techniques are limited. It's very rare to find a Sword Dancer who has decided to practice a long-range technique, as the style usually involves being in your opponent's face.

Primary Weapon: Meredii possesses two blades. The first is a sword that resembles a white, Swiss Longsword (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/08/Espadon-Morges.jpg), only the guard is about half the size, and the actually blade has a slight curve on it. She is able to swing this blade with one hand, and keeps it with her at all times, wrapped in black cloth tied to her back. She also possesses a standard, white Claymore (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/57/Chieftain-1.jpg). The ends of the guard are decorated with snowflake ornaments, and she is required to wield it with both hands due to it's weight. While she is slower with the Claymore, it is much more powerful. Her Claymore remains in storage unless she feels she needs to take it with her.

Elemental Affinity: Ice

Meredii, being a girl of the physical age of fifteen, maintains that cute, vibrant look of youth while showing signs of a maturing woman. She stands at about 5'6", and is very thin. Her hair, while long enough touch her waist and as straight as a ruler, is an icy blue colour that matches the shade of her eyes. Her bangs hang over her forehead, but stop a few inches above her eyes. Her skin is so pale that it appears to be white as snow, and but of course because of this complexion, she attempts to avoid most sunlight at all costs in fear of burns. It's because she avoids the sunlight so avidly that such rumors have started up that she may be a vampire. This of course, is entirely false. The lower half of her outfit consists of the following: a long black skirt that falls to just above her knees, pastel blue and black striped leg warmers that follow from her black snow boots up until just below her knee, white nylon material covering the exposed skin between the skirt and leg warmers. The upper part of her outfit is first composed of a black and pastel blue beanie on her head, a pastel blue and black striped sleeveless shirt that was made for warmth, pastel blue and black arm warmers that reach just beyond her elbows, and white nylon covering in between the arm warmers and the shirt. The nylon also covers her hands and finger, and she has black, fingerless gloves over top.

Despite having undergone multiple trials in order to wield weapons far out of her physical capacity, Meredii's presence is nowhere near as strong as the blades she can wield. She doesn't particularly talk a lot, and does really only when she is addressed directly. Even then, her timid and nervous persona has her speak quietly with a cute, high voice. She is easily startled, so easily startled that its best you let her know when you're doing as much as walking behind her. As you can imagine, her irrelevant fear of most things is an uncanny weakness for one raised to combat the darkness. She is also afraid of boys for one reason or another, although she'd never reveal why to anyone willingly. Unfortunately, Meredii also has a severe guilt complex, which leaves her believing almost everything is her fault. This is a result of her past and the treatment she received during it – she was often blamed by her father for many things. Strangely enough, whenever she is startled, she often found apologizing for it soon after in her overly polite way of carrying herself. Setting aside her weaknesses for now, once one gets to know Meredii, it becomes easy to see that deep down she is a nice – albeit shy – polite (maybe to the point where it's ridiculous) young woman. She is not easily angered, but when she is angry with someone she'll only go as far as giving them the cold shoulder since, as you can imagine already, she isn't the type of person who yells under any circumstance. Really, she exudes gentleness when she isn't off apologizing for something she did, or running away in fear of something she overreacted to. Hobby wise, for one who grew up in the North, she has a strange obsession with collecting sea shells. She also has an unhealthy obsession with fuzzy things, which often gets her injured if it's a fuzzy animal or the like. What? She just has to touch it! Regarding her easily startled nature in regards to actually combat scenarios; often once she gets going, she is able to make due without running away. It's just the opening moments of the battle where she is uncertain of herself that she tends to overreact.

Infusion: Ice
Utilizing this technique, Meredii is able to infuse her ice affinity with her blade so that it radiates extremely cold air. When this is active, snow tends to fall all around the blade, as it is so cold it converts the moisture in the air to snow. It takes no genius to realize what kind of effect this would have on an opponent. In fact, if the blade were to contact the bare flesh of a human, their skin would freeze instantly, let alone their blood. This does not hold true if it were to hit one with a fire affinity, however.

Grande Danse sur Glace
In combination with the infusion tech, this tech unleashes a wild fury of stabbing blows on the opponent. These blows aren't particularly powerful, but the goal it to try and freeze the opponent in place. The user then 'dances' around the opponent, taking multiple slashes and confusing the opponent with their speed. If wanted, Freezing Swell can be linked with this tech to dish out a devastating finishing blow.

Freezing Swell
By concentrating all of her tempo at the end of her blade, and swinging it, Meredii is able to shoot a large ball of snow and ice at an opponent. This is the only long-range attack in her arsenal, and because of this she has to use it sparingly, as it wears her out quickly.

Born and raised in Northern Canada, Meredii for the most part, grew up in a life most unfitting for a young girl. When she was only a small child still, her mother passed away from what her father told her was an ailment. His heart was still pure then. But after a while, her father began to drink more and more out of depression from losing his wife, and soon he began to beat her. Meredii was a victim of this domestic violence for most of her life, which explains her lack of confidence and fear of men, along with everything else. When she was ten, her grandfather took her under his wing after learning about the harassment she had been taking. Being a magic user himself, he began to train Meredii in an art form he had indulged himself in growing up – sword dancing. There were many obstacles to teaching a very young girl such a thing, however. The first being the fact that most blades would be too heavy for the type of frame Meredii possessed. That's why he created Halo's Ring, which would give Meredii the ability to carry them. However, she was first required to overcome multiple trials to prove her worthiness to use the ring. It was difficult, with her low self esteem and fear of everything that moved, but eventually she harnessed the magic ring's power and began training with the swords. She eventually became adequate in using them, at least enough for her to go to school up north. She had planned to attend Darkhorn for a while, but when her grandfather smelled trouble, he moved and took her with him over to England, where she would spend her learning experience at Lancaster. In a unfamiliar climate, and an unfamiliar land, it would be a while before she adjusted.
Additional Information: See Personality

Name: Mari Pesth
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Profession: Brawler - speed specialization
Primary Weapon: Gloves (specific details within description)

Elemental Affinity: Fire





Additional Information:

March 4th, 2008, 4:23 PM
Heheheh. I'll be reprising teh Brad man. SCIENCE BLESS THEE, KANSAS!!!!!

Name: Brad Matthews
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Class: Paladin- (Dark Paladin)
- Basically, a knight who can use magic. Uses one sword/lance etc. This weapon is branded with magic, but also amplifies the user’s magic attacks, usually of the same type. If they use dark magic, they do not have an elemental affinity. In battle, they wear heavy armor- usually enchanted to be lightweight to the user, depending on who crafted it, what metal was used, and how it was enchanted. To be a Paladin, you must be strong, in mind and body. It is rigorous, especially if you follow the path of dark magic. In addition, you're true class depends on what affinity you have- your element, or in rare cases, Dark Magic. They also have one other item, either rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, that determine what type of magic (of the Affinity type) they use. For Fire, it can be lava or flames, for water it is waves or storms, for Earth it is rocks/quakes or metals, for ICe it has only one type, and for Wind it is just wind. For Darkness, it is either occult (think Satan) or shadows. Guess which one I am using...
Primary Weapon: His longsword, Apocalypse. With the darkness sealed within it, Brad uses great power.

Elemental Affinity: He uses Dark magic, therefore making him unable to use elemental magic.

Description: Brad looks like a badass, in simple terms. Outside of battle, he wears a red leather jacket, with a black pentagram on the back. It is his only piece of clothing on his torso, but he often wears it and shows his abdomen. His pants are blue jeans, dark blue in shade. They show signs of wear, but aren’t ripped. In his pocket, he carries his iPhone, black and red in color. On both of his middle fingers reside ancient Japanese rings of great dark power. Out of the 4 rings of power (ACC and Kansas know what I am talking about), this one represents darkness, and is the most powerful. It is the one ring of the entire dark archetype that actually allow occult magic. They are called the Silmarillion, and have a gold band, with another circle on it. This circle is filled in with diamonds, except for a 6-pointed star in between- the lines are onyx, and the spaces are filled with rubies. His alligator leather belt, black in color, also holds the ornate golden sheath for Apocalypse. The sheath has a black flame pattern on much of it. Apocalypse is long, black in color with some gold. It starts straight, curves in a tiny bit, then curves out again before ending at a sharp “V” point. At the other end, the handle juts out in two separate directions, each ending in a diamond. This handle is made of gold/rubies. Then, after the jutting ends, it goes down for a few inches, and ends with a sapphire pommel. Apocalypse is an ancient heirloom. In battle, he wears white titanium armor, with intricate flame patterns in black all over the armor. He wears no helmet, but otherwise he is defended from any projectile attack. With swords, people must go for the head, or use magic. However, this armor, also an heirloom, has special spells placed on it, making it better defended against magic attack. The armors best enchantment is its light weight. Although it is light, it still protects extremely well against any attack. However, magic is still the most potent offense against him. Brad himself is 6’5”. Being an albino, he has pale, deathly white skin, blood red eyes, and white hair. His covers his forehead, and goes down in back. It is smooth. His body tone is muscular, from long training. He is graceful and fast. He always trains his muscles to become faster with his armor, known as Chaos. His eyes, in a more slit shape, look sinister and evil. His nose is small, and his earlobes are attached to his head. His legs take up half of his body, and are long, graceful and muscular. His torso, as I said, is also muscular, and his arms are like his legs- graceful and muscular. His limber and muscular build allows him to perform powerful barrages of sword attack, even with heavy armor. He is the fastest out of anyone in the school, even with the armor. Because he is 16, he can drive. He drives his dad’s black Ferrari when he needs to.

Personality: In and out of battle, Brad is a loner. Preferring to keep to himself, Brad often thinks in his mind, or goes to train. He also enjoys class, diligently learning and becoming better. He is often, but not always, the smartest kid in class. He also enjoys taking advanced courses. On the subjecto f missions, he likes monster killing, but doesn't like working in teams- he wants individual missions. However, he won't complain. He is diligent in training and intelligence, but neglects his social life. He never really talks to many people, and enjoys sitting alone, on his bed, listening to music. Like any kid going through puberty, he is starting to feel attracted to girls, but still stays in his protective lonely shell. He is cold, almost emotionless. Many people avoid him, due to this. The darkness of his chosen path engulfs his mind, keeping him lonely and cold. His favorite hobby is training. On missions, he is also quiet, listening to orders, following them quickly, and coming back. You’d think Brad would want friends after so much loneliness, but, quite frankly, he enjoys the silence in his mind and environment, the relaxing comfort of being alone. Another thing that alienates people is his lack of compassion and his merciless ruthlessness. He cares about no one but himself and his family. He is desensitized to death- he is always first finished on assasinations or killings because he can and will kill without hesitation. Some would say he is a loose cannon, but all he really is a cold, emotionless machine inside.


Spell: Dark Vortex- After saying the words (revealed later), Apocalypse glows black, and launches a beam of dark black energy towards the opponent. It is unavoidable, but not that powerful. It is often used to weaken opponents before Brad brings out the big guns.

Judgement- Apocalypse glows white, and Brad charges at his opponent, leaps, and falls on them with the sword. Afterwards, he continues to hack and slash furiously. This technique is his most often used sword technique. However, it can be dodged.

Additional Information: Brad comes from a long line of various battlers at Lancaster. Brad, wanting to be unique, became a Paladin. His mother was a wizard who mastered Fire and Lightning, while his father was a Sniper who used the Ice element. He is the first to use the long-guarded heirlooms, and it is said that the first of his family was the original owner. He lives in Hawaii, on the island of Maui, and enjoys aquatic sports. His family has lived on Maui for four generations, coming from California. they went to CA from New York about 2 generations before, and moved to NY from England as atheists 10 generations before that. The clan originated with Saturnus Mattesicum, a prestigious soldier for the Roman Empire who settled in the territory now known as Britain, in the area that is now Liverpool. His family lived there for centuries, moved to America, and eventually moved to Maui.

March 4th, 2008, 5:01 PM
Trainer Kat - Reserved
Loki - Reserved
Animadversion - Reserved

Brad - *sigh* here it goes. Let me start down the list. I already informed you I'm cracking down this time.

1. a knight that uses magic, would be a Rune Knight
2. you didn't read the opening post. in order to use dark magic, one must have learned to harness all 6 elements, making it INCONCEIVABLE for a first year student to have the ability to harness it.
3. The rings. No.
4. I'm basically saying... revamp the whole thing, its not happening this time around.

Theres what you need to change. *Kansas blasts a fastball right down the center* 'STRIIIIKE ONE'

Unlimited NiGHTS
March 4th, 2008, 5:13 PM
Name: His true name is White Cloud. He normally goes by the alias "Unlimited" or "Makenshi".
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Profession: Magical Samurai
Primary Weapon: Usually a 6-foot katana, but has been known to wield a bow, hand-bombs (see like-named weapon in Final Fantasy XII), and rarely a white Maken, or "demon sword", which can cut anything that is a true enemy (see Makenshi's weapon in Final Fantasy: Unlimited).

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Description: He normally wears a purple tunic, with twin black belts. One belt goes over his shoulder, keeping his katana sheathed on his back. The other belt goes normally across his waist. He sometimes wears an all-white swordsman's Gi. He has white hair, which he will dye purple to match his tunic. He has blue eyes, and is very popular with most ladies. Though, if he gets angry, you don't want to look into those piercing blue eyes of his. He also often wears a gold face mask that covers his nose and mouth.

Personality: He's usually very quiet, and rarely speaks when not needed. However, that's not to say he's antisocial. He obliterates any who would seek to impede freedom. He's not very easily angered, but when he finally does become so, he will stop at nothing to eliminate that which pissed him off. Since he's so quiet, it's sometimes questioned if he has any friends. For those who take the time to get to know him, he is a loyal friend who will never let you down.

Techniques: His most notable technique is Mist Summon, which allows him to manipulate a magical gaseous substance known as Mist to call forth Sword Dragons. He often will use a musical term to refer to his Sword Dragons' action. They can be used to attack or defend. He can also deflect any projectile he knows of with his blade. Though he rarely uses it, he can also turn any living thing into Mist, then use it to perform a Mist Summon. Finally, he's able to use his breath as Mist.

History: Not much is known about Unlimited's past. It's said that his home was destroyed by a form of Chaos. He has been in love before, but his love died in the war that destroyed his home. It is currently unknown if he blames himself, but he seems to have moved on since then. He seeks mastery over the elements, and thus has come to Lancaster. He hopes to rebuild his home once he graduates.

Additional Information: He practices with his swords for three hours every day, so he'll be ready when he faces Chaos. He does not join any other activities unless invited.

Roleplaying Example: "Brother, don't you know about the people who are taking advantage of your feelings?!" Unlimited asked of Madoushi.

"Heh. So what if they are?" Madoushi replied. He pulled a bottle of crimson Mist from his belt. "Sleep, held by a graceful song...DEEP RED REQUIEM!" Slicing the bottle in half lengthwise, a flash of red light heralded the appearance of a great Red Sword Dragon!

"Sleep, held by a graceful song...PURE WHITE REQUIEM!" called out Unlimited, known to his brother as Makenshi. He performed the same action with his own bottle of white Mist, calling forth the White Sword Dragon.

Both of the Sword Dragons lunged forth, their sword-like snouts clashing with enough force to obliterate all around them. Both then charged energy, twin blasts of red and white clashing with incredible force. The Red Sword Dragon overcame the White, destroying it. Makenshi fell to the ground, the force of that destruction weakening him. Madoushi smirked, but then was shocked to see that his own Sword Dragon was destroyed as well.

"Why?!" He was answered by part of his sword's hilt cracking. "When did that happen?"

Then he remembered the Summoned Creature of one equal to his own power. Shiva's powerful Diamond Dust damaged his blade, even though he deflected most of her power.

"Please, calm yourself!" called Makenshi, standing.

"Then make me calm...with your sword," Madoushi replied. He lunged forward, a ghost in the blade, and Makenshi blocked. Fierce swordplay ensued, until finally Makenshi shattered the red blade of Madoushi.

"I see...that sword is meant to cut only true enemies..." Madoushi said quietly. "Brother...That which I could not accomplish, I entrust to you..." Madoushi then vanished, leaving only his red cape and broken sword behind.

March 4th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Ah. Then I shan't sign up again- Ireally don't like elemntal RP's that much- just Dark in general. I was going to fix the whole ring conundrum, but since I ain't here no more, than that is a moot point. Darn... I thought it was the same...

March 11th, 2008, 10:11 AM
*sigh* well, all I can say for everyone who signed up and were accepted, try to remember your applications best you can if you didn't save them, i have an idea of what most of you had and you wont be turned down if you were already accepted. bleh... i'll get my signup reposted when i see returning RPers

and uhhh can i get this moved to the lounge and turned into an OOC again? that would be wonderful.......

March 11th, 2008, 4:55 PM
Fun fun.

I'm glad I saved my sign-ups. :B


March 12th, 2008, 12:08 PM
OOC: ...

Name: Natalie Mayberry, aka Nim (which happens to be her initials)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Profession: Witch
Primary Weapon: A ring, which was a present to her from her mother. The ring is big enough in diameter that it fits snugly around her right index finger, is just less than half an inch thick, and although it's made of silver, it is coloured a light and rather glittery purple on the surface (as in not the inside where her finger touches it). Around the surface is a design that is actually a word, spelled in... not runes, but something that looks similar to them. It reads "Sensaori", a name that typically means "a special presence within"--something along those lines. Everybody in the Temple of Darkness (see History) was given a ring similar to this upon initiation.
Elemental Affinity: Earth and Lightning
Description: If you take a look at Nim, you might think she looks a bit older than she is... Especially if she acts older than she is to match. She's about 5'4" tall, a pretty average height for her age. Her curly blond hair hardly ever shines and is relatively dull in colour, and reaches partway down her back. The front parts of it, except for two short strands in the very front, are pinned back with a black barette with four purple roses on it, and with three short and shiny black ribbons hanging from it. Her eyes are a dark grayish-purple in colour, and her skin is a very light beige colour, and shows no evidence of any sort of tan. Yet even with such a light hair colour, her eyelashes are definitely visible and are a dark red near the roots. Her lips are always coloured a pale shade of violet.

Nim's obvious favourite colours are purple and black, and it really shows up in her usual outfit. There's a purple shirt that's made of a very soft material and gets darker in colour at the bottom, with a border of dark purple lace at the bottom. There's a black sweater over that, with sleeves that don't quite reach her wrists, with a single button in front that looks like a small round silver mirror, with a hood in back, and with a length that's not as long as the shirt underneath it. Nim also wears a black skirt that goes down just below her knees, black suede boots that are furry at the top and have one black pom-pom ball each hanging from them, and... Wait, that would mean her legs show. Or not--you can faintly see a pair of plum-coloured leggings between her skirt and her boots.

Nim doesn't believe in carrying a backpack--instead she carries around a shoulder bag made of a black crocheted cloth, closed with a purple zipper with a purple ribbon attached. Hanging in the front from its handle is a small purple velvet bag with the outline of a raven on the front, where she keeps the more personal items...

Personality: Nim's personality is quite different from what it was when she was younger. She used to be perky, mischievous, and rebellious, and even seemed to be a little talkative (or at least "giggly") as well. Well, now she's starting to experiment with staying quiet most of the time, and try to communicate with facial expression (or should I say "optical expression", since she mostly shows emotion with her eyes) instead of words. After all, she sometimes has a hard time putting things into words, and prefers to form ideas as pictures or thoughts. Occasionally, especially in a spell, she might try to pick out words that might fit the situation, and back it with nonverbal expressions or a picture in her mind. She's a firm believer in hand gestures as well. When she does wish to talk, she tends to speak in a sophisticated and even pedantic matter, although she does not take that classic "whiny and braggy" tone she used to employ when she was younger. She tends to be a rather polite person overall, and is not one to make rude marks like she occasionally used to.

Classrooms give Nim the strongest provocation to talk--Nim does enjoy answering quiz questions the teacher asks. She's quite a scholarly young lady, curious about the deepest secrets of the world around her. She learns best through lectures and such, but she won't fall asleep while looking through a textbook (unless it's on a very boring and useless subject, like history in her opinion). Sometimes she even has a habit of looking through the rest of the textbook in spare classroom time... She's also the one to see a B as a "low grade", but doesn't get nearly as upset at getting a B or C as she used to when she was very young. Now, as for spare time in general... Nim's the kind of person who has no problem with being alone, and in many cases prefers it. But there are those random moments when she'll feel comfortable entering a conversation with someone... or in rare cases, starting one.

It is also known that Nim's worst little phobia is of pain, as it is purely physical and can't be avoided. She's known not to afraid, though, of such things as the dark, spiders, you get the idea. One of her favourite pastimes includes wandering out to places, looking for interesting sights, and hopefully discovering secret facts or locations along the way. She especially likes to do this on cloudy or foggy days, or on nights when the moon is bright. Another thing she really loves is music--she likes listening to it, and singing songs or humming tunes as she's walking along. Sometimes she even resorts to speaking in song lyrics, and has even come up with a song or two. Her favorite kind of music is an odd combination of new age and techno music, with a few related genres and scattered popular music in there as well. (Obviously she carries an MP3 player with her.) She enjoys singing in humming in the shower, at the dinner table, or most anywhere else... Not to mention she often sings incantations when casting a spell. She's also quite an animal lover as well, which explains her pet cat. Cats are one of her favourite animals as well, closely tied with ravens, snakes, and spiders. Let's see, what other interests...? She shows a strong interest in the supernatural, which makes sense since she's a witch. Particularly, this fascination lies with psychic abilities and divination. Now... okay, enough about interests.

-One ability that definitely needs an incantation to work is a healing ability. To heal things like wounds or illnesses or discomfort in herself or other people, Nim derives energy from the ground--from the earth. Obviously this works best when she's standing on the ground floor of a building, or anywhere else level with the ground. It also seems to work with ground-based objects, such as trees and boulders. The ability works best on herself, to soothe pain, taking energy directly from the ground. She seems to be currently unable to cure viral diseases with this ability, as well as the more serious wounds. To use this ability on herself, she merely has to place her hands and feet on the ground (and there's the incantation of course), but when using it on another person, she has to hold the person's dominant hand on the ground as well. Specifics, specifics...
-Nim's second Earth-based ability is more offensive in nature... although it can be used defensively as well. This one sprouts various kinds of vines from the ground. The vine(s) can be thin and wispy, thick and thorny, single or numerous... the last line of the incantation specifies the type. The vines only last for a limited time, and eventually turn into dust. As of now, the longest vine Nim has been able to summon this way was nearly twice as tall as she was, the thickest about four inches in diameter, with thorns up to an inch long, and up to six ones up to half the size of these records at a time. The longest one of these vines has been standing was forty seconds. And as of now, she hasn't been able to make any irregularly coloured or glowing vines (just green or brown ones, depending on how much water is present in the ground). Note that the vines can only sprout from the ground--they can't break through a stone or metal floor, and (to Nim's slight dismay) can't sprout of a person, or anything alive for that matter.
-Okay, now for the Lightning-based abilities. The first is a sort of magnetic force emanating from Nim's ring. This can be used to move objects around, much like telekinesis. However, Nim sometimes has trouble using this ability on non-metal objects, especially objects made of rubber or glass. It works rather well on water and plastic as well, but without much control. Now, if only Nim could learn to fuse this with aural energies and/or exercise more control over this ability...
-One could easily tell that Nim's last ability is a lightning-based one. It basically lets Nim form a purple thunderbolt that is made of electrical energies and can act much like a spear. When fired, her ring uses another magnetic force to send it in the right direction. This thunderbolt can be as small as a pencil or as large as her leg, but has a very constant electrical charge despite the size. Nim seems to have a bit of trouble controlling the size, but at least her aim with this is getting better...

History: In a little town in a valley not too far away from Lancaster, a little girl was born. Her birth hadn't really been planned--her parents didn't care for each other too much, yet they managed to come up with a baby shortly after their first and only date. The two were quite different--Dad was a manager in a mobile phone company, and Mum was a minister (high priestess) of a certain church that played a vital role in Nim's life... But we'll get to the church later. Fortunately, Dad was okay with keeping little Nim in his quaint little house on the hillside. Life was good--the hillside was part of a benevolent residential community, and a fun little outing or activity was both possible and common there... Blah blah blah, is that important? Well, it's a good foundation underneath what happened next...

That was school. Outside that little hillside community, the surrounding town was comparatively chaotic. Low-lifes of all sorts were not an uncommon sight, especially in the form of small gangs, weapon or drug dealers, rapists... you get the idea. Apparently the police there were overly lenient or just off duty too often, which only enhanced the chaos... It was a dumb idea on the town's part to not include a school in the comparatively peaceful Meadow Hills community, so Nim attended the same school as all the other townspeople's children out there. It was a stressful experience--at first Nim proved to be quite the scholarly little girl who didn't fall asleep during a lecture or dare to pick a fight... but things quickly changed due to peer pressure and name-calling. Nim quickly turned into a little "devil kitty" as she called herself often, the one who believed firmly in revenge and loud remarks, the one who fiercely bit back at name-calling and harrassment. She frequently got into some trouble in school, and if she didn't get into detention, her father grounded her, or else cancelled outings and other privileges.

But whenever the opportunity arose, Mum joined Nim. Dad didn't like Mum one bit (he broke up with her the second he learned about her spiritual beliefs, believing they were satanic), so he strictly forbade Nim to be with her mother. But Mum had quite a knack for finding a way around such rules, not to mention she handled herself well around all the other low-lifes in the streets. Often times she would "steal" Nim away either after school or in the middle night, to spend a little time with her. Hmm, Dad was a nice person when he wasn't explaining rules, but was boring compared to Mum. Over time, Mum started taking her to her church, commonly called the "Temple of Darkness"...

The Temple of Darkness was a cult church, housed in a purple Victorian house partially buried into the side of the valley. Of course, was it a "church"? Mum passed this place on as a church when faced with legal issues and such, but really it was more of a club. It was devoted to anything magical and supernatural, and its "sermons" told about hidden magical forces that lay past the control of most people. The Temple had only one "minister" to speak on such a topic, one who was actually a witch. Wow, really? Meaning she could cast spells and fly on a broom and... Well, in actuality, witches didn't fly on broomsticks as their stereotypes did, but she did occasionally, just as a little touch of style. But that's not the point. "Minister" Lilice also happened to be Nim's mother. Ahh, so THAT'S why she was so good at self-defense out there, and it could have explained why Dad broke up with her... Whenever the chance arose, Lilice/Mum brought Nim to these meetings, and if there was extra time, she took her into an empty cavernous space in the back of the Temple to start to teach her some of her practices.

Behind this Temple of Darkness was a cave... one that long ago was said to lead to a mystical land from which all magical presences originated. It was a land inhabited mostly by wizards and other magic users, a land with a portal that was located inside this cave. Unfortunately, now the portal is closed, but Lilice still made frequent trips to visit this portal, and occasionally to pick up inspirations about it. It can also be noted that many of the incantations she used in her spells were in a language spoken only in that land beyond the portal.

Hmm, to understand more, we must look at Lilice, Nim's mother. Lilice had attended Lancaster in her own youth, and had moved out here in the hopes of keeping the town together, to prevent it from entering anarchy and chaos. (She originally had the idea of becoming a teacher in Lancaster, but the faculty preferred some woman named Kiki Kiribayashi over her.) She specialised in using dark magic, and frequently used it on any particularly destructive individuals in town. Of course, nobody in the town learned about her magical abilities, for whenever she used her dark magic on those destructive individuals, she didn't stop until she killed them in an isolated location. It can also be noted that she put a sort of curse on the Temple of Darkness, which mysteriously prevented any sort of vandalism or trespassing on the building by changing the person's mind about the destructive action. Many passersby swear the building's cursed, but they're always told they spoke of nonsense... Anyways, during Lilice's highly infrequent private tutoring sessions with Nim, she mostly lectured about the basics of spellcasting, properties of various magical energies, the importance of being aware of consequences of abilities, etc. She always knew Nim had been born a witch, as one of her own abilities was to detect magical abilities in other people, and the general elemental path they took. But she didn't teach Nim how to use any of thse dormant abilities yet--she feared that Nim would get ostentatious about it in school. Nim occasionally had a habit of threatening to put curses on people in school, but she was never able to follow through with those threats. Nope, not worthy yet.

After Nim graduated from elementary school, Lilice made an interesting discovery: the Joseph Mayberry who kept Nim in the Meadow Hills community for five years was not her real father. Her real father was... a wizard from a distant town she had met up with a few days before the date. This turned into an argument with Mr. Mayberry, which centred around Lilice demanding that Nim live with her from then on. The argument turned into a fight, which ended in Lilice killing him, just like the other dangerous individuals she encountered in the town. Well anyways, from then on Nim lived with her mother, and therefore the Temple of Darkness was now her house. From then on, Nim did not attend any public school--instead her mother homeschooled her. Oh, oh, you know what this means. Yes, Lilice also snuck in some magical tutoring, and this time, she was actually able to teach Nim how to use her magical abilities, since she had matured a little since a few years ago, and since she was not in the presence of bullies and such as often (less provocation).

Life was good again for the next few years. Lilice was neither a strict teacher nor a harsh mother, and certainly wasn't overprotective either. Especially when Nim turned fourteen, the two frequently went on outings around or just outside the town. Occasionally Nim encountered her old schoolmates, but her habit of loud remarks and vengeful acts began to fade away... for now she was under less pressure from society, and less stress from her family. Sometimes, there was the occasion when Nim was beaten up or something, in which case that Lilice and Nim would either (in the order of most frequent to least frequent) run away, protect themselves with knives and other mundane weapons, or kill the offender with dark magic (in Lilice's case) or one or a few of those thunderbolt spears (in Nim's case, and that only happened once).

Yet somehow, Lilice felt that she wasn't a very good teacher for Nim... Okay, she was good at explaining a little of the basic elemental stuff Nim caught onto rather quickly, but not much else... Okay, she was also good at helping her with incantations, most of which were of the language of the elusive land beyond the portal. Well, at least the land was an ancient enough magical society to have incantations in its language work... But that's just a detail. Lilice tried once or twice to teach Nim how to use dark magic, but that proved to be impossible. Especially since that ability needed to come after mastering all the elements, and teaching Nim about her non-native elements was tedious anyways... Nim needed a better teacher, or perhaps a few better teachers. Ah--there it is--how about enrolling in the school of Lancaster? It was a sort of disheartening decision to make on Lilice's part, but at least Nim was rather eager to enroll, hoping it would help her learn the things her own mother was having trouble teaching her...

Additional Information: Nim has a pet cat named Umbra, which she'll bring into the academy if it's allowed. Umbra is black and fluffy, with bright blue eyes... Aww... soft as well. But enough about a little cat. Nim is terrible with computers--she barely bothers with checking her email and downloading songs onto her MP3 player. But she really enjoys music, as explained in the Personality section, and, well... just look at the Personality section, especially the third paragraph, for the rest.

Roleplaying Example:
^OOC: The following is from a Harry Potter RPG I created a while back on another site, where Nim and her mother were my characters. Nim is named Kiki in this RPG--Kiki is her usual name when I sign her up in RPG's. However, in this RPG, in order to avoid confusion with Professor Kiki, I changed her name to Nim.

The rising August sun woke Kiki instantly. The light almost stung her eyes, as it always does with those who, umm... prefer the darker side of life... Speaking of which, Kiki had just had one of those "flashback dreams"--a dream where an event in one's past is replayed. Kiki only remembered fragments of this dream...

It was in elementary school, back when Kiki was 6--too young to start studying magic yet. It was a scene which occasionally haunted Kiki, but still the past cannot be changed. Back then (and maybe now even so), Kiki was overly proud when she found out she was a witch, so she would frequently threaten fellow students with magic. Because of that, she earned a reputation of being the "class devil". Why magic was often associated with evil Kiki's mum did not understand, but Kiki herself used it to her advantage--she enjoyed being seen as evil.

In this typical day, Kiki walked down the corridor leading to her classroom, always quite far away from the other students. As she walked, she occasionally heard whispers among the students, whispers of "there goes Satan's daughter" or "Do I look like a toad?" or "what a freak" et al. Kiki, though, played along with this rather than felt offended--there she was, wearing her usual black clothing, and a red shirt with a black skull on it. For extra fun, her hair ties looked like red horns. Anyways, when she entered the classroom, she sat in a desk in the front center of the classroom, like any typical smartie would. For it was this stereotype that Kiki often fit as well, and it was her success in school that kept her there. Anyways, as the teacher taught the class, she kept throwing menacing glances at Kiki, and some students talked behind her back. No one dared throw paper balls at her or any of the usual pranks--they were too afraid she would put spells on them. And at the end of the school day, two kids got into a fight, and Kiki jumped in to break it up. She threatened the two as usual ("Respect each other or be cursed for life!"), and the two chickened out and actually hugged each other before walking off. This memory often embarrassed Kiki when she thought of it, but her acts only ceased by a tiny margin over time...

Checking her calendar, Kiki noticed that there were only two weeks left before her first year at Hogwarts would begin. She was deeply excited about this, so thus she got ready for the day ahead on a merry note.

When Kiki opened the front door of the house, Umbra walked in, rubbing up against Kiki's leg then walking off to see her dad (who was still asleep). But the activity wasn't only inside...
"Come on Kiki!" called a recognizable voice from outside.
"Coming Mum!" Kiki jumped with joy at her mother's arrival--she always enjoyed her company rather than Dad's. Dad often wanted to "set Kiki straight", meaning that he strongly wished that Kiki would keep her identity as a witch secret, especially to muggles.

Lilice (Kiki's mother) was leaning against the outside wall, holding a broom. The broom's sleek shape and clean appearance could only mean it was for flying.
"All right!" Kiki cheered. She always loved being up in the air. "Hey wait a minute..." Kiki's cheering ceased a bit. "Isn't that a new broom?"
Lilice's method of answering was flipping the broom upside-down so that the gold lettering on the end of the handle was in plain sight.
"Wow, the new Nimbus 1999!" Kiki resumed her cheering. "How on earth did you get one?"
"Simple--I saved up," Lilice answered. "And, I had plenty of extra cash on hand, so I have a surprise for you when we get to my place." While Lilice said this, she took a wand out of her pocket--Kiki looked puzzled. But her confusion was quickly solved...
"Accio Cleansweep." Before long, another broom flew out of the door and stopped right between Kiki's legs.
"Wait..." Kiki's face started to brighten. "You want me to ride it?!?"
"I don't know how much weight the new Nimbus can handle--I don't want to break it. Now, you know how to take off, right?"
"Of course, I've seen you do it countless times."
"Felt, even." Lilice smiled as she mounted the Nimbus. After kneeling a short while, she shot straight up, and within seconds she was a few hundred feet in the air.

"Wait for me!" Kiki's voice came from below. Whe the slower broom carrying the less experienced rider caught up, the two continued on, heading due west towards Lilice's house. Kiki felt relieved that they were not facing the sun.
"So how did you take off like that?" Kiki asked while they were flying.
"The trick is to keep your broom level with the ground, and to practically jump into the air. Most people tilt up and kick off backwards, causing them to go forward."

Kiki and Lilice flew over a wide valley, and they began their descent towards a small alley at the base of a steep cliff on the side of the valley. On one side of the alley was a shabby old bar, and directly opposite it was a large lavender building that looked like a cross between a Victorian house and a church. In fact, at one point long ago it did use to be a church. Anyways, the two landed right on a walkway leading to the front door, next to where a scarecrow stood. Lilice would have removed this monstrocity had there not been a particular raven that often perched upon its head. Lilice and Kiki walked right past this and went inside.

They had walked into what had once been a lobby. But one sight surprised Kiki--a chair. On this chair was a black cauldron, inside of which were five or so books and some quills and parchment. A few robes were draped over the back of the chair--some black, some red or purple. On top was Kiki's Hogwarts letter. But there were two other items that got Kiki really excited...

One was a small crystal ball. It had a slight lavender hue to it and came with a glistening teal stand.
"Not only can this be used for Seeing, but if you have ever noticed a similar one in the hall... The two are visually connected, so if you look into yours, you may also see through to its kin. Technically, we could communicate that way."

The second item was a wand box. Kiki really jumped at this--her first wand! Kiki picked up the box as carefully as she could, opened it, and inside there was...


"You still need a wand, of course," Lilice explained. "But I cannot pick it out for you--wands are special. They pick their owners, in most cases. But not to worry--we'll get it when the school year draws nearer. Then we can pick up your baggage from your dad's, then it's off to Diagon Alley we go. There, I'm sure dear old Ollivander can help you out with your wand. And you know what comes next."

"This is the first time I've ever looked forward to the first day of school!" Kiki exclaimed. What a surprise this was--what a fine morning.

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May I have a placeholder? Thank you Kansas for making things clearer. :D

Name: Ito Reiko
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Profession: Samurai

Primary Weapon:

Reiko has two primary weapons that she uses a katana and a wakizashi which is in the olden days was the smaller, companion sword of the katana. Her katana is 3 and a half feet long while her wakizashi is two and a half feet long. Her katana has a round guard which is a charcoal black that is decorated in silver with the outlines of two large herons circling each other and traditional clouds on the sides. The katana’s hilt is black, but on it is a tight grip made of dark blue thread that is rolled around and around the hilt. Its sheath is just a normal black color that looks like a burnt black. It is an old katana that has been passed around in her family for many years, but it still retains a sharp blade that isn’t dull.

The wakizashi seems much newer and brighter in comparison with the katana, though it is just as old. Its guard is a shiny bronze that was made for looks rather than protection. It is circular and shiny with no engravings. The hilt is an amber yellow color with a teal blue sheath. The sheath was made out of a shiny, metallic mineral that sparkles and shines in the sun, unlike the katana’s sheath which is coarse, the wakizashi’s sheath is slippery and smooth. On the middle of the sheath are three thin chalky lines that stick out, around a half and inch apart from each other; which serve as a grip for the wakizashi.

Elemental Affinity: Lightning


Reiko is 5’7 in height with a slender build. She is graceful when she walks taking delicate, long strides with an air of faint elegance and pride. Usually when someone sees her, they definitely won’t think of her as a tough fighter but rather as a delicate girl. Looks are deceiving though and Reiko is strong. She does have toned muscles, which are not big like the ones weight lifters have. They just make her look fit and healthy, of someone who does exercise. She has almost fully developed and has the curves in the right places. Her skin is porcelain and her Asian heritage shows. Her skin is not a pale bloodless white of course, it is peachy in complexion too. Reiko’s eyes are a soft brown and cat-like, giving the aura of someone who is sharp and intelligent. Her hair is layered with bangs and it was once black but she bleached it to light brown much to her grandfather’s disdain. It goes down her back and stops two inches below her shoulders. Usually she keeps it up in a high ponytail so her hair won’t get into her face. Her almond face is noble with high cheekbones and a slender jaw.

Like most teenage girls Reiko likes clothes, and her taste is a little more exotic than most her age. She usually wears a scarf around her neck, in the winter or the summer. This doesn’t mean she always wears a scarf, for if she was in the middle of Death Valley, she would obviously take it off. The scarf normally is a soft lavender and it is wrapped around her neck. She wears a black T-shirt that fits her curves nicely and she wears dark blue jean shorts. She wears a thin long sleeved shirt underneath her black top, which on the outside only shows the sleeves. The sleeves are striped like a candy cane, with stripes of white and green.

Personality: (How your character acts. Don't be generic about it 4 line minimum)

Techniques: (The various skills your character specializes in. Please don't make too many *4 max for now* and if your skill is exceptionally powerful, please list its weakness or downfall. Keep it interesting. Make it tangible. remember its a school, we can learn more techniques later )

History: (Where your char is from, family background, why they're at Lancaster instead of the other schools, things like that.)

Additional Information: (Extra curricular activities that your character may be in or hobbies that they may have. Maybe even skills outside of battle that they are accomplished in like being exceptionally skilled with technology, computers and such.... Completely optional, but it could help your application)

Roleplaying Example: (From Advent of Destinies-A Bleach RPG from serebiiforums)

Two Days Ago-7:55 P.M.

It was chilly in Karakura Town. December was coming right around the corner and snow was already falling from the sky. It painted the landscape a pale blue and covered nearly everything it could and made the whole place sparkle. The sky was already black, and the bright shining stars covered the sky. Most of the lights in nearby houses were turned on, and the street lamps glowed a soft, comforting yellow.

A lady dressed in thick winter clothes walked down the deserted street leading to her apartment complex. She carried a bag full of groceries and snow was already covering some of the fruit and vegetables on top. The paper, brown bag itself was soaked, small water droplets were dripping from the bottom, and it was a wonder how it was still holding. The lady herself, despite the warm clothes she was wearing, was quite wet. Her hair had little fluffs of snow covering it, and her face was chilled and raw with no hood protecting her face. The red jacket with a furry collar had only a few dry spots on it, and her jeans were entirely soaked, the tough, leather boots were no different from the pants.

Nevertheless, the lady was smiling, an easy smile covered her face, and didn’t evaporate when she saw a young, blond boy perched on the stout, black metal gate that led into her apartment.

“Hello,” she said.

“I’m guessing you’re Mitosuki Izumi.” The youth replied, he was dressed in school clothes by the looks of it, and had a dark green jacket covering his top.

She gave a faint laugh, “Is that how you greet someone?”

The boy sighed, and from his hand, he showed her a picture of her in the Urahara Shouten, “Sorry, but I’m in a hurry.”

She raised an elegant eyebrow. “Hm?”

“I’ve been asked to get you by Urahara-san.”

Her smile got wider. “I’m guessing he needs a big favor if he sent someone to get me.”

“How did you know?” the boy said sarcastically in his Osaka dialect.

“Well, what is it?”

“You’re not shocked?”

Now it was her turn to sigh, but she never lost that sly, cheerful expression she had, “Its Urahara, nothing really surprises me when it comes to him.”

“Well it concerns Aizen.”


“You don’t know about him?”

“I’ve been gone for around 250 years, my memory gets faint.”

The boy looked at her apologetically, “I suggest ya make a pot of tea when ya hear about this.”

Izumi nodded, “Might as well, but just wondering kid, are you still in your gigai? My neighbors might think of me as crazy, or more crazy than I already am if they see me talking to thin air.”

“I am in my gigai.”

“Great, than you can tell me about how Soul Society is, on the way in.”

The boy nodded and jumped off the metal gate. “I’m Hirako Shinji by the way.”

Izumi punched in her apartment password in a little, electronic box right on the wall next to the gate. It beeped twice and the gate opened.

“So how’s it been Hirako-san?”

“Not well, you see….”

Karakura Town-6:00 A.M.

A captain, no, three captains had deserted Soul Society. The news didn’t surprise her though. She always had known it would happen someday, but not in this type of force, or power. If they left quietly like her because they disliked the values of Soul Society would she have been able to let it go. But they left because they didn’t like the values, and because of a more horrible, frightening reason.

They left for more power. Power was one thing Izumi couldn’t understand why someone would want. She was happy to have been an eleventh seat. She didn’t need to become a taichou to be satisfied with her position. Maybe she never really cared about what position she was in a division. She just cared about happiness. And Soul Society didn’t make her happy, it took all the life out of her, and that was why she left.

But now everything in Karakura made more sense. The hollow-like creatures-Arrancars, and now she understood why there were more Death Gods here. She would have liked to have been kept out of this, like Hirako or Shinji as he was called. But this would effect her too. And she wanted to keep that peaceful non-shinigami life she held.

But…desperate times called for desperate measures.
For the first time in 2 years, she went out of her gigai. The feeling was strange, but it felt good nevertheless. She was wearing her regular attire, or summer clothes as she called them now. The maroon shirt, and jean shorts and Kashinfuu, the ‘umbrella’ was strapped on her belt.

She decided to take the more scenic route than just doing a bunch of flash steps. She decided to jump on a roof and then another, feeling the fresh breeze as she went by. The coldness didn’t affect her anymore, since she wasn’t in her gigai. And it felt fun to jump across buildings without people pointing at you, as if you were a monster.

Izumi reached the Urahara Shouten in good time, around 20 minutes after she left her house. But the sight surprised her, and she couldn’t help but grin that lofty grin of hers. There were shinigami here, but she could lose them with shunpo if they attacked her. Anyways they were busy with an Arrancar-looking thing. All three of them looked outraged and she decided not to butt in and waste her energy. After all, it seemed that they all weren’t dangerous, since Urahara and Yoruichi weren’t helping anyone out.

“What a quaint place, you’ve got here Urahara.” She stated loudly and in an amused tone.

I would post the link of this RPG Sample, but I do not have enough post counts currently. D: If you need proof I would be more than happy to PM you the link. Also, I deeply understand if you reject my placeholder since I am a newbie at this place. ^^

Scarlet Weather
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Name: Ulrich Von Lichtenstein of Gelderland Really, it's Mark Hobbes

Gender: Maler than Chuck Norris.

Age: 17 (Yay for same-age character!)

Profession: Alchemist

Sub-class: Engineer

Primary Weapon: A pair of alchemically synthesized dual pistols, resembling a pair of .45 caliber handguns equipped with silencers, but possessing no "Hammer". The silencer is actually part of the gun, and rather than silencing its "bullets" instead serves as a tube to channel elemental energy or "Flow" down.

Elemental Affinity: Like all Alchemists, Mark is dual-elemented: His natural affinity is towards Wind, but due to his training as an Alchemist he also possesses an affinity towards "Lightning Secondary", a form of utilizing the lightning element for one sole purpose: to generate a circuit of energy between the Alchemist and whatever he is trying to "synthesize". (More on this in the little blurb on Alchemy)

Description: Neither fish nor fowl, neither angel nor devil, Mark stands firmly between the realms of borderline Cosplay and casual dress. Normally, his attire consists of a standard white oxford shirt left untucked and unbuttoned, revealing the dark black T-Shirt beneath it. The T-Shirt itself is emblazoned with the slogan "HAVE CANNON, WILL FIRE" in large orange, jagged script. In order to cover his lower body, Mark wears a pair of pinstriped grey slacks, a fashion that while not exactly the norm isn't too far out of the ordinary. The more outrageous part of his outfit begins at the neck, with a silver chain that helps keep the long, flowing white cape Mark often wears on formal occasions hooked on his shoulders. The white cape is trimmed with a blue pattern of alternating squares, along with a gold inlay. The design on the cape's back is a large, imposing looking owl with outstretched wings hovering above the legend "Hommo Homini Lupus" in gothic script while a wolf's head below seems to snarl at it. (Note: "Hommo" is an intentional misspelling due to the word's usage as both a slur and as a Latin word for "Man" Obviously, the one on Mark's back takes the latter meaning.) This is the Hobbes family crest, and the cape is a family heirloom first worn by Mark's great-great-great grandfather. Due to its alchemically synthesized makeup, it is naturally resistant to both heat and electrical attacks, as well as serving as an extremely thin armor to protect from ordinary weapons. Below the cape is a small belt containing Mark's pistols, which are worn together in a large holster. Upon his fingers are three small rings, each one with a tiny precious stone in them. While not possessing any magic powers of their own, the rings can be used to store excess "Flow" energy for Mark to draw on during battle if his normal supply is exhausted. Each ring has a set amount of power it can store, making them little more than rechargeable batteries.

In terms of build, Mark's is best described as a long-distance athlete or a gymnast. While he lacks might in terms of pure, in-your-face strength he's capable of performing well acrobatically and possesses quick reflexes, both of which complement his skills as a gunner. His blonde hair and bright blue eyes are set in a face that seems to radiate calmness, as well as a certain degree of innocence. Mark's hair is about the normal length for a boy his age, though short around the sides and back.

Personality: The Latin phrase Hommo Homini Lupus describes Mark's philosophy perfectly: "Man is the Wolf of Man". His philosophy, like that of a well known philosopher to whom he is not in any way related, basically rests on the assumption of two things: Human nature is intrinsically evil and in a situation in which no authority is present, humans will attack and devour each other. He often applies this philosophy to his behavior in a group: If there is no leader already in place, he pressures the group to elect one or assumes the position himself. If a leader is already in place, he's likely to listen to his or her orders without questioning them too heavily. That is not to say, however, that Mark follows blindly or that he hates humanity. Rather, he simply thinks that authority is in and of itself a good thing, and that disobeying authority should only happen under circumstances in which there is no other choice or when the authority has turned on its subordinates and betrayed them. In addition, the Hommo Homini Lupus aspect of his philosophy doesn't make him overly mistrustful or antisocial towards other humans. He simply has a healthy degree of criticism when he reviews someone's actions and feels that human beings are incapable of (on their own) doing something that's basically good. According to Mark, they need an outside source or ulterior motive in order to do something altruistic. This includes himself.

Mark is somewhat of a philosopher, and is a member of Lancaster's debate team. He's often seen in the library, reading discourses by famous philosophers, including John Locke and the famed Thomas Hobbes (no relation). His attitude towards any goings-on at the school is rather stoic, since he feels that while he'd like to speak out against some of his rather eccentric superiors, he feels that since they're in authority he'll be collapsing the system and unleashing chaos if he actually succeeds in turning the class against them. Since he's a transfer student from America (though his family has roots in Britain) he tends to avoid slang expressions and sayings common in Lancaster's area, mostly because he doesn't know them. The rhyming slang used by other students often puzzles him, and some students have occasionally teased him by using this form of slang around him. Unfortunately for them, Mark is not picky about who he points his guns at.

In terms of fighting, Mark would rather not battle "to the death", but he enjoys the oppurtunity he gets to loosen up and practice his skills. As an Alchemist who designs his own weapons, he takes practice combat very seriously, viewing it as a test of his worth as a professional each time. His elemental manipulation skills are shaky at best without a weapon to channel them, but he's well-versed as both a marksman and as someone with basic hand-to-hand experience. He has a talent for reading the movements of opponents, as well as a knack for breaking down and analyzing techniques. This is not uncommon for Alchemists, and indeed without some measure of being able to analyze the techniques of others learning alchemy is not possible.

History: Mark is from a family that briefly enjoyed prestige during the eighteenth century, before being shunned by the general populace when it was discovered that some of them were witches. Fearing for their lives, some of the Hobbes family migrated to America, while the more "normal" members stayed behind in Britain. While in America, members of the Hobbes family were known for a knack with machinery and technology in general due to the Alchemic lineage of the family. In fact, several inventors whose names are well known such as Edison and Marconi can trace their family tree back to the Hobbes line. While they did love America, throughout the ages the Hobbes family taught their children the importance and prestige of their heritage as British noblemen. When friendly ties with Britain were re-established, children of the Hobbes family elected to attend school at Lancaster rather than the closer Canadian school. (Some historians have speculated that this might, in fact, have less to do with the love of Britain and more to do with the fact that members of the Hobbes family are notorius for disliking the French).

Mark himself is simply another member of the family tree. He learned his family's history well, and like all firstborn sons of the Hobbes line, he inherited his ancestors's talent for alchemy. Trained by his father, at age fifteen Mark managed to perform a complete alchemic process- from analysis to synthesis to reconstruction to assembly. His first creation was a clockwork owl, that was promptly placed, like all other first creations of the Hobbes family, in a ceremonial vault only opened when a member of the Hobbes family became an alchemist or an alchemist member died, in which case it was customary to bury their first creation with them. Spurred on by his initial success, Mark studied hard and learned quickly. In addition to learning alchemy from his father, he also took lessons from his mother, a female brawler, in basic hand-to-hand combat in order to overcome limitations. While Mark didn't really master any combat disciplines, he did become physically fit and reasonably skilled as a marksman during this time. Before going to Lancaster, he pooled his resources and created his first Alchemic weapon, his trademark "Wolfsbane" pistols. Before going to Lancaster, he was presented with the family's heirloom cape as a ceremonial "coming-of-age" gift.

Additional Information: As any practitioner of alchemy knows, its use is quite different from that of the other classes. Alchemic arts cannot, under normal circumstances, be used in active combat. Their primary use is to create weapons or constructs to be used by the alchemist or others for self-defense. Alchemists call their energy "flow" due to the fact that in order to perform alchemy, one must create a circuit of energy between themselves and whatever they're performing alchemy on. Alchemy is divided into four main disciplines, the most common being the "Engineeer". The alchemic process consists of four main steps:

-Analysis: The Alchemist must analyze the object completely, subconsciously evaluating every trace of every element in it. Analysis usually takes a substantial amount of time, which is why Alchemy itself cannot be used in field combat.

-Synthesis: Also called "Refining". The Alchemist creates a "circuit" of energy between himself and the object he wants to transmute. By combining his energy with the object, the alchemist can mold it into a state where it can support and sometimes generate its own supply of energy, as well as making in more malleable. A material that has gone through synthesis is known as an "Alchemic Material". (For example, Mark's guns are fashioned from Alchemic Silver).

-Reconstruction Hey look, a blatant FMA reference! *killed*: Basically, the Alchemist breaks down the material and removes unneeded elements from it before molding it into the shape he wants.

-Assembly: The Alchemist finishes the process begun in reformation, creating a finished product from his material.


-Engineer: Engineers specialize in creating machinery or weaponry through alchemy. They're known for their detailed and lifelike "automatons", or clockwork robots. Modern-day engineers are capable of synthesizing televisions, radios, and computers as well.

-Biological: These nearly-extinct alchemists combine living creatures to form hybrids (chimeras, anyone?).

-Mad Science: This now-vanished branch of alchemy attempted to alchemically synthesize life. The last known alchemist who attempted this was killed by his own creation, and it is now a dead science.

-Self-transformers: Alchemists who focus on transmuting themselves, rather then other objects. Only masters of alchemy can attempt this discipline, because it requires an extremely precise knowledge of both the materials being transmuted and the functioning of the human body.


Desperado Shot: Mark fires several magical bullets of concentrated wind in rapid succession at his opponent. The bullets don't have much behind them, and are intended as more of a distraction or a test of abilities so that Mark can read his opponent's movements better when he fires more powerful shots.

Reflect Shot: Because Wolfsbane's "bullets" are made from concentrated wind energy, Mark can control them to some degree, allowing him to bounce them from walls or the ground or curving them in mid-flight.

Piercing Fang Bullet: Mark concentrates all his energy into a single shot, creating a miniature tornado capable of piercing the strongest defenses. The shot tends to lose power the farther away the target is, and Mark must maintain absolute concentration in order to prevent the wind from slipping out of his control.

Hand it Over: Mark can use his cape for a variety of defensive purposes, from negating flame and lightning based projectiles (and occasionally reflecting them partially back at the user) or lessening the impact of physical blows. However, by circulating his energy through the cape to strengthen it, Mark can transform it into an invulnerable shield for a short time. While doing this, Mark can easily grasp and pull weapons from the opponent's hand blade-first while hiding his hand in the cloak.

RP Sample: BRB With that, yeah...

March 12th, 2008, 3:20 PM
lets see....

Animadversion - still reserved
Trainer Kat - Accepted but repost your signup when you can
Loki - Accepted
Ninetails - Accepted
ACC-M - Accepted
Lemon Tea - Reserved

there we go... glad this is still goin well, like i said, i'll post my signup soon when more get accepted

March 12th, 2008, 9:01 PM
Well I did have most of it done... but we all know how the story goes with the missing posts.
Anyways, I'll do them tomorrow.

March 16th, 2008, 6:47 PM
sounds good anima, and ya we've already talked a bit about the Sword Dancer profession.. so ya, once Anima finishes his signups then we should be set to go! More can join later obviously. and now without further ado... heres my signup!

~*Sign Up*~
Name: Alexandria Rose (Alex or be frozed!)
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Profession: Ninja
Primary Weapon: A thick dagger made from a rare magically synthesized silver. She also carries the standard floor spikes, Kunai, and Shuriken ninja tools

Elemental Affinity: Ice and Fire

Description: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/EvanK311/Greenhair.jpg (For reference, chuu!)

Alex prides herself in her most notable feature, her long beautiful Mint Green hair. Its elegance is only matched by the glitter of her wide gentle eyes which match it to the exact hue. She is a fair complexioned girl and quite short, only reaching around 5'3 and weighting a small 110 pounds. She has an average bust and is widely considered just a cute girl in general. Her outfit most times consists of a typical school uniform. She wears a short sleeve button down collared shirt with a deep yellow long sleeved jacket covering it. covering only a small portion of her legs is a black skirt which doesn't leave much to the imagination although it isn't on purpose. Over her shins she wears knee high black socks which are complimented by a pair of black converse with pink laces to match the ribbon she wears across her sternum which was a present from her mother. She never leaves without it. Her battle attire doesn't change because she enjoys the freedom that a skirt provides on the field but she frequently gets rid of her jacket to allow even more movement. She always carries her dagger in a holster on her right thigh just below her skirt line.

Personality: Alex can be described for the most part as oblivious. Although she is a very attractive girl, in most occasions she fails to realize it. She says whats on her mind and is easily attached to people she meets, making them feel like they have known her most of their lives. This personality trait tends to lead on boys to believe that she likes them and causes them to fall for her. This always ends in disaster as Alex rarely has any romantic interest and is more often known as a heart breaker. As with most any woman, Alex has a dark side that accompanies her happy go lucky attitude. She is fiendishly clever when it comes to in battle situations and uses her skills to the absolute fullest, tricking her enemies and always pulling out surprises. She knows that some people consider her way of fighting to be dirty but after all, ninjas aren't there to make friends.


Ice Style - Materialization: Sometimes Alex's dagger just isn't enough for the situation. In those times, Alex forms ice into solid objects in her hand, most likely weapons. She can produce a wide variety of weapons and since the skill doesn't require much to use, the onslaught of weapons almost seems infinite. Combined with her battle smarts, this is her most deadly technique and only offensive move.

Ice Style - Ice Wall: A move that explains itself. Creates a wall of ice that stands between Alex and any attack. It is a fairly strong barrier but loses strength as the size increases. It can also be used horizontally to change the terrain of a battle field.

Fire Style - Desert Dreams: Alex turns up the heat around her and causes whoever the target is to see vivid hallucinations and mirages. This is mostly used for escape or distraction since due to Alex's polar opposite elements, her flame and ice techniques can't exist at the same time.

History: Alex's family is a very caring family. Her mother was a Witch while her Father was a Samurai. As she grew up she was constantly torn between which path to follow, knowing that each parent would be upset if she chose the other, so Alex decided to do what she thought would be best, and choose a different profession. Deciding to go with ninja, so she could combine the magic of being a Witch with the weapon mastery of a Samurai. Her parents weren't too happy at the seemingly less noble profession of Ninja but they are always proud of their little girl. Both parents made it a point to teach Alex the finer points of the combat from both of their professions, making Alex a very balanced fighter, although still weak in most respects. Alex and her family are from Britain and sent Alex to Lancaster this year figuring it was about that time for her to go and discover more talents she couldn't possibly learn at home.

Additional Information: Being a ninja, Alex is always very good at slipping into places she shouldn't be. Ironically enough, she can barely operate her cell phone but she does know how to hack into any security system or interface she is put up against without fail. If theres a security mainframe or system interface Alex hasn't hacked, it just hasn't been around long enough for her to hack it yet. She's very modest and passive about this talent and acts like its no big deal.

Roleplaying Example: I wrote the RP, chuu!

March 18th, 2008, 3:26 PM


yadazzritekiddies. Ha-ji-me-te-YO.

*gets shot again because I probably spelled and said it wrong.*

Translation: Yah. We started. Go post m'dears.

March 18th, 2008, 3:36 PM
thanks Loki :D

so it'll work like this... wizards and archers will have ranged combat 101 for their default combat class and close combat characters will have combat 101 for their default. Outside of those, you are free to pick and choose whatever classes you would like according to your skills and personality and such.

After the first RP day, we can skip ahead to the first freshman mission which will probably have to do with every character, done cooperatively between the two teams (Which i'll create later) to establish the connections between them. I'll draw a map of campus when my free time allows...

Aside from all that, feel free to create and have fun! make twists and turns anything you'd like :D i trust you all haha

March 18th, 2008, 8:34 PM
omaigawsh, compared to everyone who's posted so far, my first posts are... amazingly and horrendously short. xDD

Apologies, I couldn't figure out what to do, since I wasn't sure whether I could make the professors talk or anything. <_< Cursed NPC rule. *facedesk*

March 18th, 2008, 8:44 PM
lol its okay Loki... i trust everyone i've allowed into the RP thus far enough to not have to enforce a hardcore NPC rule. Please feel free to use the NPC's as needed to make your posts work. If I didn't give enough info to judge how they would react, then just inform me and i'll let you know.

My goal for this RP is to leave it as open to change as possible through the creativity of the participants. Hopefully this succeeds :)

March 19th, 2008, 11:47 AM
Gah, sorry! But I wrote my first signup in French class, that's how bad I felt about not having it done yet! Anyways, the one is done, and I hope to finish the second and do my IC post tonight!

March 19th, 2008, 1:04 PM
I'll most likely sneak in a post on Friday, in between my school classes and assignments, and my little celebration of the spring equinox. :) With finals being next week for me, I'll be busy...

March 19th, 2008, 8:43 PM
I'm sorry that I'm so late with my sign up...I'm finishing it up on Word. School has taken up most of my time and stuff. I'll have my sign up ready by Friday. >.<;;

March 20th, 2008, 3:01 PM
no problem, take your time :D its better we don't rush and have quality than rushed garbaged

March 23rd, 2008, 7:05 AM
Didn't see anything against new members joining on, so for your consideration:

~*Sign Up*~

Name: Kensei Ryuuma (Eastern Order)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Profession: Samurai

Primary Weapon: As a samurai, Ryuuma wouldn’t be caught dead without a bladed weapon of some sort, namely a daitō (Japanese long sword), about 3 and a half foot long in length, that he calls Shuusui (Clear Autumn Water). Shuusui is rather distinctive, bearing a smooth metallic jet-black hilt - with a tiny golden emblem halfway down with the kanji for sky ("ten") in even smaller print - and a tsuba (guard) shaped rather like a flower, with eight rounded petals, turning into triangular tips; it looks almost like a lotus flower, or maybe a star. The sword’s blade is mainly obsidian, but with the sharp edge in silver as well, so when looked at, it appears half-black, half-silver. There’s a unique design on the silver edge; what appear to be a series of light-blue flames are emblazoned onto it. According to Ryuuma, Shuusui is a “problem child” and has a bit of a temper, so this empathises that fiery nature. Shuusui is apparently quite heavy when first picked up, but gradually the user becomes accustomed to it. Ryuuma stores Shuusui in a handsome rowan sheath, customised with a loop so it can clip onto belts rather easily.

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Description: Having been trained to fight from a young age, Kensei Ryuuma naturally, as a result, has quite an athletic build; you can see that he is rather accustomed to combat, but still has a way to go in terms of adulthood and genuine combat, not just sparing it out with a tutor or a friend with bokken (wooden swords). While he’s not exactly ripped, that’s not to say he’s no threat. His physique is wiry, built for speed rather than strength, though that’s not to say the latter is lacking; it’s just not his main forte. Ryuuma was born to be a warrior, it’s his heritage, and he’s on the right track to becoming one. Other than this and a few other exemptions, Ryuuma is relatively average in terms of appearance; I’d say normal, but then there’s no such thing as a “normal” human in his eyes. His height is relatively average for a boy his age, as is his face; it’s neither handsome nor ugly, quite aesthetically pleasing, but not greatly. His eyes are a deep brown, and appear much older than the rest of his body, as though he's seen more than he really has. Ryuuma’s hair is jet-black, ending in outward facing spikes away from his forehead, and tied in the end into a topknot, as per usual of samurai. If you were to hold something against his face that would split it in two, the only difference would be the odd strand of hair falling free. His face is almost entirely symmetrical.

Ryuuma prefers simplistic clothing in the way of attire; the complex stuff isn’t for him. The chest will almost always consist of a long-sleeved T-Shirt of a dark colour scheme - either brown, dark-red or black - which is either left blank or has a picture/sarcastic saying present on the chest. He's lately started to wear a vermillion T-Shirt with a white fascimile of a swallow on the front. Below the waist are a pair of royal blue jeans that appear quite frayed and beaten-up, so not in the best condition, held up by a brown belt made of false leather, and are slightly large so they hang around his legs, making them appear bigger than they really are. Moving further down, Ryuuma's feet are clad in what appear to be modern versions of zōri sandals, midnight-blue leather with flat ribbed soles, and accompanied with tabi (white socks), which does seem pretty unusual. Clipped onto his belt is Shuusui, which hangs from his right waist and almost begins to trail the ground in its rowan sheath.

Personality: Ryuuma is a very calm and nonchalant individual, and always seems to have a cool and collected head regardless of how dire the situation seems to be. This levelheaded nature is an asset, since he can absorb every little detail in the surroundings in about a minute. This will all pretty much go out of the window, however, once scheiße (if you know German, you should know what this means) hits the fan. When under pressure, Ryuuma’s calm demeanour shatters like fragile glass and he’ll just rely on instinct when it comes to intense battles. If Ryuuma should ever act this way, then the challenge in question is one crazy mother and he’s really starting to feel the heat. However, you shouldn't mistake being calm for being smart; Ryuuma is quite simple minded, preferring to focus on one thing at a time. Many mistake this for stupidity, but Ryuuma does have a fair bit of brains, even if it is only average intelligence.

From a young age, Ryuuma was taught to follow the seven principles of Bushido, or the way of the sword: rectitude, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, loyalty, and honour. It should come as a surprise that he hasn't completely grasped them all yet. On that note, however, he does have a very strong sense of justice and honour, which forms the basis of a rather strict philosophy he tries to live by. His belief is that if someone gets saved, or he helps them in some way, then they must repay his debt to him or else they don't have any values; or, if they do, then they don't give them high priority. This, in his opinion, is the true way of the swordsman. Not that this way isn't flawed, however; yes, Ryuuma will go to the ends of the Earth and back again if it means repaying a favour, but therein lies its weakness. He'll do it almost blindly, even if it would put him in grave danger or it contradicts any of his other beliefs. Some consider this admirable; others consider this stupid, hence his reputation as a bit of an idiot and a "lunkhead".

Ryuuma is also a bit of a lackadaisical soul, and during everyday life often stares out into the middle distance with his hands behind his head, as though trying to see something that he can't quite identify. In a word, daydreaming, hence that glazed look in his discoloured eyes. On a day off, all Ryuuma would like to do is practice some kenjutsu for an hour or two, and then just sit in an Oriental garden with a couple of trees, a small pond and maybe a friend for company, with some onigiri (rice balls) by his side with a dash of very mild sake (note I said very mild; he's not an alcoholic!), and just look to the clouds, watching the world go by, and perhaps drifting off to sleep, in that grace period when we are closest to death, and before he gets a rude awakening of some kind. Ryuuma does quite enjoy sleeping, considering life as "living a dream". This is an ancient ideal of bushido, the idea of considering oneself dead and death merely awakening from a dream. You can wake from a dream in an instant; in that respect, you should be ready to wake up from that dream when necessary - i.e. be ready to sacrifice yourself should the situation arise.

Moving on, Ryuuma doesn't seem to mind what happens to himself; this ties into to his whole "living a dream" philosophy. He'll take being insulted, taunted, being the target of thrown objects or even hit, and won't even fight back, often replying with something along the lines of "Got a point there, tomo (pal)," or "Yeah, that's true, got me there!” maybe even laughing with the insult. However, he draws the line if these insults or injuries involve his comrades; that, in his opinion, is unforgivable and deserves a just form of retribution. This even extends to his katana Shuusui. Ryuuma treats the blade like it's a sentient male being, and says Shuusui loves to fight and is rather arrogant and smug, in contrast to his rather gathered self. Naturally, with such a high amount of pride, Ryuuma also states that his sword has a temper and was a "problem child", and this temper can only be sated by a good long battle. Ryuuma won't allow his blade to ever spill innocent blood, but when it comes to villainous souls, he has no qualms about "letting Shuusui loose", as he puts it. With enemies he finds rather despicable, he will ensure they fall by the very person(s) they wronged, considering it a fair punishment. Another belief of his is that a battle isn't measured by how much fame or recognition they get; it's what they protect in the process that matters.


Oni Giri (Demon Slash) - This is a very basic sword technique, and is very simple to perform; Ryuuma simply dashes forward with his sword across his chest, and then slashes the opponent near the abdomen, the blade empowered with wind. Even if he misses, he can use the slash as a projectile, as the wind continues to fire forward a few feet. Simple but effective comes to mind, even if it’s basic and doesn’t do a great deal of damage (This technique’s name is a pun; “onigiri” is a name for rice balls, which is also Ryuuma’s favourite food).

Tatsumaki (Dragon Twister) – Ryuuma spins Shuusui rapidly with his hand(s), using the sharp side for added edge (cue comedy drumbeat), manipulating the wind into the form of a miniature tornado that, once deployed, takes the form of a serpentine dragon, which launches itself at the enemy in a kamikaze fashion. The strength of the tornado at full potential can knock the target over, but this is rare at his level. It’s more likely to push them back. In addition, upon contact, it nicks the skin a little (This technique’s name is a pun; “tatsumaki” is another word for tornado).

Takanami (Hawk Wave) – While he’s airbourne, Ryuuma swings Shuusui 360 degrees around his person, causing him to create a powerful gust of wind, akin to a gale force wind, that spreads around the area, with enough force to knock people over. This has greater force than Tatsumaki, so is more likely to push opponents over, but is correspondingly weaker, and is more useful in clearing an area (This technique’s name is a pun; “takana” can also mean mustard leaf and “mi” refers to ingredients in soup).

Matenrou (Devil-Heaven Wolf) - Ryuuma rushes the opponent, with one hand on Shuusui's hilt, then, once close enough, he slices upwards with the sword, launching a strong updraft of wind that launches them far into the air, about a few feet off the ground. This isn’t particularly strong, as Ryuuma uses the blunt edge of Shuusui to do this successfully – if he tries it with the sharp edge it dulls out – but is useful for knocking an enemy off-balance (This technique's name is a pun; "matenrou" can also mean skyscraper).

History: Ryuuma is part of the Kensei clan, a family presumed to have originated in the Meiji period of Japan, all well-known as powerful samurai from the founder on down. They originally served as guards to the daimyo (warlord) of Kyoto, and it was rare that their elderly charge ever had to resort to his shikomizue (sword hidden in a cane). After the end of the Edo period, and the Americans storming Edo Bay, the line gradually fell from grace; the family tree then gets muddled but re-emerges in post-Pearl Harbour. The Kensei clan were Issei (first-generation), and suffered racial abuse after the kamikaze attacks on the US base of Pearl Harbour, so kept themselves hidden until after the war. Ryuuma himself is Sansei (third-generation). Ever since his element was revealed, or the day he was old enough to hold a bokken, he was trained in kenjutsu, coached by his father Ryoumaru, day and night. It started simple enough, given his young age, but as he grew older, became more experienced with every passing second, the training became harder, akin to a form of military training, to the point where by his teens he was exhausted, with only just enough breath left in his body. Ryuuma has a shrewd suspicion this was because he was a bit of a slacker in his youth, and this was his just reward. At 13, he obtained his sword Shuusui, an all-rounder in speed and weight; then, training got serious. Ryuuma swears fights were performed with the intent to kill from that moment on.

While the training was hard, it paid off; Ryuuma now bears the body of a fighter, with the discipline needed to perform (that's in battle; outside that, he'd just revert to his lackadaisical self again) bushido. He's not exactly starting any revolutions, but still, he's not a disgrace either. That he was able to become adept in bushido and still grow up is considered nothing short of miraculous; some even believe it was divine intervention, but he was just stupid and lucky. No Kensei has ever yet stepped through the doors of Lancester, but that's all about to change; hopefully, it would mean, for the clan's glory, Ryuuma's weaknesses - the clan's weaknesses - would be overcome and he'd inherit new strengths, which would be passed down to his children. When told this, he blinked and said, "...but I don't want kids." His father had to elaborate better for him, tempting him with new power and abilities; whether this was what inticed him or not is unknown, or maybe Ryuuma just wanted to see how it went. Either way, he's now an official student of Lancester.

Additional Information: Ryuuma is ambidextrous, so he can wield Shuusui in either hand; if one is rendered useless, he can just switch. He also has good aim, once throwing a shuriken with good accuracy when he was bored. Since samurai usually rely on shuriken to weaken as opposed to kill, it's rare he'll need this ability. His favourite foods are onigiri (rice balls), seabass, and anything that goes with sake.

Roleplaying Example:

This is from Advent of Destinies: A Bleach RPG (yes, that's the title), the same one that .:LemonTea:. participated in. If you need a link, I'll PM it to you.

Yet another Hollow.

Why is it that despite there being so many shinigami about there's always the same three words, spread across the cell phone's GPS map, in bold flashing red letters: HOLLOW DETECTED.

Yet another Hollow.

Tenrai was, chronologically, one of the oldest shinigami serving the Soul Society, but he didn't look older than 18, his youthful face noted for its handsome, almost foxlike features, blue eyes always gazing out into the world with a cheerful light. He was there long before Kuchiki Rukia, Abarai Renji, Ichimaru Gin (or as he liked to call him, "that bastard"), to name but a few. Yet for all his experiences, he would give his kingdom just to stop being called for those goddamned Hollows. Still, this is the only work he ever got, being just a lad when killed, and at the end of the day, everyone did their job.

Tenrai materialised, as a black butterfly practically indistinguishable to all but the spiritually aware, into the Sakurabashi district, standing on the titular curved bridge in the middle of Tsubakidai Park. Yet there were no cherry blossoms; briefly, Tenrai wondered if Kuchiki-taichou would be disappointed by the distinct lact of pink heart-shaped petals on the trees, which stood as barren ugly skeletons in the midst of snow. The river under the bridge was little more than a large spread of black nothingness that threatened to consume all that dared to step on it for a joke. Tenrai was only touching the ground in this different environment that only spirits could dwell. Like the young brown-haired woman in lilac business clothing screaming at the top of her lungs, running in distress.

"Always the women," Tenrai sighed. For this woman was being pursued by a bipedal creature, its monstrous body jet blacked and hunched on all fours like a gorilla, a skeletal mask with vibrant designs and beady yellow eyes peering out of it. The woman had no chance against this heartless beast; hence why Tenrai was about to dispatch it. It would be quick and it would look easy.

Leaping gracefully from the bridge with remarkable height, Tenrai arced downhill from his jump in a somersault, drawing out the katana hanging at his waist, hands wrapped tight around the golden hilt; he was coming to the end of the vault, and would be positioned between the monster and the woman. In one swift moment, a flash of silver as he drew the katana lit the wintery air, and a spurt of crimson signalled the horizontal severing of the creature's mask. The beast gurgled briefly, before its whole body dissolved into mist, its blood and mask completely wiped. The woman stood there, frozen; Tenrai had still kept the sword in the air and was swinging it towards her. She screamed-

But there was no pain. She looked up to see the end of the hilt being drawn away, and a strange feeling of euphoria and peace settled around her.

"Wh-What's going on?" She asked the blond shinigami. He merely smiled cheekily.

"See you on the other side, sweetheart." She immediately turned scarlet.

"S-Sweetheart?! Wait a minute, how old are y-" But her sentence was cut off, for she had disappeared in a flash of light. Hollow eradicated and Soul Burial completed. Excellent. But just as Tenrai began to consider moving, the phone beeped again.

"Oh, for heaven's sake, not another Hollow!" He spat angrily, flipping it open, but there was no alert. Instead, there was a new message sitting patiently in the Inbox. Puzzled, Tenrai read it.


This is a direct order and you are not to question it in any way. I am told you are to be sent to the Urahara Shop in Karakura Town. This contains a former shinigami who is identified as trustworthy. You are to report there immediately under new orders. DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS FROM URAHARA-SAN. THIS IS OUT OF MY HANDS.


March 26th, 2008, 10:13 AM
*looks at Loki's post* Wait a minute... Kiki's teaching Ranged Combat? I thought that would be Star...

Just to be safe, I didn't put Nim inside the Ranged Combat classroom yet (she's now standing right outside it)--I don't want to get the instructor wrong. (But at least I got my first post in!)

March 29th, 2008, 6:31 AM
I don't see anything against a sign-up... sooooo... heres my chara... hopefully you don turn down this profession i got

Name: Darius Loria
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Profession: Ritualist
Channelers of otherworldly energies, these energies are transfered to binding spells that create a stationary creature. These energies can also be transfered to weapon spells, that'll enhance an ally or selfs weapon to do many extra things. Next to this they can use these energies to deal direct damage to people w/ lightning type spells. At times the Ritualist may call upon the energies of great ritualist of the past, and call forth their ashes, that can aid them in many ways, while being held or even after dropped.

Primary Weapon: The Nasek (http://www.fantasyweapons.co.uk/acatalog/ucykr0014.jpg) serpent dagger, he bought it off of a website one day, and found it to be off perfect use in battle, allowing him to get close to enemies, summon spirits, and give himself the lovely bonuses of his weapon spells. The dagger has many similarities to a serpent, first to note is its curvy blade, next the very hilt of the dagger are snakes that twist together forming one at the head of the hilt.

Elemental Affinity: Lightning

Description: An almost completely average kid, except for what his studies have done to him. He is an olive color, and has shoulder length straight red hair, that is up in a ponytail. He wears a black bandana around his eyes, it is part of his studies but he is in fact blind ,but his studies have taught him that being blind has proved to be an advantage. He wears mostly skinny jeans and band-tees. The band-tees usually being bands link, An Cafe, Send out scuds, Less than Jake, and other ska, punk, or j-rock bands. His kicks on the other hand were custom made, they are a pair of flat tops, pure black from top to bottom, but on each side one can see the white fiend skull, and on the top of the shoes, where laces are normally found are half of a fiend skull, and when the shoes are still side by side, it makes a complete fiend skull.

Personality: A very self-aware pereson, who knows you "Gotta do what you gotta do." He is very open to people, and will not turn his back on anyone, he is there for anyone who needs him, and will always be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen with. He is very strong willed, and has faced his blind problem for over a few years, but whos to say he dosen't break down every once in a while. He isn't exactly a smooth talker around the ladies, and can get a tad shy around them.

Pain- Binding Spell; Creates a Lvl 1 Spirit that deals 5 dmg, life span is 30 secs.
Brutal Weapon- Weapon Spell; Target Ally or Self for 15 seconds get +5 dmg while not under an enchantment
Blood Song- Binding Spell; Creates a Lvl 1 Spirit who dies after 30 secs, and its attack steals 5 health.

Note: All green areas increase as he excels in knowledge, and learns more spells as well.

History: Born to a family line of Ritualist that have attended the Lancaster school. He was first brought into the world of the ritualist at the age of 14, this is where his family was giving him private study. When he reached the age of 16 and gained the binding ritual "Blood Song," his grandfather, his personal teacher, though it was time he attended Lancaster. It was the very next day he had him shipped off, from their prestiges house in Manchester, England.

Additional Information: Loves literature, and has taken a fond notice to the works of Dante and Vergilius. He loves all of the ancient works, from the times of ancient rome, to the romantic period of the Americas. He also takes an interest in religion, not practicing, but study. He has spent two years, since his beginning practices of Ritualism studying Taoism, and Catholicism. He has recently took more religions under his belt and has considered them all very interesting

Roleplaying Example:
Smiling, Jack made his way down the halls, his white tuxedo freshly washed and pressed. He managed to get this done on his way here. "Well so far, it looks nice... can't wait to see how much damage I can do for now," he says looking side to side.

He continues down one hall, he already was familiar with the halls, considering he spent a week studying the blue prints of the building, of course this is assuming they didn't change the layout. Soon he makes his way straight to Mr. Jordins office.

He gets to the door, and find it to be unlocked, "Well that is rather depressin, i wanted to pick the lock and get in," he says to himself disappointingly. He looks around the office, "Ain't to shabby, hey maybe I can convince this Jordin guy to give me his office." he says to himself as he makes his way to Mr. Jordins desk.

At his desk he does a quick scan, looking for anything valuable, "Shoulda put clepto," he says shrugging coming across a nice letter opener, "oh well!" He throws his suitcase on the desk and opens it, putting the letter opener into it.

There is a sudden jingle at the door, and in comes Mr. Jordin, "Who might you be?" he asks looking at Jack very oddly. "Tha names Corvenik," he says reaching his hand out to shake. Mr Jordin reaches out and shakes his hand, "You must be Jack Turel then, welcome to the school. I will go get your schedule right now." he says going through a few files.

Jack watches him, half bored, half wanting to stab him in the back of the neck. "So, what are tha people like here, any party animals?" Jack asks closing his suite case hopeing Mr. Jordin never saw the bags that were inside it, and his letter opener.

Mr. Jordin finally finds the schedule, and hands it to Jack, "Alright Mr. Turel, you will have to head to Session room 3-202, you will be meeting your counselor." Jack nods, "Alright well see ya!" he says grabbing his suite case, "Oh yeah, and heres my card if ya ever need to get ahold of me, my cell number is on it," he throws the card onto the desk and makes a quick exit out.

"Meet my counselor?" Jack says pausing really quick, "That should be fun, come walkin up into there with my suitcase, maybe I can sell him some crack, maybe some meth." He makes his way to the room, "Feels like I should sing a song," he then says trying to kill the boredom of walking alone, "Dopeman dopeman's got another big plan
to sell it to you or anyone he can
because this is much better than minimum wage
no matter how things work he's still gonna get paid" he sings while playing the air trumpet, all on his way to Sessino room 3-202