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March 4th, 2008, 11:12 AM
The premise:

By the time the League Champion and top coordinator are crowned each May, most trainers and coordinators are ready to take a break from badges, ribbons, and adventure for a little while. Younger children not yet ready for their own Pokemon know this time to be the end of school; and breeders watch their newborns mature with the anticipation of children on Christmas morning.

But what is there to do between that time and the fall?

Most trainers return to their hometowns to spend time with family, while others take to the road, the sea, or the air on vacation. For those not quite ready for their own Pokemon, another option is going to camp for the summer, where they will learn valuable skills they will need as a trainer, coordinator, or breeder. At the same time, they will have fun and make memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

This year, a new kind of camp has come to town. A camp just for Pokemon; Camp Pikachu aims to give Pokemon the same experience their masters do when they go to camp, and then some. Led by the head Pikachu, Raika, the staff at Camp Pikachu aim to make the three week long camp experience as fun as possible. There's sleeping under the stars, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, campfire songs, gem mining, fishing, scary stories, and so much more!

You play the role of a Pokemon arriving to take part in the Camp Pikachu experience...will you have a summer to remember or will this be the worst summer ever?

The signup:

Name: What is your character's name?
Species: What kind of Pokemon are you? (keep it among the known small Pokemon, please)
Appearance: Are you a Normal or Shiny Pokemon? Do you have any distinguishing features? (eg. a piece of clothing, jewelry, scars, etc.)
Personality: What makes you tick? How do you get along with your master and other Pokemon? What do you like to do for fun?
History: Why did you decide to come to camp?

Be sure to use details when signing up!

March 12th, 2008, 11:13 PM
Wow, what a wonderful idea! I'll definitely sign up!

Unfortunately, I should be in bed by now, so I'll post it tomorrow night most likely.

March 13th, 2008, 2:04 PM
Name: Venomous. Often called 'Venom' or 'V' for short, but her full name is preferred.

Species: Eevee

Appearance: Venomous stands just slightly smaller than your average Eevee, and weighs significantly less. Other than these very subtle differences, Venomous has all the features of a normal Eevee, long, fox-like tail tipped in cream fur, large chocolate eyes, and long slender ears that always seemed to be perked forward. Venomous sports a large yellow bow around her neck, on the front hanging just above her delicate chest two shimmering charms placed upon the bow by her trainer. One charm is a Chibi-Umbreon, black with the rings formed from glittering yellow gyms. The other is a tiny pink heart, into which the letters "TR" have been etched.

Personality: Venomous has always been a very happy-go-lucky and fun-loving Eevee. At home, she is known for her spontaneous fits of excitement, usually caused by the littlest things, but never lasting for more than a few minutes. She is extremely energetic and enthusiastic in anything and everything she does, her eagerness often intimidating other small Pokemon into avoiding her. Venomous hasn't yet met a person or a Pokemon she doesn't love, and makes her apparent love obvious with loads of affection. If her kindness is refused by anyone, she tends to be a bit dramatic in over-reacting, her large chocolate eyes watering up as she curls herself into a ball to sob. As Venomous is still a baby, she needs a lot of sleep, and if sleep is deprived of her, she is a bit unrational in her actions. She loves sweet foods, but can't stand anything sour or spicy. For fun, Venomous loves testing her speed and agility in games. As she is still just a low-level unskilled Eevee, she doesn't have much strength to boast, but makes up for what she lacks in heart and courage. Though she doesn't always think things all the way through before she acts, Venomous is very quick in her actions, and prides herself on being the fastest Pokemon.

History: Venomous was sent to camp by her trainer to help her gain some skill and perhaps a few levels in the art of battling before she is returned to him. Though Venemous has the natural gift and talent to make a wonderful battler, because of her kind and sensitive nature is unable to attack another Pokemon with the intentions of hurting them. Her trainer is hoping that the Camp will help his precious Venomous to grow up a little, and gain confidence in herself and her powers. He hadn't really wanted to leave her behind, but was practically forced to do so when his organization sent him on an assignment to the remote Mount Ember in the Kanto region. Venomous, who is only a few months old, was too young and unexperienced to come along, and her trainer feared for her safety. Because of the danger and risk involved, he was only able to bring along the most experienced of his three Pokemon: A skilled Sceptile Venomous often refers to as "Big Brother".

This Roleplay sounds like a really cute idea! I really hope my application will be accepted. <3

March 13th, 2008, 2:09 PM
Is it ok if I finish my sign-up tommorrow?

Name: Moonki

Species: Aipom

Appearance: Moonki is considerably smaller than the usual Aipoms.His big hand is also smaller in proportion to his body and head.He has a scar on his tail and a small earing on his right ear.He has a small scar on his chest.

Personality: Moonki likes to swing alot.He loves to climb trees also and loves to eat fruit.He gets along with his master(s) very very well and obeys everyone's rules.He likes to read and he thinks for a considerable amount of time a day.He will always work hard and will never disobey anyone.

History: Moonki came to Camp Pikachu because the whole of his community where he used to live rejected him.He wandered the lands for days and days.He then found Camp Pikachu and went to check it out.He was automatically accepted when he applied for a place at Camp Pikachu.

March 13th, 2008, 3:31 PM
All of you are Accepted once you fill everything out with some detail.

March 13th, 2008, 6:17 PM
So what do you want me to add the description to on my sign-up? I can do more on my appearance, if you like.

March 14th, 2008, 5:04 AM
Yours is perfect, so you don't need to do anything unless you want to.

March 14th, 2008, 12:35 PM
Name: Blake

Species: Buizel

Appearance: He has the same appearance as the regular Buizels. He is only a inch or two taller than the others. His tail is very strong a has been able to smash rocks with ease. He sometimes wears a balck collar around his neck and black wrist bands.

Personality: Blake is a tough guy and is always ready for a challenge. Blake loves to battle and that's why his trainer usually uses him for the battle stage of contest. Blake is a bully to some smaller pokemon but also acts like their protector. He will always train to make himself stronger.

History: After Blake and his trainer made it to the semi-finals of the Grand Festival his trainer wanted to give him some down time. Blake's trainer decided to take his team back home and relax. However, Blake wanted to train rathetr than relax. So Blake's trainer decided to go out and find a good place to train. Now Blake is at camp pikachu and can't wait to get stronger.

March 14th, 2008, 2:00 PM
You are accepted!

I'll accept a few more takers before we start.

March 14th, 2008, 2:46 PM
Name: Monty

Species: Haunter

Appearance: he's more tougher then any other Haunter's and can be friendly not like any other Haunter's can be. He also is like few inch's bigger then any other Haunter's can be exact size. He has a red Bandana around he's wrist and never fells down.

Personality: He is really friendly most of the time but other Pokemon can get scared from him because since he is a ghost pokemon, He can do great at Battle's and Gym Battle's and he sometime's like to get the challenge for his fighting skills to get better every time.

History: When after his Trainer and him won the Elite 4 Champion, his Trainer decide to take a break from after many battle's and journy and go back home but, Monty wanted to instead go and continue there journy, so his Trainer wanted to go and pratice of his training skill with his Pokemon, and now Monty is in Camp Pikachu and hope that he makes new friends in this camp.

March 14th, 2008, 3:25 PM
Here's my signup sheet:

Name: Mason

Species: Larvitar

Appearance: Mason is a turquiose blue Larvitar with weird red eyes. He also has lots of scratches on his body from countless battles.

Personality: Mason is usually nice to other pokemon despite the fact that other pokemon make fun of him because he is shiny. This makes him tick, and it doesnt take long for that to happen. He enjoys hanging with people he likes, but hates hanging around people he doesnt like. He is very indepentent, and he gets along with his trainer very well.

History: Mason went to camp becuase his trainer got into a car accident and has been severely hurt. Mason knew that he should come to camp because he didnt want to be a burden on his trainer while he's in the hospital.

March 14th, 2008, 4:53 PM
Okay, I think we have enough now...

So let's go! (If you can't post for a long time, please let me know)

The morning sun peeked over the hill, illuminating a complex of cabins and buildings. Inside the one closest to the entrance, a Pikachu watched from a desk as a Treecko and Mudkip set up in a pavilion across the dirt path. A Torchic and a Squirtle discussed the day's plans; while a Kirlia filed some papers.

The Pikachu, meanwhile, glanced over the various items she was going to carry to the meeting pavillion a little further down the path from where the Treecko and Mudkip were setting up. Papers made up the bulk of this, followed by various maps, charts, and a projector. An acoustic guitar case lay under the other items.

"Raika, don't forget to tune your instrument before you perform zis morning." the Kirlia cautioned as she fished two papers from the cabinet.

"Don't worry." the Pikachu replied as she accepted the papers. She stepped out into the sunshine and handed the two papers to the Mudkip. "Rain, you and Forest are in charge of check-in, okay?"

"Got it!" Rain replied.

"All ready!" the Treecko agreed as he set a box of colored cards by his list.

Raika smiled as she returned to her waiting items--this year was going to be the greatest summer session that Camp Pikachu ever had. While the camp hosted events all year round, the summer session was the high point of the year.

March 14th, 2008, 5:00 PM
Meanwhile, outside the camp, all the pokemon that are attending camp this year stood outside waiting for the gates to Camp Pikachu to open. It was the crack of dawn and the sun was bright in everyone's face.

The gates refused to open and the pokemon get very impatient. Finally, Mason yelled, "SOMEONE OPEN THE CAMP GATES ALREADY!!!!" Then, instantly, the gates to Camp Pikachu opened and all the pokemon ran into Camp! This was going to be the best summer ever!

The pokemon ran into camp, and Kirlia, Mudkip, Pikachu and the others were ran over by the excited campers. Everyone ran to a part of came, and the camp masters... or whatever they call them... tried to gain control of the pokemon. It wasn't working.

March 14th, 2008, 5:35 PM
Monty was getting so exicted for the gates open and when the gates open, he started to float very fast and looked around the camp. The camp had nice smooth river's around and also some big and beautiful tree's. Monty was full of joy already from seeing this camp and he looked at the other pokemon's that hope sometime this camp that he will have good friend's and have fun. But for a moment that he see's a Larvitar here at this camp and start to float close to Larvitar and hope to not scare him but try to introduce himself and Larvitar too. Monty start to introduce himself "Hello there Larvitar i hope i'm not scaring you or anything but i want to say hello to you and introduce myself, my name is Monty, as you can see that i'm one of the ghost pokemon that pokemon are mostly scared of, so i hope you can introduce yourself to me."

March 14th, 2008, 5:43 PM
Mason was running around camp as well looking for something to get into. Then, over a loudspeaker, a loud, high voice blared out, "All new campers please report to the cabin area immediately. Thank You." It startled Mason so much, he kicked the speaker that was right next to him, and it literally broke in two pieces. "Uh-oh," he thought to himself. Realizing what he had done, he ran all the way to the cabin area, where all the other pokemon were.

March 14th, 2008, 5:53 PM
After Monty try to introduce himself he was surprise that Larvitar ignored him, so Monty floaty slowly that Larvitar ignore him and went to the Cabin and said to himself "I can't believe that he ignore me and i even try to introduce myself but man." Monty was already a bit sad and waiting for the anything too happen in the cabin now. Monty started to say himself again "Well i hope something going to be fun now since i'm in the cabin." So now Monty is waiting again for something to happen in the cabin and hope that Larvitar will listen to him next time.

March 14th, 2008, 6:08 PM
As Mason went back to his cabin, he was going to introduce himself to everyone at the camp in a not-so-grand fashion. In fact, it wasn't even close to grand. He went back into the woods for a few minutes and found a slightly-bent over tree. He got a string and tied himself to the tree. He was going to launch himself all the way back into camp. He tied his foot, and started to fly. Only to realize that he was stuck on the top of the tree. Then, back in camp, everyone noticed a blue thing on top of a tree. The Pokemon had never seen such a thing before. "ZOMG WHAT'S THAT!?" screamed Haunter and the other pokemon. They barely heard him screaming.

"Awe, come on. Hello pokemon! My name's Mason and I'm stuck up in this stupid tree. Can someone help me down? Please? I'm kind of stuck." He screamed.

March 14th, 2008, 6:15 PM
Raika sighed as she rigged a new speaker to the pole, pausing to deliver the destroyed one to the Kirlia in hopes it could be repaired.

Forest reached for a camp whistle and blew a long blast, getting the crowd's attention. "Everyone, please line up into two lines, we need to check you into camp first!" He waited for a moment as the melee slowly dissolved and two lines formed: one leading to him, and the other to Rain.

Good thinking, Forest... Raika thought as she retrived her items and continued to the meeting pavillion.

March 15th, 2008, 1:14 AM
(Finished my Sign-Up am I already accepted? :S)

March 15th, 2008, 5:25 AM
::checks it::

You are Accepted!

March 15th, 2008, 6:00 AM
Monty started to lined up into a group and he keep hearing some pokemon screaming for help, and Monty said to himself "Is that Larvitar that ignore me well, i'm not going to help that pokemon if he keeps ignoring me so i will wait until he said he's sorry." Monty keeps looking at the window with one of his eye's and seeing Larvitar stuck in a tree, and for every moment Monty keeps getting worried every little bit and he started to say himself "Well maybe i should go and help Larvitar i hope that he say's that he's sorry." Monty started to yell quickly to everyone and said "Everyone that Larvitar is stuck in a tree we should get him out of the tree!"

March 15th, 2008, 6:16 AM
The Torchic and Squirtle heard the Haunter's request for help from the staff cabin. Judging from his tone of voice, this was serious.

"Starshine, I'll go get the nurse while you try and get the Larvitar down." the Squirtle explained as she rushed out.

"Roger!" the that, the Torchic hurried over to the tree and called up to the Larvitar "Hang on, we're coming to help you!"

March 15th, 2008, 6:18 AM
Mason saw all the pokemon going into the woods, taking the same path that he took to get to this tree. He finally realized that someone came to his rescue. He had to throw something down so the pokemon would know that he was up in that tree. So he takes a stick and drops it down so people would know where he was. It almost hit an eevee. Then they all knew which tree Mason was stuck in. He kept yelling, "Hi! Hello! I'm up here! I'm stuck!" Haunter heard him yell, but didnt know how to get him down. The a treecko that appeared to be a camp counsellor or something used Leaf Blade on the tree, and it came crashing down, Mason and all. "TIMBER!!!!!!!!!" He yelled, poking fun at the whole event. Then everyone followed the downed tree to where Mason was. Then he untied himself. Thank you all for rescuing me!

Everyone in camp including Mason went back to camp, and back to what they were doing. Then Mason got the guts up to pull the Haunter aside and say, "Hey man, thanks for saving me out there. I'm sorry about ignoring you earlier. Its not like i didnt know you were there, ghost pokemon just creep me out, no offense."

March 15th, 2008, 6:25 AM
As everyone breathed a sigh of relief that the Larvitar had been rescued, a Chansey and some Happinis stepped through the crowd to examine the Larvitar.

The Chansey examined the Larvitar for a moment. Nothing looked broken, but appearances could be deceiving.

"Are you okay?" she asked the Larvitar. "Does anything hurt or feel broken?"

"Forest saves the day again." Starshine laughed. Forest laughed too--he felt flattered to be called a hero on the first day of the summer session.

March 15th, 2008, 7:58 AM
Monty understand what Larvitar said to him and Monty replied "Ok I understand most of the pokemon are scared of me, i just wish someday that other ghost pokemon won't scared other pokemon's and just be friends like me. Oh i forgot i will introduce myself again my name is Monty i was with a great Trainer and beat the Elite4 Champion and i came here for me to make friends with other pokemon and have a great time here while my Trainer is taking a break from a big journy, what is your name Larvitar?" Monty is now hope for that Larvitar will finally introduce to Monty.

March 15th, 2008, 8:05 AM

Moonkie yelled as he jumped down from a tree that was next to the tree which Larvitar was stuck in.He smiled as he picked up an apple that was almost the actual size of him.He gave the apple to Larvitar and smiled.

'There you go!'

He said as he handed the Larvitar the apple.

Star Girl
March 15th, 2008, 10:52 AM
Name: Serenity

Species: Vulpix

Appearance: All of her tails are longer by about six inches than that of the normal Vulpix. On her right eye she has a vertical scar running downward for about she three inches that she got during a battle a few years back not to long before she met her current trainer. Around her neck she wears a small necklace that has a charm with a heart on it that was given to her by her current trainer.

Personality: Serenity is a quiet Pokemon. She enjoys the company of others yet rarely seeks it out. Years of abusive care under her old trainer has led her to have severe confidence issues concerning her own abilities. The abuse has also led her to become very timid and usually she is not the first to seek out company because she is afraid of being hurt. Due to the fact that her tails are longer than that of a normal Vulpix she sometimes tends to trip over them by accident which can be a problem in battle. She is acutally a very kind and caring Pokemon who has actually begun to enjoy battling again under the care of her new trainer. She hates to see Pokemon getting bullied by other Pokemon since she had to deal with it under her old trainer with his other Pokemon, but due to her confidence level she rarely steps in to stop it unless either someone steps in first or another Pokemon is in the vicinity. Even then she may not step in. What really gets her mad are overconfident humans and or Pokemon. Her reasoning being that previous trainer was overconfident and when he started losing major battles was when he started to turn on his smaller and weaker Pokemon, like herself.

History: Her current trainer rescued her from an abusive trainer almost three months ago. Her old trainer had been abusing her for quiet a while, calling her names and beating her up quiet often when she lost Pokemon battles. She spent a few years under his care before she ran away and was easily captured in her condition by her current trainer. Her new trainer understood something that the previous trainer hadn't. Serenity had the untapped potential to become a great addition to her team but she also understood it would be a long road with Serenity's current mindset and condition. Her trainer sent her to camp in hopes of several things would happen concerning Serenity. That one, Serenity would start to gain confidence in her own abilities, two, Serenity would start opening up to other Pokemon and thus later on to other humans, three, Serenity would get over some of her klutziness concerning her tails, and finally Serenity would make some much needed friends.

March 15th, 2008, 11:17 AM
Blake looked around and saw that the Larvitar accident was over. He looked at the Larvitar and then shook his head. "Your a fool for getting stuck in a tree. Stay away and don't rub any weakling on me." said Blake talking to himself. After that he went to the river and decided to do find any good spots to train. As he walked away a Mudkip grabbed his tail. Blake wamted to attack the Mudkip but decided to cool down and stya with the group.

March 15th, 2008, 11:28 AM
(Star Girl-Accepted!)


Rain handed the Buizel a blue card with a water drop on it. "This is your camp ID...so don't lose it."

"Well, if you do lose it, just ask us for a new one at no charge." Forest added as he returned to checking campers in.

Raika, meanwhile, had finished setting up the meeting pavilion, and was now tuning her acoustic guitar as she watched the campers check in..

March 15th, 2008, 12:22 PM
Monty was now waiting for that Mudkip give him also the Camp ID, Monty started to walk down and start to talk to that Mudkip "Um Excuse me there Mudkip, where is my Camp ID and Larvitar's too and, What does these Camp ID's do?" Monty was hopeing for that Mudkip to replied to him and give him also the Camp ID like that Buizel have's and of course give also Larvitar too. Monty is still thinking if that Larvitar will be alright and said in his mind "I hope that Larvitar is alright from getting stuck from a tree and hope that Mudkip give's Larvitar a Camp ID too."

March 15th, 2008, 12:46 PM
Is it too late to sign up?

Name: Chantal
Species: Charmander
Appearance: Chantal is a normal Charmander.
Personality: Chantal is a very friendly Charmander. She gets along with everyone. She may look like a nice, cheery Charmander on the outside, but she holds in much depression. She secretly wishes to die, and her self esteem is about as low as it gets. She has attempted suicide several times, but hasn't succeeded. For fun, she enjoys playing with other Pokemon.
History: Chantal has pretty much been abused her whole life by her parents. She decided one day it was too much, and she ran away to Camp Pikachu, hoping to find a better life there.

March 15th, 2008, 12:52 PM
(Not feeling too creative ><)

Moonki proceeded to grab a rogue berry that was rolling around aimlessly.He then plonked himself next to Larvitar and started to eat his berry.

'I like berries'

Moonkie said smiling.

March 15th, 2008, 2:14 PM
(@raichuchika: I'm sorry, but I can't allow LSU's this time in order for the story to work.)

March 15th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Whoa... two days ago I was the first one to post here--but now this RPG's started already! I think I kind of reserved a spot here when I did that post... but can I still sign up?

March 15th, 2008, 5:13 PM
After hanging out with and introducing himself to the friendly Aipom, he started walking back to his cabin, thinking about what that buizel said. "He doesn't know me," he thought. "I'll show him how strong I REALLY am. He can't judge me." Mason started to grow angry, and he wanted to break something in half... again. Sensing Mason's anger, a Mudkip came up to him calmly and said, "Here's your camp ID card. If you want to get in to your cabin, you'll need it." "Thanks," Mason muttered, suddenly happy for no reason.

He continued going back to his cabin, realizing that Monty didnt know his name. Monty was near by, so Mason went up to him and said, "Hey Monty. Remember me? The dude that got stuck in the tree. <_< Well, i dont think I told you my name, so, my name's Mason, see you around." Today was tiring, so Mason went to his cabin and went to sleep. It had gotten real dark, real fast.

March 15th, 2008, 6:39 PM
Monty went to his cabin after hearing Mason's replied, Monty almost forgot something before he went to his cabin he ask that Mudkip again "Um you there Mudkip where is my Camp ID you supposed to give me." There that Mudkip finally replied quickly to Monty "Here take this Camp ID for you go into the cabin and, don't lose it." Haunter also replied quickly to that Mudkip "Don't worry i will try to not lose it." Monty looked at his ID and it has a small ghostly Eye on it and said himself "Wow i will promise myself that i won't lose it. And I hope that this Camping is going to be fun and hope that, I will see Mason tommorrow." Monty started to float to his cabin and went to bed and outside was dark and Monty fell asleep for the rest of the day.

Star Girl
March 15th, 2008, 8:07 PM
Serenity nervously watched as several of the other campers ran off after obtaining their camper IDs. Today had been going fairly well for her. So far she hadn't tripped over her long tails once and nobody had tried to challenge her yet. She had felt sorry when the Lavitar had gotten stuck in the tree, but didn't do anything about it because she knew she would have been more of a nuisance than a help. She always was. Snapping out of her train of thought she returned to reality. She nervously approached the Mudkip she had noticed giving out the camper IDs. She said, while glancing sideways at the other campers, "Excuse me may I have my Camper ID, please?"

The Mudkip nodded handing her a small card and told her not to lose it. Serenity put it in her mouth to carry and then proceeded to get out of the way of the others before stopping to take a look at it. It had a small flame on it. She thought to herself, 'I hope Amy was right about this place.' She placed it back in her mouth before heading for her cabin. She only proceeded a few more feet before she accidentally managed to trip over one of her unusually long tails. She winced as she tumbled a few more feet forward. She got back on her paws listening for the sounds of expectant laughter but heard none. She glanced back at the crowd but they were to busy doing other things. A couple of them had seemed to notice but hadn't said or done anything. She turned back and began to proceed on our trek back to her cabin thinking, 'Maybe this won't be so bad afterall.'

She managed to reach her cabin without further incident and with that plopped on to her own bed. She turned over on her side and then proceeded to fall into a deep sleep.

March 16th, 2008, 5:36 AM
The Torchic gently nudged the snoozing Vulpix awake. "Miss? You need to come to the meeting pavillion for the welcoming ceremony first, okay?"

Inside the meeting pavillion, Raika had more or less gotten everything set up, and was now in the process of tuning her guitar. She smiled as she watched campers stream inside--despite the ruckus outside earlier, everything had been going well.

"In case you're curious about that ruckus earlier..." Forest interjected as he retrieved more cards from the shelf behind Raika. "A Larvitar got stuck in a tree, and I helped get him down. As far as we all know, he's not hurt."

"That's good to hear." Raika replied.

March 16th, 2008, 7:10 AM
There was a big commotion out at the meeting pavilion. Mason heard it and woke up from his sleep. He wondered what was going on and went to the meeting pavilion. He saw a Pikachu tuning up a guitar and a nice setup of stuff. He also saw that Treecko from before. "I think this is some sort of meeting or ceremony," Maosn thought to himself.

March 16th, 2008, 7:19 AM
(Um, Raika is a Pikachu, not a Raichu)

March 16th, 2008, 10:44 AM
(post edited as Mason waits for the ceremony to begin)

Star Girl
March 16th, 2008, 12:48 PM
Serenity blinked a couple of times as she heard someone talking to her. She backed up a couple of feet startled when she realized it was a Torchic, before she realized what was going on. Mumbling a quiet thank you to the Torchic she stretched quickly before getting off of the bed and making her way outside. She headed out to the area where she now noticed that the other campers were gathering around. It appeared to be a meeting pavillion and a Pikachu was on the stage putting up a guitar along with some other instruments. She paused looking around and spotted the unusually colored Lavitar that had gotten stuck in the tree earlier that day. She wandered over to where he was taking a seat on the ground to see what was going to happen.

March 16th, 2008, 1:36 PM
Finally, Raika tapped the mic on the podium. "Check...testing, testing...can everyone hear me okay?" She winced at how loud her voice was. "A little less vox, please..." she called to the Charmander in the sound booth.

Next, she checked to see if her guitar was properly miked--which it was.

March 17th, 2008, 12:38 AM
Hello? Can I still join? If so...

Name: Zed

Species: Rioluhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb447.png

Appearance: Zed is almost identical with the other Riolus. It characterizes that he's a male one. He sometimes wear eyeglasses, for he's nearsighted.

Personality: Zed is generally calm and active. He's never troubled whenever there's trouble. He's quite defensive and devoted himself to assist and protect his trainer whatever the cost. He is also adventurous.

History: His trainer is on a research trip after discovering something. He and his other pokemon friends are given a whole summer break after all the rush. His trainer asked them where to go, he decided to go to Camp Pikachu. He wanted to explore and discover things, not to mention making new friends.

March 17th, 2008, 5:15 AM
(I'm sorry, I can't accept LSUs this time)

March 17th, 2008, 11:01 AM
Blake, after training alone, came back to camp and found everyone was in one spot. Blake lookedd around and decided he would join in. Blake was a little angry because he wanted to battle and show off his moves. The Pikachu tuning the guitar looked strong and the Treecko next to him looked stronger. Blake put his battle plans on hold and decided to crowd around the other campers.

March 17th, 2008, 11:46 AM
Seeing that all the campers were present inside the pavilion; Raika cleared her throat and began. "Good morning everyone, and welcome to the summer session at Camp Pikachu!" Cheers erupted around the room. "We're glad you've decided to come this year, and hope that you'll enjoy yourselves."

With that, Raika pulled down a map of the camp facilities. "If you ever get lost on the way to one of the buildings, look for a map signpost." She decided to leave the image of the map unfolded for the campers to study.

"Now then...you should have gotten a colored card when you signed in, yes?" she asked the crowd. "I want you to find those that have the same color card as you, and get into a group." She left the crowd to mingle as she returned to check her guitar's tuning one last time.

March 17th, 2008, 1:17 PM
Monty finally woke up when it was sun morning and looked at the building with every camper's in it, he realized to himself "Aw Man I'm Late!" Monty got out of his bed and started to come outside and Floated very fast this time and finally made to the building in time and heard what that Pikachu said. When Monty went inside of the building he whisper himself "I'm glad i made it in time." And started to looked at his card and finding people that had the same card as him. He started to yell a bit "Anyone has the same card which has a ghosty eye's come to me now."

March 17th, 2008, 6:00 PM
"Aw, man! I haven't even been here two hours, and i've already managed to get myself lost!" The small young Eevee padded slowly along the narrow path, the soles of her tiny brown paws kicking up dust as she walked along. She stopped, confused, and surveyed the area that had been swarming with confused campers and counselors passing out Camp ID cards not ten minutes ago.

"As usual, my bad sense of direction has led me completely off course!Blade knew this would happento me. He knows how bad I am with finding my way around. That's why he made me the Grass Whistle. He told me that if I blew it, I could be heard up to a mile away. But do I pack it and bring it with me? No! I leave it at home like a moron."

Venomous sighed, stopping in the middle of the path, finding with dismay that she had wandered even further away from where she had last seen all the other Pokemon. She collapsed down into the dirt, sitting on her haunches and shaking her long, shaggy brown fur coat. It had already begun to mat with sweat in the scorching Summer heat. Emitting a tiny sigh, she tilted her head toward the ground, letting her Camp ID card fall into the dust.

Name: Venomous Itachi, It read. Species: Eevee Age: Six months Level:23 Allergies: Cheri Berries Attacks: Toxic, Dig, Attract Trainer: Dante Itachi

At the very top of the card, right in the upper left-hand corner, a tiny pink heart had been engraved.Venomous raised an eyebrow a bit, scrutinizing the heart, a small smile forming across her lips as it hit her how much the camp staff must have worked to personalize every camper's card.

"But I won't be a normal type for long." She promised. "Master Dante couldn't take me with him and Blade because I wasn't strong enough, but i'll get stronger for him! Next time, he won't just have a Sceptile to take with him! He'll have an Umbreon too!"

Venomous leapt up in excitement, puffing her fragile little chest out as her tail shot straight into the air. Her eyes held a dreamy gaze to them, as an image of an Umbreon and a Sceptile fighting side by side formed before her. The gurgling respose of a nearby brook brought Venomous back to reality, and reminded her of her current predicament. Slumping back into the ground, tucking her tail inbetween her legs, Venomous slowly looked around, hoping that by staying in one place, someone might soon find her.

"Help!" She called out, but her weak cry was lost in the wind, her words snatched away and carried along the breeze away from her.

March 17th, 2008, 6:53 PM
Raika heard a call for help over the din of the campers chattering. She couldn't stop the ceremony now...she had to teach the campers the three important camp songs.

She motioned for Forest to come closer. "Can you go see what that call for help was?" If Forest had already rescued a Pokemon, he could rescue another.

"I'm on it, Raika!" the Treecko replied as he darted off in search of the sound.

He didn't have to go very far to find the source of the call--an Eevee that had apparantly gotten lost. The Eevee didn't appear to be hurt, so he motioned for it to follow him back to the meeting pavilion.

March 18th, 2008, 3:44 AM
As she lay by the sparkling brook, a soft padding of footsteps would quickly approach her. Glancing up, large Chocolate eyes flashing with alarm at first, she soon relaxed after realizing that it was the Camp Counselor who had rescued the Larvitar from the top of the Tree earlier. He skidded to a stop when he saw her, and the tension in his face seemed to melt into relief as he saw that she wasn't hurt. A sheepish smile settled over Venomous's face as she stood up, picking up her Camp Id card as she stood. A hot flush had creeped across her cheeks, as she was embarassed for having so gotten lost so easily.

"I-I went into the bathroom for a minute, and when I came back out, everyone was gone. I tried to go find everyone else, but you see how that turned out."

Venomous felt a need to explain herself, though she was sure the Treecko wasn't surprised. As a camp counselor, he was probably used to this kind of thing, and at least she could take comfort in the fact that she probably wasn't the only one who had gotten lost in this camp.

In response to her statement, the Treecko counselor just smiled kindly, motioning for her to follow him to where she assumed everyone else was meeting. She blinked, just catching a glimpse of the sticker name tag across his chest as he turned away from her and began walking.

Hi! My name is: Forest, it read.

Forest.. Venomous thought, thinking instantly of her brother Blade when she saw it. He had kind yellow eyes, and though he was significantly shorter, she found a striking resemblance in the two.

March 18th, 2008, 5:26 AM
Raika smiled as Forest returned with the Eevee. "Thanks for finding the camper."

"Anytime!" Forest replied. "She's not hurt or anything, just a little spooked from being lost."

Raika just nodded to accept Forest's report, than glanced into the crowd to see if the groups had been formed.

March 18th, 2008, 10:39 AM
"Anyone have a camp ID card that looks like this?" Mason yelled as he waited for other campers to respond. Above the chatter, he was not heard. He walked around the crowd asking anyone if them or someone they knew had a camp ID similar to what he was holding. Soon, groups were starting to form, and Mason didnt know where he was supposed to be. He soon found Monty amidst all this craziness and asked him, "Monty, do you know anyone who has a camp ID similar to this?" Monty said no.

"This is getting so hard," Mason thought to himself. Then, he spotted a Vulpix with a camp ID that was a PERFECT match with his ID. They were both green with red diamond on them. "Your camp ID is a match to mine!" He sighed as he looked at the Vulpix. Finally, he had found someone in his group. All the groups formed as they waited for the Pikachu and Treecko to say something.

March 18th, 2008, 11:24 AM
Venomous would then blink once, watching as Forest left her alone, standing among the other Campers as they all bustled about, gathering together in small clusters. Sighing, she watched as a strange-colored Larvitar paired up with a Vulpix, both holding Camp Id cards that looked similar. Lowering her head, she kept the card clamped tightly in her mouth, slowly starting to move around, trying to appear casual as she glanced at everyone else's card. Finally, she stopped before a Buizel, who was scanning the area around him with narrowed eyes. Wagging her tail a little bit, Venomous looked up at him through shining eyes and smiled.

"Excuse me.." She started. "But I think we have matching cards. Do you mind if I stand over here with you?"

Venomous tried to keep her tone friendly, but casual, as she knew that other Pokemon tended to get annoyed by her enthusiasm. The Buizel finally seemed to notice her, and glanced down. She gulped nervously.

March 18th, 2008, 12:29 PM
"Does anyone still need to study the map?" Forest called. In order to teach everyone some camp songs, Raika needed that screen to display the words. Yet he didn't want to close up the map while campers were still looking it over.

Raika, meanwhile, just kept an eye on the slowly forming groups. Once everyone was in a group, and her screen was cleared, she could perform.

March 18th, 2008, 5:24 PM
At the sound of Forest's voice, Venomous would quickly glance up at the screen one more time, thinking it best that she of all Pokemon study it. Quickly scanning her eyes over the large screen, Venomous made a quick mental note of where all the Cabin buildings were located, Boys' and Girls', and their location in relation to the Mess Hall, the Staff building, and Raika's office. She also looked over the surrounding trails, trying to figure out which of the ones she had gotten lost at, so if it ever happened again, she could easily find her way back. Finally, Venomous nodded, eyes focused now on Raika and her Guitar, eager to see what would happen next.

March 18th, 2008, 6:36 PM
After seeing that everyone had more or less gotten into a group, Forest closed up the map. Next, Rain unrolled a blank screen as Raika returned with her guitar.

"All right, now we'll learn a few camp songs, starting with the camp alma mater" She gave the strings an expectant strum, prompting the words to blip onscreen. She started to sing and play:

As we travel along in this great big world,
As we wander at night under the stars,
May we always remember the laughter and tears
And the friends we've made while here.

We will never forget anything that we learned,
Nor the faces of those that we love,
So our alma mater, long may her light shine!
Camp Pikachu, we sing to you!

March 19th, 2008, 3:42 AM
(I'm sorry, I can't accept LSUs this time)

What is LSUs? Besides i've edited mt post, from a "Uber" one to a cute one.

March 19th, 2008, 3:51 AM
LSU=Late sign ups. Try posting your application sooner next time. And I don't think Milotic is considered a "Little" Pokemon. Pokemon like Vulpix, Eevee, Larvitar, and Charmander are "little".

March 19th, 2008, 10:56 AM
(does Raika need to repeat the song?)

March 19th, 2008, 11:08 AM
Blake looked down at the eevee and decided to let it stay with him. Blake started to hear the song play and wondered where the lyrics had come from. Blake started to tap his foot a little but stopped. As the song continued Blake recalled his battles while he traveled with his trainer. Blake promised Kam to make new friends and get stronger. Blake looked at the sky.

March 19th, 2008, 12:04 PM
Mason looked up at the screen and saw the Pikachu singing a camp song. He had no clue why he was singing at all, maybe this was the presentation, but regardless, Mason found himself singing along to it. Then he stopped himself, thinking, "what the heck am I doing?!" After that he just listened to the song as it was played a few times so everyone could get it.

March 19th, 2008, 12:25 PM
Monty was still looking for a pokemon to have the same card as him, but started to hear a Pikachu singing a Camp Song and started to say himself "Still haven't found a pokemon that has the same card as mine but, i will deal with that later i'll just watch this Camp Song for now." As Monty started to float down to the floor and started to watch the a Pikachu singing a Camp Song.

(EmeraldSky how long will i find a pokemon that has's the same card, can it be a random pokemon or one of the Pokemon RPer's that has the same card?)

March 19th, 2008, 12:57 PM
(You can make it up)


There was some applause as Raika concluded the song. "All right, now I want all of you to sing with me this time." She gave another expectant strum, only now the words were colored. "Just follow the bouncing Pichu." With that, a Pichu face began bouncing across the words as Raika sang them.

March 19th, 2008, 1:25 PM
After Monty heard what that Pikachu said he looked around for a moment and found a pokemon that had the same card as Monty had. Monty started to float close to that Pokemon and it was a Mismaguis, Monty whisper to that Mismaguis and said "Hey you have that same card as mine's!" The Mismaguis started to replied Monty and said "Wow we do have the matching card's, after these camping songs we can line up for the ghost card one's." Monty heard what that Mismaguis said and went back to his spot and started to sing the camping song from the screen.

As we travel along in this great big world,
As we wander at night under the stars,
May we always remember the laughter and tears
And the friends we've made while here.

We will never forget anything that we learned,
Nor the faces of those that we love,
So our alma mater, long may her light shine!
Camp Pikachu, we sing to you!

March 19th, 2008, 4:31 PM
As she stood beside the Buizel, Venomous would notice him staring up into the sky, his foot tapping along absent-mindedly in time with the music. She would then glance up into the sky as well, just in time to catch a school of Pidgey flying directly above them. In the distance loomed a mammoth waterfall, the cliffs just visable above the tree tops. Thinking about the prospect of hiking up close to the waterfall, and going swimming in the pools surrounding it made Venomous excited, and unknowingly, her tail would slowly begin to wag as she then thought of all the activites the camp had promised: Rock-climbing, Fishing, and even Gem-mining! She could barely even concentrate the song the Pikachu was urging them to sing, but just to please her, she softly began to hum along to the words.

March 19th, 2008, 5:58 PM
"Very good!" Raika smiled at the first song's conclusion. "While we will be learning and singing plenty of camp songs, I'm only teaching you three of them now. These three are the most common ones you'll be hearing."

The next one is our blessing song--what we sing before we all eat together in the mess hall."

She gave another expectant strum, changing the words onscreen to the second song:

Arceus, be with us as we gather
Watch o'er us all as we tell of newfound friends,
May your love shine through, as we share this meal,
Love that will shine so all will know of you

March 19th, 2008, 6:25 PM
Name: Blynx
Species: Cyndaquil
Appearance: A normal pokemon with a scar between its eyebrows
Personality: Blynx's cheerful personality makes good friends with anyone, but sometimes when it gets annoyed it prefer to be alone. It doesn't like to go in the dark because it is a scaredy pokemon.
History: Blynx decide to join the camp to prove his corage to his brothers, before he chose to join the camp he was afraid to ghost, dark, and many others scary things because his brothers always tease him. One day, he found a flyer about the camp, so he decided to join because he doesn't want to be teased anymore.

March 20th, 2008, 6:46 AM
(I'm sorry, but I'm not accepting LSUs this time)

March 20th, 2008, 8:46 AM
Moonkie rocked from side to side while singing along.He was sitting in a tree watching everyone.He smiled happily then grabbed a berry from the tree and started to eat.He was happy here because he had friends.

March 20th, 2008, 10:32 AM
(not feeling creative)

After hearing yet another camp song, Mason soon grew bored of all this camp music. He thought about how his favorite band could make that song a lot better. Soon, he drifted off into sleep while standing up. He was that bored.

March 20th, 2008, 3:52 PM
Raika was about to lead everyone into the third song when she heard the song "Double Dutch Bus" blare into the room. Some campers laughed as Starshine quieted her Match Call device, but Raika opted to improvise a solo to the thumping disco beat that Starshine was desprately trying to silence.

"I have a better idea!" Forest loaded a CD into a nearby radio's CD player, making a much higher quality version of the song pulse into the room. This made the orderly array of groups dissolve into a mass of dancing Pokemon.

(I just got back from seeing College Road Trip, if you're curious)

March 20th, 2008, 4:27 PM
"Come on, disco?!" Mason thought to himself as the loud disco music blared through the speakers. He was the only Pokemon not dancing. He hates disco. "Where's my PokePod?" he mumbled as he searched himself for it. It was the one thing he didn't forget at home with David. He went off away from the disco madness and started listening to his PokePod. "Finally, something good to listen to," he thought as he listened to his favorite band, The Casualties. He was still in the line of view of the counsellors, and a Mudkip came up to him and said, "Why aren't you with everyone else?" "I don't like disco music. It puts me in a bad mood." Mason replied. "Can you at least come back to where everyone is?" Mudkip said. Mason answered, "Yeah, I guess I could. but if im not paying attention to anything, you'll know why."

March 20th, 2008, 4:52 PM
Starshine giggled with embarrassment over what her ringing Match Call had caused. The Torchic usually had it on in case a camper needed to call their trainer for any reason. But she had changed its ringtone to the song that everyone was now dancing to after she, Raika, Forest, and Rain saw "Pokemon League Road Trip" in the theater the week before. She closed her eyes and savored the memory of the movie: the Spoink that wires itself on coffee, how the Torchic in the movie sang the song with a group of Gallades and Gardevoirs, and the skydiving part.

March 21st, 2008, 3:57 AM
Venomous chuckled to herself a little bit as the Torchic counselor, Starshine's, cellphone went off, just as Raika had opened her mouth to sing the third tune. Instantly, her attention had been diverted to the camp songs, and she couldn't wait to see what happened next. Her delight was apparent as Forest slipped a CD in, and loud Disco music started pounding loudly out of the Speakers. Venomous found herself immediately begin tapping her foot to the beat, her head beginning to sway from side to side, not letting it get too out of hand as with finding her way around, she wasn't too great at dancing.

March 21st, 2008, 4:35 AM
I hope I'm not too late to sign up.

Name: Kiran [Said like Kieron]
Species: Kirlia. [Not too big?]
Appearance: Kiran is a shiny blue Kirlia and has a mysterious blue scar on both of his feet.
Kiran is an inch taller than the average Kirlia.
Personality: Kiran is a playful pokemon but is serious when he has to be. He easily gets along with most pokemon and has lots of friends.
History: After single handedly getting her trainer her first three badges, Kiran's trainer finally caught some new pokemon and decided to give Kiran a small break while battling for the fourth badge.

March 21st, 2008, 5:23 AM
Sorry, I'm not taking LSU's this time.

March 21st, 2008, 8:01 AM
Blake started to hear the disco music and sat down. He was tired of standing and he couldn't take the disco madness. As he sat down he started to drift into a sleep. When he realized what was happening he shot himself with water gun. The cold water woke him up, but he still had to wait on all the madness to end. Blake was so tired he wasn't sure if he could stay awake for three more minutes.

March 21st, 2008, 8:29 AM
When the song faded out, the counselors shepherded the campers back into their groups. Starshine gently nudged a Buizel that was a little sleepy eyed. "We're done dancing for now, okay?" she assured him.

"Now that we've had a chance to lighten up a bit..." Raika smiled as she returned to her waiting instrument. "If you do have a Match Call, please set it to vibrate before assemblies."

March 21st, 2008, 5:18 PM
Mason was finally happy again after the disco madness ended. He set his match call to vibrate, heeding the warning. He didnt want to have that happen to him. Nobody would know what to do if his match call went off. He walked back to his group, which was Vulpix. And nobody else. He waited for the camp counsellors to say something next.

March 21st, 2008, 5:24 PM
Raika retrieved her guitar as she addressed the crowd. "The third song I want to teach you now...is not required to sing along with. It is, however your signal for lights out." With that, she gave the strings another expectant strum and sang again as the bouncing Pichu face hopped across the words:

Another day ended at Camp Pikachu,
Filled full of wonder, adventure and fun
So now we sleep, with starlight gazing o'er us,
Until we rise, up with the morning sun

March 22nd, 2008, 8:24 AM
"At least I dont have to sing along to this one," Mason thought with a sigh of relief. He just listened to the song after hearing what the Pikachu said. It was a lights-out song. He wrote it down because he knew he would forget it eventually. The song played a good one or two more times and then everyone memorized it. On any other day, the pokemon would head to sleep now, but it was 1 PM and it was obviously not time for bed. After the suddenly calming music, all the campers went back to their cabins with their groups.

March 22nd, 2008, 9:09 AM
Barring Raika, all the counselors took their groups and led them to the cabins. In addition to Rain, Forest, and Starshine, there were many other counselors in charge of a group.

Raika, meanwhile, returned to the camp office, where her staff was waiting. The Kirlia smiled as Raika stepped inside. "Well done, madame."

"Thanks, Zelda." Raika replied as she put her stuff away.

(You can make up your counselor, if you want, since there's more counselors than just the three I'm playing as.)

March 22nd, 2008, 7:15 PM
Blake was at his cabin with the Eevee and a sleeping Munchlax. Blake couldn't believe he had to share a room with a Munchlax. Blake's trainer also had a Munchlax and it was really lazy. Blake had been paired with it for a tag battle and because of its show movements they lost. However, Blake wasn't about to let that one experience make him hate all Munchlax. So he went over to the sleeping Pokemon. He tried to shake it awake, but it looked at him then used yawn. Blake was a little furious and then found himself in his bed sleep.

March 22nd, 2008, 10:32 PM
Name: Cub
Species: Cubone
Appearance: Cub looks like any other Cubone but has a long rock instead of a bone club.
Personality: Cub is kind of weird because he's not like any other cubone, he is not that lonely. he has lots of friends
History: Cubone's trainer is the Sinnoh League Champion and is resting at his home in Sunyshore City. He wanted Cubone to train before they headed off to Johto. Cub got signed up for Camp Pikachu.

March 23rd, 2008, 3:33 AM
Name: crash
Species: tyranitar
Appearance: im a war hardened tyranitar spent my life in war i have a scar on the right side of my cheek
Personality: like i said, i have spent my life training and in war, i have never been captured and im destine to take hold of m.t silver
History: because i need knowledge of the monsters that live in m.t silver, perhaps i will find my answers here

March 23rd, 2008, 10:28 AM

LSU's are not being taken this time, but keep an eye out for a future RP.

March 24th, 2008, 4:01 AM
"And here lies your cabin" The camp counselor leading Venomous's group had just so happened to be Forest, and he smiled, extending a long green arm into a door leading into a cabin. Standing on he tip-toes, and earnestly staring past him, Venomous would make a mental note that their cabin was nicknamed "Pidgey Hollow". Inside the cabin itself, the layout was simple, but fine, as Venomous knew it would be. From the moment she had walked into the camp, she had figured it would be pretty clean-cut, and that they the campers would receive only the best from Raika and the other staff working here.

Venomous was speechless, as she couldn't contain her joy of receiving such a nice, spacious cabin, and with only two others to share it with: The Buizel, and a Munchlax she had failed tp notice before.

"Well i'll leave you to unpack your things" Forest told them before turning, and walking back to the Counselor building. Venomous watched him walk off for a second before turning to see that both the Buizel and the Munchlax were already dead asleep on two of the bunk beds. A gentle smile settling over her face, Venomous would quietly creep over, pulling the blankets up over them while they slept. That being finished, she hummed quietly to herself as she began unpacking her things: A soft, quilted pastel pink blanket decorated with Umbreons in different in poses, a tiny Chibi Umbreon plushie, and an assortment of different-colored bows. Also a couple of pictures in Pokemon-themed frames, one of her, her trainer and Blade on the day she was hatched, and one of just her and Blade, him holding her in his arms as he smiled for the camera. She would then tear up a little bit, swiping at the tears and quickly glancing around hoping that no one had seen her.

March 24th, 2008, 5:05 AM
After getting his group settled in their cabin, Forest returned to the camp office to get some paper. He wanted to play the game Two Truths and a Lie as an ice breaker, but with a twist. Rather than each player telling the group their facts, the group would write down their facts, Forest would read each person's facts, and then the group would attempt to guess the lie.

He stepped behind Raika's chair and grabbed some paper before returning to his waiting group. After flicking on the light (waking those that had been sleeping) he began. "Okay, we're gonna play a little game to get to know each other. As he passed out a piece of paper to each person, he continued "What I want you to do is write down three facts about yourself; one of them false. Once everyone has written something down, we're going to try and guess which of your facts is a lie."

March 24th, 2008, 9:14 AM
Mason woke up from the flickering lights and he saw a Mudkip telling him to wake up. He didn't know what was going on, but he woke the Vulpix in his group up and told her to follow the Mudkip.

They went to the other side of the cabin to play a game called Two Truths and a Lie. The Mudkip, whose name happened to be rain, explained the whole game. It sounded kind of corny to Mason. Wanting to get his turn out of the way, he went first. He wrote three things down on three separate pieces of paper.

One paper said, "My trainer got hurt and that's why Im here."
The second paper said, "I got stuck in that tree on purpose."
And the third paper said, "I don't like disco music."

"Guess which one is a lie!" Mason said to the Vulpix. Not saying a word, she picked the second card. "Right. Why would I get stuck up in a tree on purpose?" Mason said. Rain stepped in and said, "That's good to hear. You gave us all a scare when that happened. I'm glad you're OK."

March 24th, 2008, 3:36 PM
As Venomous was putting her things away, her blanket on the top bunk of the bed that the Munchlax had been sleeping in along with her plushie, her pictures atop the tiny nightstand on which each camper had been assigned, and her ribbons tucked neatly inside the drawer, a sudden thrusting open of the door startled her, causing her to fall backward onto the hard wooden floor. Picking herself up, she would stare warily at the silhouette who had caused the disturbance, instantly brightening when she realized it was Forest. Her little tail beginning to wag ecstatically, she pranced happily over to him as he switched on the light to the cabin.

"Okay, we're gonna play a little game to get to know each other." Forest said smiling, sitting down on the floor in front of Venomous before she could even say 'hello'. Instantly, she perked up, her ears swiveling forward as her inquisitve little mind automatically began guessing what it was. The Buizel and the Munchlax staggered over, still heavy with sleep, and collapsed onto the floor in a daze. Neither one of them seemed too eager to play, so taking pity on them, Venomous volunteered to go first. The game was called "Two truths and a lie", a game of which she had never played before. Taking three pieces of paper, she would quickly begin scribbling down some random facts about herself.
1. My trainer wants me to evolve into an Umbreon
2. I have a fear of Gyarados
3. My trainer a leading force of one of the largest organizations in the world

Turning her bright eyes to the Buizel, her lips would curl upward into a grin as she laid out the three sheets in front of him. Eyes sparkling, she would look over at him expectantly, waiting for his answer. While she waited, in the back of her mind she wondered if Forest was going to play too.

March 24th, 2008, 3:40 PM
(Sorry i was gone for a couple of days i was gone into a trip that's all)

After Monty went to the building and sang some of the camping song's from the screen, he went back to his cabin and tryed to go to sleep but he heard someone foot steps from some other cabin and also heard that Mudkip talking to someone else. Monty said to himself "Hm what Pokemon could that be from that Mudkip talking?" Monty float out of his bed and looked at the window and saw from the other cabin, Mason and some other Pokemons and also that Mudkip, After Monty saw those three he said to himself again "Well at least it was just Mason and some other Pokemon and of course that Mudkip that gave me the ID Card."

March 25th, 2008, 5:04 AM
Forest walked around observing his group writing. He wondered what kinds of lies they would make up for the group to guess. Would they be very outlandish and so over the top that you knew right away they were lies, or would they be a fact that was not quite true? Those lies were always the most fun to guess.

March 25th, 2008, 12:11 PM
(Not feeling creative right now)

Back in Mason and Vulpix's cabin, it was Rain's turn to play two truths and a lie. Rain wrote down his two truths and his lie on the pieces of paper. Then, he showed Mason and Vuplix his three pieces of paper. Mason couldn't read them. "Is this in Spanish? XD"

March 26th, 2008, 2:59 PM
Blake looked down at the three sheets of paper and decided that the lie was sheet number three. Blake got up "The sheet with the lie is the one I point to." as he tilted his hand over the third sheet Munchlax knocked him over. When he looked up he saw that his finger was on sheet number one. Blake looked at Forest then looked at the sleeping Munchlax. "You don't mind if I hit him with Hydro pump?" he said with an evil glare at Forest. Soon Forest grabbed Blake and stopped him from making a big mistake. Eevee giggled and then slapped Blake on the back.

March 26th, 2008, 3:58 PM
"No attacking each other, please..." Forest cautioned. "Except if it's in the arena."

"If you've written your facts down already, great! If you're still writing, I'll give you a minute to write."

He decided to try out his facts as a warm up. "While you're waiting, here's my facts: I battle on the Stadium circuit for part of the year..." That was true, as evidenced by all the trophies and ribbons in his cabin. "I can play seven different instruments..." This wasn't quite true, for he really knew only how to play three diferent instruments: piano, whistle, and a little bit of guitar. "and I have visited at least one city in every region." This was true, as he had a map in his cabin marking which cities he had visited.

March 26th, 2008, 4:13 PM
A small smile crept over Venomous's face, as silently, she kept still, careful as to not give away any clues to the correct answer. She watched with a continuous grin over her face as the Buizel thought hard, foot tapping the floor rhythmically as he contemplated the three statements. Her grin widened as she watched his paw hesitantly reach for the third one, before pulling his arm back to his side and calling out boldly, "The one that I point to is the correct answer!" Poised with anticipation, she waited for him to select the third one, when suddenly, Munchlax, who hadn't said a word throughout the whole game, or the whole time he had been in the cabin really, jumped up and shoved the Buizel, causing him to throw his arm out in order to catch his balance and point to the first statement, the most obviously true of the three. Surprised, Venomous cast a glare in Munchlax's direction, her eyes immediately locking upon his chubby, loose jaw and deviously thinking about punching him right in it. "Can I just use Hydro Pump on him now?" Venomous heard the Buizel growl through gritted teeth as his body began to tense. Sensing that he was about to erupt, Forest grabbed ahold of him, holding him back before he could do anything.

Venomous tried to remain neutral, though it was apparent whose side she was on, and looked back over at the Buizel, only to let loose a high-pitched giggle. Good-naturedly, she slapped the Buizel on the back, looking over at him and winking in a gesture as to say, "We'll get him later." Turning her attention back to the Munchlax, her mind began to wander as usual, thinking "Who would waste their time on such a pathetic excuse for a Pokemon?" It was then that she noticed his Camp ID card, everything appearing normal until she noticed the name "May". At the mention of this name, Venomous would pale a little bit, her mind beginning to cloud as her eyebrow furrowed, an image flashing before her face of an overweight Munchlax leering before her, only three days after hatching, when she had been playing under Blade's watch in a meadow in the Viridian Forest meadow. A brown-haired girl in a red bandana had been directing the Munchlax, ordering him to attack her relentlessly attack after attack in succession, hoping that she would be an easy capture since she was so delicate and small. Venomous had known only one attack, and as it was just a plain "Tackle" attack, could barely stand up to the other Pokemon. After awhile, she had just given up, curling up into a little ball, and cowering weakly blow after blow. What the young trainer identifying herself as May hadn't anticipated was a skilled Sceptile jumping in front of her, and tearing the Munchlax to pieces.

Looking over now, a sweatdrop formed beside Venomous's eye as she realized that the Munchlax was staring at her directly, a visable white scar in the shape of a claw clearly visable across his left eye. Noticing her looking at him, the Munchlax would cast her a devilish smile, his smile only widening as unkowingly, she began to quiver. Edging away from the Munchlax, she moved closer to the Buizel.

March 27th, 2008, 6:19 AM
Forest noticed the Eevee and the Munchlax glancing at each other. Whether they were interested in each other, he didn't know--it would be bad manners to ask.

"Is anyone still writing? he asked. He wondered if the Eevee was really the Eevee of the Grand Coordinator, May.

March 27th, 2008, 11:39 AM
Blake looked at the Eevee standing beside him and glaring at Munchlax. With the tension growing Blake wanted to fight and blast away. Then he calmed himself down and wrote down two truths and a lie. Blake gave a grin to Munchlax and the Eevee. "The following sheets have two truths and a lie."
1. I will evolve when I go home
2. I know iron tail
3. My name is Blake
Then Munchlax jumped up and wanted to pick the card but Blake let Eevee go first. Munchlax looked down and fell back. Eevee just happened to trip him as she walked over to the sheets. Forest thought it was an accident. So Eevee looked down at the sheets with a determined face. Blake couldn't wait to see her answer.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
March 27th, 2008, 2:41 PM
Name: Chicki (NickName- Twiggy) (prefers Chicki)

Species: Chikorita

Gender: Female

Appearance: Chicki Is A Shiny Pokemon.

Personality: Chicki Hates Being Called Twiggy. Chicki Gets Along Very Well With Other Pokemon. Chicki Hates Fire And Ghost Type Pokemon. Chicki Likes To Make Music With Her Leaf For Fun.

History: Chicki Joined In At Camp Because She Wanted To Make More Friends.

March 27th, 2008, 3:17 PM
(I'm sorry, but I'm not accepting LSUs this time.)

March 27th, 2008, 4:41 PM
(Venomous is not the Pokemon of May. Dante Itachi is her trainer. When she was first hatched, May spotted her alone in a meadow and tried to capture her with her Munchlax. Venomous's Sceptile brother Blade attacked the Munchlax to protect Venomous, and chased May away. Sorry if I confused anyone, but hopefully this will clear things up.)

Smiling a bit to herself, Venomous suddenly realized that she had never told Blake the answer to the three statements. They had been interrupted by the Munchlax. I swear, that Munchlax really has it in for me. She thought warily. And for that Buizel too. Casting a sideways glance toward the Buizel, she studied him for a moment, her attention suddenly snapping back to the three cards in front of her, and to the Buizel's face, who seemed so anxious for her to answer. After carefully reading each of the three, she looked back up at the Buizel again, trying to determine if he looked like a Blake or not, and then tossed that thought out, realizing that whether he did or not, the likeliness of his name being Blake was still 50/50. He looks really tough. Venomous pondered, thoughtfully examining the muscled water-type Pokemon. And everyone knows a Buizel by two things: Their flotation sac, and their powerful tail.. So it would be a smart move on his trainer's part to teach it to him.

"I know the answer!" Venomous finally exclaimed triumphantly, jumping up, and startling the other three Pokemon in the room, who had been silent up until that point. She looked back over at Blake, and picked up the first card. Handing it to him, a big smile on her face, her tail would slowly begin to wag.

"The first one is a lie?"

March 28th, 2008, 7:18 AM
"Good job" Blake said while holding up a card of his own. The card was the third card Eevee had written on. "Before I was interrupted by Munchlax I decided that card three is your lie." Blake and Eevee started to laugh as the game had calmed them down. Blake went over to Munchlax and apologized for his actions earlier. "But, if you ever do that again, I'll hit you with aqua jet so many times you'll live in the sky." Munchlax gulped and ran behind Forest. Forest decided to break it up and asked Munchlax to write down his two truths and a lie.

March 28th, 2008, 11:53 AM
After giving the Munchlax some paper to write his facts on, Forest asked his groupmates, "Out of my facts, do you know which one is the lie?" He waited to hear his groupmates responses. Some years, his group would guess the lie pretty quickly, other years, it would take a while.

March 28th, 2008, 1:10 PM
Feeling a bit proud of herself, Venomous would start to beam, her face glowing a little as she prided herself for guessing the lie. Now, concentrating once more on her own cards, she smiled, a bit deviously, as the Buizel hadn't managed to guess her lie. Truthfully, nothing interesting to write down had come to mind at first, but as she had thought about it, she had remembered something so far-fetched that nobody else would believe it if they didn't know it true. Though she didn't look like too much right now, she was actually the latest project of a leader of one of the most notorious organizations in the world. She was to be an Umbreon when she matured, and a highly-trained one at that. She was to be the first Umbreon to become an official team member, trained for the operations her trainer, Dante's organization was known for. But before all that, she would have to survive a Summer here first. Flashing the second card up at Forest, the Munchlax, and the Buizel, she pointed to the statement.

"The second one was a lie." She admitted. "I'm not scared of Gyarados. I'm only scared of Ursaring and Tyranitar!"

Looking back over at Forest now, she thought hard about his three statements, trying to determine which was a lie. This game had surprisingly brought out the competitiveness in her, which was unusual to see because she was so easy-going. She darted a glance to her other two cabinmates, waiting to see what they would guess first. Finally, the Munchlax pointed to the first of the three.

He's no help. Venomous thought irritably. That obviously isn't it. You can tell just by looking at Forest that he battles somewhat regularly. Look how toned he is! I know that isn't just from working as a counselor. She then glanced over at Blake, waiting for him to answer. He seems pretty smart. She thought. I'll just go with whatever he says. ^^'

(Btw all, my Spring Break started today, so i'm not going to be on until Thursday afternoon. But i'll post immediately when I return. So when i'm not saying anything, you'll know why. <3 Have a greaat week!) <3

March 30th, 2008, 7:59 AM
Blake looked at Eevee then looked at Munchlax. The two were both silent and hadn't chosen the lie Forest had written down. "They must be waiting for me to pick one," he thought to himself. As he looked at the cards Forest had written on the first card caught his attention. Blake put up a fighting stance and asked Forest some battle questions. Forest's replies to the questions proved to Blake the first card was a truth. Then Blake got his thinking cap on a figured out that the lie was the second card. So he held it up for all to see. The team cheered as the icebreaker continued to go smoothly. "Now the only one left is Munchlax." as he said this Munchlax pulled out three cards. Blake was shocked when he saw the things written on the card.

March 30th, 2008, 10:29 AM
Forest was amazed that the Buizel had figured out his lie so quickly. The others had either picked the wrong fact or didn't guess at all.

He didn't have to prove his lie was a lie--all he would have to do was show his group what instruments he did have.

Everyone watched the Munchlax to see what his facts were; and which of Forest's facts would he guess as the lie?

April 3rd, 2008, 12:07 PM
While Venomous waited patiently for the Munchlax to finish writing down his facts, she stole a look at the Buizel's face. He was still formed into the fighting stance from earlier, not having sat down yet, and she giggled a little to herself, amused at the pure concentration and determination written out across his face as he anxiously peered over the Munchlax's paper. She then darted a glance at Forest, who was tapping his foot as the Munchlax took his sweet time writing out his facts. About to die from impatience, she squirmed impatiently, finding her foot tapping along in sync with Forest's.

<3 I guess this has turned into a threeway Roleplay. ._.'

April 3rd, 2008, 1:06 PM
(Sorry i haven't post for a while, its because that since not into the part i have to post and i never heard that lie game either.)

April 3rd, 2008, 1:53 PM
(Basically each person tells the others three facts about themselves, one of which being a lie. The other players than have to guess which of the facts is the lie)

April 4th, 2008, 6:17 AM
Munchlax had finally finished writing down the two truths and a lie. Blake looked over at the paer and found that Munchlax was really different.
1. I love food
2. I know an extra ordinary move
3. I plan to dominate the world with an iron fist full of my trainer's dangerous purple surprise.
Blake looked at the Munchlax and decided to let Forest and Eevee answer because he was creeped out. Forest and Eevee looked over at him two. The three looked at the smiling Munchlax, who thought he was just playing the game, and then huddled up. The three pokemon tried to devise which card was the lie.

April 4th, 2008, 8:58 AM
"Is...the third one the lie?" Forest guessed. Just seeing how over the top it was was a big clue it was a lie. However, sometimes over the top facts could be truths, although it happened very rarely.

He waited to see what the Eevee would guess...

April 4th, 2008, 10:38 AM
"I'm kinda really hoping it's the third one" Venomous said in a hushed tone to Forest and the Buizel.

"If not, I don't think I really want to be sharing a cabin with this guy."

Casting a sideways glance over to the Munchlax, she would shudder a bit at his rather maniacal smile, and then smile nervously at the other two.

"Anyways, I say it's the third one."

April 7th, 2008, 3:02 PM
Are you guys planning to post anytime soon? Or is this Roleplay pretty much dead?

April 7th, 2008, 3:35 PM
(I'm still here, don't worry.)

April 7th, 2008, 3:48 PM
(Yeah me too, maybe we should stop this lie game thing and go on this RP))

April 7th, 2008, 5:14 PM
(Okay, then, onward!)

Forest smiled--his game had gone well for another year. "Well played, all of you. Now, we have several options about what we can do first." He paused to consult the day's schedule. "We can go swimming, hiking or caving now...so which would you like to do first?" He personally preferred caving--he had explored the network of caves under the camp hundreds of times, and knew every safe route campers could take.

April 8th, 2008, 3:45 AM
The tiny Eevee would then feel a tingling sensation rising throughout her body, pricking her all over and causing her to squirm, struggling to retain herself as she concentrated on just keeping still. Finally, as it settled just below her skin, and she thought she would burst if she didn't release some of the pent-up energy, she nearly exploded from her seat, bounding across the room several feet as she landed just in front of Forest. Her deep chocolate eyes beginning to shine, eagerly, she sat up, a large smile plastered across her young face as she sat up on her haunches, paws clasped in front of her in plea.

"Can we go caving first?!" She blurted out, though she really had intended to let Blake and the Munchlax make the first decision. Exploring caves and mining was something unique to Camp Pikachu and Camp Pikachu only, as most Camps, much less camps for Pokemon, were set up near any caves. Venomous herself had never been caving, and had grown very excited when her brother Blade told her stories of Rubies and Gems and Spheres of magnificent sizes, some so big she wouldn't be able to carry them on her own! Besides that, there were heart scales, Evolutionary stones, and Everstones! Venomous had been hoping for several weeks now that she would be lucky enough to land her paws on one of them.

April 8th, 2008, 5:11 AM
At the mention of caving, Forest felt the impact of the Eevee in his lap. Judging from how she bounced all over him, he could tell she too wanted to explore the cave complex.

He decided to show the others that had yet to make a decision a map of the cave complex. "Does anyone else want to explore the caves?" he asked the others as he began marking out the safe routes on this map.

April 8th, 2008, 1:46 PM
After hearing something about a cave, Blake also became excited for he thoguht of his trainer. It was in a cave on the way to Roark's Gym for some training that Blake and trainer encountered a group of Geodudes and Golems. Blake had used his strongest aqua jet and water gun but soon ran out of PP. Blake was pushed into a corner and then his tail started to glow. He smashed a Golem and later his trainer told him he had learned iron tail. So Blake popped up and told Forest he couldn't wait to go on a cave trip. "I can't wait to see the cave and all of its awesomeness. Eevee I will protect you and Munchlax you're on your own." then Blake gave Eevee a high five.

April 8th, 2008, 2:17 PM
Forest looked concerned for the Munchlax. If the Eevee and the Buizel wouldn't keep him safe, he would.

He turned to the Munchlax. "Would you like to go into the caves?"

April 8th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Blake saw that Forest was concerned for Munchlax and wondered if it would go in the caves. Munchlax looked around then let out a yawn. Blake was mad that the pokemon was sleepy again so he woke it up with a little sprinkle of water gun. Munchlax was soaked then yawned again. Blake wanted to do a strong water gun, but Forest and Eevee pulled him back. Munchlax decided to go out with another group like the Haunter he saw earlier. Blake put that aside and realized that he hadn't caught the Eevee's name. "Eevee, what is your real name?" he waited for Eevee to speak up.

April 8th, 2008, 3:36 PM
As Monty was still looking out the window, he like heard them finishing playing the lie game and said himself.

"Hmm, maybe now i should catch up with them since they finished."

Monty started to woke up Mismaguis and told her.

"Mismaguis, i think its time we should catch up with them. So lets go to that building where they are."

Mismaguis understood what Monty said and they both got out of there cabin and started to float close to the building. As they made to the building, Monty started to yell to everyone.

"Are me and Mismaguis late for the next fun thing for this camp trip?"

April 8th, 2008, 4:34 PM
As Forest whipped out a map showing the system of caves underground, the tiny Eevee begin to glow pink with excitement, bouncing eagerly out of his lap, and onto the floor beside the Buizel, who gave her a look of surprise and bewilderment, most likely at all the energy she had just exhibited. Venomous smiled up at him sheepishly, still quivering a bit from all the jumping around she had just done, when Blake suddenely seemed to perk up, and announced that he too couldn't wait to go caving! Pleased that Blake was happy with her suggestion, her furry brown tail would slowly begin to wag, lightly thumping upon the hard wooden floor behind her.

"I can't wait to see the cave and all it's awesomeness!" He continued in excitement. "Eevee, I will protect you, and Munchlax you're on your own."

Venomous was a bit surprised at this, but found herself begin glowing a bit more pink as her ears perked up and she glanced up at Blake, realizing for the first time that he brought up a good point. In all her eagerness about finding Gems and Spheres, she hadn't really thought about other Pokemon, and where there were caves, there were sure to be all sorts of tough rock-hard Pokemon living inside them. Her shoulders slumping a bit, she thought about the last few battles she had tried out, all which had ended with miserable defeat. Her cheeks now burning more with embarrassment than happiness, she turned her round little face up to Blake's, a grateful smile spreading across it as she lay a paw on his shoulder.

"Thanks!" She exclaimed, her anxiety beginning to fade almost as quickly as it had begun to show, as she remembered that Blake was a water-type Pokemon, and any unfortunate encounters she faced down there, he could probably easily handle.

"After all, i've never been in a cave before, so I don't know what to expect. And maybe with somebody looking out for me this time, I won't get lost from everybody else!" Her spirits regenerating, she slapped Blake a high-five, her grin spreading from ear to ear as her delicate body began trembling wit excitement. She was ecstatic to leave the cabin, as they had all been cooped up for way too long.

"Eevee, what is your real name?" Blake asked, after a few moments, and Venomous was glad for the question, as it felt really strange to be called 'Eevee', when she had had her nickname even before hatching.

Just as he got the question out, a Haunter Eevee recalled seeing earlier burst into the cabin alongside a Mismagius, yelling almost insanely though nobody was even talking.

"Are me and Mismagius late for the next fun thing for this camping trip?" He queried, looking a bit worried.

"Actually, you're just in time!" Venomous exclaimed happily, shouting it a bit louder than she had intended before Forest could even say a word.

"We're about to go caving. Would you like to join us?"

After this, she turned immediately back to Blake, who was still awaiting her response.

"I'm Venomous." She said, loud enough so everyone could hear her.

<3 ^^' (Whew, long post!)

April 8th, 2008, 5:03 PM
"Of course, you're not late!" Forest smiled as a Haunter and a Mismagius entered the room. "We were just about to depart for the caves!" With that, he lead the group out the door, down a dirt path, and into a little forested nook. a large opening stood in the distance, with a sign reading "Moonlight Caves--Entrance A"

"Now...we may encounter Zubats and Geodudes in here, but they're more afraid of you than you are of them. The Clefaries and Cleffas, on the other hand, are very curious, and will not hesitate to come out."

April 8th, 2008, 5:52 PM
Blake looked at the outside of the cave and couldn't wait to go in and battle some pokemon. As he got charged up Forest reminded him of the rules. Blake was okay with the rules and decided to calm down a little. However, as he calmed down his itch to battle returned and started to stare at Forest.

"Can we go in?" as he said that he realized Munchlax was missing. Blake understood that Munchlax had to be found if they wanted to explore the cave. However, Munchlax had left a note that he would be asleep under a tree and waiting for the group to come out.

Now that Munchlax was relaxed Blake asked Forest one more time, "Can we go in now?"

April 8th, 2008, 6:52 PM
"Come with me, then." Forest called to his group. He lead them down a rocky pathway into the blackness, until he turned on his flashlight. "There are many formations down here, each with their own names. This one here..." and he paused to show the group a round formation with a crack in it. "is called 'The Crackpot' for obvious reasons. Zubats like to sleep here, as you can see." Sure enough, the flashlight beam illuminated the dull blue of Zubat wings.

April 9th, 2008, 3:41 AM
As Forest lead the four of them down into the steep, rocky slope into the cave, she would cower a bit behind Blake, wary of the massive Rock-type Pokemon she had been informed that live down here in the darkness. She knew that eventually, one, or maybe even two would seek out a battle, and want to fight her. They're no different than any other Pokemon in the wild. Venomous though nervously, her heart racing as she forced herself to stare directly ahead. They're just bigger, and scarier, and probably stronger! But it'll be just like any other battle you've had. Her voice of reason chimed in, though Venomous personally didn't find it so reassuring, as every other battle she'd had ended with her fainting.

Fainting isn't so bad. She murmured, only loud enough to where she could hear it aloud. They'll just take me to the Nurse, and i'll be good as new! Her voice was shaking, and she shuddered as she realized she had fallen a bit behind the rest of the group. Loping a little to catch up, she stuck close to the others, trying to focus on what Forest was saying and have a good time.

He was pointing to a rather peculiar Cave formation, where a couple of Zubats had made her home. Though it was simply a Cave formation, Venomous found herself lighting up with awe, as it was probably common to Forest and Blake and the others, she had never been in a cave before, and therefore had never seen any cave formations at all.

I wonder when he's going to let us go mining. She thought absently, turning for a last look at "The Crackpot" as the group trekked onward.

A sphere would be the perfect souvenir for Blade.

April 9th, 2008, 2:17 PM
Blake looked around and saw that the Zubat and Geodude weren't in a fighting mood yet. This bored him, but because he knew Venomous would be lost without him, he stayed. So Blake listened to what Forest was saying about a cave formation and then found him self itching to battle. He thought of waking the zubat then battling them. However, he could tell the other campers probaly wouldn't like that idea. With that in mind Blake decided to follow the others and take on the pokemon only if they started something first. As he walked with the group Blake remembered that his trainer used to mine in caves and was about to ask Forest. As he opened his mouth to talk the Zubat woke up and started to fly around the group because he had been woken from a nap. As he screamed and flew around the group's head more Zubat joined the frenzy and started to shoot down with attacks. Blake's excitemnet and interest had been peaked as he told everyone to stand back. With that Blake jumped into the air and delivered an aqua jet furry attack on all the Zubats while they were in the air. Soon they all fell to the ground and Blake took a victory pose from a trainer with a Pikachu on his shoulder. Then he returned to the group with a big grin of joy.

April 9th, 2008, 4:10 PM
Forest applauded the Buizel's courage. "Well done! However, there's still some Zubats in there, so we'd better move on before the rest of the flock decides to attack too." He motioned for the group to follow him around a corner and down a steep slope. More Zubats hung overhead, snoozing peacefully. Down below, some Geodudes lumbered down a hill with some rubies, which were deposited in what looked like a food pile. Some othe geodudes nibbled on some emeralds, oblivious to the Pokemon passing by.

April 9th, 2008, 4:59 PM
Blake saw the Geodudes munching on some cool items that his trainer woulg like. He couldn't believe they were munching on them like a snack. However, Blake knew that with all those Geodudes and the energy he used, fighting wouldn't be good right now. As Forest stood looking at the Geodudes the fact that those rubies and emerealds would have made great gifts still made Blake mad. The Geodudes looked over and saw the group, but went back to snacking. As they turned around Blake squirted one in the back with a tiny ounce of water that made them run away. Blake grabbed the uneaten emerald and gave it to Venomous. Then found more Geodudes to scare and finally gave emeralds and rubies to the whole group. The Geodudes looked on, but still had food and that's what mattered to them.

April 9th, 2008, 5:31 PM
As the swarm of enraged Zubats descended upon the group furiously, hurling their tiny bodies at Forest and the campers, Venomous let out a loud, ear-shattering scream, her tiny paws immediately flying up to her face to shield it from the toxic winged Pokemon as she dove into the floor of the cave, no even noticing the harsh impact of her delicate body hitting the ground. Though normally Venomous was a very brave and adventurous little Eevee, there was no trace of this Pokemon now as she cowered pathetically on the ground. Squeezing her eyes shut, Venomous worried briefly about Forest and Blake, and hoped that they were okay. Zubat were known for the combination of Aerial and Poisonous attacks they learned, making them a potentially dangerous Pokemon to battle in the wild. It was all Venomous could do to keep from jumping up, and pulling them to the ground with her. And then, just as soon as the attacks had began, they abruptly stopped after a powerful spraying sound, and as the little Eevee slowly peeked open her eyes, she realized it had come from Blake! A wide grin spread out across her furry brown face, as Blake then returned to them after a victorious pose, grinning wildly, as if it had all just been a game. Venomous felt like jumping on him, and hugging him, and licking him all over the face at once, but then immediately reminded herself that she was only allowed to do that to her trainer, and that Blake probably wasn't the type of Pokemon to take too kindly to affection anyways. So instead, she slapped him on the back like a proper friend would, wagging her tail gratefully as she continued to grin.

"Thanks for keeping your promise." She told him quietly, so that only he could hear.

"That was an amazing battle! Even if I was.. er.. too caught up in all the excitement to really see it. You really saved the group!"

Venomous's eyes were shining brilliantly, and she realized that she was talking way too fast for him to understand her. A pink flush crept across her face, and she instantly shut her mouth, thinking it best that she kept quiet.

As Forest led the group on, down into a small chamber filled with Geodude carrying Gemstones and spheres to an ever-increasing pile, Venomous immediately forgot about the Zubat, and instead was filled with delight, forcing herself to resist the urge to steal away a few from the pile for her trainer and Blade. She noticed with interest that the Geodudes were munching heartily on the Gemstones, and the pile was a food pile of sorts. She grew a little sad then, afraid she would never get her turn at mining and all the beautiful gems and spheres would be left for the Geodude to devour. She glanced over at the rest of the group to see what they thought about all this, and noticed a mischevious look upon Blake's face. She cocked her head to one side, watching to see what he would do, and wasn't surprised when he squirted one with a bit of water. She chuckled a little then, wanting to join in on the fun, when Blake picked up the Emerald and handed it to her. Surprised, she nearly dropped it when he handed it to her, and forgot all about teasing the Geodudes. Holding the dark green stone, reflecting brilliantly into her eyes, she clutched it close to her body, a tiny smile appearing across her face. She didn't even have time to say 'Thank You' before Blake began picking up more Emeralds and Rubies and handing them out to all of the group. As she watched him do this, she thought hard about what she could give him in return.

April 10th, 2008, 10:07 AM
When Monty went into the cave, he looked around and there were some Geodude's and Zubats inside the cave. As Monty caught up with the group, he looked at everyone when he saw most of them holding in there hands a gemstone, which one of them was Emerald and Monty was finding them interesting and thought of something and ask everyone.

"Where did you get those Gemstones here in the cave?"

Monty started to looked in the face on Venomous and that Buizel to know what was going on here in the cave.

April 10th, 2008, 3:49 PM
"So long as the Geodudes have gems and rocks to eat, they won't mind you taking a few gems." Forest assured the group. Sure enough, the lead Geodude was calmly munching away on a sapphire, oblivious to the Buizel taking some of their food. Just as the Buizel returned to the group, a Geodude deposited more rubies onto the food pile, effectively replacing what had been taken. With that, Forest lead the group down the path, where some Sandshrews were digging nearby a pool.

April 11th, 2008, 10:55 AM
After giving rubies or emeralds to all the group Blake continued to follow Forest deeper into the cave. As Blake walked with the group he realized he didn't get a gem for Munchlax. He shook it off and then saw the Sandshrew digging a pool. There was a Sandslash in the back eating an oran berry and motivating the others to work faster. Blake hated those type of pokemon that bossed others around and then did nothing. With that Blake went over to Sandslash and hit him with an iron tail to the face. Sandslash got red and angry then pulled out his claws. "Bring it on, Tubby" said Blake ready to show this lazy bum a thing or four.

April 11th, 2008, 11:20 AM
Forest watched, horrified, as the Buizel and the Sandslash sparred. He knew that Sandslash were fierce fighters and very strong. Had the Buizel gotten over his head? Maybe.

He watched the fight unfold, waiting for a moment when he could step in and help the Buizel.

April 11th, 2008, 2:16 PM
Blake knew that all his moves were super effective against Sandslash. So he thoguht he would just use some regular fist fighting and only use moves if called for. Sandslash wasn't so generous and started the fight with a sand attack. Blake saw that as a coward's move as he stood unphased by the sand in his eyes. Sandslash was mad at Blake's unchanged facial expression with sand in his eyes. So he attacked with crush claw. Blake fell to the floor and then got up. "Is that all you got?" he said as he gave Sandslash the signal to continue his attack. The Sandslash was now very angry at Blake's confidence so he attacked with hyper beam. Forest and the group couldn't believe what they had just seen. With that Forest tried to jump in but Blake stopped him. Blake began to slowly stand back up. "Forest, you're way too strong to fight such a weakling. I'll knock his block off and then we can continue the tour." So Blake blasted a hydro pump and knocked Sandslash into the air. Then he followed up with his patent "Aqua Jet Over The Sky" Blake launched himself in the air with aqua jet and continued to hit Sandslash, which didn't allow Blake or Sandslash to touch the ground. Blake had one more burst left. "With this you can live in the sky!" Blake hit Sandslash in the chest and blew a hole in the roof of the cave. Sandslash disappeared and Blake came in front of the group. "Let us continue the tour." after that staement Blake passed out on the floor. He had used up too much energy, but before he fell he ate some of the oran berry Sandslash had. After the taste he woke up and acted as if the fainting had never happened, but then he fell to the ground again.

April 11th, 2008, 3:43 PM
Forest caught the Buizel seconds before his head hit the cave floor. Nearby, some Digletts were already repairing the hole made by the battle. "Do you need to see the nurse?" Forest asked the Buizel. When no response came, forest motioned the group to follow him outside.

Once everyone was back in the cabin, he instructed everyone. "I'm going to take Blake to the nurse's cabin, so wait here until i get back. With that, he started down the path to the nurse's cabin.

Upon his arrival, the Chansey on duty took the Buizel from Forest and laid him down in a bed. The Happinis then crowded around the Buizel, all examining him while the Chansey made notes on his condition.

April 11th, 2008, 9:42 PM
Venomous lay completely still, her ears dropped down at the sides of her furry brown head as she rested on the hardwood floor of the cabin, eyes downcast, as she stared blankly ahead. Briefly, she recalled the final events of the Cave tour, the tour that had ended so briefly after just beginning, with no opportunity for them to go mining. But that wasn't what she appeared so gloomy over. After Blake had stepped in and taken up for the Sandshrew, he had landed himself in a nasty battle against a Sandslash living in the cave, and though probably would never admit it, had been up against a very fierce opponent. Venomous remembered just standing alongside Forest and the others, watching as the two sparred, when she could have very easily leapt in and helped.

To be completely honest.. Venomous thought, her tail beginning to wag uncontrollably and ears perking up as she saw an approaching silhouette just outside the cabin door, but then slumped once more in disappointment as they passed, and she realized it was just another cabin's counselor on her way to an activity.

I couldn't have done anything even if I had tried. I would have just gotten in the way trying to help, and probably got myself and Blake hurt even worse.. I have to face the facts now. I'm useless to everyone, and just a big waste of space here. Dante and Blade should've just sent me off to a Daycare instead.

Venomous usually didn't think such negative thoughs, in fact, her most important attribute was the ability to remain positive and optimistic in the most bleak situations. And though she realized this wasn't the end of the world, her new friend ending up in the Hospital unit on the first day was quite crushing blow to her. And to make things worse, Forest had given her a direct order to stay here. Burying her face against her tiny paws, she began to shudder, casting Munchlax a toxic glare as he stepped a bit too close to her. Sighing, she eventually stood, moving to the bedside table where her pictures from home were kept. Briefly, she lingered over the one of her and Blade, then looked down to the shimmering Emerald Blake had given her in the cave, which rested right in front of the pictures. She picked it up, fingering it, anger contorting her delicate face as she envisioned the massive Hyper beam hitting Blake, and then finally, him fainting into Forest's arms. Venomous shook her head, clearing it of the horrific image. Though Blake had been the one to start the fight with the Sandslash, Venonous cared not, for the Pokemon had caused her friend to faint, and had hurt him, even if he didn't claim it as much. Moving to the door, Venomous turned the knob, beginning to exit the cabin as Munchlax and the others glanced over at her, surprised.

"Forest gave us orders NOT to leave the cabin!" The Munchlax reminded her from his position on the bed, where he was busy tucking himself in. Venomous didn't utter a word as she simply shrugged, allowing herself to be consumed with anger as she realized it would help her better achieve her mission. Slamming the door, she ran then, nervously glancing around her as if someone would immediately know she was doing something she wasn't supposed to, and start chasing after her. Venomous had memorized the main campgrounds pretty well by now, and thought that the cave they had entered wasn't too far outside them. It was in the forest she had landed herself earlier, and she remembered that it was near a creek they had had to cross via a wooden bridge. Venomous started randomly on a trail leading into the forest, which was beginning to grow dark with the approach of evening. Venomous knew she wouldn't be able to complete her mission before Forest discovered her missing, but knew it wouldn't matter if she was already deep inside the cave.

I should've brought a flashlight. Venomous thought grimly, drawing into herself as she nervously glanced around her, not realizing how dark and eerie the forest would look now that the sun was sinking into the sky. But regardless, she put on a brave face.

It's going to haunt me until I do what I should've done earlier. She decided. So I might as well get it over with now, while I have the chance. Forest showed us the safe route earlier, and it will take me to the same Sandshrew colony as before.

The Sandslash should be pretty weak now, but the job isn't done until i've finished it off. That Sandslash didn't just hurt Blake, he ruined our tour too! And for that he will pay.

Venomous grimaced, lighting up when she finally spotted the old wooden bridge, and darted across it. She lingered only momentarily at the entrance, fear gripping at her entire being, but forcing herself on as she thought again of Blake fainting into Forest's arms.

Okay, Sandslash. She growled quietly. Here I come.

April 12th, 2008, 11:27 AM
Blake began to move and when he woke up found himself in the nurse's office. Around him was a Chansey and some Happinies. Blake looked up and felt his body was strong enough to walk. The Chansey and Forset tried to stop him, but Blake refused to stay in that room. With that Blake walked into his cabin, but found that Munchlax was the only one there. Munchlax told Blake that Venomous had left the cabin in a rush. Blake already felt bad for ruining the tour and fighting that Sandslash, but he wanted to apologize to her. Munchlax told him to hurry and catch her before breakfast or he was eating their share. Blake looked at himself in the mirror and saw he still had some energy. So he rushed out the door with Munchlax by his side. Blake grabbed Munchlax so that they all could go down together when a counselor caught them. Munchlax tried to squirm free, but Blake was too strong. They soon found Venomous's footprints and noticed they were moving towards the cave site. Blake belived she still wnated to mine, but she was in dnager of getting hurt by the cave pokemon. With that Blake and Munchlax followed after the footprimts.

April 12th, 2008, 11:43 AM
After everyone got out of the cave, they all went to there cabin for waiting for that Buizel for hopefully with no pain. Monty was starting to get bored of waiting for like a hour and was laying down on his bed. He was started to talk himself while he was waiting.

"I hope that Buizel is fine and no damage."

April 12th, 2008, 12:02 PM
Forest burst into the room, panicking over the Eevee's disappearance. What was he going to do if she got hurt? He instructed the Haunter nearby. "You need to come help us too...your cabinmate is in real danger!"

"What's going on?" Rain peeked inside the cabin, piqued by Forest's panic. After hearing the details, her eyes widened. "I can understand wanting to avenge a friend, but did she know she put herself in grave danger?"

"It doesn't matter whether she'll be in trouble or not, but we need to find that Eevee safe." Forest sputtered, exhausted from his panic.

April 13th, 2008, 5:45 AM
After what Monty heard from that Treecko and Rain, Monty started to panic also like from that Treecko. And started to spoke out at Rain and that Treecko.

"Maybe they went back to the cave to explore more..."

Monty was now even more worried about Buizel and the other campers back to the cave.

April 13th, 2008, 1:07 PM
Blake continued to run after the footprints and soon found him and Munchlax back at the cave. Blake hoped that Venomous wasn't already in danger and hoped that all the cave pokemon because of her small body wouldn't notice her. To make it worst the idea that the Sandslash or Geodudes recognizing her made him even more worried. So Blake grabbed Munchlax harder and ran into the cave without looking back. However, he was hoping Forest would catch up and help them if needed.

April 13th, 2008, 2:18 PM
As Venomous descended slowly down the steep slope Forest had led them into earlier, she momentarily forgot about her rage toward the Sandslash, and once again laid adoring eyes on "The Crackpot".

"Now that i'm down here by myself, I can stay and look at it as long as I want!" Venomous exclaimed excitedly to herself, creeping up close the the formation and pressing her eye up against it to peer just inside the crack. The large, inquisitive eyes of a baby Zubat stared back at her, and a wide grin stretched out across her face as she began to wave. Suddenly, the baby's face disappeared and a much larger, viscious-looking adult Zubat's face leered back at her, letting off a warning hiss and slowly it began to flap it's wings.

"S-s-s-s-Stay away!" It whispered in a low voice, it's eyes beginning to glow an eery red. Shuddering,Venomous backed slowly away from the formation until her back was pressed up against the cave wall, and then turned and fled. She ran as fast as her little paws would take her, bolting away from the "Crackpot" and towards the place where Forest had first shown them the Geodudes and the gemstones. Her head swum with vivid storybook images of foolish young Pokemon who went traveling thick forests and caves at night, the time when they were most vulnerable and appealing to the active Vampiric Bat Pokemon Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat, and ended up becoming a bloody feast for the hungry creature. Whether this was actually true or not she didn't know and didn't really care, but she most certainly wasn't taking any chances.

As her tiny lungs stretched for air, Venomous only pressed herself on faster, hugging up close to the side of the path, up against the wall of the cave, and making a very fatal error in not allowing enough room for a sharp, unforeseen curve in the cave which she hadn't remembered being there before, her heart nearly stopping and all breath leaving her body as the cave wall dropped away, revealing a a huge drop-off, in which she fell off in all her panic. Wildly, Venomous glanced around for something, anything to grab onto, but all that passed by her in those brief few moments was sheer rock wall. Before she knew it, Venomous's frail little body had made impact with the hard rock of the cave floor at the bottom of a drop-off, and slamming into it, Venomous winced incredibly, throwing her head back and squeezing her eyes shut as pain jarred her tiny body. Meekly, Venomous opened an eye, her head swimming with excruciating pain as she dragged herself to her feet. Though her limbs ached terribly from even the effort of standing up, Venomous willed herself not to lie back down, as she knew that if she did, it would be very likely that it would be all night before anyone found her. Venomous knew she had fallen at least fifty feet, and hadn't realized how far down the cave actually went. One thing she did realize was that if she laid back down and closed her eyes, she would most likely fall asleep, and she knew unconsciousness for her right now wasn't the best of ideas.

As usual, you've managed to get yourself completely and totally lost. Venomous thought glumly, focusing all her energy into taking one step forward. Everything around her looked blurry, though she wasn't sure what everything was, as she was unable to even see anything surrounding her. All she saw was utter darkness, and she began to shiver, not just afraid for her injuries, but afraid because in darkness, she wouldn't be able to see what other kinds of creatures lurked around after her.

If I were an Umbreon, a cave like this would be no problem for me. Venomous thought irritably. I could at least see where I was going, and I could even use Moonlight to heal myself.

Venomous jumped, a sudden crashing sound sending a jolt throughout her body as the fur around her neck began to stand up on all ends.

That can't be good. She thought, shoulders slumping as the throbbing pain in her body only grew worse. She thought back to just a few days ago, when Blade had been helping her pack her bag for camp. He had been giving her one of his famous lectures on Camp Safety, this particular one being about Cave Exploration. Though she distinctly remembered tuning him out on this lecture, as she had grown sick and tired of them by now, one line in particular stood out to her.

"The deeper you are in a cave, the stronger, and bigger the Pokemon get." Venomous huddled into herself, keeping low as she stole along, wondering if what he had said held any truth in it. Suddenly, the monstrous roar of an Onix interrupted her thoughts, and letting out a tiny squeak, Venomous cowered blindly in the dark, glancing around her, realizing it was futile as an invisable Earthquake came ripping through at her. As the ground shook underneath her, Venomous was unable to jump up and dodge, as she couldn't see a thing. Biting back the urge to scream, she instead clenched her tiny fists together, bravely standing completely still, taking on the full attack of the Earthquake as she tried to sense where exactly the Onix was.

She didn't risk reasoning with it, for she hoped that there was a slim chance he hadn't located her yet. The Earthquake had made her critical injury even worse, and more than anything she dreaded fainting, for if she did, who knows when it might be when someone eventually found her. Finally, as the Earthquake ceased, Venomous grimaced, her mind racing as she quickly strategized on how to keep the Onix at bay. Ducking, she realized she had one important advantage over the mammoth Pokemon: Speed. Fiercely, ignoring all pain consuming her being, she darted at the Onix, her body colliding with a boulder making up it's form, and she cheered silently as her Quick Attack made contact, and sent a crack through the giant boulder.

Once again, the Onix roared, enraged now, as he sought out the tiny Pokemon who had just attacked him. Years of growing up and living inside a cave had given him the ability to see in dim light or even no light at all, and he realized that he had not only the advantage of his strength, but also that he could see the tiny Eevee, and it had no clue at all where he was. His magnificent and very legthy body rose then, rose nearly thirty feet into the air, towering over her, his eyes contorting with malice as he then slammed his body onto the ground, the impact of his colossal rock body with the hard rock of the cave floor, crushing the floor into a series of new boulders. Slipping back away from the harsh downpour, he sneered slightly, remaining motionless as he watched the Eevee glance blindly around her, panicking, oblivious to what was going on.

Miraculously, all the boulders had managed to miss Venomous, and as she finally realized what the Onix was doing, her heart nearly stopped, as he aimed not only to crush her, but to faint her as well. Venomous took a deep breath, and summoning up the last of her energy, furiously and rapidly began digging into the rock. It was slow work, a lot slower than if she had been digging in dirt, but the desperation building up in her caused her to dig harder and faster, as she struggled to escape before the Onix could Slam again. Venomous felt a tearing at the flesh surrounding her claws, and realized that they were bleeding from digging so hard at the rock. She felt like crying, but instead kept digging, finally managing to dig out a hole deep enough for her to throw herself in. Just as she was about to leap inside the hole, a boulder at least ten times the size of her smashed just insiches away from her face, and as the rock exploded, a slice flew into her eye, slashing across it as she felt something burst.

Screaming in agony, Venomous clutched at her eye, her body going into a state of shock as she pulled her paws away from it, and noticed them drenched in blood. She knew that she was a goner if she didn;t get into the hole soon, and quickly jumped into it, though the combined pain from the fall and now her eye was unbearable, and she only wished she could just end it all now. As she lay shuddering against the side of the hole, she suddenly sensed something slamming into it as a loud grinding sound filled her ears. And then... nothing. Slowly beginning to feel around, Venomous realized that one of the boulders had become lodged inside the tiny shelter she had just made, completely blocking it off from the outside.

At first, Venomous felt relief that the boulder would be hiding her from the Onix, and that with a little luck, he would think that he had crushed her and give up. But then, instant realization hit her that she was now trapped underground, and that the only way for her to live would be to try to dig out. Sobbing into her paws, Venomous felt weak, and defeated, desolation gripping her as she then noticed that her left eye was crying tears of blood.

April 13th, 2008, 3:28 PM
As the Eevee closed her eyes and began to cry a aqua jet and bullet seed lit up the cave. BLake and Forest had rushed in to save the day. Blake looked down at Venomous then looked up at the Onix and felt a rage. He could not believe what had just happened to Venomus and that Onix had to pay for that. Forest and Blake looked at each other and began their combineation. The cave was lit up by Munchlax who was using his flash. Blake delivered a hydro pump and then Forest delivered another bullet seed. Forest jumped on Blake's back and Blake delivered a aqua jet. After he attacked Forest jumped off and used a extra powered pound. Haunter and Rainy took Venomous out of the cave while Blake and Forest continued to fight the standing strong Onix. "We have to win." Forest nodded and Blake gave all he had into one last hydro pump. The Onix flew back and ran away. Blake was proud of his power and gave Forest the thumbs up, which meant they could leave now.

April 13th, 2008, 4:12 PM
Forest dug through the rock and found Venomous inside, her fur wet and stained crimson in a few places. At least she was alive.

He hurried as fast as he could to the nurse's cabin. "Quickly! This camper needs help!" he explained to the Chansey in charge.

"Okay, girls, you know what to do?" the Chansey asked the Happinis nearby. The Happinis nodded, carried the Eevee to an examining table, and began X-raying, cleaning and dressing the wounds. While the patient was very battered, it was a miracle she didn't require an operation.

April 14th, 2008, 6:48 PM
As Venomous lay limply inside the hole, her body pressed hugged tightly against the wall of her shallow pit, struggling to extract any warmth it could from it, her chest fought a battle of its own, heaving desperately for air as she slipped in and out of consciousness, realizing that slowly she was beginning to suffocate inside the little hole which had quickly gone from being a sanctuary to imprisonment. Venomous shuddered, chills racking her delicate spine as her teeth also began chattering, her body suddenly beginning to feel very cold for some reason. With a bit of a struggle, she managed to roll over on her side, her mind numbly flickering over the main events of her young life, her eyes fixated hollowly forward as she realized that death wasn't far from her. The fall combined with the Earthquake combined with the eye injury combined with all those desolate hours spent furiously digging at the rock had taken a toll on her weak young body, and she knew that this combined with a depleting oxygen supply could only inevitably lead to death within a few short hours.

As these oppressing thoughts consumed what little logic thought she had left in her brain, her ears perked up and attuned to a sudden gurgling and growling sound. Irritably, she sighed, rubbing a paw at her stomach which was the source of the noise.

Great. She thought. Now i'm not only going to suffocate in this god-forsaken pit, i'm going to starve while doing it! Why didn't I think to bring anything with me?!

Her eyes narrowed,and her lower lip jutted outward in a sort of frowning pout. She moped in self-pity until another much louder and menacing-sounding growl erupted from her stomach. This brought her back to realization, and instantly, she tried to shush it, for fear that the Onix would hear it and realize he hadn't crushed her completely, and come back to finish the job. Feeling more light-headed than ever, Venomous rolled over on her back, staring blindly upward, toward the boulder that had lodged itself in the mouth of her hole. Rubbing at her eye, Venomous smiled a tiny smile of gratitude and relief, as she realized that it had stopped gushing blood. This gave her hope that the injury wasn't as bad as it had first appeared, and she would get to keep her sight. As of right now, blood that had dried now crusted her entire eyeball, forcing it sealed shut and swelling it to the size of a small orange. She shuddered in disgust at what she must look like.

Forest and Blake might as well put me out of my misery as soon as they get here. She thought bitterly, snatching her paw away from the eye.

I'm going to be crippled, blind, and probably even deaf by the time they get here. Then i'll be completely useless. Not that i'm not right now. I try to be heroic and do something impressive, and it turns out all messed up and wrong. Like always. That's what I get for over-doing it.

Laying her elagant ears back against her small, round head, the tiny Eevee frowned, cowering, scared, and feeling completely alone. She had never wanted anybody to hold her so bad as she did now.

I'm sorry guys.. She whispered, her heart sinking as she realized that everyone in the entire camp was probably spending the remainder of their night looking for her.

I know that everything's my fault, but if I ever make it out of here alive, i'll make it better. I promise.

Sadly, Venomous lay her head upon the hard, cold ground, her soft, furry paws offering the only warmth and cushioning. She sighed then, her other eye closing, as she let the cold overcome her body, and she felt herself drift away.

And then, like something out of a heroic adventure movie, Venomous heard a faint splash, and a pinging of bullets off a hard surface. She suddenly found the energy to lift her head, and felt a grin creeping across her face as she heard hurried footsteps coming toward her, closer and closer.

"Forest?! Blake?!" She cried happily, her whole body snapping up and becoming erect as her tail slowly began to wag. For several moments, she sat there anxiously, knowing that she was on the verge of rescue, and hoping that they would hurry. The air inside the hole had become stifling, and she didn't know how much more she could take. After a couple of minutes had gone by, Venomous' shoulders slumped a little, her heart beating just a tad faster in panic as nothing else seemed to be happening.

Either they don't know i'm down here and just left to go look somewhere else, or they weren't really there at all and my oxygen-depraved mind is fooling me into thinking that they're here when really they're not because I want them to be.

Venomous scratched at her head, already confused with herself. Suddenly, a grin erupted across her face, as she caught the mingled scent of a Treecko and Buizel.

"Now I know that wasn't an illusion!" She cried out happily. "My nose always knows."

"Forest! Blake!" She called out again, forcing the precious air from her lungs, hoping that they would be quick in digging her out.She suddenly froze as a ferocious roar rang out across the cave, and she realized it to be the same Onix from earlier.

"Forest! Blake!" She screamed. "Watch out!"

Just as those words had escaped her lips, she heard a furious-sounding blast being let off, combined with various pounds and other blasts, finally ending with that same pinging sound she had heard earlier. Incredulous, Venomous stood motionless with her mouth hanging open, her eyes widening as she heard the
Onix let off a final roar of defeat. And then nothing. Venomous waited, and as overcome with happiness as she heard a faint digging sound just outside her hole.

They did it! They beat the Onix! She thought excitedly, her cheeks flushing pink as she flew out at Forest the instant he finished digging out the hole. She clung to him, and turned her face blindly in the direction

Blake's scent was coming from, flashing him a wild grin and a thumbs-up. Though she looked downright awful with her mussed fur and her swollen eye, a light shone in the eye that wasn't sealed shut, and she seemed about to burst with excitement.

"That was amazing!" She sputtered out. "And I thought the battles with the Zubats and Sandslash were something. But they were nothing compared to this! I can't believe you beat that Onix all by yourselves! I just wish I could've seen it for myself!"

Venomous paused for a moment, struggling to catch her breath, as her tail only wagged even harder. Looking up at Forest and Blake once again, her child-like enthusiasm instantly faded, replaced by guilt as she noticed the concerned look in each of their eyes. Her shoulders slumping, she sheepishly looked up at the two, hanging her head in shame.

"I'm sorry." She muttered quietly, cheeks burning red as her tail stopped wagging.

"It was stupid of me to come down here, especially by myself. I didn't realize how much trouble it would cause everyone. Especially for you, Blake. I know that Sandslash hurt you pretty bad, and you should still be in the Hospital, not wasting your time protecting me--"

Blake and Forest looked questioningly at Venomous, as she seemed to have paused in mid-sentence. But Venomous couldn't continue, as just at that moment, her heart felt like it had stopped, and everything was happening in slow-motion around her. Her head swam, as her the fatigue and exhaustion Venomous had been shaking off until help came finally took control of her tiny body, sweeping across it, and completely taking her over. Venomous slumped into Forest's arms, unconscious as her raced with her to the Hospital.

April 15th, 2008, 5:15 AM
The Happinis were still at work when Forest returned to check on Venomous several hours later. He was at least relieved she was alive.

"Well, Joy?" he asked the Chansey overseeing the Happinis. "What does her prognosis look like?"

The Chansey consulted Venomous' chart for a moment, then replied. "She did get very battered back there, and so far, there's no sign she will be blinded or deafened. We will, however, be watching for such complications in the next 24 hours." Forest nodded and watched the Happinis scuttle about the Eevee on the table, in an anathesia-induced sleep.

(just for the record, no one's going to die. We can get them really battered like this, but again, no one is going to die)

April 15th, 2008, 1:15 PM
After Monty and Treecko carried Venomous out of the cave, Monty stood at the waiting room hopefully that Venomous will be all right after from that rough danger Onix from the cave. Several hours later, Monty was still worried about Venomous but he thought something he forgot to do in this camp which was, asking that Treecko's name. Monty floated close to Treecko and asked him.

"Hey you there Treecko whats your name, I never got a chance to ask you that."

April 15th, 2008, 3:10 PM
"Forest, please." the Treecko replied.

By now, the Happinis were at the most crucial part of the operation: setting what broken bones there were and cleaning the remaining wounds. While the Eevee looked noticeably cleaner than before, there was still a lot of work to be done if she was to heal in one piece.

Joy just kept a watchful eye on the screen displaying the Eevee's vitals--despite the heavy beating it had received, her assailant had not damaged any vitals. The EKG bleeped a normal heartbeat, a very promising sign that the Eevee would survive.

April 15th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Blake looked at the roof of his cabin and felt so sad that Venomous probaly wasn't coming back. Munchlax started to return to his sleep yet again. Blake felt that he couldn't sleep. Venomous went out for revenge and if he had settled down during the tour that wouldn't had happened. He saw the condition Venomous was in when she went to the nurse and that image shocked Blake. Soon he punched the wall and woke Munchlax from his sleep. Munchlax knew he wouldn't be able to sleep with Blake still awake so he went over to him. Blake thought he would help him out with his problem, but instead Munchlax used yawn. Blake was very angry and then drowsy. He had to stay awake and wait for Venomous to come back. Then he noticed the emerald he had given to Venomous on her bed. Blake went out the door, which was disobeying orders again, and went to the nurse's office. When Forest saw him, who wanted to scream, but Blake gave Venomous the emerald, whispered something in her ear, and then left the room. While he was leaving he saw the Haunter around Forest, but with the yawn taking effect fell to sleep on a nearby bench.

April 15th, 2008, 5:26 PM
"Thank you..." Forest waved aside the notion that Blake had left the cabin and continued watching the Happinis sew up the Eevee. Once the operation had finished, the Eevee was rolled away into the recovery room to wait for the anathesia to wear off.

Joy checked the Eevee's vitals again--heartbeat was normal and her breathing was a little labored, but still strong. She wanted to administer some painkillers to ease the sharp pain that was sure to result, but decided to wait until the anathesia wore off and the Eevee woke up.

Forest knelt down to the Eevee's level and spoke "Venomous...while what you did was dangerous; you still avenged Blake when he got hurt...I like that kind of courage, and I can't bear to punish you for your great deed." He felt Venomous stirring a little, under her own power.

"Well done, girls." Joy smiled as the Happinis tidyed the operating area.

April 15th, 2008, 6:29 PM
Venomous lay limply upon the Operating table, the anesthesia the Happiny nurses had administered immediately after her admittance doing its job, forcing her battered body completely still whilst they operated it. The tiny little Eevee looked a pitiful sight, soft, chocolate brown fur matted with a mixture of dirt and blood, her pointed ears now sporting new knicks and cuts all along the edges, her eyes sealed tightly shut, as if closed in denial of the nightmare surrounding her, though in reality it was just an effect of the drugs. Her small little mouth was gaping wide open as small, shallow pants escaped it. Cold sweat beaded her delicate forhead. It was as if she were desperately trying to escape something horrific and monstrous, and behind the closed shutters of her eyes, she was.

Venomous was racing through a meadow brilliant with emerald and lime hues, the gentle grass stretching way up past her head, waving at the pastel baby blue of the sky. Not a cloud was in sight, and the sun shone warmly, a bright, glowing ball of yellow light and energy radiating the joy that Venomous was so alive with. She seemingly didn't have a care in the world as she raced toward an opposite end of the meadow, which hugged against the edge of a thick forest. But Venomous didn't seem to notice or care about the forest, as she raced, body tense with excitement, toward a waving figure on the opposite side of the meadow. Though the sun was warm upon Venomous' back, a gentle breeze cooled her as she ran toward the figure. The breath escaped her body in tiny little pants, and her mouth hung wide open in a grin, as she never recalled being so happy. Sweat had begun to drip down her face, and briefly, she swiped at it, thankful that the end of the meadow was approaching fast, and she would finally be able to stop. But as she galloped closer and closer to the friendly, waving figure, which she turned out to be a lean, scarred Sceptile, her brother Blade, she found she couldn't stop, and as she stared downward at the tangled brown blur that had become her legs, she had a horrible realization that they weren't ever going to stop. She raced onward, past Blade who continued waving, quickly into the dark wood, all the while trying to stop herself. She tried everything, she tried doing a front flip, she tried diving head-first into her legs, she even tried hurling herself against a tree. But it seemed the harder she tried to stop and control herself, the faster her legs went, and the more out of control they got. Finally, she noticed the eery forest beginning to thin, and gratefully, her tail began to wag, as she realized she would at least be in the sunlight again. But the sun had vanished, and the beautiful blue sky along with it. It had been replaced by an empty, gritty grey of a sky, and instantly, she felt her spirits sink, as all the excitement and happiness that had fueled her before turned to desolate despair, and she was overcome with a fatigue so great, she thought her tiny heart might just give out while her legs kept wildly running on. To make matters worse, the land before her had thinned out, into a narrow, crooked aisle, leading her straight to the edge of a cliff hanging over sea.

"NO!" She moved her lips to form the word in a scream, though she quickly found that she had no voice, and the word only bounced around uselessly inside her head. Shutting her eyes tight and bracing her feet against the grass as hard as she could, she was finally able to control herself enough to stop, though unfortunately she was but a few seconds too late, as the force of her sudden stop carried her body off the sharp cliff, and Venomous found herself plummeting down toward the ocean, spiraling downward fast, with nothing to grip onto but sheer rock. She twisted and squirmed, screaming out in agony as on her way down she passed a series of devilish Pokemon, first a snarling Ursaring, then a sneering Onix, and finally a leering Tyranitar, positioned just so that its gaping jaw would engulf Venomous as she fell the final few feet. Shutting her eyes against all the terror, Venomous braced herself for the pain, her head swimming with the gritty grey sky and the rough, choppy waters of the ocean. Abruptly, everything stopped, the sky vanished along with the cliff and the ocean, and the beastly Pokemon disappeared into smoke, leaving her to stand alone in thin air. A soothing, comforting whisper filled her ears, and caused her to smile for no reason at all, as her legs instantly stopped moving, and she found herself refreshed, and strangely rejuvenated. She couldn't quite make out the words the calm whisper was forming into, but her body glowed ecstatically as she found herself not delighted by the words, but the sound those words were making in her ears.

Though the young Eevee was supposedly under anesthetic, her body numbed so it was unable to move whilst the nurses operated on it, everything about her seemed to relax, and for some reason, she no longer appeared so tense and at unease. Her eyes and the wrinkle on her forehead had smoothed over, and her panting had ceased, instead a slow, relaxed grin spreading out across her face. As Blake then turned away, quickly leaving the Operating room before Forest could open his mouth to begin scolding him, he missed Venomous' tail slowly begin to wag, the smile remaining on her face as she lay nestled against the Emerald, dreaming fondly of his voice.

April 15th, 2008, 6:36 PM
Forest wanted to scold Blake for leaving when he had not thanked Venomous, but decided to leave him be. "I'll stay with Venomous for the night." he offered to Joy.

"Okay...her wounds will take about two weeks to heal if all goes well." Joy replied. "We'll keep an eye out for any complications, though."

Forest, meanwhile, fumbled for his Match Call and turned it on. "Would you like for me to contact your trainer and explain the situation?" he asked.

April 16th, 2008, 5:43 PM
Venomous meekly slipped one eye open, exhaling slightly as she watched Blake walk out the door. Turning her attention up to Forest, who was anxiously looking down upon her, she gave him a small smile, her tail still wagging, as shifting a bit on the Hospital bed, she propped herself up on her front legs. Glancing around her, she finally seemed to be coming to her senses, realizing that she was lying in a very drab-looking but comfortable Hospital Operating room, and not running out of control through a dark Forest. Venomous glanced back at Forest when he took out his Cellphone and started fumbling with it. Her heart sank a little as she saw it come out.

Oh no. She thought, her heart beginning to race.

He's going to call Dante and tell him to come get me, and i've only been here a day! I won't have anywhere to go..

"Would you like to call your trainer and explain the situation?" He asked, his face still contorted with that anxious look.

Instantly, Venomous felt awful. She had snuck out and went after the Sandslash with only Blake in mind, putting herself at the terrible risk when she clearly knew that she was too weak to fight any second-stage Pokemon, and hadn't even been thinking of Forest.

Poor Forest. She though, overcome with guilt then as she lowered her head. He's already offered to stay with me all night, and he hasn't been able to sleep or even grab a bite all day. He's probably spent the majority of today looking out for the campers.

Venomous lowered her head, avoiding Forest's gaze as she let out a small sigh.

"My trainer's on an extremely crucial mission right now, sent directly from headquarters. No one can know where he is, or what he's doing, or he risks failure. Not even me. That's why he sent me here, so I wouldn't get hurt. But look at me now."

Tears swimming in her soft, chocolate eyes, Venomous' lower lip began to tremble, as mournfully, she looked up at Forest.

"Will it really takr two weeks for me to completely heal?" She asked, afraid for the answer.
"That's almost the whole camp season! I won't get to do anything fun with the rest of the group. I'll be stuck in here by myself. Are you sure there's not anything they can do to make it faster? I'm feeling better already! In fact, i'm feeling great! I thought for sure I would only be in here for a day or two."

Venomous paused, as she realized she was probably talking way too fast for Forest to even understand her. Clasping her paws in front of her, she looked back over at him again, looking a pitiful sight, as she curled her long, bushy tail around her tiny body.

"Dante sent me here to get stronger. I can't get stronger unless I learn how to battle. And if i'm in here for two weeks, I won't have any time to do that. I have to get out of here sooner than that."

April 16th, 2008, 7:15 PM
Joy just smiled as she monitored Venomous some more. "You're quite a fighter to have come through the operation like you have. She showed Venomous the progress chart of how she was healing. While she was nowhere near 100% recovered, her injuries looked much better than when she had arrived in the OR the previous day.

"I won't leave you stuck here...Joy's helped me come up with some things we can do that act as double duty for theraputic purposes." Forest explained as he accepted the list from Joy.

"We can start the therapy pool and let you swim in that." Joy suggested. "That should build your strength back up and speed the healing process."

Just then, a Happini walked in with a chart and some pain medicine. "Are we feeling any better?" she asked before going through her usual routine of changing the dressings on the various wounds that dotted Venomous' body.

April 17th, 2008, 3:40 AM
Venomous let out a small sigh of relief, as at the very least, at least she wouldn't be spending the main portion of her Camp vacation in the Hospital room. But then that brought up another question that had been eating away at her.

"Will I have to live in here too for two weeks?" She asked, obviously displeased with the idea. It was quite apparent that she was worried about being seperated from everyone else, and having to spend her Camp session alone while they got to play with their friends. Picking up the Emerald that had somehow found it's way beside her head, she hugged it close to her, a frown creasing her lips as she again looked up at Forest.

"Can I still battle?" She asked, fearing the answer to that particular question.

April 17th, 2008, 5:04 AM
"It depends on how well you've healed in a few days." Forest replied. "For now, Joy says to stay in bed. However, we can probably take you back to the cabin to see everyone."

At this, some Happinis carefully lowered Venomous into a traveling bed. Once their patient was secured and comfortable, two Happinis started to gently push the bed down the pathway to the cabins. Two others followed along to keep an eye on Venomous.

"If we're going too fast and it hurts, let us know." one smiled.

April 17th, 2008, 7:35 AM
Monty felt happy that Venomous was getting a bit better but needs to be healed at least a few days. Monty started to talk Forest about something.

"Forest, What are we going to do this camping now since Venomous needs to heal for a few days or even more."

Monty looked one of his eyes at that Buizel fell down at the bench.

April 17th, 2008, 10:48 AM
Blake jumped from his sleep after having a starnge nightmare. He had a nightmare about his defeat at the Grand Festival over and over again. He couldn't shake the feeling that he had to get stronger. At first he wanted to come to camp to get stronger, but now he was getting side tracked. Blake went over to Forest and asked him a question. "When will I get to fight in the stadium? I want to fight and get stronger when my trainer finally comes back. That is my mission as of right now." said Blake gripping his hand into a fist. Forest looked at him and then Blake noticed that Venomous was awake. Blake felt ashamed that his strength hadn't given him the power to move through the tour. If he had been stronger then he wouldn't have fainted and the thing that happened to Venomous wouldn't have. Blake apologized, but returned to his question about battling.

April 17th, 2008, 12:53 PM
"If anyone would like to come to the arena, follow me." Forest called, motioning for all interested parties to come with him to a large oval-shaped building not far down the path.

"Would you like to go watch the matches?" one Happini asked Venomous. "The stadium has ways to accommodate this bed." A second Happini offered Venomous some medicine to ease the pain.

April 17th, 2008, 1:33 PM
Venomous smiled, tickled that the Happinis were being so gracious and kind to her. Her spirits had lifted a bit when Forest had told her that her injuries weren't so bad after all that she wouldn't be able to participate in anything, and that if all went well in a couple of days, she might be battling alongside the other campers.

Humming along happily to herself, Venomous sat back in her hospital bed, feeling perfectly at peace with everything beside the dull, throbbing pain in her right leg. She closed her eyes in appreciation as one Happiny gave her some medication for the ache, and then asked her if she would like to go to the arena and watch the other Pokemon battle. Cheering up immediately, Venomous nodded enthusiastically, for this was why she had come to Camp Pikachu in the first place. For now, she wouldn't be able to participate, but at the very least she would be able to watch, and learn from the other Pokemons' battles. Watching Blake and Forest converse in front on her, she couldn't wait to see what they had in the arena.

April 19th, 2008, 6:12 AM
Blake immediately ran ovr to Forest and couldn't wait to fight in the arena. Blake held his fist up high. "I will win and no one will stop my winning streak." said Blake ready to battle. Then he saw Venomous helped out of the bed by some Happinis and remembered why he wanted to get stronger again. "I want to battle that Pikachu. I love to battle Electric types and then maybe we can fight Forest."

April 19th, 2008, 6:26 AM
Once making sure Venomous was settled in a seat overlooking the arena, Forest began spelling out the rules for Blake's match. "Every knockout counts as a point, and whoever gets to five points first wins the match."

At this, the referee, a Charmeleon, trotted to a chair overlooking both sides of the Poke Ball. As a Pikachu arrived on the pink side of the Poke Ball, he motioned for the Buizel and the Pikachu to shake hands before the match. Once that was finished, he called to the Pikachu "Pearl side ready?" The Pikachu sparked in reply. "Diamond side ready?" he called to the Buizel.

April 19th, 2008, 12:23 PM
Blake grabbed his bag and pulled out his gear to battle. So he pulled out his black wristbands and collar. He put the collar around his neck and the bands on his wrist. The Charmeleon asked Blake if he was ready. "I was born and raised ready" said Blake ready to fight. So he and Pikachu stepped into the middle of the ring and stared at each other. The bell rang and they jumped away from each other as they prepared to attack.

April 21st, 2008, 5:52 PM
Venomous smiled then, waving ecstatically down at Blake, her eyes alighting as he slipped his battle gear on, and got into his fighting stance. She would've given anything right now to be standing at his side, giving him a helping hand in a double battle.

Too bad I don't even know that attack. Venomous thought meekly, cheering, cringing at the sound of her lone voice echoing across the arena. The stadium was huge, surrounded by thousands upon thousands of seats, the tops of the seats painted red, and the bottoms white to resemble a Pokeball. Venomous giggled, thinking the whole scheme quite clever. She was thankful for the Happinis at her side, as she was the only other Pokemon in this lone stadium, omitting Forest of course who stood far away from her, on ground level.

"Go for it, Blake!" She cried out, immediately shushing herself after to allow him to concentrate on his upcoming battle.

I'll be out there with you soon. She though, mouth setting into a grimace as one of the Happinis, who had noticed her obvious longing, patted her on the shoulder comfortingly.

I'm back! Sorry it took so long guys. The stress over putting together a sign-up for Pokemon Heroes: Wrath of Jealousy has really been consuming all my spare time. But hopefully, i'm back for good now. ^^'

April 21st, 2008, 7:31 PM
The Charmelen let down his hand, which meant the match would begin. So Blake came out of his corner with an aqua jet. Pikachu jumped up as an attempt to dodge, but Blake quickly turned and hit Pikachu in midair. "That was a nice try, but since I was trained by a coordinator I have great control on my moves." said Blake ready to attack. As he talked Pikachu grinned and unleashed a thunderbolt. Blake fell to the ground from the impact and then gave a grin. "I am really waiting for you to use your full power, I fought pichus with more shock." this remark upset Pikachu so it launched another thunderbolt and Blake countered with hydro pump. The attacks collided and created a boom. The two pokemon were covered by the smoke, but Blake simply jumped to the air and so did Pikachu. Blake used his iron tail and so did Pikachu. The two attacks were equal. Blake saw that the smoke had cleared and that he and Pikachu were matched. Pikachu launched out of his corner with quick attack and then while inches away from Blake used the speed for iron tail. Blake was amazed at the combination so he used aqua jet then moved over to hit Pikachu with iron tail. "I am about to take this up one more level." said Pikachu charging up for something strong. Blake stood still and soon found himself struck by a thunder attack. He fell to the ground then jumped into the air. Blake went above Pikachu and drenched him with water. After that he shot his ice beam and froze Pikachu solid. "That was my ace in the hole."

April 22nd, 2008, 5:11 AM
"Match Point, Diamond!" the referee announced. The scoreboard also blipped to life to show the score DIAMOND 1 PEARL 0

As the two opponents went to get ready for the next match, a Happini nudged Venomous. "Enjoying the match so far?" A second Happini asked "Does anything hurt?" It had been a while since Venomous had had any medication.

Forest took advantage of the lull in the action to check on Venomous. "I can get you something from the concession stand if you're hungry." he offered.

"Nothing too rich." a Happini cautioned. "Berries or liquids are fine, but nothing greasy for now."

April 22nd, 2008, 12:07 PM
Blake was ready for his next fight and wondered who his next opponent wold be. He glanced up at Venomous who was with the Happinis. Blake started to feel some power urging him to do his best. He had to show how strong he was and then get stronger than that. So he could continue to protect Venomous like his trainer had told him to for the smaller pokemon.

April 22nd, 2008, 1:02 PM
Monty went in the stadium and sat down one of the seats and watch Buizel's match. Monty started to think in his mind after seeing Buizel's first match.

"Hmm, maybe i should talk to Forest if i can have a match against Buizel."

Monty got out of his seat and start to float to Forest and start to ask him.

"Forest, may I have a match against that Buizel soon?"

April 22nd, 2008, 2:45 PM
Venomous cheered loudly, wildly applauding at the spectacular battle. Her delicate little body quivered slightly, tingling with excitement as her chocolate eyes shone, staring admiringly down at Blake. She caught him looking back at her, and her smile grew even larger as she again waved. She felt silly for getting so excited over a common battle, but she had right to be, as it was her first time. Most Pokemon didn't realize that Venomous was only a few months old, and while she had been tested in combat against a couple of weak baby Pokemon, she had never actually participated, cowering in fear soon after the first pitiful attack was launched at her, too terrified to attack back for fear she would hurt the other Pokemon. She was much happier taking every harsh blow dealt to her, leaving the battle bruised and sore, as long as she could watch the other Pokemon walk away ecstatic over its win, and more importantly.. unharmed. She snapped out of her train of thought, noticing that Blake had turned away from her, and was preparing for the next match, while the Happinis stared at her expectantly. Vanomous bit her lip. While she had been deep in thought, one had asked her a question.

"I'm sorry. Huh?" She asked, putting on a sheepish smile as she looked meekly over at the Happiny. The Happiny to her right giggled.
"I asked you if anything hurt." She responded, automatically reaching over to grab her white Medical bag. Venomous smiled, shaking her head lightly as her focus returned to the Arena.

"Actually, everything feels perfect right now." Venomous murmured, her excitement for the next match to begin mounting as she waited along with Blake for his next opponent to make an appearance.

"Maybe someday i'll be good enough to fight him." Venomous said aloud, telling herself more than the two Happinis sitting near her. Again, she smiled, chuckling to herself.

"Or at least with him. I don't think i'd stand a chance of winning against him anyways." Just as this statement left her mouth, Forest appeared at the top of the stairs connecting the ground level to the second level of Bleachers. He was huffing a bit, as it was a quite a climb, but he was smiling good-naturedly. It was obvious that he too was enjoying the battle.

"I can get you something from the concession stand if you're hungry." He said immediately, approaching the small gathered group. Venomous didn't hold back any enthusiasm as eagerly, she jumped up, her stomach growling upon mention as she realized she hadn't had anything since she'd gotten here.

"Yes, please!" She chirped, pain instantly shooting up her leg as she returned to her seat.

"Ugh!" She cried out, grimacing as her face contorted. Instantly, the Happinis jumped up in alarm, to which Venomous waved them away, forcing a smile across her furry brown face. She groaned, her head beginning to pulsate as she sank back in her seat.

"I'm fine." She gasped, pointing at the Happinis' Medical bag with what she thought was some discretion. She had hoped that Forest hadn't seen her little fit.

Meanwhile, he was still awaiting her response.

"Can I have something cold?" She asked hopefully.

"Maybe a Persim Berry milkshake?" She asked hopefully. Forest nodded, and set back off down the staircase. Venomous breathed a sigh of relief, pointing down at her leg which was practically throbbing with the pain of jumping down on it.

"Shoot me up, girls." She laughed, hoping to add some humor to the situation.

April 22nd, 2008, 3:02 PM
The Happinis giggled as Venomous' quip as they administered the medicine.

"Now, not too much excitement, okay?" one Happini cautioned. "It's healing enough for you to move it a little bit, but it's not quite ready for that kind of movement yet."

Meanwhile, Forest approached the concession stand. "I'd like a Persim Berry milkshake, please."

"Coming right up!" the Chikorita at the counter smiled as Forest deposited the payment for the treat on the counter.

April 23rd, 2008, 11:02 AM
The next match was starting and Blake's opponent was a Buneary. Blake looked confused and asked Charmeleon if he was serious. "Yes," he replied, "that is your next opponent" he ordered them to shake hands. The two pokemon shook hands and as he walked away the Buneary blew him a kiss from across the ring. "Is Pearl side ready?" "Yes" "is Diamond side ready" "I think so" said Blake wondering about the kiss. Then the match began.

Blake started off with his aqua jet and Buneary simply took the hit and fell to the ground. Buneary began to to cry, but was actually using fake tears to trick Blake. Blake was concerned so he bent down to apologize and Buneary hit him with thunderpunch. Blake was surprised at how strong that Buneary was. Then he looked up and saw Buneary was teary eyed from attacking Blake. "I'm sorry, did that hurt?" said the Buneary very concerned for Blake. Blake looked confused and then used aqua jet again. Buneary jumped in the air thne came down with another thunderpunch. Blake grabbed her ear, which she used to attack, then swung her in to the air. Buneary shot out a kiss. However, she used sweet kiss and tha confused Blake. Not knowing what was what Blake felt another strike from thunderpunch.

Buneary cheered as she was sure she had won the battle and Blake's heart. Then Blake got up and delivered an ice beam and Buneary unleashed her ice beam. The two attacks created a block out ice in the middle of the ring. Blake and Buneary jumped and unleashed another ice beam. The two were blown away and so Blake used his aqua jet to break the ice. then under the cover of the ice shards he delivered a iron tail to Buneary. Buneary was shocked at the impact's power and fell to the ground. Blake went over to the Buneary and congraulated her on the match. When Buneary saw Blake she grabbed his arm and started to kiss him repeatly on the cheek. "You were so awesome, Blake and from now on I'm spending the rest of my camp experience with you. My name is Clara, the cutest and hottest Buneary ever." Blake couldn't believe Clara, but he could tell she was serious. "This is going to be a long camp experience" said Blake with a teardrop and a smiling Clara on his arm.

April 23rd, 2008, 3:50 PM
As Blake's next match progressed onward, Venomous again found herself tensing again with excitement, every muscle within her delicate body taut with tension, her razor claws digging into the white cushion of the seat below her as nervously she chewed on her lower lip. As a Buneary appeared, she instantly relaxed, knowing that this would be a piece of cake for Blake after an electric-type like Pikachu. She cheered loudly, against her cheer echoing lonely throughout the stadium, the arena completely silent save for her enthusiastic voice.

"Go get'em, Blake!" She cried out, clapping her paws together as the Happinis monitoring her also began clapping courteously. The aloof smile playing out across her face was replaced with a jaw-drop, her mouth hanging open agape in shock as she took in the sight of the Buneary blowing Blake a kiss. The move was playful, but a little too flirtatious for Venomous' liking, though she wasn't entirely sure why she was getting so worked up about it anyways.

"Did you just see that?!" She exclaimed at the Happinis, who were staring at her, bemused, as she fumed over that pass at her friend. The Happinis didn't say anything, but exchanged knowing glances at one another, giggling at the little Eevee's heated reaction.

"I thought this was a Pokemon battle." Venomous grumbled, arms crossing overtop her chest. She huffed, puffing her little chest out and glowered down at the Buneary. As the mtach progressed, Venomous noticed that the Buneary used a combination of deceit and trickery to gain some attacks on Blake, throwing in the occaisional Thunderpunch when he least expected it. Venomous found herself beginning to dislike this Buneary very much, who didn't seem to fight fair, though each of her attacks were legit, and technically considered attacks. As she planted a kiss upon Blake, the 'Sweet Kiss' attack taking effect and sending him into bouts of confusion, Venomous turned away, her expression completely blank and unreadably as she stared at a corner of the stadium emotionlessly.

Would you get yourself together? Venomous snapped at herself from within. You're acting ridiculous.

Why should it matter to you anyways? And even if it does, getting yourself worked up in this condition will only make things worse.

The match was ending as Venomous finally forced herself to look back down into the arena, and Blake was walking along an arena frozen almost completely over with ice over toward the Buneary to congradulate her. Venomous tensed up, snorting a bit at the Buneary's next words.

"You were so awesome, Blake and from now on i'm spending the rest of my camp experience with you! My name is Clara, the cutest and hottest Buneary ever."

She could barely get the two sentences out, what with all the kisses she was showering Blake with, and Venomous felt nautious as she was forced to endure the sight.

So full of herself. Venomous thought hastily, ears slumping down at the sides of her head as she sighed glumly. And she has right to be. She's right. She is pretty, and cute. And strong too!

But knowing all of these things didn't stop the spirited little Eevee from stirring up a little malice. She was known to be intentionally cruel, but just like the little Rabbit-like Pokemon, she was only teasing a little.. or was she?

"You may be cute for a Buneary," Venomous called down into the arena loudly. "But then again, that isn't saying too much!" She flashed a smile at Blake, and the turned to glance at the Happinis, who were both staring at her, incredulous.

April 23rd, 2008, 4:04 PM
After seeing Forest ignore him, Monty heard the Ice Beam noise from the battle and it was over for that battle he guessed. Then he heard Venomous yelling to someone and it was a Buneary from the battle against that Buizel. He started to get confused and starts to think that Venomous might have a crush on Buizel from seeing the past camping experience and right now. Monty started to forget asking Forest and started instead float to Venomous and ask her.

"Venomous, From what I seen this camping trip are you crush on that Buizel?"

April 23rd, 2008, 4:16 PM
"Clara's just like Temaku..." one Happini assured Venomous. "She'll find someone else to fall in love with before the day's out."

Sure enough, there was a "Wah!" as Forest struggled to save Venomous' milkshake as Clara thrust herself into Forest's arms, completely forgetting about the Buizel still in the arena.

A Happini caught the milkshake before it could spill and handed the glass to Venomous. "Here's your treat."

Just before Clara could commence flirting with Forest, a passing Squirtle got her attention, and off she went to chase the tiny turtle.

The Charmeleon sighed...he had once been the Buneary's target at one time. "Are we ready to continue?"

April 23rd, 2008, 6:19 PM
Her lips curling upward in a satisfied smirk, Venomous ceased inulting the Buneary for the time being, turning her gaze away from the arena altogether, and nearly jumping out of her skin as Monty appeared seemingly out of thin air just outside her line of vision, forcing her to turn her head slightly to the right to be able to see him. She was surprised to see him so close to her, since he hadn't said a word to her since she had arrived at camp. She arched an eyebrow, putting on her best smile as the very tip of her tail slowly started wagging. Before she could even properly greet him, Monty burst out with a question.

"Venomous, from what I seen this camping trip are you crushing on that Buizel"

Venomous cringed at such an awkward question, her mouth twisting downward into a frown. Her cheeks growing hot, burning red with embarrassment, she fiercely shook her head, being unable to look Monty directly in the eyes.

"Of course not!" She finally sputtered out, flustered as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"I just don't like seeing girls like.. like Clara hit on my friends." Venomous gave Monty a sideward glance, thinking in her mind how stupid that statement sounded. But it made perfect sense to her. You didn't necessarily have to be in love with someone to want to protect them. Turning away, she glanced back down into the arena, creases lining her small, furry face as she noticed Blake panting hard.

She sighed, worrying that all the simultaneous battles were taking a toll on him, and he would become too fatigued to finish the fights even before he reached the final match. He had already won two. Could he keep it up?

"Clara's just like Tamaku" A Happini told Venomous, as she must have noticed the look of concern upon her face.

"She'll find someone else to fall in love with before the day's out." Venomous smiled just the tiniest bit, looking up at the Happini with shining eyes, a load seeming to lift from her thin shoulders.

"That's a relief to hear" Venomous said quietly, more to herself than to anyone else, but still earning herself a few curious glances from Monty and the Happinis. Once again, she grew flustered, sweat pouring off her forehead.

"Because I don't want her dragging along behind us and getting in the way of everything!" Venomous cried out defensively.

"I'm sure Blake doesn't want her tagging along behind him all Summer anyways. Like he said so himself, he came here to get stronger, and so far, everything that's happened has gotten in the way of his goal."

Venomous paused for a second, the recollection of her little cave episode filling her mind.

Eh... She thought, a large sweatdrop forming at the side of her head.

That's just about as distracting as you can get.

Venomous snapped back to reality as a loud "Wah!" rang out across the stadium, filling the still air. Venomous glanced around, puzzled for a moment, and then as she finally figured out what was going on, tried unsucessfully to supress a giant grin. She and the Happinis began giggling as Clara leapt in what she thought was a romantic way into Forest's arms, sending Venomous' milkshake flying. Thankfully, one of the Happinis moved swiftly and caught it, handing it to Venomous one-handed.

"Here's your treat!" The Happini said with a smile, and Venomous eagerly accepted it, slipping the straw in her mouth and slurping happily.

"Thanks!" She chirped, after she had quickly swallowed.

Forest finally returned, after having shaken Clara off, and Venomous now saw her running at top speed toward a Squirtle.

Some girls try too hard. She thought absently, humming along with the words, the words to one of her favorite songs.

"And thank you for getting it!" Venomous told Forest gratefully, pointing with a paw to the milkshake. Before he could reply, she looked back down at Blake, who was preparing for round three.

"They didn't have any Pokeade at the concession stand, did they?" Venomous queried, the expression of concern returning to her face.

"Maybe you should see if Blake wants any. He must be getting thirsty by now. And tired. The Pokeade will perk him up a little bit. I'd go down there myself, but you know."

Venomous grimaced as she motioned down toward her leg.

April 24th, 2008, 5:59 AM
Forest nodded at Venomous' request, and returned to the concession stand.

After studying the various food, drinks, and other treats, he found Pokenade down near the bottom of the drinks list. Orange, grape, and cherry were just three of the offered flavors.

He returned to the arena and called down to Blake. "Interested in a drink before your next match? Some Pokenade, maybe?"

April 24th, 2008, 10:39 AM
Blake looked up and saw Clara had hopped away to follow a Squirtle, but he knew she would be back. Then he heard Forest yell to him about something to drink before his match. "I'll have a medium lemon pokeade, no ice" said Blake tried of ice from his battle. With that Blake wondered if his next opponent would be as crazy as Clara. He looked into the stands and saw Venomous and Monty watching. Then out of nowhere came Munchlax, who looked like he just rolled out of hibernation, and sat next to them. As soon as he sat down he left and followed Forest. "I wonder what he wants" said Blake to himself. he waited for Forest to come with the pokeade and his next opponent.

April 24th, 2008, 3:15 PM
Forest started for the concession stand when he saw several Chikoritas patrolling the aisles. One called for pizza, another for soda, and a third called for ice cream; among others. He found the one selling Pokenade approaching their section and bought a lemon one. Thankfully, ice was considered an extra, so he did not have to say "Hold the ice"

He then hurried to the Diamond side of the arena and gave Blake the drink.

April 24th, 2008, 7:08 PM
Blake thanked Forest and started to slurp the pokeade down. He wipped his mouth then got pumped for his next match. Forest returned to the stands and then Blake stopped him. "Tell Venomous that this victory will be for her." and so the battle started and his opponent was Munchlax. Blake stood in shock and at the same time was ready to fight. He put up his fist and so did Munchlax. "This is the fight I was waiting for since the day we met." the two said in unison. So they jumped away from each other and got ready to fight.

April 25th, 2008, 5:01 AM
"Diamond side ready?" the Charmeleon asked. "Pearl side ready? And three...two...one..." Then, an ear-splitting whistle filled the air to commence the match.

Forest knelt by Venomous' side. "Blake says he dedicates this match to you."

"How sweet of him." a Happini commented as she tended to Venomous. "Are we feeling any better?" she asked as she studied the patient chart.

April 25th, 2008, 5:04 PM
Blake ran to Munchlax and then delivered an iron tail. Munchlax blocked the attack then used tackle. Blake fell to the ground and then used aqua jet. He smashed into Munchlax and then did it again. As he was coming Munchlax used his flash attack to throw Blake off. Blake turned the wrong way, but splashed water on to Munchalx's legs. Blake jumped into the air and delivered another iron tail that was countered by Munchlax's focus punch. "Since when do you know that type of power move?" said Blake ready to go at it some more. Munchlax used his tackle attack, but found himself in collision with an aqua jet. The two collided and Munchlax fell to the ground. Blake started up his ice beam and froze the feet of Munchlax. Munchlax looked at the sky and then found himself alseep. Blake saw that Munchlax was asleep and on his back. "I think you should do a ten count before we call this a match won." and so Charmeleon started the count.

April 28th, 2008, 3:59 AM
As Forest approached the small group again, Venomous restrained herself from jumping up again, for fear of injuring the leg again that had only recently quieted down to a dull throbbing. The pain in her leg wasn't her primary concern at the moment, however. Venomous' current irritation was her eye, which had been treated hours ago, but was again starting to burn. Not wanting to miss Blake's third match, she ignored it, quietly raising a tiny paw to rub against it. She sighed, forcing a delighted smile upon her face, as she and the Happinis brought their paws together to applaud for the two competitors. Venomous gasped when she noticed who the challenger was.

"Blake says he dedicates this match to you."

Forest told her, smiling briefly as he stood at the rail, looking down upon the two Pokemon readying to fight.

"How sweet of him," The Happini said instantly, her tone making Venomous blush anymore.

"Are we feeling any better?" She asked then, causing Venomous to snap away from her thoughts about Blake and focus on her eye, which was now burning with a searing paw. She clenched her teeth and bit at her lower lip, turning back to the battle, determined to at least see this one all the way through.

"Yes, i'm feeling great!" She lied, the forced over-enthusiasm in her voice giving her away.

April 28th, 2008, 4:55 AM
"Here...hold still." A Happini retrieved an eyedropper from her nurse's bag and began filling it with medicine for the inflamed eye Venomous was trying to keep hidden from her. "This should bring down the swelling in your eye." With that, she gently squeezed a drop of the medicine into the irritated eye. Judging from how quickly the Eevee calmed down, the medicine was working properly.

April 28th, 2008, 7:51 AM
Blake sat down in the ring while Charmeleon continued his count. Blake was bored and couldn't believe the count was already at eight. He thought at the count of nine he would go to the stands. However, Munchlax awoke and attacked Blake with a focus punch. Blake looked up and saw that Munchlax had fainted. "He must have mustered up all that power and then he was done," he said looking down at Munchlax. Charmeleon declared the match over and Blake as the victor. After the match Blake took a break and went to the stands. He saw Venomous, Forest, Monty, and the Happinis then greeted them with a hello. He went over to Venomous and asked her how she was holding up. "You can go back and rest if you need to. I don't need you straining yourself to watch my matches."

April 29th, 2008, 5:13 PM
Venomous would then begin squirming wildly, her movements almost involuntary as instinctively she leapt away from the icey liquid gushing down into her eye. However, she foced her leg completely still as she jerked crazily around, knowing that battering it any further would only isolate her further from the others. As she fought against the medicine going into her eye, Blake approached without her even realizing. Immediately stopping in her struggle as he approached, sweat pouring from his lean, thin form, an enormous grin burst across her face, as uncontrollably, her tail began wagging madly.

"Blake!" She squealed happily, as he moved closer to the little cluster of Pokemon. She restrained from the urge to hug him, and instead clapped her paw against his shoulder. There wasn't much else she could do without messing up her useless leg any further. Blake responded with a smile and a tired 'Hello', and from the subtle little motions he made without realizing, Venomous judged that the matches were beginning to wear out. She, on the other hand, was just bursting with energy that she could barely retain. Her ears perked up, taking in the sound of his voice as he asked her how she was doing.

"I'm perfect!" She exclaimed, biting the inside of her lip, a sure indication that the statement couldn't be any further from the truth. But she didn't want Blake to find this out, and worry senselessly over her condition as he neared the end of his matches. She pointed proudly to her eye, which had swelled down from it's massive size, and was just starting to look normal again. She winked over at the Happini with her good eye, as she slid the medicine dropper back into her Nurse's bag.

"These girls are miracle workers! I'm just about as good as new, now!" Venomous smiled over at the Happinis, who were quietly watching her with twin bemused grins, chuckling silently at her sudden burst of enthusiasm. She anxiously stared up at Blake, studying his reaction to her statement, wondering if he was accepting it as truth or not.

"In a couple of days, i'm sure i'll be down fighting in the arena and you'll be up here watching me!"

Venomous hoped that her tone sounded at least a little bit confident, and it would be enough to reassure the Buizel that she was getting better. It had only been a few hours since the accident, but because of the care she had received almost immediately after getting hurt, Venomous was only experiencing minor pain now. Still, despite everything she had said, Blake still looked a bit skeptical.

"You can go back and rest if you need to." He told her. "I don't need you straining yourself to watch my matches."

Venomous tossed her head back, brushing off his concern as she leaned back in her plush seat, propping her leg up on the back of the seat in front of her.

"I'm fine." She replied. "Really. The girls have been taking really good care of me, and sitting here doing nothing is actually giving my leg the chance to heal. If I was anywhere else right now, I know i'd be dying of boredom. At least watching you from up here is giving me the chance to learn something."

She paused, a thoughtful expression passing over her face.

"And I have been. You've excelled against every opponent they've thrown at you. Keep it up."

April 29th, 2008, 6:15 PM
The Happinis just smiled as they watched Venomous' confident declaration. She wasn't quite there yet, but she was healing faster than they had initially thought. It wouldn't be long before it would be time for the next part of the healing process: therapy for her weakened body. There would still be some pain, yes, but they felt Venomous would be her old self again if she worked hard.

April 29th, 2008, 6:49 PM
Blake saw that all his friends were good so he returned to the arena floor. As he walked down the steps to the arena he felt something was wrong. He understood that Venomous's leg must have been killing her. "She was good at hiding that pain, she is much stronger than me. She is very small Pokemon, but she has that big heart." before he knew it he was in the ring.

The Charmeleon told Blake that he had two more opponents. Blake tired of waiting for one after another so he asked that he fight both. Everyone in the stands looked at Blake like he had gone insane from that Focus Punch. "That punch must have killed some brain cells," siad the Happini "somebody go get that Buizel a doctor." Then the two Pokemon appeared. They were a Zubat and a Koffing with some mean looks on their faces. "We didn't want to come to this camp and now we are going to take out our agression." said the duo. "Enough talk you can complain to the nurse after I let out my agression."

The Charmeleon began the match and the Happinis began to inform nurse Chansey she would have some more patients. The Happinis sighed then hung up the phone. Blake started his attack with an Iron Tail to Koffings face. Zubat stayed in the air and laughed, "You can't hit me from all the way up here." the people in the stands sighed. "He shouldn't have said that." the crowd said as Blake awakened his Aqua Jet attack. He flew in to the sky like a missile and defeated Zubat.

Koffing saw how easily Zubat had been taken down then looked to see Blake was breathing very hard. Blake had only so much energy. So Koffing used his Thunderbolt that brought Blake to his knees. Blake continued to scream and then fell on his stomach and felt so numb. As he felt his eyes close he felt the burst of energy and then looked at Koffing. "I can't let you end my winning streak just yet." Blake boasted as he raised to his feet. He shot his Ice Beam and Koffing launched Thunderbolt. When the two attacks collided the only one left standing was Blake and Koffing, but he was frozen. Charmeleon declared that Blake had earned all five points.

April 30th, 2008, 5:01 AM
Forest watched, shocked as Blake single handedly took out two opponents at once. "Amazing! I never knew you were that strong!" he cried as he gently hugged Blake.

Joy arrived a few moments later to examine Blake. "That took quite a lot of energy...you sure everything's okay?" she asked.

April 30th, 2008, 10:40 AM
"I'm as perfect as a peach" said Blake still bretahing hard. "All I need now is something to drink and some swimming. That always wakes me up after a long battle day." So Forest looked at Blake. "Can we go to that pool you were talking about earlier?" Blake said ready for a cool dip. He waited for Forest to give him an answer, but Munchlax came down. He sttod ready to fight, but at the same time he didn't want to. Blkae understood that he was a lazy fool that only did things when he felt. He hit munchlax on the head and waited for Forest's answer.

April 30th, 2008, 11:37 AM
"Come then...we'll go to the pool next." Forest motioned to the Happinis to take Venomous' bed and follow him down the path past the mess hall, and around a right corner to a huge pool. Some groups were already swimming, all under the watchful eye of a Floatzel in the lifeguard's chair.

"Hello, Forest!" the Floatzel smiled as Forest guided his group to the changing rooms.

"Hi, Tails!" Forest waved back.

"What happened to that Eevee there?" Tails asked as the Happinis wheeled the bed close by the lifeguard's chair.

"Ran into a wild Onix in the caves." Forest explained. "Fortunately, I managed to rescue her in the nick of time, or she would have died."

April 30th, 2008, 12:08 PM
As he watched some match's Buizel had. He look through the glass door, and saw the huge pool where Forest, Buizel and Venomous went. Also he saw a Floatzel in there, who he notice he was a Lifeguard. Monty thought going there in the huge pool but, He can't swim because he was a Ghost type. So instead of swiming, he went to the huge pool and sat down a chair, and just watching them.

April 30th, 2008, 5:16 PM
Blake jumped into the pool and splashed water on everyone on the side lines. He looked up, saw what he had done, and laughed. "Now you guys are wet and ready for some pool time fun." he said still laughing. The others laugehd at seeing Blake so relaxed and fun loving. He was usually so strung up on battling he had to let loose. He enjoyed the water and looked at the Floatzel watching him. He thought that one day he would turn into that. He shivered then splashed more water on the others. "Hurry up and get in this pool."

April 30th, 2008, 5:19 PM
As the impact of the heavily-charged Thunderbolt jolted through the Buizel's body, Venomous felt herself instantly beginning to panic, fear consuming her entire being just as it had the moment before the Onix's boulder fell atop her, sealing her inside the lonely tomb she had dug for herself. Venomous violently began shaking her small furry brown head, eyes shutting tight against the memory, forcing it to flee from her consciousness. She felt this same fear for Blake, as the Koffing shot the electrical attack viciously down at him, and as this occured right before her, she felt an intense burning start from the pit of her chest, all the way up into her face. As rage again consumed her, she forced herself to remain calm, and still in her seat, as mournfully, she clung to the arm of her chair. There wasn't a thing she could do to assist him, and though the battle was indeed unfair, two to one, Venomous reminded herself that Blake had wanted it this way.

"Too bad we can't even things up a little bit." She muttered, glaring daggers at the leg which was restricting the majority of her activity.

"If it wasn't for this stupid leg, there wouldn't be any question of what I could do, and what I couldn't. If I didn't have this cast, I could jump down there right now and help."

Venomous crossed her arms, pouting her lower lip outward as she huffed, dropping her head to stare down at the concrete at her feet. Quickly, she glanced back up, bracing herself, as she didn't want to miss one more second of Blake's final battle, but she didn't think she would be able to take it if he got hurt again. She sank back in relief as Blake managed to muster up one last Ice Beam, and freeze the opposing Koffing before he could launch another Thunderbolt. As the Diamond side of the Scoreboard lit up, Venomous cheered wildly, being the first one to cry out, and was soon joined by Forest, Monty, the Happinis, and even Munchlax, who had found his way to what had become a party of Pokemon.

She squirmed anxiously in her seat, tail again wagging wildly as she noticed Forest approaching Blake before he could reach where she was sitting, and briefly embracing him before exchanging a few words. Nurse Joy arrived on the scene, and as she examined Blake, Venomous felt her mind began to wander. She snapped back to attention a couple of seconds later when she felt her entire weight being lifted, and realized that one Happini was lifting her fragile little body, while the other was carefully holding her leg.

"Wha--?" She started, her mouth dropping over as she looked around, still in a bit of a daze.

"How about some therapy time in the pool, Venomous?" One Happini asked cheerfully, fluffing the pillows that laid at the end of her Hospital bed to prop her leg up.

"I think it'll do you some good to stretch it out." The other Happini replied, patting Venomous gently on the back.

"Not to mention interacting with the others." The first Happini continued, beginning to wheel the bed away in the direction Forest and Blake had started off in. Venomous didn't respond, her eyes straying ahead to focus on the two walking side by side before her, as her mouth settled into an anxious frown.

I guess i'll just have to congradulate him when we get there. She thought. If we ever get there.

"I didn't know I had a couple of Torkoals pushing me." She teased, sitting up as she grinned maliciously at the Happinis.

"Oh." One laughed, as surprised, she began to pick up the pace. The silhouettes of Forest and Blake were ever becoming closer.

"We were worried that the trail might be too rough still on your leg."

"Don't worry about me." Venomous repeated, taking in her scenic surroundings as they whizzed right by. She noticed Clara and the Squirtle over at the playground, the Squirtle sitting in a swing as Clara clung to the hard shell of his back, showering him with sweet kisses. Venomous giggled, and waved, though neither of the two noticed her.

"I told you, my leg's feeling a a lot better now. I feel like I could run a marathon on it!"

Venomous winced in pain as the Hospital bed hit an unexpected bump, right at the entrance to the Camp Swimming pool. A Floatzel sat on lifeguard duty in a High Chair, and Forest waved up at him.

"Then again, maybe not." Venomous muttered, biting the inner part of her lip as she vigorously began rubbing at her leg.

"I think i'll just stick to the pool for now."

April 30th, 2008, 5:56 PM
"Are you guys going to come in? The water is great and fun." Blake started to squirt a Water Gun attack at all the people on the sidelines. The Pokemon got very angry then tried to get Blake out of the water. He continued to swim around the pool. Blake couldn't believe he was so relaxed and wondered about his trainer. He remebered that his family was at home and resting. Blake had realized how far away he was from them. His trainer was probaly working on some new combinations and getting some new Pokemon. With that Blake remebered his buddy Squirtle that was probaly missing him and his protection. "That squirt always gets into trouble then cried his little eyes out. I do miss him very much now that I think about it."

April 30th, 2008, 6:38 PM
"Come on, then." Forest gently picked up Venomous off the bed and set her in the water. The Happinis followed him into the water and watched as the Eevee tried to swim. After seeing her flailing about for a few seconds, a Happini paddled over and gently guided Venomous over to a corner of the pool. "Hold onto the edge while I stretch this leg out." she instructed. With that, she attempted to stretch the injured leg into a straight position, not unlike how humans stretched their legs before a race or dancing. While the water deadened some of the pain, there was still enough pain to make the Eevee wince.

May 1st, 2008, 4:38 PM
"Come on, then"

Before Venomous even realized what was happening to her, she again felt the entire weight of her tiny body being lifted. Before she could utter out any sort of response, Venomous was carried to the edge of the poolside and plopped right in. Bewildered, Venomous immediately found herself floundering around in the surprisingly icy water of the pool, and as she went all the way under, the hard plaster of the cast wrapped around her thin leg only helped to pull her further under. As Venomous glanced blindly around underwater, her eyes stinging from the heavy dosage of chlorine, she spotted Blake, and though she was practically drowning, she couldn't help but marvel at how much more graceful he was in the water than on land. He seemed perfectly at ease, and swam eagerly with a carefree smile as his whirling twin tails propelled him around the water. After only a brief second or two, Venomous felt herself being yanked from the water by a pair of strong paws. Sputtering for a couple of seconds, and coughing up all the water she had accidentally ingested, Venomous glanced warily around, hoping that by some chance none of the other pokemon had noticed the plunge she had just taken.

"Hold onto the edge while I stretch this leg out" One of the Happinis instructed, and Venomous gratefully complied, bracing her paws against the slippery surface as the Happini pulled her leg out. Though the water helped in soothing the majority of the fierce pain shooting through her leg, it still hurt enough for Venomous to tense up. Once the pain had finally subsided, Venomous again began to observe the other Pokemon playing. She frowned, wanting not only to be in the pool with the others, but to be swimming and playing games too.

"Blake's lucky he's a water type." Venomous sighed longingly, staring after him and the others as they glided across the water's surface with ease. She watched as he sprung up into the air from underwater, twirling once, sending droplets of water flying from his fur and showering onto all those sunbathing along the sides of the pool. Venomous let out a dainty giggle, and continued to watch as his body plummeted back down into the water, the flotation sac around his neck instantly inflating, keeping his head just above the water.

"It beats being a normal type." Venomous continued, still staring over at the other end of the pool thoughtfully.

"That's all i've ever been. Normal." She said the word distastefully, as if she were referring to a nasty bug.

May 1st, 2008, 5:06 PM
After stretching the Eevee's lag a few times, the Happini asked. "Can you move the leg at all?" She watched the Eevee flail about a bit. "Not very well?"

"Why don't we try swimming ten yards?" a Happini suggested, who proceeded to swim out ten yards.

May 1st, 2008, 7:19 PM
Blake saw that Venomous had that llok on her face. "Thats the face she makes when she feels out of the loop. I better go cheer her up before she starts crying." With that Blake glided across the water. He expanded his floating device, "How about I give you a ride around the pool. It's the least I can do after you watched all my matches." Blake waited for his buddy to respond. He continued to stay floating and soaked up some rays. As he waited he soon felt feet hit his head. When he had come up from the bounce he saw Clara floating in the pool. "Hey Blakey, how are4 you baby?" "what are you doing here and where is that Squirtle?" "He had a girlfriend already so I dumpee him" "Sounds like he dumped you" Blake thought to himself. "Enough of that I came back to kepp my promise" "What promise?" Blake inquired. "I'm going to spend the rest of my camp experience with you, duh. Why are you trying to help this Eevee is she your girl? Listen Eevee, Blake is my Buiozel and my boyfriend so you stay away." said Clara splashing water violently on Venomous. "Enough of that Clara, you can hang out with us but don't claim me or make threats to Venomous. I hope I made myself clear." Blake said in a seemingly relaxed tone. After he finished Clara gave him a kiss on the cheek and started to pull him away from Venomous so they could play around in the water.

OOC: I want Clara to be a part of the experience because I have a shocking twist in a few more post. :-)

May 2nd, 2008, 5:24 AM
(Just nothing too dramatic, okay?)

"That wasn't very nice!" a Happini called to Clara. "Now tell Venomous you're sorry!"

"I don't think Clara's known for apologizing..." another Happini sighed. She watched Venomous slowly make her way over to where she had marked 10 yards.

May 2nd, 2008, 6:37 PM
Venomous beamed, eyes instantly alighting as Blake finally noticed her at the other end of the pool and floated over to her.

"Blake!" She cried out, overjoyed, her cheeks flushing pink in the slightest as her body wriggled all over with excitement. Her tail wagged powerfully underwater, surprisingly enough so that it kept her small body afloat without her holding on to the edge.

"How about I give you a ride around the pool?" He offered, casting a smile down at her. "It's the least I can do, after you watched all my matches."

Almost immediately, a mischevious grin broke out across Venomous' furry face, as mentally she began to envision all the mayhem she and Blake could wreack on all the other pokemon playing in the pool. Venomous had never had the opportunity to swim in a pool before, but now, she was practically tingling with excitement as silently she began devising all the games she would play with the others once they reached the deep end. Just as she was about to accept her friend's kind offer, they were interrupted by a sudden brown blur, taking shape into the form of Clara, the Buneary Blake had defeated in battle not an hour ago, energetic as ever, as she bounced on top of Blake, pushing him under as she cannonballed into the pool. Venomous forced a tight smile across her face, and simply raised an eyebrow questionably, looking from Blake to Clara, and then Blake to Blake again, crossing her arms to look on in amusement.

"Hey Blakey, how are you baby?" She crooned, to which Venomous had to bite the inside of her lip to keep from bursting out laughing when Blake cringed at his new pet name. Venomous quickly looked away before she completely lost it, and grinned teasingly at her friend, to which he just shook his head.

"What are you doing here, and where is that Squirtle?" Blake cut right to the chase, which didn't seem to please Clara, who scowled at the immediate question.

"He already has a girlfriend, so I dumped him." Venomous couldn't help but smile at the Buneary's carefree attitude about the whole situation, and how in just less than ten minutes she had managed to forget about the pokemon she had been in love with.

I wonder if she'll be like that with Blake. Venomous thought absently, to which her smile instantly vanished and she frowned in concern. She better not. Venomous thought darkly, appearing protectively beside her friend, though there really was no way for her to protect him against the flirtacious Buneary.

"Enough of that, I came back to keep my promise." The Buneary announced, appearing serious for once, crossing her arms to let it be known that she meant business. Venomous shrunk back away from her, sinking down into the water a bit so that just her eyes were visable. Her attempt at hiding herself was unsuccessful.

"I'm going to spend the rest of my camp experience with you, Duh. Why are you trying to help this Eeveem is she your girl?"

Oh crap. Venomous thought, as the Buneary fiercely stared her down, her chest puffing outward as she appeared just in front of Venomous.

"Hey.." She stuttered out, an enormous smile appearing across her furry little face as casually, she waved. Clara didn't go for it.

"Listen Eevee, Blake is my Buizel and boyfriend so stay away."

"Oh, i'm sorry." Venomous grinned, playing along. She glanced over at Blake and raised an eyebrow. "I didn't realize you two were an item already." Venomous almost snickered as she noticed Blake's face grow hot, but had barely let out her first chuckle when Clara huffed once, viciously stirring up the pool water with her powerful ears and forearms, splashing it at Venomous and sweeping her away as the brutal force of the waves threatened to take her under.

Venomous sputtered, flailing helplessly around in the water momentarily, until by sheer luck, she managed to grab onto the edge of the pool. Gasping for air, and coughing up a few spurts of water, Venomous shot a look of disbelief over to Clara, who was grinning triumphantly at her, and then looked over at Blake, who didn't seem to know what to make of the whole situation. Her eyes stung from the chlorine, and rubbing at them only seemed to make the burning sensation even worse. She knew that Clara wasn't to be taken lightly anymore, and from now on, she would have one more thing to watch her back against. Venomous was shocked, and angry, and anticipated Blake exploding on Clara, as she knew that it was most definitely going to happen.

"Enough of that, Clara. You can hang out with us, but don't claim me or make threats at Venomous. I hope I made myself clear." Venomous could barely believe what she was hearing, and felt like asking Blake to repeat himself to make sure she had heard him right. Not only that, but Blake was so calm, so complacent about the whole ordeal, while Clara gloated obvious victory, grinning smugly over at Venomous. Venomous turned her head away from Blake, hanging her head, as quietly, she swam back over to the Happinis.

So much for our games. She thought mournfully, as she stole a glance over at Blake who was currently being smothered in kisses by his new "friend", who was dragging him away, far away from Venomous.

She nearly succeeds in drowning me, and now she's allowed to hang out with us. Venomous thought, still stinging with disbelief as she approached the two Nurses.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:02 PM
"Don't worry, Venomous--Clara will find someone else to cuddle for a while." one Happini said.

"I'm worried that she'll boomerang back to him after her next relationship doesn't work out." a second Happini added. She motioned for Venomous to swim to her. "Does your leg feel tired or stiff at all?"

May 2nd, 2008, 7:18 PM
Blake was tired of being dragged by Clara so he asked her to stop. Clara agreed to stop, but only if Blake gave her a kiss. "never will I do that. You will just have to continue to drag me around the pool. Can we talk to Venomous? I owe her some time together."

Clara looked irritated then let Blake go. She began to swim with him back over to the Happinis and Venomous. "hey Venomous, I still have that offer for a ride on my floating device neck." said Blake in a somewhat sad tone. He felt bad for leaving her earlier after he had given her that offer before.

The Happinis looked at Blake with a mean glare. "They must think I'm a real jerk." he mummbled while Clara started to rub her face against his. "Stop that, Clara." "How come, Blakey?" "Because Venomous and the Happinis are right there." "So what your mine after all" "What did I just say about claiming me!" Blake finally yelled at Clara. After the yell Clara started to cry. "Kam said you wouldn't be mean to me" she cried. "How do you know my trainer's name?" "I'm his newest Pokemon that he captured" Blake was in complete shock after hearing that sentence.

May 3rd, 2008, 5:34 AM
The entire camp came to a standstill as soon as Clara made her declaration. It was so quiet, you could hear Kricketots chirping.

The Happinis were dumbfounded. Whay would a Pokemon show romantic advances to a sibling? It was a disturbing prospect.

May 3rd, 2008, 5:52 AM
Blake looked at Clar and couldn't grasp that statement. "What are you saying explain yourself." said Blake taking Clara out of the water and to a table.

"Well after that Grand Festival was over you left an went to Camp Pikachu. I think after a hour I had been captured by Kam. He said that I was too cute to let go. However, he felt that he wouldn't be able to train me at that moment. So he sent me to Camp Pikachu to train with you after I got a hold of you. I know your trainign yourself, but maybe we can spend some time together and get stronger. After all you are my teammate/lover/bodyguard. The reason I flirted with the others was because they reminded me of Kam's other Pokemon." Clara explained to Blake while rubbing against his arm.

"Now that I think about it Kam does own a Treecko and a Squirtle, but why did you have to flirt with them." "Because I like strong looking base Pokemon" "Which means you'll be jumping over to Munchlax soon enough" "No way I'm all yours" "Thats just great and so I will let you stay with me. However, don't get in my way while I train." Clara agreed to Blake's condition and used Sweet Kiss. Blake was confused while Clara continmued to shower him with kisses. "This is going to be a long camp experience." said the confused Blake.

May 3rd, 2008, 8:41 AM
OOC: Ha. I never thought Camp Pikachu would turn into one giant love triangle. Poor Venomous.

Venomous had heard the whole thing, from Clara's dramatic announcement, to the conversation she and Blake had had at the table, where Blake had agreed to let her stay with him. Venomous' face fell, as she now understood that there was no hope, and that to even spend just a few minutes with Blake, she would have to let Clara bully her.

"I guaranteed Blake won't be defending me anymore." Venomous muttered to the Happinis, dragging herself tiredly up to them, eyes cast downward.

"At least not against his new sister, Clara." As these words left her mouth, Venomous felt physically ill, so she leaned tiredly against one of the Happinis. Both of the girls were exchanging glances of concern to each other, as silently, they noted the sudden lethargic movements of the tiny Eevee.

"I came here so I wouldn't get in the way of Dante's mission-" Venomous explained. "And he sent me here to get stronger, and overcome my fear of hurting other pokemon. But the real reason I came here was to make friends, since the only friends i've ever had are my two brothers. But Clara isn't interested in making friends. She's determined to get me out of the picture, in fact."

Venomous' lower lip was quivering as quietly, she closed her eyes. This didn't stop the trickle of tears from running down her furry brown cheeks, but no one had the chance to notice, for as soon as she felt them spill over, Venomous plunged her face into the icy water.

"And since that's what Blake wants, I guess i'll just have to find someone new to make friends with." Looking up at the Happini nearest her, Venomous smiled bravely, shaking her head viciously, shaking the water away from her face. The end result was semi-dry fur that stuck up at all ends. Though Venomous was still lamenting on the inside, she realized that moping about it wouldn't help the situation, she she simply sighed and looked over at the other Happini.

"I'm feeling kind of tired." She admitted.

"Do you think we could go up to the Mess Hall and get some Lunch?"

May 3rd, 2008, 9:25 AM
"If you need to nap, we can return to the cabin." a Happini suggested. After helping Venomous back onto the bed, the three of them set out for the cabin, where Raika and another group were already eating. The room filled with applause as Venomous entered.

"I heard about your encounter in the cave." Raika explained. "We were all worried you would die. But seeing how well you're healing, you'll be back to battling and exploring in no time."

She motioned to the head cook, a Gardevoir. "Collette, can you fix Venomous something special?"

"With pleasure, Madame Raika." the Gardevoir smiled before hovering before an oven to start cooking.

May 3rd, 2008, 10:54 AM
Warning 1

Please, 1 paragraph minimum Emerald Sky. I know you are aware of this rule. This is your own RP, at least follow the rules so it doesn't get closed on your behalf.

May 3rd, 2008, 11:04 AM
(Okay...I'm trying to follow the four sentence guideline)

In the kitchen, Collette guided the staff close to her. "All right, everyone...let us make a grand feast for the Eevee. She's been through a nightmare these past few days due to that enounter in the cave." The other cooks nodded in agreement, and hurried to their stations in the kitchen. As various slices of vegetables, Berries, and other food went flying through the air, Collete returned to the soup she had been making before. After savoring the smoky aroma of Tamato Berries, she ladled a small portion in a bowl and took it to Venomous' table.

"All right, Madame Venomous...we shall begin with the soup course; a fine Tamato with sweet herbs." With that, Collette set the soup before Venomous. The Happinis looked at each other for a moment--Tamato Berries were hot if eaten raw.

May 3rd, 2008, 5:16 PM
A blush had crept across Venomous' cheeks, as she wasn't used to receiving so much attention, or recognition.

Heh. I nearly die, and now i'm famous for it. Dhe thought, a shy smile spreading across her face as self-consciously, she ducked her head.

"Who are all these people?" Venomous whispered loudly to one of the Happinis, to which the small group surrounding her chuckled. The Happini lifted a paw in the direction of the Pikachu, who Venomous now remembered as the pokemon with the Guitar, the one trying to get all the campers to sing along with her to the Camp songs.

"Wait a minute, you're the camp director, aren't you?" Venomous asked, cringing slightly, hoping that her guess had been right. She had, after all, missed the first portion of the welcoming ceremony, due to her little episode in the forest, and hadn't even arrived until after the songs had started. The shyness in her smile was instantly replaced with enthusiasm, as rapidly, her bush of a tail began wagging behind her.

"Wait a minute, we're having a feast..all for me?" Venomous asked incredulously, her mouth falling open as she sat down on her haunches to take this all in. As it finally began to register within her, Venomous excitedly bounced back up, her eyes alighting, shining with enthusiasm.

The head chef, along with several of the other underchefs had already vanished, leaving only Venomous, her two Happini escorts, Raika, and several other Camp Counselors.

"So.. i'm glad you're not mad about the whole cave incident." Venomous started, struggling for something to say to Raika, who had apparently decided to stay with Venomous while her meal was being prepared.

"I know it was a stupid thing to do, but if it counts for anything, I didn't expect to run into that Onix. I thought all I would be up against was a Sandslash, and a weakened one at that.."

Venomous trailed off as the Gardevoir returned with a bowl. As she set it down before her, Venomous immediately pressed her face down into the bowl, savoring the sweet scent let off by the herbs, but crinkling her nose slightly as she smelled a just a hint of spiciness. Taking a sip of the hot, brothy soup, Venomous instantly perked up, hungrily digging into the dish. Though the soup did have a small, spicy undertone, the herbs mixed in with the hot berries overpowered them, making the soup mostly sweet-tasting. The Happinis relaxed, and the Gardevoir beamed, seeing that Venomous was obviously enjoying the soup. Venomous paused, and grinned over at the Gardevoir.

"This is delicious!" She chirped, already beginning to feel stronger, and quicker in her movements.

"Usually, camp food is unberable, but this is really outstanding! Is your cooking always this amazing?"

The Gardevoir laughed suddenely at the Eevee's forwardness, beaming at the compliment.

"Thanks, I guess." She replied.

"But I was wondering.." Venomous started, pausing momentarily from gorging herself as she looked over at Raika.

"I don't want to hog all this wonderful food to myself, and Clara, Blake, Monty, Forest, and all the others are probably hungry from swimming. Is it okay if we invite them too?"

Venomous' tail wagged hopefully, and she looked first from one Happini to the other as she waited for Raika's response.

May 3rd, 2008, 5:45 PM
"Of course!" Raika replied. "Colette can always make more if you enjoyed that!" Inspired by this, she retreated to the mess hall entryway, where a large bell hung. She called "Come and get it!" into the wind, in hopes of calling the entire camp into the hall to see the Eevee that had survived an encounter with an Onix. Sure enough, most everyone else, and thousands of other Pokemon, came rushing into the hall to eat.

Colette just smiled at Venomous. "Madame Raika believes that good food is part of the camp experience." she told her. "and while I am on ze subject of food, would you like seconds of ze soup, or shall we move on to the next course?" At the same time, she kept a watchful eye on some meat one of her crew was seasoning back in the kitchen.

May 5th, 2008, 11:13 AM
Blake was being killed by Clara's attention. He looked for someone to dump her on. He found Monty and immediately set Clara up. "Clara, Monty is a Haunter that nearly beat me in battle a few moments ago." Blake was lying to get her to leave. Then Clara pulled one over on Blake. "You think I'm going to jump over to anybody? I have made a promise to me and Kam to stay by your side. You have to protect me and I'll watch over you. And then I can shower you with more kisses." Clara tried to go in for a kiss, but Blake used Aqua Jet to escape. Clara used her bouncing to follow in close pursuit.

Blake finally found the Mess Hall and now he could spend time with Venomous. As he stopped his Aqua Jet Clara bounced over him and went through the doors. When Blake opened the doors Munchlax was holding Clara in his arms. He was happy and decided to go find Venomous. He found her at a table eating some soup and went over to her.

"Hello beautiful, but did it hurt? Did it hurt when you fell from heaven that is." then Blake started to laugh at his own pick up line. Clara woke up after hearing that and delivered a strong Thunderpunch to Blake's back. Blake dodged the attack and then Clara launched Sweet Kiss. Using his Hydro Pump Blake sent the attack at Clara and then she was confused. While she was confused Blake tried to continue his talk with Venomous. "How are you, buddy?"

May 5th, 2008, 12:03 PM
"Can I have both?" Venomous joked, her tiny pink tongue swiping hungrily across her lips as quickly, she gulped down the remainder of her soup. A couple of counselors sitting nearby giggled quietly at the excited Eevee, who in her enthusiasm had gotten Tamato sauce all over her nose.

"That soup was delicious! I can't wait to taste the next course!

Though Venomous was now craving another bowl of the vibrant, brothy soup, she knew that being so small, she had best save room for the main course before she stuffed herself full on the appetizer. Longingly, Venomous stared after the large cauldrom of soup as it was carried telepathically by Colette to another group of campers hankering for some food, but immediately cheered up when she noticed the Gardevoir wink at her, and use her psychic powers to ladle some soup into a small bowl.

We will save ze soup for later, no? The Gardevoir thought kindly, directing her thought toward Venomous so that no one else would hear her. Venomous was about to respond, when an unusually loud crash caught her attention. She turned to see Clara bouncing almost insanely into the room, and a large sweatdrop formed as she noticed her jumping into the arms of the Munchlax.

What happened to Blake..? Venomous thought, right before the Buizel pushed in behind her. Instantly, the tiny Eevee perked up, and madly began wagging her little bush of a tail.

"Hello beautiful," He purred teasingly, sidling up to her table. "But did it hurt? Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven, that is."

Though it was obvious that Blake was just playing around with her, friend to friend, Venomous felt her cheeks heat up slightly, and turned away before her friend could notice. He started laughing then, and not wanting to miss out on the joke, Venomous thought quickly of something to shoot back at him.

She put on her best seductive expression, and batted long eyelashes at him, arching her delicate little back as she cast him a sideward glance, and then looked quickly away.

"If I could arrange the alphabet, i'd put U and I together," She tried to say, but toward the end couldn't restrain her laughter any longer. She burst out laughing, and almost fell onto the floor but caught Blake's shoulder on her way down. Infuriated by the contact between the two of them, Clara tried to sneak a surprise attack on Blake from behind. Venomous instantly stopped laughing to warn her friend, but Blake was too quick for the inexperienced Buneary, and dodged the attack. But Venomous couldn't breathe easy long, for the Buneary had already launched another attack, this one being her infamous sweet kiss.

"Blake!" She cried out, but the Buizel, determined to be rid Clara for the time being, instantly launched a furious Hydro Pump, slamming the Sweet Kiss back at Clara, and confusing the Buneary with her own attack. Venomous' face lit up in a grin, and she turned back to Blake as Clara staggered off somewhere.

"I think I won the cheesiest pick up line contest." She laughed, choosing to ignore the little episode that had just taken place.

"But one thing I would like to know. ..Did it work?"


May 5th, 2008, 1:42 PM
Colette just laughed at the ensuing confusion. "That Clara...always rushing into love rather than waiting for ze one she truly desires." The Happinis helped Venomous back into bed and tended to the scratches from the earlier scuffle. Colette just returned to the kitchen for a moment, then returned with the next course, the salad course. The entree was close to being done, and the second course would easily cover the remaining prep time.

"For our second course, we have a fresh salad with Berries." she explained as the small salad plate flew before Venomous. The plate had to be a small portion, or the Eevee wouldn't be able to eat the third and fourth course. Once sure that Venomous was eating, she returned to the kitchen to tend to the steak that was simmering on the stove. Over by the stove, some other Pokemon were glazing a maple cake.

May 5th, 2008, 2:02 PM
Monty heard a Bell ringing and got off the chair, started to floated fast to the mess hall. When he arrived to the table, he drank his soup fast even know it was still very hot. When the second course came to the table, he ate his Salad slowly this time after having to drank his soup fast when it was still hot. After he finish his Salad, he was already getting full a bit even know it was only two course's. Monty started to look at his plate from finishing, but he started to hear noise's around hear, which sounded like Aqua Jet and Thunderpunch noise's. He was about to get out of his chair but he decided.

"You know what, I'll just leave them alone and wait for our next course."

He started to sit back to his chair and wait.

May 5th, 2008, 4:34 PM
Blake laughed at venomous attempt to claim herself victor. "I also think you had the cheesiest pick up line. That soup looks good. Colette, can I get some soup and salad?" Blake waited for his soup. So he did and started to eat the soup in a quick speed. He was really drinking it till the bowl was empty.

He started to shake the bowl. He realized it was empty, but his stomach was just getting started. That's when Colette put a salad in front of him. Blake took the fork and started to munch. The berries were his favorite and he liked it as a whole too. Blake remebered when his trainer would cook up food while they were travelling.

As he started to look back Clara woke up from her confusion. Blake looked over and saw she was gone. As he turned his head Clara had stuffed it with a berry. Blake started to choke as she startled him. "What's wrong can't I feed you?" "No you can't if i let you do that then I would have to let Venomous do it too." As Blake said this he realized what he had said. "Venomous, don't take it the wrong way I'm not encouraging you to." Blake started to blush a little, which was new to him. Clara quickly came in and started to fill Blake's mouth with more berries. "Don't talk with your mouth full, Blake" said Clara continuing to fill Blake's mouth with berries.

May 5th, 2008, 4:44 PM
Backstage on the mess hall's stage, Forest played a relaxing melody on the piano as Raika tuned her guitar again. The two of them were going to put on a show for the campers while they ate. The program included everything from Bach to rock, including some of Raika's original songs. To start, Raika was going to do a cover of "The Green with Envy Blues"--or at least the version currently made popular by "The Ash and Pikachu Show". While Brock's version in the show was in the key of D, Raika's cover was tuned down a step to C to make the notes easier for her to sing.

May 7th, 2008, 3:19 PM
Blake was back to figthing off Clara with water attacks. Clara was enjoying the fight as she danced to dodge the attacks then followed with a Thunder Punch to the head. Blake was really mad, but Clara was his teammate and he had to calm down. "Clara, lets not fight anymore, because I have to get back to training you. I like how you made those dances into attacks. Kam would be proud if he were here." Clara jumped to give Blake a hug. He used the opportunity to knock her out with Iron Tail. "It is such a shame that to get some peace I have to knock her lights out. I'm sorry, guys and counselors." Blake bowed to everyone to apologize then placed Clara on a bench to sleep. He looked up to see Raika was starting up another song and so he decided to move back over to Venomous.

OOC: Blake is conflicted between Venomous and Clara this is funny.

May 7th, 2008, 4:44 PM
(So I see)

Mi-mi-mi... Raika sang as she warmed up. She was shaking a little, but that was to be expected when you were a little nervous. Even so, she liked performing when she could get the chance--it offered her a break from the tedium of the camp office. As she continued tuning, the rest of the band came and started tuning their instruments too...

May 7th, 2008, 7:42 PM
Venomous giggled quietly to herself, her soft chocolate eyes alighting mischeviously as she noticed Blake blushing at something he had just said to her. Venomous only chuckled harder as his paw flew up to his mouth in surprise, as if to keep anything else humiliating from slipping out. He glanced over at Venomous, his face still beet red, and as his gaze locked upon her delicate form, she found herself freezing up, and her heart beginning to race just a tad faster before stopping completely. She didn't have long to dwell upon this peculiar response, as Clara had almost instantly bounced back inbetween the two companions, once again claiming the center of attention, shunning Venomous as with surprising speed and accuracy, she began popping more berries into her new beau's mouth.

Venomous almost found herself laughing at Clara's obsessive antics, but stopped herself, remembering guiltily that if it weren't for her, Clara wouldn't feel threatened by another female occupying Blake's time, and her friend would have more time to train himself.

Maybe I should just.. back off. Venomous thought meekly, slowly beginning to edge away from the squabbling pair as Blake tried desperately to push the Buneary from him away with a combination of water attacks. To Venomous' amusement, Clara didn't seem infuriated by the attacks at all, in fact, she actually seemed to be enjoying the battle! With all the beauty and grace of a Ballerina, she pivoted from one powerful Rabbit-like foot to the other, bouncing playfully as she dodged Blake's attacks. After a couple of seconds of this, she hit Blake with a surprise Thunderpunch to the head. Though Venomous was mortified to see her friend hurt like this, she was impressed at the same time with the flirtacious Buneary, not only with her obvious skill in battle, but with the way that she composed herself too, focusing not only upon the actual "attack" part in the battle, but also how she appeared while doing so.

She'll make a beautiful contest pokemon. Venomous thought, her tiny mouth contorting into an envious little pout as she huffed once, and crossed her thin arms. She darted a quick look over her shoulder, and was surprised to see that though Blake's entire form was tensed with anger, he was obviously doing everything in his willpower to control himself, and reason with Clara.

Once he gets used to her, they'll be a wonderful pair. The thought popped into instantly into Venomous' head before she could stop it.Venomous shuddered instinctively at the word "pair", though she wasn't exactly sure why. A tad confused, she scratched at the top of her head. Raika and Forest were warming up on their instruments, set to perform "The Green With Envy Blues", which Venomous found amusing in its own ironic way, what with her current predicament. She sighed, looking up at the stage as she focused on the little Pikachu who stood bravely before a thousand or so campers, paying them no mind as she tuned her voice to Forest's Piano. Her tail began to wag as momentarily, she forgot all about Clara and Blake, and just enjoyed the simple pleasure of a lovely voice and a nice tune. The peace was interrupted by a sudden loud "THUNK!", like metal striking against something, and Venomous turned just in time to catch Blake conking Clara out with a powerful Iron Tail.

Or maybe not.. Venomous thought silently, a large sweatdrop forming at the side of her head as the Buneary lost all consciousness and dropped to the floor. Discreetly, Venomous glanced around her, hoping that she had been the only one to notice Clara's instant KO. The Happinis, who had remained nearby her, were focused intensely on the Camp Director, barely seeming to notice anything else as they wildly applauded her entrance. If they had seen it, they were definitely ignoring it. Venomous breathed a giant sigh of relief, hoping that this time it would be impossible for their conversation to be interrupted. As Blake again approached her, a grin spread across Venomous' face, and though she didn't realize it, her tail had again begun to insanely wag.

"So how long do you think she'll be out for?" Venomous asked, a devilish glint flashing in her dark eyes as deviously, she watched the Buneary. The Iron Tail had looked (and sounded) incredibly powerful, so Venomous prayed they would have a few moments alone together at least.

May 8th, 2008, 5:00 AM
As the campers went to find seats, Colette started the third course, a small steak, around the room. One Happini noted it was time for Venomous to have some medicine, so she offered her a pill. A second Happini grabbed a paper cup from the condiment table and filled it with some water. Once sure their patient had the medicine, they watched to see if the Eevee would have any problems getting the pill down. If the pill was gagged up, Plan B was to break it in half and have the patient try and get a half of it down.

May 9th, 2008, 11:10 AM
Clara didn't look like she would be moving anytime soon. Blake looked down at his plate and saw a steak. His mouth started to water. The steak was seasoned so well and the smell was destroying his nose. Blake grabbed the steak and started to cut it up with Iron Tail. Now that he had cut it into nine little squares he could enjoy the bites. He grabbed the first square and stuffed it in his mouth. After he finished chewing and swallowing his body blasted off. He went through the roof and it didn't look as if he was coming down.

May 9th, 2008, 11:42 AM
Uh-Oh. Venomous though, a feeling of dread beginning to build up in the pit of her stomach as she noticed one of her Happini friends approaching with a tiny paper cup. Eyes almost popping out of her head in panic, Venomous quickly spun around in the other direction, every muscle in her tiny body becoming taut as she searched frantically for an exit.

"Agh!" She cried out, surprised, as she was met on her other side by the second Happini. Defeated, Venomous hung her head, eyes focused on the ground as the first Happini placed the paper cup in her paw. The second one held the pill out to Venomous, and reluctantly, she took it. As she had learned earlier, when she had put up a fight against the eyedropper, the patient never wins. It was pointless to struggle, as in the end, they would always find a way to make you take it. So bracing herself, Venomous popped the rather monstrous pill into her tiny mouth, wincing as quickly, she added the water in with it. Quickly, she swallowed, and after she did, opened her mouth, inhaling big breaths of air as her tongue lolled out of her mouth. She grabbed a cup sitting nearby her, taking big gulps of the beverage inside, not really caring what was in the cup, just hoping to be rid of the horrid taste. As she finished the liquid, Venomous pulled the cup away from her face, grinning, momentarily satisfied, until she noticed a pokemon sitting to her right glowering over at her. Immediately, Venomous' grin dropped off her face, and meekly she smiled at the other pokemon, sheepishly looking first at the random cup in her hand, and then at the other pokemon.

"H-Hey there.." Venomous stuttered nervously, glancing around her for help. Yet, everyone remained completely silent. The pokemon, who appeared to be a young-looking Squirtle, remained silent and just kept glaring at her. Feeling a bit uneasy, Venomous edged away from him, to her left where Blake had been sitting.

"I guess this is yours." She laughed, motioning down to the cup. The Squirtle huffed, and stood, snatching the cup from her hand and throwing it down on the floor before her. He gritted his teeth and began wringing his hands together. As he neared her, Venomous shrank back, her eyes awidening as she desperately drug herself away.

"Geeze, I was going to get you some more!" Venomous muttered, fury beginning to build within her over the stupidity of the whole situation.

May 9th, 2008, 2:33 PM
Raika noticed a fight about to brew between Venomous and the Squirtle from the stage. "Rain, hurry!" she called. When she saw that Rain had pulled the Squirtle aside and calmly explained that the Eevee had not meant to drink out of his glass by mistake, she heaved a huge sigh of relief. Venomous was still very fragile at this stage, so battling was still out of the question. After seeing the Squirtle apologize, she resumed getting her sheet music in order.

May 9th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Monty heard the plate noise and notice that the third course came to the table. It had a small steak in it, he started to eat it and heard a sound of Venomous and some other Squirtle voice talking at each other. Monty started to didn't care of stoping them and instead, being lazy and eat his course meals. After he ate his third course, he layed down his chair and watching them to see something happen to take care of.

(Just for a reminder everyone, I will be gone for a few days and will be back at Tuesday.)

May 10th, 2008, 7:05 AM
Forest noticed Raika was still busy, so he got up from the piano and strolled over to where his other instruments were waiting. After noticing his own guitar nearby, he tuned that in case Raika needed a rhythm guitar. Then, he glanced over at an odd instrument that looked like a cross between a clarinet and a surge protector lying by the piano: My EWI that Raika gave me...maybe I should rock out with that for a while.

After confirming a few settings on the odd instrument, he launched into a techno sounding saxophone melody that sounded like it belonged in the 80's, complete with synth heavy backup band from the effects pedal. Rather than the adverse reaction he expected, he was met with curious murmurs that escalated into cheers and dancing. He even thought he saw Venomous trying to dance.

(If you need an idea of what an Electric Wind Instrument--or EWI--is, here's an example of one being played: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOEF7f2HGoE)

May 12th, 2008, 4:17 PM
OOC: That is so cool! I went to Youtube and watched that video of the guy playing the EWI, and it was amazing! ^^' I'm play Clarinet myself, so naturally I was enthralled.

As Venomous nibbled daintily at her steak, a strange melody began to fill her ears.

Wha..? She thought, before glancing up at the stage and seeing Forest begin to jam on what appeared to be an instrument of sorts, and a strange one at that. At first, she didn't know what to make of it, but after a few seconds of his playing, she found herself as being the first to jump up and begin swaying her body madly to the beat. The Happinis stared incredulously at the tiny Eevee, mouths agape, bemused that the little pokemon who couldn't even walk on her own yet was up dancing. But she was, actually using her cast to an advantage as a crutch while she moved on her other leg. She dipped low, and slowly danced upward, failing to realize (or care) that a thousand pairs of eyes were on her, mentally judging her performance. But after a couple of moments, one by one, every other camper eventually jumped up and joined her.

Eyes shining, Venomous winked up at Forest, who continued to enthusiastically "rock out" on the unusual instrument. As Venomous turned her eyes away from the stage, she noticed the Squirtle she had almost scuffled with earlier approaching her. Warily, she eyed him, but he just smiled at her and offered out his paw.

"Hey! I'm sorry about earlier!" He shouted out above the uproar.

"Let me make it up to you! You're a really great dancer, you know that?"

Venomous smiled a bit self-consciously, looking away as her cheeks burned with humiliation.

"You wanna dance?"

May 13th, 2008, 4:05 PM
After returning from his trip into the sky he found everyone was dancing. Blake wasn't the dancing type so he grabbed something he thought he could do for fun. Blake grabbed a puzzle out of his bag to play with. "A healthy mind equals a healthy body" Blake thought to himself starting to find words with no problem. As he continued to work Clara got up from her nap and asked him to dance. Blake looked at her with a irritated glare and promptly said "I don't dance," "I know you can," she replied "Not a chance and no" "But if I can do this then you can do that" Clara started to dance as if she was performing show for him. "But I don't dance, no" said Blake putting his nose back into the puzzle. Clara finally decided to sit by him and grabbed onto his arm. Blake had no time to push her off so he let her stay on his arm until it was time to go. Clara smiled as she continued to rub against his arm, which started to push Blake's buttons and stop his puzzle time. "Alright, lets dance because this arm thing is really creepy." Blake closed his book and got on the dance floor.

May 13th, 2008, 5:47 PM
The crowd roared as Forest finished his song. He took a bow to acknowledge the crowd, then retreated back behind the piano, only pausing to slip the EWI on a stand by a few other wind instruments. Raika just smiled and approached the mic. "Well, after that little number, I'm not sure I'm worthy enough to follow that act." Some nervous giggles filled the room as Raika tuned a little. To make matters worse, she had completely gone blank on the original program she had planned. She motioned to Forest. "Let's see if his piano skills are any better." With that, the lights went down as Forest began playing a ragtime tune to an old silent short, buying Raika time to compose herself from the excitement.

May 13th, 2008, 6:30 PM
Every Pokemon started to dance with the music started but, Monty couldn't dance by himself because there was no female pokemon around him to dance. By the time the music change and still watching the other pokemon dance, Monty felt someone touching his back shoulder. He turned around himself and found it was his partner who was the Mismaguis that had the same card from the first day. The Mismaguis started to talked to him and ask.

"Whats with the long face? No female pokemon want to dance with you?"

She had a sweet face on him for a moment for his reply. Monty started to talk Mismagius with his long face.

"Yeah, no one really cares to dance with me since they rather dance someone else."

Monty took a breath for a moment and Mismagius replied back.

"Don't worry, I'll dance with you since were partner's and all."

Monty shock his face and was surprise from Mismagius, and answer fasted.

"Great! That will be nice from someone like you who will dance with me."

He already started to stand close to Mismagius to dance, but he forgot to tell her.

"By the way, whats your name?"

After Monty taking another deep breath, She started to relpied quickly.

"My name is Lily."

Monty started to replied quickly also.

"My name is Monty."

They started to dance together like the other pokemon with the next music starting.

May 14th, 2008, 4:09 PM
As Forest set down his EWI, and instead sat down at the Grand Piano onstage, he began to play a lively tune, one perfect for two pokemon to dance. Venomous leaned against the hard shell of the Squirtle's shoulder, at ease, taking care to show no pain at all, though in reality it was surging quite powerfully throughout her delicate little body. She bit down on her lower lip, smiling at her dance partner, her paw sliding discreetly upon his other shoulder. The Squirtle opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a loud thumping sound that Venomous recognized instantly as Clara.

Oh no.. She thought, rolling her eyes as the thumping persisted, and even increased in volume. She glanced over, and saw Clara dragging her brother/lover forcefully across the dance floor, clearly against his will. Venomous shook her head, smiling, and decided to take the lead, pulling the Squirtle across the room with her as she edged closer to Blake and Clara bit by bit, until they were dacing side by side.

"Clara?" The Squirtle asked, startled, as he looked over at the Buneary.

"You two know each other?" Venomous asked deviously, feigning surprise as the Squirtle just stared on at her. She released him, letting go of his paws, and nudged him toward Clara.

"Good then, because I thought we'd mix things up a bit and switch partners for awhile."

Before either the Squirtle or Clara could protest, Venomous took Blake's paws, and gripping tightly onto them, whisked him away.

"I heard you say that you hated dancing." She muttered out of the side of her mouth, turning to flash an overly-large smile at Clara and the Squirtle, who were both staring after her in disbelief.

"So I thought a rescue was in order." Venomous laughed, raising his paw high into the air and twirling herself around under it. By this time, she had forgotten all about the immense pain throbbing in her leg.

May 15th, 2008, 10:53 AM
Blake was not enjoing being spun around by Clara. She was really treating him like some toy, but she was very happy to dance with him. Blake thought to himself, "This is why Kam said never dance with crazy people." Blake was really getting mad at this spinning stuff. After another spin he had his tail glowing for another knock out Iron tail. When he turned to attack Clara quickly caught it with her ears. She winked at Blake then used Sweet Kiss. "Fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice and shame on me." Clara laughed as she continued to do what she called dancing with Blake. As she looked into his confused eyes she went in for a kiss only to be interrupted by Venomous and Squirtle.

Clara was pushed aside and partnered up with the Squirtle while Venomous had taken Blake away. Clara and Squirtle both stood in shock at the little Pokemon's brave action. After the incident, Blake had recovered from confusion and saw his paw had an Eevee under it. Blake looked a little closer and realized he was spinning Venomous like in a movie. When the thought passed his mind he started to feel his face turn red. As he looked at Venomous again he could feel something different go through him. Blake thought about it a little more and realized it must have been the pain in her leg. He was surprised at how strong she was so he decided to try his best and take the lead. He hoped that by taking the lead it would take a load off her feet.

"Venomous, why don't you slow dance with me on top of my feeet. It would take the pain off your's I'm sure." Blake signaled Raika and Forest to put on a slow dance.

May 15th, 2008, 12:37 PM
Raika and Forest saw Blake's frantic motioning from the stage. It looked like he was asking for a slow dance, but the fantic arm movements made it hard to tell. Raika reached for a songbook on top of the piano and began thumbing through it in search of a good slow dance song, while Forest experimented with a waltz on the piano. Finally, Raika just set the book aside and joined in with the piano--it was a pretty song, anyway.

May 16th, 2008, 3:53 AM
Almost immediately after Blake had invited Venomous to slow dance, she noticed the liveliness of the music fading, being replaced by a much slower and calmer song on the Piano. The lights in the mess hall were becoming increasingly dimmer, the overall effect the being that the area before the stage, the dance floor, was shrouded in a mysterious veil. As Venomous didn't have extremely attuned eyesight, she was having trouble making out any of Blake's features save for his two eyes, which shone brilliantly. She smiled, and instead of responding, just placed her two paws upon his muscled shoulders, moving closer to him as hesitantly, she stood atop his own to feet. She stood awkwardly for a moment or two, not really knowing what to do, as she wasn't an accomplished dancer like some of the contest pokemon here in the mess hall were. But Blake seemed confident in her movements, so she just went along with him, grateful that he had taken the lead. Venomous closed her eyes, and only opened them to turn toward some giggling coming from somewhere to the right. She glanced over, and the two Happinis immediately looked away, hoping that the pair hadn't noticed them, but when Venomous persisted to stare at the duo, they just smiled and waved. Venomous' face broke out into a wild grin before she turned back around to face Blake. Clara and the Squirtle had both seemingly been forgotten as the two just stared at each other.

"I thought I was a good dancer." She laughed, grappling for something to say.

"But apparently, I don't even compare to you. I assume it's because you're a contest pokemon..?" She questioned, figuring this as the perfect time to get to know her friend a little bit better. Her eyes strayed over to the stage, where Forest continued to play the Piano, and Raika just looked contentedly about over the massive crowd. Back at the Dining tables, candles Venomous hadn't even noticed as being there were lit with a flourish, and as she looked about for the culprit, she saw Colette standing with a bemused grin, accompanied by a couple of her fellow chefs. Seeing the Gardevoir got Venomous thinking about what tasty delights she would be whipping up for Dessert.

May 16th, 2008, 12:11 PM
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May 16th, 2008, 12:58 PM
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May 17th, 2008, 12:36 PM
Blake started to lead the little Eevee across the dance floor. As he did the lights began to dim and soon he couldn't see her. He did feel her paw on his shoulder and that was a little embrassing. He heard the music and soon he felt he was performing in another contest. Even though he never really danced in the appeal stage. He remembered Squirtle dancing to some music and performing. The memories began to flash through his head, but then he focused on Venomous. She asked him about being a contest Pokemon and his dance movements. "Well, my trainer tried his hardest to teach me to do the appeal stage and dance, but I couldn't really catch on. The reason I'm probaly so good is because it has been hammered into my feet." Blake explained laughing it off. He looked over at the table and saw that Colette was setting up some candles. Blake's face started to turn red again. He didn't know why, but then he thought maybe it was for dessert. Blake's stomach started to rumble as he thought how delicious the dessert would be.

May 17th, 2008, 2:34 PM
As Colette finished setting the candles, she noted the Buizel blushing. Oh, I was just setting the mood... she smiled. A Charmander followed behind the Gardevoir, lighting the candles. Once all the candles were lit, the lights went down. The crew came from the kitchen with small plates of the marble cake from before. "Before we begin the dessert course, let us all return to the tables." Colette called. She noticed that Forest and Raika had stopped their song for a moment. We need a fiddler in here...

XIIIth Legio
May 17th, 2008, 7:26 PM
Name: Haze

Species: Abra

Appearance: Haze has a single scar across his chest, a rather wide one at that and his eyes are a soft violet as opposed to the bright red of his evoultionary line.

Personality: Haze is a rather kind Abra, discussing things with people in a soft spoken but stubborn manner. He generally listens to humans but those like Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua/etc generally warrant for him to run, as He's not able to bring up much power apart from Teleporting.

History: Not much is truely know about this little guy, apart from his scar and the fact that whenever someone asks of his past, He generally shys or outright teleports away from them.

May 18th, 2008, 5:35 AM
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May 18th, 2008, 8:42 AM
As the music eventually ended, Blake released Venomous, and slowly, she stepped back away from him, easing herself back down ontoall fours. Shaking herself, she skipped happily back over to her table, Blake behind her, her mouth watering at the delicious scents of the Dessert being served. The Dessert was a mouth-watering slice of Marble Cake, and since Venomous hadn't had the chance to eat the main course of the meal, she gobbled the cake down with great gusto. Blake sat directly across from her, and seemed to be enjoying the cake as well.

"Compliments to the chef!" Venomous called out as she grinned over at Colette, who was standing at the side watching all of the campers eat her creation, and asked a passing Charmander if she could have another slice. As Venomous began to eat the second piece of cake, this time more slowly, the Happinis approached with their medical bags, sitting down beside Venomous and smiling. A sweatdrop formed at the side of her head, and the pit of her stomach filled with dread. Though her leg was aching sorely, and she knew the medication would make her feel better, it still didn't make it any easier for her to take all the shots and pills.

May 18th, 2008, 11:24 AM
As Monty and Lily heard the music end, they stop the dance together and saw the Marble Cake at the table. They floated close each other and sat there chair from before and began to eat there Marble Cake. As both of them were eating there Marble Cake, Monty looked at Venomous and Buizel from across the table. Monty started to think in his mind while he was eating.

"Wow, I'm having a great time dancing with Lily and also get to know her name."

May 18th, 2008, 11:25 AM
One Happini gave Venomous a sympathetic smile. Yes, getting all the shots and medicine wasn't fun; but it would speed the healing. With all the food inside her now, the medicine would be a little more effective. Raika and Forest just started another song as the Happinis prepared the first round of meds. One medicine, a liquid; needed to be taken on a full stomach, so it was imperative the patient get that first.

May 18th, 2008, 5:25 PM
Blake heard the music come to a stop. He followed Venomous to the table. As he sat down in his chair next to her a scent filled the air. Blake realized that the scent was the Marble cake. Blake looked around and wondered if he should eat it fast or slow. Blake looked at it on one side then on the other side. He grabbed the fork cut off a litttle slip of it. He then took the fork and ate the remainder of the cake. Blake stuffed his mouth and then swallowed it. After eating the cake, Blake let out a large blech. Blake excused himself then complimented the chief.

May 19th, 2008, 5:26 AM
"I'm glad you all enjoyed ze meal." Colette smiled. "Now, please enjoy the show." She gestured to the stage, which now had Rain and a few other counselors on it nesides Raika and Forest. Some in the crowd recognized their counselor onstage and laughed, while others called out cries of support.

Raika snapped a few times to count everyone off, and a slow jazz beat filled the air. A few in the crowd decided to swing dance to work their meals off....

May 21st, 2008, 7:51 AM
Venomous laughed loudly and brought her paws together in a giant applause. Raika and Forest, along with a variety of other pokemon counselors, were up onstage, swinging along as a Jazz beat was produced. Some of the other pokemon opted to dance, but Venomous just sat silently, curious eyes settled upon the group, waiting to see what they would do next. The Happinis had informed her that it would take awhile for her Meds to kick in, and had advised little to no activity until she actually started to feel the effects.

I'm getting pretty sick of this. Venomous thought sourly, glaring daggers down at her aching leg.

But I better get used to it. It'll be a few days at the very least before it's healed enough to get this stupid cast off, and it's only been one day!

Venomous sneaked a peek over at Blake, who still sat across her, and was also watching the show with interest. A smile tugged up at the corners of her lips as she caught sight of him.

At least i'm not alone. The thought was comforting, but not for long as Venomous noticed Clara push back her plate with renewed energy, and bounce up from her seat, eyes scanning the area in search of her reluctant dance partner.

May 22nd, 2008, 4:49 PM
Blake was done with his plate, but he wasn't done with Clara. She quickly hopped over and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Blake told her to cut it out, but soon he was showered with more kisses. Blake finally used his Hydro Pump to blast her off him. Clara's feet hit the table after she had performed a spin to save herself. "Did Kam already teach you some contest moves?" he inquired "No, he didn't teach me a thing." Clara said with a sweatdrop. Blake looked at her a little closer and realized she had lied.

"Why are you here, Clara?" said Blake holding her in a friendly headlock. "My trainer isn't Kam, her name is Amanda. She sent me to camp after she heard Kam had sent you to camp. As you know Amanda and Kam are childhood friends and both became coordinators. She told me to hunt you down and show off my moves. After, I impress you and you fall in love with me, Amanda would have a reason to go around Kam and train. Then they can live happily ever after like a young couple." said Clara with a storybook full of pictures. The book was written by Amanda and given to Clara to explain to Blake.

Blake looked at the pictures and analzyed the plan. "Are you two really serious about this dumb plan? Kam would have fallen for Amanda anyway, because he is the biggest flirt I know. He has been wondering when to make his move, but now I see those two are meant for each other. They both use Pokemon to do their bidding."

Blake went to another table and got a drink of water. He had enough of this day and wanted to forget about it. Clara stood at the table sad that her picture book had failed, but now she had the right to flirt with other Pokemon again. She blew a kiss to Venomous saying "Goodbye" and started to flirt around with an Aipom. When he came back to the table Clara was flirting with an Aipom. Blake crushed his cup and went over to Venomous. "Why do I get stuck with the dead weight like Munchlax and Buneary? On the bright side I have a good, brave, and skillful dancer like you to make it all better. Then, you have that medicine to make you all better too." Blake laughed and contniued to listen to his counselors play their songs.

May 22nd, 2008, 5:05 PM
Raika acknowledged the applause. "Thank you! If you like these shows, you'll be hearing them every night...and it's never the same show twice." Some interested murmurs filled the air for a moment, but Raika continued "Now, it's time for you all to tell us what you'd like to see us do next." She reached for a decorated yellow box lying by stage right. "If you have an idea for an act you want us to do, write it down and drop it in the box. However, you need to keep it clean." With that, she watched the box circle around the room. After a few seconds of silence, Forest lead the makeshift band into another tune.