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March 15th, 2008, 2:30 AM
Hey everyone. Im somewhat new here (accually from november but anyway) and I would like to say hacking has changed the way I see gaming. As some people might know (just by posting in my old thread and by my sig) I was going to do a hack called pokemon fusion gate. Now I left it pretty much dead and hanging and cause of my (old) laziness I never put a thread up for it in team discussion. The only thing I have left from fusion gate is maps which is the only thing I can do. From there I got a bit scripting learned and thats why Im posting a new thread. My new hack of fire-red called firey-curses is going to be same old fire-red. Collect badges, defeat E4, same old same old. But as the title mentions its going to have cursing and lots of it. The main point of it almost is not the obsene curses but the challenge. The first route is going to be maze like and victory route might accually take a day to finish. But this is why I started a thread. See after firey curses I am going to get used to scripting (ok not so used to it mabye in firey-curses to unlock certain events I might need some help) I'm probably going to jump into another hack (proably like quartz were nothing changed just the plot) and I need to see what the people think about it
So happy critisizing.

Pokemon: The Ressurected
It is your 12th birthday. The year is 2008. A year in the Regional wars. A period of time that everybody wishes never happened. The year was 1993 when it started. The cause was all just for power. Groundon, Kyorgre, and Rayquaza had just dished out all there powers and went into slumber for an eon or two. The land of Hoenn was ravaged and had no one to protect it. The now combined forces of team aqua and team magma have done what they wanted to do: leave the land unprotected and ripe for the taking. What they didnt realise is that this would soon be happening all over the world. 3 years later in Kanto and Johto the 5 Elemental winds(my name for the birds) have started to clash out for the fact the Balance between Good and Evil was weaking after every passing second. The Hoenn downfall was the beggining of the end. The now distrought birds have begun to wack out and bring terror to the lands. They were brought down only by the sacrifice of the howling elements: Suicune, Entai, and Raikou. The three used up all there power to summon the most sacred attack: Howling Rage. The now settled and slumbering legendaries disappeared to the same world as the Orbs of Hoenn(My name for Kyogre and the other 2). The same fate of Hoenn has Happened to Kanto/Jhoto. Soon later the same fate has happened to Shinnoh (to make long story short Dialga and Palkia fought with Girantina and the same thing like Hoenn happened here for detailers). Now in 2008 The 3 teams of evil are still clashing with the people of the regions for who will claim the lands. Your role is secret and sacred. You must go through the lands to find the 8 temples and defeat there guardians. If you do you will get a symbol showing your skills. After the 8 temples you show your symbol to the slumber gate and awaken one legendary to save the land.
This is the end of the story and wont go into much detail But one thing is for sure depending on your starter the legendary will be different =)

Pokemon: Firey-curses
This will be the cursy Hack of mine It will be made first and there is nothing new just the cursing and difficulty (lots of both of them)

March 17th, 2008, 11:35 AM
Wow this is sad they reset everything here